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Tlic Recent Advance iu Stocks oii
Wall Street.
.many buyers realizing
tVbb of many ijnbs-pkices
Social Correspondence of Intelligences
.NEW YORK, Aug 27.?The advance
in stocks has reached a point where purchases
will have lo be made with greater
discrimination than a few weeks ago.
Pome stocks have had unusual advances,
and buyers were Justified In
taking some prollts, no matter how
promising the futuro appeared. This
week there has been considerable realizing
by both insiders and the shrewder
I class of operators. Strong manipula
tion carried some or tno specialties upward
too fait for staplblllty, and ccrtaln
specialties may Boon developo a setback;
t,'. -Ides a halt when it come In the upward
movement of the hint dividend
pavers will naturally deprive the markei
of strong support There was also
a feeling that the making of peace with
Km'n has been about discounted; and
that It 1* now prudent to awaK
trup rcsu.ts and a further itnuryvement
In business before boomthe
market roach more.
A few operators professed fcara of hlgh...
?,?n. v rates. Not any of these fac
tors, however, were of much consequence.
I'rices have advanced to such
hish figures that a moderate reaction,
admitting fresh buying:, interests and
lewlinn the "pyramid" account*, would
lengthen ratner than weaken th<^ market.
Under present favorable conditions
no violent reaction can be expected.
Money rater, may harden somewhat
when crop and Fall trade demands assort
th- mselves, but any. decided rise
In interest rates will rapidly bring gold
fron: I2ur?>i>e and renewed ease In money
Th- most Influential factftc In the stock
mark-1 for tome time t<? come will be
the radical change in public sentiment
from doubt to confidence, which has received
powerful stimulus from the war.
The new feeling of national self-confldence
has exerted an unseen but none
the loss r?-a! cffcct upon individuals; our
leaders have .suddenly Income optimists;
old doubts have been cast aside,
ar.o cow hopes are reviving enterprise
and industry. The effect <?f this state
of affairs is bound to assert itself very
effectively on the Stock Exchange. At
the nmmtnt prices may show eom*? hesitancy
in the forward movement, but
thi.-? can only b temporary. Increased
earning and increased dividends cannot
If Icnotvd. and in due season prices will
vhuw a still higher level, specially Ir.
the lower grade properties. 'Among the
char.g ? we should like our Cartomers to
par*.;-ularly bear in mind- 1? thla The
cp* r.:::sr of Con-gres* is usually look'd
forward to with dread and as-a time for
s iling stocks, but this year is likely to
pr . < a notable exc* p:io(v, TheoMdis
tu;.';ng :s.*ues are ce.nr anu cuiutoi uc
revived, for the more important Issues
refuting from the war mu^i have first
tt ration. It i.? practically certain- also"
that a new round currency me asure wlU
pas* r.ext winter; that foror.c?* in-our
h!f?ory the afsenVbMng of Conzreutt iu
j'.k'iv to he more of a bun than a bear
Thv war has left on our handy some
ftriou.* problems, which from tlris time
for a aril largely occirpy public attention.
It is difficult to define the
ch-vjes with exact-n:-^ uwtll after the
completion of the labors of th?- Peace
i i'h ;>* lr?i. however, on
which there is mc&i certainty is that
l'c:Hi?o w.Vt become a permanent
tar: of the dominions of the United
St.it The dlfpiwa-: to br finally made
of Cuba cannot at present Ik- foreseen;
tut th< first step may be expected to be
provifiona]?placlnsr the inhabitants in
& *ta:o of probation with a view of asc?rtalr.in-g
th-ir capacity for peaceful
i and* tois t^leitge beIr.g
under the auspices and protection
c/ the Unit*! States-. Should that experiment
result ?atl?5 ictor'.ly. our goverr,v.*nt
would1 dou!? Ifs* be disposed to
re?;-, i the terms of our Declaration of
War by giving Cuba independence ut/<Jtr
.1 L'nited State* protectorate.
* iiy far the rr.ovt ddfllcult question,
however. is the d-ispobltion- to be made
?'< 1*:..v .ppir.es Islands, in the respect
t '.vhli-V. r.t, ?hlnfr Is r!rtHnH?lv Simulated.
I^-Ka. opinion appears to Incline to the
v.- a that the recent victories of General
M<rritt will not c!ians?- the terms apecifi
' in the Peace Protocol. However,
:h .- may be. it rests ii. our power to
n.akc whatever disposal of the Island?*
ue may please; f<?r sh"Uid to- Sf>ani?h
O>nmis5ioners re*fu?e to accept our den>;-.<> .
:he peace conacrei:t v would be a
failure, h???ilitie? would- be resumed
ar<i ,juT arm.- would accomtfls-h what
." 'pain had refus?-u to grant ?.?n the preter.v
mat w?- had conquered oo?y a
sn.-.i.; part of the territory. At pre?ent
the President appear* to be stilt waiting
f r fu-H evidence of the h r.tlzi.cnt of the
'V-ntriuir. people on the question of unv.-a.s
dlrtncjin*-# him to appropriate
i i.T whole jrroup of isiar.'..>;
tut at twin* time he
may oe exacted to follow the course
t -vi.ch the majority of public opinion
Private wishes and opinions apart,
ttriu ho n<> doubt. frorrn the
?i" n symptoms of public opinion. while
I-it ruur.y mer/ of sober an?l conservative
judgment arc opposed to any thins
t- > j|yi sma>? acquisition* for strata
k I'U.*poses, 3 i a considerate maJ
of the people at large are enter'
a positive foe. r.? in> favor of anr.txluj
the , rulre archipelago. It seems
Q'i r r 'therefore. : hut this may
1 flr.u. y our doinand In the Paris Confcr-ncc.
The r-r sportive even's are deetlwd
aroui a d- -p Interest in the public
for t<}; .' i/'xt f?:W months, holding
n i -rdluary l?*u? ? in subordination-and
pofilbtp prodtKlnf tome Important
changes In parcy policies. It is to be
that :h- ociu/,,atlun of the pubis*
?-ind .^lth the questions that appeal
fundamental principles of govern
an to our taghes: national am
i ?> n?i'. an eicvaiiRf nwii
th?- j?virlt of national poUtln* and
wad to IrigfMtr ooncaptlona of ?ajr coun'
<>. > :iny and to loftier Idea* of tho
du i f. and. reftponvrbllltles of ?:a'.?tfinunr fclp.
In the Introduction of the?* MW H?n?r.;>
into Wifc r/.ulonal uplrit. and life
i.*iaev?r. I ? ? ?. nothiw that 1# calculat
1 create or cfcirtrur: or to retard
tfi urrenta fK trad* or to piaco any
cli?ck ujion the gri-ul nrntioivU revival
1,1 ha* t+>\. ir> through every departrrvnt
of bunlwnt. In<K.-etK the direct
! : r ?> of th? ?? it .% -intu iJla l? to
" 'r j..v- rational activity ai^l tonll'
Illth<?rto, the lift-: Ion luu* been
i measure r< rtralned by a ?ort of
' i irunt arising from the fact that
*tr? nK:h h-.i* \>- n fairly measured
' rortva. nw four months of
r.<> ,.!if|?y with a European power, hni
r v".i!<?j a resource which rank? ui? with
w>? mo*t potent power* an<l whow* that
Uf have nothing to f*ar an to our ability
i? rov?-t our lMerert.< again* t whatever
come*. This ertabllfhe* a new
national conilder.'.v, afford*
ft i-. -A- iruarmrrty of our national ?ndlt
52?* to lh" vahie of uli ?.ur forma
or uritlH*. Thin view Iium not
had it* full effect In th- financial
nmncMa; lu complete reeuH l? likely to
Dr. Miles'Heart Cure
Our?? A Promlntnt Attorney.
MB. B. 0. PHELPS, the leading pension
attorney of Belfast, N. Y., writes:
"1 was discharged from the arm j on
account of ill health, and suffered from
heart trouble evor since. I frequently had
fainting and smothering spells. My form
was bent as a man of 60u I constantly woro
an overcoat, oven In summer, for fear of
taking cold. I could not attend to my business.
My rest was broken by severs pains
about the heart and left shoulder. Three
years ago I commenced using Dr. Miles*
Heart Cure, notwithstanding I had used so
much patent medicine and taken drags from
doctors for yoars without being helped. Dr.
Miles'Heart Care restored me to health. It
Is truly a wonderful medicine and It ctfords
me much pleasuro to recommend this rrmedy
to overyoue." ESffflPBflB
Dr. Miles' Remedies
are sold by all drug- r^|
gists under a positive >*%
guarantee, first bottle PlMllCMM
benefits or money refunded.
Boole on disesses
of the heart and
uerres free. Address, HfWllHi
DB. MILES MEDICAL CO.. Elkhart. Ind.
come through an increased foreign demand
for our investments.
My weekftr letter of A"prii 23d contain^
ed the following1, which bears reprinting
at this time owing: to the accurate
diagnosis of the situation:
"The temper in which Walt Street has
received the Intervention decree of Conpress
ar.d the President's ultimatum to
Spain confirms the views expressed in
our recent advices that the Stock Exchange
had discounted the worst probabilities
In the Cuban question and adJusted
the values of investments in advance
to the outcome that has at last
happened. With its rarely erring instinct
of forecast the financial1 community
has foreseen the end from the
beglnnnig of this low? and tedious excKement.
and now that the war has
come It has no further adjustments to
make?no setting under the impulse of
new fears. The men of the Exchange
had made up their minds as to what
amount of discount from the normal
market vahie of securities a war with
Spain catted for. and the remarkable
steadiness of WaM Street during the
past week in evidence of a fixed confidence
in their conclusions."
Since the above -was written the advance
in many If the active securities
im at thn. Kncehjiiwre has been from
10 40 per cent. as shown by the following
? April 23, Aug. 25,
1S98. ISM.
Northwest jji.,
Chi., Pur. & Qulncy -ST* 1 ;T<
Ht. Paul *5 j!s?j
Rork Island & lj5?i
New York Central... 107 1W
Northern Pacific pfd ?
Northern Pacific common. 224 g/j
Union Pacific o.M Wfc
Union Pacific, common.... 1**
C.. C.. C. Sc St. L ?H
Tobacco ; *7
Brooklyn Rapid Transit... SP? ?J
Chlrauo Ga. K'>
Ex 10 per ccnt extra dividend.
henry oBwa
Bradstrects: Business lJ slow and
.. l-arv rrtf1?w*rvatlve
ouyers arc
I ly in taking supplies. Dealers maintain
prices with considerable strength, but
} they are unable to move much wopl.
Statistically the outlcok Is strong, but
! manufacturers are not Impressed by
i the demand for woolena, and conse:
quently will not buy wool except to
I me?>t actual requirements. The new
: wools havu cost dealers more than the
' present market will warrant, and no old
j wools sold at present prices can be replaced
except at considerable loss. The
result Is a hand-to-mouth business.with
| hope of Improvement later on. Boston'*
j sales this week Include about 1.250,000
; pounds territory and Texar. wools on
j the basis of former prices. Fleeces are
slow, but held steady. Australian
' wools are held firm, but sell slow. Other
I foreign wools quiet.
ItiU'klni** Arulca
I The best salve In the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores. JTlcers. Suit Itheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
ChilJblains, Corns, and ail Skin Eruptions,
and positively cures Piles, or no
pa;* required. It Is guaranteed to give
I j crfect satisfaction or money refuuded.
Price 25 cents per box. For sale by Logan
Drug Co. _
The Frill tire* of (lie .Money mid Stork
NEW YORK, August 27.?Money on
call steady at 2{?2I,& per cent; last loan
2 per cent. Prime mercantile paper 3%i
@4% per cent Sterling exchange steady
with actual business In bankers' bills at
|4 86^4 for demand and $1 82K?
4 82!i for 60 days; posted rates S4 84^
and $4 86; commercial bills $4 82\. S.lver
certificates 59ft?61c. Bar silver 60c.
Mexican dollars 46V?c.
The bears manifested considerable
confidence that a reaction In the prices
<if stocks was due to-day, and they sold
a: the opening advance, and carried
prices at one time materially -below l ist
night's close. They had on their side a
disposition by many holders to take
profits. Hut the demand was s>i consld
arable as to absorb an oixerings ai im
decline, an<i the bears wore forced to
cover quite heavily, lifting prices #harpIy
abo\*e the lowest and In many case.1
above last night. The drop In Sugar at
tho opening was an unsettling factor,
and a determined drive against People'*
CJ.m finally knocked off IVj P*r cent from
the price of that stock.
It was evident al?o that there wan an
ahundant supply of stock of the granger
and of th?* Northern Pacific to be hid
on any considerable advance In prices,
The opening high prices were partly ma.
! nlpulated for purpurea of realizing,
! prices of Americans having been advanced
In London by cabled orders from
' I New York. A number of prominent
I stocks showed vigorous resistance to the
1 i declining market and were potent facj
tors In e(fec(|ng the rally. Most con'
splcuous of these were the T'nlon PacMcs,
The common r<?se 1% per cenl
' on the opening demand and sold down
nearly a point on tho reaction. The re.
covery carried It up an extreme
I cent. Th?? preferred stock was Arm
show last night's figures. Denver &
I Hio Oranilo preferred ?hnweu lominu <i
i dtrrnKlli. <11 illj Soulhern Railway preI
(erred, Krle Drat pref?rrcJ, Norfolk A
Western preferred, and the Wabash ?e
curKJeS. The heavy In *urpluc
reserve of the banks was an unsettling
influence in tt^e lale trading. The closing
was comewhat irregular, som?
stocks showing effects of renewed buy
ing, while others suffered from continued
proflt taking.
Railroad bonds were active to-day
and closed rather feverish at reactions
in the speculative Issues. The stock
market has gone through an extensive
process of liquidation of profits during
the week and has demonstrated such a
Arm basis of underlying strength as to
have encouraged there-entry into stocks
1 of of the Influential financial Intercstsi.
who had sold out to the public
after having manipulated (he rise to the
extreme point they considered possible.
But the week's event showed thai other
speculators were waiting to take stocks
at any marked recession in pricess. It
also showed that the profit taking had
resulted in the actual digestion of large
ajnoui^ of dividend paying stocks and
bonds, and the consequent reduction of
the floating supply In tnc market. The
active return in interest and dividends
makes these attractive Investments
while money continues cheap.
To-day's bank statement shows that
the amount of the increase in loans has
been more than withdrawn from the deposit
account It has, in fact, been diverted
to the United Ftates treasury,
and there have not been sufficient government
bond* available for the banks
to offer security to maintain government
money on deposits. The result Is
a loss of cash amounting to $9,590,800,
although New York banks have had not
receipts in the interior currency movement
during the week. The consequence
Is a decline in the surplus of
$7,495,960, even after a reduction in reserve
requirements of $1,194,830. If the
demand from the interior for moving
crops should rise to normal proportions,
surplus reserve would hove to be
promptly replenished from some source.
There is, however, a likelihood that Interior
demand will prove lighter than
usual, owing to abundant interior reserves.
The fall in sterling exchange
makes it evident, also, that the money
market would And relief in gold Imports
without necessitating any great contraction
of credit.
United States seconds have advanced
1, the old 4s registered have declined %,
the new 4s M and the 3s, when issued.
% per cent in the tld price.
U. S. new 4s reg.128 Ore. R ft Nav.. W4
do coupon 128 Pittsburgh 169
U. 8. 4s 11! Reading 1?
do coupon 112% do first pre.... 45
do seconds .... 9S Rock Island U>?
tJ. S. 6s re* Ill St Paul 114
do Ss coupon...113 do pre., ofT'd-lffl
Pacific 6s of SC..1KH St. P. ft Omaha. *?4
Atchison H'? do preferred...IMS
do preferred... 3<Wi Southern Pac... 2=Vj
Bat. ft Ohio 16 Texas ft Pac.... 1H.
Can. Pacific RS Union Pac., pre. S7S
Can. Southern... 51'4 Wahash ......... SS
Central PacMc.. is% do preferred... 22S
Ches. ft Ohio.... :t(i Wheel's ft UK JVj
Chi. ft Alton....Ill do preferred... 12
Chi.. Bur. ft Q..11*51 Adams 1.x.......106
i C. C. C. ft St. L. 43 Amerlran Ex...130
1 do preferred... 86^(U. S. Express... 40
' Pol. ft Hudson..119 I Well* Fanto....l?
Del., I.nt'k. ft W.I5H4 Am. Spirits...... It?,
i Den. ft Kio O.... 14\ do preferred... 40*
i j- 1 (?'. Am Tfthrirt'O ...HHi
k Erie (new) 14U do preferred...132
1 do first pro.... 3J?*j People's (las....106
1 Port Wayne ....172 Col. F. & Iron.. 24
1 Hocking Valley. 5Va do preferred... 70
Illlnolii Central..112^ Oen. Electric... 40^
Lake Eri? & W. 1*4 Illinois Steel,... 70
do preferred... 75*i Lead 3S%
Lake Shore 192V4 do preferred...112%
I/Ou. A Nash.... mi Pacific Mall .... 14>4
Mich. Central....108 Pullman Pal....185
Mo. Pacific 37 Silver Car 69H
N. J. Central.... 92^ Sugar 1444
N. T. Central....llKSi do preferred...1H3;
Northwestern ...135>i Tenn. Com a 1. 32'4
do prefer*ed...l7f? U. S. Leather. . TVi
Northern Par... 4014 do preferred... 72?t
do preferred... 77 V* I Western Union. 94%
llr'niltf nfls nnd I'roililoni.
CHICAGO?A desire on the part of
September shorts to cover up over
Sundjf caused prices to tend upward
to-day In the wheat pit. September
closed %c higher and December gained
%c. Corn rose %c. Oats are unchanged
to He up. Pork advanced 2%e; lard
5c and ribs ~*Ac.
1 Wet weather in England nnd reports
of failure of the wheat crop in one of
the grain producing provinces of Russia
were given as reasons for the Liverpool
quotations of wheat showing an advance
of from %d for September to %d
for December. The advance on the
other side, where a decline had been
confidently looked for. was the principal
reason for higher prices at the opening
here. Behind the improvement at LIv
erpool there was the still abiding cause
' of anxiety to short sellers for Septemi
ber In the existing scarcity of the ^raln
n commercial channels. Comparatively
heavy receipts In the northwest was the
qualifying condition of affairs in the
start that the bears took comfort for
and prevent anything like panic among
thorn from the disturbingly small
amount in store. The week's shipments
of wheat and flour from both coasts was
reported at 3,563,473 bushels, compared
with 3,988,000 bushels the previous week.
Chicago receipts for the dot* were 181
cars, against 100 (he year before. Minneapolis
and Duluth reported 632 cars,
compared with 395 the similar day of
the year before. The total receipts at
western primary nvirkets was 703,000
bushels, compared with 1.182,000 bushels
the year before. Atlantic port clearances
for the day were equal to 354.000
In wheat and Hour. The domestic winter
wheat receipts were again strikingly
smaller than those of the preceding
year. September wheat opened at 63'fcc
* tint nrlrnaii,!
ililU ftCJH ci'liup .... , ... 63Vfrc
during the greater part of the session.
December most of the time kept
at 2c under September. Flrmne33 was
the prevailing feeling near the close,
when prices were nt their best for the
inf. September selling sparingly at 64r</
WHc and December ?t 6l%c, but both
reacted a fraction on the last few
trades. September opened %C higher at
637<,c. declined to rone to 64{?&4V*c.
and closed at We. December started V'T
',ic up at 61%tf?61~),c. ?old off to 61%?
CIS>c, Armed up to 6j"ic and left off at
61%e buyer.*.
The mood In corn was somewhat bull1
Ish on claims from Kansas of poor
yields because of hot weather. Speculation
wan dull and traders apparently
Inclined to leave deals open for develop1
ments during the coming week. Septem'
bcr opened 14c higher at SOe. .sold up to
I 30Q30Vic, declined to 29"?c und closed at
30c bid.
Trade In oats was mostly In the way
nf ol.nnnlmr >i..t>f <.?n In-r Pll!) t HI ClS OVeT
Into May, the latter holding nt 2V?c
premium. September opened unchanged
to Ho lower at 19%c and advanced
to 19T?c, the cloning price.
Support from houses with Kngllsh
connections together with denials of the
yellow fever rumors from Texas steadled
provision* Packer.* bought fiept
em her lion and Hold (October. Heptemher
ixirk opened SVfco lower nl J* SO and
sold up to IS M, the cloning price. September
lard began 2?^c higher at $." 10.
declined to J.*, "7H. th-n milled lo $" 12?$
at the close September ribs started tin
chaniced at V> IT. Improved to 23 and
closed at IS 22(?'> 2"?.
Kntlmat'xl rerejpts for Monday:
Wheat, 'jik) earn; corn. 760 car*; oat*.
47ft cars; hogs, ito.ooo head.
Canh quotfttlonii wore as follows:
Flour?Steadier; special brand $4 "5;
I imm paii-iu a # > N'UI ?' ?? I
cr.ts 15 7063 M; hard straight* S3 300
2 40; September straights *3 10tf3 20. "
Wh<it-N?i 2 ?prina 63&65r; No. 3 C
spring wheat 61053c: No. 2 red 69e.
Corn-No. 2. 30*4fi30?ic; No- 2 yellow
30\fc31c. I
Oats?No. 2. 20*c: No. 2 white 23$
24%c; No. 3 white 21?24c.
Rye-No. 2. 44c.
Barley?No. 2, 44c.
Flaxseed?No. 1. S*%c: N*. W. 81%c.
Tlraothyseed?Prime $2 52^.
Mess Pork?Per barrel 18 S56S 90. *
Lard?Per 100 lbs.. 15 10?5 12%.
Short Ribs?Sides (loose) S3 1O0S 35.
Dry salted shoulders (boxed) 4^4%c. S
Short clear sick*"(boxed) 35 506 5 60.
On the produce exchange to-day, the butter
market \vas firm; creameries 139 .
17c; dairies 12G17c. ?
Eggs?Firm; Tresh 12c.
Cheese unchanged. J
The leading futures ranged as follows: J
j j i
Articles. Open. High. Low. Close. x
Wheat, No. 2.1 p " J
Au*. 674 675* .
Sept. tt% ?S 6&i W
Dec 61% 81% 61% 61S .
May ........ 63* K*. . 634 63S
Com. No. 2.
Aug SO SuH ?% JO I
Sept. 30 90* tsy, $0 :
Dec. SO son SO 304
May ........ 12* 324 22% Eh .
Oats, No. 1
SepL 1WJ 19T4 19% 19%
May ........ 32% 22% 22 22 y
Mmi Pock.- 3
Sept. SM 8 83 8 80 8 85
Oct. Sfc'H 885 8 82* 885
Dec. 8*74 8 924 8 87b 8 92* <
Sept. _ 510 5124 5 0*i 512%
Oct. 513% 6174 5 124 6 174 ?
Dec. 6 174 6 224 6174 5 224 ,
Short Ribs.
Sept. 6 174 5 25 6 174 5 25
Oct. ..J_ S 17$ 5 3 5 174 5 23_
NF5W YARK?Flrur e-d r*l?c :
lower to sell. Oornroenl steady; y*?Mow
western '?ic. Barley, ma it uul?; western 5C?60c.
Wheat, spot market steady; 1
No. 2 re<S 734c f .b. o. afloat to arrive j
on spot Options opened strong and
higher on unexpected advances in cables
accornpanded by foreign btrylmg. There
was unloading and a slow reaction, the
close being easy at HGKc net advance; .
No. 2 red; May, 674c; August 73%&73%c .
closed at 734c; September 68*?F68%c; .
closed 68*c. '
Corn, spot steady; No. 2 C. o. b. afloat;
options opened flrxn, with wheat and in 2
absence of selling pressure ruled steady "
all the morning; closed unchanged. I
September 344c. I
Oats, No. 2 27c; No. 2 white new 30c;
options neglected but fairly steady, closing
unchanged; September closed 24%c.
Hops steady; state common to choice.
1895 crop, 2?3c; 1896 crop. 6?6c; 1897
crop, 11012a Pacific coast, 1895 crop, i
~ ? ran.. 10M .?n Mgfl Or* I
zg>tc; iwo dv?v, io?i uur, ? ?.
Cheese duN; large white, 7H?7%c;
small white 7%?8o; large colored 7*,? .
T^fcc; smalP colored- 8c. Cottoneeed oil dull;
prime crude nominal-; prime
crude f. o. b. mill? nominal; prime
yettow summer, 23c; off summer yellow
22l?. Butter grade* entirely nominal;
prime winner yellow 27?28c. Tallow
quiet*, olty 33Hc;coui*ry Slttc. Rloe
steady; fair to extra 5%6^4c; Japan 574
?0%c. Molasses steady; New Orleans
open kettle good to choice 28033c.
Coffee?Options opened steady with
prices 5 points lower, later In sympathy ]
with decline In Europe and Brazilian (
markets; reacted on local buying:, liber- J
al warehouse deliveries, comparatively ,
email receipts and good consumptive demand.
Trading very active with switching
of September option to more re- ]
mote deliveries principal feature; closed
steady, unchanged to 10 points lower;
sales 34.500 bags, including September.
*5 WAS 65; spot coffee, rlo steady; No. 7
invoice 6*ic; No. 7 Jobbing 6%c; mild i
steady; Cordova 8? 15c; sales moderate .
Jobbing trade.
Sugars? Raw strong, fair refining,
3 13-16c; centrifugal 96 test. 4>4c; molasses
3 9-16e; refined strong; mould A,
5%c; standard A 6%c; confectioners A
5 lie; cut loaf 576c; crushed 5?ic; powdered
d&c; granulated 5*ic; cubes 5%c.
BALTIMORE?Flour dull, unchanged;
receipts 12,391 barrels; exports 2,6oG
barrels. Wheat steady: npot and month
70^ Corn dull; spot 34?3<ttc; steamer
er No. 2 red 64%?64%c; receipts 77,40*
barrels; exports none; Southern wheat
by sample 6tQ71c; do. on grade 65%?
70Hc. Corn dull; spot 34<0>34l4c; month i
34834%c; September 33ft(734tt; steamer t
mixed 33(?33Hc; receipts 11?,6"?5 bushels;
exports none; Southern white and yel- !
low corn 34%@36c. Oats dull; No. 2 J
wite Western 27tt028c; No. 2 mixed do.
I' 5H Kuvhi'la- Atnortfl
20,2.7) bushels. ,
Butter steady. unchanged. EffKfl firm. t
unchanged. Cheese steady. unchanged.
CINCINNATI?Wheat quiet; No. 2
red Mfi6Tc. Corn dull: No. 2 irctxet
.10c. Oats easy: No. 2 mixed 21?4e- Kye i
steady: No. 2. 46o. tflrd flrm at Jl 97(4.
Bulkmeats quiet at tZ 50. Baron steady
at SO SS. Whiskey flrm at ?1 23. Butter
dull, suqar steady. Egss flrm at lie.
Cheese flrm.
Ittrr Stock.
CHICAGO?The few offerings of cattle
that came on the market to-day, were ,
in poor demand, and prices ruled 10?
15c lower than a week ago. Choice
tccrs. *5 20J/5 60; medium $4 6504 8*.;
beef steers $4 1504 60; bulla $2 45^4 20;
cows and heifers $3 00^4 45; calves $4 00
G7 25; western rangers $3 [email protected] 75;
western' fed steers $4 10?5 25; Texans
*3 G0f?3 10.
Light' supply of hog? and a vigorous
demand for choice offerings forced a
further rise of 5c. Coarse heavy lota
sold bad>y; fair to choice $3 [email protected] 10;
packer* IS 5693 87^; butchers $3 669
4 10; mixed S3 4 10; Kg?bt *3 70fc4 20;
pigs $.1 00^4 <K). The run of sheep was
largely consigned to the slaughtering
concerns and prices remained unchanged:
poor to choice natives $2 75?4 75;
western rangers $3 00^4 45; lambs were
salable at $3 75^6 00.
necrii'iB?viiiue ?"'B? *?,vw
head; sheep 2,000 head.
EAST LIBERTY?Cattle steady: extra
15 30*/.'? SO; prime 15 256 5 35; common
>3 80tf*4 15. Hop* fairly active; (
prime mediums $4 25tf4 30; good Yorkers
$4 20?4 25; heavy hogs 10&4 15;
common lo fair Yorkers $4 l'>(&4 15;
grasitra and stubblers $3 85?4 00; pic*
n:? to quality $3 7004 00; roughs $2 50tf :
3 SO; skips and common pltf* S1 [email protected] 50. j
Sheep steady: chole?? J4 50J?1 60; com- i
mon $3 25?3 75; choice spring lambs <
$5 50fj 5 SO; common to good $4 00# 5 50; ,
veal calves $7 0007 50.
CINCINNATI?Hog? steady at $3 204?
4 0". Cattle steady at $2 S0fr4 90. Sheep
steadv at $2 25?4 25. Lambs steady at
$3 7565 S5.
Prr ( nn?l?.
NEW YORK?The was the usual ?
quletuess to the* Saturday hnlf holiday
dry goods market. Blenched cotton
goods show no chants of nny moment.
White k heelings quiet-, cotton flannels
and blankets firm, with some lines <?f
th^ latter moving asalnst buyers. Print
cloths showed n firm tone with extras
quoted nt 2c. The market for dress
goods to rather irregular.
ilir lUtik **lalfiiiriit.
NF.W The weekly bank
statement shows the following changes:
Surplus reserve, decrease, $7.495,P."?0;
loans. Increase, $.'.,348,400; specie, dc-<
crease, $S.?O4,S00; legal tenders, docrease,
SS6.300; deposits, decrease, $4.
779.400; circulation. decrease. $78,700. The
bank* now hold 121.34X300 in exceaa of
the requirement* of the 25 per cent rule.
Prf rolenm.
OIL CITY?Credit balance* $1: certificates.
cloned. ca*h oil offered nt 99'-ic; '
r. barrels cnsh nt 99tyc; shipments
08,529 barrels; runs not reported. '
NBW YORK?Pile Iron dull: Southern
50 764M1 oo: Northern, liooorril 50.
Copip^r rteady. broker*, $12 00. Iy?d
steady, broken*, $.1 0O. Tin plates thill.
NEW VOHK-Wool steady; fleece, 17 (
023c; Texans 13(/loc.
rrvATfcr w
r. I.AME, Pre?. JOS. SET BOLD, Cashier.
J. JL JEKPERSON. am i Caahier.
Ulen Block, jos?ph P. Paull,
lames Cummins. Henry Blebersoi^
L Reymann. Joseph Seybold.
Gibson Lamb.
Interest paid on special deposits.
Imupa drafts on England, lieland and
jtnyll CaahUr.
CAPITAL. S300,000.
. N. VANCE President
OHN FREW Ylcs President
j. E. SANDS Cashier
...? ? .owmo? iu't. Cashier
r. S. Vance, Georgo E. Stlfel,
r. M. Brown, William EUlnghan^
fohn Frew, John L. Dickey,
fohn Waterhouse, W. E. Stone.
W. H. Frank.
Draft* Issued on England. I re land, Scot*
and and all points In Europe.
CAPITAIi. St 73,000.
VILLI AM A. ISETT.... President
ifORTlMER POLLOCK....Vice President
Drafts on England, Ireland, France and
William A. Isett, .urn tuner Pollock,
j. A. Miller, Robert Simpson,
E. M. Atkinson. John K, Botaford.
Julius Pollock.
J?W J. A. MILLER. Cashier.
til trouDies peculiar 10 ner ml
nail or from our Attnx. tl.OO P?r box.
For Ml. by C. H. ORIEST * CO . UJ3
Jarkct atrcet.
^^0r ovtreoB* WtOtntM, IrrmUtfir
ud omiM toMjtMrouo ?l?or
ad MDlab ** iwlu ( BMUtra*.
Uon."Tboy "14ft My***"
to*frU*< wom*flboo4 *Wlflg doT?lopro?nt
of or*?n? and body. Ho
known rtmtdr for ro"'#nll!5,,?i"
tb?m. Canaot do harm?Uto^ bocome*
ipliuiw. II M' ? *
For sale by C. H. ORIEST & CO.. 1139
Market utreeL _??5L
-t XX jfwwiM iHii'mt Falllfli Mem*
r2ore^?tV%ll^^o^orroong.*a If
MeteM or six pmm CfdluWto?rt)for ??. Br
^ A.F A xrFM MD YC6. ,
For rale in Whdeling:, \V. Va., by Lojran
3 rug Co. fea-ttha
LADIES! Chichester1! En*!tih Pwyrml PUs
%-v?i35c7MS^# VILLE LOWER
leaving wti&rxooat* foot of Twelfth street^
is follows: . D
Sterner QUEEN CITY-Itebert R- A*
new. Master; James Gardner. Purser.
Every Thursday at > a. roSteamer
tV. Knox, Master; Daniel Lace>, Purser.
Every Stindnv ?t s a. m.
Steamer VIRGIN IA-T. J.Calhoon. Mas.
ter. K. If. Kerr, Purser. Every Tuesday
_fel4 Agents. _
Wheeling, Sistersville 4 Matomoras Trade.
Stonmor Eloiao
Leave* Wheeling every Tuesday. Thursday
and Saturday at 11 o'clock a. m
leaves Matamoras every Monday,
Wednesday and Friday at 8 o'clock a. m,
Jy2S Master.
Arrive COLFMbUS 2;10 p. m.
\rrlve CINCINNATI 5:43 p. m.
Arrive INDIANAPOLIS 10:00 p. m.
Arrive ST. LOUIS 7:00 a. m.
rv~.T>T->r* mn live TPiVP TVUPrT TVfl
l-'or dtcubenville and Pittaburgh 7:35 a.
m. wNk daya; for Pittaburgh and the
Kant and for Columbus and Chicago at
1:25 p. m. Wfok daya; for Pittsburgh. Hnrrlaburg,
Baltimore. Washington. 1'hllndMnhln
and New York at 1:55 p. m. dally; for
Bteubenvllle and DcnnlHon at 3:55 p. m.
daily: for Pittsburgh at 7:0) p. m. week
daya; for Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati.
Indiannpoll? and Si. Louis at 9:30 p. ra.
ivo.'k day*. Cltv tlm*
Parlor Car to Pittsburgh on 3:55 p. m. and
7 p. m. Tralna
Pcrnont contemplating a trip will find
It protuable in pleasure and convenience
to 'oiuniuntr.itf with the undersigned. who
will make a?i necessary arrangements for
ii dcliqiitful Journey. Ticket* will bo provided
and bagasse checked through to dealinatlon.
Passenger and Tlckot Agent, Wheeling.
W. Vu. oc3
iBDsciiun f ci u r.unvp Rinnnin
UUQuulNU U UUin UllV iu uniuuvavi
On and after Saturday, February 2, 1S95,
trains will run ao follows, city time:
"Leave Wheeling- I Ixave Kim Orove/
Tr'nTT'inelTr'n T'me Tr'n TmeiTr'n Tm?
No. a. ni. No. P in.INo. a. ro.lNo. p. m.
I.... tctfoao.... S:(x. 1.... t :?? 1? I:?
4.... 7:00(1:2.... 4:iw| S.... 7:<*>21
.... 1:00 24.... 6:?0 S.... I 0> 3 !:?<
I.... I.w>; 7.... W:OOS? l:0i
10.... 10:00!2s,... . :00 9.... 10:0' 27 7:0
11.... 11:00 Si).... 1:00 II.... 11:0029 1:0
p. in ,32.... 9:0*i p. m. a :?
14.... fl2:C0,34.... 10:CO 13.... 12:00,13 1#:?
II.... 1:00 *.... 11;W) 15.... 1:00 35..... UM
II.... 2:001 17.... ItOOj
tbally, except Sundny.
Sunday ehureh trains will leare Rim
Rrnv* at !1'43 a. m. and Wheellnr at 11:17
p. m. H. ?. WKI8GERRKR.
General Manager.
Illlti MONONOAU HOI li. IS Till
. Short Line bctucu Fairmont and
l i.n kMiiit k. Quick Time? Faat Trains t<uro
ConixTtiunw. When traveling to ot
from Clarksljuij; or Went VirKlnlu & Pltt??
bunch railroad putnt*. ?? * that your tlokpt?
read via the MonotiRahela Klver Hailrood.
v'lose connection* at Fairmont witli
II. & O. trains and at riarkuliur* with 1?.
Ac O. ami \V . V. 1*. train*. Tlck?t* via
thin rout* on *a1e at all B. & O. and WM
V. & I'. II. It. nation*.
HUGH O. IIOWLK8. Qen'l. Sunt.
THE intelligknckk ntiNTiNa
LiBtabilahmoat-Neat, accurate, prompt.
Arrival am! departure of train* on an* i
after May 15, IS*. Explanation of R.f?r> 33
enc* Jlsrlrv 'Dally tDally. exc.pt ten* *i5
day. :L>aily. except Saturday. (Daily. ax* m
copt Monday. {Sunday* only. ^Saturday* ]
only. Eaatern Standard Tlwa. gH
"Benart. BrAO.?Main Una Eaatl Arrlra.
"12:25 am Wash.. Bal.. Phil., N.Y. 1J?an
4:45 pm Wash.. Bal., Phil.. N.Y - "?SI
7n? an ...Cumberland Accom... ti.-oo pn a
*4.4* pm Grafton Accom *10:10 am C\
IQ'JS am ..Washington Clty_Ex.. *11^)0 pa rj
"Depirtr Rao.^C.O. Dir.. Wmi "Arrtw. a
*7:55 am For Columbua and CM. *1:13 am 4
*10:25 am ..Columbus and Clncin.. *5:15 pn
*11:40 pm ..Columbua and Clncin.. *S:M aa j
J:25 pm Columbua and ChL Ex. *11:5) an I
tlO^S am ..St. ClalrsvlMe Accom.. tllM *? ..
tl:? pm ..St. Clalrsvlll. Accom.. tl:15 pn
10-M am ftanHtialrv Mall *5:15 DM
Depart. IB. * O.-W., P. B. Dlv. Arrive.
5:55 a;ij For PUtrburgh 10:? an , !
7:15 awl Pittsburgh pm
5:20 pm)..Pittsburgh and East. 11:3? pm r
tins pm....... Pittsburgh j...... 110:00 a*
"Depart" P., C.. C. A~ 81. L. Ry. ArrJ"
tT:fs am ....... PltUburth Wd( tm
:-l5 om Steubenvnle and We>t t?:15 j?m >
p:45 am ..Steubenvlllo Accorn ... t?:15 pm
U-J5 pm ..Pittsburgh and N. Y.. jliJS pm
3:55 pre ..Pittsburgh and N. Y.. *11:S0 am v
t7.*00 pm ...Pltuburgh^Accom... ISsJO am
tfSS am Ex.. Cln. and St. Louts t7:lt am
f9:30 rm Ex.. Cln. and St. Louli t?:15 pm
tl:25 pm ..Ex., 8teub. and Chi.. |J:2S pm
*3:56 pm ...Pitts, and Dennlson... *11:IP am . . \
Depart C. & P.-Bridgeport. 1 Arrive.
5:53 am .Fort Wayne and Ch!.. t?:U pm
5:53 am ...Canton and Toledo... tjai pm rs
6:53 am Alllsnce and Cleveland tf pm
5:53 am Steubenvllle and Pitts, tf 'M pm
t 0:09 am Stcubenvlllo and Pitts. tll:04 am
2:10 pra ..Fort Wayne and Chi.. t?:18 pm
2:10 pm ...Canton and loledo... ?:10 pm .?
2:10 pm Alliance and Cleveland tl:J6 pm /
3:58 pm Steub'e and Wellsyllle. tS:5l *2
5:54 pm Philadelphia and N. Y. t?:10 pm
5:51 pm...Baltimore and Wash... H:10 pm
t5:S4 pml.HCUb a ana ivnman. t?:iu w
'Depart. | W. A L. E. .^Trlv*'
6:Mam'cieve. and Chi. Flyer *10:15 pm
HIM amlTolido and Detroit 8|*. t4:3> pm J
MM pm Clave, and Million hi. ?4:i0 pm
til ;flO am Steub. and Brilliant Ac. HMO am
t4:10 pm Steub^and Brilliant Ac. 14:20 pm
Depart. CL. tc W.fBridlOT't (?rri ?.
t~:CS am Cleve., Toledo and Ch . ?:? pm
t5:25 pm Cleve., Toledo and ChL }?:10 pm
tt:CO pm ....Maaalllon Accom.... tll:M am
tS:01 am ..St. Clalravll Accom.. J};* ? ?
t|0:'W am ..St. Clalravll # Accom.. tl.44 Pm
tl:? pm ..St. Clalrivllla Accom.. JjMja
IC'30 pm ..St. Clalravllle Accom.. }?.4I Pm
ililO Sm 1-ng.l Freight til:MalO
"Depart. Ohio River B- B- . *r"T? ?:?>
am Park. and War Point* I'M ??
t7:40 am Charleaton and Clncln. ?l:4fpm
11:45 am Clncln. and Lexlnrton ?:W pm
4:15 pm Park, and Way PoTnta. tU:?5 am
T>fiVr KTZ. K. R
Bi-IIalro Bcllalra.
10.10 am Mall. Exprew and Paaa |:*> pm
5:00 pm Exprenn and PaMonser 9:40 am
l:So pm Mixed Freight and Paa-I 1 JO PP
_ Departure and ar- j
imi'l.MgMhfcCI rival of trains at
I'M^WmBCyMiir wheeling. Eastern
raKHK/ tlme- Schedule la
\mgl5S' effect May 15, 18*.
For Baltimore, Philadelphia and New J
York, 12:25 and 10:55 a. m. and 4:45 p. m. - ?
Cumberland Accommodation. T.-00 a. m. *4
daily, except Sunday.
Grafton Accommodation, 4:45 p. m. dally.
From New York, Philadelphia and Bal? j
timore, 8:20 a. ra. daiiyj
Washington Express, 11:00 p. m. dally.
Cumberland Accommodation, 4:00 p. ul, 'J
except Sunday.
Grafton Accommodation, 10:10 a m. daily* >
For Columbua and Chicago, 7:55 a. m. and
3:25 p. m. dally.
Columbus and Cincinnati Express, 10 Jl ' ^
a. m. and 11:40 p. m. daily.
St Clnlrsville Accommodation. 10:25 am. ;
and 3:25 p. m. dally, except Sunday.
Chicago Express. 1:15 a. ra. and 11:50 a,
m. daliy.
Cincinnati Express, 6:20 a. m. and 5:15 p.
m. daily.
fandusky Mall. 5:15 p. m. daily.
St. Clairsvllle Accommodation. 11:50 a ^
m. and 5:15 p. m. dally, except Sunday. 1
For Pittsburgh, 5:25 and 7:15 a m. and
5:20 p. m. dally, and 1:15 p. m. dally, ex*
; cept Sunday.
For Pittsburgh and the East. 5:25 a. m.
1 and 5:20 p. m. dally.
I From Pittsburgh. 10:20 a. m., 6:20 p. m.
and 11:30 p. m. daily. 10:?0 a. m., except
Passenger and Ticket Agent Wheeling, - '
W. M. GREKNE, D. B. MARTIN, General
Manager. Manager Passen* !
per Trafllo.
- Baltimore.
JPMPf4 Time Table in Effect !
?sT T^ernU2*' ^ EMl"
Dally, tDally Except Sunday.
South Bound. *7 tl I *6 1 *S '
Via P.,Q.,C.&St.L.R. a. m. p. m.
Pittsburgh, Pa...Lv Cln. 9:10 12:45 .1
Wheeling Arj ILlne 11:16 IJ S
Leave. a. m. a. m. a. m. p. m. j
Wheeling 6:30 7:40 11:4* 4:16 -;J
Moundsvillo 6-57 8:01 12:17 4:4T 2
New Martinsville.... 7:51 8:44 1:11 5:51 |
SlKtornvlll? 8:12 ?:? ?
Wllllamatown 9:B 9:55 1:00 >
, TarkcmburK 10:00 10:15 1:25 8JO
Bavenawood 11:10 j|JJ
Ma^on City 12.00 6JO
p. ID.
Polnt_Pjga?ant 11:28 <:H
"VI* K. & yf. Rr
Point Pltamnt...Lv t2:06 17:10
Charleston Ar 5:07 l:2S
Galllpolls Ar 12 :M 6:13
Huntington _J ** ,
""Via C~ & O. ny-H
Lv. Huntington tl:? *3:10
Ar. Charleston 4:2T 1:45
p. m. p. tn.
Kenova Ar 1:50 M
Via C. A O. By.
Lv. Kenova !:?
Cincinnati, O Ar 5:16
I^xlnpton. Ky....Ar 5:20 ?
Louisville. Ky Ar 8:15
#. TUB
Cleveland, Loraiu & Wheeling
Schedule In Effect May IS, IS*. >
Central Standard Tltne.
a. m.ip. m. p. m. a, ra.
Lorain Branch. _ll |_13 15 t
Lorain ?:27| '2:2$ 4:26 I:M i
Elyrla 2:? 4:40 10:01
(Jrufton T:W 2:65 4M 10:11 %
Letter 7:3; 2:12 _#:15j_10:ia
Main Line. Ill 6~1 f~
I a. in.]p. m. p.m. a. m.
tfeveland "tjOj 2:2S ~S:90|
Brooklyn 7.K, 2:41 5:47
L#*trr 8:22 S:K ?:42
a-anl i-.Si ess
Chippewa Lake X:41 2:46 7:05
Seville *M 3:65 7:14
Sterling #:56 4:0| 7:20
Warwick 9:IS 4:22 7:42
Canal Fulton 9:2;) 4:29 .:49
Mar>ll!on 9:<s 4:16 ?:09
JutiiuH M:0l 6:0J 8:25 6:41
Canal Dover 10:34 5:31 8:65 7:lf <
New Philadelphia... 10:41 5:38 9:02 7:21 '3n[
Uhrtchs villa 11:25 6;. 5 I JO 7i44 31
Bridgeport 1:3-' J:10 10:01
Bcllalre >:25j
, Main Line. I 2~\ 4 | I I t
itt._m.ja. m. p m l p. m.
Hn.KorI ".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.I" j '.:05 5.-00
UhrlchavlUi' 4:? ?:1? ?:4ti Ml K|
??? ? .*xi,?ja?iph,m- d :g ssa ?s
' jS.tu. ?:? {? J.? ?*?
1 MneitUlon '!8:ll
I Canal Kullon ':!*( J:j? S:ll
I \Vnr?i<-k J>:J* ?:i?
fwrllws J:{B S:}| S;J2
S.-vll e '''-I* &:?
Chlppow? Lak? W ?:? 5:55
ds?.::::::::::::::: ?;8K Sj?
lJrooklyn i:i3 iiiii
Cleveland ?? 8.3i>| ll.S0^?.15|^^^
Lorain Branch. 12 | 14 16 j 1? 3t
a. tn.|a. tn. p. m.]p. m.
l.;.?trf~7 10:M 6:10 SJl
- <1 raft on ?:? H*? ?:M f? S
. xivria :m! "*? 7:,? I J!
Lorain I t:1tj 11 W *&
Trains No*. 1, 2. 6 and 6 dally b?twe?0 J
Cleveland and UtirlcliwHIt All othat I
, train* dally, eiwttt Sunday*.
Klectrk car* i^iwwn ltridgeport ana vfill
Wheeling anl Itrldgeport and MartlnM
Ferry and Bellalro. , , .
Consult agent* for general Information
m i?? bent route* ard pa*?engcr rotot ta ?J;
all points. ^ q cabreu q. p, K

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