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r?vf 53**5.
??? uollnUhwl from t'MtrpUr and
three iddltioMl nude op lb*: card tor
ihc Urivlns ami Fair Ai?ociat)?n'J third
iiy. The first heal tnxte*?flded the
Douglas ?vw .'W. m.-?
hat? from yesterday, and WIS a strong
favorite. He won the heat atHCrace in a
clone finish, with Mattte ^Rt'Ason and
Cararalia. Nolan's driver,"*?^:*, was
flni l yjfi for laying up heali.
The chief event to-tiay SOQCthe Zelbarfi
for :US pacers and tbe^lrst heat
can- a world** record lowered. Klatawa
kou in 2^5^, reducing his own
nark uf for three-year-oft pacers.
He was not in the race afterward, however.
the record-breaking effort seetnleg
(o near him out. Miss Logan and
Lady ??; the Manor fought for the next
three heats. Miss Logan winning all of
< ifro ar.J the race in close finishes.
The division of the Matron stakes foe
trio-year-old pacers brought out a field
of Ave likely youngsters. Exiacy was
sjasily the be*t and woo In straight
h-ati. Borallpht getting second money
easily. Woodford C. was withdrawn
from the 2:16 <rc.t. unfinished fromye*
f terday, on account of ilcknesi. Espy
Boy. with two heats, opened favorite
bu: 'leers handled Tudor Chimes skilfully
am! the Village Farm entrfr woo
by half length from the favorite. The
J JO trot w as won by Marguerite A., the
favorite, In straight heats from Mabel
Moncypennf. Summaries:
First race, 2:1? trotting, purse li.OGO (un?
fn>r?h?l from yeettrday).
T':dor Chimes, b.g. . ,
iVlllasr Farm Stable*.
by Chimes.
(Jeers) 11 U 4 2 1 1 1
Espy Boy, blk-h.,
(Powellf 2 2 113 2 2
S'srpot. sr.h.. (Curry) 3 5 3 I f dr.
O-lun L., b.h, (MeDowf|?
12 J 5 S 4 dr.
Woodford G., b.g.,
?Rt?d) I 1 2 I 2 dr.
Guy. ch b.. (Garrey). 4 SUM dr.
J. tv. C.. br.h., (Hednck)
2 I 8 I 8 dr.
jtvana. b. m.. (Kinno)
4 It 1J f 7
Toxine. bm., (Jones) 8 11 12 dls.
6i?t*r Alice, b. ra.,
(McHenry) i 8 ? dr.
p?r#a). hh.. (Ryan). 7 7 8 7 ? dr.
?2!?rt. b. g.. (Van
?okel?n) 10 4 IJ tt dr.
Jo^ephino Dixon, b.
- * *?
fee'*:$??:;i?: > u. s?4:
Snor.<l. DouclaM Jt?*e. !:ll trottlnt
take KM (unfinished from ye?tenU?.
John Noun. b. s.. Prodigal _
(Foole) 10 1 1
piutoi. ch-h-. (McDowell) 1 5 }
Alktr. br.h.. 4 1 s J
*1&n> u s >!
b. m., (Kejrf). 5 2 ? ?
gtr Charles. Ul.L(AUref> j f { f
Gratun Boy. b.h.. (Miller) 9 I ? f
J. B. D.. bik.g., (Ames) I J & *
gtarahouleUe. o. b.. (Van
Bokelen) * # 10 "
Time! 2:M: 2:?: *?*: J?il *?
Third, the Selbach stakes IS.W0. 2:1S pace.
2(i? Loxsn. b-m-. by Gen. Login. #
(nou':n?"r? . . . .
Klatawka. b.c.. (McHenry) 12 7 7
La?y of th? Manor, ch.m.. (Geera) 3 2 2 3
Carrie J., b.m.. (Blvin*) 4 4 3 3
Kvanse'.ine. b. m.. (Mclaughlin) & S S 3
b.h., (Crutchfleld) 6 14 4
Silver Hall, ro.tn.. (McDermctt.. 7 < Z C
Hftty O.. br. m.. (Thoma*) 5 5 fidr
Bellfwood. br.m.. (Huwy) d?a
Lor.< Point, ch.h., (Polll) dls
Time. 2:tt; 2M: 2*1
Fourth. 2:33 trot. pur*e (SCO.
Marruerite A., ch.m.. by Axtell.
West) Ill
Mabel Moneypenny, gr.m., (Thomas)
2 2 2
Oakley. b.g.. (French) ....4 3 3
John P. Stewart, h.h.. (Mill*)..,,.. 3 ? 7
Harry, bik e.. (DerningT) 22 7 <lr
Fu?le Hove, cr.ro.. <Lt*p) dH
Kar l. ch-g.. (Hill) U S 5
J:ot;rfcon BonncIJ. ch.h., (Jone*)... 7 10 10
Monte Bajrard. Kg. (McDowell).. 6 11 dis
Maxsie Anderson, b.h-. (Hunter)..1C 5 6
Bo?ery Belle. blk.m.. (Lappam)..dls
Barometer. br. s.. (Splan) 13 11 4
ii m.. iMcCowan* S 13 11
Kriu Bells, h. ni.. i Chandler) ? 12 3
Lr Fr?nch. b.c.. McKay) 5 9 S
T;ra<. 2:12H: 2U2: 2:14.
Fifth, two-year-old* pacing, the Pacing
Matron "take*. JJ.Wft
KxfUey. b.?.. by Baron TCIIkef. (Marvin
1 1
Jlcrx'.xU:. rh.f.. \liyan) 2 2
Bride Klect. b.L ?LHp?.... 3 3
Calamity. b.f? (Brown) 4^4
Kvtie. M., ilxvrl*> ?*?*.?
Today'? programme of rac? by the
"Wheeling Joeluj Club, at the^ State
Fair ground#, is as folio wa:
Ftrn race, four and one-half furlong*,
ipec.a! weights-Ensign. 115: CHcar Gardr.er
(formerly Rc?.de>. 110: Magnolia. ICS:
Id* r.. IV: Stater Ida. 1?6: Dr. Worden.
116: l/. rk?doow Uf: Hope. !?.
StcoOd race, thn'e-quartrrs mile?Monro*
D&ctrir.e. 1??; Arian. 115: Crown. Ill:
Younc GrifTo. 112: A. R Dade.-115: Com
Cc:?. :*V First I.faht. ICS; Gilt Australian.
ie? ?;0:d Sp*c. m.
Third race, three-quarter* mile, special
w*:rh'.?-Sp~<iy, 113; Tampa. Hi; Dawer.
1* lUimont. M; Pocket Piece. liS; W. O.
Hard Inc. 1(6: Runawrar. KM;
Fourth race, four and one-half furlona*.
tpecial *eiKht*-John McGarrlglc^Uf: Silver
Brcok. 110; Frank R- Harf. IV: Rossfnan.
110; Belli* Australian. 1?; Nevada
Boy. ltt; Mtnco Maid. 166.
KM M*r?y Klrb* JlmCorlttt Whit* the
LiMef w*? Kelug Held by FrUodl Bud
Then McCoy Ran 4 war.
NEW YORK. Sept. 'The yggSUsttf.
"Kid" McCoy and James J. Corbelt.
whose match has h?ea broken off. met
In the GUser House lobby <faU aiterroon.
when McCoy knocked Corbett's
bai off and then while Corbet* Was held
by hi* friends, kicked Corbett in the
groin. He then ran out of a side' door,
awty fr jtn the crowd. Corbett was taken
to his romn and a doctor summoned.
Corbett, h!j manager. George Consldir.e
and A1 Smith. a:e lunch together
1? theGUsey House cafe, finishing about
1 o'clock. Ther then walked out
through the lobby and In the Broadway
-nrraace met David Nugent, of the
Hanrthorne Athletic Club. ivh? joined
th*m. One side of th* entrance- were
M Coy.WIUUm Gray, of the Havthorr.e
A'.h. tic Clua. and *ix other men. Their
;.ilklng excitedly.
ft-. ' mA an/4 Pnrh?ll
* \ up to Co likewise. (?r*y. after
s? ror. lrdglng th* salute. said to Corbet.
I 'ion't think you want to Ashl."
.. /'.'hat's that?" Inquired Corbett.
r*;>e3tM the remark, and Cor"
! ?'jdlr said that he nra* ready to
flaht anywhere and at an*fia?
Til n^ht him now and right
h*: * on the street." nald Corbett.T;:
C v . who had b#tn Uitttllft atepI
1 up to Corbett a* the Ia:t#r epoke.
r.tj knocked off his hat. Hev?ntl of
|r,r 't"? frlt-txls. vlihlDf no dfaturban
r heJd him and Ju*t jm ther selxed
him by the ?rmi and shoulders. KcCor
v>r*.* a k'. >: at Corb^tt. which
atrork Mm la the irroln. Corbett'l^ane-1
r In pain. unable to trr to S*1
M Cuj. who, an soon a? he had wM
r ran fcrwk lo the fiefe entrance
of I-." hoteL Corbett tried to -7e!Iow,
il 1 not <to so and he was p*r!
in t ? his rrx>m. A doH?*f- was
Immediately summoned.
A :rz- crowd ha<l Kath*-r*d at th*
fir-( rmi?r that th*> priz* fighters ?r.-r*
lr. the hotel together and th? time
rt that their had vol Into u
--v v ! ?>?*n spread whlrh wot 'i- a
few rrlnut**. th? hotel rai bfllfri
The or- wj was In a atatf* of *srtt?*m?nr
about th" alleged fight, btit rel'.ber '
the pujfillstw was *een br the people.
McCoy disappeared earlr.
flutl'r t? Arrfiini.
PHILADELPHIA, pa.. B*pt. ?.-Jo*
Eu r. Um colored pugiUit, who dellv
- v. - * ...'
er?d a kntxk-oat blow to "Doe" Wn*
"Kia" McCojr'a iparrlni pMlner, on
Mondir nltht. at the ??. wa? arreated
to-dar and held w 1UK i*l. fcr
coart on the chari* of aldlnf and awl.
tin* a prlae flflbt and aaiantt and battery
on Paj-nr. Special Ofllcer Union
testified that Butler threw Pa?n? oa the
floor three Uxh In the Brat round and
struck hlxn aoreraj times while down.
He alao testified aa to the knoefc-oui
blow. Following the aflWr Mayor Warwick
haa notified the arena management
that so more conteata wOl b? permitted
to take pliaee In the bolWtnj
until he alVFi penqlgalon after making
In HI* Fight Wltli Kid Lavlgne Surprised
Many Spectators. '
NEW TOfiK? Sept. 28.?Kid Lavigne.
light-weight cham^jpji pugillit of the
world, came very Tmir loafag hi* tIHe
to-night at the Greater New York Athletic
Club in a twenty-round boat with
Frank Erne, of Buffalo. Erne proved a
tartar for the Saginaw boxer, who Is not
the Lavlgne of three year* ago fegr anr
mean*. Erne's wonderful Improvement
wan a surprirc to the Lavlgne people
who witnessed the fight.
He drew Lavlgne to him and sent
back a* good a* he got In many of the
round*, while In some of them he outpointed
the champion. It was generally
understood that a decision was to be
given on points and the statement made
at the end of the boat that both men
had agreed to call it a draw In case the
men were good and strong at tha end of
the twenty rounds, wis a source of
keen disappointment to a host of Erne's
friend*, who looked for a favorable verdict.
Erne deserve* the greatest praise
that can be bestowal on him for his
clever work and had the bout been decided
on points he certalnlr would have
trot the chstnplonship honors and tha
winner's slice of the 15.000 purse watch
the club hung up for the contest.
The men who Hid odds of three to one
on Lavigne looked sick toward the end
of the bout, particularly fn the last two
rounds, when Erne was getting the better
of his opponent and If the men were
to meet again even money would be the
ruling oddi>. Erne on his showing tonight
has the championship almost at
his mercy. Erna's principal second was
Kid McCoy. Jim Corbett. who was to
have seconded Lavigne.was unable to be
present, owing to injuries received from
Kid McCoy in their fight to-day In *
Broadway hotel.
And Will Cover Anr Forfeit That Jack
Kinlow May Pot Up.
Eddie Gardner called at the office of
I fh? .Tntf?lli##nrer last nicht and Stated
Chat he had not been anxious to brin*
on a match* with Jack Kinlow, of McKeesport,
in particular, but he was
ready and anxious to get on a match
with most any boxer, and KInlow would
suit him as well as anyone else. Gardner
stated that he would cover any forfeit
that KInlow might put up in the
hands of any reputable newspaper, and
would at once sign articles for the bout,
which would be brought ofT before the
club making the most Uberal Inducements.
For the Feather-weigh: Championship
of the World at Cleveland.
Oscar Gardner, of this city. widely
known as the Omaha Kid. has attached
his signature to articles of agreement
for a twenty-five round contest for the
featherweight championship of the
world, between himself and George Dixon.
the colored lad. which will be pulled i
! off at Cleveland on che coming New
. V??r'? Avanlnr Thl* will a. 1
notable one and ought to draw fanciers
of the boxing art from far and near.
Needless to state. Wheeling will send on
a large contingent of Gardner rooter*.
CHICAGO. Sept. M.-Alfred Griffith,
known in sporting circles as "Young
Griffo." who created a sensation last
night by running along State street,
stripped to the waist and yelling at the
Cop of his voice, and who all but knocked
out three of tiie police officers attempting
to arrest him, is believed to be
Insane. He was arraigned before Justice
Martin to-day and talked incoherently
about some person who intends
shooting him. The case was continued 1
until October X to enable the city physician
to examine into GrifTo's sanity.
BOSTON. Sept. 2S.-The Champions tried
hard to make it thirteen straight victories
by winning from Brooklyn to-day. but
the visitors were too much for them. The
home cam had plenty of chance* to win.
but the hits did not come in the right time.
AinnuaniT, fcw. *. R H E
Brooklyn I 0 0 4 I 0 0 0 A-3 U 1
Boston * ) I 0 H 0 1 W 5 I
Batteries, Miller and Ryan; Willi*. Nichols
and Bergen. Umpires. Brown and Andrews.
Earn?d runs. Brooklyn 2; Boston
NEW VORK. fVpt. The Giants bad
th* game well In hand up to the ftfth.'
when the Phillies b**au to *-ore on irood
hit tin* and poor flfldln*. Thejr kept It
up until In the ninth, when the fame wss
railed on account ot darkness. Philadelphia
hsd scored two runs In the ninth
when the rarae was called. Score: R jj E
New York 0 4 9 9 1 0 0-* 15 I
Philadelphia ?S 0 0 6 1 1 1 2?8 IS 2
Batteries. Gettl* and Warner: Piatt and
McFarlacd. Umptres. Connolly and Hunt.
Attendance. 500. Earned runs. New York
4 Philadelphia 1
LOUISVILLE. Sept. 21-The Colonels
played irilt-edfed ball to-day and the Or-1
phans narrowly escaped a shut-out. Decker
wrenched his ankle In the second innInr
and had to retire from the irarnc
? , r nf.unt<H with a flnfll i<Mlm
In th* fim Innlnc. Attendance. 2.0Q&
i Score: _ _ _
r^uiiriiio ...? i ? ? s ? J -?" ?
Chwaao 9 ? ? 0 ? 9 1 % 1
ii&tterle*. Ounnlnichara and Klttfi'lf;
rjrtHlth and Donahue Umpire* Bwart.
wood and Warner. Earned roni, I.oolii
vllle 4; Chicago L
ST. LOVIP. Sept. S.-A rood rrowd naw
Cleveland and Cincinnati plar htm todar
Powell pitched ?p!?ndldly while
Breltenft'ln had one h?i Inning. Attendance.
X.OOG. Score: ^ ^ ^
Cincinnati ....? 0 0 0 1 0 0 ?I j i
Ct-v.land 1 i)000400*-t I!
Batterlec Powell and Crtfer: Rrelten?teln
and Wood, fmplr-a. Email* and
McI>onai.t. Earned nin>. Cleveland I;
Cincinnati L_
The Intelligencer I* In receipt of an
Interesting letter from Arthur L. Mc- i
Farland. now with the atronjr Oreenabursr.
Pa., team. "Mac" waa the prid* j
of the town last xeaaon. owing to blj
l\n? work, and hi* frJenda here are certain
he will be very much fn evidence
(n the mm I nr same*. Greenaburg play*
iHraddock on Haturdaf. and a fgtanc* at
the following line-up, ??nt by McFarland.
fhowa that it fa a dandy:
Centr*. Thomao. of Yale; KJnehart. I
I right guard. of Lafayette; Burwlck. left
Icruard. of Univ. gooth Carolina; Wyatt.:
of rhlcago A. C? right tackle; McFar-1
land, of Wheeling, left tarkle; Donohoe, |
I >f Lafayette, right end; Wortblngton.of
I I-jfaf^tte. left end; Fk>wer?. quarter-1
# back, of Washington A Jefferson; Bar* ,
" V *
A, i-% -s-is&i!. \
bosses many a body and bardanmaoy
a mind. Yon can't enjoy
the -food yon like because yon ape
bilious. Yon take all iorts of jureeautions,
and yet the Bfion* attek
leapg os you. like % tiger from ambush.
Ycta"know the feeling! The blood
j seeming on fire with a dull beat; the
boring pains in the eyes; the lead
seeming to open and shot; the horrible
nausea, v Yon know tbe irritability
which precedes and the languor
that follows the attack. Ifs miserable,
isnt it? Why not core the
trouble? There's a pUl that will care
biliousness. Dr. J. C. AVER'S PILLS
are an acknowledged specific for this
A. Svnttr, Ttiirhu. Tex* ?riut:
'FcrfifWea rMrs I kin ued AnA Rib,
ud tad tk?* iwj rfertin ta biliooi comfiliate.
I kin jet to M the cue when
ttay tun (tiled to can."
oo hot rAa.ro f I W
clay and Walbridge, of Lafayette half
back*: "Texas" Matthews, of W. & J..
full back.
The Wheeling: high school has organized
a team and had the flrst practice
yesterday. Prof. W. B. Turner, a Bethany
college crack a few fears ago, will
coach the boy?. They are bantams and
will average about HO pounds.
It's a Pltt?b?rg mrrf,
Yesterday's'1 Intelligencer told of the
finding in his yard by Mr. John McKee.
of a wounded carrier pigeon, which was
marked "M. H. C. <M) ISA" Yesterday
Mr. J. C.W11 llama, the well known horning
pigeon fancier. Identified the pigeon
as being one belonging to the
Mountain Homing Club, South Side,
Pittsburgh, the secretary of which is H.
A. Manns*. Knoxvllle Bor., Pittsburgh.
The pigeon evidently was flown in the
young bird races, it being a bird,
t# ? ?. on thf and wan
dered to Wheeling. Mr. Mckee intends
returning it if be can locate its owner.
(lays ?? * Huhtpt in th? Thriving City
Acron the Hirer.
Mary Alma, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
George Tipton, of North Fourth strei.
died last evening, ?hortly before 6
o'clock, of consumption. She had been
eick for several months past, but was
not considered in a dangerous condition
until within the last three weeks, when
she became much worse. The funeral
will be held from her late home, this afternon,
at 4 o'clock. The services will
be conducted by Rev. J. T. Morton, of
the Methodist church. The place of interment
was undecided at a late hoar
test night, but will either be at Barnes ville
br Hendrysburg.
The EUet helm* lots wKl be offered
for sale again next Monday afternoon
at 1 o'clock, and it is believed that many
or them will be sold, as a number of
probable purchasers will be on hand.
The lots are in Locust grove ar.d Immeaiut
a? nlalr.lv marlcxd
with two-1 neb-square pins. The agent
requests any person desiring a choice
buiiding lot to visit these before the day
of aaie and get an idea of their desirability.
A letter received ta?t night from
Boss D. Robinson, who. with Albert
Shaver, left here on the 5th of September
for Porto Rico, conveyed the n?*wa
of their safe arrival at Ponce on the
15th Instant. A delightful voyage was
reported, with the exception of a squall
which they encountered on the second
day of their trip.
The Toung People's Sodety of Christian
Endeavor of the Presbyterian
church will a give a social and musical
entertainment to-morrow evening, ia
the Owimercial Hall, to which all the
young people of the church and others
are especially Invited to at:end. Everything
is to be free, snd a gbod time is
A large housen in the forging department
at the Laughlin mill was broken
yesterday morning, and unless it can
be temporarily repaired, will suspend
operations in every department at thai
plant. This is an unusual break, .and
the second of its kind that ever happened
to this mill.
A. B. Gordon, engineer at the electric
Ugh: plant, has handed In his resignation,
to take effect a* soon as his sue
c***or can b* cameo. Mr. uoraao anu
lm? of enetfy which lead* finally to eonsumption
it not alwajr* rery ranid. but if
it isn't stopped it will presently befin to
saw its way into the nwt vital part of the
body, the lnng?. There would be very
little consumption it every i*ratiy wuniu
keep Dr. Pioc^l Go'.den Medical Discovery
ia the house. and u*? it whenever feeling
"ont of sorts." It keep* the entire
body in such a high condition of health
and forcefulne?? that wasting diaea?e? have
no chance tj get a foot hold. A teaspoonCol
or two before meal*, in a little water,
(ire* the digestive organ:*m power to assimilate
the blood-making, nerve-toning,
atxeagth-building properties of the fdod.
It enable* the1 liver and earrrtory system
to clear the circulation of bilious poiaons
and retnore an wast* m?;er nora xor uoay.
It replaces worn out t:s*ue with hard muscular
l!e*b, and changes weakness and
debility into active power and nerve force.
The originator of tmsgreatDi^corrrr "
R. V. Pierce, II. D., ts chief con-nltinr
physician to the great Invalid*' Hotel ana
Sfcrgical Institute of BuiTalo, > . Y., at the
bead of a staff of nearly a score of eminent
associate physicians and surgeons lie has
acquired, in hi? over thirty years of active
practice, a reputation second to no liring
physician in tb? treatment of obstinate,
chronic tHffllW. His prescriptions must
not be coufouadfd wttb the numerous
"boom" remedies, "eatracts," "compounds,"
and "sarsaparillas." which a
profit-seeking druggist is often ready to
urge as a substitute. Dr. Pierce's medicines
arc the product of sride eapcfience
and deep study. Any one m*y consult
htm bf mail free of charg*
tiro other parties hare bought a machine
shop at Mound# vllle, W. Va..
which they expect to commence operatic*
at owe.
A decision wis rendered in favor ol
the plaintiffs in the attachment case*
of A. M. Alexander and Frank Sockmal
afaliwt A J. Habi*. of Wheeling which
was tried before a Jury in 8<juir* Clemens'
court yesterday.
The street railway extension through
town la piMfrreMing rapidly. The rails
have Wen laid on the loop, and are dliiribtrted
on Fourth. Fifth and Center
streets. '
MUi Manle Ralston, who Is vial tins
her slater. Mrs. E. C. Simpson, at Alt*
ron. is ill. and nnder the doctor's care
at mat piace. ,
Mi?s Sadie Humphreys, of aWshlng- f
ton, D. G, 1* the charming guest of t
Miss Emily Hoge, on North Fourth a
street. t
The famous R. J. Erwood Slock Company
will open a week's engagement at \
the opera house Molnday evening. 1
Service# will be conducted at the
United Presbyterian church 8unday by
Rev. A. R. Robinson, of Allegheny. j
An infant child of Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Powler died yesterday morning,
and was buried in the afternoon.
The Enterprise Glass House, which fs '<
being erected on First street, will be h
reday for operation soon. a
Miss M J. M Drennen will leave to- fl
day for Orandview, Ohio, to visit her f
sister tor several weeks
Miss Lena Williams will entertain her ?
friends Friday evening, at her home, on 11
North Broadway. ?
Mrs. L. J. C. Drennen and Miss Carrie 1
Wood go to Pittsburgh to-day to visit f
- - - P
J. M. Henderson ana wiie an? v?iunB p
relatives at Sznithflel J, ami taking In j,
the fair. p
A party from here will drive to Smith- p
field to-Jay, to attend the fair at that
place. t
Claud Howell and Joseph Pennington J
went to Smfthfleld yesterday. j
Elmer Reed left for Sdo College yestwday.
_ p
Ba?ooa 4
Rre?xr Jfewi Item* OaUitnd la tha Buf a
Jl?r>ball Canatv Town.
The Central school can't get relieved ?
of Its surplus attendance any too soon. v
With an enrollment of 107 and seats for fc
SO children in one department. It Isn't
strange Chat the children keep the
teachers planning suicide. After October
1. the Hotel de Vance will he turned .
Into a school room. J.
Another membership boom in Biasing v
Arrow tribe, of Red Men. Is looked for n
this fall. Several candidates will be j,
put through nest Tuesday evening, and a
a dozen others will make the pilgrim- a
Age over the prairie later in toe monin. ?
Next Monday evening the Epworth f;
League will give a trolley party. Re- t<
freshments at the M. E. church will be ?
served at the conclusion of the trolley
ride, by the ladies' aid society. The cars fl
will be taken at 7:20 p. to. ;<
The picnic at Mozart park yesterday
given by St. John's congregation, was t
largely attended and a success, flnan- h
cially. d
Wonders will never cease. "Old Ken- e
tuck" has nailed another "Pearltown" 8
sign at the mouth of Bogga' run.
A big crowd from here attended the
MoundsviUe fair yesterday. The street 0
cars were packed going down. h
The Wheeling Railway Company's v
new poles are being placed about the ^
principal part of town. ti
The many friends of Albert Serig will e
be pleased tor learn that his condition la a
Improving. a
Jacob Schramm left yesterday morning
on a hunting expedition through *
Ohio. ?
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Qutgley will remove
their household effects to-day.
lne*pecte<fly Developed by Mr* Dickenson. | 0
Mr. Gsrdiser Planned to Fool bis Wife, 1:
but the Scheme was Frustrated. *
GarJIner wishes he had left we!! j
enough alone. He Teallaes all too late ti
that a social reformer must not act too *
hastily. Up to a week ago there was no n
cloud on his domestic horizon. Sometimes
he did wish that Mrs. Gardiner
was not so successful In combining ar- B
dent attention to church duties with an
expensive taste In dress, but. after all.
tht^e are venial faults. Then his evil
fate threw him in with Dickenson*. n
The Gardlners are only recently mov- *
ed into Hyde Park. The Dickensons ,
were about their first friends them One p
evening Dicken?on descanted on the
times they had been having with what el
he called a "talking board." which, according
to him. was a board with the
letters of the alphabet on it, and which, f
in conjunction with a small, heart- B
shared piece of wood, mounted on three t<
legs, was supposed to spell out messages jj
from Julius Caesar and other departed ^
celebrities, the operator's fingers resting ?]
lightly on the small piece. A]
"Tell you what," said Gardiner, "let's
put up a Job on my wife. Some eve- ^
ning when we come around you put ti
your wife up to U, and let <hls board icet y
off some message from Mrs. Gardiner's &
grandmother, Eliza Harrington; don't r
forget the name." tc
What sort of manure7" osxea uick- n
enson. lr
"Oh." said Gardiner, "tell h*r that ber m
grandmother Is quit? pained by her ex- n
travagance. See! Then stick In some- a!
thins about church duties belns all
rlsht. but point out that men who work aJ
all week should be allowed to sleep lato w
Sundays ? you know the style of the a
thins." ?
Dickenson fell Into the plot readily ir
enough, but when he broached the sub- h
Ject to Mrs. Dickenson. she remarked. if
apropos of nothing In particular: Jt
"You men are allallk*." I<
"Well, my dear." said Dickenson, h
"there's no harm In It." o;
"St>. I suppose not." said Mrs. DIcken- tl
son, m^dnatively. "Well, I'll ?ee what t!
I can do." *1
A f*w evenings afterward the (lardl- Ji
n#?rs dropped In. and the talking boar.l ?
was produced. Mrs. Dickenson, with t'
one hand renting on the Indicator, prepared
for converse with the spook*.
T?* the Initial question. "Is there any v
spirit who wishes to "talk to anyone **
here?" the board answered "Yea." >v
"To whom does the spirit wish to H
peak?" solemnly demanded Mm. Dickenson.
ar.1 the board promptly spoiled
out "Amelia Gardiner." y
"Oh. William." said Mm. Gardiner. Jclutching
her husband, "did you tee J*
that?" William, striving to suppress a '2
Krtn. said he did.
"What is the spirit s name?" Inquired
Mrs. Dickenson, and the board spelled fl
out "Eliza Harrlnjr^n." while Gardiner u
winked at Dickenson In an excess of enjoyment.
"Did you know any one of that ?
name?" r.iVe! Mrs. Dickenson, turning ?
to Mrs. Gardiner. ?
"Why, yes." answered Mrs. Gardiner; ?
"It's Grandmother Harrington. Pieane, _
Mrs. Dickenson, ask her what she wants _
to my to me."
I'nder Mrs. Dickenson's careful tutor- f
hip the board opened oat: "I am tn?u- =
bird in my mind about William."
"How, (Jr.tml/iMmmn?" naked Mr*.
CJar lin-r, and th?* board rejoined: "He *"
m ?k"? too much."
"There, now. William, I'm a J way* telling
you that." broke in Mr?. Oardlner.
whll* the board continued until It had
pelted nut: "And he doenn'C go to
church often enough."
"flee her*." aald William, "thla la H Jf
but hl? wife atopped him with:
"William. how can you Interrupt auch
. messaire? Do bold your tongue if you
lave any proper feeling it all. What
hall I do, grandmamma? What mhall
d?r* and :he board responded:
**Wr**tl? with his) In the spirit, my
"I will, grandmamma. 1 will," cried
Krs. Gardiner. fervently, and at this
>oint Dickenson found Gardlner'r face
oo much for him, and retired abruptly
o the hall, while Mn. Dickenson, seenjr
that Mrs.* Gardiner wax becoming
tysterlcal, answered Chat the spirit had
Gardiner** leave-taking was marked
iy an arctic frigidity. but last Sunday
venlng he came to Dickenson an abject
"f\ir heaven** sake." he said, "take
he curs* off me. 1 haven't had a cigar
or four days, and I've been to church
wJce to-day. Man alive! She woke
W up Kl 1 nwwft law .?iviui..h iv mvo- ]
le with me In tbespiri:."
Dickenson only chuckled, ami referred
Am to Mrs. Dickenson.?Chicago Timeslerald.
be Mew Pepil Arrived at Most bopportunc
Time for Kka.
From James Payn's Literary Recol- |
actions: On one occasion In school w?*
ad come private theatricals, for. which
. great hall In the centre of the hou5e,
ppoached by a long passage foro the
rent door, afforded great facilities. One
f the play* was a dress piece, exbibltag
the court of Queen Elisabeth. It
rss my frivolous disposition, perhaps,
hat caused me to be selected as the
ourt jester. A dear friend of mine
since dead, alas! like moat of them)
layed Sir Walter Raleigh, and I well
erne ruber he took advantage of m>* beag
in a simple network garment to
rick my unprotected limbs with the
oint of his rapier.
It was on a snowy winter's night, and
he hall was crowded with a very large
udlence, whose servants. Including
hose of the house, were standing on
tie great staircase and in the galleries;
,nd Sir Walter oad I were In the long
assage aforesaid waiting to "come on,"
rhen there came a ring at the front
ioor. There was no one to answer it.
s we knew, except ourselves. But who.
t that time of night, two hours after
he performance had begun, could it
ossibly be?
"By Jove." whispered I. already- trembling
with (he sense of the absurdity of
rhat must needs come to pass, "it's the
etr pupil!**
Mr tutor. T knew, was expecting one
from Wales) about that date, but in
he hurry and bustle of the theatricals
re had, clean forgotten all about him.
'he bell rang again with Increased viotnce.
We opened the door, and there
tood a little roan, with a Bradshaw and
railway rug. just descended from a
now-covered fly. His gate wandered
rom the knight in his doublet and hose
y the fool in scarlet, and back again. In
peechless astonishment.
He had evidently a mind to turn and
lee. but fir Walter, with gentle vlosnce.
constrained him to enter.
We led hlnv ?long the passage, opened
he door of the great hall and pushed
im on to the stage. The applause was
eafening. The appearance of a modrn
railway traveler, with rug and
ulde. among the court of Elizabeth,
ras thought to be part of an exqulsKe
-urlesque. The queen wept tears of
loghter, the courtiers roared, not from
omplalsance, but necessity; the whole
ouse "rose** at the unexpected visitor.
rno xacea ic wjw sis mown open, n
as more than a minute before ror tu>r
could understand what had happend.
He came forward foil of the politest
poloples, marred by fits of unoontrouble
"My dear Mr. D- I cannot express my
arrow" (which was very true). "What
mst you have thought of your recepon
and of tny house?"
The Welshman was plucky enough,
nd not unnaturally In a frightful rage.
"I thought It was a lunatic asylum,
r." he answered bitterly.
Then we save him three cheers, and
ne cheer more. The hero of that evenjfC
fell at Balaklava a few rears afterrard;
my tutor and three-fourths of
hat Joyous company hara long been
ead; but when I think of that lnlmlable
scene the humor of it sweeps
ravelike over all. and for one fleeting
linute drowns regret.
at One Hard-Hearted, Practical Man
Wants the System Changed.
Washington Post: "Say." said the
lean-talking, bat good natured man,
what do you think of this seelng-peole-oft
game, anyhow? I think it's worn
at and no good, and productive of evil
(Tecta. Tou know what I mean?going
own to the station to bid goodby to
our wife every time she goes as far as
altimore?not that my wife ever goes
? Baltimore, nor by a durned sight. If I
now anything about It. But every
me she starts out on some little trip
ae wants me to go down to the station
r?d see her off.
"When she'* getting ready I remark.
>ay. am I supposed to go down to the
a!n with you?' and she looks at me
tnd of aggrieved like, and says, 'Why,
? course you are.' That settles It. and
ve got to go. Well, if she's onlr going
be gone a week there's always weepy
usiness, and ail that, while we're walt\K
for the gate at the train to open,
nd sighs, and Til miss you m> muches.'
nd Tve got a good mind not to go at
Us.* and nil that kind of game.
"Queer lot. women, ain't they? Well.
II of this wwpr business?and she Slavs
sets h?r handkerchief done up In
little wad in the oorner of her left eye
-sort o' works upon me. too. and I be!n
to wonder if I'm ever going to see
er any more, an a matter of fact, and
'. after nil. the train's not going to
imp the track, and a whole line of that
>t. Then there's got to be a public
ug. and a fellow gets one of her tears
n his nose always?and. well, bjr the
me I've *ot done looking after the
aiu I feel like going right across the
ireet and taking seven long, high onea,
ist to sort of drown the dinkey feeling
f misery the seelng-off act always
irows Ir.to mo.
"I think the breakaway ought alrays
happen at the houso, and in priate.
and then, if there are to be any
TH-ps, there'* a show for the redness to
>ear off her nose before s'je starts,
[ow about it?" _
A BOO?* to travelers. Dr. Fowler's
xtrnri of Wild Strawberry. Cures
rsentery. diarrhoea, seasickness, nau a.
Pleasant to take. Acts prompt
? all solid adrertl??m?nt? tindtr ?
? the following heading*: : x : ??
? wanted, personals, ?.
lost and found. ?
fon rent. for sale.
? will bo inserted it tho rat# of ??
Ptibodv Building, Room No. 131.
26 Market Street... Wheeling W. V#
-?Till *t*TATO?. JfSi
Dress Goods
Win find <?ar Dress C
usually attractive this
put tew days have ad
novelties in pum su
Special attention is cal
These most sty lisho
and colors. Wc sho?
al prices defying com
The Dress poestiM .k i
Settled aod You Wait t
Trimmings. 11
Here we meet you with a line
that would do justice to the depart- |
ments of the large metropolitan <
stores?Spangle v Braids, Ap- |
pliques, Jet Bands, Chenille, .
Braids, Steel Edges, etc.; also Sou- j
tache Braids?from the cheapest
to the very exclusive novelties.
and of special use just now ire the
Merino Knit Corset Covtrs, with
long and short sleeves, both in :
black and white, at
SL85 each.
Ribbed Cotton Corset Covers? J
Ladies' Outing Cloth Night
Gowns, light colors? , '
75c to 98c. <
Child's Outing Flannel Gowns s
48c and 69c.
Outing Sleeping Suits, with feet, I
' i
Geo. E. 5t
! CANABiaa
Rollers. Male* U-OC. r?taUw 50c. at J
HENRY HELM BRIGHT"0, eonwr Mar- i
ket and Sixth street*. ac? u
1V1 jis.coo.oo. ?.moo. ofcal matri- *
BON. Real Estate Agent. IM Market 8L ?
Office of City Tax Collector,
Notice Is hereby given that the rlty c
taxes for is? will be due and yajnble at ~
the office of the City collector. Public (
Building. Saturday, October 1. ISA Per* k
son* paying all their taxes any day during i
the month of October win bo entliled to a v
discount of 2 per cent on cltr taxes. C
The taxes on real estate will bear inter- r
est from November I. ISM. ?t IS per cent
per annum until paid. Save 12 per cent by
paying on time. -
JA.UU) IV. BW'li,
Mil City OpUoctor. -J
Having been appointed Administrator of t]
th? estate of Conrad Scheller, I hereby B
notify all persona indebted to said estate ^
to make prompt payment to the tinder- sitrned,
and persons having claims against
the estate will present them tome, properly
attected, for settlement
Administrator of tha Estate of Conrad J*
Scheller. *uX* *,
The State Board of Health of West VlrSnla
Trill convene at the Court House,
artlnsburg, W?t Virginia, Wednesday. October
19, IX*. at *4) a. m., for th?
purpose of examining applicants for 11- (
cense to practice medicine In this atate.
For application blanks, addresa,
A. It HA R BEE, it. D ,
Secretary State Board of Health, Point i
Pleasant. W. Va. 'i
H. A. BABBEE. M. D-,
Clerk 8. B. of H. W. Va.
The holders of the above named bond* "
are hereby notified that bonda of the fol* |
lowing numbers bave*be?n called, namely: J
5. U, 93. ?. 21, 24. 7. 10. 11. K, St ?. ?.
3. of one hundred dollars eaeh: 1?>. Jfi", I
113. 110. 157, 162. 13. 100. 171. IK. 111. of Hve
hundred dollars each, and 112. of one thou*
and dollar.*, and are payable October 1.
IS*. at which date they will cease to bear
Interest Bonds and coupons will bo paid
at the Bank of the Ohio Valley.
X in Ui* City Bank MulldJn*. Inquire at *
U? City Bank of Whwllng. aiH ?
1 1510 Main street. Possession at one*.
Inquire of IL J. llcCUMJUUfc No. S2 n
Fifteenth ?tre?t. su3 u
Two new, thn?c-itor#, brick M
dwelling*. with all modern 4
conveniences. <
Nos. 71 and Fourteenth
Possesion riven Oetobs* L
' ?
Howard Hazlett
C?di.nq. Bank BdMhj.
machinist. / '
J^KDUAi. A COl i
J?U y n
?. wim> oa '
j Buyers
roods Department* more than
week?from the fact that the
ided some of the very choicest
itings in colors'and black*.
?i ^nciviwt;
lea to our uncs u?
f dressy dress fabrics in blades
r the greatest variety in style*
motfcer lopoftMt
iccesaery t* One* to
Moves. ^
There's quality and fit in the
jloves we sell, and while others
:ome and go, bat the
lagghMl Franceaco
s always the same reliable, popular
glove, sold only at oar departnent
Other brand* which we recommend
La TMca," Royaler
nd Moaardb + + +
Be sure you get the genuine.
.Two special line* of two-ckjp at
SUM a pair
ire the cheapest good gkmade.
Up-to-date, dressy, serviceable,
)f plain mohair, lined with best
:ambric, made after the latest defiame_
$2.48 to $2.98 eadt
Blue Serge and Novelty Suiting
Skirts, choice patterns, lined?
ifd & Co.
L or women, day or evening; U to SK
reekly; no canvassing or experience oeedd;
plain instructions and work mailed on
application. BRAZILIAN MFG. CO.,
Jew Tor* City. seJT
131 woman, experienced, to care tor Inant;
references required. Address J. T.,
aro InflilgencT omc*. ***
2nclo*? 2c *tuap. A. A., Boom 10, iw
Lrch ?trnl. Phltodolphl*.
itt anted?experienced salesVV
MAN for LubrlcitlM Otli, GrauM
nd aperliUlei: ?Unr or commlaaton.
(bio. ?uI7-tta*?
"lv^ist **m antjfa^cturinq
:0? 101 Dearborn 8L. Chicago. ***
For sale-good pattno btrsiness
at * barraln. Ad drew J. M.,
are Intelligencer office.
n lot In Greenwood cemetery: Ana locaton;
corner let; adjolivtn* bottop^^.
j?pta In c*nnt?rr. Addraaa CEMETERY
,ot. caw IctallUfncw offlca. apll
Horses and Mules.
B^vfnty-flvo head of horses and mule*
igt arrived, which we will sell at reMonble
prices. No Western horse*. Call at
rnteio Sale and Coomissioa Stables
IIO Second Ave., Ptttabargk, Pa.
Three (3) 60 hone Power Tubular ;
CltT ??> B.Udl.c IMP lUrtw, ??
Surety Bonds ?bw5w,
^presenting the ONLY foreign company
utbortsed to transact thla cnaracter of
u*in?*sa in Wett Vinrlnla?1"Fidelity and
( posit Co.," of Maryland; asset a over .
i ?00.000.
enersl Insurance. 1120 Market 8t
Wanted?A Solicitor, either on salary or
ammtssion. eel
5th Street Property.
1 *m authorised to sail at a bargain* it
Id quickly, tha dwelling* na?b?red it,
1 a nd 40, oa the north aid* of Flfteeath
ire ?l| at tb? oorncr of Alley B.
Beat Estate and Baal Kstata Looms,
10(18 Mala Utr?1?
Hank of Wheeling Stock.
K*change Hank Stock.
Blooh Bros. Tobacco Co.
W...I Vlwlhl,. /:\rnam f*? fltnrk.
Ko* tori a <ila?a Co. stork.
A*tna Mill Preferred 8tock.
Artnft Mill Common Stock.
Wh?Hlnir Iron * 8t?*l Co. Stock.
I-aMrl!. iron Work* Stock.
Wheeling Pottwy Stork.
s Shaw* Went Virginia Exp. I S. F,
Klr*r*l6? Mill Stock.
Tel. SCI. Room 4, CUy Rank Rulldlng.
For Ml* at a Vxirxatn. I^acre (aim. I
illef ui( of th? city.

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