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MM* 04Dr. hcaft Salter, kr
Tie Intelligencer Publishing Co.,
29 am> 27 rouraim sthil
' fmu Per Yeer, by Mail, In Advance,'
Poalage Prepaid.
Dally (SIX Daye I* the W*k) 1 Year.f9.30
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Dally, Three Montk?. 1.30
Dally (Three Dafe la the Week).MMMM 3.00
Dally (Twa Day* la the Week) ?.00
Dally (One Month)...?, , ? 45
Weekly (One Year la Adeem*) 1.00
Weekly (Its tlontli*)....^....^. 00
by carriers In Wheeling and adjacent
towns at 10 cenu per week.
*n anhnoHha trt THE
fUflODl TTIBiliiif*
by Bending In their orders to the In{;
telUgencer office on postal cards or
otherwise. They will be punctually
[' served by carriers.
Tributes of Respect ahd Obituary Notices
60 cents per Inch.
Correspondence containing important
news solicited from every part of tho
1 , surrounding country. >
Rejected communications will not be returned
unless accompanied by sufficient
[The INTELLIGENCER, embracing its
several editions, Is entered in the Postoffice
at Wheeling, W. Va., at second-class
...ail I Counting Room. 812
Flrit District,
of Ohio County.
Becond District.
of Barbour County.
j Third "District.
,. of Kanawha County.
Fourth District,
(Nominated June 23, 1896.)
For Houso of Delegates,
County Superintendent of Free Schools,
A Timely Spwch.
The speech delivered yesterday by Attorney
General Griggs at the New Jersey
Republican convention Is deserving
of a careful reading. It la a splendid
preview of the administration of Presi/dent
McKinley, "In the time of storm
and stress, In the midst of great perplexities,
and under the weight of enor~
?JUiil.lna ? Atirlnir whh"-h the
/mous rniwuaiuuiw^o, .a
President "has retained Che confidence
and support of those who aided us in
The address, coming from a member
of the President's cabinet, is of Importance,
for it is a calm, dignified, conservative
and eloquent defense of the Chief
Executive of the Nation from the partisan
assaults that are being made upon
him at such an hour as that above referred
to. tMr. Griggs' reference to the
course that Is being pursued by these
partisans in the face of Che facts which
should arouse patriotic impuisvn, iau>?
than a miserable and most contemptible
attempt to make the Inevitable results
of a war, fought and won within so
short a time, and which means so much
for the country, a foot-ball of politics.
It Is a severe rebuke that Mr. Griggs
utters when he refers to the conduct of
certain newspapers and others In trying
to make a leading Issue of the sufferings
of our soldiers, as follows:
"Forgetting the glory, the achievements,
the success with which an army
of 200,000 men was raised out of nothing,
sad a hostile nation was almost wiped
out In ninety days, they are hovering
like buzzards Over the battle-fields and
hospitals and graveyards, looking only
for the misery and suffering and death
which were Inevitable In war. Surely,
the Democratic party has not been reduced
so low In Its supply of proper subjects
for political division as to need to
rely upon yellow fever and yellow literature."
This utterance will strike a responsive
chord In the hearts of the Intelligent citizens
of the country. It expresses the
truth briefly and pointedly concerning
the despicable resort to which demagogues
have been driven in their search
for a partisan issue. It is but a brief
reference to a phase of the campaign
which is already disgusting the country,
as the people begin to realize the purpose
of the exaggerations and the assaults
that are not stopping short of the
white house.
The remainder of Mr. Griggs' speech
Is of the results of the war,, of the policies
which are to call for wise statesmanshlp,
and his utterances are of the
deepest significance. Ills review of all
that has been accomplished is masterful
and convincing.
Piequart's Caie,
Colonel Plcquart scored a ?!rong point
nnniiiapA in Paris was auick
WIJIi.il tills |"-f-??
to appreciate, and must have seriously
affected the military authorities and the
government, when ho made the aendational
statement In court. Intimating
that he was to share Che fate of Henry.
He evidently anticipated the intention to
adjourn his case, and that the result
would be the natural one which would
follow his delivery into the hands of the
military authorities. The prison of
Cherche Midi loomed up before him
when he said: "J wish to declare that If
I And there ( in the prison) the strangling
cord of Mercler Plcnrd, or the razor
of Colonel Ilcnry, It will be murder, for
I have no Intention of committing suicide."
There wa? In thin expression a meaning
which the court nnd the people well
understood. It hn? nlways been a mattwof
suspicion,well based upon circumstance*,
that Flcord, the dectectlve who
figured In the Dreyfus case, nnd who
was' found hanging In his lodgings, waa
the victim of ussnsKlns, and that he had
not taken his own life. Colonel Henry's
recent "aulclde" U also the subject ol
much npccula(lon. Picquart's expectation
of a similar fate i? but uatural. The
situation lo Parte does not Improve. The
outlook Is gloomy, viewing It any war
An Efflbunjsiog Situation.
It WM unfortunate that the Democrats
of the Third congressional district
handicapped themselves by nominating
a banker for Congress. Saving nominated
Judge Johnston on a Bryan platform,
they are now obliged to face some
history which Mr. Edwards, the Republican
candidate, has not forgotten, If the
convention which nominated the Judge
did forget It. The dramatic scene that
occurred at a Joint debate between the
two candidates tine ivckmicr ??.* ???
note that Republicans really do take
part in debates), when Mr. Edwards unfolded
this history,wss the outgrowth of
an order drafted by Judge Johnston, as
director and attorney for a Bluefleld
bank, stipulating that all loans made by
the bank should be repaid in gold or its
This incident might have been less significant
had it not been that'the order
referred to was passed and drafted by
Judge Johnston early in 1896, at the
very time when the free silver agitation
was alarming the financial world. The
Intelligencer does not know Whether or
not Judge Johnston was consistent
enough to vote that year in accordance
with his sentiments as a bank director.
Enjoying, as he does, the reputation of
hplnc an honest man. we may fairly pre
sume that he did bo vote. It would be
strange, Indeed, If a man who insisted
on gold payments to the extent that he
would vote In a bank directory for a
1 binding order to accept only gold or Its
equivalent In payment of loans, would
sustain outside of the directory in the
same year a policy that denounced just
such a course and declared war on
bankers who advocated It.
It Is a very embarrassing position for
the Third district Democratic candidate,
but much more embarrassing for
the radical free silver men of the Third,
who so hastily permitted themselves to
work themselves into a frenzy of enthusiasm
over the platform and the
nominee at the same time, without
knowing that each was antagonistic to
the other. Sometime since It was announced
that Mr. Bailey, of Texas, Mr.
Bryan's rival for honors of the future,
would make some speeches in this state.
Perhaps when he enters the Third district
he will be called upon to help Judge
th? nredleament. That
(ailing, there will be one more hope.
Colonel Bryan himself Is now in Washington
petitioning the President to oriler
his regiment mustered out. notwithstanding
Nebraska's quota under the
order reducing the volunteer army 100.000
men has already be.-n fixed upon.
Should the colonel succeed In getting
out of the service In advance of other
regiments and their commanders who
enlisted under the last call, and who, In
lustlce to the men who responded to the
first call, are to be held until the next
general reduction, then, perhaps, the
Third district Democrats can get his assistance.
Taking It all around, however,
the prospects for relief are somewhat
It Isn't the only embarrassing Incident
of this naturo confronting our silver
friends of the Democracy.. The Democratic
press?the Bryan part of it, at
least?ds doing its utmost to forget some
of its assaults on the gold Democrats in
1896. The local organ in this city
wouldn't dare at this time to reproduce
some of its editorials about "traitors"
and "assistant Republicans" that filled
Its columns Just two years ago. It
mght, seriously embarrass the prospects
of certain candidates for the legislature
in this and perhaps other counties, even
as Judge Johnston Is embarrassed.
An Unhappy Organ.
Judging from the ridiculous figure the
Register Is cutting in an endeavor to explain
to its readers the reuson why the
Republicans are working in harmony in
this county, and the absurdity of the explanations,
we may fairly assume that
the Democratic organ and managers -are
worried exceedingly about something.
The latest In an interview with an alleged
Republican who fanclcs he knows
a great deal, but who. if he is correctly
reported, knows little about the Rcpub
llean situation.
We sinccrcly trust that the Register
will continue its campaign of canards I
and freaks of Imagination. It helps |
along wonderfully. Discretion, how- j
ever, might have dictated to the organ
the lack of political sense It Indulged In
when it quoted the so-called Republican |
as saying that he would vote and
SPEND MONEY to defeat the Republican
nominee and place a Democratic I
free trade and free silver advocate In I
Congress. Republicans who do such
things are not Republicans from prlncl- I
pie but are moved by personal motives.
Republicans in name only ure not
the men who innke up the party. The
Register is welcome to all the consolation
It can thus get.
In Spile of the Weather.
It was unfortunate that the stormy
weather prevented the carrying out of
the complete programme for Emancipation
Day, but. considering the threatening
sky and the heavy downpour of rain
during the greater part of the day, the
parade was creditable in size and in the
numbers participating, as well as In Its
apppnrnncf'. i ne wcamer in wuim-cmnn
which cannot bo governed to mill us.
and the colored cltlxons, who had gone
to no much trouble In preparing for .'i big
out-door demonstration and anticipated
enjoyment, bore their disappointment
philosophically and cheerfully. It was
Emancipation Day Jusrt the same.
The Incident of the weather rccalls
that the 22d of September In not the
most opportune time for a cclcbratlon of
thin nature. It I* at thUi time that the
cqulnoxlal rains and changes are due,
and we seldom have favorable conditions.
In a number of states other seasons
are selected for tho observance of
the act of Emancipation. It was on
New Year's Day that President Lincoln
1 signed the declaration, but In some parts
of the country the act Is celebrated In tho
spring and summer seasons.
The endless chain method of raising
money for charitable purposes, or to
meet demands of humane societies, has
been found to work well, although It ho* ,
" 1 . .1 ,
'tended to embarrass the portal service.
It bu not to anybody's knowledge been
applied as a means of providing campaign
funds for a political party, until 1
adopted in this district by the Democratic
managers. Political parties meet
many ups and downs In the course of
their existence, but they are not often
regarded by the public aa charity patients.
Ex-Minister Angeli, who has returned
from Turkey, says the sultan has great
rtfspect for the United States since the
war with Spain, and took a deep interest
in the feats performed by our navy. Ue
was anxious to know all about our ships
and guns after the Dewey victory, and,
presumably, also on the receipt of the
news of the destruction of uervera s
fleet. But the sultan may not be easily
Induced to pay our claims for damages
suffered by American citizens In Armenia
by a long distance knowledge of the
efficiency of our ships. A close Inspection
of them from the sublime porte, In i
Mr. Angell's opinion, may be necessary. |
The sultan's government is bankrupt,
but he might be Induced to find some resources
with which to make a settlement
Many striking demonstrations of the .
complete obliteration of all feeling engendered
by the civil war among the
veterans who fought upon both sides
have been witnessed of late years, but J
there has been none which was more j
beautiful and touching than the appearance
of a Grand Army escort for the t
remains of Mise Winnie Davis, the *
daughter of Jefferson Davis, at the 8
funeral, which occurred yesterday. In
no other country on the globe such a \
scene could be witnessed. Such Incl- 1
dents Indicate the strength of the fra- '
ternal ties which bind the people of the
United States together, and awaken the *
finest and most exalted sentiments
throughout the Nation.
General Toral, who surrendered Santiago
to the Americans, notwithstanding
he arrived in Madrid ill with fever, was
grossly Insulted by the mob at the railroad
station and was obliged to retreat
from the platform to avoid being struck.
This Is the way Spaniards treat their
heroes who $re defeated in war, regardless
of how bravely they fought. It ie
due to the Ignorance In which the Spanish
government keeps tts people concerning
the truth about campaigns..
Toral is more respected In America than
ho is in Spain.
j No one has discovered a sure cure for
Labor's worst enemy Is the workingman
who won't work.
The man who preaches revolution is
the worst kind of a crank.
The* life work of a wise man may be
destroyed by a fool in a day.
The average woman haj mor^ listening
than speaking acquaintances.
The man who loses money on a cock
fight ifc sure to remember the main.
The average man lets good opportuI
nltles go by while waiting for a better
Low living and high thinking will produce
better men than high living and
low thinking.
A man doesn't necessarily have to
wait until he Is forty to become a foul
or a physician.
I As a rule, the more a man has to say
about women the more he doesn't really
' know about them.
When a young man Is sowing his wild
oats he always hopes that something
will happen to destroy the crop. 4
It Is said That a burned child dreads r
the Are. Probably that's way a newly (
married man tries to avoid his old
flames.?Chicago Daily News.
? r
If you want to pick a flaw In human- j
ity .begin at home. r
If n woman dresses with taste she t
ought to look good enough to cat.
If poetry runs in the veins some poets
should bo run in by the police.
If n man makes a fool of himself over \
a woman she is usually satisfied.
If a woman is fair that doesn't prevent
her from being unfair at times. <
If a man lacks enthusiasm It takes 1
him twice as long to accomplish a task. <
If half the world worked less the oth- j
er half wouldn't be worked so often. (
If a man doesn't use his head In his <
business he is sure to put his foot in It
If It wasn't for an occasional funeral
lots of men would never see the inside
of a church. j
If women were satisfied with nature's j
handiwork there would bo fewer toilet ,
preparations on the market?Chicago :
Dally News.
Army anil &*ry I'uy.
The relative rank In the army and
nav#r runs as follows: Admiral with
general, vice admiral with lieutenant f
general, rear admiral with major genernl,
commodore with brigadier :Ten?'ral,
captain with colonel, commander with
lieutenant colonel, lieutenant command- <
cr with major, lieutenant with captain,
lieutenant (Junior grade) with flrat Ifcutenatit,
and ensign with second lieutcn* '
ant The sea pay of naval officers as
compared with that of corresponding
ranks In the army Is as follows.
Vice admiral....fO.OOOILteut general.111,(100 *
Itcur admiral... fi.OflolMnJor sreneral. T.rwo
Commodore .... D,000 Urlgndlcr gen. 6.500 |
Captain 4, MO [Colonel 8,500
Commander . .. 3,EQ0]Llcut. colonel. 3,000
com 2.V*^MaJor u !
Lieutenant (J k) l,MO|Klrat llout l.fiOO
KnulKn l,2M|Seron(l lleut... 1,400
There is a decrease of *200 to SI.000 a t
yenr In the *h??re pny ot naval officer*. *
and a till further decrease when they j
are on waiting ordera.
A Spmm of Vlrln*.
The coal hod's In tho parlor, (
The fofn'H in tho i>ticd, <
Tlio chamber chulra tojfother ,
Are upon tho bed.
The children nil are keeping
Ax quiet ns II moufl". I
Oh. It's no timo for fooling <
Tor mother's cleaning house! I
Cold victuals are the ortW.
l'a hi* tnonln in town:
For tun says every cobweb
1* KotnK to come down.
Anil MrlilKCt evrry eornor
With HO.ipy niiiU will HoiiflP,
Oli. Ilvlnjf In a burd<>n,
For mother'# rlmnlnj? hoiiso!
?flomervlllo Journal.
Tim Growth or 8oclnllmn>
Tt In argurd by deep thinker* thnt the
growth of socialism In duo to the large
standing armies of the world, In which
men nr#? often tnude to <*nllsit a^iilnei
their will, nnd thus become dlifCpntcnted
with existing conditions. The growth
of n stronger race of people la due to the
largo sale >>t Hoftctter's Btomnbli Bitters,
which Is the bent medicine fur costlv.
nt'MH. dyspepsia, fever, ngue and all
nervous troubles. Try one bottle.
Dr. MIIoh'PaIm JWII* aroituarautecd to*top
ilcaclnche In SO c!sutua. "U30 coat a dona."
' - , f .m v '
mtt.t.otah, wmtlm * 00.
Oar stack of Pianos is Hg
enoDgb and raried eaoagk
to please erery taste aid
suit every purse, ana tif
claim that we can absolutely
and positively sate J
money for yea is open ^
for proof. {
Milligan, Wilkin & Co. j
"Is your son up in the history of the
lark ages?" "I guess he Is. He's uautlly
up most of the night."?Cleveland
*iam ueaier. .
The Kind Lady?So you are a .hero of I
he tented field? Weary Watklns?Yea- '
ium, I was one of the beat In the circus
it one time.?Indianapolis Journal.
f'Dah's a heap o* callln' flngs by dah
vrong names In dls worl'," said Uncle
3ben. 'Lots o' folks call 'plain laziness'
takln' rare o' dah health.*Washngton
Cholly?Yaas, sevewal years ago I fell
leeply In love with a girl, but she weeded
me?made a wegular fool of me.
Holly?And you never got over It.?
Brooklyn Life.
The Occoslon.?"I told the boss Just
vhat I thought of him yesterday."
'That must have taken a lot of nerve.
JVhat was the occasion?" "He raised
oy salary."?Cincinnati Enquirer. "
Miss Sheafe?"Oh! Just look at that
vheat rising and falling In the breexe.
low beautiful It Is. Mr. Cityman?Ah, I
rat you ought to see It rising and fall- I
ng In the Corn Exchange.?'Tit-Bits.
Those Loving Girls.?Nell?So you and
Tack are really engaged, are you? Bess u
-Ytfc; we have decided to enter Into a
Ife partnership. Nell?And Just think of "
i?Jack will be the silent partner.?Chiago
Close Observers.?Jack?Let's play
loufee. I'll be the father and you'll be N
he mother. Dolly?Yes; and I'll come
o you and ask you for money to buy a
lew dre?a. Jack?Yes; there you go!
rhat's Just you! You always want to
lo something to raise a fight.-Puck.
"TWo will be some genuine excite
nent in Cuba presently," remarked Ducane.
"Genuine excitement," repeated ]
iaswell. 'Do *ou mean to Intimate that J
here has been no excitement in that Is- U
and?" "That's all right, but there will oon
be n presidential election there."? ~
'ittsburgh Chronicle-Telegraph.
Fable?Oncc upon a time a Peasant ""
lad a goose which laid golden eggs. Of
lourse the pensant killed the goose, In
onsonance with the agrarian policy of
he times. "Alas!" exclaimed Che hopless
fowl, with ita lost breath, "If I
>nly hadn't been such a goose!" This
'able teaches us not to be too benefix*nt,
lest we undermine our health.?
Detroit Journal.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo, Lucaa
County, as.
FRANK J. CHENEY makes oath that
te is the senior partner of the firm of F.
f. Cheney & Co.. doing business in the
Mtf of Toledo, County and State aforesaid,
and that sold firm will pay the
ach and every case of CATARRH that
anriot be cured by the use of HALL'S m
Sworn to before me and subscribed in
ny presence, this 6th day of December,
I. D.. 1SS6. A. W. GLEASON.
(Seal.) Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken internaly.
and acts directly on the blood and
nucous surfaces of the system. Send q
or testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY, Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c. tt
Hall's Family Pills are the belt
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25, Inclusive, the Baltimore & Ohio .
ivill sell excursion tickets to and from ill
stations between Wheeling and
jrsfton, good returning date of sale, at 3ne
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:ents added.
PlIlibnrK Kxpoattlon. ~
September S. 15, 22 and* 29 the Balfinore
& Ohio will sell excursion tickets
to Pittsburgh and return, at rate of
12 25. including admlsslonWo the Exposition.
Tickets good for three daya.
#operh"ho,use# '
5myth & Klce Present the Quaint American
Roar Admiral of Amerlcun Jollity* In Du "1
Souchct's Screamingly Funny Farce, J
Tiir uau ronvi urvtrn >
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Over Two Hours of Solid Fun. *
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2 Our Nation ? "
I ? *
ft All *V ft j
The Intelllgoncor Ir Isnulns In A
r weekly part* nn invaluable fllus- X
f trated history of the Spnnish-Amer- t
3 leun war oti aea and land, the pic- O
k ture* being reproduced from photo- A ,
J* graph* and original drawings ox- <S I
r proKKly for thin work. Tho series, X
f which If a continuation of Uncle Y
3 Barn's Navy Portfolio, also In- 9
k elude* photographic reproduction* A
Ik of picture* owned by the govern- q
jC mcnt and *tatr?, showing the hero- X
f ittin of tho nation during tho past X
century V
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aoods ?
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irst District Senatorial CoirStj^ I
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presenting tno only foreign coraptat
uthorlzed Iff transact this character i
usiness In West Vlrg1nla~"Fld?llty uJ
deposit -Co.," of Maryland; assets otq
eneral Insurance. 1120 Market Bt.
Want*l-A Solicitor, either on salary ?
ommls?lon. k?
ew Mackerel,
ew Oollaod Herring,
I fi. M rectived at
I H. F. Deferens C*.'s,
To Loan
On Gty
H Real Estate.
Howard Hazlett,
Exchange Bank Building.
or Rent ksiruie.
An elegant modern residence. 10 nosa
id bath, hot and cold water, both gti*
eat aldo of Chapllne between Twentf.
cond and Twenty-third atreeta. Pout*
on given October 1.
6 rooms up stairs on Fifteenth itrwt,
>rner Jacob, only $15.
2 large rooma, kitchen, hall and good e*
r. brick house, S509 Chapllne street, flm
aor, only 110.
A country residence with ground*. !?
Hire at once.
. A. SCHAEFEE S CO, e2!nJit5S?
TolPDhone 517.
hildren's Home Baildinf.
Tho committee on a new bulldinr for
le Children'* Home have received prop*
tlons for the purchase of building sites
, tho city, and arc open for other offert
hey further request propositions for
iilldlnff sites In the suburbs and In tin
mntrv, same to be submitted by Frldsy,
to 23a instant.
PR. R. H. nrLLARD,
se21 Comailtw.
iakery For Bent
on the Island, consistbf
F store room, dwelling, bake sky
nd stable. A rare chance lor i
usiness stand. Possession gives
t once.
Theo. W. Fink & Co.,
? .. . .
clcphono 687. 1520 warm *
are dally growing In favor with
persons of sedentary babtta Ons
pill taken dally acta gently on
the llvor and bowela Sold by
. H. LIST, Druggist* 1010 Main St
10-roomed dwelling SCO Main
'ery chenp: long easy payment*
A comfortable s-roomed dwelling.
II modern conveniences, at S3 i*outh Fn* H
ireefc This property la In flrst-cUi* H
Ition from collar to roof. Inspectioniij
Itedi At low figure; eaay term*.
ly 10 per cent aa investment If you
nnt to occupy. ,
Splendid residence on Fourteenth ?tr?.
C-roomed dwelling, pood a* new, on
enoy utrevt. for fl.frO. _
TO IJCT?15-room flat, northwest corw*
- ?' - ?
r Alain ana jvicwnm Mm,.. Iven
September 1. Pino loation
oardlng house.
leal Estate Fir? Insurance, Surety Bom
Exchange Hank Building. lust
In Season. I
or preparing corn for stewing. frittert^B
(c. You got all the good of the wrtjBI
javing tiio hull o.i the ear.
m w. idnmson'S sovs,J
1210 Mail Street.
o. 4.r?2 National Ilors !
>o. I:' Indiana street .'h^H
[0. 11 ! Nortli York street
[O. I?*I0 Marki't Htreet
o. $31 Alley B "V
'o. Jo Sixteenth *tre?>t, bottilnp rcl* .
jO. Sixteenth street. first il*x,r
?'o. 17:? BvveBtcfnth street. 2 room*
fo. 2M2 Main street, 3 rooms
?o. 3527 fhaplino street. I room* ?
rooms Second stn-ot. Martin's r?'?* I
r.v, Ohio, natural gai fixture* [or
heat and light
Desirable Market street propertyJAMES
loal Kstate A/rent. Collects,
Public and Pension Attorn#* %.,
Main street. ?-^*1
nllB INTKLLIClt I n I-K:N?*B
Neat, Accurate. prompt*

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