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Presents a Handsome Flax to the
Second Regiment.
? -r.T>?M?AVtC?a WTTMPAQTm "RT
XHJ5 ?? - - A~fi? r-ir, ,,
Special Dlsd&tch to the Int?Uiaenc?r.
CH.UtLBflTON. W. Va., August 7.?
The stand of colon donated to the Second
regiment by the patriotic ladles of
Charleston was given to the regiment
last night at 7 o'clock. The presentation
took place at beautiful Camp Atkinson
In the presence of three thousand
spectators. Governor Atkinson
made the presentation speech.. Tie
governor was at his 'best and made one
of the finest of hla usual good addresses. <
?1 of the Second regl
menu accepted the flags on behalf of
his regiment In a peat but brief addree*.
The stand of colors consists of
two flags, the United States and state
flags. Both are fceautlfuj and no regiment
has prettier or costlier flags. At
the conclusion of the speeches three
cheers were given for the Second rtfgltnent,
the governor of West Virginia,
Captain Burrls, the mustering officer,
Colonel CatfteeJ and others. Governor j
Atkinson's speech, which was frequently
and heartily applauded, was as fol- j
lows: . I
Soldiers of the Second regiment, W.
Va. Infantry Volunteem:?This la an :
auKpicious occasion. Tou are soldiers .
who have volunteered to defend our flag
and constitution against a foreign foe.
You nn' patriots, and the world will ro- :
cord you as nuch. The valiant deeds of
rfin if vau. on the bat- J .
u SC1U1C1 M*r?u?
tlefleld are brave and true, you will be '
reworded for your acts, and your '
achievements yill go Into history. Do
not forget, my countrymen, that the 1
people of this great republic will not J
fall to reward their soldiers for their ev- J
cry act of heroism and valor. 1
The achievements of the American 1
armies, my friends, are of the most glo- 1
rlous character from the days of the (
Declaration of Independence to the pres- '
ent time. They Illustrate the courage, <
endurance and loyalty of the genuine 1
American citizen. They show to.all the 1
world what an Intelligent, educated, <
conscientious class of people can do. i
Naturally we feel proud .of the success <
of our armies; and when we consider re- 1
suits, we are struck with wonder over 1
the exhibition of the rare qualities of our 1
army navy whenever called forth by the 1
strenuous conditions that surround t
them. In the present war with Spain, I
we have every reason to be proud of our '
fellow-citizens In urras. They have add- I
ed new glory to the American name, t
They have met and overcome the diffl- !
cultirs whlcb stood in their way, and J
our country Is now content to enjoy to '
the full these reccnt splendid exhibitions \
of American manhood. We are Anglo- j
Saxons, and they ore the greatest raco |
- - tliatn. I .
that has yet innaDiieu mis biuuc.
ry tells us that the Anglo-Saxons have
never b?-n defeated' In war, and I do not
believe they ever will be defeated. They
are an educated, brainy race, and no one
can deny that "knowledge Is power."
Even mortar, my friends, Is bolter when
mixed with brains.
There is a time, my countrymen, for
war and a time for peace. Both cannot
exist at the same time. War 1s pitiless.
and strikes to hurt. Pity is not <
for the enemy until he Is conquered. I <
said a few days ago in this city in pre- :
sen tint? a flag to a company of volun- J
teers in the present war with Spain, that
Spain was foolish to allow this war to I
be?in and the* she is doubly fooMsh to
allow It to continue. I desire to reiter- *
ate that statement to-day. She seems ]
very recently to have caught the force of
this idea, and I hope will profit by it. '
The Spaniard is brave, but he is at the ,
same time a blow-hard and a braggart.
We waste time when we parley with hlra
for peacc.
The only way to settle him is with the
havonet. bullet and sword. The proper
way to dispose of him Is to unhorse mm
end eel our heel upon his aesophagus. .
When he Is down he will squeal, but not
before. The best way to treat hint Is to
squeeze him until he squeals. He Is
squealing now. but he will squeal louder
before "Uncle Sam" let loose his grip.
The foolhardy Spaniards began this war.
I feel like the little boy who had a
fashion of unduly scratching his head, i
His mother told him one day that she
was going to entertain company at her
home, and1 the urchin therefore must
promise her not to scratch his bend, and
specially at the dinner table. The boy
held out the best he could as to his promise,
but broke over at last. His mother
took him to task about his headscratching;
and his defense was: "Mother.
they began on me first" So it Is with
Spain in the present war. They began
on us when they blew up the Maine and
killedi outright two hundred and sixtynix
of our unsuspecting sailors. Before
we get done with Spain for that awful
crime, we win make her realize Che enormity
of the orime.
From the opening of this war to^tho
present. our army ana nayy nnvr
one continuous line of Victoria*. These
Mrtories exceed the hulling at Llsaa.
They put thf battle of the Yalu In the
shade. There la more drama In them,
ther* are episode* more spectacular, and
Incidents more sensational than in any
engagements since the battles of Thermopylae
and Trafalgar. As achievements
they are unequalled, as result8
unexcelled, antf as chapters In modern
warfare they will thrill generations to
The Spaniards cannot shoot. At best
they can only "rlddie the Ufa:" while
every time an American cannon goes
off, a Spanish ship goes down Into the
pea, or on land a Spaniard bites the
dust Before this war Is over, their
niancos and Cervcras and Weylen
and 8agastas will have learned Rome
sense. They will have learned by experience
what they should have learned
from history and current event*,
that a buz-saw Is dangerous, and that
an educated nation of Anglo-Saxon patriot*.
cannot be defeated by wind or
threats of bravado, or by mustard-seed
shot. 4
Hut, my friends, the world must live
and learn. A burnt child dreads fl Are.
A fool never sits down on a red h?K
stove but once. Itlanco telegraphed
flagnsta that he could capture Wasit
intciuii viun ii*u tniiurnii'i npuniBU "tidier!).
The old fool doe* not *eem to
know that the women and the children
of that city could drive him and hi* ton
thousand in dlngrare from our capital
with broom-stick* and boulders, to tuy
nothing of the hacking they would
have from the "Metropolitan Polk*,"
an-I everybody knows th.it they are not
specially dangerous, or overcharged
with energy. Jlut I must not dwell
Mv countrymen. I have been reaueat
ed by the patriotic lacllon of Charleston,
to present our Second Roglmont of Wen
Virginia volunteers with this splendid
stand of "color*." No regiment In tho
service will have a superior outfit, hocause
these flag" nr? an fine as money
can buy. You are patriot*, and the donors
of these flags are olso patriots. It
Is true that |hcy sro women; but the
women and tne children nro much the
better part of the human race. You
. . - : v
?T~ ~ ?
Railroad Engineer
ThUIUi to Bmffi* Rtealnd ?roro
TITERS Is do mow mponslbleposlt^
on earth than that of a railroad engineer.
On hla steady nerves, clear brain,
bright eye and perfect Hlf command, depend
the safety of the train and the lives
Df Its passengers. Dr. Miles'.Nervlno and
other remedies are especially adapted to
keeping the nerves steady, the .brain clear
and the mental faculties unimpaired.
Engineer F. W. McCoy, formerly of 1221
Broadway, Council Bluffs, but now residing
at Mil Humboldt St, Denver, writes that be
lag tick, nervous and bilious headaches and
was fully restored to health by Or. Mllee'
Nerve* Liver Pill*. I heartily recommend
Dr. lilies' Bemediea."
Dr. Miles' Remedies
are sold by all drug?Mv
gists under a positive
guarantee, first hntflnBf|Q||^q|QijM
benefits or money n>-fc
funded. Book on die-H^ ..1 J9
sues of the heart andg^j^*yjj
aerres free. Address,
DR. M1LE3MEDIC* T/OQ~ Elkhart, fad.
)ld male fossils know that this statement
is true. These Charleston ladles
lo not class themselves with Semlranas
and Zenobla, who wrote their
mmes in blood; nor with Aspasla who
lorrupted Athens and made Greece
Irunk with <he wine of her sensuous
:harms; nor with Cleopatra, Egypt's
jeautlful and the world's shameless
tturtesan; nay, none of these, famous
hrough their unwomahllness and Infamy,
as the illustrators of the glory of
heir sex. None of these typed Araercan
women are represented among the
lonors of these flags. Their type of womanhood
is of that truer and better
:naracier wnicn is repre?cuveu iu ?? :ory
by Penelope, weaving amid her
naidcns through weary yeara, the web
that sheltered her virtue, until her
royal husband returned from his wanlerlngs
and wars to gladden her waltng
heart; or courteous Rebecca at the
ivell; or timid Ruth gleaning !n the
leld; or nobler still, the Roman Cornela.
who, taunted In Rome's decaying
ige by rivals with her poverty, held up
her virtuous children, exclaiming,
'These are my Jewels," Fit woman to
have been the mother of the Gracchi,
ind like whom, had all Roman mothers
been. Rome might to this day have
/oairted an unbroken progony of heroes,
rhese, my countrymen, are the types of
tvomen that West Virginia produces,
ind we need not therefore wonder at
the stamina and manhood of our West
irunlnli ?*AAna thnn irhnm nn ho(?l?r
? l>b>><>0 "V ?
rod braver men ever leveled a musket
>r unsheathed a sword. In the names of
he good, patriotic, liberty-loving women
of Charleston, I hand these flags
)ver to you, and in their names, and in
Sod's name, I beg of *rou to not allow
anyone to lower them except yourselves.
It Is our flag?your flag; and may
3od Almighty grant tliat it may be never
made to kiss the dust while it Is in
pour keeping.
Proud flag of the free, the fair light of thy
Hath spread over earth, unbeclouded and
\nd the pride of her song and the boast of
her story
Hath something to tell of thy banner and
rhls banner hath waved in the fight oi past
When thy champions battled on America's
A -nnro.Jnr'* VloUtlCA
rapes, V
This banner shall wave In red triumph
Then hall to thy banner, and hall to thy
CJnrusted by time and unshaken by fear.
Nor above, when the angel of wrath
poured his vial.
And nations to battle marched proudly
from far.
Has thy worth been approved thro' each
various trial.
Benignant In peace, as undaunted In war:
Thou hast guarded the weak, and consoled
the forsaken.
Who wept In despair till thy charity came:
And gratitude nevor more warmly did
Her song, than when echo resounded thy
Then hall to thy beauty, hall to thy glory.
And let memory cherish them both In her
Let us, my fellow citizens, not forget
that generatlonH of men and women
may come and go, and follow one
another ns do the billows on the ocean's
crest, rising in their majestic form.crysnnlv
to fnll and
be dashed to pieces upon the rocks
along the shore; but let us remember
forever that the acts of our true heroes
neve* die.
When the Buddhists, as they aimed to
do, reformed the ttrahmln faith, they
laid down six transcendent virtuesalms,
morals, science, energy, patience
and charity. These were their steppingstones
to eternal repose. A thousand
years later Constantlne espied the
flumlng cross In the mid-day sky, and
while that emblem of faith ha* been
carried In triumph to every civilized
spot upon this globe, our struggles toward
a higher and better estate upon
the earth are opening the door upon tho
future, so that all of us. If wo desire,
may see within.
Let us thank God, my friends, for
this unrestricted vision; and let uh
pledge ourselves anew to rear to these
patriots of ours this flag of state until
Its towering monument shall catch the
first rays of the rising, and the last rays
of the netting sun.
In the name and on behalf of these
friend* of mlno and yours, I present
these banners to your keeping now and
Itnnn'l Trip larnmir K*cwmlon Tinknta*
Commencing June 12, ths Monongahela
River Railroad Company will sell
round trip summer excursion tickets to
Webster Springs. W. Va.. and return.
The location of Webster Springs If sixteen
miles from Cowen, W. Va.
Tickets are printed to read via Cowen
and Hack Line between Cowen and
Webstor Springs, (hough If passengers
holding Webster Springs tickets desire
to visit Camden-on-Ga\?ley these tickets
will be honored for passage from
Cowen to Camden-on-Oauley and return
without extra charge.
Tho new hotel at Webster Springs Is
now open and affords ample, first class
accommodation for n larg? attendance.
Tickets on sale June 12 to September
30. Inclusive. and good returning
until October 31, 1R98. For
-.itom ntinir to Huirh G. Bowles, Gener
al Superintendent, Monongah, W. Va.
If Ik* imbf U < wiling Tretli.
Be ?ure and un that old and well-tried
remedy. Mrs. Wlnalow'a Soothing
Syrup for children teething. It aoothea
the child, loftcna the gums, allay* all
puln, cure* wind colic and la the bent
remedy for diarrhoea. Twenty-flva
cent* a bottle. in-w&z
Tha Fulam of (be Jlou*/ mui) ' W?rfc J
NEW YORK, August 8.?The tone of
the stock market to-day continued very strong
and confldenL The stream of
money flowing into stocks and tonds
showed a steady augmentation. The
movement of the large concentrated
wealth, which took the Initiative during
the week, continued and the fol- (
lowing thus invited showed Increase.
The two hour's session of the stock exchange
was full of business and the demand
was eager for a large list of <
stocks. The preference Is decidedly for
the assured dividend paying Interests ,
as yet, bat it was influenced by the 1
possibilities In some cases of dividend
increases, and showed a tendency also j
to overflow into non-dividend paying
stocks, on which there is fair prospect
of future dividends by reason of growth
of company's earnings. The grangers
continued the favorites, but Burlington *
fell slightly Into the background to
make way for St. Paul and Hock Is- 1
land, the former rising an extreme 1% ]
per cent and t)ie latter VA per cent. 1
Dealings in these stocks were very
large, 1,000 share blocks frequently 3
changing bands to the powerful specu- lative
leaders who have chosen this 1
group of stocks to operate on first, be- J
cause of the dominant Influence it exer- I
clses on the whole railroad list. Noth- '
lng in the day's developments was <
more Impressive than the pause In ac- I
tivlty Just before the close. The buying t
was apparently stopped to test th" i
tendency of the market. Recessions of i
H or K per cent In prices promptly put 1
a stop to offerings. There was no
pressure to realize even by small room 4
traders. Considering the week's rise In i
the prices, the firmness at the close was <
remarkable. Traders are prone to close i
outstanding contracts and take profits, ,
whether on the long or short side, in
anticipation of a Sunday interval, but ]
no disposition was shown to sell out to- <
day. The heavy expansion in loans i
shown in the bank statement Is mostly {
due to tne awakened stock excnange
activity. The net Increase In cash of
something over $1,800,000. was largely
from Interior receipts, the sub-treasury'a
daily debit balance being still offset
by payments on the loan account.
The resulting Increase In deposit* raised
the legal reserve limit by $.1,842,875,
which the cash Increase failed to cover
by $2,011,475, the amount of the decline
In the surplus reserves.
The activity In the Iron trade Is one
of several signs of Industrial and trade
revlvul which together with the movement
of crops Is expected to give largely
extended uses of money. There will
undoubtedly be large embarkations of
capital In Porto Rico, Cuba and the
Philippines. Confident expectation of
such demands for monej- must be
looked to to explain a present Import
movement of gold, In view of the present
plethera of money.
United States old 6* registered have
advanced 1% per cent; do coupon and
the new 4s registered 1 per cent: the
registered 5s % and do coupon and the
new 4s coupon M per cent In the bid
U. 8. new 4s reg.l27*i |Ore. R. St Nav.. 52
do ooupon 127-%[Pittsburgh ITo
TT R 4a 111U.!Rf?nr*lnr? 1B
do coupon UlfelRock Island ....100%
do seconds .... 97 St. Paul 103%
U. S. 5s reg 112 do preferred...152>4
do coupon 112 St. P. & Omnha. S4&
Pacific Cs of '95..101u4 do preferred... 153
Atchison 12*i Southern Pnc... 29'i
do preferred... 33Vi Texas A Pac.... 12%
Bal. A Ohio 10 l*nlon Pac., pre. 03%
Canada Pacific.. S3 Wabash 7%
Can. Southern... 54^ do preferred... 21
Central Pacific.. 16% Wheel* A L. E. 1%
Ches. A Ohio.... 23% do preferred... 12*4
Chi. A Alton....15!>% Adams Ex lf?3
Chi- Bur. A Q..112% American Ex...185
C. C. C. A St. L. 42% U. 8. Express... <3
do preferred... 84 Wells Farno....llS
Del. A Hudson..107 Am. Spirits 144
Del., Lark. A W.150 do preferred... 89
Den. A Rio G.... 12% Am. Tobacco.... 127%
do preferred... 51 do preferred...
Erie (new) 18% Chlcauo Gas....lW%
do first pre.... 3.'i^ Col. F. A Iron.. 20%
Fort Wayne ....172 do preferred... 66
Hocking: Valley. 5 Oen. Electric.... 40%
Illinois Central..108% Illinois Steel.... 58
Lake Erie A W. 14 Lead 8MI
do preferred... 7M? do preferred...109%
Lake Shore 1M Pacific Mall .... 31%
Lou. A Nash.... 65% Pullman Pal....191
Mich. Centra!....108V, silver Ccr 5S%
Mo. Pacific 87% Suear 189%
N. J. Central.... 91% do preferred... 114
N. Y. Central....UMj Term." Coal & I. JfiU ,
Northwestern ...13Mi IT. 8. I#with<?r... r'- f
do preferred... 17r.u do preferred... 6SH t
Northern Pic... Western Union. 91ft
do preferred... 74
nreariaf nfTa ami Pro* Ulon*.
CHICAGO?Scarcity of receipts and
active cash demand advanced wheat toilay.
September left offTic higher and
December [email protected]%c. Corn closed Vic lower.
Oats lost He. pork, lard and ribs unchangd.
Wheat started very strong, September
opening at from 67%c to 68c, against G7*4
?67%c at last night's close. There was
no appearance of any Increase In the
movement of wheat and Liverpool sent
higher quotations. Showery weather
In the northwest gave the bulls a further
opportunity, as the trade under
present conditions was nervous alwut
the possibilities of a wet harvest In that
section. The demand for the limited offerings
in the sample market was most
active nnd at from 2 to 3e over the
previous clay's prices. Orders for round
lots for shipment were on the, market
at a Hllirht premium over the carload
price. Chicago received 141 ciirs against 1
125 a year ago, and Minneapolis unci Duluth
68 against l.'S lnnt year. Atlantic
port clearances of wheat and Hour for
the last twenty-four hours amounted to
320,000 bushels. lleerbohm estimates
the world's shipments of wheat and llour
to Europe for the week at G.600,000 bushels;
September opened >[email protected]%c higher at
[email protected]; rose to 68"iic and closed at 68?*
C?G8V*e. December begun Vi<Hiic up nt
66^66Hc; sold up to 67c; then declined
to <?G1/4?66^hc bid ut the close.
Corn received some assistance from
the strength In wheht and also from the
Kansas report for the month, showing a
drop in conditions of 24 points, compared
with that of n month ago. The
weather was acting kindly to the crop <
and It was clear that such of It as had 1
not been ruined past redemption must *
be rapidly improving. As a result the I
market only maintained, a show of 1
strrngth for about half an hour. After I
that there?*vns more for sale than there J
were buyers and prices gradually work- '
ed off. September opened higher t
j at from [email protected]%c, which Immediately *
I brought It under the influence of calls. c
Near the end of the session It got a:? low ^
a! 32%fo33c. but reacted a little aud clos- *
ed ut 33Vic with sellers.
Oats were Ann early, but remained so (
oh long ns corn showed strength. There f
were only a few buying orders from the j1
country and all were filled early. Sep- 1
tember opened HCTUc higher at 21-%c,
rose to 21ftc and declined to 2l&c at the
A light run of hogs and the strength '
In grnlns started provisions hlghfJr. Af- j
ter the opening spurt, however, the mar- *
ket went practically to sleep until the *
noho with which the grain markets I
closed woke It up for two or three mln- c
utcs further exercise. The net result c
was that the closing prle??s of yesterday '
and to-day were substantially the same. I
Estimated receipts for Monday: Wheat *
190 cars corn 500 cars; oats 315 cars; hogs 1
30,000 head. 1
Cash quotations were as follows: t
Flour?Stondy; winter patents $3 J
3 75; spring speclnl brands 14 75; Minnesota
hard |4 30<ff4 50; soft patents $4 20?
4 30; hnrd strnlghts $4 10?4 15.
Wheat?No. 2 spring 70c; No. 3 spring I
68?i7Bc; No. Z re<l 7r,c. i
Corn-No. 2 ttttCWSSe. *
Oat*?No. 2 2??*c; No. 2 whit? 28<ff29c; t
No. * Whlto 26<0 2Sc.
Ityo?No. 2 4rtVjr.
Ilarlcy?No. 2 41c.
FlKXH?"?d-No. 1 !i2fiD2Hc\
Tlinothy noi^l?Prlmr $2 r?0$?2 fiO.
Mri?? pork?Per bbl.. $H &5CW 00.
I.jtrd-1vr 100 Itm.. SR 27VG0G 30.
Short rtll>^? Side* (loone) 15 106?i? 45;
dry anltcd HinuM-r* (boxed) 4ty?404?4c;
Hhort ck-or sldcn (boxed) $& OUii 5 f>o.
? ?v
Sasars?Cutloaf 8.01c; ,',*rurol*ted
I.LwV* ^ ?
Butter?tJochaofftd. I
Chee*c?Firm; crewn-rlcn V?Q$%c.
Tim trauing luiurtg runced ?? lotlow:
Articles. Open. Hffch. Low. CIom. J
Vhcut- So. ? *
EE:::::::: |5 S S V
DeC- ........ 6ti 67 68 66tt
**yr ? 68% 67% Q% _
torn. No. t
S3tS&I.3 II lb
55**! 8% ??B
)at?, No. 2.
tf!y:::::::: S3 1% 5* S*
^Por.t...,? .a. ?J .?
o? a no
VCt. - ?
[*nL vi
Sept. 616 5 57H 5 32% 6 3*fc
Oot 5 40 6 40 5 S7W 6I7H .
Short Ribs. _
Sept., 6 27^-6X7% 6? 6 23% 1
Oct.. ......... 6 30 | 6 JO 6 ZPAA- 6 35 II
NBW YORK?Flou& .receipts 17,841
>arrels; export! 4.716 barrels; sales 4,000
mclcayes;* market etrong and held at
ilgher figures.
Cornmeal firm; yellow western 75c. c
Barley malt dull; western 67??2c. K
Wheat, receipts 74,000 bushels; ex- t(
?orts 180,220 bushels; spot strong: No.
1 red 79c I o. b. and afloat, export grade
:o arrive; No. 2 red 79H? 80c, spot
ifloat f. o. b.; options were strong and n
lulte active all the forenoon, closing 10 *
[%c ne(f higher. Shorts were Impelled
o cover by light receipts, higher cables, z
vet weather In the northwest and heavy
veekly clearances. No. 2 red spot _
r2 5-16073 9-160"3?4c. <
Corn, receipts 184.350 bushels; exports "
146,661 bushels; spot strong; No. 2, S9V*c I
o. b. and afioat; option market opened
rreadv with wheat and ruled quiet -
without particular feature, closing un- 1
Ranged; September 37%@[email protected]?4c J
Oatj, receipt? 36,COO bushels; exports ?
.91.211 bushels; spot steady; No. 2, 28%
5>28>4c; No. 3 white 32'^c; options quiet
>ut steady, closing unchanged; Septemr
>er 26*4 c.
Hopa steady; state, common to choice, ai
.895 crop. 2?3c; 1896 crop 6Q6c; 1897
rop 11 ?12c; Pacific coast, 1895 crop, 2& *
to; 1896 crop 5?6c; 1897 crop 11012c.
Cheese quiet; large white 6%?7c; p
imall white 7%@7%c; large colored 7c; r
imall colored 7%c.
Tallow firm; city 3%63ttc; country
Cottonseed oil quiet;' prime ?
irude lS^c; do yellow 23%c.
Klce steady; fair to extra 5H<$fl%e; |
rapan 6?6f$6Hc. Molasses steady; New 1
Orleans open kettle, good to choice, 28
Coffee, options opened steady with
irlces unchanged and showed very little
ipeculative energy all through the seaIon;
absence of radical changes abroad
- ? . iKitllo
ir important locai nvwn
ind bears to proceed with caution. s,
Closed quiet at net unchanged to five
wlnts lower. Sales 6,000 kags, includng
December a: 5.63c. Spot coffee, Rio A
narket quiet but steady; No. 7 invoice
ic; No. 7 Jobbing Oft. Mild market iteady;
Cordova 8%@15c. Sales, fair
obblng business.
Sugar, raw market strong and Higher
o buy; fair refining 3%c; centrifugal, 96 I
a 5.iRr- r^flnpfl firm and fairly ac- I
Ive; mould A 5%c; standard A 6%c; 1
:onfectloners' A 5Uc; cut loaf 5%c; 1
rushed 5%c; powdered 5%c; granula- '
ed 5%c; cubes 5%c. ^
BALTIMORE?Flour dull and un- B
hanged; receipts 7.900 barrels; exports
i,658 barrels. Wheat strong and high
r; spot 77?n%c; month 760>76#c; Sepembcr
75c; steamer, No. 2 red 75%{?> W
f6V:c; receipts 84,694 bushels; exports
0.9(50 bushels; southern wheat by sam- n
)ln "OiR'TSc; dp on grade 76^?77%c. forn
iteady; spot, month and September
!7%037%c; steamer mixed
ecelpts 29,566 bushels; exports 25.714
lushels; southern white corn 39040c; do
fellow 39c asked. Oats quiet; No. 2 jj
vhlte 32<{?33c; No. 2 mixed 30?31c; re- i
;elpts 15.529 bushels; exports 84,815 ^
>ushels. Butter steady and unchanged.
Sggs firm and unchanged. Cheese *
iteady and unchanged. Z
CINCINNATI?Flour steady. Wheat I
lrmer; No. 2 red 71C72c. Corn easier;
Mo. 2 mixed 34%c. Oats quiet; No. 2 ,
nixed 23H?*4tte. Kye quiet; No. 2, 42c. |
L?ard steady at 35 10. Bulk meats quiet
it $5 65. Bacon steady at 16 62V4.
fVhlsky steady at $1 25. -Butter Arm. u
Jug.ir quiet. Eggs dull at 9c. Cheese
iteady. jj
Stock. ^
CHICAGO?There was not enough [jj
attle here to-day to make a market u
ind prlees were mostly nominal, unoice
iteers 15 2505 60; modlum $4 8004 95; n
)eef steers $4 00^4 76; stockers and 'eeders
$3 0003 75; bulls $2 5004 25;
lows and heifers $3 00W4 20; calves |2 75 1
$7 00; western rangers $4 000)4 75; fed d
vostern steers $4 2505 30; Texans $3 25 n
3>4 50. There was a pood demand for la
ings from Chicago packers and eastern *y
fhippers. Prices ruled strong and gen- c
rally 2%c higher; fair to choice $3 850 I
02Vi; packer* 13 60<tT3 82%: butchers
(3 6.'03 97%; mixed $3 65?3 92',4: light
B 6003 95; pigs 12 7503 80. The ar- ^
Ivals of sheep were mostly consigned to J
Iresaed meat concerns. Prices remain
wchanged. Common to choice sheep
14 0004 75; ewes J3 2503 75; rama 12 25 T
ft3 50; western rangers >3 6504 35; In- I
'erlor to extra lambs $3 85?6 50; feeding
lambs 11 5005 00. Receipts, cattle
[00 head; hogs 17,000 head; sheep 2.000 j
EAST JAnERTY?Cattle steady; cx- *
ra $5 10(R5 15; prime J5 0005 10; com- >
non 13 [email protected] 00. Hogs active; prime a
nedlums 14 0304 10; beat Yorkers V
14 00iff4 05; fair to good Yorkers $3 930 c
00; pigs >3 70fi4 00; heavy $3 950 4 00; p
oucrhs ?2 5003 50. Sheop steady; cholco
14 40^4 rO; common $3 2503 75; spring
nrnbs $4 0005 T5; ve.il calves *6 500 Q
I 75.
CINCINNATP?Hogl active at $3 250 n
I no. Cattle easy at %2 7504 76. Sheep }'
lull at U 2504 00. f,
Drr f3nn:l?. ^
NEW YORK-The dry goods market ?d
luring the week has developed an 1m- V
Droved demand In many quarters for
(pot business. The number of buyers p
n the city haw steadily Increased during
he week, and the amount of business
...i in stoma hi?s Increased In II
ike proportion. The sales are making a
icltcr dally average, although In detail "
hoy havo not changed materially. Print v
ilolliH are weaker than they were at the tl
penInc: of the week. Extras at 2 cents
vcre sold for October-November dellv- F
ry yesterday, in sufficient quantities to _
iring the week's wales up to a point In n
>xe<f* of the week's production. Odd I
roods are quiet In nearly all grades and
ire not too tlrm. The curtailment prob- ti
em is still unsettled.
Thn Itmik RUIrmrnt. J
NEW YORK?The weekly statement
if ihe associated banks of New York <
hows an Increase In loans of almost ]
is,000,000, reflecting the Increased de- J
nand for money for speculative pur- J
loses and for commercial uses. As
compared with last Saturday, the I
hanges are as follows: }j
Reserve, decrease $2,011,475 r
.oans, Increase 12.73.1,100
Jpfcle. Incrense 2.482.900 G
.egai tenders, decrease flM.ROO r,
deposits, Increase 15,371,BOO
Circulation, decrease 118,100 Z
3urplus, rcservo 89,893,000 \
I'rfrolriim. ^
OIL CITY?Credit lintnnrnn Mc: certl- n
leatr*. first anlea, 1,000 barrel* cash olil ''
it S5Hc; ?ul?? for the ila|r. 2.000 barreli r,
:a*h nt 9SHe; shipment* 100,318 barrels; n
runs Hli.UGO barreln.
Mrlalt. { V
NEW YOnK?PIk Iron dull; southern _
Id 75011 00; northern 110 00C11 60. CV>p- "
per .hill: broken 11 He. Lead steady; J
brokers S3 Ut. Tin platen barely steady, ?
NEW YOUK?Wool dull; fleece 170 J]
33e; 'IV?aa 13? IGo
larjitad Celkgt and School ri Kgsi. ,
*(?k YiiVSQ ladies. J
(Near Baltimore.)
Thr<H5 college cour*es for decrees. Ma- '
Ic. art and elocution specialties. 12 In
tractors and officer*. Ji boarding pur(1s ,
rom IS states last year. Cultured home
nd home comforts. Reasonable rates,
end for catalogue.
REV. J. H. TURNER. President ,
0. V. YONCE. Secretary,
Luthervllle. Md. Jeg
For YOUNG LADIES, Roanoke, Va.
-Opens Sept 8th, ISM. One of tho leading *
Srhivpis for-7oonif Lsdles in the Booth. Msg- 1
niMMMi laiiLlinn. all modem lmnraTcmmlA.
Campos ton acres. ttcand mountain aeenety in <
Valley of Va-. famed tor health. European and
American teacher*. Full coot*, hopcrior advantages
In Art anil Music. StadenWrom twentyflreSuu*.
For caulocue address the President,
- MATTIE P.HAKKIrt, Boanoke, Virginia.
loot de Chantal Academy,
First-class tuition In nil branches. Exclient
accommodations; home comforts;
ood table; large and healthy rooms; ex- *nslve
grounds; pure air.
For terms and other information,
irectress of Moat de OutsUl Academy,
Wwdm, W. Va.
plpmbmo. arq
flB. F. C. SCBNELE || ^uSftiifnt0 '
lealer In all goods pertaining to the trade.
?l2 Main Street,
Telephone 17. Wheeling, W. Va.
radical Plumber, Go? and Steam Fitter.
No. USB Market street i
Gee and Electric ChandelJere, Filters,
nd Taylor Oae Burnera a epcclalty. mrt
radical PI timbers, Gas and Steam niters '
No. tS Twelfth 8treet :
fork done promptly at reasonable prices
. full line of the celebrated <
t '
11 trouble* peculiar to ber sex. tarscnd by i
tall or from our Agent. 91,00 per box.
For sale by C. H. GRIE8T St CO.. 1139 '
farket struct. d&w_
ftTbey orereoine Weakntu. Irreffn* 1
laritjr amI omli*lon?,Inert- > e rigor
ami banUh " palm of mrnitrua*
tUn." They are "JLIfe Harem" |
to glrli at womtnhoud, aidlni; development
of orran* and body. 5o
known remedy for women equal*
them. Cannot do harm-life bo- .
comet a pleaaniv. 81 per box '
For Mle by C. H. GRIEST A CO.. 1139 i
[arket street d&w
LrS iux*rm? Foiling MemIrtipon
h?iSg*tb? c?naiB*rAjix TcbleU? Th?y
iwcarad tbooMUMUud wlllcar* joa. Wofiffopo^
For sale in Wheeling, W. Vo., by Lojmn .
rug Co. fe23-ttha
rand), are the bout. Safe. Reliable. Take
o other. Send 4o.. stamp*. for partlcu> ,
,r% "Rollef for Ladle*;" In letter by roturn ,
ia.ll. At Druggist*. OHICHESTEU
HEMIC A L CO.. Philadelphia. Pa.
jy-tuw&a \
=hst7tTme i
ovBn j
rrlve COLUMBUS 2:10 p. m. ]
rrlve CINCINNATI 6:45 p. m.
rrlve INDIANAPOLIS 10 W p. in. ]
rrlve ET. LOUIS 7;uu u. m. (
For Steubcnvlllo and Pittsburgh 7:20 a. I
i. week days; for Pittsburgh and the
last and for C'olumbiiH and Ciilcag-o at
:2L p. m. week days; for Pittsburgh, HarIsbun?,
Baltimore. Washington, PhlladeU
hla and New York at 3:53 p. m. dally; for
teubenvllle and Dennlson at 3:53 p. m.
ally: for Pittsburgh at 7:00 p. m. week
aya; for Columbun, Dayton. Cincinnati,
ndlnnapolU and St. Louis at 9:20 p. m.
??ek days. City time.
'arlor Cur to Pittsburgh on 3:53 p. in. and
7 p. m. Trains. j
Persons contemplating a trip will And i
l profitable In pleasure and convenJonc*
j communicate with the underslgni-d. who
rill make ah necessary arrangements for
delightful Journey. Tickets will be pro- <
Ided and baggage cheeked throuKh to desnation.
'nssenger and Ticket Afcnt, Wheeling, i
W. Va.^ ocJT i
On and after Saturday, February 2. 1895,
rains will run ah follows, city time:
"Leave-Wheeling. ! 1^-ji.vo iilm "Grove." ] ;
Vn'T'mojTr'n T'mo Tr'n T'melTr'n T'me 1
lo. a. m. No. p. m. No. a. m. No. p. m. 1
I.... t<:00 20.... 3:0' 1.... tU:PCH j;Co
I.... ?:0?|SS 4rtv 3.... 7:00<a 4.-0" j
I.... 1:001*!.... ?:?> 5.... I.<M3 6:<0 |
I.... f:00;M.... fl:00| 7.... ?.0J i
I.... 10:00 28.... 7:C0: 9.... 10:0"27 7:0?
I.... llrOOljO,... 8:0011.... 11:??? 1:01
~ l*-? nfll n mln t-rn 1
I.... hl.?00l!4.... 10;CC IS? 12:0013 10:10 I
I.... I:00i38.... 11.1)016.... l:Wa 11.00
>.... l:c?l - ?:00
tp?lly. oxrept Sunday. 1.
Sunday church trains will lsavn Rim
Irova at l:tf a. m. and WhaHlnr At 1X:1? ;
trJ H. S. WEISOERiiER, }
Qanoral Mana**f._ |
Short Lino between Tnlrmont and 11
larkuburjf. yulck Tline? Fu?t Tralna? 1 1
lire Connection*. Whin traveling ??> or 1
rom Clarksburg or Wot Virginia A Pitt*- ; ,
urgh railroad point*, hco that your tick- !
tn read via tln? Mononirahclii River Kail- I
sad. Clone conniption* at Fairmont with
:. & O. trains and at Clarkiburp with H. ]
O. and W.. V. P. train*. Ticket* via <
nix route on sale at all 11. & O. and W., ]
A P. It. It. station*.
HL'QH Q..1IOWLKB. Pen'!. _Supt.
L tlce, notary, lodgo and corpvatlon
eats, rubber stamps, revolving Ink '
isd?, duplicator*, simplex prlntors, letter ]
lien, blank books and lodge supplies st
oek bottom prices, wrlto to Pubr "I'yth- i
tn Bsnnsr." Piedmont, W. Va. Corrs- j
pondenco solicited. oc9-s?Lwy
?nce JJ a rk ?: 'Daily, iDaily, except Sun* -V.j
ley. Jl'atly, except Saturday, IDally, ex:*pt
Monday. {Sundays only. * Saturday* J.W
anly. Eastern Standard Time OS
bepart. B.AO.?Main Line East. Arrive. '.*3
ItiSkm Wash., BaL, Phil. N.T. "td# Vf*
pm Wash., BaL, PhlL. N.T .......
7.-00 am ...Cumberland Accom... MM pm ..-A
pm Grafton Accom IflUO an - - *
'10:5s am ..Washington City Br* *11*0pm ^
Depart. n.&O.?C.O. Dlv., West "Arrfre.
7:35 am For Columbus and Chi. *1:11'am ' in
10:28 An -Columbus and Clndn.. *?01 pm
11:40 pm ..Columbus and Clndn.. *6:10 am
3:2S pm Columbus and Chi. Ex. *11:60 am $
10^5 am ..St. Clalrsvllle Accom.. m^O am ?A
tl:? pm ..St. Clalrsvllle Accom.. titli pm ;
'lO^S am Sandua>y Mall..- till pm sDepart
b. * O.-W^pT B. Dlv. Arrive.
5:75 am For Pittsburgh *10:20 am , j
7:15 am Pittsburgh ? pm - J;,
8:20 pm ..Pittsburgh and East.. "Udg.pm i?
tl:l5 pro Pittsburgh tlO^O_S*? .hi
Depart. IP.. C., C. f St" L. By.
fli&-am Pittsburgh ttU5 pm
1*:45 cmfSteubenvnic and West i*:lS pm ? ?$
ft:45 am ..8teubenvllIo Accom... 1J:15 ^
tl?S pm ..Plttfburrh and N. Y- njSpm \ m
pm ..Pittsburgh and Nr T.. nJ:? am ,;/?
f7:Q0 pa ...Pltttburgh^Accom..- 1tW ? ^
f?:45 aai Ex.. Cin. and St Lou}? t7:U Mj V$
+8:10 pm Ex.. cin. and St Loui? Tf:l| WD A
Wig pm ..Ex., Steab. and Chi.. tl? P? H
*3:55 pm ...Pltf. and Dennlgon... 11:? m>
Si, nf? 1
+5:53 am ...Canton and Toledo... tf:U pm j
t6:SS am Alliance and Cleveland itjS pm M
15:63 am Steuben vlUe and PUti. Jf:gP?
[10:09 am Steubenvllle and Pitta. tllriS. am
t*:lO pm ..Fort Wayne and Col* 1j:10 pm
t2:10 pn ...Canton and Toledo... Tf:10 pm
f2:10 pm Alliance and Cleveland U:1S pm ...
fl:S8 pra Steub'e end Wellarille. Ti:5l ** ?
f6:54 pm Philadelphia and N. Y. tf pm *
tf:54 pm...Baltimore and Waib... H:10 pm
t&:54 pm .Steub'e and Wellivtlla HM pm
Depart. W. & L. K. ArrlV|>. i
9:40 am ....Toledo and Weet.... 5JD pm i
9:40 am Cleve.. Akron & Canton 6:8} pm ,
9:40 am Brilliant & Steubenvllle 8:50 pm jj
t4:45 pro Cleve., Akron A Canton M0 pm. ?
4:45 pm ..Masalllon & Canton.. 10:45 am
4:45 pm Brilliant 9t Bteubenvlllej 10_:4Sam
am &'e^,*T^ToBan^?j. !
t2:25 pm Cleve., Toledo and Chi. t9:10 pm
<H:fl0 pm ....Maanlllon Accom.... tu:00 am >
T>:ui am ..hi. uiairavme aqoodi.. |*? - r
110:08 *m ..8t Clalmvllle Accom.. tl:44 pm11 I
t2:25 pm ..St Clalrsvllle Accom.. U& pm J
t5:80 pm ..St Clalrsvllle Accom.. Jf;4f pm
tIMO pm Local Freight <ua
Depart. Ohio River R. R (Arrive, j
ffaO am Park, and War Point* *10:K> Mi
t?:40 am Charleston and ClncJn. *3:46 pm j
11:45 am Clncin. and Lexington :? pm .
*4:15 pm Park, and Way Points. tll:48 am
Depart b? Z.ACR. R- Arrive,
[irilalre. Bellalre.
10:10 om Mall, Express and Pass. 8:10 pm -1
5:00 pm Express and Passenger 9:40 am r-4!
2:30 pm Mixed Freight and P*s.j_ldjg_Bm. . vl
Departure and ar*
rfRFmZWMrrl rival of tmlni at
[itaM^gSgjl|il|ll!l|i Wheeling. Eastern
time. Schedule ia
effect May 1L 1WL
main line East.
For Baltimore. Philadelphia and New 'i
fork, 12:25 and 10:65 a. m. asd 4:41 p. m. wJ
Cumberland Accommodation. 1:00 a. m. .j
lally. except Sunday.
Grafton Accommodation, 4:45 p. m. dally. - i
From New York. Philadelphia and Bal* :
;imore. 8:20 a. m. dally. ' . 1
Washington Express. 11:00 p. m. dally. . ,.'.vJ
Cumberland Accommodation, 4:00 p. m* ,
txcept Sunday.
Grafton Accommodation, 10:10 a. a. dally*
For Columbus and Chicago, 7:85 a. m. and :.
1:25 p. m. dally.
Columbus and Cincinnati Express,. 10'Jt .1
i. m. and 11:40 p. m. dally.
St. ClairsvlUe Accommodation, 10 :25 a. m.
ind 3:25 p. m. dally, except Sunday. =?j
ARRIVE. .- *
Chicago Express, 1:15 a. m. and Ui50 a. i
tn. dally.
Cincinnati Express, 5:20 a. m. and 5:11 p. i
il. dally.
Sandusky Mall, 5:15 p. m. dally.
St. Clalrsvllle Accommodation. lt:50 a. , ;
in. and 5:15 p. m. dally, except Sunday. ?
For Pittsburgh, 5:25 and 7:15 a. m. and d?
i:2n p. m. dally, and 1:15 p. m. dally, ex- 3
;ept 8unda"y. _ :$
For Pittsburgh and the East, 5:25 a. m.
ind 5:20 p. m. dally.
From Pittsburgh, 10:20 a. m., 6:20 p. m.
ind 11:9) p. m. dally, li.*00 a. m., except
Sunday. c BURKE,
Passenrer and Ticket Agent Wheeling. .. Is
General Manager. Manager Pass en- 3
ger Trafllo.
** Baltimore. ? -i
Ju?? W East'
Dally. tDally Except Sunday. . . i
South Bound. I *7 j fl j *3 T *5 J
t m r.|V..,^.aauuik ?. in. ?? "* ,J> "1
Pittsburgh, Pa...Lv Cin. 9:10 12:41 i
Fa* I
Wheeling Ail Line 11:85 3:28 ;.J
Leave. in. m.Ja. m. a. ro. p. m.
Wheeling 6:30 7:40 ll:?* 4:11 .&
Moundavllle 6:57 8:08*12:17 4:47 J
\'ew Martinsville.... 7:51 8:44 1:13 5:58 J ?|
jlsters villa 8:12 9:02 1:58 6:15 j
IVIlllamstown 9:33 9:55 3:00 7;5J Ad
Parkersburg 10:00 10:15 8:28 8:28 ij
Ravenswood 11:10 4:80
Mason City 12:00 5:80
P- n?. g
Point Pleasant 12:28 6:11 -3
"Via K. & St. Ry. M .J
Point Pleasant...Lv t2:05 t7:10
Charleston ..Ar 5:07 8:25 i
lalllpolls Arl "l2:? 6:33
Huntington 1:35 7:41
Via C.~A O. Ry. a. ml
Lv. Huntington t2:85 *2:80
\r. Charleston 4:27 3:45
p. tn. p. to.
ICenovn Ar 1:50
Via C. * O. Ry.
[,v. Kenova Hj55 \
Cincinnati. O Ar 5:15
l>exln?ton, Ky.*.Ar 5:23
Louisville: Ky An 8:15
Cleveland, Lorain & Wheeling
Schedule In Effect May 15, 1S91
Central Standard Time.
a7 in. p. m.tp. m. a. m. w
Lorain Ilranch._ 11 13 15 _ 9
No rain 6:27 2:20 *'M IK
Klyria ?.... 0:44 2:39 4:40 10:0?
[irafton 7:01 2:6* 4M 10:11* ;i W
Lester __7:23 _3:12 _6:15 J0:40
"Main" Lino." .1 ~~3~ 5 7~" 'i
a. m.|p. m. p. m. a. a.
Cleveland ............ 7:2u' 2:25* 5:3(fr
Brooklyn 7:ST, 2:41 5:47
Us lev ?:? 3:26 6:42
Medina 3:35 6:52
,"lil|>pewa Lake Ml 3:46 7:05
Seville 3:55 7:14
*tcrllnff ?:W 4:01 7:20
Warwick 9:18 4:22 7:42 g
.'anal Fulton 9:24 4:? 7:49 ... r>
MaiMlllon 9:45 4:4l S:09 6:10
luatus .... 1?:03 5:<fl 8:15 6:16 jS
Janal Dover 10:34 5:31 6:65 7:11 s
\rw Phlludelpblu... 10:41 5:33 9:02 7J3
rhrlchKvllle 11:25 6:.* 9:tt 7:3 *91
Uridf?*port l:fc> 3:10 10:0#
Uellalre 8:25 / >>
Mailt Line. \" 2 I 4 16 1 I 7 :J
J?b"> !? m.]p. m. p. tn.
jiVllnlro 5:W
Hrldjtrport 1:40 6:M \
Jhrlchevllle ......... *4:44 8:10 1:45 7:3 ,m
New PhUn'Mphla... 5:04 R:2S 4:08 7:2 fl
:?nal Dover 5:11 S:Sfi 4:10 7:11 .
hi?tufl 6:41 9:08 fctt 8:01 gffl
\|a?nll]on <5:00 9:23 4:54 ?:1S rf
nn.il Fulton 6:19 9:40 6:11 K&gJ
LVaritlrk 9-J& Sill .73
Sterling G:?S 10:12 BMOf 'Jg
Seville , C:M 10:13 6:lM
?hlnpewa Lake 7:04 10:J6 5:5Si H
Medina 7:16 10:37 ?i?T Vl?.a ;
L*st?r 7:rt> 10:49 l:lf
Brooklyn -8:14 11:1*4 7:01 - : 3
Cleveland 8:30j U:to 7:16
" Lorain Branch!" 12 " 14 18 1$ *
' a. m. a. m. p. m. p. m.
[.enter ff:25 10:50 "6:40 S.tl
j rat ton 1:43 U;07 6:58 f.tt g
Glyrla 8:00 it:2i 7:16 i:tf ffl
Lorain 9:15 11:35 _J7:? 4:ld?
"Train* No's. 1, 2. S and 6 dally botweori
Cleveland end uhrlchsvllle. AH other a
tralna dally, except Sunday*.
Klfotrio care tatwevn Bridgeport and :j
>Vheeling nnd Bridgeport and Martin's
Perry nnd Hellalre.
consult agents for genera! Information m
a* to heat routes and passenger rates to I
ill points.
m. a CAJiREi* a. p. a.

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