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ascertaining the temper of Congress
anil the drift of conditions at the opening
or the year; and. when those have
ceased ti> bo uncertainties of the future,
we look for a resumption of speculatlon;
with what force or measure of
results the event must shpw. . Nothing
Is mure difficult than to forecast the
moods of Wall street. They depend
more on whims, or accidents, or ruts
than upon conditions of fact which really
affect the earning capacity of properties;
a fact of which the present insensibility
of stocks to the large earnings
of the railroads is a striking evidence.
Two great facts are obvious,
however: that stocks are low at present
prices, and that the general conditions
which regulate their value warrant an
upwurd movement.
To permanent investors, the market
presents probably about as low a range
of prices as we are likely to see for soine
lime. For such to defer purchases,
A Healthy Tone i'crvadrs New
York Stock Market.
Animates all lflUU?atloiti-Tbi Uil its
Sloulha of Bmluwi Uivlval Will llc 1111
lu the l.lbrml Dliliibiilluu of Earn
lugl-A Still llclUrXlftte of Trade U Kxptclcd
fur the Next Stmou l'io?
|icvla Ahead lor (lie New Year.
Special Con LMpohdtQco.
NKW YORK. Nov. 27?Tho market
for eeeurltU'8 retains the *une general
features as we have had to note tor recent
weeks; except that the volume of
transaction* has fallen still lower. Out- ;
Bide speculative operations have be-!
come almost lnBlgnltican-t. and transactions
are mainly conllned to operators
for fractional' profits by rodm traders. 1
There Is, however, u class of conservative
operators who discriminated fol-1
low closely good features In particular
stocks, which gives a certain "degree of
healthy interest to the market. The
purely speculative stocks, however, are
neglected, owing to the prevailing disposition
to avoid risky ventures.
The purely speculative spirit is at a '
low ebb, and very naturally so. Such n
reaction as wtv have lately experienced j
makes the most sanguine sober and \
timid. All groat and sudden rises are |
largely stimulated "by the feebler nnd !
less experienced operators. Their confl- !
dence rises In proportion as prices advance;
and when the more prudent
have realised at a profit and the whole |
weight of the market rests on these
lighter supports, they rush from the
extreme of sanguine expectation to that
of fitter disappointment and distrust; i
and, worse still, their means are dls- j
persed and they are no longer % buying
factor in the market. Tt Is seme years
since so many of this class of operators
were on the market as during the recent
rise; they were the main element
In the advance; and their absence or in-1
ability now constitute a main cause of
the prevailing stagnancy. No matter
how cheap stocks may be at the present
range of values; nor how large the
earnings of the railroads; nor how encouraging
the condition and general
outlook of business Interests; nor how
much political dangers may have abat-1
ed?all this amounts to little so long as
the market lacks the vanguard of the
mass of sanguine minor operators who
hi ways i one uie icau m mnuiut* uwimi.
The larger operators await their lead,
because they .value their co-operation
find do not oare to buy until they Fee in
the market a class on whom they may
be able to Bell out.
With the largo mass of stocks placed
on the market during the recent realizing
of railroad capitalists, the larger
operators are likely to stand aloof until
they nee ?oine new elements of speculative
vitality In the market. With
them, Rood conditions are not the only
prerequisite to buying; they want the
co-operation of a class who will help
them In advancing prices. .Apparently,
there are few now remaining in the
market of those who performed that
service during the late rise. A new set
of outside buyers is needed, and It Is a,
matter of conjecture as to when that
contingent may be expected In the
Approaching conditions may supplythat
want. The settlements and interest
disbursements made at the end of
the year distribute a large amount of
funds, which usually contribute to a
January rise In prices. The last six
months of business revival, especially I
Jn the Interior cities, is likely to result
In liberal distributions of earnings; and |
that money may be expected to find its
way. more or less, into Wall street.
That, however, will depend, in some
measure, upon what may be the prevailing
feeling at the openlna of the I
year. That ought to be good. All reports
a?rce In representing that. In th??
agricultural sections, the resuus 01 inn
last half ypar's business hove been unusually
satisfactory. Moreover, a still
totter state of trade Is expected for the
next season. The improved state of
our manufactures is showing itself in
a steady increase In wages and the
eeneral full operation of the factories.
In short, a prosperous spring trade Is
taken as a foregone conclusion. Row
.the action of Congress may affect these
prospects remains to hg geefi. It seems
safe to tnke it <or granted thnt we have
little to fear from jingoism. Aim, there
seems reason to hope that, when Congressmen
feel the public pulse ? ? fc
boats at Washington, thov will come
to tho conoluslon that the <urroney
question cannot be so easllv shelved oe
somo of them have hoped; and nnv disposition
to do something reaj and '-ffective
toward giving us permanently
pound money would pmv-1 a very positlve
help to confidence emor.g the business
and investing clashes. and would
favorably affect the status of our securities
In lbe foreign mirketr. Perhaps
the most sensitive legislation will
prove to be connected with the railroad
questions that will rome up for treatment.
Pooling and tho powers of tho
intrr-stat* commission will no doubt
awaken the still slumberlnr Orancer
sentiment; but, from present symptoms
It will be found thnt the commercial
opinion of the country has largely
come round In favor'of a settlement of
these questions that will give the roads
a fair chance for making reasonable
profits and exempt them from undue
extraneous official Interference. The
great interests whom the railroads servo
are bo weary of the unsettled condition
of the carrying trade that they will bo
IJkciK to support any fair and equitable
posals the companies may present, nnd
to oppose anything that savors of factional
ftrynnlte hostility to the tranypoflatlon
ITpon tho whole, therefore, we see no
reasons why th? New Year mny not. b?
expected to open with a better feeling
in the stock market and n rehewnl of
sprculatlve buying. The congreseional
discussion of tho railroad question In
likely to be attended with disturbing
proposals, but so lung an there In lit tin
probability of their acceptance such
occurrences would afford only transient
variations In the eourm? of prices. There
Is no doubt murh holding back from
Wall street operations with ;\ view < >
A Nevcr-dle.
Th# "llfe-tlma" of Dr. Hull's Coujjli
Kvrup will never draw lo a clone.
WIicii'b mother onca u*c* It, iho continue*
lie u*e right along; hecnunc, elie
found, for curing cough, cold, croup and
whooping-cough Dr.IJull'tCough Hyrup
unequalled by any other nlinllar uie<lIclno,
"I have u*ed Dr. llull'a Cough
Syrup, for ten or fifteen yearn In tho
family, for cough* and throat trouble*
rauH?d by coldt, and havn found no
atiperlnr article," Aim. V. T. (.'larke,
IfM Congren HI., Cleveland, 0,? l)r.
Hull'* f/ough Hyrnp can be had everywhere
for SI/I rent*. Dealer* will nay
they liave aomethlng rl?o "Jn*t an
good or better," became they waul to
make more pro lit. Don't bo "taken
In.'' Dt.llull'iUougliHynipla tlio bent.
,t '
wwiuu w in itce a iiivuauiiiiy uuti, ai
a JaJ/r singe, higher prices will have 10
be paid. Speculative purchases, if made
on drops, afford a Cair chine* for mod*
orate gains on the principle of small
protitp and quick it turns. Such operations
are better suited to the present
position of the market than large purchases
and lung holdings.
Mradfatreets: The market has shown
more activity in Australian wools, and
some large lines have been cleaned up
tit 4Juainii umiiih' tuc |>uat ictt uujo.
I The nIcs were fully 8,000 to 9,000 bales,
! and fully 75 pot cent, went to manufacturers.
The London sales open this
week with the prospect for higher
prices, and manufactured have quietly
bought these big,lines in anticipation.
The prices ruling are about 4c lo fie. be|
low the scoured cost to Import, and lead!
Ing mill men look upon It as good business
to buy. Many leading importers
have sold out, and others could have
done so Jf they would Jet the balance of
their wool go at ruling prices. Domestic
wools are quiet, but the tone Is flrmer
an a whole, and dealers feel that their
holdings are good property.
Of (ho Proipti iy tliat \vn* I'ropaled?luorraaotl
PITTSBURGH, Nov. 28,-There was
rejoicing among 3,000 employes of Jones
& J^aughllns* American Iron works yesterday.
The cause of this display of
feeling was the announcement made by
the firm that ail the day men will receive
a ten per cent advance In wages
after Wednesday, December 1. Assistant
Manager William Albright went
around umong the foremen of the various
departments yesterday morning and
announced the increase. The advance
is u. restoration of the ten per cent, reduction
made by the llrm last year.
Every department In the big works
will be affected. The Increase applies
to all employes who are paid oy uie
day. Among these are the laborers,
Who will get $1.25 Instead of $1.12; the
roll-turners, machinists, foundry eny
pJoyes and day men In the steel works
and rolling mills. The announcement
of the ndvance did not come entirely
unexpected. It was promised about
two months ago when the machinists
asked for un advance. At that timeManager
Jones said the Arm intended to
increase the wages of all day men before
the beginning ?t the new year. No
specific reason for the change was
given, but It is known that the firm has
been pressed with orders during the
pa?t tew months, and il has also been
learned that still greater activity Is
looked for in the spring.
Recently Jones & Laughllns have been
receiving orders from all parts of the
world. In a number of cases they have
undersold English steel rail manufacturers
In their own market, and only-a
few days ago ari order for 12,000 shafting
hangers was received from one of
the big South Africa gold mining companies
and an additional order has been
received for a large supply of mining
machinery. This order, It is said, is
one of the largest ever received from a
foreign country. The shafting to be
used in the machinery above mentioned
was secured by an English firm who
were bidding against the Pittsburgh
eojnpany. _ _
FUhcrmen ?t Foot of lt?mlol|ih Ktrret,
Chicago, 1I/?ilr ? .Novel finu!.
CHICAGO. Nov. 28.-The green turtleflshing
Industry was fairly started at the
Randolph street pier to-day, when three
hardy fishermen of the lake front captured
one of the largest turtles ever seen
In Chicago. Incidentally, this capture
violates tradition and the dictum of
every natural history.
Never bofore was a green turtle captured
In northern waters or In any of the
great lakes and the only rccotded instances
where these turtles wore found
In fresh water waa In a few cases along
the lower Mississippi. Vet the turtle?a
giant, weighing 620 pounds?wan caught
in Ice-cold fresh water fully 5,000 miles
by the Jake route from Its home and was
alive and pugnacious when brought to
Frank and John Martin on;l Charles
Crager, who have a houseboat off the
pier and run a number of nets out in
deeper water, went out at noon to gather
In (heir morrvlng catch of perch The
first net proved heavy thht the wn
thought a dead body?probably that of
the <o?ronaut who was drowned In the
vicinity a few days ago?had become
tangled In the meshes. As the rift neared
the surface, It could be seen dimly
heaving and surging, m If some huge
cr?ature was imprisoned within. Helleving
that a sturgeon hud wandered
Into the trap the men pulled hard, and a
great flipper shot out of the water and
swept around llk?? a fan.
Although utterly a Hounded, the men
did not let go of their prlxe. Thinking
that n ?ea Hon ha'd become their prltoner,
they sent one of their number after weaj*>ns,
and then, armed for the encounter,
gave another pull. The vicious head of
a huge turtle appeared above th?* surface
and a lively battle followed. A blow
from a hatchet stunned the creature and
three gaff* were sunk Irtto Its Mhtll. ity
the hardest kind of work, It was towed
"I never heard of such a thing before,"
said one of the flsherirv ih "The color,
tho size, the shape of the flippers and the
kite form of the shell all Identify U a." si
green sea turtle?ji tropical creature. II
either escaped from tho world's fair
auuarluins four years ago, and ban mannged
to survive the cold tvlnlem Mine \ or
It swam all the way from the gulf of
Mexico. The former Idea seems Impossible,
as It surely would have boon klllnl
by t?v? long since, so that it must have
beaten all turtle records In the way of
travel, Writ time i ?rsr hijiWl of n ??nitwnter
turtle living In the great lakes,
Into th?- bargain,"
Tho turtle in About, five feet over the
shell, has flippers us large as turkey
wings and a. hend and neck the size of a
calf's dome of understanding. Natural
tsta and scientific men lire invited to view
It and offer **p1anatlons of Its pretence
o-? ?
rrro riiii.
Hend your addrela to II. K. BuektOn &
Co., Ohlcago, and K"t a flee tninple box
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will convince you of their merit*. Them
pills are easy In notion and are panicill/illy
offer five In I he cure of Constipation
and Hick Headache, Kor Malaria
and Liver trouble* they have been
proved Invaluable, They ftie guaranteed
to Its perfectly fr"? from everf del
eterloiis substance nnd to be purely
vegetable They do not weakon bv
their action, but by giving tone lo the
stomach and bowels great I v Invigorate
the sysii'in. Itefular 85o i"'1 bol
Hold by, began Drug Co , dumgisla. 4
Miraculous Benefit
EU p. BABCOCK, of Avoca, N. Y? ?
veteran of the 3rd K. V. Artillery urn
for thirty yearn of thq^ Babcock '
Munsol Carriage Co., of Auburn, says: m:
wrlto to express niy gratitude (ortliuatlruc
lous benetlt receive^ from Dr. Wilts' Hoari
Cui^.* 1 suffered fur years, us result of armj
life, from sciatica which affected my hear!
In the worst form, my limbs swelled frorr
tho aukles up. I bloated imt 111 was unabh
to button my clothing; hud sharp pain;
about tho heart, smothering spells anc
shortness of breath. For three months ]
was unable to lie down, and all tho sleep ]
got was In an arm chair. 1 was treated bj
the host doctors but gradually grew worso
Aboutayuarago 1 commenced taking Dr
Miles' New Heart Cure and It saved my life
Dr. Miles' liumedles
aro sold by ull drug- KV? rM
gists under a positive
guarantee, first bottle RH&atdk OitOKS
benetlta or money ro- Cf, Ra^tora^ J
funded. Book on dls- Hp" ?.?' ' C|K
eases of the heart and
nerves free. Address, HHmIImHBKk
Dft. MILK3 MEDICAL00., Elkhart, Ind.
Bar?A place In a rlv<*r or on shor
where water Is scarce.
Lawyer?The only man who ever get
satisfaction by polnfr 'to law.
Trust?An aosociatloir of capitalist,
that refuse to-tru*t.
Spinster?A woman who wouinn
marry 1f slro could and Wouldn't marry i
she would.
Hope?The untiring1 effort of a wotnai
to find a burglar under the ced.
Purity?The acme of perfection foum
in the coap and baking powder adver
Auctioneer?A man who crln* becaus*
he has to make an hone&'t living.
Intuition?What some people claim t
have when they succeed in making i
good guess.?Chicago News.
i'otTrr Which It UiiuiI.
To very many people a cup of coffe*
means the whole of one's breakfast aix
if that cup Is not perfect half the day i
spoiled. There ar<* several dlfferen
ways to make splendid coffee.
One method Ih tQ have a tlnsmltl
make n cup,of perforated tin about th
size of a coffee cup with ft securely fit
ting cover Into which 1? soldered a rini
by which it may be removed from th'
pot before the coffee Is served. Into thi
cup put a*small tablespoon ful of pul
verized coffee for each porson and let I
stand all night In the coffeepot with on
cupful of cold water for each spoonfu
of tpfTec. In the morning place It 01
the stove and lot it come to a boll ant
then keep It hot on the back of the stovi
while breakfast Is put on the table. Be
fore serving remove the cup contalninf
the ground* and add a cup of bolllrw
water and you have coffee which Is per
feet. A thin muslin sack may be usei
in placo of the cup, but is not so sat
In serving the coffee put the suga:
and cream in thi cup and then pour 01
the coffee nnd the result will rival th<
laxnous \ icnnn couee.
To make good coffee from packagi
coffee take a tablospoonful for cad
person, add one egg, mix well and add i
cup of eold water for oaeli spoonful
ATter boiling add a cup of hot water t<
replace what haa steamed away. Coffei
to he used for dinner should he prepareIn
cold water In th?* morning. If thli
method Is tried It will be found a proa
Improvement on the old way of bollinf
at the precise moment the coffee li
THE three-year-old boy of J. A
Johnson, of Lynn Center. III.. Is subjec
to attacks of croup. Mr. Johnson sayi
he Is satisfied that the timely use o
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, durlnj
ji severe attack, saved hla little boy'i
life. He Is In the drug business, i
member of the firm of Johnson P.ros.
of that plare; and they handle a grea
many patent mcdlcines for throat anc
lung diseases. He had all these t<
choose from, and skilled physlclam
ready to respond to bis call, hut select
cd this remedy for use In his own fam
Uy at a time when his child's life wai
In danger, because he kn?-w it to be su
pcrlor to any other, and famous tin
country over for Its cures of croup. Mr
Johnqpn sayH this is the best selilni
courIi medicine they handle, and tha
it kIvos splendid satisfaction in ai
cases. Sold by all druggists.
AFTER using a 10 cent trial .size o
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head. Ask your drugclst for It or seru
10 cents to us.
ELY BROS., r.C Warrent St.. N. Y. City
I suffered from Catarrh three ycaVs
It jfOt s ? bad I could not work; I use?
tivo bottles of Ely's Cream Balm am
am entirely well; I would not be with
nut It.?A. C. Clark*, 341 Shawinut Ave.
To Hmliny < nUfoinl?
Every Saturday flight during the wlnte
months. Personally conducted Tourls
Car excursions, organized by the Chlcn
go, Milwaukee & Kt. Raul Railway Htar
from ('hlcarco every Katurday at li
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Lake City to Sacramento, Han Francis
co and Loh Angeles, vln the popul.n
Midland Tourist Car Route.
Knelt car Is accompinledV by art In
telllRent and ohllglnf courier. \yhr
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ger*. This H an entirely imiv departun
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bottle. mwfAw,
MUh'hTAHK, ricmijtit UI<lR<\ ?'
says. "After Uvo doctors gnvo up mi
buy to die, I wived hl?n ffom rroup Im
uning one Minute Onuflh Cure." It l
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I'onSdy for e-.tmhs, colds anall
t\io,it nnd lung trouble". Chmle
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street*; fhnthnm Hlnclalr, fnrty-MUi.
and .lae?d? streets; A, I':. Hcheele, No
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rtano Htrootll Bowie & Co,, Bridgeport
t Tale of a De)i?>nl Ullri' auil a I'rrHtUti 'i
-tuiiluy Text.
Mr Wynkoop-Bp <he way, dear, here
lis iV letter that currn* to-day.
Mrs. Wyukoop?Ai*. yea, to be sure.
It's from Sarah, dated ten Uays ago.
Mr. Wynkoop, I think it's an outrage
for you to lug my le-ttera uround in
your musty, damp pockets for a week
at a time. Jf necessary* I'll
Sir. Wynkoop?You are mistaken ;rhut |
letter arrived this mornluff.
Mrs. Wynkoop?It ?lld. did it? In soil j
e& condition* -ten duv.s from Staunton? t
That's u likely story. j
Air. Wynlscop?You dp me great Injustice.
my deur; this letter earru* by
the train that was wrecked at Charlottesville
and that accounts for rhe delay.
Mfs. Wynkpop?Tlibt acc^utvts for it,
does ItV Thi-n how do you account for
the fact trfat the postmark on the
back of tlie Inner shuws it was received
ai the po#t*Officc- in this city the day
* after it was pnilled -?t Htaunion? Mr.
1 Wynkoop. you cannot remember anyw
thing over throe minutes; it's a wonder
L you don't forget to draw your salary* 55
Mr. Wyjikoop?Madam, I have a good
t memory; this is an outrageous attack
f upon me.
I .Mrs. Wynkoqp?Good memory, in*
j deed! I'll wager my prospective winner
5 bonnet against $10 ithat you cannot go
j to church to-morrow and remember Dr.
. Lamb's text; you need not try to recol,
lect a thing except iho text.
Mr. Wynkoop?I accept the proposi1
tion, and I promise you that you will
r have a lino time regretting your hasty
J Yesterday Mr. Wynkoop occupied a
Tronjjiew in church. The text was:
An angel of the Lord cftmo down from
heaven and seized a live coal from near
the horns y?f the altar.
Mr, Wynkoop did not remain to hear
the discourse, but daahed home and exclaimed
to his wife: "You may go ahead
and brush up your old bonnet; I have
the text."
Mrs. Wynkoop?Very well; what was
- It?
Mr. Wynkoop?An Indian came down
from New Haven ami seized a livo colt ?
by the tall and Jerked him out or me
e halter.?Washington Post.
a DON'T.
Don't use a gallon of words to express
H a teaspoonful of thought.
Don't swear to give up a bad habit
^ and then keep on sweating.
Don't hide nwncy In your boots. If
you are In the habit of throwing them
at cats.
j Don't think -that women mean It
. when they kiss each other. They do It
for practice.
e Don't censure a woman for entering
the theatre late; perhaps she had to
0 wash the dinner dishes.
1 Don't think o girl by any other name
would be as sweet. You may And out
your mistake after giving her yours.?
Chicago News.
t I'irkftl Upon the Pike while Onr IUprcHuUtivt
\%nt iu llrmroori.
; As our reprtfentatlve wended his way
. recently to the southern suburbs of
i? Penwood and walked along the plUe to
(* No. 1250 he repeatedly asked himself
jj this question. Will the proof, which
" now appears below, touching the claims
* made for an Article In dally use In >
'l Wheeling, convince the reader more
, than what he bos all his life.
I time been accustomed to see, viz.: Long "~
f. winded statements from people he*
never knew, never will know, and do<>s
r not want to know. Read what Mrs. R. j
? E. Sharp says and see. She can be eas- 0
- Ily found. Her husband keeps the Dry *
1 Goods and General Produce store on the
- Pike: ".My back or my kidneys have i
never been very strong," she says, "es? P
r peclally the last four or Ave years, but R
i It is only lately that they became real
J bad. I think probably tin; trouble was Ji
astfravated by a cold, settling chiefly in | ~~
3 the left kidney. There was a soreness
? and aching pain that extended down ?
1 through the thigh, and 1 suffered a G
great deal from headaches, and felt
} generaly run down and used up, us my
: back bothered me a great deal In girt- E
ting around the house. 1 had neon
Doan's Kidney Pills highly recoin,
mended, on different occasions, and as
J I was complaining of my back being
worse than usual, my mother got a box
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gan to use them. They relieved my J1
' bark right away, and J feel very much A
stronger and better. I recommend
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r claimed for them." 8<
* For sale by all dealers. Price f>0 cents. x
Moiled by Poster-Mllbum Co.. Buffalo, T
N. Y., Hole agents for the United States. *
S MISS A 1,1,1 K HtTGIIES, Norfolk. Vn..
j was frightfully burned on the face and ,T
B neck. Pain was Instantly relieved by 'j<
_ DeWltt's Witch Hazel Salve, which
_ healed (ho Injury without leaving a
n scar. It is the famous pile remedy.
. Charles It, Ooetze, Market and Twelfth j
? streets; Chatham Sinclair, Fcrty-iixth .1
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? 007 Main street; Exlcy Bros., Penn and Jl
t Zane streets; Bowie & Co., Bridgeport.
l| No potash?no mineral?no danger v
J ?in S. S. 8. This means a great M
dpaltoall who knowtliediBaslrous
( fffolf of these <lrug?. It ii the
' only blood remedy guaranteed a
Purely Vegetable. ,
r S. ft 8. foroea the disease out
1 through the skin?does not dry up *
the poison to decay the hones, like
1 mercurial mixtures do. -J
" Iwai almost a physical wreck, the remit of
t mercurial treatment n
for blood politoa H.B.N. rffci Ti
la a real hlooil remedy, |JH1 ?
1 for It cured tnn por- k 1
miDMtlf." II o n r y m X
' lloth. lAWBontb.Ninth lift L B ^ M
i j Htreet, Ht. LoulB, Mo. Mfjy pr
Hook? fr#e; RfldrenB, Kvrlft Hprclflo Co.. Atlanta.
; Court Reporting,!1
Tho Court Itnportlnn system of Hhori
hfltul In n I ready well Introduced and l? T
taUgltl Hi West Virginia. Indiana, UIIiioIh,
low,I, MlRaOUfl. Kansne, K'-niuoky, MichIttan
TiMUionwoe, North Carolina. Florida,
VJivinln, Ms'^aehuf'tts, I'enneylvsnln
ami Now York; uthnrs are pioparliifc 10
ll<i?Hl v'oilh ha' alfo born thoroughly
proven by tho hundred* of idiorthAhd
gradual'"* of *
WHINING - BUSINESS - (OH 101, | flr
Who are Ullng this nyalrm In filling mo?t
n.i>pon*lhlo positions ....
ii ynil wlHh to learn phorlllrtnd, d > not A
tvanto yi)iir tioio oini money en any old. I
trdloue! ont?of?qglo ?ynlom.
rmirt li'-portlna \* nnro to glvo entire
Wph'P',o {I'vonljcetf Colt nf thf "oil- ?'< 1 SS
nfpi i, niftier Main and Twelfth Hit i < *
WliodinA Business College, j J,
cosNtd ;uiv and nvnrni smuts. I
Largest puckagc?greatest economy. Made only by
THE n. k. fajrbank company,
Chicago. St. Jjonls. New York* Boaton. PhUnd?iohia.
j ~i -'J1-a " ? -J
Jbfefd^TteparatiouibrAs- I SIGNATURE
staBalingtteloodmidEefiuIa- gj
itiqgjhcSKuaortoamBowclaof IN ? of?
' ? i. i - I " *? I IsQI /IT Jr J
IXtemotes THgcs Uon.Checrfuf- 11
ressandRest.Conlainsneilher I
Optum.Morphine nor Mineral. ?jj tq ON" THE I
Wot Nah cone. 1 I
PmiyJan SmJ" rxti I
AlxJmn* * Hal
| OFEVEBY^iCadenaJtStia,*
l?g rri . _ I
AperfcctRemedy forConslipa- ?Th P3 A I H I
(ion,SourStomach,Diarrhoea, gSHlfl &A Rfl Kj IN IB I
Worms,Convulsions,Feverish- |$y fin w BIHgflll
acss andloss OF SLEEP. I BIBB IH
JFacSimk Signnluxc of BwBHV W El.Ill
"NEW YORK. fro Onstorla ia pst up In ostein bottlai oily.~ II I
S li "Jait El"cooo" and "*111 aaiwir titrjja. I
ran rii iu- _/# .- MxwKumumumvD
|SS llmil# SIX y / /?. " W
WHEN IN DOUBT, TRY Tfcey hare stoodthetntefyi*.
OTDOWO -Vi an(* i"1" cured tbousaMI oi
EJ l A nj [[[j |y / ?'Ntr*ouiDikuti,I?(k
L? U 1 ,,U,"U jfijy/ZdasDekilitv.Dixxlowi.SIeepleo.
If ..? jyV
3fe^ar to (he whole belor. AM drains and losses are zhttVt&permanently, ?Jnlen pitleau
^isJvflPv ?re properly cured, their condition often worries then into Insanity^Consumption or Death.
vFMailed neaieo. J*rice|t pcrDOi; o oo*c?,wun iron*ciau legal guarantee nn.uiooimu?u>"?
rfjSSs^JO mov-y.is.'Tc. f-nd lor tree boot. AddrcK. PEHl MEDICINE CO., CU.lUnd, 0.
'or mlo by CIIAS. H. OOETZE. corner Market anil Twelfth Streeta. nrt I
LAM?.I'rVS. JOS. 9EY110LD, Caahlor. COTOTI I
J. A. JEFFERSON, Ass't Cashier. lly virtue of a deed of trust made bj I
? ..... Reason Moslngo and Carrie B. Moxlwo, I
5ANK OF WHEELING. h,s wlfe- ttnd Thomas Moslngo. to me, ai I
wi vvntuuinu. trustor. Inuring date on the 27th day of H
CAPITAL 9200,ono, PAID IN. Juno, ISM, and now of record In theclerjti
? . office of the county court of Ohio county.
WHEELING. \V. \ A. West Virginia, In Uwd of Trust Book No. H
43. page 118, I will on
am?a^Cumnilna, ti'nlyBlVSS'on. ?' puWIo^u^ton at'm'e north front I
Ruvmann ,lo?enh Hevbold. Joor the court house of Ohio county,
Ke> Clluon uSb ' Woat Virginia. cpnTmrooln. at 10 ocloc
IriterfHt paid on opoclal dpposltr. ? , ?>>'* following d.?crlbcd tworaw
l.sutH drafts on KnitUutd. Ireland and fr '*P1?,n?}!;uIlS? 11? ?!berS I
...ti.ini joskph rey HOT J) (3 raw h Run and Battl* Run, in wncni
jotland. jujji.i ti BULjU. ,?Klr,ct ohlo county, *-eHt Virginia, and
* r' - hounded and describedfollow*:
71XCHANOE BANK. First tract?Beginning at a stone hm'
2j a white oak In Peddlcord's line, and cor
a.nn ftnA ner to lands of Melvln and Martin Dow
CAPITAL 1SOO.OOO. |nan n?uJ thPnc0 with Bowman 9 Hn*
north 33J west 200.7 poles to a stake InJM
. t? .11 An , "no of Morrow Gibson; thenco with GI&
N.VANCE .......President ,.on-q un? north 77* west 29.2 poles to a
DHN FREW Vice I resident hrrch stump; thence north 14V wsst fl I
poles to a stnko; thence north MV w?Jj I
.3.5 poles to u Htono corner lo other Jaai? M
DIRECTORS. of Reason Moslngo; thence with Moilngo1
~ B... , Iln" north L'ftV east 42.4 poles to an Iron- U
. N. Vance, 2*?,r.gp E. Stlfel, wood; thence north 3V west 17.6 polefto
. M. Blown, William SHI Ingham, a white oak, corner to lands of Jacob Pe
olin Frrw. John L Dickey, irarmo; thence north Rf?? east 44.2 poles to H
ohn Waterhouse, W. H. Stone, u po}?t; thenco south 4S' cast 60 poles to a
W. If. Frank. locust; thenco nouth 70V *ast 7.J poW I
Drafts Issued on England, Ireland. Scot to the place of beginning, and containing
nd and all points In Europe. forty-eight (48> acres and seventy (in
L. K SANI>S, Cashier. P<?h-n. more or Icrr. as surveyed by R-*
??? ? ? - MoCleery on the nth day of June, is* I
>ANIv OF Til 10 OHIO VALLEY. This being the same property that w?J I
J conveyed t?? the said Reason and Tnofflu
CAPITAL 9115,000. Mosllitfo by Melvln Bowmen and Nanm
Mowman, by deed bearing dato on tnep"
day of June. 1965, and now of record in
!T.T.t*M A. 1BETT Pra.ld.nt Ohlo'iounfy0^;^^!^^^^^ I
[ORTIMBR POLLOCK....Vice President No ^ pago 1W ,r?,nla',n I
?._? Hrrond tract -Beginning at or near ? I
, , , , ? t beech in the line of tanfls formerly ownw H
Drafte on England, Ireland. Franco and by lOdwnrd Ray, and corner to landi no* I
ermany. owned by Toggart, and thence with tn* |
, Tugeurt line south W ea>t V> poles; thenrj
ninvrTonq south 20* west 2? 7(i poles to the llns w
DIRECTORS. Morrow Gibson, formerly Edward JUT.
William A. Isett, Mortimer Pollock, thence with Gibson's lino eouth WH.wj
, A. Miller. Robert Simpson. ^.02 polee to the line of the first tnu;
:. M. Atkinson. John K. Hotuforil, hereinbefore described; thence north -i
Julius Pollock. east 44.00 poles to iin Iron-wood: tn#n?
jalS J. A. MILLER. Cashier. north r.? west 17 poles; thence north
l" . west 42.fi poles to the line of James A. R'0!
thence with Rice's line south 20* west ttr
PLUMBING, ETC. poles to tho place of beginning. an<J rjj, H
talnlng sixteen (161 acres and one b?n^*
IL M'KOWN, and forty-eight (14S> poles, more or 1?J H
Plumbing, Gas and Hteam Fitting, This being the name tract of land that wa? h
asollne and Oils of all kinds. Hewer Pipe, conveyed lo the paid Reason Moslnl# ?
c., 1911 Market street, Wheeling. W. Va. W. M. Punlnp. special commissioner, K
ulephone 104. Estimates Furnished, myj i deed bearing date on the 16th day ^ |
<r?nirnT tv urr'r August, 1690, and of record In the cie??
30BEI11 KILE, ofHco of the county court of Ohio eountJ.
W"H< Virginia. I
. tM . , rho property hereinbeforedeiertMJL H
acticot Plumber, Cms and Stcflm Fitter. ,,f< ? whole, or In separate trw**
may be deemed bent by the trust*No.
116S Market street. TMIVMB OF SALE. , I
Onc tfiird of the purchase mon#y?
Has and F.leclrlc Chandollers. Filters, ?s much tnor?- as the purchaser ma) wv
>d Taylor Gas Burm ra a ipeolalty. mr2 to pay, In cash on day of sale; the W'vJJ
irl. tvAu 11 a me t liny ,n ,Ww '''l""1 n#vmenls at one n?i '
1T1LLIAM HARE BON, \n with Interest from day of ssls., JJ H
* i I'tirciniser giving his notes wlth srrf0;,.
' He "irltv for the deferred lnstalin"nVJ H
"ctlcol Plumhof), Gd, nnd Strom (illrrv rn'.VilfhnTKSV.ra^/lW? I
_ I be retained |>y the trustee until tb* I
No. Its Twelfth airrrt. %. v ??N,,Ar, I
ork done promptly nt rertsonabla prlres. % r
? Island Real E# I
At comr housc o?
l-DAM AND IIOT WATF,lt hbatino. .AWSl.?"'?t5im.ii" &I
ih, OS mmx MORNING, NOV. 30. !??'
BNtlW ffMH M'MCfl I
. I K'"I'lj 'Inntly on hand "s,!' I'li'VnJiMi" llr(!.dw?y, S-alyn {'JS' I
nil m r 7" * ~Tj?- dwell|h|!, 6 rooms and blln; let e""*
It ami ti Vcvi.'tVriiiii'hm'o,'u ' " TtltpllOM JW. ( I() tlnnk Bolld'i*

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