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n,c ufflcUl lUUrtt. ?W. Buthu.U i
plurality of *MM?Tli? \inm Proict
II. alMl OII?.r Mile lollr. ll.llct I'ou
Miuiilux-lll* III.III! by CumHIo.
COLL'MBUB. o., Nov. 12.?The offlcla
vole In nil l,ul two ct ">e elghty-clgh
countlee hal been received by tho see
rctary of itatc. Theee were- secured b]
tli' stale Journal, and a complete ollt
i nil tabulation of tho vote cum for th
two leudlng gubernatorial candidate* I
given below.
Kvory one of the Infantile partlei
Which crawled to a place upon the offl
iut ballot by aid of petition), If the'
?urr?'d In getting a place on the ballo
r? ?t year will have to get It by the sain
in.'.inH, The 1'rohlbltlon party showei
Ittelf t'l be the lustiest Infant in the nur
e r> With u total of 7,660 votes to It
. r.-.nt. It came very nearly havlni
, nough to establish Its states as a part}
11;.. i'eople'a party waa,next htghca
with 6.275 votes, while the N;gro Pro
teciivo cakewalk, which wan repudiate)
by .-very self-respecting negro voter li
Ohio, received but 4B3.
The total vote cast was 854,843, agalnu
10on,S73 In 1896. All but 23,208 votes Wer
cast for the Republican or Democrat I
j, irtU s, and these were distribute
among tho six smaller parties whlcj
secured a position on the ballot by petl
lion. The law requires a party to re
celve one per cent, of the total vote cas
in nrder to maintain Its standing as
party. So it will be seen from the tota
vote cast for the six smaller partloi
that none of them received the requlalt
support. The Socialist Labor part:
shows remarkably well in coinparlsoi
to Its prototype, the People's party. I
received more than 1,000 votes In Cuy
ahoga county alone.
The official returns are very cloBe t<
the estimated plurality of Governo
Uushnell. The governor's plurality i
118,135, a very substantial testimonial ti
his popularity.
The vote by counties:
A a
Counties. 5 ^ rt
c E c E
^ ft & c.
2 ? ? <a
a s, a 3
? B _ C __K 8
lAdams 8,0461 2,9871 69
-Allen 3.5WJ 4.819) 1.26
Ashland 2,3311 2,957| 6'1
Aihlftbula 2.3091 4,074
Athens 4,682 2.466 2,017
.Auglalza 2,2471 3,S40j I 1.:.3
Italmont fi.620| i.KJl m,
Drown 2,704 8,H53 94
Butler 4.S42 7,812 2.97
Carroll 2,439 1,69K| Ml ....
Champaign 2,761 2.889, WiJ
Clark 6,230 4.687 1.W3...
Clermont 3.447, 4.1iH; 65
Clinton 3.648 2,H? 1,540! ....
Columbiana 7.4M 4.920 2.536
Coshocton 3,026 3,607; fifi
CrawfTTd Jj,416| 2.30
> U..IUIUI1H fli.iooi
?arkt> 8.067 4.932 | l.on
Defiance S.OTi;, 2,916 , 84
Delaware 3.3S'6| S,05l| 3*r-....
4.2K2, 3.S64, 418
Fairfield 3,1111 4.t?7b 1.7::
?*y?\tte -.1171 j :\1M| 813,
Franklin I?.4s7 17,838 j 1.31
Fulton 2,72,11 i,7fnj j>->7
5aIlla *.715 !M2l! 1,694'
GttUlfa 2.736, 846j 1,330... .
Greena 4.5S4, 2.333'2,22b. ...
Ouenwy 3.72.'., 2,67311,152
Hamilton 41.122! 3!?.607j 1,516
Hancock 4.49.'>i 4.U3 t?2',
Hardin 3,854 S,8S2| 1
Harrison 2JW; 1.971: 812.
Henry 2,0071 3.362| , 1.3J
Hyland 3.77,5, 3.3S6 367i...
Hocking 2.4t)7; 2,643 ; 2:1
Holmrs I.ISII' 2.967 j |,7h
Huron 4.142, 3,028 1.114,
Jackson 3,99c 3.5211 46!<|
Jefferson 4.053 2,7.'.; 1,903
Knox 3.W: 3,775 U
Lake 1,111 1.721
Lawrence 4,226 2,5641 1,662
Licking 4,9871 ti.242 \ 1.2J"
Lo?an 3.S22; 2,390| 1.1321
Lorain 5,7Slii 3,114| 2,642
I Luran 12,2711 11.6601 6*7
I Mldlson 2,874 2,431t| 435
| Mahoning r..4io! 5.456: 4!'i
! Marlon *,IG6 v.wi &
Medina 3,159' 2.072' I.ttfC ....
Melgi i 3,757! l.wtf! 1.S95,.
.Mercer j 1.413 ;>.2sti I,S4
-Miami 6.292 4,332! 960'... .
Monroe \ i.r?42 3.52.'. 1,9$
Montgomery 14.136 I3,ili 1,022 ....
Morgan 2,53.1 2.171 M
Morrow 2.331, 2,063 20i
Muaklngum I e.ni's; 6,225 403....
Noble 2,522 2.17s 314...
Ottawa 1.6121 2.623 W
Paulding 3.l!? :j 3.2:17. .... II
Perry :t.r?t:? :
Pickaway .*!,ici? 3.7'-) ..... ;
Pike 2.2"'; 1.945 ."51
Portage 3.869. 2.2V 5*0,.
Preble 3,059 2.704) ...
Putnam 2,341 4.160: i s.
Richland 4,257 5,411! 1."
Hoh.I 5.277! 4.615, 712....
Sandusky 3.157 4,201 . bo
Scioto 4.621! 3."!* 1.225:...
8*noca 4.284 5.20.' ! !
Shcthv 2.V2" 14^ ... \,v,
Stark 110.59'. 9.612 9S2!....
Summit I 6.87?; 6.583 2921....
Trumbull I 6.16(5 2,931 3,235....
Tuwrawaa 1 5.181 .*. ,w 3:
Vnlon t 8.231 2.29" 1Mb....
Van Wert 3.73b 3.747; 1
Vinton 1.920 1.743 177 ...
Warren 3.6211 2.131 1,49" ...
Washington 5..V. 4.67b M5(
Wayne 3.94,'; 4.963 1.0;
Williams .....I 3,13k 2.m 137 .
Wood 5.oor? 4,518 647;
Wyandot I 2.042 2.686 ?1
Totals '429,885 401.750162.819 4?,8>
^Total vote, 854,31 J.* nushnell'o plurality
Holiday. Prohibition, deceived T.r,"?!
Coxey, l'"opl<'*n party. 6,275; Dnxter, Ni
tlonnl I??-rnorral. I,fV?4: Watlns, Soclall!
Labor, IW>. I.fwli. Negro Protective, 48;
Richardson, Mberty party, 3,137.
the international sunday-schoo
Novfmhrrtt, IHftl, Aolt. *xivlU,!7?3!
Ministry In Koine,
For rhetorical purposes, the Itfnobl
character of Paul's entrance t<? Horn
may have been exaggerated, Foil
months had elapsed since the shir
wreck. The subsequent voyage ha
bf-en prosperous. For n week Paul ha
refreshed himself In tho scenery of tl<
Vesuvlan bay and the congenial soclot
of believers. Two admiring escorl
came to meet him In successive stage
He entered Home as a Roman. His nj
peal to Caesar Invested him with dlf
nlty On personal grounds, he w.*i
treated with marked consideration 1
tin oHirer In charge. ... All dedu<
tlons made, however, the contrast bi
t/. ? n ill" might of Nero and the weal
lienor Paul remains. It la the contrai
betwoi-n the material and the splrituii
Th?- kingdom of heaven was enterlti
f'i< Imperial city without observatloi
"n'' In tho servile form of a .fowl*
prisoner Hut If the augurs of the ca|
I'll "mid have dlaccrned the sign, the
U'.'iM have raised a louder cry thu
wh??n Hannibal stood at tho Rate. . .
Hand of Providence never was inoi
rf" ' pinions than when It brought Pai
1" Home. If In arrival at the center i
the world-empire nnd the nemo of h
ou n moral power was simtiHaneou
I'r"vlous experiences were of the nattr
"f d ' < Ipllne. Now fully equipped, h
I"i on protected by an linprlsonmei
li did not restrict fho forms
''vsnneiistlc effort most needed at th
Juii' uio. he recognised and seined h
i, irtunlty, lie was not i" go u> ii
world, The world whs to come to hlr
more tollsirme and dangerous Jou
neyinn* The house whleh I he Ubern
of Christians enabled him lo re
"llP'ud any ottiele In a clly full
tlfrn . According to his esta!
h? tf'i custom "the Jew flrst" he gn'
' fellow countrymen the Inltlnl aud
' The ardent patriotism whh
' ' wish Itself accursed for the sal
' iiirmen according to the flesh, th
"" iiintly breathed its heart's desl
*nd prayer that Israel inlRht he savi
"<e ii a love of country could n
I' '* nnv insinuation ngatnst Use
'"ul hastened to explain that his a
i 11 from a Hebrew to a heathen coil
v '""t prompted by any uripatrlot
timiivn nor any personal plune again
( ' How countrymen. There Is i
" 1' " ommenl on Paul's noble ode
'"ii charity which bearelh nil tlllm
,u'I ' ndlireih nil thlnits, than his ov
,f ll'l allusion to his cruel treatment
! TF
* | ^ Of Druggists In the U.
152S ? +++ ++ +<
ElBI ? + ? ?+> <
{ the hands of the Jews?-"I wan delivered
prisoner from Jerusalem Into the
:> hands of the Romans;" no hint here of
0 riot and conspiracy. Again, his very
chain ought to bind his auditors to him,
(> for the "hope of Israel" put It on him.
The very expectation of the Messiah,
n which they all alike Indulged, was the
cause of his* arrest. . . . The Jews
had a manifold probation. First, the
population resident In Palerttne; next,
the Jews of the dispersion in Asia and
Greece; finally, the sixty thousand In
the Ghetto of Home. Individuals believed.
the nation was obdurate. With
a broken heart the captive missionary
sang the requiem of his commonwealth
L' In the solemn strains of the prophet.
?; The Kent urn of Die Monty Mid Stock
.*) NEW YORK, Nov. 12.?Money on call
steady at lVfcfT2 per cent; last loan \%
per cent; closed at 146(31% per cent.
Prime mercantile paper 3>?<S4H per
6 cent. Sterling exchange strong, with
actual business In bankers' bills at
$4 85%?4 86^ for demand and $i 82ty?
,n 4 827h for slxiy days. Posted rates
$1 83Vfc?4 S8U. Commercial bills J4 82.
Silver certificates 57Kft58Vj. Bar silver
5TMjc. Mexican dollars 46c.
?i To-dav'.- stock market was entirely
without animation at any time. The
J preliminary drive at Sugar and one or
two subsequent raids against thai
sti ck failed to dislodge any large offerings
and the subsequent dealings In
J that stock showed greatlf diminished
activity and firmness of tone, its losse?
H were all recovered and the close showed
a net gain of a smaU fraction. The low
?2 price for the day which was 120%. was
n new low point on the present move
ment. Sugar was easily the leader ol
:: the list In point of activity and absorb"
ed one-third of the total dealings. The
io coalers showed some strength on account
of the npproaehlng cold sn:ip
They were helpe l also by reports of re>
strlctlon of output by Individual companies.
New Jersey Central led thb
group and advanced at on.* time Mi
lt i">lnts, but closed at a reaction about ;i
point. Consnlldnte.1 Oas fluctuated
...ii.ii.. kIiiI?.. I ii-.i tw.lnfii ru<?Pf!lncr 4'^
and cl"*ln? .-it n not declin? of \% pei
j. cent. Outside of these, the features ol
the market were without particular Inst
torost. There was some continuance ol
i- soiling for the London account and especially
of Ft. Paul nnd thin wan aboul
the only unfavorable factor In the new*
1 of the day. The result of the dayV
trading I* to bring the level of price?
4 bark t about the unme level a* thai
held before the very sharp decline o!
list Fr'day. The upward tendency toIC
day In th.? general llHt was assisted by
10 the continued favorable character ol
lr railroad earnings, reported for tin- flrul
week '?f November. The Increase?
(l were especially marked In th*1 rogulat
,j southern and southwestern roads whlcli
are presumably affected by the heavi
y cotton movement due to traflle now
,'H coming forward which lias been dolavK
ed by yellow fever quarantine. TJv
southern railway led In the nmount ol
* Its gain with nn incren*<' of $12,470 ovri
r I the corresponding period of last year,
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a, to Any ono suffering from any dlaoaao, x
h Placrt, Cincinnati, Ohio. Many promlm
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y men t knowi
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i i
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in auuitmlloii, fi
Is iia1 \. Chronic lafl
ffWm. nmlr Wr?kn?
" wD , * , Tmnoii, Itynl
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" Iiiiprdlllirnl ' "? IllUfilHi". Wrnk Hark, M
h VIHllly, dlaea?ea iroiilliiii; ftum r*cria, (ml
l<(. . ilmt nnd nvrrwoik, recent or old, apttrill
iItr>11muliIv mid pcnimii'iilly ruled. II yi
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" I 11 11* in r
I, utidn of ciiifM we have never seen
, t - i i t i.v eouftdoutlal and no names i
ONUS Moura i o ?. m, te ? p. m. I
?> ?
S., Canada and Europe. The Terraflno (
' the percentage of increase being
Central of Georgia with an increase
$23,337 shows il\e higher percentage
about 20. The activity in the soft c
traffic Is reflected in an increase of $
CU8 or over 27 per cent In earnings
the Norfolk & Western nnd of JlS.r.03
over 100 per cent in those of Clevela
Lorain & Wheeling. The day's
gains are a point or over in some
the grangers nnd other prominent
tive stocks nnd are nearly two poi
over the coalers. The bond mar
was moderately active nt higher prn
The new Lake Shores 3^ sold at 10
the highest on record. Total sales, :
United States registered 4's ami
5*8 coupons were advanced V* per c
bid and tho new 4'h Vi per cent bid.
The total sales of stocks to-day w
Evening Post's London financial
Tho atock markets were lifeless
day and a trifle less firm. Mines w
. better.
The dullness In Americans here
partly due to difficulties on dealers x
are n bull on Americans and who
centlv lost heavily by the sharp nnd '
expected fall of certain lndusti
Americans closed above tho low
The Paris bourse was dull and the E
lin market steady.
U. 8. new 4s reg.127% (Oro. H. & Nav..
do coupon li'f)i Pittsburgh I
U. 8. 4h 112'i Reading
do coupon 113% Kock Island '
do 2ds 1184 St. Paul ...
lT. 8. 5s re? 114 do preferred..!
do 6s coupon...114U St. P. & Omaha.
Pacific Gs of '9.I..I021; 1 do preferred. .1
, Atchison 12*4 Southern Pac...
! do preferred... L'7tyiTexas & I'ac ...
| Hal. A* Ohio 12J-4 Union Pacific... :
'un. Pacific S)i? Wabash
I Can. Southern... f>J J do preferred..
Central Pacific.. Wheerg & L. 12.
Cites. & Ohio. .. 21 V'i 1 do preferred .
Chi. A: Alton l.\s (Adams Express.li
Chi., Uur. A Q.. P3V- American I0x...1
C. C. C. & St L 32*t lT- S. Express.,
do preferred... SO Wells Fargo ...
Del. & Hudson .HOVj Am. Spirits
Del., I/ark. & W.1W1 do preferred.. ;
Den. i* HloO ... ll^?Am. Tobacco....
<io preferred... 44*? do preferred..1
Brie (new) ir> People's Gas !
do first pre.. . .Wi Col. P. A Iron.. ;
Port Wayne lfia I <lo preferred..
IlllnolB Centra' ..lOOMICJen. Electric....
take Erie & W. lf.v, Illinois Steel....
do preferred... 68*4 Lead
Lake Shore 171 | do preferred..1'
I/<(ii. Jl Nash.... Pacific Mall ...
Mich. Central...102 'Pullman Pal....1i
Missouri I'ac.... 28% Silver Cer
N. .T. Central [Sugar 1:
N". V. Central...111^1 do preferred..1
Northwestern ..120 Tenn. Coal & I.
do preferred ..in; U. H. leather...
Northern Pac ... is j do preferred .
do preferred... MaJ (WeHiern Union.
Itrrailatitu? nml I'rovlaloit*.
CHICAGO?Wheal starlet! weak
day, but closed with an appearancc
strength and activity, Muy loi
' and December %c higher. The? Deot
her opt Jon was helped by the fact 1
i some of tho Dulnth wheat being si
ped here Is missing (trade. Reports t
i farmer's deliveries In the northw
?v't'' frilling off whs the bull factor
May tpward (ho close. Corn close*
shade lower and oats Vf?c higher. r
> ; visions were weak and closed
! lower.
Who.it started with sellers of May
, from Ulc down to i'QV' and very II
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11 11 "
X th
,M0 ck
<> $8
iili: ?
iili: <
M O 37
<> O
< O 23
I ?
II s
Company, W<nh!?(jton, D. C. l '' i
17. chanced hands over 90T<?o. This, com- ,
of pared with yesterday'** closing prices 8
of of 91%c. The failures of the Liverpool
Ottl market to respond to the bullish tone
18,- with which this market closed the day cl
of before was chiefly responsible for the 2,
; or market's decline. The market opened 9
nd, but advance and had even lout J
net tills by the time trading commenced "
of here to-dny. Northwest receipts were ?
ac- large. compared with last year's flg- J
nt? urea, Minneapolis and Duluth reporting '
kot 820 cars, against 949 a w?ck ago and 454
'es. last year Chicago got f.4 cars to-dny. J
r?\4. 144 a week ago and 49 the similar day *
$1,- of the year before. New York wired c
shortly after the opening that they had
the selling orders there from continent for 1<
ent December wheat, but other messages C
snld private cablegrams from the con- >
ere tlnent were firm. >
The price gradually sank and touch- ?
ca- ed 90*4c and then it had over \c. rally. 5
It did. however, recover to 91V4C by s
to- nbout 12 o'clock without receiving any- s
ere thing strikingly encouraging In the $
way of additional information. me ?j
ifl Atlantic and Gulf port* returned clcarrho
anoo?* for the day of 690,000 bushels of f
re- wheat and flour together. The total re- ^
un- celpts for the day at primary western j
rial markets amounted to 1.055,000 bushels j
against Ml,000 bushels a year ago. %
fst. Minneapolis stocks of wheat for the <j
ler- week ar#? cxpected to show an Increase c
of l.HOO.OOO bushels and Duluth an In- a
3. crease of 200,000 bushels. The general
31 guesses here on the change in the
:,4 week, a visible ran from 2,000.000 bushjj%
els to 2.HOO.OOO bt:.?hols lncr*a?<' The 11
weekly review of the situation by the ?
fey! mo(,ern miller was rather bearish, but {'
on a tip that preceded Its details that
Irt Jt would he bullish In time buying started
that put price from around AO^r to *
fllUc. After receipt of the Modern Mil- "
Y?? ler report the price sagged back to J
17 flOtyc, but near the end of the session *;
assurances from most reliable sources 5
?? In the northwest were received to the "
i'f- effect that there was n marked falling
in off In farmer's deliveries and they were 11
!' ? to-day not over half what they were a 13
week aco
The Information and the fact of'some "
fhe Duluth wheat which has been *
!><'> shipped here lately Is missing a grade. w
21U rained n sudden revival of the markets J*'
52>, previously waning strength. December.
40 " which was hanging neglectedlv around
J3'i fl.ltyc. responded to the bidding for a P
limited quantity for a sudden spurt to
M%o and May from 98c rose to flic. c
r,-vc, Closing trades were at 94Vic for Decern- *
ber and fl0*ic for May. If
101* Corn was weak during the morning I'
y" largely through sympathy with wheat.
rJf\4 There was some selling of December by s1
86^| elevator people, which resulted in a
slight widening of the spread. Later
In the day the mnrket was supported bv
to- the urgency of the shipping demand, '
1 of one cargo selling Un over Decemher.
* "r ? ani?tf? worn u'tr^n niffner. Kecipis *
>tn- tvere .117 cars. May ranged between e:
hnt no%c and r.ftp and closcd a shade lower
tip- at H014W30SC.
hnt PurlfiR most of <he session nnts were n
out dull and easier In svmpathy with wheat
In and corn. The Porn Trod" News re1
n ported Kpsslan onts Arm and nn ml- .
'ro- vance nt Now York started shorts 4o *
fMic covering: and conslderahlo outside mip
port also developed, which put prices
1 at fractionally above yesterday's cloyo
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1.1 RANCH. I1. U. Dei iff, Cincinnati, 0> I
ightly better prices. Receipts were 2$4
re. May ranged between and
ffcc, closing He higher at 22V*c.
Provisions were decidedly dull and
iak. Prices were slightly higher at
e opening, on'account of the higher
Ices of hogs. Ther were moderate ofrings
at the advance, but the market
as too narrow to take care even of
Is. and prices slowly declined. At the
>ae January pork was 5?7\ic lower at
35; January lard 24e lower at
98V604 35 and January ribs 5c lower
$4 ?H<H 35.
Estimated receipts Saturday:
Wheat, 75 cars; corn. 430 oars; oats,
9 cars; hogs, 20,000 head.
fash quotations were as follows:
Flour steady.
Wheat-No 9 spring 87^CSSV4e; No. 2
ring [email protected]; No. 2 red 94V?09tityC.
Corn?No. 2, 27H?27Vic; No. 2 yelluw
Oats?No. 2, 20%c; No. 3 white 22%ft
Rye?No. 2, 47H047\c.
Pla*s#?d?No. 1. SI 03Vrtfl OS.
Tlmothyaeed?Prime, $2 65
Mesa Pork?Per barrel $7 85$7 40
l?rd-Per 100 lbs., M 22Htf4 25
Short Ribs?Sides (loose) $4 25(04 85.
Dry salted shoulders (boxed) 4
Short clear sides (boxed) 4\047fce.
Whiskey?Distillers' Agisted goods,
r gallon, )1 18.
Dn the produce exchange to-day, the
itter market was steady; creameries
g>22Hc; dairies 12?20r.
Hheese?Quiet at 8ft8^c.
Egga?Firm; fresh 18c.
Phw leading futures ranged aa follows;
Articles. Open. || High, j Low. j Close.
heat. No. 2. I I
Nov. (new) i .... 94
Dec. (new).. P3V. mv m*' 94?i
May 90*41 91% ^
>rn, No. 2. I J '
*ov y>i 27 JflV, 28%
Dec M 27 ) 2?tt 2*\
May JOU 3(* 30 I 30*,
its, No. 2.
Dec 30 30V 19V 20%
May 22 22V 21% 22\
ass Pork.
Dac 7 4?* 7 47& 7 30 7 87%
Inn 8 4a 8 4."i S 32Vi 8 35
4 tWs 4 2T'fe 4 17% 4 20
Jan 4 3?Vj 4 S74 4 32% 4 35
lort Ribs. ; , .
Her 4 35 4 85 4 4 30
ran 4 40 1 4 40 4 C%l 4 85
NEW YORK?Flour steady, without
lange In price.
Wheat, No. 2 red 99%c; options opened
eak; closed ateady at lower; No.
red November closed at 96c; December
osed at 96%c.
Corn, No. 2, 34%c; options steady and
rm all day, closing unchanged to tfcc
et higher; November closed at 32%c;
'ecember closed at 32%c.
Oats, No. 2, 25026V&c; options dull but
rmer at %c net advance; December
loaed at 25V4c.
Coffee, options openedi ateady, closed
tcady; sales 14,000 bags.
Sugar, raw firm; refined Arm.
BALTIMORE?Flour dull and unhanged;
receipts 12,192 barrels; exports
235 barrels. Wheat firmer; spot 97%<$
Mfcc; December 97Vi(6>97%c; receipts 53,17
bushels. Corn strong; npot Pecemier
[email protected]; November 82%?33c; re?lpta
159,700 bushels;exports 51.500 bushis.
Oats firm; No. 2 white 27V4<R>28c.
tye ftrm, No. 2 western 54c; receipts 24,95
bushels. Ilay quiet; choice timothy
13 00 asked. Grain freights steady,
lutter and cheese steady and unhanged.
Eggs Arm; fresh 21c.
TOLEDO?Wheat lower and stead?r;
cash 94c; December 95c; May 95%c.
'orn dull and steady; No. 2 mixed 27c;
fo. 3, 26c: December 27V?c; May 30%c;
7o. 2 yellow 27^c. Oats dull and
teady; No. 2 mixed 19c; No. 2 white
3c; No. ^ white 22c. Rye dull and
teady; No. 2. 48\4c; No. 3, 46c. Clovereed
active and steady; prime cash
3 20; December $3 22^; March $3 30
CINCINNATI?Flour nulet. Wheat
irm; No. 2 red nominal at 82,?c. Corn
trong; No. 2 mixed 26V?c. Oats firm;
Jo. 2 mixed 22c. Rye strong: No. 2, 47e.
,ard firm at ft 25. BulKmeats firm at
4 65. Bacon quint at $6 15. Whisky
teady at II 19. Butter firm. Sugar
asy. Eggl firm at 16^c. Cheese
1,1 vf Stork*
CHICAGO?-There was a strong" cattle
larket; numerous sales occurred at $.j
nd upward and a sale was made of 28
ead of polled angus steers averaging
064 pounds at $5 40. which Is the highest
rice paid In a long time. Late sales
ere at 13 76<fi5 40 for common to fancy
eef steers, the bulk of the cattle selling
t >4 60?n 10. Bulls Gold mostly at I
2 40ff3 75 and calves were steady at |
3 60<&6 60. There was an active deland
for hogs. Sales were at an exreme
range of J3 30?3 70. the bulk of
le hogs going at $3 4503 CO; pigs lai*er
at *3 35?T3 66.
Trading In sheep and lambs was antlated.
Sales were on a basis of $3 00?
f?5 for native sheep. Lambs }4 00(fr6 20,
'1th plenty of sales around J6 00. Ro3lpts:
Cattle 2,500 head; hogs 25,000
ead; sheep 10,000 head.
EAST LIBERTY"?Cattle steady;
rime $1 [email protected] 85c; common $3 00?3 50;
seders $4 00(^4 50. Hogl slow at unhanged
prices. Sheep Arm; choice
4 [email protected] 40; common $2 76(0)3 25; choice
imbs $5 50?5 75; common to good lambs
I 50<fr5 35. Veal calves |6 5007 00.
CINCINNATI?Hogs active and
trong at $2 S0(fi3 70.
NEW YORK?Pig Iron easy; southern
10 25ft 11 L'5; northern $10 25*011 25. Cop- I
or dull; lake brokers lOTfcc; exchange
10 "BfffIrt 80. Load dull: brokers S3 50:
xchanjre 13 7003 R0. Tin easier;
trnlghts $13 65618 75; plat's weak,
poller dull nt $t lOffi 4 20. J?lg iron w.irmu
easy at JG 76 bid and >6 80 asked.
Ilrr (Janrfa.
NEW YORK?'There have been no
irther changes In tl>r? dry foods market,
tie general ton* of the market remain\g
decidedly dull, with very few buyers
resent to consummate store trading,
rint cloth* are quiet nt 26-1 Go. In
rlnts the market in still very dull.
I'd minim.
01 Ii CITY?Credit balances 65c; certlentea
closed nt 67c. Shipments 120,7.15
Arrets; runs 107,050 barrels.
NEW YORK?Pennsylvania crude
omlnally 85c.
NWW YORK?Wool quiet.
CONSUMPTION In It* advanced
tages In beyond power of man to cure
I enn be prevented, though, bj timely
*? of Dr. Wood's Norway Pin" Hyrup,
aturo's own remedy f*?r cough and
i?lds. 2
YOU can't afford to risk your life by
.llowlng a cold to develop Into pneumo*
In or consumption. Instant relief and a
ertaln cure are afforded by One Minute
tough Cure. Charles It. Qoetae, Market
nd Twelfth street*; (Mialliatn Hlm-lalr,
*city-nlxth and Jucnb streeth; A. 10.
Icheele, No. 607 Main street; Kxley
Iros., I'enn and Zane street*; llowle ,v
" ' ^'blgeport _ * i
PIImI hint ltrlitii*
SYMPTOMS?Moisture; Intenso Itch,
ng and stinging; most at night. worse
t scratching. If allowed to cootlmio
itmorN form, which often bleed and uli
uite, becoming very aore. HWAYNR'8
il NT Mi: NT Hloim the Itching and
irciitng, heals ufosratlon. And in tnoit
i\net tvmoviH thn tumors. At Ctnx
-Ists, or by mall, for 50 cents l>r
nayne ft Bon, Philadelphia. tths&w
For Infant* nml Children.
Bewut of lmtlanoiu>
JOHH ttUKQAM't AOM. will, kVW VM??.
0. LAMB. Pres. JOB. 8EY10LD. Caslil*
J. A. JEFFERSON, Aii't Cashier.
Allan Brook, Joseph F\ Paull,
Jamen Cummins, Henrv Hlei.erson,
A. Heymann, Joseph Beybold,
Gibson Umb.
Internet paid on special deposits.
Issue* drafts on EnsUnd, Ireland an
Scotland. JOSEPH 8KYU0LD,
__inyll (.'ashler.
r*Pirtt- T SSQO.OOO.
J. N. VANCE Preatdet
JOHN FREW Vloo Praaldai
J. N. Vance, George E. Btlfel.
J. M. Drown, William Elllwjha?,
John Frew. John I. lilckey,
John Watcrhouse, W. E. Stone,
\V. H. Frank.
Drafts Issued on England, Ireland. Beo
land and all points la Europe.
L. E. BANI>S. Cathler.
jjank of the oiiio VALLEY.
C AP IT A L....^..mm? ?115,000,
Drafts on England, Ireland, France at
William A. I sett, Mortimer Pollock.
J. A. Miller, Robert Blmpson,
E. M. Atkinson. John K. Botaford.
Jullua Pollock.
_JaJJ J. A. MILLER.,Cpghler.
kT^\ ULl Xm*v oiWn<?#-F?lUnc Mo
D 2|] 017, ImpoUacy. 'v.-'*. c?c . muj
Bp by ALum or o(b?r Kio'iars and lod
\ JmL araUont Way quickly and tur*
* ^*7 raatora Loot Vitality In old or youns ?i
fit aiaaafurttuily, Ij.i.looaaor :u.?rrtaj
l'r*??nt loMolty aud C'on-uuiMlDH
Ulan inUme. Tbelreaa ab?rwe Immediate Jtnpttr
Sent and effect a a CUBE wLara all Other foil 1
it upon having the craaiaa Aja* Tablet*. Th
bara oared tboimnJeand willauruyoa. Waal** ap.
Itleo written anarantaa to affect a cure Cfl PTC
onch uaaoor rafuai tba money PrloaW W I win
faokatfsj or all raiaa (fall traatmcnti for 92.60. ]
mnil.lu nlaln wr?pi>er. opoo rareli t of prlflt. Ureal
For sale In Wkeellnc, W. Vs., by Lol-i
Drug Co. feM-tthfti
/ TtSw**-"lW
lunnuiuinntu uuviu uaiu
1 Arrrlve COLt'MHI'8 2/Ji p r
Arrive CINCINNATI . p r
Arrlrve INDIANAPOLIS 1- i?. r
Arrive ET. LOU IB 7;t?a. i
For Stcubenville and Pittsburgh 7:2f>
m. week days; for Pittsburgh and II
/East and fur Columbus and Chicago
l:2f? p. m. w*?ck days; for Pittsburgh. Ha
rliburg. Ualtliuore. Washington. I'hlladi
iphla and New York at 1:U"> p. m. dally; f
strubenvllh- and Dennleon at 3.;>*. p. i
dally; for Pittsburgh at :W p n> wei
daya; for Columbus, Dayton. Clm-lnna
Indianapolis and St. Louis at l?;3u p. i
tworli days, city time.
Parlor-Car to Plttaburah on l:M p m ai
7 p. m. Trains.
Person1* contemplating a t rip will fli
It profitable In pleasure and cotwnlon
to oommunlcatc with the undersigned, wl
will make all necessary nnaiin-nn nin f
a delightful Journey. Tickets will be pr
tided and baggage checked throiiMh to dc
Passenger and Ticket Agent, Whoelin
\v. vs. ____ oeJ
On and aftei Saturday. 1'Vbruar.v 2, IN!
trains will run as follow?. city time.
Leave Wheeling. | l?euve Elm Orovi
Tr'n T'melTr'n T'nte Tr'n T ine Tr'n T'r
No. t. 111. NO |I m No a m No p. I
2.... . 1:00 | . rfl '?> 1? ... I
... 7 . 4-.\x> a i <? ?i . ?
?.... y 00;*< . l:uo ft. i a a .... b
?.... P <?<: ? . ?.0o| 7. ... I
1ft ... 10 . 7.00 I. b'.tm:; 7
If.... II^OlSO . R:00||.. . \l:wn ... A
p in a: . ?;0u p. m Jr.i . *
H . Ii? It . 10:00 II 11:00 W II
Id.. I nomo , iLooift,. . 1 :(o|M II
in ijo6 17.. i.oo;
Dally, e*cept'Sunday.
Sunday church trains will l?ava El
Grove at 1:41 a. tit. and W heeling al II
P. m- 1L K. WKIIMKlUlKH.
General Msuaaert
RrDMAN <% CO.,
>9 %a??itag, w fa
. Arrival and departure of tralna on and
alter Nov. H, 1K?.. Explanation of Referenco
Marks: "Daily. fDally, except Sua lay.
(Daily, except Saturday. I Daily, ax*
rent Monday. ISunUaya only. 'Saturday!
unly. Eastern Standard Time.
Depart. |U.&0.?Main Line East. Arrive.
4:45 pmlWaah., lial., Phil., N.Y
5:00 pin \Vaali., Hal.. Phil., N.Y
7:00 ani( ..Cumberland Aocoitt.. U .30 pm
4:45 pm lirafum Accom *10:10 am
10:65 am ..Washington City Ex *11:00 pm
Impart. IB.40.-0.0. Dlv.. West Arrive.
7:35 am For Columbus and CM. *1:16 am
10:25 an> ..Columbus and Clncln.. *5:15 pm
;il:40 pro Columbus and Clncln.. 5:06 am
*3:6o pin Columbus,and Chi. Ex. 11:50 am
tl0:i5am ..Si. Clalrfcvlllo Acconi.. fll;60 am
tx-.&u pm ..St. CUtravltle Acoow.. t5;15 pm
10:25 am. Sandusky Mall *5:15 pm
40 ami..Columbus and Clncln..!
Depart. |B. & O.-W , P. II Dlv.| Arriva.
*o.lO am For Ftusburgh *lo;? am
7:30 pm Pittsburgh Ni:20 pm
a:W pm!..Pittsburgh and Eastpm
11:15 pm; Pittsburgh i<U :46 am
Pittsburgh . .. |2:30 am
Depart. |p.. c., c. & St. U By Arrive.
;? '*& ttin Pittsburgh ?9:15 pm
':45 ami8teubenvllle and Wast '0:15 pro
>.,:45 ?in|..8t#ubenvll|e Accom.. *6:15 pm
? l-.jS pm].,Pittsburgh and N. Y... It3:25 pm
?w pm .Pittsburgh and N. Y.. 11:30 am
t?:U0 pui....Pittsburgh Accom... 19:30 am
? W B3T
r. 1i?:45 amjEx., Pin. and St. Louie t7:lt am
i?:30 pm Ex., Cm. and St. Louis 16:15 pm
fl^pm ,K\.. Steub. and Chi.- t3:25 pm
3:65 pnt,'..Pitta, and Dennisoa.. 1*11:301 am
Depart. | c. & P.-Hrldgcport Arrive.
? i&:i>3 ainlFort Wayne ana Chi. i9:A5 pm
15:53 am!.Canton and Toledo . W:? pm
15:53 am Alliance and Cleveland t1:35 pm
5:53 atnlSteubenville and Pitta. 19:35 pm
tlo.tti am Steubenvllle and Pitta. fll:05 am
12:10 pm'Fort Wayne and Chi. 18:10 pm
- ' 10 pm ..Canton and Toledo.. 16:10 pm
12:lo pm.Allianco and Cleveland 11:35 pm
tl!:5s pin Steub'e and Wellsivlle 1H:58 am
pmiPhliadelphia and N. Y. t6:10 pm
15 54 pm Muliimore and Wash.. 1ti:10 pm
_ 15:34 pm Steub'e and Well>tvlHe| 1<:10 pro
4 Depart. I W. St L. E. Arrive.
I *0.00 am ... .Toledo and \V>at.... *3:40 pnt
i *t?:oo am.Hrilllani and Steuben'c *5:40 pm
<* *4:40 pm MhxhIUoii and Canton. *10:00 am
*4:40 pm Brilliant and Steuben'e *10:00 am
S?:00 aniiCleve . Akron & Canton *5:40 pm
Depart. jt\, 1.. & W.?BrHlgp't. Arrive.
17:05 am'cievc., Toledo and (.tt 12:30 pm
lt 11:25 pmlClevrl., Toledo and Chi. 1^:00 pm
.1 15:25 pm .. Masslllon Accom.... 111:00 am
1S.01 am .St. Clalrsvlllo Accom.. i?:23 am
*10:0S am1..St. Ctalrsvltta Accom.. tl:30 pm
12:26 pm[..8t. Clalrsvllle Accom.. 15:15 pm
15:26 pm . St. Clairsvllie Accom.. 17:23 pm
tl:40 pm| I.ocal Freight 111:50 am
Depart. 1 Ohio River R. R. 1 Arrive,
fi.ffo am Park, and Way Points *10:50 am
17:30 am Charleston and Clncln. *3:40 pm
t? *12:05 pm Clncln. and Lexington *6:50 pm
4:15 pin!Park. and Way Points 19:20 pm
? Bellalro.l Beliaire.
Depart. n., 55. & C. R. R. Arrive.
10:00 am Mail, Express and Pans. 3:30 pm
4:40 pm Express and Passenger 9:40 am
2:10 pmjMlxed Freight and Pass 1:10 pm
Departure and arrtvnl
trulns at Wheel*
Ing. Eastern time.
W Schedule in ofTcci November
If 1997.
For Ilaltlmore, Phil,
a (It Iphla and New
York, 12:25 and 10:S6 a.
in. and 4MS p. m. dally.
Cumberland Accommodation, 7:00 a. m.,
__ dally except Sunday.
(irufion Accomniodutlon, 4M5 p. m. dally.
IE Prom New York. Philadelphia and BaW
>; tlmore. 8:20 a. m.. dally.
f? Washington Express, 11:00 p. m. daily
Cumberland Accommodation, 4:30 p. m.,
ua except Sunday.
tv. tlralton Accommodation, 10:10 a. m.,
mj For ColumbiiH and Chicago, 7:35 a. m and
*? 3:50 p. m., dally.
lB Columbus unci Cincinnati Expreim, 10:25
uJ n. m. dally, and 10M0 p. m., dally except
Saturday, and 2M0 a. ni., Sunday only.
iu* St. Clalrsvlllc Accommodation, 10:20 a. m.
and 3.00 p. m., dally, except Sunday.
r: Chicago Express, 1:15 a. m. and 11:50 a.
ni.. daily.
Cincinnati Express, 5:05 a. m. and 5:15 p.
? m., dally.
SanUimky Mall, 5:15 p. ni.. dally.
St. Clalrsvllle Accommodation. 11:50 a
ni. and 5:15 p. m.. daily. ?*xc*pt Sunday.
Por Pittsburgh, 5:10 and 7:30 a. m. and
6:20 p. m., dally, und 1:15 p. m., dally, except
Sunday. _
For Pittsburgh and the Ea?t, 5:10 a. tru
and 5:20 p. in., dally.
From Pittsburgh, 10:20 a. m.. 6:20 p. m ,
j dally, 11:30 p. in., dally except Saturday.
11 Mi* a. in., except Sunday, and 2:30 a. m.,
Sunday only.
n<iniiral Uonannr Wnlllmnr*. Mlt.
p7"martin*. ?
raBBenjer Traffle Minuter. UalMnorOIO.
T. P. A., Wheeling, W. V*.
ir^alOS RilLROiD C0'
Mj TlmeTkble la Effect
iT&r- ^
Dally. tPai|y JExcept Sunday. i
South" Bound. |~ *9 I fl I _'3_J
Via I' .C .C.ABt.L.R a. m. p. mPittsburgh,
Pa...Lv Cliv 9:lfl 12:41
Wheeling Ar Line llMl ?J?
I Vive. Ilk. m. i. m. p. in. p. tn.
Wh?lln? *? J* 1|? 4:*
Moutldivllle "M 1J:? J.'tt
New M?rtln?vllle... ?: 1:JJ J }
Sl.tcrivllle ?:ll 1:17 1.6J ? U
Wim?m?luwn ?:J? ?:W ? " JjJ
Purkernburi 10:00 10. J J?|
Rtvtnswooa JJ:J2 J JJ
Mason City ?: ?
p. m.
Point Pleasant. .... 11J7 t'.Sl n
*"Vln K. A M. Ry. ^ J |
Point Pleasant... Lv fl:g t?.10
* Charleston Ar 6:07 l:?|
f n?Mun1u' At I I T'-lSl
Huntington J l;tf| ?:40j r
' Via"r. & O. Ry. #r * mSLv.
Huntington tI:W *1:10 J
*toti 4:17
jpTmT p. m.
Kenovn Ar ' 1:50
Via A O. Ry. V. ,
- T.v. Kenova 7 'J*? r.
" Cincinnati, O Ar ^ 6:00
Lexington, Ky....Ar ' 6:10
n LonlsvlHc. Ky Ar t:lH __
n. JOHMJ. ARCHER. O. P. A. ,
? THT f
Cleveland, Lorain & Wheeling
Central Standard Time
Tlnr Schedule of Poeaenrer Tralna tl
* effect Sunday. May 1?, 1OT.
Im" Cleveland Depot Foot South Water Street
7 depart.
n i ? i k \ i:
s? ra. m. a. m. p. tn. p. m.
H Hellalr* 6:50
., Bridgeport fi.uft 12:15 4JI
I'hrlchevllle r.:30 9:10 2:96 lit
" New Philadelphia. . 8:47 S:? 2:U <:M
'ujinl Dover f.:M l:M 1:00 7:0t
ml .1iintuD fi:SS 9:M 3:90 7:M
Mawillloil 6:40 9 K3 1:46 7U
?d Warwick T:06 14* 4:10
c,? Hterlln* 1J! 10:12 4:11
|,? Hevllle 7:94 10:11 4:19
Ar Medina 7:66 10:17 6:00
0. Leater V 17 10:fi<? 6:44
Orafton H Bf. ll:07 ?:0J
Klyrla UIO 11.II t.tl
Lorain . 9:16 11:16 ?.I6
. Lentar Junction 9:10 10:49 6:16
r Cleveland 9:10 11:60 9:10
a. m. p. m. p. m,
I rXL-'T"' ET
p. m p. in p. nx p m
Hellalr? 7 16 10:W
i? Hrldieport 1:90 7:on !?:
ni I'hrlchevllle 11:10 4;IS l:? 7:44
New Philadelphia... 10:61 4:17 (:00 7:tt
Canal Dover 10:46 4:09 7:61 7 If
:S Jimtue 10:16 1:9V J:!, j ij
Z Maaxlllnn 9 ? 9U 7:04 4 M
ftl Warwick 9:99 16* 4 J7 a. m.
? Ht.rlhif ?:lu IN ?:|?
' B.HII. 1:04 l:M I I
' Medina ?:? IM flit
l.f.l.r I'M I G I.*
? 'll-nflon 7:41 l:N 4:4*
? Klyrln 7:? Ml CM
1 .nlKin 7:1* I.N 4:l?
l.i-iter Junction .... Ml 167 1:94
Im Cleveland 7:90 1:00 4:10
:jj _ a. m. p. tn. p. ?. ^
Noe. 4 and 6 dally between Cleveland ant
riirlcfievllle. All other tralna dally ei?
i'cj?i Hnnday.
raaaentera between Wheeling, Martin**
Terry, Hellalrw and llrUieport. take Ele#>
trio llellway.
.. Cleveland, Ohio.
O. R WOOD. T. P. A*
Wheeling, W. Va.
<? ___ -
JL I'XabllBhnu'nt-Neat.acaurate^proouii*

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