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Development* Play ai
Ei.'- Important Part
BfPttta! Comtpondence of InteRl^encer.
ESmWBW TORK, Ausueti 1?.?vaiuc* o
ErtSk stock ashsng* ar* strong and w
P vaneln*. Peace development* were a
B^lmpbfUat samolus Jo the tipwai
Ft movement; t&t cheap money and exes
6 lent business prospects have been muc
Ennui's potent Influence?, and their ?(Tec
( have been but partially reaflsed. /
ij3p* moment, there is a great plethora <
fe fcUe (wot* seeking Investment, at
K'nxmey is pbesomenMly easy In >11 par
&?>&?? country. Ftnt class Invratmen
B aji on a to 4 per cent bosla, whl
R second class stocks and' bonds are sel
R log St' figures which bring the lnvssti
ffi 6 per cent andi h?s. Holders would' 111
aot to b? had. A* enterprise r
|&\vJves new opportunist* wili be oftere
ggijwl rates tor money must advarn*
FS Our new possessions?Cuba. Porto KU
K? and possibly the Philippines?will aftoi
[ iobw new outlet#, but these may easH
? t be overdone; for neither Cuba nor Pori
m Blco ha* a large population- and1 tin:
P& will be required to Increase the !a*te
m dtorciop resources and create order 01
ct chaos. These island* can only affoj
ijiEf a very limited outlet for the energies <
H* the United States for some time to com
^v'ClMAp'mofley It always an importer
tu * "bull" campaign, and tu
j&; sources of supply encourage .belief in 1
atnrodaace for a period- of conslderab
K' length. The banks; aided by tha ne
^ S pier cent bond* are Hkely to material!
W: expend their drcuJaftion as soon as ran
for money advance. The large Increaj
W- In gold production and the prospect <
Gr< gold imports also tend to ease In mon<
jg* gift higher prices in the stock market.
ft It Is aJmost needless to enlarge upc
K?Immured business prospects, as tbei
are. understood by every lnteMlgent ol
Kf; server, and readily confirmed by tha
fanrlHar with conditions in the imerio
g: especially in the wheat growing ar
F; Iron trade sections. The August goi
"ammenti report indicates a yield i
r?K wnem annuminv 10 wi.iow.wv uuauci
'agtlint 530,000,000 actual last year. J
r' a whole the agricultural section* a:
fy enjoying prosperity, and there Is evei
prospect of its continuance anoih<
vf:. year. Our Industries are also rapid
eft reviving, and) their promise is for coi
, tlnrued activity Tor some years to com
?. in? fact, enthusiasts anticipate a pos
? tire boom, which Is neither deslrab
/- nor probable yet. While the railroa*
are doffcg a heavy traffic?much of It j
i a sense;c*? sacrMce?and' putting then
V- pelves In good' financial condition, tl
Industrials are coming to the front i
* profit makers and scoring handsome a
k vaneee. They offer tempting Indue
0 - - ments to the speculators, but must I
>v handled with discrimination. Tra<
? conditions favor larger earnings, but
input be remembered that many of the:
p concerns are particularly exposed
b new comfjetitioir In good times from e
; tabtlshmeivis having lighter capltallz
. tioa and the moat modern equipmer
: believe the stock market wiH rau
a still higher level, accompanied
coarse, with the usual setbacks.
point has been reached In our n
gotlatlone with Spain- which places t
- llnaJ. conclusion of a peace among ti
: . certainties. Spain has consented
?OTu*ttir??* trMoh mit all her West I
Idian colonies under the contro? of o
arms and provide for the return- hor
(ft her troops. The arrangement for t
disposal of the Philippine? Is less abi
lute and leaves much to be determln
by the Joint commlrsion- of the two n
tftnv; but as the city and bay of Man1
andi the contiguous territory are to r
mala In the occupation of our forci
that fact will Rive us a large lnfluen
in enforcing such terms as our gover
i.-: men* may consider It neceesary to d
| mand. This Is confessedly the most d
ft flcuk Question to be disposed of In t'
peace negotiations. It is not easy to ?
* " what is the opinion of a majority of o
K awn people.?a matter to which t
ftesident must pay respfcr. Bel;
g largely dependent upon rtrateglc co
F- ideraition*. It Is Important- to ascertn
from our military and' naval oflicf
k -what arrangements of that nature c
fcf for; but such advice need? to be w
deliberated and canno* be had in a dr
i. "Wis cannot be sure that foreign pow<
| have no detigm for getting. In some w
cr other, a sBce of the lrfandr; and th
consideration suggests the prudence
a treatment of this factor which *
admit of elasticity and diplomatic i
aource. Again, it is IropowlMe for n
government: to ascertain1 In a few da
what are the capabilities of the Phlll
pine races for self-government, a
what can be don* with Agulnaldo a
Id* InsurgentJoMowers. With jw> ma
futon unsettled ami uiHuwertalncd
tbW branch of the pear* 1u^ '^
m plainly unavoidable that the Pi
Ment irtioohl place the whole que*tloi
the PhWpplne Wanda In the handa <
?omml?rton. Thla may (l?la>- the f
execution of the twins of "JU "
but Kaewmi to have bevn lnevltab>
haattie a<lvamaire of avertlr.? haaty
Hon which mlprht have Involved ui
erloua International compllrallona.
wont rem]It that' may l? expected f
. ' \ .... .. ,>,.1 w. tfcal] annex
Will (It'llw I""' - .
territory In tho wmr
hav* wMrti mldtH ao ?wll]
ao adraixajn "" * mtofortuna.
The nMct trtrp In th? p?an- prottrur
mtlrt b* an armlrtlrp, a fwirral) cw
tlon of flrhtln* ium) thf return of
etKymy'* troop# to Himlrs; ami tl
tf'rmr ur he n? rnaaon fur rappoi
that Spain *1? Irrtwpo" aw
action to postpone tlvppi- iwrnaary
talk. Vl?w?< from a Inirlnvr. Ha
, solnt. ttiln new pbaae of affair* la of
mfnae ralw to th? fa!) prorvcl .
elrmtnt'wtK entar Ir/o th? reaonrc*
our nwrU^tw. Bo mtoo *9 I ho gov
\pmat Ut? ?i*1k4 ? provisional fori
administering the late Spanish island)
, which commands public confldenre
there will be art important rush of cap
itaft and population into that territon
and a valuable addition to our maritlnu
- trade. Peace has come Just at a tlmi
to give Its fuH effect of stimulus t*o thi
autumn trade. Henceforth, the wa
WW be a thing of th<r pas;; the pre*~r.
will be occupied with what promises it
S prove the moct remarkable period In ou
With the advance of American citi
/- zen&hlp of at leasts p?r cent abovepat
a as a result of our recent great neva
achievements and brilCiant victory ovfe
>- the Spaniards, who have never beei
? known to surrender, or even give or asl
a quarter, to any country before, it is no
[- surprising that the peojri* of this coun
try are full of pride and hold their head
r* in a Mty way, and that tact mokes i
}. msnarurai? ror a "near aimuue w ?
taicen at the present time in- WflA Ftreei
B A "bear" campaign can only aucceei
when. there hrgood ground-for :i pes^imis
tic feeling. and coiMlttering that a cessa
tlon of hoetl!4tieff has just been order?
by the President, which brings a retur
of peace to the nation. in our own terms
tn that the crop proapecta all over th
I- country are n hrlHSamtiy trcouratfnp
,n that the supply of money is super
abundant, and that exnwrts continue o
a large scale and promlr.? to materia'*
increase after harvesting, which can
ih not fail to result in fresh imports o
^ gold on an important scale, there I
nothing- encouraging1 for such a positio
on the market at the present time. Th
t>f country is now headed for a prolong*
id period of prosper! ty, With such a show
. Ing as now confront? us no good Aroer
ican can fall to be a MbuU" on the coun
18 tar. ami that being fhe case can-not po?
te sibly but fee? reasonably justified in bi>
i Irrg a bear on securities without hem
In conflict with bin national pride an
?r Ms better bue!n<es? Jthhrment.
&, Brad?treet'?; Trade continues mojer
e- ate, but the market maintains goo
5 frtrengtix and there is no deposition t
ly seH sh own, except at full prices. Th
to ca-W for quarter-bh>od, wools has bcei
te good of late, both domestic amf foreljn
r, being taken-. These latter have bee
| I ' V . v,/-r'
!: ,
le N . |
1. J
Jo ?=im!
t? , %
8- ?-i
a- ....,
0f While General Shafter is being c
the army surgeons arc doing all they
lit at one time. Even the Imraunw
e- j will bo Removed .north as rapidly as
he j - ?:
quite well reduced In stock through r>'\
* > eral large flr.?2s? belnfp cleared up. The
iir I were W0?J? brought In before the dut
if I went ort, ar.d more supplies cannot b
P~ i Imported except at higher prices tha
J*? now prevail. Fine wools are more <
less neglected*, but they will soon t
wanted If woolen goods sales prove at
lift l'vc- Supplies of wool- available ur
, quite liberal, owing to the past H
"?" , months of depressed trade, and i: mu
; take some.time to w?rk up this surplu
j The feeling Is hopeful, however, ar
n" ( wools ffiid at present prices cannot I
j?* ! replaced.
I R*c*?t Oliiirtrr*
ur Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer,
he j CHARLESTON. W. Va.. Aug. U.;
The secretary .of-state has issued
.j * i charter to the West Alexander Fair oj
,ra : soclatlon, of West Alexander. Pa.. f<
ajj the purpose of promoting and eneoui
rjj aging ngricultural and horticultural it
iy# tcrests. the breeding and exhibiting *
nj ' live stork, the raising and training ?
ay horses and acquiring real estate for fa
lftt grounds, buildings, etc.. in Liberty dli
of trJct. Ohio county. West Virginia, 1
ill , purchase or otherwise, at which place
re- ; shall keep and maintain an ofllce c
mr ' the I. C. Mounts farm, also u prlncipi
ys > ORICC nt *VC*C Aiexunun, rn. va,??
lp- i subscribed, JI2S. with the privilege i
r.<l ' Increasing the mmc by selling add
iid tional shares to 510,000 The share* oi
ny ' 15 each and are held by W. A. Burr
^ tOOfift* *te*t\OH 0? fe*
The- .
roth ^
inui _____ ^ h r
opte D w
r be - jj
rtnw ? '
?w?- -?
?nt - ' Ul
:'r* . ' fcttOOVlWK GUOUttO
"'O- igwH
J"1* Th? gnutMt Jtructiiro of tho wr*
0 3# cable* In th? jiupcnrtrueturo of tbr? II*
fri> tlreator New York. Tho bridge wai
n of planned tho grout bridgo drcami't no
???? i
Regularity is a matter of importance
In every woman's life. Much pain is,
however, endured in tho belief that it
is necessary and not alarming, when J
in truth it is all wrong and indicates 7
derangement that may cause serious
trouble. <
? 1
jsxceasive moniui/ paiu ?.???
unsettle the nerves and make women 1
old before tbeit time.
The foundation of woman's health is
a perfectly normal and regular performance
of nature's function. The
statement we print from Miss Gerthcdk
Sires, of Eldred, Pa., la echoed
In ever^ city, town and hamlet in this
country. Read what she says:
" Dsab Mbs. PnrxnAM:?I feel like a
new person since following your advice,
and think it ia my duty to let the
1 public know the good your remedies
I have done me. My troubles wero painful
menstruation and leucorrha>a. I
was nervous and had spells of being
1 confused. Before using your remedies
J never had any faith in patent mediI
cines. I now wish to say that I never
j had anything do mo so much good for
I* I luLrdiaE. Pink* t
[| ham's Vegetable Compound; also would 1
- Bay tlia't your Sanative Wash has cured j
- mo of leucorrhma. I hope these few
? words may help suffering women." (
Tho present Mrs. Pinlcham's cxperi- <
r ence in treating female ills is unparal- *
^ lelcd, for years she worked side by J
side with Mrs. Lydia E. Pirikhom, and f
for Bometime past has had sole charge <
of the correspondence department of '
v her great business, treating by letter ,
* as many as a hundred thousand ailing <
0 women during a single year. *
0 All suffering women are invited to J
[J' write freely to Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn, j
ix Alnas., for advice about their health. fl
the yellow fever camps op cub
:rltlci?K! for making public tho number of casei
run to remedy the condition of the fi ver-strick.
ore reported to be catehlntr ulljtht atlacka of tin
. . ..... ? i,.w* ?u i1a? until fro*!
pun?ini?.\ Dui rocuvei y m "y.-i ... .......
- J. K. AHuro and X. A. Hockey, all of
y West Alexander. Pa.
y Also ft charter to th* American Drill- ' !
*? log1 Tool company, of St. Mary's W. Va.,
n fur tin* purpose of manufacturing all
r kinds of oil and gas machinery and aup*
idles for producing: petroleum oil and 1
" gas. Capital subscribed. $'*00. with the
'e privilege o f increasing the same to '
x $M.OOO. The shares are 1100 each and arc 1
y hold by \V. P. Kingsbury, of Parkers- 1
^ burg. W. Va.; H. P. Boyd. of Pittsburg, '
,cS Po.; A. J. IJoyd, of Spincervllle, Ohio; '
)0 j I), W. Beynolds and M. D. Hanes, of St.
Mary's, \V. Va. '
Also to the Central Commercial college
and school of shorthand, of darks- (
burg, W. Va., for the purpose of con- )
? | ducting a commprclal college and school (
of shorthand* Capital subscribed, $1*500,
. with the privilege of Increasing the (
* same to $15,000. The shares are $10 each <
_ and are held by \V. I. Bower, S. T. <
" Daugheriy. It. L. Rudy and Mai* Bower, .
of Clarksburg, W. Va., and Minerva
^ Daugherty, of Grcysvllle, Ohio.
Ir * I
u- niicklrit** A rit e* *'t?Wr.
o I best^ salvo In 'he world for Cuts, ! '
Jiruisen, OOres. ' 'iwcts, buii kuvuiii, i
>n Fever Sores. Tetter, Chnpp?'d Hands,
*1 Chillblalns. Co-na. and a!! Skin Krup- J '
?1 tlotia, and positively cures Piles, or no 1
pa;* required. It is fruarantt.-ed to givu 1
1- perfect satisfaction or money refunded,
re Price 25 cents per box. For sale by Loy.
gan Drug Co. 1
tac& c
^ ~V>^\Vj<-uV.
^SUy^M ? MAft 1 ^ov.v.tx
o? ft.t\ - WKU^ r?wr\N#J \_btfcrvot\ OV ??utK>
tirn hnmlnphrr* hu? l*4fun to give way. n i?acrlf
ooklyn bridge Htmppnl n few days mro, with n r??
i crowded with tro|U?jr? and overhead trains. Tl
t of tho isrrat weight" which modern olectrla can
3f tbm Protocol lldwovtt Spain nnrt (he
iTultcil nintra Mailed la WuUIurIbn
MADRID, August 11?The text of the
protocol signed between Spain and the
United States Is as folio we:
His excellency, M. Cam Ron, ambnersalor
extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary
of 'the French republic, at
Washington, and Mr. WlUlaro Doyy secretary
of state of the United States.,
laving* received respectively to that ef,'ectr
plenary powers from the Spanish
tovernnaent and the government of the
United States, have established and
dgned the following art'.ciw which deIne
the terms on which the two governnents
have agreed with regard to The
luestioas enumerated below, and of
vhlch the object is tiro establishment of
x>aoc between the two countries,
Article 1?Spain WUi renvruuvc |
Halm to ail sovereignty over nnd aft her
over the Inland of Cuba.
Article 2?Spa lu irli> c?d? to the
Jnltcd States the Island of Porto Rico
t&S the other 1 stands which at present
ire uixler the sov?4elf?ty of SpoJn In
he AxAillits. as well as an ls2*n<l In LaLivna
archlpeiago, to be chosen by the
JnlUd stfttts.
Article 3?The United States wilt occupy
ocft retain the city of Manila pendwr
the conclusion of a treaty of peace
vbtch eholl dletermlivs the control- and
'orm of government' of the Philippines
Artlclo 4?Spain vrill immediately
tvacual* Cuba, Porto Rico and the
>tfcer Islands now under Spanish sovirefffnty
In the AntiH-es. To this effect
mch of the two government* wiH apwlnt
commissioners within ten days afcr
tho dgmctr of this protocol with the
object of coming* -to an agreement refttrdinw
the carrying out of the Uetaita
.t tho aforesaid evacuation of Cuba and
>U?er adjacent Spanish island*; and
mch of the two governments shall likewise
appoint vJtbJn ten day* after the
Jffnaturc of this protocol oQi&r comals losenr,
who shall meet at San Juan, de
^erto Rico within thirty days after tho ,
lgnature of this protocol to apr&s upon
tu / \
a of yellow fever in the Arnoricnn camp.
en army. In one company overy man was
e fever. News now comes that the troops
t comes.
the dvtails <rf tlie evacuation of Porto
Rica ami other islands now under Spanish
sovereignty Ur th;? AntlKes.
Article 5? Spain- and" the United? Stales
shall' aippofnt, to treat for peace, five
commission err at the most for either
couniry. The commiysioners shn4l meet
In Paris on- October 1 at the la?;cst, to
proceed to negotiations, and to corcchi ion
of a treaty of peace. This treaty
shall bo ratifiet) In conformity with tne
sonstltutlonai law9 of each of the two
Article $?Onco thlw protocol Is concluded!
ami slgnetf. hostilities shall be
suspended, an&to that effect. In the two
joiintrio*, orders Khali be Riven by either
government to tht* commanders of t?
land and sea forces us speedily as iw?jlble.
Done In dvpllcato at Washington, read
In French and In EwriJfh by the unlerRijrned1.
who alHx at the foot of the
document thHr signatures* and seals
Aujcust 12, 1898.
Krw .Votnr>?.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
CHARLESTON, W. Va., Au*. 14.?
Notary public commissions have been
Issued by the governor as follows:
John W, Leach, of Ben wood, for Marshall
county: Pauley Harrlron. of Cairo,
for Ritchie county; W. R. Drowning, of
PnrkerBhurp. for Wood county; D. II.
Foreman, of Cold Stream, for Hampshire
? JJJj I
ir*=? I
w* xo*.*
Ico to corporation greed It In claimed. A
port that could bo heard In both halv* of
10 conHtmi'toro Rocbllng, and the rest who
i oould phico upon it.
Tho Wife of Leopold n, King of Belgium,
... Husban
When Leopold II of Belgium cornea to wi
thin country to pay a visit in his new 8,1
yacht, which the cables say was purchased
from an American millionaire, he will leave v<
bohlnd him at least one heart In tho royal j\f,
family that will count tho days and hours )lu
until his majesty returns to his native Qn
land. The person who will ralsa him most rt>
will bo Queen Mario Henrietta; his wife. of
Before her roarrlago she lived in Austria- jf<
Hungary. i
Queen -Marie Henrletto of Austria-Bun- ig
pary was married to King Leopold In 1833. Jo'
Just twolve years before ho ascended to pa
tho throne. 8ho has been a faithful and wl
devoted wife, and I* as much loved by her ro;
subjects outside of t ftp "paiacc as py. mose i w<
???? uj,
Snmmir Trrm m Nncctii-Ths Llbr) on Dr. ^?(1
War J?Iitiliguntlon Knui High. cjt,
Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer. / vr
MORGAXTOWX. W. Vw Aug. 14.?The eh,
first hiflf of the summer quarter at tho
university ended yesterday. The be- 0f
ginning of this Innovation was marked C.
with success, as over t\Vo hundred students
attended. Yesterday morning th
after the concluding lecture by Dr. Lester
F. Ward, of the Smithsonian Institution
at Washington, the class pre- B)
sent Dr. Ward with a written testimonial
of their appreciation of his work.
It was signed by every member of the
class. The testimonial is intended as qu
a rebuke to the newspaper misrepresen- ?
tatlon of Dr. Ward and his theories,
which has lately created such a stir in
the state. More than half of :he class .
were young women students.
Profeesor Green, ofTJethany college,
who has beeo here this summer taking
special work at the university, told your
correspondent that more than thirty of
the hundred thousand dollars to be '
raised by the trustees of the school for
its relief had already been raised, and st:
the trustees were hopeful that all of It I&'
would bo gotten before the expiration of \
thrf*e years. Ten thousand dollars of rr
the loan by the state has been pnl?l and l*l
fnn thoimnnd mor'? will be available j Sr
next' month. This assistance will on- |
ahlo the schi-il to do effective work next
. u
The editorial in the Intelligencer a
fen* days aqo concerning the representations
of certain newspapers of the
state about Dr. Ward and the atlmlnistratlon
of President Raymond was
proofed with expression* of satisfaction 'J
byall true friends of the Institution her.*
and Is considered a .wholesome and
timely comment. Th| nu mbers of tho
board of regents are>ft|jrred with indlgnation
at the underhanded attempt to 51*1
injure the Institution. Some of the
members are strontf In the belief that
the article was inspired by interested Pr
parties, and wrote Mr. Sturslss, asking *
him to call n special meeting of the 5|
board to Investigate the matter. This ,
will not be done, but it will be quletk*
Investigated, and If any one connect*-1 .
with the university Is Implicated he will !*'
be summarily dismissed.
Notwithstanding the rainy season. ?.c'
there are more people spending the 811
summer season here than in any previous
year.A For n month pa?t Mount
Chateau hotel, on the Cheat river, has
been filled to overflowing with guests,
and the cottages arc all taken. The hotels
in the town are crowded and the
Cheat and Monongahela rivers are lined ^
with campers from down the river ."
towns. ^5
The Monongahela river has had twen- | !>
ty feet of water for several days. The 'J
rise will retard considerably the prog- PI
ress In building the locks and dam. as {-A
<he contractors pay they will rot be I
abl*? to work for two weeks. I
Work was heputi yesterday on the U
contract to pave the streetH of the town. j
The council estimates that the bond Issue,
which was only Intended to cover
the cost of pavlnjr the principal streets,
will be Bufllclent to pave all of them.
Attlie HImoii C'ountr DrmocmUe CnnvrnIlni?-1
?prli?rl Grlilhr I>r|i?gnlr*.
Special Plwpntch to tho Intelligencer.
POINT PLKA8ANT. W. Vol. August
14.?The Democratic county convention
for coupty wn? held lrr thin city j
yesterday. It was a mass convention 1
and' tMUiditmnlum reiKnvd. !
A county ticket was uamje^j but when ' A1
the point tojn- l_;ir
m m
*"- -v V
Will Not VUlt This Country With Her
io arc tn her Immediate surrounding*
o has had four ohildren, three of whom
e living. Queen Marl6 Henrietto is one
the most sympathetic women in the
>rld. When ex-Empress Carlottta of
exico. who is the king's sister, lost her
nband, MaximiUian, no one grieved for
d comforted the unfortunate widow
are than shft and when from her weight
trouble Carlotta became insane, Marie
?nrlette was almost inconsolable.
I'ery contrary to tho king. Queen Marie
very fond of music, and is an ardent
rer of the opera. She often accomnlos
tho king: on riding expeditions,
ilch Is his favorite pastime, and, like hor
yal companion, reads enormously and is
>11 informed.
rucL the concessional delegates for
Iher Capehart or J. B. Menager a
nt<nri pow wow ensued. Two knock>wns
occurred; and for a time the con
ntloo was in a steie or turmoil ana
ialrs in the ha?l were smashed over
verai heads. Finally order was reared
and Capebart received the vote
flhe convention by a vote of 99 to in.
S. P. Eva n? and Charles Bryan were
wr.inated for house of delegates and
iptaln- Oliver Phelps was endorsed for
e state ornate.
t Trail pet Notes ofTsath ftonnded R?rt
Enthusiastic people everywhere.
Sounding praises of the Little Con*
Trumpet notes of truth.
Like music %b' the miserable.
Bringing comfort to the ofttlctcd.
Telling truths for public good.
Telling how It can be done.
How the bsek can be relieved.
Burdens lifted, pain removed.
Comfort, happiness and health.
Pacts that cannot be gainsaid.
Proven easily by your friends.
Because Wheeling people say so.
That's the proof that counts.
Read this Indorsement:
Mrs. O. E. Smith, bf 8 South U'abaiU
reet. Hays: "Ever since the floou or
>4. when I overtaxed myself, I sufr*Hl
from attacks of weakness and
blng across the small of my back. Ai
e trouble Increased I became devoid
all ambition, had frequent ppells of
tzlness and aching through the back
ir.y headr-a urinary weakness and
relling of the limbs, feet and anklet
hen I overtaxed myself or walked
> or dowu stairs once or twice, of
aba felt as though they would burnt
id often ached so they were really
lnful. I was tired atid languid all th#
n e and bad to force myself to get
ound and.do light housework. I used
any different remedies, but the relief I
tsined was only temporary. When I I
w Doan's Kidney Pills so highly rec- I
amended I made up my mind to trr I
em, and got a box at the Logan Drag I
mpany's store and took them. They I
oved to be the very thing I needed,
recommend them to others who art
jubled in -any way from disordered
ilneys, and truthfully say I would not
without them In the bouse."
Doan'a Kidney Pills for sale by iQ
r*. Price SO cents. Mailed by Fo*
-Hi I burn Co.. Buffalo, N. Y. Retnemr
the name Doan's and take no subItute.
\'~ ' s"
Motli^r-IIavon't you pot your P'oVfl
pxuniler? , . v.rdi
Mrxamirr?No, mother, but ni>
i- .niitr c'lt-An.-VtmoU. ^
ST. _ -

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