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To their Kc*pcctivc Charges After
Their Vacations'/;
large congregations .greet
rEV. Pit. CUNNINGHAM. Rsy. Da (
goor. AND REV. 1. H. IdTTEfcL <
b[.'.vdat morning?dk. soots l
uiscol-ItSB last night All- I 1
-t I i
I fsterday being the first Sunday In .
I Septraiber. It was marked In tho local
I churches by the return to several pul
o( pastors who had been "a way on
I ,hfir vacations, and each was greeted ,
I ly a law congregation. The attend- J
I anc- at the churches was very good (
cjcwldering the high temperature, but 1
I the attendance was noticeably less at ^
th** evening services. <
" "L W P nhiiMk ttia '
At tn?^ I" ourill niiuti m. ?, wuw?u, iui.
junior, Rev. J. L. Sooy. D. D., preached
both morning and evening, and last j
nigh: delivered a practical discourse,
vhii-ii was. In efTect, a plea for more
decision among well wishers of religion.
Dr. Sooy instanced Baalam as an example
of tlie class he condemned?the men
who were well wisher? to rellglou but
not doors of religion. In (he church,
rill Dr. Sooy. are men who are not de- j
clsive or positive enough to come out J
cquare and bold on God's side, and he
Quoted Robert Hall's saying that "That j
man Is God-less who had nothing to do
~i??. battle." It didn't do to wish *
well for (he cause of religion if the =
withers didn't work hard for the cause, tt
Tho church and the world are In need of Jj?(
strong Chruistian men and women, and
not fence-straddlers? people whose epl- w
taphs read after their death that the
deceased had no enemies in the world.
Dr. Sooy didn't believe In that kind ll
of post-mortem praise. Men who died
without an enemy never took a decisive
stand for the right side. Ills other remirk*
were fur an aggressive Christian
manhood. The musical programme con- ol
talned a solo by Mr. Ixiuls Huseman, of J}
Pittsburgh, an old "Wheeling boy, who st
sustained his well earned reputation In c*
a pleasing selection.
? lei
service* Resumed Yesterday at United *'
Presbyterian Church. 01
Rev. J. II Ltttell, pastor of the First jt
United Presbyterian church' occupied pi
lis rulplt yesterday morning and eve- tJ
Bins. after a month's vacation, and his
sermons were listened to by large con- ^
grefMiluns. Rev. Mr. Llttell spent hie hi
vacation at Xenla, O., and In points In
Pennsylvania, and returned to Wheeling
much Improved in health. si
Ycatenlaj.* morning lie preached on a co
timely iiuestion. He spoke of the nd- le
var.mmn*. of the kingdom of Christ, ^
or the comlnp of Christ In this" present O,
tff?\ an I the w?iv responsibilities to be pi
faced 11 tup American peopl&.'dtvlnf? to
th* rrnilt of t. " ?vur, and its attendant cc
tcriu;.?i:! .ns of Hmvuii, Porto Rico. etc. ^
Mr. Litt-ll laid stress on the problem CI
the r.j::un must solve, and claimed that
It could he solved only by planting the 9t
oo<pf! iiimov' the people of those op- ^
pr??*8( I |j|;tnd?. .?
I.?-c i.ifihi :!?? manner in wh^ch
Christ's kingdom In to be carried on j.
nmonj; the new ' additions i to I Unolo
Sam's domain was elaborated ton by
Rev. Mr. Litrell. and his instructive and
entertaining discourse was the subject w
of flattering; comment.
? - - th
Servl ' at This Church Conducted by
Dr Cunningham^ tr
After a vacation of six weeks, spent P(
in Ohio Pcnnsj Ivania and NVw York, nJ
Rev. J r. Cunningham, pastor of the n?
Fir*t Presbyterian church, has return
terdai preached t<> his con- to
grt-cailon. (.living to th?? warm weather 1
th? ?v.?nlnjr" service wan dispensed with.
Dr Cunningham's morning theme was j?
"The Ht-avcnly Winds," taken from the 1,1
text ii Chrunlch-v 4:16: "Awake, O
North Wind, and come thou south: blow
upon rry garden, that the spice.s thereof
zn.'\ (low out."
In hi.- jermon Dr. CunnfneHam com- at
: i I y to the atfllctW hs, wd
thf- : in man hoart t< a garden ivhoac Jc
epic*1* flow out upon experience* with
frr .-.v. so thJt mun feela in sympathy tr
with his. :iffllctei brother, or, ns the
pool had It "a fallow feolins makes the ^
vorJd akin." Th?? ?crtnor. wan apppr!a>
to a home-eomlnfr. w
Dcl';gut!oa and Committer Called to
M??et Thia Evening. ~
This ' Vfnln:; at S o'clock, at the rooms
cf chamber of cothraeree, there will
I i m etli of i Wh(eling delegation
to the approaching convention of
thi Valley Improvement Aaaoclatlon,
for the purpose of outlining its
plan of action in th?? convention* A full
fitter..inn<*e i? earnestly dealredby Ciiair '!
to Hnllhen Quarrler, ?>;' t.. executive
< :
After the delegation'* meeting, the
'-r.il river ronv?ntion committees /
vuli rr.i?t. Thw>- committee?* include Q
i utlve, finance, snt< t tainment,
Invitation and reception.' The pinna
for ti:c convention will be definitely setXBW
Tht Baltimore & Ohio and Baltimore ^
ft 1 >h . s -.iv,iivest po railroads have ?
..?e on the magnificent n
toom at Broadway* and Locust street
lr, St Louis for the purpose of consoll?Jat*mund-er
one roof the freight nnd *
Passenger offices now located In that ?
city. The new location is the ground J
of the American Central building, o
*ith flxty-itvte feet on Broadway and : j;
icxitj-flvo fi-ftt or. Locum street. Tho tl
ticket office v? Hi be In the centre*, front* j n
"* ?'i? uroouu.iy, :no rreigm ucpan- j c
m<?nt on on* arid*.- and th?- passenger on ' e
th? jer, with General Aftnt Qtt'b of- p
flee In thi? reur. It, if: quite probable | ti
that theae olllcfs v.Ill be even hand- I o
*orwr than the IS. & 0. NVv York li ;;id- ti
'lUHrter*, which aro the Uncut in thnt i h
city. .1
^ T:
I'riim llrnf.
PI 11 LA D19LPJIT A, S*-pt. 4 ? Th<re
Wer?? five <K*alhfl from thr heat to-day j<
In this cJty and about tw*nty?nv<? pros- ^
trat-ion*. The dead are: Patrick! Jfigan, j45
yrnrs; Johr. Mosvr, uk*<1 50; ?
J&niea Lynn, 59; John W. Marriott, .IS; ?:
MJrhj?"l Hnwiati, a*, d 3*. To day. f??r ?
tho Mmt time since the prewent hot *pHi, "
did ihe thc*rinom<-t?T show any sinn* of
fal!1n*. For th?? pa?t> three day* it hit* 0
hovered between i*H and 05, but tb*? max- u
5i?um niched lo-duy was 91 degree*. ti
Ti? wind readied * velocity of about J *
This modern malady has becomc
Ireaded not more for its direct ta,
;ality than for the weakness ol
iody and mind it leave* behind it
Prolonged debility, permanent pn?
;ration, melancholy and suicide fol
ow La Grippe. For this digeaii
;here is no remedy superior tc
Kjefe Cherry Pectoral
"The belt remedy 'for la grippa that]
now of it Ajer'i Cherry Pectoral
South Hampton, N. H.
"My wife and fire children were take!
lown with la grippe, while the disease was si
rideljr preraleot I dosed them with Ayer'i
rherry Pectoral. and before using quite tw<
wttlea my family was reetared to health. i
;now of several obstinate cases of the aami
umplaint which wan also cored by thii
eoedy " -J. PARMINTER,
Paillette, llisa.
."I was cared of la grippe by the ne ol
Iyer's Cbeny Pectoral.
Pub. "Signal," Weet Farmlngtoa, 0.
Gherrg Pectoral
9 put up in half-gixe bottles at hall
irice?50 cents.
renty-trwo miles and aided much in at
vlating the suffering from tfoe heat
>night there are Indication? of loca
lowers, with a possibility of coole
eather to-morrow.
np? mm! Bllaliap? in Uii Thrlvlug Clt;
Across file lttver.
Martin's Ferry people felt very Ju
lant Saturday evening when the new
ora Bellaire announcing the victor
! our running team at that plac
ralnat the team from Toronto wa
ade known. The boys from this plac
ill mnlntaln their reputation as th
tampions In hose racing.
Ross D. Kooinson ana ?eri onave
ttvo for Pittsburgh this afternoon, an
om the there they will go to Nei
urk, where they will take the ateame
tilladelphla tor San Juan, Porto RIc<
i September 8.
The sale of the real estate of Mrs.
Thomas, which was to have take
ace Saturday afternoon, ha been cor
nued on account of the blda for th
mie being too small.
Miss Murcla Schofleld goe9 to Colura
is to-day on a three weeks' visit wit
?r sister. Her sister, Misa Blanch'
111 take her place in the telephone ol
:e here.
Mr. R. B. Relnock haa accepted a po
tlon with the West Virginia. GJas
impany- as traveling salesman an(
area this morning on an eastern trip
Ten or twelve olu soldiers leave fc
Incinnati thla morning to attend th
, A. It. national encampment at tba
ace this week.
? ? w 4 .* t.VU aU?* ?
Mr8. jonr. w. iutu, ui t>?<r v?v<
mpanied by Mm James Reed, of tfa
land, leaves to-day for a visit at Cln
Mrs Katharine Ralntonv of Fourtl
reet. who has boon. 11! for severs
onths past, was somewhat worse yes
Charles Wood is expected1 home to
ly from a three montih?' cruise la i
easure yacht on Lake Michigan.
Kverett Drennen will.be home fror
mdusky this evening, after a tw
eeks' visit with relatives.
The Martin's Ferry base ball teai
>cs to Tlltonvllle this afternoon to pla
ie team of that place.
Ben Cropper and wife Will be horn
om Atlantic City and other easier)
)ints to-morrow.
Mr?. Charles Nssh left for her hom
. Johnson, O.. af ter a short visit witl
?r parents* here.
Judge J. S. Cochran had a sunstrok
?*t Friday which haa confined hlra ti
s home irlnce.
Ernest Oberdick leaves this evenln
r a week's outing through West VJi
Mr. Mike Morton, of Indiana, Pa.
jim the guest of friends in town yester
Our public schools open this mornln
id a lurpv enrollment Is expected.
Miss Maud Noble is the guest of Mri
tmcs W. Galther on Third street.
A. J. Ollorn returned from a busines
Il> to Sl.*tersville yesterday.
Joseph Jacobs has returned from
ifllm-as trip to New York.
The tin house at the 1/aughUn mil
1); be off this week.
Mrs. Rebecca Dean, of North Flftl
reet. Is very Hi.
I- a* nialrmvllla % /??
i.w?n nnavci ?iw m.
t# I" rhe o!den days met
\|\ 7 WQ were pliriicalW, at least
V" \ WOTt^y ?? ^*e admiration o<
\ women. It it a great bij)
\ ( * *?\ ??mething for a womac
X V -f -if k V? *e?ltl,at ker bosband
\ l( ? ? N V it truly a capable
l/T"'?v \ y> and intrepid pro
/JkKU \ Sector. It is a com
y flKnur ) g/fll fort for her to feel
(jrefiffll [ that he has the
//lwi>*i\V \ physical stamini
// I UOM V_^/^ z A and courage to dr
/J ( / Tu >k 5 1 fend her through
* nlCm^xH^^u^V^n'f
/[I Nowadays there
I I iS iPv is not much to ad
' v. J mire about th<
average mat
<4^^ from a physica'
landpoint He maybe a moral and a men
tl Riant, but the flesh of ill-health is weak
nd he is probably a physical coward. It ii
i?fnr-? airklv man to be a brav?
inn. His spirit ?T ? willing bin hii
rnly 1> wf?k. Thtt 1. the nun';' own fau
nyman CO be h?lthT who will pty I
[e rommon ?cn?e titration lo his fccjUtt
hrn he liu it. ?"< ? >? he gets lltU.
)r Pierce'* Golden Medical Micomjr ji
hie greatest medicine for dUordertoftht
ature. It strengthens n weak stomach
(irrectn all di*ordera of the dlR'st , givei
(Jar to the appetite, invigorate* the liver
ttriGeft and enriches the blood and tonei
p and invigorate# the nerves. It scarcliei
tit di?ea*e germs, kills them and carriei
fiem out of the system. It ! the grea
lood-nnker, fle?n-l>uuuer aim
tuI restorative. It makes strong, hr?U t
len nut of weak, sickly invalids - Med
ine dealers *ell it and no honest dealer wil
rcr a substitute upon you.
I have Urn taklnjr Dr. Pieree'* Golden mm
mI Discovery and 'Pellets' and must "Li/ll
Iipy have worked wondtra In my c?*.
Ir. I*. !? Pack, (Do* 175). ?r Hluton.Hummer
o W. Va. " I like a new person, In fact
ilnk I am well, but will take
take sure th?- cure U t^rmaaenl. I f"n"?
peak loo highly of the'Discovery. I?n?a
nythlng tmw without tnlaery In mjr tomairn. .
SHU! (offlt eight or fen pounds, welghlai
a heavy n* I did three yesrs ago.
The tnedidnecertafnlv workM ll^ea charn
n me. hut when Iflraf begso ? take It.
It a little wo rue frr few days. hadP3'"
iiroiiBh my ?K?ly and hone*, httt ntllhl? lelt^mi
Aer taking tin; medicines four or five days.
1 SPORT. 1
( Won. Lost Per.
Cincinnati "0 ? .gs
Bonton 71 ? - .??
[ Baltimore O ? .?
Cleveland ? . 4? . .SW
> Chicago 65 SI .M
. New York O U .6?
Plttsbonch co til .11*
- Philadelphia 65 M
. Louisville 60 6? .<29
* Brooklyn 42 . J56 .?}
i Washington 40 -32f>. ??!
' St IjOUIs 32 W J6?
[ Cincinnati 2. Clevoland 0.
Jxjulivlllc 2. St. JxjuIs 1. 't " > '
Pittsburgh C, Chicago 4.
Washington at Boston.
New York at Brooklyn.
Pittsburgh at ChlcaRO.
Cleveland at Cincinnati. :
8t. Louis at Louisville.. '
Baltimore at Philadelphia. ]
callahan~vvas WILD.
CHICAGO. Sept. 4.?Callahan's wJldness
wan responsible for several of PlttuburRh**
runs to-day. He forced one In at the
start, pave a base and hit a batsman In
the sixth, both turning Into runs on a
f little lucky hitting. McCormlck's fielding
was the distinct feature of the game. Attendance,
7,800. 8core:
Ryan, 1. f...; 5 l 1 0 0 0
Green, r. f....; 5 13 110
McCormlck. 3b 2 0 0 6 3 1
Dahlen, s. s 4 113 3 0
Everltt. lb 4 1 1 11 0 0
Lange, c .( 4 0 0 3 0 0
Connor, 2b 4 0 0 2 J 0
Donahue, 3 0 1111
Callahan, p t o 1 1,4 0
Totals ....34 115 5 1
Donovan, r. f 5 0 0 7 0 1
, O'Brien, c. f 3 0 1 3 0 0
' McCarthy. L t 4 t 3 0 0 0 <
Clarke, lb 5 1^800
Pad den, 2b..... 2 10 4 10
. Gray, ?b 3 2 1 1 0 i
- Ely, n. a 4 0 12 4 1
. Schrlver, c . 4 0 2 2 1 V
Rhlnes, p 4 0 1 0 2 0
1 ToUla M 1 11 27 10 1
r Chicago 0 1100 0020-4
Pittsburgh 1 0 0 0 0 4 0 1 0-6
Earned runs, Chicago 1; Pittsburgh 2. ,
Two-base hits, Clarke, Gray. Three-base
hit, Ryan. Stolen bases, Dahlen. Everltt:
? Double plays, Connor, Dahlen and Everltt: 1
McoCrmlck and Connor. First base on
balls, off Callahan 3; off Rhlnes 1. Hit by
- pitched ball. Donovan. Padden. Struck ,
. out. by Rhlnes 2. Wild pitch, Rhlnes.
Left on bases, Chicago 7: Pittsburgh 7.
y Time, 1:50. Umpires, Swartwood and Warw 1
e ner.
e CINCINNATI, 8.PL 4.-BrHt?mt?ln
e pitched a wonderful game to-day. Cleva- :
land had eleven men left on bases, Ave '
_ of them on third, but could not score. ]
* Powell, too, was effective after the third
a inning. Attendance, 8,700. Score: ,
r Cincinnati ....0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 '-2 1 I
>, Cleveland 0 00000000-0 60
Earned runs. Cincinnati 1. Batteries, 1
f Breltensteln and Pelta; Powell and Cri- i
l* ger. Umpires, Emslie and McDonald,
n Time, 1:58.
LOUISVILLE, Sept. 4.-Instead of play- 1
Ing two games on LHbor Day, the Colonel*
h and Browns played a double-header thin |
n afternoon. The first contest was a pitch- ,
% ers* battle, and was won by the home team
!- in the eleventh Inning. Tho second game j
was a farce, the ColonelH scoring nine runs 1
In tho first inning. Attendance, 5,000. 1
" Score: i
i Loulsvllo 0 0 0 0 0 A 0 0 1 0 1-2 10 3 .
I. St. Louil 0000001000 O-l 5 4 1
ir Batteries, Magee and Kittredge: Carsey
R and Sugden. Umpire, O'Day. Time, 1:60.
t Second game. RHE
Louisville 9 1 1 1 1 1 0 *-14 22 t '
81^ Louis 0 0102000-68 2 1
bornca runs, MuiBvum ?, ou uuum ?.
Batteries. Altrock and Powers; Sullivan, i
- Taylor, Callahan and Sugden." Umpire. ,
0*Day. Time, l:?0. J
At Springfield. RHE '
- Springfield 2 4 0 2 1 0 I 1-1.1 IS 4 i
X Mansfield 0 0000006?685
Batteries?Weill and GraOlus; Ely and <
n Belt _ I
0 At Dayton. RHE 1
Dayton 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0?1 0 1 1
n Toledo 0.0 0 1 1 1 0 0 0-373 (
y Batteries?Brown and Lattlmer; Ferguson
and Arthur. I
? At Grand Rapids. HHE !
1 Or'd Rapids...! 0 0 3 1 0 0 0 1-6 14 3
Fort Wayne...0 2 2 0 3 0 0 0 *?7 9 1
e , Batteries?Wayne and Cote; Relman and
jj Patterson.
Won. Lost. Per. Ave. .
R C. C. C 41 12 .7&S M7
- Bowlera 40 14 .740 1
All Alike 26 18 .<66 861 ,
Argonauts 33 21 .600 S6S 1
. K. K. K S3 22 .5X2 K* J
- Puritans 31 23 .673 K2S
Slgsbee 2S 1M .51B Sfil
_ Fltshugh Lee 24 30 .<44 820
& Old Cronies IS 36 .033 602
All Americans .... 13 Z9 .277 776 <
. N. E. I*. & A. A.. 13 41 .240 77* 1
Tidal Waves 12 42 . 222 77tf ,
9 To wind-up the summer bowling: tour- <
tiament ?t Mozart Park in fitting style !
R Secretary Hamllnn has decided to hang
tip another purse for a handicap con,
tost, to be bowled after the finish of the ,
season. The purse will be divided into ,
three parts, in order to give more teams ,
1 a chance for some of the prise money. ]
Details have not been completed as yet, j
' but will be announced this week, and i
_ entries are expected to be handed the c
- secretary on or before the. 12th instant. 1
1 The clubs will probably be represented i
i tw turn or more men. which feature will <
ndd considerably to the Interest of the '
contest. The bowling fraternity Is nnx- 1
lous to know the particulars of the con- '
test, a fact that shows the Interest taken
In tho sport here.
Individual averages are as follows:
Weltsel, C. C. C., (54), 166; Stevenson, <
C. C. C.. (42). 160: Barter. Howlers. (51). .
159; Nolle, All Alike, (.16). 158; Erablen,
Bowlers, (47). 155; P. Brasch. All Alike,
(24). 154; Hnckman, K. K. K., (37). 153; 4
Wilhelm, Puritans, (39), 153; Wanner, J
Pitt Lees, (48), 153; Marftchnar, Pit* |
Lee, (30), 152; Balxir, All Alike, (44),
tins, Argonauts, (23), 150; Jon?>s. Slgsbee 1
1517; Blcktneyer. 8lgsbee. (36). 151; Al- 1
exander. Bowlers, (47). 150; Evans, Ar- "
gonnuts, (23), 150; Jones, Slgsbee, (tS),
149; Yenke, Old Cronies. (17), 149; Gor- }
don, Argonauts, (23). 149; Kromrick, All
Alike. (30), 148; Wise. Bowlers. (36). 1
147; Jones. N. K. h. A- A. A.. (54). 147;
Sarver, Argonauts, (53), 147; Vogler. 1
(20), 147; Gaus, C. C. C.. (48). 147; Jnrk- *
on. K. K. K.. (48), 146; Pranm, Old Cro- Jt
nies, (53), 146; Blcharrts. Howlers, (45). 1
145; Bycott, K. K. K., (39). 14.*; Wain- ,
wrlght, Slgshee. (32). 145; Scarborough, ,
Pit* Lee, 16), 145; Arndt. All Alike, (33). .
144; Schrader, All Americans, (42), 144: {
Henning. Bowlers. (45). 144; Miller. Pur- j
Itans, (42), 144; Xebon, Argonauts. (31),
143; Cochran, C. C. C., (51), 143; Martin,
Blgsbre, (36). 143; Handy, Slgsbee. (30).
142; Speldel, Old Cronies. (15). 142; Fstfk. ,
N. R. Jj. * A. A. (48). 141; Bakor. Purl- 1
tans, C21). 141: Barter, All Anieriains. *
t WJ), ifu; ltecu, niKnuee, n?, .???
e Donnoll, Argonaut*. (S3), 139; King. i
r Slfabee. (31). 13S; Rny. K. K. K., (.11). J
136; Acker, Puritans, (51), ISO; Bower*. :
1 K. K. K.. (3). 1SS; Zimmerman. All
American*, (30), 134; n. Welty, c?. C. C., ,
1 134; Brett, Pit* Lee. (31). 133; Car- (
, rloiin, AH American*, (34), 132; McEIroy,
. K. K. K., (38), 132: J. Welty, C. C. <?.,
I (20), 132; llnrrv, Puritan*. (6). 132;
I Smith, N. E. L. A A. A., (34), 131; Pet
ti-rwn. K. 1\. K., (32), 131; Brern*on.
I Pit* Lee, (15), 131; .TacoIih, Puritan*,
r (27), 130: neuter, N. E. I,. & A. A., (4S).
120; Weltrel, Arffonnut*. (24), 129; Wain.
| K. K. K.. (3), 129; Belt*. All Alike, (15),
i 129; Gardner, All Americans, (21), 128;
! Mortar, Puritan*. ( ), 127; Miller Old (
Cronies, (31), 127; F. Pettc, Old Croulca,
Read the Following and Remember
It Costs Nothing
In Case of Failure.
JlEcronn, Mass.
Tm? R.'T. Booth Co.
am now M yeara of ace ami ha*e
coughed fcince I waa eighteen, doctor* called it consumption
and thraa Med ford pbyMfbna gavame ??P1
mm entirely cured la*t September byIbC uicul
llrxM*" udI Mmi had 00 mum of Uu
Ournb Mrs. ANNA K. Ilfc\ 1-.
24i Main btreet.
" Byomtl" la tb? pair remedy *> lam
veriniU ti? outer tlio bronchial lubw
and ItuiffB, where U daatroja 1 lie bacilli of
Utaeaae at odm, thna itrrattipllahiuic what
the medical iirofeaalou has atrlreu In ralu
to do lor year*.
it is guaranteed
You can purchase *liyomct" hum your drugght,
Or wa will send it by niall. Price of outfit owi?lcta#1.00.
Katra buiuet, 60o> "H>v?ucl"lJaIo.l Mc.
Koeew 20-21 Auditorlaai EaU<lag. CUcapa Ml.
(15), 123; Fugate, N. E. t. & A. A.. (34).
122: Millor. All AmArlrana. fl5i. 120:
Btalb, Old Cronies, (6), 120; Kohm, Fltz
Lee, (6), J19; Carenbatior, X. E. L. & A.
A., (24). 117! Mann, Fitz Lee, (9), 115;
Rita, All American!*. (?), 114; Hassell,
X. E, L, & A. A., (9), ill; Morrison. K.
K. K., (2), 110; Moody. Pits Lee, (9),
Schedule for thla week: Monday, Old
Cronlea vs. Tidal Waves; All Alike vs.
Tuesday-K. K. K. vs. Slgsbee; X. E.
L. & A. A. va. Bowlers.
Thursday?Fitx Lee vs. C. C. C.; Argonauts,
vs. All Americans.
Xo sport In this section has suffered
so much from the war as football. At
this time a year ago (he air was full
of football talk, but the gridiron boys
haven't yet begun to stir themselves,
except In the case of the colleges, and
at these Institutions the outlook Is not
as bright for the popularity of the game
as It might be. The champion Washington
and Jefferson team, of Little
Washington, contributed moat of its
eleven to the Tenth Pennsylvania regiment,
now at Manila, and with them
out of the gome football Isn't being
pushed very hard, though It Is sure to
come to the front now that the war Is
over. And there is no reason why the
game should depend on the boys who
ire away.
F, Harris Tost, the great coach, was
In Wheeling on Saturday, en route to
Nebraska. Tie will coach the University
of Nebraska 4eanl this fall,
jetting $1,000 for ten weeks' services.
West Virginians naturally
take pride In the climb of the
Marion county athlete, and especially
those who have followed his course
since he started In at the State University
In 1895 as a green hand. When
JTost bought a football guide, and spent
more time with It than with his law
books, he was made the victim of frenuent
roastings, which didn't lessen
when he began to board with the tlrst
paid coach the University secured. This
coach, by the way, had too many kinks
In his hair to suit, but Yost, nevertheless,
was a close student. With the next
coach, a few weeks later, Yost became
a boon companion, and in a month,
Yost, In his first season, became the
Btnr player, chiefly because he always
kept "his eye on the ball."
The following summer, Yost, who has
extensive oil interests, was found bucking
oil men around the oil flelds, and he
nearly wore his own brother out by
bucking him around the hillsides on
their farm. His brother, however,
hasn't become such a great player. One
af Yost's notable achievements was
playing hit position, left tackle, with
Lafayette college when it defeated the
University of Pennsylvania, two years
ago. Last season he coached the Ohio
WpHlPVfin University team with won
lerful success, and the trick of palming
tils oft as a student was discovered <00
late by the University of Michigan
team, which couldn't do better than 11
tie with the Ohio boys, especially with
Tost, who was very much of the rapidfire
order. His geniality and fondness
for football Insures his success In Nebraska.
What promises to be a hot number 1
wM be the eight rounds next Thursday
waning at Bridgeport between Kid
IVanko and Tommy Cavanaugh. This
tout will be for a decision and- precedes
:he main event, which has for It? stars
Leslie Pearee and- Jimmy Fogarty, who
SCO twenty round* or more. ( They are
jaimng ituiniuiiy iw mwr
ivhlch may be put down as one worth a
long Journey, but Wanko and Cava*- i
rough sltould- be a whole thing In thenv- I
selves, and In Phttadvlphla ar.d other
:lt1e? where no more thoi> six rounds
?re aNowed wouCil be billed a? a great .
Oscar Gardner, accompanied by his
manager, Jack Arthurs, If ft yesterday
ifternoon for New York for his twenty
ouml contest Friday evening with Sam
Bolen before the I>enox Athletic club.
Bolen 1b a warm- potato. They are to
jvelgh In at 124 pounds at 3 p. m. the
lay of the contest. Gardner's next bat- j
Je Is one week from to-morrow evening
it Louisville, Ivy.?his long deferred 1
jonrtoat with Jimmy Mrashadi. Gurd- 1
ler's activity Is making a name for ,
Mm, and he coi?M already show lu a
nuseun> as a globe trotter. I
BALTIMORE. Md., September 4.?
- ?<-" Ik.. T A ?* Mnlni, I
.nairtuiLii .uwn, w u<c ?. ?. <. ........n ,
joard, hn? Issued the following bulletin:
The -fallowing: is the score In the national
championship: Bald, 153; McHariand,
117; Major Taylor, 116; Kim- ?
>le, 111; Cooper, 100; Arthur Gardiner,
'7; Freeman, 6.1; Steven*, .".9; Mertens,
S; Jay ISaton, 16; John- Fisher, 34; Wil- '
lam Martin, 13; Tom Butler, 9; Bowler, ,
; Klscr, 6; Fred Sim?, 5; Dr. Brown, 5;
Fiiap Eden, 4; Becker. 4; Nat Butler, 3; <
Karl ICaaer, 3; Bourotte, 2; C, M. BIy,
f; Hills, Jr., -; Watson. Coleman^ 1; 11. 1
3. Cnldweil, 1; Cabuiir.c, 1.
Chnrl** Cn-mptwii and John Woods,
FI1llf*l>oro, O., are suspended* from the
tfini'tlou privilege and nried off all I,.
\. W. tracks In every capacity for pronoting
unsanctioned races.
Fred S. Coulter, Frankford. Ind., and
rack are placed on the liht of thone to
vhom aW sanctions will be refused,
ending payment of prizes and $10 line
'or refusal to send In nj*>rt. Coulter
? also ruled oft uiM L. A. W. tracks.
( lonrmlrr Arrlrf" *t Tom|?klti?vlH??. ?
N-MW YORK, Sept. 4.?The United j
*tatrf? auxiliary cruiser Gloucester, <
:,>tn rounder WtUnwrlght, which salS'd
nrni Guaivtauamo tawt Monday, arrived ;
n port this morninfr with ail well, and :
m<h?ivd off T?mpkln*-vH'.f.
All solid ndvertliiemrnU undsr ?? j
tho following heading*: : J I ? 3
Will bo Inserted at the r*te of
3N?__CENT. "A~JWOkD 1 '
. / : - ' '
HAT F?r the I
Exhibitors, here's the best dec
attractive, cheap?
Set pieces in tri-colors?star,
also tri-colors and plain (pin
Io-yard length?.
Gutters of 'Tissue outwear
Make your exhibits cheerft
the city.
Special Fair Week attrSctic
will make it interesting for tin
who may be here. Space wil
a call will suffice in the way
. i
A Fall and Winter Dress Got
' collection that has no equal; h
exclusive and choice in style,;
pvprv wan J
Choice of hundreds of pieces
or fancy, from
There arc more stocks of the j
black or colors.
Ready=Made Suits and Sepan
New arrivals of the very latest
flouncc skirt,, box coats and re
and Infants' Caps, and Fancy
silk and cashmere, ribbon or fi
fon or braided; from.
White Caps
of muslin and nainsook, lace-ti
Infants' Slips,
long or short skirts, moccasins, i
New line
Leather Chatelains
in blajk or colors, in new shap
Geo. E. St
fob bent.
For rent-several good rooms :
In the City Bank Building. Inquire at
the City Bank of Wheeling. mrtfr ]
JJ 1510 Main street. Poaaessioh at once. Inquire
of R. J. McCULLAQH, No. 91
Fifteenth street . au2 t
J. rooms at 1606 Market street Water and .
both. xascH In each room. Rent very res
Bonablo. Apply to 1501 Market atreet
de20-m&ta r
========= i
Having been appointed administrator of
the estate of Conrad Scheller, I hereby ;
notify all portions Indebted to said estate ,
to make* prompt payment to the under- r
signed, and persona having claims against
the estate will present them to me, prop
erly attested, for settlement.
Administrator of the Eetate of Conrad .
Scheller. auM* j
proposal8. J
Proposals will be received at tho clerk's ?
office of tho Uonrd of Commissioners of i
tho county of Ohio until Monday, Septem- i
ber 6, 1898, at 10 o'clock a. m.. for paving I
tho northerly side of the National Road a
from Paxton's culvert to the Wheeling .
I'ark. Specifications can bo soon at this r
>fflce. T. C. MOFFAT,_ lc
sol Clonic Board or fommiwiunw?. r
================== f
For Rent, hsruil
An elegant modern residence, 10 rooms s
intl bath, hot and cold water, both Rases, t
went ?lde of Chapllne between Twentysecond
and Twenty-third streets. PossesHon
Riven October 1.
6 rooms up stslrs on Fifteenth street, ~
:orner Jacob, only $15.
2 large rooms, kitchen, hajl and Rood eel- (
lar, brick house, 3509 Chapllne street, first ! I
lloor, only J10. I
A country residence with grounds. In- I
quire at once. ( I
Tolophono 517. 1 '
Real Estate Bargains, ]
8? North Broadway, S-room brick house, 1
;orner lot, M> by 120 fret. n
A roo<1 S-room brick house on Fourteenth
14 South Broadway, 7-room frame house,
nrHii. .....
2?a Mnrket utreet, frroom brick house,
lot 2<5 by 100 ffrt. ?
fi-room honnc on 8outh I run ?lwrt.
r.-room holme on South Fenn street.
.V-room houae on Wabaah street.
K-room houae on New Jwy.
Money to Loan on City Heal Latate. <
Theo. W. Fink & Co., "
_ Thonn M. IMP M.rk.l Blrwl.
15 Inrtlnnn ?treet..... 115 M
\'o. MO North York ftroot loft)
Cn 171 Mlvloonth Mtroot ll (X)
<o'. TI'ViV.t H.:: i oo
Mo. 3.17 Main street. double room on
first floor and front cellar, both
Rosea lurnlhliod for 10 (0
Co. 2144 Alley A, 2 rooms S 00
Co. 2W7 Alley 11 8 00
Co. lfiM Market street SO W
Co. 30 Sixteenth utrrM. bottling cellar
It 00
Co. 32 Sixteenth Htreet. ofJlce room.. 10 00
Co. 34 Sixteenth street, flrnt floor.... 17 00
lliirkumlth fhop near Twenty-fourth
Htic?<t .10 00
roomed house In rear of 1100 McCol- *
loch ntrrrt ft 00 ]'
s'o. l?r? Seventeenth Htreet, 2 rooms... 5 00 "
Co. 2002 Main street, .1 rooms 0 00 01
rooms Second at reel. Martin'* Ferry.
Ohio, natural ?as fixture* for heat
and light : 7 00
james~aThenry. *
Renl Kntutn A Rent, Collector, Notary =
Public and Pension Attorney, So. 1*12 fl
Main street, ?ull J
! >.
a. BttrMh* oxy, -" '*
Jig Fair
orative article out?durable.
ire Tissue.
shield, wreaths, plumes, etc.;
k, white, green) garlands in
feather dusters; cost only
il, whether at the Fair or in
ms in every department that
: town folks; also the visitor
1 not permit classifications, but
of informing yourself of the
omc and foreign manufacture;
yet moderate in price to suit
Joe up to $L001 Yard.
in almost every color, plain
$L00 up to $4.00.
Iiiuic LAViuai>t uucrwuiws m
its Skirts.
cut, both in plain or Spanish
efer suits.
Bonnets, white or colored,
ir-triramed, edged with chif
39e to $i.98 Each.
immed, or ornamented with
25c to $2.96.
:acks or booties, at all prices,
cs .. .. 26e up.
5 ^ y* Tl
W I to 6 dollars a day. "No books.''
Enclose to stamp. A. A., Room 10, 1031
trch street, Philadelphia. "
MAN for Lubricating Oils, Greasot
ind specialties; salary or commission.
)hlo. aul7-tth4?
ff selling war novelties. Call on our
epresentatlve at 832 Main street Saturday
wtween 9 and 4 o'clock and secure terrioryln
and about Wheeling. ART NOVSLTY
CO.. Plttaburgh. set*
Dri. ti6.ooo.oo, i?,ooo.oo. oeo.7. mathiION,
Real Estate Agent. 1108 Market Be
at a bargain. Addreas J. m.,
are Intelligencer offlce. auH
IJ lot In Greenwood cemetery; fine loca*
Ion; corner let; adjoining best Improve*
nents in cemetery. Address CEMETERY
-QT. care Intelligencer ofllca. apll
LJ plcce of wound at corner of Fifteenth
nd McCol loch streets. Both streets
avod and Elm Grove railway running
ast both fronts. Owner Is now in the
Ity and can be seen at the Bullard PrintriR
House, No. 14 Twelfth street, for a
cw day. \ Ml'
Property of Ellet helra to be sold by J.
\ Hone*, Fourth and Hanover, who will
how the property and make sale, or paries
may call upon or addreas
A. MOORE, Jr., Truatea,
au? MS Main St. Wheeling. W. Va.
} Thfm (3) 60 horse Power Tubular ,
|^<0R SALE
City Bank HalUlng. \fri9 Market U.
5th Street Property.
I ?m onthorlaed to ?ell at bargain,. It
?ld qulrklj-, the ilw"lllnR? namb?rert 4S,
7 and 49, on iho north aid* of Flfteeelli
irwti at til* corner of Alloy K.
Real Katate nod Real Eatata Loaaa,
long Main Street.
j? j? FOR SALE > J?
warwirK uninn lo. moc*.
West Virginia Olaas Co. Stock.
Central (Mass Co. 8tock.
Crystal Qlass Co. Stock.
FoMorla Olaas Co. Stock. ^ ,
Aetna-Standard Preferred Stock.
nivemtd* Iron WorkR Stock.
Exchange Bank Stock. ^ ? .
Wheeling & Belmont Bridge Co. Stock.
Wheeling Bridge Co. Stock.
Wheeling Bridge Co. Bonds,
Whltaker Iron Co. Bonda.
Fine renldence, completely furnished,
lih nil modern conveniences, on Chan
no turret, betwwn Twelfth and Four'outU
streets. PoMesalon can be had at
Money to Loan on City Real EstaU.
Exchange Rank Building.,
L Kit*bUahmaat-Jteat.aocur?t*?re?0fc

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