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An4 bow Realizes the Enormity
of His Crime.
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 14.-When
Walter Rower, the Tennessee volunteer,
who murdered Henry Hlldebrand,
a clerk In the Spreckles market, during
a drunken spree, was booked at the city
tuwn ta o/iher uk He hand
ed in a lady's gold watch and 165 in
coin and asked Chat the valuables be
cared for. Then he wept and said he
realized his deep disgrace but claimed
not to recollect anything abdut the
"My father and mother live in Stevenson,
Ala.," said he. "My father is
a superintendent* of the Nashville, Chattanooga
& St Louis railroad. I am a
member of the Slgna Nu fraternity and
a graduate of the Vundorbilt university,
and am entitled to, the degree of M. D.
When the war broke out I was a student
in classics but left school and enlisted
In the Tennessee regiment at
Memphis. My knowledge of medicine
gained me the position of steward of
Company 6, which position I still hold.
I have telegraphed my father and expect
him to come to this city at once."
Judge J. H. Guerry, of Georgia, who
has lately come to this state to practice
law, called on the prisoner and
tendered his services as a friend of the
family, and was accepted. He will appear
In court when Rosser Is arraigned.
Eye witnesses of the affair state that
Rosier flred the' fatal shot without
provocation. He fought against arrest
and almost succeeded in escaping in the
excitement, having slipped one^hand
tha ahwi handcuffs. While wait
ing for the patrpl wagon he Is said to
have pushed the dead body of his victim
with the toe of his shoe.
Colonel Smith, of the Tennessee regiment,
deeply regrets the odium which
the crime has cast upon his command.
He will compel all the men to surrender
their weapons and may restrict their
liberty in the future.
Some of the members of this regiment
were concerned In a recent brutal assault
on a negro near the Presidio.
Colonel Smith, however, declares that
most of his men are members of southern
families of good social standing, but
a bad element got in during the hasty
recruiting necessary to Increase its companies
from eighty-four to 106 men.
Last night's murder caused General
Miller and Colonel Smith to send out
guards to arrest drunken soldiers and
return them to camp, and this work was
continued until an early hour this
morning. The appearance of the armed
guards on the prominent streets caused
considerable excitement. Albert S. Emmett,
a private of the Twentieth Kan?
?thf* attpmtvfc ol
the provost guard to take nlm from c
saloon and struck the captain of the
guard a blow Chat knocked him down
Emmett was arrested.
A private of the Tennessee regiment
who gave his name as James Johnson
was arrested for discharging a pistol
Corporal Conley. of the Seventh California,
was jabbed by a bayonet in the
hands of a Washington soldier for attempting
to prevent an arrest. Thew
were several other encounters but n<
one was seriously hurt.
SAN FRANCISCP. Sept. 14.?The res
ignatlon of President Kellogg, of th<
University of California, has arouse<
speculation as to tale successor. Tb
names most prominently mentioned an
those of Jacob Gould Bchurman. presl
dent of Cornell university; Daniel Col
Oilman, president of Johns Hopkins
and Edmund J. James, of the tlnlver
slty of Chicago. Everat Schwarz, th
newly elected director of the Wllmer
% dln?: school of mechanical arts, an ad
Junct of the university, is at presen
principal of the manual training schoc
at Waltham,
SAN FRANCISCO, flept. 14.-The Ca
airs: There will be neither starvatlo
nor hardship at Kotzebue Sound thi
year. Many disappointed gold hunter
will probably return to San Franclse*
but private advices say that the ma
Jorlty of those who went from Ha
Francisco will remain on the Kubtic
river until next nprltiK at least. Th
barks Alaska and Northern Light an
the Barkf?ntlnes Jar.e A. Falenborg an
Catherine Sudden are still in Kotzebu
Sound and they will brins back all th
miners who do not like th<- prospect.
BAN FRANCISCO.Sept. 14.-Mrs.Wll
11am Beard, of Philadelphia, widow t
the geologist and mining export whoa
death was report??d from South wenter
Alaska last upring. ha# arrived In th
city. She believe* her husband. Instea
of having been killed accidentally, ws
murdered by hi# associate* for the m<
nf* thnt he carried, and nhe hns net 01
to make an-lnvcxtlgntlon of the caae.
SAN' FRANCISCO, Sept. 14.-Prlva!
I nf lk/> Qnonn/I l'nlli.1 Hlol.
artillery, who deserted from that rc?
xnent about four yearn ago at N'ewpor
H. I., has voluntarily nurrendered hln
sMf to the military authorities at t)
Presidio. HI* desertion orrurrod roc
after hi* Anll*tm"nt, and hf has nln<
b*en in Japan and oth?*r foreign roui
tries. _
TRIESTE. Atwtrla, Sept 14 -Th? n<
tl-Itallan demourtratlon'* here were r
ncw'fh last evening. An attack up*
the Italian cltib belnn f-.ir??l. a <1
tachment of two hundred policeman tv
s?*nt to guard ?h* htiildinii. The poll
and soldiery arrested IL'D rioter*. Mai
of the latter had arms In their poiwc
"A LIFE on the ocean wavo" and
quart of COok* Imperial Cl>am;i:wn
extra dry, li the acme of happiness.
Hl? Uawfiiklaf ? I?o? < ?A Cm
x * ?! *tr.
LONDON, Sept. 14.?Co!. John Ha<
the retiring United State* ambassado
and Mm Har. left London to-day tc
Liverpool, from wh-Mi port they sail fc
Xew Tork on board ;!ie White Star llr
steamer Teutonic. The staff of the T'n!
ted States embcasy. with the exceptlo
of J .R. Carter, th* iiecond secretar]
uuu uiruivDUi #. V. wyiwTii, m?- iiu?i
attache, (who, however. were amoii
those who ftmtilr 1 to bid fareirell t
Col. and Mrs. Hay) accompanied thet
to Liverpool, ik l^rge mimfcer of friend
assembled at the railroad station to ?>t
Col. Hay and hit wife jjood-brn. includ
ing the qoeeo'a mactnr of the cerema
nltt, the Bott. fllr William James Co
vllle; J*ad|r Harcourt. C. F\ Adams, c
Boston; Prof. Charles Waldstein, dlrec
tor of ?he American Archaoolojflc:
achsol at Athftna; ox-Senator nnd Mr
Cameron and the Mexican minister.
Colon*! and Mrs. Hay travelled t
Liverpool In apeclal drawing root
Of the Britannia and Wilcox Sllve
NEW YORK, Sept. 14.?The Iferlde
Britannia Conpany and the Wilcox Si:
ver Plate Oompany, have Issued vircti
lars to their stockholders stating thi
the International Silver Company ha
been formed under the laws of Nei
Jersey with a capital stock of $15.000.(X
preferred and HI.OOO.OOO common stocl
Most of the stockholder*, it is said, hav
agreed to accept W0 In cash. ISO In pri
t mi- nirm:nBT cruiprr sscw lorn,
il Brooklyn navy yard, and her botton
her bottom her rate of ?p*ed was grt
Ahlps at Santiago. She is having' ?
[] hard service during the late war.
W I,
tr*r with Egypt
? lighter*. nnd they btve uken up
l0* truiftport* her troop* over the
ferred stock and $25 In common stock o
the consolidated companies tor cacl
* shur* of atock.
The Wilcox Company directors hav
r, voted to accept $17 50 In cash. S3S 50 Sj
r, preferred stock and $18 75 In commo;
stock for each share of the company'
stock. It Is understood that most of th
>r stock has been offered on these terms.
ia i The Diltannla company will recelv
i. 14.400.000 for Its plant and th*? Wilco:
company about S1.375.0G0. In addition t
3 these concerns C. Rogers and brother o
r. Morlden, will act 9500.000 and the Mori
,1 den Silver plate company, nnd th? Man
; nlng and Bowman Company will air
, bo sold. It is Mid that Samuel Dod
J | secretary of the Wilcox Company, w?
n * be tho president.
_ j WASH I NCI TON, Sept. 14.?The news
! pafpere"reaching the state department ii
j the official mail* from the east. tpov
I- j that the almost universal expression Ii
>f the public press of Japan !s in favor o
; the United States holding- permanent!:
" ! arxl governing the Philippine islandi
11 The position taken is that this wll> bo 1
s. j the Interest of peace and commerce nm
! good government. The editorial; ln*ls
o that this In the only Issue of the mat
n ! ter that will satisfy the highest Inter
ests of the Inlands and the demands o
civilisation. The papers declare tha
the Uniud States in assuming the con
trol of the Islands w!!! receive the morn
>r support, if not the active co-operation
of Japan and Great Britain.
|. BOSTON. Sept. 14.?F. W.* Lincoln
i- who served seven terms as mayor o
lt this city, Is dead at his home In Dor
? Mr. Lincoln was bom In Boston ii
n 1817. He was a grandson of A. M. S
wj Lincoln, a member of the "tea party,'
who married a daughter of Pau! Revere
He served In the Btate legislature sev
e eral terms and was a member of thi
?- constitutional convention In 1858.
the pride of Admiral Sampson's squadro
i scraped. She is one of (he fastest eruls
sally diminished, so that It was with did
ome new paint put on, and In some spot
and mi me war news thai wc will hear t<
a pofllUon at Omdurmun. wh*r* ttjey an
niuury road whlcj fhe guarded ?o card
^ ' '
t imrtAtrrnrar.
1 The Wblrllatg (Tla>? mmr Koall Al9
|l?Mt wlfta China.
n PEKIN, 8?pL It?(D?ur*<l In Mmn
mission.)?The Mtrqulf lto, recently
J premier of Japan, arrived at Tien Tain
yesterday; and la expected here shortly
e His visit Is regarded as likely to result
* in an offensive and defensive alliance.
Z The marquis, k is asserted, is charged
I to examine into the possibility of Chins
- recovering her lost ground and becomj1
ing a useful ally. There Is no douty
.j ' there has, been a strong bias lately,
among the lending Chinamen, toward!
Japan, whose reforms the emperor ol
China has been attentively studying.
An imperial edict Jui?t Issued orderi
rs to Lu. the director of th? Northern railt.
road, to rommence a branch" line to tli?
n western hills. Russia recently attemptt
ed to obtain a contract to build thli
f road.
i. - - rc
J ITONTHEAL, Que., L'fpt. 14. ? At g
I meeting of paper ar.d pulp manufaclur
ers held here, a resolution was adopted
* asking that an export duty be Irrane*
dlatcly placed on all pulp wood exported
1 from Canada, which would be equlvai,
lent to the present import duty on Canadian
pulp entering the United States,
un.Vrs the United States admits a:i Canadian
pulp, both chemlca! and m?L
chanical, free of all import duty.
NEW YORK ? Charles Polaeck. a
n wholesale dealer in Jeaf tobacco and di;
Kara, andr H. K. Roblneon. of this city.
f< were arrested to-day charged with
- smuggling nineteen 600-gram packages
e of phecacetlne Into this country. They
were held In <2.600 ball for examination.
n. ha* been put In dry dock In the
era afloat, but oninff to the barnacle# on
Iculty that she overhauled the Spanish
n It was sorely needed, as she has seen
ilakd's warriors victorious in
ir thn nrxt two wc?ka will com* from the I
nifiliated tho array of tho Dcrvlihee. The i
/OF THI vwlTtO *T???
He Wins Tennis Honors That Hake Hln
In Che absence of Champions Wren , I
and Lapsed, who were respectively J \
with the Rough Riders dnwn in Cuba;' 1
and abroad during the tennis season at \
Newport, the game was played by c
Dwlght F. Davis, of St. Louis, Mo., and <
Malcolm D. Whitman, of Brookllne, i
Mass., resulting In bitter defeat for the
Missourlan. Both contestanu played i
splendidly, but the match .showed the >
superiority of the New Englander's <
style, and he dawns upon the tennis f
firmament as a. new star, which has 1
eclipsed the glory of all recent comers. i
Mr. Whltnian Ls a student of Harvard. J
and does not complete his course until <
1899. He ls twenty-one years old, stands A
six feet three inches, and is very thin, i
It is only during the last two seasons 1
he has been closely associated with the 1
Wheeling Man Has Been elected Na- <
tionaJ Councilor.
CLEVELAND. O., Sept. 14.?At today's
session of the annual convention ^
of the Order of Unitcti American Me- ,
chanics, the following officers were <
elected for the ensuing year: <
Natior/al councillor, I. O. Bowyer, of '
Wheeling, W. Va.; national vice coun- 1
cJHor, Howard O. Hotetein, of Harris- 1
burg. Pa.: national marshal. J. H. '
StaufTer, of Dayton. O.: national stcre- l
tnrv. JMm Savor, of Philadelphia. Pa.; )
national treasurer. John H. Shtnn, of
Camden, N. J.; national "protector, C. 8.
Staat, of Camden, N. J.
The convention waa orlgnally Intended
to la?t orrty two days, but another
day will probably be necessary to complete
the large volume of business.
Some Exposures of It In the Cas?o of Indiana
Indianapolis Journal: It has been reported
In the northern part of the state
that *0 per cent of Colonel Studebakor's
regiment ware sick, and that the men were
"dying like sheep," whatever that may
mean. Colonel Studebaker's regiment has
had by far the severest experience of any
of the Indiana regiments. It has been In
Florida since early In June, under extremely
trying conditions. When It arrived
here yesterday Its loss by death had
been fourteen men?a fraction over one i
to 8m company. It had twenty-four men '
t?o 111 as 10 ue seni 10 me cuy iionpnai. n
and ninety-three men on the rick list, all I
of whom went to ramp, not belli* !?erl- t
ouidy 111. Thin means that less than 10 s
per cent of the men in the regiment were d
unfit for ordinary camp duty. t
The men who marched through the
street* with the careless steadiness of veterans
were browned by exposure, but
there was no Indication of general feebleness
In their movement. The much por- t
trayed *kull and crow-hones of the sen- r
national newspapers could not l>e seen r
hovering about the rolumn as It marched u
Considering the exposure In a troplral oil- t
mate, the wonder it that so few men are o
on the temporary slrk list. Indeed, such r
a Journey as the regiment has had would 1
unfit many men for marchlnc while car- f
rylng i he qulpment of a soldier. ft may a
l.c arii.ed that If 1.300 men had !>een put
In rump# end had been at work In the *
run th?* past month In Indiana, ten In t
every hundred would now be unfit for t
labor. t
The truth in. and sensible people must *i
begin to reallso it. a great deal of phe- J
nomeiiul lying has been done regarding
the condition of the troops. There have
Iteen crowded camp*, some Incapacity and .
Ignorance, causing privation and Ulnefts. ,
but when comparison Is* made with other 1
warn It will be found that as a whole the r
lost* of life by disease has been light. The ?
condition of Colonel Studebaker's rcgl- t
li&tiM:' I
!;.v,l.s \
Kmcd'h f,,rt under (leneral Kitchener. Ho
ibove picture Is from a photograph takto li
" jfSj
\ \ ' V'* !
_ .* ?
- Ill
l the Champion of -the United States. ;v
lennte leaders of the country, but he hae cc
-t j .-...umOu for frtrfp Hli ***
imvujiikmu; ? IV
Some Is In Brookllne. Ma-*., and lasl h,
,-ear he reached the finals for the Inter- J'l
:olleffiate champlonsMD* but was beaten ^
jut by Forbes, also * studetU of Har- n.
,-ord. ri
Mr. Whitman plays a consistent, care- ^
'ul, painstaking game fr. m start to fin- Jr
Ish, and his clever cross-court strenka !?
ind tils side-line passes arc the dread of 1'
ill who have met him, He captured the
trst honors In the middle states' cham- m
jlonshlp at Orange; swept the board at to
he New York stats championship: won
everything In sight at the Loncwood
:ournament, and has come cut on top In ^
jumerous smaller evept*. Hp has oeen ^
jeaten only twice, mnd then with very w
little advantage to the winner. K
. Vr r g?
nent expose# the wickedness of stories of w
teneral disability ?nd devastation by u>
leath. o,
Folillir'i (lelnrii-Twa Pirtnrci.
ChlcaKO Record: "I saw a new, up-tolate
picture of 'The Soldier's Return' this
nornlng, said the broker, seating himself
in his desk and resting his fret on the
;dge of the waste-paper basket. "1 say ec
t was up-to-date because Johnny wore tit
His hair short and had on loggings, and *n
[he femalo part of the family reception
committee didn't wear crinolines and y(
>ork pie hats. In other respects It was
he same old picture.! The returning one
lad his arm In the same old slln* and ?
lis trousers hadn't hardly got the creases
)ut. He had taken time to fjo to a bar>er
shop and Ret a shave, and they had i
?nt back his shirt from the laundry.
"Tho folks wore al! expecting him. of
ourse, and were running down tho gar- u
len walk with their arms open as If they to
rere shooing chickens. They had got the rn
louse and grounds decorated with flaps f0
intll it looked like a patriotic drama. A ?n
log was dancing on his hind legs, and ?
hrough the window you could see angel ~~
ood and chicken spread out on the table.
"It's all right. I'm not grieving over it, D
inderstand. There may be cases where
i boy gets that kind of a homecoming. A
t may be the general rule, so far as I
;now. I never saw but on?* soldier com<^
lack myself. That was my brother Will, c
had Just come up to the house with e!
in armful of wood when he opened the w
ront gate, but he got In at the door ah-n-l
if me. Mother thought it was me. and p
ailed out to him to wipe his feet?she was cj
crubblng the kitchen?and when he came c.
Ight in she turned to give me the dick- CI
"Well. sir. I can Just see the way her
ace changed its expression this minute. f(
Ihe Just said Will!' Perhaps you ran fm- ,l'
tine how she snld it?I cnn't tell you. ?'
len the old mopstlrk went whack on the A
loor and she had her arms around him. J?
Just think of her standing there hugged
ip to him. In her old calico dress, tho
oapy water running from her bnr* nrms
lown Will's back, and then I think of Tl
hose pictures."
Sensational Kalitliooili,
Washington Post (Ind.): Nine-tenths of
he so-called Information thus far furilshw]
us touching the various encamp- G
nents. Tampa, Camp Thomas. Tamp Alter.
Montauk Point, etc., have been > xravairantly
mendacious. We have heard p
inly of pest hole*, of death ships, of hor- c
ors. brutalities, neglect and cruelty. We
lave had the pictures of emaciation, of
amine victims, of every imaginable dread
nd infamy. The whole country has been
ihocked and terrified by the vicious and
nnsatlonal falsehoods. It has been made A
o believe that our troops are starved, left y
o die without attention, ruthlessly ex- A
ermlnated under a system of official lgloranoe
and incapacity. All the ghouls of
ournallsm have been hard at work. gc
FOR forty years Dr. Fowler's Ex- ^
ract of Wild Strawberry has been cur- f
ng summer complaint, dysentery, diarhoea.
bloody flux, pain In the stomach.
nd it has never yet failed to do every- j
hing claimed for It. 4 j<
" VV
him a forco of 10,000 alurdy llritlah H.
1 Kgyyt, und a how a liovv England u,
. U.UUffJfU. Wl^KlN |
Cnahe Piano^1
>t:> , I
> Of thi
rn i :
Nd Equal.
> f.
ill asd see the new
Mai styles?....
V and X.
lilligan, Wiikin & Ca
inieiio K'lnoHlrtl French < irl to Tata
CHICAGO, Sopt 13.?-Mils M. L. De
ochared, n young and prettir Fr?ch
rl. In locked up nt Harrison street ?.
:e statin, charged with attempted
jrglary. Monday evening as the clerks
! the Fair, a large department stor^
ere leaving the establishment. Mia
e Rochared entered the store tod
mcealed herself under a counter. She
malned there without moving udiU ]
look this morning when she made
pr way lifto the silk department and
icked up JSf>0 worth of silk which she
te/ided to carry out. when the store
ioti!d tie ftpetltd in the morning. She
j^dc* too milch noise, however, and wu
iptured by tivo of the watchmen.
The girl, who Is Well educated, hxi
?en Jiving, in a fashionable boardin*
hcol on-Drexel Boulevard. Her father
Bald to be a wealthy .-Ilk merchant c!
arls. France, and she received froa
m every month a handsome allow,
ice. Extravagant habiis and need of
oney to pdl* her debts caused the girl
turn burgUr.
Wilt Itrlttg Tfeniti to Time.
CANDIA ." 'Island of Crete, Sept 11ear
Admiral Gerard Noel, commander
' the British naval forces in Cretao
aters to-day issued an ultimatum to
dhem Path a, the Turkish military
)vernor of Crete, demanding that
ithin forty-eight hours he should de?
irer up the ringleaders of the recent
itbreak and: massacre, surrender th?
rts and^fimparts commanding the
wn and t|lM*m the Mussulman troopi
"How fb Cnre Alt Skin Diwiiet,"
simply appiy onAinas
I5NT." No internal medicine requlr*
L Cures letter, eczema, kch. all erup.
sm on the. face, hand*, nose. etc.. tear,
g the cklo clcar, white and healthr.
8 great healing and curative poaeri
e possessed by no other remedy. Aik
>ur druggist for 8WAYNE'S OINTENT.
Avoid substitutes. ttbs&w
niton, Nau^ aud llriarn vl* It.to.
Account O. P. Novrrrtgn Gran J
I oilCe.
September 16 to 20 the Baltimore t
hlo will sell excursion tickets to Bo*n
and return at rate of $17 50. via til ,
ill, und $16 50 via rail and sound, valid
r return passage until September 50.
elusive. ,
A Climatic BMpaoMfl
Nothing Vtit a lo- IfJCiSAM BAl^, J
u l r e m e a y o rBj^ unpii
Get n wHI-known KJrrfTVEfi Jg jp M
liar ceut 1-^u i7SSM
il remedy, Hp .
fs Cream Balm
It Is quickly
)rbed. Give* Heef
at once. Open* 1 .. ? ?TI
i . p^^-.ai-COLD whead
ys IntUVmnation. Ileal* and Protect'
ie S!fmhtan?'. Restores th?* Sen** ef
iste and,-Smell. No Cocaine. So Mm?
nr. No injurious Drug. Full Sixe 5Pc;
rial 81*e. Ifr. at Druggists or by m?lL
mwf&wr y Warren Street. New Vort
2 fina not at*.
J. A. JEFFERSON. Au't Caihltr.
Hen Utock. , <> K. Paull
*me:i I'uivniin*. Henry Uleberwo.
. Keynmmi. .i ..-cj>n Seybold,
i <S!li5on Lutub.
Interest pan] on upeciul deposits.
Issues draft* on England. Ireland
otland. dOSKi'H HEYHOLD,
tnyll C**hlcr._
C.U'ITAU .... .931)0,009.
X. VANCE Prw'.deft
)IIN FRKW Ylca Pw?ldf?t
M. D. IRVINE AsJ't. CuM*
N". Vance, Uturge K. StUel
1?. Rrotvn, William Klllnfh*!*
>hn Frew. John L Dickey.
>hn Waterhotmr. w. K. Stone,
r, - W. H. Frank. . _ .
Drafts |?m:cd on Fnjrlnnd. Inland, Scot*
nd and ail point* !n Europe. JAN'K
\ C.* J1T,\ I $173,003.
ILT.1AM A. ISETT.... Preside*
ORTIMKR POLLOCK ...Vic Pie*!'!*"
Drafts on England. Ireland, France en*
Ililum A. l#?tt. javrtlater PoIloeK.
'PS'ffltflat caaa,
l\-,SDRANC3. _
If voa ptirohan* or make a loan oa rMj|
?5t?te. have lha Utia maurad tr
[heeling Title and Trust ^
, XI.
F. - S;ijd?ol
J. HAW LI N<1 .Vic* JTSorr
xi. 11: TKACT t- /Title*
It li. 0II<CHlU8T..K???nin>r of
">HK MUNUNGAIi .nt1*?4
. Short Line S
-rksbuU'. Vlulck Tim*-*"*J ' 0f
ir? CQiltfMtlon*. ti?* W?." A
3in q*rk?b?r? or West V nclnl?* tlek.
irgit lullrvari points, *?c * in ltlv<-r ,
k rrmf ua tlie MononGnhHn J on| with ?
ad. eld* connectlons jt Mirn ^
& a trains and ??t anrk?l'?'r?-. l#
o. and W.. V 1 tr-u n g gnj W,
I* roiiliLon "a'0 J ttl1 u- *
'BiWSa^ a*

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