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Stone & Thomas.
We have interesting Al nl |\ j ?????br
?iiof you!, Afl K IfiHl TO-DAY.
who visit our great vivvvu A/U|/bi "
( Ladies' Superior Jackcts of Curly Baucis, Kersey
Af (I) /f OQ ! or iieaver, correctly tailor made; some half, others
ill (JTiuOi j full j'ilk lined, and we think the greatest Jacket
^ value that has ever been offered,
( Ladies' Jacket of Imported Kersey, in browns or
i l An rvA I .1.? ...
M\'l III D j K11"1-"3' >" sen material down tront;
(Pl.aUi j finished with'boucle, inlaid velvet collar; half silk?
\ in fact, a real $10.00 value, at this price.
' At this popular prii-e we arc showing hundreds of
MA A ft r( styIes ?' Indies' Jackets, made of imported Melton
<DU X K and Kersey, in tan, blue, brown, green; all the latest
Ipi/iOU. effects; strap or tailored seams; storni or coat collars;
quality that we think you'll agree with us in
saying is exceptional at this price.
Diiw f Our showing of Fur Collarettes, Scarfs, Muffs, etc.,
" III j is especially strong; new shapes and lengths?in
UAsilrvnAnYt ' fact, everything that is newest and best this season.
KfiCKWCtir. [ Prices from .$.>.98 to $35-00.
Children's ^ ^ p,ain or Novcity cioti1' ^mP're ?r fitting
_ . . -j styles, braid trimmed, at $2.48, $2.98, $3.98 on up
(](Mt!lO. I to Sis.oo. all at orices that mean a snvine t-n ?nu
\ ' ? ? ' ?
tt? i... / All of the best known makes, such as Norfolk and
UQuul* New Brunswick, Shcard's Health, Picrcc's Hygi?[
cnic and Aneita Combination Suits for men, women
Wftfll1 ! and children. Space prevents enumerating prices,
IIVOU. V but come and see.
' We have just received a special lot of 1,600 pairs
m Ladies' 2-clasp English Walking Gloves, backs
heavily stitched, all colors, and as dressy as any
PlfWPC $r'5? glove. Saturday per pair, $1.15. Full line
UiUlCOi of Silk-lined Mocha Gloves; also lined Mocha and
i. Dressed Kid Mitts for ladies and children; all prices.
Stone & Thomas.
NOTE.?We have just bought from one of the leading coat j
houses of this country their entire Drummers' Sample Line at
33 I_3 Per cent tegular prices. We give you the same reduction
we receive. This is a great opportunity for you to purchase
vnup \A/ttif#?r Tnrkflta
Snook & Co.
Has broken the record, of ever)' flnalf ftflnf
previous day of Big Selling in the vJlUdlv l/Upi.
We want to break that record November 13 and
15. We think values like these ought to crowd
this great Ready-made Department as it was
never before crowded. jt ? * u*
AC'Por plain navy w If-fa cod Cloth i Hlack I'mly Hondo Jackfilit.
\/ UJI JarketH, with full Htorm collars. j l/ll Sightly an any tm dollar Jacket,
utitched fly front, coat liark, and W?/v a|ll, Iliailt. |? tj,c })0|ghth of I ho
pointed flap pock'-ts. An uncqualod No- prevailing i'tyl? J5.90
vembcr offering at 12.96
dVv CA For semi-rough tailor-made Black
Jill 311 Cloth Jackets? ."tylo and quality
Q* AP For self-faced Tan Melton Jack- VW'" cannot be Improved upon at. i-J.50
Vl U"l ets. have storm collars Inlaid with
9yV?7t/ rjcfj brown velvet, lly fronts coat
backn, squaro flap pockets. No fashions- &C AA Heavy Satin faced Black Boucle
bl? featuro lacklns ?.M JMJ.VU J'"' " th? Intent Mj|?Jnnkjt?
1made ot tlilH material Hold for
$10.00 Iftat year. Now $?.1?0
(? I 1C F?r very rightly tailor marie, pelf- 1 1
M.i 3 "i"' o.r^ ?u t?.0 * *?
^ collars, coat backs, square llap J.-?k thrmich to tho very 11n? hi
pockets, fancy stltchcd fly fronts-and mrougn io mo wry uneai,
only $4.""'
Good rough cloth Jackots, mado same way, T*uok of space prevents mention
at lame price. *>-?v 0f rup??, Huit and Hklrt values
_________ equally as groat as the foregoing.
rf?i aa Tailor mad"*, self-faewl black 13ou* Bring tho ehlldron to our Cloak i
>lUI|cla Jacket* mado Ju: t lika the m>-?v Boom Haturdsy and Monday. Wo
~"/v prerKling stylo. A most aubstrm- never had such lines?such reasonable
tial Jacket at $100 prices.
RIIY fHRKTMAS Goods now. We will-take
PUI 1111113 I MAO ore of them until wanted.
Geo. M. Snook & Co.
n ATB -M'F A T?f
, l(, Our Store lo Open Kvory Night.
It Might ::::
lnf'MMt you to ktiuH that 1 ho lids were Oo
M> lifted tn-iluy fiom ii fi?^li lot of .
>0 fMKMwww! I V% Tliey'ii. the corrn u inlet ih lc and extra < >i ,
, l( | , > nL^'/0 (Jft.lMv. Ion,
m FOR ONLY $1,50, $1.00, $2.00. ]
( A lid Hi' v limit ii' ni'i. ii fnl wear an nice
aw tin- I iiiolni> ?11< ntliCT stofwi hell '"1
i k > for I.<ii ,,i
- Mcfadtlcn's Shirt and Hat Store, !>
' ,u I r',(J nntl l.'i.:Mnrknt Btt#?tit? Whnollnn on
I ;;; WINTIH1 QLOVK9 a Go, noo. OOfj, 1 (
English Enamel.
The best wot weather shoe. Beat,
because drycst und droasleat.
Shoe Seller, 1049 Main.
la prlro-less! Yet how little it coata to
keep the eyea In perfect condition, If they
uro properly attended to at the right time.
Too many peoplo fall to appreciate the
value of perfect cyealeht, until It Id too
Into to obtnln it. Aak for our folder on
"llow to Prcservo the Eye-Sight."
Optician for Dillon, Wheat & Hancher Co.
W Selling Pianos f?
I. IS 8
Our Business ?
And wo plvo our entire time to Kg*
tt. Wo know tho piano bun!- TO?
ness. Wo are musicians and
know a good piano when wo
bco It. Wo Reluct from the VP*
world's best makes tho instru*
inonts wo well. Tho Kriikuuor, fit
of which we have sold over
cloven hundred, Is mude by H
musicians, and la Hold from a gift
musician's standpoint. The best Svo
Judges recommend thorn. Wa u
stake our reputation on their
excellence. f
F.W. Banmer Co.gi
fflta JttfeUigenrer
uniom Noi. Jifinnd *J7 Fourteenth Htront.
NrW Ailrrrtlirmrnd.
Mess Mackerel?II. F. Bohrcns Co.
Coaxing Isn't Necossary?Goo. W. Johnson's
Tilff Drive in Writing" Paper?J03. Graves'
I'or Rent-James A. Henry.
Knllnn_M. <J. 7.iinr>.
Lost?In Bridgeport Street Caf.
Wanted?Activo Man to Travel.
For Sole?Farming for Profit
Lint of letters.
Lost?A Sealskin Sliver Trimmed Pockflhook.
II. L. McKown?Plumbing, Etc.
('flickering Piano?W. T. Burt.
(Joh Heating Stoves?Nesbltt & Bro.
If You Want?IL H. Lint.
Special Sale?Oeo. W. Johnson's Sons.
Clonk Department?Stone & Thomus?
Eighth Page. ^ ?
Winter Clothes?D. Qundllng & Co.?
Fifth Page. ^ lf _ ,
Saturday, November G?Oeo. M. Snook
& Co.?Eighth Page.
Our Buyer?Oeo. E. fitl.ol & Co.?Fifth
It Mijjht?McFadden's?Eighth Page.
Boston's Croat Preacher?Second Page.
You aliotilil writr onr crlrlirnlnl All
Wool Knit JnrWrta.
'I'll *v nrr tlm lint mitilr. mill will {give
yon nunc wrnr nml comfort limit nil
Aim ngritta for f lir FmilOfti .Inroi
ilyginito rmlfrn'Mi'i 7l?yuJ?i- Under"
wrur from OUe up.
Fnalilonnltli* Tailors unit Flue I'ninlahrri,
I.Til nml Market NtieeU
Cmiaril l>v rrnclliiix tlm arlf-pi alalng nils.
at trlf'iinntrtl optical rxnerta (!), doctors
|11, professors It) nml i-lnlrvoy-niits (!)
run lie cored ulllioiK pnlilltlty I?v *1. W.
( nihil, Optli'lmi.
Dress Goods
which please tho people. See tlio special
J J no at 25c, 47c nml HKc.
Forctil to Clour Down.
Tho "Wheeling pottery and T*n Belle
mills had to clone down yesterday morning
about 9 o'clock, owing to a break
In tho natural khh mu(ti. The night
turn wont on at tho La Bella last night
and thu pottery will ronutno this morning.
In < If rk llolierlaon's OlUre.
Yesterday In Clerk Itoberlwn'n office,
tho following trniwfrM of real est a to
wore recorded:
Deed, made November 10, 1807; by
Wheeling Tlile and Trust Company to
II. F. Bohrenn, Jr., consideration $1,000;
transfers lot ?? In mtUftro i!G, In flprlgtf &
Ritchie's addition.
I)t"?d, made November n, 1R07; by
CI roe n wood < '"rm-ti ry to Alex, I Jurat;
consideration $100; tianHfer? lots JT.7 and
PAHTIKM trying to Introduce new
rough remedies, should know Hint tho
people will have Dr, Hull's Cough Hyrup.
OA Mi and boo <ho latest* Invent Ion.
Zimmerman'". Automatic jloer Faucets,
In operation, at Och's Place.
KiH r.lnunc I'^hapa you do
IvICl vJjUVl S not know thnl \v><
aro selling (he bent IIHc Kid Glove? In
Amoi lea. (1 ICO, M, 8 NOOK A CO.
Yoi'it r?>. t won't hurt you If you
wo ir our Wall; HIioo for tn*n, f:; 00
per pair. HIIOB CO.
O. t', tJeiitliir'a Orrsl AttHloil Nn|i>,
Hup- of Watohoi, Clooki ami Jewelry
will conllntP1 nil thin woelc. Thin will
pONltlyi'ly lie Hp. I'tftt Weolt of lllla H
wile, Those Inpf haiHaliiM should not
fill to Iim proxont every afternoon rind
oyrnim;. Hoar In mind, thin In positive
ly (ho fnnt w.. h,
A Conveyance With Eighty Quarts
of Kltro-Glyccrlne
Yesterday afternoon, ?Sherlff George
W. McCIeary, of Brooke county, telephoned
Chief of Polio* Bennett that a
man driving: a spring wagon, drawn by
two ponies, and the wagon loaded with
eighty quarts of nitro-glycerlne bound
for tho south-west oil fields, had passed
through Wellsburgh at 1 o'clock,
taking the river road for Wheeling.
With such a dangerous customer
bearing down upon the city, and the
Moundsville tragedy of a year ago
freah In their minds, Mayor Butts and
Chief Bennett got their heads together
and determined to keep the outfit out
of the city. Officer Cobs was sent up
to the water works pumping station,
and another officer to the Top Mill, and
they were directed to keep the man of
explosives out of town ut all costs.
However, up to a late hour last night,
tho outfit had-not appeared, and it was
learned that ho had skirted tho city,
going into the Interior of Ohio county
via the Short creelc road, a few miles
above town.
Mayor Butts suggests that on ordinance
ought to be passed by council,
prohibiting the passage through the
city of such dangerous compounds. He
wants the penalty thirty days' imprisonment
and $100 fine.
McGlll Sentenced (o Sixty Dmya in Jail bjr
JiiiIk* I'mill.
The case of William McGill, who was
ohnriTAal with atnhhlncr rtfllnoi. A IP
Evans with Intent to kill, which was
being tried In the Marshall county circuit
court Thursday, was taken up
again yesterday morning. The prosecution
brought In some witnesses In rebuttal
and lmpeachod the oath of William
Charlton by four witness??. There
Was nothing new brought out In tho
case, and after the prosecution had
succeeded In denying aomo things
brought out by the defense, the attorneys
proceeded to arguo the case. Prosecuting
Attorney Parsons opened for
the state, with a very strong and logleal
appeal und a statement of the case.
He waa followed by J. Alex. Ewlng,
who xnado a strong appeal for tho prisoner.
Captain B. B. Dovener closed for the
defense In a speech that brought clearly
to the minds of the Jury every point
In favor of the Innocenco of the prisoner.
Colonel J. E. Hooton closed the
case for the state. In his speech he
left nothing unturned that could bo
used against the prisoner. At 3:15 the
Jury was instructed by the court and
sent to its room. The large crowd present
nearly nil remained to hear the .
verdict. At 4:35 the Jury returned the
following verdict:
"We, the Jury, And the defendant
guilty of unlawfully, but not maliciously
doing the act charged In the within
Indictment, with the Intent therein
The defense making no motion for n
new trial, the Judge sentenced him at |
once. After speaking: of the mature
ream of the prisoner and the uncertainty
of life at hlfl aclvnnced ape, the court
fined him $100 and sentenced him to
confinement in the county Jail for sixty
While the Jury wa* out In the Mc0111
case. John Kull, John Henretta, Jr..
John HlKpIrmand J. W. Deller. who had
ben Indicted by tho lant grand Jury for
unlawfully selling liquor, came before
the court. Upon promlso not to noil
any more tho fines were deferred until
the March term of tho court lr> 189S, at
which tlmo thoy will be required to
prove-that <hrf keep their promise. T7p.
on falling to konp their promise thoy
?were warned that tho fine would bo
hoavy and thoy would l>o thrown into
A. special order wan entered, directing
the clerk to Issue a capias against any
who had been fined nt this torm of the
court unless they pnld the fine within
thirty days.
Take "Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund tlie money if it
falls to euro. 2Re. The genuine has L.
D. Q. on each tnhiet.
Winf-prTTnderweflr nn(1 1InR,ory
VV II ILL 1 nro now In order. Wo arc
fully prepared. GEO, M. SNOOK & CO.
I!. Ai> O. of Tlmr.
On and after Sunday, November 14,
trains will deport and arrive its follows:
Depart?For Pittsburgh, r.:lO, 7:30 n.
m. and r.:20 p. m., dally; 1:10 p. m., excent
For Ualtlmore and New York?12:25,
10 m n n?. and 4:4.'? p. in., dally. Grafton
accommodation 4:45 p. in., dally. Cumberland
accommodation 7:00 a. in.,d.?lly, 1
except Sunday For Chicago?7:35 o. m.,
3:f?0 p. in., dally. For Cincinnati?10:25
n. m., dally: 11:10 p. m? except Sunduy,
and 2:40 a. rn., Sunday only.
Arrive?From Pittsburgh. 10:20 a. m.;
(1:20 p. m., dally; 11:10 p. m., except
Saturday; 11:45 a. in., except Sunday;
2:30 a. m.. Sunday only.
From Ualtlmore and enst, 8:20 o. in.;
11:00 p. in., dally. Clrafton accommodation,
10:10 a. m., daily. Cumberland accommodation
4:30 p. ti>., except Sunday.
From Chicago, i:ir. n. m? arid
11:50 a. m? dully. From Cincinnati 5:05
<i. in, and 5:15 p. m? dnily
T. C. ntTRKB.
Passenger and Ticket Agent,
mo I.ndl??' iliH'lifU, tilt rut Htvlrii, nil
?!/<??, In lllitolc. Ilrown, Navy iimf <iriM<n, ,
north *10.00, fur W.1.1IH.
I.. N, tlOOI) A CO.
|,nw IlKtri In HiiITa! >.
On account <?f the meeting of the National
Hardware Association the <*lev?Ittntl,
Itor/itn & Wheeling rallu-.ty will
fell tMcet? at low nil en h? UtlfTrilo on
November 13th, 14th and 15th, Tho bent
route. Two Irnlim dally, except Sunday.
For partlctilars see o. n Wood, trnvoi*
Hut passenger auent, MoLUro House
i. F.IIY farmer and stockman should
Ite. p Sloan's Liniment on hand for an
nt A.-i: your neighbor and ho
will it'll you why, For salo by Win, |
HchwertfoKor, 1148 Main slieet,
TI IK MM Is no need of lllflo children
liMnr tortured by .scald head, oer.enin 1
and nkln oruptlons. DoWllt's Witch !
Hazel SiUv<e given Iii'tiMnt I r ill.r mnj |
iiiri'H pei'tnaiienily. ClmrN a it, C!o<>lr,i> i
Mnrliof and TtVHflh Mlrecla; Chatham '
Sinclair, Forly rdxth and Jacob MiccIm;
A. I Hohcole, No. flot Main street; Kx
by Mrcii, rcntt mid Zand ?tree is; ll<nv|?
a '>o, intdfopoiu ti
A unique and highly successful affair
was the chrysanthemum show last night
at the home of Mrs. John K. List, North
Main street. It was in charge of the
Helping Hand committee of the Fourth
street M. E. church, and Inaugurated in
the display of the chrysanthemum, a
function that is destined of repetition !n
this elty this winter.
Mrs. List's handsome home was gtven
over entirely to the affair. Chrysanthemums
of many colors and rare beauty
were everywhere. The special displays
made by Florists Max Hess and Louis
Smith were oonJlned to two rooms on the
second floor. Mr. Hess' exhibit was
shown to splendid advantage In the room
decorated in pink, and Mr. Smith's were
exhibited in the white room. The flowers
were artistically arranged, and their
"varied tlnta combined to form a beautiful
There were features In connection with
the show of chrysanthemums that mustn't
be overlooked. There were the free
library and historical representations
features, In addition to the fortune tellers
and flower girls that pursued the trail
taken from the free library for a nickel,
and the same charge Admitted one into
the art gallery. Much amusement followed
the Introduction Into the rooms.
In the library Mioses Dthel Bailey represented
"WJilte Wing*;" tiue Caldwell,
"Red Ittdlng Hood;" l*ee Caldwell, "The
I'rloe of a Wife;" Jessie Wheat, "Under
Two Flag?;" Blanche Laue, "Old Fashioned
Character sketeches were represented
as foil owe: "LI Hung Chang," Killbourne
List; "Othello," John List; "George
Washington," W. H. lllggins; "Queen
Lll," Will Hare; "School girl," Mrs.
John Garden; "Twentieth Century Girl,"
Bernle Wlngerter; "Uncle 6am," Bob
Dillon; "The Marchioness," of Old Curiosity
Shop," Charley List; "Spanish
girl," Mrs. William T. Hamilton; "German
peasant," Miss BEartha List; "F/mpresa
Josephine," Miss Grace Nichols.
Other attractions of the week were
handsome affairs, as the names of the
hostesses tnrpljr. Mm. Frank Hearne,
at home to the Ladle* Euchre Club; Mrs.
D. Carter List, at home to the Young
Married People's Whist Club; Mrs. Alfred
Paull, at homo to friends; Miss
Janle Good, at home to the Bachelor
A box party, Wednesday night, at the
Alvln theatre, Pittsburgh, that attracted
much attention, was made up of Misses
J.lly Vance, Eleanor Wright, Henrietta
Harper, Meneers. Samuel Harper, Will
Wilson und Arthur Hubbard, of this city.
tr? it mnn?w ?.iti
-wis. x.iiiii irii 11, i inrj ? ill nu'.'ii mi
ft theatre party at the Camilla D'Arvllle
performance, in honor of Mips Blrdlc
Long, and Miss Nellie Ward, of Charleston,
the charming house guests of Misses
Martha and Sue Caldwell.
MtM Helen Hughes, very attractive
and lovable young girl, Is the guest of m
Miss Mamie D. Grub^), and will be the '
attraction at many coming functions.
Mrs. Alfred Carter will entertain her
friends with a tea, during the comlnfi
The wedding of the week will be that
of Miss Carrie Gut man, youngest
daughter of Mr. David Gutman, and Mr.
Leon Klee. j>
Other affairs In talk at present nre Th<?
Charity Ball, under th* auspice* of the
Wheeling Chapter of The Daughters of
the Confederacy; a ball In charge of Mr.
Price Whltaker and the Lillian Blaurett
Coming weddings attracting more than ^
usual attention because of the prominence
socially and professionally of the
K<?ntlemcn Interested, nre those of Mr.
Harry Whltaker, and Miss Louise
Clarke, of Louisville, Ky.; and Mr.
George A. Dunnlngton, editor of the
Wheeling Intelligencer, and Miss Kidwell,
of Washington, D. C.
All society, young and old, Is anticipating
the dates Tuesday, December 28.
and Friday, December 31, for which aro
pet two smart functions of the season of
1M7-PS. The Charity Ball, December 28.
In the Carroll Club hall, the finest club
building of the state, will without doubt, V
ecllpee anything: ever given In West Virginia.
The Whltaker ball, will he on the
name scale, and. with the exception of
tho cause for whicfj the flrpt Is given,
rival It In popularity. However, two
balls for Wheeling In one week will not
be too much, considering- the ctrld^n the
city In taking In all directions, and Lent
coming earlier In 1898, things muet chase
over ono another.
Tho Married Indies Whlgt Club was
entertained yesterday afternoon by Mrs.
F. J. Hearneand Mm. G. A. Asehman. at
beautiful "Hearnlcv" First prlre was
won by Miss Cflcndennlng, of Kansas
City; second. Mrs. 1t?-od I'.ilrd; conflation.
Mrs L. K. Sands. The club will be
entertained by Mrs. Gibson Lamb, at Its
next gathering.
I SUFFEREP> for t*vo week* with
neuralgia, and Salvation Oil gave mo
immediate roller Mr*. Wllllnni C.
Bald, Mother Street, Baltimore, Md.
inO !,ni1li?*' .lu?lif?i?, ln<?Mt Ntylon, nil
||MN< In ill AO ICI llrown, Nuvv Mia Urrm,
north S10.00, Tor #3. US.
I.. N. GOOD & CO.
$3 Of) "WALK-EASY Shoe* for Mcn.Bost
?ho<? you can buy for wear and
solid comfort. -O. <\ SHOE CO. 5=
Hnllc Hnl'c "Wo nroheiidqiinr- _
LyUIli** L/UI o (0r8 for drciised q<
and "Undre^ed Dolls. 4
THY a pound of the now floldon
Onto Cracker. They have a rich pie '>
crtiHt flavor, Sold nt tho Wheeling Buk- (>
ery'ti retail More, 1230 Mnrkot fltrcet. < >
Ami llutlltAM Property nl AmIsiipc'ii Hiilr, 1 ^
nt Court llmixc, Nnlurilny, November <
80, lUglnnliif (it 10l30 O'clock M. Ill,, o
liy Orilar of Court. o
l.lo vi-n-room brink ilneUlng1, No. 104 | l
Hi*1 emil li Nlr.-?|.
Hiikury, atom noil dwelling;, No. 101 < >
Rltlf'Mllll Ntmot. t i
1.If Ill-room lirlflk ilwnlllojj, No, 100
HlllftOlllll Ml'ftH i >
Twi room lirlrk dwelling, No. tit Hli* Qi
t?>*?||| || Mil ?*!. __
I fill I ilumtrlpllon urn ml v?rImmikiiI
Iii Dully Nctvi. 1 miii*l irr 111 w V1
<1. RMirn. v
in". V I ' i:-l'.? .'0 AmIkmw* C. FI0I0. f
If your tiandnolie* como from weak eyon; h
I ho 11 nl will rollivo thorn, 1)0 you "1
luivo hi''iidni'lir: I111 your ovrn watitr, Hi
mii.111 ?" huriif mom 1 In- print run to. t.'c:
II v i" m 1 '?11111 1 in 1 ninffi HPIiriic ni
(ll.llliln, l.| inh' ll lip? lluv.l II ill Hill. In Mr
r 111?ih" 1 > ' ' 'I wlleJiliur? J''or any Irouhir
| 10111 yi ? connult im. W? m?kn rimih lr<
|t popular pilofti, Make n oartftil emm- ui
Imm I Ion i"i of churn*, inul roly on our
tiwn HHIII iiml no! our pullnu.i' JuiU',inont a
I'lMiniillnlloti find rxnmlnnllon fren.
I'lrlOU', IX. II'IIIF, Tlif
Scientific Optician, V
Corner Mnln nnd Elovrnth UtreotH.
We've Taken
...A Stand
In your defense for worth against worthlessness?
in defense of honest quality at an honest price?
against the treachery of cheapness that seeks to
blind you against its imperfections with the glitter
of dazzling bargains. Every force in the great
business?capital, experience, earnestness, enterprise,
consistency?are enlisted in a crusade against
shoddy?against misrepresentation?against fakism?against
the wolfish greed that preys upon the
confidence of the people, whose only ambition is to
untie your purse strings, whose shortsightedness
sees no future?we're waging a campaign of education.
Our advertisements are lessons in value
discernment, in price conception. ,VVh?re all is
fair and square there's nothing to hide.
They praise the perfection and shun the shams
that stalk under the disguise of trade disasters and
kindred metaphors. They preach this store's sin- ,
cerity?tell its honest story plainly, for the facts
need no decoration, the truth no decoy. The cold
weather will soon be with us, and an Overcoat will
be a necessity. We have them in every dependable
grade and style. A good Blue or Black Kersey
Overcoat at $6.50. 'An elegant strictly All .Wool
Kersey Raw Edge Overcoat at $8.00. Our special
Gayrock Overcoat, strictly All Wool, guaranteed
all satin sleeve lining, double warp Italian lined, in
Blue, Black, Brown and Tan, at $io.oo. 'At $12.00,
$15.00, $20.00 and $25.00 we show a line of Kerseys,
Chinchillas, Meltons, Montagnacs, iVicunas,
etc., for which your merchant tailor will ask you
double our price. Come in and see them, try them
on, take theiji home, and if you'd rather have your
money, it's here for you for the asking,
THI in ? IF T
i nn - tiud,
Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers,
rhe Right Time
To buy a Winter Overcoat has arrived?
1 _1 il i r ^
caienaar, tnermometer, comiort ana our
priccs all say so. Opportunity waits for no
man; grasp it while you may.
Ve show this season latest blue and black ltersey Overcoats,
clay lined, satin sleeve lining, fh f A rl A
satin yoke, a good serviceable gar- \ 1 J nil
mcnt for the economical dresser.... V|/ 1 Li i wll
We are agents for the "West End" Gloves.
They are made from real Kid-Skins, the
finest Kid Gloves made. Every pair is wari
_ J ~\ 7 . .1 * " ?
ranted, you can try tnem on ana it tlicy
rip we give another pair . $l-50d
a cd'c twelfth
DAlK O street
I, dirt' 1'lnr Klrilltln llniisolit Minn, Huff on nml I.arc, nil atj-lra 91.00 X
Men'* Calf Short, CotiKrrii ntul I.bit, our own ntnkfi $4.00 Y
Ilfn 11/f | V Cl7r f Vfll? Ilfuvj*Holf, Kilfmloii KiIip nUflk X
VV El YY ILL OIjIjL IUU ",mI ?<?iora, for 9U.00, tl.no, 9.1.00, 4.00 rl?H? T
up to sincv * ill* ma A Co.'n liukr, file Ileal HOP 9
in thr world for 95.00. A
<> ?
V G WILKINSON " tionii!iiy, nooics. ma
1921 Marie! SI., Wheeling. W. Va. '| winter heading.
Auditor and Accountant. u. .p wr ?.i .1
Ippnlitl nllonllon Klvon to rxnmlnullon Papers and
Mopountn. Will be plcusod to hnvo your
" '"""' notahy PUIUJIC. Magazines
Jloiilotf, r?T?|dPnt fnr which vnu nloli In Hiibnrrlftr?
Sm?'Mii'tumI n'l v'lni"!'ii'mlt ilhiiinllli wl" your nuliM't-lptlon" nnd
"i i?r. n" -I.'fr. 1V1..V, ''wTim ?mVHrlM;'rvoUrrcnl"r. mid |W
vrmhlo Iron Wnrku: (I. l.itmh, i'rrsliloni NOT.1 lr cr 1
kiik of WIim'IIhk; M Jofr?im. ('n"iilrr ,,uln out l?nl nttriitlotl.
(inmorrlnl Hnnk; II. M. Unwell, AI i ?.r /Mr* riTV
y III 1?IIW; fnhlwrll A Cnlihv ll. Allot AMTAW'C OLD LI I
vm iii I.bwj John .1. fonirr, Attorney nt O I I Vll kj nnoiC STORK'
in'; N, J \ViimmIt i I'n "Mriii WMi.i) ? ,UA"VO
hi Cii.; L. M. NutH i. ('anltlif I'.xcjiuinio . . .. , hmmiiv
"Ik. _ Q,""UIMDr' ?H MtfkKl KlrMl.
4 ''"V1* lor A Vcnr'i AkmiI for I'lltuburiih Dl.nntoli, Pim*
LL D Siilikroliiflni, in ihn Imrnli i'oiiiinrl'fllRl-flur.wHr. 'I lin"??, i lu?' "
Uhk. M OU0tCfl|ltl0H to flirt, ? , nrtll i;i)<11111rr, ('oinnHMrlftl-Ti'll'unn, *!*<>
09 Uf? I.I . I..4.II! i N'1'" \>t\< Mill Olltri l .ftcrii (in 1 W 'otn
Jj| Weekly iDtellijiiiDcor, isfahAn?,"""' MM
iiMn J la II Hood* ftua BUtlonory,

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