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hMM Dafty.E&cert Sw<?Ti bf
Tie Intefligeacer PuWuhloj Co.,
atmn rounnm a nun.
tana rn Year, by Mall, In tdnia,
foiuc* Prepaid.
Dally (Itx Days tn lh#W??h) 1 Twr?k90
IkUytlixll>aUM - 9.00
Dallfi Thm HoBthi...HM..nHMWHHM, 1.30
DtOfdkmOa/ila du W?k) 3.00
HMl7(TwoD?7? la tlia Week) 0.00
DaUr((hM 45
WMklf (Oh* Year la Advauoe) 1.00
WmU|- (Ms Month*) 00
by carrlcra In Wbeelln* and adjacent
towna at 10 centa per week.
F?Mona wlahln* to aubaeribe to THE
rintTY iwp?r.T.tnirMrrB Mn An ?n
by lending In their orders to the InTELLIGENCER
office on postal cards
or otherwise. They will be punctually
served by carriers.
Tributes of Respect and Obituary Notices
60 cents per Inch.
Correspondence containing Important
news solicited from every part of the
surrounding country.
Rejected communications will not bo re*
turned unless aooompanled by sufflclont
{The INTELLIGENCER, embracing Its
several eaitiona. la emcreu in me ru#f
office at Wheeling, W. Va.. aa aecond-claas
. Mftftol Beoaw 6231 Co?atIat Boom- 821
FlMT of the free heart's hope and homo!
By angel hands to valor given;
Thy stars have lit the welkin dome,
And all thy hues were born In Heaven.
Forever float that stundard sheet!
Where breathes the foe but falls before
iWlth Freedom's soil beneath our feet,
nd Freedom's banner streaming oer
?Joseph Rodman Drake.
First District,
of Ohio County.
of Kanawha County,
Fourth District,
of Ritchie County.
(Nominated June 28, 1S98.)
For House of Delegates,
T1 nr nnVMe<T.t V
County Superintendent of Free Schools,
Raiders of the Dally Intelligencer leav- leg
town con have the paper sent to any
address in the United States* postpaid,
for one month, 45 cents; for tw* weeks,
f 20 cents.' "Address changed as often os
The Fall of Manila.
The capture of Manila by iho cornto
toed naval and land forces of the
c United States under Admiral Dewey and
General Merritt, after an assault on the
entrenchments and fonts manned by an
inferior tout strongly entrenched Spanish
force, came at a time wflen peace
bad been practically decided upon, but
tfefore the orders for a suspension of
hostilities could possibly have reached
the scene. Though the news was not
unexpected, the publlo was scarcely
prepared to learn of on engagement of
such moment. The recital of the courage
displayed by the American troops
adda to tho glory of American arms,
and completes an uninterrupted scries
of victories.
The details of the assault and capture
. are necessarily meagre, out tine story is
. related briefly by the correspondent of
the London Telegraph-, who pays a Just
tribute to the humanity displayed by
the American commanders in the preparations
for the assault. The result will
. have an Important bearing on the Phll:
Ipplne question, for It simplifies the title
to the possession of the territory which
t?he United States Witt demand as one of
ths terms of peace.
Voluntcm not Called to the Front.
There are thousands In the volunteer
service who are disappointed in not ,
having been called upon for active duty j
' at the seats of war, and It Id very hurd
for them to acoept the consolation of an
assurance that the national gratitude is
as much due those in camp as those* who
' were called to the front. In the case I
of the soldiers still In camp at Chicka'
nmusn and other points, Avhorfo chances '
for distinguishing themselves on the
lipid of battle are now to all appearances
gone, the President's words to General
Breckinridge, that "All have helped In I
the great cause, whether In camp or
battle, and when peace conies all will j
be alike entitled to the gratitude of the j
Nation," Is true, for the experiences In
camp life have severely tested them,
'aiid the country has observed their anxiety
to get to the front and have given J
them credit for It.
While the lack of opportunity to take
part In the hostilities In a disappointment
to these brave volunteers, It is for?qnate
for the country that they were
cot needed?that the war, In fact, was j
brought to an end without the necessity
XUr UilvniiiH IU i"u tiviih Hivukvi iivuivio
of men to endure the hardships and
dangera of a tropical climate In tho
wdrat ?wwon of tho year, and without
Adding to the list of dead, wounded and
lok among the flower of American manhood,
an represented In the volunteer a*
well a? In the regular army.
Referring to thin eubject, the ffbw
Tork Preea In of tho opinion that, while
the?e. aoldlern havo not been needed,
anil Ihey are entitled to the gratitude
of the country for their prompt renponxo
V " '
to the President's call. It Is doubtful It
the lyetem "under which go many men
have been withdrawn from civil life'
without being Introduced Into ' active
military life, It to be felled upon. It 1?
scarcely possible that so many, recrulta
would again flock to the colon, now
that all tile martial spirits of the country
know the loog and tedious process
to which modern fighting blood has to
be submitted."
No depredation of the patriotism of
the men who volunteered Is intended In
this! but we must assume, In order to
accept it without depreciating the ardency
of the patriotism of the men, that
they would have to know that tney
would not be needed. When'he volunteered
in response to the President's
call each man supposed, naturally, that
his regiment would, after it* efficiency
was proven, be sent to the front; he
could not foresee that the war would be
so short, or that & contest between
Spain and the United 8tates would be
settled with so little land fighting. Nor
under war pondltlona again could any
one be gifted with such foresight We
believe that in any war with a foreign
power the response would be Just as
prompt as in this one. The patriotism
of America doesn't watt to ascertain
wneuer ine wur win uc lung ur miuu
before volunteering. The disappointments
under the present circumstances
would hardly have the effect of making
It hard for the government to obtain
a ready response for troops at any time
In the future.
The Press, In Its article, however,
makes the strong point that wearisome
calls upon the youth of the country,
"lnvolvinga tremendous derangement of
private affairs of thousands of men, and
lavish expenditures, among officers especially,
of valuable private time,
should be avoided as much as possible.'
i n is merely lor ine preservation 01 me
volunteer spirit, for the volunteers
should toe a real reserve, and not
an Inactive part of an active army."
In this connection It is reported that
some of the officers of the First West
West Virginia regiment will resign, now
that It is assured'the regiment will not
be called into active service for fighting
purposes. The officers, it is stated, will
do so because of the private business
nt home which needs their attention.
The point made by the Press la thus
made good as to one of our own regiments.
Doubtless the department will exempt
the jnen in the various camps who will
not "be needed tor service arter peace is
formally declared from further restraint
The suggestion is made that
the volunteer spirit might be weakened
by the assignment of these men to gar-,
rison duty In our new possessions and
dependencies, and to take advantage of
the two year clause. This suggestion
is made in support of the proposition of
recruiting the regular army to a larger
force, to fce held bo long as necessary,
and until all questions growing out of
the war are settled, and thus avoid, as
the Press remarks, "a continued draft
on the patriotism of the volunteers for
camp duty at home or abroad."
Gnu Shatter Nails a Lie.
The letter received from General Shatter
by Secretary of War Alger, relieving
the latter from responsibility for
anything done by him, should silence
the critics who have been making- the
secretary a target for abuse for alleged
"hampering of Shatter's operations by
orders from Washington." Shatter
makes a simple statement, which gives
the falsehood to many publications that
have been, mode, toy saying:4 "I am
very sorry to see that some newspapers
are attempting to throw blame on your
trying to run the campaign from Washington,
and I suppose some people believe
It It Is one of the things, however,
that I don't suppose we can help,
although whenever I have had an opportunity
I have tried to make It plain
that I have been left to my own devices."
General Shatter is right in supposing
that a great many people believed the
false statements made by certain papers,
for the falsehoods were reiterated over
and over again. General Shatter's as
numptlon of all respinwirbilltles for (he
campaign at Santiago ought to be
enough to convince anybody that the
yellow sheet's publications were made
of whole cloth.
Rare Modesty.
It was rare modesty on the part of
the esteemed Register to precede the
great feature of the news. In yesterday's
Issue, announcing the fall of Manila
and departure of the captain general
of the Spanish army and governor
of the Philippines, with Its able editorial
comment8 abusive of President
McKlnley and a warning to "Beware
of the (Alaska) Gold Craze!" The com
paratlve Importance or these two features
warranted our neighbor In heralding
one of the greatest events of the
war at the bottom of Its editorial page,
as a sort of appendix to the usual daily
criticism of the man In the whlto house,
who Is charged with the grave.it responslbllltlets
that have been Imposed upon
any President since Abraham Lincoln,
and whom the Register doesn't teem to
admire as much as the country In general
admires him. The modesty of the
discrimination was doubtless appreciated
by our friend's admiring readers?
those of them who, after diligent search,
succeeded In* finding the Manila news.
It Meant x Big Success.
The sub-committees appointed by the
River Improvement Convention executive
committee are composed of material
which Insures that every arrange
mcni win ue earned nui wun a view to
making the convention one of the most
successful Important gatherings ever
held In Wheeling, Every member of
the committees la a representative citizen,
and systematic work will be the
result. Thu Indications are that the
convention will be largely attended and
the (rood thai will come out of It will
warrant the trouble and expense thnt
Wheeling ?rolnK to many limes over.
No points between lMttffburgh and tho
mouth of the Ohio river will re.ip
greater advantage, proportionately,
from the important movement which In
being promoted thun tho city of Wheeling
nnd her sister communities In this
portion of tho valley, and the cnthusl
aam of .the turtbea* men In the matter
of entertaining the convention win bear
fruit. There 1# much work to toe done
between now and the meeting of the
aModatlon, and it will toe done well.
Along with the announcement from
Madrid tbat Blanco has resigned aa
governor general of Cuba, because he
doesn't desire to-command In the evacuation
of the Spanish army, la the one
that Captain General August! la no
longer In command in the Philippine*,
having been supplemented by General
Jaubemes. It aeema that these two
Spanish commanders have laid up reckonings
for themselves. Bunco Is humiliated
and Augustl seems to be in the
position or a scapb-guax, wnn-u is i?kw
cary to satiety Spanish honor.
General Shatter significantly remarks
that the silver question in Santiago has
settled Itself. American silver 1b received
the same as American paper.
This was the logical settlement. The
people of Santiago were quick to learn
that the American silver dollar under
our system of finance Is worth one
hundred cents. Fortunately, the country
did not vote for the other kind of a
silver dollar.
Colonel Roosevelt Is noted for his use
of elegant English and his polished
manners, hut he also knows how to use
lamruasre anDroorlately and expressive
ly when he remarks to & reporter thalt
be and ills rough riders had "a bully
time all the way through," and that his
regiment was one of the "crack-aJacks."
And so it Is "a crack-a-iack,"
deserving all the applause It has received
from the country over.
A man says "I shall" and a woman
saps "I will."
It takes at least sixteen summers to
make one summer girl.
Some people see without looking and
others look without seeing.
A woman's failure to Interest a man
often causes her to hate him.
The bonds of friendship couia not oe
more popular than Uncle Sam's.
The only sure thing about a game of
chance Is the chance you have to lose.
Some politicians are like corkscrews?
rather crooked, but they have a strong
There will be no peace for the editor
until the poets forget to remember the
Men, like lamps, often smoke, sometimes
go out nights and frequently get
turned down.
But very few men would strive to
achieve fame if K wasn't for the sake of
pleasing some woman.
A man never fully realizes the hardness
of this unsympathetic world until
he tries to ride a blcyclc.
Sometimes a girl's face Is her fortune
find sometimes It la represented by the
j llgure on the face of her father's check.
"In time of peace prepare for war"
must have been the motto of the Iowa
minister,'who was simultaneously engaged
to seventeen girls.?Chicago
Daily News.
Cnpt. Phlllp'a Religion.
New York World: The Rev. Kerr
Boyce Tupper, pastor of the F^rst Baptist
church, Philadelphia, spoke at the
rooms of the Young Men's Christian Association,
No. D02 Fulton street, Brooklyn,
yesterday, on the subject of "Manliness."
He cited, as illustrating this
quality In the highest degree, Captain
| J. W. Phillip, of the battleship Texas,
who In this city four years ago confess!
ed that he lacked salvation, and soon
afterward united with a cAurch. Said
I Mr. fiinnm*!
"The truest roan, perhaps, In all
America la one who has been , doing
some heroic battling at therfront In
Santiago. Four years ago I preached a
sermon In this city on 'Ye Must Be Born
Again.' Just In front of me sat a finelooking
gentleman. I was much struck
by lils manly appearance. At the close
of the service he came to me and, taking
my hand, said:
" 'I believe I have everything In the
world except the new birth. I have a
lovely wife, a high position In the United
States navy, worldly comforts In
plenty, but I feel that I lack salvation.'
"We talked together, and the vcry
I next Sunday that man In one of the
Brooklyn churches declared hla belief In
tho Lord Jesus Christ as his personal
Saviour and united with the congregation.
The following morning, before his
ship started for Boston, he called his
men before him and said:
" 'Since you last saw me I have given
myself to Christ. Hereafter, every
morninir. tva will bow before the throna
of the King of Kings and dedicate our- ,
selves to His service.*
"And not a single day has elapsed '
since 1895 that Captain Phillip has not
got his men together for dlvlno praise." 1
( 'am*.
When a man bccomeii a hero all tho world
1h standing round
In waiting for a chanco to share his
Klory. i
From shore to shore Innumerable volccs <
will resound, ,
All eager to add something to the story.
"We us?'d to know him In hi* youth!"
"We >ald he was a wonder!"
"He was a genius; that's tho truth. <
You couldn't kwp him under!"
"lie was tho catcher on our nine." t
'His sharpness boats tho weasles,"
"That six-foot oldrst boy of mine .
From him once caught the measlos!" '
And the anecdotes coine rushing, In bewildering
From folks of every station and complexion.
Pni- ?h?r<>'M nlwnvH nn nmlilllnn whli>h nn
wisdom can allay,
To revel In some brilliant man's reflection.
"Ills family we havn visited!" 1
"We wore his next-door nolKhlMjrs!" \
"Kind words of hope we've often Mid t
To cheer him at his lahom!"
"My father told him ho mljrht call
On our folk* to assist him!"
And (loudest chorus of thorn all) 1
"Wo are the girls who've klsst-d him!" I
?Washington Star. ?
? i
Lost hi* fjlftt Sarin* Olhrn. ^
A country boy visiting New York
stopped n frantic runaway team that
was about to dnnh on the sidewalk
wh^re there wore hundreds of women ]
nnd children. He saved thi'lr lives, but
Joat his own. Hundreds of lives are 1
saved every year by llostetter's Htom- 1
ach Bitters. People who aro fast going
to thoir graves with disorders of atom- '
ach, liver, bowoin and blood ore hrouKht
hack to Rood health by it. All the sick
should try it. c
- 1 . = I
I '
J* I
: : (
j Read j <
j The Saturday j j
j Imtelllligejiiceir. j 1
t '
j i
| Price Only 2 Cents, i <
One Baldwin Piano $175
One Wegman Piano $185
One Lndwif Piano $209
One J. P. Hale Piano $100
One Chickering Piano $125
For the next ten days we
will sell Bruno, Gordon, B?y
State and Washburn Mandolins
40 per cent below list price.
Milligan, Wilkin & Co.
Total Killed and Wouudad at Haulla
mid Santlaco.
Official talbles on; tli? total killed and
wounded' on each side since .wax was
declared have not been compiled and
probably wH? not be for months yet.
From the beot sources obtainable the
tables will approximate the following
At ManHa>?American killed, 0; AmerI,w,~
R- Onanlah lrtllod: Snfl!
Spanish wounded, 625.
At Santiago?American killed or afterward
died of wounds received In battle,
266; American wounded, 1,287; Spanish
killed; 1.350; Spanish wounded-, 2.000.
The Americans subsequently lost In
Cuba from yellow fever and camp disease,
so far as can be told now, 202.
In other Cuban engagements: Ameri- i
cans killed, 35; Americana wounded-,
110; Spanish kllJed, 300; Spanish wounded.
Total American killed or died-, 503;
wounded, 1,408; tota* Spanish killed or
died. 2,200; wounded-, 3,025.
No attempt Is made la the American
Hst of dead to Include those who died In
camp after the mObKlzatlon of the state
troops and volunteers. These number '
v.it 4V.n nfflnlal tolhloa milRt h(k '
Bvurcrs UUl IUB 1
awaited before they can be given accurately.
At the worst, though, the total
American dead- will noti exceed i00.
Don't Shoot.?"Your terms ore too severe,"
said Sagasta. "Oh, I don't know,' .
replied the President. "I have seeu
Cervera."?Philadelphia North American.
"Hans, If you are very good and get a
high mark In school, I will give you a
ham sandwich." "But, mamma, do you
Imagine I can be bribed?"?Pllegende
Bummer Excitement?"What Is that
crowd?" "I don't know. Either Hobion
<a in ?Aa-n nr rthirt-u-fllflts are marked
down to nineteen cents."?Chicago Re- J
Contractor?You want a regular mosaic
floor, I suppose? Owner of Building?Yes,
If that's the style. Just as lief j
have the modern orthodox, though.?
Chicago Tribune.
According, to Guggenhelmer.?Smith? .
That man Jones is a two-dollar fool {
Brown?Why do you call him a twodollar
fool? Smith?Because it costs
two dollars to say 'damn/?Puck.
"My wife complains because the war
progresses so slowly." "What did you *
say?" "I told her if the army had been '
made up of women thoy wouldn't have
their bonnets on yet."?Truth.
Judge?You robbed your benefactor In
a most shameful way. Do you feel no
compunctions of conscience? Prisoner?
Before answering, sir, I would like to
consult my counsel.?Tit-Bits. J
Knows All About Him.?"Do you
know McSwifter pretty well?" "Know
him? Every time he expresses an opln- ]
ion I can tell whether it is his own or
whether he got it from his wife."?Chlnncn
Pout. , * '
Peasant?Five dollars fine for entering
this estate. Tourist?But why Is no
warning sign put up then? 'We had
one, but took It down again, for while
It was up no one came In."?Fliegende
Self-Preeervatlon.?"That man," remarked
one Spanish soldier, "hasn't the
respect of anybody In his regiment."
"Is he lacking in bravery?" "I should
soy so. He is so much afraid of being
hit by a bullet that he Insists on getting ]
as near tho target as possible when our
gunners are practising."?Washington
Star. _
Catarrh Cannot 1m Cm r*d.
by local applications as they cannot .
reach the diseased portion or the ear. "
There Is only one way to cure deafness,
and that Is by constitutional remedies. Deafness
Is caused by an Inflamed con-' I
ditlon of the mucous lining of the Eus-, I
tachlan Tube. When this tube Is inflamed
you have a rumbling sound or i
impeneci neuriti*. ujiu wncn n is entirely
closed, Deafness is tho result,
and unless the Inflammation can bo ta- ?
ken out and this tube restored to Its
normal condition, hearing will be destroyed
forever; nine cases out of ten I
are caused by catarrh, which is nothing
but an Inflamed condition of the mu- ?
2ouh surfaces.
We will Rive One Hundred Dollars for
any case of Deafness (caused by ca- G
tarrh) thot cannot be cured by Hall's
Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars; free. r
F. J. CHENEY, & CO.. Toledo. O.
Sold by Druggists. 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best. -A
Kirtii'itirtalnt Wonder. .
Did you ever see it If you have you ;
wish to sw it again. The Cleveland,
uorain & Wheeling Hallway (one of the ~
condors), wlH take you to Niagara Falls J
in?l return for less than you can stay at
K?me. Excursion traJn on August 27th
yiith through.,sleepers and ladies' coach- Cl
?? from nil stations. Consult agents and q
?et a ticket entitling you to a good seat a
?r Deirn. jflveryx>oay going inis year. ki
ttop-oveni granted at Chautauqua lake.
Kicnraloiia to Okland kiul Nomitalii L?k? "
August 2 to 25 the Baltimore & Ohio q
vlll noil excursion tickets to Oakland. 2
Mountain Luko Park and Deer Park, at X
rate of one fare for the round trip, good 2
eturnlng until August 31. Inclusive. X
Q.A o. bnnitiy ICxanrxtout on Fourth I
Commencing Sunday. May 29, and J
iverf Sunday thereafter, until Septem- I
>er 2.". inclusive, the Baltlmoro & Ohio J,
vlll sell excursion tickets to and from 1
ill motions between Wheeling and x
Jrafton. good returning date of sale, at I
>ne fare for tlio round trip, with ten 5
'onts added. Y
it the Unity la Catling TecUt. 0
3o euro and um thut old and well-tried z
rmcdy, Mm. Winalow'a 8oothlns ?
Jyrup for children toothing. It aoothos f
he child. softons the sums, ullnya nil 0
>aln, cures wind colic and Is tho bust
emedy for diarrhoea. Twenty-flvo O
:ents a bottle. _ m-w&f A
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Vlicellng to Cincinnati, O $5 BO J
Wheeling to Lexington. Ky 7 60 A
Wheeling to Loulftvllle, Ky D 00 X
V heeling to Louisville. Ky.. aucond A
cloag 3 CO A
*???? ?.* ^ ,||>j
On the Surface
thinly plated Silverware
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difference in the way it wears. But when
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plated turns out to be thinly plated, what
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they are and we tell you fully and frankly
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see. Everything Is protected by our full
guarantee. It's better to be sure than
John Becker & Co.,
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SepL 5,\ 7, 8 and '^lS^
Of Horses, Cattle, Sheep,
Swine and Poultry. + + +
Speed Entries Close August 29.
Race between the two Guideless Wonders.
Big Display of Everything.
It Is Everybody's Fair.
Come and See the Great Fair.
for list and information
AffHrn?? aArrntflrv.
A. REYMANN, President.
CtO. HOOK, Secretary.
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By Chas. Morris. Illustrated. 12mo,
cloth J1.C0
:he peacemakers.
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Our Ration***!
Tn W a f . ,? . *? I
M* w w V VT Q
The Intelligence lx Issuing In A ?
weekly parts an Invalnahlo IUuh- Z
tratcd hlitory of the Spanlsh-Anier- t
lean war on Hen and land, the plo 0
turoH being reproduced from photo- A ,
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jsa fc
lora In ream Oraafl Open
Peantt Butter.
* Jalnty for Luncheont I
a Hoiks. + + B
i n. P. ttehrens (a
Wheeling, SstcrsTille & MitimansTti
Btokmer Dlolas
Leaves Whlellnf every Tuesday, Tw
day and Siturday at 11 o'clock i ,
I-raves Ibtamoras every Mxiu
Wednesday tad Friday at 8 o'clock l?
ly? ' . MuiV
poTiHE Central
Olkan Co. Stock.
Wheeling lottery Stock.
FMtorla (Hubs Co. Stock. 1
. Aelna-Stattlard Preferred Stock. *
1 ' Aetna-StuMard Common Stock. \
W feeling Iron A Bteol Co. Stock.
RiVerslde Iron Work* Stock.
l?al3olle Irtn Works Stock.
Wheeling Ico & Storago Co. Stock,
Telophone ft. City Dank Building, Rom
For Rent S?bu.
An elegant modern residence. 10 roo*
and bath, lot and cold water, both si*,
west 4ide of Chapllno between T*fC.,.
seconf und Twenty-third streets. Poni
Blon-mven November 1.
S rooms lip stair* on Fifteenth itr*
comet Jnwb. only $16.
Tvrii-ttoty frame, 6 rooms, on Thlrtj.
fourth, strtet, only 112.
2 large rdomn, kitchen, hall and good c*
lar, brick kouso, 3509 Chapllne itrwt, frit
floor; .only 110.
A country residence with grounb. &
quire at once.
C. AjSCfltfFER & CO,
One Night Only, Monday Eveniaj,
August 22.
ueorge irusoa s ? w. s. tlstelafi
Model MiattraUy. | d Maitivn MtutrtU
' ?UNITKI) 1
Dual programme includes: Billy En?
eon, K. M.'Mall, John Queen, JuanOair,^
"King of the Wire," Marlon & Petri. K?i
& Welch, Troubadour Four, numtroot
other notables and English Hunt Clubhrade.
Secure desirable seat* early. Price# fl.t
75c and BOc. Seats on sale at C. A. Hojm'i
Mualc Store Friday August 19. tu?
lo Loan
On City Real Estate.
& CO., II 'Phcne 657.
You Can't Sleep
where there are bed bugs.
I Pa/1 Ritff Villap
lagiituiijg ifbu uug niHH,
Bugs will not go where it l?s
beeh applied. Sold by + +
R. H. LIST, fOlO Main Street
Jiist In Season.
For preparing corn for stewing, fritter!)
etc You get all the good of the com
leaving the bu|l on the ear.
1210 Main SlreeL
To the Taxpayers of the City of BfnvooJ
who have not paid their taxw for tM
years 1S33, ISM, IKS, 1S36 and 1S57:
You are hereby notified to make ?
tlcmcnt of such taxes durlwr the wonts ? .
August, 1898. to Special Collector Sunt *
lil;ike, as all hills remaining in hl?
after said date wll he collected1 acwnWI
to law: By order of Finance Commute*
TH03. 8HEPAJID, Mayor.
JOSKPH WARD. Beconfcr.
N. B.?Tho?e desiring to j>ay tuj
will call at my residence, corner Slxtn
McMechen streets. . ? ??ivr
au 1,8.15,29. RAM'L a BLAKR,
?e T?nD QATF Jt J
%>r- fc/- i Ui Warwick
China Co. Stock.
West Virginia Gin A Co. Stock.
Central "Glass Co. Stock.
Fostdtla Glaus C6. Stock.
? Aetna-Standard Preferred stock.
Riverside Iron Works Stock.
Hank of Wheeling Stock.
Kxchnnge Dnnk Stock. _ v
Wheeling & Hclmont Hrldfro Co. Stoci
Wheeling Bridge Co. Stock.
Wheeling ttrldge Co. Ponds.
Whltakcr Iron Co. llond*.
Fine "residence, completely furojjjjj
with all modern conveniences, on ui'ir
line street, between Twelfth and Fou
tccnth streets. Possession can bo nau ?
onc?-. _
Money to Loan on City Real Eittt
tirviTj a nn lta7I CTT.
JTIW w nivLy
Exchange Hank Building. ^
Ohio Valley Business
and English Academy.
Wheeling Business College Mofe*'k
Business Academy, and Ste* ensoM
Schoo! of Common nnd Higher 1<W
Usli nnd Mathematics.
We arc plonso.l to announce to otjf
'rlcndii uiul patrons that the above s
Imvo cotnMricd for I ho purpose of osuij*
lulling lit Wheollnff a Mplendld education*'
Institution of unlimited scope.
Our object in forming this combination
:i two-fold.
First?Wo desire to have In WhMlnj^* j
icnooi or wnicn nliu nan ioiik ion ????- i
8?von<i-MVo doniro to oftor to
mil Kuordlumi an Institution that wm ?? ,
their noi'fiH in ovory rnsiM'et. *nu nii?
Ihom to have thfir won*. dnuKht0^ fv,.
ivarOn under their own eye* whll?' 4'1
ng tho ailvnntii^cH of n J-11"1
jobs, I'mkUsIi and Claiwical education.
Every drpnrttnent Is complete. ?"? '
molded over by teacher* of the nir "*
>rd<>r of ability. We solicit a most inor
>ugh inspection. Addro**.
Ohio Valley Business
and English Academy.
Wheeling W. Vn
'All oxlmjng contracts with stuilf
rood. anl3:tuJ?vw>..
)F PRINTING carefully and Intel igcntff
ompleted nt th.? INTELLIUUNCMi

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