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(0;: Hearing A Boy SoioUt SJngin Church.)
W-ll. y,: l'<l uotl1 ,ay PiPertt,
I , . : looinln' b!e#m <i ,
And van *trollln' round tin) corner
pro i ' tin' for fun.
1 was loalln' by tlio rullln'
or that church you nee right there,
With I 11 ' #u?i Iih tower?,
Kind o' uettiir oiT thu *i|uure.
J, } . oi it rt Ionrnfonte,
*1 ir Hi'-' Kaiitf?they wt-ivn'r around.
\Y:u i I heard a noit>6 of n?u>?lo,
. comln' from i '"* ground,
j; , !tin' hut Hume Hlngln",
j.i : .iunded mlKhty
c 1 m t no judge o* them things
i, :ic affair o' mine.
TJk .. i! . 'iu'd to kind o' weaken
. i In r it plain,
T 1 struck UP a-whoopln',
AnJ i heard " ?u aaaim
\', , . fued to In- a show there,
Yli.it I : jioii^ht I'd like to w.t),
An', i lion: was ?>< many goin\
s. "I'll bet It's free."
,S,i I loks around the corner
Ami I makes a careful search,
l't.r I kmi w tli*- kldn 'ud "guy" iuu
ii ihi \ heard I'd been to church.
\\, |J, thele wurn't no on.; a-lookln',
....,1 ...nII/u ~lu.lt t In
I m. ai.'i " ?* ? ?
j[n' I tint down In a comer
While they finished up their hymn.
Well. Hir, "low me If I ever
Was bO taken all aback?
j)i . was marching up the aisle a
rjiijz of kids, In white and black.
Tiny wero Hlngln' Juki like angels,
And they looked ho sllek and nice
That I wondered where they got 'em;
Were they ulways kept on leo.
And they wore a long black coat, sir,
Comln' to their very feet,
Ami an overall of whlto stuff,
Just like what In In a sheet.
Tli-'ii tome men came on behind them
Slngln' loudly as they came,
But, although the kids was weaker,
They all got there, just the same.
Then, behind the whole iiereemdon,
Came two men, 'most all In white,
And they wore some fancy blaneas,
Alt' ihr.v looked JUBt out o' eight.
But iher didn't do no aingln',
Ji-si l<cp' still, and looked ahead,
An', s</. 1, I'll bet they're runnln'
All the show?that's what I said.
Then ihey all got up In front there,
\nd the mualo Hounded grand,
Hut .to save my neck, 1 oouldn't
(let a sight, sir of the band.
1 could hear It as dlstlnckly,
So 1 guessed It must bo near,
But I saw no men, nor nothln',
An* I thought It very queer.
Well, a man was standln' near in?\
An' 1 touched him with my hand,
Then he looked aroun' and saw tne.
An', sez 1, "Say, Where's the band?"
An' ho looked at me a-grlrmlu',
Just as tho* I'd made a JokeThat
'ere look ho gave me made me
Kind o' sorry that I'd spoko.
Then he says, "Why, that's the organ,
All those pipes you see up there,
One man plays It with his fingers,
And another pumps the air."?
Ilore the music stopped so sudden
That 1 most forgot myself,
And I heard some man u-tnllrin'
From a book, laid on a shelf.
Then they all got up and read some,
First the man, and then the crowd,
After that they knelt down softly.
And 1 soo their heads were bowed,
Fo I bows my head down, too, sir,
And I listens every word;
But I didn't understand them
livery time they said, "Good Lord."
Till a plait* en mo down the* aisle.
And Homo people dropped In money
An* some others dropped a Hintle.
(I mippoKo they'd come ou pusses,
For they wore allowed to May.)
So I Rave 'em my four pennies,
That Was nil I had that day.
Then a kid KOt up In front thero
With ft paper In Ills handAll
the rost was slttln' quiet ?
And tin- man tuned up the hand.
Thin that kid began a-Blnpln'
Till 1 thought my heart *ud break,
For my throat was full of chokln'
And my hands began to shako.
Well, i never seen no angels
And their songs I've never hoard,
But I'll bet that there's no angel
Beats that kid?for he's a bird.
,lb* was lookln' like a picture,
With his tobes of white and black,
And 1 fult my tears a-comln',
For I couldn't keep 'em hack.
And I wondered If he always
Was as good as he looked there,
BlnRln* all about the angels,
jlAngels ever bright and fair."
Well, thinks I, I guess It's easy
To be good and situ: ?o swrot.
But you know. It's kind o' different
Sellln' pant rs on tfia street.
When the kid got thro* his glngln'
I not up and made my sneak.
And 1 got outside tlio church thero,
And 1 swear 1 couldn't speik.
Thon I ran across the nam;, sir,
They was hangln' 'round for me,
But 1 nomehow didn't want them,
And Just why, I couldn't see.
So, I said, I couldn't Join 'ein
'Cos I had another date,
Ami I went on walkln' homeward,
Like a kid without a mate.
And I sneaked In JUKt as quiet
And I lay down on my bed.
Till I slept and pot n-dreamIn'
About impels overhead.
And they wore such shiny garments,
And they sang so sweet and tlno
And the one right In the middle
Was that sJngln* kid of mine.
Now, I kind o' want to know, sir?
(So I'm asking you, ye see)?
If thorn kids can all be angels,
Is there any show for me?
?Thomas J. Kelly In Tho Pianist.
November 28,1897. I Peter IV, 1-8.
Pcrhape no paragraph of tho New Testament
sets out In sharper contrast tho
Christian Ideal of life against the heathon
ideal than this. The will of God 1b put
In antithesis to the wfll of tlio Gentiles.
And tho God whom Christians adored
' was at an Infinite remove from even tho
best of heathen divinities. Holy himself,
he could not look upon sin with the
longt degree of allowance. Those who
would have fellowship with God, who l?
llffht, and in whom is no darkness, must
thernwlves walk In the Hfeht. Me who
worships thin God, who is Love, must
himself be characterized by an unoenslng
i v.. for others. He must In his finite
sphere Imitate God, who has provided a
covering for sin in th?? atonement He.
too, must be disposed to cover others'
offenses with charity. . . . All this
was In diametrical opposition to tho "will
of tho Gentiles." They thought it
strange, it was a brand-new Ideal "f
ian incomprcnmr.iiM'- nu?ni.y, iiu
nameless practice* of Idollum, the rIuitonous
fondness for the table, the caroijHftlfi
ujion the atreet, the debauching:
drinking bouts, unclean excPHHoH?these
*>re the repuMve chain* terlstlcs of
current heathen . The Introduction
of the ChrU%in Ilf** Into pagan
wocloty w.iflof the i.a'ure of a moral revolution.
Ita conaequence* uirp.u* In Importance
the cfTectaof ih* hattl md diplomacies
of antiquity. Hui th??? '
eiiltn could he dhaerved only k; rn*lv
t?lnlng the Christian l?fe In It - *ty ,
end perpetuating it. The *dd? ujmIjmi
thle worr con.?il-?*jM#i. Old hall !*? C'ntly
renounced *hn?2Hbl<*4e i"n ir-rt
themaelves. The i?fl,and criticism
of the 0entllea would he more or lena
nly fr-K. The subtle power of environment
might almost Imperceptibly
honeycomb the foundation of the n w ??>H'ty.
. . . ThlH leads the apontle lo
utter hie strong exhortation. 1Wlevin
nr" r|tc<j to the example of u MUfferlng
f'hrlat, and to the will of Ood. In kindly
Irony ih#.y urn reminded that If the (lenmi<h
*yer hnd any claim upon them, they
h?vo more than absolved themselves
f^m that claim In the portion of th'dr
Uvea already Riven to sin. Finally, the
approaching end of the world Is lined aw
14 motive to sobriety, watohfulneaa, and
M OH MC Hit )M CO M M19 NT A111 Eft,
Arm yourselves: With n reiolullon
"" h a? animated him to suffer nil the
' vlln to which you may l?" exposed III the
o'"Jy, nnd particularly 1" suffer death, If
'"ailed l?y Ood lo do mi for your Minion.
' "f thla will he armor-proof ngaln?l nil
your "n'ml?n llenaon. , . Suffered
inert Patltnt t In iuffefln> and
ev'ildanra of Mn In direet relation to e/ich
' 'In r Anon, . , , Time peat aufllrei
' '"'Ir way of wnylnir they had spent too
'' lima In eln.?Ation. . . . Think
'' I ran Re*, it iHeirang'1 ton narnnl man
- I lie child of Hod dledaln Hi- pleaa"'?f
aln he knows not the hlRher nnd
pu/rr pU'amt<H that Uio CltrltttUui la
I '
I called to.?Lelghton. . . . Give ac- !
count: The jjreai court day shall call j
i :!icm to account for all these riots and {
reproaches of the godly.?Uutler. . . .
Tliem chat art? dead: Past generations. '
. . . Live according to God: Live a j
llf?? with God, such as God lives, divine, j
as contrasted with according to men in j
the tltfih; that Ij, .1 life ouch as men live
in the tlesh ? J. F. B. . . . Knd at
hand: In a few years after Peter wrote
this epistle, Jerusalem was destroysd by
the* Romans, To this destruction which
was literally thfti at hand the apostP?
may allude: The end of the temple, the
end of the Levitleal priesthood, the end
of the whole Jewish economy was at
hand.?Clarke. . . . Wfltch: Not Intoxicated
with worldly pleasures. Temperance
promote* wakefulness. Drink
make9 drowsy, and drowsiness prevents
prayer.?J. F. B. . . . Unto prayer:
lie ye discreet and sober, that ye may he
apt to prayers.?Tyndale. . . . Fervent
charily: A loving disposition leads
us to pass by the faults of others.?
Clarke. . . , Cover sins: As God with
his love covers my sins, so must 1 cover
the sins of my neighbor.?Luther.
(1) Paul holds a mirror before the
heathen world, In the first chapter of his
eplstlo to the Romans. The reflection Is
revolting, but undenfwhlv tmi>
Paul's picture can be matched by one
made up by quotations from tjie heathen
classics. (tf.) The unchaste spirit and life
of the old heathen world Is further
proven by the ruins exhumed at Pompell
and elsewhere. Sensuality frescoed
Itself upon the walls, and limned Itself
In marble and bronze, not as in modern
times for the palace of sin, but for the
homo an/1 the temple. (4) Lasclvloudness,
lusts, excess of wine, revellngs,
banqueting, and abominable Idolatries
are the counts In the indictment of a
much-vaunted old-world civilization. (5)
1 was shown the voinltovlum adjoining
the banquet hall In Nero's palace. Her<?
a slave would tickle the throat of the
guest until, having disgorged himself, he
could return to the pleasures of the
table. (6) Against such abominations
Christians were to enter that most effective
of protests, a chase and self-denying
life. (7.) The expression, "They think It
strange that ye run not with them," suggests
the current and natural misconceptions
of the Christian life, analogies
to which present themsolves In some
mission-field to-day. (8) The paragraph
closes with an exhortation to conserve
the Christian character, and especially
the chief attribute of It, In spite of,
and for the sake of, the desperately unfavorable
social environment.
The I'VRlmti (if tl?c Money and Stock
NEW YORK, Nov. 26.?Money on call
easy at per cent; last loan 1%(Q)2
per cent; closed at '2 per cent. Prime
mercantile paper per cent. Sterling
exchange strong, with actual business
In Bankers' bills at $1 85%@4 8T?%
and nt $4 8:5^4 83^ for sixty days. Pollutes
$4 83%<$4 84 and S4 86%?4 87.
Commercial bills $4 82V?. Silver certificates
58%<8>58'Hic. IJar Sliver GSVic. Mexican
dollars 45%c.
The latter part of I he day showed an
Improvement In business on tIk? stock
exchange both in five volume of transactions
and the Increase In values over
that recently prevailing. The Standard
railroad pttocks, however, continued to
be a pond deal neglected and the movement
of prices in thom v.as very narrow.
The whole list was dt-prevsed during
the early part of the day under t'he
Influence, of lower prices for Americaas
In London and quite active selllnp here
for London account. This w;m especially
marked In St. Paul and this failed
to recover at any time to Wednesday's
close. Its weakness was due to the 6ctober
statement of earnings which
showed an Increase In net of less than
$3,000. So far as this statement bears
on tihe general situation, It Is to be taken
Into account that St. Paul's October
earnings last year were the largest for
the year. Tlx- later Improvement In
the market left the railroad list with
not gains, but they were of the narrowest
in any cases. The chief Interest fn
the market centred In the specialties
and these all developed strength before
trading had been loner In i
Manhattan was most conspicuous in
the dealings and advanced tin!t?> steadily
and strongly throughout the day,
closing at a not gain of 2%. There was
no news to account for the strength of
this stock. Sugar also showed a marked
recovery from Its recent depression
and closed 2% per cent higher Minn on
Wednesday. People's Gas has gained
iV4. New Jersey Central 1% P<*r cent.
Delaware & Hudson over a point amd
so on. Consolidated Gas Jumped up
and down over a range of thrro points
and closed at a net gain of 1% p<>r cent.
The dciy's trading reflected nothing In
the general situation, the news, of
which continued to show Improvement
The actual rate for long Merlins oxchange
advanced % per cent additional
to-day. Some of the demand for long
sterling Is fnr use In the operation
which Involve? the lending of funds
abroad. There was nls<> raid to be
some buying of long sterling for speculation
In the belief that rates of exchange
will advance by the time It matures.
as the balance of trade may have
shifted by that tlm \
The bond market was fairly active
and prices wore firm. Total sales,
?1 # 10.000. United States 4's coupon
we're W per ccnvt lower and the G's coupon
Yt, per cent lower bid.
The total sales of Stocks to-day were
Evening Poll's London financial cablegram:
. ,,, . .
The stock market- were Jdle and |r
regular to-nay, oui immi ?>i
ateady until t-ho close, which was Hat
on vnrlouM v.itfdo rttmor?. Arnfrlrmw
wcro (lull. The Pari* bourse wa? steady
and the Uetlln market dull.
U. H. new 4* 12* |Ore. It. <C Nuv.. 31
do coupon I?s 'I'lltshuwh
U. S. u H'J% Irtoadlrn;
do coupon Ill Jlfoek Inland K(i:ii
do 2d* '""a (fit. Paul f'l'n
U. s. r?? re?r in I do preforred.,140
do r?M coupon..111 [St. P. Ar Omaha. Til
Pacific On of *95..101% do preferred..M?i
Atehlnou jSoufhern l'nn...
d(i preferred... KU Texan A PttO..., Kl'i
llnI. fit Ohio .... ISti Union Pacific... 2.1U
Can. Pacific R'i Wabiodi 7%
Can, Southern... M i do preferred.. 1714
Central Pnclflo.. 10H WhcnPff fir. 1j. M.
Chen. K- Ohio.,.. Tt dop referred.. K
Chi. fir Alton 11" Adainn L'xproM.lfio
ChL Dur. fit Q.. * " American i'\ ..ii7
c. <\ c. & hi L. .'IP,* u. H. icmtow... 10
do preferred... tv. Wellfi i-'h nro.... 111
Del. K 11 tidwon. .10HV4 Am. Splrlln 7'i
pel., Lock. A- W.IM do preferred.. 17
/'en. <v Wo 11 ... I) Am, Tobncco.... si
do preferred... 4"';t do preferred.. 1 li?
Brio (pew) M'.ii People'* (J/im.... |I2%
do flr?t pre I'"' Col. F. V Iron. 20%
(Tort Wayne ....ir.'tli do preferred.. W?
llllnolw Central..IttHi Hen. L'leeirlo... 33
i<11 Icn ICrle ft W, IT. lllinolH Steel.... l:j
tin prpferrod... iw Lead A3
Lake Shore. . ...HlHty do preferred..102
Lou. fi/ Nrtfdi? /?#'' ? Pacific MnJI JJii'J
Mich. Central. ..Idl'y Pullman Pal.... 1.1
MlnMotirl I'ae. .. :,vl Silver Car f.v ,
N. J. Central.... ni Siwar i:;;e,
N*. V. Central... l''*?T(i do preferred. .11')'/,
North went ern . .1:1' * Tenn. Con I \ I, : 'i
d(? preferred... KM U.S. Leather,.. 7
Northern I'ae .. U?' do preferred.. f!4H
do pit fei rdl f n\ 11* 111 Union.
tlrcnriiif tiffa nml I'lovlaloni.
CJflfCAno Wheat Hold at |l to-dliy
for the December ojtflnft Atld cloned nl
ItflVfcf.', an ndv/tnee of May HhOWed
a rofinldcialdc amount of nympnlhy
with the adv/ineo In December and
elfwri m<ZTfKio higher, iflffni'tM of ihorlit
lifilli here and from St. Lowfw cttUUnd
f he advance In December, and thoy were
tint mipplled tintII $1 had been bid.
Oilier innrkelH were ufllnieicMflnic. Corn
/md fialn iiflvanei d %T/ '/,e higher, and
p|(ivl?lnn? cloned :M(c hlHthei .
WliWif Mlnrt'd firm af from f'Pfce fn
D2u toy May, and IHHfeo to !>0*4o for Do
Dr. A
School c
a memb
apian S<
Co. and
Valley I
Maryland is full of people who liav* 1
It i
cember, compared with 9t%$9l%c and
9CVfcc resepectlvely at the close of the
session. The additional strength came
from an advance at Liverpool of %<l to
begin with, added to the effect of a cold
wave prediction from the signal service
bureau. There was plenty of bearish
news In circulation. For nearly an hour
after, the opening there wus moderate
selling, with the tendency of prices
slightly downward for May, December,
fluwi*vit, mriinns iiiimij.
The? Cincinnati Price Current estimated
that after December 1 there would
still be 100,000,000 bushels available exportable
surplus in this county. The
Kanisas crop report said that the Increase
In the area of that state amounted
to 16 per cent. The lluenos Ay res
correspondent of the London Times estlmat*
d that Argentina would have 87,500,000
bushels ??C wheat to dispose of
for export. Receipts nt Minneapolis
and Duluth since Wednesday morning
were 1,542 carloads, against 2.144 for the
similar two days of the previous week,
and 544 a year ago. Chicago got 191
ears and shipped 215,608 bushels. About
13 minutes after the opening December
began to advance, slowly at first, but
very soon with the gathering impetus
of an advancing storm It rose from 9(5?4c
to 97%c without causing May to go
above the price It opened, but when the
December option made a spasmodic
Jump that took It to 98V?c and another
series of Jumps that landed It at $1, May
responded In a protesting kind of manner
by a rise to 93Hc. It was all a matter
of shorts covering. St. Louis shorts
were said to be active bidders at the
commencement of the bulge, and a host
of the smaller traders joined in the chorus.
There was hardly u bushel of
wheat for sale until the market had
reached $1, when the anxious ones were
furnished with so much that a sudden
drop to 07%c resulted. Hut the shorts
were too badly demoralised to wait any
longer to g<-t under cover and the price
soon shot up again. The Atlantic port
clearances of wheat and Hour were I
equal to about 515.000 bushels, Including
72.000 bushels from Galveston. New
York reported 25 boat loads, or say 200,000
bushels, fbr export May, after
reacting a little from its first bulge to
08^c,"became stronger than before and
reached 9II%c. It wound up at 9fl,/6o.
nommlini' tml nn In mul pinned fit
Corn was not very active and responded
very luzlly to the encouragement It
not from wheat. The tendency was
downward until wheat became very
bullish, and It had evidently the latter to
thank for the He advance It made at
the end. Then* was moderate buying
of December by brokers and elevator
people*. Receipts were 402 cat*. May
ranged from 29'Vio to 2nVfco, and closed
c higher at Deeembor
oats were bandy steady, but a distinctly
linn feeling was noticeable In May.
The long crowd was willing to exehaugo
the former for the latter at 1%0)1%o difference.
Commission houses wen; also
good buyers of May, and this, with sympathy
with wheat, forced prices up a
little. Tho shipping demand won helped
by tho cut In rail rat< s. Ilocolpts
were 417 cars. May rangod from 22%o
lo 22?22%c and cloned higher at
Only a fair bURlncss was done In provisions.
The undertono was firm, chiefly
In sympathy with the grain market#,
but prices rangod narrow, outside orders
were modorato, A heavy roduotlon
In provision slocks has taken place slnco
November 1. Cnsh demand was moderately
active. At the close January
pork was UMic higher at $8 li?, January
lard 2^o higher at $1 L'UVjfi/ l and
January ribs unchanged at 14 15.
Kstlmated receipts Hottirdny: Wheat
240 cars; earn 7(10 cars; oats 700 cars;
hogs 22,000 head.
('ash quotations were as follows:
Tho IntidbiK futures raiiMeil iim follows]
Articles. Open. High. how, Close.
Wheat," No. L'
Nov l?|i
Hit fir.i; 100 fM-.iWty
Mily 91ft W4 91% N){
Corn, No. 2.
Nov 20 SOU &' % Bflty
I M i.'1'111
M v / 2?Vi 29% 29V|| 29%
On is, Is a, 2.
Doe flOU 20V 2044
Mav 22% :.;"h l'lty
Mens Pork.
I>ee 7 17', 7 2H 7 17?5 un
JIM Ml", 8 2? Hi:.",. H in
Mny 8 4VTVb H 42U H Hi It, (140
I lee 4 III II'", 110 I 12ty
tail 4 20 4 2.1 4 29tt 4 ?'<
4 :ii'V 4 42H 4 87U 4 0714
Short IiiIim.
I'ee i m
.Ian 4 Hi 1 26 4 1'. 4 IT.
M,lV I |_ . | | ,
skren, one of ludiana's prominentns.
irraduatcd froru the Kentucky
>f Medicine, Louisville. He in now
ig at Tcrre Haute, and is visiting
n to St. Anthony's Hospital. He in
er of the Am. Med. Assn.; Aescul>cietv
of the Wabash Valley, Vigo
Indiana State Societies, and Miss
'led. Asan.
Of Drnfrffiftts In the U. Si and Europe. '
ig's Rhei
wen cured of Rheumatism by Damn?1* Rhcumat
;uxcb Kbvuuiatism wlica everything ein? fails.?1
Sorno of our best
Sotd 1?r -m pJLJ.
. j'wmmwi.i., ,
Wheat?No. 2 sprint? 02%?03c; No. 3
spring 86094c; No. 2 rod [email protected]$l 00.
Corn?No. 2, 20%{il2G%c; No. 2 yellow
26"* ?27c.
Outs?No. 2. 21c; No. 2 white [email protected]%c;
No. :i white 2351-4c.
Rye?No. 2, 48c.
Barley?No. 2, 2G(fri40c.
Flaxseed?No. t. $1 05?*?1 10HTimothyseed?Prime
$2 [email protected] 67%.
Pork?Mess per barrel $7 [email protected] 30.
Lard?r*r 100 lbs $4 20.
Short rlba?Sides (luo.se) $4 15(fl>4 75;
dry Halted shoulders (boxed) 4-%(8>5c;
short clear Bides (boxed) 4,/6<??4%c.
Whisky?Distillers' ilnlshed goods per
gallon $1 19.
Sugars?Cut loaf 5.84c; granulated
Butter?Market steady; creameries 15
<8>21c; dairies [email protected]
Cheese?Quiet at [email protected]%c
Eggs?Firm; fresh 18c.
NEW YORK?Flour, receipts 65.908
barrels; exports 5,014 barrels; market
strongly held and fairly active.
Wheat, .receipts two days. 536,500
bushels-; exports 117,471 bushels; spot
market firm; No. 2 ral $1 01%; options
opened firm; closed unsettled, at 1%?
l%c net advance, Deoentber having
once more passed the dollar mark. November
closed at $1 00%; December
closed at $! 00%.
Corn, recelptn, two days. 105,275 bushels;
exports 124,365 bushels; spot market
firm; No. 2, 34c; options opened firm
and closed %c net higher; November
closed at 32^>c; December closed at 32c.
Oats, receipts, two days, 166,200 bushels;
exports 127,711 bushels; spot market
firmer; No. 2, 26Vic; options dull,
but steady, closing unchanged; Decern"tier
closed at 25V&c; February closed at
Hay dull. Hops steady. Hides steady.
Leather quiet.
Reef steady. Cutmeals steady.
l.ard steady; western steamed $4 50;
refined steady. Fork steady.
Tallow dull. Rowln steady. Turpentine
II rim
Rice steady.
Cottonseed oil moderately active atrtd
Coffee, options opened stoa'dy nt 10fi>
15 points advance: closed steady at net
gain of 10<8>15 points; miles 33,750 bags.
Sugar, raw llrrn; refined tseady.
13ALTIMORB?Flour quirt and unchanged;
receipts 12,275 barrels; exports
45,165 barrels. Wheat firmer; spot
and mont'h 99%@99il-fiQl December 99%?
09%c; steamer No. 2 red 94?94%c. Receipts
42,181 bvshels; exports 16,000
bushels. Corn steady; spot 82V6(0>32%c;
]>H ??mber 32%"i 32%c; November or December,
new or old, 32,/4'8|32%o; receipts
101,313 bushels; exports 139,743 bushels.
Oats firm; No. 1! white western 29?
29V4e; receipts 43,780 bushels; exports
:;0,o00 bushel?', Rye firmer; No. 2 western
To lutrodueo our CRLEURATED Fit.
to any onosutTorlng from ntiy disease, w
PlttOc, Cincinnati, Ohio. Many promlno:
mont known
en fyriif ' ^^*5? ?uro 01
fSf $$$$, Wr trpit
tlfc vi Vw ntiil UtiimryOi
vV* jrM *kln (IbrnftCN,
V? % . ,'Aiflff' ' tuinftil?well In
V :"ViLif}4fr-f' nauimatlou, Cii
Tumor*, HvMi
- s'e,,i
ciotiortImrn, nuiiltl*, (Heel, HyOrotv 1e, Vnrl
corf If, Venrrenl Tutu!, Rlrlcllire, \Vr?kur*>i
liuprillmiiiln to itmrrlnRf, Weak Hark, I,or
Vllllllly. UlHfBifN K'NIlllllIK flOIII fUlfll, llllllff
< ifllrni riiul ovrrWork, irrrlil t? nlil, ?pfi-<|ll>
IhoroilRmy nml pn uinnrutly riiirtl. If yui
linvr mrt Willi f liluirt elitmlifflp, route mil
jjft ili'< benefit of poilllve knowledge und ??
thotiimtiri" of ouaas vrn huvo t!Q?6r B?wn.
urn Htrlotly confident tnl anil no iimuch j\i
Uftb-ollnufM) in, m. io QD.m, tti
^ >v
BBBBJjj> I nave f
J occasion to
ft., raline. Th
1 always bee
I factory. Ii
destined to i
agreeable i
ble cod livei
and kindred
jl I [Later.]
? ? ?in t]i
T mnv n(\(\ 1
[i JL llli-V T i
I is still a fai
mine. It S(
always, an
tainlv coir
scribc it.
C. F.
Tcrrxllne finds lt? be*t rr
prumlooot physicians every
oil, U both tasteless and easll
Terrnltae cures pneumonia, 1
cold*,and all throat trouble*
Write for booklet "Phynlclaj
rite Terrallne Company, Washing ton, D. C.
imatic R<
tie Romedy.?IUltimoke Sun.
Vasuvillp. (Tenn.) America*.
citizen* Live usinI II wl'ti crcat uccom.-Ricoko
It in a punitive cure for Kin
nr-rUt*. On?? Dollar.
j 54c bid; receipts 42,410 bushel.*. Ho?
I firm; choice timothy 513 00013 CO. ButI
t?*r steady; fn'ncy creamery 23c. Egg?
I llrm; fresh 21c. Cheese steady; fancy
New York large 9%?10c.
I IVic higher; contract prude, November
99%c(ii'$l 00; December. Januury and
February nominal. Corn firm; No. I
mixed, November and December, 32VAi
32%c; January ami February nominal
Oat1!* Arm; No. 2 White, November, December,
January and February, 2$VAi
29c. Butter unchanged. Egga llrm urn!
lc higher; fre-sh nearby 23?24e; d
western 22G?23c. Cheese dull and weak
i CINCINNATI?Flour quiet; fancy
$4 20(?74 40; fayiily *;i 5003 75. Winai
higher; No. 2 red 9f?c. Corn steady; No
2 mixed 27M!C. Oats llrm: No. 2 mixed
23%c. Kye llrm; No. 2. 47c. Lard qulel
at $4 15. Bulkm<?ntn Arm u?t $1 50. Baron
steady at $5 8.1. "Whisky steady a I
$1 19. Butter easy. Sugar quiet nnd
steady; hanl refining 53 85. Eggs steady
at 16^c. CfroHO firm; good to prime
Ohio flat OfffS&c.
1 TOLEDO?Wheat higher nnd flrm;No.
2 cash 96c; December Dfl'fcc.1 Corn dull
n<nd 11 i*m; No. 2 mixed 27%c. Oats dull
and steady'; No. 2 mixed 2l1,4c. Rye
dull and undvn.nged; No. 2 cash 48M:C,
Cloverqr>(ni active and steady; prime
cash $3 87 V4.
I.lvr Slock.
CHICAGO?Cattle, receipts wer?> large
but cattle have been bo soaree nil week
that pood lota Bold at steady prices.
Otherwise trade was slow and prices
were unsatisfactory for sellers. Choice
beeves were scarce and sales were
mostly nt low prices. <"!ood to extTa
steers sold between $1 70 nnd 5 50 with
commoner grades nt $3 80fM 65. Rtockers
and feeders were In fair demand nt
prices ranging from ?3 00(^3 70 for
H'tockera to $3 80(fi'4 50 for feeders.
Calves were steady nt $5 7.WC 50 for
the bettoT grades. In bops packers acted
IndlfTerently nnd managed to buy
their supplies nl>out Cc lower; satoa were
nt nn extreme range of S3 20(f/3 52'?. the
bulk of the hogs ffoing at $3 30(^3 45,
while plqs went Inrgely nt J3 10^3 40.
Sheep and lambs sold satisfactorily In
most cases, sheep nt 92 50(fT3 00 for the
poorest up to $4 50?"4 85 for the best
flocks; yearlings rold up to $5 00.
Lambs pold nt Jl 00<?f5 85. Receipts?
Oattle. 5.500 head; hogs, 31,000 head;
shrep 5,000 head.
ISA ST LIBERTY?Cattle steady;
prime 11 [email protected] 90; common $3 25?3 60;
bulls, stags and cows $2 00^3 CO. Hog*
fairly nctlvo; prime usHortod mediums
$3 GO (ft 3 05; best Yorkers and plc-s $.1 60;
common to fair grades $3 50tf?3 55;
heavy hofrs $3 5003 55; roughs $2 50ffl
3 25. Sbeep slow; choice S4 60frf4 75;
tNCB TREATMENT wo will tiond It free (1
enk iii'nH or u iriiiui11Vj n nvo or van iui n<
nt phyniidans in Kuropo'?? well UH,ln Aim
11 Is Raid to bo tho moatoontplfltdami huccoh
to the rated leal world tordl?ei\BC*of inonau
Toctod by HOME TREATMENT, ontlroly h
cure di?rn?o? of the Throat, l?unff?, Heart, Nmr
K?n?, pedal illnrnnei of Mm, womr?, Ctmdrca
i(Ml mil. jinlns lit bontfl, Oft llitont and mot
ftn,- Air.; Ifinrirv mid btn-lilri dlicniic*, iriltntioo, i
:i|?i?nt inlcturiiiuii, gravel, &c.
inmntiou of Womb, Painful or IttrfUlnr Mm?ll
?, PiniBpnui tJirrl, Km mil Indlflfcicttcr. Itchlu
tin, Ili'iidarhP, l.iucultlioca or Wldtci, III ait 01
Uy 01 UatifiiiM. ^
INftPNTR DweHbn your troublon bj
jnuciibLi to yon KHK1J ,iy tM
Writ# for ?'rro Treatment.. Hook of !<?<? |
itiiinhcd without the written oomotttof tii
CE & CO.
tn&ay*, p a. m. Is a p. m. 1'rlvatf addrw*. I), | |i
"Tcr.*?liac for Coosumpiicc.*
requently had
prescribe Ter
e results have
n highly satist
is no doubt
oil emulsions
. preparations
Terre Haute, Ind.
August 25th, 1897. 1
lis connection
that Terraline
thful friend of !
jrves me well
d 1 shall certinue
to pre- ;
and Lung
corameudAtlon In the Indortotaet of
irliere. Terraline, unlike cod liver
y digested. ChiIdreu like Termlin?.
a ffnpT?', Wanting Diseases, coughM,
. ferraliun is uota patent medicine, 1
is Twtioumy,"
- - * i
jmedy. I
romatlhin-ATLAWTA (Ga.) Coxrrrnmos.
'1 i 1,11 ? *,_ J
common $3 [email protected] 65; choice lambs $5 500)
r. 70; common to'good $4 [email protected] 40. Veal
calves $6 60(0 7 00.
CINCINNATI ? Hogs active and
higher at $2 8003 52
NRW YORK?Pig Iron warrant's 'lull
at $G 80 bhl ami $G !?0 asked. Lake copper
quiet at $10 r,r? bid and $10 75 asked.
Tin dull at $13 06 bid and $13 75 asked.
Spelter quiet at $?. i?5 bid and $1 05 asked.
Lead quiet at $3 77 bid :ind $382^
asked; brokers strong at $.1 50.
OIL CITY?Credit balances (15c; certificates,
opened at C.7c bid; highest, 70c
bid; doped at 07c bid; sales, 1,000 at 68c;
shipments 181,078 barrels; runs lffl.USS
I)rv ( noil*.
NEW YORK?Dry poods show no
I change from previous dull conditions.
NEW YORK?Wool steady.
' "I WAS completely covered with
1 sores. Every limb In my body ached.
! Had been sick for five years. Doctors
could do me no good. Most of my time
was spent In bed; was a complete I
wreck. Burdock Blood Hitters have
completely cured me In three months."
Mrs. Annie Zoepen, Crookstown, Minn.
3 |
ONE Minute Cough Cure euros
quickly. That's what you want!
; Charles R. Goetze, Market and Twelfth
streets; Chatham Sinclair, Forty-fclxtii
and Jacob streets; A. B. Scheele. No.
fi07 Main street; Bxley Bros.. Penn?and
Zane streets; Bowie & Co., Bridgeport.
IMIm! PIIM I If chine
SYMPTOMS?Moisture; intense Itching
and stinging; most at night; worse
by scratching. If allowed to continue
tumors form, which often bleed and ulcerate,
becoming very sore. SWAYNE'S
OINTMENT stops the Itching and
bleeding, honJs nJreratlon, and In most
cases removes the tumors. At Crugglst*.
or by mall, for 50 cents. Dr.
Swayno & Son, Philadelphia. tths&w
For Infants and Children.
Ihi he- j*
Younp, Mlddle-Afccd and Old. \
n a plnln caso) by mail, forn limited time, 1
to-day. DR. FRANCIS ,f- CO., at GnrficUl
using tho Oolobrat^ ^ ^ ^
Tho France System of Local Treatment ;
with Our Medicated Pad lor Men
Ta positively the ntnnt complete ami pucrfwHit 1
ktintvn for wenk slid inidevrionril oiffss*. J
Hitmnntonhrn, Vitsl Drain In iMnr, PrtnlsM ?|
WrnkncM, Ysrlroctlr, rinnntnie Decline of j
Itii? Mnnly rower*, nn<l nil loitihiimiH srlllug
Itmti cuiM nnil ttcetrl vice*,
lnttor, and suitable romodlos will bo went. 1
any part of Mm Count ry, Wo hitvo ourod
iaffOflftnd Itnt. of f>00 quontiOUii. All letters
is patient, CA1<1<Oil ADPKKHH
IANCH, I*. 0. Ilot-Ma. Cincinnati, a
Mount de ChantalJ
Studies Will bo Resumed at thb Academy
September 8, 1897.
Thi advantages of this Acadcmy (ot
mental and physical culture are umur- |
pasted. Th: diy scholan dins and lunch |
at the Mount, and are taksa to and from i
the motor by a conveyance provided by !
thr Sisters free of charge* Po; ternu and
further information, address
All tra-ns itoo .V t lie Academy.
Court Reporting.
The Court IteportlnK syatom of Shorthand
In already well introduced and In
uught In West Virginia, Indiana. IIUhoIm,
Iowa, MliHourl, Kansas, Kentucky. Mich
KUii, i rmivanrr, nuiui ...........
Virginia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania
ana Now York; others ure preparing to
idopt It.
Its worth has also been thoroughly
proven hy t ho hundred* of shorthund
Ifraduutos of thu
Who uro using this system In filling moat
responsible positions.
If yon wish to learn short hand, do uot
waste your time uud money on any old,
tedious, out-of-date system.
Court Reporting Is sum to give entire
Please Investigate. Coll nt the col logo
;)fllee, corner Muln und Twelfth streots.
Wheeling Business College,
School For Youngs
Ladies and Children.
316 AWI3JS MAKhl I >IHI11. WNKlWS, W. VA
Seventh Annual Session Will Begin
On Monday. September 13. IS97.
This school offcrB a comploto and thorough
educutlou In Practical English,
Mathematics, English Clussies, Latin.
Modern LuntfiHiKf* und Elocution,
A1 IT BTL'IlIO, conducted hy Mrs. Eva
Huhhurd, offers superior udvuntage9 for
Pencil. Charcoal, water Color, Crayon
Drawings and Oil Painting.
Boys received In the Prima r*' and Intermediate
Departments. For Circulars or In*
tervlew, apply to
1 y N ATI. LOUIS >
M U tiuli I'lifkPt UI1?.
leavlniT wlurtboal. foot of Twelfth Btreol,
"sSmor'gi'URN CITY?Robfrt TJ. A*new,
Master; Jutm-s Gardner, 1 urser.
Kvi'ry Thursday at > a. r?hnpiou
Steamer KBY0TONJ9 ;S'J\\TJ^Chnrlps
W. Knox. MuHter; Daniel Lacey, Puitfei.
18 very Tuesday at s u. m.
Steamer VIRCIINIA-T. J- Calhoon. Mastor;
it. H. Kerr, Purser. Every Sunday
at v n. m.
For Freight or Passage Telephone MO.
Iio23 AKtnts.
trrrlvo COLUAIM'S ?.?.' p. m.
\rrlvn CINCINNATI C:U?"i p? m.
Vrrlrve INDIANAPOLIS 10;I5 p. in.
\rrlvo FT. LOl'lH.. 7;W a. m.
it it t m * v i'aiih i.'unxt wii .1 v. j
1 junction TiViioi>(?n" witnoi 'r "
For 8t?ubonvlllo anil I'lltfiburgh 7:25 a.
in. work day*; for Plttaburgh and tlio
Kn?t and for ColumbiiH ami Chicago ut
:26 p. in. tvnok (lay*; lor J'ltlnhur^h, ll.trlahurg.
Baltlmoro. Washington, I'hlladcl)hla
and Now York at s:f?& p. in. dolly; for
Haubenvllle ntid Dennlion at p. in.
Inlly; for Pittsburgh at V io p. m. week
lava; for ColUttbus, Dayton, Cincinnati,
mllanapolla and Hi. IjOuI* at U:3J p. in. !
vork day*. City tlmo.
Parlor Cur to T*lttnbUI*Rh on 3:T>r> p. m. and !
7 p. rn. Trains.
Ptrionii eontcmpintinn a trip will flnti
t profitable In pli'UMiirn nnd coiivciiIpimv
0 communicate with tha undorvkm-d, who
,V 111 make nil noccwnar\ arrant im-nt* tor
1 delightful Joiirlicy. Ticket* will be pro Icled
and bab'KRK? chcakod through to do <- ,
Inst Ion.
!?aiitenirer and Tlnkot Agent, Wheallm:,
W. Va. it.'
On and after Saturday, February 2, 1895,
mini will run n* follows, city time.
J/CAVO Wheeling I l*nvo fthn drove
I'r'H TWlTr'n T'lnclTr'n T'tneiTr'n T'me
Jo. a mlNo. p. in No. ii in No. p.m.
t ... 1d:tK'80.?. ;i>'| 1 ... tfl:00lll? .... 1:00
I . 7 HIiM a.... 7 no :'l 4: ?? I
ii .. H;0C :'i ., Mm 1.0' ;'?1 .... f,;!0
s .. H.WI'fl.... 11:0" 7.... t?:00 ..'v..,. ?.(>>
i> .. IOiuoIxh.7:oo ]0:0i)C7 7:oo
ilsOOlto.... H:0<> 11.... 11 jOOW? ....
P m M ... *.o>' |?. in IM f < '
\ . Iirro S4.... 10:00 IS.... ll:tw .v 10:00
i o' an..,, lutxnR.... i:ociW u.uo
- !0?l 17.... 1:001 1
thnliy, except Hunday. 7 . ... !
Monday church tralna will leave ICIm
:rov? at t;U a. in. ami Wheeling *t ia:JV ,
f U on oral UauacMw . |
Arrival and departure of trains on and
after Nov. 14, 189t. Explanation of lieferonco
Marks: Dally, fDally, except Sunday.
tDally, except Saturday. IDally.
cent Monday. (Sundays only, "Saturdays
only. Eastern standard Time.
Depart. Iti.&O.?Main Lino East. >riWs.
U:25 am Wash.. Hal., Phil., N Y. am
*4:1.1 pm Wash., Hal.. Phil, N Y
t7:00 uni ...Cumberland Aeccm.. t4:30 pm
*4:45 pm Graft on A<vom *10:10 am
10:65 inn]..Washington City Ex.. 'U:W_pm
Depart. B.&O.-C.O, Dlv., West Arrive.
*7:a5 am For Columbus and Chi. *1:15 am
tO:i!fi am ..Columbus und Olnoln.. o:lB pm
(11:40 pm ..Columbus and Clncln.. *5:05 am
J'iti pm Columbus and Cbl. Ex. *11:50 am
110:23 am ..St. Clalrsvlllo Aceom.. 111:50 am
t3:50 pm ..St. iMalrsvllU- Accom.. 15:15 pin
10:25 am Sandusky Mall *5:15 pm
|2 40 am}..Columbus and QU\MW..i?
Do part. U. & O.-W., P. 11. Dlv. Arrive.
6:lo am For Pittsburgh *10:20 am
*7:30 ant Pittsburgh *6:20 pm
*5:20 pm ..Pittsburgh and East.. tll:30 pm
tl:15 pm Pittsburgh 111:15 am
Pittsburgh .......) |l:10 am
? .. v., i\ hi. i.. ny Arrive.
L,?? am ivi PlttMburgh I 1?:16 pm
10:15 um Steubenvllle ami Want) 16:15 pm
1?:15 ani fiteubanvilla Accom..| tG:l6pm
tl:? pm ..P Ituburfh and N. Y... J13:25 pm
3:55 pm ..PlttMburgh und N. Y.. *11:30 am
17:00 pm ...PltUbiu-^h^Accom... i'j;W ai*
19:45 am Ex., Tin. und St. Louis 17:11 an
10:30 Jim Ex., ("In. und St. Louts 10:16 put
1>:2o pm ..Ex? Steub. and Chi.. 13:26 pre
_*3:5o piu|..PIttn. und Ponnlson.. *11:80 am
Depart. I C. & P.?Bridgeport. Arrive.
tu:5:i um Fort Wayno und Chi. 1U:^5 pm
16:58 am ..Canton und Toledo.. 10:36 pm
15:53 am Alllunctt and Cleveland t9:S5 pm
1.>:63 um Sreubenvllle und I'iUN, 10:35 pm
fU>:W am Stetib<>nviii? ami Pitt*. 111:06 am
*2:10 pm Fort Wayne and Chi. 6:10 pin
12:10 pm ..Canton und Toledo.. 0:10 pm
12:10 pm Alllancu und Cleveland 1:36 pm
pm Steub'e und Wellslvllo 8:51 am
pm 1'hlludelphla and N. Y. 4:10 pm
16:54 pm ..Rultlmore and Wash.. 6:10 pm
J5:W pm|BtfUb'w und Wol hi villa 4:10 pm
Depart. I W. Hi I.. E. Arrive.
0:00 am ....Toledo und West.... *5:40 pin
*?:00 am Brilliant and Steuben'e *6:40 pm
1:40 pm .Masslllon und Canton. *10:00 am
4:40 pm Brilliant and Bteuben'e *10:00 am
J*9:00 um Cleve^Akron & Canton *5:40 pm
Depart. C., L. & W.?Brldgp't. Arrive.
t7:?<o um Clevc., Tolado and t hL 2:80 pm
11:2.1 pm Clevel,, Toledo and Chi. 8:00 pm
15:25 pm .. .MuHallion Accom.... 11:00 um
18:01 um ..Hi. Clalruvlllo Accom. 0:23 am
110:?'S um ..Ht. Clalrrvlllo Accom.. 1:30 pm
12:2<1 pm ..St. Clalrsvlllo Accom.. 5:15 pm
It:i'?l pm ..St. cialrsvllle Accom.. 7:23 pm
J 1:40 pm Local Freight ItliifiO am
Popart. Ohio River It. It. | Arrive.
0:30 um Purk. and Way Polnts]*l0;80 am
17:30 um Charleston und Clncln.f *3:45 pm
*11:45 um Cincin. and Lexlngtonl 9:50 pm
^ 4:15 pin Purk. und Way Polntwlf 11:30 pm
Bollalro.j Bellalro.
Depart. [ B., Z. A C. It. Ft. Arrive.
10:00 am Mall, Kxprexs and Pass. 3:30 pm
4:40 ptnllfixpres* and Puiwengcr 0:40 um
_ 2:10 pmlMlxed Freight and Paas| 1:10 pm
# BALTIMORE <501110.
Scfl ed ulo ^ln^tUTect^ Noin.
aiid 4 *45 p. m? dally.*
Cumbcrlutid Accommodation, 7:00 a. m.,
dully except Sunday.
liiufton Accommodation, 4:45 p. m. dally.
From New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore,
8:20 a. m., dally.
WuHtilngton ExprevM, 11:00 p. ni. dally.
Cumberland Accommodation, 4:30 p. m.,
except Suuduy.
Orufton Accommodation, 10:10 e. m.,
For Columbus und Chicago, 7:36 a. m and
3:5o p. in., dully.
Columbus and Cincinnati Express. 10:25
n. m. dally. and 11:40 p. m., dally except
Saturday, und 2:40 a. m.. Sunday only.
Ht. Clulrsvllle Accommodation, 10:25 a. nv
and 3:50 p. m., dully, except Sunday.
Chicago Express, 1:15 u. m. and 11:50 a.
m., dally.
Cincinnati Express, G:0G a. in. and 5:15 p.
m.. daily.
Haudusky Mall, 5:15 p. in., dally,
Ht. Clalrsvlllo Accommodation, 11:50 a.
m. and 5:15 p. in., dully, except Sunday.
For Pittsburgh* G:10 und 7:30 u. m. and
5:20 p. in., dully, and 1:16 p. in., dally, ex
V FoMMttVburgh and tho East, 5:10 a. m.
und G:iS0 p. m., dully.
From Pittsburgh, 10:20 a. m.. 6:20 p. m.,
dully, 11:30 p. in., dully except Saturday,
11:4b u. in . except .Sunday, und 2:30 a. in.
Sunday only.
General Manager, Ualtlmoro. Md.
Passenger Tranic Manager^ BaUhmnryl^
T. P. A., Whe'cllng/W. V*.
HCV Tlmo Table In Effect
Nov. 21, 1*97. East
'Dally. tDally Except Sunday.
South SOundT r*7 I' tlT"*3 '&'
Via P.,C.,C.&St.L.R) a. m. p. m.
PlttBburgh, Pu...Lv| Cln. 9:10 12:45
I Fast
Wheeling Ar| Lino _11:35 3:28
Leavo. la, m.la. m. a. m" p. m.
Wheeling 6:30 7:30 11:45 4:15
Moundnvlllo 7:00 7:56 12:17 4:47
Now Martlnsvlllo... 7:64 8:39 li!3 6:53
Slstorsvllly 8:16 8:57 1:53 6:15
WJJJlnmHtown 9:3.r> 9:60 1.00 7:63
l'urkombiirg 10:00 10:10 8:25 8:20
Ruvenswood 11:10 4:35
Mason City 11:68 6:37
p. m.
Point Pleasant 12:2f. 6:30
Via K. A il. ity.
Point Pleasant...Lv t2:29 t7:10
Charleston Ar 6:07 9:26
UalllpollH Ar 12:37 6:42
Huntington ...j...... 1_:36 8:00
Via C. & O. Ry. r. m.
Lv. Huntington f2:35 *2:10
Ar. Charleston 4:27 3:45
p. m. p. m.
lvenova Arf 1:50
Via C. & O. Ry. .
Lv. Kenova I #1:55
Cincinnati, O Ar( fi:lf>
Lexington, Ky....Ar fi:?0
IjquIhvIIU', Ky....Ar( 8:15[
Cleveland, Lorain & Wheeling
Central Standard Tlma.
Tlmo Prhrdulo of PaMengar Train* ft
effoct Sunday, May 1(? isr7.
Cl?valiml Ilmmt I(V.,., TIT.... - ?
a. ui. a. m p. m. p. nv.
HHIuIre f?:50
llrldgeport 6:04 19:26 ?:*
rhrlohavllle r.:30 1:10 2:11 ?:ft
Nrw Philadelphia... f?:47 * 31 2:M 6:36
Canal Dov*r 8:36 8:W 7U)f
Jwetin fl;23 |;|0 J:f$
MuMllJon 6:40 9:93 3:45 t:U
Warwick 1:04 9:46 4:10
Sterling 7:17 14:18 4:33
Seville 7:34 10:13 4:31
Medina 7:06 10:87 3:00
Letter 1:37 JO-JO Bt44
(irnfton I:K 11:07 6:03
Klvrla 9:30 11:11 ?:fi
l.oraln 9:M 11:13 6:36
I.enter Junction 8:10 10:43 6:11
Cleveland 0:10 11:80 6:10
|a. in. p. m.|p. MU
~t i~r~i i ?i t;
p. in. p. tn. p. m. p. m
licllnlre 7:13 10|0#
llridjteport 1:30 fjpo IOjOI
Chrichevlll* 11:80 4.33 9:10 7:44
New Philadelphia... 10.63 4:17 9:60 7:91
Canal Dov*r 10:46 4:09 7:63 t H
JilltU* 10:16 9:36 }:?4 6:4#
Ma?lllon 9:12 7:04 6:96
Warwick 9:33 9.M 4.97 a. OL
Sterling 9:10 9J6 6:16
Bavlll* 9:04 9:39 6U|
Medina 9:44 9:06 1:4]
(,?*(er 9:3ft 1:61 ?:0l
Hrafton 7:41 1:96 4:46
Klyrla 7:39 1:1| 4.39
l.oraln 7:00 1:06 4:36
1,eater Junction .... 9:93 137 6:94
Cleveland 7:30 1:W 4.80
A. in. p. tn. p. ui. u
Now. 4 and 8 dully between Cleveland and
Vlitl-'hAvnie. All other tmlna dally *?
cent Sunday.
1 nMennera between Wheeling, Martin**
Kerry. Hellalraand llrldneport, tak* KI*o?
trio Hallway
M. 43. CAitniru C3. r. a.
Cleveland, Ohl*
O. n. WOOD, T. P. AH
.Wheeling, W. ,Va.

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