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' of Getting Into Uittlt 4ulcl( j-.r?pi,
Clark Kept thm btmmm up, mmMiitttrndy
for llutliitfM in??n (to* BaffUSomirttft.
Cadet 8. G. MagUl in thj? Chicago
Tltn?'?J-HeraId: At first th<T%i0p was
filled with the rattle of drums wfrllng to
quarters and the clarion of bugles, all of
which wo Knew meant that wF'iere to
do or die, and the most touching Incident
?ab the way those hundreds of men
j*ent at the work, sinning and Joyous,
without a thought of their personal
fc'one of them had ey|r been
under Arc before wo cufrie he^er^md yet
they would puint out sheila striking the
t/ater close by and yell, "Lowj balli"
and as the shells whistled over ua,
HlKh ball-1" j
a( the Hpunlah ships came ant they 1
opened a terrible lb* on ua, and It waa
only owing to their poor marksmanship
tlut our ships did not uA riddled,
'/hose four bpanish ships ljall* about
ft?rty or lift> rapid-fire guns apiece,
which gave them twenty to twentyjlve
kuhh on a broadside, capable of llr- i
inn an uverage of three shots a minute
from the heavier gutis and ten ahota a 1
minute from the lighter guns. They 1
Kept the water all around jib boiling 1
with their shells, even if thejr did not I
strike ua. It hua turned out that the I
Oregon was only once hit by a small j
rhcll. which hardly made more than a ,
Cent lu her heavy armor. Twice we .
were also hit.with fragments of burst- j
lug shells.
When the Spanish fleet was dlscov- 1
fred coming out of the harbor the Ore- 1
uon at once, commenced st#mlng to- J
ward the entrance before the other I
ships of the squadron commenced, mov- i
<ag. The Iowa waa soon bearing In to- i
but aeemed to stop in her ,
effort to t turned around to the west- ,
ivarri. which was the direction taken by
Ihc Spaniards. By this time the Oregon
wa? going at full speed and making '
right for tho Meet. She crossed the bows I
?f th<* Jovvu like a shot. I
One of my old classmates, who was In 1
the military top qt the Iowa when tho j
Oregon passed her. said to me: "All of a
sudden I saw an enormous wave on
Ihc P"rt bow. and looking around 1 saw '
the < Toson walking by us. looking llko
a. volcano as the black smoke poured :
from h?-r funnels. I said to riiyarff: 'For .
the love of Mike, are we standing still?' J
f ne passed, barely missing us. and left 1
US Demr.U, anu lilt? 1>UJ sue ciuevu (Iiiu
that r ur v.ns the finest sight I *
ever expect to see." '
This Is the opinion expressed by oil 1
(ho officers on the other ships, und that "
(lash of the Oregon will live in the mem- Jj
ory of every one who saw it to the end I
nr their da ye. Tiie credit for the beau- ?
isrul work done by the Oregon, whereby j
carried off the honors of the day, Is :
fiye to Captain Clark, who quickly saw *
the objective point of the Spaniards and ?
ruided the ship so as to Intercept them. "
j;gptain Clark is now the pride of the .
Hvhole fleet, and is recognized as a tacjjelan
of the very highest order. It Is ?
- pleasant sight to see the way in which
the Jackies in the fleet admire him. ,
the day of the fight, when he went over u
to the tlagshlp to report to the admiral ?.
in regard to the chase of tht Colon, the J!
*cliors all lined up on the rail of the
different ships as he went by in his a
Kip and cheered him again and again.
Tr.e boys of the different ships have 8
written a number of songs dedicated to f
Jjlm. 11
Th* high speed we were able to get v
up rlsrht away and the way we hung on u
to them, driving them on to the beach *
one after the other with the heavy tire
from our guns, was what saved the day. {?
Jt must be remembered that the four *
Spanish cruisers were almost battle- 1
ehips. and had a greater speed than w
most cruisers In the American navy.. All
of our battleships, except the Oregon. 8
were foul bottomed nnd apparently had v
little stoam on, so that when the enemy P
Hlxteon or seventeen knots' speed. those
battleships which were In condition to ?
mak* only twelve or thirteen knots ?
found themselves left behind.
Hy the foresight of the captain and "
the chief engineer of the Oregon we had h
kept every boiler In use and a high a
("team pressure on from the time we 8
left San Francisco until the Spanish
fleet came out of Santiago harbor. a
Th^n we felt rewarded for this persist- ?
race by being able to go through our *
fire! ns though they were standing still, v
zrA by the time we were abreast of the *
r?r vessel In the Spanish fleet we wero ?
making sixteen or seventeen knots our- c
Mvcs and overhauled each one In sue- S
<vsi!on. This may be of Interest, for 1
ninny will undoubtedly wonder how It 1
came nbout that the Oregon was able to G
I take the leading position, although she
i the farthest away when the enemy a
| c?mo out a
Sailor* of Oewrj'i ami Sampion'i Fleets
will Draw Nearly 93000,000.
Prize nionev to the amount of S446.000
Is to be distributed among tho officers
and sailors of Dewey's anil Sampson's ji
fleets. In addition, to this, the value of c
the various merchantmen prizes cap- tl
lured by the Havana blockading squad- P
ron Is also to be paid to those who as- ?
alsted In the taking of these vessels. $
The eleven Spanish shlp9 destroyed at
Manila carried about 2,000 men. The
Jiounty, therefore, will amount to about
1100,000, of which Admiral Dewey gets
one-twentieth, or $10,000. and the balance
goes to the other officers and men
of th?' fleet, according to the rules of _
division. The statement has been made
thut Dewey would receive about $150,000. ci
Vhi* Is a mistake. c
The seven Spanish ships that Sampcon's
fleet destroyed at Santiago carried
2.4S2 men, for whom a bounty of $
J246.non will be paid. Admiral Sampson's 4
share will be $13,210, h aving $232,790 for .
distribution among all the others of the
lleet. S
Th* war with Spain will not continue $
1"i>k enough for us to capture as many
prl*p& ,ib wo took during the war of the
rebellion. Hut perhaps before it is con- v
eluded other complications may arise to 0
tllP.'il'l* mtr nnvv nifitncrf fnr.ilirn
who have a lurge and valuable ocean
t in mferce. n
Home people who have not Informed ?
themselves upon the subject believe
that the confederate cruisers captured 1
Wore prise* than the north did. This 1h f.
n mistaken Idea. owlnK. no doubt, to v
th* extensive depredations of the Florida,
which destroyed many morchant
vowels, the value >>t which amounted, o;
frith !lii-ir carroty, to .*fv*ral million n.
I Bl
Annual Gates over 6,000 000 Boxes A
psgggiS |
BU' h n*< Wind and Pain In tho Stomach. n
i Un<!M, Fulness uft?,r jknoal*. Heml- si
U'-'ii". Dizziness. Drowninesa. Klu*h Intra
Hwiil. Lohh of Appotlt* CoetlVOhws. '
l:. vii.M .m tho Hkin. Odd (Thill*. Dl?* I r<
t <>d Frtehtful Droams and all I Q1
Nohoufl and Trmntdlritf BoPSStlong. ?
IN TWENTY MINUTES. Every sufforer *
will ii'jkuuvrlodije thorn to bo I'
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*d. will quickly rrstoro Pomalc* to com- ?'
pl?to hwUth. Thoy promptly nunovo 01
obstructions or lrrotf?liirltle? "f tho era
I'm mid euro Mick Ucadacbo. For a "
Weak Stomach "
Impaired Digestion *
Disordered Liver "
Roecham's Pills are J1
Without a klval I
And h?f? lit* n
otanjPmrnt Mrdlrlnc In itie World, '
ito. at *U Drmt Utoro*. "
Suffered 20 Years.
IIBS. MABV LEWIS, wife of a promlJyl
nent farmer, and well knora by all
* * old residents near Belmont, N. YH
rrltcc: "For twenty-aeTen year* I bad been
k constant sufferer from nerroni prostration,
and paid large soma of money for doc ora&nd
advertised remedlee without ben frit.
Tbreo years ago my conditio^ waa
ilanalag; the least nolso would startle and
uwenre ma I wu unable toaloep.boda
somber of alnklng spella and slowly grew
none. I began using Dr. lilies' Eostoratlvo
Nerrlne and Nerve and Llrer Pills. At first
&0 modlclno seemed to hare no effect, but
liter taking a few bottles I began to uotlco
ichange; I rested better at night, my appetite
beran to lmnmro and I raoldly STOW
better, until now I am as nearly restored
to health as one of my age may eipoct. Qod
bless Dr.Mll&i'Xerrlae." fHBBf&MtBjBL
Dr. Miles' Remedies Lhkv'v Dr ^H
irosold by all druggists
under a poeitlvo ^
guarantee, first bottlo E>NOfViltO J
benefits or monoy rofunded.
Bookondls- Ip^iT ... . J
jases of the heart and
serves frco. Address, B&fiaflfllHnBS
DR. MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart. Ind.
lollars, and the havoc caused by the
llabama, which took sixty-five vessels
nd property valued at 16,000.000. There
rere other cruisers?the Shenandoah,
he Siimter, th* Nashville, the Retrlbulon.
the Tallahassee, the Chlckamauga
-all of which did much damage to our
lerchant marine. All of these cruisers
rere more or less assisted and protected
y England, and the consequence was
hat the claims for damages against
hat country were bunched under the
Itle of the Alabama claims, and. as
verybody knows. England settled the
111 by paying $16,600,000.
During the war there were 1,129 prizes
rought in by our navy. Two hundred
nd ten of these vessels were fast
tenmers, nearly all carrying valuable
irgoes. There were also 355 vessels
urned, sunk, or driven on shore, or
therwlse destroyed. The value of all
tie prize vessels and their cargoes was
J0.000,000. They were condemned in
mounts aggregating $28,000,000.
The Santiago de Cuba, a side wheel
teamer, was the great prize taker. Unsslsted
by any other vessel, she capurod
thirteen prizes, aggregating in
alue $1,404,847, one-half of which was
warded to her. No other vessel any
rhere near approached this record.
Tho largest single share of prize
loncy fell to the lot of Lieutenant
tudd, a volunteer officer In command of
he steamer Magnolia. While on his
ray from New York to Join Farragut's
rjuadron in the gulf of Mexico he
cooped In the steamer Memphis, outrani
bound from one of the southern
orts, laden with cotton. Strange to
ay, the Memphis had been sighted by
y another American war vessel, whose
ommander failed to take her In. Had
e been aware of Ihe fact that she was
he richest prize of the war, he no doubt
rould have lost no time In overhauling
er. The expense of adjudication
mounted to 132,581, leaving a net reult
of $510,914.
The Magnolia also captured, without
sslatance, the steamer Matagorda, the
et proceeds from which amounted to
153,568. The net total of the two prizes
as $864,482. The law of prizes provides
hat when the prize vesel Is of superior
r equal froce to the vessel making the
npture, the entire proceeds shall be
;lven to the captors, but If the capured
vessel be of Inferior force, then
he captors shall receive one-half, the
overnment taking the other half.
Under the law tho Magnolia was
warded one-half the prize money,
mounting to $432,241, which was ready
Dr distribution in November. 1863. Lleuenant
Hudd's share from the Memphis
/as $38,318, and from the Matagorda
26,517, making a total of $61,835.
nncklrn'a Arnica rfatve.
The best salve In the world for Cuts,
Iruises, Sores, Ulcert, Salt Rheum,
Vvor Sores. Tetter. Chapped Hands.
Ihlllblalns. Corns, and all Skin ErupIons,
and positively cures Plies, or no
ay required. It is guaranteed to give
erfect satisfaction or money refunded,
'rice 25 cents per box. For sale by hoan
Drug Co.
'ht Feat area of tlic Motley aatl Stock
NEW TORIC, Sept. 1.?Money on caU
rmer at [email protected] per cent; last loan at 2 per
ent. Prime mercantile paper 3%@5 per
ent Sterling exchange weaker, with
ctual business in bankers' bills at
i 84%04 85 for demand and at $4 82^4?
82% for 60 days; pitted rates $4 83%<?
84 and $4? 8S; commercial bills S4 82.
liver certificates 69}[email protected]%c; bar silver
)c; Mexican dollars 46%c.
The day's stock market was dull to the
erge of stagnation, for practically all
f the standard stocks. There was no
pvere procure of liquidation but
either was there any demand to buy.
ivldcntly the elaborate manipulation of.
be bull clique, wh^ch, In view of the
ivorable conditions was expected to lnIte
a prolonged outside buying movejent,
which would carry prices from
ne hlglfc-r stage to another has come to
aught for the time being. The profesiona
have realized, but the new holders
re vulnerable to the machinations of
fie bear clique and arc loath to hold
jclr stocks In a declining market. There
i a constant dribble of realizing offcrigs
and a sagging of prlc<w. The maret
was redeemed from absolute dullose
to-day by movements In special
locks. Sugar and Manhattan were
larked up by the bears. People's Gas
meted on the failure of the agreement
mnnest inside interests expected to re
nil from yesterday's conference. There
as large absorption of both Northern
aclflc preferred and Union Pacific pre rred.
Union Pacific's favorable state?ent
for July Riving tho movcbient a
v?h Impetus. The common stocks both
jfCered from liquidation. Tho project*
f the great new Federal Steel Company
ere reflected In tho activity of various
toekH uffcoled. General Electric; Con*
)1I dated Ice, New York Air Brake and
alilmore A Ohio, tho Cleveland, Wheel*
ig Lorain stocks; Buffalo, Rochester &
Ittsburgh ?tecks showed marked adanew.
Ho far ns the outlook In the
?otiey market In concerned there Is
rospeot of easier conditions. There was
o more gold lin ported to-day, but sterng
exchange was weak and London
money rate* are still below the New
York level, though they'gardened fur-'
ther to-day. The announced Intention
of the treasury department to anticipate
the October Interest payments on the 4
per cent bonds will release over $5,000,000
to the market. It Is expected also that
the distribution of the new government
3s will be much more rapid from this ,
time on and will be completed by September
15. This will serve to liquidate
a large amount of loans made by New t
York banks for financing subscriptions
to these bonds and will also make Che
bonds available as security for deposits 1
of government money In national banks
and for purposes of circulation. At
| the same time the action of the treasury
in anticipating interest payment is an
Indication of the rather pressing needs
of the money market Such a measure
has not been resorted to since the period .
of Secretary Windom's administration
when the old tariff law wa*j yielding a
surplus revenue.
The bond market shared in the dull- (
ness of stocks and prices yielded before '
the end of the day. Total sales 12^)90,000. (
Quotations for government bonds were
unchanged. The new 3s are ft per cent
lower on actual transactions.
The total sales of stocks to-day were <
[T. 8. new 3s reg.104% Ore. R. & Nav.. 57ft
|J. 8. new 4s reg.127* Pittsburgh 169 '
do coupon 127% Resiling 18ft
p. 8. 4s 110 do first pre.... 43U j
do coupon 112% Rock Island 104% ,
do seconds .... 98 St. Paul 112?fc
M. D. as rvg II*H l uu i>tciDucu..wi
do 6? coupon... 112%(St. P. & Omaha. *4%
Pacific 6s of '85..102C) do preferred..1M
{Uchlson 13% Southern Pac...22
do preferred... 35% Texas & Puc.... 15
Bal. it Ohio a Union Pacific... 66%
fan. Pacific? 87'* Wabaah bft
fan. Southern... 63% do preferred.. 23
Central Pacific.. 21 Wheel's & L. E. 2%
fhes. & Ohio.... 23% do preferred.. 14#
Uhl. & Alton.... 159 Adams Ex IDS
Chi.. Bur. & Q. .117 American Ex...130
C. C. C. & 8LL. 42 U. 8. Express.. 42
do preferred... SS Wells Fargo....120
Del. & Hudson..106?4 Am. Spirits 1.1%
Del., Lack. & W.1514 do preferred.. 39*4
Pen. & Rio G.... 14% Am. Tobucco....l44
do preferred... 55% do preferred..131
Erie (new) 14% People's Gas....l0?i
do first pre.... SS% Col. F. & Iron.. 25%
Fort Wayne ....171 do preferred.. 90
Illinois Central..112 Gen. Electric... 44%
Lake Erie & W. is Illinois Steel.... 7S'4
do preferred... 74% Lead 379*
Lake Shore 102% do preferred.. 110
Lou. & Nash.... M Pacific Mall .... 34%
Mich. Central....107 Pullman Pal....180%
Mo. Pacific 25% 8llver Cer 59%
N. J. Central.... 90 Bugdr 144%
N. Y. Central....118 do preferred.. 11 5%
Northwestern ...134% Tenn. Coal 6t I. 31%
do preferred... 175 U. S. Leather.. 7\i
Northern Pac... 39% do preferred.. 72%
do proXcrrcd... 78% Western Union. W
? BrcaiUfnffa and Prut talons.
CHICAGO?Bad crop report* from
Nebraska strengthened corn to-day.
That aroused the sympathies of tradera 1
In wheat and was the principal reason 1
for an advance of %@>%c. At the close
Lt^ember corn showed an advance of
Oo?u nri* unchanced to %c '
higher. Pork advanced 7%c, iard 2ftc J
and ribs 507%&
A rather urgent demand from shorts i
Just at the opening, owing to continued ?
hot weather and lighter receipts than J
expected, advanced the price of corn J
%c over the close yesterday on the in- '
itial transactions. The condition of the 1
crop In Nebraska, however, appeared to be
the chief consideration with traders. <
Kansas corn was in as bad or worse j
condition than that in Nenraska, but j
the trade here had already* accepted the 3
damage reports from Kansas and did
some buying because of them during I
the last hhort bull campaign. It needed i
another big corn state to be heard t
from dlscouragingly as to its crop (
prospects to thoroughly stir up the 4
bulls. Nebraska's great disappoint- 3
ment as compared with her early pros- j
pects for a big crop came opportunely* <
and the chief Incentive to the buying. I
The market had no decided set-back ex- 1
c?pt immediately following the opening
bulge, and again after December had
risen %c above the previous day's closing
price, whence it had %c reaction.
December opened tf?%c u p at 31?
31%c; declined to 30'^@30%c, improved j
to 3lV*c, then reacted to 31?31%c at j
the close. r
Chicago received 193 cars of wheat, f
against 220 as expected. The weather j
was hot and considered unfavorable for t
corn and that article was strong at the r
commencement of the session. There i
was a general feeling of confidence ex- n
pressed on the curb that under present f
circumstances December wh#at was low {
enough. In consequence, the opening i
trades were at about %c improvement v
over closing prices of last night. No t
wheat had been tendered on September $
contracts before the opening. This fact g
helped In the formation of the slightly t
bullish tone with which trading started. j.
On the other hand Liverpool came
%c lower, while Minneapolis and Duluth
receipts were 672 cars, compnred
I with 3H the corresponding day a year |
ago. Corn scon began to drop a few t,
sixteenths of Its early advance, and c
thi? with 4hp iifoiin,. ?it Livernool and ,
heavy northwestern receipts hud to re- j
celve the consideration It wns entitled j
to ut the hands of the wheat specula- ;
tors. As a result the small advance ut ,
the start wns lost. Business was small (
and the heat wns too oppressive for
anyone to mix himself In the sweltering
crowd who did not have an order very
close to the market. During the %last
part of the session corn grew strong c
again and wheat responded sympathet- <
leal I y.
The aggregate of the day's primary c
western market receipts was 1,026.000
.bushels. aKalnst 914,000 bushels n year
ago. and It now appears as If the movement
for the present season having
at length caught up on that of the year
before was getting In shape to beat it.
The export clearances from Atlantic 1
and Gulf ports were equal In wheat and ;
flour to 700.000 bushels. September
opened up at 61c and after declining
to f.3ftc, advanced to G4>4tf?C4*<,c
at the close. December started
higher at 6r%0(K%c, sold down to 61%G? J
Gl^c, then firmed up to 62\4c and clos- 1
ed at 62%{?62Vic sellers. 1
Oats were easy early, but toward the *
close the strength displayed by corn '
was felt and the market closed steady. I
The principal part of the business 1
done was changing from September to v
December. Dcceinber opened unehang- ?'
ed at 19?fcc, up to 20c. weakened to 19\@ f
19%c and closed at 19~fc?2Cc. a
Provisions were depressed nt the start f
from the Knowledge tnai auoux i?
tler.ces of lard had been delivered on 12
September contracts before the sew Ion t
opened. The opening declines brouKht ?
forth buyers who absorbed all that wus s
fcir sale at the moderate confessions t!
made when trading firwl started, but C
the quantities purchasable on these ?
early terms proved to be llqht. and 8
more being wanted, yesterday's prices p
were so<>n re-estnbllned and something f)
added. December pork opencil 2ty down
at JS 80; rose to 18 905iS and rract- B
od to JX 00 buyers nt the close. December
lard started ?&c lower at $5 12;
weakened to $3 10; then Impttived to c
$5 17%. tho closing price. October rll?? h
began 2y,ff&c off at $.fi 27 V& and advanq- w
I'd to $.1 37^, tho re.?tlns figure. a
Estimated receipt* for to-morrow: g
Wheat, 1W) car*; corn, 630 cars; outs, 0
110 earn; hogs. 20.000 head. c
raah quotations were as follows: =
Flour cany.
Wheat?No. 2 spring 0.1-0 G4e; No. 3 spring
63tf<64c; No. 2 red C7<ft1Sc.
Corn?No. 2, 30fcfli31c; No. 2 yellow J
Oats-No. 2. 20%c: No. 2 white 23?
24c; No. 3 white
Rye-No. 2, 42VH3M.C.
Hurley?No. 2, 88f<43c. .
Flaxseed?No. 1. f?7fjr87*4c; N. W. 90c. A
Tlmothysoed?Prime n 51V6.
Men* Fork?Per bsrrel $k NOfjH 8J.
Lard?Per 100 Itts., $5 02Vs^& 03.
Short RlU--8Kcs (Iccse) IS JS*5 !
Dry *al:e<! ahouldoie (boxed)
Short ciear s.des (boxed) 15 ?0?5t
On the produce exchange to-day.
butter market km steady; creamc
ISOlTy/c; dairies 11015c.
Eirg*?F'rtn: fresh 12\fcc.
The leading /uture? ranged as followi
Articles. Open. Hlfh. Low. CI
Wheat, No. 2.
Sept. ? WH CTS
Corn. No. 2. ^
Sept. 30% 81 tOh
Dec II *14 JOH
May 22* SJV 3%
Dais. No. 2.
Sept. 19* 20 29ft
Dec. 1?% 20 29%
May 22% 22)4 22*
II ess Pork.
Sept. 8 CO 8 77^ ??> 8
Oct fi 75 8 75 8
Dec. b bO 8 92* S 80 S
Lard. ? _
Hept. 5 CO 6 06 4 rift b
Oct 6 05 6 12^ 6 05 6
Dec. 612H Dl'flfc 610 6
Bhort Ribs. ^
Sept. 6 80 6 40 6 80 6
Oct j m Xtrm g?%l g
NEW YORK?Flour, rcccipts 2S
barrels; exports 22,527 barrels; mai
quiet and unchanged; spring pate
being irregular and low grade wini
Wheat, receipts 175,760 bushels;
ports 182,209 bushels; spot market ea
No. 2 red 72^c f. o. b. afloat to an
72%c spot; options opened stront
dosed %0Hc net advance; sales incl
No. 2 red September, closed at 681
December closed at 66%c.
Corn, receipts 146,700 bushels; exp<
36,230 bushels; spot market firm; No.
367fcc f. o. b. afloat; options ope
iteady, closing.%{?%c net Advance; S
temher closed at SS'^c; December -clc
at 35%c.
Oats, receipts 106,800 bushels; exp<
101,376 bushels; spot market quiet;
2, 27c; No. 3 white [email protected]; opti
nulet but firmer with corn, closing
net higher; September closed at 25c.
Hops quiet. Cheese dull. Tallow qu
Cottonseed oil quiet. Rice flrm. Mol
job -steady.
Coffee, options opened barely Mei
at [email protected] points decline; closed stea
ivith prices 5015 points lower; sales
r50 batrs.
Sugar, raw strong; refined strong.
BALTIMORE?Flour dull and i
:hanged; receipts 8,416 barrels; expc
t04 barrels. Wheat easier; spot c
nonth 68%<369c; October 68%@68Hc;
:eipts 80,488 busheU; exports 86,000 bu
?ls. Corn firmer; spot, month and i
:ober 34J)4?>35c; receipts 139,806 bushi
Mtports 17,145 bufhels. Oats quiet; N
ivhlte western 27c; sales, No. 2 ml;
Jo 24?25c; receipts 18,071 bushels;
ports none. ? Butter steady and
changed. Cheese stead*- and uncha:
CINCINNATI?JFlour dull. Wh
jasier; No. 2 red 6G&67c. Corn firm
So. 2 mixed [email protected] Oats steady; 1
mlrprt 9V \Pl/o nniv Vn 9 iS/? TJ
?asy at 14 90. Rulkmeats easy at }5
!?acon firm at J6 60, Whiskey feteady
il 25. Butter quiet Sugar steady. E]
irm at 12c. Cheese firm.
Live Stock.
CHICAGO?Cattle.cholce steers $5 1
i 60; medium $4 6304 85; beef ste
?4 00?4 60; stockers and feeders $3 2
I 65; bulls $2 40&4 10; cows and hi
>rs $3 SOts4 25; calves 34 00?7 25. Hi
vere reduced 5tffl0c. Fair to chc
13 70^3 87%; packing lots S3 606>3 73
jutchers' *3 7503 87%; light $3 6003
>lgs $2 85?3 70. -Sheep about stea
Medium and good grades |3 [email protected]
mils 33 5002 75; common to pri
ainbs $3 [email protected] 00. Receipts?Cat
10.000 head; hogs, 28,000 head; she
.2,000 head.
EAST LIBERTY?Cattle steady; ?
.ra $5 2565 40; prime )5 1005 20; co
non $3 500 3 85. *Hogs lower; prime r
Hums 14 10<$4 18; heavy Yorkers J4 C
I 10; common to fair Yorkers |4 (
I 05; grassers 33 8003 90; heavy h<
[4 0064 05; pigs |3 70?3 95; roui
[2 5063 60. Sheep steady; choice $4 (
I 70; common 13 25?3 75; choice spr
amba $5 6005 80; common to g<
[4 0065 50. Voal calves 36 50?7 00.
CINCINNATI?Hogs quiet at *3 J
I 95.
NEW YORK?Once more the mar
tor metals shows signs of hardening,
jplte the fact that demand drags
learly all departments. At the close
lay the tendency of prices was unm
akably toward a higher level, w
tuyers showing Increased attention. 1
netal exchange colled Die iron wi
ants firmer at the close with $7 00 1
ind $7 On asked. Lake copper unchat
d. but firm, with $12 IS bid and 112
isked. Tin firm but dull, with SIS 8
>id and $16 00 asked. Lead steadl
vlth $4.02% bid and *4 07^ asked. Sp
er quiet and steady, with 14 75 bid a
4 80 asked. The firm that names I
eftllng price for leading western m
th and smelters continues to qui
Dad at 13 90.
Drv fiotnU.
NEW YORK?Dry gctids trading u
nterfered with to a considerable degi
o-day by the extreme heal. The grei
st Improvement Is noted In the pr
loth market, which showed ndvanc
Sxtrns nre now quoted at 2 l-16c; 3
nch, sixty-four squares, are rnted
!%c. the latter b?*lng a more rnul
irivance than that on regular clot
hid goods are generally firm.
OIL CITT?Credrt balances, cert!
ales opened and closed at 994c bid :
ash; nales 2.000 barrels cash oil
9ftc; shipments 88,857 barrels; runs 12
IS barrels.
NEW YORK?Wool dull.
THE United States Is fast becoml
he great grape-growing country of I
vorld. Cock's Imperial Champagne
he best.
lloDir^nkrrt Kienrtlan*.
On the first and third Tuesdays
fuly, August. September and Octob
S9S, the Chicago, Milwaukee ft
'aul Railway will sell round trip exci
Ion tickets (good twenty-one dn]
rom Chicago. Milwaukee and otl
olnts on its Une.to a great many poii
n South and North Dakota and otl
western and southwestern states
bout one fare. Take a trip west a
pc the wonderful crops and what
mount of good laud enn t>e purchas
or a little money. Further Inform
Ion as to rnieH, routes, prices of fai
ind?. etc.. mnv be obtained on appllc
!on to any coupon ticket n*ent or
ddresslng the following named p<
ons: W. E. Powell, general Immlgt
Ion agent. 410 Old Colony Bulldlr
hlcago; H. F. Hunter, Immlgratl
g??nt for South Dakota. 291 Dearbo
treet, Chicago, or George 11. HeafToi
eneral pusstnger agent, Chlcao, II
ols. *
|,fc O. Sunday Rxenrilom on Pour
Commencing Sunday, May 29, a
very Sunday thereafter, until Septet
or 25, inclufivp. tfte Hnitimorft k. of
rill soil oxcuralon ticket* to And fr<
ll Btntlons between Wheeling n
irnfton, good returning dnt? of nalc.
ne faro for the round trip, with t
Ents added.
cienkral machinists
Jul? Whewiiii*, W. Vft
i%C ?
to Q. JJLMB. Pres. JOS. 8EYBOLD. Cashier,
the J. JL J42FyERSON, A*a't .Cashier.
.. CAPITAL 9100.000 PAID Uf.
_ WHUKJJlNa. W. VA. _
Allen Block, - uJ?yti F. Paull.
James Cumialns. Henry Biebersoiv
(It; a. Roymmn. Joseph Seybald. *
G2U Olbiion Lsrab.
64 Interest paid on special. depoNlta.
Is?u#s drafts on England, Ireland and
ii myll Cashier.
? & H
CVi J.
N. VANC8. :..Presidtot
JOHN FREW Vlco President
90 WE B. IRVINE Am'L Cashltr
HJr J. N. Vance. O-orge K. Stlffll
J. II. Brown. William EUinjbant
iA John Frew, John L. Dickey*
John Waterhouse,^ Stone.
""" Drafts issued on England, Ireland, Boot*
'i, Und and all points In Europe.
CAPITAL S175,00a
11' WILLIAM A. I8ETT.... President
JJg MORTIMER POLLOCK....Vloe President
SJi Drafts on England. Ireland, Franoe and
"de Germany.
)rts William A. Isett, iuurumer Pollock.
, J. A. Miller. Robert 8lrapson.
: E. M. Atkinson. John K. Botsford,
n?d Juilua Pollock.
!ep- Jail J. A. MILLER Cashier.
?? i
)rtl -BEPIOAt,
S Moffs Nerverine Pills
neu A Kiw
pins of cither
""' kx, such u Nervous Prostration, Filling or
!'J lost Manhood, Irapotcncy, Nightly Eml?rt,_
sloniy Youthful Errors, Mental worry, exccsshrc
toe of Tobacco or Opium, which
Oc- lead to Consumption and Insanity. $1.00
pis- per box by mail: 6 boxes for $5.00.
o. 2 Botts CHEMICAL CO., Prop's, Clmland, Ohio.
"d For sale by C. H. ORIEST L CO., 1139
**" Market street
"o. r*f] ff-SsrsnS^sss^'Bai
60. Ataim?aforitadr, bu?la?u or marrli??.
nt Insasitr And Comunjuioa If
itl*? written Bvxraniee to ?ffftet ft our* CA ATC la
MChooMor ntaadUM mpnay. Prlowwiwipr
ra pnckuii Pr *i* pUtm <foil tmtauntt for ?U0. Br
g S^fefe?gbnYc'8.>?^#
For Sale in Wheeling, W. Va., by Logon
l'r: Drug Co. fe23-ttha
3RS ??
J?' 1A DIRK I Chichester1! EqHWi Pennyroyal pfe
L 'WmkM nr?aJ). are th* 1l?ct. >?/?.tufe*.
dy. TO* X> "U?t. MS4 4c., mum far MfUcmUn, " tUUf
is: to
me ?
icp( ?? CINC1N'
HmBBMHw* OllLEANs! 4n<!
;hn oto poims tak?
,n* SrJ'o^the'pSS'
J *1% buryh A^[email protected]
leaving whartooat. foot of Twelfth street.
Sterner "QUEEN CITY-Robert R. Agnew,
Mnatnr; James Gardner, Purser.
Every Thursday at 8 a. m.
ket 8tearaer KEYSTONE STATE-Charles
Si W. Knox, Master; Daniel Lacey. Purser.
Every Sundnv at 8 a. m. ? ? ?
ln Steamer VIRGINIA-T. J. Calhoon, Masto
ter: It. H. Kerr, Purser. Every Tuesday
Hh" ,lr"'^h,cYjc'Kf& eEMTHT
n? fei4 , Agents.
ar- "
hid e:n*?..?.:n* t, n?.u. TmiIa
Tg. nuwuig, Olaicr&Tiuu a. iiiauiuiuiao uauu
7? Stoamor XJlolflo
jr* Leaves Wheeling every Tuesday. Thuraei"
day and Saturday at 11 o'clock a. m.
nd Leaves Matamoras every Monday,
:he Wednesday and Friday at 8 o'clock a. m.
5Je 1>-M
Arrive COLUMBUS 2:10 p. ro. !
In" Arrive CINCINNATI 6:45 p. ro. :
for Arrive INDIANAPOLIS 10:00 p. ra. :
at Arrive ST. LOUIS 7:UU a. in.
in{P For Steubenvlllo and Pittsburgh 7:25 a.
m- week days; for Pittsburgh and the
. East and for Columbus and Chicago at
If I V. ii in ui-ok ilnvn: for PittMlmrch Hup.
rlsburg, Italtlmore, Washington, PhlladoU
phln and New York nt 3:55 p. m. dally; for
Bteubcnvllle und Dennlsdn at 3:55 p. m.
dally: for Pittsburgh nt 7:00 p. m. week
In dap; for Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati,
er, Indianapolis and F>t. Louis at 9:30 p. m.
kt, week days. City tlm?.
jr- Purlor Car to Pittsburgh on 3:56 p. m. and
|rs) 7 p. ni. Ttalna.
ler Persona contemplating a trip will fltrf <
its ^ proiUable in pUusure and convenient
to communicate with tho undersigned. who
1C* will make ali necessary arrangements for 1
at a delightful Journey. Tickets will bo pro- <
nd vldcd and bagKuge checked through to das* 1
an tlnatlun. !
Passenjfpr and Ticket Agent. Wheeling, <
ia" W. va. oc3
On and after Saturday, Februory 2, IMS. 1
a* trains will run a? follows, city time:
on " Lcavs WKcell~ng~1"Leave"Elm Qrove.'
rn ??n~Tmo|Tirfn T'melTr'n T'melTr1!! Tme
..? No. a. m.|No. p. m.jNo. a. m.|No. p. m.
1.... t?:00 20.... SOU 1.... fS:nMS I:U0 ,
4.... 7:0022.... 4:00 8.... 7:00 a 4:00 ,
r ?:00'2?.... 6:00 S.... 1:00 a ?.*00
t:00,**.... 6:00 7.... 19:00 3 1:00
?h 10.... 10:<W2H.... 7:W 9.... 10:00 17 7:00
1J.... 11:0010.... 8:00 11.... 11:00 29 1:00 '
fi. n? 32.... 9:0.? p. m. n t:00 \
12:0094.... 10KK? IS.... 13.-V0M lt:00 1
m. 11.... 1:00 30.... ll.-fcllS.... noon..... ]1jM !
nJ Qrov. at l:U a. m. and Whotlnr at 11:11 :
' p. m. XL E. WEIfWBKHKR. I
cn Oaneral Manager. ]
X Short Lino botwocn Fairmont and
? Lmrkhburg. gulck Time?Fast TralnaSure
Connections. When traveling to or <
from Clnrkuburg or W?t Virginia A Pittahnnrh
ruiiinini iuilnt?. aoo thnt your tick- 1
<!ti? read via the Monotmahola River Hallroad.
Clone connection# at tatrmunt with t
ti. & O. train* and at Clarksburg with B. ,
fk O. and W.. V. 1*. trainh Tickets via
thin route on sale at all U. & O. and W? y
IB V. & P. K. U, stations. ,
1IUQH Q. HOWL KB. Qen'l. Supt '
EstabiUhtsaat?Neat, accurate, prompt.
Arrival and departure of train* on and
after May IS, MSB. Explanation of Befer*nce
Marks: Daily. tDally. except Buaday.
1 Daily, cxrept Saturday. IDaily, except
Monday. (Sunday* only. *8atura*ya
only. Eastern Standard Time.
Depart. H AO.?Main"Una East.! Arrive..
12:14 am Wuh, BaL. PhlL, K.T. am
4 MS pm Wash.. Bal.. Phil.. N.Y
7.-00 am ...Cumberland Accom... t4.*00fam '-tf.-rv
4.1* pm Grafton Accom *10:10 am
10:0 am ..Washington City Ex.. *11:01 pm ^
Depart." n.&O.?C.O. Dfr., West! Arrive.
7JS axa For Columbus arttt Chi n:l* am
lojs am ..Columbus and Ctndn.. *8:11 pm
11:40 pm ..Columbus and Clneln.. *8 JO am '
t:tt pm Columbus and Chi. Ex. *11:60 am
tl0:2S am ..St. Clalr*vi?le Accom.. tUJfi am
tf M pm ^Sl ClalrsrJUe Accom.. mdS pm
10JJ am .^.Sandutfjr Mall till pm
^paVr. B. Jk'O.r-W . P. BrDlr. Xrrita.
*5:26 am For Pittsburgh *10 JO am
-cia am pittsDurgn Tuag
8? pra|..pitt?burf h and Baat. *11M pm
_tlJ5 pm. Pittsburgh^..... tl0:00 am
Depart P., C. C. J-~St L. Ry. "Arrivo
t?:feam Plttaburgh pis
t?:45 om 8teubenvule and West *?:15 pm
TS:45 am ..Bteubenvllle Accom... M:lbpm
tl:2S pm ..Plttaburgh and N. T.. ?:* pa I
1:56 pm ..Pittsburgh and N. Y.. *11:5 *m j<
t7:00 pm ...PIttaburgh^Accom... am
t?:? ani Ex.. Cln. and St. Ixrnll ?ai *m
tt:*> pm Ex.. Cln. and 81. LouU JJOI
tl:28 pm ..Ex., Bteub. and Chi.. Jl:2g pm
*2:B6_pm ^Pltta. and Denntaon... *llflO am gs
tS:5J am ...Canton and Toledo... pm
t5:U am Alliance and Cleveland tfSS pm
t8:6J nm Steubenvllle and Pitt*. JfUgpm
tl0:09 am Stfubenvllle and,Pltta tll:06 am
t2:10 pm..Fort Wayne aad Chi.. tjdO pm
2:10 pc ...Canton and Toledo... t?:10 pm
2:10 pm Alliance and Cleveland tl:B pm
1:68 pm 8teub'e and Wellsyille. tl:H *5
5:64 pm Philadelphia and N. Y. tj:10 P?
8:64 pm...Baltimore and Waah... t?:10 pm
8:64 pm .Bteub'e and Wellavllle. f:10 pm ,
"Depart W7~iTL. EL Arrive.
8:30 am Cleve. and Chi. Flyer *10:15 pm
til :00 am Toledo and Detroit Bpe. t4J0 pm .
-14:40 pm Cleve. and Million Ex. t4:20 pm
til:00 am 8teub. and Brllllunt Ac. fll:*} *m
t4:40 om Steub. and Brilliant Ac. t4:20 pm
"bepart 6.. L. *~W.-Brldrepvt. "Arrlv#.""
t7:& am Clave., Toledo ana Chi. t2:J0 pm
2:25 pm Cleve., Toledo and Chi. tS:10 pm
8:00 pm ....MaaslUon Accom.... tll:00 am
8:01 am ..St. ClalravlUe Accom.. tfl:28 am
t 0:08 am ..St. ClalravlUe Accom.. tl:44 pm
ft 28 pm ..8t. ClalravlUe Accom.. ?4*J8 pm
S;f0 pm ..St ClalravlUe Accom.. j :4t pm
tl:40 pm Local Freight tll:80 am
"bepart. Ohio River R. K. ["Arrive. ,
6:30 am Park, and Way Points *10:60 aw
t7:40 ntn Charleston ana Clncln. *8:45 pm
11 :<5 am Clncln. and Lexington 6:60 pm
*4:i5pm Park, and Way Points. _am
"Depart. B? Z. & C. R. R. Arrlve7 >
Bellalre. Bellalre.
10:10 am Mall, Express aod Paas. 8:80 pm.
5:00 pm Express and Passenger 9:40 am
8:80 pm Mixed Freight and Pas. 1:20 pm
_ Departure and a*Jf-nilW
rlVR' ot trains at
Wheeling. Eastarn
""" time. Schedula la
V^55f^/ May 15. 18*.
For Baltimore, Philadelphia und New
Tork, 12:25 and 10:55 a. m. and 4:45 p. m.
Cumberland Accommodation, i:00 a. m.
dally, except Sunday.
Grafton Accommodation, 4:45 p. m. dally.
From New York, Philadelphia and Bal*
tlmore. 8:20 a. m. dally.
Washington Express. 11:00 p. m. dally.
Cumberland Accommodation, t.*00 p, m*
except Sunday.
Grafton Accommodation,,10:10 a. m. dally.
For Columbus and Chicago, 7:35 a. m. and
3:25 p. m. dally.
Columbus and Cincinnati Express, 10:21
a. m. and 11:40 p. m. dally.
8t. Clalrsvllle Accommodation, 10:25 a. m.
and 8:25 p. m. dally, except Sunday.
Chicago Express, 1:16 a. m. and 11:50 a.
m. dally.
Cincinnati Express, 6:20 a. m. and 5:11 9.
m. dally.
Sandusky Mall, 5:15 p. m. daily.
St. Clulrsvllle Accommodation, 11:60 a.
m. and 5:15 p. m. dally, except Sunday.
For Pittsburgh, 6:25 and 7:15 a. m. and
6:20 p. m. dally, and 105 p. m. daily, ?x?
ccpt Sunday.
For Pittsburgh and the East. 5:25 a, W.
and 5:20 p. m. dally.
From Pittsburgh, 10:20 a. m., 6 JO p. m.
and 11 :*> p. m. dally, 10:00 a. m., ?*/ *pt
n m Airant tOlMollBtf.
General Manager. ManarerPaj Sanger
Time Table In Effeot
^58? JUn0ti* 1S38' E*at"
Daily. tDftlly Except Sunday.
8outh Bound. I *7 I tl I *1 I
Via P..C..cr&St.L.n. a. m. p. m.
Pittsburgh. Pa...Lv Cln. 9:10 11:41
Wheeling Arj Line 11:36 Mi '
Leave. J a. m. h. m. a. m.lp. m.
Wheeling 6:30 7:40 11:46 4:15
Moundsvllle 6:57 8:03 11:17 4:47
New Martinsville.... 7:51 8:44 1:13 6:51
Blstoravllle 8:12 8:0! 1:63 6:11
Wllllamatown 9:33 9:55 3:00 7:51
Pnrkersbunc 10:00 10:1S 3:25 8:20
Ravenswood 11:10 4:10
Mason City 12:00 6:10
p. m.
Point Pleasant 11:81 <J1 ___
Via K. A M. Ry.
Point Pleasant...Lv tl:06 f7:10
Charleston Ar 6:07 9:25
Galllpolls At] 12:18 :?
HunUnBton_.?. 1:15 7:41
"Via C. & O. Ry. a. tn.
Lv. Huntington ti;38 *2:S0
Ar. Charleston 4:27 3:46
p. rn. p. m.
Konova Ar 1:50
Via C. & O. Ry.
Lv. Kenova *1:55
Cincinnati. O Ar 5:15
Lrt'XlnKton. Ky....Ar 6:10
Louisville. Ky Ar 8:1S
inuv t inriirn n r> a
* THK ?
CIoTelaml, Lorain & Wheeling
Schedule In Effect May 15^ 1238. ' :
Central Standard Time. r
a. m.lp. ra. p. m.|a. ro.
LoralnRranch. 11 J IS 15 |
ixirain 6:271 2M~iM I 60
Klyrla 6:44 2:3# 4:40 10:04
Unit ton 7:04 2:SS 4:81 10:11 M
Lester __7:23|_3:ll _6:l5| 10:*)
Main Lino. 1~ J~ 5 7~
a. m. p. m. p. mja. m.
Cleveland 7:20 2:26 6JM /
Brooklyn 7:36 2:41 6:47
l.e*UT 8:22 3:26 6:42
Medina ?:J0 3:35 6:52
Chippewa Lake 8:41 2:46 7:05
Seville 8:*J 8:55 7:14
Sterling 8:56 4:01 7:20
Warwick 9:18 4:22 7:42
Canal Fulton 8:24 4:2J? 7:43
Mawlllon 9:45 4:46 8:09 1:10
luntuii 10:03 8:02 8:26 6:41 Xfl
['anal Dover 10:34 8:31 6:5U 1M"
Sew Philadelphia... 10:41 6:38 9:02 7:21
[Thrlch*viilo 11:28 6:<? 9:20 7:44
Itrtdgoport 1:30 8:10 10:01
Ucllalro 8:28| 1 " " ;
Malii Unc. i 1 4 ( T"
* n) ]i. ni. p. m. p. m.
hrllaln* 5:50
llrlJueport t:05 1:40 5:04
LThrlcluvIUj ......... 4:45 8:10 14S J:i
Sew Philadelphia... 5:'M S:? 4:01 7:1 -..J
,'annl Dover 8:11 HM 4:10 7J H J
IIIHIU* i;<? i;w
Hamilton /. 6:00 9:25 4:54 1:11
'anal Kulton 8:1# 9:40 5:11
Warwick 8:25 9:491 6:11 .
Sterling 8:48 10:1*1
M.vllio 8:56 10:18 5:48
Chippewa l*kc 7:04 10:18 5:55
Mrulna 7:18 10:S7| 8:07.
Lenter .a 7:29 10:41] 8:19
lirooklyn I:H I1:S4] 7:01
vlcvclsnd m'umin 6*50Jll :fiO| 7lit
Lorain Branch. 12 14 I 18 W
a. nt a. m. p. m. p. m.
[*itrr 1:261 10:60 <:40 1:25
Jrnfton ?:? 11.-07 ?:?
Blyrla ?.-00 11:11 7:11 iJfdfflVl
Lorain 9:lgf 11:3ft? 7W 4:1#
Train* Now. 1. 2. 6 and < dally between
Cleveland und I hrlcluvllle. All Othob
:raln* dally, except 8undaya.
Klectrlc cara l*>t*reen llrldtfeport and
Wheeling and 1'rldfeport and Martln'a
[ Vrry and llcllalrn.
Conduit aRonia for general Information
m to beat routes and passenger ratea ta
ill polliu. u a CAllBEU Q p. ^

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