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* wim.mii, DKi KMUKit o, >hutT"
Two Ktnlo Arimlniitiutloiif.
Ex-Secretary of State Chilton, havin;
arranged to pay to the ataite treasury th
amount of his shortage, there is now n
longer a fear that the state will lose any
thing, so far ns that feature of the mat
ter Is concernei^ The stato ndtnlnlstra
xion tooit me course mat wouia save in
treasury Iiom loss, when It was under
t?itood 'that nothing could be gained b;
legal proceedings of the nature that aom
of the administration'* critics were clam
orlng for. Only a small part of the short
age was covered by the bond and tha
was worthless. No charges of embezzle
ment could be brought, because, legal 1}
there was no embezzlement.
The Chilton matter h'as served to cai
/ the attention of the people of the state t
the gross irregularities and looseners a
business methods that prevailed at th
state house under the late Democratl
administration. The laws governing th
secretary of ctatp'g office, and othep de
part men! A of the state government, wer
almost utterly Ignored, as has bee
shown by the Investigation ordered b
the board of public works, an
even ordinary business rule!
such as would apply to the conduc
of an adrninlritrativo establlshmen;
seemed to be unknown. The condition c
the capltol building was not at all Invit
ing when it was taken charge of by th
present administration, and the large
portion of the governor's contingent fun
had to be expended to put It in habit
able shape. Other matters showing th
looseness of the methods of conductln
the public business are .subjects of cim
mon knowledge.
When the reports of the state ofllcer
tire rendered it will be seen' by comparl
son that, not only has the present ad
ministration been more economical tha
its predecessor, but that It has brough
to the treasury a large anvuint of mone
that, had the systems In vogue und?-r th
Democratic regime continued, woul
have been lost. Tho Intelligencer pro
diets :hat the report.? of the sta*;e olll
cers will be a splendid showing for th
present stewardship in conitrasi wit
that of the last administration.
In connection with the Chlltop matte;
eome Democratic papers, notably th
Charleston Gazette, have had a grea
deal to say re garding the alleged slow
ness nf the administration in acting I
th<? matter. It Is unnecessary to sn
anything in defense of the adinlnistra
tion against these Dcmocra'tlo charge;
nor to comment on the apparent deslr
on the part of a herialn Democratic fac
Hon to 6?e Chilton criminally prosecutet
The public knows wha't the truth Is an
knows the motives of these papers. ]
may be well, howevtr, to call attentlo
to the fact that the exposure of th
methods of conducting the public bus
ness under the last administration do.
not reflcct alone upon Mr. Chilton, whot
chief fault seems to have been that li
trusted too much In his office force, an
did not give the ofllce enough of his pei
sonal attention, but It reflects on othc
oflicers of that administration quite kmously.
It may, for Instance, be pertinently Ir
quired why I't was that the seeretary <
stnte was not required to make his rr
ports as provided by law, anil why V.1
not a proper bond required? The gov
ernor was the custodian of the bond, an
the auditor knew that the seml-annu/
report* were not being made ns th la1
expressly command'. Had these in:
portant details been attended to no ChV
ton shortage would ever have dcfcurrei
and Mr. Chilton would not now be und?
the necessity of disposing of his valuabl
property at a sacrifice to make good t
the state rn >n-y Which ih due It. Is
possible, for Instances, that the audH<
did not'know that corporations were rc
mining the Ir taxe< to the secretary <.
Mate's ofllcc Instead of to him as the la1
The Intelligencer does not mean to iv
fleet upon the honesty of any one, an
(I jlres not to do any on* an Injustlc
but It may occur to the ppople (if tli
Ktuto that If there wan no dishonor:
there was c -rtalnly n carol- tn.^s ?
dlTe/jard for bUHlii* rules, which do
not reflect credit upon I ho capacity <
thote who were In the rejqmmilblo port
Hons a't the Ktnto h"ti?e from <li? 4th <
March, I W.I, to the 4th of March, 1897.
A Ih hint Until* 4'nar.
The remarkable dewlopmrnt* n
TlUsduy In the trial of Wylle Mower
for the murder of Ibnry KM, have bee
seldom equalled for dramatic Interests |
the courts of the country, A fowl en
y.-ar old boy, whoae '*oHfes*lotl weeli
ago had earned his brother's Arrest for
cowardly murder, whose story of 11
crime had been rein tod to the detectlVf
first, and ilffenvafd to a Justice of tt;
pra/ne, with all. the circumstantial d?
taJIs, goes upon the stand at the fortm
irlai of li 1m uccuied brother, and aft<
repeating the story with a de
would have been creditable to
bead, and weaving about his 1
web of evidence that would su,
'? him to the scaffold, suddenly, u]
examination, and without a
voluntarly declares that his evl
every point was a lie, and that*
5' not even a foundation for it.
There have been other cases ir
o witness has been forced to make
missions upon the stand, but ir
0 stance the circumstances were
o and were interesting as exhibi
5 peculiar state of mind of the to
0 chologists might llnd In It an In
0 awifiy. According to young
statement* to the attorney fot
fense, tho detectives and othei
had instucted him to tell nothini
o truth, and yet he said he had c
i- lie in every particular and to at
? swear his brother's life away.
y Ignorance and the peculiar con
3 his mind, produced by the uppa
ildence of the officers In the gu
it accused man, young Bowers mi
o to be impressed with the thoui
somehow or other, if he did no
his brother something terribli
IVappen to him Uhe witness), ui
= latest tale is to be believed, he
:s ately concocted the story of the
J The two boys had fallen wide
ion, and the detective had bec<
~ vlnced that they knew so me Chi
12 thtt murder, There does not
= have been anv forcine of a c<
from the younger boy, and yet
9 confidence expressed that he die
the tragedy seemed to Impress I
- the Idea that lie must admit
while the officers were enjolnlm
g tell nothing but the truth,
e Taking the developments of tl
o examination ut) the basis of r*
- the case Is very remarkabl
- t:?Inly the boy has proven himse
- summate lfar, whichever of his
e the true one, but this fact, provl
- ways, that his latest confesslc
y right one. a matter upon which
e are divided, may be doubtless a
- to his youth and ignorance rat
to any inherent depravity.
x person would hardly have been ;
. such a situation.
The Pciialou I.IM.
U The Democratic press Is clama
publication of the pension list.
^ splratiom Is, of course, the hop
Q may develop a large number of
lent pensioners, but we do not
harm In the government comply
L the demand. No honest pentfU
object to It. But the motive of t
ocratlc papers that are elamorln
publication Is a political one; t!
j to show a large percentage o
pensions, and have an equally
| hope that somehow or other the
can party will suffer.
^ It Is undoubtedly true that 00
1v an iinftfwtitrY'tne P"
c the rolls: 1t would be strange
r not, and It Is very probable that
j (rentage of such cases under :i
can administration of the bure
' larger than under a Democra tic
tratlon. Tlx? ofllclal watch fi
about us keen tinder one as u
other, and the man who sets o
, cure a pension when he doesn't
It under the law Is Just us apt t
means to gain It under one as i
other. We distinctly remember I
|t lng the campaign of 1S88, when
vrails were opposing Mr. Clevr
re-election because of his vetoes
^ lal pensions bills that passed (
the Democratic orators and par
pointing them to the alleged f
notwithstanding these vetoes,
^ slon department under his adi
tlon had granted as many claim
been granted under the Kepubl
The fault is not with the flop
If fraudulent, cases occasion
through, and no partisan poln
" made on that ground. The t
* with the pension attorney# am
willing desire of the fraudulent c
' to Ret upon the rolls.
Certainly no deserving vete;
have any objection to the publl
. the list. It Is well, however, tc
ber, tha.t the necessity for this
1 prrrat as It tnay appear to be. Iyears
past the dally list of
| Granted for every sttate In the I'
been given out to tbe press. It
public, giving the names. addr.:
the classes of pensioners. Tilt
(j newspapers of th? country who I
respondents at Washington tna
these lints each day for their st
,r publish them. The Wheeling
paper.i have been publishing il
West Virginia pen&lon* grant
we. !< for years paet. This In
many other state*. ??.> that If a
rervlng man's name appears a
's been granted a pension nil his r
know It. It Id :i fact that In Ufa I
newspapers follow this custo
'J plaints of fraud ui * few, The d
are always accessible at the dej
in Washington. However, If i
not Satisfy those who f/tncy^lt
' a great public benefit to puMh
1 .?<!on directory, why, Incie Hair
r' facilities to satisfy them and l
I* be no very strong objection.
Not sa Mulled wllli 'sending v
force an apology from little i
emperor of Germany went out oi
;v t > make the following remark
Ing the Unytlnns: "They arr
tumptlble crowd of negroes, nil,
ocoulated with French elvllisat
' r.jhool ships cvf'tt though only
)<y boys, will leaeh Ihom ?i
Hpeaklng of manners, the It'alsi
remember that While bo In enfo
"* t-rnatlonal courtesy a I the n
cannon, the proprieties of the
would suggest the use of mo
matle inngungo,
One of the very best evldene
wisdom of the President'# Outfit
n nrt outlined In bin message, l?
*' deneral Weylcr and the
" party In Hpsln, whose brutr
" aroused the sympathy of ibis no
n ('tlba, ar.> denouncing the ines
;M pftildt mi M( Mid- y
ic The Chinese fled when the
? troops fired on them at Kalo-('h
le day, and Ibe emperor of <'bln.
obdurnte. Perhaps tbe emperoi
il many will yet have to give bit
?r d'?se of (lei man |end?
an older
jrotber a Tho e8c*De Morgan, whose right
rely send name Raines, from the Jackson counpon
cross ly Jal1, vvas effectt'd ? the wtne manner
warning lhat hls fallrer? Scott Raines, escaped
' from the Parkersburg jail many years
laenee u,t aK0( wmie awalllng trial for stealing a
here wan horse In the upper end of the county.
Haines and his ulfe went from Jackson
i which n county De.ver's Fork in.Wirt county,
where the former worked in a saw mill,
such ad- A man named Devers eloped with
k this In- Raines' wife, coming to thU city,
unusual where they procured u houseboat and
Iting the Jt)wn the Ohio. Raines, who
* was a powerful and desperate man.folty.
I sy- lowed and overtook the couple at a
teresting point below here, went aboard the boat
Bowers' aml wearly cut Devers in two with a
the de- kn,'e- He afterwards came back here
and was arrested for stealing the horse,
r ofllcers placed a dummy in his cell and one
f but the night dug his way out and escaped with
hosen to several other prisoners. He mude his.
.,mht way to Nicholas county, where he
t Vi ma,ne<1 wUh A fop ? year J*
In his more until they had a quarrel, when
dltlon of the friend untitled the ofllcers of bin
rent con- whereabouts. Flem Rader, known all
I. .over tho lower end of the state, was
deputized to arrest him. He found him
ght ueem concealed in the branches of a big ce
ffht that, dar tree. Haines attempted to shoot,*
t convict {)ut was not quick enough and Huder
i would ?P?*led tire and filled him with slugs.
. He fell to the ground a corpse,--Par[tq,
U nis ker.sburg Sentinel.
( delibeK ?.
! murder. The diy good* store of I). F. Puling,
i* Kimnip- at Spencer, W. Vu.. was totally destroyr
BU"plc cd by 11 ro Saturday.
ime con- ...
ng about Mr. F. X. Smith has brought suit In
seem to the Fayette county circuit court vs.
Dnfesslpn .Messrs. George Davis and John A. Mc?
the very Guflln, alleging $4,000 damages. In his
! witness bill the plaintiff avers that lie bought
tilin with from the defendants four hundred
it, even ?harfiS In a Colorado .silver mine at 5100
- hi m lor which lie paid cash. IIo says
B nun to ,Jiat lt wfl8 ^presented that the mine
was warranted to possess silver ore of
lie cross- u very rich quality and In abundant
?asonlntr Quantity. That If. was represented to
' him that the defendants had made nn
e. Lev- excavation of'two hundred feet and had
rlf a oon- found a vein of very rich silver ore. Tho
stories Ih plaintiff now avers that no such silver
Iding al- rnlno VVUH ovor ovv,um1 ^y the tho de'
fendants, and such for a recovery of the
n is the money paid.?Fayette Republican,
opinions ?
ttributed -Mayer, who left yesterday for
her than h,s P081 of tJuty us United States con\n
older su* ut Huenos Ayres, piesenlod Colonel
placed In Flintlock Perry before he left, with a
beautiful silk hat In token of the warm
affection which exists between these
two old soldiers of opposite shies. It
was Colonel Perry's, sixty-flftli blrthorlng
for day.?Charleston Gazette.
The In- _
e that It e ^)(>oem^er ushered in a
' fraudu- reduction in the wages of the
see any mlne workers lhl8 region, which Is
,11h being mude In general. The rate being
paid for mining since the first of
>ner will jU|y jias been at the rate of forty cents
he Dcm- a ton.which Is five cents above the price
g for the Axed by our rriena lsvans, wno ua? ieu
hey hone us and K?ne to ?thw HeMs. The price in
now thirty-flve rents a ton, which will
i unjust nicely continue through tin4 winter for
ardent what work Is likely to be had. Day labRepubll
orors In all the departments will be likewise
reduced, but It Is still n little better
than the Pittsburgh miners are Retcaslonal
ting. The one great trouble has been
ets upon the lack of cars.?Fairmont Free Press.
If he did
the per- take off our hat to Colonel O'Brien
Republl- ^ooro* nf tho Charleston Gazette. We
in Is no havo 9orno times nattered ourselves
ndmini - that \vehad done effective work for the
1' Republican party, but Colonel .Moore
ilness Is with his ;}az?!tte. beats us all hollow,
nder an- Long may it wave!?McDowell Rocordut
to sc- er.
deserve jM(jeJ? js vory g|a(i i0 joarn that
? use tin tjle con,mlon (,f ,1 udRO J. M. Hagans Is
in^rithe very mUoh Improved. All of the dan'
( " gerotis systems of his disease have dlstne
vet- appeared and he Is able t?? walk about
land for his home. Ho hopes to be able to hold
i 0f Spcc- 1,10 February term of the circuit court
, for Monongalia, but if he fails In this,
< igt s.. Hhoui(1 hc KOt no backset, he will likely
icia preside Jicrf ai lilt" i uuii in .uaitu. ?
not thai, hope this will be true,?Fairmont lathe
pen- dex.
is na had,
llcan ad- Tho worm the early bird got had
probably been out all night.
. . Tho women sc( a lot more store by
kissing than the men they get more
;i?y K">1 out of ii.
t can be jly j|,0 umo n,0 average woman lm?
rouble is learned what the referendum Is she han
I the too quit fussing with politic.'.
iaimants After a man once begins noticing and
talking about o girl's luilr, he lias to
' keep It up all the time or she acts hurt,
ran wi Th(% women are probably wearing
cation of hajr nelH again Just to see how much
? remem- the men will stand before they begin on
Is not as the bustle.
'or many When n young man makes up his
non?ii,>rn wind 10 bo forgiving and gentle with
' hit* wife lt\ ?verythlnp, he seldom
nlon has thlrikH about pillow shams.?New York
is made Press.
s.nes and * '
, i , ii r? Yri, She Dill.
<a 11 She went around and asked subscriptions
mvecor- i'or tjv, iioutheu blnek lOgyptlous
iy obtain And the Terni del Fuegans,
. Sho did;
ates anil
morning l'*or the tribe at Athabascn,
, , An<l the men of Madagascar,
le list or And the poor souls of Alaska,
ed each Ho sho did.
done In ^|)ft jonixod, she said, to buy
ny undo- " >' ' "l<" an(' J""1 and piu
. , For the Anthropophaal,
s having Ho she did.
, How htjo loved iih- eolii Norwegian,
te.s wnerc anrl the poor, half-melted Fijian,
mi com* Anil the dear Malacca islander!
m .. . She did.
ally lb:Is
partment Sho sent tins of red tomato
. , To the tribes beyond the iujuntov#
mis (loos cut ||,t liusbuti'l nte potato,
would bo 8o ho did.
h :i pen- poori helpbvs, hope I c thing
i has the (M.v voice falterH io. I /lug)
. ,... Tied his clothes up with u siring,
heie will Vm, he did.
?Halem f>ally (lazntto.
r his way
cotuvru- bladder was created for one pur*
a eon* nnmr',y 11 >?''<Ptac|e for the urine,
gbtly In- nnd nB MUrh 11 ,w ,,ot ,la,,l? tn nny form
Ion* Mv "r ''"'''id by ?ne of two wnvr,
Tho way In from Itnpori'cel artion of
manned tho kidneys. The Her.ind wny Is from
innheva." envelevM local tronlmenl of other tilsHhould
......... .t Hn hen I thv urine from'unhealthy kidneya
is the chief ratine* "f bladder
occiUlon trouble*, It In com fort in?; to know that
re dlplo- ,M Kilmer's Hwnm)>-lloot fulfills every
wlsh? In quickly curing bladder find
urinary trouble*, u corroetM fronuont
calls, Inability to bold urine and scald'''
of th" lug or Hinging pain In passing It. or
li policy, hfl?1 efTects follou'lllK Use of liquor, wine
Ihut lie <M "vevcome* that unpleasant
necessity of being coin polled to gel .up
Hervallve mftpy Hmes during the nlitht to urinal. .
il policy The mild a fid extraordinary efTcri of
nnlry for ',1, Kilmer's Huamp-Moot In noon tonl'
Iwd. II nIitriiln lb- Itlffhest for Its won
ag( and dcrful citron <>f the most dlntreiodug
case" |f ytm nerd a mt-dlclne you
should have the best. At druggists
Herman llfty contn and one dollar. You ma>
on Turn- ',nv" n ""'"Pie bottle and namplilei.
, " Ml scut free by tuall .Mention the
ii is still Weekly Inl'Htgcnei i, /(till ' "lid your adr
of iln- dress t.. lir Kilmer A tV. Hlrighftmp
It a good "". N Y ' "' pi'opiletiom of |his pn
per guarantee the uoiiuIiimicm* u( this
Abiolulcly Pure
II wai Addressed lo Ttvo Glided Yuui
Itcforc n k&luuu Itur.
New Orleans Picayune: It was |&ro
in? late. The tide of humanity that ei
lier In the evening hail ebjied and flo
ed through the streets of the great c
had swept onward, leaving the strui
and almost appalling sense of deso
tion that comes when the noises of 1
town are hushed. The electric llg!
flared unnoticed on the corners, i
street cars passed ut farther intern
now and then ? night worker hurr
hi,', his footsteps ringing out loud ?
clear in the stillness, in front of
saloon whoso lights shone out brl|
and ruddy across the pavement, st<
a tramp, unshorn, ragged, dirty, d
Busting He watched with envl<
eyes the men who passed In and <
through the swinging doors, and tl
ho turned his eyes toward two you
fellows In evening dress, who \v
coming down the street toward hi
They hud been drinking deeply, a
looked curiously at him. "Hy Jove," a,
one, "think of having a thirst like tl
and not the price of an extinguisher
your pockot! Heats old Tantalus oil
pieces, eh? Liquor, liquor eventwhi
and not a drop to drink!" He ran
hand in his pocket and proffered I
tramp a dime, hut before It could be i
cepted, the other young fellow int
posed. "Say," he said, "lot's do I
good Samaritan and set Kobo up tc
good drink." The other hilurlou
consented, nnd the tramp slouched
no the saloon at the heels of the t
glided youths. The barkeeper set I
fore them glasses and llrjuors, ai
...1.1. . llnl uVinnlv- thf> Irai
poured out a brimming glass and rail
it to his Hps. "Stop!" cried one of i
young men, drunkenlff; "make us
speech. It is poor liquor that does
unloosen a man's tongue." The trai
hastily swallowed down the drink, u
as the rich liquor coursed through
blood he straightened himself and ate
before them with a grace and dign
that nil his rags and dirt could not <
scute. "Gentlemen," he said, "1 lc
to-night at you and at myself, and
seems l<> me I look upon the picture
my lost manhood. This bloated fj
was once as young and handsome
yours. This shambling figure 01
walked as proudly as yours, u man
a World of men, I, too, once had hor
and friends, and position, I had a w
as beautiful as an artist's dream, am
dropped the priceless pearl of her hot
and respect in the wine cup, and, CIi
patra-UUe, saw it dissolve, and quail
It down In the brimming draught,
had children as sweet and .lovely as I
flowers of spring, and I saw them fci
and die under the blighting curse ol
drunkard father. I had a home wh<
love, lit the flame upon the altar a
ministered before it. and I put out 1
holy fire, and darkness and desolat!
reigned In Its stead. 1 had aspiratlc
and ambitions-that soared as high
the morning star, and I broke a
bruised their beautiful wings, and,
last, strangl?l them, that 1 mlglu
tortured with their cries no more. 1
day I am a husband without a wife,
father without a child, a tramp with
no 17112 10 t'rtli Jim mill, ,1 |,,U1J Jlt 1I41|
every Rorwl Impulse Is dead. Ali <
wallowed up In (l)o maelstorni
The tramp ceased speaklm*. Tlje gh
foil from his nerveless finders and sli
ered Into a thousand fragments on i
n<?or. rhe swlnslnR doors pushed nj
and shut in again, and when the lit
?r..up about the bar looked up
tramp ;vas gone. \
Uotutil In II ii inn ii sit I n.
Pittsburgh Dispatch: in Cam
Flommarlon's library Is a volume
the famous astronomer's works ivh
bears the uniriue tltlo "Souvenir d't
Morte," It is unique because the tl
Is wholly Incompatible with the conte
of the book, which is mainly devo
to scientific matters. However, w:
Olio hears the story that is told of t
little volume it does not appear
strange after all, though Interest in
grows all the greater. It Is said tl
Mr. Klamniarlon, meeting a beaut I
lady ai a reception ono evening, ope
expressed his admiration for her rea
lovely shoulders. So Impressed was
lady that when she died her will dire
id that enough skin be taken from tl
MUt of her person to bind the in
work of the distinguished scientist, 'r
was done, and the book referred to
the result.
I!im'? Ilil.l
We offer Ono Hundred Dollars I
ward for any case of Catarrh that r
not be cured by llall's Catarrh Cue.
r- OHKNKY * c . Props,, Toledo
We the undersigned, have known
.1. Cheney for the last fifteen years n
believe iilin perfectly honorable In
business transactions nnd llnnnclu
able to carry out any obligations ms
by their firm.
W1SHT * Tni'AX, Whob'salo Dn
gists. Toledo. D. i ..'loDn
J'hol If Druggists, Toledo o
II ill s Catarrh Cure Is <,i|? ?
nally. iii'tiug directly upon the 4>l.and
mucous surface,, ?f (j?, ?y?|(
1 rice, 7ne. per |,o|||,.. Sold by till Oil
gists. I e.stlmoiilals free,
tl.nl ('(irlRhl l*lnmi < |??|,t
We have ?n upright piano In n
mahogtinj cam., usi i hut vote Utile
perfect condition, which will bo sold
a low price,
r. w. rai.tmkk & co.,
1HI0 .Market Htreel
'i 'i hi-; i\ coMi i;s o\r: on
Tn'<.f...'',"<,".llV" Qnllilti" Tabic
All (liURR|pts 111iind the money If it r.-i
to oiiio Tin- RcutiJno lun; i,. n
on each tablet.
MIHR A I. UK I UN III KM. Norfolk \
was frightfully burned on thr> fa,,'
Jiiv-li j'ain waii Innlnntly relieve,!
Wilolt ll'sei Balvo" w?i
healed Ihn Injury ivllliout le.ivlmr
seae I, in the famous |,||o , *
i buries it (biiiim . M nlii | nill| .'
el feels; Chatham Sinclair, |.\ m '
ami Jiieob Hi feet 'i \ i.; o 1
??!" >-1. v Mios p , ;,
lb,.Vie *. Co., Hrldilop'
(low In Curt AM
Mb ST v""!\ ?'N
ffl!fWr"ttlSl,r"r, ftjn
AV"1'1 "''l^'ltlHes tlhsiv
n.fie- *
?I J. S. BH0DB3 AC?.
68c Pal
111* \
IW. Another lot of
I'.' Two Clasp Kid Gloves
lie At 68c.
la- '?
the All sizes,
IS In Tans, Oxford and
led I
Dark Brown.
Md These Gloves are
Unequalled for wear
HlK _
1 J, S. Rhodes & Ci
In .
^ to
fi cofrmcuT jj ?,?y
Z Bad Stoves
let all the sinokr come 1
>ocl Into the room anil ull tho heat go
lt>* through tho chimney. Our stoves behi
>b- themselves. Tho heat romcs out Into
,ok room. The smoke rocs up tho chltnn
i. Tho price will make you smile with a
1 Iflfoctlon, every tlmo you look at the i
or you bought from us.
ice .
1210 MMN SIRtlT.
Ife .
ior ? ??
II Monev 1
Ion /v? c
11 ?g!
iiio [email protected] t* <j. r S
?'? ^ Two suits 015
tj|Jaros' Hygienic^
(& Underwear are 3
'"ft ?? worth two barrels ?
!? & of medicine. <
ted Full lino of Regular Underwear as la
,en an 50. Prlrc EOo and upwards.
it Fashionable Tailors and Gents' Furnl
l|fH ers. l."ill and 1323 Market Street.
fill ? ==
% Gas
"is Heating
?'i ACME,
A large variety of styles
md at all prices.
Nesbitt & Bro
Ill ?
Saturday, Oct. II M ttlnnn and Nl(|lil
its. llrhrliUr and nicher Than Kver.
''' The Giri I Left Behind HI
'11.. Undorned I v Iho Pre!i<, the l'ulille r
lid United Slate-. Army as tlji 1 Anierli
?... Ulnv liver Prndu. .,|
, ; Matlneo plhes. ton* and L.W; iiii>hi pt'lr
1 " M.OO, 7r.l1 Mltll MI.V Hi'Ht'i mi Mil ||| c
u ItotiMe'i. MiihIo Htoro Thursday, I We
iy. i?et' ii.
jjjj ^ 1 IIANU Ul'liUA IIOUHI'!.
< >. Thursday. Friday and H.ilnrday Niu
nd and flatul'iny Matinee, l?n- n, |? ii
nt. The Now Yol'U InnrnitrH Oriitliml I'
j ' duet lun,
Putinlest Musical Comedy Mver I'
.' * Nl?tht Prlee*- 1;., nr. and We. Math
1 p' 1 Ii, IT. and ,'i.v. 11,
_ drnthtuy.
ri.' E. R. WORTHEN,
Pubiclv Building, Room No. 311.
1 llil? Market Slnwl,,,, Wlu<ollnt|. W V
Notice -th bre~\v7u7bVT^.
1N0 of Ihc Dairymen >. As',ijjtft
Holt 8 Hull baturday. I?.-jn
p. in. lewis STKENRod,
The annual rafcllns: o( th? ?in,n.,
of lh.- Kiehanse Hunk or U,' bc'11
hp held at the hanking hou,"?S?? ?1|
January ii. i8s*. between ihe h,?,?"V
(II and three (3) o'eloek p. m r^k!' *
Hon o.- directors. _ 'or th, ^
Wheeling. W. Va.. I>eo.'V*'bs;'.
1?ob hent-tile odd"itn3>
L' Hall Association has rooms f *
I on second, mini aim rourtli floors <7f .I"1
building, corner Twelfth ami
r streets. Socletlett contemplating ri,::81
. of location will find it to their Internf?
examine these rooms hefore roaWn* iL,
arrangements. The assembly
second floor, suttabie for b?i|8 S01,,7
and public entertainments, is
for engagements. Free elevator tol!
floors. For terms, nights, it.v, antiiv?
JOHN HOWELL, Janitor, at Hall. ^
By the celebrated organist,
At tho Fourth Street M. E. Cburch. litday.
December 11 **
Reserved seats 75 cents. AdmUsloag
rents. Stoats on salo at C. A. Hou??
' 'hurt day, i >ecember 9.
A medium size, sweet, tCWUr ,
Pea, In cans at 11.10 per
dozen, at
2217 Market Street,
Violet Cream. ,
Violet Cream.
I lhc One Night Cure for
_L Chapped Hani
and Face.j?jiji
PRICE 10c.
PRICt I(k.
Sold by K. H. LIST, 1010 Main Street,
The Northern Pacific and Alaska Mining,
i Transportation and Tradinq Compaq,
I Snug Harbor, Alaska,
i Will bo plensod to explain the company'!
plan in person or by letter by which Mock
inay bo takc.-n and the stockholder* re^re.
m-nted I" the gold flclds of Alaska by?
man of their choosing. This company ii.
roudy have thirty-Uvo mining clalnu lo.
catea, an well as town site*. mill iita
ou; water rights and harbor privilege!).
*vo Henry A, Parr, President: John K.
l,'e Cowan, Vice President; Christian Devrlw
-y. Treasurer; Robert Ramsey, Bccretw;
anV Oeor8e Tingle General Manager.
A. A. FRANZHEIM, local Agent.
= GhliRIIS'lTIMlA'S1!
I Grand Holiday Offering.
| ^Bring the Children.^
? ! *
JJ Toys, Games,
Dolls, Etc.
JT\ t ancv Goods,
\i Brloa-Brac,
rf ^ Albums and Bibles, ^
J) Lnglish and German
Catholic Prayer Books.
^ >o. sn twrlkrn street.
| @?)[email protected][email protected][email protected]
| | Buy Holiday |
1 ? Goods low @
S ? I
-h. @ Fine China, \
= (?} Cut Glassware, (g)
? (ft. Toilet Articles, f?,
W BrusHes, Combs, W
(($} Fine Soaps, etc., (gi
?Perfumes, ?
Lamps. Globes, etc., ?;
To close out the entire
i(p') ,tock ?* ^??^s ?' {Q\
y ? Ewing Bros., ?
' j^j 1215 M4RKH ST. (j|
/p; James W.Ewiag,Assignee, jgi
Court Reporting.
Tlif> rourl HrporiliiK oyitpm of
, Imii! I > ill;. .1 i\ .'.I
K' iiiucht in WYvi Vlty.inia. Imllnnn "''n ..
| i, .Ml nul l. Kim: ir . KclitiU'liv. ' ?
tf.nn, T. tin- MiT, North Carotin. ? f;;
Vli'Klr.iu, Mn-'niii-lin'otlf, lv,m*\ , n
una Ni \v York; othot'K an* pi?i?i?rt"^
adopt it, ,i.
I It I wi'l th ,'il' n hcotl t'1"1 ...ni
(J, I I'VdlTtl hj III' htllllliod < of Hli"!
r,iiidiiiUi"' or t ho
. Who nrr uHur this ajmoiu In fllllnfl
m, ! rcflhOliNlblc |ionltloti;? , ,, ?.,i
A i li yon wink t<? li-nrii nhorthnntl.
in- j wnslo your tliuo nnd inolioy on un> 0
I tnNnn*. out-of-Onto nyfoun.
?'ourt Ut portliu; In miro to Rlvft fni
! Kiitl?<fiirtlon
! l'lon?r Invent Ipnfr. mil nt 1,10 ''..J
ill" oftlcr, corner Main anil Twelfth *"IP
"" Wheeling Business Collet
| CORNER MAIN *?ll tWtl l tll STKIt
4 i.i. kinuh of
~ U I'l.AIN Alii) FANCT l'lllNTlN?
nbati.y 10xiccutkd
at tub lntkixidrncnn
joii minting orrics.
An Kntln Nftw l.lr.n of SitH"^
nAt.i, pnoaitAMMitfl.
it i tickm'fl and invitation'
1 i at At.tTrnic??.

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