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]n Thirteenth Kegulnr Infantry
?11111 Schmidt Returns.
host of the SUFFERING WAS
fought well.
Thr^ years ago, young RmH Schmidt,
jr? of tills city, was in Philadelphia,
an.! enlisted in the Thirteenth United
States Infantry, of the regular army.
A few days nso his term of enlistment
fX; ;r I and he ha* left the army and
returned to falj home here. He was on
th greets yesterday afternoon* and as
jj? wore the brown canvas uniform with
which most ??f the regulars' wfre 8uprl.
) for the .Santiago campaign, he attni'tfd
attention wherever he, went, this
uniform being seldom worn by the volunteers
who have either returned to
Wheeling or passed through the city
recently. Private Schmidt looked woll,
not having tlie sallow appearance ot so
snsny at the boys who fought around
Santiago. hut he snya, he lost twentyone
pounds In weight, hiving been one
of the last m.'n In his reglmeot attacked
by the wasting malarial fever from
wtlch very few escaped.
Schmidt was in all of (lie. engageofiits
that were fought in die-vldnlty .
Santiago before the surrender, and
hu regiment suffered probably more *
wrplv than any other In Shafter'a
army of invasion. The regiment went
Into the campaign about 600 strong and
came out with a little more than half
that number of effectives. His own
company went to the front sixty gtrong
and camc out with less than half th&t
number Much of this loss was In battle,
but more arose from tbe debilitating
diseases that 6truck the entire army as
the Spaniards were unable to strike.
TV Cuban*, fays Private Schmidt,
are nothing. They will ^ot fight unless
compelled to do so. In one of the battles
in front of Santiago, a Cuban force was
placed In front of Schmidt's regiment,
em! it was unable to run and had to
fight. The Cuban has no sense of re?poosibllity
or honesty, and for a piece
of bread or any bribe would allow Spanish
i?ples to penetrate the lines of the
American army.
"Much of our los3 at Santiago was
cawed by the galling fire that reached
our lines from the Spanish warships In
the harbor," added Mr. Schmidt. "Cer\
r, and his officers spent several hours 0
in iin.Ti; fho ranee and flnallv they ^
pot it. The result was that eight-Inch
shells were plumped down upon us and c
resulted In terrific loss. This is a per- K
cusslon cap and time attachment (show- *
ins the little brass Instrument to the *
reporter) for an eight-inch shell that 1
vr.is tired at us from one of Cervera's *
ships in the harbor, which killed two of *
our ofllocrs and wounded'a score or 0
more of our men. When placed right,
on* of those shells is capable of wiping f
out of existence an entire company of h
"Have you had enough of the army?"
was asked.
The soldier smiled In reply and added
that he had had enough of Cuba's terrible
wet season, but if there was to be
another scrap he would go back In the
army, provided the scene of warfare was
"How about the suffering of the men
about Santiago?"
"They say that this suffering was 1
caused by Secretary Alger's mismanagement.
This is not true, so far as I
can see. The trouble was that it was
Impossible to transport to the front the r
medical and commissary supplies that \
wore on the transports. There was only t
one trail which could be used for trans- I
porting the supplies, and of course it n
was Impossible to get the food and mod- f
Icine to the front fast enough over this *=
path?It could not be called a road." a
Private Schmidt was In all of the engagements
n^ar Santiago and was lucky jj
enough to come nut of thorn all without *
a scratch, excepting a brulaed hand c
caused by falling while crossing the J
cr?*k before the famous assault on Ran t
Juan hill and Its blockhouse. jj
"We were exposed to a terrific fire r
- I
, |
the ordinary illnemes of childhood? o
Any woman may injure the health of her
children who will take proper care of her
health in a womanly way. The health of
her childrrn depends almost entirely upon
rrneral health, and particularly upon .
Jor health and utrength of the delicate and ^
Important organs that bear the bttrdens of j.
"i.ucrmty a woman ha* no right to flttj c
regard her own health, comfort, caw ana C
'' '.ppincM, she certainly has lew right to ?
condemn her children to a life of ittfferinff *
or an early death. That is what she doe* j
if she neglect* the lienlth of her ipcclM j
womanly organism. Dr. I'ierce'a Favorite ^
Prevrtption is an unfailing remedy for all f
dnordTs of this description. It strengthen*
and invigorate* the sensitive organs
concerned, and is the best preparation for ( I
the trials and dangers of maternity. It in- j
urr? the well being of the mother and the |
health of the child. Its use is a guarantee
of a bountiful supply of nourishment for ^
the little new-comer Many women who
onre bore children onlv to speedily l"*c
them, are now mothers of healthy, robust
children as the result of the use of this
liar bra A. MwM. of Indian Creek. Mo. writes:
"I am rrry thankful for what Dr. Pierce's I'n*orite
Prescription did for mr t wn* all broken J'
down from nervoua proration. but slnre taking 11
>o?r rueiiirinr i huve huit more relief than '
bom all the doctors. Your ' I nvorlte I're?cri|?- ?
tk/u' did me a world of good "
?muj wuuirn njfp loiu mrir eupcnmcc*,
am! jfivrn their nimrv, addrrftue* and j?ho- I
[W'phu in Jtr. Pierre'* Common Scum? >
Medical AMvher. Thin book in free. A
I fopy will be tent to any addreaa upon r*- "
f :|?t of 91 one-cent ttauip* to covr coat of tI
wnilinjf only. AddrrM l)t. R. V. I'irrce,
i Ruflfolo. N V The "Pavorite Pre*cripI
lion " to for ialf by nil dealer* and no boaI
ui man will iugc a ub.titutc. *
la Grippe
This modem mdady has become
dreaded not more for'its direct fatality
than for the weakness of
body and mind it Reaves behind it
Prolonged debility^permanent prostration,
melancholy and suicide follow
La Grippe. Tor this disease
there is no remedy superior to
Ayert Cherry Pectoral.
"The hit remedy for I* griff* that I
know of b Ayar*e Cherry Pectoral."
Sooth Hampton, N. B.
"My wife and 4r? children ware tabs
dorm with la grippe, wh'l? the disease waaso
widely prevalent. 1 <fa?ed them with AVer's
Cherry Poetoral, and ba/are using quite two
hottlea my family was restored to health. (I
Iraow of eeveral obstinate cases of the same
complaint which wen also cured by this
remedy." J: PAJUCKTRB,
Pauietta, Uin.
"I was cured of la grippe by the use of
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral?
tub. "Sigaal,* Wit Farmiagtaa, 0.
Cterrg Pectoral
h pnt op in half-size bottles at half
price?50 cents.
rhllo croHinc this creek,' mid Schmidt.
The Spaniards had cleared away the
)ranches of trees In order to have a
rood chance at sharpshootinfr while we
orded the stream. Their Are was deady.
Before I started across and while
rossln?, T could see the boys dropping:
n the water on all sides. It was a tryng:
time for us, but we finally got over
md after a severe fight captured the
uu anu ujucniuiiuc.
So much has been said of the engagenent
of the Rough Riders at Las Quasmas.
thac it is interesting to know
phat Private Schmidt thlnko of it. He
ays this body of men are fine fighters,
iut at Las Quasi mas they were clearly
tmbushed. He says Colonel Wood and
jieut.-Col. Roosevelt were at fault inv
lot sending out their own scouts in ad ance
of their main body. If this had
>een done they would not have lost
'aptaln Capron, Sergeant Hamilton
fish and the many other brave men
rho fell. If. as stated, the Rough
liders depended upon Cuban scouts,
hey made a mistake, for the Cuban is
f no ascount at all for scouting or
Vnuncr Schmidt h*? one of the brass
artrldgea used In the Remington rifle,
ued by a few of the Spanish troops,
nd which have been ruled out by Inernatlonal
agreement, for the reason
hat the brass bullet poisons In a dreadul
manner. He also has several of the
lauser cartridges, some loaded and
there empty.
Private Schmidt came to Wheeling
rom Montauk Point, where he received
.Is honorable discharge from the aervieast
lelwcen Foiartf mil Pearee Expected
lo l?c a *>t it bboru one?A Lively PrelimInari'
on Between Wnuko and Cava*
State fair visitors wHt have an opK>rtunlty
of seeing a stubborn conle^t
n the squared arena this evening at
he Bridgeport Athletic Club, when
*esile Pearce, of Philadelphia, and Jlmr
uy Fogarty, the "Texas Cyclone," meet
or twenty rounds or more, Both are
?thA welirht limit. 143
founds. and their record* should Justify
. lengthy bout.
Aside front this event -to an Interestrig
preliminary. Tommy C&vanaugh,
it Buffalo, nnd Cfeorge Wanko, ore
cheduled to go eight rounds for a deIhIoo,
at catch weights. Cavanaugh
fill arrive from Pittsburgh to-day, and
etters from there state that he has
rained hard'. Oavaiyaugh Is of the gon-and-mix-it
ord??r, and while Wunko
lasn't trained down to the finest point
>O00ibIe, the friends of the Washington
>oy 'look for him to -be on* tup at the
Fogartjr and' Pearce weigh In at 3
-'clock to-day. Fogarty wlH make tho
45 pounds, and that's about all, and la
toe to enter the ring weighing Ave
ounds more. He Is In excellent shape
Jul fit to go a long Journey. Leslie
'earce will be a few pounds lighter,
robably not more than 142 pounds, for
te has worked* hlmweilf hard as a bone,
loth men are equally confident of sucess.
Of the two, Pearce possesses the
nore science and his cleverness ought
o stand him In good stead, thuugh Fogirty's
swings will count If they kind;
Tlx* main event begins at 9:46 o'clock,
he- Wanko-Cavanauglv bout at 8:45
i ClOCK. _
Won. Lrat. Per.
loston ? J- 'g1
.'Inrlnnutl i? S
laltlmorn '* "
:'?y,n'a',J :::::::::: " *1
priori;-.::::..::: ? ?
MttBburKh J
g :?
trooklyn J;
VovhInKton /?
It. Louil M H ,Zitf
jostun 6, Wanblnnton 1.
Chicago is. Cincinnati z.
Cleveland 9, Louisville 0.
!blcaco at Cincinnati.
New York at Boeton.
Baltimore ut Brooklyn.
Cleveland at l.-oulavllle.
1'hlladelphla at Washington.
? ... - Tk. r'hnmnlnnil won
o-iluy'* jcnine by bunchingf hit* ln,.
nnlng. a I"'"1, (,n belli nni* tt double itMl.
II ut which nnttedfourruw. After that
he gem* wee n pitcher * hnttl', "HI her
Iflf* having the mlvuntogc. Attendance,
,2**). Hoore: K II K
!1 ? 2! 2 ? I i
Iree, llunt and Connelly. llmr, 1:46.
LOfTlHVILV.fB. Sept j.-The Colonel*
bndly oft In all department* of tho
frame to-day and were nhui out. Ritcha
had hlii right thumb split by a liner fron
Wallace's bat in the ninth Inning. At
tendance, 1,0?. Score: r H I
Cleveland 0 1 2 0 0 1 0 2 4?8 12 <
Louisville 0 0 0 0 0 0 O-O 5
Earned runs. Cleveland 2. Batterlej
Powell and Crtgerj Dowllng and kltt
ridge. "Umpires, McDonald and O Day
Time, 2:15.
CINCINNATI, Sept. 7.-Brelten*teb
struck out wkx men In the first four a
nines. In the fifth he was hit for two sin
Bles, two doubles and two triples, lie wai
easy after that. Griffith was never in dan
ger. Attendance, 7,200. Score: Rjjj
Cincinnati ...0 0001 001 0-2 J ;
Chicago 1 0 0 0 6 0 1 4 1-12 16
Earned runs. Cincinnati 1: Chkatga H
Batteries, Breltensteln and Pelt*: CSriffltl
and Donohue. Umpires, Swart wood ant
Warner. Time. 2:1S.
At Mansfield?First game: R n I
Mansfield 1 0 0 o 0 0 0 0-1 4
Fort Wayne..0 00500000-3CBatteries?Ki'llum
and Belt; Herr an<
'At Mansfield-Second frame: It If I
Mansfield 0 S 0 0 0 0 1 0 0?1 4
Fort Warne...0 0 1 0 5 0 0 0 ?-? t :
Batteries?Ely and Belt; ilelmsn an<
At Youngstown. RIII
Youngsto'n ...0 001 0000 0?1 8
Dayton 1 l 1 10 0 0 0 *?4 10
Batteries?R. Miller and Donovan; Rose
trough and Lattimer.
At New Castle-First game: RIU
New Car tie...0 S 0 1 0 0 2 0 0-10 1J
Springfield ...0 20000000-21
Batteries?E. Quesc and Barcklay; Well:
and Clraffius.
_ At New Castle-Second game: RBI
New Castle 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 1 0 0?1 14
8prinffield 4 0000000000-4 9
Batteries?Hewitt and Zinram; Dolai
and G raffius.
At Grand Rapids?First game: R If I
Gr*d Rapids..0 5 0 1 0 2 2 0 0-10 12
Toledo 0 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 3? 6 f
Batteries?Wayne and Cote; Cutes am
At Grani Rapids-Second game: RHI
Grand Rapids.1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0?2 0
Toledo 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 0 ?4 10
Batteries?Carson and Cote; Fergusoi
and Arthur.
To-day at Moxart Park Promise* to bt
an Enjoyable Event
To-day, at breesy Mozart Park, the
annual outing of the Bellalre lodge o!
Elka takes place, and the arrangement
that have beeo made by the enterprising
committees In charge Indicate that
one of the most enjoyable park outlngi
of the season will be enjoyed by the
Elks and their friends. Half of Be!la!r?
is expected to come over the river t<
the breesy hill-top resort, which Is Jusi
now as lovely a spot as old Mother Nature
can guide one to. The Wheeling
Elkfl will alio auena in jhtkb tuuiucm
<hus necouragkig their brethren of th<
over-the-rlver town.
Heatherington'a band of twenty pieces
has been engaged to furnish tha concert
mimic, and Prof. Klllmyer will
"make" the music for the dancers In
the pavilion. In addition, there la ?
splendid programme of sports. Including
some match bowling contests on th<
fine park alleys.
There has se-Mom been a larger audience
at the Grand. Opera House than
that which assembled last night to witness
the production of "The Tornado"
by the Huntley-Jackson Stock Company.
Every seat was occupied and there
was very little standing room. All the
scenery and effects used in the original
production of Lincoln J. Carter's great
success was used la*t night, and the
work of the cas* waa reaily exceCter.t.
The specialties were so much appreciated
that the audience insisted upon recall
after recaJ-I, and it was 11:30 o'clock
'when the curtain went down on the
m??? < oof "Th*? Toraado"
will be repeated to-night and the bitt
for the remainder of the week wlli be
"The Fast MalL"
Scenery In abundance, transformations,
virions, thunder, lightning,
rain and enow, an up-to-date company
and the cleverer written comedy drama
ever leuncha. for public approval, is
what Jule Walters promise* his audiences
at the Grand the rtrst haJf of next
week. "How Hopper was Side Tracked"
the title which Mr. Walters has
chosen for his latest venture resembles
that of his former success but It ends
there. The new play Is said to be by
far the funniest of an his undertakings.
"How Hopper was aide Tracked" Is not
a one-man play, neither is the dramatic
story related1 li> a series of long winded
speeches, and Judging the manner In
which competent critics have dealt with
the play itself, Mr. Waiters arai his
support, the atractlon no doubt merit*]
the recognition it has already attained.
Hup* mid Mishap* In the Thriving City
Across 111* Klvrr.
TJio wedding of Mfsa Mary Ann Edwards
to Mr. George Rees, both well
known young people of this city, was
performed by Rev. J. W. Williams, at
the St. Paul's Eplscopa 1 church lnnt
evening, at 7:30 o'clock. In tho presence
of a large number of friends. A reception
was tendered the young couple at
the home of the bride's parents, on
Main street, Immediately after tho ceremony
was performed.
The papers In the foreclosure suit of
the Buckeye Savings and Loan Company
against Richard O'Belrne et al.,
were served yesterday by Deputy Sheriff
Westwood, and In the case of J. C.
Helnleln, assignee for the Ohio State
Savings and Loan Company vs. Mary
E. Weema and Millard Weems.
Rev. Paul Kummer has returned from
East Liverpool, where he has been attending
the Pittsburgh Synod. Mrs.
Kummer and children have also returned
Our people are becoming much Interested
In the proposed transformation
of the old Walnut Grove Into a city
park, and council will probably consider
the matter shortly.
Tho Woman's Foreign Missionary Society,
of the Presbyterian church, held
n meeting at the home of Mrs. Cora
Williams, on Broadwny, last evening.
The Young Ladles' Missionary Society
of the United Presbyterian church will
give a lawn fete In Walnut Grove Friday
evening, September 1C.
Richard Padden, of the Pittsburgh
base ball team. Is the guest of his parents,
on Main street. lie will return to
Pittsburgh Saturday.
MIps Grace Anthony will entertain a
number of ner young friends to-morrow
evening at her home, on Broadway.
**|? H/w/t rrlnrnn to Mt. Hoi
yoke College, at Mt. Holyoke, Mass.,
Monday, to resume her studies.
A number of lots 1n Ellet's addition
will be offered nt public nale Saturday.
September 24, at 10 o'clock.
"How Hopper Was Side-tracked" will
bo on the lN)ardn nt the Opera House
next Thursday night.
Mills No?. 8 and 13, nt the Laugrhlln,
are Idle this week on account of a luck
of iteam.
Quite a number from hero will tnke
In the C. & P. excursion to Cleveland
E. C. Nordfke will return to Chicago
to-day, after n visit with relatives here.
Mrs. Oharle* Burn*, of Steubenvllle,
Is the iruost of Miss Hlanche Schofleld.
Hen Cropper and family have returned
from Philadelphia nnd Atlantic Cltf.
The largo plate glaia In front of Shelby
& Stewart'* shoo store, which was
; Mnjn's Keadacfce asd todigetion Care
Is the only remedy on the market that
. win cure every form of Headache In 3 to
1 10 minutes, correct Jndferestlon. itlmu:
late the neives and build up the system.
4 It should be In every home and every
. traveler's gripsack. At all Drocrtsta.
- 2S cure*, 25c.
broken some time ago, was replaced
Mike Sweeney, of Brilliant, wa* calling
on old friends here yesterday.
Miss May McCleary went to Dillonvale
yesterday, to visit friends.
Miss Maud Hague, of East Liverpool.
Is visiting friends here.
Oliver Patrick, of Kltannlng. Pa., Is
visiting in this city.
Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Hoge went to
Pittsburgh yesterday.
Rev. Vj. Q. Bailey has returned to
Xenia, Ohio.
li All Soita or f?oc?l N??rna??tl OoMlp from
1 tU? Olui CUr3
The first annual outing given by the
G Elks' lodge. No. 410. of this city, will
; be held to-day at Mosart Park. The
1 boys have made great preparations Tor
, this occasion, and a large crowd from
} this city tv 11 go up. besides those at1
tending from neighboring, cities.
- Healherngton's brass bond will be In
attendance in the evening, and give
S one of their famous concerts. There
J will be bowling, dancing and music b#r
8 the band.
Mrs. D. W. Cooper, of the Fourth
g ward, has gone to Mansfield. Ohio,
2 where she will attend the wedding of
i her sister, Miss Julia Gorby. who is to
be married to-day to a prominent young
3 lawyer of that city. Miss Gorby is well
jj known In this city, having resided here
J until a few years ago.
The convenience of the electric cars
I In carrying people from this city to the
J gates of the Wheeling State Fair
, grounds will make the attendance from
I3ellaire larger than It has ever been.
Judge Peter A. Lauble was renomlnted
for circuit Jtidgo by the Republlt
cans of thisvclrcuit, and his election Is
! assured. The next convention will be
held at Steubenvllle.
Mrs. O. W. Holmes will accompany
her husband, Rev. O. tV. Holmes, to
Harnesvllle, and remain with friends
ther* until he returns from conference.
TurnbuU'a orchestra will assist
in the Hetherington band concert at
MoundsvIU* Saturday nlRht. There will
be a big crowd present from here.
Miss Elizabeth McHenry, who has
been visiting friends and relatives here
for two weeks past, returned to her
Immo of Wnrtinrlf vMierdav.
' Andrew Kern. Charles Dankworth
' and Thomas Carroll have returned
home from Atlantic City, where they
spent two weeks.
Miss Clara Woodward has returned to
I her homo In Barnesvlllo, after spending
t a we?k with her friend, Miss Stephens.
L on Gravel Hill.
Mrs. Charles Craig nnd family, of
i Masslllon. are the guests of Mrs. Craig's
parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Paul!, on
Union street.
Prof. George Delbrugge, assisted by
Charles W. BIppus, will entertain their
friends at Mozart Park next Monday
The Baltimore & Ohio compny has a
force of men at work on the bridge
crossing the river, putting In new steel
Mrs. Charles Arnold, who has been 111
for some time past. Is greatly Improved,
and will be out In o few days.
The Cleveland &. Pittsburgh pay car
i will be In the city to-day, and distribute
the usual amount of currency.
Miss Blanche Kelly, of St Paul, Minn.,
Is the guest or the ramny or uaroy
O'Toole, ort Guernsey street.
Miss Maggie Althar Is conflned to her
home In the Fifth ward, seriously ill
with typhoid fever.
Miss Maggie McElroy. of Steubenville,
Is visiting friends and relatives in the
Second ward.
Miss Mary Paull has gone to Cincinnati,
to visit friends and relatives for
two weeks.
Mrs. D. P. Leech. of the Fifth ward,
lias gone to Rock Lick, W. Va., to visit
Miss Nettle Douglass, of Moundsvllle,
is visiting relatives In the Third ward.
Clarence Mercer returned yesterday
morning from a trip through Indiana.
Lou Tucker, of Oas City, Ind., is visiting
relatives In the First ward.
Mrs. C. Curran and son are visiting
relatives In Moundsvllle.
Hirer Telegram*,
OIL CITY ? River 1 foot 1 Inch and
i rising; clear and cool.
STBUBBNVILLB ? River 2 feet 7
Inclves and falljng; o!oudy and warm.
BROWKSVlUlib ?- Hivcr u mil uuu
WARREN ? River .7 foot; cooler and
heavy rain.
GRBBNS BORO ? River 7 feet 7 inches
and rlring; cloudy and cooler.
PITTSBURGH ? River .1 feet and
, stationary at the dam1; cloudy and cool.
MORGANTOWN ? River 7 feet 7
inches and1 rlrtng: cloudy and warm.
Itucblrii'a Arnica kulvr,
The best salve In the world for Cuts,
Cruises. Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter. Chapped Hands,
Chlllblalns, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions.
and positively cures Piles, or no
pa;- required. It Is guaranteed to glvo
' perfect satisfaction or money refunded, i
Price 25 cents per box. For sale by Logan
Drug Co.
Mondny, Tuesday and Wednesday Nights
and Wedneudny Matinee. September
12, 13 and 14.
RIk Sconle Novelty and Attrnctlve Spe- I
rlaltlos. Night prices?IS. 25, 35 and 50c.
Matinee prices?15, 25 and 85c. se8
All solid advertisements under ?? 1
- the following headings: s ? : ?? ,
will be Inserted at the rote of
one " cent. :a: rWORD 1
/-(AN A Ul ES-MO~i.FXuf/. mountain
I ! Roller*. Mill.? I2.U0. FemulM SOr. nl
11ENRT HBLSIUUIOHT'S, corner Mnrkn
mill Willi ?lrwl?.
Having boon nppolntcd ndmlnlnlrntor of
the wuti of Conrad Sonoller. i horohy
notify all pomon* Indobtrd to naid ontato
to make prompt paymont to tho nnd< r- '
Hlgncd, and pnri<ona havlnir claims against
the ftatf will present thorn to me, properly
attested, for itattUmi*nt.
Administrator of tho ICntato of Conrad
Hrhtdlrr nu2C^__ i
Tho Slnto Board of Health of Wont Virginia
will convene at the Court Iloiif*o,
MartlnnhtirK, West Virginia, WcdneNdoy, ;
October !! . 18PS. at H:i>) a. m.. for tin* '
purpone of examining applicant* for !!
cenno to practice medicine In thin elate.
For application IdankH, addm?ji,
A. K. IIAU1IKK, M. P.,
Secretary Blato Hoard of lloallh, i'olnt
I'l'HPant. W. Va. I
dork H. 11. of II. NV. Va, scfl
^I a t
Dress Gt
A glance into our two h
faint idea of what we me
through our stores will s
the choicest, newest, gre;
these lines are here. Ac
the PRICE, which upon
Low Priced, Medium
and Exclusive Designs.
See the 25c, 29c, 35c
and 4dc Lines...........
Geo. E. ?
to loan.
oney to loan-tt.ooo.oe, ca.000.
US.000.00, 120,000.00. OEO. J. MAT?
, ileal Estate Afent, 1JU8 Market 1
for rbnt.
lj In th? City Bank Building. Inquire
the City Bank of Wh?ling; mrtl
X" 1510 Main street. Possession st on<
Inquire of K. J. MoCULLAGH, No.
Fifteenth street. aul
10-roomed dwelling, 800 Main stre
Very cheap: long, easy payments.
A comfortable 8-roomed dwelling, wl
all modern conveniences, at S3 South Fro
Htroct. This proporty Is In first-class co
ditlon from cellar to roof. Inspection I
vlted. At low figure; easy torms. \V
pay 10 r er cent as Investment If you doi
want to occupy.
Splendid residence on Fourteenth strei
G-roomnd dwelling. Rood as new, on Ni
Jersey street, for jl.SoO.
TO LET?15-room flat, northwest com
of Main and Eleventh streets. Possossl
Riven 8eptomber 1. Fine location f
boarding house.
Q-. o. suveith.
(teal Estate Flro Insurance, Surety Bond
Exchange Bank Building.
For Rent, desirable.
An elegant modern residence. 10 roor
and bath, hot and cold water, both Ras?
west sldo of Chapllne between Twent
second and Twenty-third streets. Posse
slon given October 1.
5 rooms up stairs on Fifteenth stre?
corner Jacob, only 116.
2 larse rooms, kitchen, hall and good a
lar, brick house. 3M9 Chapllne street, fir
tloor, only $10.
A country residence with grounds. I
tjulro at once.
C. A. SCHAEFER & CO, cS?Ua?St:
Telephone 517.
Real Estate Bargains
29 North Broadway, 8-room brick hous
corner lot, Ml by 13* feet.
A Rood S-room brick houso on fourteon
"JTSouth nroadway, 7-room frame houi
Market street, B-room brick houi
lot W by 100 foot. . ?
fi-room houso on South Penn street.
B-room houso on South P^nn street,
.' -room hous? on Wabash strict.
B-room houso on New j?*ey. #
Money to Ix>nn on City Ileal Efltat?.
? d A ^
Theo. W. rink o? Ud.
Phone M7. ISM M?rk?t Blrwl.
No. ITS Sixteenth it root
So. jRAM?W?Yrii"t. doubii room on
Hrft floor and front rcllar, both
gusos fiirnisneu ior
S'o. 2144 All?y A, 2 roomH fi
So. 2."?07 Alley 1J 8
So. 1610 Market street.... SO
No. so Sixteenth street, bottling celInr
- 12
No. .12 Sixteenth street. ofTlrs room., lo
No. 84 Sixteenth at root, first floor.... 17
Ulat4<?mUh chop near Twenty-fourth
street 10
l-roomeil houBo In rmr of 1100 MeCollorh
street S
No. 175 Seventeenth street, 2 roomH... r?
No. W02 Main street. 3 rooms C
j rooms Second street, Martin's Perry,
Ohio, natural k?i fixtures for heat
uml llulit 7
Ileal Kftntn Agent, Collector, Notn
l'uhlle ami Pension Attorney, No. If
Main streof. ' uulj
-ago, e. anm * oo. " - >'4
In Weave, Style
and Color
.. ;V^
..and Silks
V OPEN......
irge windows will convey a
an by new creations. A trip
oon verify the fact that only
atest assorted stock of both
Ided to these attractions is
investigation is the lowest
]A11 bearing the stamp of
artistic, serviceable, elegance
IThey comprise more than .
i j a j
J one nunarea pieces ?tuu
that many different styles.
ttifel & Co.
[I* it housework, 108*? Fourteenth afreet.
}L eeT^
T* housework in small ramuy. mube
have Rood recommendations. Apply at
? lw South Broadway. se6
f YV 1 to I doll* day. "No booln.''
L. EncloHo 2c stamp. A. A., Room 10, 102?
O. Arch street Philadelphia.
MAN for Lubricating Oils, Grease*
Lm and specialties; salary or commission.
Ohio. auK-tth&a
TT selling war novelties. Call on our
representative at 932 Main street Saturday
. between 9 and 4 o'clock and secure terrfBt*
tory;In and about Wheeling. ART NOVth
CO" Pittsburgh. sel* r
r* FOR 8ALR.
n- ?
t Ji NESS at a bargain. Address J. M.,
care Intelllgoncor otHce. autl
JL7 lot In Greenwood cemetery; flne locaer
tlon: corner lot; adjoining beet Improveon
menta In cemetery. Addrera CEMETERY
or LOT, care IntwlHicencer office. aplt
Representing the ONLY foreign company
. authorised to tranwact this character of
'* businoss In West Virginia?1"Fidelity and
I>rpoHlt Co.," of Maryland; assets over
? $2,600,000.
General Insurance. 1120 Market 8t.
Wantml?A Solicitor, either on salary or
ns commission. aaJ^
Property of Ellet heirs to be sold by J.
T. JIanes, Fourth and Hanover, who will
?1? show the property and mnke sale, or par st
tics may call upon or address
n- A. MOORE. Jr.. Trustee,
au2fl W5 Main 8t., Wheeling, W. Va.
1! Three (3) 60 hone Power Tubular j
i. 1 Boilers. ,i|
|e |^OR SALE
rltr Hunk HillMlnr 1 Sill? Muriel ?t.
15th Street Property.
' I am nnthorlssil to nail at h hnncaln, u
aolil qnlcklji the dwAlUnii numbered 45,
? 47 and 411, on (It* north aliln of Flftieutb
alrcat, at the corner of Alloy K.
Rani Batata unci Real Ratatr Loans,
W IOff.% Main Htraet.
S ^ > FOR SALE. j? >
Warwick China Co. Stock.
West Virginia (.Inns Co. Stock,
(v, Central lilatm Co. Stock.
Ej Crystal Ulan* Co. Stock.
no Foatorln (i\ann Co. Stock.
Aetna-Standard Preferred Stock,
ltlvemlde Iron Works Slock.
KxclinnKc Hank Stock.
Ju Wheeling A- llflmnnt nrldRO Co. Stock.
Whorllnpc Brldiro Co. Btock.
aa Wheeling Hrldxe Co. Itonds.
Whltaker iron Co. lionda.
^ Fin? renldrnco, completely fttrnlfthed,
with nil modern conveniences, on fhnpllne
street. between Twelfth and Fourno
teenth street*. PoMflrsalun can bo had at
once. v
Money to Loan on City Real Estate.
1 Bxchatifftt Dank Building.

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