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''"'r' , ^
Stone & Thomas.
fine furs. i
Just a word about them. We are showing the mo.-' V*3S\ 0
complete assortment that has ever come to this vicinity. Vpfift', I'Mlr Ell?Hl
No matter wliat style you may wish you will find it
here and at the lowest prices, v
fffrSgb Indies' Fine Electric Seal and Astrakhan
IhE?K/ Collarettes, large collars, lull sweep, lined { mm)
sat'". an extraordinary $5.00 value,jjg ''IjfP
====================??? '
Ladies' Brown and Black Martin Scarfs, trimmed with 8 largo k'el'/lht1
martin tails and 2 heads. We cannot buy now to sell less(f 4 AC Troo"E??S
than $7.90, Saturday at iJ>Tl. 0 U [at. Vo
Electric Seal, Martin and Seal Skin Scarfs and Collarettes 011 up ilow ,0
to $50.00 cach. J
_ Optician I
Ladies' Fine Seal Plush Capes, large collars, full sweep, down
front and collar trimmed with thibet, lined with good qual-<P 4 OR THE
ity rhadame, an extra special for Saturday at tjTt.OJ
Ladies' Seal Plush Capes, handsomely trimmed with jet and
braid, collar and down front edged with thibet fur, elegantly 4 A AA ?3 Are
lined, quali'y that you'd expect to pay $15 for Saturday at.. 1 Ui Uu Otir
? Wj evet
t Ladies' All Wool Two Toned Cheviot Suits, fiv front num
jackets, full nilk ''ned, strictlv tailor made, a Saturday '3 1,0
spccial at &
$9.95. 1
*********** S F,
Visit our Corset Department to-day. We always sx
sell goods lower than others. $gr 13
________ gg
Stone & Thomas. s
- - - - Hart Bi
Snook & Co. I
t IJros.
n\K Dt
$0. J 0. JACKET OFFER, fj
Kdltor .
A recent purchase has placed in our hands about J00 Ladies' w*j" ?
Plain and Boucle Cloth Jackets, mainly black, although
there are a few colors among them. They are worth all
the way up to $7.00 each, but you can buy (? Q OR I
them from us Friday and Saturday at . , ^P^each. j r2h'?Z
Ladies' 30-inch long double black cloth Capes, trimmed with |
triple rows of black mohair braid, Friday <bo QRi "rHA
and Suturday M^each. |
tors (!,"? 1
Ladies' 26-inch long black Cloth Capes, braided, double pleats
at front and back, inlaid velvet collar, Fri- QJQ.67
day and Saturday vP<-'each.
Ladies' 24-inch curley black Boucle Capes, fur trimmed collars
and fronts, satin merveilleux lining, Friday (?Q QR
and Saturday ^P^each. j
Ladies' 22-inch Seal Plush Capes, fur trimmed, changeable j ? *it?' <
twilled satin lining, Friday and Satur- Q5 R r'
day ^^"each. ""a"
Ladies' Jap. Seal Collarettes, length 10 inches, collar 5 v "u'^rr
inches deep, black satin lining, Friday and C?'J QCJ bourne,
Saturday ^^kach. liU^mai
nr-?rr-QVe can duplicato values like the above throughout the entire II. F.
Jacket and Cape line. Why wail lonqer ? ''Y*1""1
ir-??~-You tan still buy Silks at 69c and 98c yard here, worth from "rttf,u"
Js^SI.23 to S2.50 yard. JJ*
??~ =s Mr. ?i
Geo. M. Snook & Co. is
_ Col. .1
W0KTM3?WrAODBH'H. Ills city
' >inl
: OU&AA** jlfe
tff* $ \ 50 STIFF : i !?S
( M ( IIa% made our Itnl flcpnrtmcnt llomost pop II* T iifirtlJr
h<?t slof in Wlmllntj. You'll It'ivn to pny 1V , < v. M
"I l' ''''! V.00 in nriy nlhtv tore for its f|0?tl, >7 m k on
vs.. 1-.- ii" : i i , . i!?. ,
' M1 YOOMAN ntyln i olor* Mm k or brown forroc.l
? h ? lo a tilt iivi?rylio<ly. i >6 11^ ''
l i:'() nntl 13?A 'Jtrn.>t, Whifjlln* J? 'liliS'
"" MACKINTO ^HKy 93.49* rY linlf ii
...ON niLK
?od, perhaps, but?CREAM is
r. We give you the cream
whole shoe subject when
ty tbot for Comfort, Dressiond
Low Price
ur Box Calf and
iei Boob for Ladies
*ay oti top. l* ^
ICR. jl 1049 MAIN ST.
sr shoos arc GOOD shoes.
ess! Yet how little It coat* to ,
even in perfect condition. If they .
rly attended to at the right time,
y pen pin fail to upprci-iatu the
perfect eyesight, until It is too ]
btain it. Ask for our folder on j
Prefervo tho Kye-Slght."
-I. W. EWALT, ;
for Dillon, Wheat & lldnchcr Co. ;
, i
103-P. W. BAUMER 00. 1
WE SELL || !
the "friend making" kin J- Mf '
business methods make us ?M i
I more friends. The l,lt>0 Bf ;
os we have sole sing our
les daily. A fa; greater fji
her of satisfied customers tj
the same. Ail those who jRif
> bought of us?They ought ?j(
now. RJ 1
W. Banmer Co. 1 i
fof, ".' " and *47 Fourteenth Htreoc. J
Nov Advertisement!.
other# Machine Company,
inning?Justlco of the Peace and
?Traveling Man for Spring
John A. Logon Council No. 05.
?I2..V0 to 13,000 for Five Years.
Wanted?Male or Female.
Cereal?H. F. Behrens Co.
Goods at Assignee's Sale?Ewlng
Ive In Wall Paper?Jos. Graves'
I Wholesalo and Rotall Trade?
tdel Sc Co.
0 Stiff Hat?McFadden's?Eighth
llor-Mndo Clothing?D. Gundllng
fth Page.
Purs?Stone & Thomas?Eighth
ist Day?Geo. E. Stlfel & Co.?
P. B. Wright?Second Page.
lotilil ivrnr our relrlirnfeil All
*11 .Tucket*.
re the lirtl mndr. mid will give
e irrur and comfort tlian nil
Rriit* for llm Fmnoin J?rni
1 L'lidrrwenr. Itegnlnr Undeim
r?Or up.
C. 11 ESS & SONS,
il?lr Tnllorn mul I'tue ? nriiiiaI
MI mul 1343 Mnrket Sltett.
ty tending tlir self-pral?ltlg nil*,
iminwl optical ripert* (I?, doc|irofr?<ioin
ill mul dalrvnyatit* (!)
ireil without publicity lit* <1. W.
)0I> k CO. nro doillit; out Ihi'lr
tell nf Udlri'. i^nen* tind Cltil*
rrnpt at Hair l'rloa.
m ?|
lu t lie L'lty mul Wheel I it R Follt?
Murphy. Parkersburg, appoars
jVlnUBor'n register.
Oraner, the Pittsburgh soap
Sturi-r, Ik In the city.
Purnoworth, of Buekhannon,
the city yoNterdny.
icy Stephen O. Pyle, of MiddleIn
h guent of tho Stamm,
Bent ley anil wife, of Parkers- I
ro fregtotorod nt the Mchure.
Btewart and dau?hter, of Parte,
are registered at the Htnmm.
Ejt'p and John Woodford were
cltuons in the city yesterday.
IV, N/ihIi, of Charleston, a nuo- |
"knight of tho road," is In the
id Mm. P. C. Hoffman have n - i
after a two weeks' visit In the
Wlc grove and D, K. Allen, of
ibutg, tiro registered at tli" ,
, It. it. Htreatof and fleorgo I.. )
I, of WaHhlngton, Pa., were In j
'a- hum, (Ju.v M. Musoti niul
i To I ii r, Jr., of the 1 to I tinny col- j
?t ball learn, registered at tho
r ye-ti idny en route to llethtiny. !
lari v Hhearlng, of Pittsburgh,
>ri the guest of Mr, and Mir.
Jmtth, of Kirn < trove, thin work,
ow vlsltlni; Mr. William Willi*
Valley drov".
Iinrl- i \1 lint I, of Clarksburg,
'of itr imieltiiie building ilrni of :
'othi i . was In Wlcidlng venter- '
!r, Hurt iyx his firm In now at
I an ?-rtlt i for I wo complete nowlltn
i lv< I Ii out Hi" Northern
* ^ t n it I i Mining, Transports
Prs'.li'ii, Company, whldi will li"
t'J iho Klondike early In tin- !
VflHlIng "Hi Ultl ell 11 I'll loelt III
Ml?w mul t hi tli'iiiiWutpi ii
|n"- I M, flOllll I O,
i' Pain I'IIIn euro NnnriilKlft.
1). & O. Hrakcinaii Spcncc 1'. Hag- Matin
er Met his Dentil. Po"* '
A vot
cast toAN
Tho J
Spence F. Hager, a Baltimore & Ohio chanlcs
brakeinan, residence 2G08 Market street, a1, c
ivh;le coupling cars last night about
10:30 o'clock, In front of the Wheeling p. e. ct
lee & Storage plaivt, on Water street, this tlm
slipped and fell across the track, and On Su
the lower part of his bodv waa so church,
frightfully crushed that lie died halt ?f the 1
in hour after beInB removed to the 17' "
Sltjj'hoipltal. nea?"er.'
Tho cars ware hauled by yard engine the city
No. M, and Ilager nfler maklntt the e*Pendt
coupling, gave the signal to go ahead. product
Just OS ho did *) ho reached In to those^N*
make the coupling mora secure, and In than th
lolnu 90 slipped, falling with the lower than ha
[>art of his body across the tracks. The voting 1
wheels passed over both legs above the The CI
knee and crushing one hip. A fellow First CI
trainman gave the alarm in time to meeting
prevent the next car from going over society 1
MW' ChruBtli
When taken out from the rails the Tester
unfortunate man displayed rare oour- flce \y
age. He asked for a drink of water udmlnls
ind he was given stimulants. A few Sanders
nlnutes afterward lie was given drugs ?ke fiUm
to easo his pain by Drs. Reed and as 8Urftt
Dickey, who luul been summoned. The ..
slty ambulance conveyed him from the no \ J
IJaltlmore & Ohio baggnge shed to t)he
tiospttnI, and It was evident to all that ai'Pnin?
lis death was but a matter of an hour ,
)r two. , ,..t
A distressing feature of the tragedy "Ul,ty a
s that he leaves ? wife and three ohll- Rev- 1
Iren, the youngest child being only six will giv>
lays old. He was In his twenty-seventh J>
irear, and was popular with ail who o'clock.
<new Mm. The rains of yesterday and Pictured
last night made the ground very slip* large pa
[>ery, and probably resulted in his fall A11 men
ind subsequent death. Crlmli
' * Ing and
\A/nnrar^ of "Izes <2 aml 44 Hugus \
W 6QT0rS Jackets?Wo want to ? ! .7
U you to-dny. * vL hi"*
GEO. M. SNOOK & CO. f'vc /"*
the terr
roil tlirne ?ln> n 4 Flue Nenr Style C?b|. mud? P*
lets only GOc. PLUMMKIl'8, Main t?U The N
? vices on
THE RIVER. <h" >"*?
a. m. a
Pittsburgh...VIRGINIA. C n. m. aro
j|Htersvllle...nrTll, 3:30 p. m. ? ? ?7?i
Tlarlngton.. ..LEROY, 3:30 p. rn. IH 11 HeI
3teubenvlll??..T. M. BAYNE, 2:30 p. m. Persoi
Charleston...!!. K. BEDFORD, 6:30 a. m. loons a
I'nrkoisburg.ARC.AND, 11 a. m. surprise
Matamoras...LEXINGTON, 11 a. m. the orgfl
3l?tersvllle...Rl'TH, 3:30 p. m. nf
Clarlngton....LEROY, 3:30 p. m. ,.
Steubenvlllt-..T. M. BAYNE, 2:30 p. m. Kf,,tl ?'
Pittsburgh..,KANAWHA. 6 a. m. H*"*1
Pittsburgh...KEYSTONE STATE. C a. m. Chaplin
Kanesvlll?*....LORENA, 4 a. m. church
Cincinnati....VIRGINIA. 8 n. m. sacramt
Slatersvllle...LEROY, 7 a. in. admin Is
W. Smli
Along the Lnndliig. trated
The marks at C p. m. Showed 4 feet S Man."
inches and stationary. Weather, oool,
with n heavy rain yesterday afternoon
and last night. Burgli
The Leroy resumes her Sunday round shall coi
trip between Wheeling and Sistersvllle natives
to-morrow, leaving the wharf at 7 a. m. enMortal
This service Is given the pu'blic by Cap* store? v
tain Thad Thomas, In response to the cur0(j w.
urgent requests of many patrons of his change 1
trim little packet. niui the
Last night's rain was quite heavy, and store oi
will probably send the river up a few In- open an*
ches to-day. The rise will let the Queen thieves
City and Ben Hur off the bar at Wallory. la a sma
The Queen City will probably remain In stack. ,
the upper river until next Thursday, her but not!
regular day out of this port for Clncin- sltion p
nati. strnngei
The returning coal flee>t Is pushing up
the river with empties, but the prospects
for getting home are not bright. The
river Is to?? low to 1 t them In now, and
the weather bureau forecasts a cold wave 1 yrom,?
for to-morrow. This will cause the river '
to fall still more. The Enterprise, which Itemed
Is among the leading boats on the return, Ti?on?i
passed Marietta at D:30 this morning. Proba
PITTSBURGH, Nov. 26.-Tim Queen C0
City, which left the wharf Wednesday In0Ht ob
evening, got Into trouble at Wallery.Just and jus
above Freedom, Wednesday night, and fatal t
ih .still mere, naru ana last on xn?? uur.
She had only a liwht trip on hoard, but ohr.ul
owing to the needles being put In the
dam at David Island fhe water wan , ?
draining out of the river very rapidly, '
and It took very careful work to keep in
the ohannel. Just m> the boat got Into ,!J .* (
Wallcry, a very dangerous part of tho
river, her headlight went out. The pilot , K . .
had no choice but to Ktop her, and before *
tho electrician could get the light in , 1 f
.shape the boat hnd drifted on the bar. ,,
In endeavoring to get her off the boat ,
broke her rigging and capstan. The Hen WI
Hur pa.-*ed the Queen City yesterday 11 #n".
and turned back to help her off. After a
few hourH' work the Ben Hur got w ,?C(
aground also. Hwi lllni
good, Ki
ftlvrr 'Irlrgmma. If thorc
WARRKN?River 1 foot. Heavy Red^tei
ralnw, celveds
MOROANTOWN?Hlvjr 7 feet 0 In- Mr?,
ch-\? and stationary. Rainy: Tndlann
011< CITY Itlvr fret 4 Inch"* nnd nurrorec
lining. NVe.ither cloudy, wild and rain- nf p||of
Irtg, pii? Ct
ORISmNSDORO?River 7 feet R Inchen |,nni0fu
and stationary. Raining. Adnm Jacob* comnlel
and Nellie llmh -n down Haturday, Mr. >
Jntu-M (L Hlalne nnd Florence Hello up. .iT! t
imoWNVIM.K River D f-vt 7 Inch-* ,,ro? ?
and ptaMonnry. voira r
PITTSBtmciH-niver 3.9 fe'-t nnd j?yV/iml
otatlnnnry at the darn. Italnlng. hnv? hi
HTWCRHNVILMC River M f'-et 11 ,"l then
Ineh- ' and matlonary. Cotil and raining mv
Up?Vlrglnnl. Down?II. K. Redford,
I"P, I'liKAMANT- -River \ :i fe?t and T)|0' ,
falling. Cloudy. or,l
CINCINNATI -Itlver 11.B fret and J,lh(,f. ?
falling. Italnlng. a io
1,'M'IHVIM.K - llivor falling; fi feet 1? w
Ifjch* ' In thec.inal; \ fe< t on falls; 10 feet |(V wrj,
r, Inchen below lock*. Cloudy and warm. njmii \
WVANHVILM'; Itlver M feet and rl?. j,
1ng. Rain for punt twenty-four bourn. pyraml
CAIRO River 0 feet and lining Italnlng
warm. T?.
Ml MI'IIIH Rlr r ?. feet illid rifling. I |10
Cloudy wwth
HAt.VATION Oil. I'houM ninny* tin '.'.Vo"i'
|o pt in i ie hiiolum. For ihe ready cm.' lu,o,Mf,
of cMild ! and burn# II lia? no equal, 25
(H Mil'.
- DON'
Tl 11: minimi Mir/,! ir and entertain- M iv.nnr
inciit. for tin- lu lu lit of Allotthelm, will
l.iI: - | ince on Ihe "veiling of December I i? s. <
Don't r.ii i, m'i. .d? mi'H...
? ilinn ? 1
'l'O < UIIM A (Hl.n IN UN 14 IMY
Take l,aimtlvn Rrorno Qlllnlne Tabled. T>,#ie,
All drnggioiN refund the mnttoy if It tinuA
flUlH t<> i tile Kfie, 'I'll" gonulnu htlH If,
ij. g, on vault tahlflU *'
of Minor MuiikuI lu aud About fUlll LI UUlll
id election to-day. European Ideas VcrU
ees at both theatres to-day. jca>
open at 7. a. m., close at 6 p. in.
House this evening?Morrison's 1 " * " b..bj.
culling Urymtil (|
i to-night?John L. Sullivan's Tht? ?
y. appeared in the daily pa
e for the refunding ordinance the great interest felt t
progress. rope upon a subject of in
r the refunding ordinance and terest have naturally av
ft city from exorbitant Interest at[entlon, nol exci
jlrea three-fifths of all the votes c">'?nd rhrcul!h t th<;
day to bring success to the re- well-known fact that th
ordinance. modem life have caused
Is of the refund, look for seems to shorten life j
i hour misrepresentations in the health unjveraal!.v. The
street malcontent. abroad to Investigate its
id Mrs. J. W. Mays, of Bellaire, commendable, and we urt
their only child to rest in Mt. have been supplemented
imetery yesterday. foils in America. Caref
unior Order of American Me- been made among proi
will worship at the North street cin-ns. and if is surpris
hurch at 10:30 a. in. on Sunday, formlty of opinion Is expi
sceptlon to Rev. and Mrs. N. H, ?" That opinion se^ms
by the hid lea of St. Matthew's Kreat modern disease Is
lurch has been posponed again, antl J'10 K'nneya ai
0 to December 7. P"s 1>f the 10
. 4 .. _ . . . ,, by over exertion c
nday at the Fourth street M.. E. J a,kJ tht) flr3t
Tlt?v. llr. Kntchinsiin. nres dent .
,y- v . r weaitenea uy tne gnp.
Vest Virginia Conference Bern- m03t lompntaW<, faot th
III preach mqrnln* and eveuin*. doubti but lhat thete ?
ifundlng ordinance will not In- prevented and cured the
axes one penny but will enable niade abroad clearly she
to more equally distribute itu terefft of humanity we 1m
lures among those who need the jflr investigations, and th
of ihelr labor. en herewith.
the city to give employment to Dr. N. S. Davis anld:
ho ne?*d employment rather know what llrlght's die
one who have other resources term Is applied popula
rd labor. TJilH can be done by trouble that even remote
or the ordinance. kidneys. There are two
irlstlan Endeavor society of the trouble one an enlarpen
lrl.stlan church will hold a rally other a shrinking of the
on Monday evening with the Dr. Frank T. Andrew.'
ivhich has been organized in the term Hrlght's dlseawe c
in church at McMechen. niany complaints. In fai
Jay, In Clerk Robertson's ofnilam
Sanders was appointed ".1*1
trator of the estate of Andrew ?,>'u
, defeased, and gave bond In We Is the Inal liitj of the
of AIM. with N. E, Whltaker ?> ? ^X.ares:
, ? , , time when any man or wi
Vnnle Coleman yesterday tres- tram at)y torm of k|,ine
upon the properly of Mrs. Jo- causo for despair. Thnt
Stelnlger. a near neighbor. A ,,j Fnr t.,? |m?t eight
resulted, and before the seance trra.,.(| PVer?' variety of
re lingers' began, she pleaded both mcn ,vome?
nd was taxed (9 and costs. belleve there is a cat*EV.
V. Smith, of I3erea, Ohio, matter of how long stan
e an Illustrated talk at the Y. cannot be lelleved or c
i. hall Sunday afternoon at 4 careful and conscientious
The subject will be "That Boy nor*.s Safe Cure."
l." The speaker will use ten pr< Charles W. Purdy
Intlngs to Illustrate the lecture. nrc mnnv fllnoiisfifl irrom
will be welcome. ]i<>ad of Brlght's disease c
ial court mot yesterday morn- One of the mast serious f
adjourned until Monday. Judge alvvay accompanied by
vas advised of the terms of the which frequently cauaet
tnt of the saloonlsts' liquor law the patlen't. The acute
i cases, and on Monday he will <he patient within n fev
Judgment In the matter, when he receive proper tivatm
ns of the settlement will be ' Dr. K. A. Ouivn, dean
ibHc, States Medical College, i
orth street M, E. church ser- years the treatment of E
Sunday consist of preaching by has been largely experim
or, Rev. C. D. Graham, at 10:30 dependent enough and fr
nd 7 p. m.; morning subject commend most heartily t
rhood"; evening subject "The edy?Warner's Safe Curt1
i Salvation." Special meetings Dr. A. R Hostner's af
I every evening, to which there Brlght's disease In child
come for all. The kidneys, you see. ar
is who have heard the Italian n"c' u'h?n they are partia
orchestra now playing In sa- mn*}- result.
nd hotels about town, will be TV'rp Yorlc;; or \N
d to learn that the members of nissfrts: think \
inidation are taking this method n great blessing to
lg funds to reach the Klondike taken regularly will ci
L*lds. They expect to reach disease of the kidneys,
next summer. mV practice."
ous Ben-ice, win bo held %I^7tle"
' '"'f!0?'" St orZT^tl r:
nt ^XkrdVaupper wil.'E 'aB#ll<
tered: at 7:W p. m. the Rev. W. nrsftna 10 as "
h. of Ohio, will deliver his IllUf- p", '
Alfare8welcome^ M?df' y?Un,f "Yln* f:
micomi. virtue, of Warner's Snfe
Th.uk.ulvllic llirfli. (lend " 1 Sh0Ul<1 |0"R "'n
irs were active In Dallas, M ir- Throughout the land, v
unty, Thursday night, while the tlgatlon has been made,
were enjoying a Thanksgiving Wbma to ?>e the aame.
nmcnt. Rhodes and McCollum's Th^ above unquestlone
irere entered, but the booty Re- tlonahle testimony prov
as not very much. Some small doubt tihat Brlght's dlse;
ivas taken from the former store, neys can be cured. Mr.
safe was taken from McColIum's whereof he affirmed, for
it Into a field, and breaking It been cured' of Brlght's
1 finding nothing but papers, the worst form. If any read
left In disgust. The safe, which pains, strange sen sail
ill one, was fotind behind a hay- countable feelings, whlcl
A private resldenco was visited, announce the coming on >
ilng of value taken. The suppo- hie, there Is Wo nved to
re vails that the thieves are not la every reason for hopt
? to Dallas been found and proven b
or the possibility of doub
" work. The annual l>az
I Pile euro Cum l?Hrt Perm mi- place December 2, an?1 y
?y Curing the Came?Remarkable ly Invited to attvml. T1
ly Which In tlrlnglng Comfort lo special motor service.
iihIh of SuflVrrrM. '
blr h.lt the people who see th., W^loa'
suffer from pile,. It is one of r(w,He,. fllve them 11
monest maea?e? and one or the schweriregcr, iiio "???
Htlnnto. People have It for years
t because It Is not Immediately Backlri* An?lc?
h,'>' ?lKt " CwlM?n?? b?!ILS,'"sorer Ulcers,
10 end of ?uff?*rlng. Carelessness yeVor Sores, Tetter, Oh
10 simple n thing as piles has chlllblulns, Corns, and i
lused death. Hemorrhages oe- tlons. and positively cur
n no apparent eause and loss of .)tty required. It Ik giiai
nines death. Hemorrhages occur perfect satisfaction or m
surgical treatment, often cans- pr|ec 2.". cents per box. 1
th. gnu Drug Co.
are simple In the beginning and ^ ?
;ured. They can be cured even iftlie Hniiy u oitti
worst st.moH. without pain or 8Ur9 nnd use that old
blood, quickly, surely and corn- remedy, Mrs. Wlnslow's i
There Is only on?- remedy that f0r children teething.
It?Pyramid Pile Cure. child, softens tho gutns,
ays ih" inflammation Immedl- curcs wind collo and Is t
icnls the Irritated surface ami for dlanhoea. Twunt
mtlnued treatment reducrn the bottle,
; nnd puts the membranes Into i
>unu noaimy condition. j no euro ; :
nigh nnd permanent. Dlatrcsslng Kidney an
nre some voluntary nnd nnsollc- relieved In six I
itlmonl.ils wo havo lately re- 2r? South Amcycan .
11 l.s a fcrcat eurprli'e on
\T r lllnklt' r.01 Ml'.- ln-<lnnl PI exceeding promptness In
, V , M' 1 VI P' M 1? bladder, kidneys nnd
i|:ollw, lnd? nnyas Hove been a or Comalo. Relieve, r
from the pnln nnd nnnoynnc jmnjediMtely If you \vr
i for flfipnn year., tho Pyramid nn(] cun?, thin 1* the r.?t
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T. Grlffln, proprietor of the Orlf- \\/r ii/il I XT
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I'yrnmltl Druit Co., .Mm,- li
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lion. M. flNOOK & Co.
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S?:?. | A SOLID LINElnnnnn
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efforts made
cause are most
? pleased to say
ui^inquiry'ima We're ready to open the medium and
"i"whar'um'l heavy weight Overcoat subject whenressed
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taeom. ments. More variety than We ever had
That this U a *
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Therowasn will realize these are better than usual.
wnan suffering
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years I have , Ml ,
kidney trouble they 11 beat any you vc seen. : : : :
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so severe, no
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' U!w of W?r" J A
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heart trouble, + +
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WS?2I but one price, and money back for the asking.
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le. of Chicago. Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers, 1 I
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cample of the OVERCOATS?BA.BB S.
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Warner knew /r_ r*j (v/7\ \ u a
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sry^s? (of 1$ > | $15.00
:i far too often j 7"^| 'cag=rI \\ **
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' A cure haa \, ;\ If \ f / / Arc DIMCCS Within the TCaCh
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" m II I It I k if f ?fmost people. Our Best
llL JJ Ma I Winter Suits and Overou
are cordial- \ ///xfcr 4 t-..a
tero will be a . ' Xy COatS at I Gil tO Fifteen
'["laK"Horseshoe" make of fine Clothing for Men. They
Street. c ,
? are "Equal to Custom Made." and arc guaranteed
fair*. ?
vs?it fRheum to '1C ?'" the liighcst standard of workmanship and
JnpsuinlErup- general "get-up." We are catering for a large increase
PS Pile*, or no f . ... i
omyc?efuiidcae 'n business and are winning it by sterling values and
ijo- promptf pleasing service.
Llig Troth ?r=======r====:
1 and well-tried
HS RACP'S- ' "" STREBr==
fgfzn 0/^IUlt\ ?2> CLOTHING.HOUSE
id Blailder Jflla- SHOES-J. M. LOCKE 8HOB COMPANY.
IOUM l?y Now - - - . , ?-?
ilpt i MEN'S 3-SOLE SttOES.';'^i
mt quick relief || O/M-c.# (
nuily. Hold by ' (
luollnf, W. Va, < Brown Harvard Call uppers, heavy bottom, full three-tole,
lllffta 0 rr /
^ ^ extciwion edge, strictly *olid, and up to the day for ityle- 1
I I. Y01J CtjO BUYS A I1 See them in our window, and get a p^i/ 1
" PAIR, i! fcefort your rire U gonj. <
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rrTT?rmcnn?Mnr !"^e Mai. of Ust ReSOft"
ffiir'fuSs TITLE INSURANCE. a New (took I?V M. I). POSt, Mm
tmtlon^frop.^ 85 U?o | Aull.or of "Str.n*. Schtmt. ol R???
WU. ' ?*?? Title and Trust Co, Pflpor..,
NO. IA15 ItAllKKt HTUMKT. . . , . .
gfMM It. m iu-hmijm Proilitfnt Mailed on receipt of price.
?u?e. H?. STANTON a book stors
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