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I Air*. Dunalrf'a C?mr la thm % w Gold
I c?n??*rj*-IMdo'c Know k? had Brsint
I liii H *?" doit Working aa<l Coa?lwUd
to {fiHieh-Worlh Xlllloai Row.
I F' ' - k PA.'raer in New Tork Press:
I g.;: : rs. who had been la Alaska.
fcr - chC y Jrs had 13,000 In gold dust
I in the spring of 'WL "ixever nun ?/
much tw.'jre." he reasoned, "an* ain't
I have to much a^ain unless I
I go out an' olow It." BUI kneir everyI
t ip hi Tto City, and everybody?
trfuch includes the Indians and the
I jjaiamote dogs?came down to the
I iteamer to see him off. Before Bill
I f. - attie the rich dlffjrfn*s of the
I k - discovered and Bui's old
I had staked claims in the
I first rush wert worth fortunes. A rear
I j;!- - - BUI returned, he sat down
I g in front of Dawson with hUi
I tr.- r. i- '1 each one hit off a chew
I .v ;. Bill" said one of them. 'Alec
I v has pot pretty nt?ar the
. jnootiny match. He's kins of
tfce Klondike now."
-.Vh...: Biff Alec that was flown In
Ci refer
"Yep. He was workin' a windlass for
Frank Conrad. Tou remember him? So
t lie Ha J to BO down on his knees to
v n doort Made him tired to
jir: up his arms and hl? lejrs usM to Bet
| n i knot? Didn't drink and didn't
f t-rr. to care a damn, anyway? Wall,
that lucky cuss la worth three millions
V rth .1 cent. Fellers that come
< , >*n fhe creek with white collars on
' ar. 1 Jap cooks they call him Ulster
Mr- Donald."
ak ! it. I suppose? Fell Into it
en-! couldn't p'-t out of it7"
Sep. Never staked nothla'!"
"Well, bow la h?I did he get it,
"Humph! Thoojmt there was somethia'
unnatural about It." put In Bill.
That fxplalaa it all. We newer knew
fcr had 'em. and he didn't fegow he had
em till one day he threw up his job and
? -a- *r ain't colnc to work any more.
I'm going to get rich.' That was Just
after the Bonanza strike, when we
didn't know what Was In Eldorado.
M 'ft of us thought there wasn't a cotor
in it. Alec scraped three or. four hundred
d'L .irs together. add he bought
yo. :u Eldoradv. and everybody thought
that he had only clinched another nail
In his reputation for being a lightweight.
God Almighty! But he took
J250.000 out of No. .10 the first season.
Sh ?'< givjd for a million If ?he's worth a
cent. Besides that, youll find that
wherever there's a good claim in the
country Alec's either cot his hand on
It or '.9 next door to It. Plunge! Why,
that long. lanky Scot that wa< turning
o wii Ilass for !3 a day two years an
plunz^s in a wiy that'd turn you grayheaded
in a night."
In I iptxta! ly. "Bin Alee" la the tedding
man of the Klondike. It Is a community
of claim owners and of the
kin*. In wealth nor In power no one
there approaches him. After'him there
ar- a score of mm. one of whom I* as
rich as another. He Is six feet 2 inches
in height, and not particular as to the
d< thes he wears. In the front room of
the little cabin, where he roils up in a
banket at right when he stops at
raw?.in.ure two boards propped against
On f of late have the two beards risen
< the dignity of three unassuming account
books, in charge of a man who is
the king's secretary- Cut. having these
luxuries, the king continues to carry
his accounts In his head. How would
b< > that the account books wore
right if he didn't? As a hoy. he Iearnei
t read and write, which was considered
?noot?h f.-.r any boy in the rural
part of Nova Scotia to know. If he had
received an education, perhaps he would
have m?>re respect for written lanpua??.
TVh??n a man goes to him, with
11 : t. t written contract, the King says:
"New. I tell yoo wh?ir I'm going to
do. I'll r-member Just what I told you
and I'll do it. Tf yoo don't like that I'll
do business with somebody else."
If he soes to any man in the Klondike
and says: "I'll give you *20.000 for
y ur claim a month from to-day." the
L-nnu-a >!? Wo a-Ml an.? rh.> t-'rt rtflrt
on that da*\ He wa? one of the first to
hive confidence In the conn try. When
his confidence was proved wise the miner
of th? Klondike In turn, had confidence
in him.
Th- King drifted westward from Nova
Sootia Ion? befor* he was of az?. Tn
:h- 'O's he accumulated as much as
115.000 In mining operations in Colorado
This he lest and then he started
for Alaska.
E?*ry cent that he got out of No. 3f>
Eldorado, the first winter, he invested
her claims. and with It oil the
other capital that he could (ret on th?*
?tr*n*th of the p>ld still in the ground
? No. SO.and of the sold supposed to be
ond?r the untouched sod of hi* new
purrbMses. paying as high. In some instances.
as lt? per cent a month Inter
ml tor capital wa* scarce and knew
(13 value.
The f.r*t time I ever saw the Ktaffbe
wis In the cashier's office of tiie Alaska
Commercial Company. and he needed a
shave as much as the men wht> were
cr. wiling around him. Tly men had
ra- k?-tl down from h'.* claifti $200,000 In
du?t. which was piled on the counter In
lather best. This amount was all irolr^
for the grocery bills of his employe*
and the payment of sums that
h* had borrowed during the winter. "1*11
pav -vhen clean-op comes,1' was the
promis- that he invariably made; and
he kept the promise Even the men who
UnflfHd f.\e h'-?* u-i'i tr\m thulr ??
until clean-up camp. When he hid
' u^h? a claim on his word he ffot ro*n
to a- rk it on hi* word. He bought lumber
for h!a sluice box-s on hla word.
It wa* a case of make* or brrak. and
*" < AI-c MacDonald who was a poor
man in the summer of '97 In the s.;mi?-r
i '58 was worth $3,000,000. His
cla.m- ?..? *? to hare be??n ulected in
the ri.rht place*. Ht- had no interne on
Lo?r?*r Bonanza. which was the disappointment
of the season. The claims h*
own*1 on I.'pper Bonanza and Eldorado
happened Jo be the beit ther*. Wherea.'
his confidence In the new cr""k*.
Sulphur ard Dominion, wvrns to have
h?-*; perfectly well founded. For his
.in Dominion and Sulphur he
o r inn June, hut he wouldn't noli.
' Jt) ro speculator," h* sai l. "Wb'n
J'" a claim I work it, and when I ;co
i<r >k- it w,H be because I've made mlsin
buying." Birr AI^C talks this
*'i; to his Intimate friend?, but not to
a - ir.cr. The ;riant seerns ns
to the atranser as a country boy
to town.
His !>e?t friend is Captain Hansen,the
m'"t popular man In the Klondike, and
tho captain worked all of his wile* for
lawmen r- q?t v,\e; Aiec w po??**
f?:r the photograph for this article,
trhlch was raken In th?? rnptaln's office.
T "t- in about the giant. however, n
crtatn natural power and awkward
which an o?ir Is more
to o'li-.-rve than hi* old comrades
a* Forty Mile. "Just to look at BUt
Alec. ' My the tlect cf th*- Klondike.
" don't know nothln'. nut get him
out on a dump and you find out how
ignorant ?roij nr? yourxeif. The only
thing h??can tnlk about til placer mine*,
nn.l wh'-n h* talk* aUiut placer mine*,
damn?-d If !? ? ain't eloquent.
Th?? shccms of his clem-up this 7??ar
ha < made him literally a The
flrn n-commendatlon of a claim put forward
hy its own?-ra la that the kin# hna
lookntj it ovor with a vl??w to buying It
Probably the King haa.
The King doea not drink or smoke.
Annual tanmrlACCOO Boa*
fneh m Wind and Pain in the Stomach.
GkJdlo<*?e. FalD?M after meal*. Headache.
Dlzzineea. Drowalneaa. Fla*hln*a
of Hettf. Lom of Appetite. Coetlveneaa.
Blctebea oo the Skin. Cold Chill*. Disturbed
Sleep. Frightful Dream* and all
Zferrooa and Trembling Benaattona. <
riser JAWwuo. unr, fcf.i.i&r
II TWBBTT MirUTEa Et?xt uflnrcc
will acknowledge them to be
BUCIAri FILLS, taken as direct,
ed. will quickly rotoro Femal?s to complete
health. They promptly rumor?
obstructions or irraralartties of the system
and core tick Headache* for*
Weak Stomach
Impaired Digestion
Disordered Liver
in men, women or children
Beecham's Pills are
Withnut a Rival
And !?* th*
Of any Pa teat Medicine la (be WoxUU
25c. Mt all Drag Stores.
He never plays faro or hangs about the
saloons and his legs ore long. A part of
his superiority is his physical fitness,
for no man In the Klondike can travel
so many miles between the different
creeks and between the creeks and
Dawson in a day as Alec MacDonald.
That he has looked at a claim Is nothing
in Its favor, but the owner of the
claim uses It as an argument to showthat
MacDonald wants to buy It.
Wherever a discovery Is made the
King's long legs scon make footsteps
toward that spot, and he examines It
la his own way. He has long since
ceased to buy claims In bis own name.
If be speaks of buying a certain claim
th<? osrn??p of it will at once come to
think that he has underestimated the
value of his property?else why should
the Kins wnnt ft?and proceed to Increase
the price. The King's puppets,
varying from rough miners to tins
amusing Yukon dandles, who loiter In
the salrons. do his buying. As he haa
examined all claims, it Is never known
wtych one he favors, until he has ronsummated
a purchase, and he rarely
employs the name puppet twice. The
puppet Is well paid for his work, and If
he is clever be may make a fortune.
For the Kin? owns few claims outright,
and. Indeed, this seems against his policy.
The King has an army of partners.
A partn?*r. who will always be on the
claim In serving his own interest by
getting the most gold possible at the
least expense out of the ground must
also s^rve the King; and the King's
long legs carry him about from property to
property often enough and at such
times as to protect the interest of partner
against partner.
"I've been working a lay up on No.
**!.' said n arounff man. who had waited
his turn at the King's cabin door, "and ]
I knew pretty well what's in It. The
owner doesn't. He's no miner and he 1
want* to get out of the country. I could <
get the- claim, myself, for $50,000, this 1
year's dumps included.and there's J300,- '
000 In it if there's a cent, and I thought <
I'd put you cn K. anrf mayb??. if you ,
bought it, you'd give me something for
the information."
"I've had my eye on No. 21 all along,'
said the King, "but I've been looking
for the proper man to work 1L You've
handled your lay better than any one
ejse on No. 21."
"Didn't know you had ever seen It."
"Oh. I've noticed It when I pas.<ed
by," said the King, 'and I took a little '
closer look one da#r when you were up |
on the hill rustling firewood. I'll put up
the money, you work the claim, and
your share of the cost will come out of
the first clean-up next spring."
This was a great thing for the young
m.ui and also a great thing for the
King, for good placer miners and capital
are still pretty rare In Dawson?and
this is the combination and the only
combination that can make money in
the Klondike at the present moment.
Most of the newly rich in the Klondike
are Inclined to buy the-best clothes
in the market, and they wear large
nugget? on their watch-chains and for
scarf-pins. The King dresses no better
than any other workman, and this helps
him to glean from the workmen the information
that he needs. They were
the first men to accept his word without
a contract, when he said he would
pay so much money for such a thing n:
q given time. Foe the curbstone brokers
and speculators in patent leather
shoes, who always sn^ez*- whenever the
Kin* takes snuff, (he Kins has the
profoundest contempt.
Thf* King Is not fond of books or
magazines or of the theatre?not yet.
He saya he has never thought about
gettln? married. EI#? !s as busy as a
quartermaster in the army. Wherever
he goes there are always men waiting
to see him. He is prone to admit that
he Is a natural plunger, that he enjoys
it; that he would rather tackle a big
thing than a little thing any day. "So
long as I stick to what I am doln*
now." he says, candidly. "I am all
risht; but if I fret to fooling with other
tiilnsra I may lose all I've got. And
I'm likely to get into other things. I
like to be doing something."
The Kir.g has ~rrot been out of the
country la five years?flince his arrival.
In f.wL As he is only thirty-years
of age, he has time yet in which to cultivate
civilization after the manner of
John Mackay. If he becomes as rich as
| Mackay? and his friends say that he
j will.
I To Im Mnitrrnl On:.
*?? . " htvctav n r a a* nf\
WAi3CU?*?lw.i, 4/. w.. ...
The following troops have been ordered
mustered out: t
Ninth Massachusetts from Middlettfwn.
Pa., to South F ram Ingham. Ma as.,
where they ^111 b.? mustered out; Seventh
lii'nola from Mlddletown to
Springfield: First Illinois. Lexington.
| K>\. to ?prinrrfit?!d: Fifth Illinois, Lex,
Ington to Springfield: Sixty-fifth New
i Y?-rk. from Camp Alger to Buffalo;
Fifth Ohio Infantry from Fecnmdina,
Fla.. to Columbus. Ohio; First Wisconsin.
from Jacksonville, to Camp Doug*
In..*.?, WIj. : Third United Star .? Volunteers
Cavalry. (Grigaby) at Chlckamauga;
Fourth Texas at Austin, Texas.
n'rtrk afth? *filitl??r? Train.
BIRMINGHAM. Ala.. August 23 ?The
total list from last night's arcident on
the Louisville & Nashville railroad, in
vhlrh a train bearing six companion of
the Sixty-ninth Near York regiment wis
wrecked. remain* at two. Private Pot- i
! t r Parley an 1 Quartermaster ?erjr?ant t
, Frank 'Jl^nn.in. both of Crmpnny M.
Servant J. J. Manning. of Company E.
i* suffering from a compound fracture
! the spine en<l la expire--! to
I Non?? of rhe oth"na ar* thought to b*
! i?er1ou*ly hurt, although about twenty;
five private* ar<? at th?* hospital am! arc
I *uff? ring from bruljej. *h" k? and othi
er minor injuria*. A number of th-?
: r**clm?-nt l??ft here for Huntsvllle, at 4
! o'clock this morning;
"Ifaw to C'Mrn All Mkln DliratM,"
Simply apply "8WAYNE'S OI.VTI
MENT." No Internal noillolne requlrJ.
Curos tetter, eczema. Itch, all erup- I
i nons on th* face, hands. no*?*. etc.. leav
i ine th?s akin clear, white ana health jr.
I ltd err at heolln* and curstivs powers }
i ire do messed by no oth??r remedy. Ask ,
your druc?t!*t f?;r SWATSE'8 OINT* t
I MENT. Avoid substitutes. tfnaiw ?
! Dr. Win*'Pain rtVm in '?,?' ? [
ffrf^?-* ijx n^stcs. -one cent & dot*.* r
na rmua mt U? Hmmv ?* I"1
NEW YORK. Augu.1 S.-HvG*j c:
ti A ?? ?A1 nw rMf last loar
!Vr per cent. Stirling exchange weak
with actual business in bankers' bilL
at J4 S? for demand and ai
U Stttf4 83^ for sixty difi. Posted
rates $4 8404 S4*j and S4 81 Commercial
bills U 82^4 IV*.' Silver certificates
5S*40ttc. Bar silver &?%c. Mexl
ran dollars 4Cfte.
Prices of stocks broke sharply tolay
and showed depression throughout
rhe first rally showed considerable v1g
sr. but later In the dsy the rectsperatlvi
power of the market became feeblsi
and the close was barely steady ai
iITghtly above the lowest. Net losses
ranged from 1 Co over 2 per cent lc
leading stocks. There was a growing
disposition to realise profits both bj
professional traders and by outsidi
holders. The latter was shown by thi
twnritf stream of sellinar orders thai
came from the commission houses ai;
lay. Professional traders quite generilly
took the side of the market and
bear? sold with growing confidence, th<
lemand to cover at the close being vers
light, even jrlth the substantial reduction
of prices. There is evident a larg?
growth of the powerful trading elemeni
which has lightened i^s holding oi
itocks and Is anxious for lower price*
lo buy back again. There was palpabl*
manipulation at the opening to fix o
[ow level for prices. In some of the
leading stocks the opening was aboul
the lowest of the day. Others held qult<
Brmly for the rest of the day's session,
but eventually yielded to the perslsteni
lemonstration or tne nears in oinei
itocks. Buying for London account
nrssji a distinctive factor in the flrmtiesj
in a number of international fa*.'orites
notably Southern preferred. Erie first
preferred. Denver preferred and Norfolk
& Western preferred. There waj
a steady absorption of stocks at the
lecline. which was especially marked ir
Flurllngton & St Paul. This seemed tc
be the result of buying order? below the
eve! of the market for traders account,
is well as from comn fssfoo houses. The
?3me thin* was evident in the Paciflca
md other stocks here and there
throughout the list. The tendency to
tell was undoubtedly due to the pros>ectsof
tight money. Tfaeminlmum rate
'or call loans was held at 2 per'cent and
I per cent was paid in some cases. In
lympathy with the money market am!
vith the increasing supply of grain and
rotton bills, actual rates for sterling ex'hang*
declined In the pound. The
London money market was marked up
l sharp fraction to-day and there wan
buying of gold In the open market
there, said to be for shipment to New
fork. No engagement was announced,
lowever. in Wall street. Other departnents
of the money market showed n
aardening tendency, but there was no
rhange In the quotations. Aside from
:onj?ideratlons of the money market
(here was nothing in the situation ta
iccouot for the day's decline.
The higher rates for monefr caused a
iepresslon in the bond market, even
nore acute than that in stocks. Some
>f the speculative bonds that have b*?en
recent favorites showed marked reac:lons
and heaviness predominated in all
asues. Total sales. $3,725,000.
United States 3s when issued declined
Vn per cent In the bid price and quarter
)n actual transactions. The new 4s cou
nn ml. I 1? 111!!/. ? .?? M ~ k...
a usviuic Vfc 7J>-, uvil
the closing bids except the 3a, were unrbanged.
The total sales of stocks to-day were
172.300 share.*.
L*. S. new 4s re*. 128 (Ore. R. & Nav.. 59^
do coupon 128 Pittsburgh 1?d
U. S. 4s 112 Reading W(
do coupon 11T4I do first pre.... 44H
do secondj .... *JS {Rock Island 104?*
C. S. 3s reu 113 St. Paul 112Vi
do 3s coupon .113 I dp preferred...114
Paciflc fa of ,9S..W2VSt. P. Sc Omaha. *4
Atchison ir?rndo preferraU-.153i$
do preferred... 36 Southern Pac... 22
BaL A Ohio r [Texas & Pac.... l.V-i
Can. Pacific Sd fT*nlon Pac., pre. ft'*
Can. Southern... 334.Wabash W,
Central Pacific.. 20 j do preferred... 21\
Ch*s. & Ohio.... 234tWheeL & L. E. 2S
Chi. & Alton....139 I *do preferred. l4'-i
Cbl.. Bur. & Q. .117V Adams Ex 108
C. C. C. & St. L. 42't American Iix...l30
<!o preferred... ffi C. S. Express... 41
PeL A Hudson..liwuiWells F*nco....l20
Del.. Lack. * W.1314iAm. Spirits 13%
Den. ? RloG.... 144| do preferred... 154
do preferred... 3T,?;iAm. Tokacco....l43
Erie (new) 14V do preferred. .132
do first pre.... 3^., (People's Gas?104$
Fort Wayn** ....171 ICol. F. & Iiwn.. 234
Hocking Valley. 3 . do preferred..
Illinois Central..1114 IGen. Electric... 40Va
Lake Erie & W.. 1H 'Illinois Steel.... 70\i
do preferred... 74';fLertd 37r-n
Lake Shor?? 1924| do preferred. .1104
Lou. St Nash.... SM* Pacific Mall 3.T4
Mich. Central....107VPulIman Pal ..JM
Mo. Pacific 3K? Silver Cer 394
N. J. Central? 92**BuK'ar I4?r<?
S. Y. Central....IIS1* do preferred..114%
Northwestern ...13t',-.fTenn. Con? & I 31
do preferred... 173 1*. S. Leather... 7VJ
Northern Pac... 2? 1 do preferred.. 724
do preferred... 7Bl4Western Union. iMu
First assessment paid.
fThlrd assessment paid.
BrvaiUmff* ami I'roi la ton.
CHICAGO?Expectations of Increased reiclpts
to-morrow, together with a decrease
in the visible supply. where the opposite
had been predicted, caused almost the
:omplete loss of an early advance In wheal
to-day. Compared with List night September
left off iiOfcc higher, and December
gained \c. Corn Is unchanged to V
up. Oars unchanged. Pork and lard arc
unchanged, and ribs rose ?ViJH?c?
Wheat -xpt-rlenced a strong start because
of disappointingly small receipts lr
:h* northw?t and higher quotation * Cram
Liverpool, although the latter were not
inexpectedi In view of the advance on this
ltde Saturday. Minneapolis and Dulutli
received 5*2 cars, compared with 939 on
the previous Monday and 324 on the corresponding
day of last year. The visible
tupply statement showg 77.000 bushels foi
the week, making the total 3^127.C?J0 bushels.
A year ago th? vlslbl- supply decreased
LJSMN bushels, and the tota!
:h?n was 13.473.CQ0 bushels. As a decrease
Iiad h"?n exp*cte<! in to-day's statement,
the hulllrhness of th?? market received a
partial extinguisher. P-ople who needed
September wheat and had found contddreabie
difficulty In buying were now en
iblod to have their wants supplied without
shouting for the wheat. seller* be Ins
:ompel!ed to take a turn at the shouting.
The estimate that the oar loads of wheal
it Chicago for to-morrow's Inspector
would number 403 was another blow to the
iuIIh in the market. That. In addition to
he disappointment about the visible sup>1)-.
caused September to drop for a tlm<
ill Its early advance. December was r?*laLively
firmer and did not decline more
:han Sc while September was losing Ic,
December wa.< much more largely dealt
n than September, and has moat pro
oundly become the active trading future.
September was difficult to buy when want>d.
and bard to sell when considered de.
lirahle. The total for the day at all
irlmary western markets amounts! tn
.2SJ. hu) bushels, compared wliii 1.412.C0G
lushels a year ngo. The clearances from
Vtlantlr ports for the day were smaller
han of latn, the total in wheat and flour
inchanged to -4c blaher at from ?4i>H!ir.
)ut before much could be bought .It was
ip to 6*Hc. and from :hat wonted itradtiilly
upward to Sic. It declined a^aln to
4c. touching ?3%{j*V4c for a moment, and
ran WfcQWitC at the bell tap.
tarted Htrup at 81Vu<0c. advanced to
2V'?~-"*c and rwtetf to <l?tff(2c. which
raa It.-* final trading.
A Rood itpeculative bus1n?*??i was done In
:orn. aad In the main the market tra*
trnnjc. Thr l>om? of contention waa the
undltion nt th?? icrowlnK crop, upon which
uibject there wan a wide difference of
tpinlon. Th?* wheat market Influenced
orn when It wan advancing, ami corr".
ipondinaly depressed th* latter whnji It
ran declining. September opened unhanaed
to '%c tower at advanced
o D>sOl0^c, and cloned at *t%c for aell(r*.
There waa little done In oat? err.*nt
hanging from i*?'pt?'mber to December,
in?l*Sentember to Mat The balk of the
h.m?injr from 3?ptcmb?'r to !>? < ?ml*T
trait mad** tfvrn. ami fl<?pt?*mhi?r ami May
hamcd at from 2&2Se prrmhim for th?>
att*r month. 8epr*mb??r op*n?Ki *v: IWJt
it !>'?< . roue to io'ic. and rrartud to !?!*?:
if th? cloaa. *
Modarar* buy in if by an Enirllah hou*?<
i?*ld provlHlnna nrm. Lard and rlha wrr
:otnparatlv*ly fttrnn*ftr than pork. A-pirmbtr
holding hav? tw^n tran*f??rr?Ml or
ioId. and the trud* xra* no !on???r under
be influonc* of operation* by people wh.i
iad no ua?* for provision* on delivery day,
iow cloae at hand. September pork open>
ed ffcc down *i ?W* aod ?old op to
I* hi September lard started unchanged
k. to rje lower ?t S5 M26 US. declined to
IS 074u* ** th*a An*?i '?P to ? 17% ?t the
clone. S*i>r*ijib?r rib* b~jan -V$?c off at
KS 4bJ iffltrcced to U C** tb* cloaixur
receipts for to-morrow:
Whfttt. *3 cars: corn. 1.080 cars; oats,' S3
cars: ho*?. M.OJO h*ad
Tfce lsadlnc future* ringed u follow:
Articles. Opea. Hi*h. j Low. Clow.
Wheat. NoTi I
A<*? ?kti flTi! CRU n>?
Sept M '?& ?
SS? 22 SS 3b S*
CSN0:.1... ?, ? =5 ?
SepL rrfc ??i ?
D*c. wj wa ? W4
May C\ OS DS
?sSpif*. . w n ? Ji
May 3 W4 a a
W!?_. i? .* ??
Oct. . *> >m ?2i J jjii
Dn. ?E% IX ??Bfe ?*
LfiEpt ill S17% IM |K}4
Oct. 5 IS 6 34 IB W,
- DK 61H4 *sa* S17W 5 2%
Short Bibs. rMt,
sept. 6? 6 ar* 5 a s sr*
Oct. 53) S 35 5? 5 35
Cash quotations were as follows:
WhMi-Vo. 2 sprlnpr ?3??4*c; No. 3
spring C3j?Sc; Na 2 red ttc.
Corn?No. 2. Stifcc; No. 2 yellow 2Mfc#31c.
Oats?No. 2. Sfttc; Na 2 white 2J44f25c;
No. 3 white 2SC2S^c.
Rye-No. 2. 42&c.
Barley?No. % JSfHOc. ?
Flaxseed?No. 1. S8*ic.
Timothy Se^d-Prime J2
Mm Pork-Per barrel U S54|9 90.
Lard?Per 100 pounds 15
Short Ribs-Sides (loose) fSJDGS dry
salted shoulders (boxed) 44^*!ic; short
clrar mdi?? i boxed) X." 65ti<5 75.
Butter?Mnrket Arm; creameries [email protected];
dairies latlTr.
Eggs? Firm; fresh 12%c.
NEW YORK-Floor. r?*ce!pta S.?0 barrel*;
export! 8,145 barrel#; market quiet
but steady.
Wheat* receipts 224.73 bushels; export*
73,024 bushels; spot market steady: No. 2
red. it ore and elevatof; 73^674^0 ^ojt to
arrive: 73c f. o. b. spot affoaL.
opened firm end closed s&'fcc net hlfker.
but 4c under the best point; August closert
at 73c; September closed at Ofee.
Corn, receipts 32.560 bushels; exports
72.627 bushels; apot market steady; No. VHi&ic
f. o. b. afloat; options opened tlrm
and closed partly He higher; September
?*Chus.^receipts 210.000 bushels; export*
40.5H bushels; spot market easy; No.
2'?-r'iT:c: No. 2 white new 30>^c; options
quiet, but about steady, closing at *4c ad*
Cheese steady. Bye steady. Tallow dulL
Molasses steady. Cottonseed oil ?W;
Coffee, options opened steady and closea
4Wh?r s noints lower;
I mruu) UL .1 |iu>uw .w _ ^
? sale* l7,5i?> "uax>.
t Sugar, raw strong and held higher; refined
strong and higher.
BALTIMORE? Flour duIL Wheat firmer;
spot and mixed 78Kc: September 7fHP
70*ic; receipts St.500 bushels. Corn steady:
spot and month 34tv?$34*>?; September 34?j>
* 3*Uc; receipts 126.300 bushels: export* 170.'
000 bushels. Oats dull and lower: No. 2
white western 27??27Hc; No. 2 mixed 24*r&
lie; receipts 17,S.? bushels. Butter steady:
' fancy creamery 13c: do imitation 16tf?l7c;
do ladle 14tfrl3c: good ladlo 13c; store packed
12014c. Cheese steady.
CINCINNATI?Flour duIL Wheat firmer:
No. 2 red 57%c. Corn dull: No. 2
mixed 31c. Oats active; No. 2 mixed 21^
22c. Rye quiet; No. 2, 46c. Lard firm at
. S3 00. Bulk meats firm and higher at |5 60.
Bacon tirmer at 16 60. Whisky active and
Arm at $1 23. Butter easy. Sucar steady.
Egg*. Una aad higher at 12c. Cheese firm.
Li*? StockCHICAGO?Cattle
slow and 3c lower:
choice steers S3 2WJ5 60; mixed 14 0604 ?:
t**?rteers S4 15&4 60: stockers and feeders
HiL '>ulls 12 4^4 20; cows and helf.
ers |3 0C*?4 4a. calves $4 00{r7 23. Hogs?
market 10c lower: fair to choice $3 SSfi
4 02&; packers 13 60*r3 *?5; butchers S3 60?
4 K>: mixed S3 AO: light 13 G3?< 13:
BflMitflR Shwn y&\or down: Door
ro choice sheep $3 85^4 60; native lambs
i 3600. Receipts; Cattle. 12.000 head; hugs,
i 3S.0W) head; sheep, 17,000 h*ad.
' EAST LIBERTY?Cattle lower: extra
IS 15^5 25; prim* 35 0006 10: rammon 33 50
ffZ *5. Hoes fairly active; prime mediums
, 34 2504 ?>: rood Yorkers 14 3W4 25; heavy
1 hogs 34 1094 13; common to fair Yorkers
ft 1064 15; grosser* and stuhblers J3 SSf8
4 00: pigs, as to quality. 33 70HH 00; roughs
32 SOn-3 W); skips and common pigs jr.
3 50. She??p .strong; choice 34 toft4 65; common
33 25<i3 choice spring lambs 35
5 80; common to good 34 00?5 50; veal
calves 37 6067 25.
CINCINNATI?Hogs stronger at 33 25ft
4 10.
NEW YORK?Although generally metals
showed a firm undertone in nearly all
departments, holders regarded the outlook
as very promising and offered sparingly
as a rule. At the close the metal exchange
called pig iron warrants steady at Pi 70
bid and 36 90 asked: lake copper Arm at
312 15 bid and 312 25 asked; tin dull and
easy at 316 00 bid and 316 10 asked; lead
very quiet at 34 10 bid and 34 15 asked;
spelter quiet at 34 75 bid and 34 85 asked.
The rtrm naming the settling price for
leading western miners and smelters
quotes lead at 33 90.
Drr (mknU.
NEW YORK?The opening conditions In
dry ffoods are. on the whole, satisfactory.
There is a fair proportion of buyers in
! xf..it "r.l.irt tn fnlrlv heAW
proportion to provide an outlet for widely
diversified elates of goods. Print cloths
show the be?*t results In cotton goods.
There is continued curtailment at Fall
, River this we*k. It is almost Impossible
i to obtain any but spots at 2c.
: OIL CITT?Credit balances *1 00; certificate
!?ales 3,000 barrels of cash at 99Htc:
: closed at 99*4c bid.for cash. Shipments
? August 27 and 2S. U7.?99 barrels; runs
August 26, 27 and ZS. 201.792 barrels.
[ Wool.
J SEW YORK-Wool steady.
IU?t? thm Kl?n<tt ke.
! MY. A. C. Thomas, of Marysville. Tex.,
has found a more valuable discovery
than has yet been made In the Klondike.
For years he suffered untold agony
from consumption, accompanied
[ by hemorrhages; and was absolutely
. cured by Dr. King's New Discovery for
, Consumption. Coughs and Colds. He
t declares that gold is of little value In
I comparison with this marvelous cure;
' would have It. even if It cost a hundred
' dollars a bottle. Astnma. Bronchitis
and ail throat and lun.T affections are
' positively cured by Dr. King's New Dis
I covery for Consumption. Trial bottles
i free a: Lo*an Drug Co.'a Drug store.
' Ileguiar siz?.? 50 cents an d $1.00. Guar?
1 ante-ed to euro or price refunded. 2
IIom<,?lMi0k?ri Kirnnloni.
Ha the flrst anil third Tuesdays in
July. August. September and October.
IS93. th-? Chicago, Milwaukee & it
Paul Railway will sell round trip excursion
tickets (good twenty-on* days)
from Chicago. Mllwauk*'** ami other
points on it:' line.to a great many points
| In South and North Dakota and other
western and southwestern states at
about one fare. Take a trip west and
see the wonderful crops and what an
; amount of good land can b* purchased
| for a little money. Further informal
tion as to rates, route's, prices of farm
lands, etc.. ma* b? obtained on application
to any coupon ticket agent or by
addressing the following named persons:
W E. Powell, g?*oeral immigration
affent. 410 Old Colony Building.
Chicago; H. P. Hunter, Immigration
ac-*nt for South Dakota. 231 Doarburn
Street. C'blcjf.i. or Qeorge H. H 'afford.
*??n??ral Dau?.*nKer agent. Chicao. IJll
no,s" w
Uflkfln * *
Dtstrwrslnrr Kidney and Dtadder dlsctL3f
relieved In six hours by "New Grwit
South American Kidney Cur#." It Is a
ifr?*at surprls* on account of It# exceeding
promptneM in rellevlnc pain In bladder.
kidneys and hack. In male or f??male.
Relieve* retention of water almost
Immediately. If you want quick
relief and cure this lJ the remedy. Sold
by IL 11. List, druggist. Wheellp*. W.
Va. ttt*
Ite?lnoe?l IUfr? vin Ohio ICUer It.
Wheeling to Cincinnati. O. 13 30
wh?eunjr to l^exingiun. n.r < w
! Wheeling to LouM*U'.e. Kjr 9 00 j
Whcotteg to LoutsvlJIo. Ky.. second
claaa - ? '50 i
a Ptm. JOS. SET BOLD. Caablar
J. A. JLiVEBSON. iuTI CuUar. J
urtriL ?iofi.??o. hid n.
yuvvi l\r. W. VA.
ABen Block. P. PatUV
James Cummin a. H?nry Blttxnon, ;
A. Kejnmana. J-gJ *?*>*.
iBtmat paid on "Jgclal d?pp?lla. <
luun drafts on England lraland and
_?yU Cnhter. t
firrnr iitt.m.
j. v. VANCE .President
JOHN PHEW? ylem PraKkat
L. E. SAND# Cashier WM.
B. IRVINE jlmtl Cashier
J. N. Vance, O?orge E. SttfeL
J. X. Brown, WUUam Elllnghsm.
John Frew, John L. Dickey.
John Waterbouse. W. E. Stone.
W. H Frank.
Draft* Issued on Englsnd, Ir%land. Seot>
land sad sll points In Europe
WILLIAM a. ISKTT.... President
MORTIMER POLLOCK....Vice President ,
Drafts on England. Ireland. Franca and
Germany. ^
William A. Isett, iuurumcr Polloo*.
J. A. Miller. Robert Simpson.
E. M. Atkinson. John K. Botsford,
Julias Pollock.
ttUI J. A- MILLER. Csshier. f
Motfs Nerverine PiDs
remedy'far I
nervous pra*
%|M tr&tion and
of the
generative or- .
[ BIIOU; A5D AJTEB C8I50. pm of
sex, such as Nervous Prostration, Failing or
lost Manhood, Impotcacy, lightly Ema- 1
wwt. YflnthM Frrnrv. wnhl Wnrfg. CX
ccssivc %ae ai Tobacco or Opium, which ?
lead to Comnmpftoo and Insanity. $1.00 per
box by mail; 6 hazes for $5.00.
NOTTS CHEMICAL CO., Prop's, Ctoeiud, Okia For
sale by C. H. DRIEST ? CO., 1135
Market ?cre?L <14*
i/^n JLLLXmrnmrn IHt F?Ula? JUcr
r*jl g-asrawsBsa;ss
fit m man for tad j. bmin?a or atrrm*. d
iBMolty *ad CoMspcloa if
UkaamuoM. Tfcair om ahowa hamadUta paproya. 4
Brat ud affacta a CURE mhmn aiT other tail la.
iut apoa karln* tb? sanala* Aiax TabkCa. Thai
hava farad tbouaaadsasd willaarajoo. Wofltaapaa.
KS^ssaaiss'iasofiTS.^ ,
naekami or aiz okaoa I foil Tr?fniiari for BjEO. Bt t
For *ale In Wheeling. W. V*., by Logan ?
Drug Co. fc3-ttha
LADIES! O.Jcfwter'j Eagfjsh Pennyroyal Pit
8TBAMKB3. ' ;
V ^E _
leaving wha^ooat. foot of Twelfth street, g
u follows: ?
Sterner QUEEN CITY-Robert R. A*- j
new. Master; Jarae* Gardner, Purser. ^
Every Thursday atSs. m. ,
Steamer KEYSTONE STATE?Charles
W. Knox. Master; Daniel Lacey. Purser.
Every SumUv :if * a. m. .
Steamer VIROIXIA-T. J. Calhoon. Master:
R. H. Kerr. Purser. Every Tuesday
at 3 a. m. i
For Freight or Pnasaxe Telephone 330. I
fe!4 Agents.
Wheeling, Sistorsville & Maiamns Trade.
Steamer Elolae \
^aves Wheeling ^very ^Tuesday. Thurs- 1
n.ty anu c.iiurmy at ** v tiuw* ?. u?. y
Leaves Mala moras every Monday, Wednesday
and Friday at 8 o'clock a. m.
jy2S Mantfr. J
Arrive COLUMBUS 2:10 p. m. L
Arrive CINCINNATI 5:? p. m. c
Arrive INDIANAPOLIS 10:00 p. m. L
Arrive ST. LOUIS ... 7:00 a. m. l
COACHES ^. . .
? c
For Steubenville and Pittsburgh 1:25 a.
m. week days: Tor Pittsburgh and tne
East and for Columbua and Chicago at
1:25 p. in. week day*; for Pittabunrh. HarrlaburK.
Ealtlmore, Washington. Philadelphia
and New York at i.5a p. m. dally: for
Steubenville and D^nnlmjn at 3:&o p. m.
daily: Tor Pltt#bunrn at .aw p ni. Wf*k
days; for Colnmbm, Dayton. Cincinnati.
Indianapolis and at. Louis at 9:Ju p. ra. L
days. City time. E
Parlor Car to Pittsburgh on 3:55 p. ra. and G
7 p. m. Trains. L
Persona contemplating a trip will And ~
It profitable in pleasure ami convenience
to. communicate with the und-rs.^ped. who
will make aii neccsnary arrangements for n
a dHtghtful journey. . Ticket* will be pro- ,
vlded and baggage checked through to des- ?,
una lion. . ,
Passenger and Ticket Agent. Wheeling S'
W. Va. jcI J
- ? c
On and aftnr .Saturday. February 2, W95. , \trains
wtll run a* follows, city time:
"Leave WheeilngTj" Lea v eJ2kn Grove^ i ^
Trn riwilrn I m<" ? r n * meurn i in
No. a. ni No. p m.|No. a. m. No. p. m
I.... 1?,UJ;20.... |:00| 1 ... tf:0O!lf ?;<?] : ?....
7:00122 T^OllI 4:?-) |
I. t:0u 34.... 6.00 5.... ?M2S fnO :
I.... i:oo!w.... c :.... tsnofa ?.0 U
10.... lff:00|3 Z&i ?.... 104KS7 7:00 B
XI.... ll^oiao.... 9.t?tll.... U;00i29 fl.Dft r
p. m.,32.... 9.Ml p. m.,01 9:t<0 N
14.... fl2.00.34 10:0013.... 12:00 ? lt.H0 C
19.... lrfWM.... 11:?1S.... l:00)a..... n<0 ji
a.... 1,-OQt 117.... l:00t M
tDalljr. xr.pt Sunday. '
Sunday rhuroh tru.na win 1***? Elm "
Crn'.i it i i] l m. &n<l Whatllnc at 12:17 .
p. mT H. E. WEISUKHSER." j f.?
_ Oaneral Mana*w. I
fptiK Mu.VOXtiAH itul fc. IS tub I H
X Short Lino b?tw.. <_ n Fairmont and c
cutrksburK. Wulck Time?Fast Train*? | fcuru
Conii.iiiuni When trav.-Unjr to or !
from Clarkflhurx or We?t VlrKinlk A Pitts- I
burjjh railroad point*. sec that jour tick- ! I.
?ts rourt via the Mnnonifithcla Rlv?r Rati- . ?
road. Clow* connection* at Fairmont with ! E
II. O. trains ami at ?Marksbtxrj* with H. L
.t U. and W.. V P. train*. Tlckot* via ?
this rout* on sal* at all B. A O. and W..
V. A P H R. stations.
HUGH G. BOWLES. Gent Supt "
~~ ~ - - ? \\
iJr PRINTING carefully and inUll.nwntljr ai
rrmol'iH at th? INTELUGCNCKU Jo* al
Arrival and departure ot train* on aftt 1
iter Uay I* n*. ExpUnattoo el K*tar? ' .<-5
^nce llaTfrs: *DalJy {Daily. exrept Sw^ $
lay. jDaily. except Saturday. I iMlly. ?
'"Pt Monday fSondaya only. Saturda.-a - 3
>oiy. Emw n_*tandard_Ttme.
Depart. ;B.&0.?Main Una Eaat. Arrtv*
123 am Waafu BaL. PtolL. N.V * JD am 4
*4:<S pn Waih., Bal.. PWL. X.T ..... fi 2
*7:09 ami. ..Cumberland Accom? pn : -3
?.i*pm Grafton Accom...*. *100? am ?a
g:g amUWaa6lngtoo City Ex. H:00 pa
DepartTIB.40.?C O. Dir.. W**t]'Arrie?r !
*7:? am,For Cohunbu? and Chi. *1:15 am -^3
10:26 ami..Columbua and Cipcln.. 5:15 pm
ll.-M pm ..Coluabtta and anctn.. *8:29 am s?fl
*125 pm Columbua and Chi. Ex 11 J? a* V>S
10:25 am ..St. ClairartTla Accom.. fll:? am A
\HiS pmj.A. ClalravlUa Accom.. <5:15 pm 1
T0J5 amTTTZlaadm>r IjUll.. - *5:11 pm V<1
Depart. Ifi. O.-W.. P. ArrlY*7 Jj
5:21 am|T7...For Pittsburgh *10 JO am -v,
7:14 ami PUtabarffh tmwm . r.*?
? JO pml~Plttaburgb and Eaat.. *11pm * 2
tlOS pm. Plttaborgh WW* am j
b.wuT P.. C. C.> St. L. RJ. Arrt'v .1
n?*a pitt.bumh ....... jaw |
tS:45 cm St?ub?nviue and W??t f:15
t9:45 am ..Stmbenvllle Accoob... IJ^P?*
1:3 pm ..Pittsburgh and N. Y.. t*:3 P? J
3:55 pm ..Ptttsburxh and N. T.. ?* \]
ttM pm .. .Ptttsbur^h^Accom. . 1#J0na - ^
19:45 am Ex., CIn. and St. Louis HOI na
t*:? rtn Ex.. C!n. and St. Louis pa 1
tl:3 pm ..Ex. Steuh. and Chi.. jl:? pa ;j
*8:58 pm .-Pitta, and Paratope- %
Detuut. C. * P. ?Bridgeport. Arrtra. , ,
t5:H am .Fort Wayne and ChL. *TJ* pa ;
t5:5J am ...Canton and Toledo... tt.?pa
t5:5I am Alliance and Clareland pa j
t5:5J am 8t*ub?nvlIIe and Pitts, tf-M pa
10:09 am Steubenvllle and Pita, til:? jua- T2:I0
pm .-Fort Wayno and ChL. tj:j# Pa ,'j
t2:10 po ...Canton and Tolsdo.^ pa
tJ:10 pm AUJanco and Cloeland XVM pa ,*
nM pm Steub'e and WollajUJa. 1*M aa
t5:54 pm Philadelphia and W. T. t?:? pa ?
t6:? pm...Baltimore and Wash... JfOJ pa
TP'M pmi.aieuo e ana ntimui- i?w r?? mqm
Depart. | W. 4t L. E. Arrtve. 3
8:X amjCIeve. and Chi. Flyer *10:IS pxa ]
11:00 am|Toledo and Detroit Spe. H JO pa
t4:<0 pm. Clave. and M'slllon Ex. M JO pn
11 .-00 amiSteub. and Brilliant Ac. 111:30 am j
ti.iO pm.Steub. and Brilliant Ac. t*J0 pa j
Depart. C.. L. STW.?Bridjrt?TLFArrtv?. d
T7:?>5 am;CI?ve., -Toledo and Chi. t2:30 pa* <
t2:2S pm (Clove., Toledo and CbL t9:10 pa
11:00 pm?Mai>alllon Accom.... til:00 aa
ami..St. Clalrsvtlle Accom.. tSJtaa i
10:0* am-St. Clalrsvllle Accom.. fl:44pa
tfJS pn?..8L Clalrsvllle Accom.. t4 J? pra
15:30 pm ..St. Clalrsvtlle Accom.. t6:4f pa ' I
tl:40 pm| Local Freight ltll:50 aa
Depart. | Ohio River R. R. Arrive.
8:30 am Park, and Way Points *10'JO an- J
Yl'M am Charleston and CMncln. *3:45 pin I
11:45 am Clnuln. and Lexlnston ?JO pm J
*4:15 pm|Parlc. and Way PDlnt?.ltllH8 an H
Depart. I B.. Z. * C. R. R. Arrive.
3cllaire. I Bellalre. ,i
10:10 am:Mal!. Express and Pasa 3 JO pa 1
5:00 pm Express and Paafenger 9:40 aa 'j
I JO pm I MlXed Freight and Pas. 1 JO pa * |
BAIL30AD8. j
,M? *? > ?'rrttAin. e AHIA j
_ Departure and a**
rival of trains at
UlMLg^ailCM J Wheeling. Eaatarn
tl?le* 9chad^a^a ;;j
For Baltimore. Philadelphia and N?w
rork. 122 and 10:56 a. m. ud 4:4ft p. m. . j
Cumberland Accommodation. 1:00 a. nx. j
laily. except Sunday.
Grafton Accommodation, 4:45 p. m. daily. ;
From New York, Philadelphia and Bal? ;1
lmore; 8:20 a. m. dally.
Washington Express. 11:00 p. m. dally. '
Cumberland Accommodation. 4:06 p. nr.
xcept Sunday.
Grafton Accommodation. 10:10 a. m. daily.
For Columbus and Chicago. 735a. m. and. |
:25 p. m. daily.
Cclnmbua and Cincinnati Express, 103ft . .i.
m. and 11:40 p. m. daily.
Scr Clairsville Accommodation. 1045 a. m. i
nd 345 p. m. daily, except Sunday. - ,-ij
Chicago Ejtprtbd, iua a. m. ana uaw >.
a. dally.
Cincinnati Express. 5 J30 a. m. and 9 ?5 Pk ;i
a. daily.
6andu?icy Mall. 5:15 p. m. dally. ..
St. Clalrsville Accommodation. 11:50 a* .
o. and 5:15 p. m. dally, except Sunday.
For Pittsburgh. 5:25 and 7:1S a. m. and 3
:20 p. m. daily, and 1:15 p- m. daily, axl?or
Pittsburgh and the East, i38 a. m. :
nd 5:2) p. m. daily.
From Pittsburgh. 10:20 a. m., S& p. nu g
,nd 11:3u p. m. daily. 10.1)0 a. m.. excapt
T. C. BURKE. ^ f4
>a?enrer and Ticket Anst Wheelta* S
V. M. GREENE. D. B. MARTIN. -} ,-S
General Manager. Manager Passat .,1
r*ih gey Trafflo. ^
Time Table in Effect
5F1& June ?. 1*98. Eastw
^Efcern time. '.j
Daily. rOally Except Sunday.
South Bound. 1 *7 | fl | *3 l *5 _ i
la P..C..C.4Sl"LR a. *. p. m. i
Pittsburgh. Pa...Lv CIn. 9-jij 12:45 H
Fast |
Hireling Arj Line nm td?
Leave. la. m. a. m. a. rn.jp. m.
Hieeling t an 7:40 11:44, 4:18 3
toundsvllle 4:57 S.tO 13:171 4:11 1*4
lew Martinsville.... 7:5T 9:41 .1:W SM -J
Istenvllle 1:12 9:ttt 1:53 8:15 i
ITlillamstown 9:33 9:55 3:i?j 7:51 ?
arkersburr 10m0 10:13 3:251 8JO fl
avenswood 11:10 4:30}
lason Oty 12:00 5JM
p. m.
olnt Pleasant I2:3| ?:a
'Via K. A M. Ry j >.)
olnt Pl?aaant...Lv t2:05| f7J0
'harl*ston Ar 5.-0T) 9:25
Ialii polls Arl *12:381 6:331
[unfrlngton 1:251 7:4> J
"Via C. i O. Ry! la. mj J*
,v. Huntinirton tSJSl *3:ID c ,*r'
r. Charleston 4:27} 2:45
p. rn.jp. m. 1
lenova Ar lJOJ
Via C. * O. Ry.
,v. Kenova *1:551
Inrlnnati. O Ar 5:151 . *"?
cxlnjrton. Ky....Ar 5:3)1
wuwvmg, I I i_- vti ,(
levels ml, Lorain & Wheeling
Schedule In Effect ifa* 15. 1SSL
Central Standard Time.
. m
a. ra.ip. m. p. m.ia. m.
Lorain Brandt. 11 J 13 15 | 9
oraln 2:30 4:9) ?"?I
lyrttt <:44 2:39 4:4fl 104S I
ration 7:04 2:S5 4:K WJi .-2
eater 7:3! 3:12 5.1S| 10:*
iUia Line. ; l"< 3" 5 1~
la. ro.jp. m.'p. m.|a. afc ' ^
lnv*?ln'n'd I 7:20 2:251 fiJM
irooklyn 7:j<5 2:11 5:471 --i3
Mttf 8:22 3:2? ?:?2 .a
[ftlina *:3t> 2 S.j2|
hlpprwa Lake 8:41 3:|to 7:051 \
evllle 8:60 3;sS 7:141
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Warwick 3:18 4-25 7:43n M
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ridicoport ? I 1:401 3:00 ij
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ew Philadelphia- 5:<? 4:? T:M
anal Dov. r 5:11 S.Si 4:101 7:?
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Lorain Branch. 12 ! li IS I 10
a. m. a. m. p. m.Jp. m.
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raflon ?:?j 11^7 ?:? 3:41
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Tralna Nm. 1. Z. S and i dally bttwoen
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erry and Bellftlrt*
Consult a?c?*ntN for general Information
? io h**t route* ard paascnsvr rates ta
J point*. ^ Q CARBd* 0. P. JL.

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