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K^n Regard to the Occupation of
(' .' Capital of Pbillpplncs.
Luto recognize the military
K-'^ 'awthobitt op the united
'' states?aobisaldo's dek";
hand for joint occupation
rjt? . jkdicate8badtemper on his
WASHINGTON, Aug. 18.-The war
| "department to-day made public tlio orB|?fler
fent to General Mcrrltt last evening:
the occupation of the city of
Wp; Manila, by tho American force*. Tho
Adjutant General's Ofllce,
K WASHINGTON, Aug. 17, 1898.
Major General Merrltt, Manila, \PhillpRk'
I : "The President directs trhat there mtist
bo no Joint occupation with the insurgents,
The United States In the possession
of Manila clty.Manila bay and harbor
must preserve the peace and protect
persons and property within the territory
occupied by thoir military and naval-forces.
The insurgents and all
; outers must recognize the military occupation
and authority of the United
States and the cossation of hostilities
proclaimed by the President. Use whatever
means in your judgment are neceseary
t6 this end. All law-abiding peoPl*
must be treated alike.
"By order Secretary of War.
in. C. CORBIN,
Adjutant General."
The officials of the department hope
.there may be no trouble with the Insurgent
forces In the Philippines, although
1 . the dispatches which have been received
and published in the press together with
: the.demand of Aguinaldo for joint occupation
has Indicated a temper on the
' part of the insurgent leaders which is
cot satisfactory.
The.text of the President's order can.
not be misunderstood, and the insurg;
ents will be l$ept out of Manila and the
| city, bay and hart>or will be held as an
.American possession. The possibility
an attack on fche city by the lnsurg
ent forces has teen considered, but as
p the Insurgents with the bay in pfieses!
aion of Admiral Dewey for three months
; and'10,000 American troops near the city
| ior a month past, were unable to cause
jjj? thesurrender of the city, it is not ber'Uevefl
they will be very formidable
against the forces of General Merritt.
( W YORK, Aug. 18.?A special dls,
patch to the World from Manila, August
r 14, via Hong Kong, to-djiy says:
?? !?? Vino npnnni>0i! n nr.wlfl
rHurouctui <uctinuo
nation to the natives which provides/ a
?2 scheme of government for Manila and
V surrounding territory and other Island
.places in our possession, the chief points
of which are:
^ Rigid protection to all in personal rejt;
Municipal laws, tribunals and local In&
stl tut ions for punishment of crime to re?
main until further notice (except where
!': Incompatible with military rule) subject
to supervision of the American general.
r Provost marshal and sub-provosts to
| be appointed with power to arre9t civil
? nrflltnrv nff<?nders.
I[: Open trade for neutral nations.
rV Public property to be rigorously protected.
t? No Interference with the people so Ions
as they preserve peace.
|| General Merrltt occupies the govery.
nor*? palace.
i: BEfRLIN, Auk. 18.?A dispatch from
Hong Kong, dated' Augrust 18, and evilewtty
official, says:
5r.v: "The Kalaorln Augusta, which left
Sfoolla with dispatches from Admiral
Von Dledrlchsi after the fatt of the city,
1%'. v/M return there to-day. uenerai aug-oati
and h!? family arrived on? board
! -. the crnlaer, Admiral Von Diedrlchs, at
P the requeat of General Auguatl, having
;; civen ?hem pusmge by an arrangement
" -wtlh the American commander-in-chief.
General Auguwtt has left Hong Kong en
r: route for Spain."
WASHINGTON*, Aug. 18.?Many complaints
have been received at the war
department of depredation* alleged to
U have been committed by soldiers of the
1 second division of the Second' army j
I corps at various .places In. Virginia or.
ft their march from Camp Alger, near
FaMs Church, to their present camp at
Thoroughfare Gap. These complaints
come principally from cHlzens residing
Jn the vicinity of Mamussua\ Bri#tow,
GMfton ami Burke's station^ Va. As a
cbnuequence.the secretary of war tvleI-.
graphed Brigadier General Davis, commanding
the second* division.. to conI
vene a military board at. once for the
consideration' of aM claim* for damages
, to -property by the troops of his commend
during the march to Thorough!.
fare Gaip and also Klnee their sojourn in
that vicinity. The adjutant general of ;
p. the army to-day received a dispatch
from Brigadier Oneral Davit* acknowl- i
fedglntfthe receipt ox mo wider*
antl toying that he hud appointed
a. boaTd with Lieutenant Colonel F. A.
Cook, of the First Rhode Island volunteer
Infantry as president to moot at
MbramraJR, Jjnttow, Clifton and Burke's
{ ! station for the consideration of ull
claims that may be submitted.
LONDON, Auff. 18.-The Morning
Post, commemting- editorially upon the
Interpretation which Senor ftilvela, lcad5$V
er of the Spanish dissident conscTvntives,
places upon the word "control"
KJ . in article 3 of the protocol1, as tiignify&incr
"intervention slmllur to (Jrent Urlt
ain'? occupation on jvgypi, hU>w. Allin
iV ; suggestion-of 151 Tempo amount* to an
y\ ottor of anf oJ'llanrp between tlw Spanish
fj. convervatlve party ami' the Wufthlngj
V tonr cabinet with a view to the future
adhilnlatrutlon of the Philippines."
; . WASHINGTON, D. C., August 18.K
The report from London that Count
gV. Coaalnl, Rusalan ambassador here, wll!
? shortly be transferred to London, oxj?.
cited much Intercut In diplomatic quarV
' ters, aa It ivan felt to have an irnporE
tant bearing on the Chinese question,
? which ha* recently reached ip) aeut?? |*k:
aue between Russia and Great Britain
?{ Count Casslnl 1? probably the brut post
h ?d public man of Russia concerning Chi
iimo affair* as ha was for flvu year*
Russian Ambassador at Pekln prior to
coming to Washington. It was during
bis service .at. Pekin that Russia executed
the coup gaining Port Arthur and
part of the Liao Tung peninsula. The
recent clash between Rusla and Great
Britain grew out of some of the British
concessions made while Count Cassinl
was at Pekln. His transfer to London
wili therefore give his government the
advantage af having the negotiations
with Qrent'Brltatn conducted by a diplomat
thoroughly conversant with the
condition of Chinese affairs.
Until nil Other Spanish Prliouari liar*
Krturnctl Home.
WAStUKUTUN, All ff. 18.?AOITiiral
Cervera will not retunv to Spain for the
present, and? reports from Annapolis
statins that he would leave for Washington
to-day are said at the navy department
to be due to misapprehension.
The admiral!1 has made no application to
leave, and it is the belief that he will be
the last of the Spanish prisoners to go
home, a* he has shown a fatherly regard
for all t?he other officers and men
and appears to be desirous of seeing
them on their way homeward before he
The navy department has not tak#n
up the question of the flnal disposition
of the- Spanish prisoners, although it
has paswed upon one or two special
cases in which the circumstances madw
speedy action advisable. One of these
was the case of Dr. Jurada, the. venerable
Spanish naval surgeon held with
the other ?j;ni}1?h prisoners at Annapolis.
The doctors reported that Dr. Jurada
wa? very feeble, and that while he
might, be able to reach Spain If released
now, he would not be able to make the
tirlp a month hence. The navy department
accordingly directed his release,
und the Spanish chaplain) will be allowed
to accompany Dr. Jurada to
The case of Captain/ 3roren, commander
of one of the cruisers of Cervera's
fleet, has also received special action
by the department. It appears that
Captain Moren Is wot only an. officer of
the navy but is a member of the Span*
ish parliament. With the prospect that
the parliament would reassemble at an
earty day. Captain- Moren was desirous
of returning to Spaiini and participating
In t'he sessions. In particular he expressed
the desire of letting the Spanish,
parliament of the Kenerous treatment
accorded to Mm and all other Spanish
prisoners by the United States. The ofllcials
here-felt that such a statement
from Captain Mbren could but have a,
salutary effect. Ills release waa accordingly
WASHINGTON, D. C., August 18.?
There have been conferences between
Estrada Palma and other representatives
of the Cubans with officials of the
United States government relative to
the Cubans and what would be done
with them. Mr. Pulma was advised that
the United States would not consider the
question of compensation of the Cuban
troops, because there was no power In
tho government to do so even If there
was an Inclination. He was told that
the best thing the Cubnns could do was
to advise the men In arms to disband,
retire to their homes and engage in
peaceful pursuits. That the members
After a Drawing by T. D;
ot the Cuban junta recognize that this
Is the only thing to do Is Been In the fnot
that emissaries have already been dispatched
to Cuba with a view of carrying
out the deal res of the United States
government. These emissaries will try
to persuade the Cubari loaders that resistance
to Cnlted States authority
would result only In further disaster and
distress In Cuba.
PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 18.?.Tohn }
Halo, aged 21 years, of Ashland Heights, :
Montgomery coun'fy, who last- night i
.'hot nnd seriously wounded- Ida Brown, '
IiIh sweetheart1, and then shot himself, i
died thl* morning. The jrirl will re- !
cover. The shooting Wa? the result of a j
>over?* quarrel.
A Kirnpr.
Thankful words written by Mrs. Ada
E. Hart, of Oroton, H. D.: "Was taken
with r? bad cold which settled on iny
lungs; cough set In nnd finally terminated
In Consumption. Four Donors
gave me up, paying I could live but n
short time. I gave myself up to my
Savior, determined If I could not stay
with mv friends on earth. I would meet
my absent one* above. My husband wan
nd vised t<? got Dr. Klnjx'ft New UIhcovery
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Headache in%) minute*. "One confc a daw?'
Prom Mrs. Walter XL Budd, of Pat*
ohosrue, New York.
Mrs. Budd, to the following letter,
tells a familiar story of weakness and
suffering, and thanks Mrs. Pinkham
for cpmplete relief:
" Deah Mbs. Panax*:?1 think it is
my duty to write
fHl to you and tellyon
^CJ Ik/ ComDound
a has done for
le. I feel like
nother woman,
had such dreadful
through my
\ on top of my
head, that I
nearly went
crazy; was also
troubled with
chills,was very
weak; my left
side from my
skoulders to
my waist pain
ed me terribly. I could not sleep for
the pain. Plasters would help for a
while, but as soon as taken off) the pain
would be Just as bad as ever. Doctors
prescribed medicine, but it fare me no
"Now I feel so Well and strong,
have no more headaches, and no
pain In side, and It is all owing to
jour Compound. I cannot praise it,
enough. It is a wonderful medicine.
[ recommend it to every woman I
From Utnllk and lautlago Considered at
the War Dopartmeut
WASHINGTON, Aug. 18.?Dispatches
of Importance were received and considered.at
the war department early today.
Immediately after the arrival of
Secretary Alger at the war department
he had a consultation with General Corbin
and denied himself to visitors. The
conference was a protracted one. They
were considering dispatches received
from General Merrltt and from Santiago.
It Is understood that General Merrltt's
dispatches were r.ot of a disquiet
ing nature, although the condition*! to
be faced in the Philippines are giving
the department considerable concern.
The conditions at Santiago are causing
a great deal of uneasiness and It is
believed that more troops will ordered
there very ffoon. Already orders
have been Issued directlngheFlfth regu
:nrc>^ pt,keitoo <^n deck r
irt Walker. Roproduced from Harper's
lar Infantry now at Tampa, to proceed I
at once to Santiago. Inquiries have |
been made au to the condition of the immune
regiments which have not yet sailed
with a view of sending thorn to Santiago.
The government intends to take
vigorous measures to preserve'the peace
and keep order in Santiago and the territory
under United States control. The
emphatic order Issued to General Lawton
a few days ago will be followed by
orders sending sufficient disciplined
troops to enable him to carry out the Instructions
of the secretary.
As ji further step In this direction, the
President* to-day directed that the
Twenty-third Kansas regiment, colored.
be dlapatched t?? Santiago, to form part
of tho army of occupation of Cuba. T^e
Kuneann liinl tendered their iiervlroH for
this purpose and had ur#ced acceptancc
which President McKlnley nnd Secretary
Alger finally agreed to to-day, aftor
a conference with Representative
Curtla, of KnnMas. It was dertded also
to oend the Twentieth Known* to Manila
should additional trnopd bo anked for by
General Merrltt. The Twentieth la now
at Fan Franclaco.
LONDON". AUff. 18.?M. dv Kto*'lo, tho
UiuKlnn nmbnwudor to Great Hrltaln,
according to a <11*put<'h from St.
Pr-tvt'^burK. w1H shortly rotlre from
l^omlon nnd bt irucrwHlod by Count GusKlnl,
Uuwlati ambassador to tho United
ACCIDENTS come with distressing
froquency on the fi?rm. Guts, brulmw,
sting*. HprnliiM. Dr. Thorns*' ISclvctrlc
Oil roll?'V?'S tho pain liistautly. Nover
ufo without IU 2
Ttuueure Boya In Tnab>?-1 DUbtBtO
QaariarmaiUr Surgeon.
SAN FRANCISCO. Aug. 18.?The investigation
set on foot by General Miller
in tbe ease of Thomas, the negro who
was assaulted and whose home was
partly demolished by Tennessee volunteers
on Monday morning. Is .progreenIng.
Tlie freedom of passing In and out
of the lines Is still greatly curtailed to
the regiment Involved In tbe affair and
an extra guard, patrols the Presidio
grounds and Ihe streets adjacent. The
regiment will, at Its own expense, repair
iho rinmnor*dnno tn the Thomas hourio.
The board of suryoy which has been
examining the accounts of Lieutenant
W. A. Green, regimental commissary of
the Twentieth Kansas, to.fix the responsibility
for the disappearance of certain
supplies which Quartermaster Surgeon
Young has Just been- tried for stealing,
and to estimate the value of the same,
has completed its report. Lieutenant
Green is held financially responsible, for
the loss which amounts to $108, while the
criminal responsibility Is fijted upon
Toung. Green was ill in the French j
hospital at the time. Young's trial before
a court martial has been finished j
"but the result has not yet been .given
A site has been chosen at the Presidio
reservation for the Red Cross convalascent
hospital which will soon, be
H. O. Low, Chinese consul has forwarded
to the San Francisco Red Cross
Society $50 contributed by the Chinese
cigar makers union.
There are now 24C cases in the military
division hospital. Privates John Reed
and Joseph Needles, of the Iowa Infantry,
and Kufus l*. Allen, of the Twentythird
Infantry, have died of pneumonia.
Sending the Sick SoWllera llome?Penusyl la's
Iloepltnl Train.
Aug. 18.?The First Vermont regiment
la expected to break camp and leave
Chickamauga for Port Ethan Allen, Vt.,
to-morrow* morning. The men have
about completed their Arrangements and
all their baggage is aboard cars. The
sick of the regiment, forty-one In all are
enroute home on Pullman cars. CWonel
Mimms, who has been sick for some time
has ao Tar recovered as to "be able to reassume
command. The sick soldiers of
the Pennsylvania regiments are to toe
sent home in first class style. The excellently
arranged hospital train from
Philadelphia will arrive here to-night
and the sick men, about 126 in all, will
be put aboard to-morrow in timing. The
)P THE U. 8. a. "ST. LOUIS/ FRO
Weekly. By Permission. Copyright, 188
I train will leave for Pennsylvania tomorrow
afternoon. The seats have been
taken from the coaches and comfortable
beds placed In thoir places.
The officers of the regiments think the
plan of sending the sick home will save
a number of lives. ,
Major Frederick R. Boetwlck, of the
B?nff ?t ??,.? nnvmAutnr mniMl iHi-ml
to-day from Atlanta, whore he has been
stationed for some time. He comes to
assist In the work of paying oft dteehargftd
enlisted men and officers on detached
A. J. Welch, chief clerk In the railway
mall service In this division, has been
ordered to proceed to Lexington, Ky? to
arrango to furnish mall facilities to the
soldiers to bo encamped there. No orders
have yet been received for elthnr
the first or second divisions of the first
corps to move.
Will *;nrry .nmmri' ? Iiiumi*niuii,
NEW YORK. Auk. 19.?A special to
the Herald from Washington says:
ltrar Admiral Sampson'* flagship, the
armored cruiser New York, will he tho
flrat American war.shlp to enter the harbor
of Havana ulncu war was declared.
She will carry with her the members of
the military commission appointed by
the President to proceed to Havana to
arranpo with n Hlmllar commission to be
appointed by Spain, t'he details of tho
evacuation of the Spanish troops.
OAKLAND. Cnl., Aug. 18.-John W.
Meadors has been formally accused of
tho murder of Jonas Ury at Camp Harrctt
by Captain ,Wi B. Barnes of ComI
?: : ? ???
Colonel Chambers McKlbben Enjoys th?
Military Aft*
When the Spaniards under General
Toral surrendered the city of Santiago
and surrounding country to General
Shafter on conditions agreeable to both
parties, it then became the duty of the
government to appoint some one to control
the military affairs of our new possession.
The man who was appointed to
All this position temporarily was Colonel
Chambers McKibben.
Colonel Chambers McKlbben is 1
commander of the -Twenty-first Infantry
of the United States Army. The fact that
ne was wrii a, jo jiiuwuceh-u uj
hie daring In running away fronv school
when a little more than a boy to enlist
D8, by Harper & Brothers.
pany C. Eighth California volunteers,
and wilt be arraigned before Justice
Lawrence in East Oakland. The coron- i
er's jury has found that: Ury was mur- <
dcTOd by Mtaidors. The prisoner ad- i
mitted that this wa* the second time 1
that he hod fared a charge of rounder.
Severnh yt art* ago he killed a niaai in
Arkantup but waff acquitted on the plea
of Kclf defense, lit- make* the same
justification for the assault on Ury. j
"ITCHING hemorrhoids were the
plague of my life. Was alniowt wild.
Down's Ointment cured me quickly and
permanently, ?ft? r doctors h.ul failed."
C. F. Cornwell, Valley Street, Snu^rtlcw.
X. Y. 3 i
Which Ha/fJi
Ylxk ImM-nttMfV'a fldfira nrr* linnl
realize. Cleaning alone is a constat!
strength, n never-ended tnsk. More
work of denning she can have done 1
will, and the expense will be uex
j Unique Distinction of Controlling the
lira of the City.
as a private in aPennsylvanla regiment.
He tvas more fortunate than a great
many of his comrades, for his family In.
fluenct* was of such importance as to se.
Cure mm U cunuuiwniu as dcuuiiu ucutenant
of regulars. Had not this ono
point been in his favor, Lieutenant McKlbben
would still have won a mark for
himself, for his constant daring has
gained him many promotions, and lie
had performed a* much and as varied
service as any officer of his rank in tlio
army. Colonel McKlbljen's father was
long a leader in Pennsylvania politics,
and his elder brother was second to Senator
Broderlck in his famous and fatal
duel with Judge Terry.
E*oran In Evwy Iloiiwl?oI(l In Whoellug
tint They're C3ro%Tli?K L*??.
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Wheeling. I would rather have a box
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ot all tho doctors In the state. I was
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my trouble, dreading to hear them say
in mm n lvnicn i iiuu ?!?? /?
thought Incurable. My relatives did
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>f here, was struck by lightning last
light. Five sons, the oldest being slxcen,
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vere burned to death.
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