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<*??> ??? MVlr*i?l?
Hl?h lUlUr
??[ Wn|lbr-?>?M !>? " "*>? "
and llrok
New York rre??: W. Ri ?vU, uf I>aH'U
Tucker county. WtfjJVlriUsU. 1?
the mat gUdtu youth to atuiwt an
j;:uraiiinilon of the world U>"|larg? con*i-i
?r?fiunx ut money, and'ti ?tep Into
the light by :he notoriety caused by the
bonfire he has been building.
Your.?; Davis has been astonishing
I he natives in Galveston, Texas, by
buying bicycles' and hacks outright,
chartering yachts and treating newlymade
friends to champagne suppers
and engaging prise lighters to give exhibitions
for the amusement of his newI
jy foumi friends. While ez>gaged in
these actions he carries a valet and a
soubrette who goea under the easy
pseudonym of "Miss Smith."
When reports came from Galveston
that young Davis was having a howling
time there with $7,000,000 to his credit.
New York's blase youths grew green
with envy. Jn the first place they pronounced
him most unwise to take to
Che .sagebrush and cactus of Texas to
spend his money. In the up-town clubs
h;s escapade was the all-absorbing topic
of conversation. The talk turned to
the old days when Howell Osborne,
Squire Abingdon Baird and Max Lebaudy,
"Little Sugar Bowl," tried to
St: the world on hre.
Mr. Davis, with his valet and "Miss
flmith," reached Galveston by steamer
liorn New York four weeks ago and put
up at the Tremont House. The money
u: once began to sizzle and lor a time
It looked as though there would be a
champagne famihtMn Gatveston. The
"fizz" was sent up to young Davis's
? hv th* can* but the t>Iebe
" ? -?
Ian strain in "M1ss Smith" asserted It- I
pel? when she showed a marked prefer- I
ence for beer drawn from the wood and I
drank it from a hotel pitcher.
Davis then threw the hotel clerk into
pxervotur prostration by presenting
checks for $600 and 12,500. He wanted
only a little pocket money he told the
clerk and said for him to wire to the
Davis bank of Davis, W. Va., or t<j his
tanker in Baltimore and ask If his
credit was good. The reply came back,
?e Galveston reports, that Mr. Davis's
drafts would he honored up to 17,000.000.
Then the hotel clerk recovered and- told
Mm the house tf as his.
This, with the hysterics left out, is
about the way the story came from
Galveston, but Galveston wlH probabbly
be shocked when the golden halo
fird the wreath of greenbacks which it
has woven about young Davis's brow
are ruthlessly removed. Jf he has left J
any creditors in Galveston they are "In I
the soup," to use the words of Fairfax I
" * ,,f tll?l flavin '
f. !>UIlUOk: crv, osv.ubi, ? .....
Coal and Coke Company, who ripped the
golden lining out of.the story yesterday.
Mr. Landstreet'a offices are at So. 1
Broadway. He remained at his office
after hours yesterday to tell to reporters
what he knew about young Davis. )
and to deny that he was-a son of either i
H^nry G. or Thomas B. Davis. the West i
.Virginia coal barons. They, with Sen- i
fur Stephen B. Elkins. own two or
three counties and several railroads In !
.West Virginia. They practicaHy control
the output of bituminous coal from i
that state. Tho X^ivUvs ?re mill-ion- 1
aires many times*ovcr, and the iittle i
town of Davis, on the West Virginia I
Centrai & Pittsourgh raiivruy, with its ,
one bank and 918 Inhabitants, is the 1
centre of th* coal mining district controlled
by them.
Mr. L.melt;reel evidently took the
whole matter as a good poke yesterday
t? he told what he knew of Davis, lie
"W. H. Davi* is only a distant relative
of Henry G. and Thomas B. Davis.
He is jj years old ami un orphan, his
father having been deiut' for nearly
twenty years. He has been a ward of
the family, and has been in the employ
of the Davis Coal and Coke Company.
The talk Niai he has $7,000,000 to his
credit is all poppycock. I don't think
lie has $700. but he may have |500..
"He has-- been employed a* a clerk or
ft bookkeeper cut at Davis. Besides
being a bright fellow h" Is u hard work,
er. He resigned his position about the
first or August, saying Ue wantea a
rest ir.d was going tarpon fishing down
routh. If I remember rlgftjly, h?? went
about the middle cf August to Gal-veston.
"I suppose he ha* been on a spree and
got to talking about hi* rich relatives
down in Galveston. The story that he
had unlimited credit Is foolish. I am
vke president of the bank at Davis, and
had a dispatch from the cashier this
morning denying that he was giver,
credit up to J7.00O,OM>. He had about
IfiOO on deposit when he went away, but
I suppose he has spent that by this
"if h? owed any money when he left
Galveston his creditors art In the soup.
I had a dispatch from 'him on Thursday
saying that he would leave for New
Ycrk the following day, so I guess he
has finished his spree, and will be along
here broke In a day or twx^?
And so the golden halo wrach the Galvestoniar.s
placed on the brpw of W. R
Davis, of Davis, Tucker county, W. Va.,
It li of Interest to Unmarried Women,
nil la Called the ' smilillcal Chart of
Bacheloii and SplniUn of (lie Unlte?l
Unci? Sam has Just Issued a. new publication
in tbe interest of unmarried wofnen.
It might be called "The National
Guide to Bachelors; a complete Index
lor old maids and spinsters to the best
places in the union tor setting husbands;
with maps, charts, etc., tells at
a Fiance Just where bachelors ore most
But though the publication has no
Buch comprehensive tit:*?. it is Just
what such title would claim to be. The
, government ca:is it "Statistical Chart of
bachelors alui Spinsters of the United
6 tales."
The chart itself Is a map printed in
colors, und shows at a glance Just in
what localities bachelors are thickest,
and In what regions spinsters are most
dense per square mile.
In New York State, for example, there
ere at the present time 576.045 bachelors
of 20 years and upward, while the number
of spinsters in the state Is 456,062.
Between the age* ot L'O and -4 there
err- 254.379 bachelor* and 201.162 maidens.
Between 25 and ^'J there are
135.562 bachelors and 997.145 spinsters.
Between 20 and 34 there are 72,107
bachelors and M.r.t.'. maidens. Between
23 and 44 there ure iX?,447 bachelors and
50,VW maidens. Between 45 and 51
there are 27,Co7 bachelors and 27.28#
Between 53 and 61 there are 12,068
bacht iors and 14.4IS maidens. From 6."
years upward there ute 8,286 bachelors
ar,?J 10SVI xnlr.Bters.
I' \i;; b- olmerved that the bachelors
Jr. New York outnumber lh{C unmarried
v omen by 2ft per cent.
In New York ?lty there arc 16H.S4^
ba'.hekjjs ami spinsters, an overplus
of .17.&07 ulnfflt* men of 20 or ovtr,
N'o large city lr> the United State ha*
a Hurp.u-i nr rtplnsters. iJnlilmore comes
near.*. with nnty 05 more bachelori
than old maids.
No stale in the union has a* many
maulers a? bachelors?not even Massachusetts.
where the rucur??* are 21!?,25;
spinsters and 22<i.W5 bachelor*. MassachUKett*
in :tu* banner Htute for muid*r.s.
the bachelors outnumbering them
by or>ly 2-10 of 1 per cent. Next comet
Rhode Inland. where the excess ol
bachelors In 2 per ccnt.
The excess "f the bachelor* In th?>
Dirtrlct of Columbia l? S per cent, lr
North Carolina 9 per rent. In Connecticut
20 por cent, In Maine .17 per ccnt, and
in Vermont &4 per cent. Irt .Maryland the
bachelor nurplXj* ?* 13 per cent. In Nov*
Jersey a i? 22 per cent. In New York II
" x
Mra job's Headache ud h J&stfec Cm
ts the onir remedy on the market that
will care every form of Hrtdarhe In S to
10 mlnuie*. correct Indigestion. stimulate
the neivw and build un the ay?tem.
It ehould be In every home an.l every
tmvel*r*? rripsack. At all Drufftlsts.
25 cure*. Sc.
it 26 per ceat, and In Virginia 22 per
AH of these are low per centage
states, so far as the superiority of
bachelore in point of numbers it concerned.
A rlance at the old maid's chart
shows some surprising facts about surplus
bachelors In some parts of the
country. Idaho Cakes the lead as a desirable
place of 'residence for women
who want husbands, that state having
1.000 per cent more bachelor* than spinsters.
The exact figures are 18.(84 single
men against 1.41*6 single women, 20
years old and upward.
Wyoming is a dose second, with an
excess of 993 per cent, the figures being
16,183 baohelors. against 1,487 old maids.
Best state for husbands?Idaho.
Strongest bachelor section in the
United States?middle west.
Weakest bachelor section of the
United States?southeastern.
In Kentucky- there are 128,188 bachelors
and 84,764 spinsters, and in the
! whole United States there are 6.427,767
bachelors and 3,224.494 unmarried women.?Chicago
i The Fulara ot flu Xmrnmy mU Stock
NBW YORK Sept 2&?Mfcne? on ctil
I steady at 305 per cent; last loan 3%
per cent. Prime mercantile paper 4?
6 per cent. Sterling exchange firm,
with actual business in bankers' bills at
84 8404 8444 for demand, and at 84 81%?
4 S4V& for 60 days. Posted rates 84 82^4
?84 86. Commercial bills 84 80>4?
4 80%. SHver certlflcaJes 61?62c. Bar
silver 60 lS-16c. Mexican doUars 47Kc.
The action of to-day's market at the
opening was disappointing to the bulls,
and stocks purchased Saturday on the
favorable bank statement were speedily
let go and commitments made for the
short account. The h/gher.range of
; London prices encourage^ the bulls and
efforts were made to advance prices ro
a parity with the London figures. The
rise in -the foreign market In Union Pacific
showed that the foreigners were
becoming reconciled to the dividend
action. Opening prices here were
somewhat mixed, but the hesitancy was
soon succeeded by a general plunge
downward under the guidance of the
specialties. Stop loss orders were uncovered
in the leaders and the market
for a time wa? at tne mercy of
the dealers, who searched diWgently
for weak spots. Gossip that
disagreement existed between some
of the speculative pools was colored
to some extent by the severity
of the break In spots. Prices for
Tobacco, People's Gas and Brooklyn.
Transit melted away rapidly, but Sugar.
after a dip downward of a point,
encountered supporting orders andruled
above Saturday's close for the remainder
of the day. The railways,
meanwhile, fell sympathetically, but the
losses were confined to fractions, and
after the first rush to seH had abated,
settled down to a level slightly above
the lowest and resisted subsequent ef
ions at ucpri-'^^iuij. iik uuuireos ?aa
accounted for by the publication of numerous
traffic Statements covering: a
wide area of* territory and showing
substantial Increases. The gains la
some of the southern lines was especially
gratifying in view of the sloYr'
movement of cotton and quarantine
regulations in some lections. These
conditions were responsible foj? the
marked decreases reported by the
southwestern group. Arbitrage houses
had purchasing orders, but the action
of the market discouraged any extensive
ventures and only a slight sprinkling
of various stocks was taken. The
elimination of an active speculative interest
from the market, owing to the
rigid observance ef the Hebrew holiday
Yom Kippur. reduced business
considerably, and the raid on Tobacco
also chiHed the outside demand. The
decline in Tobacco was attributed to a
denial by officials of the Drummond
Wat that cnnrtrn had Wn
absorbed by the American Tobacco
Company. The bear* attacked the
slock with considerable confldcnce, and
j 1
I . i
JiXlljX Xi.l l *
droTt it down ?S ptr ?dt to'MW.Confldermble
imounlt of ?t?k *?re Ihialdated
fr-* the apparent #illlnfw* or
the insider* to *e* the price# lower invited
extensive selling b> I? thf
last hour the stock moved apwara in
fympathy with the genera! market to
Sugar moved up to 123 and the
railway* which had moved indepeadem
of Tobacco throughout the flay
ruled th*?be?t. In flnak dealing* To.
J. V.J-.. m?A tniwViwI 1M
OSCCO liumpea ?aui; auu .
The other Industrials oi?o suffered
from reaUaatlon*. but no appreciable
declines were recorded in the standard'
The market left off unsettled with
slight losses generally.
Call money rates stiffened Sharply
late in the day and &% per cent was
quoted for a time. The great bulk,
however, of the transaction* were made
at 3V& per cent, and so me* accommodations
secured early la the day at 3 per
The bond market lacked decisive
tone, but deaHngs were light and variations
in either direction were unimportant
Total sales 31.229.000.
Government. bonds were unchanged
on bid prices, but a purchase of the new
4s coupon was made at % per cent higher
than the last sale.
The totad sales of stocks to-day were
Government bonds steady.
State bonds, firm.
Railroad bonds Irregular.
U. 8. new 3s 10H& Or*. R. & Nav.. 56
U. 8. new 4s reg.l27?i Pittsburgh 169
do coupon 127% Heading 171%
U. a 4s 110% do first pre.... 43',
do coupon 112% Rock Island 101?;
do seconds .... 99 St. Paul 107*4
U. 8. 5s reg 113 do preferred..153Vi
do 5s coupon...US St. P. & Omaha 7?^
Pacific 6a of '95..1G2U do preferred..15', ?
Atchison ly4 Southern Pac... 23'4
do preferred... 83?i Texas A Pac.... IK
J?aL & Ohio..;... 44 Union Pac., pre. G314
Can. Pacific 66% Wabash S
Can. Southern. 53 do preferred.. 21%
Central Pacific.. 25H Wheel. & L. E. I
Mlt Hrt tirofnrnvl 17
Chi. & Alton....n: Adams El lit
Chi., Bur. ft Q .114% American Ex...130
C. C. C. ft St. L. 41 IT. S. Express... 41
do preferred... S5 Wells Faruo....l2a
Del. ft Hudson..106 Am. Spirits ir;
Del., Lack, ft W.149 do preferred.. 36%
Den. ftlllo G.... 1314 Am. Tobacco....139%
do preferred... 65 do preferred.. 12S
Erie <new) 13% People's Gas....l0?%
do first pre.... 35% Col. F. ft Iron.. 20^4
Fort Wayne ....171 do preferred.. Srt
Illinois Central..1114 Gen. Elec. (old) 48%
Lake Erie ft-W. 17 Hllnols Steel.... B7
do preferred... 74 Lead 324
Lake 8hore. off.200 do preferred..109%
Lou. ft Nash.... 55ft Pacific Mail 22%
Mich. Central....105 Pullman Pal....lS8
Mo. Pacific 23*4 Silver Cer 61
N. J. Central.... 914 Suaar 120*
N. T. Central.... 115*4 do preferred.. 109%
Northwestern ...1304 Tenn. Coal ft I.
do preferred...1754 U. S. leather... 64
Northern Pac... 414 do preferred.. 68
do preferred... 76H Western Union. 91*4
BreaAatnffa and Pro* talons.
CHICAGO?Expected decrease In the.
visible supply and rumors of large seaboard
" engagements turned a weak
wheat market to-dpy Into a decidedly
strong one. December closed nt ^c ad- |
vance Utter selling %c below Saturday's
closing figures. Corn was helped by
wheat and large 'export sales and closed
*[email protected]%c higher. Oats closed a shade
higher. Provisions advanced sharply
on good packing support, pork closing
15c higher and lard and ribs 74c higher.
Wheat showed considerable weakness
at the start. Both foreign and domes- j
tic <iewb was of a bearish nature. Liverpool
showed ^[email protected] decline and Par- j
is was off 15 centimes. Receipts here )
were 312 cars, of which thirty-three
were of contract grade. Besides this, j
aOOUC jUV.UW ouanrm
'was received by lak? and out of private
houses. Minneapolis and Duluth
reported 1.663 cars, agninst '1.993 last
week and 1.427 a year ago. Before the
market had fairly started weakness'began
to develop In cash wheal in the
! northwest, which haji.lts effect here,
i Opening trades In Deoemb?r were made
! At 63tit?63^4c, compared with Saturday's
closing price of 63%c. The market
touched 62Hc for a moment,but selling
pressure was too much for the
steady moderate demand and prices
lowly dropped off. For the first hour
or so nothing occurred to check the
beartshness except an Indication that
the visible statement might show a decrease
Instead of showing 1,000.000 bushels
Increase as expected. Liquidation
became lesE urgent after that and the
* ?I
\ ..
v rrvass
market rallied to l?*c. .So more Wloations
ot note occurred uoU! rtof
the vlalble supply ntgteraent cmme In.
Thl? was a surprise. showing a decrease
or win ooo bushels and an instant change
in the ton?* of the market r.ottcM.
Professional shorts and wly
rt>?ocd for <wei and found conaider*
able difficulty ft? stuffing their .demands.
Another feature in the atrenath
waa rumors of heavy export engagements.
the statement being made that
100 loads had been disposed of late Satnl.ht
ii n<4 tn-A u xr ThfiP flmfX
M,u?7 ?"? W
were disputed by shippers, .but hud
their effect nevertheless. Primary receipts
amounted to 1.792,000 bushels.
Amount on ocean passage Increased
2.480,000 bushels. Market became very
I strong toward the close, trading In'
creasing greatly in volume and a substantial
advance in prices took plaoe.
1 December advanced to 64%c and closed
at that, point. Corn was slow until
I near the close when It developed considerable
strength. Receipts were ?51
I cars. Estimates for to-morrow were
' heavy. This and the earljr weakness ol
wheat made corn rather weak at first,
j Demand improved when the seaboard
reported an excellent foreign demand
i with fair sales. Visible Increase was
I small. Cables were lower. Country offerings
moderate. December ranged
I from 29?ftG30c to 29tt{?29%c and closed
Kc higher at 29", ?30c.
I Oats were dull and uninteresting unI
til jear the c!o?e, when in sympathy
. with wheat and dim market became
fairly active and Arm. A feature wai
the good demand, for September from
I shorts. Receipts were 491 cars. Visible
Increased 530.000 bushels. Hay ranged
from 22*CP22?4c to 22Sc and closed a
shade higher at 22%tf22%c.
Provisions were fairly active. Yellow
I fever news arid liberal hog receipts
were responsible foi> w#akn??w at thfl
opening, and lower prices prevailed for
some time. Demand' from packers
and shorts became fairly heavy later
and offerings falling off. prices ad vane
ed rapidly. At the close January porn
was 15c higher at 19 27*4; January lard
?%c higher at ISOO-tnd January ribs
7He higher at J4 80Q4 82%.
Estimated receipts Tuesday:
Wheat, 800 cars: corn. 1.025 cars; oats,
600 cars; hogs. 22.000 head.
The leading future* ranged as follows:
Articles. Open. High. Low. Close,
Wheat, No. 2. Z~
Sept. ?? 6TU 6f4 ?}
Dec 634 ?4 63 64',;
May 6t% 65V? ,?V4 65^
Com. No. 2.
8ept 234 2M? 2?S
Dec 2?>^ Si) 234 30
May 31 Ij 32 314 32
Oats, No. 2.
Sept. 214 21 214 21?j
Dec 2C\ 21 20*1 20]t
May 22* 22% 22* 22%
Mess Pork.
Oct. 6 25 Jt 30 8 25 S"*)
Dec. 8?i 8 40 8 20 840
I Jan 9 024 9 274 9 024 9
Oct 4 75 4 874| 4 75 4 S7^
Dec 480 4 'JO 480 4 00
Jan 4S5 5 00 4 85 5 00
, Short Ribs.
Oct. 5 224 5 324 5 224 5 30
_Jai?_i:vv^"L4 75_. LfJ??L 4 75 1 4 S2^
Cash quotations ivere as follows:
Flour steady.
Wheat-No. 3 spring 62H ?34c; So. J
1 red 670674c.
Corn?No. 2. 294?29%c: No. 2 yellow
Oats?No. 2, 22623c; No. 3 white 23*4fl
Rye?No. 2, 47Uc.
Barley?No. 2. 33tf43c.
Flaxseed?No. 1 90*?f90%c.
Tlmothyseed? Prime $2 4Tt4^2 50.
Mess Pork?Per barrel 18 3008 35.
Lard-Per 100 lbs.. 14 S7H9VtaM.
Dry salted shoulders (boxed) 4%?ft4%c
Short clear sides (boxed) 15 45&'5 55.
"Whiskey?'Distillers' finished goods
per gallon, $1 25.
On the produce exchange to-day. th?
butter market was steady; creamerlei
13020c; dairies ll%017c.
Chetse?Steady at 7?7%c.
Eggs?Firm; fresh 14c.
NEW YORK?Flour, receipts 28.50<
barrels; exports 15,000 barrels; markel
Wheat, receipts 554.000 bushels; exports
342.000 bushels; _ spot markel
i'.rong; No. 2 re<i ?7%&o *c r. o. d
afloat; options opened easy; closed *fc{j
\c net higher: No. 2 red May closed a(
6f?V-c; September closed at 75Hc.
Corn, receipts 127.900 bushels; export!
178.306 bushels; spot market flrm; No. 2
36Hc f. o. b. afloat: options steady al
day; closed V*6%c lower; May closed al
36ftc; September closed at 34$?c.
Oats, receipts 123,600 bushels: exports
187.500 bushels: spot market dull; So. 2
25%c; No. 2 white 2$^c.
Hops strong. Cheese firm. Cottonseed
oil dull. Rice steady. Molasses steady
Coffee* options opened steady; closet
steady at 5 points higher to 5 point!
lower: sales 21.500 baqs.
Sugar, raw quiet; refined quiet.
BALTIMORE?Flour dull: recelpti
16.500 barrels; exports 10,500 barrel*
Wheat quiet; spot and month 71%/f?
i 7Iftc; October "lfialHc; receipts 53,20<
bushels; exports 24,000 bushels. Corr
steady: spot and month 33V*'533:Kic; October
83%??$3ftc; receipts 151.400 bushels;
exports 154.200 bushels. Oats firm
No. 2 white western^27Mr^2Sc; No.
mixed do 2.")l?25^c; receipts 24.SOO bushels;
exports none.
CINCINNATI?Flour quiet. Wheal
quiet; No. 2 red 70c. Corn steady: No. :
mixed 21c. Oats easy; No. 2 mixed 24<6
24^c. Rye firm: No. 2. 48c. Lr.rd firm ai
54 75. Bulkmeats strong at $5 37^. Bacon
firm at 16 55. Whiskey firm al
51 25. Butter In fair demand. Sugai
steady. Eggs easy at 13c. Cheese Jinn
I.lvr Slock.
CHICAGO?Sales of native beef steer.'
were on a basis of 54 0flf?4 50 for th<
?-ommonest up to 14 70fM S5 for fanci
I-<ts, which are h.ird to And; the bulk ol
the offering went ttt $4 90fi5 f*0. Hop!
fairly active;, hogs ?old at an extreme
range or $3 40{n 05 for the f-immon'-*!
to the best oflVrin?r*. the greater pari
K'olng for |.T TSft.l SO. . while plp.? Mli
chiefly at $3 00^3 25 for lisht weights
w ith heavier lot* at $.1 75. Sheep
prices were on a basis of 12 756J 50 foi
inferior to common shrep up to 14 50 (j
4 75 for a few lots of prime to fancy natives.
Prime 81 Ibn. sold up to $6 25
The commonest lambs sold at $3 7.">fj
4 (V) Receipt*?Cattle. 21,000 head;hoRS
36.000 head; ??hepp. 10,000 head.
EAST LIHKRTY?Cattle steady; extra
$." 35fi5 50; prime $5 20^5 30; common
$3 ?r,u 3 w>. Hosts active; best Tor.
I*era 14 20'u I 25; common to fair Torkern
54 05114 10; heavy h?vr? $4 10J?4 15;
i Rooa pigs V ' "''i i w; uuti . itijjtti.ji
' pigs J2 50ft>3 SO; roughs $2 50$; 3 65
Sheep steady; choice 34 60fT4 65; .:omtnon
*3 25 i;; 75; choice spring lamb."
?5 60fio 7">; common to good $3 75|i5 50;
veal calve? $7 00itf7 50.
CINCINNATI?Hogs steady ot $3 00<j
4 00.
Drv flooik
NEW YORK?The Jewish holiday
hampered ttoe selling of dry goods to a
considerable extent -to-day. There wai
no buying on the part of many Jobber;
and l'f nearly the entlrr cutting up an?
manufacturing fraternities. Shipment!
of dry g???ulH were very light In nearly
all brunches. Print cloth* quiet; extra?
quoted IV without heavy buying In anj
quarter. Our goods are sold fomesvhal
piore freely at nrlces which were full}
as low, relatively. a.? those of extras.
I'r| tnlrlllit.
OIL CITY?Credit balance? $1 04; certlllratrfi
OHMr bid for cash; closed
nt SI 05 bid. for oanh; s*le* 3,000 barrel}
anh at $1 01; 2.000 hail?Is cash al
$1 04m; shipments 146.814 barrels; rum
for three duys 180,177 barrel*.
NEW YORK?Pig Iron dull: exehancf
Jfi 85; lake copper qulot;exclinnge $12 25
Tin dull; ?xch?inge JIG 10. Lead dull;
exchange $.'$ 95; btokcr? $3 Su. tipvltct
1 quiet; exchange 94 82)fc.
| NEW YOllK?Wool quiet
; fcrjlad Coilcgt ud Scfcal #f tfaslc
(N?m Baltimore.)??
f Three college course* for 2?u- :
sir. art and elocution s; ocialtlea. It In- r
' stnrtors and officers. * boarding pupil* :
tnm 15 tat*1 lust year Cultured homo i
and homo comfort*. Reasonable rates.
I 8end for catalogue.
i RFV. J H. TtrfUfEB. PrealdenL
O. v YO? PR. Sretary.
I Luthcrvtlla. Md. J?g
Mont de Chantal Academy,
First-data tuition In all branches. .Excellent
accommodations; home comforts;
food table; lance and healthy rooms; ex- j
tensive grounds; pure ?r.
For terns and other Informs
tlon, address
Directress of Moat d: Ciumtal Academy,
Wheeling, W. Va.
Ohio Valley Business
and English Academy.
WlieeBng Butiaeu College. Motes'*
ButlneM Acedeav. end Steveasoa's
School of Common end Higher Cogfish
and Mathematics.
1 We am pleased to announce to our
friends and patrons that the above schools
' have combined for the purpose of estabi
llshlng In Wheeling a splendid educational
Institution of unlimited scope.
Our object In forming this combination
Is two-fold.
First?We desire to have In Wheeling a
> school of which she has long felt the need,
i 8econd?We desire to offer to parents
and guardians an institution that will All
their needs In every respect, and allow
them to have their sons, daughters and
wards under their own eyes while enjoying
the advantages of a first-class Business.
English and Classical education.
Every department is complete, and is
presided over by teachers of the highest
order of ability. We solicit a most thorough
Inspection. Address,
> Ohio Valley Business
' and English Academy,
' Wheeling. . . . . . W. Va
AH existing contracts with students hold
g??d' .. au!3-tus&wy
If yoa purchase or make a loan on real
estate bate the title insured by the
Wheeling Title and Trust Co.
I NO. 1313 31AUKET STttKKF.
, H. M. RUSSh-LL President
L F. STIFKL Secretary
C. J. RAW LINO Vice President
) WM. H. TRACY A-a't. Secretary
O. R. E. GILCHRI8T..Examiner of Title* I
LaniRSl Chichester's Engfoh Pennwwal Pint i
. te
h?f enr%d ihottMiwU and wjl) com TOO. jt? t>g ? W
itl*? wrlltro r^-r?nt*?p to flart K/l CTS _*2
sasrs af^<t3fiuss>tL*ua'?
For fale in Wheeling. W. V?., by Logan
Drutf Co. fe2t-tth?
Motfs Nerverine^Ms
[ sex, such as Nervous mention, railing or
lost Manhood, Impotency, Nightly Erais,
j sions, Youthful Errors, Mental worry, exf
i cessive use of Tobacco or Opium, which
) lead to Consumption and Insanity. 5 J .00
i per box by mail: 6 boxes for $5.00.
MOTTS CHEMICAL CO., Prop's, Cletoland, Ohio.
For rata by C. 11. GRIEST & CO.. 1153
Market utreet d&w
' Arrive COLUMBUS 2:10 p.m.
! Arrlvo CINCINNATI 5:45 p. m.
. Arrlvo INDIANAPOLIS 10:00 p. m.
Arr:ve ?T. LOUIS 7:0w a. m.
i pennsylvania standard
coach i :s
' For steubeavUlc and Pittsburgh ?;2J a.
m. week days; for Pittsburgh and the
Kast and for Coluinbax and Chicago at
; 1:25 p. in. week days; for Pittsburgh, IIar?
i rlsburg, Kalilmor?". Washington, PhlladelI
nhla and New York at 3;6o p. m. dally; for
Steubenvllle and Donnlson at 3:*?5 p. m.
dally: for Pittsburgh at 7:00 p. m. week
! days; for Columbus Dayton, Cincinnati,
; InrilanapoUa and St. Louts at ?:3? v. n?.
week (lays. City tim*
I Parlor Car to Pittsburgh on 3:55 p. m. and
7 p. m. Trains.
, Persons contempt* nog a trip will find
i It profitable in pleasure and convenience
to communicate with the undersigned, who
j will make all necessary arrangements for
a delightful Journey. Tickets wtll be provided
and bugKUKe checkod through to des*
! Una Hon.
: Pnssen*or and Ticket Agent. Wheeling,
! >V. Va. oc3
On and .after Saturday. February 2, 1S95.
trains Will run us io.iows, cjij urar;
I "Leave WhrellM? i I>e.ave Elm Orcve^
, ?r*n*srmejTr'n T'molTr'n T'me Tr'n T*m?
No. a. m.lNo. p. m.|No. a. m. No. p. m.
1.... tf*0<?0.... S:00| 1.... t :?]U 1:00
' 4.... 7:00i?3.... 4;u; S.... 7:00 11 4:00
.... 1:00 24.... 6:M) (.... 1:003 1:00
.... 9:00;s<? i:00| ?.... 19:00 25 i.Oi
10.... 10:00 2#.... 7:n0; .... 10:00f7 7:00
II.... 11:00130.... 8:00 IX.... UM8 I.-W
p. in. K ... f:0> p. m :a ?:00
14.... tl2:0O S4 ... 10:00 11.... II;CO
16.... I:ft)|3*.... XlsOOlf.... l:CO 36..... X1.*00
U.... l:oo| t t IT.... Ittl
I t Dally. cxrfpi Sunday.
, Bunday church *ralna will tear* Elm
Grova at 9:4i a. m. and Wheeling at 11:17
[ p. m. H. E. WKISOKRIIKR.
' Oaneral aianaear.
X tihori Line between Fairmont and
curkMburs. yulck Tlmo-Faat Trains?
Sum i'oiiiH-rtu>n>. When traveling to or
from t'lnrKsiiiirK or W?at Virginia it Pittsburgh
railroad points, aw that your tick*
eta road \ia tho Mononcnhela Illver ltallroad.
Close connection* ai Fairmont with
It. & O. trains aiitl at Clarkaburg with II.
* O. and W.. V. P. truln?- Tickets via
thi* routv on sale at all 1). & O. and W.#
V. St r n 11. stations.
HUGH a. BOWLES. Gcn'l. Bupt
M ireSMWt&m
net ?l?rk?: Dally. fDalljr. {=?? ggjJlJvB
only. Buura m?inl?rtf TUM. -I _-a
1>rori?. II SO.-Maln Ulif i~*> itU
His an Wi.h.. B-L. Phil. N T. 1?? 3
2:? im ^Cwt35u4 Aecoau..
;si 52 :.w
"Depart* R40.-C.0r*blr.. -'IrSj
IMmm For Columbu* ju?8 Chi nJSaar <3
102S am ..Columbus and Clncln.. *? pm ?
11:40 pm ..Columbus sod Ciodn. ?.? am -ji
*3:25 pm Columbus and CW- E*tl?:?
am ..St. Clalraarllla Aceom.. nliOam
tl:2S pm ..St. Clalnvlil* A wool. jfcli .
IM in gaixlualjr -A
"bSparN BT* O:-W~ios. wan!^ 3
5:M a nl For Plttrbur?n.....-w;??
7:15 atnl Plttaburgh ??:?pm ;
SJO p?nl..PUUburgh & EML.ni:?B? *j
tlOS pm JPtttaburjh fuM am gj*
"Depart. P.. c.. C. /- flt'L. Ry. * "j
t?:i5 am Pittsburgh - ; tJ'H 55 -i
t*:45 am Stcubenvuie and Weat t*:ll ?m
tt:45 am ..Steubenvllle Accom*- U:l?52 -1
i figs pm ..Plttaburgh and N. *.. f*.? rajggs
3:66 pm ..Pittsburgh and N. *11 : . *jj
117:00 pm ...PittabMgh^Acoom... pa"
f:? m Ex.. Cln. and fct. pug 23! 55
M pm Ex.. Cln. >01) St. Ljou? 2:Ii ?2
:25pm..Kx., Steub. and CM?. Tljgg
J:55 pm ...Pitta." and Dcnnlaon? 1* *_** ??
"b?p*rt. C. k P.-Bridjrepbrt. ?*!??? *
5:53 am .Fort Wayne and Chi.. t|JS P? .
I t6:5J am ...Canton and; Toledo...
| 5:55 am Alliance and,Cleveland tj^ pm <_^
5:51 am Steubenvllle and ?}*$ .jJJI PJ* f .
t 0:09 am Steubenvllle and. P^ta. flliOS.ag ,i>
1:10 pm ..Fort Wayne and ChL. gut pm1:10
pn ...Canton and Toledo... tt;10 pm
tt:10 pm Alliance and Cleveland I:*?!*
3:68 pm Steub'e and Wellayllla. tf:? a?
6:54 pm Philadelphia ?ndN. T. tj'.lj P?
8:54 pm...Baltimore and JJ:!J 2?* '
f5:64 pm|.Steub'e and WelUvllle. t< J04>m . ^
"n?nmrt ' W & L. E. Arrive. *,
S &Cleve. and ^hf Flyer .10:15 pm .
111:00 amlTol'do and Detroit ope. NJO pm
fl:40 pm Cleve. and M illion Ex. f4J0 pm - Jj
til :00 am Steub. and Brill ant Ac. til JO am jfi
f4:40 pm|8teub. and Brilliant Ac. _t4 JO pm >j
? ^ " ? ?. w?a?MMn'Ll Arrive* ,$9
isepsrc. [v., A* ? __ .
t?:fl5 am Ci?ve., ToledoTXnif <?hl. t2;J0 pm '?(
t2:25 pm Cleve.. Toledo and OhL t9:10 pm
i6:tt) pm)....M?Hsl!lon Accom.... 111:00 am M
t$:01 am ..St. ClalravlUe Accum.. t9:!S am ,r
*10:08 am ..St. Clalrsvllle Accom.. tl:44 pm 3
tS:2& pm ..St. Clalrsvllle Accom.. UM pm *1
t5:30 pmL.St Clalravllle Accom.. t?:4S pm
_tl:40 pm| Local Freight til :60 am ^
Depart | Ohio River R. R. Arrive. V;S
6:30 am Park, and Way Points *10:50 aw ^0
t7:40 um Charleston and Clncln. *1:46 pm rq
ll-.-tS amlCtncln. and Lwclnjrton 6:50 pm j
UilSpmlPark. and Way Points. til asam ; o
Depart ( B., 2. AC. R. R. I Arrive. 38
IMlalre. Bellalre. - J
10:10 am.Mall.Express and Pass.! 3:10 pm .1
5:ii0 pm)Express and Passenger) 9:40 am
2:30 pmlMlxed Freight and Pas.l 1:20 pm
rl\Jf*ofU trains Yt
yiiUWg)Ka3MJJJ Wheeling. Eastern
V?3KE53I>J time. Schedule la
^For Baltimore. Philadelphia and New vl
daily' unc* 10* ^ P* ?* -1
HML iiOO m. m , j
dally, except Sunday!***" ^ r-'.'S?
Gralton Accommodation. 4:45 p. m. dally. . !
i From New York. Philadelphia and Baltimore.
8:20 a in. daily.
! Washington Express, 11:00 p. m. dally.
Cumberland Accommodation, 4:00 p. nw %
except Sunday. r \ --i
Grafton Accommodation. 10:10 a. nil dally.
For Columbus and Chicago, 7:35 a. m. and ' ;)
3:25 p. m. daily.
Columbus and Cincinnati Expresa, 10:31 -i
a. m. and 11:40 p. m. dally.
St. Clritrsville Accommodation. 10:J5 a. nk Js
and 3:25 p. m. dally, except Sunday, f '~i
Chicago Express, 1:19 a. m. and 11:60 a.
m. daily.
Cincinnati Express, 6:20 a. m. and 6:11 % Wi
m. dally.
Sandusky Mall. 5:15 p. m. dally.
St. Clair* ville Accommodation, 11:50 fe
m. and 5:15 p. m. dally, except Sunday. - ]
For Pittsburgh, 5:25 and 705 'a. m. and 'x}
5:20 p. m. daily, and 1U5 p. m. dally, ex- ^
cept Sunday.
For Pittsburgh and tho Eaat, 5:25 a. re.
and 5:20 p. to. dally.
From Pittsburgh. 10:10 a. m., 6JO p. m. 1
and 11:30 p. m. dally, lQ^Q a. m., ey*pt
Paesenjcer and Ticket Agent. Wheeling.
General Manager. - Manager Paaieo* r*j
ger Traffic. \
- Baltimore. ^
0flIRA?LR0AD CO. ''J
SEf Time Tab]. In EUact
D crn1"|a!' 1S38" E**'"
'Dally, tDally Ezctpt Sunday. j
South Bound. ~*7 f I I *1 l ?s1 i
via p..c..c4st.L.R| rsTisri:
t>if??hitivVi. Pa...i.vl Cln. I 9JOi 12:45 ]
Fast _
Wheeling At Line H:? lal m
Leave. a. m. a. m. a. m.lp. m.
Wheeling ?:? ' ? U:<f )8
MoundsvlUe 5^; f {;2
New Marllnavllle.... .:SI 8:44 1:1? B:B \*r
8i?t.-r?vllle 8:12 5:01 1:B l;U
WlUUunstown ?:3 S:? 3:00 ;B H
Parkershur* 10:00 10:13 1:25 J:J?
R&venswood 11:10 4:30 K
-Macon City 11:00 MO
p. m.
Polnt_Plftasan*.?.... 12<-.a| ;!
Via K. 4~M. Ry.
Point Pleasant...tv tl:06 f7:10
Charleston Arj 6:07_9:26 ,
GaUlpoltfl Arj 12:S 6:0"
Huntington I 1JSJ 7:41]
Via r ?~0. Ry. a. m. "
*.v. Huntlntrton t2*JB *IJ0
/.r. Charleston 4:27 3:4S
p. m. p. m. , -i-s
Kenova Ar 1:50
Via C. A O. Ry.
Lv. Kenova *1:58
Cincinnati, O Ar 5:16 t
Loxlnston. Ky....Ar 5M
Louisville, Ky Ar 8:16
Cleveland, Lorain & Wheeling
Schedule In Effect May 15. IBM. .
Central Standard Tim*. AKK1VE.
" " a. m';p m. p. m.la. m.
l.oratn llranch. 11 | 13 _15 |_?
Lorain fcK| ta> 4:* IB
Elvrla 6:141 !:SJ 10:04
Slifton ?;04 1:55 4:56 1041 .?!
Leslcr ta! 3:U 6:ld 10:40
iialn Lino. 1 I 3 SIT
a. m.|p. m. p. m.|a. m.
nifveVand . 2:26 6:M
Brooklyn 7:S?I 2:41 5:471
Lester 8:22| 3:W fl:42|
Medina *:? 3:35 6:52 rag
Chippewa Lake 8:41 3:44 7:051
Soville ?:?| 3:55 7:?
Sn-rllni: 4:0i . :20
, Warwick 9.1J>| 4X> 7:42 :]
1 Canal Fulton #:2l| 4:3 7:491
Maasiliou 8:45 4:4* 8:00 <:?
i JuaIu* IG'.CJ 5.021 S:?5' 6.4 ,.:j
Canal Dover 10:24 6:31 ?:? T:l?
New Philadelphia... 10:?1 5:38 f.-ffl 7JI 3k
f*K^h.viuA 11 SI ?:(J51 IJD T:M ;
mids-port 1:*> JilOj hi:0# ]
BtlUiw l_ I , *
Mij.n Line. T~~l \ 4 1 t \
io. m.)a. m.ip. m.lp.m. , c\
~8S ?*| 5:00 V
ChS??lll? J ? S:H S:<2 JUI 3
M,? Philadelphia... S.n J:3| ?:-_iS| 7:3*
Canal Dover 5:11 S:SJ. ?:|3 Jag V,"
JuktuH 5^1 fj-'M *:39( '.'to JR
yanHlon ?;*> 9:2jH 4:M kill
Cftii.il Fullon 6.^ fl.jo ' i
Warwick ?:?' -:]M . ^
Sterling * . IG.lii 5:401
Bcvlie 10;is] S:4<1 '
Chippewa Lake 7:0f 10.* 6 J
Mfuina 5*?L
Lester w-4*\ >:?' . ?i
gjffSfcllii&l 38 , *?
Lorain Urunch. 12 I H 16 1 lft JE
a. m.]a. m. p. m.,p. m. ?
Cwter ~~?:S5| 10:5ft ?:40|' 'S:St. $9
Grafton 8:?J 11:07 ?;5S S:4| . 3
Klyrla 9M 11:21 7:1? !:!?? |
Coraln ...? ? t:l51 ll:3H 7:?f l:W x ^
Train* No*. 1. 1 & nod 6 daily between
ClovHand .'?nd UhrlchsetiUk All other
train* dally, except Hundaya.
Electric cara In twcen Bridgeport and
Wheeling nn'l nrldseport and Martin's < i*k
Kerry and IfWIalre.
Coniult oK'-ntu for general Information 'v
3 t>c*t route* ard passenger rataa u , ^
ill points. M fl CARI)C1, o. P. A. ^ ^

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