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SHE WANTS $8,500
Trial of the caito of MIks Lyda
Wharton Asnlnsc the
Ycsterdar afternoon. In the circuit
court. Judge Paull's aide, the -trial of
the ccsfl of Miss Lydla Wharton, late
housekeeper for Jacob Snyder, deceased,
against the executors of the estqte
of Mr. Snyder, began. After great care
and deliberation upon the part of counsel
for both sides, the Jury was struck
and the case recessed until 9:20 o'clock
inis morning.
Miss Wharton suco the executors for
18,500, which she claims to be duo her
for eight years' service as housekeeper
and nurse for the late Mr. Snyder, as
well as for certain goods which she purchased
for him while In hlB service.
This claluy, the executors declined to
consider, hence the legal proceedings.
The case will be bitterly contested.
For Miss Wharton, Messrs. White and
Allen and Mr. W. P. Hubbard are employed
as counsel, and tho executors* interests
will be cared for by Messrs.
Caldwell & Caldwell and Mr. Henry M.
Russell. It will be seen that Borne of
the leading legal talent In the county
will participate.
Tlic trial will last several days. A
large number of witnesses will be examined.
Including the following, all of
whom have been aubpoened: George W.
Culver, Morgan L. Olt.Mrs. Grace Spargo,
John Wharton, Adaline Neal, Mrs.
Bailie Relts, Miss Louisa Basstord, Mrs.
Foster, Mrs. Birdie Lcrgge, Mrs. George
W. Snyder. A. H. Forgey, W. A. Noble,
Mrs. Henry Bartells, Miss Wilda Meln r,
Mrs. Edna Green. Mrs. G. K. Wheat,
ueorge K. Wheat, Mrs. Elisabeth
Wheat, Miss Tillle Brendlgan, Joseph
STaeger, Lee IL Hamm, John Lctskus,
Harry Smith, Mrs. David Reltz, Ike
Allen, Theodore Bowman, Mrs. Jacob
Snyder, H. A. Seabrlght, Rev. C.
3r.ihntu, Miss N'etUe Spargo, Dr. L. D.
t A VERDICT FOR *1,160
Rendered in the Tillie Zillcs Case In the
The Interesting case of TiUie ZUtes vs.
C. P. Flick, executor of Barbara Zilles,
deceased, came to its conclusion in the
circuit court. Judge Pauli's side, yesterday
afternoon at 4 o'clock, when the
jury brought In a verdict for |1,1G0 for
the plaintiff. This and other similar
ra?es are being warmly contested. Another
case, similar, was thrown out of
court by Judge Hervey a few days ago,
for the reason that the only t-vidence of
the plaintiff was ^ntroduc?,d through an
agreement claimed to have been executed
by Mrs. Zilles before her death, in
which she agreed to pny her daughters
for their services. This evidence was
excluded for the reason that all of the
witnesses to Its execution were participators
in its benefits. .Mr. Flick, the
exccutor. was one of the llrst to congratulate
Miss Zfiles upon the outcome
of the trial. A motion for a new trial
was made.
In the case of E. M. Lewis vs. the
Bank of the Ohio Valley, the demurrer
was overruled and the trial set for October
In the case of the Guarantee Loan &
Trust Company vs. J. D. Sommerville,
both sides waived a Jury, and Judgment
was given for the plaintiff for $2,1-14 23.
The trial of the case of Mary Fletcher
vs. William Fallourc's administratrix,
was iwruii in juus' ucrvct ? >?uu mm
Is expected to continue several days.
Over thirty witnesses have been summoned.
Mrs. Fletcher sues for $2,500 for
services she claims to have performed
for Folloure previous to his death.
Strangers ' > lh? City *trl Wheeling People
Miss Ema Pcall, of the Island, leaves
to-day to visit Pittsburgh relatives
R. W. Graham and A. C. Graham, of
New Martinsville, are guests of the
John Mlnkemeyer has accepted a position
at the Crescent glass works,
A. A. Lang and A. C. Dunham, 08
Clarksburg, were arrivals at the McLure
last night.
Mine Inspector J. W. Paul, of Charleston,
and Edward I'inkney, of Montgomery,
were arrivals in the city lust
Mr. W. I. Mather, of Dayton. Ohio, accompanied
by his son, William, 1 r the
guest of his daughter, Mrs. R. M. Archer,
of the Island.
Lieut. A. L. Hooton, of Moundsville,
who is home on a furlough from Company
M, First West Virginia regiment,
camped at Knoxville, Tenn., wus in tho
city last night.
Al. Hlrfch, of Hirsch Brothers fc Co.,
Pittsburgh and Louisville. 13 In th-? city.
f--r-a i Please*
' rrHiii S|' the Taste.
~3 VTvl 2g Stimulates
"I :ljf/S Si tlio Appetite.
sf ?:Iiirsch Bros.
J|S ! & Co.'s
ggf Greatest
{pMm Worcester
I Sauce.
An indispensable
! aid to good living.
. Connoisseurs have
*? '<r-& i prouoimced it the
Only Good American Sauce.
and In mnny respect* greatly
nuperlor to any Imported. A
Btrlctly nrut-clftun condiment, for
nalo by tin- )<>ndlnK retail (jrocc-r*
now at a reduced prlco to brlns
11 within rvach of all consumer*.
PHUkuroti, P?., and Ky.
JD?0|? and Miss Villa B.
^^S:Flab and wife. r,. w. Fiah. 1
Miss CarrlV L. Fish, and Mrs. Berry
i'^rtSraan!, }< f Ruckhannon, while en
route, to Ctl' vclaod yesterday, stopped
at the Windsor. I
Police LflieL O. M. Supler, who was
Injured Monday nlgtit. A'hlle alighting
from a tralln, Is iscfll confined to his bed, 3
but the attending physician hope* to
have him out next week.
t m
ilntf?r?or Minor Mommi In matt About
lilt Olljr.
Adjutant Alice Terrlll, of the Salvation
Army, will meet with the W. C.
IT. U. at 1231 Market street, at 2:30 this
afternoon. All are cordially iavlted to
come and*hear her.
Maud Smith, keeper of a disorderly
house, yesterday swore out & warrant
Cor Harry Smith. She alleged that he
hnd threatened to do her injury. Smith n
Brave bond for his appearance before c
Squire Haberfleld on Saturday. 0
The Central Garden Club will give a t]
dance at it.-* club house, on the Fifth
ward hlll-sJde, this evening, and tho Cl
UKual enjoyable affair Is certain to re- p
suit. KHlmycr will play. w
- Burglars made a raid In Bridgeport A
Tuesday night. The carpenters* work c
room at Scott & McGraw's was entered, ?
and some tools taken. With chisels
the burglar* proceeded to break into
Rausenberg & McConnaughey's, John
Patterson's and Thomas How ley's saloons.
A few dollars in the cash draw- J
era of each was stolen. They entered ?
from the rear cellar doors, showing a
knowledge of the premises. The front _
door of George MedlU's, on Bank street, w
had been tried, and the padlock fastening
the outer door was found unlocked,
but the Inner door, which Is fastened n
by a Yale lock, was not opened. tJ
It Is supposed by the police to be the C]
wnrk nf home -talent. It Is likely some ?
arrests will be made ?oon. ?
On the Faiaro of Cmba? Del level Itti a So- jjj
da I not ft. Political Problem?Deplores s<
the Surrender of Snutlaifo. w
NEW YORK, S^pt. IS.?Among1 the ti
passengers who arrived to-day on the J*
steamer City of Washington; from Ha- ^
vana were Dr. Jose Congosto, and Capt ^
Fred Sharp, of the Merritt-Chapman f?
Wrecking Company. [J1
Dr. Congosto, In an Interview, said: *J
"The evacuation of Cuba by Spain is a
a matter *if time, but when I left Hia- n
vana ever)iwiib ?ua *<iun>>.wu...0 ......
1 do not care to enter Into all the reasons
for delay, but one of the principal
causes Is the fact that we have over j,
0.000 tick who must be taken care of and
cannot be/left behind.
"The problem of the future of the
island is a difficult one and I have stu- oi
dledj^t without prejudice, and as a re- b
suit of tins study of years I believe
that It Is a social problem and not a political
one. Of course, politics will enter
into the solution, but the great ques- 01
Hon Is how to bring the most prosperity r(
and the greatest happiness to the peopie
of Cuba. It is probable that there **
wiH be a large emigration to the Island,
and this emigration may assist In solv- V
ing the proble m. Of course a difficulty b
will be met in view of the dangers of tj
fever and the climate."' P
Dr. Congosto was asked as to the con- b
dltlon of the reconcentrados. N
"There are no reconcentrados now," ci
he answered, with a smile. ei
"What has become of them?" was the A
next Question. k
"They're gone." r?
"Where?" g
"God knows," was ihe reply. h
"Do you mean to say they are all ?
dead?" , t<
"That probably explains it better than
I can. It Is a subject which I prefer b
not to dtecuss.7 ti
When asked as to the establishment of e<
a new navy for Spain, Dr. Congosto t<
said: "Spain is mill a great country, d
and she ought to have a great navy,
and probably wilK" b
Discussing the fall of Santiago and w
the surrender of Gen. Toral, Dr. Con- n
gosto said: "There were brave wj'diers n
at Santiago. and If their leader lacked I?
courage r.e deserves to be punished, a
Santiago 'should not have fallen as it tl
did, and if Toral had not entered Into fl
negotiations with the enemy It Is likely tl
that there would have been a different b
story to tell to-day. It Is not true that tl
the Spanish army there lacked supplies n
and ammunition, for they had plenty of s<
both, which they turned over to the p
Americans. If Toral had pushed for- g
ward instead of retreating towards the w
city, he qertalnly would have caused a t(
repulse. Tfheee are things which he wlH cl
have to explain."
Dr. Congosto hopes that when his du- g
ties on the Paris pence commission ex- li
pire, he w?II resume his consular duties, ci
Mr. Vjentor von Hollensteln, un a
Americaii citizen and- a member of the r
German "Red Cross society, who had c!
been la prison for several months in fl
Havana, *.-nargea wun ooxfipucuy in me u
Insurrection of the Cubans, was also tl
among the pns*engers of the City of a
Washington. He was released during b
the flrat :-art of this month. He Is tl
crippled a.r.d sick from the harsh treatment
he rccc-lvt-d. N
(ifncml Gmlinm's Commniid will b? *?nt
Tlicre-lsi-lmlM Suroiid WfU Vlrgluln,
'I ralltnoiilnl tu ( rneral Craliam. 0
CAMP MEADE, MIddletown, Pa., n
Sept. 28.?The second corps Is to be sent J
to Cuba for duty n? an army of occupatlon.
General Graham made this announcement
to-day to the member? of
his staff. The movement from .Camp
Mead* will begin between October 15 n
and 20, and the troops evil be forwarded h
with the least possible delay. General d
Graham 1? pleased with the plan of tho 0
war department to send his command as ^
a unit. General M. C. Hutler, of Houth n
Carolina, president of the Cuban poace j,
commission, Is anxious that the corps j,
should be forwarded Immediately. He ^
rays It In needed In Tuba, and the soon- jj
er It Is M'.'nt the better. H,
It Is a rfource of much pleasure to 0
General Graham to know that he will c
be permitted to round out his forty odd j,
years In the army In active service In ?
tin enemy'*-. country. This was the sixty- ?1
fourth anniversary of hid birth, and in ?
commeoration of the event, and the fact ^
that it marked hln retirement na a brlK- n
adler general of the regular army, his w
vt.Jf presented Mm with n handsome j,
silver lovinp cup. The? presentation
speech una made by General Guy Howard,
chief quartermaster. The old nol- ^
dler made a .?hort flpeech accepting the j,
gift, and expressing hl? appreciation of ti
ino ronnnrnrf ana respect wnicn ui? o:
rtaff officers havo shown toward h!m. H
General Graham will remain In the vol- tr
unteer ffrvlre an a major general until It
It In dblbrnded. Th?? cup I* h.-inJuom^ly ci
engrossed, and bran* this Inscription: T
To Major General William MontrOM ti
Graham. Commanding Second Corp*, IT. ci
H. A., from thr member* oC hi* staff, act "J
a token of n-nprrt and regard"
The ndmcc of the staff ofllcors, that of
Chief 8i|rg"-,n Olrard. the ranking officer,
t\r*t, ore also engraved on
th" ouj' Two ubiaot members of the
Btaff ''nt their congratulations.
"IT ufm almost a mlmrle. Burdock j
Blood Bitten* cured me of a terrible
breaking out nil over the body. I am
very gr>trfiri." M1*s Julia Filbridge,
West Cornwall, Conn 1
liver Improvement Convention
Committee Audits Bills.
:he late meeting of the ohio
valley improvement a8s0ci
At a meeting of the executive comilttee
of the chamber of commerce in
barge of the late annual meeting of the
Wo Valley Improvement Association,
tie bills contracted by the* several subammittees
were audited and ordered
aid. A handsome surplus remained,
hich wan placed In the general fund of
ho chamber. The following is a sumianr
of the statement:
mount of subscriptions paid 52,020
onventlon expenses $1,685
ubscription to Association.... loo
ues to Association 100
Balance $ 133
Speaking of the convention yesterday
fternoon, President Quarrier. of the
tiamber of commerce, added that the
alance from the river improvement
jnvention fund, together with the anual
dues of the chamber of commerce,
UUIU pinic U1C MVUJ 1H bUVU uuafv. >UI
s 18W campaign.
Many of the business people, said Mr.
uarrler, do not Appreciate the value of
ue work done In their behalf by the
fiamber of commerce, and in this conectlon
he recalled one crusade of the
ody that resulted in the saving of
undreds of thousands of dollars?peraps
of millions?for the business interits
of the state of West Virginia. He
sferred to the efforts made by repremtatlves
of the chamber at the last
ssion of the West Virginia legislature,
hlch resulted in the passage of a satlsictory
assignment law. Just at a time
hen It looked as though there would
e a return to the old law that made It
ssslble for an unscrupulous merchant
? assign and prefer fictitious creditors j
audulently, thus entailing an entire (
sa for ell the real creditors. He said j
Is own house saved annually by the
assage of the present assignment law i
t least $3,000, and as to the saving anually
made by Main street ho could :
ot estimate it
m I
i a St Loili Sport lug Goods Hook?Many
People Injured.
ST. LOWS, Sept 28. ? An explosion
r powder In the rear of the four-story
uilding at 410 North Fourth street,
creupled by C. & W. McClain, fishing
ickle and sporting goods set the store
r> lire and caused Its destruction, and
suited In the Injury of a number of
eople, several of whom will die.
The list of Injured foLlows: Kate
feldon, Kate Gaul and- Florence Higee,
employes of the McClain Co., failly
Injured. Joe Detter, engine cornany
No. 6, cut by flying glass and
ricks. Fred BohMy, engine company
To. 15, hit by runaway reel team and
it on head; badly hurt. Goldy,
ngine company No. 15, badly hurt by
ying glass. Two firemen, names unnown.
Gus Jan sen, fireman at Prufack'a
furniture store, cut by fiying ,
lass; not serious. T. 5. Stone, passery,
cut by fiying glas*?; not serious. A.
tagliago, tailor, hit by runaway reel
?om and badly Injured:
The first explosion occurred in the
asement of the building, where a quanty
of powder and shells had been stori.
It set fire to the building and shat:red
the glass in store fronts for some
latance along Fourth street.
In the third fioor of the McClain
uilding four young women were at
rork. Maggie DInkel. one of the wolen,
escaped by waJking aloug the
arrow ledge in front to the next build
lg soutn. Kate weiaon, iwaie uauu,
nd Florence Higbce were unable to do
lis. They anxiously waited for the
remen to put up ladders and take
tiem away from their position, which
ecame mor^ perilous every minute by
10 spreading of the flames. The flrejent
tok out one of the women, but by
jme mischance theyd ropped her to the
avement. The other two. cut by the
lass and burned by the flames that
ere nearly consuming them. Jumped
>the pavement and were taken to the
Ity hospital in a critical condition.
A second explosion sent bricks and
lass flying among the firemen, Injurlg
five of them. Two, it Is reported,
mnot live. This explosion frightened
team hitched to a reel and the horses
an away, injuring one fireman and a
Itlzen. Less than an hour after the
re sartcd' the walls of the McOlaln
ulldlng feM. It Id not yet known what
le low, which Is total on building and
or>tents, will amount to. It will proaWy
aggregate more than $100,000, paraJly
covered by Insurance.
The building Is owned by a resident of
ew Hampshire. McClaln & Co. cared
$59,000 Insurance on their stock and
xtures. It Is not known how the cxloslorv
A corrected list of the Injured showed
uit Pauline Bender and Florence lllgee,
employed by McClaln & Co., are the
nly ones fatally hurt. Kate Woldon
nd Kate Gaull escaped with minor Iniirles.
This afternoon all the mlssjg
had been accounted for by the defctlvcs
sent out to search for them.
Plora'i ttiiMtloiiRl llmik llokbrrjr.
FLORA, Ind., Sept. 28.?The excitement
over yesterday's bank robbery
as increased, although there are no new
evelopments since the arrest last night
f the suspect, with the name of James
ndrew Dlgnoms tattoo*.] on his arm,
nd who was hurried to Delphi to escape
inching. The money found on him
uh been carefully examined, as well us
In blood-etalned clothos. and he 18 beeved
to be one of the gang. Four other
uspects were released. To-day all th??
fflcers In the county and hundreds of
Itlxens are scouring the country with
loodhounds for the robbers, who got
way with $5,000 In gold and $7,000 In ,
urroncy. Thore Is no run on the bank. (
epoHltors will lose nothing. Cashier
?non Ih still alive, and the physicians :
re unable, as yet, to tell whether he i
111 aurvlve the effects of the shots In
In head and breast.
WIS give no rewards, an ofTer of this
Ind Is the meanest of deceptions. Our
lan Is to give every one a chance to
y the merit of W.y'w Cream Halm?the
rlglnnl Balm for the cure of Catarrh,
lay ivcver ami uok? in mc iinm, vy
tailing for ten cents a trial sito test
s curative powers. We mall the GO
ent size olso ami the druggist keeps It.
est It and you are sure to continue the
reatment. Jtellef l? Immediate and a
lire follows. Ely Urothoro, G6 Warren
[net. New York. I
??5 *-* * j?
? -J
How Machinery Shatters th(
Dangers to Which Working Met
nod Women Aro Exposed.
Thousands Saved by the Timely Use
of Dr. Greene's Nervura.
Those who are familiar with the hide*
oub roar of a boiler factory or the deafening
blows of a trip hammer readily
realise how noise affects the nerves.
MnilaMUnil hnVAVor ihflt thp In
uiiuuflwiiu, uu?i.ii.i| uiur^^w
cessant clatter of a loom or the gentle
buzzing of a sewing machine are equally
exhausting. It is everlasting monotony
that overstrains the nerves and undermines
the strongest constitutions. Work
must be varied to be healthful, and few
^ork^ >and women an
ible to change their occupations In the
slightest degree or to modify their surroundings.
This explnins why derangements
of the nerves and blood are so
;ommon among people whom the unlinking
expect to be models of health.
It is diseased nerves and weak or
irltlat^d blood that drive so many workng
men to alcoholic stimulants and so
nany working women to morphine and
>ther seductive drugs.
There is only one specific for diseases
>f the nerves and blood and that Is Dr.
Jreen'e's Nervura blood and nerve remedy.
This sovereign remedy will
promptly and permanently cure nervous
weakness and exhaustion, loss of
ambition and spirits, inability to sleep,
craving for stimulants, nervous headaches.
neuralgia, emaciation and general
debility and lassitude.
If you feel the need of medical adk'lce,
Dr. Greene Invites you to consult
with him fully and freely, personally
or by letter, at his office, 35 West 14th
St, New York City. Dr. Greene makes
no charge for consultation and advice.
Sliol the Snporliitcndriit,
SANTA MONICA, Cal., Sept 2S.?
While Governor Smith, of the Pacific
branch of the National Soldiers' Home,
near this place, was coming to his headquarters
to-day, Albert G. Bradley, who
has been an inmate of the home for five
years, came up behind him and shot at
him five times, one ball taking effect
under the right shoulder blade, one
above the right hip and one through the
? Tha minroonn think the
l)M?b aiu? o j
wounds nro not fatal. There is no external
bleeding, but fear of Internal inJury
nre entertained. At times Bradley
has acted strangely and it was supposed
he was mentally unsound. The governor
is resting easy. Bradley was arrested.
Will not lie llnrtlcd.
WASHINGTON, Sept 28.?'The movement
of troops from the United State*
to Cuba may not be hurried by the
evacuation of Manzanillo, on the southern
coast, which it was reported would
occur on the 6th of October. A telegram
has been received from General
L?awton saying that he has three reglmentst&t
Santiago, available for garrison
duty, nnd probably one of these will
be sent to Manzanillo. Other troops at
Santiago will also be used for garrison
duty if the early evacuations occur.
Yellow Frrrr lit MUi'mlptil.
JACKSON, Miss., Sept. 28.?The local
health officiate admit the yellow fever
situation to-day is grave. No new
cases are announced, but the physicians
have several suspicious cases under
surveillance, and It Is expected that
some of them will bo declared yellow fever
when the night report Is made. The
urea of Infection is very large?embracing
ohnnf fiivipfii tiniiares. and no less
than 2,000 negroes are confined within
the cordon. About one hundred and
fifty Whites reside In the district Many
of the negroes are without food, and the
relief work will be commenced at once.
Ntw Daughter oT I'mirtilrrncy.
CHICAGO, SepL 2#.?Miss Lucy Lee
Hill, an examiner In the office of the
civil service commission. Is the new
"Daughter of the Confederacy." Her
southern friends have conferred this
honor upon her since the death of Miss
Winnie Davis. During the day she received
numerous congratulations over
the distinguished honor. MIrj Lee Is a
native of Virginia, and comes from one
nf the oldest and most aristocratic families
in the south. She Is a distant relative
of General Fltzhugh Lee.
Mrliantluii Kiplo<!?(|.
ZANB8V1LLE, O., Sept. 28.?The peoplo
of Uenrock, In Noble county, have
cleaned out the old well' Into which Joseph
McCall, according to his confession,
which he was alleged to have mnde
recently Just before dying, was supposed
to have thrown 1he body of his
brother after murdering hltn forlv
. U I u.hflta?Ar
yenrn ituiiiihh .. . ?
found to substantiate the supposed confusion
and the sensation is exploded.
New York** Wool IC*? h ??moClnartl.
NEW YORK, Sept. 28.?The wool exchange
of this city, which woe established
about two years ago, with a capital
of $1,000,000, did m?t open lis doors
to-day, owing to lack ??f Interest In the
undertaking. The exchange, as a corporation,
l:? solvent, its building having
been a good real e.-Unt'' Invmtmcni.
I DlVr pldcc for
" DAim. parents to
tcach children
to savo.
Iv.9?.m.ls3p. Sb jljt
nd Sstardsr Ivenlngt, -
' ^ '
"? '
This is the harbor over which the,
armed and to treat with tyranny, to
Crete be unarmed and governed in a p
AllSoitaof LoealKimaHilOoNlp Prom
(lie OImi Cllr*
Eminent Commander J. W. Hollingsworth
yesterday Issued a circular-letter
to the members ot Hope Commander?
for the conclave at Pittsburgh, urging,
all to. respond."^ The Baltimore & Ohio
train will leave St. Ciairsvllle at 4 n.
m., on the morning of the 11th and will
return there that night, for those who
want to come back (he same day.
Eight Bellaire soldier boys are,home
on a thirty days' furlough. They are:
Everett Tharp, Herman Bowers, ThornWilliam
Pruden. William
Fish, Samuel Carter, Elmer Long: and
Albert Leach, all of the Seventh Ohio
volunteers. They are all In good health,
but are glad to get home, eveh for the
short time.
The chicken and waffle supper to be
given by the Fourth Division of the
Ladles' Working Society of the First
Presbyterian church, this evening, will
be largely attended, as a large number
of tickets have been sold.
Fusner Bros.' circus arrived in the
city yesterday morning and pitched
their tents on the commons. They,
gave n performance last evening and
will give one this afternoon and tonight.
John Woods, son of Mr. G. H. Woods,
the contractor, will be home to-morrow
from- Columbus, where he was mustered
out of service. Ha enlisted in the
Seventh Ohio when the war broke out
C. W. Troll ana r. n. orown nave
bought over 100.000 pounds of wool at
twenty-six cents, In this section. In a
few instances they paid more, but twenty-six
was the lowest per pound.
A large crowd from this city will attend
the performance of Willie Collier
in 'A Man Prom Mexico." at the Opera
House, In Wheeling, to-night.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Weyman, of Cameron,
who have been visiting relatives in the
I The E
We have the e
readers, in Port!
most beautiful ai
derful achieveir
embraces a fullpictures
of ever
since joined the
furious Battle of
the rapid-fire gi
scenes in the <
possession. Th
to be found in
for delivery at oi
I The Hero of Manila
The Protected Cruiser 01;
I Protected Cruiser " Baltlm
I Protected Cruiser ? Ralelgl
'I Protected Cruiser Boston
| Gunboat "Concord"
The Light Ounbiat Petrc
' I Great Naval Engagement i
| I (Double page)
I The Flee): tba
sultan Ib to have so much trouble. He la i
Bay the least, all who approach the islands,
eaceful manner.
First ward for a week past, have re- t
turned <o their home. d
Mrs. W. B. Workman has returned to
her home In the Fourth ward, after a I
pleasant visit with relatives in Powhat- t
Wayne Archer who has been working a
at Athens for two months past, has re- i
turned to his home in the Fourth ward.
The Buckeye football team has join- a
ed the Young Men's Club and will hereafter
be known as the T. M. C. A. team.
Perry Cummins will leave to-morrow
for Philadelphia, to resume his studies t
in a medical college there. t
Miss Maude Jackson, of Parkersburg, c
W. Va., is the guest of friends and reia- t
tives in the Fourth ward. 8
Mrs. Dr. Charles Day, of Belmont, is r b
visiting her parents in the Second ward. (j
frrs.m this lit. J m
Waterproof Gum
Tinworkers, I
Mad? from Full Weic
front to protect the
Strings. Just the t
water. Full length e
Regular price $1.01
[ero of M
xtreme good fortune this week
folio Number ij of Our Natic
nd lasting Souvenir of Admiral [
lent on May ist. This spier
-page portrait of Admiral Dewe
y vessel in the fight, also of th
fleet; a panoramic double-pag
Manila; deck pictures of the h<
jns that proved so effective, an
:apital of the Philippines?our
e following is a list of
tographic Vie
Number i j of the series which
ur office or by mail for 10 cents.
.Contents of Portfolio No. 13...
Double Turreted t
ympla" Protected Cruiser
ore " Target Practice w
1" Ship's Company 0
Rosario Street, M
A Bungalow in M
Double TurretcJ f
In Manila Bay
A Sugar Factory 1
week's number will be devoted
t Destroyed Cerver;
>.\: * ~*
Jetermlned to keep Crete heavily
The powers have demanded that
ended itif /air at Moundavllle yeiter.
lay afternoon.
Miss Jenlnq Douglas, of Oil City, Pa.,
h the guest, of friends and relatives la "
he Second ward.
John Kirkpatrlck, a venerable and
iged citisen, is seriously ill at his horn*
n tho cut.
The Ihiperlal Club will dance In Ar?
nory hall this evening.
Annthrr OI?m? Combine.
PITTSBURGH, Sept M.-The gitm
ableware manufacturers of the coonry
are ixv session here and have practl.
ally formed a combine for the regula>
Ion of the product and prices. Twenty,
lx firms are represented. The com.
ine wIH be capitalized at J8.000.000, and
. cnaricr wm ue wiKun oui m xen
ersey. The Keneral ecJHng agency
Hi "probably be In this city.
butchers or Icemen.
iht Rubber Cloth, witli high bib
chest, with extra strong lie
hing [or a men who works in
ind well mode.
). OUR PRICE 50c.
1320 and 1322 Market Street.
ivenir j
: to offer our
>n in War, a
)e\vey's won- II
idid Portfolio
iy; full-page
ose that have
e view of the 111
arAiy* fraurc nf llllll
>IVIV V.I ^ w 1
d vivid street
new eastern
ws , |
is now ready
ilonitor "Monterey" 11111 M
" Charleston "
ith Heavy Ordnance !
if the > Baltimore "
anila || I
Monitor " Monadnock " | I
In Manila j |jjj I
.. I
a's Squadron gj I

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