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Kagular Meeting ot the Central
Labor Body on Sunday.
Ths Ohio VaHey Trades awl Labor
Assembly met yesterday afternoon in
regular bi-weekly session, with a fair
j attendance of delegates. President Rib
tsyoocualed the chair and Secretary
Salisbury was at the desk.
The general Labor Day committee reported
progress lrv a general way In arra&tfiw
for the coming celebration of
Labor Day.
A communication from- the National
Tobacco Workers Unlprr NoK 2, asking
that a certain eastern tobacco company
| , bo placed on the boycott list of the assembly,
was received, and the request
compiled with.
; The Expressmen's and Drivers' Union
I<fo 6890 complained -that one of Us
members had' hauled household1 goods
At less than union rates. The matter
was referred to the arbitration committee.
Secretary Salisbury reported having
I'. received copies of the Ohio labor bureau
reports, which were distributed.
The secretary read a letter from Eu ??V
TVkhn. ATmr*mrtnir rwrret tar his
EabWty to attend the coming celebra[
Hon of Labor Day by the assembly.
There was a short discussion regard|
SZHT ttie eight hour day at the city ?caa
| works, it having been stated by a lumber
of the gas board that tho men themMfcres
do not want the eight hour day.
This, however, has been denied. A deieI"
fK?, in the course of the discussion,
r> paid the assembly Is bound to the eight
hour day nv> matter what some workxneo
may tWnk.
AX 8 o'clock the assembly adjourned,
and & meeting of Labor Day general
*" " committee was heM.
>> , Chairman Bauer, of the committee,
reported having collected 160 for tickets,
and there was a scarcity of tickets.
The coromktee on proclamation and
bftlf-hollday reported*. The committee
*!' bed watted on t<he following tlrm?:
Warwick pottery. La Belle pottery; Miller's,
Pebbler'a Mubn & Brand-fays' and
MarSh's tobacco factories; J. G. HoffBMD
A Son's tennery, Reymann and
gC Sohnwrfbach breweries^ and Bloch Bros.'
tobacco factories. aM of which will close
ItWr planes oa saturday aXternooa, au>
fust *T.
It was reported that.the Cambridge
(Ohio) labor union desired an Invitation
to oo-operate with Wheeling1 iir celebration
of Labor Day. A formal Imitation
t urgs sent to t*he Cambridge union. It
? 1b taid) about 20Q from Cambridge wM
come to Whe?4ing.
It wm reported; further, that excursion
rates couM be securcd for Labor
Day In aill directions from Wheeling
within a radius of fifty miles. It was
decided- to appear at the meeting of the
Wheeling passenger committee' to-day
and> secure the special rates. This will
bs attended1 to by a committee composed
of Messza Tighe, Rad^r and' Salisbury.
It was reported that Mayor Butts had
proclaimed Saturday afternoon. August
17, aa & half-holiday.
The offer of the Wheeling Railway
Company to donate the use of a trolley
car to advertise Labor Day was declined
WJtfc tfcanKs. owing to the expense eoaiweted
in tftie way of a band, etc.
y The printing committee was instructed
to secure badges for the several Laf
bor Day committees.
Mailer*of Minor Moment In and Abont
llM City.
Running races this afternoon.
There are sixteen cases lor this morntef*a
police court.
X. of P. ball frame (bis afternoon If
the weather is good.
River Improvement convention executive
committee meets to-night.
There will be a meeting of the Fourth
Street circle of Kind's Daughters Tuesday
afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the
! church. A full attendance is requested.
On Saturday evening Mr. nnd Mrs.
Edward Lyle entertained at (heir home
In Klrktrood.
Street car traffic wns handicapped
last olfht by a loss of power in the
earlier hours of the evening. Power is
being furnished by the over-the-rlver
Street car power house while the
Wheeling company is putting In a larce
new engine and new dynamos in Us
power house in the Bighth ward.
lit tu.Cif* fttui Whe?ttuz Pea- |
pic Abtonl.
H. C. Hellet, of Bennington. Is at the '
Miss Rena Garden Is visiting her aunt
4t Gleocoe, Ohio.
Mrs. T. S. Riley returned yesterday I
from Cambridge.
S. A. Jackson. of Slatersvllle, spent i
Sunday in the city. i
0. Fletcher and John F. Troll, of St.
Clairsvllle, were Windsor guests yesterday.
J.. M. Lowery and J. J. Kenney were
Mannhigton citizens registered at the
UcLure yesterday.
Miss Drusllla Sawtell returned home
yesterday after a two weeks' visit co
relatives at Glenn's run.
Mrs. and Mrs. J. C. Lynch have returned
from a trip to Mackinac and
other points on the lakes.
Misses AIllo Rice and Sue Hawkins,
of the Island, returned yesterday after
spending two weeks at West Alexander.
John B. Corson, of Belllngton, E. E.
Cunningham, of Burton, and G. B.
'Woodcock and J. A. Pyles, of New Martinsville,
stopped at the Howell yesterday.
Captain A. A. Frnnzhelm left last evening
for .Camp Cobb. Fredericksburg,
Va., where he will resume command of
- I- T fnl toil
fill Wllijfflu/ m 1IIT7 IXJ UUH
States volunteer Infantry (Immunes).
Company I)** Itnnntnn.
The annual reunion of the survivors
of Company D, Twelfth West Virginia
Infantry, occurred at We?t* Alexander
Saturday on the srround* adjacent to the
Pne?byt*rlan' church, ami It wna one of
the roost enjoyable occasion** of recent
jnes?* Quite a number of the veterans
from a dtstanc* were present, awl the
not Rib boring countryside was out In
foroe. The Wrert Alexander band dlncounedi
a programme of patriotic music.
and1 addrwe* were made t?y several
veterans. Dlnwr wn* nerved undvr the
b?lnc offered by Hot. Dr. L/oater, the
venerable ytiptor of the church. The
Ideal went her contributed to tin large
Take Laxative liromo Quinine Tabl?t*.
All Druggltits refund the money
If 1t fall* to cure. 25c. The cnmitno
ha* I* 13. Q, on each tablet, mvv&f
Bat ItwM bf Offlpfra of Iha Law who *
Wire After a Alnrdcrcr?^lr? 8n?pecl?
ArrnUiiUrr* l?i?rKi>lmi?tl.
About 1 o'clock yesterday morning the *
Wheeling poMce were asked to keep a
lookout for a gang of men who were on 1
an Incoming freight train, by -the Wash- '
Jngton, Pjl, authorities, who suspected 1
that the murderers of .a Baltimore & 3
Ohio watchman were on* the train. The 1
watchman was kitted Saturday night, at
a Mttle station- east of Washington. No 1
particulars of the murder were received 1
by the Wheeling poMce.
The freight train was held up at the <
HempflcWf yards yesterday morning by ,
Lieutenant supler and. a coup)e of offl- "
cent Four men, two of them colored, ]
and a boy were arrested and taken to j
the lock-up, but -they were released a .
few hours later, upon Teceipt of a telephone
m*8?ase from Hut Washington ,
poMce, matin* that they believed they
had the rlcht mew there. The two white
men caught on Uio tTaln here formerly
worked at the MchJawt coal bank. They
were frlghtc-med where arretted. They
stated that two men bad rotten off the
train at Wert Alexander, and' two others
at Km Grove. Captain Bennett thlnk?
the two men who got off at West Alexander
are the men now la custody at
In a Sixth Ward Alley Yesterday?Men
and Women Engaged.
AtteyO.ncarTwenty-fourth street, dls
tirjguished Itself yestenl&y afternoon by ;
a warm free-for-all scrap, in wMch men <j
and' women figured) promiscuously. The i
battle rased for several minutes, and i
black eyes and- bloody noses were dls- 1
tributed to ali the participants. The j
trouble arose from a parent's objections J
to the attentions of a young man to his
daughter, and after the young* man got
out in the aKey he got mixed* up in a 1
cMrrch with the irate father. Then the <
mother pitched1 lm and! another man T
knocked her down and1 kicked' her. More rrien
and women took a hand; and there .
was a hot time all around; .
Before the trouble ended it was witn&ysedi
by half the Sixth ward. Officer
Bero soon arrived", and he placed' James
Lynch undfr- arrest. More arrests are
to foHow. It Is said) that booze was an 1
Incentive to the fight. ,
To go to JJIMdletown, P-t?Practice March '
to Mat?l?? Absmlonctl. .
Special Dispatch to tho Intelligencer.
CHARLESTON, W. Va., Aug. 14.? (
The Second West Virginia regiment will J
probably get away Tuesday to its new
camp at Mlddletown, Pa. Tho sudden
order sending the camp away has <
thrown the boys Into a fever of excite- y
meat, and Is construed to mean that
the men will ibe given a chance at gar- j
rlson duty.
The contemplated practice march to
Maiden has been abandoned, and the
regiment will be marched up to the '
capitol square at 1 o'clock to-day in- '
stead to be reviewed by Governor At- ;
kinson, who may address it briefly. J
The instruments for the band came ,
last night and to-night the newly form- .
ed band rendered "The Star Spangled i
Banner" to the delight of the largest 1
attendance in the history of the camp.
AC Santiago Improving Willi llw Prospect j
of Returning llomr. (
WASHINGTON, August 14.?A dis- ,
patch received by Adjutant General ,
Corbln to-night from General Shafter i
Indicates that the health conditions <
among tho troops at Santiago are im- ,
proving. . ?
The men. whose spirit? have been t
raised In prospect of returning to the J
United State* are dally getting better in j
health. General Shafter'2 dispatch, i
which was bulletined at the war depart- ]
ment to-night. Is as follows:
August 14, 7:30 p. in. ,
To H. C. Corbln1, Adjutant General- U. S. I
Army, Washington: <
Everything is going very well here.
Men t/hat under ordinary circumstances 1
would be sick are trying to pull- thorn- 1
selves together so as to be ready to go.
Largv number of typhoid fever cases. I 1
think I shall have things in three or four
.. - . , ?,iu An. <
uays so mat i cun imvr, um mr< ??w* ??
so until arrangements for those ieft are <
(Signed) SHATTER,
Major General.
General1 Shaf ter's report of the health
conditions of hi? corps was also re- j
ceived to-night as follows:
Sanitary report for August 13:
Total number of sick, 2,514; total fever {
1 cases, 1.SM7; total new fever cases, 179; 1
total fever cases returned to duty. 357. 1
I Deaths August 12: Private William '
II. Sanders, Troop 13, First U. S. volun- '
, teer cavalry, remittent malarial fever,
acute dysentery; Private Reuben Injrle,
1 Company A, Twentieth infantry, nsaI
larial toxaemia; Private Olof Husby,
| Company Ij, Thirty-fourth Michigan,
j malarial fever; Corporal Henry J. Jennings,
Company K, Ninth Massachusetts,
typhoid fever. August 13: Private
John E. FaUoif, Company H, First Illinois.
yellow fever; Private Daniel J.
Moloney. Company G, Thirty-third
Michigan* yellow fever; Private Irvine
Dautzenheiser, Eighth Ohio, pernicious
malarial fever; Private Edward Myott,
Company U Thirty-fourth Michigan,
typhoid fever; First Sergeant E. L.
Sherrott, Company G, Seventy-first
New York, typhoid fever.
(Signed) SHAFTER,
Major General.
A Concr?Mmiiii*iiial<arcc.
"On one occasion," remarked the veteran
statesman and oldest representative
In Congress, Golusba A. Grow, conareasman-ut-large
from Pennsylvania,
"during the campaign previous to my
coming to the bouse the last time, I wus
riding along a road through one of the
remoter valleps lying at the foot of the
Blue UldRo mountains, when I cnine to
a farm house, which looked as If It
might afford n luscious drink of cool
water from a flno well In the yard. A
tldy-looklng woman, not especially
handsome or of superior Intelligence,
responded to my appeal and while I
drank the cooling draught she tulked to
' 'I presume there Is no dearth of
politics in your neighborhood at pro-sent?'
I said at a venture.
" 'Yes, my husband and the boys ain't
talkln' much else -these days.*
"Does It interest you?'
" 'No; I don't keer who cits elected
so long as we can git alonu And keep
out of ?leOt tviui a uiue 10 la*' uy ior
tho children/
" 'That's good enough politics for
anybody madam,' I said with a bow
which made Her blush In embarrassment.
" 'It's the only kind I know, good er
bad.' fh<? said. apologetically.
" 'Do you over have any of the candidate
tip this way?'
" 'Not right here, but they come down
to the store half a mllo across the valley.'
" 'Do you ever Bee any of them?'
" 'Not this year, but I have other
" 'Why not this year? Are you IohIhk
your Interest In tho great statesmen of
" 'No, not that,' and Bhe hesitated
awkwardly; 'but they say there's a eongresHman-at-lHige
this year, and I
thought may be It would be snfer for
me to stay pretty close around home till
after 'lection und they took hlui in.'"?
Washington Star.
)/ Agrlcnliaral tuti Mineral Wraith In
lb? hrorMten of ftaufiago AMMitiiitf
Ara?-rioau Utr?lopmtii(,
Correspondence of the Afsociated Presa.
province of Santiago de Cuba, and espe:lally
thai pert of It east of a Mne drawn
between Sagua de Tanamo, San Loft
indi Santiago, is to-day of vita] interest
to thousands in the United States.
The natural resources of the country
u*S its fertility, its-products and its inlurtries
are of paramount importance,
rhe richness of the soil here, as elsewhere
In- the iiriand, entitles it to consideration
from an agricultural stand
Mnt. The raising of cane and the
nanufacture of sugar are the chief
pourccfi of wealth In the province.
Qua.rvlanti.mo, Santiago ami M"anxanllo
are the three Important sugar ship>irrg
ports of eastern Cuba
Next in invpor lance, agrlcufrturaliy;
?mo the coffee and cocoa plantations,
vith which Santiago province i? thickly
overed. Coffee and1 cocoa phaiKs are
;en?rally grown on the some "flncaa,
>r plantations. the frail coffee rtirub
^equlrins: for its growth the shade ofered
by the taJi and overhanging cocoa
ret-. The coffee shrub yield* its crop
n November, but as it is not regular
uuZ uniform- three harvests are made
innuatly. Large quantities of cocoa
lave been shipped1 annuaMy to Spain
indi Framce, at prices varj-Jnir between
Ho ana jit per nuoarw wvigirv, u?w ??
kmlrd; but for many years no coffee has
>een exported* from the island of Cuba,
rhe reaKont for this Me? la the fact that
3uban coffee, Hke Cuban tobacco. Is of
a. rare quality and1 aroma, raised and
selected by expert#, and of necessity
bringing a price which would not easily
flndi a market for the product abroad.
Or* the fields. Cuban, coffee sells fro:?
(10 to 125 per hundred pounds.
Maize, yams, sweet potatoes and other
vegetables grow everywhere with llttfe
:aro of supervision. Id six months they
t>ear. Coffee shrubs need) the shade,
ind these plants offer It. The result is
hat on most coffee plantations these
egotablos are grown, which amply feed
uid miBtadtt the planter, who after six
nonths is on a self-sustaining" baslft
vim a gvuui / louix wuj/
Tobacco 1* crown extensively at Paltkl
Soriano, San Lu5"*, Bafre, Jijruany
ind1 Gulca, most of which has hitherto
kw, shtpTwl1 to Germany, the balance
o the Spanish porta.
Baracoo, on the nortS* coaM, 1? the
lomo of the cocoonut and plalnta4n in
,ts wild, luxuriant state. The shipment
>f these* fruits to the worth has for
nany years warranted; two 6team&hlp
Litves exclusively entered In- the fruit
:rade to run between- Boracoa and' New
fork. The ptaJntaini* and bananas are
extensively used' In the manufacture of
The woods and- forerfe of eastern Cuba
abound In every variety of hard woods,
Lhe principal being mahogany, cedar,
rosewood and "majagua," a wood
known the world over as the stron^-st
and most auraoio or an worms, >n u
irreenish ashy hue and nn exceedingly
:1ob?* grain. Most of them, in fact nine:enths
of the woodland* ore virgin forests
which it would lake years and years
to decimate ond which have so far escaped
the destructive hand of man owns:
to the lack of transportation facilities
to the sea coast
tirrai Iron Or* Deposit*.
Next in Importance to its agricultural
products, Santiago de Cuba's iron and
nanganese mines demand universal attention.
The great iron mountains and
mines of Santiago ore owned end operlted
by three companies?tho Juragua
Iron Company, the Spanish-American
Company and the Sigua Iron Company,
rho Juragua is the oldest and largest
company operated here. The company,
>f which Major Bent, of'the Pennsylvania
8te?l Company, is president, was
formed and the property acquired In
1881. Its shipments of Bessemer ore so
far exceed 3.000.000 tons. The total output
of the Juragua mines Is controlled
by the Bethlehem iron works, the Pennsylvania
Steel Company and tho Maryland
Steel Company. Its maximum
monthly output Is 40,000 tons. Slboney
is the shipping port of the Juragua Iron
Company's mines,
l*1"1 CnBnl*h. A mAHmn PflmnflnV. Of
tvhich Charles F, Rand, of Now York, is
president, acquired its property in 1889.
Its Bhlpments bo far have been 400,000
tons?to Philadelphia, Baltimore, England,
Scotland. Wales, Belgium and
Sermany. where it has boon sold in the
Dpen market Its maximum output is
29,000 tons.
As in well known, the Santiago ore,
with its low percentage of phosphorous
ranks, together with the Swedish and
the Spanish Damnrnra. mineral, as the
"crack ore" of the world.
As Its name Indicates, "El Cobre."
about fifteen miles from Santiago, is the
heart of the copper fields of Tuba. These
copper mines are extremely valuable
md have been worked since early In the
Wraith of IVatnrol Rraonrrr*.
They nre owned by two companies,
one English, the other American, but
have boen abandoned now for almost
thirty years. They were forced to shut
down by the Cobre railroad company,
?hn? lifti/l *h<? ohartpp rlirhtfl. and with
which they pot into a litigation. The
mines arc In no wise exhausted nnd still
possess n rich treasure of burled wealth.
This rich nnd fertile soil with its
wealth of agricultural nnd minora! resources.
where droughts, floods and
frosts are unknown. Is practically undovelopcd
owing to the total absence of
transportation facilities either by rail
or by roadS.
In tho whole province of Santlngo dp
Cuba there are only eighty miles of
Telegraphic communication exists be.
tween the different Interior towns and
principal villages over Spanish government
lines put up In the rudest fashion.
Industrially Santiago Is woefully behind
the times.
With a wealth of natural resources,
rich in ntrrlcultun* and mineral soli,
Sanllago de Cuba only awaits American
brains, enterprise and capital to makr
it one of the richest* is well as one of
tho most beautiful spots in the world.
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equal. Cook's Imperial Extra Dry
Champagno is pure, delicious and
fruity. _
Haw to Cttrs AH (iklii l)l?iwn,"
Simply apply "SWAYNK'S OINTMENT."
No Internal medicine required.
Cures tetter, cczema. itch, all erup.
tlons on the face, hands, none, etc., leaving
the skin clear, white and healthy.
Its great healing ana curative powers
ore possessed by no other remedy. Ask
your druggist for SWATHE'S OltfTMi;N'T.
Avoid substitute* ttim&w
llallrftii Ntx Huuri.
Distressing Kidney and Dladdcr dlscaoo
relieved In six hours by "New Great
South American Kidney Cure." It In a
great surprise on account of Its exceeding
promptness In relieving pain In bladder,
kidneys and back. In mole or female.
Relieves retention of water almost
immediately. If you want quick
relief nnd cure this Is tho remedy. Sold
by K. 11. List, druggist, Wheeling. \V.
VU. _ ll<*3
PIlMl I'lletf (felling Pile*.
SYMPTOMS?Moisture; Intenae itchUh:
nnd Hunting; moat nt night; ivorat
by scratching. If allowed to rantltin
tumors form, which often bl??od and ulcerate,
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OINTMENT stop* the Itching and
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nne Nlcht Treatment 2?.
v?v ?-0 ? ~~r. ??
the nJfht Mk the htfdi la a troof, hot
lather of CUTICCILA SOAP, Dry thorootfily
and anoint freely with CCTICCRA. greatest oC
emollient skin carta. Wear old kid cloves,
with tbs flncer coda cot off aad boles la the
palms for ventilation. For red, rough, chapped
or discolored bands, dry. Assured, Itching, feverlsb
palms, with shapeless calls aad painful
flaftr ends, this treatment la wonder fuL
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Athletics, a bath with CUTICDRA SOAP la
| on* of ths lax arte* of modem clrlllxatloo. It
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akin, soothes Inflammation sod Irritation, rvmores
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ct akin cores, proves most beneficial In r*.
ilering tired, lamed, stralasd or Inflamed
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{White Hands," tree. j
J 111* 1M ? Lite
Pittsburgh...AVALON. 6 a. m.
Pittsburgh...KANAWHA, 10 a- m.
Cincinnati....KEYSTONE STATE, 8 a. m.
Pittsburgh...VIRGINIA. 7 a. m.
SlslersvlUo.. .LKROY, 7 a. m.
Parkersburg. AVALON, 9 p. m.
SlstersvlUe...RUTH, 3:30 p. m.
CIarlngton....LEROY, 3:30 p. m.
8teubenvllle..T. M. BAYNE, 2:30 p. m.
Cincinnati....VtRGINlA. 8 a. m.
Pittsburgh...QUEEN CITY, A a. m.
Parkersburg.ARGAND. 11 a. m.
Matamoras...ELOI8E. 11 a. m.
Slst?rsvlll?...RUTH. 3:30 p. m.
Clarlngton....LEROY. 3:30 p. m.
StcubenvlIle..T. M. BAYNE, 2:30 p. m.
Along the Landliiff.
The marks at 6 p. m. showed 11 feet
9 Inches and falling. Weather, clear and
The Keystone State passed down yesterday
morning for Cincinnati with a
fine trip out of the upper river.
me Virginia Win ue ncir lu-iiiuiinn
at S a. m. for Cincinnati and all way
The Queen City Is due here for Pittsburgh
to-morrow at 4 a. m.
Hirer T?lrffram?.
WARREN?River six-tenths of a foot
Weather*fair and cooler.
BROWNSVILLE?River 32 feet 10
Inches nnd stationary.
OIL CITY?River 1 foM 1 Inch nnd
stationary. Weather clear and pleasant.
OREKNSBORO-Rlvor 10 feet 8
Inches nnd falling. Weather fair and
warm. The Adam Jacobs nnd the Nellie
Hudson down Monday, and the
Woodward and the Florence Belle up.
STEUBEN VILLE?River 11 feet 10
inches and stationary. Weather fair.
Possed up: The Kanawha. Avalon and
Virginia. Down: The Little Fred, Robert
Jenkins and the Adelle.
PITTSBURGH?River 9 feet and falling
at the dam. Clear nnd pleasant.
VAUKERSBURa?Ohio river 15 feet
ana miunrc. wrumer ciuuu> tuiu nut.
Passed down and up: Argand. Down:
I W. J. Cummins nnd H. K. Bedford.
Duo down: Keystone State. The Utile
Kanawha Is falling.
PARKERSB17RO?During o heavy
fog this evening the tow boat Voyager
with twelve loaded barges, en route to
Cincinnati, struck the west pier channel
span of the Baltimore & Ohio bridge,
crushing her tow. One bnrge sunk in
the west side of tbe channel, and another
on the east side of the channel
, Th? others drifted below the city, where
. two are reported to have gone over the
dam at the head of Blenncrhnssctt
Island and the others were beached.
Ifome-Kftnkrrs Kicuraloua.
On the first and third Tuesdays in
July, August. September and October,
1S9S, the Chicago, Milwaukee & Lt.
Paul Hallway will sell round trip excursion
tickets (good twenty-one days)
from Chicago. Milwaukee and other
points on its llne.to a great many points
in soutn ana Norm uaxota ?nn oiner
western and southwestern states ni
about one fare. Take a trip west and
seo tho wonderful crops and what an
amount of pood land can be purchased
for a little money. Further Information
as to rates, routes, prices of farm
lands, etc., may be obtained on application
to any coupon ticket nsent or by
. addressing the following named persons:
W. E. Powell, general Immigration
agent. 410 Old Colony Building,
Chicago; H. P. Hunter, Immigration
affont for South Dakota. 291 Dearborn
Strppt. Chle.nro. or Ororco II. IIpAfforil
: general passenger agent, Chlcao, Illinois.
F.ft O. Sunday Ftcnriloua on Fourth
Commencing Sunday, Mas* 20, and
fvorr Sunday thereafter, until September
25. inclusive, th?* Baltimore Ohio
will noil excursion ticket* to and from
all stations between Wheeling and
ilrafton. good returning date of aale, nt
on*- fare for the round trip, with ten
cents added. _
NEURALGIA cured by Dr. Miles' Paw
PiLUk "Onoceat adoso.1' At all druggist*.
??: 1
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USO ASD 13731 HA
The Intelligencer*^
s W<
The Sinking of Cervera's
the Cristobal Colon, the Ri
Spanish Officers and Crew
Foundering Warships, will
series of pages in our .
Pictorial History
now teing issued in wi
reader may "secure a set
Folios of War Pictures at
will prove of untold value
National History for old at
Contents of Portfolio No. I.
The First Blow Tor Liberty?Struck at n.
Lexington, April 15. 17T5. "c
Burning of the "Congres#."
Group Picture: Principal Warships of the
American Navy.
A Battery .in Ac Hen.
Governor Hastings' Visit to Mount Gretna, a-.
Group Picture: Cervera's Fleet Leaving
Curacao. C0,
Group Picture: The Struggle ot the Stone rrn
If.?? /Jn.il.L. ,4,J;
A Poll-Mell Cavalry Charge. wj
Engagement Beveen "Serapis" and "Bon p0
llomrao Richard." jjt>
Flight. ,
Tlie Queen Regent nnd King of Spain.
Double-Turret Monitor "Monterey" on the
Way to Manila. nl(
The Death of Montgomery. Tin
Troop Transports Leaving San Francisco ' p0
for Manila. I Th
Scene In the Turret of a Battleship Dur- t 3^
In* an Engagement. i?h
A Company or American Cowboy Cavalry, f
Contents of Portfolio No. 2.
Gfoup Picture: The Principal Vessels of ?*1
tho Spanish Navy. ! Tin
Tho Battle of Bunker Hill. ! Ca
Tho Sixth United States Infantry In Camp , _
at Tampa. I Bp
The Last of the Redskin*. ! J'"
Entrance to Harbor of Santiago d? Cuba, j oiv
A Porto Rlro Poultry Vendor. i \ ?'
A Porto Rico Belle. [ J-n:
Group Picture: The Plying Squadron. P)v
Group Picture: Perry's Victory on Lako
Erie (double Pane).
The District of Santa Anna, Manila. ''
Tho Battle of Manila. Slu
Inspection of Arms and Aceroutroments. X"
Swearing In Troops at Mount Grotna. X'1
View of Santiago de Cuba Harbor. Ge;
Getting Ready for Guard Duty.
Ambulance and Encampment, Tampa. T'1
Tho Guanl Detail.
Tho MfHH Tent. Sa>
Contents of Portfolio No. 3. Ha
Battle of Manila?Where Admiral Dowey A 1
Won Ills Honors.
Lieutenant Hobson's Exploit?The Sinkln;r
of the Merrlmac in Santiago Channel.
Getting R?t?df to Muroh?Packing Up In Tw
the Rank and File.
Tlie Cadis Fleet?Our Spanish Enemy Xow '
In the Mediterranean. Mo
. Round Top, tiettysburg~Ono of tho Cll- Ma
maxes in that Awful Itattle. c?u
Breaking Camp?An Inventory ot Ills
Equipment on me xanrcn.
Battlo of Catoden?Tho Battlo In which Mn
General PeKalb lout hin life.
The Boston Maaaacre?That Awful StrugkN?
Between Colonist!? and Regulars, Th
Guanllnt? Powder Mills?Duties of the Sec- Th
oncl Pennsylvania Boys. .m,
The Wyomlwc Mwwvcren-One of the Snd- *
lent Incident* In American History. t n
A Camp Kitchen?How They Cook In the Th
Army Comp at ChlckamnuRn. ...
Bomlmrdment of San Junn?One of th"
Principal EnpaRementM of tho iTesent
War. Un
Tho Monitor and the Morrlmne?The Den- yi,
porn to Encounter at Hampton Roadu
In 1 ana. CIt
Tbo Soldier'* Dream?Beautiful Heproduc- ' A 1
developments of our wnr with Spain. Part or
trntlon and Mter-nrew*. on platrd pap?r. un<
following part* will each contain 8lx:?en I<e
uro offered xcluftlvnly to Our Iteftular liej
per copy. IX l>y mail odd 2 cents extra. A
g Sfyje Values
iffer one lot of Men's Finj
i Shoes, not old stock, but i
3nd worth $2*00 now, (
$1.48. |
n anr, SHOES,
stkbr sr. hats.
ir Pictures.
Fleet, the Chase of
/-if C*0f>tr0i*9 on/4
MWUO W1 Wl <v?w Wilto
-s from the Rapidly
I form an interesting
* v? A
j of the War ?
:ekly parts, livery
of the Superb Arta
nominal cost. It
as an education in
id young. A A
tlon of the Priae Winner of tb? SiW
of 1888.
uding tho News?Kow tho NeWHW**
are Received Jn Camp.
Contents of Portfolio No. 4>
Omental Inspection.
p Flag of Truce.
tillery Kxerclso Ground, N'car San Juift
Porto Rico.
muunv Street.
sop "C," Camp Alger, Va.
lut; th?? Royal 8alute.
I cox's Battery.
om of Santiago (douMo page).
okiriK Down the Prado, Havana.
ttlo of Cardonas. _
s Hambla-s Principal Street In ouct
e "Newport."
u Recall.
rtlflcutions of San Juan. Porto R.ca
o Princess Promenade. Fan J"-11}rolnp:
Mu?!c, ChlckamauKa ran*
e Company Cook, Colored.
Contents of Portfolio No. 5parture
of the Third Relief for Mtnflaf
Siege Guns Before Santiapo.
pture of the "Macedonia" by w
"United States."
ivery of Colored Troops.
c "Colon."
iH-t In Old Madrid.
Id Practice With Artillery.
ndlng of Troops at Cl?nfue>ro*.
kelta Chnnre Upon Cemetery Rlag?xlcan
War N?ws at the Village lo?
ortli i-. ,
nolo Sam" In Cul>a in the Rainy &easoo.
,ck Arms.
a Quay. San Junn.
o Sea Wall of San Juan. ..
. ...... I t ..a nnH Two or IU?
o Cuban-American Officers at Tr.etr
Dn tracks. _
ita Crux (Tenoriffe), tho Capital o( tni
Canary Islands. .
ttery "B." of Pittsburgh. at Houtf
Field Dflttory on Inhibition.
Contents of Portfolio >o. 6.
o.nty-second Kansas.
Ics Used by tho Army ami NavyblllaaUon
of Troops at Tampa.
Jor General Kachiiry Taylor In Moxloft
ttlnir the Cablo nt Ci'-nfucffos hy
Marines on May 14, l.sss.
rhino duns.
f Gloucester Sinking tho Torpedo Coat*
o HoiiKh Hlder*.
r? Hut tie of Chippewa.
9 Slojro of Charleston.
o "China." m
jrajjemc-nt rictwoen tho "KearjarfB*
Itcd fttntrfl Amiy Ambulance
m on the Pju*(ky
of Ban Juan, Porto Rloo.
l\>rto Rico Country JlotiMt
?*kly. and will Im comnMoJn W*^h#
rta or lorn, u? may W )u*tWcd ,\u,>r
le contain* twenty Inrpn o* ?*
tor a hnndtomoly doalptvd
iron l\ ikim and Cover. Thf*? Pon*?.;id?rw,
ut u nominal price of Ton Ctn
ddrow: , ...
TELLIOEXCER, Wheolln*. >?

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