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Of the .Murder of Uuldcntuppe.
.Sentence Deferred.
Prisoner Receives the Verdict
Without Outward Emotion.
That lie Alone Killed Gtildenmippe
und Cut Up the Uody.
Ullli Morblil MpecUtora-Thorit'a l.uwyrri
Mmlc ? Mollou for n Nrw Trial on lite
(.round Hint (lie Verdict um not In Ac*
ror laiiea urltli the Weight of Kvlileitc .
lint II Otrorrulril-It Is Thought n
I'lr i will be Acctpleil From Mri. Nnti !
Wlilrh will not Call (orCRp'.l*) I'mtlah- |
NEW YORK, Nov 30?When Martin |
Thorn had been led back to his cell uf- [
tcr the conviction, he admitted thut the
verdict was just, and that he nnd not j
Mr* -Sack. killed Ouldensuppe. This j
acknowledgement of guilt took place I
whUo Thorn'H cell in the Jail was being \
prepared for him. During the trial j
Thorn has been under charge of police J
captain Methven, of Flushing. Captain j
Methven hod him under his watchful !
? > ( when the Juil officials searched the I
the cell Thorn Is to occupy for n day or
two While this was being done Thorn I
talked with the police captain, lie said:
'i am glad it is over and the verdict i
given. I am convicted and 1 an? sentenced.
It was I who killed Gulden- I
tmppo and 1 cut up his body. Every '
word that Mrs. Nacli said upon the
stand was substantially correct. When
1 was on the stand I lied when telling
th<* story an I did, but I lied to clear
myself. It Is no use carrying It any
further. I am guilty and um convicted.
It Is what I expected and what I suppose
people think I deserve, and perhaps
I do."
1'lie Jury After DellhrrNtlliK Three Hour*
Itrliiniril n Verilict of tJ'illly?Jlotloii
for .\ ?v Trlnl Over-ruled mill Seiitrucc
Deferred Until Krl(t?r.
NEW TOnK, N'ov. 30?Martin Thorn
waa to-day convicted of murder in the
first degree in killing William Guldenauppe,
his predecessor in the affection*
of Mrs. Augusta Nack, at Woodslde, L.
1.. on June 25. At the request of
Thorn's counsel, the passing of the
death sentence was deferred until next
Friday morning. Thorn heard the Jurymen
polled on their verdict, hut his
face never changed color during the
trying ordeal. With lips firmly compressed
and Jaws hard set, he 'aced the
Judge, jury and court room full of spectators
with well feigned stoicism.
About three weeks ngo Thorn's first
trial on the charge of murder was beKun.
hut owing to the Illness of a Juror
i: had to i?e abandoned aftir three dayi.
A second trial opened a week ago last
Monday and counting out three days
mi which the court did not sit, the trial
consumed only six day"
Mr.?. Nock's testimony during the
mis-trial made it compulsory for
Thorn's lawyers to change their line of
defense In the second trlnl anrl they
made a dirrct charge against Mrs.
Nack, and insisted that ?her alleged
confession was a lie and that she herself
was the Instigator and perpctrntor
of the murder, Thorn being Ignor:mt
of the killing until after Gulden*
supp* had been shot by Mrs. Nack The
woman was not produced during the
trial,ibut Thorn went on the stand and
* ibstantlated all the assertions made
by his lawyers as to the mid-wife's
guilt Mis story* as the verdict shows,
did not have the desired effect upon the
Jury. When court opened this morning.
I.iwyer Howe began a summing up in
behalf of Thorn.
Judge Maddox's charge was carefully
prepared and well delivered. It was
acknowledged by the lawyers (or the
prisoner to be extremely lucid, fair and
Impartial. The Jury remained In deliberation
Just three hours, when they
sent word to the Judoe that they wore
* afly to render n verdict. The fact of
their remaining out so long, gav#? hopes
to th" defense, but as each one of them
i (ok his seal in the jurv box his facial
xprcislon told very distinctly the remit
of the three hours' discussion.
"Utility of the charge preferred,"
were the oinlnouH words which fell from
?he Hps of the foreman of the Jury
Thorn's lawyeri moved for a new trial
* i tho ground that the verdict was not
In a((ordnnre with the weight of evldrnce,
biit the motion was overruled.
lust what will become of Mrs. Nack
lias not bsen made known by the
Queon1 o tunty authorities! but it is
<1 nerally thought tliat the people will
?i"'ept a pjea from her which will not
?nil f n < gpjt ii pun I hment
Martin Thorn walked Into the court
r<,f?ni in Long Island City to-day look
''in none the worse for his ordeal on th
' ittiess stand yesterday, lie tallied
'villi his lawyer curnpstly, und Mr
""we gave him to understand that ho
v oiiid make an effort to have some evidence
Ntrieken out. There were no
women admitted to the eourt room A?
' n oi iii< district attorney srrlved In
' "iirl, Mr. Howe made n motion to
li'iv" the question asked Thorn yester liv
ns to his hearing of the rending of
Mt Howe's Hffldsvlt In refeieru i" the
' '"nlng of th?> witness, Peterson, from
Uerrnsny, being stricken from the n'
l i Thorn was not present when
sin Isvli wss i ri sen tod and resd
'" fore .hids* Hmlth list Oetobei
The Judge directed the stenographer
strike out nil reference tf? th? am*
' 11 vlt from the record and requested the
'" y to pnv no attention to It
^' lloive, IihvIiik gained this point,
1 ked that ths Jurymen lie permitted
1 f<> tih" Wrtiidsld" cottage "I want
' U'ln to ?riI'l he, "how Impossible
Would be for ope person alone to col
"P I o* described In r btub
f 'he ?|ft? of (ft* ot)? ,n |h? rvoodslde
* tni:#?, without marking the sltlia of
sord i Is h yi i s dsmui 11 'i snd
*ne court musva to grant Mr. Howe's
request. A few minute* later Justice
Maddox reconsidered hie decision ond
allowed the Jury to go to the cottage by
special trolley cars. The court admonlshodw
the officers attending the Jurors
not to talk to them in reference to the
Court then adjourned for an hour and
a half.
The Inspection of the cottage occupied
but eight minutes of the Jury's time.
No on* was permitted upon the premises
during the time the jurors were in
the cottage.
There 1h some discussion as to whether
a mistake was not made by the court
In not sending Thorn to Woodslde with
ths Jury. At the time Mr. Howe asked
that the jury be s?nt to Woodslde to
Ipspect tho cottage.he said Thorn would
waive his rights to go along with tho
Jury. Lawyers say that the court of
appeals has In a number of capital caseg
decided that counsel has no right to
waive any of a prisoner's rights, and
that the action of Mr. Howe may leuve
n loophole for a new trial in case Thorn
should be convicted
When the party had returned to the
court nouae una Juuge Aiaaaox nan resumed
hlb seat on tho bench, Mr. Howe
began to Hum up for the defense.
Mr. Howe repeated his severe arraignment
of Mrs. Xack, made at the
opening of the trial, and added a bitter
denunciation of Barber Qotha.
In conclusion. Mr. Howe insisted that
Thorn should be acquitted of the
charge which the state has niado
|agalnst him, and he hoped the Jury
would not make uny compromise as
that would be a terrible mistake.
District Attorney Youngs followed
with -Ills flnul address.
Mr. Young said that the plea made In
Thorn's behalf was as old as the garden
of Eden. He regretted that, Mrs.
Nack and Thorn had not been tried
jointly, but reminded the Jury that tho
woman Is not on trial now. In duo
time she would he brought to the bar
and he had no doubt that substantial
Justice would be meted out to her. The
prosecutlm proceeded to review the evidence,
which he held to establish the
f\uilt of the accused. '
Mr. Youngs having concluded, Judge
Maddox called on the Jurymen to stand
up. They compiled, and a? they stood
In their places Thorn watched them
| closely. As the Judge began his charge
Thorn's face took on a slight flush. He
fastened his eyes on the Justice, and
was evidently Impressed with the solemnity
of the occasion.
The Judge explained the law governing
evidence and defined the difference
between murder nnd manslnughter.
The chnrtre to the Jury occupied thlr
The Jury retired from thf court room
at 2:2f? o'clock, and a recess was ordered
until 4 o'clock
At half-past flVH o'clock Judge Madilox
re-entered the court room and rapped
for order. The Judge directed the
Juror* to he brought In. At 5:35 o'clock
Martin Thorn was brought In. The prisoner
did not nhow any s'gn* of nervousness
as the jurors filed Into Che
box and answered to their names. As
soon ns this formality was over, the
clerk of the court nddresged the Jurors
and said:
"Gentlemen of the Jury, have you
agreed on a verdict?"
"Yes. w* have." answered Foreman
Thomas Morse.
Thorn faced the Jurors itolcally, but
It was easily seen that he was controlling
himself with great difficulty.
His lawyers evidently were more perturbed
than Thorn.
When the Jurors stood up. the clerk of
the court again addressed them, and
"How fay you. gentleman, is the prisoner
guilty or not guilty?"
Then* was a painful silence and the
itt-n, -a 1 nr\ \t i< rl nf ffloh other. eVldentlV
wondering who should answer. Finally
Foreman Morse spoke In a Jolting, nervous
way, ond said:
"We find th?? prisoner. Martin Thorn,
guilty of the charge as preferred."
Then the clerk read the verdict from
' the back of the paper handed to him by
the foreman.
Lawyer Howe asked that the jury be
polled. As the name of each man was
called out and he was asked "Is that
your verdict?" he answered "Yes. sir,"
Thorn all the time was looking steadily
at the front row of the Jurors. He dropped
Into his seat the moment the roll
call wai completed, *
District Attorney Youngs then arose
nnd moved that a day be set for sentence.
Mr. Howe was on his feet Immediately
and moved for a new trial on the
ground that the verdict was ngalnst
the weight of the evidence adduced.
Judge Maddox denied the motion for
a new trial. Mr. Howe asked the court
to postpone the passing of sentence until
next Friday, nnd Judge Maddox set
it down for Friday next at 10 o'clock In
the morning. Then court thanked the
Jury atnl discharged them.
Just then Thorn leaned over and
spoke to his lawyers. The Judge directled
that Thorn be removed from the
court room.
Mr. Howe arose nnd addressing tho
Judge, said:
"If It please your honor, I would like
a few minutes conversation with my
client rlcrht here."
This request was granted nnd Mr
Howe said: 'Thank you; tint In all,"
and Thorn was taken away, still bearing
himself as coolly us over.
None of the Jurora would tell anything
about their deliberations, but
It was learned from reliable persons
that the first six ballots stood 11 to 1
for conviction. On .the seventh ballot
<hey all agreed.
Itffiuril fo It rail nln til* Mm nr.
PHILADELPHIA, Pa., Nov. 30 -The
common plena court to-day refused to
grant the Injunction atked for by a
number of prominent citizens fo restrain
the mayor and other official*
from tearing the gas works to the
United 'las Improvement Company for
thirty years In the lease. which wan
recently pasH'-d by councils and approved
by ib? mayor, the company secures
exclusive rlKht to supply gas to
couaumera and to light fho city afreets,
agreeing to spend $15,000,000 or tnoro In
r' paira nnd Improvements, and reduce
Hi'' <'>f t of gas. The protest made waa
against the legality of the ordinance,
but the court holds that the manufacture
or furnishing of gas la not a municipal
duty, but a power, and that th?*
lUOStlon ??r propriety of lease resla
alone with councils, nnd not with I he
court. __
Only Wiiiilrri In vr tlir llnti*.
NKW TOItK, Nov. 30.?Horatio (?.
Junes, a mlslonary who arrived here
lo-da.v on the Atlaa liner Aline from
1'orl I.linon, nays that 1.1:; wife was
srarnd to death by th?* Intrusion Into
Iter bedroom of a native nnxloua to pm
Hip new baby, at Man Carlos, Nicaragua.
The native mennt no harm, but
the entrance was so sudden that Mrs
Janes una frightened so that She died
fiom the shock Mr. Janes lirnntw'?'t?d
wllli Hie Central American Independent
Mission of I'hltndelphln. He brought
the baby to hie Uonm In thai oily*
Senator Elklns Calls There iu
Company with Hon. N. B, Scott.
As Commissioner of Internal Revenue
will be Made
It Is Presumed that llr. George M, Bowers
will be Named u Flab Coinmlulouer
at the Seine Time?E. M. Sho waller, of
Fairmont, Appointed Asalitanl District
Attorney and Qeallflet Immediately,
fteuetor Elklue Denlee that he le Oppot
if in AfrKenna'e Confirmation ai Jaa
(Ice of the Hnpremu Conrt.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
WASHINGTON, D. C? Nov. SO.-Sen- 1
a tor Elklns called at the white house
Uo-day in company with Hon. N. B.
Scott, o! Wheeling. After their visit
the report became current that Mr.
Scott's appointment as commissioner of
internal revenue will be made soon after
Congress assembles. It Is therefore,
possible that Ms appointment and the
designation of Hon. George M. Bowers,
of Martinsburg, as fish commissioner,
will tako place about the same time.
Senator Elklns announced that the
reports that he would oppose Attorney
General McKcnna's confirmation as a
justice of the supreme court, were erroneous.
He had no Intention to oppose
confirmation of the man the President
has chosen for Justice Field's successor.
E. Kl, Nhowalier'e Appointment.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligence.
WASHINGTON. D. C., Nov. 30.-E.
M. Showalter, of Fairmont, was to-day
appointed assistant district attorney for
Wool Vlrfrlnln tnnk nnth nf of.
flee at 4 o'clock this afternoon. Mr.
Showalter will leave for home to-morrow.
and will report to District Attorney
Gaines immediately.
Weil Virginia Poalmntlfii.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 30.West
Virginia postmasters of the fourth
class have been appointed as follows:
George Ilerdman, Athey, Wood county:
John H. Ewlng, Deer Wall:, Wood
county; J. T. Brooke, Earnshaw, Wetzel
county; Isaac N. Ballard. Greenville,
Monroe county; James Yoho, Minnie,
Wetxe! county; Edward E. Reed, Oakvale,
Mercer county; E. J. Galloway,
Shlloh, Tyler county; A. A. Adams,
Sloan, Wood county.
Kxprmri Ihr flellef Tlmt (lie Prettnl tin Ion
of CunirrM \Vlll b?* llrltf.
WASHINGTON. D. C.. Nov. 20.?Representative
Cannon, chairman of the
committee on appropriations, arrived In
Washington to-day. Speaking to a reporter
of the Associated "Press he said
that his policy for the approaching session
of Congress as chairman of the
house committee, would be to head the
appropriations so far as he could control
them, down to existing conditions.
"I believe In a liberal, but not nn
n*tr<i vnt?ntifr rinllnv In milklnif nnnrnnrl.
atlons." he wild, "and until our revenues
increase shall oppose entering upon
new enterprises requiring the expenditure
of government funds"
Mr. Cannon expressed the opinion
thnt by the beginning of the next fiscal
year the Dlnglcv tariff bill would afford
revenue sufficient to meet the legitimate
demands of the government.
He also stated hla belief to be that ,the
coming session would be a comparatively
brief one. "We Bhould be away from
here early, !>y the first of June." he
said. "Indeed, there is very little for
us to do beyond passing the appropriation
bills. It Is needless for us to attempt
to secure currency legislation because
of the Impossibility of getting
anything through the senate. So long a*
the senate Is anti-Republican, as at
present, all efforts to get currency reform
legislation will be so much waste
of time and energy. What senso then Is
there In writing, writing long winded
essays to be read in the sennte and the
house and disturbing the business
equilibrium, unless some wholesome
purpose can be subserved?"
I .Mr. Cannon says the appropriations
I committee will report the legislative
and pension appropriations bill in the
house before the Christmas holidays.
lint I'nv 'if C'tiiQi-flliiva I?nl
lit on Appertain nt the Cnpiit *1.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 30?Members
of Congreas are unusually slow in putting
In their appearance here for the
regular session which convenes next
Monday. Up to this time there have
been scarcely more than half n doxen
arrivals each day. From now on. however,
It Is expected that the rush will
begin and that o very full attendance
will be in their places on the opening
Few of the leadern of either house are
hero as yet. This Is especially true of
the houae of representatives. Neither
Speaker Reed nor Mr. Dlngley, the floor
leader of the majority will reach Washington
until Haturdav or Sunday. With
tho exception of the pronounced and
radical pro and nntl-Cubnn congrenttnen,
the members of both houses as a
rule, noom to be holding their Judgments
In abeyance until they ascertain
from ofllclal sources exactly what the
situation Is as to Cuba. In the matter of
the eurrency It seems already established
that tho Democrats and their fre^*
silver alllea will oppose stubbornly
anything the majority Is likely to propose
ami the fact that the opposition In
the yomile seetns Insurmountable, Inclines
many of the Republican members
of the house to tho opinion that It
would be wisdom not to attempt any
legislation whntover.
Mr. Hepburn, who Is chairman of the
committee on iutnr-atste and foreign
commerce says he bin received many
letters during the recess, particularly
from mercantile bodies, urging action
on the antl-setlplng and pooling bills,
and lie expects both taese question! to
receive esrly attention.
I.nfrrlii|'i Nfttfttirr,
WASHINGTON, I) C., Nov. .10 - Heerotary
Alger has received from lieutenant
Colonel Hunter, the Judge advocat"
of the court marllal In Ihr case of Captain
1/conard A. Ijovorlnn, of the
Fourth Infantry, the record of the proceedings
and findings of the court. The
secretary admitsfhat the published reports
of the sentence are correct, and
that the officer has been found guilty
of Ill-treating Private Hammond at i
Port Sheridan, and has been sentenced
to be reprimanded by the secretary of
Uwttit ftuilaiu. I
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 30.Penalon
certificates have been issued to s
West Virginia appHcants as follows:
Original?John C. Qunther, deceased,
Central City.
Increase?James P. Wilson, Alpha;
Bphralm W. Bee, West Union; Abram
Nucel Morgantown; William S. Glasscock,
Wldowsr-Phoebe Gunther. Central
City; Nancy J. Graham, Hartford.
Certificate of original pension has
been Issued also to George W. yanuera,
Washington, Pa.
Another Hitch la the Procoedli?B?-Onlv
Two Additional Imuri Obtained and*
New Ventre Ordered ? Oil* Accepted
Jnror Dliqullflrd.
Special Dispatch to th? Intelligencer.
PARSONS, W. Va.. Nov. 30.?The result
of to-day's examination of talcsmen
In the Eauthara case has been very
disappointing. On yesterday evening it
was believed that court would adjourn
this afternoon with a completed Jury,
Instead of that but two additional jurors
were obtained from the twenty-six
examined, and the court was compelled
to issue n new venire for twenty-four
more talesmen and the sheriff Is now
engaged In executing the summons.
To make matters worse as far as delay
is concerned, the defense challenged
two of the talesmen who had heretofore
successfully passed muster on
their voir dire, and brought In a lot of
witnesses to prove them disqualified.
The court sustained tho challenges to
one, and reserved his opinion as to the
other until to-morrow.
It Is said that the defense will also
attack the qualifications of another of
the accepted Jurors in the morning. If
these should all be sustained it would
cut the panel down to fifteen agnln.
The cane cannot now proceed any further
until the newly summoned talesmen
arrive. The proceedings to-dnfrwere
unusually spirited.
Will Try 10 1'iovii loiiull)'.
Special Dlsparcn to tne imnupencrr. i
HUNTINGTON. W. Vn.. Nov. 00.? J
The trial of Frank Woloott, charged
with tho murder of Will Webb progresses
slowly. The plea of Insanity has j
'been filed by the defense, and every <
physician in the county has been summoned
as a witness In the case. The |
trial will take all week before It Is end- ,
Snppoieit to Hull From West Virginia.
Arreatrit?Hook on "froplt'i Hnnk of
\Vr?i Virginia" Found on III* I'crooii.
ATLANTIC CITY. N J.. >!uv. 30-A
man who registered nt a local hotel ns
J. Barnes, of New York, was arrested
to-day, on a charge of homo stealing,
but it has since been tairned that Ue Is
an extensive bogus check swindler, and
the belief from papers found on him Is
that he is Thomas Seymour Meyers, of
Bluefleld, W. Va.
It was learned that he tried to open
an account with the Glrard Trust Company,
of Philadelphia, with a worthless
check for *3,300. endorsed by a promlnon*
diuinp- a deDosit bank book found
on him strengthens the theory of the ,
police. Another hook on the People's
Bank of West Virginia, shows a deposit
of $4,750.
Information has also been obtained
that he victimized the Bingham hotel,
of Philadelphia, of a big1 hoard bill. It
Is said that Meyers, who Is a clericallooking
fellow, gained tho good graces
of Presbyterian ministers and Induced
them to rash cheeks for him. He admitted
that he had -been fearing arrest
for three years.
Ulff Hllllnnl Tonrnaniffiif,
NEW YORK, Nov. 30.-George F.
Slosson and George Sutton played the
second game in the hllllard tournament
at Madison Square Garden concert hall
this afternoon. The scorer Slosson 600;
Sutton 388. Averages?Slosson 6 2-3;
.Sutton 5 0-37. IllghcHt run?Slosson 33;
Sutton 53. Time?Three hours and fortysix
A warm welcome was given to Frank
C. Ives to-night when he stepped up to
the tablo to begin with Maurice Daly
the third game of the tournament.
Score?Ives 600; Daly 256. High run*-Ives
64;Daly 38. Averages?Ives 1319-37;
Daly 7 4-30c. Referee?Edward McLoughlln.
Time, three hours.
The afternoon game to-morrow will
be between Schnefer and Mutton and
Slosson and Daly will play In the evening.
"For Mlilnu Paint Only"
MAPLEVILLE, Alt., Nov. 30-Seven
men nre dead and seventeen more are
not expected to live from the result of
drinking :i mixture of wood alcohol and
cheap whlfckey.
The drink was bought In Selma, Ala.,
by Bill Anderson and another farmer,
nnd brought hrre by them and retailed
to farmers and laborers on the Mobllo
& Ohio extension, which Is In process of
construction through this place. a number
of farmers and railroad hands purcharted
S0H10 of the mixture nnd Immediately
after drinking the concoction
were taken violently ill. No physician
was at hand and many of them died be
foro attention could be given them
The alcohol wan labeled "for mixing
paint only." The affair has creatod a
great sensation. Andorson and his partner
are among the dead.
'I'rilti Wrrnkrra CiotuM,
NKW YORK, Nov. 2<V-jacol? dir.
bach, John Decker, William Dohsonnnd
Hugh O'Brien, charged with train
wrecking were committed to the county
Jail at Klitaheth, N. J? to-day, to await
tho awl Ion of tho grand Jury. A Jersey
Central railroad detective alleged that
on yesterday they placed n bc.un In
front of the eaHt-bound Long Branch
exprcsn in an attempt to wreck th??
train/it ICIIsatiPthporl, N. J. The beam
was spcii by the engineer of the (rain
In time for him to bring It to a stop.
Tho young men nre all under twenty,
one ye,us of age. They WW Identified
hy the train crew,
llftnitillMl n Frrlnlti Train.
HAVANA, Nov. 30 ?|t Is officially
Announced that the Insurgents dyni
tnlted s freight train nesr AUiulsnt.
province of Plnar del lUo on Sunday.
The engine waa partly destroyed nnd
the engineer was Injured*
In IntcrcsCiiiRSession ?l the West
Vlrniiiiu Association A
?uil Lienor LIg?um the ^
Main Topics Ulicnuod-Th? SUvor of
Charleston Advocate* an Amtndtnint p(
ol the Law, ao aa to Prevent Couulf
Courts From Having any Control Over b]
llaHlclpaltltea (bat ara tu Favor of l.l- '''
t'oaae?'Mio Spcak-ICnay a Hard nut to
C'rack^-Oovaruor Atktueou Ailtlreaeca c'
the Aaiociattuu. vj
- C!
Special Dispatch to tho Intelligencer.
CLARKSBUna, W. Va., Nov. 30.? ?
rhe mayors' association was called to r?
irder at 8 o'clock this morning, Presl- M
lent Kendall presiding. There wore 1)1
everal additional arrivals to-day,makng
the total number of towns repreented
about forty. ol
Mayor Thomas, of Parkeniburg, read c*
in Interesting paper on street paving,in J]
vhlch he said an Important question ir
vas what kind of pavement will come el
vithln the limits of the finances of jjj
imall towns, his opinion being that vlt Ifled
brick or block answered tlie qilejs- si
Ton, not only on account of cheapness, e<
jut of durability and from a sanitary lc
/leiv, and the ease with which It may
>e kept clean.
Mr. Thomas also gave short history
ind description of street Improvements
n Parkersburg, saying tho first paving
ivaa put down there in 1883, according 6
o what Is known as tho Charleston o:
;>lan, claiming that Charleston, W. Va. tl
ivas the pioneer of street paving with .
brick In this country. The reading of 10
!ils paper was followed by ?i general !1j
llscuaslon of the subject.
The paper of Mayor Deflruyter. of .
Charleston,'on the granting of licenses. ?
ittraeted considerable attent!on.and the ^
?entlments expressed were heartily en- u
lorsed by those present. He reviewed ?'
tho trouble they had In Charleston re- *r
yarding licenses and closed as follows: 11
T I.. #?,?? nil In H(
?ood local government without regard
to party or political affiliations, make 11
in active vigorous and concerted effort ''
to Induce the next legislature to ho v
modify existing laws as to free nil mu- fl
nlelpalltles in this state from the ob- 'P
noxious Interference and control In 11- v
censa matters of county courts that do h
not represent the municipalities In the ^
mutter under discussion; that are sel- 13
Jom disinterested and frequently cor- a
rupt and venal In their conduct In this ^
regard." ^
Mayor Gardiner, of Slstersvllle. be- v
lnp absent, Mayor Scovll. of Cairo, t!
spoke on speak-oasles and their pre- b
ventlon. He said his experience had w
been that they could not be prevented, n
and that as soon as one vran closed, another
was opened, and In some cases
vest pocket or walking speak-easles
were established." p
He has adopted the p>an of arresting
the owners of such places each month,
and fining them S.r?0 each. Ills town Is I7
In favor of granting licenses', but the 1
county court refuses them. Mr. Scovll B
closed by saying that the only solution *
of the liquor question was to grant II- 1
cense, nnd then you could control the r
sale of the same. ?
In a general discussion every mayor *
prt?sent agreed that the only way to l!
nrovent snealc-easles was to grant 11- i]
cense. While this discussion was In 1
progress. Governor Atkinson made his J1
appearance, and was called upon to *
address the-meeting. He responded by J
congratulating them on their success- c
ful organization, saying he was In favor
of C0-operat Ion and organization,
that being the only successful means of
securing any desired end. ns the tndl- e
vldnal could do aothlng alone, but unl- y
ted In a body they were a power. j
The governor also referred to the f
speuk-easy question, "Baring he was i
opposed to the sale of liquor, but If It 1
could not be stopped to regulate and i
control Its sale by high license. I
Mayor Kendall delivered an tnstrue- i
tlve address on street cleaning. Hiving *
Fairmont as an example of what can a
bo done for *10 a month toward clean i
streets. <
The programme having boon carried
out In full, the association adjourned.
Parkersbtlrg was selected as the
next place of meeting, October 18, 19
and 20. 189S. ,
Wtil Vlrclntn foul Oprrnfora j
CINCINNATI. O., Nov. SO.?The fol- t
lowing coal operators of West Virginia j
south of the Kanawha, met here to-day (
in executive session: P. o. Boyee,George <
W. .Tones, M. T. Davis, John Carver, 8, <
II. Montgomery, H. L. Murray, J. C.
Morrison. T. R ICmbleton. W. R. Johnston,
C. C. Lewis, F. Monde), J. n. Lewis
and F. K. Lair. They have divulged (
tiothlngi but It Is pretty well understood
that their main purpose Is to form a 1
plan to limit production to the Immedl- '
nte consumptive demands of the mar- ,
ket. They will be In session to-morrow.
^ 1
Nr\v Cnlilurl, 1
VIENNA, Nov. 30,?The new Austrian
cabinet of which' fiaron Von
Oautsch Von Frankenthum Is president j
of Inn council of ministers, has ben (
completed and will be facetted to- (
morrow. The alignment of port folios ,
Ih as follows: Huron Von H.iutsch, pre- |
mler and minister "f the Interior. Count i
Wolserhelmb, minister of national do
fpnrc. Dr. Von Wlttek, minister of rail- (
ways. Count Von Hnlllet La tour, minuter
of public Instruction. Ilerr Hochtnbnweok,
minister of finance. IIerr Koerber.
minister of commerce, Dr. .1 Von
lluber, minister ??r Justice. rount Hy- '
Inndtliroldt, minister of agriculture.
Sf?v?r Mmitifnrturr* 1
Ct.HVKI.AN!>, 0., Nov. SO? O.twofn j
thirty and forty ??f the leading sewer
plpo manufacture of the country
have bfu'n In session h?'ie to-ilrr and t1
night, doubtless for the purpose of t?ffretlng
the combination organised a few *
days ngo at IO.isi Liverpool.
Not one ?>f the roanufaetufers would
In Ik about the meeting, h<nvrtVer, or sny
for ?vhat purpose It wan hold. 1
AVhr tii*r ? World.
LOWIOLIi, Mass., Nov, 80,?Frank A. ,
Krlth and Mngglo Godfrey committed '
MUlclde by Inhaling gas In a room In ,
this city to-day, They were penniless. ,
i ImfiaM-i^flVlN I'IBIII n linn,
RAN FIIANCI8CO, Nov. fit Th" l
Choynsltl-JefTries fight wan d.vhir l n '
dinar at (ho end of |he twentieth
round* j
i Court When KcSliu A*diIor Hmn,
at NcbruU, wii t>cuUno?d-IIU Wlh'i
I'allirllr I'lew for Mercy. ^
LINCOLN, Neb., Nov. 30.?Ex-BUtt
udltor Euffene Moore, found guilty
jsterday, of <y*bexxllng 925,000 atate
inds, was to-day aentenced to eight
?ars in the penitentiary. The aentenoa
as a surprise and a crushing blow to
le prisoner,who had expected but noraial
punishment, and the acene In tha
>urt room was as affecting as it wa?
amatlc. Moore with his wife standing
/ his aide, pleaded with the court for
iercy, making a long and somewhat
imbling statement.
At its conclusion he sank In hla
lair, sobbing bitterly, hla wife trying
ilnly to comfort him. Judge Oornlah,
l?ib|y affected, spoke slowly of tha
imo committed and the entire ab?nce
of extenuating circumstances. Ha
lid he believed tio lees than ten yeara
i the penitentiary would satlafy out
iged Justice. Ai he paused Mrs.
uoro threw her arms about her hus?nd's
nock and shouted:
"Oh! please Judge, have mercy on
Im, have mercy!"
Judge Cornish then said: "On account
J your devoted wife and your loving
llldren, I will reduce the sentence bfr
vo years. Therefore, the sentence of
le court Is that you shall be confined
i the penitentiary for the term of
ght years at hard labor, pay the costs
! prosecution and be lined In tho sum
I 146.816 10."
Sloore's attorneys will appeal to the
jpreme court. Moore was twice elect1
Mate auditor and his family moved
t exclusive society.
dltor Actio* for 91(10,000, Besides IV?vlug
Htiu Imllrtc<l by the arsnrf Jury.
BALTIMORE, Md., Nov. 80.?United
tates Senator George L. Wellington,
f this state, to-day appeared before
le grand Jury and charged that ho had
een criminally libelled by the Baltlloro
American, giving color to the
liar get* that he was using -patronage
) Influence the election of n United
tat?'S senator to succeed Arthur P.
orman. The grand Jury presented
encral Felix Agnus, the publisher and
dltor of the American for indictment,
ater in the day Senator Wellington
led suit against General Agnus per.mally
for $100,000 damages.
The nrtldo* upon which .Senator Welngton's
actions are based was pubshed
lii the American on Friday. Moember
26, together with an editorial
rom the Post In Washington of tho
revlous day. In the letter, Senator
Wellington was severely criticised for
In general conduct as senator of the
rnlted States, and charged with open,
offering to purchase votes for a sectorial
aspirant through the dlspensalon
of patronage.
Senator Wellington recently espoused
lie cause of Governor Lloyd Lowndes,
/ho id HeeKing ClCCllOtl lo mu ami ?
he United States senate now occupied
f Senator Gorman, whoso successor
rill be chosen bv the legislature which
ie*ts on January 5, 1898, at Annapolis.
To Colli FivfHoublr <?old Hi mm.
ST. PETERSBURG, Nor. 30.?An 1merlal
ukase, Issued to-day, orders the
olnage and Issue of flve-rouble gold
tleces, equal In value to one-third of
he Imperial (which weighs 12,902
rttmrr.es, .900 fine). Another ukaae 1sued
directs that the inscription- on the
tuwilan credit notes be changed to
pad as follows: "The state hank exhanges
credit notes against gold coin
or an unlimited amount." One rouble
a equal to a fifteenth of an Imperial
irtd contains 17.424 doll of pure gold,
'he exchange of state credit note?
gainst gold coin will be guaranteed by
he whole property of the state. Stat?
redlt notes are to have equal gold in
oin throughout the empire.
' rrmmiy nn<l llaytl.
BERLIN, Nov. 30.?The German govrnment
has abandoned its intention of
ending the warsnip uenon. 10 rwt ?u
^rlnce, Ilaytl, to enforce the demands
or tho payment of an indemnity to
lerr Enrll Luedert for alleged false
mprisonment. The Geflori, Instead, will
?e Kent to reinforce the German fleet
n the Chinese waters. Baron von Buow,
the German minister for foreign
tffalrs, to-oay gave tho United States
imbaaflador, Mr. Andrew D. White, a
vholly satisfactory explanation of
Jcrnrany's intentions towards Hayti.
A l-'rlrndly I'rocr^iHn*.
SANDUSKY, Ohio, Nov. JW.-Presllenit
John Gardiner, of Norwalk, and
I'lce President J. O. Moss were ap>olnted
receivers by Judge Wlldman
o-dny for the Sandusky. Mnnffticld &
Norwalk railway, a branch of the BulImore
u: Ohio. Tho motion for revivers
was mad* by the principal own>rs,
and in claimed to be a friendly proceeding.
(Jrnlii from I'lillr<lal|thl?.
PHILADELPHIA, Pa.. Nov. ?0.?The
exports of grain from this port for tho
mat week have been very large,
imountlnR to over two million bushels,
he bulk of which wns corn and oats.
Tho largest shipments have been made
luring the past two days. Tho amount
riven includes parcel lots by regular
Ino steamers and full cargoes.
An Omliion* Numbrr.
LONDON,Nov. 80.?There wfre exaety
twelve men and on* woman present
:o-day at tho annual meeting of the
>nee famous Cobden Club. I-otil Parrer
presided. The aninual report exjreased
regret at the death of a meml>er,
the late Henry George, of New
Vork. and announced that the Income
>f the year 1897 was ?CCS.
RmiMiloil III I'ytlHnii Clirlf.
TAMPA, Fin., Nov. 30.-A smmilon
ivns crealod In Florida Pythian circles
art night when licit, (?row? Lodge,
Ivlnghl* of Pylhln ?. of this city, defied
I lie authority of the grand <hancellor
and i .umu to obey his ordciu or re*
ir.<iulsh their charter.
^li.trui'-iiM of i(|riiilHlll|)*.
NFW YOHK?Paris, Southampton.
NEW YOUK Idaho, from l.on<lonj
linli* of Nohr.iska, from Glasgow,
QUWENHTOWN Majestic, New
fork; Betgentand, Philadelphia*
Mlti:.Mi:ilMllAVi:.\ Kaiser Wllhelm
Dcr Groime, New York.
Wrnlhrt- I'ounii for To DM*
For U'i"t Virginia, threatening Weather,
)0H"lh|y llnht i'IioWitm, Warmer southerly
For wmtnii 1 Vnnsylvanla ami OhlO,
mo*v or showers; unriuer; brisk south*
>rly winds.
linen I
Tli>> t-ntpfrntiiro yeiterdar ?" nhtorved
Helim-pf, druggist, cohht Fourteenth
iiul Ma i Met hi reels, was follows:
7 ' tn JM | n p. in :t?
'! ' I 7 ? 111 II
"i II | \v? utlive fair.

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