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. Of tbc Ohio Valley Improvement
Auocl&tion will be
'Arrangement!! for the reception and
entertainment of the visitor* on the occasion
of the third annual convention of
the Ohio Valley Improvement Association
ar? goto? forward at a satisfactory
f - pace, and the several committees will
have completed their labors within the
coming week. The finance committee
j iwaa at work again yesterday and materially
increased the subscriptions.
The Invitation committee was to have
net again last night, but It was found
that the finance committee could not
torn over Its list of subscribers at that
time, m> the former committee will not
meet until next Monday evening, when
ji St is expected that the list of invitations
| tot tbe two functions of the convention
srfn be made up. These functions In?v-?
nn ?ho (rt-onlntr ttf
WUUC llK UUUSULk V.4 - - - ? --Wednesday,
September 14, and the ball
on the following night, both at the
(Wheeling Park casino.
The executive committee's secretary,
Mr. Howard Hazlett, yesterday received
from the president of the association,
Colonel John L. Vance, of Galllpolls,
Ohio, the programme for the business
esriuus of the convention, which are to
fee held at the Carroll Clufb auditorium,
Idodly donated by the" Carroll Club. The
SRUgramme In full is as follows:
Address ot Welcome. Representing the
Municipal Authorities, by His Excel_
lency. Governor G. W. Atkinson.
Response. Dy Hon. JOnn La. >ance. president
Ohio Valley Improvement Association.
Announcement of Committees?Committee
on Credentials. Committee on Amendment
to Constitution or Revlnton of
C Organisation, Committee on Renolutloni,
and such other committees as
may be ordered by the convention.
Reports?President. Secretary, Treasurer.
Action upon Official Reports.
Evening?Banquet at \\ heeling Psrk Ca*ln?"
Reports?Committee on Amendment to
Constitution, and action thereon; Committee
on Resolutions, and action
thereon; Other Committees, and action
Election of Officers.
Miscellaneous Business.
r Evening?Ball at Wheeling Park Casino.
Opened their Annual Convention and Con*
tHU Teiterdar at Bellalro?'The Knees
Begin to-day
The Extern Ohio Firemen's assoclai
Hon began its three days' tournament
' at BeHalre yesterday with an Imposing
parade of firemen, all in uniform, with
L their reels and engines appropriately
decorated with the national colors and
& grand display by local merchants,
who rigged up war ships and other ati
txmcttffS features. And music! It was
the test thing decided upon, and two
f?ii- hniM hanrin <14d duty from early
zooming till late at night.
It was a great day for Belial re. Business
bouses and (residences were decorated
all along the line of march. It
T was an ideal day, and the firemen were
dressed for Just such weather) the
bright sunshine adding to the splendor
of the bright new uniforms and the
burnished Instruments of the fire fighters.
The parade was not until afternoon,
and the boys covered the entire city
without any of them falling out of line.
.The procession formed with Marshal
Johnston and all the policemen at the
head. Then came Heatherington's
brass band. Chief Charles Zimmerman
and bis aides on horseback and then
the uniformed firemen as follows:
Our Boys hose company, Toronto* 14
8. B. Purdy company, MoundsvHle,
?W? Vs.. 18 men.
J. T. Jones company. Sisters vllle, W.
.Va., 30 men.
CltlzeDs' hose company, Slstersvllle,
IW? Va., 12 men.
Independent hose company, Martin's
Ferry. 22 men.
mechanics' brass band, full dress.
Bellalre?Liberty. 30; Hope. 31; Mechanics.
IS; Good Will, 28; Chemical. 24;
Duques&e, 19.
The? followed business men. with
nicely decorated wagons and other atr
tractive features, the president of the
Firemen's association. Mayor Freexe
and other city officials and distinguished
There were three divisions, the visitors
being given tlx* post of honor.
Everybody kept open house, and good
I ? ftdmor ruled.
The contests, races, etc., will frtllow
I to-day and to-morrow. Tho Judges ap[
pointed -for the races are O. P. Meson
i and Dr. D. W. Boone, and the timekeepers
John R. Gow, D. H. Darrah and
; H. W. Hermann.
The races to-day wHI begin In the
Fifth ward at 9 o'clock, when No. 2 and
No. 4 will run tar time on Jefferson
street, between Forty^flfth and Fortyfourth
streets. The second race will be
on Union strr-et In the Second ward.
t Just north of the creek briuge between
tne uuquesnu xivoim? sin
The third race wtH be held In the First
ward, Belmont street. Fouth of the old
creek bridge, between No. 1 and No. 3.
The two hose teams making rhe best
time will run a hub-and-hub race on
Belmont street. Third ward, on last
day. The team making th?? best time
gets 115 and the next %\Q. The fat men's
race on Belmont street, from Central
avenue south, prize fine silk hat. Wheelbarrow
race on Guernsey street between
Thirty-second and Thirty-first
streets, prize $2. The sack and potato
races on Union street from C. A P. depot
south, prize $2 each. The firemen's
foot race on Belmont street from Thirty-third
street south. prize $3. The
pott-assocation race on Noble street
from a point near Morgan's office north,
nrix* 130 mid second $23.
Some of the visitors had to return to
their hom*? yesterday evening on account
of not Inrlng able to secure excur-,
ston rotes for more1 than one day, but
they *1H return to participate In the
! races for prizes and honors.
!. Saturday the association race will be
run on Union street from a point near
? Ault's mlH to A- Klotz's dry goods
store; first prize $100 and second prize
175. The bicycle raco to Mart on Union
ft street at Thirty-second nnd go to
Shaiiyside and return. An entrance fee
! of 60 cents will be charged nil who ent?r;
winner to take SIS, second $10. On
account If amateurs not wanting to race
for money they will be given n mil table
prize at same value of cash offered.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All Druftglflts refund the money
If 1t falls to cure. 25c. The genuine
has L. B. Q. on each tablet mmftf
h ?
Indulged la bj Uukaovn Island Boji
Lut Sight, and far WUUh iUe Police
are Kodtavarlaj to Effect Tb?lr Arrnt
Last evening about 8 o'clock a car ot
the Wheeling railway wa? passing rapidly
up Perm street. Island, between
Virginia and Zar.e, when the motorman
startled the passengers by a sudden
cry#-followed by frantic efforts to bring
the car to a sudden stop by appliance
of the brakes.
I've kiHed a man!" was the excited
cry of the motorman, as he hurriedly
Jumped off and, with the couductor,
searched in the darkness for the mangled
body that he felt sure was lying
under the car. The male pawengers
Joined in the search. There was a silence
that was ominous, and every person
pruWnt'waa Reeling himself to bear
up under the portrayal of the tragedy
which they felt to be coming.
Finally the workers moved the car off
the supposed mangled from, and a.
j "dummy," dressed in dark clothes, and
of the else of a man, wa? in view.
i The cruet Jok?, if such it may be
termed, was no sooner disdoecd than
the motorman sat down on the foot- ]
board of the car and nearly collapsed ,
It was several minutes before he recovered
from the severe nervous shock. '
This same motorman was unfortunate i
enough recently to run over a child, ,
which died as the result of the accident,
so it is not surprising that he enter- 1
tained a certain feeling of morbidness
that made the shock last night more ,
Passengers on the car expressed their J
indignation that such a heartless prank
was Indulged in. One placed the matter
in the hands of the Island police officers,
who are after the boys who are 1
said to have been guilty of the prank, j
Names of certain boys who used the
same effigy in? a different way the night
before are kn^wn to the officers, and it's
likely they were guilty of the other
act. On Wednesday night they lowered
the effigy from a tree Just when a lady
was passing, and she is said to have
fainted through trlgbL
8uch depravity, if properly recognised,
entitles the perpetrators to a
place at the head of a state reform '
school class. i
Recent Pensions,
Special Dlspmtch to the Intelligencer.
WASHINGTON. Sept. 1.?Pensions
have been granted to West Virginia applicants
as follows:
Increase?Salathlel Dennlson, Hlllebert.
$12 to $24; John L. McLaughlin. !
.Ravenswood, $16 to $17.
Restoration and reissue?William F.
Grabe, Wheeling. $6.
Widow?Elisabeth Lowe. Belton, $8.
Pensions have been granted also to
Joshua Brady, Cannonsburg. Washington
county. Pa., $6, and John H. Moore,
Martin's Perry, O., $6. i
A patent has been issued to Allen C.
Burner, Green Bank, W. Va., for a '
gate. _
Will Krcp Up the Standard.
WASHINGTON. D. C., Sept L?In order
to keep the regular army up to the
maximum of 61,000 men the war department
will' have recruiting officers at all
stations where volunteers are mustered
out with a view of giving the men an i
opportunity <o efliisi in inc Kgumr wr
vice. The time which the** have served
in the volunteer service will be allowed
them as a part of the continuous service
in the regular branch. It Is estimated
that the regular army is some
four or five thousand below the maximum
allowed by the bill which provided
for the lncreuse of the regular army
when the war began. _
mump w w
He Will Take for a Wife the Woman Who
Dlack Pearl of thi
If Dame Rumor prates truly there will | <
take place in Paris In the near future v
one of the moat remarkable marring e
In which a beautiful American woman h
has ever been a contracting party. The r
union will be that of the rlclust prino
in all India, the Maharajah of Kapur- t
thala, ami one of the loveliest women In <2
Paris, Mrs. George Law, widow of the n
late New York millionaire. Of f.ourte t
Mrs. Law will not bo the only wife of t
the Hindoo prince, for there are fifty I
others, but as there exists no auch t:
thine as blsfemv in India, the wealthy <J
American widow will undoubtedly re*t r
Kwctly corrtrnt In tho thought Uiat ?be t!
]<i tho favored one. '
The Maharajah of KapnrthAl.i I* tho t
favorite of Qu<-?*n Victoria'* regal Orl- s
ental subject*. Ho l? exceedingly grace- i
ful, iiaa a swarthy complexion, pnnMin r
all the refinement of a true English fen- <
tleman, rule* millions of people, and ho*
a fortune that would arouno the envy of 1
a Croesus. He haa visited America, nn.l i
during hi* trip here f?mr your* ago wa? 1
j lionised by Newport society. With tho t
Sensational Publication About the
Consolidation of
k 1
"The Wheeling Railway Company and f
the Bellalre, Bridgeport & Martin's ^
Perry electric line have not consolidated ,
and there is no likelihood of their be
coming one corporation in mc near xuture.
There has been more or leas consolidation
talk for some time but nothing
of the kind has been consummated.
So far as I can see. It would be necessary
before a consolidation could take
place, to submit the matter to the stockholders
of the two companies, who
would or would not authorise the respective
boards of directors to take'&e
step." >.
These were the words of Mr. A. M.
Jolly, formerly general manager of the
Wheeling Railway Company, and now
Mie of the managing directors. He and
Secretary Sherley seemed to enjoy the
guesswork publications made in the
Register and News yesterday, but
neither of the officials was Imbued with
the idea that either of the papers mentioned
could enter much of a claim to ~
Mr. Jolly added that close relations A
exist and have for some time existed
between the two companies, but nothing*
more. Recently, arrangements had c
been made for the Joint use of certain y
tracks In Martin's Ferry, in order to p
form a loop that cou)d be used with ad- *
vantage by the two companies. "11
some of -these Wheeling newspaper p
reporters keep up their gait." said Mr. t
Jolly as he boarded a car for Bridgeport. 8
"we will have to call them in and have
them ehow us how we shall run our jj
business; they seem to know more about y
it than we da" t
Victim of tlie Bomb 1,
CHICAGO, Sept. L?Nicholas Shan- r
ion, one of the police officers who May h
I, 1886, helped to quell the Haymarket
riot, is dead. The cause of death was r
undoubtedly the many wounds he re- *
celved from the fragments_of the bomb *
Lhrown by the anarchists, FnWrt IIW jay r
>f the Haymarket riot -to the day of his c
death he was a sufferer from these I
wounds. Among his pall bearers will
be the few men still living who were H
wounded In the Haymarket riot. h
? r
*' 1 c
m He Chon?M to Style "The Beautiful r
; Americans."
>xceptlon of the twelve yartjs or silk l e
I'hlch form hl? head covering His Kant- ?
m Highness dresses conventionally.and c
lis diamonds are the wonder of ail Eu- 1
ope. J
Tho Maharajah has the membra of p
?ia suite prepare a programme f??r each a
lay, and it is related that he tshowtt his 8
ipprovnl or disapproval of it in a most
lovel manner. After a careful srtudy of
he plans laid out for him, if the prince
s pleased with them ho says nothing,
wt proceeds to carry them out; ff they
lo not eiuit him he suddenly and mysteiously
disappear*, nnd lanot seen again
luring the day. It i* said that both the
Maharajah and Mrn. LAW are devoted
o each other, and the fact that they are
w frequently seen together, and neither
leny the rumor of an engagement,
nnkea it s^em all the more probable that
>ne exl?t&
Mrs. Law hiw an enormous fortune In
icr own right, nnd her chief nccomidlshnent
Ik her mufdciU talent. which has
*?en cultivated under the direction of
he famous Aline. Marches! of Paris.
Bdra. Rosa Gaum Writes to Mr&
Pinkham About it. She Says:
Dbab Mrs. pdnnluc?I toko plea*
are in writing you a few lines to in*
'orm you of the good your Vegetable
Compound has done me. I cannot
hank you enough forwhrjt yonr medirine
has done for me; it has. indeed,
lelped me wonderfully. \JA
"or years Lfeaa trou>led
with an
>varlan tumor, V\
; achy ear grow- u
ng worse, un- I U |)x
.11 at last I b -1 J&
vas compelled 7 Lf
:o consult with
lotliing could
>o done for ^
ne but to go under on operation
In speaking with a friend of mine
ibout it, she recommended Lydia ?.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, say*
ng she knew it would cure me. I then
lent for your medicine, and after takng
three bottles of it, the tumor disippeared.
Oh! you do not know how
nuch good your medicine has done
ne. I shall recommend it to all suffer*
ng women.?Mrs. Rosa Gaum, 720
Wall St, Los Angeles, CaL
The great and unvarying success of
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com*
round in relieving every derangement
){ the female organs, demonstrates
t to bo the modern safeguard of woman's
happiness and bodily strength.
More than a million women have been
benefited by it.
Every woman who needs advice
ibont her health is invited to write to
Mrs. Pinkham. at Lynn, Mass.
ill Sot ( of Local .Vewi and GoMlp Prom
(he Glut Cllf.
The Capitol base ball club, of this
ity, went to New Martinsville, W. Va.,
esterday rooming, where they will
'lay three games of ball during the
lir. which is being held in that city.
There was a yachting party last evenng.
composed of a number of young
eople of the city. They went about
en miles up the river and return. All
pent a very pleasant evening.
Thomas Boyce and family have reurned
to their home in Gas CMy, Ind.,
fter spending several months at Ep/orth
Park, and a week with friends in
hl3 city.
The J. T. Jones pony, with an excel?nt
rider in the boy who handles the
ibbons, was not the least attraction
ere yesterday.
Mils Ethna Neeley, of FIndlay. nrIved
in the city yesterday, to visit her
riend Miss Inez Blackburn, In the
"ifth ward.
Frank M. Cowen has resigned as
ashler of the Flushing National bank.
F. Holloway Is his successor.
It was a mistake about Mahlon Craft
elling his Jewelry store. :vo 6ucn saie
ias yet been consummated.
Miss Nellie Mercer has returned home
fter a pleasant visit with relatives at
few Cumberland, W. Va.
The bottle house closed down yesteray
at noon on account of the boys that
olds moulds running: off.
Mlas Maude Turnbull has returned
ome to Chicago, after a pleasant visit
. ith friends in this city.
Dayid Nesbltt will leave next week
or Columbus, where he will enter the
>hio State University.
Mrs. William Bamford, of the Fifth
rard, is spending two weeks with relaIves
in Dunkirk, In<L
Miss Blanche Howard, of Wellsburg.
V. Va.. la visiting friends and relatives
a the Third ward.
Luke Wagoner, of the Fourth ward,
ias gone to Indiana, where he will
;ork this winter.
Dr. Starkweather returned home
esterday morning from a few days'
isit at Buffalo.
Miss Nettie Gallagher, of Moundsville,
t visiting friends and relatives in the
econd ward.
Miss Olia Sinclair left yesterday for
Voodsfleld, to spend a few days with
Alfr<v Jamison, of Newark, is the
uest of friends and relatives In this
Miss PrlscJlla McKee, of Pittsburgh, is
he guest of friends in the Fourth ward.
Miss Stella O'Brien, of Steubenville.
? visiting relatives in the Third ward.
Charles Johnson is quite ill at his
ome in the Second word.
Dr. J. P. West and wife left yesterday
)r a trip on the lakes.
Garela'a Ktmnval not Confirm"!.
WASHINGTON', Aug. 31.?Senor Alerting
in charge of the Cuban legaon
here during the absence of Senor
uesada in New York, said to-night
if legation either here or in New York
ad no information tending to confirm
tie reports that General Callxto Garcia
ad been removed from the command
r the Cuban troops ir> eastern Cuba
ad that General L?acret had been apnirvtnl
hit* successor.
help in trouble.
Nearly every woman can
recall from her own expericnces
sorne etncr/pttfrM
($7 knowledge of the
best thing to do.
would hare saved
faXM iy\ ' days or perhaps
fljy 1 \ XYfR months of anxiety
fifflBl -\ y y ^P^and sutiering. No
" constant safeguard
verpre?cnt help of that wonderful free
iook the Common Sense Medical Adviser
it R. V. Pierce, M. D., chief consulting
ihysician of the Invalid*' Hotel and Surgial*
Institute, Buffalo, N. Y. It tells what
q do in emergency or accident or sudden
ickness. It contains over one thousand
Ages, profusely illustrated with engravings
nd colored plates. It give* receipts for sev.
ral hundred simple, well-tried home rem.
dies. It instruct* the mother in the care
f her ailing children or husband, and give*
nvaltiable suggestions for the preservation
if her own health and condition in all
hose critical and delicate periods to which
romen are subject. The author of this
real work has had a wider practical exirrience
in treating obstinate diseases than
,nv Oincr pajMCHW ?n una iuuui i).
nedicinea are world renowned for their
iiarvcloti* efficacy.
Mr*. Jf. M. Hansrote. of Magnolia, Morpn Co.,
C. Va.. in a letter to Dr. PI we Bay*: "My hit*and
it o locomotive rsffineer. He came home
bout a vear ago and joat dropped in the doorray.
He waa burning lip with fever and he
omtnenred with Dr. Pierce'* Golden Mrdical
Hscovery according to direction* and in I wo
reek* he wa? able to ffo to work, without harinf
doctor. I commenced to take Pr Pierce'a
favorite Prescription something orer two year*
uo, and am glad to teatify thai it ia a Godaead
u womankind. I hare been out of health for
car*, and am now able to aay your medicine h?*
urcd me entirely The three children who
rere born t*foee 1 commenced to take your med?
rioe did not lire long, they were eery delicate,
xit those bom since (three in ill) a re very hearty,
u.l that convince* me that your medicine i* juU
rhnt tt it said to be and a great deal more "
By airaply encloaing at one-cent atampa
O pnv IHl *?* ??? VIHJ w
Hftpentary Medical A??ociati<>n. 66.t Main
itreet, Buffalo, N. Y., a paper*bound volittir
of I)r. Pierce'?irrcat book will be aeut
bmlutrly free, or for ten ktasipa extra a
itftvicr and handsomer cloth-bound copy
vill b? dent A whole medical library in
inc tuuopagc volume*.
fv Join
/4L *h
All jfflT of ^ P*0^
1/1 siM via
A %gB and y ou will have t
ft 1 and best wearing i
WrfsrmJ sizes 6 to 10, redu
1320 and
BfMir S(WI ltemi tiathtrid In th? Buy
Mnrsltall fouatr Town.
Thomas Kelby, who was arrested In i
box car at the Riverside iron works i
row aat's UKU, usnvu jwn. , ..
Monongab. W. Va., at which place be li
wanted for breaking into a boardinc
house and stealing a number of articles
which were found on bis person whei
Mrs. James Geraghty and daughter
Mrs. Charles Price, and son Frartk Geraghty.
returned from Atlantic City lasi
Wednesday. They report a very pleas
ant time.
Quite a number of Sistersville cltlzem
passed through the city yesterday, or
their way to the firemen's tournament
now in progress at Bellalre.
The infant child of Arle Tarbet wai
burled yesterday. Interment at McMechen.
Rev. J. S. Robinson conducted
the ceremony.
The remains of John Ambrlck wa?
sent to the home of his mother, at Lock
Haven, Pa., yesterday.
The two children of Edward Welsh
who have been 111 for a short time,wen
better yesterday.
The public school opens here Mondaj
next. All of last year's teachers hav<
been retained.
The sidewalks on Water street hav<
been completed.
To ?h? Editor of the Intelllsrencer.
Sir:?Please give date of the Martin's
Ferry cyclone in your next issue, and
April 15. 18S7.
Pittsburgh...H. K. BEDFORD. 6:30 a. ro
Pittsbur*h...W. J. CUMMINS. 8 a. m.
Cincinnati....QUEEN CITY. 8 a. m.
Parkersburg.ARGAND. 11 a. m.
Matamoras...ELOISE. 11 a. m.
8lstersville...RUTH, 3:30 p. m. _
Clnrlni:ton....LBROY, 3:30 p. m.
6teubenville..T. M. 13AYNE. 2:30 p. m.
Pittsburgh... LORENA. 12:30 a. m.
Pittsburgh...KEYSTONE STATE. 6 a. m
Parkersburg.BEN HUB. 11 a. m.
8isters\1!le...RUTH. 3:9) p. m.
Clarington....LBROY, 3:30 p. m.
Steubenvllie..T. M. BAYNE. 2:30 pi m.
Charleston.,.H. K. BEDFORD. 6:? a. m
Cincinnati....W. J. CUMMINS. 8 a. m.
Parkersburg.ARGAND. 11 a. m.
Matamoras...ELOISE, 11 a. m.
Sistersvllle... RUTH. 3:30 p. m.
ClarinKton....LEROY. 3:?) p. m.
Steubenv1llc..T. M. BAYNE, 2:30 p. m.
Along the Landing.
The marks at 6 p. ro. showed 4 feet ?
inches and slowly falling. Weather,
warm and cloudy.
A number of the Wheeling river men
went to Moundsville yesterday and attended
the funeral of the late Captain
Lee Anschutz.
_Fog held back the Queen City on
weanesaay nigni. ana u ww o y. u?.
yesterday when she pawed this port.
She had a good trip and added heavily
in passengers and freight here.
The Keystone State passes up this
morning for Pittsburgh and will be
here on Sunday morning for Cincinnati.
The Will J. Cummins. Captain Mack
Gamble on the roof, pawed up yesterday
morning, and will be here to-morrow
at S a. m. for Cincinnati.
Rlrer Trlcgrams.
OIL CITY?River 1 foot 10 Inches and
falling. Clear and hot.
BROWNSVILLE?River 4 feet 7
Inches and rising.
MOROANTOWN? River 7 feet and
stationary. Clear and warmer.
PITTS lit*RG H?River 3.5 feet and
falling at the dam. Clear and hot.
STKUBENV1LLE?River 3 feet 10
Inches and stationary. Clear and warmer.
w UiLill JLfll I
ffl will be remembered for i
of the Civil War. Its
Spain will be even greate
facilities. History is beinj
questions of our time arc <
Jb American should have ea
5 0F
MM from now until peace is
X artists and correspond)
WEEKLY at the front.
TO T.Chapman, Frederic Ri
m W. A. Rogers, Clyde, D.
7 n iarae staff of ohotoirrap
ing trie movements ofour
fB ings at Washington an
gp WEEKLY'S correspond!
John F.Bass,andO.K.Di
Fox, Jr.,with General Shi
jjjj at St. Thomas, and other
mm one year, you will obtai
most important engagemi
| Subscription
! ? A
5 Ranks...
ore buying oar
*"1 u*g, cooiw, prwliM(
ihoe in WbeeCng. All width,
ced from S3.00 to $1.98.
1322 Market Street. I
| J. S. BBODE3 & CD,
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I - Dress Goods,
Qirly buyers of Fall
> Dress Goods can
find here + + +
1 New Crepon.
New Serges,
with wide wale.
New Granite Suiting
New Covert Cloths.
All in the new colors
for the comitg
? Fall. Just opened.
J. S. Rhodes & Co.
. WILF.CSCfiNaLE. | "SgftggZ*
Dmler in ail goods pertaining to the trad*
^ ^ 2012 Main Street, ^ ^
A. CICyUUUB HI. I.iiroim, .. . tll
Practical Plumber, Gas and Steam Fitter.
No. 1155 Market street
Gas and Electric Chandelier*, Filter*
and Taylor Gas Burners a specialty, art
t -yyiLLlAJI HARE dt SON.
Practical Plumbers, Gas and Steam Fatten
No. S3 Twelfth Street
Work done promptly at reasonable prim
A fall line of the celebrated
Peabody Building, Room No. 331.
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