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The Wheeling daily intelligencer. [volume] (Wheeling, W. Va.) 1865-1903, November 13, 1897, Image 6

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Towards the close of a sultry afternoon
the little- steamer Dunlin was
churning her way through the glassy
roll of the Atluntle. Away to the south
stretched u limitless waste of gray sea,
streaked with wreaths of low-lying
mist: to the north lay tho coast of Afrl
ca, Clusters uf feathery palms, yello\v
beaches swept by eccrnal surf, and
rows of native huts nestling botwecn
the ootton-wood forest and the ocean,
lose 10 view and faded ancrn as the
steamer rolled along.
Curtain Oniv: leaned over tho brldgcraJJs,
glancing at the approach Ins
coast'-lln" and grumbling ai the heat,
for It was tho season of the r.ilns an'!
the atmosphere was like that of a hot*
"Six fathoms, sir," hailed a'quartermaster.
as he dipped the lead; and tho
xnatu observed: "It's shoaling ,/-*st.. An J
thero are too many unchartered rook*
about to make this n nice neighbor-^?
tonav'.gato In the dark.
Again Captain Orme looked at 4he
creaming breakers ahead; then he
Stamped upon the bridge, for the climate
of Africa in the rainy season Is
trying to both health and temper.
"Hang those Krcoboj/x f.ir bringing us
Into a place, like this!" he broke out.
"I. shall be glad to see the last of them
?thought thev'd take charge of th-?
shjp once or twice. Go down and s-?e If
any headman can pilot us In. We flhall
have'to stay all flight; 1 won't risk going
out. In the dark."
ino II1HU* UCSLM-II'irtl HI un- un?,
where somo two hundred Krcoboy laborers,
returning to their native country
In the Liberia n bush after a labor contract
with the factors of the oil rivers
find the gold1 coast, lay about In picturesque
simplicity of attire. Hroad-shouldered,
muscular fellows they were, with
a hlue-fltrlpo tatooed down the centre
of each ebony forehead, the marked of
the Kroo nation. Pome were rind In
crtnpffon llannel jackets and batjered
silk huts, but the majority were'content
with the simple waist-cloth? "a
% healthy and very economical garment,"
as the Scotch engineer said. All about
them lay cases of Hamburg gin nnd
sharp fnatcjiets, which represented part
of the fruit of their labor, wages In
West Africa belnc mostly paid In kind
"Any of you ICrooboya tit take 'team'
er In?" asked the mate; and Immediately
there was a babel of voices nnd a
crpwd 'o(-eager applicants. Nothing
delights a negro more than the assumption
of a little brief authority. Thb
choice was made, ando broad-shouldered
giant, rejoicing in the' name of Old
Man Trouble, stalked pompously to
# ?/> f tifl.lirn lltu 1,'nrklltr hnlp
projecting through the place where the
crown of hla silk hat Bhoald have boon,
Once ho laid his hand upon the telegraph,.
but the mate was too quick for
"No nicker touches that: you're only
here to show the way, not to command;
savvy?" said Captain Orme.
"Not nigger, Hah," answered the man;
"only low bushman and Liberia man
nigger." Then his mouth expanded Into,
the broad grin of the Africa, and pointing
to a white-walled building among
the palms, ho added: "New customhouse.
sah; Krooboy burn hJm ono
The mate, who posed ns an encyclopedia
In West African matters, laughed,
"The old question?fre?? trade veraon
protection," he said. "They play It out
vigorously hero, sometimes as a com-,
edy and sometimes as a tragedy. Irj
??iy case, It's rough on the Krooboy,
who doesn't want to be governed at nil,
to be taxed extortlonatelv to pay for,
Improvement? In Monrovia. T wonder
how many custom-houses he lias burned?"
Did Marv Trouble, wno'"understood me
speech, nodded approval. "Llberlnn
man bushmnn," he said. ''We nt to fight
him too'much."
"The Krooboys he hanged," broke In
Captain Orme; "I'm sick of them. We
will have a Llberlan ofllcer aboard now
to charge us flve hundred dollars for
landing this crowd, of which he'll pocket
half. Blow the whistle for the canoes."
Three times the deep boom of th?
steam whistle rang out, nnd echoed
along the palm-clad bluff ashore, until
the sound died away and was lost In
the monotonous sgnp of the surf. Then
the Dunlin's propeller turned slowly
astern and her anchor rattled down.
Presently a llttlo launch steamed out
from behind np olnt of surf-swept rocks,
and. when sho shot alongside, a sablo
representative of the Siberian republic,
covered with tarnished gold luce, strutted
towards the bridge with the air of
nn admiral of the fleet, "You are fined
|50 for anchoring without permission,
and If you desire to land those Kroomen
yoti must pay $2 50 a head," he announced,
and proceeded to climb the bridgeladder.
'Stop whera you are, daddy," said the
captain, laughing. "NTo one sets foot on
this bridge until he's asked. You'll Ret
- - m n nful ns fo DflV
UU IILtJF UUIiam !?/!? .... .
inff two and a half dollars each for tho
Krooboy*, that's more than th" best
nigger In Africa Is worth, even If ho is
n customs officer. However, there (hoy
nrc; you can sail in and collect It yourself.
Don't be ton exacting though, for
they've ull pot mntchets."
Hardly hid the dignitary of (ho b/ack
republic reached the fore-well than n
pandemonium of nnpry yells rose from
the crowded deck, and bright matchotblndes
glittered above a maze of nnked
arms, Captain Orme, who had been
fined too many times on frlvob>i i s pi?
"T want to birr n fib vctr."
"I "i von want the nindon yon Inid
On no, inurriud tun ^uJ ) Htorduy
----- in
| loa
i mi
Braiding of satin put on cloth Js very I for
greatly In favor this winter , and the tiss
. more elaborate the pattern the better. A per
3v>wn of dark blue smooth-faced cloth, tak
Illustrated above, made with this style of goli
trimming-, is noticeably smart, and the fool
lines of the satin are very cleverly de- on I
signed. The prevailing aJr of the cos- oqa
tume lf? one of quiet grace. It has the uni
new skirt, which Is slender and clinging, ed
without the flaring stiffness of last win- coll
ter's skirts. The front of the waist clot
blouses, u detail which Is becoming to al- the
most every type of figure. Directions tur
texts to love the Llberlans, smiled sic:
grimly as the customs officer hastily too
returned to the foot of the bridge-lad- lira
der. His tooth were chutterlng and hur
his knees shook like an acacia leaf in p
the rush of the harmattan. for
'Ton shall pay for this,'.' he gasped, feat
"If you attempt to land one boy I'll \yll<
fire on you, and advise Monrovia to cas
put our navy on your track." the,
If the Llberian navy gets In my urn
svnv I'll run over the thing." replied the cro'
captain; "it looked like in overgrown Val
launch the last time I saw it. Is your of t
western squadron Ilk" the other, eh? his
If they won't puy, the Krooboys must hee
go on to Sierra Leone, for they shall tali
not take toy boats ashore for you to | be
confiscate?see? Here's a word of ad- the
vice. This is a hard crowd, a fighting | wni
tribe from the interior; they might pUt1
fancy swimming off In tho dark, for
we stay here all night and we dare not jjnc
to stop them. Jf they do, you'd better Hetl
look out. Remember, too. that a little tor
civility costs nothing; and now, good- obs
dar.tf low
The black ofllcial answered nothing, low
His self-esteem was wounded, and fort
with a feeble nttempt at a swagger lie lgn<
kicked his sable clerks down the ladder
?n?J descended into the launch. As the Orr
little craft steamed away a yell of de- \vh;
rlsfon and hate followed her, and Jt
matchets Unshed along the Dunlin's har
call. Then the Krooboys settled down lou<
igain into their customary easy-going out
good-humor, and the mate observed, dov
"Scene one of the comedy. 1 wonder bre
how it will end." wai
"Xo canoe came, sah; you lend us rou
surf boats one 111' flme?" asked Old "T1
I \tnn nut thf cnnialn on- sir.
swercd sharply: "No, you nil go on to e?i,
Ha Leone, and pet hack the bent way res I
(/ou can. Here's a dollar; get away the
forward." not
Darkness settled down across the mis- stn
ty ocean with the suddenness of the ing
tropics, and after swallowing: a hasty the
meal In their stWInn. eockroach-haunl- hp ;
cd mess-room, captain and mate loung- holj
cd about beneath tlio spar-deck awn- his
Ings, trying to catch a stray brenth of cro
air. <lnv
"Pah! I'm half mad with prickly thri
heat, and that ?lln on my n<rvesl"
said the former. "This deck passenger tuj.
game I* not worth the candle; look at an(]
them now." * "j,i
A Wild hammering of monkey-pkln 0IK.
drums arose from the fore-well, follow- ,,,j
ed by the rattle of matehet-bladrs. voj,
Then two hundred lusty voices broko dro
out Into the swinging chorus of a war th?|
song of the Kroo nation. piVl
"Mom0 of their chanties ore quHe mu- Htn,
?? * ' and
5 f OH ""
V ?OC(
^ resr
' war
?' 9$ ! t, ?' hati
fj I rfei
n irif \ I
?"?UJ | CJF~~?^ bar<2U
J\W ?
M' |
ISrTK? s
JtL_' f / nrm
iix&V -Ullli
1 mnt
i . . ... *rl"
last WfteliV% ,i,?
' Jy i
f HI \ gj
I f (i5u ^
1 ? -f| as!
cutting1 the gown are given with tho hlr
ue-paper cut pattern Issued by liar- '
'h Bazar, froin which this modal Is ms
en. The skirt has bands off tne satin wo
iff down the front and all around tho wl
t, and tho Hume pattern la carried out thl
the waist, the sleeves, and the square de
ulettes over the top of the sleeves. Ari les
isually deep rounded yoke Is of tuck- 1
taffeta silk of shaded green. A high ntr
ar with inside frill of green Is of the an
I, Jll,? ?">- ??-- ?
in ims uic oivii i, ui^ uic waist ana on mi
Hides of the fiklrt below the belt are 1
quoise and rhlnestone buttons. In
il," Bald the mate, "and very old, pe
; many tell how they fought the rel
t white men, tho Portuguese, Tour hit
idred years ago." lis
resently by a blaze of torch-light, th?
a lire of some kind Is an essential hei
lure of a West African palaver,three a 1
1 figures danced upon the high fore- tei
tie-head, tho red glare falling upon fe(
Ir naked skins as they flung their ho
is about and harangued the excited Hal
ivd below. A hoarse roar of appro- fla
went up In answer, and then one sin
he orators appeared to dissent, and th<
comrades pitched him head over hu
Is on to th* Iron deck beneath. Cap- of!
i Ormt' sprang to his feet. "There'll no
murder done," ho shouted, "and re\
y're burning (he new tarred gas- rej
"p, too. Tell Mac to start the big da
up." for
The hose 13 rigged. Talrsonal clean- wo
ss Is guld, nn' there's naethlng '111 da
;le a palaver like a pickle cauld wawlth
eighty pun o' steam ahlnt it." sor
crved the engineer, drily; and fol- we
Ing tho cling-eJnng of the pump be- evi
a solid jet of water swept the deck bla
? and aft, till the council broke up nol
Thank goodness!" said Captain
no. "I'm Kind that's over; wonder It'i
it It wan all about, anyway." ha
was long past midnight when the rig
asaed captain wan awakened by a /
1 hammering at hid door, flprlnjclnp a <
of his narrow bunk, nnd shaking spl
m Jpclons of cockroaches from tho ha
ist of hl? thin pajamas, he strode to- fnl
rd tho entrance, and heard the for
G;h voice of the quartermaster say: boi
lem devils are a seizin* the boats, stc
They've Rot No. 1 halfway lower- bw
and are cuttln' the full.M of the ma
t." For a few moments after he loft ov<
doorway, Captain Orrne could set' ca]
hlng but the luminous vapor which on
IIIIII-U mini mi- numiiiii ui me irn- ?>?i
Tunnel sweeping to and fro across drr
Inky blackness at every roll. Then
heard tljja mute calling excitedly for del
;>, and striking right and left with tin
revolver-butt, he hurst through a a
tvd of negroes surging around the tor
Its. The big Krooboy who was die
jstlng tho boat's bow# off tho rail sh<
it down like a dog an tho heavy pis- of
butt smote him between tho eyes; glc
the mob fell back A pace or two. pa
ght a port fire on the bridge, some er?
. Rally round, oil hinds," ho roar- rof
"We're a oornln*. sir," answered n frl
^ out of tho darkness, as a few cor
way seamen fought their way to r?-<
r commander's side, tho Krooboys alo
log way before tho swinging cap- tlw
i-bars and Iron pump-handles. Then fen
stan-bars hissed and spluttered on ab
lofty hriilrc, and an Intense da*/.- die
g green glare shone down on the din
lying crowd below. "Htand book!" ug>
uted tho captain. "Tho first that
i a hand upon tho boats 1 shoot," pai
the barrel of hla revolver glinted hol
ho light of tho port fire. For n few Drt
>nds tho n ?grofs stood silent and Ir- yoi
Into, until a burly leader itrode for- ah<
d, Maying aomethlng In on unknown slo
rue, find pointing to tho boats. life
ho mate's grasp tightened on his gu
dsplko as he gin need at the rolling bop
* and scowling faces before him. JI? 'I
w that If tho skipper's nerve proved the
cjual to the task if might go very chf
il with every white man on board, pa<
many of tho Krooboys woro armed eltl
r matchots, l?r<
live us them boat, whit" man, and ann
ity ??oy live for bring fhern hack," the
I the spokesman. "If no fit, wo chop she
one time." For a moment or two hol
captain made no reply, but stood thl
nly facing tho excited crowd, and pot
icing shorewarda the mate saw a me
iht tongue ??f flame leap up from am
summit of tho bluff, while n hoarse be'
mur ran from man to man. Then ben
in the tread of running feet echoed "
ig the after dude, and a hoarse out
I- < rb l. "Out o' ih? way, fe brutes." enfi
Mi? Krooboy glanced behind him, tie
swung his matclmt, hut a heavy nho
I spanner descended with a thud fltlt
n ills woolly bend, ntid tho naunt dip
r?* or the uhlef cuglneor leaped Into ma
circle of lluht, while the negro, hal
'wring sldewny. f"ll groaning tip- foa
he tii-clc. ,\'oxi moment n WsdgO of unl
V firemen ami greniierH, with ahuv* ble
mil midden to their handr. oleft the me
vd ap.'llt. nhd the Krooboys gave ble
sniy uA< ^ on i?ht wn
vi?," said I ho captain, "lake that the
i nwiy and pump on him, if theft'a tin
you iaft on the ipai dt < k in ok/
it mlnutia ni ibool him" Th# n It
.4 u'.nt !'iwi\ forward It wa? the wh
Hiory: the ?nlrntFf?* and cotitemp- ren
pi till k'Uips ' of <h" iBtiropentl hud tin
mnhfd over the fickle impulse* of ?;?i
Afihuo 'I'll'- ?" "To " ivnr I" "it1, rui
i (uwuiii; In flomu clrounwtMCoa lio "
recklessly brave; but he Is always
ith to face a determined white man.
Is not unusual to see a score of stalirt
bushmen Hying In terror from
i wrath of a sickly white trader, who
mid be as helpless as a child In their
isculargrlp. Thla Is the more strange,
all the traders are by no means reirkable
for nerve or couruge, while
i negroes have probably faced swift
ath ut the point of a barbed spear
feral times before.
'A wee bit firmness gangs a lan?
ly," said the engineer, panting; "an'
r? thlnkln' It's a gey hard skull he
s onyway; the bit tap wull no trouble
n lang."
Hie mate burst out into a laugh to
leve his pent-up excitement, us ho
swered: "if it hud been any one but a
fgec the bit tap would have killed
n on the spot."
I'm dead tired of tlieni anyway," obrved
Captain Orme, slowly. "Five
llar.s .1 head from Lagos doesn't cover
Is ltind of thing. I wonder what
ey'll be up to next." Ky n as ho
oka a wild yell rose from the forerk,
followed by a succession ol
lashes in the sea. "Come back there!
;>p them! Light another port-tire," he
i ltd.
I'his time a crimson flame blazed out
im the rail of the spar-deck, and by
I- I uuuv mm- (un liUK>|'<.una
b Krpoboys hurling their gin cases
or the Iron bulwarks, while* already
,ir or live sable figures were shooting
rough the circle at light which fell
on the long, glassy undulations, as
2 steamer rolled ami wallowed in thn
iep swell. The white seamen descendthe
Iron-ranged ladder, but gllsien?
matchet-blades barred their way
d Old Man Trouble stood upon the
nch-drum and lifted up his voice.
'Listen UP word, Captain, Bah," he
d. "Wo dun pay you all five dollah
land on Palm Bluff beach. Liberia
in say no; captain say tio bota. Krooy
Hwlm; If white man pay no, we
up him. Live fer quiet; we go chop
)er!a man Instead."
Let them go," advised the mate; "we
n't stop them nrtw. and would only
? hurt If we tried. There's no surf In
rica bis enough to urown u rvrooV
\.a he spoke a crowd of naked figures
ng themselves over the rail, and the
l was dotted with swimming heads;
in after man followed In rapid sucislon,
until the deck was empty of all
,'e those bound *for Sierra Leone. The
ht was no unusual one, for when, ns
'nslonally happens, the canoes do not
no off to meet the coastlng-Btoam?,
the Krooboy passengers swim
bore half a mile or more, pushing
?lr gin oases before them.
'I wadna care tae lie In the shoon
that custom-man If they devils wake
n vp iho nlHit," said the engineer.
'It's not our business," rejoined the
ite, "and he probably deserves It. It
m't be the first Ltberlail station the
ly Krooboy has cleaned out. I am
Inking most of the two French trar?:
I don't suppose they'll be mot"(I,
but we'll warn them anyway."
The long, reverberating boom of the
tarn-whistle rang out four times
ross the misty darkness, and then
was silence again.
t Is hard enough at any time to sleep
the tropics during the stifling heal
the rains, and after what had hapned
none of the spectators oared to
urn to their berths again. They sat
toklng instead upon the epnr-decic,
tenlng to the welter of water along
} bends, each time the Dunlin rolling
ivlly down burled her rusty plates In
brimming swell. At last, shortly af
dawn, the captain sprang to his
..mi.Uiiuninir din
usfc by George! Look (hero," hp
id, pointing to a broad shoot of rod
mo which roared aloft from the
idowy loom of the bluff, lighting up
! fringe of foaming breakers which
rlod themselves upon the sand. "That
leer Is probably having a bad time
w; the Kroomen have no particular
rerence for the majesty of the Clack
)ubllo," ho added. "I wish It was
Vilght, ho we could send a boat In
1 the eake of the Frenchmen; but she
uld never get through the surf In the
I'll chance It. sir; we'll get through
nohow," answered tho mate. "The*'
re very kind last time we railed; nnd
?n if It wero only on account of the
ick ofllcer, we enn't sit bore nnd do
'Well," said tho captain, "If you like
risk It, r;o. Mac Is Itching to pro too.
j none of his business, but he's never
ppy unless he's putting: eomeining
L few minutes afterwards there was
datter of blocks and a big surf-boat
ashed Into the sea. Ivrooboy boatnds
and whlteseamen slid down the
Is; the mate shouted: "Shove off, he e
she's stove alongside;" and the
it shot away from the wallowing
amer on tho smooth back of a
ell. CJlnnrtng over Ills shoulder, the
ito saw a shadowy figure leaning out
er the Dunlin's rail and heard the
stain's voice: "De careful. Look
t for " and then the vessel rolled
Idly down, arid the words were
>wned In a gurglhu: rush of water.
'Paddle there, paddle!" was the or\
and tho black boat-boys, balancing
niBelves cm either gunwale, gripped
loop of fibre with their prehensile
Mm*, aiv 1111 ir drinniuur oad
h. and the biff surf-boat went funt In jro.
now shooting aloft on the crest
a roller, now winking; deep In the
in my trough. Ten minuted later they
[Idled slower, and the mate stood
ct In the stern-sheets ns the boat
10 and fell sharply Just outsldo thu
ngo of breakers. Gray dawn wok
nlng across the heaving ocenn. A
I Htrcnk broadened and deepened
nff the eastern horizon, while beyond
? parallel lines of roaring surf the
ithery tufts of the palm* roue dimly
nvo the tnlsty forest. The fire had
d nway, nnd only a few wreaths of
ipy smoke were faintly visible
ilnst the bluff.
You lit take us through surf, Frya?"
nsked the mate; and the grizzled
mstnan nodded silently ns he took a
ner nrlp of the sculling onr. "Then In
i go! (Jive her llts! Hyah. Krooboy!"
>uted the officer, nnd the engineer
wly nnd methodically buckled a, cork
.--belt alH?ut his wnlst. "Cleanliness In
Id," he observed; "but you'a jio the
it place for a tnornhi' hath."
'hen the headman raided bin voice,
Krooboys broke out Into a wild
wit as they leaned over the bending
Idles, nnd thn foam boiled high on
tier bow ns the boat leaped forward,
senile she swept aloft with a snowy
other spoutlliff above the gunwale;
? the paddles whirled together nnd
s woo pod wildly down into the black
low beyond. Again she rone, nnd
s time half a toiv of yeasty water
ired In over the slern. and the whlto
n dashed the spray from their eyes
1 galled rit the liquid walls rolling
ween them nnd the thundering
i eh.
We're In for It now, nnd must face It
," said the mate, hoarsely, and the
rlneer nodded with the ll?cht of bntln
his eyes. A rain the headman
nited, and a wild outburst of yelling
I wlilstllnnr followed. Tito paddle,
ped togelher, nnd tho hont was swept
dly forward on the crest of n break or
f-ldddeii In tin- mnnn of curling
m, while the helmsman gasped out
tended orders, and bent hlins< If douover
the ?< 'tilling-niir. P'or n nionf
or two the while men held their
ath; thtn there wm u shivering
Hh and fi cataract <>r iipini- feil upon
in; Iho boat's keel ground deep Into
> iuihI and the backwash roared
ilnnt thd bows, A.doian iCrooitoyi
ped over Iho gunwale; officers and
il-i smtii'-n tyere carried r. von I fh#?
iCli or the ebbing wniet ; nnd before
i next breaker poiirod lis mile long
ge Ujion the Hfitid the atirf-boat wai
i up high nnd dry.
All's well thut enda well, and now
for the custom-house," said the mate,
tilde by side the two officers hurried up
the beach, the oue gripping a revolver
and the other an antiquated braas-hllted
thing he called u claymore; but
there was neither sound nor sign of
life aa they brushed through the dewy
banana leaves towards the smoulder1
lug ruin.
Them Krooboy devils hive all gone,
sir," said the quartermaster, a few paces
in advance, and the white men came out
from the gloom of tho dripping palm
fronds. A faint voice cried, "Help!" and
startling at the *ound of the new-comers
turned t'helr heads and taw a alght which
at first moved them to pity, and afterwards
to hearty laughter.
The black customs official, his gaudy
uniform stained with mould and drenched
with dew, was leaning limply against
a palm-stem t ? which he was loosely
bound, while th>> two black clerks, with
terror-stricken facet!, occupied a almllar
position near by. Some woolly-haired
savage, by way of a joke, had jammed a
battered eiik liai owr his eyes, and tied
a lull of landing permits about his neck.
The olficer in.id.; no pretense of import.
II.... . ?... 1V UI In -i Qlllfl* ftf h.lTit'l.-'CA
! collapse.
"Been having a bail ILme," said the
mute, removing the liat; "but why don't
yon got out oi' those lashings?"
"I urn fa.st. hand and foot. I call you
i to witness," gasped the wretched Siberian.
"My rascally men deserted me, but
we m'ade a heroic resistance? the clerks
and I."
"Havers, man, havers," said (he engineer
chuckling; "they dragged yo oot
from aneath a couch mulst likely."
"You must enjoy being tied up, at any
rate," added the mate, "for any child
, could wriggle that lashing alack. Get up
on your feet."
The Libera In with pretended effort cast
olt tho ropes, und dealrlng to stalk forward
with tho air of a wounded gladiator,
failed miserably in his attempt.
"Every sign of a heroic rebalance."
said the mate; "rifles thrown away?as I
thought, they were in too great a hurry
even to pull tho trigger; here's a cartridge
in the breech." Then he laughed
nud pointed to a little machine gun
which lay upside down among the trailing
yams, and he noticed there was no
fouling about the muzzle. "Sentries
asleep, I suppose, and aa usual the quarter-civilized
black soldier bolted at first
eight of the foe. The savage ie always
braver than the negro of the settlements,"
he added.
The quartermaster now came up.
"Them niggers has been haldln' a hlghclasa
barbecue, ?ir," he said; and the
mute laughed again as he approached
the spot where a bonfire had been; made
nf tho ft i ml turn nnrl Rtatlnnarv. re
main* of a sumptuous feast lay around.
Empty bottl??? of Worcester sauce, tomato
catsup, and Hamburg* gin showed that
tho beverages has boon curiously assorted.
Scraps of pickled mess-beef, with
which somebody's unequalled pomade
had evidently been used as a condiment,
luy about among empty tins of metal
pollnh and oil-ground rot tons tone.
"Tho nlggrers ain't portlckler as to
mlxln' thefr drinks," said the grinning
seaman. "Jamaica rum and Worcester
sauco for a llkoor an' ships' bread with
rottonstone for dessert."
The officers nodded a smiling approval;
they knew that whatever comes out
of u tin Is considered edible by the Krooboy.
Then the mate turning his eye seawards,
saw a puff of white steam mingle
with the yellow smoke rising from the
Dunlin's funnel; it was now broad daylight.
and the hoot of the Whistle warned
him that the captain was growing Impatient.
"Take me on to Sfnou; you won't leave
me hero to be murdered," gasped the Llberlan.
"No," said the mate; "If you like to
Chance landing on Slnou beach, we'll stop
for you. There's ten minutes for you to
And your men in;" and officer and clerks
disappeared Into the bush.
Then a young' 'French lad from n
neighboring factory entered tho com
pound. He had heard no noise in the
night, but had just ween the smoke. Tho
mate explained, and asked after his acquaintance
the ugent.
"Ah," paid the lad, "the poor Chatrlan
he die?how you call him??dysentery,
and Canot he pn back vcr* sick; but you
dejoune wit' us?"
The clerks refused courteously, and
while they stood laughing together the
representative of the Llberlan republic
returned, h1f dozen mrn following sheepishly
behind him with neither scratch
nor scar.
'The Krooboy he will not hurt us, bon
voyage," said the young Frenchman,
raising his hat, and the big surf-boat
went out on the ha ok wash of a sea. Halfswamped
and battered she recrossed the
breakers, and In due time shot alongside
the Dunlin.
"They took us by surprise. We have
drilled the soldiers on the Prussian system.
and do not look for a foe that
swims, climbs tho veranda posts, and
drops from the thatoh without a noise,"
said tho Llberlan, when ho related what
had happened on board tho vtesmer,
"But we made a heroic resistance."
"Horofo fiddlesticks! Tell that to the
Monrovlans or t'he marines," answered
Captain Orme. 'Tills Is not the first
time the wily,savage has been one too
many for the republic."
Then the windlass panted and rattled,
th* cable came clanking home, and presently
the Dunlin steamed out across the
flashing swell, and so westwards until
the malm-clad bluff and thunderinc
beach faded away Into the axure dlatance.?Harold
Dlmllos in Maemlllan'e
Proiiounccd Incurable.
From (ho Republican, flcranton, Pa.:
A reporter recently learned of n remarkable
experience, which happened
to Mrs. Frederick Rralg, of North Wyoming
avenue, Sranton, Pa. In the Interview
with her, ahe said: "I Buffered
for many months with pains In my
back nnd aide. I called In oil the physicians
whom T knew; they did all they
could for me, but admitted that 1 could
not be cured. None of them seemed to
know Just what my nllment was, and
doctored me for different diseases, but
failed to benefit me,
"Inatend of getting bettor T became
worse, and was obliged to leave my
work ntid remain at home. Tho palna
became more pevero, and It wna not
long before I was obliged to go to bed,
nnd waa unable to leave It for aevernl
months. 1 wan very weak nnd Buffered
severe palna nlnmat constantly. In the
meanwhile doctoring nil the time.
"At that time I wan staying at tho
home of my father, Mr. Van Gorden, at
tog Marlon street, thla city. I grew
worso steadily and waa Almost helplesa.
"One day a neighbor nine to see me
nnd told me of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
for Pale People. My father was going
down to central part of the city
that nfternoon. and I naked blm to get
a box of the pllla. lie brought homo o
box that evening nnd I began taking
tliein. Tho first box helped me some,
nnd I decided to M"l another. After
taking the second box 1 fell much bolter,
and after taking tho third I was
able to got up and be About, He for? 1
hud taken tho fourth bote I waa able to
go hnrh to my work, and felt an well
ll? 1 had ever fell In mv life,
"I worked from that lime tint 11 I was
married. Mines then I hnve not hnd to
' top my work ti>r any /if the obi trow |
ble I t *l<** tho p|||a right along now n* I
l did before. I do not think thnt It h
nweaanry to tnko them ss often nn I
lid, but 1 tat > them periodically, nnd
IImi thai they loop too strong nnd
well. I feel that 1 can truthfully say
flint Pf. William*' Pint; Pllla for Polo
People bev" saved my life, nnd I own
my recovery nnd prei?nl mod health
io t)i?m. Tho oomplnlnt la one that Ih
well-known t" many women. ! cannot
dcocilbo It, but I niu auto many of
w \ I
"Tiro heads are better than one." .....
"Your'rc right. My wife is making two hundred dollars a week In tn&t milfleum."
__ _
Imp?What shall wp do with him next, your satanlc majesty? All of our
tortures wm to have no effect upon him.
Satan?Who Is ho?
Imp?A football player.
1?Mrs. Hhorper?This i? tho bout scheme that 1'vo found to keep John from
drlnkim;. It works splendidly.
8?John (to Jhltnielf)?Bet your Ufa It doee. thorn
have mtlTortd the xatne mrrurlnt- tuition, nurh an lupprrmlon*. ,rr?>,!V'J
Inic palna with which I aufferrd, itlon nnd nil forms of wrnkncn".
"i have woommondftd Dr. wiUlntna* build up the blood* and wAtorejno k .
Pink Pills to ni l My of infrlonda thnt of hoalth to pule and laHfltn ? ,,M | (u
aro auffirlna with the name tceublo wen thiy eftoot a mdl? u ' ?> ' '
ihni I hnd, It i? Ihr bn.it medicine ili-ii hwm nrlnluff from montnl w,,n
I Imve ovrf worn for the <n?uh|. ? tMmt worl* or m of wlntov-r " ^
are no common to wonum. They will nl* Dr. William1'1 I'lnli I"1'. [',1 'lVnn
wayn bo n household comedy In my 1?? v m <ti<>\??r In Iimh<> ' m.i m,v'
homo, i eantiol nay t".? tttuoh In tholr a box or boaoa for J i,y
boimlf, for t<? thorn I cmi wiy nil my be hud of nil dmr. '>1"' m,'iII?
luinplnoflN In due." mull i?v iiddt'oiodnM I" , j y
AM the olofto dti in-."ft uv <.? ?;lve ? ! ?' ?'.>n>iwin>. . lirnn
now life nnd rluhnean to the Moo.I nml CJANTOXtl'A"
ronton* ehallorod ntl'von nre ronlulnod, ?*.?, * ***liea
IU u oondonnart form, In Dr. "VVIIIIuium* J1,,v /t^ , -*-< T" mtf
Pltlh 1*1111 for Vnli. ! ?.,.I,. Tliry nr.. n|. S?""*
ho a MH'cMo for troubles pccUllur to to- ?f

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