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P! Of Wheeling Opened Tliclr Annual
Institute MoiiSuy.
jT Yesterday at 0:S0 a. m. the Wheeling
i teachers' institute was called to order
by Superintendent of Sclioola W. 11.
[. Anderson. The "Battle Hymn of the
' Republic" was sun* under the leader|
ship of Mlis Lucy Robinson, with MIm
Little Bickerton at the piano.
Rev. Dr. Sooy, pastor of the Fourth
; street M. B. church, offered an appropriate
I Superintendent W. H. Anderson made
some very appropriate remarks, after
which Dr. J. P. Gordy was Introduced
riuid gave an earnest and exhaustive
talk on "The Mind and Its Operations."
He especially called attention to the fact
that all education Is not moral education.
Intellectual education la one
thing, and a moral education is another.
It will not do ior the teacher to Imagine.
tifat ail he has to do is to educate
the intellect and that the moral nature
will take care of Itself. This -Js one of
the very greatest mistakes In our education.
The moral nature must have
sneclai train! nc.
"The West Virginia Hills" was sung
K: *>r ?" e
|i,' B, T. Vlanpled was introduced and q
}. gave an introductory, taking for his
subject "The Air." He had expected to
& have with him some liquid air, but
found at the last moment that.the parSi,"
ties who were to furnish it were not
able to do so. He first spoke of the syra- .
j'; tools used in chemistry.' The language
jij Of chemistry is a language of symbols.
I * Prot Vlanpied will hereafter give ex- i
^ pertinents with his lectures.
; ' A recess of ten minutes was taken,
after which Miss Lucy B, Chapman, dl
| rector of drawing of the public schools <
rv _ o! Jollet, Illinois, was introduced. She
was enthusiastically received, as the remembrance
of her work last year ia
still freah in the minds of all. She out
lined the work she proposes to do during
the week and asked all teachers to
i come prepared for work. Thoae~who do
j$ the work will be much more impressed *
I-.,, than will those who merely see the work i
- done. She interspersed her talk with
quite a number of little storic* of the
& kind she gives to the children to Interim'
eat them in the subject of drawing.
y . She closed by placing on the blackboard
| a beautiful drawing.
|| After roll call, to which nearly every
?" teacher responded, adajourned to meet
tv Promptly at 1:30 the roll was called,
? after which the "Song of the Swallows"
was sung by the members of the lnstl.
Profc Vlanpled- then occupied some
time in giving some practical experiments.
The professor occupies the chair
in Bethany college formerly occupied by
Trot Dalbear, the Inventor of the DoiH
bear-telephone, and whose reputation as
a scientist is world wide. Mr. Vlanpled
is surely master of his subject, as was
jpj shown by the manner in which he permiUo
a niimho- nf h>?fl f 111 fill ,?*.
pertinents. He closed with the followf
In* concerning oxygen: Without It, animal
life could not exist. If the air were
pure oxygen we would live a week in
j? about twenty minutes. Everything
would be consumed rfpontaneoualy. If
there were no oxygen, I. e., If the air
were pure nitrogen, then we would
$? drown Just as surely as we would In
Aftef the talk. "America" was sung,
L'' a recess of ten minutes was taken, then
| Dr. Gordy spoke on the subject of
"American <Hlstory." He commenced
fcla talk by asking the question, "Should
the President and the senate of the
United States act on questions on which
lj' the constitution gives them power to
ij-:. act without consulting the people?"
About four-nrtns or tne memoers 01 me
>.' institute voted In the atnrmallve. The
speaker said that the constitution fives
J the people two things to do; one was to
H elect representatives and presidential
rv electors. The senators are not elected
by the people, nor are the members of
the supreme court. So the people have
very little to do directly with the af- ,
fairs of our government. ]
Miss Chapman gave a very Interest- >
ing lesson in drawing, using the teacher* J
j of the Institute as a class, aitor wnion
the institute adjourned
I To-day's iiesslonJi will be an follows:
From 9 a. m. to 12 m. A short recosa
! and an afternoon se?*lon closing at 2
| o'clock.
Superintendent Cithern*, of Wellsburft.
was a caller yesterday.
The following teachers are attending
from other parts of th?? state: MlM
Daisy Toctim, New Cumberland: Rffl^
Ml .Tohnaon, Wirt county; J. C. Sheets,
Wood county; R M. Brand, Wood county:
Mary Belle Martin, MoundavlJle;
Marirar^t Frits, Ohio county; Annie L.
i, Jennings, Ohio county; Orac.> Marsh,
' Marshall county; J. Wilson Cole, Marshall
county; W, T, Smith, Marshall
'county; Alice Conner, Ohio county.
Great Interest la taken by all In the
proceed in kb.
I)l?l It* Work fir oil
Bikini Tnter-Mountaln: The eonven- ^
tlon ?t Keyaer yesterday did Its work
well. Every delegate to the convention
WiiH a thinking man. and no mlatake <
could have ??een made In placing a I
[, leader before the pccplc for eomlnt? j
flffht. Congresnmiin Dayton hn* servd ,
two terms In thr hull* of Conffremi to
the entire Hatisfartion of tin? people of ,
the state? he la well (justified, morally ,
and mentally?a fact conceded even by (
Menw< rain; t)f no* ncen minimi urm ,
honeiit In (ho discharge of hi* duties; |
1? thoroughly In touch with the duties /
of lil? officii; he If In complete sympathy t
-with the administration, and will be of
*. ?? J4 XiXJAiAi' *
Ip I ^
CapUIn RobJey D. Evans of (he Iov
tern, vftth a temperature of 105 degrees,
with his officers and prepared to pay a vl
land. "I won't give up to It," he rema!
Evans, but up to yesterday he had not ai
r?nt marvfrf in rettincr tlfe momentous !
[uestions which will naturally arise nfcr
a great war like the one through
v'hlch our country has just so gloriousy
passed. Mr. Dayton is self-made
nan, progreHiilve und conservative, and
ivlll continue to care for the Interests
>f his constituents as no other person
u the district could. His election is
Snconrngomrnt lit lb? 1'roipecU of !(?
publican MNMNIM.
New York Bvening Post (Ind. Dem.):
rbe most Important and encouraging
leMverance which has come from any
>tat<e convention this year 1s found in
he following resolution adopted by the
awa Republicans yesterday:
"Th? experience of Uhe pus?t two years
has fully approved tth*.- gold'-standard
K>llcy of the Republican party, as declared
by the national- convention of
ISW. We recognize the necessity of
iompreheturive and enilghtened mone:ary
legislation. The monetary standard
of this country and- the commercial
1j I? i.l Tl>.. nf fh'?
?unu ib (juiu. <iic j/n - ,
itoandard must be assured by congres- |
lional legislation giving to it the value
und vUaliity of public law. AG1 other
money must' be kept at a parity with
jold. Our money like our institutions
?hould be maintained equal' tv> the best
n the world. On this plank we invite
the support of all voters who desire
lonesty and stability In business affairs
tnd an immediate and permanent setlement
of the question? of the standard
>t value."
In taking this action the Republican I
ptatc convention only reasserted for the J
>arty as a whole t>he position which had
liready bee? assumed in the various J
;ongre?sional districts. Mi but one of j
;he eleven district conventions have al- j
eady been held, and as they have spoten.
ttiere has been a steady progression |
jo a stronger demand for the establlshnenti
of the gold standard in the laws of
he United States. For example the
Ninth* district Htfmbl'lcans last week
lectured that "the improved agricultural,
industrial; commercial and flnan;ial
condition of the country demon- rl
rtrates the wisdom of Republican prin- .
:ipies, as enunciated in the national r"
>lutform of 1S96, which we hereby re- hi
UJlrm, ainl demand the retention w protection
anil the present gold standard of si:
kralue;" while the- convention In the jc
fourth District adopted this resolution:
"We reafllrm our adherence to the ea
leolaration of principles made by the m
itepublican party In it? national con- tft
mention In 1S96. The experience- of the
>a?t two years has fully approved the j ca
rold-standard policy **t the Republican a
jarty ay then declared. We appreciate c0
he service* of the independent voters of
1836 and 1S07 who plac.-d the honor of er
he country above party. We dcclare
'hat experience has demonstrated that a.
;here car> be but one monetary Ktandtrd.
W? demand that the permanence j ta
>f the present guld standard of value be en
issuml by congressional legislation, i
i-nd that all otln-r money Is kept at a !
>arky with gold." ; Is
The pros* of the Republican party In I ey
[owa has been practically unanimous In ?
ailing for the adoption of Mich resolutions
ah these, and In welcoming a
>ampalgn waged upon the <Hn? of the
cattle here laid down-. The Iowa State
Register. t?he chief organ, declared in its
ssue of luBi Sunday, that "the Register
loes not know of an Iowa Republican
ivho Ih not In fnvor of that demand?a
lemaad that wlH nmks the .c:andird
'the paramount I?sut-' In thfc: year's
ainpalgn. and this week'r Republican
stuiiC convention s-nouiry voice ui5S uv
nand In a manner that can neither be
niminderstood nor mJscon.itrued."
We thus have the Republican i>orty In
i strongly Republican stnte In the very
icart of the middle west making currency
n form the gTeat Issue of the fa*
iimpalgrn. and assuring a propaganda
n favor of euch legislation In the next
:ongres??a state, too. In which only two
rears ago ttie Republican politicians
vere afraid of the silver issue, and
ought refuge In equivocal declarations
n favor of "true bimetallism." This Is*
precisely the sort of dellveronce which
vas needed, and It comes from precisely
he right quarter to render It most ef'ectlve.
A western President can throw
.'he Influence of his administration for
lnanclnl reform t?>n times aw easily
When he is responding to a prewurs
ioro his own HM-tlonns when the presHire
come* from the AUnoftJc m aboard.
Rvery one ?>f the eleven rcpresentaIves
In the present house from Town.Is
i -Republican; every one In the next
jouse Ik likely ti? be. .Most of the pre
fttvt m?raben? have been rcnomwaiea,
tnd * veral ??f thf *tn an- men ?f forte, J
xpcrtoncc, and Influence with their
tarty. The delegation wlW canst!tut<* a '
iueleuw for effertlv?* work In bringing j r
holr Republican colleague* generally to i
he winn* poult Ian, The member* from | 1
Vew England, New York New. Jersey ! c
ind P* nnsylvaiila will rrlndly follow j n
heir N-nd; and thtre niv plenty of rep- | __
csentotlvet from Wisconsin. Minnesota ,
ind other nound-money irtat** In the ;
>\ i nt who will need no persaa.sloh to i ?1'
oln them. I f?
j Iff
Mnileno MUUk'.
Orant County Press: In the scleotlon
?f Alston <J. Dnyton n? their standard I
j*arer jn th*? coming campaign th?* Re- r'?
iiibllcuns of thin congressional district j
uistalm-d their refutation- for wisdom ,?j
tnd sound dUieretlon. They recognisttl 1 tli
h?- fact that It l?* a time when thonv lit : rl<
he ??*at of government must bo men of 1 sh
mifliitw*. men who are thoroughly fa- 1 g|'
nUtur with thff IfRlrtntlon ??f th?- punt. ; tCi
:hu? etmbllng th?-n? to inor* Intelll- | r?
p-nCty mett awl dispone of the Impor- nn
ant qUfMlOM HOOn tO COfTVCr. th
In A. l>. Dayton they have fouml their J fa
has gained a victory off hi? battles hip. 1
and physicians declaring that he could not
sit of respect to Admiral Bunce. Later in tl
ked. "I saved my leg that way, and I will *
>peared to occupy it.
Israel Zangwlll Comes to America or
Israel Zangwlll, the novelist, has ar- | erate
ved In America, and Is preparing a so- vlsltc
es of lectures to be delivered during tl#rcs
of pei
s stay here. It has long been the de- enlor
re of the popular writer to visit Amer- tlons
a and Americans liave been no lees lectec
tger In their hopes to see and hear the nevei
an who has written so much nbout when
lem. In an Interview with an Amerl- Mr.
.n reporter Zangwlll once sold: "What for h
jrreat country It Is! Columbus dls- both
ivered America, but America dlacov- are f? ed
me!" ted
Israel Zangwlll Is thirty-four years of Ghetl
re, having been born In JS64. He la It c
II, slim, has dark hair and eyts, and Is Mr.
Id to greatly resemble Lord Heacons- this <
fid, premier and author. Mr. Zangwlll resld<
Industrious, and most of his time Is count
cnt at his writing table. He Ik Uellb- the p]
When Wllhdrnlnn comes Into full possoMloi
pcflvf:, bolide* her crown, a marvelous <1larn<
roperty of the ?v?yfll household of Holland fo
ont minted .str.ind or rape of diamonds, nn(
round thr nock, n-nchlns nearly lc# tbi* vvaIs
[>1. His conduct In tlio post has In- J ln?!y
inru in?'ir nuiiiu' iuc in urn uvihumv i ,
r thv future, ant! tlivy feel that the vetnl*
lerenlFJ of the peogtle whom he rep re- to th<
nte are wife In hl>? hands. Of hi* new I.
. rtldn they have not the e!lght?Kt
rwlee hi* he fought and twice hft* he qT.
nquered. He again enter.* t-he Held
idel* mom favorable olrcumstancefl Ocotl
an ever before. Tire principle* llr^t twent
voemted by him have been trhd and
? effcct ha* been to brush away the *,.'nr,8'
>ud?, dark and omlnotm, that over- Urown
ndovwd thin fair nation >rt outh, fhu? J11 u '
vlng the light of prosperity, con- where
r.'tni' nt and conlldtnee. H?- ha* a
rr?rd upon which h?* rnn ably rem, Trri
d lie hnn th** mtlRfuetlon of knowing tcrlng
at thv people whom he hn? ttc-rvcd io to mil
llihfully, ho honorably and bo untlr- Any ti
. ... . ' A '*: J j. .
threatened with typhoid fever, with
get out of'bed, he bounded from bis
le day be hold a reccptlon, and woui
Hick to the ship." A cot In Rooeevt
> a Long Lecturing: Tour.
and rather droll, but receives his
ra with great cordiality, and never
of talking of his work. Not a host
Dple can, however, boa ."I of having
tained the writer, for his invitafor
social functions are sadly negI
for his literary work, and he
appears at an entertainment
he can possibly avoid It.
Zangwlll Is known the world over
Is critical work, and readers of
English and American magazines
imlllar with It. Ills most celebrabooks
are the "Children of the
;o" and the "Bachelor'* Club."
ould not be ascertained how long
angwlll intends making his visit to
Miintn' Imt It In ntciirM that fha
>nts of all tho large cities of the
ry that Ydlncovered" will have
lea*ure 6f listening to the novelist.
n of her throne thin w?*f?k ?h?? will
>nd necklace, which has been the
r two centuries. It Is a maftnlflI
in no Ionic that it can be hung
t front nnd back.
appreclnte his offort* In their beind
upon the Nth day of next Nor
will hy their bnu'lot return him
?ri?no? <?f his u^-fuln-M*, to win
aurel* n* their champion.
Tlirer Ptnoni OrnwunO.
MFOUD, Conn., Sept. 4.?Frank,
ie nnd Mnbel Ferjrunon, nffeU
y-four, nineteen nnd fourteen
, re^pcotlvoly. of Brooklyn, wer?
ted by ?lit* iipnettlnx of n row-boat
mnd. about a mile off Norton li
rlhle phtguct, thorn* Itchlnir. pes
dlneawn of the *kln. Put an cn4
<ory. I>??iin'i Ointment curc*. At
Irug store. I
mmm A
Miuin actually In his ?yfl
bunk, went on deck, shook bands
nd up by taking dinner on Staten Is;lt
hospital was prepared for Captain
Sever? Rebuke of n Dewopmtlc Organ by
tlio lVanhlneto'i Pn?t.
The following from- tlio "Washington
Post (Ind.) Is timely In view of the partisan
effort to prejudice the country 1
against President McKlnJey which is (
being made by a few Democratic pa>- I;
The Chicago Chronicle Is> one of a '
number of Democratic papers which )
prefer to run the state and congrcssion- ,
al campaigns on the strength of an in- t
discriminate onslaught on t'he war do- i
par&ment rather than on acy clearly
defined, issue. Of course there is or can '
be little of justice In such campaigning, ?
for it accepts and uses a? established)
truths a huge and grow ing man of accusatlons
and carefully avoids any attempt
to reparati- the true from the 1
false. But even a campaign of calufainy '
does not necessarily require those who
prefer to wage it to condemn the con- J
stltution of the Unit??d States and eulogize
the British plnn of government. A '
traveling En gunman, in unicago, ; takes
occasion to remark t'hat it Mir- | ?
prised him greatly "to see Secretary "t I
War Alger retain his portfo!io so long | i
In the midst of such a gerx:ral storm of <
Indignation-," because "with us such a
scandal would throw* the party resjwmsible
out of power within a week. "With
you the custom* arc different, but it
seems to me that Alger ought to re
sign out of deference to his party. If
he does not his party should take steps
to force him to relinquish his portfolio.
It is very poor politics, to say the least, ,
to keep him in power."
The' Chronicle accepts thin very ;
"fresh" deliverance of Gospel truth, and
appears to regret that in this unfortunate
country there is no similar plan for
getting a cabinet officer out when popular
opinion assails him. Hut tills Ecftr- <
llsh critic goeu too far whfen he says ]
that "such a scandal" would throw an ,
English ministry out within a week, It ;
requires an adverse vote in the house of i
commons to do that. And 'where is (
there a scintilla of evidence to show <
We have just recei
that were ever broi
all prices. >
Jecorated 4 Qn I
Night Lamps . . luu 1
Brass 4M QO
Banquet Lamps . iPl?uO |
il Jl 3 h(Jgany finisJ
Herman Frank, Frank E
2247 AKTD 2249 JVL A
I which HaffJs
the Better
The house wife's duties are horde
realize. Cleaning nlone is n constant
strength, a never-ended task. ^lore tl
work of cleaning she can have done fc
will, and the expense will be next
For the Fair.
Our Progamme
For Fair Week.
? A concert each day At our par
lor In the main building on tbt
?fair grounds.-.
A social concert each evening la
?our spacious inu*lc room at us,
1140, 1142 Market street.
All visitor* and lovers of good
? music cordially invited.
i Don't fair when In the city to call
? and th* Anjrelus Orcbettoral
-It Is & musical wonder.
Milligan, Wilkin & Co.
lllat ? majuiii; vi IIUUBC wi
mons would turn agalnm a ministry
that had had Just brought a foreign
war to a magnificent end? When did
the common* punish a ministry or party
for such victories us have marked
this war? Instead of condemning and
voting out the party In control at such
a time, the English commons would b?
devising fresh honors for the heroes,
and the English people would believs
that the party had gained a new and
strong hold on popular contldence. That,
In spite of the contrary opinion of this
English critic. Is the British way.
The mnirnlflcencc of our victory In tha
short, shurp conflict that waB practlcalloy
ended when Spain asked for a ce?Batlon
of hostilities, leaving her Weft
Indian possessions In our hands, cannot
be obscured by party tactics. But t
party organ can disgrace Itself and
shame Its political brethren( when, la
Its admiration of the English plan. It
KO'js so far as to assert ihat"there muit
be under the American plan two yean
nnd u half more of murderous McKlnlepisra."'
That Is so outrageous, so contemptible,
so unpatriotic, so everything conrlfninnblo
that It must miss Its aim.
The people of the United States respect
and honor their President. They know
Ihat, tn the conduct of the war. he wit
not a partisan, but an American. The
insinuation that he has not done iH ,
In his power to save life and avert luf
fc-ring, but that his methods have beta
"murderous" will be resented by honest
men of all parties and sections. If tbe
Chronicle really admires the English
system of government and has a grudpe
igainst the framera of our plan, we do
not blame It for saying so. But when
[it such a time as this it lets Its admlratlon
for the British way of governing
and its esteem for an ill-informed and
ilmormnlly conceited English critic '
?arry it to the length of an abominable
assault on the President, It goes further
than even the most charitable tolerance
should follow it.
"How to Cure All Ukln DImmm."
Simply apply "fiWAYNE'S OINTMEXT."
No internal medicine required.
Cures tetter, eczema, itch, all enip.
lions on the face, hands, nose, etc., leaving
the skin clear, white and healthy.
Its great heallug and curativtr ponrtri
are possessed by no other remedy. Aik
your druggist for 8WAYNE'S OINT.
MENT. Avoid substitutes. tths&w
||. A O. SNUtlay Kxcur?loi?? on Koartk
Commencing Sunday, May 29. ao$
every Sunday thereafter, until Septem*
ber 25. inclusive, the Baltimore A Ohio
(vill soli excursion tickets to and from
?11 stations between Wheeling. and
Srafton. good returning date of aalt, at
one fa*-c for the round trip, with tto
rents added. ' .
OR HOUsr-ci":*??N&
PV jt. PnOTL'D 1
ived the best line of Lamps
jght to the city. Lamps it
Jt jt > >
FREE with every Lamp at
e, a Stand?"Oak or Mr
i. N
M & MM
. Foster, Receivers.
LllItaT gTBBBf'?
tJST. .
r thnn men \*tT Jf
tax on licr wBuL
to uothing. ' .r'
p, cf Washing |
fl X I flmirrlnn
wi runuu.
half of clefming; doc* it better
ay known; does it easily, quieklv
rxest package?greatest economyFAIRBANK
New York. Doaton. pblladalpbl*

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