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Possibility of Conncilxviilc Rat
roail Bcins Built
The Intelligence!-'* exclusive publics
tion of the story that the Cleveland. Lc
rain & Wheeling: ralJroiul would pro*
ably be acquired by the Federal Stei
Company and <that the big combln
would without doubt at once extend th
line to the Connellsvlile coke fields l
toiMer to connect by Its own lines c
transportation Its coke ovens In /Penr
sylvania with its furnaces and mills 1
the northwest, was read with great in
tereat yesterday morning, and on a
sides the story was credited as bein
Che probable outcome.
It was agreed by ail tnat tne exien
elon to Connellsvllle would undoubted!
be built if the steel combination secure
the Cleveland, Lorain & Wheel In{
.Without this extension the former lln
would be of no use to the Federal com
In addition to becoming a feeder fo
A.??n<int' f no mnsfni^ln
inc ccu?m . - ?
of the ConnellJvlllv extension will plac
(he Wheeling district Iron nnd Mei
manufacturers upon an equality wit
the Pittsburgh mills so far as fuel 1
concerned. At present, as 1" we
' known, coke from Connellsvllle t
Wheeling come* via Pittsburgh b
either the Baltimore St Ohio or th
Pan Handle, and the transportatlo
charges are largely la excess of wha
Pittsburgh manufacturers pay. On th
other band, with a direct line betivee
Wheeling and the coke region, the Iocs
manufacturers will pay possibly a littl
less than their Pittsburgh competitor:
?or the millenge would be less. A1
though the road would be controlled I)
the Federal Steel Company, a competl
tor of the Wheeling Iron nnd steel con
eerns, It would be In the field for a
freight traffic it could secure ouiswe r
the freight handled for the Federal*
own mills. In addition to the advant
ages that would come to the local man
ufacturers, the road would open up a
extensive and prosperous territory tha
would at once become tributary t
Wheeling, commercially. In fact, all c
the advantages that were preached o
previous occasions when the Connells
ville project was being pushed, apply a
the present time.
Developments will be awaited wit.
great interest in this community, and
needless to say, the public will hop
that the Federal succeeds In a#iulrlm
the Cleveland, Lorain & Wheeling road
It means much to Wheeling.
Hope is General the Transcontlnenta
Scheme Will Go Through.
The Baltimore & Ohio reorganizatlo:
Is exciting general Interest In Wheelini
and naturally so, for this community*
and the Baltimore & Ohio's interest
arc linked indissolubly. That the reor
ganixatlon and the introduction c
western money and energy will combin
to bring about a return of the Baltimor
& Ohio's former leading position anion
the trunk lines of the country, is con
ceded on oil sides.
Further, the posslbilitf" that the Bal
tltnore & Ohio, Chicago & Great West
ern,and Great Northern roads will forr
?u. r?ni irnfmcnntinpnial rallroa
IUC ?"Bl in
the United States. is being: dlscusse
with enthusiasm, and the hope Is ex
pressed that the scheme will go tha
far. Some of the railroad men. howev
er, Biy that it is doubtful that a con
* eolidatlon of the roads would result 1
benefit to them. It would force-, the
sar. other roads to make similar clou
arrangements and then would follow
ruinous rate warfare in which all ih
roads would lose. Business men an
manufacturers, on the other hnnd, wh
are not directly interested in the matte
of railroad dividends, see in the propos
ed consolidation a direct route to elthc
seaboard. giving to Wheeling and othc
large Industrial communities on the Un
of the consolidated companies a mater
?.< B/tvnnt<ur? nvw competitors locate
on lines of transportation that reach t
only one or paslbly to neither ?enboar?
The manufacturers, in particular. *vh
6ee in the not dhrtant future a tremcn
doua expansion of American manufac
tures in the markets of the Par Eavi
caw pee how the proposed consolidate
would be of direct benefit to (hem.
The Baltimore & Ohio Is one of th
most extorsive railroad systems in th
world. It owns and directly operate
thirty-four railroads, having an a?tn*?
gate of 2,096.03 miles of track. It cor
tro!a, by lease- or otherwise, nlnetee
other railroads, having an aggregate c
2.G53.67 miles of track. Its operation
therefore are over & system of 3,748
miles of steel rails?sidings and secon
track not taken iwto consideration. It
rails touch New York, Philadelphli
Baltimore, Cumberland. Washintftoj
Pittsburxn, Cincinnati. St. Louis, Ch!
caKo, Toledo, Beardstown, III.; Shtiw
neetown, Ky.; LoulsvlKe, Ky.; Ports
mouth, Ky.; Camden. W. Va., Lexinp
ton. Vn.; Co-Iumbus, Ohio; ToIed?
Cleveland. Wheeling, Ormosby, Pa
- . t">? . \f<| : Car
j??nn?n?n ii, x-tt., <
May, N. J.; Atlantic CJty, N. J.; Painei
vttte, on the Lake Brie; Sandusky, Ohl<
ami the hundreds of rmaHer cities on tt
lending to thew? termini. It Is n powei
ful factor not only In the businei
which movw from the Atlantic see
board t6 the cities of Illinois, 0h!<
Pennsj^vanJa, Maryland Kentucky
Missouri and the Virginias, but also I
that which moves between* any of tli
tstates named. To Baltimore it has
?lass of traffic thai can hardly be d
verted to any other port. It Is the shoi
line between Chicago and Baltimore an
controls much of the export traffic froi
the west. If it is Joined to the (irai
Northern tho resulting system will ha>
.820.8:1 miles of track. This will be 4
000 miles greater than the Wabash, f>,2'
greater than the Michigan Central, 4,.*?<
greater than tho Big Four, 2.500 great*
than the Northern Pacific, 1.800 great)
than the Chicago & Northwestern, or
but 600 miles less than the Burllngto
Bays the Chicago Times-Herald, whk
~ ' ?w,. ..inimiiont nf iho irrr?i
jirai pnnwu iw: ???*? ?--? - ?--Baltimore
& Ohio ?lml. rejjardlnif tl
connection with It of President James
HIM, of the Greet Northern:
His presence In the Baltimore ? Oh
dtrertiinate, which l? now kn..wti to be
certainty. fflve? evidence that the we:
and Chicago liave llnolly wcured majo
jty representation In a trunk line thi
hi-iflnn on I he Atlantic coaat and ends
In the grentcirt wheat market In It
work. Sir. IIIH'a avowed life wol
*tnce ISM ha* ho-n to link the Allant
ami I'aclflc with a railroad ot hl? o*
nrnklnc. That In the furtherance i
thin work he should have found a proj
crrt)'ni* K'>'t(\ mi the Baltimore & Ohio. !
Which Chicago capitalism could *af<H
Invent while icivlwc him their confldeiu
Is considered to be the coup de etat <
his uhnCo career. No more dnrlng <
Imperious railroad marwr ealstn !
the United .State* than Mr. Hill, and r
one who know* him l)r?Mevea> that he hn
had this pn/ptrty purchased by wesl
ern capital for purely philcrtfcropi*
r purposes on his part. Ah to c!l of this
' though, the future will have to reveal
"It safely may be stated that the Ba:
timore & Ohio and the Great Norther:
j. will not consolidate nor even enter int<
an iron-clad truffle agreement." *ald t
vice president. "No road in the cour.
try is so great that it can afford to fighi
all of its competitors, and that is wha
T results from such alliances. Neither th<
1 Baltimore & Ohio nor the Great North
era can bring to the other enough business
to give It a proflL If such a traffic
* alliance were p ade neither couid gel
L any traffic from any other line, and eack
needs al! the business it can handie.
ST Furthermore, competitors would band
g together to fight the allied roads ant!
rates would* go to pieces and the Icdgei
ft. Kr, u ..on M aAftR tu> An th& n-rnnc
~ side. Jay Gould tried that years age
^ with the MSsrourl Pacific and the WaT
bash, and It is said he lowt $10,000,000 it
seven years because of it. Evea th<
powerful Vanderbllts, controlling th?
Lake Shore. Michigan Central. West
Shore, Nlckle Plate, Northwestern ar.d
Union Pacific, would not dare make
>- such a consolidation at this time. 11
would not be politic for them to do so,
It Is business for them not to do so. The
' Baltimore A Ohio. Great Northern and a
e connection running between Chicagc
e and St. Paul would he a very long transcontinental
lir.e and om that could not
a do business against shorter competi>f
BALTIMORE. Md.. Sept. 19.-Sull
jj was brought to-day in the United State*
circuit court for the foreclosure of th?
consolidated mortgage on the Bnltlmor*
& Ohio railway, held by the Mercantile
i" Trust & Deposit Company. The morty
gage was executed on December 19.1SS7,
s and covered the entire line of railroad
of the Baltimore & Ohio, nil lands and
tenements on the line of the railroad exe
cent those occupied in this city as gen
i- oral offices, oil the rolling stock, tool?
and Implements, the first mortgage
r bonds of the Wheeling, Pittsburgh &
n Baltimore Hallroad Company and rente
als, tolls and profits to be derived. The
1 purpose of the foreclosure proceedinqs
h Is to put the reorganization managers
3 In a position to go ahead with their
11 plans, whether all the stockholders cono
sent or not.
" COLUMBUS. Ohio, Sept 19.?Oscar G.
e Murray, co-receiver of the Baltimore &
n Ohio railroad, passed through the city
11 this noon on his private car. He decllne
ed to submit to an interview, but con
' nrmea tne naieninn maue u> i^. i*. *??? "
con, president of the Baltimore & Ohio
>' Southwestern railway, regarding the
control of the Baltimore & Ohio road.
? TOLEDO, Ohio, Sept. 19.?The Wheel.
lng & Lake Erie railroad will be sold
- not !ater than November. A decree will
n be asked for at the present term of
1 court and there will be no opposition.
a The reorganization committee has given
,f tills* out and says no trouble is being
n had to gather in the assessments. The
" receiver will be discharged early In Jan1
uary. _________
'* Th? Vnmhcp nf Emnlovea. nnd no De
e ?-v ? ? ?- ----tr
creese Has Been Heard of.
'* labor Commissioner I. V. Barton returned
yesterday from Farkersburg.
Speaking of his work, in the course of a
L1 conversation with an Intelligencer reporter,
the labor commissioner made the
statement that he had recently visited
" nearly all of the industrial estnblish"
ments in Wheeling, in quest of informa8
tion as to the numoer of men employed.
8 "At no plant which I visited did I ilnd
- a decrease in the number of employes,
if On the other hand, at most of them I
e found the number had increased, the ine
creases ranging from fifteen to twentyp
five per cent. My Investigations were
- not alone confmed to Wheeling, but extended
to other places in this part of
I- the state. At weiisDurg, i una very
- large Increases In the number of men
n who now haye steady employment; two
d new glass factories were recently erectd
ed there."
n Many friends of Hon. and Mrs. David
y Wagener, of West Wheeling, Ohio, have
e received the following announcement:
a ISIS. 1W.S.
? David Wagener. Jane Clemens,
d Mr. ami Mrs. D. Wagener
o request your presence ut a
. at their home; in West Wheeling,
" on Saturday. September twenty-fourth,
from 1 to 10 p. m.
' The Invitation engraved In gold
tint, typifying the occasion which Is th?
j Golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and
Mrs. Wagener. Mr. Wagener, who has
. long been prominent in business, social
* and political circles In Belmont county,
was lorn in Franklin county. Pa., Oc!'
tober 10, 1827. In the spring of 1S44 he
f and a brother came to West Wheellnp
f?mi hniit the Buckeye paper mill, whkrii
is conducted to this day by Mr. Wngener.
In 1877, he was ejected to the Ohlc
state aenotc. loiter he served as a
e member of the lower house of the lefllse.
iaturc. Mr?. Wagener was Mies Jant
8 Clemenf. a daughter of Mrs. Ann Clemens.
They enjoy the friendship of all
l~ who are acquainted with them and the
^ reception of next Saturday will nc
doubt be a brilliant social function.
j A weddlnfT of interest to many Wheellng
people took place at Bast Liverpool
* yesterday morning. The contracting
:* parties were Mr. Enoch Boran, an emi
pioye of the Wheeling Pottery Company,
and Ml?? Kutle Ford, of En si
Liverpool. The bridesmaid was Mis*
Eva Saunders, of Monaca, and the t?'Hi
man, Mr. James DiKom of Wh^elinfr,
3.' Rev. Father Smith, pastor of the Ens!
'' Liverpool Catholic church. performed
the ceremony, which occurred at 8:2(
' Interest In th?? wedding was furthej
. enhan<?-d from the fact that It was pari
of a double wedding, the present Mrs
Boran's hls!er. Miss May Ford, bavin?
been married In the same church at 1
' o'clock to Mr. Edward Daly, both oi
' irn?t I .lvernool. At the 'conclusion o!
? the double wedding breaitfaat was serv<
ie ed at the home of th?* brides' par-nts
,a and a brief reception held to thelj
friends. Mr. and Mrs. Boran arrivet
'I In Wheeling !a?t nteht and will be a
a homo at 35C4 Wood street,
m , .
lt Announcement has been made of th<
re approachlnff marriage or Miss Agnes
?! Pickens, an accomplished young lady o:
Martin's Ferry, to Mr. Walker McCon<
noli, of StcubenvHle, O., which will oc
cur In the near future.?
The police yesterday arrested a man
.h who snatched a woman's purse, con
it talnlng $2 80, at the Don Ton utore, oni
,e week ago Saturday. The thief nRree<
to return the money, and us the victln
declined to prosecute, he was released
10 The woman had laid her purse on tha
xniintM- nn?! the mnn whf? wax .sfaniliin
clone by. suddenly disappeared, th
[I purno oIko taking flight. He kept dnrl
l? until yesterday.
IC The funeral of the lato Miss 8us.it
n iindreth is to occur this afternoon at
o'clock, from the residence of her son
'n Dr. K. A. Hlldreth, on Chaplino street
ly The interment will follow .it Green
e wood. Friends of tho family are invited
>r DON'T 1ft the Utile ones suffer fron
In eczema or other torturing *kln disease;
10 No need for it Doin'i Ointment curea
h Can't harm th* most delicate skin. A
> any drug store, CO cents. 3
' County Physician Arinbrccht now
Making u Careful Inquiry
I.ou!s Ellas, the man who deliberately
set his own house on Are and then
flred at the firemen and police officer
i when they came In -respon.se to the
alarm, insane or free from mental aberration?
This is a question that is not yet answered
to the satisfaction of the authorities.
If the man Is found insane, he
will be sent to state hospital for the in'
sane, at Weston, without delay, by Justice
Rogers; if he is found to be in possession
of hi9 mental faculties, on the
other hand, he will face warrants for his
arrest, making four serious charges,
two of which are penitentiary offenses.
Justice Rogers and County Physician
"K* t. Armhrpfht conferred veriterdav
1 afternoon, regarding: the case. Before
! this, the Justice had secured some depositions,
which gave conflicting testimony.
For instance, Ellas' sister be1
llevea her brother is out of his mind.
1 On the other hand, the blank sent Dr.
Ackerman, who recently attended Ellas,
was returned to the Justice, endorsed,
"The man Is sane."
At 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Dr. Armbrecht
went to the county Jail, where
Ellas is confined, and made a thorough
examination of the man, with the result
that he became of the opinion that the
man is insane. When an Intelligencer
reporter asked Dr. Armbrecht whether
he had come to a decision, he replied
that before he would make hl6 report
to the Justice he would make further
investigation to-day, including the examination
of neighbors and another examination
of the prisoner himself.
Since Dr. Ackerman's statement that
the man is sane was made, Justice
Rogers has prepared for eventualities
by preparing four warrants which will
be served upon Ellas in the event that
the examination results 1 a verdict that
he is sane. These warrants charge four
serious crimes, two of which are penitentiary
offenses. They are:
First?Setting fire to a dwelling.
Second?Assaulting an officer, with
intent to maim, disfigure and kill.
Third?Carrying concealed weapons.
Fourth?Discharging firearms on the
It will be seen that Mr. Ellas is between
two fires, and cannot escape excepting:
by a miracle. If insane, he goes
to "Weston; if sane he face* four serious
charges, with chances for conviction
as near certainty as anything that
ever came up in local criminal annals.
Mailers of Minor .Moment lit anil About
the Cltr*
Several students from this utato ar??
attending Franklin College,New Athens,
Chief. Klieves yesterday put in a fire
alarm i?n* nt the corner of Thirty
eighth and Jacob streets. The box's
number is 613.
This evening the journeyman tailors
will hold a meeting in Trades assembly
hall. E. S. Christophersen, national
organizer, will be there to give the tailors
a talk.
On Thursday there will bo a reception
nt the North Street parsonage, in recognition
of the twentieth anniversary <?'
the marriage of Rev. and Mrs. C. r?.
Graham. All friends are invited to call
between 8 and 11 p. m.
' The funeral of John Mettzlcr occurred
from his home in the Eighth word yes'
terday afternoon, with interment at
Mount Z!on cemetery. The remains
were attended to the cemetery by Port
( Henry lodge. Shield of Honor. Gray
Kagle tribe of Ked Men, and the I3av?ir1
ian society. Mayer's band headed the
societies. _
.Strnngcra In tlieCily ?u-l Wheeling Pro
}ilr A l>? oml.
I W. M. Loo, of Hoillday's Cove, was a
' visitor In the city yesterday.
k Miss Sadie vS. Long, of Grafton, stopped
at the Stamm yesterday,
j. B. Barnes and wife and iff!?* X.
i Foster, of Mannington, were McLure
guests yesterday.
Mr. ?nd Mrs. Si* Marcus ami Miss
Lena Prnger, aro a party of Parkersluirg
people at the McLure.
K N. Koblegard, of Grafton, and T,.
j Csrskaddon. of ManiHnjcton, were
registered at the Windror last nlpht.
I Harry Joyce and wffo, Frank* Hcaly
) and Charles Horstman leave to.dny for
Cambridge Spring*, for u ton days' outInn.
Wlfl T. Side!I. a Kc?r Martinsville
lawyer; J. A. Hood, n merchant of
5 Louisville, and George R. Kelsoe.an Elk
f Fork oil man, w re state arrivals at
C the Howell yesterday.
Mr. George Bouse, of House & Ilerr
mnnn, arrived at New York yesterday,
[ after an extended trip to Europe, and is
' expertcd home to-day. Mr. House was
1 accompanied by Mrs. House.
A hunting and fishing party bound
> for Long Lake, near Akron, Ohio, which
i left yesterday morning. Included John
f Emitf, AdolpD Itott. Frank Dlegmiller,
Prof. Sehlffer and Michael Kirchner.
They will be gone for ten days.
James Peters ha* bepn olect*;l delegate
to the convention of the National
Tobacco Workers' Union, as representa.
tlve of lx)cal No. 2. of this city. Tho
. convention will be hold In Detroit,
whence Mr. Peters leaves on Sunday.
1 J ike Leonard received a bad fall from
s a trolley pole he m wlrinq for the
; Wheeling lUllwuv Company, ruterday
" afternoon about r.:30 o'clock. The polo
' <.. 'ivimhtf X- T.iitz'a nlmnblnir
in u*'!"'-""- - -
Rhop. Leonard foil bond foremost, but
In hit descent he cnuRht n bidder, which
j helped *o lessen the force of hlw fall;
. nevorth<-le??? he received n Hevere sliakfnc
up. No bon^* were broken. Leon'
nrd wan conveyed to his home on Sixteenth
street, and he will be laid up for
- some time.
IP you wish a dry fruity wine with a
n dellclour flavor drink Cook's Imperial
' Champagne, extra dry.
1 Dr. Miles'JtofM Fllln are guaranteed fo
. Headache iaCO s&atOB. **Uac cent a Uo*o.
Read What Dr. Greene's
Nervura Did in This Case.
Fits and St. Vitus' Dnnce Also
Yield to Its Sagie Power.
It is the Only Sure Cure for Tbese
Nervous Troubles.
Any physician will toll you that the
medicine which will cure Epilepsy, Hysteria,
Fits and St. Vitus' Dance and
nervous attacks, is truly a wonderful
T?- nmaBn'! Vapilim will r?r<? them.
I'.yents, therefore, whose children 2
manifest any symptoms of such impending
nervous disorders, like nervous
ness. irritability, moodiness, irregular _
appetite, headaches, dizziness, disturbed
sleep, restlessness, loss of memory and I
interest in things, face pale, feet cold,
fidgeting with fingers, twitching of eye- g
lids, face, limbs, shoulders, or jerking
of head, should at once give this specific
cure. Dr. Greene's Nervura. It is
perfectly harmless, being made from
pure vegetable remedies, wonderful in
their health restoring powers.
Miss Carrie Van Allen, Bristol, Conn.,
"About two years airo I was taken li
very suddenly s|ck, without any appar- 1
c-nt cause with a fainting spell. and |
from that time have been subject to
them, sometimes every* week, often two
or three a day, after which I
would feel simply miserable. I would
not be able to sit up. and could not rest
If I lay down, and it seemed as If something
would shut my breath off. I ?
could not draw a breath without a ==
Kroan, and would start so I would
frighten myself and those around me.
My appetite would fall and then chills
would follow.
"We had often heard of Dr. Greene's
Nervura blood and nerve remedy: in tor
fun* hnH knnn*n nf enrnff rnsi?# under e8.
our own observation where It had done sc<
wonders. T was so tired of medicine an
that the sight of a bottle and spoon tio
was revolting to me. I said I would *P(
not take another drop of anything-, but Ea
my father prevailed upon me to try one ly
bottle of Dr. Greene's Nervura and are spl
what the effects would be. I did so. 11k
and have taken five bottles and I feel tlr
like a new person. I consider myself wli
better to-day than I have ever been In cei
seven years." wl
Dr. Greene, 35 West 14th Ft., New
York City, can be consulted absolutely
free In regard to any case, personally
or by letter. Of
James Flynn stood on a Cay While Kltllng CO)
Utitlrr a Railroad ltrlilgr. tin
James Flynn, of rittsburgh, a pud- wa
dler employed at the Wheeling steel Th
works, was the victim of what is in all l?d
probability a fatal accident, yesterday tve
morning about 9:30 o'clock. He was rid- j
Jng on top of a freight car under the gr:
Baltimore & Ohio river bridge, at '0(1
Ben wood, and a bolt In the projecting Ch
work overhead struck him on the right
temple, and knocked him to the track *
below. He was removed to the Ben wood
Electric Light Company's power house, "I8
and Dr. Alley summoned.
Flynn was untvmsclous for the re- Iil<
mainderof the day, and Dr. Alley s?tnted
last night that his patient would (-hardly
survive another twenty-four ^
hours. Flynn'a chief injury was to his ***
skull near his right temple, there being ^
a hole almost three Inches long.
Flynn's folks reside on the South Side,
Pittsburgh, and he has been in Ben- ^
wood only a short time. Jh
Karlr MDrnliig Fire. thl
About 2:45 o'clock this morning the
Chemical engine house boys extinguishnd
a blaxe in the rear of Andy McGin- an
ley's saloon, corner of Sixteenth and th<
Chapline streets. Tho Are started from stf
old rubbish underneath the steps near (
the alley, li was discovered oy i-jarry tc
Chapman. The damage was lnconse- wt
qucntial. ^
Chief ltrnnett Invited.
Chief of Police Bennett has received crJ
an invitation* from Director of Public ejj
Safety William?, of Columbus (Ohio), m.
invitlmr him to attend the annual pa- r,
radf of the Are and police departments coi
In Ohio's capital city on next Friday, lat
September 23. The chief may accept. Tti
"The Girl From. Paris" has come, It ln|
has boon seen and it seems to have con- grc
que red. It had been heralded as about
the warmest ploy that ever left New j
York for the "province?," as the self- wfc
satisfied Anplo-Gothamlte designates all
of this United States that is,In his opln- jv,
Ion, not fortunate enough to be Included pr<
In the limits of the Island of Manhattan. *r'
Decidedly, there was no disappointment ou
so far as the prediction of warmth wfcnt.
In a nutshell, "The Cilrl From Paris" if* ^
as bald a burlesque as any that ?<
has ever been produced on the Amori- Ur
Van sta^e. t
The company that presented tho soi
piece here is made up o? pood people va
throughout; there wasn't a stick In the to
entire cast. The scenery if ma?rnlflcent, ,(n
th?? costumes brilliant and the young th<
women pretty almo.it without exception.
The comedy is also good, although
It Is mainly the comedy of realism. cai
The piece is remarkable in that it
gives many artists prominence; it is jT
Anything but a one-star production.
Miss Delia Stacey, as the Hay Parisionne.
is vivacious and daring enough
to give to her Interpretation of the rej
character nil the Frenchlness thnt there jod
is in it. Miss Olive Wallace, as the- enservant
girl, made the hit of the oven- bel
ins in the second act with her song.
"Sister Mary Janc'a Top Note." which <
was excruciatingly funny; Mr. Harry mi
Hermsen, nn llnn?; Mr. Horace New- as
man. ns Honeycomb; Mr. ,T. C. Marlow, (
a1* Major Fosdfke, and Mr. Sidney H. *?ri
De Grey, ;i? the French spy. all sun- l,n
talned their parts with ability. Possibly *
not another company with so many *ot
people of ability will appear here tbl>
season. But the prodtictlon?well, it
was a trifle too warm for the town of n:
The Grand Oprra House was literally toi
Jammed last night, on the occasion of ^
the opening of the week's enRttgement j,?
of lilmmuleln's Ideal* Thero was-not* 101
fRh "
/ / / 8oys 50c Flew
A / It/ Men's 35c Hm
Li / V Men's 50c Fle?
|N ' Men's 75c Can
I I Men's $t.00L
\J M,
1320 am
We have just receiv
that were ever brouj
all prices. >t> .
ecorated A Qn II
Night Lamps 7 i
Lamp,. 51.98 S
r?S4 (1 We will give P
-< TP/Pi(Pv ' $3.00 or more,
II i hogany finish.
Herman frank, Frank E.
-2247 AND 2840 MA3
racant seat when the curtain went up
d very little standing room. The bill
s "Eagle's Nast," a comedy-drama of ter
(cinatlnsr interest, abounding in ine.sting
situations and strong climax- TV
It was admirablF staged,the special on
mery showing to good advantage, tret
d increasing the merits of the produc- roa
n from an artistic standpoint. The rtfqi
clalties by Mr. Roche and Beatrice batrle
were repeatedly encored, especial- fan
their "coon" songs. The ploy was con
lendidly cast. The audience was de- glvi
hted. The Ideals will remain the en- cur
e week, giving daily matinees, at ceei
ilch the admission will be 10 and 20 viol
its. To-night "The Great Northwest" T
11 be on the boards. cies
- are
Odd Fellow* uowlo Session *t lloitoii. (]at,
Cotidltlou of (toe Order. I]
30ST0N, Sept. 19.?An official wel- dra
ne to the sovereign grand lodge of JjjJj
i Independent Order of Odd Fellows mu,
,s given in the Y. M. C. A. hall to-day. tax
e members of the sovereign grand
pre, 200 in number.and the ladies, rep?entlng
the Order of Rebekah, were ?
:orted to the hall by committees.
f. W\ Venable, of Hopkinsville, Ky.t
ind chaplain of the sovereign grand
Ige, began the exercises with prayer. ?
arles H. Alexander, of Boston, chair- at
tn of the executive commfttee of the
ind lodge of Massachusetts, then as- 'n?*
med the chair, and after a few re- ?
irks, announced Gen. F. B. Appleton.
the governor's staff, who welcomed
? grand lodgo and members of the stat
beknh branch In behalf of the state. <UJ*;
lovernor Wolcott intended to be pros- S'
: and welcome the visitors, but he at- jncJ
- ? ? -- .u_ and
UJCU me Ut'aicntlOU Ol lUU wanawiuts
soldiere* monument, at Antietam, f.;
L, on Saturday, and xvas unable to lilll
ich the city in time. Mayor Joslata
ilncy epoke for the city of Boston,
e other speakers included Hon.
arles Q. Terrell, grand master for j[
? grand lodge of Massachusetts;
arles C. Puller, grand patriarch for No.
. grand encampment: General Kdgai No.
Emerson, of the Patriarchs mllitan:,
d Mrs. Mary O. Nevins, representing x0t
? Rebekah branch of the order in this No.
He. lai
?rand Sire Fred Carlton, of Austin. No.
xas, responded, and the exerciscs
re at an end. so.
rhe members of the grand lodge then 3 ro
irehed to Copley hall, where their ee- ?>
t deliberations began. "e
rhe secret deliberations of the saverrn
grand lodge continued from 11 a.
to 2 p. m. .
rhe sessions of the grand lodge will J
iclude Saturday n??xt with the instal- Rra
l??n of officers. The election occurs Pi
lesday morning. M
Jrand Sire Carleton reported that a
luest had been received from Brother
dley, who is wltfc the United States 10.
my in .Muniim for permission xo cs- ver
pllsli the order Ir? the Philippines. Thv* A
ir.d sire recommended that action to J|? *
s end be taken by the sovereign grand
Iff? at this session. Vlti?
*e also recommended legislation by J):IV
rich members of the ofder wrvlr.vr In war
? army may be permitted military f*p
ges or associations limited to consult
or fraternal associations, strictly
>hlbltlntr initiations or conferring de- of 3
sea He reported the order In for- B|V<
rn countries us growing and prosper- boa
V request has been received for the
ahlishment of the order in the Ar- I
ntlno Republic from W. D. Mayer, j^ca
dted States consul at Buenos Ay res.
J rand Secretary J. Frank Grant pre
ited a voluminous report covering a r
st amount of detail of interest solely | C
the members of the order. The fol- ]
ving statistic* show th*? standing of ?/V
> _-.lcr DvccnVtwr 31. 1897:
}und lodges, ?.*>; subordinate lodges, : ?ccc
229; R< bekah lodges, 4.7%; grand en- slon
mpments, 51; subordinate encamp- j 5
nts 2?G33; subordinate initiations. 59,- i corr
; subordinate lodge members, S14,"33; i . : 1
carrapment mcmrbers 127,601; Rebekah ! i{'r*
mber*. :97.69l; relief by Wig.*!*. $3,- I T
' ?KK. tuiUnf nmnm..nlu tVi (V.Z.- .
lef by Rt-toekah lodges. $51,378; totft! r <
ief, I3.3S4.0S9: revenue of subordinate I ^ '
I Ren, $7,810,175: revenue of subordinate t<
i-ampmvnt.*. 1603.176; revenue of Re- | ~~~
knh iodRen, $438,907: total revenue. $s.- I
U'50; total Invested funds, $26,388.09.'. |
5rand Treasurer Richard Muckel, \\"L
ide Ms report, which, summarized, it* " ?'
'ash balance. $G8,05S; received from i^.a
ami secretary. $57,401: totni, $12r..4?>?; day
yinetWn, $64,516; total balance, $60,843. Lea
'ommJttoes were then appointed. The Wet
idon adjourned till to-morrow morn- . ,
? when the election of officers will be
? Important business.
Phe Odd FVHow* to-day font a mesne
to President McKlntey bearing -|V
i <'tlni?s to him and to tho soldiers aol J[\,
l!or?? of our army and navy, with
Rgratulatlons upon tho glorious vicry
which tholr valor hns achieved In
p war with Spain, and to tho sick and an:
rnnded, heartfelt sympathy, with tho
pe for thslr speedy roco\i?ry and resration
to homo and family. ju
M'PADDBNTS. ' ~ ^ ^1
I Bargains
all Underwear.
:e lined Underwear (or 23c
vy Merino Underwear f;r 25c.
ice lined Underwear lor 37 l-2c
lei's Hair Uaderwenr to.- 48c
mb'a Wool Underwear far 75c
I 1322 Market Street.
ed the best line of Lamps
;ht to the city. Lamps at
* ?* *
all lamps
with globe.
rREE with every Lamp at
a Stand?"Oak or Ma:
them. *
|f & FOSTER,
Foster, Receivers.
lata lUllroada to be Brought to Hat
Recant Decision*.
WASHINGTON, D. C., S?pt. 19.-t> j
official information received at tie
isury department that certain rail*
d companies are not affixing the
nirea wo cent revenue muHiyo w ?c?
checks given to passenger? when
ss are paid to the conductors, (h?
jmliwioner of internal revenue las
en instructions that evidence be proed
with a view to instituting proiings
against these companies /or
atlon of law.
he commissioner has held that poll;
of life insurance issued since Julrl
taxable without regard to the fact
t the premiums may have been paid
tho business required prior to that
!e has also held that all checks
wn by officers of *tate. counties and
riiclpallties for the discharge of the
gat ions of the states, counties cr
ildpaliUes are exempt from stanp
River Telegram*.
IL CITY?River 7 inches and t&ni&l.
ar and pleasant.
'ARREN?River .1 of a foot. Fair
REENSBORO-River 6 fret 6 Inches
stationary. Fair and pleasant
OROANTOWX?River 6 feet II
ics and stationary. Clear and warm,
ROWX8VILLB?River 5 feet aad
lonary. _ ^
ITTSHURGH?itiver i.o icct. ?..?
Jonary at the dam. Clear and plusrEl'BEXVlLLB?River
1 foot ?
les and stationary. Weather cloudjr
ARKKRSnrnO?Rlver 3 feet aci
in.n. Clou ly; mercury at 82.
4">2 National jtoad JJJ
12 I ml Ian.i stmt 15"
2<?i North York street Mf
1C10 Mnrk? t street **
2:C1 Alloy
30 Sixteenth street, bottling eel*
r 0*
34 Sixteenth street, first floor... 1JJ
175 Seventeenth street. 2 roomi..
2603 lialn street, 3 room* *2
3227 Chapllne street. 2 room* ...
oms Second street. Martins *?- ,?,
. Ohio, natural gas fixtures for _
at and light ?
?s!rable Market street property. H
I Estate Agent. Collector. Sotm H
ibllc and Pension Attorney. No. Id
atn street. ?el^
roomed dwelling. JW Main str*t H
y cheap; long, easy payment.",
comfortable S-rooired dwelling.
nodern conveniences. at 33 South Front
et. This property Is In first-claw ccn*
>n from cellnr to roof. Inspection is*
J. At low figure; easy term*. WW
10 j.cr cent as Investment If you dont
it to occupy.
lendld residence on Fourteenth stmt
'oomed dwelling, wood as now. on Nf*
<ey street, lor J1.S00.
? LET-rl5?room tint, northwest corn*.
Iain and Eleventh streets. Pojsesjloa
n September L Fine location W
rdlng house.
3-. O. SMITH.
I Estate Fire Insurance. Surety Bund*
Exchange Bank Building.
>r Rent.
'elegant modrrn rrslclpnce. 13 roosi^H
hath. hot and cold water, hoth
t sido of Cbnplln* between Twenty*
nd and Twenty-third streets rosiW^B
given October 2.
rooms up stair* on Fifteenth street
ier Jacob, only $15.
nrgc rooms. kitchen, hall and good Hj
brlek house. J0O9 Chupllne stre*?. tfr#
r, only $io.
country residence with grounds. I*
at once.
l. SCHAtHH S C0H *srjsg?m
'lephone S17.
.. 6TEAMEU3. # H
tribe, Sisltmilh i MdlmnsTnim
?tonmor Ulolsc I
vca \Vhe. iiu:- every Tuesday. ThufJ*
and Saturday at II o'clock * *
ves Matamoraa every Monw.
Inesday and Friday at S o'clock a. ?
* """AI'VM.'Br.A^m
machinery. -

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