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i .
To Wheeling Yesterday Morning
&?"' tor the Principal and
' vmeitr Avxun An vmci suvw*
{" -'HERE
gj The country came to Wheelin0 resterday
morning for the most Important
[ /. war story of the day?the graphic description.of
the bloodless capture of the
Ladrones by the executive officer of the
cruller Charleston, Lieutenant William
Braunersreutber, well known here as
the flraV military Inatructor detailed
for duty at the Linaly Institute. The
story of the exploit would have been
quite tatereatlng without knowledge of
the Identity of the writer, and when the
story cornea from the pen of the man
, who wa? the cibief actor in the exploit,
E|;.v and that man bo well and favorably
1 ' known In Wheeling, then of course, the
letter waa reud with added Interest.
' Late Sunday night the Braunerareuther
letter waa put on the Associated
Preaa wire In Wheeling, and on Monday
morning It appeared Jn all of the aev;
eral hundred papers of the Aaaoclated
. Preaa, from the Atlantic to the Pacific,
. and from the Great Lakea to the Gulf.
Tn npnriv all the naners It waa used in
the unabridged form In which It was
L sent out, and by the leadings and posl:
tlon given the story It was valued as
the principal war story of the day. It
seems strange that the country came to
P Wheeling to get Its first authentic and
f- detailed- story of the Ladrones exploit,
but the letter from Lieutenant Braunl
ersreuther to Mr. Pollack was the first
[ detailed account of the affair reaching
this country, and through the IntelliI
gencer which exclusively published the
letter In Wheeling, the Associated
. Press was given a rousing good war
j. story Monday morning.
f-V The story was read with satisfaction
by the lieutenant's army friends in
Wheeling, who felt no surprise when
reading of the magnificent exhibition of
f.. . cool nerve and firmness shown by the
officer in dealing with the treacherous
r Spaniards at Agana. It is believed here
fv1 ; that Captain Glass will commend Lleu:
tenant Brnunerareuther when making
his report to the navy department
p: The Ensign 8U11 on the Boston in Ma?
\ i* nlla Bay With Admiral Dewey.
fy The following extracts from a letter
- - - ? h? TVhaalUrf rnla.
S?m7 mvninf jcskciuaj WJ n uxviiue ? ?.
. tlves of Ensign Doddridge, are permit9,
tod to be reproduced in the Intelligencer:
I' MANILA, July 1*?I have some good
news. The "Charleston" and the transports
"City of Pekln." "City of 8yd
ney," and the 'Australia." came In yes?
terday, carrying 2.400 troops, comprising
; the Fourteenth United States Infantry,
and the -First Oregon ond First Callfor'?.
nla Volunteers. When the transports
?arrived they were received with great
it. cheering by our ships. It makes one
L-' feel proud to think that we are able to
?5 conduct a foreign war with so little
iV;V" preparation. The volunteers will be
landed In the arsenal and given a few
practical drills.
At this moment a heavy flght is In
| progress at the south end of Manila be
tween the Insurgents and the Spanish.
On the way out, the Charleston captured
the Caroline and Ladrone Is
lands. We-are acquiring territory, at a
rapid rate. We certainly have a Just
Though one does not hear of the trou'
bles of the Philippines so often as of
v those of Cuba, it is nearly as bad here.
E The Philippines have been oppressed
v for years.
j The Boston did not go. out to fight a
v Spanish man of war fof Uie very good
? . reason that there areAo Spenlsh men
I of war to flght. They have become
I sub-marine boats. Of course If the
r Spanish reserve squadroo comes out
[ here, we will have a lively time. I don't
think they will come. It will end their
only chance.
We are having delightfully hot weather
and heavy rains. The health of the
i squadron continues good. We captured
a small gun vessel yesterday, the Legte.
8he surrendered without firing a shot.
tWe are anxiously awaiting news from
the North Atlantic squadron. When
they do their work the war Is over.
S I appreciate very highly the kindly
remembrance which the Union school
has for me.
?' At Pittsburgh, Whose Poetry Is of
g More Than Ordinary Merit.
I,, . Charles A. Butler, a Wheeling colored
x. boy, now employed at the 'Hotel Henry
in Pittsburgh, has lately been writing a
; series of wsr poems which critics at the
Smoky City declare to possess more
' than ordinary merit The following
B sprightly production, entitled "Santiago."
appeared in yesterday's Pittsburgh
I Press:
Among all the rocks of Cuba,
Whero Santiago rears Its head,
America knows many a son
That's numbered with tho dead.
IX was In the charge that gloorloui day?
The city was dearly, bought?
- Uhafter lent out bin Kaliant boya
And they liko heroes fought.
When night came o'er that bloody field.
J While strolling o'er tho ground,
I beard the piteous moan of one
Laid k>w by mortal wound.
The wounded soldier's cheeks were wan.
And beam less was his eye?
I knew before another morn
? This wounded man would die.
E I threw a blanket o'er his form,
K- There on that bloody bank,
- And held my canteen to bis lips,
Of which he greed'ly drank.
And then I sat roe down to ask
??> If he should like to send
5 A last request or parting word
L To mother, sister or friend.
& . "J hare?I hare," the boy replied,
[rs3 'They would like to hear?
f. My mother's heart would leap with Joy,
My alster's heart would cheer.
"Tell them I died a soldier's death,
F- Upon a bnttlfHHd,
M Yet lived to know ths day was won.
And im the Spanish yield.
'Tell mother I have read with cars
The words of holy cheer,
The Bible she placed In my hands
Whsn I became a volunteer?
I "I am tired of tnlklnar now."
I raised hla head with car*.
He closed his eyes sh If In nleep,
But clasped his hands In prayer.
And thus he died on the battlefield,
No friend or kindred near
To wipe tho death dsmp from his browNo
one to shed a tear.
;57 ClMDani'Moh|I? Nanlla.
Mr, ."Wlll'M. Clemans, composer of
"The 8tars and fitripes That I Love,"
last nlcht mailed a copy of the song,
| with full briM bud arrangement, to
' ' 1 1 . 1 UMB&KLLAB
I # A Good (Hoi
*** or 1
latest crool
1 Skirts, Shoe
Ensign John Doddridge, now on the
cruiser Baltimore, at Manila. Philippine
Islands. This song was given a great
k.A<? k? r<nlaln Vpan?tl?lm'a tvwi lit
UWOl w/ V - ?
Fredericksburg, Va., where It wuk
adopted as the regimental tune, and Its
reception at Manila by the boys of Uncle
Sam's navy promises to be equally
as cordlaL
In S?|Ud fo Twohir1! C?rtlftuUi-Ho 1
Stamp* XUqtttrVl.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
CHARLESTON, W. Va.. August 8.? :
Superintendent of Schools Trotter re- (
celved a ruling from Commissioner of
Internal Revenue Scott to-day, about i
stamps upon teachers' certificates. The 1
commissioner says: "As a part of the ]
regulations adopted by the state In t
connection with Its public schools, these j
certificates are held to be for "govern- f
ment" purpose rather than for private <
use, and therefore not subject to a (
stamp tax under the revenue act of {
June 13, 1898." Superintendent Trotter _
adds: "I should add that inasmuch as .
teachers contracts are also "a part of ,
the regulations adopted by the state In ,
connection with Its public schools," It Is J
evident that teachers contracts are not !
subject to a stamp tax."
On Account of Falling Health. }
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer. {
CHARLESTON, W. Va., August 8.? j
Governor Atkinson Issued a pardon for t
John P. Stevenson, of Clay county, thl*
afternoon. Stevenson was convicted at J
the May, 1898, term, circuit court, of '
unlawfully shooting Nathan Bole, and 1
was sentenced to six months In Jail. c
The pardon was made on account of
failing health and at the recommenda- J.
tions of all the officers who tried him. *
m V
A W?lcona? Victor.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
CHARLESTON. W. Vo., August 8.?
The paymaster for the Second regiment
at Camp Atkinson left Washington this
evening with the pay for the regiment
for July. He will arrive here and pay *
the bofb to morrow. v
Large** Crop lu lb* History of tb? Conn, t
try About Ilnrrralril. V
CHICAGO, Aug. 8<?The Post to-day t
"According to report? received oy rail- ^
waiy companies aod business men, the
kargevt wheat crop in the history of the c
United State* will be harvested1 within t
a fortnight. The winter wheat yield, e
which aggregates from 375,000,000 to 400,- p
000,000 bushels, w4H be Increased to the t
extent of neariy 350,000,000 bushels from t
I the spring wheat region. The 'bumper r
crop' of 1891 will be edlpsed this year i
by 100,000,000 bushels, from present in>- *
dlcatlons. 0
Reports received here from tlie mem* ji
bers of the National Association of Merchants
and Travelers, who are assembling
here to-day, to attend the fall meeting,
afford positive proof, It Is declared, ,
that a new era of prosperity Is at hand c
throughout tihe great west. Railroad t
officials who have Just come In from eat- /
tended trips through the spring wheat t
and corn-growing states, make equailly a
optimistic reports.
State crop reports received* here from ?
Kansas and Michigan say: "A bumper .
crop la here," and the Pearson-Toft
Land Credit Company, which boflds *9,- J
000,000 worth of farm mortgages In the B
west, has burt 117,000 worth of property
under foreclosure."
Bla? and tiray Veterans In Camp. '
PHILADELPHIA, August 8.-The (
week's encampment of the Confederate
survivors of Pickett's division and
nhii.^Ainhio. brt- *
UUIV/u teniaUD VI W.? - ?m ,
gade at a resort on the New Jersey I
elde of the Delaware river waa formally ]
opened <o-day. Prior to their departure 1
for the camp grounds the veterans of <
both the famous commands had a short 1
street parade In this city and visited 1
Independence hall, where the visitor* 1
were welcomed on behalf of the city of 1
Philadelphia by Mayor Warwick. Mrs.
Pickett, widow of General Pickett, ac- f
companled the veteran* both to Inde- 1
pendence hall and the camp grounds. >
At the latter place Dr. William B. '
Jonas welcomed the southern soldier* '
and the response was made by Major
Charles Pickett.
ftcnliiy Dmjra Reported Resignation. ,
WASHINGTON, D. C.,August 8.-The
published report of the intention of Sec- ,
retary Day to resign the office of sec re- ,
tary of state upon the termination of
the present war, is based upon state- )
ments that were made at the time he .
QHHumed office to the effect that ho
would consent to hold It but a short
time. No official utterance as to the i
secretary's purpose Is now obtainable,
and Secretary Day hlmwelf declines to
make any statement on the subject, so
It camiot be ascertained positively
whether or not the period of time which
he had In mind a* the len0th of hi#
service when he assumed office has
about expired.
that Wife anil Attempted HnlcMr.
WEST NEWTON. Pa., August 8.?
John Evans, an old man, shot and killed
hie wife at tier home here to-day and
then attempted suicide by cutting: his
throat with a razor. When the officers
were notified Evana fled to the cellar,
where he fortified himself, and all efforts
to dl&lodgt him have so far been
fruitless. Evans haa oeen separated
from his wife for a year and was intoxicated
when he committed the raurdsr.
ntamarek'a Wnswlmm.
Count and Countess William von Bismarck
have gone to their estate at
Koenlgfthurg, East Prussia, and Prince
Herbert von Bismarck Is expected to
follow on Wednesday. The construction
of the Bismarck mausoleum will be
begun Immediately. The work has been
entrusted to Professor Von Bcharobeck,
the Hanover architect.
ATTEND A. O. H. and Ladles' Auxiliary
picnic on Thursday, August 11, at
Umirt Purl*.
CROUP Instantly relieved. Dr.
Thomn?' Eclectrlc Oil. Perfectly s^fe.
Never fall*. At cny drug tore. I
Nearly every dlMiue treatml iucocwifully.
Chronica a iwclalty. No knlfo or
rlruini imed. Examination* free.
llooms 11 anfl II ... . Exchanf* Bank.
-jfrAPPgys. /
ro 60 up.
(ow is the Time to Bay.
rJa Silk Umbrella, with natural
ted rod, paragoa trame, and
i bandies, nice))' mounted,
ONLY 98c.
i, Bats. 1320 and 1322 Market St;
)f(h? Sceond Army Corp* to be EitabIlthiHt
at TUoroatcIifNrc < ?"> V?.
WASHINGTON, August 8.?The secind
army corps will be permanently en:amped
at Thoroughfare Gap, Va. The
tecond division now at Brostow, Va.,
irill start on Tuesday. The first dlvlaon,
now at Dunn Lorlng, will have to
(rait for wagon trains and psobably
:annot start?i)efore 8unday. Thoroughfare
Gap 1* about twelve miles from
Manatsos unction.
General Davis has announced that the
jioUUr will Ka mmnml At Rev.
erly Mills, Thoroughfare Gap, Va?
where an abundant supply of wuter can
be secured for all purposes. Rations
trill ?tart In advance of the troopa, in
irder that preparations can be made for
;he4r arrival. There are eighteen men
n the Held hospital. None of them will
>e eent to Fort Myer. Great indJgna- j
ion is expressed by the Tennessee j
roops at the sensational reports of an
Lttempted assault on a little girl by a
nember of that regiment while at Cllnon.
Tfye report is wholly unfounded
md General Davis denies that such a
;hlng took place. Other reports about
he slaughter of cattle are included in
he denial.
General Butler will move the first dirislon
from Dunn Lorlng to ThoroughOre
Gap, at the base of Pond and Bull
nountain, which is traversed by Broad
un. There is a sufficient supply of waer
at this place. :
Much relief is expressed at the rapid
lecllne in the number of typhoid cases.
There were only sixteen to-day and
here is almost no other sickness in
A new court martial rec ently organred
probably will try Private Gay,
ilxty-flfth New York, who is charged
rtth robbing the malls.
AMERICA ft thoors oAIL
For Uome-SptnUU Prliuutrt to toe Snipped
to Spain *1 One*.
SANTIAGO DE CUBA, August 8, 3:30
). m.?The transports Miami, Mattoran
and Vlgilancla, loaded with Unled
States troops, sailed for the United
Itates this morning. To-morrow the
ransport Grand Duchess will leave
rith 742 men and officers of the Thireenth
infantry and six companies of
he 8eventr-flrst New York, aggrcgatig
458 men and officers.
General Shatter and the Spanish
eneral Toral held a consultation at
he Dalace this afternoon with refer
nee to the embarkation of the Spanish
risoners of war.
As a result of the conference 1.000 of
be Spanish sick and wounded will be
aken on -board the Alicante to-morrow
tiornlng and sent to Spain as soon as
he vessel is properly loaded.
There is to be no bunching1 or waiting
f transports. Each will sail as soon as
t can be loaded after arriving here.
K Air nan of Pr?i?ch Stumor Demanded.
PARIS, August 8.?The Temps tolay
says: Fresh and energetic instruclons
have been sent to M. Cambon,
the French ambassador at Washlngon)
to secure the release of the French
teamer Ollnde Rodriguez. The miniser
for foreign affairs for a week past
las pointed out to the United States
hat her detention is arbitrary and literal,
and has laid stress on the fact that
he has mall diplomatic bags on board."
The French steamer Ollnde Rodriguez
vas captured by the New Orleans on
ruly 17, off San Juan de Porto Rico and
vas taken as a prize to Charleston, S.
Colon Id bad Situation.
PLATA DEL ESTE, Province of Sanlago
de Cuba, August 8.?(Noon.)?The
Uerritt & Chapman wrecking steamer
Potomac has arrived at the scene of the
mttie or Juiy 3, ana nas visueu uil- >
Cristobal Colon. The wrecker* report
tier to be la a very bad situation and I
they fear it Is Impossible to Rave her.
The Maria. Teresa has not yet been
The auxiliary gun boat Vixen has re- [
turned to Guantanamo Bay from. Santiago.
Otherwise there has been no
movement of the vessels comprising
the American fleet. The warships are
ready to sail at twelve hours' notice.
Troop* tor XOnolitln.
SAN FRANCISCO, August 8.?There
are about 760 of the First New York
volunteers at the Presidio. One hundred
and flftf will sail for Honolulu on
the steamer Mariposa next Wednesday.
About 400 will go on the transport Alliance,
which has been chartered by the
Fohnson-Locke company and will reach
here in a few days. The remaining 230
men will sail on one of the regular paa
rcnger steamers iu uiu wiuuu.
Will Involve Korfljii ItraMrtit-.
"WASHINGTON, Auguft 8.?Advice?
received from Ciktos, Guatemala, show
that the revolutionary movement there
has assumed a phase wmch, while not
Jeopardizing the existing: government,
promises to involve foreign residents
In great difficulties. The insurgents
under Morales are believed to have received
considerable support from the
Mexicans on the frontier, who are said
to be chargeable nt least with falling
to dbserve neutrality. Some of the foreign
residents already have suffered
heavy exactions of money under forced
levies by the Insurants nnd it may be
that strong represcntntlonn on the *ubJect
will be required by the United
Tnrkry*? Admit Clint Ion.
WASHINGTON, August 8.?Relative
to the statement from Constantinople
that the Turkish government hns declined
to recognise the American demands
for indemnity for outrages com
mltted upon American mlsslonane* In
the Armenian troubles, It Is learned
that this answer was returned some
time airo, and In fact, hns "been consistently
rendered by Turkey whenever approached
on this subject. The Turklnh
government has adroitly cited the attitude
of the United States In c/ises where
claims were preferred by foreign governments
for damages sustained by the
cltlsena In riot.
Condolriteo of Federal contieil.
BERLIN, AiiRURt 8.?'The federal
council hai aent Prlnco Herbert Bismarck
an /ddrcsa of condolenco. It
refers to the deceased ns "the groat,
heroic first chancellor of the United
THIS Series' of War Pictur
follows the Events of the Wi
presenting, by aid of photc
rapher and artist, the deeds of vai
of our Army and Navy .....
Uncle Sam Tell
I '
| *
Follow the e1
our Army ani
Great in
Conception i ___
Great in Scope Wm
Sreat in | iKS
Accomplishment -ja&
would be
ment of t
_ ? ; interest ti
A Superb
* idly port
Pictorial =$
Ewrd of a i ?
n i to be pre
Glorious i a?
. m ?pplicati<
Contents of Portfolio No. I.
Tho First Blow for Liberty?Struck at
Lexington, April 19, 1775. j}?
Burning of tho "Congrass." The R
Group Plcturo: Principal Warships of tho The S
American Navy. at
A Batter}' in Action. ?he<['
Governor Hastings' Visit to Mount Gretna. % p[J
Group Picture: Cervera's Ficet Leaving A Por
Curacao. Group
Group Picture: Th? Struggle at the Stone Gr?up
Fenco (tloublo page).
A Prll-Meli Cavalry Charge. J,
Engagement Beween "Serapls" and "Bon Inspe<
liommo Richard." Swear
FHkM. VI.W '
Tho Queen Regent and King of Spain. ? Ambu
Double-Turret Monitor "Monterey" on the The fl
Way to Manila. The il
The Death of Montgomery.
Troop Transports Leaving San Francisco
for Manila.
^onn In tho Tiirrot nf a Ratlleshin Dur
ins nn ijnwiKcmont. * I Battle
A Company of American Cowboy Cavalry. I \V<
Regimential Inspection.
The Flag of Truce.
Artillery Exercise Ground Nea
Juan, Porto Rico.
ComDanv Street.
Troop "C," Camp Alger, Va.
Firing the Royal Salute.
Wilcox's Battery.
Doome of Santiago (double page'
Looking Down the Prado, Havar
InrRO page* of llluKtratlon nnd lottcr-prt*?, on pi
contain SIXTEEN LAHOU PAOEB and C!ovrr
1011H, at u nominal prieo of Ton Conta per copy.
W 1
' llfcg
HmiuHin .Jj
s Young
Aiviofino Hn
ntllWI 1V/U AAV
* ?-i W.joiifn
nf the Warioictffl
and artist the deolsxf.i
1 Navy ?* * d?'
War Pictures from
HIS Rgfpiiflcent Series of War Pii
while the war lasts, and when cfl
I tensely interesting and continuou
I of the Spanish-American War of g
i of pictures interesting alike to old
Pictures will provide an instinctive
ondnct of a war with a foreign powi
r, so complete and accurate as will t
to-day worth its weight in gold; t
he art of photography and letter-p
re enabled to reproduce with theune
les being daily enacted that are so
3 those at home who have friends
: enemy's fire and guarding the ns
appear from week to week in " Oil
ay scenes of actual bombardments
; through Cuba, camp scenes in <
nts where our troops are concen'
as and sailors and our battle ship
with this same energy, as will be tl
in the effort to secure such picto
m and valor that national pride a:
served for all time to come. Our
quipped to carry out the great ur
ler the benefit of this service to 01
m to this office, or through carrie
ir pictures for the benefit of the ho:
Contents of Portfolio No. 2. I L
Picture: The Principal Vessels of G
8panli?h Navy. '
attle of Bunker Hill. T
ixth United Status Infantry In Camp v
Tampa. r
?a?t of the Redfkln*. ,,
nee to Harbor of Santiago do Cuba. v
to Rico Poultry Vender. ?
to Rico Bel If.
Picture: Tho Flyln* 8?inadron. T
Plcttire: Perry's Victory on Lake 1
lo (double page). n
latrlct of Santa Anna, Manila. u
attlo of Manila. T
stlon of Arm? and Accroutrements.
1ri(r in Troops at Mount Gretna. ?
at Santiago do Cuba Harbor.
8 Ready for Guard Duty. ?
nco and Encampment, Tampa.
luard Detail.
[cm Tent. ^
Contents of Portfolio No. 3.
of Manila?Where Admiral Dewey h
in His Honor*.
J* Battle of G?i
-* Las Ramblas
r San cclona.
The "Newpc
.?? The Rtcall.
J* Fortifications
9* Rico.
J* The Princcs:
). J* Morning Mi
la. The Compan
ppear weekly, and will be complete in
ed hy the development!! of our war wj
at?i pnper, under a Imndnomcly drsljji
. These Portfolios nre offered exclun!
If by mall add 2 cents for pontage.
?_? . . ?
P- J1!
; -3
' ; . 'v~:t "
iw He Did It.
^ -f
calor of
I j
j i
.Teat.Historical.value. ,?wui ; ;j
and yotmg; and to the latter ; ;;
and inspiring sorvey of our, ;
!r? A pictorial H&ory of the ;i
>ethisserieiofwarpictures,y j
>ut at that time the develop-a ;
ress was in its infancy. To-4 ;
iring accuracy of thecamera- >j
replete with intense human 11
and loved ones at the front
itioo's honor. The pictures !
r Nation in War," will viv,
land and sea fights, armies
^liickamauga, Tampa, and
(rated. The movements of ! !j
s in the Philippines will be
lie movements of our armies ;
graphic records of its deeds
ud public opinion demands
artists at the front are thor- ; ;;
-J?4.-1-I? i
it readers, who should make
rs or agents, to secure this
me circle.
J ;i
Jeutennnt Hohson'a Exploit?The Slnkln*
of the Mwrlmac In Bantlaffo,?hannel.
ettlnir Ready to March?Picwnff Up la
the Rank and File.
he Cadi* Fleet?Our Spanish Enemy Nov
In the Mediterranean. ,
lound Top, Gettysburg?One of the CU*
mnxcs In that Awful Battle. .
ireaktnir Camp?An Inventory of Hl?
r<quipm?uu on mo ainrcn. . ., .
tattlo of Camden?The Battle In which
General DeKalb lost his life. , ?
he Boston Massacre?That Awful Struggle
Between Colonists and Kegnlara.
u&rdlnjr Powder MIII??Duties of tho sw
ond Pennsylvania Boys. . _ .
ho Wyoming Massacres?One of the saadost
Incidents In American History.
. Camp Kitchen?How They Cook In the
Army Camp at Chtckamauga.
tombardment of San 'Juan?One of tne
Principal Engugcmcnta of the Present
"ho Monitor and the Morrlrriac-The Pej*
norato Encounter at Hampton BoadJ
in 1*2.
he SolUlor's Di*eam?Beautiful Reproduce
tlon of the Prlao Winner of the Salon
of 1RS8.
leading the News?flow tho Nowtpipw?
are Becolved In Camp.
? Wo. 4.
; Principal Street in Barirt."
of San Juan, Porto
s Promenade, San Juan.
jsic, Chickamauga Park,
y Coo's, Colored. |
Sixteen Part? or lew, fM mar
th Spain. Part .On* contains twenty
tied cover; tho fotlowlnR part* will e*
Wheeling, W. Va.

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