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I Spaniards Attempt to Retake San
B Trtnn T.lotithnna^.
elfeomi the american fleet-it
f^' ja reported that" one hunwt,
^ i7red spaniards were killi
asp-vbet had hauled down
t'^ocr flao and raised the
k 'i.'tellow rao of spain, but
bpv?^qld qlort" floats there
a i k ? pbns6ylvanians
K|j| .Wounded at coamo.
i> niflsw york. Auguit 11.?The Herald
Dr" Ifm'the following from Capt 8an Juan,
t, Porto Rice; August 14:
".jcnare was a two-hours' flsht before
? ' titfbrtik jreah'rday. Eight hundred
K Slxnilarda attempted to retake the llght* '
feouae, which was guarded by forty, of
Mr.; S^-'aallorSj commanded by Lieutenant
L xtwitir, Aaalsient Engineer Jenkins,
J Realign Bronson and Gunner Campbell,
i' The Spaniards were driven back by
?tt>I?rroro uie AmpnrurKe, vincinnau
. ?nV:IiNr<I?n. "Befugeei report that one
p*' fond red Spaniard! were killed. v
B| ' jflVJIUam H. Boardman. of the KjpV
phlftlte, ot I^tvrence, JIaia.. a second
E.'j class man In tfce naval academy, was
Bur ?fer)ou?ly wounded. He was In the
HretfMifc Spailih advance began from Rio
M> Gfande, whither thevSpaniard! had re2
fOrated after the first landing of troops,
K 'it Cape San Ju#n laat week. They
??' marched through Ltiqulllo and palled
E& 'Sown the American flag at Fajardo and
KT replaced the Spanish flag.
8' U? terrified refugees warned the
Jf" IriliOwuse force that the Spanish were
" "<?mI,w nivtv vnmpn And children
|f.. fSflfliJn the outbuilding of the lightEL;
; Jpjvlb* during the fight.
Spaniards opened with a maWp
'chine gun at a distance of 100 yards.
P , The Leyden, Ensign Crosley command &
ing,'.rushed within a hundred yards of
rSjj'V the shore and poured one-pounders Into
{Hp ,ihe Spaniards. Captain Barclay, of the
-iAmphltrlte, used six-pounders, and the
"Cincinnati flve-lnch guns. .
?*" -The ships landed 250 men during the i
J- flgbt and reinforced the lighthouse. A
Bp AjafcTSftie gun, rifles and ammunition,
gv.. iykere left by the retreating Spaniards. 1
K1. '/' Ensign Crosley took the refugees off )
f ?t daybreak, and has gone to Ponce.
Oar- Rir Is. still on the iiRMtnouse cut
' the forces hare been withdrawn.
*' The Amnhltrlte'i guns cover the llfctit!
Iiod?op reedy to annihilate It If our Has
' is hauled down. It la one of the most
? _ Important llfhts on the Island.
ft The Cincinnati has gone to the Ban
* Jims blockade;
fJ Wonntleil Feun?rlvnnlnni.
^ WASHINGTON, August ll-The war
^ /department has received two dispatches
ydtrom .General Mile*, under date of
."Ponce, August 10, as follows:'
? v, Secretary.of War, Washington:
. rTbe following fa a list of wounded In
Siv.ftbe Sixteenth Pennsylvania In the sklrVr
m.ish beyond Coamo, August 9: Corv
isoral Barnes, Company H, left side;
i/ Private, C. C. Frank, Company C, right
^, fltfl; Private George Whlttlock, Cornis
tpany C. rlgh; side: Prlvatu TTboId,
I Company E, right elbow; Private E. V.
M^Jollv. Comoanv F, left arm.
g9Kjft?6ttne<U MILES.
ICyi . SmfUry llijr'i Tucrfulum
^ .^WASHINGTON, August 11.?By exhe
good offices of the United
iy-tactfully Secretary Day prob_^";tWy
has succeeded In averting a severe
fg; crisis In the relations between Italy and
' V ^Colombia, growing out .of-the Cerrutl
iffWK A cablegram was received at
S&*the.'department to-day.' from Rome,
^.' aaylrlg that out of regard for the United
* ..y,-4kat?* the Italian government had tel
<.,?graphed'-Admiral Candlgni. at Oarthafc.,gena,
Colombia; to give the Colombian
"lOvetalqent eight months' -time In
hlcb to settle with Cerrutl1* creditors,
ft* under the terms of President Cleveju
A land's award. While Colombia-has not
fcf' . ret been heard from In acceptance of
this'proposition. It Is not doubted'here
fr- ( that It will be accepted.
Got Pointer from Americana.
PETERSBURG, August ll.-It ts
' announced here that In view of tho suem&u
wh Ich has attended the use of dy- I
v .nmiQiiQ KUIIB JU tuiw, wie minimir ci
W?&fchxV)?. Vice Admiral Tyrtoff, proposes
to moUnt such weapons on. four Rusfor1'-'
?!ai* warship*. Their use will be cxEi,
.-??Hende<J If they turn out to be satlsfacJ"*
?.?' .
$ ; v ^B?*r ?n<t Wool Imports.
.WASHINGTON, Aug. It?The adV'
vance statement of sugar Imports issued
by'the bUreau of statistics shows that
& " Ihe total imports of dutiable sugar durmtoUbk
July were $5,299,870. as compared
ISSOrltfc I5.281.2S7 for July, 1897. The
Kj, amount of sugar withdrawn for conumptJon
amounts to $3,926,545. The
- 7 '^wool Imports during July amounted to
' i f $485,032, a little more than half being for
Ik' Immediate consumption. During July,
' 1897; the wool Imports umounted to 13.r
HM06. The tea imports during July
fa ;.r.iWers praaUcally the same as during
1897, viz: <777,693.
jV R*ftrre<1 to Arbitration.
V, WASHINGTON, August 1L?The case
-Of Atatyuider McCord, the American
( ' . mining engineer imprisoned by the Pe'
fuviana during a revolution, and whoso
' y : claim for $60,000 damages was a subject
f i Ltjw dispute between the United States
?. j.*and Peru for a number of years, was
jf-^iJrestcrday referred to arbitration, the
'.^ases being submitted to the lord chief
^atlce of the Dominion of Canada, unV
the terms of the arbitration treaty.
*",i Took li^ Lrtva oftlia Mil an,
WASHINGTON, Aug.,11.?Mr. James
'~ "B; Angellretlrlbif minister of the United
I States to Turkey, has Informed the stat<?
* .department that h<* hne tak?*n his leave
of the suttAn and will depart for horn*
f?on the 13tli Instant. Minister Strauss,
& 'Swho relieves him, was at the etate deft
: partment yesterday, and announced hi*
.vpqrpose of sailing Immediately for his
jg| post at Constantinople.
. Morrlnt in in %HaulinlMl.
, . OIL CITY, Pa.. Ailgunt 11.?Georg*
-y Carter, a Wall known young married
'"man of Rynd Fawn, near here, was as'
sasslnated last night while sitting in
"bis parlor reading Th?- Hssassin flrel
'' * through the window, killing Carter in.
itantly. There I* no clue to thu inya
. "* ^
RlMklfrn** Arnte* ?alv*
\ Th? beal ?*lv? In the world for Cull,
BruliK*. Horea, I'lcera. Bait Hh?um,
. Fever Sorea. Tetter,- Chapped JJandi.
VHchlllbUlm. Corn*, and all Hkln Erup:
,.tiona, and positively curta Flloa. or no
pa;" required. It la guaranteed to give
"" perfect aatlafoctlon or money refunded.
i" rrlc* Jt eenta per bos. For aala by Laj
. .can Dniy Co. ,
*" ttt.HMtow to OklnMrtmid fountain Uhi
... * Hnrk.
(l\? Auinmt 3 to K the Baltimore A Ohio
* will 'ell excur?IOn tlfcketi to Oakland.
* Mountain Lake Parte and Dnt Park, nt
' . rate of one fare for the round trip, rouiI
fLurnlng until August SI, toclutlvt.
? . -
HMnVjAV infiR|^|ffjfl I
War Car
Reproduced from Harper's Week!
The LMtWIll anil Wlihca of (he BnlcliUl ? t
W?daW. fhatlti
CLARENDON, Ark., Ail*. 11.?This dersucl
little city ban assumed its usually quiet ?t*amet
condition. The bodies of the four ne- JJjJJjS
ffroos, victims of Tuesday night's mob,
will be burled across the river, to-day. rrason I
The body of Mrs. John T. Orr, who kill- means <
cS herself irr Jail, has -been removed to
her residence for preparation Jjor burlaL F<
Her little three-year-old baby Is with E.
A. Falfer, ol friend of tjie family. r
Wallace Graham, Mr.: Ofr*s partner in an>B* n*
business, has received a letter from Mrs. is appr
Orr*s stepmother, at Mauston, Wis., but governr
has not made the contents public. Mrs. Fort y.
Orr's remains will probably bo sen* to ,
her father In Woupon, Wis., for Interment.
S. W. Boardman has given out a writ- hereon
:ten statement* prepared by Mrs. Orr, Ae#|^,
"on Monday afternoon, .Just before she "T
took the fatal dose. It. reads: \\ashln
- "I Wiirt my baby, Neva, to stay with will QUI
Mr. Falfer; with his children, whUe^I lery to, 2
live, then Mr. Graham to have full con- having'
trol of her until my father comes for Yukon ;
her, which I want hln? to <Jo. I want military
my father to have my baby and to raise expedltl
her, I want my baby, Neva, to have all tlty of <
my personal Effect*. My body Is to be relieve
shipped to my fdther and he ..buried reached
where he resides. I want to' say to Steve prompt
Boardman, Wallace Graham, Mr. More- may fln
head and Mr. Falfer that for the kind will trai
manner in wblch they have treated nu>, their di
I hope that God will bless them for me. patch.
I hope God will forgive Rachel (Miss will be <
' Morris) for the \yny she has treated me. talnod I
I want all of rny property and home services
to go to my bah/ Neva, and I hope that
my husband's ^fivorite lodge. Knights 1
of Pythias, will se4 to this, my lant will, RRTT8
is carried out. " I want papa to help man ^
! wairace aji ne cnn. mw maiemvm
completed at 0:30 p. m? Monday, August namo
8, JB08. woundt>
?VTr. Boardman would not give out this Tho ant
paper until Mrrf"Orr wm dead. He who a?i
saya her fathw's name Is W. C. Itarker, A *
that he resides at Waupon, Wis., and
that at present he Is very low nnd In dea- 11
tltute circumstances. He Is elghiy-two w
yeam-of age. Mr..Hoardman ??.?ys John wno
T. Orr has a sister, Mrs. T. W. Deal, re- J0 ;, A
aiding In Denver, Col. fatally
Hid com
ST. LOUTS, Aug. 11.?A special to the
Post Dispatch, from Clarendon, Ark.,
The third act In the Clarendon tragedy
la as remarkable as the two priding
ones. To-day, the corpse of the murderess
lie# In the court houijc. while
hundreds of people pats and view the remains.
TIiIk unusual .thing was -lone
by the authorities to still the suspicion
that Mrs. Orr was not tiead, but h-.xd
been spirited away. So strong had this
fool I ni* In tho r\?n?munltv liwbmc. that !
this means wan regarded a*, the only /
way to allay It. jl
A fur Wfilern Trnnnlf,
DEADWOOD, S. D? August 11.?
Three men dead and a woman dying Is
the result of a shooting affray at Cen- I
tral City to-day. Judge J. P. Cilddingr.,
Ed Shannon and Jack Wear are the
men, and Mrs. Ed Shannon Is the woman.
Shannon had a boarding house at \
Terry and one at Central City. He >
stayed at bights at Terry, leaving his
wife to look aftt'r the other pl&ce. To
day Shannon returned to Central City
and roused JudgCGIddlngs. .1 oht what
happened no one knows, but th?* two
men suddenly: burst Into the fttrcvt, engaged
In a death struggle. Shannon
had a revolver. Jack WVar tiled to
separate them, and wan shot through
the body, dying Instantly. Shannon
?Kni itirmnrh (ho
killing him. He went to Ills wife's bedroom
and bent hrr about the head with
hlff revolver until he thought he had
killed her. and then with n fresh re- Spalr
volver nhot himself. The w<imah Ih ?t!1l
nllvo but cannot recover. All the partle?
are pioneers and wore well to do. tienor
Olddlngn has had many political ofTleo*. brilliant
Intimacy between Olddinj?* and Mia. Inaxmue
Shannon l? given a* the caufle of the tf?>v<Tnir
tragedy. Six yeai
Tliry Klrkxl mi Oitlntta. earn* COI
BAN' FRANCI8CO, Aug. II.?The Ex- J?"ver gl
amlner aays: Whon ihtf Hawaiian enm- the nrtvl
mlmlon embarked on the wtfarner Marl- to the <,
pom- they found the pamwngor deck ^
stacked with boxen of onions. Bona tore 11,?* lalaf
M"rgan and Cullom an<T Keprefientatlvo Senor
Hitt made a strong prot??at to Captain otd, ^vl
Harrard against the ahlp calling in ouch member
a condition. They declared that It waa CadlB. II
an otitfiige, and an Inflult to the gov- m the 1
I eminent to convert the vessel which wan proved I
' mm
toon from HARPER'S \V33EKLV.
ly. ny PiTmlMlon. Copyright. 1838. by Harper & Brothel
r the otlirial representatives on OBTDOWM 10 OJ
Important mission Into a freight m,?|l?l,FHpi,iinHn
urther than. this, thoy Mserted " * , ,
van unsafe to proceed to sea uni
conditions. Every berth on the In former times Ilnlm
was taken, and a number of tern sold over all Interna
era could not get sleeping ac- cause people mistook e
latlonc. The commission was , lt ^ t ?
<o remain on the vessel for the "na "J""*"1 " P
hat it could not secure any other 'oun.il It. Temporary
if transportation. them they were right, a
* a return of the pain to i
sod iiiat* Fenrrd lu AiMkn* complaint, when In fac
FRANCISCO, Aug. 11.-The Call wa, th(.r(, al| the t|me. 1
rlous trouble In Interior Alaska ?? ?chjn([ o( th0 back, b
ehended by the UnKed States thB lddn?4T,, and remeil
nonf TBVwvl rint* nrn fpnrpfl -at .. > .>. ... j
-- ;ne Kianeys, una uo pc
ikon and other up-river points, work thnt, b(lfor(! p,
[ ?ui of the failure of ihe trans- ? ?ecu?,j Do?n'? K1
n companies to get supplies In perfect in their work un<
i the prevailing low water. their cure. A Backache
?-on instructions received from onrp- h<*cau?e the kMne)
* ... _ . , normal functions and ti
gton, Major General Merrtam <Q ochP< Thcr lft nothl
ckly. dispatch a battery of artil- combat as the evidence
H/'Mlchaels. ihetofficer in charge and yet all who believe
orders tii proceed at once up the Ject of backache, are gla
river to Fort Yukon and open a cause of the cure.
post for the coining winter. The Mrs. Robert Llebert. 01
on will also carry a large quan- teenth street, says: "I fl
?xtra provisions and supplies to kidneys were out of ort
distress. When 9t. Michaels i? years a go. but I seem<
, the commanuing officer will each successive attack
ly levy on any river ooais ne wnen uic*' rupiuiy vcubu
d, seizing them If necessary.and With the exception of K
nsport his troop# and supplies to was always strong and
'stlnatlon with all possible dls- suffering In my loins, I
A form of military government prevented me from doln
wtabllshed and good order main- day or resting well at
n Alaska even If It requires the obliged to sleep with mj
of the soldiers and artillery. bark It hurt me so. Th
panled by a distressing v
ttnihrr Tonsil Annrcliiatt. kidney secretions for wh
SF.I.S, Ausr. a?While a pollw- ''rent remwllfij an.l pirn
s arresting a militant anarchist l,,e !aV,P# 1 ^
_ ... - . . , any relief. I saw t>oan
WlHeron, the latter shot ami advei-tlse.1 ?n,l enmo to
d the officer and then escaped, they would help me. so
irchlst also shot several persona the ^wn Drug Co.'s i
cmpted to capture him, but ho
illy arrested and lodged In Jail. flnd stronger than for ye
10 police visited TVillems* l??dg- Doan's Kidney Pills f
here they found two anarchists dealers. Price 50 cents. ;
mptly opened fire on the dfll- ter-MUburn Co.. TtuffalPolfCcman
replied t-> this Are, agents far the United St
mounding one of the anarchists. ln?r the name Doan's ant
panlon wnfl arrested. I stitute.
? Had Taken IIIh Advice She Would Probably Have Avert
the Cuba tin us Well ? ? with the United Hlntcs.
Polavleja l? one of tho mowt | gallant behavior In the
m.-n Hi.a in Iuih ever produced. i?al?rn h?? received tho c
h Jin h?' hns always advised the* j Maria Louisa, and won
lent to Rfant Cuba her freedom. ; Oguro in lb" Ten Yean
n air>*. when he wan nppolnted | warn. Ho was made a
p general of the Inland, ho be- Princess regiment ot th(
winced thai the inlanders would latter. lie has held varl<
vn up the utruKKlf, nnd tried to j Hons In tbo government,
upon the Spanish government a member of the nuprom*
Nihility of r ranting conceimtons , nnd navy, captain general
!ubaiiM. For this In* was taken ' and supremo chief of in*
nn Cuba for fear that ho had too fantry. In 188h ho was ro
mpathy for the Inhabitants of of Porto Klco. He resign
id. Intc year, and In 18JH) h?
Camlio PolAVleja |H sixty years Cuba.
InR boon Iw.rr In 1838. He Is the In lS9f?8cnor Polavioja i
a prosperous merchant and u Philippine, and here al
of the revolutionary cortes of common sense rooms to
lo ban been nn active combatant hlin, for It In said that hi
nterest of his country and has as to gnln for himself t
o be a brilliant tactician. Fop title of llutcher.
Will -ri?*7 Never Tal ^p-K<ckta* on
?= MarqnelU Apiltt.
g=r-~3F^ WASHINGTON. ' Aurust 1L - The
question u to the right .or Father MarT3
qoette to o figure as o leading actor in
the history ot this country. has arisen
|f: again. In connection with the feet that
s picture of Marquette sailing dqivtn the
Mississippi is borne on the one-cent
Ll~"JlL~rr Omaha exposition stamps.
A correspondent of the postoffice de5**^*
partment recently wrofe that he had
O Tnade search to ascertain what claims
Marquette ha* to the distinction thus
\>?S? given him. with the result that history
showed him to have been a foroipier
lssgsa ana a Jesuit, dui noi ranrneu ?*? mi?u
g&E.. of note either in literature or sclenc".
Information was asked as to what his.
X~*%JL great merit was. 1
JrrG*ra- Mr; John P. Merrltt,'third assistant
&| f? postmaster genera), has written a letj?Sf|
If ter showing why the design was mloptjfiL?
He says that the object of the proHmt
moters nnd managers of the TransH
-p i Mississippi exposition is to give ex
| pression to a commendable pride on the
ME ! pa^t of the inhabitants to the progress
'of'their section, and to demonstrate Its
I growth and anything pertaining to the
WB men who were most conspicuous and
KM helpful In blazing the Way to these
Rfll - sections, and luylng the foundations of
civilisation, is fraught with great inSBa
forest It mny-be claimed, he says, that
rCB Marquette did not disoover the Missis-,
jjgfl slppl, but like Amerlcus Vespuclus, he
continued the explorations, and Ainerj^l
1 lea Is named after the latter.
| "As to the religious teller or Marm.(?
I. quette," says Mr. Merrltt, "it never
|j entered Into or Influenced the selection
H r of the device, one way or the other.
1 "As to the fact of Marquette being
a foreigner," continues the reply, "he
performed services enough as a plonJM&.
eer to earn his citizenship; and his
bones still lie buried on the west shore
I-^ke Michigan. Columbus was also
<S?mn?/s a, foreigner for that matter."
Wist Virginia I'miioix.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
WASHINGTON, August It?Pensions
<o West Virginia applicants have been
- granted as follows:
Original?James F. McDonald, Syracuse,
$6; James Brooks, Morgantown,
Jfijdi $6.
Increase?John W. Goodrich. Shiloh,
^gr $6 to $8; Henry Caftman, St. Albans, $8
to $12; Warner P. Price. Lucille, $8 to
e$10; William L. Keoughery, Harper's
Perry, $16 to $17.
Yj&Bb Renewal and reissue?Andrew Armstrong.
Wheeling, $8.
wjr Widows-^-Louise A. Morgan, Pala ??>
tine, $8; Hannah E. Robinson, Odaville,
VJr/ - / r?0n0ii?1fln???Ulnnra nt TauI Rnhlnsnn
f wTlbur,'Vli "
/3y Other pensions granted are: John D.
TO1SLT 1 The Intelligencer.
IU8E8, : \Tf
(lastly and Con- f'
ents and plas- . ' . I
il remedies, toefleets
for dlailn
where they
ellef convinced Wr
nd so they laid
a return of the
t. tho disease Jfi8|Mjg&f
Backache Is not QpM2ffl3Bm
ut an aching of R&
les muit reach
rfect In their ^ePSStefe
\The Sinking of Cervera
the Cristobal Colon, the
Spanish Officers and G
Foundtring Warships, <
series of pages in our
S Pictorial Histo
now being issued in
// I reader may 'secure a s
Jj Folios of War Pictures
// will prove of untold vali
/ National History for o'd
Contents of Portfolio No. 5.
Departure of tho Third Relief for Manila.
Th?* Siege Guns Before Santiago.
Caput iv of tho "Macedonia" by the
"United State*." s
Drawn' of Colored Troops.
Tho Colon."
, ... 1A. tRtreet In Old Madrid.
od War with jrieid practice With Artillery.
Il-ntwllni' i>f Tnintu nt I'lonfiii-im*.
jlcketra Charge C??met??ry Rider.
AfHean cam- Mexican War New* at the Village l'ontro*s
of IaabH fxjnclo Sam" In Culm In the Kolny 8cuon.
? conspicuous o,Rolt Arm?.
?' anil Carllst ITho Quay. Han Juan.
colonel of tile 'Tho H<?u Wall of Sun Juan.
? cIoho (if the General Fltahuffh l*ee and Two of Ills
h,5.h J"??'* Tho Cuban-American Officer* at Tliolr
aueh an heln* Hnrraek*.
council of war ?anta Cnia (Tonorlffp). tho Capital of the
i of Andalustn, Canary Inland*.
ipectlon of In- Battery It," of Pittsburgh, at Mount
I.jXS,:"! * jSaS"&ttery on BxMbulon.
:::r: terms of distribution.
I of hlrt good davelopmonta of our war with Spain. Par
tinvp ilitnprtf.1 tratlon and letter-ore*, on plated paj?or.
?51. following part* will - u'h contain Hfxt.or
i.^fr u! aro ofT? rwl cxduidvel)- to Our K?*Kular
ho wejlerjlko ptfr copy. If by mall add it ceuta extra
] t m
' -V
Unqualified", jjnooeea of Lydla B,
Ptnkham'?-V?ge table Compound
Mrs. Etu-inrCH Whkxloci, Mtfnolia,
low?, in tltfi following letter de.
cribcs her recovery from a rery crtli.
j cal condition:
Dear Mh*. frntitAjt:?I hare beta
| taking your Vegetable Compound, tad
| am now ready toiouad
ita praliet. It
1..o A.
j A y of stumor.
I and wu a burden
to myaelf. Wa* trembled with
smothering Epclla, alio palpitation ot
the heart and that bearing-down feel.
Ing, and could not be on my feet much.
"I mi growing worse nil the time,
until I toolc your medicine.
After taking1 three ooxes ot Lydls
K. Pinkhom's Vegetable Compound
Lozenges, the tumor passed from me.
'My health has been better ever
since, can now walk quite a distance
and am tronbled no more with palpitation
of the heart or bloating. I reoommend
your medicine to all sufferers
from female troubles."
It is hardly reasonable to suppoit
that any one can doubt the efficiency
of Mrs. Pinkhnm's methods and medi*
cine in the face of the tremendous vol*
ome of testimony.
Taylor. BeaJIsvllle. Washington county,
Pa.,' JC; Edward Plunkett, East Liverpool,
Ohio, 18.
U?w Poilmnilrrm
Spoclal Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
WASHINGTON. August lL-Poitmasters
of the fourth class have been
appointed in- West Virginia as follows:
George C. Gerwig, Chapel, Braxton
county; David^L. Tyson, Ellis, GJlraer
county, O. Jttl/. nrieiiucigci, rvc.-iu,
Roane county; Lloyd Be?(rhley, Mineral,
Harrison county: Lutle K. Arnett,
Osgood. Monongalia county: J. P. KuyKendall,
South Branch Depot, Hampshire
T_ .. ID' i.
rar -jppujnss.
i's Fleet, the Chase of
Rescue of Cervera and
ews from the Rapidly
will form an interesting
_ r i.T W7"_?
ry ui me war
weekly parts. Every
;et of the Superb Artat
a nominal cost. It
ue as an education in
I and young. ( J* J6
Content* of Portfolio No. 6.
Twonty-jwconil Kannan.
Rifle* I "nod by the Army and Navy*
Mobilization of Troop? at Tampa.
Major General ftachnry Taylor In Mexlcft
Cut tin* tho Cable at Clenfuegos by th?
Marinn on May H, issw,
Machine Gun*.
Tho tJloucmtcr Sinking the Torpedo Boat*
Tho ttoi|fch Riders.
Tho Hat tie of Chippewa."
The 81em> of Cbarleaton.
The "Chl^a."
KiiKaRoment Between the "Kearuffe"
and tho "Alabama."
Cnltod Stnto:< Army Ambulance
View on iRe PhhIk.
City of Snn Juiin, Porlo Rico.
A Porto Uvco Country IIouimv
wwkl?, nmVwUI 1?<? complete
Part* or U A?. nn may bo juMlftM bs. taj
t one ooiualfi* twenty lnriri* P?|M J11"."
under a liAndxomi'ly dfulRnod cov^r. """
? lwirin* P.im< -? and Cover. Th"**'
Kmil.-r*. at a nominal prlco of Ten tent#
. Adilr?n?: ?
31N T101,140 ENCER, \Vh?ol)ng, W. Vfc .

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