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IffifiW RACES:
. r.iMcd Liut* Nl?ht With
Larse Fields Assured j r
MOST "p t,,b oi'd favori^^s
aSD masy trotters asip
the statk fair grounds
track-the work op tub
I Er.trlrs for the caite fair races have
I ektfd. And the IntelUjpencer this morn
|nf? gives the entire# for every race of
I th,. week of the big fair, commencing
I tiext Tuesday and cuacludlnf? on Friday
I e/tcrboon. It will be seen that there are
I Isrs* ln a" ^e Hcheduled
I races, an assurance of exciting sport
I x&uy of the old-time favorites -are
I taionjj the entries, and many pacers and
I trotters that have not -been on the local
I tra K. The aeoclatlon Is shle to secure
I more numerous and batter fields this
ypar on account of the fact that the
I Weft Virginia and Ohio state falre do
no: conflict In their dates this year. The
I work of Speed Superintendent "Bob"
e-?r?,nrv Hook and other
AfhlereuiJ, ? --officials
Interested in the racing will
gorely be nprpeciated by the fiorae-recJng
public. The entries are a* folk?mr:
2:15 Pace?Puna Uw.
I Jim Ptigh. b. g., John W. Boardman.
Jackson. Mich.
t Dime, b. k., u D. Sharer, Brookville.
S. Seven Point*, b. g., A. R. TOibott, Pari*,
1 Joter Patctien, ch. g. m., J. H. Swlaher,
Newark, O.
1 Ruw?ll Wilkes, b. g? II. A. Adaras,
Canal Dover, O. i
t Lady PI pea, c. m., W. L. Rice, Syracuse,
X. V.
T. Dave Uowinnd, b. g., William Brannagon.
Tiffin. O.
I. Mr Bride, b. g.. lienry Schroulbach,
WhecUnr, W. Va. p.
Hal 11. b. a., Dr. J. L. Wentz, Scranton.
2:40 Trot?Purse 1300.
1. Vcwian, W. J. Bauer, Jackson, Mich,
t Triile W., ch. m., W. C. Willis,
Moundavilie, \\\ Va.
E. Jciin Lee, b. in.. Jx>cust drove Stock
Farm. New Castle. Pa.
4. Ahuonctte, b. g? D. G. McDonald,
Pittsburgh, Pa.
. i i, ? r t. Gnrfleld. Glen
villc. O.
6. Blanch K.. b. m., E. Millar. Alliance, O.
7. Denver, b. g., fimfl Grlebel, Cleveland.
J. May D.. b. m.. George T. Dyer, Roanoke.
}. Lady l>udly, a. m., George T. Dyer.
iWnoke. Va.
19. Lady Belby, b. m., R. Anthem, Brookvlll*.
11. In-llan Girl, br .m., S. W. Hart, Mineral.
11 Borthu I*e. blk. m., Smiley Caldwell,
Mansfield. O.
i:'J) race?Purse $309,
1. Gypjle King, b. g.. J. S. Weat. Cadis, O.
1 Eth-I luikin, br. m., Juatua Jiakln,
New Martinsville, W. Va.
3. Josephine Preston, b. m., Scot Willis,
Fairmont. W. Va.
4. Charle/ H., J. M. Karr. Sewlckley, Pa.
5. Wily K.. g. g.. K. W. Vale. Marietta. O.
6. Jt-ffic C., A. Cronlng, Wood.?fiol<i; O.
7. \v. 11. J\, b. g., Fred Jamison, Hutlcr.
Pa. A i. i
f. V*ritel. b. g., W. C. Dyer, Roanoke,
?. P. P. M.. b. g., U D. Shafet New
Castle, Pa.
1.1 Hp m Prank !I??driok. South
S< ; n. O.
II. Dainty Elder. g. m.. Prank Hedrlck,
Sowii Solon, O.
11 lt*rin It., br. S-. J- W. Hart. Minerva, O.
23. Mildred V., f. 111.. Meadow J*ands Farm,
It lleKcan, l?Uc., Meadow Lands- Farm.
2:2.' Paoe?Purse >100.
L Gjrptflu Kinu, br. k.. J. S. West. Cart
Ix. O.
2. Ual. - h. k.. D. O. McDonald, Plttsburffh,
3 Jay Aw I>s. b. s., J. It. Skelley, Car!tz.
4. Climax. b. s.. Capt. A. Miller, Now
Contcrptown, O.
5. V. n. p., b. ??., Fred Jamison, Butt*-r.
6. Hilly S., J. M. McCandllsh. 8lst?travllla.
\V \
I. Handy R. b. n? D. B. Anderson, Mt.
Pl? cant. O.
R ?"apt Hnl)ln.?on. b. F. 8. Smith, CatIlfttpburfr,
i. Ualk. r Wilkes, b. jj., C. T. Sartewell,
Kenton, O.
10. <;cortcl?* P.. blk. m., Frank Hedrlck,
South Solon, O.
11. KIjik Hal. J,. Lynn, Morrlstown, O.
iTpavjr* " ?' "* *???? ?
Morris town. O.
13. Dalr: .Malil, l?r. m.. Baughinan & Miller.
Wood worth. O.
2:1S Trot?rurfle *100.
1. nnnnntf lb, b. m., C. It. Jamison, Butl**r.
2. Frank Hill, b. Hy Ilaljjmaler, Pittsburgh,
1 Summit Chief, b. s., Cakwn & Stephens,
Sew Martinsville* W. Vn.
i Ruth Wilkes, g. in., M<-adow Lands
Farm, Meadow Lands Pn.
5. r.lnckFtorm. b. ?., Ucorgo If. Fetter,
l'JM>burgh, I'ii.
8. Superior Wilkes, ch. t., Andy Colman,
Springfield. O.
7. l'unwiu, ch. m.. If. II. Weldln, Greensburg;,
I J' mi Vincent, b. a.. J. W. Illll, Greensvile.
2:21 Pace-Purse $400.
1. Ky* Wonder, b. H. J. Mendel,
WheHlng. W. Va.
2. Count <'lay. b. 8., lly Halgmaler,
l'limiiurgh. Piu
I. Carleg, ?>. k., II. Qaltsklll, Pari*. Ky.
4. Hardee Boy, b. p., H. J. Jamison, Delaware,
6. Glns? y B., K- m., C. T, Garflcld, Glenvllle,
6. Martle Wilkes, b. g., William Mattoler,
Plain City, O.
7. Senator Hrice. b. b.. A. A. Scott,
Mm*. O.
1 Kxlmiin, b. g., T. C. Gnrfleld, Cleveland,
I. Wayside, b. g., II. D. Koercher,
Young? town, O.
2:U Trot?Purse J40O.
1. PUmlngo C., b. m.. Ixicust Grove Stock
Firm, New CnHlr. Pa.
2 Tenia, b. n., Mlcharl Moran. Dayton, O.
1 l.Htly KIlTiiirk. u. m., li. E. Montgom ry,
Rochester, N. Y.
4. J W. c.. cr. Frank Iledrlck, South
Holon. Ohio.
5 0?Ttruilf, b. m.. S. II. Arthers. Brookvlllp.
< Tlliie Kurguson, b. m., William Branlfc'an,
TllBn, O.
" v. blk. William llranlgan,
Tlflin, O.
Thormvlck, %. m., Huntington Brown,
Marullcld, O.
2:2S Pace?Purae >400.
1. Bright Bel, b. b., W. C. Willis,
. Mounduvllle, W. Va.
i Uypale Kln?c, br. g., J. S. Wont, Ca*
dlz, O.
0. timinm w lines, jonn >v, uoarunuui,
laekson, Mich.
4 cimrloy H? J. M. Kiirr. Sewlckley, Pa.
' W. n P., h. g., Fred Jamison, HutIt.
n. i.uncr, W. r. Dyer, Roanoke, Vi
7. Van,i, w. C. Dyer, Roanoke, Vn.
*. P p. M., b. g , I.. D. Hhafrr, Now nnxtl?\
I) 'ilnrlys, br. m., Frnnk Hedrjck, South
Solon, O. '
If Dairy Klder, k. m., Frnnk Ifedrlck,
South Solon, O.
11. King Hal, L. Lynn, Morrlstown, O.
Free-For-All-Paee?Puri?e 1400.
1. Odlllty, ch. h., Dol? Jacobs, Youngstown,
2. MIhh Jennings, David Phillip*, 'Hrndford,
I. Arlington, b. G. J. Walters, Wnrr*n,
1 Jjidy Pipes, c. m., W. D. Hire, SyrnctiM,
N. Y.
#. Ace. b. h., If. Simon, T,oniloo. Ont.
2:? Trot?Purs? HOO.
1. Dsn Wilkes, b. g., A. T. Sweeney,
Wheeling. W. Vs.
i. Vprvlan. W. J. Uniier, .larkson, lllch.
y Smith Ifontls, Cliff Birson,^?puni?
l??M| W,
Jfelp for
the jfcair,
Is %htt a /rut many men and mmtn
are tooting far i help against approaching ,
baldness; help against tehttentna locks I (
Mp to restore the tost gloss to the hair;
help Against fading tresses I help for the
sale attacked by dandmff. AVER'S
HAIR VIGOR offers hot nch help. B
?M - t /.jL.i.1.11. ?
restarts gray or r*oeu w "
color, gives 0 length, thickntu snd glou.,
and removes dandruff.
? *t l?lr w? ro??li ?? b?k?l
to fall nt. Tbe ?m ot bot om bottl# of
Ann's Hal* Viooi both chaclud tfcalalHw
rat and mlma J?T *air?ra<wtt>, *Iomt and
1 bee*me aait? bald, By '
. Tfrn'r
m *or<
*nd verT sooa tajr lulr
ceased to fall out and a
ft p*w?sdviforoua growth
rr^M nuicU its MppwMnc*. My
hair to now abundant and
BSP^ floa?y.M-THO?. DUNN,
RockrlJIo, Wis.
L Jean Lee, 1?. m? Loouat Grove Stock
Farm, New Can lie, Pa.
6. Castanet. b. m., Todd & Sutton, Jackson,
?. Zelnut. b. g.. Meadow Lands Farm,
Meadow Lands, Pa.
7. Khaled, ch. ?., A. D. Parr, Clarksburg,
W. Va.
8. Mi.su Haley, b. m., J. T. Clark, Paris,
9. Geo. J., b. g., C. T. Garfield, Glonvllle.
10. Denver, br. g., Emll Grelbel, Cleveland,
11. Gortrude M., b. m.. John Call, GlenvllUf,
12. Lady Selby, c. m., R. Arthers, Brookvllle.
13. Tk-rtha Lee. blk. m., Smiley Caldwell,
Mansfield. O.
2:18 Pace.
1. Eye Wonder, b. g., H. J. Men'del,
Wheeling, W. Va.
I n " ?i - -1.. t? * n TJ WnMrnplr. V?v
~ ii*rtinV?iii?', yr. v?T
S. Maud, g. m.. Meadow Lands Farm,
Meadow Lands, Pa.
4. Carleff, b. g? II. Galtskltl. Paris, Ky.
E. lrax, b. g., Andy Colraan, SprinKfleld, O.
G. Hardee Boy, b. g., H. J. Jamison, Delaware,
7. Joker Paichen, ch. g., J. H. Swisher,
Newark, O.
8. Jessie L., b. m.. Emery Mlk??i, Alliance.
9. G. W. D., blk. h? Alf. Dun. Satoina. O.
10. l>ime, b. g., L. D. Shafer. Brookvtlle.
11. Dave Rowland, b. g., William BranlBan,
Tlflln, O.
12. Kximue, b. g., T. C. GarflelJ, Cleveland,
13. Next, b. g., John Derr, aiansncld, O.
Free-For-All Trot1.
Cling, blk. g., D. G. Mcuvnald. Pittsbunch.
2. Hesi>erus, b. h., H. J. Jamison, Delaware.
3. Iris O.. b. m., Charles Sherrick, Pennsvllle.
4. Robert B., b. g., William Branlgan,
Tiffin, O.
5. Pat Watson, b. s., A. Moore, Greensburg,
The educatlonn! department of the
state fnlr was opened yesterday 4o receive
entries and It promises to be
more attractive and interesting than
usual thin year, and that is saying a
great deal. More space has been given
the public schools this year than usual,
and they are using It to the best ndvnnincro
Th<? f?nld?vell-Petereon Cora
pany has flt:e<l the stall? of the educational
department up In-pure white, and
the celling and pillars look very attractive.
Won. Lost. Ppr.
Cincinnati 74 43 .532
Host on 1. "1 42 c-l<
lialtimorn CT 41 .624
Cleveland 67 46 .591
Chicago 65 GO .565
New York 63 50 .558
Philadelphia 54 56 .401
Plttntiurch 57 60 .4*7
IXMilJVllle 4" 6!? .4S5
Hrooklyn 42 66 .889
Washington 40 73 .354
St. Louis 32 84 .276
Cincinnati 5, Washington 4.
Louisville Haltimore S.
Cleveland I. Boston S.
Pittsburgh S. New York 2.
Chicago 10, Itrooklyn C.
Philadelphia 6, St. Louis 4.
Washington at Cincinnati.
Brooklyn at Chicago.
Cleveland at Boston.
Baltimore at ijoulsvlll*.
New York at Pittsburgh.
Philadelphia at St. Jx)uis.
Wheeling admirers of tho Cincinnati
Reds were In excellent spirits last night:
their train had won, nnd the dungerous
Bostons and Baltbnoret were both defeated.
Tho result wan that Cincinnati
Jumped from third place to the lead by
the slender margin of four point* over
Boston, and eight points ahead of thn
Orioles, if Cincinnati's pitcher* can work
themselves off tho disabled llat ,fho Red*
ought to give either the Bean Eaters or
the Orioles the hardest kind of an argument
for the big league rag. Chicago
"swapped" places with Now York on the
strength of yesterday's games. The feature
of the day was I<oulsvtllo'n victory
over the Orioles, but only after Bunion's
men had made a magnificent Garrison finish
that was one run too short.
'PITTSBURGH. Sept. l.-New York
could not hit nor field to-day, and was
not ln tho_game at any stage. Attend
uncc, J**'. ncoro;
Pittsburgh. ah. k. mi. po. a. k.
lionovan, r. f 5 1 1 ? * ?
o'Hrlpn, B. ft 5 1 2 0 5 1
McCarthy, I. ( 1 ? ,5 X 2
I'lnrk, < 1 J 1" 2 J
Paddan. f 1 2 } ? S
Uray. 3b 1 2 I 1 J X
MoCrMry, c. f ( '
Schrlvfr, 5 1 ? } 1 X
Jthlnrjt, p J! J!
Total* *2 9 H 27 9 1
NEW YORK. ab. R. B1I. PO. a. E.
Van llullren. c .f.. 3 I' ? ?
Tlnrnnn, I. f * 0 1 0 n l
Joyce. lb 4 0 9 ? ? \
H??ymour, r. f 4 9 I ? I ?
(Irmly, c 3 1 0 0 0 1
<;ira*on, ai? < i *.5 1!?
l'oyl<\ ?. n \ 0 0 3 ? 0
OetllK. S'? 12 12 1/,
Doheny, i> 3 0 J> J> J J)
Total* 22 2 ? 27 14 r,
PlttNlnirtfh 0 0 0 0 2 ft 2 2 2?R
K, u- Vnrk ' 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2
Earned run*, Plttuburjb 4- Two-bnw?
hit*. tf<hrlver. Thri?-ba?* him. MeOn* ry.
Kchrlvcr. Htob-n banen, Tlernnn. I)nuhb?
piny*. MrhrJvrr and Padden; niwwn and
Juyrv. I**lrnl ba*?? on ball", off ltnln?* 2;
off l?oh?Ty 1. Hiriirk out. by Rhlri.-i 2;
by Dohvny 4. BiicrlAoa hit. McCreery.
Tim-. hourn. Umpires. Hunt and Connelly.
BO0TON, 8?pl. 1.?The Champion* were
beaten for the eocorid time to-day by the
Cleveland*, and slipped back 13-0 s?w
place in the leainie Ttrr. The cam* wai
i a clone one, and was not won unlU tb
last man ?a? out. It was a pltchera* bat
' tie. and Cupny had the better of It. At
tendance. 2.000. Scorc: B H I
Cleveland t 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0-1 <
Bolton 1 H I t H I W I
Earned runs, Boston 1: Cleveland 1
Home run. Lowe. Batteries. Cuppy ?
Crl*er: Willis and Bergen. Time, IM
Umpires, Lynch and Andrews.
CINCINNATI. Sept. L?The Senator
' were badfr crippled to-day, but they wer
very lucky. Only two ol the bits made of
Hawley reached the outfield. Corcoran
. single and Felix's double won the team
In the eighth. Btelnfeldt's fielding was tb
' 'o. AtlanHnnrp 1 12S_ RMM!
" ~ BH1
Cincinnati ....0 0 0 0 1 1 2 1 ?514
Washington ..1 0 0 0 1 0 2 0 0-4 8
Earned run?, Cincinnati 2. Batteriei
Hawley and Pelt*: Weyhlng and Farrell
Time, 1:45. Umpires, Emslle and McDon
i aid.
CHICAGO, Sept. 1.?The Orphans open?
up on McKepna with a single and a cleai
four-bagger in the flrst, and kept it u;
all through the game, batting for a tots
of twenty-six banes. Woods was In fin
trim after his long rest, holding Brook
lyn down to five scattered singles. Rya
I and Donahue hit safety each time at hal
and the former Killed Brooklyn's onl
chance to score by a wonderful catch 1:
deep left field. Attendance, 2,000. 8corc
Chicago 2 0 0 2 1 2 1 2 *-10 18
Brooklyn ....0 00000000?05
Earned runs, Chicago 8. Batteries
Woods and Donahue; McKenna and Grin
Time, 135. Umpires, Swart wood and Wat
ST. LOUIS, Sept. 1.?The Quakers wo
to-day's game In the ninth Inning. Afte
two men were out, Carsey gave McFar
land and Cross bases on balls, then Dons
hue singled to left and McFarland tal
lied. Score:
St. Louis I M d o ; i jm/j
Phlladelp'a ...0 00004002-8 10
Earned runs, Philadelphia I; St. Louis 1
Batteries. Carsoy and Klnslow; Donahu
and HcFarJand. Time. 1:40. Umplri
O'Day, Attendance, 1,100.
LOUI8VILLB, Sept. l.-With the scor
9 to 1 In the Colonels' favor, Cunnlnjchac
eased up In the ninth Inning, and the Bird
touched him up for four singles and tw
doubles, almost tlelng the acore. Attend
ance, 1,200. Score: r H I
Louisville 0 0 0 0 t 1 1 0 M10
Baltimore 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 1 S?8 18
Earned runs, Louisville 3: Baltimore I
Batteries, Cunningham and KlttrldK*
Nops ana Robinson. Time, 2:06. umplrei
GafTney and Brown.
.110 0.1.-5^'
Toledo .?. 0 M 0 0 1 0 0 0-1 I
i Batteries?Kcllum and Belt; Keenai
1 and Arthur.
At Springfield.
Springfield ....1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0?2 8
New Castle....0 0 0 1 0 2 0 3 ?6 8
Batteries?Crablll and Grafflus; Gues
and Hnrcklcv.
At Dayton. R H J
Dayton 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 1-4 9
Youngstown ..0 0 0 0 0 0 1 8 0?4 10
Batteries?Bates and Donahue; UUIe
and Donovan.'
At Grand Rapids. ..... * ** 1
Gr-d Rapid*...0 0 0 0 0 0Port
Wayne...0 0081000 *-4 10
Batteries-Carson, Herbert and Cote
Brodle and Patterson.
Last night's games in the Moaart tour
luiGONAUTS. Int. M. M. Totn
Rarvor 142 1*3 142 44
Vogler Ill 181 141 48
Sonnefelt 110 21!' 148 ?7
McDonnell 122 127 125 ?
Garden 187 1K3 1j2 *50
Blind 1W 142 123 J7
Totals 768 1015 H43 ...
8IG8BEB. lit 2d. 8d. Tots
Handy 12? ?? ?<] ?
King 1UJ m ins n
Marin M HK 203 44
Bickmeyer Ifi3 107 128 4a
Marochner 130 141 143 41
Blind 167 116 166 44
Totals 7M WG M9 ...
PURITAN. lut 2d. 3d. Tota
Wllheim 122 121 103 W
Modar 1? 130 12S *
Baker 110 123 1*) St
Acker 102 132 125 41:
H^nry 133 140 134 40
Blind 170 135 12 43
Total* 858 7SI 742 ~
yesterday in an Attempt to Equal HL<
1897 Murk.
READVILLE, Mass.. 8p>t. t-On the
same track on which M; made the record
time last year, 1:59%. Btar Pointer
to-day again tried for a world's record
of a mile in harness, but failed to equal
his performance by nair a second.
The enormoua crowd saw a mile mad<
In less than tiro minutes, and It Is safe
to say that with slightly better conditions
the record would have again gon?
down before the great stallion.
An hour before Pointer came out II
rained softly for a few minutes anc
when at 5 o'clock McCleary drove ont<
the track, the drops were still coming
The track, however,was In good shnp?
nnd there was no wind, so it was decided
to go for the record.
With a running mate. Pointer made
the quarter In L'&Vi, which gave encouragement
and with the half in 59 it looked
as if he would do something to th<
record. The terrific pace was kept up
to the three'-quarter pole, which wai
reached In 1:28%, and fhen came th(
question of endurance. Tht great 1k?mk
was urged all through the home stretch,
but he did not quite reach the wire in
The afternoon's s|>ort was the best ol
the week and drew t^ie largest crowd
ever seen at Readvllle, fully 10,000 peo
jjip living present.
The 2:05 pore after Pointer waft the
great attraction of the afternoon and
the crowd saw some fine racing in the
five heats. Summaries:
2:14 clan*. trot time, the Masaachuseltf
nurar, 15,000 (unfinished from yeateray).
(irnttan Floy, b. a..
by Grattan (Miller). 2 2 2 1 2 11
Caracalla, br. m., by
Patron (Keya) 119 7 8 2.
Belli* J.,b. m., by Ban
Johnron (Spear)....12 G 1 3 1 3 Town
Lady, b. m.
(Cheney) 9 9 S 2 3 ro
Mattle Piitteraon. b.
m. (Saundcra) 3 3 4 8 4 ro
Btamboulette. b. a.
(Van Boklcn) 11 6 5 4 5 ro
Tom Boy. b. m. . _ .
(Marah) 4 7 8 <J 7 ro
Joy Hawker, r. a. ...
(D. Wilson) lu 11 7 5 G ro
Jupe, b. c. (Klynn).. i 4 8 9 dr
Sidney MrCreitor. b.
h. (? nnipyj iv ju ur
Red Warranoke, b.
*. (Reynold*) S R dr
Nlco, l>. k. (Titer)... K 12 dr
HlmilonK. ?. in- (Slarr); I'roiton, s. K
(Murphy), and nattluton, b.* k. (fleer*)
dlstano-d. ^
Time?2:10k 2:10!^ 2:11. 2:11*4, 2:1SU. 2:14*.
2:15 paring, purie $1,300.
KKoxi'n. I?. h.. by Kxotlat?
Muddl, by Dictator (Crutchfield)
2 1 1
Flirt, blk. in. (H?nn?-ck> 7 10 2 .
Hal Wilkin, ch. h. Uk>ldeti)....l* 9 3 !
Bolavonlc, ?r. h. (Cheney).... 9 3 fl (
Cbeidea, ?rr. *. (Don-) 3 7 J \
Moth Miller, rn. ? (A Trout).. 5 4 .? .
Queen Vliullo, v. ni. (Hath*
Norvln O., br. k. (Muwen).... 5 4 <
Trio, b. m. (Nile*) 4 * 9 .
Masvtte, b. f. (llallcy) 11 0 7 di
ArK?'(to, c. m. (Stan) 1 2 dls
bone) * die
Mat Mil Inn. b. h. (Oeera) 13 dr
Tlme-2:Wtt. J;(?. 2:10.
2:0.1 claM pnelnjr. pur"" 11.MO.
Frank Ropraiib, br. h., by
Atlantic King (Horsi-hIi)... 1113 1
Roan Wllkea. rn. h. by
T*?nneMe? Wllkea <H?kk?) 114 4 3
rianot, b. h., by Robert McGregor
(Demareet) 4 4 t 1 I
i -*??-,
1 . "Ifeaid" win do IB M to. rlda far It. It
I. has cured my BnsidiHko#tw^eri,ehuetig^
: ??ansjs^f
r IbtHer?MHjroeMi" to boooo of Owaoct wooferH
fal nn< far QiUrrfi and Throat trouble that has
e yr h? dlKonrad. lnwjr,caMtheeaartha?be?n
e discovered. lamrcaietheeffrct has been numlcms.
t ??U tin Mlrmuiii mm allow
e, to rater the Vronehlal tube* anil long*.
aa^Conwunptlon cannot
e ???Cbkf M.
n Bump*, b. g. (Wilson) J 6 5 2 2
; Chehalls. br. g. (tyNell).... 1 2 2 5 4
X Time?2:064. 2:06)4. 2:(fc?i, 2:06%. 2:01*.
f! 2:23 class, rtottlng. purse $1,600.
L' George, b. g., by Scarlet Wilkes
" i (Sinott) Ill
1 Maybloom, b. m. (Keyea) 2 2 2
1 Quenn, b. oi. (Golden) 2 3 3
i, Nation, b. g. (Thomas) 4 5 4.
i. Rene. gr. m. (Ooote) 5 4 G
Time?2 J5, 2:12%. 2:15.
Star Pointer, b. s. (MeCleary), to beat
1^4: 2^j 60, MSK, 1:W%.
f Special Dispatch to the Intelligencer,
i- STEUBENVILLE, 0., Sept. L-Good
' borse racing and exciting brushes to the
2 several heats was the rule in the races
2 at Pleasant Heights track to-day. The
I winners were:
p 2:23 trot, purse $300-Flrst, Gertrude,
It A. Arthurs, Brookvllle, Pa.; second,
Pat; third, Flamingo C.; fourth, W. H.;
? best time, 2:20*.
a 2:17 pace, purse $300?First, Silver
s Hal, G. A. McDermott, New Phlladclo
phia; second. Birdie Dickerson; third,
Rosa L.; fourth. Dime; best time, 2:17%.
2:18 trot, purse $300?First, Domcro, E.
3 Weldon, Greensburg. Pa.; sccond, J. W.
3 C.; third. Frank Hill; fourth, Ruth
L Wilkes; best time, 2:18ft.
(lap* and HUhap4 >u tli? Thriving City
AcTom thi Klver.
Notwithstanding the heat of last
3 wonkier, a larec and enthusiastic crowd
2 -
4 witnessed the opening production, "The
a Tornado/' at the opera house. This
evening the same company will produce
5 "The Past Mall."
2 A new butter and tfiecse factory to
2 be started In this city, Is one of the
o present probabilities. A party was in
the city yesterday looking up a suitable
3 site for the new concern.
4 An open air camp meeting will be
? held at Brilliant next Sunday, given by
r the Second M. E. church of this place,
and the Sixth Street M. E. church, of
? Steubenvllle.
s Mrs. Hanoa Hoyle, of Waverly, Neb.,
0 accompanied by her nephew*, Caleb
; and Bennle Hoyle, arrived here yesterday.
The latter two will attend school
at this place.
Louis W. Smith drove a party of thirteen
young people to Fairmont, Ohio,
. yesterday, to attend the Baptist Association,
in session at that place,
j Judge Hollingsworth has appointed
1 George C. McKee, of Bridgeport, as re7
celver of the Standard Home and Sav4
Ings Association of this city.
? The board of education held its regu_
lar monthly meeting last night and the
final arrangements for the opening of
J school Monday, were made.
2 Prof. Arthur Reynolds arrived Here
j! yesterday morning from Chicago, to be
|j ready to resume his duties as teacher of
"4 the high school Monday.
8 Three unknown tramps were arrested j
" by the police last evening for vagrancy,
and Dennis Callihan for being drunk
1 and disorderly.
5 Mills No. 7 and 14 at the Laughlln.
2 have been shut down Indefinitely on acji
count of insufficient steam to run the
? entire nailL
1 About MO was realized from the chick- "I
en supper given by the ladles of the
Presbyterian church, Wednesday even- |
Miss Nora Clark will return to
Barnesvllle to-morrow, to resume her
duties as teacher of the school there.
5 The Second African Methodist Episcopal
church is being overhauled and re,
paired in an extensive manner.
The Moflndsrille base ball team will
PUiy me CIQD ot mm place uu IIIC mm
groundi* to-morrow afternoon.
Our public school teachers will hold j
their first meeting In the high school f
room to-morrow afternoon. i
Miss Bessie Olllmartln, of Cumber- j
land, Md., Is the guest of the family of j
William Joy, on Broadway. i
Thomas Grayson, of this place, has ]
entered the one hundred yard foot race '
at Bellalre Saturday. ,
W. W. McCoy and Abraham Tldd,
both of Marietta, were In the city yes- '
terday on business.
Miss Alice Wood entertained a num- ,
her of her friends last evening: In a
nloimunf mannpr.
, A crowd of young people composed n
; boating party which went up the river
' last evening.
. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Gray and son have
, returned from a visit with Pennsylvai
ni& friends.
i Charles Thorngate expects to move
> his family to Baltimore in the near fu.
1 A labor day picnic will be held at Lo- .
, cust Grove on Long Run, next Mondny.
| Several of our cltteens went to St.
Clalrsville yesterday, to attend the fair.
W. L. Slmpklns, of Connotton, Ohio,
) called on his son here yesterday.
1 O. R. Parmalee, of Cleveland, was In c
i the city yesterday, on business.
H. H. Van Oener, of Mlftiintown, O., i
was here on business yesterday. I
M .1 rtnnsom. of Moundsvllle. was
L calling hero yesterday.
j Dr. Hoge. of Portland Station, was In 1
the city yesterday. ,,
* A. L. Sternberg, of Toledo, wan In 1
town yesterday. I
Miss Ella Hill returned to East Liver- ?
pool yesterday. _ t
Millions <21% ?n Ayr ay.
It la certainly gratifying; to the public
to know of one concern in the land who |
are not afraid to be generous to the
needy and suffering. The proprietors of .
Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption.
Coughs and Cold?. have given
away over ton million trial bottles of
this great medldclne; end have the sat- ?
, Isfaetlon of knowing that It has alwo- j
lutflv cured thousands t?f hopeleM eases. I
A.?thnin, BronchlUi, llonreenea* and nil *
dinemiefi of the Thr?mt. Chetrt and Lung* 1
nr?? Barely cured hy It. (Tall on Log/in
Drug Co., nnd wet a trial l?ottle free, f
, Regular 50c lUld $1. Every bottle p
. Kimrnn-teed, or price refunded. 3 ?
0~NE CENT- |
? ? All nolld advertisement* under f
??? tho following bending*: : j : ? "
will be inserted at the rato of
Oily a Few lore Weeks Left f
Shelf-Emptying Sa
for no other purpose
big Fall and Winter Stocks; whi
There's special counters all round
have bargains on them which will
five, for there's a saving of from (
all lines there represented?
Shirt waists,
Odd Underwear,
Leather Beits,
Boys' Waists,'
fancy Wrappers
Men's Shir
Evening Silks Silt
or Fancy Silks for Waist*, some Wa
new stripoa and combinations
that aro admirably adapted for * 2
the purpose? \
SI* 15 to SL30 Yard. '
Solid Color and
Two Toned Taffetas
in shades most adapted for this
season's wear, either for street
or evening waist or silk petti- j
coaf? (
75c to SI. 15 Yard. ?
Buy Neckties
and Scarfs Co*
Lilfrht and dark colon, In silk, J
eatln and madras? 2
50c grade 23c. c
25c grade 10c.
Bow Ties 10c up. j
QeOo E. 5ti
Monet to loan-45.ooo.oo, jio.ooo.oo, \wr
fl6,000.00, ff0.000.00. GEO. J. MATHI- W
BON, lical Katato Agent. IMS Market St.. .Virgl
'* W
^dminibtratoh's notice. w
Having; been appointed administrator of
tho estate of Conrad Scheller. i hereby Arcn
notify all persons Indebted to said estate
to make prompt payment to the under* Yy
signed, and persons having claims against WOrk
the estate will present them to m* prop- wort
erly attested, for settlement.
Administrator of the Estate of Conrad TV
Scheller. au36* and
1 EQtT
In the rase of the estate of tho Intestate,
Walter Newman, the auxiliary judge of -v^ni
First Letter* of the District Yturblde, |v j
Licentiate Manuel L. Lujan, by an act ;5rft C
iated 5th of the current month, orders a
convocation of those persons who believe "E^?
themselves with rights to the estate. JP 11
ihrouirh notices which will be published Inqul
throw time* at Intervals of ion clays, in nug
the newspapers called the "Oficial del
Sstado" and the "Men Mbre." and in two
newspapers having the largest circulation
it the t.irth-plaro of the deceased, In order
hat thope Interested may appear to make "1^0
rlnltn within the period of thirty days JL f
Trorn the publication of the In?t notice. ??r?
And In compliance with the lui|\ I mako V"in
this known to whom It may concern. H
Chlhuithua, Mexico, August 6,lfitw. tfl*
(Signed) J. DE I,A LVZ NAVARRO, "?"j,
uiil,'. Clerk of the Court. ggg
? Ohio
PtO!'OSA!<S. the h
Proposals will he received at the clerk's
3IIIco of the Hoard of Commissioners of 11
he county of Ohio until Monday. Septem- *7^01
)er fi. 1SSS, ut 10 o'clock a. m.. for pavinjr Ij
:ho northerly side of the National Road hnd
'rnm Paxton's culvert to the Wheeling pnvct
i'ark. Specifications can he seen at thin tut hi
>fllre, T. C. MOFFAT, city a
sel Clerk Board of Commissioners. |n(; j
"" ? " " ~ ~~ few i
A comfortable 8-roomed dwelling. with ?
ill modern convenience#, at 33 8011th Front
trcet. ThlH property Is In Mrst-class con- "J"*
lltlon from cellar to roof. Inspection In- UCB 11
irlted. At low figure; easy terms. Will
iay 10 per cent n* Investment If you don't ?
vnnt to occupy. _!U,=S
Splendid residence on Fourteenth street. -y
Property at 2i Virginia street, hundy 500*
urn t Ion. 5'
flood 6-roomed house, In first-class con- y
lltlon. on Maryland street, for 11.600. tf
ients for lis. paying 12 per cent. It's a V Tl
jargiUn, I
To LET?IR-room tint, northwest corner v 1
tf Main and Eleventh streets. Possession x
riven September J. Flno location for
loanllnK house.
teal Estato Flro Insurance,.Surety Bonds, Exchange
Bank Building.
'Co. 12 Indiana street $18 00 City
Co. 1!?W North York street 10 00
Co. 17J Sixteenth street 17 00 lCfl
Co. 71 Alley 14 D 00
Co. 327 Main street, double room on I
first floor and front cellar, both -old ?
gasAA furnished for 10 f-0 47 nii'
Co. 2144 Alloy A. 2 rooms G 00
Co. J&)7 Alley 11 H .10
Co. 1?U0 Market street 30 00
Co. 30 Sixteenth street, bottling cub lb
I .or 12 no
v> SK-i<^nth Btren<. officii room., in 00
<0. 34 Sixtoonth street. flint floor.... 17 00 |j^"
tlarkstnlth nhop near Twenty-fourth JL
10 00 N?;?
roomed house In r?ar of 1100 McCol- ?.h?
loch wtr.M-t 8 00 JV hi
Co. irr. Seventeenth street, 2 rooms... BOO . Mou
s'o. 2(102 Main ?lr??ft. 3 rooms ti 00 Bnllit
rooms Second street, Martin'* Kerry, ,l*v
Ohio, nntural jrns fixtures for h??at road
itn?l light 7 00 Mon
l?nl Kslntn Agent, Collector, Notary Cli
Puhllo and Pension Attorney. No. 1613 For
Main street. null mile*
O.K. <?w.?*a
- t ' . , -\x
*tr - ;
iles, .
.-.V v
.? , __.t t
man 10 maig room w wr
ch are now dafly arriving,
the big first floor which
tempt the most conaerva(VE-THIRD
to MUM! on
ts (negligee),
e Dress Pattern; etc*'
er and Geld
ist Sets.......
Teat and pretty in MA rtf- ?
Uar flfty.-cent quality,, at
I 1 I??
lies' Plain
iss Linen Skirt, >
Veil mads ond foil wldtS, at
UBt a few cents more than the '
:ost at having on* laundered. 1
or our price on thla Use la only
'ert Skirts.
u?t the thing tor fair mt,
3on't hold the dost, alway* *
lean-looking. Fonr colon, btua
rray, brown, tan, gray?
89c to $1.39 Cadk
r t
fel ^ Co.
boyH, 14 to 20 years. Apply at 3
steady employment. O. K. MoII
EN 8t SON8 CO.
2 to 6 dollars a day. "No booka
mu> 2c stamp. A. A, Room 10b KSf
street, Philadelphia.
old to nurse and assist at fcoms;;
aloo one girl for general bouse.
109ft Fourteenth atrset. stl*
for Lubricating Oils. Grosses
specialties; falary or commission.
in tha city Bank Bulldlns. InQnlll jtf
Ity Bank'of Whesling. tan
510 Main street. Possession at onos.
r? of R. J. McCULLAGH, No. tt
pnth street aul
at a bargain. Address J. M.,
Intelligencer otflcs. soil
It sale-one and ONX-HALT
it In Greenwood cemetery; fine loo**
corner lot; adjoining best laprof?
i in cemetery. AddreM CBMSTBBX
cart- Intelligencer office. aglfr
sale on Bethany Pike, near Citato*,
county. W. Va. Good grass land,
est of water, well adapted for stoclL
or general farming. Largs almost
house, milk house, etc. MRS. ANN
ARRIS, Clinton. W. Va. soil
lece of ground at corner of Fifteenth
McCollocb streets. Both streets
I and Elm Grove railway running
both fronts. Owner Is now In the
nd can bo seen at the Bullard Printlouse,
No. 14 Twelfth street, for ?
lays. sel
perty of Ellet heirs to be sold by J.
itics, Fourth and Hanover, who will
the property and make sale, or parnay
call upon or address
A MOORE, Jr.. Tr^stes,
i MS Main 8t.. Wheeling. W. Va.
iree (3) 60 horse Power TaMar jj
Boilers. X
Itwnk Hnlldlnr. l&uO Murlctl Sl?
I Street Property.
II nniliorliMil to Mil at a bargain. It
illicitly, the dwellings nambtrcd M
it 4t), on lh* north ild* of FtfimMl
i at tlia corner of Alley K.
ml Kiliiit) mid KmI Kttatn Loan*,
1003 Main Ktr?C
t RAliF..
' fltncl Itrldiro Honda.
olinir Tottery HutulM.
tukt-r Iron Co. HonUM. '
nilnvlllc. Hcnwood nnd WhMllnff
ml Itond*. _ .
hhwoimI, Spencer & Glenrllle Rail*
liondit. _
v to lionn on City Property.
sci to rent ami for nal?.
m Bond a and Invent menu. Room 4
[v Hank Butldlnr Telephonem.
Mlc at a bargain, 12S-acre form, |
enKt of the city.

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