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. - - - . ri'l'Il l? ? ({1897 PRICE TWO LLNIS.
MeConvlJlf l>us Gone to Confer
Willi Johnny McLean, 1
Tliut Means that the Boodle Uuck- j
eve Democracy ,
Although the Caiivui of Votea end down f
I he .Majority In Ohio Lectalatara one (
Vole, the lirpnblleant Claim It Will be j
( orrrcieil In (Jood Time?Ex-Chair man I
Karlx, who la not Friendly to banator
llaima, 8ayi There will he no Combine ]
(Koluit Hint In Republican gJlanka. 1
Merely a Dtveraiou of the Defeated Deiu* j
oiraiy to Create DUacmlon. I
COLUMBUS, O., Nov. 5.?The Ohio ]
] lature stands 74 Republicans, 70 <
rata and 1 doubtful on tho returns *
.. i up to to-night. With ft dozen j
r more of the S8 counties very close
,lir have been no material changes exI
t in WdoJ county, which will be
c!?*mcJ by both parties till the courts <
on the notion of the supervisors.
There have been no unusual proceedings
before the returning: board of any of
>e counties except that of Wood, although
both parties have had their repi
.M utatlves and attorneys in the county
seals wherever the vote was close.
Chairman McConville, of the Democratic
state committee. ha? not changed
li!- .-lainis of a Democratic majority on
joint ballot and will not do so till the official
returns of all counties are in and
show the final results to differ from those
he has at hand.
Chairman McConville and others from
the Democratic state headquarters went
to Cincinnati to-night to confer with Mr.
John it. McLean nnd other party leaders
regarding the contests that are to be
made In the close counties.
Chairman Nash insists to-night that
thtf legislature stands 75 Republicans to
70 Democrats, and the majority on Joint
ballot for senator will not be less than '
five. He says he is to-night satisfied j
with the situation In Wood county. What !
he feared was that the official count '
might wipe out the small Republican i
plurality In that county. Since the face i
of the official tally sheets shows a plu- I
rallty of :tl for the Republican represen- I
tatlve. Judge Nash says says he is will- I
ing and ready to "have any court pass on I
caae. ne sayn ine law yruviucn umi
th'- members of tho board of electloit
cannot behind the returns, and the
supreme court has held that they have
no ministerial powers whatever, cannot
hoar evidence or use their discretion in
throwing out any votes. That is left to
the court and to each branch of the legislature
In passing on the credentials of
Its members.
In Wood county to-day Norris, the Republican
candidate for representative,
filed a protest against tho board counting
the vote of Freedom township, be-*
cause the ballot should be tallied in
blocks of five.
This precinct gave Norrlfl 151 and
Mears, the Democratic candidate for rep-,
resentatlve, 2(5.1. If the vote of the township
had been thrown out, It will have
Increased the plurality of Norrls by 112,
but it wa:< counted. The Republicans
Insist that N vri- tvlll be declared elected
in Wood and that the legislature
standi; 7." ;
Two Democratic Munlien Hrfnac to Sign
?hf Odlclnl Cnnvan.
COLUMBUS, Nov. 5.?Information
was rece ived at the state headquarters of
both parties tills afternoon that the Republicans
claimed the election of their
representative In Wood county by 2S and
th*1 Democrats claimed their representative
had a plurality of 14. When the
hoard of elections took Its noon recess at
ll?w!lng Oreen the two Democratic raemb"M
of the board of elections refused to
sign the official canvass of the vote of
Wood county unless the vote of one precinct
In Center township was thrown out.
The vote of this precinct makes a difference
of forty-two votes on tho Wood
i Mimttr PAnrMontailvii. Tf It in counted I
the Republican representative will have '
a plurality of 28 and If It thrown nut the
Remocr-tlc representative will have u
plurality <>f 14. The county scat (Bowling
Green) Is loeatod In Center township. '
The precinct In dispute Ifloltldil that portion
of the township outside the corporate
limits of Bowling (Jrcen, but for the
convenience of voters the polls were lo- |
cated in Bowline QfMOi jmt ACTUM the
precinct boundary. The voting place Is
In the proper township but not within ?
the precinct, and It hns been In the same (
plac?? for Ave years without the legality i
"t the location ever being questioned beJ i
fore. A.i It Is believed the deadlock of
two to two will continue In th? board of i
election* Congressman Jlurton,of 'lev- <
I ?nd. and other attorneys for the Republicans,
have prepared their mandamus
?.i oand win go before the circuit court i
I 'm afternoon for nn order to c<*npcl th" i
Wood county board of elections to sign i
iii" tally sheets as tbty have been ntdi
out on the fnre of the returns.
The It' publlran counsel claim that no i
cotifHy boards of election have nny
p >w?r to gobehind the returnsi and th it 1
the f.i of rhe return* Rive their repp-- '
f entatlve a plurality of L'8. In the event
of the court not granting the order ft
s?-'?ms probable that the Republican
member from Wood county would bo
eworn In as th" Republicans tiav" a tnnJorliy
of ?l* In the house without Wood
county The ofDelal returnn from Delaware
county rrlve th* Republican representative
n plurality of 80 Instead of ?!
an claimed last night,
ft Is learned here to-night Hint counsel <
for both the Democrat lo and (he Repub*
ii ran con mltties at Bowling <: en to
day agreed to ftttbmtt the W I county
eoso at once in the circuit OOtifl and (hi
lawyers on both sides went to Tol -do f..r
purpOM The ouuit u .ii be ifked
to decide whether th" flection hoard can
go behind the retnrne. of cnurs<* I*
n mid i"' left for proci < dlni i In the i
test In the house t-? decide whetht r th1
vote of Center township shall be counted
Information haw I n received it R
publican headquarters of protests tn the
Holdkrs* Home vole id Dayton, on tho
ground that the voting precincts wer<
not In the proper place. If that Vole
rhotild I"4 thrown out the Deuu<rfHi
voithl gain two tepr- nlnllvc* from
Montgomery county, and on - ssnfif .ii
enough (on tho claims of the Ibpuhli
rnn*) to rntke the leglnlaturs aland v?
i h mocratl to 7:, JUpublloans on joint
'hulrrnsn Nash says there ue nhou*
j ureclncti In tho statu wlcie those
tephnleal points on the location of th<
1***1 Is can be raised, and if it is made ai
Mue of contest it will work both wayt
?vlth no one knowing the final result.
lu Republican limihi-U'htt Ei*Ch?lr
nuu Kurd Smy?.
COLUMBUS, 0., Nov. 5.?Hon. fharle
R. Kurtz, who was chairman of the Re
publican state committee In 1894 and 1895
says there is nothing whatever In thi
:alk about certain Republican member
5f the legislature combining with thi
Democrats to elect Governor Uushneil
i>r any other man senator In place o
Senator Hanna, who was endorsed bj
[he last Republican state convention fo
&oth the short and the full terms for sen
oir. j\ una any a no Jiepunucan mcniuc
?ouId afford to bolt th? caucus nomlna
lion, and he does not believe a single Re
publican member could be found wh<
would go Into such a combine.
As Chairman Kurtz was defeated fo
pe-electlon as chairman by Senator Han
na, and admits ho Is unfriendly to th
aenator himself, thin statement is be
leved to bo the last that will be heard o
:he combine against Hanna as the Re
publican senatorial nominee.
At Republican state headquarters tin
reports have never received any cred
snce. They state that if they are as
mred of a safe majority on Joint bullot
hey have no doubt or concern an to wha
:hat majority will do.
)f the Maryland Bom?Gorman's Emit
ariea In Honirmet ('onulf DeCermlnri
to Slake '1 rouble?Democratic C'bali
man Olv?i tip the Fight.
BALTIMORE, Md.. Nov. B.-Th
Evening News (Ind. Dem.) to-day pub
Ushes a report to the effect that one o
:he Democratic supervisors of clectloi
n Somerset county refuses to sign thi
returns from that county, thus maklni
t posslblo for the Republicans to los*
:he three members of the legislature
who were elected from that county 01
Tuesday last. The report has causet
.'onslderable uneasiness at Republicai
itate headquarters, although the Re
publicans will be able to organize thbouse
without Somerset county's vote
Murray Vandiver, chairman of th
Democratic state committee to-day ad
nltted Senator Gorman's defeat on th
face of the returns and added that h
svas convinced of their correctness.
PRINCESS ANNE, Md., Nov. 5.rhere
Is serious legal controvers;
imong the supervisors of elections o
Somerset county over the vote cast 01
Tuesday, J. 6. Stanford, Democrat!
member, having refused to sign the cer
tlflcate of election because of certali
Irregularities in the tally sheets an<
ballots, In that the Judges of electloi
In several Instances failed to sign th
former, and that at least five hundred
>f the latter were counted, in spite o
the fact that .they wore not endorse*
ivlth the Initials of one or the judges a
equlred by law.
The Republican supervisors, upon ad
/Ice of counsel, decided to dlsregnn
hese apparent irregularities, whereup
)n Mr. Stanford, who had been electee
jecretary of the board, withdrew. Th
rther two then reorganized the boari
ind Issued subpoenas to the judges am
rlcrks of various precincts to appea
them on Monday to make the neces
iary corrections In the tally sheets. Mi
Stanford, thereupon entered a pro
tost, claiming that the whole course o
the board Is Illegal and the question I
likely to be taken Into court where ai
lttempt may be made to throw out th
unmarked ballots and reverse the re
uilt of the late election, in which even
:he four assemblymen and one senato
from Somerset may go Into the Demo
:ratlc instead of the Republican col
.TflMnnrl National Damocrati.
BT. LOUIS, Nov. B.?The members o
!ho stnte committee of the Natlona
Democratic party havo determined t<
Tiako their organization permanent li
Missouri and continue the fight aloni
educational lines. To this end perma
uent headquarters will be establlshci
here, with Secretary L. R. Wlltley If
'hargo. It has been decided to put u;
iandldaten for every ofllco at every elec
lion hereafter.
Kttlflvnn'a Poor Plurality,
LINCOLN, Neb., Nov. 5.?Complet
1 n,inrn? from BOV
JlllCltll UliU UIIVIIIVIUI __ _
?nty counties give Sullivan, Fusion, fo
supreme court Judge, 86,807; Post. Ho
publican, 71.092. Estimates based o
nst year's vote In the remaining coun
:les would make Sullivan's plurlllty 1
the state 12.G15.
4 boat Crokrr*a Death lit New Yark-Yo
Can't Kill "nick" an Kaif,
NEW YORK, Nov. D.?A rumor thfl
Richard Croker wan dead was In clrcu
latlon In ull quarters of the city fror
early In the morning until lata I hi
evening. It also spread throughout th
ountry and Inquiries ns to the truth ci
[lie report were received from points n
far distant oh Han Francisco.
Tho Tammany loader lias simply
Blight cold and will probably be we
notigh to-morrotv to start on a trlt> t
Virginia. He Is at tho Murray III!
hotel and did not leave his room to
lay. lie had a chill on Tuesday nlgll
it Tammany hall and on Thursday com
plained of not feeling well. Prof. Wir
Fluhrer, of No. r>7!) Fifth avenue. wh
was called In. said that Mr. Croker I
simply suffering from stomarh troubli
tho result of over-work, and Ih not I
I ho slightest danger of serious com pi I
At the Murray 11 111 hotel to-night I
was positively stated that Mr. Croker I
recovering from his cold and stomac
tffaa \V'llt?nl,? itrti'itutij??i? am a Trnafi
Will not Affrrl llrr flilerral*
BUFFALO, N. Y., Nov. 8.?Tho resin
nation of tho hoard of trustees of Ih
Temple, ond particularly th< effect v
Miss Wlllsrd's resignation would hnvi
was the subject of mljoh rtlHCU*sl',n tc
doy among the members of ihe \\\ C. 'I
1'. Mill In tho city. Hy some It wa
urged Ihnt Miss Wlllsrd's act Inn wnn
d'litli blow to the Institution. Tho for
of the mutter Is Unit MIms Wllhird n
signed as Irui l< o "i the Temple at th
earnest request of her etitlro hoard c
officers and ?>f the executive eomuilttr
of i he Wi'T i r? h ho do not wish i
any way lo appear responsible for th
11? r resignation s** trustee, ho.wevei
will in no way affect Miss Willflrd's In
l< p-mI In Ihe Temple, as she will devnt
h ?'If (< the Insk of raising funds fci
i -yli g off the trio t fwifidx
Mrs farso left for Chicago (o?daj
i mi lux her stay in ittifTiilo she rslse
mof than $2,000 lowsrd Ihe Tempi
fund Mho ststsd thst she woe full
satisfied thnt (ho fund would be raise
<< Hint Hi'- liulldlug lulghL ho nave
for Ihe W. C. T, Ut
A Former West Virginian Receives *
uu Appointment
To? Vacant Jadgeahl|) In (lie Dlifrlot of
Columbia?Xlou. C. l<\ bcott, Formerly w(
PotlmaiUr at Parkerebarg, w? the ta|
Alan eo Honored?lie had Some Pewarfa
I and liiflnentlal KadoreemeuU?Dr. bo I
Mayer, of Charleatou, Itaa been Named HI]
as Conaul to ilueuoa A/res, Argentine be
a Special Dispatch to tho Intelligencer. wt
WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 5.-Hon. of
[ C. F. Scott, formerly of Parkersburg, ?
0 West Virginia, was the recipient of ha
- numerous congratulations upon hlsap- ini
f polntraent this afternoon as police Judge Jti
of the District of Columbia. As has ^
B been stated In the Intelligencer, tho 0f
- death of Judge Miller, of tho United en
States branch of the police court crea[
ted a vacancy which had to be filled at {n
once, the business of the court being wt
more than ono Judge can conveniently Pr
handle. Hence it was that steps were
at onco taken to acquaint the President ot|
d with the situation und urge him to has* tm
. ten the choice of a successor to the late frc
Judge Scott's friends moved lmmedl- f?
ately In his behalf. He had at his back ini
" JuKtlces Cole and McCombs, of tho
f district supremo court, Hon. A. A. I3lr- co;
i) ney, former United States district at- nil
torney, Mr. Tracy L. Jeffords, former fcl
assistant district attorney, Colonel M. ?*rl
* M. Parker, Republican national com- Hn
e mltteemnn for the district, Judge Jere J
e M. Wilson, and numerous others of the th
* district bar. The commander of George vo
1 J. Meade post of the G. A. It., of which w!
i Judge Scott is a member, In addition to V*
- others of the same order, was warmly lnl
e endorsed by Senator Elklns and the
i. Republican representatives in Congress 8ti
e from West Virginia. *d
A delegation callcd upon President tin
e McKlnley to-day In Judge Scott's In- as
e terest. It preceded a similar delega- W
tlon for another candidate, and there
were influences at work for yet other nr
- aspirants, one of whom was an Ohio Hi
V man, said to be endorsed l?y Senator Pn
f Hanna. r<'<
!? It may bo remarked that Judge Scott
c was himself a good enough Ohio man In
- to got Influential support from that
* state, and when ho had boon hoard the ?'l
I President directed Attorney General bo
i McKonna to make out a commission TI
0 for C. F. Scott, which was done, and la
J the same delivered this afternoon with es
f the big seal attached. It Is said PresI- Se
J dent McKlnley's long acquaintance tic
s with the West Virginia mnn prompted
him to say that It gave him much pleas
ure to confer the appointment upon him, Bp
1 nnd that ho was the more pleased after ]
- hearing the testimony as to his quail- j
1 flcatlons from those who knew the re- .'
* qulroments of the position.
1 Judge Scott will assume the duties wl
4 Monday. Tic has but. one day In which
r to wind up the business of his office as nil
- Justice of the peace. The new position ml
' pays $3,000 per annum. en
Appointments went West Virginia's T*
f way to-day, Dr. Daniel Mayer, of lai
s Charleston,being designated as the rep- Fr
f* resentatlvo of this country at Buenos
0 Ayres, Argentine. This act of the be
- President Is olso applauded by Dr.
1 Mayor's many Republican friends, and
r It Is conceded that the honor Is most <
" worthily bestowed. j>
PoafmaNtrr* nml l*rn?lnn?.
Special Dlipatch to the Jntplllconcer.
t WASHINGTON, D. C? Nov. 6.?Pen- Po
I iilon certificates have been Issued to ?>'
o West Virginia applicants as follows: J-"'
, Original?Robert A. Lewis. Tyler
' creek; William C. Sfkes. Wheeling ',
Widow?Harlot L. 'Loyil. Havenstvood. *!
Other certificates have boon Issued as *'
? Incrense?William H. Dlffonbaugh.Jr.,
: Zanesvllle, O.
Widow?Margaret Stutes, Zanesvllle, "
Ohio. J'
Orlfflmtl pension?Christian L. Poor- "
o mnn. Jlnllalre. Ohio.
Dependent mother?Ann Rutan,Wash- "
r Ington, Pa. JJJJ
* J. II. White linn boon appointed post- l!?
master at Hundred, Wetscl county, W.
n ^a' of
Priialnii MntlMlri. th
WASHINGTON,Nov. C.-Tho first nnnual
report of Commissioner of Penn
flona H. Clay Evans to the secrotnryof
the Interior was made public to-dny. A 3
.t summary follows: There wore added to rc;
the rolls during the yenr the names o! .
( CO,101 now pensioners and then* wore
restored to the rolls 3,971 pensioners. ')P
a who had been previously dropped# a fo
n total of 64,072, During the snnie p< rlod t)t
f the losses to the roll w<to 31,060 by jn
H death, 1,074 by re-marrlage of wldowJ ftC
nnd mother*. 1,815 by l- tr.iI limitation tiv
ri (minors), 2,683 for failure to rlalm pen- mi
II sion for threo years and 3.C60 for other Co
o causes, nn aggregate of 41,122. fu
I) Tip* whole number of pensioners on Is
the rolls Juno 30, 1897, was 076,011, The pa
t net gain over tho previous year was po
mm. 'h
,, Klinrl CntiliirL HrnNloit. a I
H WASHINGTON, Nov. 5.-AI1 mem- ral
' bers of the cabinet except Secretary AN
" ger wore present at to-day's session, ]
which did not last long. Iloutlne bust- _
nesii wan presented by the different cab*
ln' i official* but much of the time was on
, given tn a dlse.p'iHlon of the recent elec- wl
tlons. Satlefaetlon wns expressed on all w,
Hided, especially at the result In Ohio int
nnd Maryland. The Spanish nltuatlon j|,
was nol considered, although there wc re (;1
.* some dispatches relating to the eubjeot n)
in the cabinet room. Previous to lhe /,,,
inostliiR Assistant Herretary l>iy with
Consul General Dee were fit the Wlllt" (1|,
? bouse and m iw th" President. (Jeiiornl ,l(,
i( Lee will have another Interview boforj |?,
ho leaves Washlngton? J10
funning t?f'I'rmljr Offrrreili
WABIIINOTON, Nov. 0.-The Itussoii
Japanese*American treaty, relating to t
' lieilng Hen, wns not signed to-dny, thu gh
("t clal- men! being made |.y olllrlals that wl
. the formnlltha w?i not yet (ompletod,
When the conference adjourned Ik it .
Monday It wan with the utid* i Maudlin: ,J
" that all t)ie|hulimrle:i wiaild bo arraiic. >1
11 I., ilny ami Hi., ir.nly nl.:u. <1. I In I Hi. !'*
Issuant powers an envoys Is takliiK
' more time than was nnilcl|>afi I and the '
sign In f ho i en deferred It In Inii 11 >? ,l"
* ted that It Will occur within a few days, JJ^
/tarifh i 0?rr(tnni Victim*
j POUOllKl J ? . 11 , r. n
The corpse of u man was found float Inn
y in the river opposite ions Ii land to-day,
d and 1 Pi d i" !" Mi" hod) of the
d ? i. tioftranm t Mi Kay, * ho * < Killed in pu
the Harrisons wreck October L'U Hi
the llerlug fcea Negotiation* I)?TelO|
'rentier Lanrier, of Canada, Will Ta
'art lu the Deliberation*.
WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 6.w
phase of the Bering Sea negoti
ns developed to-day, when the ste
partment was advised that Sir W
d Laurler, premier of Canada, ai
: Louis Davie*, minister of marl
d fisheries in the Laurler cabim
>uld come here early next week
ke part In the negotiation*. Later
b day a dispatch from Ottawa i
rved apartments for Sir Wilfrid a?
r Louis and party at the Shore ha
Binning next Tuesday evening. T
'Itlsh embassy was not advised, ho
er, and it was understood that t
itlsh foreign office was equally un
ire of the fact that the chief officii
Canada would come to Washingt
treat in person on the subject.
up 10 tnia limo tne Jiriuau ruuiuiui
d strenuously Insisted that the Be
S Sea meeting was to bo confln
icily to an exchange at technical I
matlon between "experts," and th
ve resisted any larger considerate
the subject which would involve ge
il principles. Lord Salisbury's lett
Secretary Sherman carefully 11ml
the meeting to one of "experts" ai
execution of this, Professor Thom
is named as the British expert ai
ofessor Mncoun ns the expert of Ca
a. Notwithstanding this strict lin
lion adopted at London, tho two oh!
icials of Canada will come to Was
Tton prepared to discuss the subje
)m n much broader standpoint th;
y thus Tar conceded In London. He
r they will be able to treat concer
? Bering Sea, reciprocity or oth
bjecta Is a question of interest!!
njecture. The state department
uch gratified nt their coming as It
t to offer the first prospect of consl
Ing the sealing question on broad
es than heretofore.
Sir Wilfrid Lourler is regarded
e head of that element In Canada f
rable to tho most cordial relatlo
th the United States. The Llbei
rty, of which ho is the leafier, car
to power on tho issue of closer coi
?rclal relations with the Unit
ates. The Conservative party resL
this sh tending townrd the annex
in of Canada to the United States a
disloyal to the mother country, f
llfrld has not been an nnnexotlonl
t has favored tho most liberal tra
ranRement with the United Stati
^rHnfnre his efforts and those of 1
rty associates, toward securing
clproclty treaty with the Unit
atea have been unavailing, but wit
the last few days tho state depai
?nt has intimated that it would vl<
th favor negotiations for reelprocJ
tween Canada and the United Stati
le coming- of Hlr Wilfrid at this tlr
therefore of more than usual lntc
t, not only in Its bearing on Berli
a negotiations. but also In conne
<n with Canadian reciprocity.
Dratli of lie v. Dr. Webb*
eclat Dl*pntch to tho Intelligencer.
HUNTINGTON. W. Va.. Nov. 6.-I
Wesley Webb fell on the pavemt
st evening, and from tho effects
llch he died this morning at 9 o'clo<
i? was seventy years old, and I
iny years was considered the abl(
Inlster in the West Virginia conf<
ce of the Methodist Episcopal chun
iree weeks ngo to-day, Ids son. Wi
tn, was nhot and Instantly killed,
nnk Wolcott. Several years ago 1
Ijer son was killed by a pile of lui
r falling on him.
Knimi I'nrlflr Rule.
CHICAGO, Nov. G.?Between now a
pcember 10 the date of sale of fc
iinsas Pacific railroad, which h
:mlngly been abandoned by the Unl
icinc reorganization committee,
ndlrate will, it is reported, be fori
. with J. Plerpoot Morgan at
ad, which It is understood will b
o road for the use of the Chicago
ton. This road has a traffic contra
th the Kansas Pacific similar to t
'f- <-m.i~~~.-v nn,i North western h
V IIIO UHivanv ? ...
th the Union Pacific ami It has fou<
a Kansas Pacific almost Indlspensal
an outlet from Kansas City to Do
r. The Alton has offered to lease
im the hfndlcate. which Is to t
re ff at tho forcrloture safe and o
\te It. ngreelngr to pay the actual r
rnltigs to the owners of tho proper!
ie Alton's offer, it Ih understood.
Ing favorably considered. The Vn
rbllts nre said to be anxious t
ads should come under the conti
the Alton, ns the latter l? practical
n connection of the Vanderbllt lln
>m Chicago and St. Louis to Kans
ty. m
Itmerveil lit* Derlalon.
^EW YORK, Nov. C.?Justice Lai
nee In the supremo court to-day r
rved lilo decision on an application <
half of Ladenburg, Thalman & C
r a Hubpoenn duces tecum dlrccth
0 Standard Oil Company to produ
court all the company's books ai
counts relating to freight charges b
eon 1SS4 and JSf>7. Ladenburg, Th/
in & Co. nre suing the Standard C
inpany for $300,000 for alleged unlfti
1 dlHcrlmlnlatlon In freight rates,
alleged that the Standard Oil Cor
ny received rebates on freight shl
d to Ladenburg, ThnJmnn & Co. fro
r? Pennsylvania Railroad Compai
>m 1884 > ? 1887. Tho penalty calls f
Ino of three times the omount of t
Ilrr r?r|jn wm on Klre.
*RW YOltK. Nov. G.?-Tho stonm
ulhwnrk, which sailed for Antwci
Wednesday, returned to port to-d
th a fire In her hold. The flam
ro discovered early yesterday mor
\i when about 220 miles east of San
iok. They were among a lot
a In, outs and twenty-six bales
tton. Tho hold was flooded with w
r ftfid Ih" /Ire oxtlnguitflied. T
munt of damage has not yet born c
rtalned. Up to n late hour to-nln
final arrangement for sailing h
i n made, but ih'1 pnssGn#eiM wt
t allowed to Innd. Another ship in
Mmi'kU WoiiM llnvn I'i oh lb It Inn.
\TLANTA, (In., Nov. G.-Tlie dec
i senate to-day defeated a nvMisu
ploh, If passed, would have had t
feot of making Cleorgla o prohlbltl
itr. Tho bill has been pending In i
tlsllttuie since last year and him be
lmustlvely argueil. Tho vote on I
II was m <o . i. H is understood Hi
> majority njulnst the passage of t
II wnllld have heeti proportional
neli greater in tin- house ir the nier
o had over r< ached Hint body.
another i*i inpri iij* i'liiiiite,
(VILLI AMANTIC, Conn.,Nov. r..-N
'e wns given to-day that on Mond
f Wllllaniantle Iilnen Company w
it to work In all departments the r
no schedule of sixty hout? a woolu
I"* Of
ka ,
^ Of the Great Change in the Condi. v
a. tion of Buaiaenn
ite Tli
ud sol
ne coi
tti Iu the Detailed Report of the Fail. at|
to ures for October, wl
In _______ lea
m, ?? re,
he Thanforanjr Mouth With tnlh?PaitFoar ~]
sv" Year*?'Th* 4?U( Following th? Uaih tei
for Orders U Vary FortnuaU, for :tho del
lis Kcmiou thai It i'riTiuli fUnotlon-The dli
Industrial lAJTalrt of lh? Country are In c0'
es Very tiuod Shape?Conaerv*tUm ltulea Qn
>r" In J?v?ry llrauch. wi
n~ gn
*y NEW YORK, Nov. 5,-R Q. Dun ft
Co.'a weekly review of trade will say
er to-morrow:
It- Stronger proof of the great change In xr<
the condition of business could not be ^
"J given than Is found in the detailed re- i
port of failures of branches of business 3
>1- for the month of October. Though eri
swelled by a few large speculative or of
,eJ brokerage failures, the aggregate was G<
an smaller than In any other month for er
>w more than four years, except In July tr:
n" and August and one month In 18D4. The wJ
manufacturing and trading failures,
In $7,823,11)9, against $7,830,811 In September
Is and 17,700,835 In August, Include one for ^
d- $1,000,000, having no relation to the e<j
er present state of business. During the
four years Iron manufacturing failures ex
Ag have not been smaller except in one nv
ft. month, leather and shoes and unclassl- jj,
na ilL-d manufacturing, except in four ha
il months and cotton manufacturing exne
cept In six months. Of trading classes, ]
n- failures have never been smaller In W?
ed groceries, jewelry and books except In gp
it- one month, In clothing, furniture and ot
n- unclassified trading excopt in two 0ri
nd months, and ten manufacturing and ai
?lr eleven trading classes out of fourteen foi
Bt, each have reported smaller failures In he
de a third of the past forty-eight months. Pc
?s. Improvement so general with a reds
markably low average of liabilities In
a most classes, has a meaning which can- th
ed not be mistaken. ca
h- wl
rt- The quiet following the great rush th
??r of orders and purchases for over two by
ty months Js stJJJ Increased In many m<
?s. branches by unseasonably mild weather la I
ne and yet the mills are obliged to refuse It
r- many orders because unable to finish pr
n& previous engagements soon enough. It pc
ic- is In every way fortunato Tor the In- sti
dustries and would-be buyers, since Ui
speculative purchases would otherwise T1
advance prices so fast as to make re- ev
action probable. be
5r. Moro works hare Joined t..e active bl
t list, including some long Idle, and the bl
production In iron manufacture is the th
of greatest ever known. The output of Ti
*k. pig again exceeds the demand, which cc
'or naturally diminishes near th? close of di
?st tho year, and prices yield slightly, but
sr- the consumption is kept at the maxl:h.
mum by pressure of orders which tho re
11- works ure not able to fill fast enough. In
by The Illinois Steel Company, shipping Sj
lis .1,000 tons of finished products per day,
b- is behind. Eastern and western orders fo
accumulate for railway materials, for ov
cars and bars, for ship plates and struc- in
tural forms. R?
nd Cotton manufacture Is doubly hln- vt
dered by decline In cotton and by accumulatlon
of goods with slow dlstribuna
Hon, so that print cloths have fallen to de
on 3.21 cents, a new low record, and staple to
a goods are sold at concessions, all averaging
not 2 per cent above the lowest P*
h polru' ?
In woolen goods advance has been ar- r'1
lct rested by doubts about the futuro mar- llfl
ket for goods and cost of wool, which *Pi
has advanced slightly In October, 801
|1(j though heavy sales to take profits aro ta
j|e reported, a few at Boston covering 6,- er
n. OOO.OOO pounds this week. Tho mills ot
have all they can do for some time and
|0_ tho opening of the next season may bo nf
n. deferred until the future can be moro Bl1
' Mtalr 4,1,1 crn/1 PnM Ofonthnr Ic GO
v generally needed to hnatcn distribution
j,J of textile goods ftnd to provide Indlca- w|
n. tlons of the future demand.
he Another rise In wheat lifted the prlco Tc
.0j above SI, but profit taking speedily JJj
IIV caused reaction and the price cloned 2%
M cents lower for the week. nccelpt* th
as wero about a million bushel3 larger
than last year. Corn has grown
Btrongcr In spite of the course of wheat. nc
Failures for tho week have been 27C an
In tho United States. against 2.10 last
- year, and 30 In Canada, ugalust G2 last 8!1
on m
tig ch
(,p A JffW Invention N?er<i?afnlly tteilatath*
Nnvarrat Trtla.
e? NEW YORK, Nov. G.?A public exhl- cn
il- bltlon wns given In the Twenty-third ed
regiment nrmory in Brooklyn, to-day, 'n
H by W. Leonard Foote, Inventor of the
n- bullet proof auto-dynamlc nrmor, nnd rn
1" was witnessed by several foreign oin- of
!"! elals and others Interested In nrmor. A 111
iy .,1.
of Winchester and a Krag-Jorgensen rl- Jjtl
b?! ili> were used In the tent and a block of ill
the armor nbout two and one-half ne
Inches thick was used. A number of ed
cr bullets were fired at It, but In no case nl
did any of them go through or leave a be
mark of entrance. te
ay Mr. Foole, previous to the oxhlbltlon, in
stated that a similar material had been 4,(
n. used thr? <' years ago, but slnco that *a
dy time It had been Improved. It is now
of perfect, according to tho Invontor, who
of nays that It Is equal In rmlrlnnro to a
a- three fourth* inch gun shield of hard n
/i<? steel an?J does not require the same n
lM- amount of care to keep it from muting
ht ??r Healing as steel <ioe*. h |H lighter j?,
nd lsteel, weighing less tiian half an Ht
re much. ,.,i
ay Previous to the test of Mr. KooteS u,
material, n Krng-Jorgensen rlflo was f;(.
tiiied on a three-fourth'i Inch plate. The Wl
bullet ivi nt through It. an It also did ,ii
,r. through fifty pine tionrdfl eight feci ,1,.
thloki In lli?' QMI Of the Invantor'l rei
' * iii itsrlal, the bullet from the Krag- in,
.TorKenscn rlile penetrated, but after It
on did ho the bole closed entirely, leaving
he nn unbt<?keu surfaee, the bullet ro- i
eft mnlnltig In the shield, The Winchester .
he failed in penetrate
mt Mr. F<Mte, after the test had been r<%
he pronounced ft iuece? , ptated (hut hi* ivi
Iv invention Is About fifty per cent lighter IV
is. in the ratio l?f re?|stnni of ste> I for C,i
ship1 armop shlnlds When penetrated Ct
by bullets* the puncture tnntai'tlv Ql
< t in . thus keeping out tllo water, It li Ir
id, utoliily valuable foi ubq on iht ttn
hrlditu ?'f nival v? > <? Is fur shleUH lln
? .nut ilot (it n, m mini') v attaolia at |oi
iii wainlnrftfin and Osntrii i? T Men- m
nil ivmi!o, of the 11ui %n navy, wero prei- pe
cut ut the exhibition en
(lie PrraltUnt of |hi Republic of Dr?>
ll-.\r|ili?w ot lh< I'rraltlciit Slightly
\oantUtl, anil Utulatii of War SUbbcii tl.
LONDON, Nov. 1?A dispatch to the
ilea from Hio Janelm, Maya:
it 1 o'clock this afternoon (Friday) a i:QD
dler of the Tenth battalion, which
institutes part of the local garrison,
:empted to shoot president Morals
th a pistol. The president was Just |h*
ivlng the marine arsenal after visit- Mosi
j the steamer on which General iMdi
mes Bosu, minister of marine, hail siitj
.urtied from Bahla. Crin
Phe by-tstanders frustrated the atnpt,
but Colonel Moraes, the presl- ^ u
nt'i nephew, was slightly wounded in Ay#j
larmlng the soldier. General Uetunurt,
minister of war, then Interfered
d was himself stabbed. The wound
is so serloue that he died soon after- ?We
trd. The attack has caused the of '
eatest agitation throughout tho city, Jn
UP in vvi:vi I.PI I <S,B
iiLiiUwjiiuiu?.?\i ueorg
iw Do 1'or Like th? Prospect ltrror* ' ''
I'oiii-I'ho "llHIvlur" May .\uw Kiiuw
lutv Ii Feel* to bvOovrt-nmrtUleit. Arnol
MADRID, Nov. 6.?The Spanish gov- J. 13.
anient, as * remilt of the deliberations The
the ministers over the utterances of 5:27 o
>neral Weyler, the former captaln-gen- the ti
il of Cuba, has come to the decision t< murd'
y him by# court martial, no matter ing o
lere he lands, if he oonllriuH the acuu- The
cy of the press reports of hid utter- mark;
The commanding officers at all ports of ronau
e Spanish kingdom have been Instruct- hours
i to demand of General Weyler the jiilttet
>ment he can bo oomunlcated with, the
act terms of the speech which he deered
In reply to tho manifestation at "J1?
ivana upon the occasion <?r )i1b cm- 'n ll1'
rkatlon for Spain on Sunday. house
HAVANA. Nov. S.-No further noivs nho 1
ih received here to-day regarJIng the ,,?r ?!
lonlsh steamer Montserrat, having verajc
neral Weyler, the former captain genal
of Cuba on board, which put Into
bora, province of Santiago de <?uba, <)f 1,11
r repairs to her machinery, while on ?l?*?th
ir way from this port to Spain via had *
irto Rico. clans
WASHINGTON, Nov. r,.-It appears tho r
at tho determination of the Spanish VL'rV
blnet to court martial General Weyler, story
Mle not directly due to a request of " ma
Is government was probably Inspired The
an Intimation from the state depart- by
i?nt that his utterances were not calcu- Slemt
Led to smooth the way of negotiations. od th
Is surmised that by thus acting with that
omptness the Spanish cabinet has rathe?
ived the way for .a countec-remon- trial
ranee against the publications of ex- stolid
nlted States Minister Hannls Taylor, once
le conditions In the two cases, how- Jud
er, are said at the state department to Morg;
; entirely different. General Weyler Hat
ng a Spanish army officer Is amentia- been
e to discipline for any interference with tho p
e policy of the government, while Mr. ?tho ri
lylor being a private citizen Is not ac- tako !
untable to his government for his in- stroni
.... _ Clilnn
viuuui utiTriuivi-s. ? ?
? Thun
LONDON, Nov. 6.?The Madrid cor- It
spond?nt of the Daily Mall, comment- right
g on the difficulties that contront tho being
anlHh government saya: for a
"General Weyler hon a large enough fathe
Mowing among officers of the army, Whicfl
ring to promotion or for other reasons, of M<
sympathy with him. to mako both tho
?publlcans and Carilst parties ondea r
to compromise with him In order to
?tain his support. Tho government'
;>uld be glad to give liberty of action to or Fo
'monstrations in his favor with a view <f0N
gunglng the extent of hts popularity. ftltB
it it fears disturbance of the public
"There Is much discontent also among 0<1 ,lc
leers nt home owing to marked official don,
voritlsm displayed toward ofllccrs who (iueb,
.ve returned from Cuba and tho Philpfnea.
A hundred or more olllcers nv?t* ine c
cretly here tho other day af tfie Mill- mer.
ry Club, to dlncuss the subject, Qen- Yen
al Rorrea, the minister of war, hearing >jult?
tho meeting threatened to court mar- 4
ll the participants If that should bo chlldr
fceasary to enforce discipline and in- dren
ructod their colonels to warn them per-"' and
nally. The officers prom/sod not t<? r^- fourtl
at tho offense, but It is believed they The
11 continue to hold secret meetings. made
"Shndlar meetings have been held nt Morrl
dodo, llarcelonla. Vlttorla, Baragossa in tin
id Ivogrono. Th<' Correepondencla <joor
llltaro published th^ facts and advised ttie b
e ofllcera to mutiny If their grievance* (he 11
?ro not redros?ed. Tho editors of the pj,
res newspapers which printed the found
ws of tho meetings have been arrested nn,i j
id will be oourtmsitialcd. The Madrid girl i
pero got warning and remained c|oth!
lenL" m Moi
t , the t
Wntit m b? Protected. They
MEW YORK, Nov. 5.?The New York cvenl
amber of commerce has Adopted the of th
Mowing resolution?: waai
"We, the chamber of commerce of the 9Uf
ty of Now York, beinpr fully Impress- rrjmc
with the urgent need of an increase Q( ut(
number of the federal artillery force fafr j
properly Insure the vast amount of jn th(
operty of our city and other seaconst noart)
:les against destruction and levying
contribution! thnt would be visited
ton us In the event of war with forw
nations, do earnestly request and
?e the President and Congress of the of ye'
ultod States to take such Itnmedlata npnol
tlon as will provide a force of train- ?
nrtlllorymen for the proper mating
of our seacoast defenses and It Is .fMoved
by us that cno hundred and *[,
n sese.iast butt. r'.-f? requiring a
imerleal Increase of the army of about
)00 artillerymen *s absolutely neeesry
to at cornpllsh these purposes."
ICillril 1 firlr School iun?trr. VIF
BRDAlilA, Mo., Nbv. B.-James Allen, ter a
teacher In a ncli<> >1 at Wheatland, adjou
lefcory county, wn? i??atpn t>? d'viih M
mterdny by his pupils. As n punish- l" i,H
nit for mlsconduot. Mr. Allen kept onian
veral beys In after nehool \va* dlsmls - {I!)1)'rr
1 imt nli*ht. Whoa released llie youths bill U
liit a way angry* "nd later, o?' Hie
hooiinaster was on tils way home, they
nylulil him, neltlnr. him with ston- N'"
id cluns. Mr. AII- n was knocked QUI,
un and his skull pushed. He did r.ot for I.
rain consciousness and died this m >rn? COI
The youths ba\ n arrested. NM'
A iintlirr l< Uh Patriot ll?rr.
NRW YOttK, Nov. r. - John Daly, the
leged 11 bill dynamiter, who was nrsled
at I/1verp*H)l In ISM, and nft"r- to moi
ml sentttieed to life Impr inment , J, ['rf|
>rtland. arrived hire to-night on the (|(todi
impnnla. Mr, Dll) wa met it the erlv t
ma.nl plor by Mis* Maude Oonn . John
i>tis Kent and James Egnn, forni'-r JJj
lull polities I prison-rs; Viiiinm h i
in, pr. nldent of th< Irish National Alin
i othoj pw nlnent 11 Ish Am i . Jb?
ii^ Mr. Daly will deliver nddtv -t []vy ^
this country <n th- ttvatnient of Irish ' t
illtlcal prisoners by llK> llrltlsh gov- J u* ,
imu'tiu 12 ni?
Jackson County Fiend Gets
the Death Penalty
king Ihi LItm*I TkrM Pwmu lb*
Pirpow of Robbtrf-Oai ( (h?
I HimirSubli Trials In thi Itau,
o(m1| Tried and Convicted WlthU
r Hoars (ran ihs Tlm?< Ills Awful
was Committed?'TIm Convicted
derer Will l'robabljr bo Hentenoed
lts| To'Uaf-Lrscblai Himwlf
1 Dispatch to Us Intelllgenesr.
UOQRSBUBO, W. Va? Nor. K.?
tho Jury, find the prisoner guilty;
irder la tho flret degree, a* chargthe
within Indictment
ned.) J. D. Uradlcy, Foreman;
re (Satchel, A. D. Arnold, J. N.
ace, J. W. Lambert,W. I?. Bafrted,
Flnnell, O. W. Franktlng, A. L.
d, John Alexander, 6. JD. Carter,
above was the verdict returned at
'clock this evening by tlie Jury In
rial of John Morgan, the triple
L-rer of Jackson county, after beat
exactly one hour.
trial was probably the moat refiblo
on record In the state, as It
mod but live bourn, and sixty
from the time the crlmo wae oomJ.
Tho verdiot of tho Jury bad
.*1 the prisoner to deatU
trial excited tho greatest Interest
3 town of Ripley, and tho court
was crowiled, us It had never
before, by a throng of citizens
thawed their Interest In tho motv
a storm nf appluuse when the
:t of tho Jury was rend.
>ng tho witnesses examined was
AJlce Pfost, who was tho only one
u family who escaped Instant
at tho hand of the And, but who
ler skull crushed and her physlsay
probably cannot recover.
was loil Into the court room amid
nost profound silence, and In a
weak voice told the borrowing
of the foul crime. Her story had
rked effect upon the Jury.
cam was conducted for the state
Prosecuting Attorney James A.
in, while D. A. Brown reprosenf.
e defendant. Tho defense was
Morgan was insane, but wa*
r weak. Morgan throughout thn
maintained tho appearance of
lty and Indifference, which not
go Blizzard will probably fentencs
nn to-morrow morning.
1 any other thao a verdict of death
returned It is not^probabl? that
risoner would hav? lived through
light, aa ths mob was ready to
him at little notice. It was only by
9 effort on tho part of Sheriff
i that Morgan was not lynched on
irtnv nleht.
develops that Morgan la not the
nam* of the prisoner, his real name
Ilalnea His mother kept hou?e
man named Morgan, of whom hi.* .
r became Jealous ami killed, for
i ho In turn was killed by a member
yrgan's family.
nr Children Found Ilmfnll^ Marti
Daring III* Absence of Their Par*
MTREAIi, Nov. 6.?Word reachre
to-day from the parish of Itawtwelvo
mlleg from St. Julienne,
?c, of the murder of four persons,
hlldren of Michael Nultjr, a farterdny
morning Mr. and Mrs.
went to St. Julienne,leaving tholr
en In tho house. Threo of tho chllwere
glrla, nged eighteen, sixteen
fourteen, respectively, and tho
i was a boy, nged ten.
discovery of tho murder was
by ii friend of a family named
n. He called nt tho Nulty house
s afternoon and found the front
DroKen ana two ui mu vuuutwi,
Dy and the youngest girl, lylnp on
oor of tho hull, tholr howls hacked
?cos. On tlio road to tho born ho
I the body of the second oldest girl,
n tho barn the bodv of tho eldest
vns found terribly lacerated. Her
Ing had been torn from her body,
rrln alarmed tho neighbors and
other and mother were sent for.
reached tho houso early la the
ng and were horrified to find nil
lelr children dead. A tramp who
icon In tho neighbor of the house in
een In thenelghburhoodof tho hotlSe
ipected of tho crlino, and detectives
other than that of tho outraging
?elder sister ran bo glvon. Tho afuis
caused a tremondous sensatloni*
? district. A bloody axo was found
y the house.
Vfllow Vrrrr Itrronf.
W 0RLKAN8, Nov. 5.?Tho record
llow fever ca*es and deaths Is Planting.
es of fever, 81; deaths to-day, 10,
HILE, Ala., Nov. 6 ?A total of If
cafes and one death from yelloW
were added to tho total in Mobile
Itrtrliaratli Aitjoarn*
JNNA, Nov. G,?Tho rclchsrnth, afnothor
exciting all night session,
rnod nt 1 o'clock this morning un?
L>ndny next. The rdRisnith prior
adjournment adopted the motion
atlng from til.- fupporttrs of the
ument, referring the compromise
? tho budget committee.
llfltrinnili of Rlrntnthlpi,
W YOIUC?TCdnm, Amsterdam.
:i:.VHTO\VN?Lucatila, Noiv York!
'EN 11AORN?Wekli. New York.
\V VOlllv?<'ampanla, Llvorpooi.
,V0A?Worm, New York.
iVmihfi I'urpi n?i for Tn.itar.
\\> t Virginia, *bnwr>r?, followed bv
ng wonthsr; decidedly colder; won't
illtwcM winds.
ASVsicttt l'< nnsvlvantn. rain, with
i?ff weather by Mmtunlity xlvtit: doy
colder; brink to blKh northwestt'lnds.
Hhftt. rnln. followed by el^nrlng
ioi i colder; brllk to high northwestrinds.
t.nrnl Tftttpf rut hi r.
tomperatuit yo??tenlay s? nbnorved
Bohnopf, droirglst, corner Fourteenth
larkct streets, wit* as followso
41 13 p. r.<
n ro 7 i>. to ks
til I Weather-cimng'K

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