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Thonkselvlii* eenerally rings down
tin curtain on tilt football arena, and
ilils year's Is no exception to far as (be
biy Ram*-s * re concerned, but there will
be many an argument settled on the
jrlillmn before the imoiv flies. Tile col|.'B?
teams have disbanded, but a few
of theVlval athletlo teams haven't huil
their fill ret. Klated by the success
their efforts received last Thursday, the
members of lite W. A, C. feel loathe to
(lit-J the bloomer* until "98. and will
ilkeiy UCCL'yt IUU wuc| *'1 iim a nm \*ules
to play at Dennlson, Ohio, next
Saturday. The record of tho locals
this sea bo & is splendid, considering tho
many changes in the team's personnel,
which resulted in green players figuring
ill the later games, and it is reasonable
to assert that were the same
encouragement showered on them
early in the season as Is disposed to be
given them now, a more brilliant showing
would havu resulted. Wheeling was
lute in catching the contagion, but football
is here ik>w to stay. No fetter evidence
is necessary ihan the number of
tplendld Junior aggregations in thisj
city and vicinity.
In considering the two defeats administered
the local team, It must be
remembered that Oreenuburg is the
strongest athletic association team in
the country, It defeated Latrobe Saturday,
6 t*> 0, and our own MoF&rl&nd
nude the touchdown. It Is his second
season, and he won't do n thing next
year. Jn the appended list of games,
though the locals were known as the
TlRprH until a few weeks ago, the title
\\ A. C., Is used throughout. Their
W. A. C 24 East Liverpool 0
\\\ A. C 24 Mt. Union Collego.. 0 j
W. A. (' 0 P. A. C 14
\V. a. C 0 Oreonsburg 30
\V A. I? 8 Steubenvllle ol
W. A. C 0 fltenhenvllle 0
w. a. C t> Pittsburgh College, c I
I Totals W. A. C<C2 Opponents GO j
There is considerable rivalry existing I
between the Aetnavllle Juniors and the |
Madisons for the Junior championship.
They played a 0-0 game at Bridqc park I
Paturday, in an exciting contest. The
Madisons claim they were cheated out
cf a touch-down in the last half by ono I
official, and the Aetnavllle boys prefer ,
a almilar claim against the other offl- |
Hal. they saying they carried the ball
over In the first lialf. The Aetnavllle i
captain called at the Intelligencer office
last flight, and stated that the Aetnavilles
will play tho Madisons next Saturday
for from |25 to J100 a side, or for
fun and that a forfeit would be put
up to-morrow evening if necessary.
The Madisons are after the Bellaire
Joys' scalps, but if they accept Aetnavllle's
challenge, there'll be a hot time
in tho region of the game.
Teams. Won. Lost. P^r. Ave.
Auroras 16 f? .702 874
r??mopolltan lf? 6 .714 8.*>o
Pirates 14 7 .017 832
Heals 14 7 .ca $24
Tidal Waves 13 8 .6l!? MS
The Bowlers 13 K .619 822
Silver Globes 10 11 ,476 822
Defenders 7 14 .838 799
Old Cronies 3 is. .143 7M
Aber*Nlt 2 20 .043 747
The averages of players in the
I Wheeling league up to and Including
last week'* gamer, are as follows:
Stevenson, Cosmopolitan, 1G5; Brown;
Cosmopolitan, 159; Bowlln, Cosmopolitan.
159; W. Fette, Old Cronlw*, 158;
Wettzel, Aurorae. 158; Emblem. The
Bowlers, 157; "Watts, The Bowlers, 157;
Handlan, Auroras, 155; Marshner, Auroras,
154; Baumann, Abor Nit. 153;
Brumelle, Old Cronies. 152: Clark, Ideals,
151; Rahr, Tidal Wave, 151; Kromrick,
Silver Globes, 151; Hall, Cosmopolitan,
148; I. Woods. Ideals. 148; Turner, Cosmopolitan,
147; Ueelton, Auroras, 146;
Hackinan, Ideals, 146; Hazlett, Tidal
Waves, 146;_6cheehle. Pirates^ 144; Spei
ik'!. Tidal waves, i?; ji. uuenrig, i'?
fenders, 143; Jackson, Auroras. 142;
Wagner, Auroras. 142; Franz, Pirates,
142; Yenkc, Tidal Waves, 142; F. Brash,
Tidal Waves. 142; VoeKler,, Ideate, 142;
H. Fette, Defender*, 141; Berswinger,
Pirates, 141; C..Nolle, Pirates, 141; C.
KbeMnsr, Silver GHobes, 141; Gilbert, Tho
Bowlers, 141; Arodt, TKhU WaveP, 140;
Kemple, Pirates, 140; Balier. Silver
Globes, 139; Klnp, Defenders, 139; Day.
Cosmopolitan, 139; H, C. Richards, The
P.otvlers, 138; Carroll, Ideals, 138; Knoko,
Auroras, 138; Travis, Pirates, 137; Ganshan,
Pirate?, 137; Borland, Cosmopolitan,
137; K liver, Aber Nit. 13C; Plankey, Sllv
r Globes, 136; I/. Fette, Tidal Waves,
136; Wasmuth. Auroras, 130; Guelker,
Old Cronies, 135; If. Wells, Cosmopolitan,
!?' ; F. Golder, Old Cronies, 13G; Sarver,
Pirates, 134; Sohrebe, The Bowlers, 134;
Alexander. Tho Bowleit?, 134; ratterson,
Tidal Waves, 134; .T. Nolle, Defenders,
134; WolviDgton. Silver Globes. 133;
Auroras, 133; Brahler, Ab^r Nit,
132: W. Brash, Silver Globes, 132; C.
Woods, Ideals, 152; Audllnger, Defend'
rs, 132; Hennlng. Tho Bowlers, 13!;
JteH, Defenders, 131; Helenststn, old
I Cronies, 131; Martin, Defenders. 130;
Shanley, Aber Nit, 129; Sehmulbaeh,
Ab'T NH. 129; Rolf. Silver GlObeS, 12S;
Auher, Abor Nit, 128; Del. Wood*;. Tidal
Wavr . 127; Jiohftcttxr. Aber Nit, 120;
I. slle, Pirates, 128; Kohm. Auroras, 120;
F. C. Fette, Old Cronies, 120; Thoner.Old
('ronlea, 120; B. <Whro<edor, Aber Nit, 125;
Hotii, Thi Bowlers, 121; Schafer, Defenders,
124; Nicholas, Defenders. 124;
Huff, Aber Nit, 123; Werner, Ideals, 123;
lt"thermtind, Defenders, 123; Northman,
Defender*, 123; N. Golner. A<ber Nit. 122;
Tucker, After Nit, 122; Jon--. The Bowl*rc?,
122; Ktoftksr, Old Cronies, 122; J.
flehroedei1, Aber Nit, 120; Early, C.smoi
limn, 1 in. Yslin, Ideals, 119; Baker,Old
Cronies, 119; Ross, Old (ironies, 118; Mil1
r. Old Cronies, 117; fttnlff. Ido.iK 117;
I! ill, Cosmopolitan, 114; Knln, Hllver
in; rj. florae, Old Cronies, 110;
W. Hehuft*, Aber Nit, 110; Garden, Aber
VII, lln; Bt-roM, Old Cronies. 107: H(.ill>,
'M<1 Cronle*, jo?; Rerrehw?m. old Cronies.
100; Hehafer, Aber Nit, 100; Clay, Old
Cronies, 104; Ackerman, Old Cronies, 93.
. Won. Lout. Ave. Per,
rrmon 11 a v:n ,014
Nmoras If. 0 74/ ,707
National j4 7 703 .M7
JCIondiHs II 7 7W .oo:
"ii'iuenns 10 11 org .470
J""n'oMlH 7 14 OOf. .3.1.1
"he Club 4 i; M'i .11m
Asuiri 1 to f>*.? ,017
Tim avcrftfei In the Mt/tae lenirue nto
ft* follows:
I'renjo? - Itider, lf>9; Nolle, Ifnl; .lorn1*,
! !. i'nit, i*s, aitxander in:', M< .
'* Heed, 1.14; W. Falk, 118.
Aurora*- 1'ielton, 1M; Mnrshfief, 141;
"Ifkmlrtj 147; Knoko, 144, O'Noll, 112;
v if tier, 141; Wrtlr.el, K'4
miorini- 'nmpbell, 173; null, lis,
I''row n, 1(1(1; Hlevenvon, l."9; Turner,' Kill,
'iv. 141: Walls, I4Z; llowlln, J17| lloi
"'I, 130; Mumilng, 13!!,
'<! rullk*. I Woods, ir.fl; KntllP, H ?:
"' ihlijdrn, 147; Cross*!, 140; Bosby, III,
1 ' "k. HI; I,. Woods, 139. Day, I' .
".million, 124,
I'injur fiii Kv/ins, 143; Mer?e, 131.
"II". 1.11; Wllhelm, I;:.,; Homorflelil,
1 UlliBtli, 124] Km , I IT*.
Concotfli^-Ktmpis, 140; Clator, 143;
La Grippe
This modern malady has Fecomo
dreaded not more for its direct fatality
than for the weakneus of
body and mind it leaves behind it.
Prolonged debility, permanent prostration,
melancholy and suicide follow
La Urippe. For this disease
there is no remedy superior to
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral.
"Tb? but remedy for U B"p?e th*t I
know of is Ayer'$ Cherry Pectoral."
Sojith Hampton, N. H.
"My wife and five children wero taken
down with la grippe, while the disease waiiao
widely preralent. 1 doted them with Ajari
Cherry Pectoral, and befora luing quite two
bottle* my family waa raitarod to health. 1
know of teveral obstinate cases of the samo
complaint which wen alto cured by thia
remedy." J. PAKMINTER,
Paulette, Mitt.
" I waa curad of la grippo by the usa of
Ayer'a Cherry Pectoral.
Pub. " Signal," West Kurmington, 0.
Clerri Pectoral
is put up in half-size bottles at half
price?-60 conts.
Dlscher, 134; Manley. 13!; Hebrank, 2M;
Lally, 121; Dank, 109.
The Club?Rlchardt, 12S; White, 128;
Davis, 127; Hennln-g, 125; Bhelhase 123.
Off Again?Ebeling, 1M; Hores, 136;
Zlmmer, 120; Drayer, 117; Reid, 114;
Armstrong, 109.
The Mnlcli I'oalpouril.
Frank Davey became 111 last Friday
and the wrestling match between him
and K. Hall's unknown, mrheduled for
to-nJght, has been postponed until Davey
gets in shape. Though the forfeit money
lima nil lUil/nAll'nV ttfinlfAM UinillV
consented to the po?tj>6nement. Davey'n
medical attendant* Insist that ho must
abstain from violent exercise for some
time yet.
NEW YORK, Nov. 28.?The entire list
for the six day's bicycle race to begin
in. Madison Square Garden next Sunday
night, Is now complete. All the fast
riders of the world are to take part, and
an effort will be made to break Hale's
record of 3.910 miles, made last December.
In all forty men will face tlje
Recent Pension*.
Special Dispatch to tho Intelligencer.
WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 28.-Certlflcates
of pension have been Issued to
West Virginia applicants as follows:
Restoration and increase?Abraham
Muldrew, Glen Easton; Jacob Klstler,
Widow?Elizabeth L. Nutter, Auburn.
Other certificates to applicants at 1
points near Wheeling have been issued
as follows:
Isaac M. Rogers. Zanesvllle. Ohio;
restoration, supplemental and increase
?Michael Humble, Steubenvlile, Ohio;
increase, widows?:Amanda McFarlnnd,
Bridgeport, Ohio; Drue ilia Peddlcord,
Barnesvillo, Ohio; Mary Betteridge,East
Liverpool, Ohio; Margaret A. Till, Sandusky,
fteir I'ommaaiera.
Special Dispatch to tha IntHltcencer.
WASHINGTON, D. C.,NoV. 28.?'Wept J
Virginia postmasters of the fourth chiB3 1
have been appointed as follows:
James O. Thomas, Elkhorn, McDowell
county; Henry nriggs. Green Hill, Wetzul
county*; William H. MoVey, Gualey
Bridge, Fayette county; u a. McMIUki, i
Heights, Mnson county; Frank P. Cook, j
Maud, Wetzel county; William a.
Shlrey, Pickaway, Monroe county; W.
L. Burner. Sago, Upshur county; A. L. I
Stewart, Wllber, Tyler county; Nlcho- 1
las Barr, Wileyville, Wetzel county.
IVIII Allow Kntltlttcc Kxcraalvr.
* BERLIN, Nov. 28.?The state department
at Washington hns requested
United States Ambassador White to ascertain
exactly the intentions of Germany
with the respect to the claims of
Ilerr Lueders, whose recent imprison- j
ment in Haytl has caused friction between
the German and Ilaytien governments.
Mr. White has alno been inHtructed,
if any ftchemes of annexation
fxlst, or if there Is nn Intantlon to muke
an excessive demonstration with a
view of unduly punishing Haytl, to in- j
tlmate to the German government thnt
the United Slates could not tolerate
either of these courses, though in p?1n-1
clple having no objection to Germany
obtaining satisfaction.
ri When a Newfoundland dog plunges
U into tlic water and saves a drowning
Jjrl child, every one
ZjI?Ci yv ^ has a word of
HFf/B ^ Ir\?V? praire for thr novP
ole animal. There
7 ML*.V'-*. is a graver danger
L*Xv/J MV ing that menaces
!>// n childhood. It ii
Uffy j'4?jLa 1 w* \ a danger from
'n / . , which evert
Tin/' i3rj'/ spective mother
VUJ\ J if SI *uajr aave her babe
/ 'u/jM / if will only
take the right care of thf health of the deli,
catc organs that bear the burdens of ma>
ternity, during the petlod auguring moth,
The threatening danger is that baby will he
Weak, puny and sickly, and come into the
world with the needs nf disease and death
already implanted in its little bodr. Health
cannot be born of ill-health. The child
born of a tnolhrr who is ntiffering from
weakneM and disease of the feminine or.
gaiis in condemnrd upon the very thresh'
old of life to sufferIriK. disease ami death,
Dr. Pierce's Ifavoxite Prescription fit* a woman
for motherhood and insures I health])
baby Thousands of women who were
either clilldleas or whose children had all
died in babvhood, bleu* the " Pavorite Pre
acrlptlon" for the fact that they are now
the hspnjr mothers of healthy children.
The medicine dealer who says he has some,
tiling "ju.it as good " knows (hat he falsi*
Mm. Jno. If. Jones, of J'eely, Lurerne Co, rn.
write*. "I wim IndilMd to buy two bet I If* rf
Dr. Pierre's 1'avotllr I'rm-t-ipticn to tee If tin
Mif.lli !'" would tnnkr thr i-noilou nf ?t?y hah*
mote ea*y J lm?l wvrn children before nritl nil
tlipil durfag filrtli er atirirtfr after. f ?rn hsppi
(..nnviliat rovlfhth child (horn Hundsy. Oetohi i
/ tti. I'M* ll?iri? and I atig>r?,d t|.tnr- nt all
coniinird with what I find with the other* "
The names, addte??rM and photographs oi
hundreds of women cured by !)t, l'latce'*
medicines arA printed by permission in flic
|'/ ople' i Cottutmti Kerne Medical Ail
vi'ri It'-I free. I'm a paper coveted
. ijiy nmd 'i one cent stamp" totovn mail.
French < loth binding ,1t stamps.
Addre-n f)r It, V I'lerce, TltlfTalo. N. V.
I.very woman lieedt a meal medb-al bonk
it- Metre's Common ftstise Medical Ad.
j <t iilln this want It 'onlnins ovci i<
, and :>> IllUAtrallooA. 1 everal chap{,
tM are devoted to the phynlology of tlio
niKsti* diitlnctly ieuilulne.
Mr. Charles CoghUn's new play, "The
Royal Box," has for iti dramatic personae,
characters prominent In court
and diplomatic circles and in the stage
world at the time Just preceding the
regency of the Princ* of Wales, son of i
George III, which began la tV year
J811, and lasted until 1820, when ne became
George IV. Mr. Coghlan impersonates
the leading actor of that time,
the stagy also giving the Prince of
Wales, who was an impuhlvn and generous
man, a prominent place in the
plot. The motive is a pure one, Mr. (
Coghlan avoiding all risque coloring in
the drawing and placing of his eharac- .*
ti^a. This piece is said to be the
strongest and most novel drama that
hiui *?ver pome from Mr. Coffhlan's most I
volatile pen. jua support will be u
large* company of leading artists, conspicuous
for their talent anil long experience.
Mr. Coghlan in 'The Royal 1
Box," will appear for the first time In t
thla city next Saturday, at the Opera ?
House. t
Charles H. Yale's "Devil's Auction" (
has enrolled among its members some :
very beautiful women, notable among :
whom are Mildred Holden, Mabel Har- 1
rlson, Flora Leonard, Eleanor Worthlngton,
and Mayme Mayo, who repre- I
sont the American contingent: Amalia 1
Maveroffer, Adele A more, who hail <
from sunny Italy and Fraulein Was- J
serman from Germany, while there are
others from England, Poland, Hungary, i
Russia and almost all known points of i
the civilized globe. That "The Devil's
Auction" Is cosmopolitan In its general ,
make-up Is certainly indisputable. It j
will be presented at the Opera House, \
next Wednesday night. <
Manager Charles A. Pelnler offers
patrons of the Grand Opera House a j
novel entertainment on the last .four ,
nights of this week, beginning Wed- t
nesday. Edison's Projectoscope, one of ,
the moat wonderful of the wizard's
many inventions, will throw a series,
embracing half n hundred different
views, upon Illustrated songs to be ren- :
dered cach evening by prominent vocalists.
All Sort* of Local He waowt tloialp From (
Ihc fllata Clly. ]
George Crawford, the fellow arrested <
in Benwood for the robbery of NlCholeon J
& Ball's shoo store, will be tfsken to
Moundsvllle to-day and held as a fugl- :
tlve from justice until requisition papers |
can be had. Tt is known that Crawford I
* -*? Mm <n tHIs
una two coioyaiuviiB tvim? ...
city tho evening of the robbery, but he '
offers to givo up what information he <
has only on condition that he will not be
prosecuted. The firm will not have any- i
thing to do with this proposition, but i
will push the prosecution, os tho evidence
that Crawford did the work Is con-clu- ,
Klvc. Crawford formerly lived In this j
city and was known when & young boy
| as "Sycamore." Officer James 8. John|
son knew of the character and whereabouts
of the young man ami followed a
wllght clue, assisted by Marshal Bahra,
found Crawford with a pnir of the stolen
shoes on his feet and also found two per- i
sons to whom he had sold shoes, all of
which were Identified. He will be
brought to this side of the river as soon i
as tho necessary papers are obtained. The
stolen goods were taken up to Thirty- j
fifth street through Plum alley and
thence to the river, Where a Johriboa't
was stolen from Sain Obllnger, and tho
find -was taken to Bcnwood. The two
companions will probably bo located <
without Crawford confessing.
There was more than the usual amount ,
of drunkenness on the streets Saturday
night, and seven characters of this kind
were locked up. One unruly fellow who
thought he would take a hand at teachins:
the officers a lesson, was punished by
the marshal in a way thut made him
quiet down.
There la some scarlet rever in mis ciiy
a? 1Mb time. Two children, both boys,
of Frank I Van. died ?irly yesterday
morning of tills disease. They were aged |
one and three years, respectively.
A dlsptaeh from ITarrlson, Ohio, says \
that an old man answering the drscrlp- :
lion of Morris V. Miller, the missing C,
&. P.engineer, was at the Erist End hotel j
in that place on last Tuesday, and that i
lite actions Indicated an unb'alanoed I
mind, as he offered a small dop drain and
lock In payment for some timing purchase.
Mr. Miller carried a considerable
amount of life insurance and his location
dead or alive is important l>oth from a 1
humane and bufclneas point of view.
Sheriff Darby landed Janvs Williams, !
sentenced to ton years for killing Wash
Rinker, and Joe Prltohard. eighteen
months for stealing harness, in the pent- 1
ten'tlary last Saturday. II. T. Shepherd
accompanied them*
John Schlernttrancr, who has been
working in Washington, Pa., for some 1
time past, is spending a few days with 1
friend-.) and relatives In this city. <
Moses Edgar and wife, of Barnesvllle,
are spending a low days with their
daughter, Mrs. James Fitton, in the i
Fourth ward. <
Miss Inrr. Blackburn will return to
Bethany <o-dny, after spending a few 1
days with her parents, in the Fifth ward,
I Hon. J. E. Blackburn came in yesterI
day morning from Columbus <o speyd
a few days with friends In this city.
| Mrs. William Wlgfleld nnd daughter,
Mabel, have gone <o fit, Clalrsvllle, to
spend a few days with relatives. ,
I Mrs. Robert Ohrlsholm nnd family, |
have gone to Cleveland, where they will .
make their future home. ?
A llltle child of Edward Spears, of (he
I Fourth ward, l? seriously ill with the
I membraneous croup. j
Edward n rimes left yesterday for liin
I home in Portsmouth, after a weeks' visit
in this city.
Mrs. William Boyle, of Cambridge, h j
visiting friends and relatives In the See.
ond ward.
lion Charles Tlogg, of Cadl*. spent
yesterday with friends in. this city. 1
Anton La Roche spent yenterduy with '
friends In Unrnesvllle.
William Mllllgnn spent yesterday with 1
ri li n im in B&m?ivlllt, j
"THE worst cold 1 ever had In my |
life was eurod by Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy," writes W, II. Norton, of ,
gutter Creek, Oil. "This cold left him ,
Willi a cough nnd i was oxpoutnrallng
all the time. The Iteinedy cured mo, i
fttid i Willi all of my friends when ,
Irnijhleil wlib a rough "r cold, lo use it
for It will do Hieni good." Sold by j
I Pill i PBR1TY comes quit kell (o I he
j inn if whys* liver le In good Rendition.
DeWltt'e Little Early Rlseri ife t.i
| mown III 11" pills for enlist Ipal Ion, Ml|
i .M'ine , Indlf'ition nnd nil itottineli .
ind liver it >ubloa Charles M dostie,
I Market and Twelfth stierts; Chatham
Sinclair, Forty*?lilh and Jacob street*; ,
| a. is, ftcheele, ?N", 007 Main etreeti tOx?
I \ (litis, penn nnd /.am* * tresis; IJow. {
i-' A' Co., Urblrepuij. 4 '
I 1 it Mile.i'fVi/M l^flsaroRunrnntoedtosloii
I Irfcodrte/irlu^D iniuutuu, "Otiuiunt u dmio. I
...C ??
HO Tjlk 0UilB$ ? atA? i<* ^
a positive cure for Muscular Kheu- ! _
matlsm, Backaclio, Sciatica, l'leu. M
riiy, Kidney atfectiona sad all ache* I
and paint. Manufacturer* a landing J
a guarantee of merit. Insist upon a
BENSON. Only the genuine effective.
Trice 25c. Refuse substitutes. ; r
Upi ftud Hlihipi im iti? Thrl?lN? Cltj
Across the lllvcr.
A new time card went ihto effect on
lie WJieellnf & Lake Erie railroad ye?erday.
The Toledo train now leaves
Martin'* Ferry going at fl;50 a. m. aqd I
irrlving from Toledo ut C:40 p. m. The )
Vfasalllon- train Arrive at 10:35 a. m.,
ind leaves at 4:56, all fast tlm?. The
lew time card on the Cleveland & Pitta- ^
>urgh is prpcticalJy the 6ame as It 1ms ^
>een. ^
Mountain City Lodge No. 68, Amaljamated
Association of Iron and Steel
Workers at Ita meeting on Saturday af- ?
ernoon/elected Charlee A. James and L
Blon B. Williams delegates to the Ohio T
rrudea Assembly, which meets at Colimtus,
Tuesday, December 7, and Chey
;o next Monday.
The ease of Robert Richardson, f
jJiarged with Impersonating a special ^
>enslon examiner, will 'be -tried In the
Jolted States"court at Columbus, Toeslay,
December 7, Martin's Ferry witleaaea
summoned ore Mayor Georoo B.
3arr, Leonard and Mary Fisher.
The young ladles who take part In the
nlnatrel show on December 10 and 11,
vlli rehearae at the op*ra house this
ifternoon at 2 o'clock. Thai openlnti
;horus will be "There Will Be a Hot
Time In the Old Town To-night."
"Jack and the Bean Stalk," which was
epeated at the Martin's Ferry operai
louse, on Saturday tilght, is one of thn
/ery best entertsinments ever given in
his neighborhood and so different from
uost entertainments.
Thcrs tvas an oyster supper given by
he members of the Vigilant Hose Company
on Saturday night, In honor of R.
2. Montgomery. Mr. Montgomery pre- ^
lented tho coavpany with a handsome
seating stove.
While at work at the Aetna-Standard ?
nill on Saturday, John Dorf, a heater, L
fell against a pile of slaba and cut a r
?ash 1n his arm requiring ton stitches. A
Dr. James P. Jordan has arrived from
i year'a stay in Germany,where ho took
i special course In medicine,
Th* Mnriln'a Ferry lodge of Foresters
nrlU celebrate their eleventh annlver- I
wry next Sunday olght.
Edison's Projecrtoscope company, will
ippear at the Martin's Ferry Opera
louse this evening,
Harry Wood, of the Toledo glass
arorks, spent Sunday with Martin's Ferry
City Clerk R. F. Allender, has recovered
sufficiently to t>e out on the
Mrs. Charles Morgan will entertain
the Glee Club ut her home on Third
John W. Crlder, of Clncln&tl. spent
Sunday with James Galther and family.
An entertainment will be held In the
church of God on Thursday evening. ?
The public schools will re-open today,
after a three day's vacation. ^
Rev. E. G. Bailey exchanged pulpita
with Rev. Thoropson yesterday.
Miss Sue Dltmnr Is spending a few
days with friends at Glencoe. ^
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Dickson ore
the parents of a new baby.
Till! l"lVEK.
Pittsburgh...KANAWHA. 8 n. m. 1,1
Pittsburgh...KEYSTONE STATE, 9 a.m. ?
Cincinnati....VIRGINIA, JO a. m.
Kanc8vtl]?....LOKENA, 6 lu m.
Pnrkf'rsburg.IJEN' HUB, 0 p. m. M
BlsterBVIIle...RUTH. 8:30 p. m. Juf
niarlngton....LEROY, 3:30 p. m. thlt
3teubenvllle..T. M. BAYNfi, 2:30 p. m. J
Cincinnati....KEYSTONE STATE. 8 a. m. \>
Pittsburgh...QUBEN CITV, ta.ni. nee
Parkcrsburg.AR(*AND. 11 a. in. rlicJ
Matatnorus...LEXINGTON. 11 a. m. liO
Blstersvllle...RUT1T. 8:W p. m. ~
Clarlngton....LEROY, 1:80 p. m. \\
3tcubenville..T. M. BAYNE, 2:30 p. nv VJ
pat i
Alone the landing. wril
The marks nt C p. m. slhowett 10 feet t,m|
and rising. Weather, clear and cool. JJgj
The report from a1>ove last night dhows ?
11 feet and rising at Davis Island dam; "IT
this means that there will be more water
at Wheeling than ha* been seen since JjjJ
last spring. It 1s expected there will be jiui
fifteen to twenty fret. Above Pittsburgh clni
both rivers were falling, ho 1t 1s probable ?ltl<
twelve f?*>t will mark t he top notch of the
rise at tho Smoky Olty.
The rise let the Queen City and Ben
Hut* ofr the bar at. Wa J Tory's, and both
l>oa'ts returned to Pittsburgh. The Ben "
Hur passes down for Parkersburg this 1 1
evening, and the Queen City will bo here |
i?n Thureday, her regular day, for Cincinnati.
Th?* Keystone Pta4e passed up for P? n
Pittsburgh yesterday morning with a Ban
fine trip. Busing on the upper river li W.
excellent this fall, boa
The Leroy will not resume her Sunday
excursions io Sistersville, us was pub- r
lished la.it week. _
The Keystone State Is (o-nu>rrow>
'pocket for Cincinnati.
PITT8BUUGH, Pa., Nov. 2ft-Over
one million bushels of coal left this Tl
port to-day for southern markets. G-30
There are In the neighborhood of eight '?L
million bushels loaded awaiting ship- rede
rnent and It Is expected that between com
five and six millions will ret out on the Wh
present rise. day
of 1
nivrr Trlrcrntn*.
OIL CITY?Hlver 4 feet ft inches nnd
falling. Weather clear and cool. ??
WAUAKN?River 4 feet and falling.
hVontfl cli i and eool.
QRKffNflHORO?Hlvor 11 fept n inch- ?
r-s and Tailing. Weather clear and \X]
warmer. Adnm Jacobs and Nellie Hud- VV
won down Tuesdays James (I. Blaine
nnd Klorenoe Hello up.
MOHCIANTOWN?HlVir 10 feet ft
nelics and falling WeatluT cloud*'. A
BROWNSVILLE- Hlver 11 feet 8
Inches and stations!-)'. rHf
riTTHBIIimJI?lllvnr II fori nnd
rising nt the dam. Weather; clear and
bold. ** Tti
KTi;t! BIOS'VILLK-- Hlver 10 feet 2 Mm
Inches and rising Weather, clear nnd Trfj
pool. Passed up?Kanawhit, Keystone |.?f..
Slfllo, Jlobtrt Jenkins, Lillls l<>e?J,Cat)j? run
rlne Pavls nnd Raymond Horner. Con
I'ARJCHHBBURU Ohio river 9 ff#t I nei
nches and rising, Weather oloudy and
nercury at ;is Passed down?Atgand. jr"r
Due down Virginia. Passed up?Ed, mm
llobeits, George Hhlras, Pacific, Bans ':rrr
4\ltJi cinplI'M, l.litIf Kaiuivvha llitlnp,
Locals on time,
to runic a rout n one day
rake Laxative llrnmo gultilna Tablets
\ll druifMlsls refund the money If It fall.i
" cure. ;:.v. The ? nulti? has L. it. <j
ill each tablet.
Ml drtlKBlHtsiiull Dr. Ml Ion' Pnln Pills,
~?m - c?
TIME'S SliOBT?OffO. E. STIFEL fc 00.
?eo. E. StifeT & Co.
riinp'q Eomrom
>nort. a ?s past
Now to get around and through all the hustle ?nd
bustle of Christinas-tide you will have to act quick.
So, if you are posted or not on what to buy for presents,
come in and sec our
'All new, bright and handsome. Something for old
and young, male and female. Men especially invited,
for here's where to get a present for wife or lady, friend
that is sure to please. As to price, we have a wide
range from 5c to 50 or more dollars.
no. Ruszets
rur Company
Arc the most renowned furriers of this country and
special leaders in Ftir Rugs. ,We have just received
from them a line of Animal Rugs, made of the wltole
hide and head, the handsomest line ever in this city.
Tircnvn Bear, Tiger, Prairie ,Wolf, Lynx, Red Fox,
Leopard, Timber Wolf, .Wolverine, Grey Fox, Wild
Cat, and a full variety of Goat Rugs.
>eo. E, Stifel & Co.
Your Eyes
Are cared lor when your glasses ire fitted here. Our service It
accurate and satisfactory. No charge for testing, jt j? jt jt
blB money In representing? new Hold I: in tho City Rank Ruildlng. Inquire at
Is enterprise. Writo ut once. Rome- the City Rank of Wheollng. mrtO
'BM0n'al'tlmo'rol"MUB' T1"" nENT~A VERT DESIRABLE
[ 200. Baltimore. _M mis? J residence at No. 134 South Penn street.
rANTED-AGENTS. $20 TO $25 A Every modern convenience. Possession
week iiure to workers; no capital Riven December 1. Inquire at 113 Fourfled:
new scoods; new plan; pells at teenth atreet. no20*
it; every family needa It. holslld
spec. co., Cincinnati. Ohio. jy24# t1 t\ . The largest store
ranted?men ani> women to tj ATI k A11 | frontln|r*07 ?feet
work at home. 1 pay to sig per r hi | h ti k | on .ilnin street
k for making crayon portraits, now ** v ?v/ aa v and the whole
nt method. unVonc who can road or squnrc on Tenth
te can do tho work, at home. In spare ?treet from Main to Mnrkui street. Will
p. day or evening. Send for partlcu- rsntasa whole or Innnrt.
i and work at once. Address. h. a. _ , fames !?. iia\ti,et,
1pp, Genuan Artlst, Tyrone. Pa. no2Q ?* ' k?tate and loan Agent, 106ft *?lo It.
ranted-a live and enkrget- tt^or rent?the odd fellows'
1c business man. one with ?xtenslvo Hall Association has rooms for rent
untntonce In Wheeling, w. Vn., to ae- on second, third and fourth floors of tholr
in the formation or a branch of n building, corner Twelfth hud Chaplin*
Idlng and Loan Association In tho vl- streets. Soclstlea contemplating change
ty. Good wages and a permanent po- of location will find It to their interest To
>n to tho applicant who can till our examine theso rooms before making final
ilrements. Address j. t. f1xhjrnoy, arrenjtoments. The assembly room, on
sw it road street. Newark. n. j. "q-'y, s< eond floor, suitable for balls, socials
'and public entertainments. Is also open
STOCKHOLDERS' MEETINGS. floo^F^'oSm,., 'rilSht.''0^? ?nn?y "t'o
JOHN HOWKI.L. jHnllor. it Hall.
HF annual meeting of tho stockholders no^tthfta
of (ho West Virginia Exposition and __________
State Fair Association %vill be held on FOR SALE.
iirdav, December 4,1897, at 3 o'clock -pum SALE on RENT?EIGHT ROOM
l., nt the Germama llell Dollar Savino* JJ houno near city and motor line. Terma
k, No. 1501 Market Stroet, Wheeling, Poa?o""on at onw. Apply to J. C.
Va., for the purpose of clcctinq a ' '-i ^IflrAe_lJL^ ..MB
rd of directors. "pOB BALE^ONB AND ONE-HALF
. bri/iltliu ? . 1 lot In Greenwood cemetery; tine IocsA.
Rf.YMANN, President, j tion; corncr let; adjoining best improve*
r.0RGf HOOK, Secretary. ! ?%'
? inarms for sale?juAT THINK OFt
general notices. .1: it! 10-acre garden farms, ten mllea*
,, , ...... from Atlantic City, for |2uo. Jio down and
IEREMP1I0N OF BONDS..-* '' w^Wy: only frw i,ft. Writ. or ail tor
ilisuvii llvis \/l uv/isi/o.*; onp journni. nisley, 308 Grant atreot.
?Pittsburgh, Pa. nol*
wheeling, Octobcr 30, 1$7. ? - ...
le following Ohio county per cent l^OR SALE
bonds have this day been drawn by a
?- ? ?* -*"v tkhul
: Numbers 94, 173, 3.', *7, 111, 7S, 191, 161, W. V. HOGE,
ii. p. McGRlCGOR, clt* "nlldlng, 1300 market au
President nonrd of Commissioners. .ma ~ ^ ^ _
.. ? . . ... .. Aetna-Standard. Preferred.
..... ^ i.a Uelle Iron Works
1321 M?irkol SI., Wheeling, W. Vn. i.;xriinn?? Uniik.
Warwick China Company
a a . < Central Glass Company.
(1(11 Y(>r tmCl ACCOtinlanl* i'.lorh Uro* Tobacco Company,
McCov Shoe t'ompnny.
icclal attention Riven to examination Rlveralde Glass Company.
ccounls. Will be pleased lo have your
notahy rroi.in. HOWARD HAZLETT.
MH'-I?"I! ? ?<""" ?? ">? INTRHTMKNTt,
fislde Iron Works; G. Liimb, Preshb nt
It of Wh'olihHi M JcfTrr^. Cashier
imerelsl Itank: M MiimcII, Attor* f [
??t l.nw; t'nldwell .v CftldWell. Altot? ,-l/^rn/^rt\ h
i at i aw; John j. Conlff. Attorney at j 1 ( i || |z? (
N i: WbltnUer. I'ic-i bni Wbltaker J I SvJJy V\J1 V\C^)n
i Co.; l. i:. Hands, Cashier lOichiviiKe w ljvalj
l< oelfl .
DENTISTRY. Wheeling & BelmontRrltlge Co. stock.
- r. iimnTi i r* iv Block of Tsthange Uank stotk.
E. E. WORTHEN. Monev ,o lo^on air Kd Ulol*
dentist. Surot) Uonds.
Pcabody Building# Room Not 301* ^ ? tititt
i Market Street,. , Wheolliid, W Va.. vjt* " JVLX .L Jri,
- TAKi: iM t vATos.- )jrJi I xthange Rank Building*

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