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?? c.,.ar weather drew ajfirt crowd
to the fair grounds ycrti-nl^Thf 'Un?atl?factory
rwliW of JockejWrophy on
v in the lire: racAUnd QoM
Bote to the last, likewise Ivtorr CampbTl.
on Hopeful la tho laiWr* . *ot
(?ut>>l/> n ml Lhi* ItxlSO
them tow i.????,, ?^ >Tr_ ...
promptly rtifcd both Jockey* off the
track, and they wilt not be flowed) on
lb'.' kfounds. What would have been a
> uuy'a sport wm marred/ by the ofr.-r.
rkeyw. The Judaea. \>111 not
t .;? ra:?- .-tjc1i riding and the fttfure will
r?-.- many other boy* on the tfcr>uQd If
ilry do not go al?out their buMftss/
A new feature 1? running racef will be
introduced by the Wheeling' Jockey oJub
r.' Xi Saturday, a Jumping race$ at. 1ft
jjrfif ? over six fturdke. Thds race promirt-5
to be a feature at the meeting. It
It expei tedo the Jockey club will have
iv... or more Jumping:.race* a wecck.
Tht-re were new arrivals of bones
y-v.-rday, ami by Friday night there
wj?: arrive fronv t'he east- two carloads.
The horee Cun?p<rator. lately- named
pev*ey, stored another victory, but not
at Manila. The fietd of Ave In/ the see- I
ond event wa? pitted agulnfct biro; lie ,
allowed :h?i favorite, Cheei? Upj to'run i
piece* in the early part of the '
&nT" dmmbv moved into command
and' iV'i* to the finish, winning easily
from Beloved.
H.rat race ? Roesman opened first
choli at -I to 5. but there was nothing
di-ir.K. The play on Town? Grilto forced
hit-- price from tihree to wen- money and
In- w fill to the post favorite. The balUnc
of the horse# receded in the betting
T<> ;i ?oodJ start the post choice
got away In front and led from start to
finishing, wiimln* ln< a mild drive from i
jj^natt The Utter made a blaft In
the stretch, but it dldttft- go. John Mfc(jarrlp.'*
bolted- at the &art.
Second race?Cheer Up opened at even
money and was backed" to l to Sgoing to
pot i. Beloved! was second choice at 3
to After Oeveroi breaks they got
away w ith Cheer Up in front; who Ied> by
three Wngtha goto* by the stand. At
the upper turn the favorite Stumbled
and before she coufc> get to her stride
ac-ir., Dewey paired her, took command
ar.\l won easily by three lengths from
Beloved. Cheer Up was pu-ied up In the
Third race?The crack. Heck Jr., opened
at 3 to 5 and was sent tx> tho powt l to
The favorite got away i? fjont and
w<?fv^raiiot?lnff by three lengths.' Lucet
ja cou!d not catch the winner.
' Fourth nice?Gov. Griggrs opened and
ck?cd even money vrfrth a ?Ve?dy flay
Wheeling Jockey Cfel's Me
First race, four and one-half furlongs
.Winner b. h., 6, Fit* James?Cordelia P
Burt era. Wfiikt Start
Young Griffo JUS. 1
Rpssmar. 115 4
John McGarrlgle 112 0
Fluellen 112 2
Helena Belle HQ. S
Crown 11S D
Nothing doing with Ross man. John
bolted at the start He Unbared strong
Second race, six furlongs Start good
i Pontlac?Windsor.
Starters. " Weigfit Start
I**>y 112 S
Beloved 110 1
Walter 0 312 4
Ch.fr Up 112 2
Boruileville 111 6
Cheer Up stumbled on tho back stre
Third rae*. four and one-hall furlongs
.Winner cb. g., 5. Cromwell?Bird.
jBurtela! JWelght Start
Herk Jr I 127 2
1 no *
Silver Brook 114 4
Magnolia ....| 102 . 1
Gallop for tho farorlta.
Fourth race, six furlongs. 'Start fa4i
g.. aped, Hlrayar?Madame Julio.
Starters. Weigh t~S tart.
Jarkeno Ill $
Gov. GHnrs in 2
Arian 1JI ?5
JJlllpute 122 5
Reform 114 t
Pocket Plcco Ill 7
Gallatin 4
Jackene won under wraps. Arian flu
Fifth race, four and one-half furlonRi
Winner b. h., 6, Emperor?Aconite.
Btarters." ~~ - WcifJit Start.
Traitor 118 1
Sinter Ma 107 2
GolJ Spoc 113 3
Uoptfal ll?_ *
This was no race. No lio rue was tryln
against Reform and Arion; be in ft at two
ftiid four respectively. AfteFS^veral attenfl
t? to 6< t them away from the iw?st,
the flag dropped with Jackin* in front
and the favorite S'-cond. The former
led oGI thi way galloping an?l won by
half a length from <Jr!s"i>?. The latter
wa.- driving last half.
Fifth race?Traitor opened and closed
favorite for thin race it even money, but
It was r.o race, us the exhibition of Bro?.hv
..*? _ ?,!ux> an<t CitnvrvbeH on
Hopeful was shameful. The JOdCe would
have (tor** a wise Wtfng lo <k?riare all
bets off awl announced no race.
A special programme- has been arranged
for to-day at the ix-r grounds.
The first race Is the Sprinters' Handicap,
at four ar.d one-half furlongs, bringing
the best short distance horses together,
and should prove a good contest. The
third rare ci> the card WiW bring towther
the best handicap hor.?; s ni a
ion;; distance for the Wheeling CltJ
Handicap. This should make a hot race
for first honors. To-day's entries:
First rare, tour and one-half lurlonKi'
Sprinters' ifandlcmpr-Frank 1!. Harf. 112
Merk Jr., 130; Med Ion, 1!.; Charlie Well*
J'mih McCiarrlKle. lt'7: H?-len il., 105.
I <>nd race, three-quartf r>? mile. Spe
CUI Weight?Dewey, 112; Traitor. 112; SI!
v-r BrnoK. 115; Hlddenlf*. 115; W. Hani
lr?K. Il''; I'ock'-t l'lecu. 110; Sprite, ICS; Jiell'
Auytralhin, 1%.
Third r.iro, thr*e-ounrters mile. Wheel
Ine Citv linndic&tv?Monroe Doctrine. 115
J'*;< Harp. 122: Corn Cob. lift: Jacking
113: I*y JoV'. i!2; U' lvrniu, 108: Fagln, 1<*
Lilllput*. 105,
Fourth rac, four find one-half furlomr?"
Condition Itac*?IionnlevMle. 110". Hopr
i.r It;n, 110: Gallop# r. 110; Sinter idn
I'arthian, 110: Mlnco Maid, 110.
Fifth r:irr, four and oim -half turlonrf
Condition Rare-Crown, 112: Voiitir (\rf
lo. 112: Mairnolla, vs: lloiioful. Ill; U"P
man. 112; llanoannn. 112: Mora Utnnr. pProbable
wtnnert of to-day race* Are
a> f loiv?: I
^ race?Meek Jr., Metflca* f"c*
P'T'or*] race?Dewey, G. W. Ilar/If>!T
I> Australia.
Third ra' -Jewwhtirp, Jacklne, #>orn
Cob. /
Fourth raw!?Hope, Minko Mn 'f. EnHifn.
I';f:h rnro?Kuwrmnr., Dora lnmar,
llanoanna. /
mckrnrs hock n.vcrl
I'lTTff burgh. Auk. 11.?al/ut -no'
I?J i -ttendl thr : ?rs.l d J i rat Int
w McK'-'n Korku. Thn?*-rfen ?v r?
pull?(l .?rr In /;r.. 1 time :ind/i??* tinifh".
T) ? 2:16 pace vra? won bV/J-'l " sr
' i-ulfht l-'-Hf Urn*. 2"'/?m
-y wvnt t.? hllv'-r Max /. ltourbon
It third. i
l>)rno cipturtA ) .<* 2:22 pn J lo fftrolfftl
J) .if?, <mch In whipping fin?h. Kalniln
wjh a frond. Ami - Hitrirvfn ihird.
Th?? 2.2*. iro: was :i l'I drawn ???i!
conUm. flvr homa t.ikliiKl"* Mm
Ruth Wllk a finally won race, hav>
? ,
Tjhejffealth \
' <
of the affair !
is indkilei by Hs condition. When .
the natural secretions decreasef when
the hair becomes dry, splits at the
ends and comes oat tn combing i tuhen
the gloss disappears and the hair becomes
gray or faded, the III health of \
iU, katm]* Indicated. The success of
AYER'^S HAIR "VIGOR is dae to
the fact that tt restores the hair-producing
orguu to their natural vigor.
It encourages and promotes the secretions
of the hair follldes, and thus
gray or faded hair regains Us original
- color, new growth
() begins, and lost lusgSb
b* to restored.
fl jfyers
j ffism Jfair
Bp Pig?r
W8&2S& J for fifteen rtart. It cause*
Hi ? JsZit&l the hair Ukeopjite natural
Br *^iT^ . cotoraadle a positive cure
Deldae??." ?T. a
WBYaWt, Weyant, Pa.
1 ? .1 v.!."J
ins uuten tow murw, m*ui wm
heat*. Best time, 2:21%. Morey got
second money, Wlilhelm Melster third.
FORT WAYNE, Ind., Aug. 11.?Today's
grand circuit races were devoid of
sensational performances, though good
time was made intbe three events. The
first heat in tho 2:05 class, was paced in
the rain. Summaries:
2:14 pace, purso $2,000.
Arpretta, ch. m., by Oreystone,
dam by Mambrlno tBerry).... 6 111
eting?Ninth Day, Thursday,
(St II.
. Start good. Won driving. Time, 1:01.
Stre tcHjFinlah. Jockeys. Closer
1 1 Neel. M
2 2 Brophjr. 1
8 S Donnelly. 6
4 4 King. 20
5 6 Dangler. 8
6 I 6 | Neary. 8
McGarrigle should have won If he had not
. Won easily. Time, 1:23. .Winner blk.
Stretch IFialsh.l Jockeys. Close.
1 1 Flynn. 8
3 2 Campbell. 2
6 3 Brophy. 8
3 4 Noel. 1-3
4 f 6 | Dangler. 6
tch and pulled up lame.
'. Start rood. Won handily. Time, 0'?)lA.
Stretch IFiiishTl Jockeys. Close.
| 1 1 Madison^ ll
2 3 Bender. 3v"
3 3 Brophy. . 10
4 4 Donnelly. 6
Won handily. Time, 1:26& Winner, "oh.
StretchlFlnish. Jockeys."" CloaeT"
1 1 Madison. 8
2 2 Uurkholder. 1-1
3 3 Fatton. 5
5 4 A. Dorsey. 10
4 5 Neel. 3
(5 6 Brophy. 10
7 7 J. Moore. 16
ilshed strong.
i. Start good. Won eaally. Time, 1:02.
(Stretch (Finish. I Jockey?. Clo?e.
1 1 I X?wy?r. 3-6
2 2 ration. 10
3 3 Hrophy. 5
4 4 I Campbell. 1
B but the winner.
----- i?
IMlwnod A., b. m. (Hureey).. 1 J ? 3
Anne br. m. (Hud?on)..,. 2 6 6 2
Harry Omar (PourIjuw*) G 5 2 4
Falrvi^w, b. c. (HoKU*h) 3 3 3 5
AJV Hridr. 1.. !j. (Double) 4 4 4 6
2:07%, 2:06%, 2:10, 2:00.
2:10 trot, puree $2,000.
Tommy Uritton, br. h., by TJberty
Hell, dnm by l'an?oast (Geers).. Ill
Pilot Hoy, ff- (Mell) 3 2 2
Oratorio, b. h. (Ilnkel) 3 S G
Little 1-Mtfar, br. k. (Oerldor) 4 4 3
Itllma, b. m. (Kfnrl* 5 5 4
, Time?2:0^4, 2:12*. 2:10.
2:05 pace, puree fl.'GOO.
Frank Jtogash. br. h., by Atlantic
ICintr, (>um by Almont
Pilot (UoRush) 112 1
Annunla.'. br. n. (K.*y?) 3 3 12
Humps. ?>r. jr. (Wli.-on) 2 2 3 3
I Time?2:0S. *:0Ck. 1:06. 2:00^.
Won. Lo*t. Per.
l Cincinnati ................. ? " } .CM
. J-Cotton CI 35 .B35 |
. ! Cleveland ? *5 .621
I Baltimore C3 M ,583
CtllUKO fo ?
, N. \v York .13 -13 .fi.i2
; I'lUB^urtfll -M2 |
. phllAdHphla <3 <.' .<57
Brooklyn 36 57 .2S7
- Louisville W ?l .371
- wA^hlnKlon 33 ci ,SS1
- Sv J ?ouJh 2S 7a .its
- fhlcago *. Brooklyn 2.
New York 6, WftsMnnton 3.
Washington 7. New York <1.
; Baltimore 7, Cleveland 1.
I Cincinnati ut Brooklyn.
Plttehurgh ut Baltimore.
Cleveland at Boston.
Chicago at New York.
St. Lnul* at Philadelphia.
i^iiiLsviiio at Wa*hlnffton. !
WASHINCITON, August 11. The flrno- I
' tor* showed mora alilflly (onlay than fori
?onj^ and both gam 4* w?'re Improve- i
, ments upon what hit* li^n dono hereto- 1
for**. Th? pitcher* won both KtimcM. At- I
tendance. 1,200. Score*:
Flrot game. It II K I
Washington ..o o o 1 0 o 0 o 2-3 : 2
Now York ....2 o 2 0 1 1 0 0 0-(J 12 I 1
Knrnod run*, New York 4. Batteries, I
Dlneen anil Magulre; Seymour nnd War-1
nor. Time, 1:63. Umpires, O'Day, Snyder
and Drown.
Second Kaui". It II K
. Washington . 0 0 B 0 2 0 0 0 11 1
\ New York ... 1 o <i 0 n 1 o 2 0-4 7 21
: ICarned runr. Waajblnfton fi: Now York
2. Butteries, Klllen and Magulre; Dnheny i
| und Warner. Tlmo, 2 hour*, umpires,
i (kiflfney and IJrown.
| PfYTLAURf.PIfM. Aujturt II.?Haiti-1
| more and Cleveland played another tnmni
ferrod vtinif hero to-day, the- Orlolf* win- I
i ning llw: gnmo eiirtty. Attendance, 1.200.1
Ilalllmore ...3 ft 1 0 0 l 0 2 0 -7 12 i ,
| Cleveland 0 ooooouiu-l i i
i Mi* rued rnni\ Unltlrnore 2: Cleveland 1
1 Bntterlw, Maul and it?blnj?on: Powell and i
yConnor, Time, I'M* Umpire*. Lynch
md Andrews.
fourteen iknino argument.
smw YORK. AUKUM 11.?Th* Broolclyiie
ind Chleaxoe werw ?cbeauleO to i>Uj i*?
?arne# to-<luy, but mi the first ?arne wan
continued for fourteen Inninff. the second
5am* was called off. The Chlcafeos won
>ut In tho fourteenth inning on bunt hits
by Merles, Connor and Donahue. Score:
Brooklyn ....0001000100000 0-J10 J
"hlrago 00020000u000c 1?#10 S
"Earned rune, Brooklyn 1; Chicago 1.
Batteries, Dunn and Ityan; Woods and
Donahue. Time. 2:14. Umpires, Swartwrood
and Warner, Attendance, 3,500.
At Fort Wayne. BHE
New Parte....0 0 001010 0-2 7J
fort Wayne..J) 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-1 43
Batteries?Smith and Zlnram; Brodle and
At Grand Rapldn. B H E
Gr*d Rapid*. ..f DIOlOtOMllll
Youngstown ..I 0 1 0 1 1.1 0 2?710 3
Batteries?Mock, Harper and Colo;
Kneppcr and 8chrecongo?t.
At. Mansfield. ft H E
MannfUld 4 ! 1 0 0 1 0 0 Mil S
Springfield ....0 02400000-672
Batteries?Koatal and Belt; erablU and
At Toledo. B H E
Toledo ?0 ( ( 1 1 { 0 ! M10 1
Dayton S 1000000 0-39 0
Batteries?Ferguson and Arthur; Strelt
and Lattlmer.
TU? K. of p. H?ll G?m?.
After many postponement* or* account
of ruin* the prlctea of Bernard) Shaniey
No. 21, and Coeur de Lion No. 1, con>
panlen of the Uniform Rank. Kn<gbt? of
Pythda* will meet to-day on the bas?
baU arena To do battle for the supremacy
so long disputed. That the Pythian
AiiBons wotvt pfiay the nnlional game as
rhe is played fa a thought un.wo?thy the
thinker. It wil) be a game for your life.
The agony begins at 3:30 p. m. at the
Iriom) base belli park. Ladles will be
admitted free, and no charge will be
made for the grand' stand. Tickets from
the postponed game wiW be honored; The
bttfcterfce wlK be Dick and Windsor for
Bernard Shawloy, and Cunningham and
HaHer for Coeur do Lion.
umioMbv1* Toledo Commercial:
Oscar Gardner arrived In- the city last I
night from Wheeling:. He was accompanied
by John Arthur and William
Winder, sporting men from Wheeling.
Gardner 1s one of the moat gentlemanly
boxers In the business and knows a
whole lot besides the boxing game, being
well Informed on current events. He I
will remain here until after his contest i
with McMahon, August 17. He Is ia the
best fettle possible, but will go down to \
Volk's road bouse at Presque Isle, and I
put the finishing touches on his train- I
1ng. He is dtrfng more boxing than any ,
matt now before the sporting public and
has matches made with several of the
top notohers. He is a man of good I
habits and Is constantly In condition to I
fight at a day's notice.
George, "Kid" Wanko, is desirous of |
getting on a match in the near future,
and Intends to have a busy season of It
this coming fall and winter If it is pos- I
tible to do so. Last night he authorized i
the Intelligencer to issue a challenge to
any 138 pound man In the business for
a. limited or finish contest. Wanko is I
especially desirous of a battle with Les- I
Me Pearce, and agrees to meet the Phlladelphlan
at any time he may name.
Wanko Iscoming up the ladder of pugilistic
success. He Is a clever strong
boy, always willing to give the crowd a j
run for its money, has never been defeated.
and can make some ?f the "looking
glass pugs" take a trip to dreamland.
Wanko may never be a champion,'
but he'll beat a good many of them in \
his class.
For Tickets for the McCoy-Corbett
Fight?Sheriff Will Interfere.
BUFFALO, N. Y., August 11.?Since
the Horton law legalizing: boxing contesta
In the atate of New 'York there
has never been such a rush for seats
at a flstlc exhibition as Is now coming |
In dally to the Hawthorne athletic club j
officials of this city, before which club i
Corbett and McCoy will meet on the
10th day of next month. To-day over I
$6,000 was received for seats alone.1
while scores of applicants for seats
were turned down, the membership application
not being enclosed. Every |
foot of the lumber to be used In the
building la on the ground and the contractor
has received his first payment
in the shupe of a check for $3,000.
BUFFALO, N. Y., August 11.?At an
Interdenominational meeting of ministers
held here this afternoon to take
action to prevent the light announced
to take plactf between McCoy nnd Cor
hett tne tOIIOWMg letier uuiu u.c ouciiii
was read by Bishop Qulgley:
"BUFFALO, N. Y.. August 8, 1S98.
I "Right Row James E. Qulgley, D. D..
Bishop of Buffalo.
I "Right Reverend and Dear Sir: ,
J "Your letter just to hand. I will not
I allow a prize fight In this county. This
I has always been my stand. As I un,
derstand the facts, the proposed congest
Is a prize light, so therefore It will
not take place in Erie county while I
am sheriff.
If mothers would cost aside foolish prudery.
and impart to their daughters the
knowledge that they, themselves, have a<*
quired by years of suffering, they would be
forced to upend fewer hours of anxious attendance
at the bedsides of sick daughters.
A woman who suffers from weakness,
disease, or derangement of the distinctly
feminine organs is an incomplete woman.
She is unfitted for woman's highest and
best duty?motherhood. She cannot be a
happy wife or the mistress of a happy
home. I)r. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
is th* only proprietary medicine ever devised
by an expert skilled specialist in
woman's diseases for the one purpose of
curing these troubles in the privacy of the
home, it makes a woman strong and
healthy in a womanly way. and can be relied
upon to relieve motherhood of all peril
and almost all pain. It insures healthy,
romiftl ctouiren. it irwnMorm* wp?, -ickiy.
nrnrouH invalid* into healthy, happy
wive# and mother*.
"Word* fall to dcacrltr myMifWinprI*R?re I
took Dr. PJerct'a Pt?v?riir prescription and
pleawmt Pellet*/ " write* Mi** l.iilirS. Ilardy.
Of South 8ea brook. Rockingham Co., N. II. 1
roiild lurdlv walk nrroaa the mom. I had
nbee** on the fallopian tut* that discharged
through the bladder. It lefl the bladder in ?u
irritable condition and the uteni* Inflamed. 1
had an awful burning In my atnninch no appetite.
muMinc drain: WMlpitloB; ncfttdaufif
monthly pallia and backache nil the tune. I war
ronflnrd to my bed five m?nth?. Then I commenctd
the tue of votu medicine* and have
been greatly tieneflted hy them."
Iii paper cover*, at one-cent ftatnp*; cloth
binding, to cent* extra. Dr. Pierce'* Common
Senu Medical Advtuer, Addtea* Dt.
IL V. I'icrce, Buffalo, N. Y.
What Hyomei Did For Him
TS??<w?!?f'E?0tpeiit forioiw on JIBnt*
treatment* (or catarrh, and could not. hearaeroM tte
tabic. A(t*r uihix Ui? "If rooMi" inhaler and Six*
t?1 ttalm lor tifbt dart only. I caa hear a? w?u a
Plunwr St.. EvetMt Mask
Am yon (M, liquid treatment* tot catarr
eauae deaineu. "Hyomai," natcre'a dr>
air germicide care* it.
"Hyomei" U inhaled lo the air w
Dreauie. no aaneeruus ,plays, uwimn u
atomixen us used. It li guirtntewJ.
KnM by ,11 dniDW. of tnt b? ?tl. Ptto
gjtfil c *** *&<> Ei#?IwU1m.?Oc. Jlyocw
Roow203tJUdUorhi? Cfcloio. W
Wore Sensational Fulaltrc Harked Thn?
daj'i IUcImk-4 Had Aceldaut In one i
Trial Ilea' ?Bald U'lO* Ult Half Jill
INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. 11.?Mow sen
national finishes marked the second da
of the national meet of tihe L. A. W. On
serious accident knocked- Arthur Gardl
ner out of the fina* of the great- Amerl
can $1,000 handicap, and nearly place
plucky Bill Martin hors du combat. Thl
happened at the close of the second hea
of the contest, Martin being at the froi
of the bunch and1 apparently a winnc
when he slipped over the pole andi sit
akmg the track. Qardtwr went ov<
himv JSJtevens foMowed and then Le
Cbburn Went down In the sicken* 11
heap. Cooper and- MfeFarland were 1
the finish, but escaped luckily from
J spKl, Oo<n?er dismounting from li
wheel as white as the wheel itself. Ga
diner could' ride in the great .final ar
| Martin did ride to show his pluck. Fro:
sixty yards he gained fourth, leadin
' the back buach over the tapd.
Bald, Freeman-, Becker and'Cooper fo
towed Martin, who took his hands o
the bars and sot up to relieve bis poc
strained back as he made the finish* f<
he could ride no farther. Martin wa
the hero of the meet, for he came but t
xidc as bid'y a cut up and scarred nta
a? has been seen on Vhe track thl* yea
Fred J. CosteKo, the St. Louis ami
tcur who qualified to-day for the gre*
five mile amateur chairopionbhip, too
the handicap with Maya, of Erie, se<
ond, and L?. 6. Hal* of Phdlad-c-lphii
third. This same trio made the bac
mafflt men look foolish in tihe third hei
by working together and keeping out <
the way.
Owing to the withdraw! of Gardl ne
D?Ai nvm I?Willi linrovkuauBiviit. <? ...
professional handicap, his great rlva
Cooper, having 20 yard*. The race wi
a pretty one, but the generosity of th
harkMcapper toward' the ex-amateu
who has beaten Peabody, In giving hli
250 yards, enabled the limit men to pre
vail and to prevent the back men cloj
lng inr the time they cut out. Bald fir
I shed1 fifth ltv 4:09, a new handicap re<
ord by nine and four-fifths seconds, li
broke It also la the heat, doing 4:15 2very
handily. The new rule allowin
handicap records in a class by then
selves is the explanation, of why thei
are handicap records-.
Gardiner and Martin were not the on<
big men to fall, atf CoKctt, the New Hn
veil amateur, fi?M in- the five mile chair,
pionship through the foul riding of (
S. Porter, the Detroit amateur. PorH
was disqualified for the meet and cer
sured by the chairman. Collett, liow
ever took t'he quarter mile champior
ship, his third' win in the champdonshl
contents, and with his partner, he mcul
it four by cleverly winning the handlca
championship for tandem teams a't th
miJe distance. Ear& W. Peabody, tl:
Chicago amateur, took the five mi
championship by a good clean cut wii
and Ertz and Kraegor followed' hli
across the tmpe.
It was the Eddie Bald of o!d that sh<
into the lend' in the final of the half mi
national championship, his first wiry <
a championship race at a national met
Pin CO tfil, Xlie 1/4. mn -.
four years apo. Baud" was dt? terming
and rodre the race of his season's caree
Gardiner claims to have been crowds
over the pole by MeFarinnd', who too
second to I3tu!d\ with Freeman Wilrd an
Cooper fourth, and protested- the 'Cal
fomlan to the chairman of th*? racln
board. The protest was not allowed.
Afternoon races:
Final heat, one-quarter mile natloni
championship?0. H. Collett, Ne
Haven, first; E. C. Hauieman. Ne
Haven, second; Ed Lewellyn, Chlcagi
third. Time. :31 4-C.
Final heat, half mile profesoional m
tlonal championship?Bald, first; M<
Farland, second: Freeman, thin
Cooper, fourth; Gardiner, fifth. Tim
1:00 3-5.
One mile, tandem championship, am?
teur^-Hauseman and Collett, Ne
Haven, first; Pettbody and Lewellyi
Chicago, second; Ertz and Krnerne
third. Time, 2:05.
The Great American handicap, dh
tance two miles, for purse or *i,uw o
vldod, 1500 to winner: 1200 to second; $'
to third, $25 to fourth, and apodal prli
for tlio hoar to make up the balance
F. J. FostellO, St. Louis. 22.1 years, Mrs
Otto Mhyrt, Erie; Pa.. 250 yards, sec*?n(
L. S. Hall, Philadelphia, 275 yard
third; Plugger Bill Martin, Lowell, i
yards, fourth;Eddle Bald, /scratch, ftftl
II. II. Preeman, Portland, 20 yard
sixth; Becker, SO yards, seventh; Coaj
or, 20 yards, eighth. Time, of rac
4:001-fi. Time ofBald, 4:01); new hand
cap record.
Five mile national champIon.ihlp.Hm:
teus?Penbody, Chicago. first; Ertz.Ne
York, second; Kra?mer, Nowurk, thlr
Rodgere, Philadelphia, fourth.
Three Good! Bicycle Events for tl
' Wheeiiny Ctfebratlom
In connection-witth the annual celebri
tlan of Labor Day at Wheeling, on Sa
urday, August 27, the Ohio Vallc
Trnd??s n?id Labor Assembly has pt>
vlded- an excellent programme of sport
Including bicycle races. footracing ba
ket bnH contest ar.d live running rac<
conducted by the Wheeling Jockey Clu
The bicycle races' will attract larj
flphle of entries from \V<-st Vlrglnl
western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohl
They Include a twelve mile rojul nic
finishing on. the state fair grounds trac
nn<l two track events, a one nvlle rai
and a flve mile* handicap race. Thei
events are open to amateur riders undi
'*? T * M' nrlvafl n
llltr u J\. " *?vi..1........ vnlutflt
at $1G0. Ewtry blanks cam be hr
from It M. Archer, of the Wheeling li
teWlgwieer. Entries clow Woducffte
August 24. ______
- liO\N LING
AnOONAtlTS. Int. M.
Ha rvor 1.V1 1-1
VoRl?r 145 1M
Nelaon 137
Cordon 142 13fl
(Mark 113 177
ISrana 132 w)
Totals *22 >->4
nOWLKRfl. l"t. 2.1.
Klchards 131 121
Kiulw 148 ]34
Alpxnnder l8* 122
limning 101 JM
RmW??m 142 131
ir^-Kon Ill 14!
Total* "12 f
WWntr 177 I'-t
Mnnn 112 131
WllrtMllth 128 If"'
Knoko nr.
Knln W 114
Marwhner 1W 132
Total?* 7? Ml
AM. AUKI5. lat. M.
W. llraach ................ 1W 1M
Arniii ??
F. Itrnach J?? J*?
haIWT W if?
Kromrtok 170 113
KoU? H9
Totals 310 bs*
^SmnLii <
- /' - --
83IBT WAI3tS-gg?.
1 s- .A
ie .
i 1
Id But (Lt <j? *? ~?KaH
>U A
'? ^
a ^
C L___
; This Opportunity Won't be R<
Every Waist left on' the spcc
* whether it's a 48c or a $4.00)
jj and at ... w
10 ,
n 48c Waist 16c.
75c Waist 25c.
> 98c Waist 33c.
5 $1.15 Waist 38c
Kinds?AH Sizes-I
\ Geo. E? St
ie i
lo *~Z
n. wanted.
W" " ANTF.D-gTrL for general
hoiigpwork. at 28 Tenth atreet. au8
if WfTOSMfs?
?t Knclono 2c rtanip. A. A., ROOill W 10-a .
?r Arch Mtreot. Philadelphia.
? ? 9 '
rj FOB BBNT. .-! - .
k 1 ,1011 nK.NT-HKVEHAl, GOOD nOOMS
,1 i! In tli? City U?nk Building. Inqulr* at
I- ihe City Uank of hcolln*. JKHL
15 1510 Main atrvct. roaawalon et once.
Inquire of R. J. McCULLAGH, No. flit
rift>fnth atroat. au' ;
iv ~
: Building lot on Fourteenth street; no
I; better location in the city; S5 by ISO feet. '
? Lot In SoMth Wheollnr, on street rail'
way, BO by 100 feet. Jl.GOo-loss than cost.
One-half lot In South Wheeling, on street
t- rallwuy, 25 by 100 foot, J7u0.
w Cheap house, frame, 4 rooms; lot <0 by
n ICO feet; >600 only; Hast McColloch street.
' A Country Residence In most desirable
r? part of PJeasnnt Valley, on Kim Grove motor
anil electrical line; one-third cosh; bal- i
). unco on time.
I Larue building site In Pleasant Valley, ;
' frontlnir on National Road, 10C by 2150 feet,
,u only 11.700 ca*h.
: ?*C. A. .-/CHAEfER & CO., .# ,
t; Fourteenth and Market Street*.
i; 7-roomed dwelling 67 Ohio ....115 ,
* 7-roomed and bath 131 Fourteenth St.... 22
"-roomed and bath 33 South Front 28
broomed and bath South Huron.... ifi
e, 5 rooniH first floor 135 Zane street 10
1- 8 rooms 2d floor, new house, Wabash
near Virginia 7 '
, f?-roomed, bath. f?S Zane street 20
First floor 93 South Front 11 1
w Second floor f>6 Zane, first-class 10
d. .Vroomrd North Wabash, good 10
1'ojwFKlon at once. Houses put In firstclass
condition. Rent commences Scptem
ber 1st.
a-, o. smith:,, i
Exchango Dank Uulldlng. I
!; For Sale.. ^
u ...? ?,n.u nrtnu MOTH OASES. WILL '
CO , '
ul 1520 Market Street.
i- . ' , ?
Atimilir I lly, M. J.
| HOTEL irtETROPOLE, A,u!l'.,cj.0,r'
!{? Tho now proprietor* nrr? determined to
I,,, maintain th?> hlifh fttandnrd In this depart* ,
el ment nttniiuvl by the formnr management,
v, u.< w?l| an the general wrvlce or the nousc,
.2. which'hull tniao th?* Motropol? fnmoti*.
Term* morJorati?ivr Any, M.oo, $2.r*>; i>*r
,, week, tlu. fiiflo. according to Iocatlon
of rooms, number of parties, length ]
{*' of wtay, etc. I
I try peel fully solicit Inrc your patronn??o I
'?, n. C. IVORY. 1
j'J[ ? F. D. SMITH. <
141 O uiuSTEn X3NT3XT.
!6S nrenn end Now York Ave., Atlantic City,
:d. N. Opo? nil thn >*nr. I2.0v per day.
151 *10 to JI.'.W weekly.
ion JelS I). KNAMCR.
lOfl ?
| ilarcoiirt Place
lis Seminary. Gambier, 0.
IT A ktIukiI of the IiIrIwhI class for Rlrls. <
.77 For oitiloiraa and Idforniatlan, iddmu
Kto Jyl5-mw?v:f Principal.
"k BTtrML A OO. ' 7- ||
i" v
I o-day
~ *se Price,
speated Again This Season.
ial counters (First Floor),
Vaist, must be sold to-day,
$1.25 Waist '42c.
$1.50 Waist. 50t
$2.00 Waist 66c.
?2.25 Waist 75c.
n Colors and White.
ifeU & Co.
ruu. VS' i* "W W
?.All solid advertisements under ??
??- tlio following headings: : : :
will be Inserted at the rato Of ??
Money to loan-45.ooo.oo, uo.ooo.oot
$16,000.00. 120,000.00. GEO. J. MATH1,
Real Estate Agent, 1308 Market St.
street* 3?*
i l-? la MmaUvw. fin* ln/*a.
lion; corner lot; adjolnln* best Improvements
In cemetery. Address CEMETERY
LOT, car* lutwlligenccr office. apll
MoundsvMe, Benwood & Wheeling 6 per
:ent Gold Bonds.
Whltaker Iron Co. Bonds.
Wheeling Potteiy Bonds.
Wheeling New Steel Bridge Bonds.
Money to Loan on City Property.
telephone No. 861. City Bank Bulldlny.
i5th Street Property.
I (tin Authorized to salt at s bargain, if
old quickly* the dfvellluas numbered 40,
17 anil 40. on the north side of Flfteentk
itrect, at the corner or Alley B.
JAXK4 1~ 11 AAV LEY,
Real Estate and Real Etlatc Loans,
1003 Main Street.
* Three (3) 60 hone Power Tubular \
rinD a A I e
? w.? ?\
City ltnnk llullriliitr. Market fit.
If you purchAM or make a lean on real
estate have the title Insured by the
Wheeling Title and Trust Co.
H. M. RCSSKLX* Preeidtnt
L K. BTIFJBL .^.....flecrataiTf
IVM. H. TRACT Am'L 8*cr?Ury
3. R. & OILCHRIBT.. Examiner of TltkM
Prabody Building, Room No. 301.
(126 Market Street,... Wheeling. W. Vt
l^ULbllifcmtnt?NuU accurate, prompt,

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