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No Other Store
f marshal such an arm
v3r I of great values in Gentle
y\S? V-) men's Suits and Overcoat:
A regiment of fine Suits at $12, i
jr A fancy cheviots, in fancy worsted:
! \ m neat mixtures, in blue and blac
t:il | r+# cheviots. Quality such as you migl
f?i I" ft expect to pay $16 and $18 for.
I ' l\ \ heavy smooth finished or unfir
I l , I \. 1 ished cloths, of cloths with
/ I Ivh slightly roughened to very roug
I I l|J surface. Colors?Blue, Blaci
I l|j Brown and Oxford.
nJi \|K Winter Underwear. Anythin
you want in Furnishing Goods.
M. Gutman & Co
rr?n?,I 1IH1PPI IMP Union No. 6890, Informed the asaeml
rKUM WrlthLIINu iTAfmUoadrtvemarefurnJaludwl
Delegate Tighe addressed the assei
bly. lie said he had seen in a moral
Two go to tbe Meeting of West paper that the West Virginia Bar Ass
elation had put Itself on record in fav
Virginia Mayors to be of government by Injunction. He d
______ sired an investigation, but he was I
formed by a delegate that this stateme
HELD IN CLARKSBURG TO-DAY hl?,b<?> contra,H<n?l authoritatively
The bills of delegates to the Belmo
Trades Oounoll were ordered paid,
AND TO-MORROW?MAYOH BUTTS .Th? reported having pu
chased a book case.
OBJECTS TO THE ESTABLISH- To the Public IJbrary Collection?Fl
MENT OF A ?TATFJ WORK- tlon, Biography and History.
HOUSE, AND SUGGESTS A CHAIN The following neiv volumes have be
COVERING THE TERRITORY?IT Aubrey, ^ank-Uovll^r? of Dojjt
WORKS IN OHIO Burton, J. B.?Clash of Arms.
Byington. E. H.?Puritans in Engla
and Now England.
, _ _ . . . _ _ _I4 Clinton, H. L.-Celebrated Trials.
Mayor Jahn Randolph Butts and City Creasy. Sir E. 8.?History of the Ott
Plnrlf ChnrlpR Hamilton Watkins leave niun Turks. _ _
" . n"'V\ -v. -rv \ Farles, K.-?Practical Training ror ai
this morning at 7 o'clock over the Bal- it.,|ca# Health and Pleasure.
tlmore & Ohio road for Clarksburg, gFUigarald, H- J* ^.-Stories of Farao
where theji.will attend the first conven- Gifder, J. L.?Taken by Siege.
tion of the recently organized1 West Helmburg, W.?Defiant Hearts.
. . Henty?G. A.?March on London.
Mrglnla Mayors Association. A large Henty, a. A.-With Frederick the Qrei
attendance of municipal chief execu- Holland, Clive?Lure of Faroe.
... . . nf i? ?? Hornung. M W.?Bride from the Bush,
the* from all parts of the state is an- Latimer. E. W.-Spaln in the XIX. C
tlcipated. tury.
nAnn.? __ Lilly, W.?Introductlon to ABtrology.
Mnyoi Butts is down on the pio- Lumrals, C. F.?King of the Bronchos
gramme to open the discussion with a McCook, H. C.?The jAtlmcra.
..wu, ri,fl, Moore, F. F.?Jeasamy Bride.
paper on The Need of a State Munroe, K.?With Crockett and Bowie.
Workhouse." However, the mayor Pemborton, Max?Queen of the Jesters
fays hp attends the meeting unprepared s?"w'plV,?M. K!^ir"shtTy?!ttomanM
tci%ieak ou this subject, principally be- Mirsac.
cause he docs not favor such a state iKT^Hon. V"-S?KldJ cfub."'^'
Institution. A state workhouse would Barrere and Leland, ?-<l.-Dictionary
work unjustly to Wheeling and any Slang, Jargon and Cant.
other town having Its own workhouse, Bayly. A. E.?Wayfaring Men.
for the reason that all of the counties Blgelow. P.?White Man's Africa,
of the state would be taxed for Its sup- F. W^fenhele.
! ' Mr. Butts will no doubt be expected K|In,1T"?y' U-SkctcU ,rom 0W v
to give his views on the workhouse Brooks, 13. S.-Century Book of t
system as It has worked In Wheeling. American Revolution.
and he Is fully qualified, having taken Brown, T. A.?My Hun I-Iome.
an especial Interest In this institution i
r.c ?.,,i Chambers, It. W.?-Mystery of Choice
both as councilman and mayor. Chapman. P. M.-BIrd Life.
In conversation with a reporter, the Crawford. F. M.?Corleone.
mayor suggested that the need felt In Del carte Recitation Hook.
many parts of the state for municipal DouRlas, A. M.?Hannah Ann.
workhouses could be supplied by the Farle, M.T.?Wonderful Wheel.
location of several In different parts of ASt?!'?Ji 1 k! aToiUt-i?b Provlnc
..-i,,,,...../, f..,..., Alaska and the Seal Islands.
(lie state, to nhich prisoners from |.-In|oy. ii,_EI?lo at Home.
nelKhboring towns could be sent by in- Freeborough and Riinkln-Chens; A
rangement with the authorities of dent and Modern.
towns having workhouses. This sys- Frith, W P.?My Autobiography.
tern works well In Ohio. Cincinnati. Gibson, W.H.?Eye Spy.
Dayton, Zanesvllle, Cleveland, Toledo S?,!!2?\. \ m
and other cities have workhouses, and b?,uy,hrle' 1' A-s'?,"mPnt 0[ s"'lla- 11
to these arc sent municipal prisoners nart, A. B. ed.-IOra of Colonlsatloi
frnm nthnr and smaller towns. Tho 14fl2-lfiS9.
rnnyor suggests the adoption of such a I llarte, Bret?Three Partners.
system In this stlte. ? Jj^Utt, W. C.-Coln Collector.
T _ 1 Hill, H.-By a Hair's Breadth.
Holmes, M. .1.?Paul Ralston.
THE NEW HOTEL. Howard. B. W.-Seven on the Hl*hwr
Humphreys, O.?Catherine Schuyler.
Truschel Estate t'o Erect One at the Cor- Jaccacl, A. B\?On the Trail of D
ner of Market Street and Alley Nine. janieS', W.-Psychology.
Leased to C. K. VanKeuren for Ten Jokol. M.-Peter the Priest.
King, Chas.?General's Double,
i^rs. Klngsley, F. M.?Prisoners of tho Sen,
TheTruschH Mtate. owner of the va,?able
property at the corner of Market MacDonald, O.?Salted with Fire.
?- Alloy Kin**, on which are now M;~
situated the small frame building occu- Nordou, ivf.?'Tho Drones Must Die.
pled by the Busy Dee restaurant and the Mr"' M' P'-Bvt"u"otl of
tv\*o? story brick occupied by the Wheel- Patton. J. II.?Political Parties In t
In* bakery wtlesroonis. is to raw these n Pessimist.
rtructure* at the expiration of the lease* Reppller, A.-Books and Men.
on the firstof the coming April, and erect Russell, W. C.-Two Captains,
a five-story modern equipped hotel build- Saint-Germain, (.'onitu C. de, -PractU
ing, which Is said to have been already Palmistry.
1-ised to Mr. Charles E. VanKeuren, late T( Governments of the Woi
proprietor of'the Hotel VanKeuren and 8]chJ,' E._Houiehold of tho Lafayett.
?t present conducting the Busy Bee res- Stevenson, R. L.?St. Ives.
i nirant. On the ground floor, at theal- Hybel, H. von?Founding of tho Germi
l'-y corner, there will bo a large store Kmplro by William I.
r-i.tm, which has been leased. ? IV'ii1'u' n (t rw?,?.r Family.
Th? plant tor th? bulling are wow be- vaUlore, Geo, de.- Opals from a Mexir
Irur prepared by Messrs. 1* r.xnzhelm, Mine.
?H*?y & Paris, and will b? completed Walte, A. E.~Mysteries of Magic.
11 Work will start oii t.li * erection of Wilkin, A.?On the Nile with a Camel
the building a* HOitti us the oi l structure* SJingwlll, I.-Without Prejudice.
luive been removed, nnd it In to be rush- Tlienifaly Turkish Army
'1 throuKh to toinplLtlon by the first of Hvlv'tt rarmen-Pllgrlm Sorrow.
ii"*t September. The lot is forty-four by van Dyke. H.-Flr?t Christmas Tree,
eno hundred feet, and no the building is Voynlch, 15. L.?Tho Gadfly.
to be five Btorles. Hi" hotel will not be a ?
"mail one. There will be sixty aleoplng The Htirprlaeof All.
r<K?ms, a largo office on the ground floor. j\fr. .Tamer Jones, of the drug firm
a buffet, reading rooin and other cOn- JonosA Sons, Cowden, in., In speakli
venlenoea, The Hotel is to bo ooivctucted of i?r. King's Now Discovery, says t it
the American plan, \'? and *2 50 per winter his wife was attacked wi
lay. There are to be two complete oho- Grippe, and her case grew so serlo
trie lighting plants, ono to beheld In re- i that physicians at Cowden and Pai
serve, and lights will be furnished n?lgh- could do nothing for Iter. It seemed
boring buslriesu housen. | dovelop Into Hasty Consumption. Ha
; , Ing Dr. King's nw Discovery in vtoi
TRADER ASSIDMliLY I and selling lots of It, be took a botl
? - ? 1 home, and In the surprise of all she li
Holds a Short Hewslon?Oovernmont by kuii to get better from first dose, ai
injunction Misapprehension. Half dosrn dollar bottles cured h
. sound and well, Dr. King's New Dl
a regular meeting of Mis Ohio valley , covery for Oonsunrptlon, Coughs ai
Trades and Labor Assembly was held lOolds Is guarantee a t<? ?i?? this goi
V'sterdny nfternoon. President) Nftl I ^v<?rk. 1 ry it. Free trial bottles
i ... . . .... i 1/igan Drug Co.'s drug store, 4
s'?ns In tho chair, and a fair attendance m
"t <l* li'irnUK present. | ABJIIAL Mandolin Club will play
IT 1 i 1 /V l 'l ""y Oootld
Holiday Goods! mm
(/ shoo altiro oflor II
fttock must (>o solil
(We will qive reduced prices w. j; i
Ml private sale.)
^ West Virginia Society Sous of tbc
Revolution Holds
The West Virginia Society of the Sons ,
of the Revolution held a special meet- ,
I- iivg In the roome of the chamber of ,
commerce In this city Saturday aftei^
noon at 4 o'clock, for the purpose of
considering the matter of consolidation
with the national society of the Sons
^ of the American Revolution.
There was a large attendance of the
Wheeling members of the organization,
p. but the out-of-town members were not 1
o represented. Letters were received
from several, some of whom favored ,
consolidation with the other society,
and others expressed decided sentiments
against amalgamation.
? The amendment to the constitution
of the West Virginia society,'changing'
the annual meeting from the fifth of
a April to the twenty-second of February
(Washington's birthday) was 1
'ly brought up, and, under the rules of the
th body, consideration was deferred fur
thirty days. A special meeting Was
n- called for January 11, for the purpose of
ng voting on the amendment.
The matter of amalgamation with
or the Sons of the American Revolution
l?- was deferred until the next annual
if- meeting, which will occur February 22,
nt if the Caldwell amendment passes at
the special meeting In January. Alnt
though there Is a division of sentiment
out In the state regarding amalgamuir
tlon, here In Wheeling where the great
majority of the Sons reside, opposition
to amalgamation Is unbroken and
. l 1 , ? nt (
uniiiiiiiiiiua, uioutjiits iiic uvicub ?? . ?uu
proposition. But for the circumstances,
c- which render complete amalgamation of
the two societies throughout the country
Impossible, there would be little or
en no opposition in West Virginia,
10. __________
Matters of Miliar .llunicut In uml About
nd ,lle *""
The Y. P. S. C. E. of the First Christian
church have postponed till next
?" Monday night their intended trip to,
night to McMechen to hold a rally ser%
vice with the new Endeavor society,
us The Wheeling Railway Company Is
working a large force oY men night and
day at the Intersection of Zane- and
Huron streets, Island, putting down
u.t. new crossings, with a rock-bed foundation.
The funeral of Samuel Knote orcurred
yesterday afternoon, l'rom the
home of his sister, Miss A. C. Knote,
1321 EolT street. Rev. Dr. Cunningham
officiated. The interment was at
The suck distribution Is one of the
means used by the Children's home
of managers to enlist help and interest In
that excellent charity. The sacks distributed
before Thanksgiving will be
of called for to-day and to-morrow.
Mrs. Georglana West, widow of the
late Conrad West, well known in the
Eighth, ward, died at the home of her
iMnn-hinr Mrs .liipob Stuernacrel. Sun
Ir- tiuy afternoon, aged sixty-three years. I
The funeral will occur Tuesday afterhe
noon at 2 o'clock, Interment at Alt.
The Ladles' Aid Society of the First
Christian church is making extensive
preparations for a bazaar, which it will
hold In the I. 0. O. F. hall, corner of
Twelfth and Chapllne streets, on Friday.
December 10 A Klondike booth in
:o: charge of the young men of the congregation
will be a special feature.
trailgen In til* City nml ft'lirellng Folk*
'a- R. o. Bell, of Keyser, is a guest of the
i_ Howell,
H. 0. McMillan, of Huntington, Is at
the McLure.
Percy I). t.?np, of Now Martinsville, j
registered nl the Stnmm yesterday,
ty. William Walter Scott, a Fairmont attorney,
was In Wheeling yesterday.
Harry Slepke was down from Pittsburgh
yesterday visiting his relatives.
Foster Mitchell, the Sistcrsville oil
man, was an arrival In the city last
Leon Frank left yesterday afternoon
for California, where he will stny for
three years for the benefit of his health.
F. C. Darby was taken seriously 111
an while on the streets last night, and Is
eonflned to his room at the National
bt hotel. ,
Ed. Dick, formerly of this city, nt
present of Washington, D. C./ Is In the I
, city, having been called home on. account
of the death of his brother Wll Id
bert. whose funeral will occur this af- I
ternoon, as mentioned elsewhere,
?8, Mr. L. L. Marls, of Columbus, Ohio,
nn representing the North Hampton Cutlery
Company, of North Hampton,
Mass., was In the city yesterday, the
distinguished guest of his brother, Mr.
nn Al. Marls, manager of the llelncr
Hardware Company.
a. **
Saturday Evening In Honor of Visitor^
Was a Hmnrt Allcilr.*
One of tlie smartest affairs ever given
In Wheeling1 was the dinner given Saturof
day evening, by Mr. n. K. McM-ch-n, at
"K the homo of his parents. Mr. and Mrs.
Oeorgo K. MaMfeOhen, Chapltne stretM, In I
us honor of the following visitor* In I he
na ciiy: Mr. and Mrs. John At wood, Miss
to Phillips, Mr. nnd Mrs. Thomas Itiul Mov
Knight nnd Mr. James Todd, of Pittsre,
bun'h; Messi* Jame-i Todd Lazarus, of
le Philadelphia., nnd Hprlgg (1 Cnmden, of
e- Pnrh'Mshurg The enterlndrvmenl was
fid# nn elaborate one and clovi r In all Its ap- 1
pi* poln'.men-if The houne and table dem.
? mil one were yellow ohrymrrthemnms,
n?l relieved by the greon of pnlins an"d fprm,
"d Among the guetUl from out <?r town
at wro: Mrs, ThbntMnrt, CIlvlevIMe, n,;
I Mif? 0?tio Tx>fa.n, New York! M1n,l
Thonii :on. Roon?vll'e. N Y ; Mlw
nt Wln'Htt. Hanvtnowbport New York,
nnd Mrs. Kate L, Csldwell.EntiN, 'IVxns, I
i where you rnn novo money. Our
Wntches, < lo :!i?, Jewelry, etc., will
iclloii. l?of|lnnlnc| Montlny, November 20,
positively <|t>inq out of business. Our
led to Nny llrollmrs, v*h? will open n
lie first of tf:o yea'. I verythliHj In our
nt once.
, No. 1317 Mtirkul SlrctM.
?, . , .
Among- thobe preeant from this city were:
Miss Huldu D?'laplain, Miss Good. Miss
Lyda Good, Miss Vance, Mr. and Mm.
Howard Simpson, Miss Berger, Miss
Sophie Carr, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. McMechen,
Mr. and Mrs. Prank J. Hearne,
Mldb Martha Caldwell, Mltw Florence
Qrt, Miss List, Miss Martha List, Miss
Mendel, and Messrs. E. L.Wiles, Howard
McDonald, E. B. Franahelm, George
Baird, H. E. Vane?, Hal. Spcidel, Randolph
Stalnaker, Chauncey Pewey, D. E.
Stalnaker and Robert Hazlett.
President Chaunoey M. Do pew, of tha
New York Central, and official mouthpiece
for the Vanderbilts in railway
matter?,has spoken regarding the Chesapeake
& Ohio. There have been of late
several interesting rumors afloat, and
the Vanderbilts have always been mentioned
in connection therewith. .The interview
with Depew is taken as an official
statement. He says' that the report
ofithe operation of the Vanderbilt interests
along the route of the Chesapeake
& Qhjp In West Virginia has been
greatly magnified.
The report said that the Vanderbllts
were building a spur to the Chesapeake
& Ohio, which would give them a
straight line to the east with coal Urfoa
mined from some 500,000 acres of laud
recently acquired through the agency
of John T. MoQraw. Mr. Depew said
that the land secured was more valuable
in timber than coal and that this
spur was to be an outlet. There was no
Intention to mine coal on a tremendous
ecale, and In fact there was little in It
aside from the natural expansion of a
railroad in reach of business.
It has been noticed lately that the
Cleveland, Lorain & "Wheeling Railroad
Company has been keeping an engine
on the track near the Martin's Ferry
ferry landing all night. Several persons
In passing at different times during
the night noticed this and it is said
that an engine has been kept at that
point or near there every nl?ht since
last Wednesday. One man saw the engine
standing there at 6 o'clock one
mornlmr. It seems that the Wheeling &
Lake Erie has decided to croBs the
Cleveland, Lorain & Wheeling at this
point and an engine of the latter road
Is kept here at night to prevent the
former from crossing Its track.
lt?l>l(l Hull Laying.
During the past three months the
maintenance of way department of the
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company
has been very busy laying the new
eighty-live pound steel ordered last
summer by the receivers. Eight thousand
toVis have been put In the eastbound
track on the third and second divisions
and but four miles remain to be
laid on the latter division. On the Parkersburg
branch 3,000 tons have been
placed In the track. There are still
about 26.000 tons of rail to bo delivered
and It will be laid aa rapidly us possible.1
With continued good weather Chief Engineer
Manning expects to lay rail all the
winter. The track was ballasted and new
tios put in during the summer, ho that
tlio work progresses very rapidly.
This evening in the music rooms of
Mliligan, Wilkin & Co., will occur the
ballad concert by -Miss Anna Jones, assisted
by local talent, for the benefit of
the Ladles' Aid Society of St Maith&w's
P. E. church. Miss Jones Is Zanesvfile's
leading soprano. The following programme
will bo followed:
1. Arlei Mandolin Quartette.
'?. Polly and I Wakefield
Miss Anna Jones.
3. Speak to Mo ....Campana
Mr. Charles Zulauf.
4. Look in Mine Eyes Ivan Caryll
Mis* Si.e CaJdw II.
5. Mandolin Solo?(ft) Reverie. (b) La
Joyeuse Clara Hied
Mrs. Riccl.
6. Golden Meadows Molr
Miss Anna Jones.
1. Ariel Mandolin Quartette.
>. She Stoops to Conquer.. Joseph Roeckel
Miss Mamie Qrubb.
3. Jerushy Oaynor
MIsh Anna Jones.
4. Good Night, Farewoll Kueken
Mr. Charles Zulauf.
5. Hush-a-Byo .....Gerald Lano
Miss Cornelia Btlfel.
6. When Mallnda Slngn Conrado
Miss Anna Jones.
Accompanists?Mrs. Rlccardo Rlccl and
Miss Clara Hammond.
There is great local Interest tn the approaching
Wheeling appearance of Miss
Lillian Baluvelt, who come? under the
auspices of the Woman's Mualoafl Club,
next Friday evenlng.ln the Opera House.
The enterprise of the club should be rewarded
by a packed house. It Is not often
that Wheeling music lovers are afforded
the opportunity to hear a vocaJIst
of Miss Blauvelt's calibre.
THOUSANDS sink Into an early
gravo for want of a bottle of Dr. Hull's
Cough Syrup. This great remedy would
have saved them.
HEAR Mrs. Rlccl on the mandjplin at
BaUad Concert to-night.
SHOULD be In every home?81oAn'?
Liniment; your druggist keeps It; costs
you nothing If not satisfactory; every
bottle sold with n warrant. For sale by
William Hchwertfeger, 1146 Main street.
DRhFJtVINU luatttutloni ?lc?nrT* a
Itiii.'oftho liberality of liberal proplo,
I ii?- llnzrir at Altmliflm, December ?, li
ufln Hint nppnaU to vety one. MWATH
D!CK-On Saturday, November 27, 1M7, at
180 o'clock p. m.. W1LHTDRT, son of
Jacob and Magdallna Dick, aged 35
Funeral from residence of his father. No.
1714 Jacob atroet, thin (Monday) afternoon
at 5 o'clock. Friend* Invited to
attend, Interment private at Penlnau*
lar o? mt tcry.
WEST?At the residence of her daughter,
Mis Jncob Slauornagel, on Sunday,
November W, 1W7. at 1 :T0 o'clock p. m..
tlx* latu Conrad West, agod to yearn
nnd 7 months.
Funeral frdm the rosldence at her son-ln.
law, Jacob Steuernagcl. Tuesday aflnr*
noon ot'2 o'clock Interment at Mt.
/Ion oertletery. Frlondi of the family
Invited to attend. No flowen.
5e= :?r~ -
j puis"bf.htschy,
kunnrol Director nni)
Arterial [mhnlmnr.
1111 null) Itriwti w.,t Hhi.,
rnllk lijr Tflfjltion. Anatvarxil Pay
or Night. Hiora Telephone njfi.
- IMflldom'f, COO. AHHlelatp'i Tide*
plionc,_Cf|o. aulO
Alexander FREW,
Funeral Director anil Hmbaimer,
iaoo main st. %
Under Competent Management.
Telephones Flore, '.'20; Residence, 7M.
(nrner MsrMl end Ifd ftlreeU
telephone 207. Upon Day and Nlghl
All the World
Loves a Lover
And we encourage lovers of Fine Clothing, because
a good appearance goeth with good manners.
,\Ve put the finest of garments within the reach of
oiihu tliA #?vr#>#?fUnrr1v rhpnn nrices we mark these
"" ",v ' ov r i /
elegant goods at
,We have in reality an almost endless variety, all of
the most stylish cut and fabrics. Come in and look
them over
Special display and prices this week. Late styles
and colorings. New Bines, Greens, Browns, Ox
Blood, etc., in TAILOR-MADE.
Jackets, Blouses,
Suits, Skirts,
New Fur Capes,
Collarettes, Scarfs,
and BLANKETS continued this week.
Holiday opening and display in the Art Department,
assisted by Misses Weill and Wilkinson, will
lake place December 7th.
Geo. R. Taylor Co.
T-Tnc pvpr ctnnrl nf tlif* inn nf tilClnihinrr TraH#* in
WV. ?? ...V w. .... t, - '
Wheeling; every Suit we'sell is guaranteed; contains
all the improvements of durability and perfect
custom fit; our High Class Clothing has bech appreciated,
constantly encouraging us to stUl more
determined efforts in the future
Dress Suits,
Business Suits,
Overcoats and Ulsters
For old and young, little and big, tall or slim. IT
MAY SEEM to you that custom tailor's clothes
arc better, because lie charges more. IT'S THE
ONLY DIFFERENCE you'll find. Again we
say, money back for the asking the proof of our
Star Clothiers and Furnishers,
Tho groat i*u*ir for Mrvnuo rrootmllon and all nor?on?diiM??Miiof
* iliili (nnflrAUTHomaiiR n( fither ?*. u?h ? Nrrvouo ProotrMlon. fall*
l'"? "r J'''*1 MiiiIhhxJ MuLtly KmlMloiiii.Youthiiil Vrrnri,
iX|ril M Mnnl? Wurry.r ti Mltouiopf Tobaioo or Opium. which Twd to Cob*
nuitiuion kimI limnnlly. \Yltli ??-rjr 4& onlor w??lr* written ?unr?
? "
Tor rale br Will fl. Plckwon'it MoLuro Homo rtiarmocr^ mrllsi&w
MttftOgANf TA1L3.1. HOTRLS.
e8383888388888888888888p hotbu
rrpj nRDFP T. A. HBNAQHAN, Prop
rA 1 UriL/C-lli. Jijij Northwest Corner Main nnd Twentieth
jft! Willis to order, $16.00 up '$ mmm*. w. vii
11 OMrooats to order, $10.00up. |j ?1DA,r"<m> "A" ATTA",",' n,
j? Pants to ordor, $4,00 up, ?j cooooowxxmckjooooooooooooj
|j! ^ X) C) ''MARIS! 10 I HI SIAflOV
| CALLIGAN, 1 ,hcf:li!feHotc|.
I XX 1424 Mnrknt Bironi. OJj O "Al l. THB YEAR ROUND,"
| Saooootxxwoooooooooooooooc

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