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for thi
to secure an unusually
little money.
500 Men's Suits of
and Worsted, usual sell
515. A clean up of oui
1 r T? 11 T 1- C
ready tor rau i rauc iur
On our bargain <
M. Gutn
Furniture I
The styles are hei
liprf flip rpasnna
been looking foi
everything that i
buying easy. T1
ment that will ca
bring you back ag
our special line c
sote and velour <
and pricesHvill inl
Furniture, Carpets, Etc
Assignee's Sale of Ohio County Re
Estate. 11
By virtue of a deed of assignment mo
by Thomas \V. Kimmins and Soph.a Ki
inlna, his wife, to me, a#, assignee, bei
Inic date on the- third day df February. 1!
an.! now of record in tne-clerk's office
the county court of Ohio 'county, W<
I- t\ 1 Hnxlf Mn
pope <23. I will on
august, im,
9*11 at public auction on tho premises, t
mile* southeast of Valley Grove. In Tr
delnhla district, Ohio county, West V
Klnin, commencing at 10 o'clock au m., I
following described property, to-wlt:
of two certain tracts or land situated
the waters of Middle Wheeling Creek,
said district of Trladclphla. and adjo
In* lands of Joraes II. Quunbers. Pa
Reed and others, and bounded and i
scribed as follows, by a survey made
March. 1888: Hejrlnnlng for Its most ea
erly point at a stone and thence with i
line of lands belonging to the heirs
Jamea Todd, deceased, south 43*?* west
poles to & atone; thence south 85? west J
poles to a stone; thence north 45V4* w
141.fi poles to a white oak, corner In 1
of lands of David Reed: thenro north 2J
west 32.4 poles to a stake; thence soi
east 121 poles to a stone; thence soi
2V east 18.1 poles to a stono; thence soi
f2V east 93.1 poles to the place of beg
nln?r. and containing seventy-nine
oiifb, innw vj; rwun wiu uiivo \oi |i?i
more or lens, this being the same tract
land which Joseph F. Kimmins conve:
to Thomas W. Klmminn. tho undlvl<
ore-fifth Interest !n, by do*! dated July
ltto, and recorded In the clerk's office
the county court of Ohlq county. ?>
Virginia, in Deed Book to. page 129, ?
the same tract that John Klmmlnn t
wife conveyed, the undivided four-flf
of. to the said Thomas W. Kimmins
deed hearing date on the fifth day
August. JW7. and recorded .In Deed n<
No. 80. at page 41. of the lana records
Ohio county. West Virginia.
Second tract fa adjoining the above
ncrlbed property, and is bounded as l
lows: Beiclnnlng at a atone, corner to
above described land, known as the ho
farm of John Kimmins, deceaxod, and
the south side thereof, and running the:
north 44* east 13 poles with said Klmml
line to a stone; thence south b* east
poles to a stone; thence north ?V w
41* poles to a stone; thence south 6* e
312 polea to a stone; thenco north 45* w
44.7 poles to a stone: thonce with the I
of tha John Kimmins farm north 65* e
Co poles to the place of banning, and c
talning twenty (2ft) acres and flvo <5) po
more or less. This being the samo It
that was conveyed to the said Thomas
Kimmins by James Todd and wife, by d
bearing date on the fifth day of Jun*. 1
and now of record In the clerk's office
th" county court of Ohio county, w
Virginia, In DMd Hook No. 7#. pare 40
Sold land will be sold an a whole, or
J"*l'arat?' parcel*, an may be deemed hi
Title i? heiii-vi-d to be perfect, and all II
win l?e released.
Alno. at the xomo time and place, will
offered for ?ale four work hornen, t
bay* und two graya, three head of tr
cows, one p. k. Dtedrlck half circle ]
presa. two farm wajconii, one Adrla
mowing machine, one Oliver -chilled pli
four of work harrier*, and about fo
tons of hay. two hundred bushels of whi
two hundn-d buahel* of oat*. and
acre# of corn, SALE POSITIVE!.
Personal property, all Hum* of ten (
Jam or leu*. ca*h on day of aave. All m
over ten dollars a credit of alx mon
will b# Ktven, th? purchaser giving hla n
with approved security.
Terms of Sale on Heal Estate?Onn-th
of the purchaMvmon?y, nnd aa much m
a* tne ptirr'hn<wr may H?ct to pay, In a
on th? <1ny of th? halancn In 1
wjunl payment* at one nnl two year*. *
lntrr<-<it from day of Mid, th* Intcrmt
th?- M-cf.nd dtfnred iMMallni'-nt paya
Annually. Thr tltl?> to i?o rnUlmd u,
the property I* paid tin.
_JylX-mwftfAwy AmIkho
Buppllod with all kind* of plain and Fat
rrlntlnif. An rntlr* N#w Lin* of Hamp
or 1 .all Programme!!. Ticket* and Invi
tlonj, at all price*. at th* 1NTKMJOF
can jonj>niNTkMo OFFICE, a um
Fourteenth IItmc.
s-M. qgtMA* * o-y. j
g Sale ,
I. T!
t (V ' .1 ?J .
s weeK oners an opportunity
fine and attractive suit for
Fine Cheviots, Cassimeres
ling price $12, $13 50 and
stock previous to getting .
.80. |
:ounter for one week.
lan & Go. I
i be
buying I
Made Easy. I
" nv
e, the high quality is u
ble prices you have
are here. There's ?
, r ur
nakes your furniture m
lere is every induceuse
you to buy and ?
ain. Come in and see
)f fine leather panti- J.
touches. The goods oJ
terest you.
ler Frew, I
1208 Main Street. ^
i ??? h<
- TANSjl
td? O Q fo
" r -i 81
aot 8 I ? u
Mt Q I 0 w
51. O at
Q ^ O ur
wo o ft ?.
la~ :5 dTmnil rj K
Lr- 0 0 th
ihfl X fj
A" 0 r~i 8 ?
on o o 5
In X 1 X fc
In- X X sh
S!2 8 Zl 8 *
8 HND -- -- g u,
th* X O m
,s?= 8 ^ 8 V
a: x A 1 / * n
est X V g tli
Ino X X BU
? | Their Original Prices. J E'
3 J; Plenty suited to fall ?
'k. ij: wear-?good "for four 8 2
nut 18 months yet o
ind o J ^ tt
ind ft w
It 8 5
ft O B
^ j I have been selling ! *
;;; g shoes to Wheeling ! ?
r*o s people over two years, 8 a
t ^ ij X "
on- o but never sold quite X &
jj; such goods shoes for j !2
s?! { so little money as at ; Ji!
>"[ 8 present. ?
'In cj V ci
m, 8 S3.00 fflcydcSflOM g tc
he 8 for Wcmen at $f.75. iS j,
:wo t' i? Ci
8 inn L-inrk of Sum- 8 t
ny j! mcr Black and Tan 8 *
ud j ' Shoes at half and two- 8 ?
thirds of regular May 8 5
ioi- ! and June prices. ' a ?
th? O j
n"' | 1135 Market Street \ n
= | Jacob Good, Proprietor. j jj
\W {5 Store Oron Ttcry Evonlng X
^0003000^ fj
" - >v;. r - -HE
A Q |
nigbti of Pythias are to be Hoyally
Entertained at
rhe three local companies of the Unlrm
Rank, Knights of Pythias, are preirlng
for their approaching trip to the
dlaaapolls national encampment, bennlng
Monday, August 22, and It la
pected-fully 160 of the Wheeling unlrmed
Pythian? will attend. Sifterslie
and other knights wdll accompany
e Wheeling boys on their special train
, the Fan Handle road,
rhe Indianapolis encampment Is of
fecial Interest as the order, will celeate
die twentieth anniversary of the
alformed Hank In the city of Its birth,
je fact that the Uniform Hank was
irn In Indianapolis twenty years ago
la month Is not generally known, but
was there that the supreme lodge
issed the resolution giving existence
this higher degree1, wMch has now
tcotne such an Important branoh of
Previous -to the organization of this
parate military branch, the order of
nights of Pythias was known as a
exni-mllltary" body and there was a
ilf-way attempt on the part of moat of
e lodges to appear military. At the
inual meetings of the supreme lodge
rge delegations would go, as they do
>w, to the convention city and a Wg
monstratlon would be made. Old
embers of the order, who remember
w* gatherings, admit now that they
jre ludicrous In some ways and it Is a
atter of "history that members of other
ders laughed at the spectacle.
-? I
mere was aiways a. sircvi. pmauc ???
was In this that the ludlcrousnesa of
e attempt at military display became
parent In a painful way. At the conntlon
In Cleveland In 1877 this was e?clally
noticeable. There had been pro- ,
ulgated a sort of an order regarding
ilforms? but no two lodges seemed to
terpret It thejiame way, as it was not
nding on any, every imaginable kind
uniform and dress were to be seen in
e Cleveland parade. There were some
Jges which had made careful and contentious
attempts at dressing In the
egulatlon" uniform. Some whole
ites came uniformed alike and would
ive appeared well alone, but there was
diversity of colors, different styles,
tapes and material of helmets; and,
ought together, as they were, lnt??one
ganization, the dissimilarity became
iinfully apparent. Something akin to
Uniform Rank company was in existce
.under the name of drill corps. They
ade an effort to appear well In the
leveland parade, but as there was no
mpulsion about uniforms, many corps
ere uniformed no further than that
"" ?"*"> ?M?* nrmft Thore were swords
id belts buckled over Prince Albert
ata, over short sack coats and over
len dusters, but the sword was always
ere. All these costumes appeared in
le company in many instances and the
>adgear was equally as heterogeneous,
here were silk tiles, dfcrby Hats, straw
its and caps.
This display of miscalled uniform on
lblic occasions of the order provoked
uch ridicule from other societies and
any of the knighthood had been
ought thereby, to the belief that the
me had come for the order to take adinced
ground on the matter of uniform
id the uniforming of the knighthood,
stead of following In the w.tke of other
tiers their desire was to put the
nights of Pythias on a basis never here
reached by any other fraternity,
hese were the men who believed in
king the so-called semi-mljltay organation
and remodeling It, so that it
ouid "become a thorough military body
least so far as one branch of it was
ncorned, and that its outward display
tould be consistent and pleasing in its
liformUy and serviceable as need be.
For years after the organisation of the
nights of Pythias In 1RC4, there was
Is military spirit and this idea of a
nformlty in dress. They took posseson
of the members of the order and the
ellng that the order or a part of It
tould become in fact a military organatlon
was almost unanimous, but there
its a difference of opinion us to how
le result should be acompllahed. Old
embers feared to support the Idea of a
parate branch because they thought It
nuld result in a feeling arbing between
lat branch and the members of the
ibordlnate lodges. Others argued thnt
would be a great help to the subordlite
lodges, as the branch rank would
lcourage young men to Join the order. '
When the supreme lodge met in Inanapolls
in August, 1878, everybody
as ready for something to be done. A
>eclal committee was appointed nnd
aue a report ravonng xne nuupuun vi u
tual and constitution for the new depee.
In all the discussions of It the
nlform Rank was spoken of as a "hlgh
degree." Judt at a time when It was
lought the rank would be adopted a
otlon was made to postpone the whole
alter until the next seeslon of the sureme
lodge and the motion carried,
uoh to the consternation of the thouinds
of members of the wo-oalled "drill
trpt." who were there to nld by ni"rul
jaalon, the adoption of the new rank,
ut there were men who had the course
of their convictions and did not
t the subject die on the table. Among
lem were Justus H. Rath bone, the
under of the order. The next morning,
ugurit, .10, 1878, a Kentucky repreJcntave
moved that the matter of the Unlirm
Rank be taken from the table and
considered. This was done and a renoitlon
for the adontlon of the rank car
ed. The Hupremo chancellor at once
ppolnted :? committee to prepnre a
tual and constitution nnd by Novom?r
1, there were promulfrated and "drill
>rp?" were rapidly converted Into Unl?rm
Rank companle*.
On acount of the fact that !t \va?* In
idlanapolls thnt the Uniform liank
lme Into existence, the cltlxen take n
>uble prldo In entertaining thp memer*
of this branch of th?> order of
nlirht* of Pytfiln* In the biennial entrapment.
In the preparation of the
rojcnunme on <-uii-n<iimiu-iii vwr
ilttce* were carcful (hut some special
lark of attention should be shown to the
nlform Hank. In other cities where
ie encampment* have boon held the
Inlng and dining has all boon for the
limbers of the supreme lodge. Theae
entlemen will be entertained royally,
ut the otHcero of the uniform rank aro
> come Jn for a full flbare In a manner
lat will demonstrate that Indlanaptdia
i proud of her child. . ?
Tan Handle Pins tl?l?lnq.
Yesterday afternoon. the Pan ITandle
nd Ohio River railway employe* rals3
a fine flag pole near the freight stnon
nt the foot of Fourteenth street,
Ith the assistance of Frank Hall and
ther telephone company employes,
his afternoon the ling ralHfng will take
lace at 'I o'clock. The occasion will- be
jll of delightful informality and enlutjaisra.
X' am the Summer Picnic!
I'm tome shuck* in my line;
I'm Ihe Whole Thing in my season.
When Old Sol csres to shine..
But woe is my sad portion.
This season from the start.
For Rain snd Cloudy Weather
Have bumbled my proud heart
I am the Summer Picnic.
A kin* without a throne.
For breexes keyed to music.
Now sob a moistened moan;
And Rainy Day, my hoodoo,
Hss donn me up this year?
E'en yet hts gurgling triumph
Comes trickling In mine ear.
I am the Bummer Picnic.
But didn't hare a chance
To spread the well tilled basket.
Or show my white duck pants;
And I leave the ecene of dsmpness,
Oh. 8hsdes of Ninety-Eight.
With better hopes for Fair Time,
Whose reign Is neat to date.
?J. n
The postage etamp la one thing, a
the revenue stamp li another. T
difference li better known to a Bella!
girl now than it was a few weeks ai
and a personal acquaintance prevez
a lifting of the curtain top high on t
humiliation she endured when the lie
Df knowledge dawned on her. Receni
she met a Wheeling goung man, and
favorable Impression was mutual;
other words, they were somewfc
struck on each other. The young m
asked to call. and she was delight
Shortly afterward he wrote, asking I
to name an evening when he might 1
von her with his presence. Two da
later the Bellaire postmaster inform
him -that a letter addressed to h
would be forwarded from the Bella
office by sending on a two-cent stan
This was done, and the Wheeli
youth noticed that the girl had used
revenue stamp. In her letter she ask
him to come down Friday evening, t
It was now Saturday. Again he wr<
to her, but he didn't mention the rc
son for her letter being delayed, a
again the Bellaire postmaster request
a two-cent stamp. This was sent hi
and again on the forwarded letter t
young man noticed that she had us
a revenue stamp Instead of the o
Uncle Sam calls for In such cases. S
had asked him down this time on Tut
day evening, but it was Wednesd
now. He wrote to her anain but In
mat OA fhnt nostuce stamps COUld
used to ndvantage if she wished to ?
him before September, when he i
turned to college. Poor girl! Her h
mlllatlon at her mistake In using re\
nue stamps was touching. But t
third time told the tale, for he got li
letter without the postmaster nlbbl
In, and after two weeks of worry a:
correspondence with the postmaster,
youth will be entertained by a Bella!
girl to-morrow evening.
A bookkeeper was telling some frien
the other night of the experience of
man who asked for a "tin roof at
swell cafe at a seaside resort. T
bartender confessed his Ignorance
any such decoction as a "tin roof," b
affable man that he was, agreed to m
It If his customer would tell him ho
After some persuasion the custom
consented. lie directed the "barkee
through several mixtures of branc
ice, soda, etc., until he cried enouj
"That's a tin roof,*; remarked the m;
In front of the bar as he fondled t
glass, "and It's on the house," he cc
eluded, as he poured'Its contents dot
ms wiruui.
Listening to the bookkeeper gettl
off this story was a man who saw
Klondike In store for his dusty thrc
and dustless pocketbook, and In a f<
minutes he was leaning against a Ms
ket street bar. and calling- for a "I
rdof." He added that he would
willing to explain how to fix up the n<
drink. But alas, for his hopes. T
barkeeper glared at him sudden
"Come up here, old man," he growl<
"with plain English. I don't km
what a tin roof is nor I don't want
know." And the ,mnn in front of t
bar retreated sadly through the swlfl
ing doors.
Riding on a street car gets monc
onous when continued like any oth
old habit, but there are amusing brea
to the drear landscape of sameness,
conductor s?es several things out of t
corner of his eye which help to disp
the gloom of routine, but sensible t
low that he generally Is he keeps
still tongue In his head, and If Impos
ble to control his risibilities, he tur
his head away to gaxe back at the *
treating street. He laughs out Jo
sometimes; he can't help It. He laug
cd on Thursday afternoon as his Be
wood car halted at Forty-third stre?
at the question put to him by an c
Irish woman, whose emeram rinoons
her hair and dress spoko louder th
hor words that she was hound for t
Hibernians' picnic nt Mozart Park.
Forty-third street the car halted, a
the old lady called the conductor to Y
side ns she gazed up at the park Inclli
which seems to start up perpendleul
almost from the ground to the hill t
beyond. With one eye on tho condi
tor nnd the other on the hillside?1
It was her first visit to the park?s
said: "Wnd ve plaze till me how mu
It costs to ride up on that side slu
beyant?" She meant the Incline. ^
didn't know It by that name. Then
was that the conductor laughed loud
A little over a year ogo CJeorpre 1
Stamm, proprietor of the Stamm hou;
originated an Idea whereby the rlv
bank In front of his hotel became
thing of beauty nnd Joy as Ions: as
lasts. In a remarkably short time
converted the elnder-covared grnu
Into a park. Shade tree*, n gro
sward and r??tful benches loomed isp
n picture of onse and refrosblnrr rest
tho eyes of the pasponirers on the pa:
Ing steamboats. Mr. Stamm was vol
a public benofnetor. Hut this sum it
the trees and genss grow by the rh
bank, but the benches are not the
One summer was too much for the rr
pointed repilnltur sonts. Too ma
loafers, but chlofly too many lovers 1
suited In Mr. Stamm's removing t
bench** from the parx. mis guests n
to blu."h too often while the bench
were there, for even the most callo
oM benedict's cheeks will redd
thlnklnp of his youth, ns he /ra*e? ,
to the river front, where two hen;
beat a? one on a park bench. and wh(
an anient nrm spans n slender wal
And the electric llphts hovered o'er
nil. Fo the btnehes were called In tl
The East End boa?ts of an Inventl
genius. How to wear a boll In aoclc
hna lonrr i?een a problem, and It rcmni
ed for the East Wheeling man to sol
nn 111. nnnlr tvnl In fill It! fflftrV ft Int
rod ripe boll. If there's ann'thlnir whl
breeds discomfort It'a n l oil. This v
tlm was averse to declining the In
tatlon to nrtnnd a social gathering. 3
wan pusxled how to nccede to his I
cllnatlons with the crimson volcano
his nrrk. II* siudled long and ha
"Eureka!" he exclaimed at last. a
ho was as pood as hla word. Hp i
tended the party, wearing an Imrnac
late "atand-up" collar, on the back
which waa cut an opening, and throw
the opening there protruded the tx
That boll puahed through the collar n
like n atrawherry gating from a fl
of white, and the other guest* at \
party didn't care to talk behind 1
vlctlm'a baek. What they had t.? n
they said to hla f?ee. An one gl-| i
It. "I could look *hlm In the face, t
when he turned. I turned, too."
SpMliln:: of drink" nn l thf <]lvi
\v?y* to obtain tlitm, nn px|)re??mn
Imagination which ,our?d In th.it Jin
lion gut a fall featwday ovcnlng. 1
I .'l im-, ' ?
wagon stood In front of a building
ooufse ot erection, at?J tlife cXprcsrr
was getting: Into his wagon to di
up town when he heard the boss brl
loyer tell one of his men to go up a
to another job for tht rest of the c
The expressmsn, seeing visions o
drink in return for a five' ride, Inv!
the bricklayer to ride up with t
The bricklayer started off to pack
his tools, and in the meanwhile the t
remarked to the expressman that
knight of the trowel had sworn
drinking f waek ago. The expn
man's countenance fell. "Get op,"
snapped In a moment, as he struck
horse, and away he rode by himael
sadder but wiser man.
A Weak Dfiaerra'la LI*.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
HUNTINGTON, W. Va., August 1
In sn Interview with Hon. Elliot Noi
f' cott that gentleman states that the
port being circulated by some of
nd Democratic papera of this district
tie the effect that Hon. Warren Mill
Ire letter of withdrawal was published
*o, the Huntington Herald prematur
itf and not In accordance with his wis;
h la false. Your correspondent is aw
that the letter waa made public
Chairman Northcott under the dli
tly and explicit Instructions oi Mr. M1J
[ A and at the tirpe decided bfr him.
,int ub?"" .
? SAN FRANCISCO, August 12.*d.
port* from Saeramento, Stockton. Fi
icr no, Lo* Angeles and other lnte
ys polDts' ,llow that yesterday waa
led hottest dar of the year and one of
Im warmest ever experienced In the st
Ire The thermometer ranged from >1
lp. srees at Los Angeles to 112 at Fai
ng Ington, In the San Joaquin valley.
I a Sacramento It reached 110, the blot
ed on record.
J? PIttabunjh...KEYSTONE STATE, 9 a
.... rftritenourK.AYAiAm, u a. in.
he 81stersvllle...RUTH, S:30 n. in.
ed Clarlngton....LEROY, 3:S0 p. m.
ne Charleston...URANIA, 8:30 a. m.
he Steubenvllle..T. M. BAYNE. 2:30 p. m.
ay Charleston...H. K. BEDFORD, 6:30 a.
i. Cincinnati....W. J. CUMMINS, 8 a. m.
Parker*burg.ARGAND, 11 a. ra.
** Matamoras...ELOI8E, 11 a m.
81?t?r*vWe...RUTH. 3:30 p.- m.
e- Clarlngton....LEROY, 3;30p. m.
u- Steubenvllle..T. M. BAYNE. 2:30 p. m.
he Pittsburgh...AVALON, 4 a. m.
ier Pittsburgh.. .KANAWHA, 5 a. m.
ntr Cincinnati....KEY8TONE STATE, 8 a
"5 Zanesville....LORENA, 2 a. m.
na Pittsburgh...VIRGINIA, 4 a. m.
a Sistersville... LEROY, 7 a. m.
To tho Editor of the Intelligencer.
8 SIR:?True, railroads are benefli
a <o the city, likewise are steamba
a and shippers and all concerned are
e spectfully requested to take In c
0 sideratlon the necessity of having be
one to hold the other under subjecti
1 * Also, another matter to take Into c
' sideratlon Is that all steamboats
built and paid tor by their owners i
, the city is asked for no donations,
v' on the contrary all boats landing at
wharf pay wharfage for said prlviU
h" The wharf Is now Inadequate to
" business done, the government has r
" commenced a work which when <x
pleted will bring steamboats to tl
__ standing of former and prosper
* days, and the city of "Wheeling at 1
* time will forever regret having dona
that part of the wharf which they r
have to the P-n Handle railroad,
stead of allowing further encroa
ments the wharf will/ have to be
0. larged for the volume 6f business In
Jj' Wheeling, August 12.
Along th* fondlnv.
he The marks at 6 p. m. showed 16 I
|g. 7 Inches and stationary. The rise
not quit come up to the anticlpa
figures. Weather yesterday, cloudy i
,t- warm with rain aggregating .9 Inc!
ier The Keystone State will be to-fr
v row's packet for Cincinnati and all v
KS landings, departing at 8 a. m.
The Will J. Cummins leaves a
J,, o'clock this morning for Cincinnati i
?j_ way landings.
a The Dave Wood passed up at 7 p.
si. flying light.
ns The coal fleet passed Wheeling ?'
e- terday as follows: Mount Clare. 8 a.
ud Volunteer, 9 a. m.; Harry Brown, 1(
h- m.; John A. Wood, Charley Clark i
n- Dave Wood, 2 p. m.; Acorn, 3 p. m.
>ld Illver Telegram*.
In BROWNSVILLE?River 16 feet
?n Inches ana stationary.
OIL CITY?River 1 foot 2 Inches i
falling. Cloud,* and pleasant.
ni1 WARREN?River seven-tenths ol
lfr foot. Heavy showers and warm.
" MORGANTOWN?River 15 feet i
-1r falling. Cloudy nnd warm.
?P fiREENSItORO?River 13 feet
Jc' inches and falling. Weather cloudy i
?r threatening The Adam Jacobs j
n/J Florence Belle due down Saturday t
the Woodward and the Nellie Hud
>w* up.
\nt PITTSBURGH?River 11.4 feet i
11 falling at the dam. Raining
STEUBEN VILLE?River 16 feel
Inches and falling. Ralng and wa
Passed up: The Hunter No. 2, Keyst
se, Staf. Down: John W. Ailes, John
er Wood and Dave Wood and the V
? ager.
a I'AItKKItsnunfi-Olilo river 17 I
" 3 inches and rising. Cloudy and 1
Passed down anil up: The Arga
n'l Down: Avalon. Up: The Barndall. '
?n Little Kanawha 1? rising,
in m
t0 Pl'ri ! files! llohlnz Pllr*.
SYMPTOMS-Moisture; Intense It
.<>r Ing and stinging; most at night; wc
r(,_ by scratching. If allowed to conti
-a tumors form, which often bleed and
T* cornte. becoming very sore. SWAYN
/-m M p V T mil ihn
nft' bleeding, heals ulceration, and In n
rJf* cases remove* the turners. At dr
, gluts, or by mall, for r>0 cents.
Swayne & Son, Philadelphia. Ref
all substitutes. ^ tths&
>n Hlr< ChM. ZNUnf will ?ImR "> Wheal
Ut Park tomorrow * fie moan, nccompail
rti1 bjiluOprra ll?ni?Orcli(Hr?<
?re ?
J' MOSBR?On Frlilny. AiikuM II. 1S3S. at
"I p. m.. HAZI.ETT. daunhti-r ot J
and Annlo Moscr, anetl 1 year, i moi
and 7 days.
vo Funeral notice hereoflcr.
? [ ouis bertschy,
ich 1
if- funeral Director a.ii
Arterial Embalms.-.
"n 1117 Mali! HI root, tVo?t S
rd. Call* by Telcphono Annwcred Dai
nd or Klffhk Store Tclopliono (It
It. ItMldrnce, CM. AaelMtatH'e Tel*
,u_ phone. OS.
>11. *
Funeral Director and Embalm
hn 1208 MAIN ST.
^ Under Competent Management.
>''t Tolephonrji-Ptorr. C??: Residence. 760
n'a Corner Market end 22d Slrreta
f*0- Telephone 207. Open Day and Nlcl
? the stamp.
lay. Tlita Year's Racct jfiMnp Dran
M Larger FiclfeThaa
t. a 18 ONS OF THE fQjfjj/fjgti IN Tig
, _ BOB AJfDEimON/^S?pcURI.Na
tho The ractas pro*routt? if the Weal
to Virttma si we rair aaan oem ai
er'i sxceptlonally ?roa??Hff manafeI
ig mcDt reailtlnr from that tun
fly, ?ports were tbe delight* of a" nry largi
be?, proportion of the public. Two jean
rare BSo the araodatlon constructed one ol
rp*. the finest grand stands In the country
Her) at a coat of SSO.oOO, widened the traclt tc
eighty feet, and bad the entire track reboot
by one of the beat known englneeri
upon strictly sclemlfld prtbotptes. Th<
reauSt was apparent In tbe large mew
r"* ure of puttie railed action it the fairs ol
rlor MM ami 1897. This magalfloant track li
the now In perfect conditio^ luring settled
the and hardened! with the lapse of time
ate and indications are potwamlr.g thai
$el tbe coming fair ^*111 see mom horsemen
rnj_ more animala entered ana) better tlmt
A t nvado than ever before '
teat For t*1* eighteenth animal fair the
association ho* provided a racing programme
embracing flflieen Iffer**. lor
puree* aggregating *4,901). Three oi
these races will take piaca upon Tuesday,
September Cth. aut tottr upon- eacli
of the succeeding three day*. The
m ppeed sup?Tin*tendent? are Ifcesre. G.
LU Mendel. Patri a Kennarm and
Robert Anderson^ all experienced
While upon this subject R wfW be well
to catt attention to U? attady increase
in the rise of the purest ottered by the
m. oasociatlon for speed cotrteM* In 189(3
the aggregate for tba tM??M H.iw, in
1897, It war J4.CM, wMto tM? rear It la
R900. In other mm!* trtrr year show?
an inrreue In'the n.n?aot of money contested
for, awl the lr<vltabte reeult ifl
better ho net. more of tlMA better sport
and faster time?a* tblnfa Which the
public will desire to see,
, m The stable accommodations arc more
than equal to the rtqulrMmr.to, the
exercising grounds for horses are extensive
and In good order, and a? the
necessary collateral facilities are excellent.
A very large number of speed
horses Is confidently: looked for, this
cl'al expectation being based upon prelimlnun
Inquiries already mate, and when
ine lair opens moic mhw wuv
re" trotter*. pacers and ruzMMf* will' be In
on- the stables.
)th "Bob" Anderson, of tte speed depart'
meivt, who has been in/Wanrea Pa., this
ion. Wetk, reports having- secured a large
on- number of ttie best paoera and trotters
are that appeared' at the Warren meeting,
ind and he anticipates getting more fast
but ones at fairs he will attend next week
the and the week after.
tho Suit day's ForkConocrt
low The Sunday afternoon ooncert at
!Sr Whc llnff Parlc casing.tor the Opera
ous House band will be of unusual Interest
this in addition to -the band concert, Mr.
ted 'Charles Zulauf is on the programme fox
low two bass solos. The 'programme is as
In- follows:
cn- March?"Our Nfttlon'8 uuara. urooK*
en- Ovt-rture?"Comedy" Keler Bel:
the Waltz?"Flour d'Alaacef* ;....Stelnei
Solo for Trombone?"Caeeandra"...Pette<
, Mr. S. Summers.
Solo for Cornent?'"Bravour Arte"
Mr. J. lioose.
Gavotte?"Ed It ha" ..Mori
, . Vocal Solo?Selected. ?
tot Mr. Ch.rlM Zol?uf.
did March?"The Mystic ShriDw." Flthl.i
itcd Grand 8eloetlon?"American ^re"..Oatlii
,nfl Overture?"Lteht Cavalry" Supp<
K March?"The Roscoe Mllftary Band"..Hal
Vocal Solo?"The Bandolero Stuan
lor- Mr. Charles Zulauf.
i-av Intermezzo?"I-ovo'a Dream After the
y Ball" Czlbulki
Waltz?"La Serenata" ...D'Arcy Jaxon<
t 8 Galoi>?"Furoro" Toban:
A LAZY liver make* a lazy man.
nr.. Tji,r,in*ir niood Bitters: if the natural,
n.vAr fnlllntr remedy for a iuy Uver. 1
eg- ====^= ' :V "
S g ntzzzzttztttx
a :::
"j hav
son i M >
md < M >
- 8 the
one YT
t g , call
rt | jus?
? nov
rind Ia
iSi J 51
;;;; ^
- H I
' Hou
ti <?f
< >4
< >4
1 t-H
p B ?|?
* Mizztisttzuzzz
' .1
which enter Into a i
| gauge his character.
[ ; to wear goad clot!
; should receive the
his clothes. If you \
, '.correctly and always
"the LATEST and
price, you should vi
! see our immense assc
; Co
? 1
' *
i D. Bundli
Star Gothiers ar
> ?
34 and 36 T*
? T
1 J. 8...BHODB3 A CD.
New Fall
Dress Goods. *
. j
1 Early buyers' of Tall
Dress Goods can
find hero + + + c
I s
| New Crepon.
New Serges,
with wide wale.
New Granite Suitings. I
New Covert Cloths.
All in the new colors
for the coming
Fall. Just opened.
J, S. Rhodes & Go.;
I r? r? , \X//-\rjTTLI CM
C.. c.. wyn i hmm,
Pabody Building Roan No. 30!. 1
1126 Market Street Wheeling, W. Va
m 1
" We're just
e 7 keep up witl
Two carload
rivecl last S;
are going fa:
ties and pri
1 ?
? demand.
* I $
11/C Good, Strong and
KIV3 Durable for.? mJ
; your
' is
se & Herrmi
? i m i
i U II j
man apparel often
It is not enough
hes. One's linen
same attention as
/ant to be dressed
certain of getting
BEST at a fair
sit our store and
>rtment of j? *
liars and Cuffs.
ng & Co.,
id Furnishers,
relfth Street. '
larjlaod Collie and School it flnfc
you young ladies.
(Near Baltimore.)
Three college courses for decrees. Mule.
art and elocution specialties. IS Intmctors
and officers. 08 boarding pupils
rom 13 states last year. Cultured home
nd home comforts. Reasonable rates,
lend for catalogue.
REV. J. H. TURNER, President
a. V. YONCE, Secretary, ^ _
Luthervllle. Md. jsg
lont de Chantal Academy,
First-class tuition In all branches. Bx*
elljnt accommodations; homo comforts;
ood table; large and healthy rooms; exanaivo
grounds; pure air.
For terms and othor Information,
Jirectresa of Host de Cfaaolal Academy,
Wwdfag. W. Va.
)ealer In all goods pertaining to the trader
2012 Main Street*
Telephone 87. ' Wheeling, W. Va.
'roctlcal Plumber, 6as and Stoom Fitter*
No. 1155 Market etreet
Can and Electrlo Chandeliers, Filters,
ind Taylor Gas Buniurs a apeclalty. mr?
yyiLLUM 1IABE <fe SON,
tactical Plumbers, Got and Steam Fitters
No. S3 Twelfth Street
,Vork done promptly at rcaionaoie pnc?>
j ? ; f\
K. full lino of tho celebrated r . " ...
tTT <*>
< i >
barely able to
i< >
(t the demand. f >
Is of them ar- J J |
iturday. They \ J'
st. The quali- !!!
ces create the < o
11 >
< N >
< K >
< H (
Ms. <?>
1.98 |
# :
# x:
* r
?< >
aeii89 g;
K-s! J

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