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M. Gutma
M?ln and. Twel:
"John Smith." Whose Real Name Artl
is Sine, met Death Monday. fat,
riir srnnv np mis rnMTKn to1
. ted ;
The reading public Is dctiualnted with alta
some of the particular* lof the arrival to t
In Wheeling last \veek-t)frttri unknown
man who was given the name of John tabj
Smith when brought !:ia?fore Justice othe
Ft trna trick on a lunacy charge. There folio
were features that made the cage most
deplorably M}j!
Yesterday the man, 'John Smith," Mini
whose true name, it -nbw develops, is
Sine, died at the City hospital. Since Mia:
he became an Inmate of the hospital ^c
J as: week through interest taxenin me p tor
case by several citizens from' huraano
motives, his condition has been only Mr.
:emj/oraril>; bettered, and it was evi- fai
dent, even to an eye unskilled in medi- Dr*
cine, that the man would ?oon die. The
end came at an earljj'isour Monday Th
morning. Later in the Say the body The
was taken to Frew's undertaking establishment
and prepared for burial at
the f-.xi)er,j>o of rhe county. F1
^oon after the case uf Smith, or Sine,
became known Jast week. Mr. James K. Sh.
Hall became interested and it was
through hib efforts, assisted by other I
citizens, that Sine .was taken from the
county Jail to the hospital. At the
same time Mr. Halli hearing that Sine .
had been brought tc Wheeling from H q
Tyler county, wrote to George E. Wor'c,
pos tmaster at Slstersvllle, giving the d-s- j ?
tails, and through the latter an inves- *"*.
ligation resulted, whiclttfcrought Dr.
Meek, of Sistersvilie, ttCQus city yes- 1
terday. v.wr. i1?"
Through Dr. Meek it vsiif learned that 'r'?1
the man's name was Sin&f that he had derli
been an inmate of the Tylfir county In- Schi
Armory, near Mlddieboufne; that two acad
men had l>een intrusted with the task ors,
of bringing Sine to Wheeling in order part
that he might be placed in one of the
hospitals here at the expense of the Afllll
Tyler county authorities, and' that the
authorities of Tyier supposed that this
bad been done.
On the other hand, as a matter of
fact, the man or men in charge of Sine Mi
dumped him at Hasklns' hospitals one _pnt
night last week, while L>r. Haskins was
absent, and added that Jthecy would re- " 1,1
turn in the morning to make arrange- co,"
tnents for the man's treatment. As is <jay.
wtH known, they dtd not return, una ?Th
Dr. Hasklns, seeing the man's condition, 1
had hin? removed to the county Jail, very
where he remained for some time with- 0rty
out the attention that should have been . t]
received "by a person In his condition.
Jailor MoCormick called up the county hav<
physician, but he was out of the city, oree!
Soon after this, the man was removed thc ?
to the hospital. In th* meantime he
had been adjudged insane at a hearing l"e
In Justice Fltzpatrick's court, and it unui
was expected he would be sent to Wes- ?P?C
ton yesterday. ^Iar
However, laid Sine lived through yes- wosi
terday he would not havft been started sucli
to Weston, for the reason that the su- ente
perlntendent of the asylum. Dr. W. E. flag
fc'tathers wrote to the Justice, declining Du !
to send an attendant, claiming that the tlon
commiittnent had been made in lrreg- the
ular form. Justice Fltzpatrlck turned rely,
the matter over to City Solicitor Frank
W. N'esbltt, before he bad learned of
Sine's death, ur.d but for flit* latter event jf
there would have been, u; controversy _.or]
and perhaps another commitment for ..r
lunacy before Sine would have been voIr
utnrted to the Insane asylum. Ab It
was, death rendered any controvfcrsy ?
relative to the regularity of the proceed- .
Jdrs useless. JJ".
Dr. Meek appeared to deprecate tho
manner In Which Sine was dumped upon
thin city. and told the City hospital peo- 1
I?N* that their bill would ho paid by tho
?"unty authorities of Tyler. Wh.tt the
Tyler coutny authorities should do, Is to
no after the persons who dumped Sine *r,u
it UuMkins' boe-pitai In rfuch a reprehensible
manner. Such events as this
, ve color to the statements- often made Of
thai some of the counties down the rlv- fcvhl
ir. Tyler In particular, are In the habit CJrni
< ! sending Jitft.sueh cases as Sine's lo gntt
Ui.h cit>, and thon deserting them, fcnjr
knowing that sooner or later the uu- tod:
th<?rltle& h?.r? would be compelled' to b?-r
take the cases In charge. j,rln
1 ? men
Continued Obsorvttncea of the Occasion pply
at the Synagogue. ?ui1
The service* y?*sterdny at the Syna- The
B?'Kue In connection with Tom Klppur, fl'Iei
"r the Day of Atonement, were largely mon
attended, and equally as Impressive an dlsa
th< services of the previous evening, houi
Kabht I>evJ delivered a dlncourse that tnen
was appropriate to the occasion.
The rabbi also expressed aome beautiful
lh>,ni'h?u u. rvlnn Tt
which wna in the naiuro of memorial oral
' xercliei fur th<? ir.mnber* <?f the con- mm
jcreftatlon who passod away laut ycur. lurl
The noxt feaat In the Hebrew calendar uicb
occurs on Friday, tho FcaoC of the Tab- had
ernaclc*. _
ONE of nature'* remedies; cannot 0f
harm the weakest constitution; nevei ?xti
fall* to cure aunimrr complaints o , < ,
younir or old. Dr. Fowler'a Uxuuct
.wild Strawberry* 4 'Mil
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Ltl & CO,
rtlx atreeta.
brilliant social function last night
the "yellow" dinner given by Mr.
lur G. Hubbard to Miss Mary Mofln
honor of her marriage this ever,
at the Second Presbyterian church,
>r. John W. Storer. The dinner was
onor of the bride-elect's visitors and
al party, also, and covers were
for twenty guests. The dinner was
ed In the ladles' cafe at the club,
the predominant color of the decions
was yellow.
lis color was reflected In the candell
and lamp shades, and It was carout
In the yellow ruses strewn loosed
n tho table cloth. Golden rod and
)w asters were conspicuous about
cafe, and a pleasing relief was afed
by the green of palms and potplants.
The dinner began at 9:30
>ck, and was one of several pleasing
Irs during .the past week attendant
his evening's climax, at the Second
ibyterian church.
r. Hubbard-occupied one end of the
e. Miss Moffat being seated at the
r. The chairs were placed In the
wing order:
Mr. Arthur G. Hubbard,
i Blanche Mof- Miss Bessie Dana, of
t, Charleston.
s Elsie Whita- Mr. Isaac Smith, of
r. : - Charleston,
Frank Borry, Miss Louise Todd
i Elizabeth Men- Balrd.
I, Mr. Sara Harper,
Chas. W. Pax- Miss Sue Caldwell,
i, Mr. Win. P. Wilson,
i Berry, of New- Mr. Thos. Sweeney,
ri.' jvy? jar. jhcaouii, ul
Arch Q. Mof- Charleston,
i. ' X
John W. Rtoror,
Miss Man* Moffat
ie dinner concluded about midnight
menu was us follows;
Blue Points.
llet of Bp*f, with MuHhroom Sauce.
Roman Punch.
Sprint; Chicken, with Truffle,
-imp Salad. Bisque of Pineapple.
Assorted Cuke.
loqucfort Cheese. Demitasst
rds were Issued yesterday anrtounc:he
marriage of lieutenant Edwwd
ehultzc, U. S. Array, of this city, to
i Katherlne J. Muhlemaa, a charmyoung
lady of Hannibal, O., which
occur on Wednesday, October 12.
he Methodist Episcopal church, at
nlbal. Lieutenant Schultse's many
ids in Wheeling- will unite in tenng
their congratulations. Mr.
iltze graduated from the West Point
leray two years ago, with high honand
in attached to the engineer dement
of the army.
nirj QpmltiirTiMlir, *OT?backer'*)?
^ ?
anagers Smyth and Rice will prethe
talented and genial comedian,
!le Collier in "The Man From Mexlat
the Opera House next ThursLlko
"Myjj Friend From India,/.
? Man From Mexico," has proved &
profitable piece of theatrical prop.
The result of Wlllfo Collier's tour
!ie latter farce last year was said to
i been enormous. During his six
ks* engagement on the Pacific coast
business wn? so large that most of
time the orchestra was banished
er the stage to make room for the
itators. Nobody can question "The
i From Mexico." It will amuse th*
t exacting play-goer. Mr. Collier is
i a capital purveyor of wholesome
rtninment that his efforts never
Ilia utimiallflnd success in iMr.
Souchet'a ploy l* simply an Ulustraof
the fact that It la occasionally
actor upon whom the public must
you please, New York you please the
fomeron" possesses an exceptional
e of .wide ranee with n charming
e presence.?New York World,
omeron" wan specially successful In
numbers which commanded consld>le
versatility. Her voice Is clear and
erful and of large compass.?New
c Herald.
le management of the Opera Homo
secured this greatest of alt musical
actions to appear for one night only,
ay, September 30.
Washburn's Rig Poutrte Minitrols,
eh will be the attraction at ch"
id Frldiiy and ?a:urday nlcjhts and
irday matinee, the Lancaster Dally
le t>aya' The ont?rUlnment was up
ite In every respect and every numon
the prolamine bore the lmr
of a master nand In Its orranff**t.
Washburn Is the old circus man
ami the tame Instinct which at
ted tnc people ? iuu ciivmc in.iv
ailed when the announcement wn?
e that he would Appear In thin city
he head of n minstrel organization,
amusement loxinu people were eonfit
of securing full value for their
iey, and If there wan one who was
ppofnted nfter enjoying for two
a and a hnlf the Splendid entertaint,
he was not In evidence.
V. C?nrt Tn.Piy.
?lf* morning the scsidonn of the fedcourt.
Judge Jackson, will be reed,
after Ji recess of several days,
ng which th? judge and court atirs
wi j- out of town. M<?sl of them
returtud to the city last night #
HF.RK Ik f.ot a head.icho In a dor.cn
Cook'H Imperial Champagne. It's
n <!rf,'. bouiuet fine. Record, half
liuiit.r <l|>ciilii|f 'l o-il?jr. MvaNckor't.
' - v"'" ~J-" ;
- - ; ~
? ?*? * Minor Sfomtni in aud About
?& CUT.
Marshall county fair opens to-day at ,
MoundsvMle. 1
C&ptaln Dovsncr speaks at Valley
Grove this afternoon.
Running races at the State Fair
grounds this afternoon.
Snakes In drug stores are getting to
be the proper caper. A blacksnato. Ave
feet long, killed by Mall Carrier Walter
Whqat* Is on exhibition at McElroy's
drug store. South Side.
The souvenirs ordered by Sample &
Horn, milliners, failed to arrive yester- 1
day, but will be here in a few dayg, and
the time of their distribution will be
duly announced in this paper.
The court house and Jair committee
of the county commissioners met yesterday
and audited bills aggregating
S31L The poor house and farm commit- j
tee meets to-day, and the board's audit- J .
1ng session occurs Wednesday.
, Lieutenant W. E. Cole, of the First
United States artillery, is meeting with
success recruiting his regiment. The
recruiting quarters are at 1143 Market
, street, aod Dr. John L. Qlckey is examining
surgeon. The First is a heavy
artiUery regiment, and is now statloaed
at Tybce Island, 8. C.
Stranger* lu thiCUy auil Whetllni People
R. H. Cotton, of Wellsburg, was in the
city yesterday
W. lu Wilson, of Cercdo, put up at the
Howell last night
Paul McDonald, of New Cumberland,
is a guest at the Stamm.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Roe, of Boston,
are visiting relatives in the city.
Mrs. W. B. Hanen and Mrs. Charles
Pettle, of Sistersvllle, are at the Wlndsor.
J. C. Trees and wife, of New Martinsville,
were registered at the Stamm yes
W. J. Miller and Mis* Ida Monroe, of
Proctor, registered at the McLure yesterday.
O. B. Cannon, of Huntington, and A.
C. Johns, of Elk Horn, registered at iho
Howell yeaterday.
Harry C. Stewart, the Eighth ward
drugglBt, Is confined to his room. He la
111 of stomach trouble.
Theodore T. Watson, chemist at the
We*t Virginia Experiment Station, at
Morgantown, is a McLure register.
"Mijce" Warner, of the McLure, has
returned to the city, after a sojourn of
several months in the country for his (
Dr. W. C. Berlin, of Cleveland, one of i
the surgeons recently at Chlckamauga, \
and now en route to Porto Rico, was In <
the city last night. i
John Brannon, Weston; George Boyle, J
Sistersvllle; G. L. Hendeit;h"t. Parkers- :
burg, and A. F. Wilmoth, Elklns, were j
state arrivals at the Windsor yesterday, j
Plpeman Jame* Gibbons,of the Eighth
!ward engine house, is confined to his J
toed with rheumatism. Extraman ]
Charles Muley is filling his place at the i
engine house. <
Prosecuting Attorney W. C. Meyer
and .Assistant District Attorney C. W.
Showaiter returned yesterday from
ConnellHville, where they spent Sunday {
with friends. ]
Robert B. McClurc, paymaster clerk '
under Major W. J. W. Cowden, who has .
toeen stationed for the past few months
at Atlanta, Ga., is home on a five days' -j
leave of absence. v
. - - . - 1
L.ast niRftt uayiora Morgan ana
JeBae Jackson left for Piedmont, whc^c
they will represent the Silver Wave enstie
No. 11, Knights of the Mystic Chain, 1
at the meeting of the'state grand castle.
The friends of Mrs. McClure, wife of
Rev. Dr. J. T. McClure, will be pleased
to know that she Is recovering from the
results of her accident, last week, when
she Injured her hip bf* a fall. Mrs. McClure
is confined to her bed, and her recovery
Is considered but a question of
So OfllrUl Confirmation of Che K?j;o?Iiitlona
T?t at Ilwml, b?t Thnt the Deal
Will tie Made Is Contlrirrfil I'rohnble,
Although {here is no,official confirmation
of the negotiations now said to bo
on between the owners of the Cleveland,
Lorain & "Wheeling road an0 the
promoters of the Federal Steel Cora,pany,
by which it is believed the latter
will soon acquire the former, it is considered
extremely probable that the
Hooi will h? "mfirip in tho not distant I 0
future, and the official announcement
will not occasion surprise In well in- r
formed railroad dnd financial circles. I
In the event that the ruad is acquired,
there Isn't the least doubt of its being
extended from Wheeling lo Connellsvllle,
and a rumor is now In circulation
to the effect that the extension will continue
on to Johnstown, Pa., where the
Federal has recently acquired large
steel works, which are now isolated ,
from the Federal's own lines of transportation.
The Federal Combine. c
In speaking of the FedernJ Steel Com- j
pany to a friend, former Gov. Flower, ,
of New York, said:
"The consolidation of the Illinois
Steel, the Minnesota Iron, and the Jo- ?
llet, ID!gin & Eastern,Railroad Compa- *
nles ought to prove a great suecets I
when It is ilnally completed. The Min- c
neaota Iron Company has diamond v
dulled its mines, and now It knows it <!
haa 110,000,000 tons of ore In thorn. In f
addition It has <00,000 acres of new and t
undeveloped territory, so that it has '
a practically InexhifUstlble supply of g
the best Iron ore in the United States. ,
The company also owns the DulUth & x
Iron liange railroad, which connects ^
with the mines and Is capable of trans- j
porting 4,000,000 tons of ore jier annum. ]
It is now, however, transporting only p
about 2,500,000 tons per annum. The t
company owns the property about Two ,
Harbors, on Luke Superior, together j
with five great ore docks, each contain- r
Ing 1,000 feet of ore pockets, with an
aggregate capacity of 13#,7&? tons of ore.
These docks are furnished with electric v
light nnd are bperated day and night. ?
The company also owns more than one
nair me m earner* uhu uimkw ??i? ut?
lakes used for the transportation of ore J
to Chicago, Cleveland, Buffalo and
other points.
"It also owns the raHroad that trans- ?
porta the ores from the dorks at Chicago
to th?* several steel and Iron mills
In that city. When the consolidation
is completed the Federal St. el' Conrpft- ,i
ny will own all the steel mills In Chi- :
cago, capable of turning out fi.000 tons
of strel per day, together with the mills
at Lorain and Johnstown, which are "!
capable of turning out structural iron
and trolley rails. J
"The earnings of the Minnesota Iron
Company last year were 10 per cent on
Its cnpltal stork, and the Illinois Steel
Conrpany earned over 12 per cent, In
iny judgment, the Federal Steel Company's
preferred stock at 7<> Ik a very
heap property, and 1 have little (loubt
of Its paylug a regular 6 per cent annual
dividend. The |?'5 per share for which
a share of common stock l? Issued wlM
give tho Federal Steel Company a cash capital
of $10,000,000, whteh It can lend
to Its subsidiary companies as occasion j
requires. Its surplu* producl* all go to
Rurope, where they find a market at I
living prices."
The governor was asked if he hud put
In his stock un?b'r the propoMd plan.
He replied:
"Certainly I have. I put it In the llrst
lay, and I advise everybody el^o to do
the ?ftine."-*New York Newt Uurcau. I
1- Molillrluirn. I ION Mlitit 11(111
\ ilny nu<l '1 uoariuj-, OciuIm r 3<l ami -ft ill.
: . m,'' i -r-a?;
ferribls Nervoss Trouble.
Her Flesh Was So Sore Could ,
Hardiy Bear Touching.
Did Not -Know What It Wm< to I
Hare a Good Night's Best.
Cured by. Dr. Groene'a Nervore, Which
bbi losai a Wonderful Remedy.
"Twelve years ago I col hurt by being
thrown from a wagon, which Inlured
my spine, making It weak. Then
two years ago I had the grip, which
uttlcd In my spine, that tjeing the
reaJcest place. This gave rise to a very
tevcre nervous trouble or tne apmai
"I doctored with eminent physicians
'or two years, going away for that pur>oae
a part of the time. I used among
>ther things, batteries, and had my
uack cupped more than thirty times, >
md blistered many times, arid all with*
>ut the least good. The sensation was
ike needles sticking Into my back and
itomach, and after tfcose spells passed
ny flesh would be so sore that 1 could
lot sit on a chair unless It was upholstered.
I did not sleep well, many
lights not going to sleep until two
>'clock a. m. I could not lie on my
jack in sleep at oil.
Finally after two years of great suffering,
I saw Dr. Greene's Nervura advertised,
and the cures It had effected,
ind I determined to try it I am now'
jslnpr my third bottle and am relieved
)f the nervous pricking sensation, and
ileep well, which I had not done for
.wo years. In fact, I had not known
vhat it was to have a good night's rest
n the two years I was sick; until after
took Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and
lerve remedy. .,
"I can cheerfully say that I think it
s the best remedy I have ever used or
cnown about, and heartily recommend
t to others, nnd will gladly answer injuries
about my case.
"Morrlsvllle, Vt."
Every body needs and should take
his grandest of medicines, Dr. Greene's
Kervura blood and nerve remedy,
rhere is no other remedy in the world
<tuai to it. It will make you. well and
itrong. x f
Dr. Greene. 35 West 14th St.. New |
fork City, invites the sick to consurt
ilm free, jiersonally or by letter.
n Jnmplns; From a Railroad Train?lie
Ulglocatcd Ills SlioNltUr.
Police Lieutenant O. M. Supler was
njiired last night, while attempting to
ilight on Jacob street, from the Baltl- j
nore & Oljio "cannon ball," which ar- '
Ives in "Wheeling about 11:30 o'clock.
Jeutenant Supler was one of the
Wheeling Masons who had paid a fraemal
visit to the Washington, Pa., i
odge, and while the train was coming
lown Seventeenth street, he Jumped off i
it Jacob, n??ar his home, and was
brown heavily on tho brick-paved
Lieutenant Supler's left shoulder was
iislocated, and his leK leg was sprainid
at the thigh by the force of his foil.
I'hiie his face suffered painful bruises.
ie was removed to his name, ana u
vlll be several days before he will be
ble to be out. The popular lieutenant's
nany friends will hope that his recov- J
ry will be speedy. The "cannon ball"
tops at the postofltee buildlnp: every
light, but It moves pretty fast where
lieutenant Supler Jumped off.
Vheellns School Boys Will Make An- m
other Effort Xext Month.
Young Elmer Bonnette, assisted by a ?
lumber of school boys, will moke an- I
?ther effort next month to bring up'
iVheellng's contribution to the "Amerl- p
an Boy" battleship fund to respectable
jroportlons, and this time It Is believed
hat success will crown his efforts.
The Carroll Club auditorium has been
ecurcd for an entertainment which will
>e KWen on the evening of October 22. b
lankln Good, the Cincinnati school boy r)
u-lRlnator of the "American Boy" Idea,
vlll positively appear and make nn nd- (
Iress. In addition the evening's pro- v
rramme will Include a Ave art drama,
ntltled. "The Return of the Cavaliers."
rhe cast will be made up of boys and ?
lirls from the Fourth ward school
Master Botinrtte has been presented 1
rlth two handsome rings by the Dillon, J
Vheot & lUncher Company, and proloses
to make them earn the "American ?}
art*?** fund n oiim of tio Inconsiderable Z.
I*e. Ho has invoked the assistance of Jf,
ho Intelli^enccr's society editor, who U
vlll if possible. Induce two of Wheelnn's
society girls to contest for the .
TAKES the burn out; heals the q
vound; euros the pain. Dr. Thomas'
Jclectric Oil, the household remedy. 2
[HLUlltI\i .1IUtM)?N L.COLVIU.
Iltllncrr Opening To*tlay. SirnbRtker1!.
? /
It, R. tannfliorii! 110K Ms In Rtrvef, Mnn- *
Iwr mill Tnoiilnr. Orlolirr .lit ?ml 4th.
[uneral Director no J J
Arterial Lmbdlmc*. v
1117 M?lt: 8tr*<?t? West Aide. j
Call* tir Telephone Anwwerrd I>a/ *J
or Night. Stor? Tclephona 63u {
Jtciridonce. C06. A?alstaiit'a Tele J
phone. 685. a?ll
Funeral Director ami Embaimer, ^
120S MAIN 6T. V
Under Competent Management
TrlrpJionr}i-8to_ro. 229. Iicnldcnro, 759.
form* Markot and 2id Street* ^
Tclcidiout SHI, Opuu Day and Nl*ht.
( )
J . BQTr mOTHMo^o. a
Boys' Gothir
Once More.^
There are two w^ysto rr
is to make them so's the;
make them so's they'll w<
are made to bring a cust
that wear out are made to
time a customer comes, f<
again. You can judge tl
boys by the way your nei
see a small boy hanging f
v a limb of a tree by his cos
clothes here. It takes a
to take down a boy who w<
D. Gundlii
34 and 36 Iwe
* " v /
copch ooVeb8, bto.-qb
Geo. R. Tayloi
compel one to give a tl
??? (4ienl<iv<n(r a full atiH rhnipA
Oib ** ?
If your wardrobe needs reple
isfy your demands.
- ,We are showing an unusual van
are being received dail;
terest to sec our line before purcha:
Geo. R. Taylo
?"*nr nr?Ahol;rnitir 1
aarw ywyvo?New
Reception Lamps, H
Fancy Salads, Chop
Glassware, and a vai
lust Received a New Line of
1113 MAIN" B
leadquarters Bt
OR .
^ School Books of
and Supplies, 2
oth wholesale and
otflif, is still at....
No. 1301 Market Street. ^1'
Hammocks, Croquet.- War Mops and and
I'ovcltler. Pittsburgh Dispatch, Commer- w?
al Gazette, Post. Tjmoe. Cincinnati En- see
ulrer, Commercial Tribune. Now York sioi
ad other leading dailies. Magazines. Bu- S
onery. Gospel liymhs. cor
1414 Market Street |nr,
? floe
. LAMB. Pres. JOS. 8EYBOLD. Cashier. f
J. A. JEFFERSON. Au't Cashier.
Men Brock. josvpti F. Paull. ?<>
ames Cummins, Henry Bicborsot^ No.
u llcymann. Joseph Seybold.
Gibson Lamb. No,
Interest paid on special deposits. In
Issues drafts on England. Itvlund and No,
cotlnnd. JOSEPH SEYUOLD, No.
my 11 Cashier. No.
CAPITAL. 5300,000. J*
. N. VANCE President
OHN FREW Vice Preeldont u
h E. SANDS Cashier
k'M. B. IRVINE Ass't. Cashlor
. N. Vance, i??-orge E. Stlfal, Rpj
. M. Brown, William Elllnrfnara, ji
ohn Frow, John L. Dlckoy,
ohn Watcrhoune. \V. E. Stone. ?
W. H. Prank.
Draft* tuaued on England, Irtland, Scotmd
and ali polnta to Europe.
C A 1*IT AY. >|
.'IT.L1AM A. 1SETT.... PraaUV-nt (
IORTIMER POLLOCK.... Vice President ^
Draft* on Enicland, Ireland,' Franca and <|
icrnmny. C
Yllltaiii A. licit. .uui tuucr Pollock. ?
. A. Miller. Jlo?>ert Simpson,
1 M. Atkinson. ,C. M. FrtoNlk f i
Jullu* Pollock. 11
jail J. A. MILLER CMhlor. lnt
lake Children's Qothes?one "'' \|
ill wear, and the'ijfher is to
ar out' The kind tbarwglr
omer back ag^St .The kind W
make a bic orofit on the first'-. 1 >3
jr fear he'll never come
le kind of clothes'weselMor
ghbors talk. -Wheneverram
a nail on a roofer fronvT$!j
it or pants?his .folks buy his <?;
step-ladder or a stepmother?' ! \
:ars Clothes from "The Star."
ig & Go.,
Ifth Street.
;o. b. taylob go. jV :>
r Company,
lought to these articles, and : >
line of
VERS, ' ||
'? iR
and $
- * i
nishing in this line, we can'safc
ety in these goods.
f, and it will be to your insing.
r Company. f
RIBD^L & CO. "
s.' 1
i 1
anging Lamps, Cake Plates,
Dishes, Celery Trays, Cut ""'J
:iety of Ornament6.???,Jt
EL & CO.,
- - - r- .
ikery For Rent
on the Island, consisting .
store room, dwelling, bake shop Si
i stable. 4. rare chance for a
sincss stand. Possession give* '
Theo. W. Fink & Co., j
ephone 687. 1520 Market St.
[>r Rent KSHM81C.
n elegant modern residence, 10 room* i
I bath, hot un<l cold water, both gases, .3
it aide of Chapline between Twenty- . i j
and and Twenty-third streets. Posses- v?
i given October L ' < ''Jl
rooms up stairs on Flftetnth street, .
nor Jacob, only $15.
largo rooms, kitchen, hall snd good eelbrick
house, 8509 Chapline street, first
?r, only $10.
country residence with grounds. In- ' >,
re at once.
A. SCHAEFER SCO, ^,??2* ;
clephone 617.
, 432 National Road'. $0 00
, 12 Indiana street 15 00* <S
206 North York street I0i)Q '
, 1010 Market street 30-00 /. nS
2381 Alley B 1 00 >13
30 Sixteenth street, bottling eel- . ^3
r -1*00
SI Sixteenth street, first iloor.... 17 00
17.'? Seventeenth street. 2 rooms.. 5 00 ' y
2s>:r Main street, 3 rooms 6 00 -3
n - 1M
join* 8econ<1 street. Martin'* Per-.
l\ Ohio, tintural nan fixtures for \ jsfi,
pat and light ; i fll
eslrable Market street property.
il Estate Agent. Collector. Nottn
ubllc and Pennlon Attorney. No. 1812 < \.
nln >trert. ?U j{
ooooooooooooooooooooocoo i
The Glades Hotel,
Prompt Completion of Ordara at Um <
jlltcettccr Job I'rlntlnc Orttcw. V\ j

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