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T1ict'n?"Jr Tilings P?rpr(naU?t la P.mt
1?K lilt Jtiuslrr of Typr.
A writer in the Dan vera (Mass.)
Chronicle has been coinpllliiK a lit,t of
humorous typographical errors, many of
which are so ludicrous an to cause a
newspaper inan to wonder how they
ever pasted the proofreader.
There pas u patnv in Milwaukee the*
other day caused by a newspaper's announcement
that '.'the price of beer
would be advanced." The paper had to
Kft out an extra announcing: that it
should read "beef," not "beer," and the
thirsty Milwaukeeans drew a long sigh
of relief.
After the ceremony," wrote a rural
editor, "the bride was hailed and kissed
by all and the happy couple given l>l?Aty
of praise." Hut what was his horror
v hen he read the notice in the paper the
n.xt day: "After the session_ the brido.
was jailed una nissca oy an ana me
scrappy couple given twenty days."
A country correspondent, in giving an
account Of a certain pastor's uble address
to a Meadvlil* paper, wrote that
h?- was "full of ftre and vigor." When
tho proof came in it gave the somewhat
startling tnfonuafiouthat tho minister
was full of pie and vinegar."
The editor wrote it: "While this cold
weather lastH. be mindful of others
poorer than yourself. Turn not away In
silence from the appeal for charity,
(jive the applicant something, If.ojily
Home kindly word." The compositor
made the clause: "If only some kindling
wood," and he bullded better than he
The following ludicrous sentence la
tho result of a compositor's erroneous
punctuation: "Caesar entered upon his
head, his helmet upon his feet, armed 1
sandals \ipon his brows, a cloud In his
right hand, his faithful sword In his eye,
an angry glare?"
The headline editor hns his own
troubles, of which tho world knows not.
The other day In Chlco, Cal.. a man
numed Avery was married to Miss
Small, and the headline man of the
Chronicle put over the account the heading.
"Avery-Small Wedding;" but one
of those compositors who know It all set
it up. "A Very Small Wedding," and
the groom la now looking for the editor
with a club that Is not very small.
A poet began a lyric with the words,
"A dead calm rested on the sea;" but
In transposition of two letters It read In
the paper: "A dead clain rested on the
one of the most Interesting of recent I
typographical errors was the substitution
of "girl" for "grill" In the account j
of ihe opening of a woman's club at Eau I
Claire, Wis. After the ceremonies tho
compositor made the matrons repair "to I
. v-_ ?I _1 ?nnm fn?< n hi-nll "
"Was St. Paul a dupe?" asked the
Rev. .Joseph Cook in a lecture; but a j
Boston paper put the question In this
manner: "Was St. Paul a dude?"
A western clergyman preached on 1
"The Relation of Ministers to Their
Parishes;" hut the local papers revised
the subject thus: "The Relation of Ministers
to Their Pharisees."
Not low? ago a Western Union telearaph
operator found the words "orates
fraterrs" in a ppeelal dispatch about u
religious meeting. It Is noi definitely
known whether the telegrapher or the
compositor attempted to translate the
words, but it 1r certain that they appeare
' In a Minneapolis paper as "O
rats, father."
In on account of e Are In the western
part of the state. I read: "The Alert
responded promptly, but the fire had
Rained such headway that, when the
steamer arrived, she could do nothing
but play upon a man of nerves." I
studied the sentence for some time before
I could discover the explanation of
the blunder: but It finally came to mo
' that the steamer played upon a mass of
The D411y Tribune, of Jackson, Tenn.,
recently published the following remarkable
"Rev. J. H. Felts, pastor of the West
Mission church, preached his farewell
sermon this conference-, year, Sunday.
Thl? Is the first year Rev. Mr. Felts haa
had charge of West Jackson church, and
by untiling zeal and social qualities ho
has made many women friends among
his congregation who will be glad to seo
him return."
For "women" I suppose wo should
read" "warm." A correspondent writes
that tl\e reporter Is still living, but the
preacher Is In the tolls of an investigation.
as the result of this simple typographical
Mr. Co*rtMf "CowmUimI" Uenrttjr, lmt
Wm Wor'tnl ill I.nil.
Harper's Bazar: "George," began Mrs.
Courtney, eagerly, as her husband returned
home to dinner one night, "I have
i - ?i Wr.nf win min makf ihe loVO
.Hi.*; icrnnuru nwn ?
llrst little table for your dr&tllg room
out of two old peach baskets. You?
"No, May." Interrupted her husband,
sternly, "that won't "
"Yep, ye?, but It does: You nail the
two bottoms together, then cover them?
th? baskets, 1 mean?with pink calico, or
blur- .If you like. You Just love blue,
don't you?"
"May, I tell you It won't do. We've
got "
"Ob, but 1 know It will! And over the
eallco you put the loveliest white muslin,
nnd tip it with the dearest little ribbons
you ever saw; And the top basket's
Jlnpd "
Wo, no! It's out of the auction. In
future all peach bankets "
"Oeorge. what nonsense are you talking?
l fll you tlx* upper one'? lined
with blue, too; and?therc's a board top?
covered with calico nnd muslin, of
course lifts dff, and gives you the
?nup(t.?p', cutest little place lo put your
brushes and . having things in you can
Im&gine. i know you'll jn^i love it when
Jon ir^t It done."
"But my love, th?* great trouble 1 see
with your sbhemo Is that In the future all
T>ftach baskets have to be kept to make
you bonnet*. I've Jus: heard of a way of
fixing thmn that perfrctly splendid."
Mrs. Courtney's pretty brown eyes
"r^ned wide with surprise, and hnr sclaeor
iroppsrt with a clang to the floor.
You inke the basket," went on the
wlurlng hniband. with a twinkle
In his ..ye that, fortunately for him, his
did not catch, "and cut It off nt a
I ?lnt to Hi the owner's head. If tOO
la'c. pad with newspapers neatly sewed
In plseo with strong linen thread?waxed
'? b Then twist daffodils and ropes
fl" nround th<* edge, and pour over the
f I tnything from a peck to a bushel and
'i o.ilr of sea-green spinach, according to
tn?i'i of wearer."
Courtney gasped feebly and open*>if
anything, a trifle wider.
v''xt. continued Mr. Courtnoy,
firming to his work, "you take from ten
Mv-.|ve yards of Virginia creeper and
arnniK,. thfm gracefully around ho much
sides of the banket as the spinach
hasn't eovered," *
ind d!" almost shrieked Mrs. Court"
' fully alive to her husband's in Ijll
I h;?
P'lhap* about II Walt till I tell
J''11 ? > mii iho Inside, You line the whole
'['big wiih riibbage leaves, alternating
though not, too regularly, with a
r"w of hollyhocks sticking out nt the bnt'
l*ui, oh, I forgot! You crown the
' th nfl v nil . iim thing mi looki
mlnlsiure Hhk pole ( merging from
"' v place hut the centre of the basket,
sod Miirklng up at any angle but a right
''ermlt me to "
^'iiflon the lace? Of eoiirse, you
11 and i iIbbon <?i iwo,
t then, take the gaute that formerly
' 1 '1 '11 basketi toat 11 In to
1 I' from two lo three Inohes wide,
" Igi of Hi. - 'in || rsgul u 1 'i
v i i I'^'n tlie Other and dye the
'hlng in Hrong riffs* till your nest
' neighbor wouldn't know II from
itreat grandmother'* lace If she
i" h || under s microscope Now
1 vb*se sliips of iaeo In bands from the
top of the miniature flagpole to about
two-thirds of the way down the peach
banket and end in little cluster? of rib- ;
bona daintily fastened in place with the ?
string: ustd to s*w on the cover of the
''George "
"Feather#7 To be sure! How stupid
of nirt to forget them! They come in a !
bunch at th end of the flagpole, with
Imitation birds running up and down it."
"Might I "
"Might you have .squirrels Instead?
Certainly. And if U's intended for a
theatro hat you can change the peach
basket for a piano case, and have stuffed
elephants on top of it."
"If "
"If you want anything further Just
look it up 1n Hooper's latest fashion
plate, and let's not say another word
about It till dinner's half over."
Dinner was nearly Wholly over before
Mm. Courtney had fully made up her
mind just what she wanted to say. bur
when once she had made up her m-ind she
said It with a force and clearness that so
surprised Mr. Courtney that to this dayhe
views a woman's bonnet with rather
more awe than a Turk with a not too
thick neck might the sultan, or u policeman,
with a not too secure situation an
economic alderman.
Weakly Clinug* of iluoUUoits in nil Lllica
oriental irailc.
v Office of the Intelligencer.
Wheeling, Nov. 30.
Some grades of flour have advanced
and others declined alnce last week's
quotations. Wheat weakened a notch
and la now at 80 and 85 cents per bushel
with a considerable movement. There
was a slight decline In salted provisions.
Lard also dropped a fraction. Wool remains
at unchanged quotations. Business
continues good.
Flour ? Fancy roller mill winter
wheat, wood at 34 70 per barrel; paper
at GO per barrel; spring wheat. Minnehaha
is 60 in cotton sacks; *5 CO per
barrel; $."> 00 In paper sacks; old wheat
Galaxy, S'i 40 In paper sacks; $5 60 per
barrel; Pillsbury flour jr> 85 In wood and
In cotton; $5 65 in paper.
Syrups ? Choice sugar syrups, 27c,
Fancy drips 23c; Silver drips 18c; New
Orleans molasses, choice, 35c; prime,
32c; fair, 30c; mixed good, New Orleans,
26c; bakers' good 18c.
Provisions?Largo S. C. hams, 8c;
medium S. C. hams 8Mc; small 8. C.
Iiams 8lfcc; 8. C. breakfnst bacon 8%tfj>
9c; shoulders 6Mjc; sides 6c; ordinary
beef 16c; ham dried beef 17c;
knuckles J7c; family mess pork, 5pound
pieces J9 00; bean pork, bbls.,
}8 60.
Lard?Pure refined lb. tierce 5c; 501b.
tins 5Vic; Chicago lard, In tierce,
5V{?cl 50-11). tins fityo; the advance
for smaller packages Is as follows:
50-lb. tins lie over tierces;
fancy tubs %c; 20-lb. tins ^c; 10-lb. tins
\c; 5-lb. tins Tic; 3-lb. tins lc.
Sugars?Cutloaf 5.87c; cubes 5.37c;
powdered 5.43c; granulated standard
5.24c; American A 4.87c; standard fine
granulated 5.24c; standard confectioners'
A G.12c; Columbia A 4.87c; standard
Windsor 4.87c; white extra 4.62c; white
extra 4.55c; extra C 4.43c; fruit sugar,
Coffee?Green coffee ? Fancy Ciolden
Rio 16c; fancy gieeti lie; choice green
14%c; roasting wmdes lOtyc; Java 26Vic;
roasted In packages?row 10.25c; Pan
Handle 10,79c; Arbuckle & Co.'s roasted
10.79c; Lion 10.79c; bulk roasted 11c; Old
Government Java roasted 2'Jc; Mocha
I T HA... ? Ill,,
Teas?Young Hyson, per lb., 30055c;
Gunpowder, 30080c; Imperial, 40055c;
Japan, 28075c; Oolong 27080c; SouChang,
Candle?8tar full weight, 7%c; Paraflne,
per lb., 9V?c; Electric Light, per
lb., 8c.
Vinegar ? Choice elder, 12?14c per
gallon; standard city brands, 10011c per
gallon; country, 13015c per gallon, as
to quality.
Cheeie?Full cream 10011c; Bweltrer
lOVa011c; Llmberger 3.1c; factory 7V4c.
Pish?No. 2 mackerel, 100 lbs., $11 00;
No. 2 extra mackerel Ms-barrels, new,
100 lbs., $12 00: No. 2, 80 lbs., $11 00; No.
3 small $4 00 for 100 tbs.; No. 3 large
100 lbs., $10 00.
Bend*?Timothy, $1 RO01 60 per buiihel;
clover. nmall seed. $4 0004 50.
Salt?No. 1 per 4?bl.. 90c: extra, per
bbl? $1 00; dairy, fine, five-bushel aackfl,
20c per sack.
Seed Corn?11c prr lb.
Wooden Ware?No. 1 tubs $5 00; No.
2, $4 25c; No. 3, $3 50; 2-hqop pnlls $1 15;
3-hoop, }1 35; single wa.?hboarfls, HI 50;
double do., $2 50: fine crimped double
do., $2 75; single do., 12 25.
( r?ln Mini !<>r<l. *
(Quotations by Walter Marshall.)
Grain?-New wheat 80f?85c. Corn 35o
por bushel. Old oat*, out of store, western
crop, [email protected] per bushel; now oats
(home crop) 25o per bushel.
Feed?Bran $14 00 per ton; Middlings
$15 00 per ton. Hay (baled) $11 00; hay
(loose) $7 OOffO 00. Straw,loose and baled
$8 00 per ton.
1'rnllB mifl I'milnrr.
(Quotations by Walter Worls & Co.)
Butter ? Creamery, fancy, 21?25c;
country, choice per lb., 12^i)l6c; country
pood, 0c; country, fair, 5c. Butterlne,
C. C. brand, 10(?ir)12c; common, inc.
Errs firm; fresh In case, [email protected] per
Poultry?Old roosters 3c per lb.; sprint;
chickens. 7(S8c per lb.; hens, Cc per lb.;
geese. 40c each
Fruits?Apples $3 ROfiM 00 per barrel.
Grapes 12M:C per basket. Malaga grapes
$5 00 per barrel.
Vegetables?New sweet potatoes
$2 OOHf.2 10 per barrel; Irish potatoes,
70c per bushel. Beets 50<- por bushel.
New cabbage $1 00 por barrel. Celery
25c per dozen. Spanish onions $1 50?
1 60 per crate. CranberHes $2 [email protected] 25
per crate. Parsnips $1 75 por barrel.
Turnips $1 25 por barrel.
Tropical Fruits-Lemons S3 t>[email protected] 00
hox; bananas $1 6O0?2 25 per bunch, Jamaica
oranges $4 001/4 50 per box. Florida
oranges $4 00(3*4 50 per box. California
naval oranges, $4 0004 25.
Nuts?Hickory nuts, $1 50 por bushel;
walnuts, 35c per bushel.
Hoots and Barks?Ginseng, dry, per
lb., $2 6093 CO; some In market; sassafras
bark per lb., 81?9c; sassafras oil,
per lb.. 30?60c; May applo root, per
lb., O'iffJc; yellow root, per lb., 85c;
Seneca snake root, per lb., free of top,
30?35c; West Virginia snake root, per
lb.. 25<8>35e; pink root, per lb., fine. 300
35c; elm bark, por lb., 7c; wild cherry
bark, per lb., 1208OC,
Bonn-?Prime new hand-picked, medium
$1 25; prlmo new hand-picked
navy. $1 35.
Wool?Fine washed, 25c; one-third off
for unwashed; one-fourth off for unconditional;
medium unwashed 18<2P2do;
medium washed 25c.
Bugs?Country, mixed, 4601c per lb.
WlirrlliiK Mw Work MurkH.
(Quotations by Goodhue & Crt;)
rattle?Kxlra, 1,000 to J.200 $< 2504 35;
good. 000 to 1,000, IS750415; food, 100 to
900, $3 501/3 75; fair, 700 to ftOfi. $3 25If
9 Mi common, f.ufi to 7"0, $2 7r.<it3 00;
bulls, 203tyc; cows. Ut03e.
I logs -Kxlra in r.nfU M; ?ood $3 40?
3 50; common |.'i 2503 40.
Sheep- Kxlrn, 3,{|(?/4c; cood, 303',4c;
common, 2'/603c; Iambi, 4"V?1/,5e,
Fresh Cows-925086: calve* G0OO.
'I'll* rmliiro of (lie Money niitl Nlm It
NflJW YOftlC, Nov. 30 -Money on cnll
easy nl per cent; last loan 1%
per ceJit; closed At I',402 per cent.
I'rltnn mercantile paper 80.114 per QMt,
Sterling exchange easy, Willi actual
btHltiess in bankets' bills at $4 85<H0
4 80 for demand and at $4 8,1114 83'4 for
slxtv day; posted rates |t 84 and $1 87;
commercial bills >4 82V404 82%. Silver
certificate* 10(417 Me itar silver 62Vi0.
Mexican dollars 4(i,/,''
Tin- principal factoll In to?duy'i tlock
market were the statements of th*
earnings in October of two of the treat
railroads of the country, namely the
Pennsylvania and Burlington. Roth
statements made a remarkably strong
showing, but that of Burlington h:id
been discounted by a more active speculation
and the rumors which have
preceded the publications for some tlrnr
pust have grossly exaggerated the proportions
of the increase As a consequence
there was some disappointment
in speculative circles over the Burlington
statement and soma profit-taking,
which imparted a heavy tone to the
whole of the grnngers 'group until latf
In the day. In the final hour prices of
the group shared In the strength of the
general market. Bock Island led with
n net advance of IVi per cent on reports
that the company's refunding scheme
hud been perfected and the sale of the
firrt block of new 4 per cent bonds concluded.
The Qciober statement of the
Pennsylvania system with its increase
In gross earnings of 1900.000 and In net
of $452,100, was regarded as strongly
favorable and as reflecting a large general
Improvement in business. The
stock of the Pennsylvania railroad
rose L'ty per cent under Its Influence and
all of the trunk lines showed a marked
degree of strength, New York Central,
I^ake Shore and Canada Southern rising
from one to two points. Although
the Burlington statement compared
with a very strong month last year and
tviin one less mismesa uuy in mo muutn
than last year, and altnough both the
groes and net earnings fell slightly t?elow
those of September of this year,the
falling: off from the record month of
September was small. There waa a very
marked Increase in the operating expenses,
both for Burlington and the
Pennsylvania, amounting to $440,330 In
the case of the former and $*.$1,600 In
the case of the latter, reflecting the arrearages
of outlay for maintenance
which exist genially In railroad property
all over the country, The Erie and
Lehigh Valley, also, had very favorable
statements for October, but In both
cases heavy Increases In operating expenses
absorbed *a large proportion of
the Increase in gross earnings.
Speculation In Sugar was again very
active all day and the utoclc rose
strongly, closing 2lso higher than last
night. The approach of the regular dividend
period and expectation of a favorable
decision by the treasury department
on the question of countervailing
duties on Imported Dutch sugars were
the causes'of the rise. Northwest and
Omaha show net gains equalling a
point. Consolidated Has Is IV. per cent
higher on the day. New Jersey Central
gained VA per cent. Otherwise net gains
In the active stocks are confined to fractions
and there Is a fair sprinkling of
small losses through the list. Sales of
silver certificates on I he exchange for
11,000 ounces at from S9',4c to 59%c wore
a feature of the day. Bar silver sold In
this market at 69^c, a price which had
not been equalled before since July 22.
Bullion dealers have no other explanation
to.offer to the strength of silver,
but the existence of active demand and
a limited supply.
The bond market showed some actlvU??
and In Itlph *rrnftf? lHHlIfVS.
being very firmly held. Total** sulea,
SI. 68R.000.
United States old 4's registered were
advanced ?4 per cent bid.
The total sales of stocks to-day, were
Evening Pout'n London financial cablegram:
The strength of consols ran the only
feature In the stock market here to-day.
They touched the highest price on record.
Americans opened disappoint*
1ngl.i\ At the same time the tendency
here at the moment Is rather to buy on
each fall than to sell.
U. S. new 4s reg.l2fn,i|Ore. R. & Nav. 34
do coupon 128U Pittsburgh IG7*i
U. S. 4s 11SU iReadlng Jfl%
do coupon 114 I Hock Inland Wtf*
do Ids ISt- Paul 92*
U. S. r.s reg 114',J I do preferred.-Wij
do Bs coupon...114ty ISt. P. A Omalift. 7?V4
Paclflo 6s of *5f?.. I do preferred.. 148
Atchison 12'i(Southern Pac... iJOVj
do preferred 27% Tmrh & Pac.... lift
Pal. * Ohio 12 lUnlon Pacific... 24
Pan. Pacific Wabash 7?A
Can. Southern., do preferred.. IT7;
Central Pacific.. 10 [Wheerg A L. K. l7/4
Ches. ?fc Ohla.... 21% I do preferred.. *
Chi. A- Alton....161 |Adams Express.1M
Chi., Bur. & Q.. 94% I American Ex...117
C. C. C. ft St. I* 83%III. S. Express... 40
do preferred... 7* !Wells Fargo....Ill
Del. & Hudson.. 10g^[Am. Spirits 7%
Del., hack. A W.150 | do preferred.. 19
Den. & Rio O.... 11"4 Am. Tobacco ... tl'j
do preferred... 44SI do preferred.. 110
Rrl? (now) 14U iPeoiile's Gas.... Mvi
do pflrst pre,., 3&H Col. F. ft Iron.. 21^
Fort Wayne 160*4 do preferred., so
Illinois Central.. 101 On. Electric...
Lake Krle ft W.. 16 Illinois Steel..., 42
do preferred... (j?*4 Lend 33r/*
Lake Shore 171", do preferred.. 103'
Lo-i. ft Nash.... r.r% Pacific Mull S?4
Mich. Central....104 Pullman Pal....170
Mo. Pacific :0?? Silver Cer M'u
N. J. Central.... KrrSi Sucar 137?i
N. Y. Contra I.... 107 do preferred.. 112
Northwestern . .122M, Tenn. (Joal ft I. 24'^
do preferred...104Vj U. S. Leather... 7
Northern Pac... 1f>'i do proferred.. 61s',
do preferred... 5lrV4 |Westcrn Vnlon. 87Va
nrrmln(tiM? mill Provision*.
CHICAGO?Wlu-nt rallied sharply today
on the enormous day's clearances
and closed steady nt an advance of
%c. for May. December was apparently
held down and showed only %c advance
at the close. Weak cables and a larger
visible Increase were bearish factors.
Other markets were dull, hut
firm at the close. Corn was unchanged,
oats higher and provisions
about UVfcc higher.
Wheat started heavy and was on the
dVnvn grade for an hour and a haK.
May, which closed yesterday at OftVj/fv
90%c, opened to-day nt JKWH'ffDO^e.
Enough bnylng was started at the
slight decline to advance the price temporarily
to !)0%c, but It soon got down
analn to flOVic. December w.'>s even
weaker, opening vtc lower at 05%, selling
at J16c, then declined to >5'4c. Weakness
at the Liverpool market, with an
opening decline of S'^vas perhaps the
main reason for the decline. Th*
northwestern receipts, while heavy and
compared with those on the corresponding
day of the year before enormously
so, were yet as compared with
the moVement a week ago, considerably
smaller and indicative of the commencement
of their permanent radical
decrease. Minneapolis and Duluth reported
1.04.1 cilrs, apalnst 1,306 last week
and 316 the vear Iteioi*. Chicago receipt*
were 274 carloaoe against only 58
last vear.
The export clearances from Atlantic
ports proved to be conspicuously heavy,
that they drove out of mind the bearish
feaHires that had been the guiding
motive* on the decline and caused n
speedy reversal of the previous course
of prices.
The div's exports of Wheat were 7.17.460
biisheln and of flour ss.lOO barrels,
the total being equal to 1,1.15,000 bushels.
That wns said to break all previous
records from on" dny'a cxpofta
from the Atlantic seaboard.
Quite a scramble by shorts look place
after the postltin of these figures which
resulted In scndlnc the price of May up
to fM>{,fi7fl1ViO and December to 06V4?\
The advance was well maintained until
Hradst recta reported world's visible had
Increased fi.ooo.ooo bushels last week,
l.lftft.ooo bushel* of which Increase wan
of? this side and 3.M0,000 bushels of It In
and afloni for lOurope, That temporarily
shook the Amine** and Ihe price of May
receded in flftlfcf The shorts had, however
been mo aeverely Jolted by the rise
to 1)1 thai they were rendered
timid bv this time and It look only a
show of buying to rush the price once
more lo OHM The primary market rerecclpls
were three times heavier than
on the corresponding day of the veitr
before; the total amounting I" 1.KH.OOO
bushels to-dny, again*! only flR3,000
bushels a year an", but the bulk of the
dav'a receftrtn were at Minneapolis and
Duluth The contract slock nt (MilCAJjn
Increased 630,000 bushels for tha week,
I making the total 3.530,000 bushels. The
market timard the cloje wis quiet, but
firm. May moving up at OlVic. Decern*
J ber. however. was not quit* no buoyant,
closing ai
I Corn tcok lis cue from wheat, starting
weak and declining as long as
ivheat did, and when the latter market
chanKed from weakness to strength,
corn did the same. The day's movement
of corn favored holders, but this
fact was disregarded until wheat rallied
The principal part of the day's
trading wa.f taking December over to
May. Price change.s were very narrow.
Receipts were C41 cars, much below estimates.
Atlantic clearances were 693.000
bushels. May ranged from 29&@
29Uc to 20c and closed unchanged at
There was very little to the oats
market except clanging at lH(pl%c
spread. Longs Fold December and
tfjord was moderate commission house
buying of May. which made that delivery
relatively firmer than the nearer
one. The action of wheat had some influence.
llecelpts were posted at 567
cars. Seaboard clearances were 783.000
bushels May ranged from 22Hc to 21T*c,
cloninr? highqr at 22V4c.
With the exception of a short time after
the opening, provisions were firm.
Heavy receipts of hogs here and at
Western pMnts caused some hesitation
early. John Cudahy was a good buyer
through brokers, presumably covering
of short lines and this buying was re*
sponsible tor tne sugm aavancps m
January products, which marked the
close. December products were easier,
resulting In a slight widening of the
spread. At the close January pork wan
2^c higher at $8 20; January lard was a
shade higher at $4 22l,fc?4 25 and January
ribs 2%c higher at J4 20.
Estimated receipts Wednesday:
Wheat, 126 cars; corn, 302 cars; oats,
24U#cars; hogs, 40,000 head.
The leading futures*ranged as follows:
Articles. Open. Illgh. Low. Close.
Wheat, No. 2
-Nov ?>0*4
Pec 93% 96 U P5 MM
May 90*{ 90>i
Corn, No. 2.
Nov 2.-? 4 25* ??i 2V,
May 29!b 29* 29 2!i?i
Oats, No. 2.
Dec 20* 20?i 2*>?i 20*
May 21 ?fc 22",i 21Ti 22tf
Mess Pork.
I'."- 7 15 7 25 7 15 7 15
Jan R 15 X 25 K 15 h 2'>
May 8 40 8 50 8 40 8 <5
Dec 4 05 4 10 4 07. 4 07',.j,
Jan 4 22',* 4 27% 4 22?,i 4 25
May 4 ST4-.. 4 45 | 4 35 4 4:?i
Short Rll>*.
Dec 4 15 4 20 I 4 15 4 15
Jan 4 17>ir 4 fttM 4 17?v 4 20
May 4 80 4 35 ! 4 30 i 4 32',?
Cash quotations were ns follows:
Flour?Easier, mostly 5#>10e lower.
Wheat?No. 2 spring OOVio; No. 3
spring 84?80c; No. 2 red 9ft%<f("9G&c.
Corn?No. 2, 25%@>26%c; No. 2 yellow
Oats-No. 2. 2lHc: No. 2 white 23*40
23??c; No. 3 white 23$23flc.
Ry?v?No. 2, 45%?45>ic.
Barley-No. 2, 25#036e.
Flaxs'^d?No. 1, U 04ft 1 10.
Tlmolhyseed?prime J2 65.
Pork?Mess per barrel $7 15(0)7 20.
Lard?Per 100 lbs 94 2204 25.
Short ribs?Sides (loosje) $4 15<&4 70.
Whisky?Distillers' finished goods per
gallon Ji 15?.
Butter?Market fjrm; crenmeriea in?
22c: dairies 12tfj)19c.
Cheese?Quiet at 8?>8V4c.
Eggs?Firm; fresh 18tfc.
NEW YORK?Flout. " Hots 48.900
barrels; exports* 27,000 b.- vela; market
steady nnd quiet.
Wheat, receipts 399.113,bushels; exports
283,517 bushels; spo: market
steady; No. 2 red 98o; options opened
weak: closed ^4c net higher on May,but
Uc lower on becembe- latter b?lng
subjected to special pounding by traders;
No. 2 red May cloned at 9374c; December
closed at 97c.
Corn, receipts 152.700 bushels: exports
270,257 bushels; spot market steady: No.
2, 32%c; options opened easy; closed
firm partly %c net decline; May closed
at 31%c; December closed at 3l%c.
Oats, receipts 375.900 bushels; exports
538,400 bushels; spot market steady;No.
2. 26Mc; options firm, closing %c net
higher; February closed ot 27c; December
cloaod at 25*>ic.
ITay, hops and hides steady. Leather
Beef steady. Cutmeats quiet. Lard
dull; western steamed U 45^4 50; refined
steady. Pork quiet. Tallow dull.
Cottonseed oil quiet. Rosin steady.
Turpentine firm.
Rlee firm. Molasses steady.
Coffee. option* opened steady, closed
steady at a net gain of [email protected] points.
Sales 24.750 baps.
Sugar, raw Arm: refined Arm.
BALTIMORE?-Flour dull nnd unchanged;
receipts lfi.400 barrel*; exports
41,700 barrels. Whnnt dull and easy;
spot and rrinnth fi6r's^96!gc; December
97c bid; receipts 52,200 bushels; exports
241.300 bushels. Corn dull; spot nnd
month 3244<8532*jio; December 32U?S2%c;
November or December, new or old,
8174082c: receipt? 170.800 bushels; exports
lOR.Ono bushels. Oats firm; No. 2
white, 29?29?.(.c; receipts 39,800 bushels;
exports 40 000 bushels. Rye easier; No. 2
western 63?r?3Vle.; receipts 13,500 bushels,
exports 17.000 bushels. Hay steady;
choice timothy $13 00 asked. Butter
steady and unchanged. Kgg* firm nnd
unohanged.jfhcese steady and unchanged.
PHILADELPHIA?Wheat was *4c
lower; contract grades 9rtT*fr97c; December
96%(B'97c{ January nnd Febru*
ary nominal. Corn %e higher: No. 2
mixed, spot nnd December 32V?^82V4i<';
January and February nominal. Oats
steady; No. 2 white, spot and December
28ty<fjp29c: January and February 28t6ft'
29c. flutter, fancy western creamery
2S(928Vfco; do Pennsylvania prints 2Cc;
do western do 2fic. Eggs firm; fresh
nearby 24c; do western 28c. Cheese unchanged.
CINCINNATI?Flour wenk. Wheat
steady: No. 2 red 94c. Corn steady; No.
2 mixed 27,4?27V4c.. Onts easier; No. 2
mixed 23%?24o. Rye quiet; No. 2, 4
46M?c, Lard sWvidy at $4 10fff4 12'fc.
Bulk meats quiet at 14 60. Bacon steady
at $5 K5. Whisky quiet at $1 19. Butter
steady and unchanged. Sugar steady,
ICigs firm at 16%c. Cheese steady.
TOLKDO?Wheat dull but higher; No.
2 cash and Decomber 94%e; May 94tyc.
Corn active but lower; No. 'J mixed
204c, Onts dull but steady; No. 2 mixed
21tyc, Bye dull and lower; No. 2 cash
4f?V$c. Cloverseed active and ste/idy;
prime cash $3 12!?. <>11 unchanged.
Union Stockyards, Clnremonl,
Maltlmore, M^ndny, Nov. 29. 1*97
Hwlne?Arrivals (his work 13,455 head.
There Is no change In the hog market
since last week, vnluos belnrc held
steady with those ruling then, except
for light pigs, which are scarce and in
demand nt a slight Improvement, tlood
light far woittrtt hogs Mil at $4 ir?. oth*
em $;i 70fff3 90. iis also light pigs and
roughs $2 M>fa 3 M per 100 pounds grow,
Hheep and Lambs?Both are dull,
there being too many common sheep
and lambs on the market and fall clips,
which will not well up to the wool
sheep and lambs. Hheep sell nt 'JtffSHv,
being V4<Tf!'i<* lower, and' Inmbs 3W5Hc
per lh., and extra a shade higher, no
serious change.
('aIves-The trade Is very slow for
v? nls nl IttOBfto P*r lb.. Ml tiff a dedine
nf %t\ Boughs nominally at $3Q
fl each,
CHICAGO To day's cattle market
was slow nnd prices were wcal< to 10c
|m<i |no pounds lowrr. PrlmO lot# WIN
not numerous and sales were mostly
under $5 00. Common to extra beef
sleers from $3 10 to $5 KOj Miockers and
feeders, fair to prime $3 ROfTM 50; cows
s'dil eltlofly at $2 2fiii 3 2ft and heifers at
13 I6(M 00, Calves sold well for good
qualities, bringing $0 oo<tffl 50. Trade In
, \
hoga was slow and prim# wore weak,
being on an average ao lower than yeanerday.
Sale* w^re largely at -c'
;t 47^*, coarse heavy packing lot# ailing
at |3 [email protected];> 30 and prime shipping; lots at
$3 45fjS 50. Sheep and hinibs good;
firm prices. Sheep }: 00(J.j3 r.O for common
to 54 40<i?4 60 for good to choice,
and prime sheep U 75 ft4 S3. Lambs
sold actively at |4 50'45 S5 for common
to strictly choice. Fancy lambs $6 00.
Kecolpts, cattle 4.500 head; hogs 33,000
head; sheep 11,000 head.
BAST LIBERTY - Cattle steady;
prime $4 7;.ft4 85; common $3 25?3 60;
bulla, mags and cows 13 00fl?3 60. Hogs
a shade higher; primo medium weights
?3 55?<3 60; best Yorkers and pigs 50
ifl\ 55; heavy $3 45tf3 .SO; common to
fair Yorkers 93 45fi3 60; roughs 18 25?
:i 25. Sheep steady; choice $4 G0fy4 (ib;
common $3 00?3 65; choice lambs $5 50?
5 75; common to good $4 45?5 40. Veal
calves $6 50?r7 00.
CINCINNATI - Hogs active and
steady at 92 90?13 55.
OIL CITY?Credit balances 65c; certificates
opened sales at 67c; highest
67Vic; lowest 66^c; closed offered at
67c. Total sales 22,000 barrels; shipments
98,348 barrels; runs 133,278 barrels.
NEW YORK?Petroleum, crude, no
market; nominally 85c.
NEW YORK?PIr iron warrants quiet
at J6 65 bhl and 90 asked. Lake
copper $10 75. Tin quiet at $)3 75. 8pel
inr quiet Ml t uv. lA-au, cAvun.inc ???
ly steady at $3 75; brokers steady at
W 50.
Drv (inodi.
NEW. YORK?There In no material
change In the market for dry goods.
Print clollin show no increase in the bidding.
NEtV YORK?Wool quiet.
t MISS ALLIE HITOHES, Norfolk. Vtt..
Was frightfully burned on the face and
neck. Fain was instantly relieved by
DeWltt's Witch Hazel Salve, which
healed the Injury without leaving a
soar. It la the famous pile remedy.
Charles R. Goetze, Market and Twelfth
streets; Chatham Sinclair, Forty-sixth
and Jacob streets; A. E. Sciieele, No.
G07 Main street; Exley Bros., Penn and
Zane streets; Bowie & Co., Bridgeport,
llrllef In Hlx Hour*.
Distressing Kidney and Bladder dispose
relieved In 6lx hours by "New
Great South American Kidney Cure.*
it is a great surprise on account of its
exceeding promptness In relieving pain
hi Vdadder, kidneys and back, in mule
or female. Relieves retention almost
Immediately. If you want quick relief
and cure, this Is the remedy. Sold by
R. H, List, Druggist, Wheeling, W. Va.
Dr. Miles' Pain Pills aro guaranteed to atop
Headache la-Orrinatrs. "One conta dose?^
leaving wharfboat, foot of Twelfth street,
as follows: _ . ~ ._
Steamer QUEEN CITY-Robert R. Asnew,
Muster; Jamns Gardner, Puratr.
Every Thursday i?t ? a. in. ,
Steamer KEVHTONE STATE?Charles
W. Knox. Master; Dunlel Lacey, Purser.
Every Tuesday ut S a. in.
Steamer VIRGIN! A-T. J. Calhoon. Mastor:
R. II. Kerr. Purser. Every Sunday
a' 5 >* ?'
For Freight or Passage Trtlepbone D30.
noL'.t Agents.
Arrrlve COLlTMBUfl P. in.
Arrlv* CINCINNATI I:0f* p. m.
Arrlrve INDIANAPOLIS 10:15 p. in.
Arrive RT. LOUIS 7:W a. m.
Fo| Steubahtllla and Pittsburgh 7:25 a.
m. weak flay*; for Pittsburgh and the
jKnat and far Columbua and Chicago at
,1:21 p. in. waek days, for I'lltHburfli, llairtiburg,
Baltimore. Washington, PhlladcL
{hia and New Tork at l:W p. m. dally; for
leubonvllla and Dennlaon at I:Ar? p. in.
dally; for Pittsburgh at 1.00 p ??. Wwk
days; fur Coltnnhua, Dayton. Cincinnati,
Indianapolis and Hi. Louis at 9p. in.
w?ek day*. City time
Parlor Car to Pittsburgh on 3:65 p. m. nnd
7 p. tn. Trains.
Person* ronttmplatlng n trip will find
It profitable In plnasura and convenience
to communicate with the undersigned, wlw
will mnkn all noccaagry arrangement* for
a delightful Journty. Tickets will b* provided
and baggage cheeked through to destlnatlon.
Paaaenger and Ticket Agont, Wheeling,
W. Vs. oc3
On and after Saturday, February 2, 189(1,
tralna will run as follow*, olty time;
Leava Wheeling. t*avi? I'.lm Ornve."
'iVn T'me Tr'n T'ma Tr'n 1"tnp Tr'n T'mu
No. a in No. p. in No. a m. I No. p in
I.... 11:0010,... 1,00 I.... (I.UOilt ... I:W>
t ... - war.... v.w *..., i own .... 4:o*>
? ... 1:00 14.... 1:00 6 ... I;0M|S 8:00
I.... ? 00 J? ... 1:00 7? ttitOM ? tfi
10..., 10;00 M.... 7:01 iO:#r>(27 7 a
IS..i. 11:0010.... R:00 II.... |l:0u.n i... 0:0'
p. m. SI ... 1:00 p. m fl . .. 0:ot)
H.i,. |l!:00 M ... 10:00 IS,... 11:00 M .... 10;ril
id,.,. 1:00 II.... 11:00 ll.... 1:00 11 11 ;W
II..,. 1:00 17.,,, I:W|
*Tptlly," esrepl Sunday.
Sunday church tralna will laava Elm
Grove at l;il a. ?n- and Wheeling at 1I:J7
m, m. 1L U. WlClSilCltltlOU.
?4eusral Mana*?*
Arrival and departure of trains on an?t
after Nov. 14, 1M#.. Explanation of Referime
Murks: Pally. fDaily, except Sun*
i day. ;l>ally, excopt Saturday. IPally. **iwpt
luouday. J^umiaya only. 'Saturday!
stmthdard Time. _
Depart. (B.&O.-Maln 1-lne East.! >rrlvo.
12:25 am Wsfh., Bal.. Hill, N.Y. *11:20 am
4:43 pmjWusli., Bal . Phil.. N.V.I
17:00 ami...Cumberland Accom..| tV.lO pm
4:45 put tiiuHon Aiooni 1?;10 am
10:??T. ami .Washing-ton City Ex..J*H:0Q pm
Impart. |It AO.-C.O. Plv.. Weil Arrive.
?:J5ain!For Columbus and Chi. *1:15 am
10:25 um ..Columbus and Clncin.. *5:15 pm
J 11:40 pm ..Columbus and Clncin.. *5:06 aiu
3:50 pm 'Columbus and Chi. Ex. *11:60 am
tl0:25 atp ..St. Clalrsville Accom.. 111:60 am
13:50 pm ..St. Clalrsville Accom.. *3:1^ P*?
10:S5 am Sandusky Muil ... 6:1$ pm
82 40 am[..Coiumbua and Clncin..^.....
Depart IU. & O.-W., P. B. Dtv. Arrive.
ii:To am; For Pittsburgh *10:2u am
7:30 am ...Pittsburgh H:S0 pm
5:20 pm..Pittsburgh and East.. 111:30 pm
tl:15pm PitisburKh fll :45 am
I....... Pittsburgh
Dspsrt. P., C., C. & St. L Ry Arrive.
1]:?ani Pittsburgh t*:l6 pm
9:45 am Steuhenviile and Wast t6:16 pm
19:45 am ..Steubenvillu Accom.. 11:15 pm
11:25 pm ..Pittsburgh and N. Y... It3:25 pm
3:55 pm ..Pittsburgh und N. Y.. *11 :M am
t7:00 |>?n ...Pittsburgh ACCOm. >? t9:30 ?m
t9:46 am Ex., Cln. and St. tauls t7:lf sm
19;3u pm Ex., Cln. and St. Louis fall pm
11:25 pm ..Ex. Steub. and Chi" t3:25 pm
pm|..Pitts, and Dennlson.. U:W am
Depart. I Ci & P.-Bridgeport. Arrive.
15:63 am Fort Wayne una Chi. W:21p pm
j5:u3 am ..Canton and Toledo.. t#:35 pm
15:53 um Alliance and Clnvelund t9:85 pm
1o:53 am Steubenvlllo and Plttx. If :35 pm
. flu:''!) am Steubenvllle and Pitta. til:08 am
12:10 pmlFort Wayne and Chi. td:lO pm
>2:lo pm . .Canton and Toledo.. K:10 pm
12:10 pm Alliance and Cleveland tl:S!? pm
pm Steub'e and Wellnlvlle N:58 am
5:.'?4 pm Philadelphia and N. Y. t6:10 pm
15:54 pm .Haltlmore and Wash.. 1^:10 pm
J5:M pm|Hteub'e and Wells vlllejjfi: 10 pin
Depart W. & il B. Arrive.
9MO am ...Toledo anil West.... 5:50 pm
HMO am Brilliant and Btouben'e *5:50 pm
4:4G pm MasalUon and Canton *10:48 am
4:45 pm Brilliant and Steuben'e *10:45 am
am Cleve., Akron & Canton _*5:50 par
Depart, c., L. & W.?Brldgp't Arrive.
IV.or. am Cleve.. Toledo and ChL t2:30 pm
11:25 pm Clevel., Toledo and Chi. 18:00 pm
15:25 pm ....Ma.islllon Accom.... til:00 am
18:01 am ..St. Clalravllle Accom;, t9:2S am
tl0:(W am ..St. Clalravllle Accom.. tl :30 pm
12:26 pm ..at. Clalrsville Accom.. t5;15 pm
5:2fl pm ..St. Clalravllle Arconi.. t7:23 pm
lMO pm Local_!TElUfht til:50 am
Depart. Ohio River n. n. | Arrive.
6:30 am Park, and Way Polnla|*10:B0 am
t7::io am Charleston ana Clncln.f *3:46 pm
*11:45 am Clncln. and Lexington] 6:50 pm
4:15 pm Park, and Way Polnta|fll:80 pm
Holla Ire. / Belltlre.
Depart. D.f Z. & C. R. ft. Arrive.
10:(Hi am Mall. Express and Pans. 3:30 pm
4MD pin Kxprens and Passenger 9M0 um
. 2:10 pni Mixed Freight and Pass| 1:10 pm
Departure and arrlv
Bc&edule In effect Nomain
add^h^'^and'' New
York, 12:25 and. 10:65 a.
^iimi^ m. and 4:46 p. m. dally
Cumberland Accommodation, 7:00 a. m.t
dally except Sunday.
Grafton Accommodation, 4:45 p. m. dally.
From Now York, Philadelphia and Baltimore,
8:20 a. m? dally.
Washington Express, 11:00 p. m. dally.
Cumberland Accommodation, 4:80 p. m.,
except Sunday.
Grafton Accommodation, 10:1b a. m.,
Tor Columbus and Chicago, 7:35 a. m and
3:50 p. in., dally.
Columbus and Cincinnati Express, 10:21
n. m. dally, and 11:40 p. in., dally except
Saturday, and 2:40 a. m.. 8unday only.
St. L'lalrsvllle Accommodation, 10:26 a. m.
and 3:50 p. m., dully, except Sunday.
Chicago Express, 1:15 a. m. and 11:50 a.
m.. dally.
Cincinnati Express, 5:05 a. m. and 6:15 p.
m., daily.
Sandusky Mall, 5:15 p. m., dally.
St. Clalrsvllle Accommodation, 11:60 a.
m. and 5:15 p. in., dally, except Sunday,
For Pittsburgh, 5:10 and 7:30 a. in. and
."i:20 p. m.. dally, and 1:15 p. m., daily, except
For Pittsburgh and tha East, 5:10 a. m.
and 5:20 p. m., dall.v.
From Pittsburgh, 10:20 a. m.. 6:20 p. m.,
daily, 11:30 p. in., dally except Saturday,
um.? a. m., except Sunday, and 2:30 a. m..
Sunday only.
General Manager, Halt I more, Md.
Passenger Traffic Manager. baltlmore.MiL
T. P. A.. Wheeling, W. Va. |
rtra RilLROAD CO.
tR>7 " Time Table In Effect
Dfclly, tDolly Except Sunday.
South Hound, "f *7 |' fl |~*S~'| *5
Via P..C..C.Ar9t.L:R ~ a! m. pTmT
Ptttfbursn, Pa...Lv Oln. 9:10 12:41
Wheeling . Ar Line 11 :35 3:11
Leave. ?. m.la. ra.Ta. m. p. nC
WheellDK 0:80 7:30 11:45 1:11
Moundsvllle 7:i*0 7:65 12:17 4:47
New Martinsville... 7:54 8:.'C? 1:13 6:68
SlHterivllle 8:lti K:r.7 1:53 6:15
W'IIIImiuhIdw u 9:3.*. 9:50 8:00 7:51
Parkrrshurs 10:00 10:10 8:25 1:20
Ravenawood 11:10 4:35
Mason City 11:5s 5:37 '
|p. m.
Point Pleasant , 12:26 (5:30
Via K. ft M. Ily. I 1
Point Pleasant...Lv I t2:29 <7:10
Charleston ..Ar| | 5:07 t?:25
ciaiupoiis..Ari 112*37 6:42
Huntington ;| | 1:35 8:00
Via C. fi O. Ry. a. m.
Lv. I Unit liiKt on 12:3;* *2:30
Ar. CTtarlp.Hton 4:27 3:45
" 4 I In m. p. m.
Kenova Ar| l:5fl
Via C. fit O. Hy.
Lv. Kenova I *1:55
, Clnelnnatl. 'O An 5:151
Lexington, Ky....Arl 5:201
I<oulavl\1e. Ky....Ar( D:lu|
thr 9
Clorolaml, Lorain & Wbo?IlB|
Central Standard Tims,
Tim* Brhedula of rajaanier Tralna H
effect SundaJ, May 1?. ]R9T.
Cleveland Depot Foot South Water BtraM,
i i i i i -rrr;
n.nalr. p. ??.?.
Bridgeport ?:< U:i( it*
I hrli'lievllle C:30 1:10 S:U liT
New Philadelphia... 1.47 t:M i:U M
Oanal Dover I M l td ,$o 7:flB
?i? ?:? 1:3
!S IS **
O!'?ig S;? 18
Medina IM 0:17 1:00
1 1:11 o;ai itG
Urafton t:K 1:07 t:0t
Klvrla 9:10 1J1 |:?
! WSS wwto::::: Ml ill if,
! Cleveland 9:10 11:60 6:in
?_L It. m.lp. m.j#.
. -jzulujij:
ttMi.,,, >
Hrldtfport 1:10 7:00 lOtM
I'llrlchavllU 11:80 4.61 1:10 7:44
Nmv Philadelphia... 10(2 4.17 8:00 7:11
Canal Dovtr 10:45 :0? fit T:tf
.1 mtuM 10:16 :gjf fit, f:4f
Maaslilon 6:66 :22 7:04 i:M
Warwick 9:88 M 1:87 a. a.
Flsi Una 1:10 i :M 1:14
P?vj U :R> |:li
Medina 8:44 , ;0? 1:47
1 *?t?r 6:86 1:|8 1:0ft
tlierton 7:41 II 4:11
i Myrla 7:88 If 4:M
1 Lorain . 7-.05 ifc 4-.W
I 1,filter Junction .... 6:88 :|f 1:14
| Cleveland 7:80 1:00 1.80
______ ,n- P P- WN
. 4 ami 6 dally between Cleveland a?4
TmrlohavlUe, All other trains dally ai*
rent Hunday.
rassrnnets between Whsellnr Mart)n*fl
UloTuilwa* Hrldfaport. iake Hie*
M. o. carrel, a i?. a.
_ ? ? . Clavalani, Qhl*
I ??r*.vp'A'

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