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riUMed (telly, fxcert Sunday. by 6
The Intelligencer PuWishinj Co., ?
35 AM) 27 fOUtlUKTB StBII. ?
TtfWl Per T?r, by Mall, In Adtinct, *
PoftaKt Prepaid. *
THHr (Six Day tn the Week) 1 Year.S3.30
Dallj, Six gontU?? 3.00
Uelly, Thm Month*.....?. X.30
D*ily (Three Dmju la the WMb)?IHm 3.00 ti
?.||.<W.?IWM 1h (lie Week). J8,0b C
Dully (On# ainutJi)..,,.... , ,, 49 Sl
Wtfklf (One Vr?r in Advanc*) 1.00
Weekly (Six 00
ered by carriers In Wheeling and ad- (
Jacont towns at 10 cents per week.
Persons wishing to subscribe to THE *
by sending in their orders to the In- fa
telllgcncer ofllco on postal cards or q
otherwise. They will be punctually
served by carrier^
Tributes of Respect and Obituary Notices
60 cents per Inch. 8
Correspondence containing Important a
news solicited from every part of the b
surrounding country.
Rejected communications will not be re- ^
turned unless accompanied by Bufllclent .
postage. 1
11 . = v
rTho INTELLIGENCER, embracing its ^
several editions, is entered In the Postoffice
at Wheeling, W. .Va., at second-class
matter.] "
= 1
f<Uofl,l town 823 I fn.ntinfl Eixm. .823 0
lilt. Ill LkklVbiivk...
Flrat District,
of Ohio County.
Second District,
of Barbour County.
Third District,
of Kanawha County.
Fourth District,
n. n. r nauit!
of Rltchlo County. (
(Nominated June 3. 1899.) t
For House of Delegates,
County Superintendent of Free School* S
Death of Hon. Thos. F. Bayard. J
Id the death of Thomas F. Bayard, j
the United States loses one of its most
distinguished statesmen, one who stood f
In the foremost rank, and whose distinguished
services to his country received
full recognition from men or tut parties.
During his long public career he held
the respect and esteem of the country
because of his high character and strict
Integrity, and although a Democratic
leader of great ability and distinction,
t numbered among his closest and nu*t
confidential friends many leaders of the
Republican party.
While Mr. Bayard was a leader of j
thought, and a distinguished advocate \
of party doctrines in the highest sense j
of the term, he was classed above a j
mere politician, and held easily a place r
as a.statesman. His career in the sen- c
ate, as secretary of state, during Cleve- \
land's first administration, and as Am- c
Sojafegland (hiring the socond t
. Cleveland regfjne, ha maintained this c
ctapdlihg. It 14 true t}?at on one or two ,
holdfajr the ambafsa- r
Worship at London, he subjected himself *
to criticism In this country by certain i
expressions used In public addresses <
which pleased British citizens more
than they did American^, nothing was E
v detracted from his recognized ability. (
Mr. Bayard was often spoken of In a
connection with the Presidential m?mi- j
nation, but for some reason or other his (
party never recognized his real meri:s i
sufficiently to make him a candidate, t
Among his friends he was popular and \
esteemed for his genial manners and
personal charms. The people of the
country, regardless of party, will unite
la regTet at the' passing away of another 5
Of their most distinguished and honored 1
fellow citizens. 1
Our Boys at Gettysburg. 1
Intelligencer readers this morning
will And all the details of the dedication
of the We?t Virginia monuments on the
Gettysburg battle Held, which occurred
Wednesday, besides much other interesting
matter Jn connection with this
even* of so much Importance to the surviving
West Virginia soldiers, and especially
to the survivors and the relatives
snd friend* of those who participated
in the famous battle. Historical
sketches of the four West Virginia commands
that took part In the great struggle,
all of them recognized in history
for their magnificent gallantry and effective
work at Gettysburg, 'prepared
from the official records, are features of
the Intelligencer's report.
Figuring In these pkeches prominently
Is the city of Wheeling, where the four
organizer! and mustered out at the end of
the war. They were the famous Seventh
Infantry, with a record during the
war second to none In the country far
the daring and bravery of its men, the
losses sustained and the number of terrific
battle* engaged in; the First Cavalry.
a battalion from the Third Cavalry
and the famous Battery C, lenown
during the war as "Plerpont Battery."
It would be Impofflble to name tb^
surviving members of theae command*. :
but the Intelligencer chronirlos, fir.n (
the retards, the principal ibvrts they j
jicnunnou, nvi mow ui uexiy?DurK, dui j
during their terms of service In th<.' f
war. from the date* of their enlistment ,
to their muster out. I
In addition, will be found descriptions (
of each of the four monuments thnt }
mark tho positions occupied by these
commands during the battle, and illustrations
of the principal one, which ,
marks the position of the famous
"Moody Seventh," Which did such (
splendid work on Cemetery Hill.
The exercb*'s at Gettysburg were appropriate
and Inspiring. As predicted
by the Intelligencer yesterday, they
served a purpose, and were peculiarly
appropriate In their very nature nt thin
time, when the unity ?if tho Nation bar.
been thoroughly re-established, and the
prediction of Abraham Lincoln, made
? : if ~
>o that 91 Ot thirty-three years ago*
as been fijiillled. All has now been forotten
save the memory of the heroes
a either elide, and but one flag waves
ver the etiiu'S of the Union, as sacredly
egarded n >**. In the light ot recent
vents, as ever before. May It ever
? so.
RjoiJfvclt's Triumph.
The noml in t ion <?f TbeOdore Boosevel;
!>be the R publican candidate for gov-,
rnor of N -.? York was a case of peronal
triumph cuch as has seldom been
quailed in lis nature in tne history o[ I
olitlcs In;the country. In these days 1
: is not a if >inmon thing for a candidate I
o receive almost unanimous support rom
those, who have not been bis polltlal
friends, but who, on the contrary,
ave always bten opposed to him. It Is
n evidence that the Empire State has,
emporarily, at least, demonstrated that
he pressure of popular opinion can
weep aside all factional opposition to
. popular hero, and carry everything
efore it, p&rty leaders and all.
Roosevelt distinguished himself a reorder
in New York City politics, end
iy so doing antagonised elements that
vert naturally againtft reform with a
IK ? f'W wuiagc never icuicu mm, t
,nd he won at least the popular reepect. i
'his roputition he won both In the New I
fork leg! Ature unci In the police board ^
t the memtpoUt. 1
These things alone might not have I
/on him the gubernatorial nomination <
n New York, The war came, and Col- '
mcl Roosevelt left his comfortable of- <
Ice in Washington to go to the front at <
he head of his regiment of Rough Rl- <
lore. Their deeds and the courage and i
acriflces of their commander need not i
ere be repeated. A11 the country knows i
hla magnificent record. You cannot i
lown a military fiero, fresh from the
icenes of his exploits. The popular
lentiment overcame every opposition,
former animosities were laid aside. 1
Ml the means used to detract from hla 1
UUlkSt CTUll His ?iiv aonamiiB wu itftil- f
macy of his citizenship, which was
nade clear and vindicated on the floor
if the convention hall, were overwhelmd.and
the opposition was caught up and
>rought Into the enthusiastic demonstration
wtolch made his nomination
Will this popular hero make a good
rovernor? Yes. If honest convictions
tnd the courage to carry them out, If
>eraonal Integrity, sincere advocacy of
rood, government, ability In all respects,
f the esteem and the intelligence of the
cople?If nil these things count for anyhlng,
Roosevelt will make a good gov
Theodore Roosevelt is not a man who <
vill heed the dictation of any one. He (
a conscience and brains to back It. (
*e is a loyal Republican. It was a good t
lay'a work for the Republican party, ,
lot only of New York, but of the (
Deserves Encouragement. '
The movement on foot among the local
vnlghts of Pythias to secure the grand <
odge meeting fur Wheeling next year
8 worthy of the encouragement of the
jubllc, and particularly the business *
lubllc. The as.??etnbly means more for a
inmmnnltv thnn ml/rht at firat be
bought, for the membership of the orler
in the state 1* about ten thousand,
he meetings last for three or four days,
tnd the Uniformed Rank attends from
parlous places In bodies, bringing torether
representative citizens from evry
portion of the state, as well as from
iVestern Pennsylvania and Eastern
Wheeling never loses by encouraging
mch gatherings from abroad. Her
>pen doors of hospitality already have
i reputation beyond her limits, far beyond,
and it is to be hoped that the loral
Knights will succeed in their efforts
to lmpre?3 upon the state body
hat it need go no further to insure a
learty welcome.
The La Fayette Monument.
A proclamation by Governor Atkinion,
setting apart the 19th of October as
La Fayette day, to be observed by the
rcnoois or me siaie, is puDimnea cue*
vhere. This is in accordance with the
general movement in the country for
Jio erection of a monument to General
'-.a Fayette in Paris, to be unveiled durng
the Exposition of 1900, by which the
people are to contribute to the project
hrotigh the agency of the educational
r.stltutlons of the country.
Now would be a good time for the
school children to read up on the history
>f the Frcnch general* to whom this
rountry anJ the cause of American liberty
owed so much In the time of the
jreat atruprslo for independence. Such
>ccaslons ran be made to answer the
louble purp le of Instruction In history
'or the youth, as well as to assist In the
nain purpose.
This country wll hesitate to believe the
itory from San Francisco that the arms
low being furnished to the insurgents
a the Philippines are being furnished
rhrough German government agencies.
no omeiai information ny mis governncnt
from Dew.y Otis confirms such
l Rtory, and we may feci assured that
:hey have their eyes open. If It should
urn out, however, that such a thin* Is
;olw? on, the disarming ?>f the Ituiurrente
by our military aiithorlil * would
>e the? legitimate result a a npce-sary
nove to Insure penoe. Mutter* are In
rood hands at Manila, and the I'nlted
States ha* no cause for worry about unconfirmed
newspaper rrport*.
The letter from the investigating cimnistlon
to Secretary Aljp-r. outlining the
scope of the Inquiry under th?- inatruc*
Hon* received from President McKln- '
ey. indicate* that no phase of the que*.
tlons arising out of the conduct of tho '<
svar Is to ho overlooked. This certainly J
should satisfy the yellow Journal*
enough to caiiH" them to oeaso th#*lr
trades until (ho results are known. The
letter of Secretary Alger fu tho Pr?s?l- '
J.nt asking ' ?r the Investigation doesn't
rend like tho letter of a pnblic oincer
who is ufrMlO of an Inquiry.
Our fleoi.nd Wont Virginia regiment
did Itself pfiiU'l In if* appearanco at tho
c;ottywbttrjf dedication coremonleti. The
march to Getyoburg was about the first
rc.il soldier experience tho hoys have 1
h ?d outside the camp*, but they may (
Absolutely Pure
?ee some'good aervlce yet If they are
lent to Cuba or Puerto Rico, to do garrison
duty. With the coming of the
leaitnier season in tne tropica tnty wm
>e found ready and willing to go.
If Pecknslff honestly thinks the war
lepartment Is all right, how does he explain
the President's order for an Investigation
The President explains it himself in
lis order issued for the benefit of che
lublic some time ago. Every newspsper
n the country published it, including
he Register and Intelligencer; the forner,
however, didn't comment in a way
that would lead one to believe that it
vas welcome. The President want* to*
Lruth. Read his Instructions delivered
to the commission, published the ether
lay. The Intelligencer Is like all others
who want Justice done. Why, on the
>ther hand, are the yellow Journals dls:ouraglng
this investigation, and advn
mating that It be postponed until Congress
meets? Honest men never fear
ui investigation, and always want the
ruth known. That's wfoy the President
nade the order.
Our peace commissioners are said to
3e receiving a cold shoulder Id Paris,
vhere the sentiment has not from the beginning
of the war with Spain been
trery favorable to the United States,
rhe city of Paris should remember thst
it is depending largely on the United
3tates for the success of its coming exjoaition;
that it learned a lesson which
t should profit by la the withdrawal of
L rrool mnnv 4hntmflnri? of ifnlliiM urnrth
)f trade It enjoyed from our faalftonable
wealthy people, when the antagonistic
reeling: toward this country was so manifest
at the beginning of the late war.
But Paris, It seems, profits by nothing
if this sort. In the meantime the pcace
:om mission will proceed with Its work,
jnaffected by the coldness of the atmosphere.
The American military occupation of
-uba will begin wlthl the next thirty
lays. Judging from the reports recelvwl
fmrry fhoro I , 1m
Jiat the government will not delay matteds
longer than climatic und other
conditions will make it necessary.
Let it be a decent campaign on both
ildes, gentlemen.?Register.
Agreed; but why not begin >x>ureclf by
setting an example?
riiBuee for the Amerlcao Speculator to
Make Money.
Havana correspondence of St LouIr
51obe^ Democrat: American speculators
ire abroad In the land; not like they
Kill be a little later, but a number of
American real estate men are ncre looking
over the field with a view to becoming
property-owners. The great
Paeon Theatre has been sold to Americans,
and It is rumored that hotel men
ire after other properties. And this
Queen Victoria Will Have the Pleasure
There l? to be another marrla&o In the
Brltlrh royal family, a marriage which
Is more interesting to Queen Victoria
than any of tho other* which have recently
taken place. Princess Fedora,
>nly daughter of Prlncea* Charlotte, of
Germany, la to marry one of the numerous
German Princes that crop up
from some hitherto undiscovered dls
irlct when a hu*haml 1r wanted.
The Prlnceaa Fedora Is only seventeen
years old, and scarcely out of short
Iresacs; In th* nchool room In the morning
who wears her hair down her back.
She is a slim girl, who looks young for
her ago, and It Is wife to <wy that she
a-111 be the m?wt youthful matron In the
United Kingdom.
The reason for the hasty marriage of
Princess Fedora if a family one. She Is
the eldest great-grand-daughter of
Queen Victoria, and It Is the wish of the
If rand old lady to aeo ono of her great
. .
question of a hotel with satisfactory a<
commodatlons and reasonable rates is
vita! one. Present rates are $3 per da
and upward In gold, but the service
so poor that Americans are dlsguatei
Elegant rooms are furnished, but tl
beds are uncomfortable, the linen
not clean, and water for the bath
supplied In such quantities that tt
; roan from the "states" begins to thin
| the resident must not know the %'aluc <
the liquid for removing Havana sol
etc. Aa for the clo??ts. any thlrd-clai
hotel In the United States would foi
ever lose Its custom If such a cond
tlon prevailed there aa la to he seen 1
the finest of the Havana houses. T*
average North American also wants
breakfast before 10 or 12 o'clock an
the lack of It leaves him weak. Tl
hotel man who comes to Havana no
, and rents one of these really attract!*
buildings, puts It In thorough repal
builds closets with the latest improve
ments, sets a table after America
style, with American dishes, cooked 1
the manner best approved at home an
served by American waiters, will flr
here more kinds of money than any fe
low who has gone to the Klondike for
. rortune. Tnousanas or peopie irum u
. bis republic will come this winter 1
. search of the opportunity to Ret rlc
quick after the purely American stfl
These men will have means and th
will want accommodations such as the
have known at home. He who has ti
nerve to back his Judgment* In th
, matter will never have cause to regn
his% investment.
A Series of Interesting lecture* at III
University of Pennsylvania m ton CJItoW
North American, Philadelphia, Sep
24: At the University of Pennsylvan!
a course of six lecturcs will be delivc:
ed in the College Chapel at 4 o'clock c
the afternoon of October 3, 4, 6, 7, :
and 11.
This is the first series to be given u]
, on the recently-Instituted George Lei
Harrison foundation, which provide
among other things, for the engagi
ment, from time to time, of emlner
men of science and learning to lectui
on matters of great interest and in
The subject Is one' that must con
maud the Interest of nil Intelligen
thinking persons, and the lecturer
Rev. Professor C. R. Gregory, of ti
University of Leipzig. Professor Grei
ory Is recognized among scholars t!
world over as probnbJy the leading sp<
clallst In the critical study and inte>
pretatlon of the New Testament.
To Americans, and particularly, pe
haps, Phlladelphlans, there is in tl
case of Dr. Gregory the added feelir
of pride and gratification In the fn
that he Is a Phlladelphian born, and g<
his school, college and seminary, tran
ing chiefly in Philadelphia, and wlioli
In Its vicinity.
On going to Germany to pursue fu:
ther his theological studies, he betor
himself to Leipzig university, wi<
which, as student and teacher, he hi
been almost continuously connect*
ever since. . He was early recognized !
Germany as one of the most promjslr
and progressive studerits of the Ne
Testament, and a door of usefulnc:
and advancement was opened to hi
such as has fallen to the lot of few,
any other, Americans.
"Well, Johnnie," said the minister 1
a little fellow, aged six. "I hear you ai
Kolng to school now." "Yes, sir," wi
the reply. 'And what part of It do yc
like best?" asked the good man. "Con
In' home," was the prompt and f.ruthfi
Harry, aged five, had his photon raj:
taken recently, and when the proof w;
sent home his mamma said he look*
too solemn and asked him why he dldn
smile. "I did smile, mamma," replU
the little fellow, "but I guess the mil
forgot to put It down."
Little flve-year-old Clara's papa na
been away on a protracted buslnei
trip.and her mamma was putting thlnt
In order nnd making sundry prepay
tlons for his return. Clara watched h<
closely for awhile and then observe(
"Mamma, you make as much fuss e
old Mr. Prodigal." "What do you meai
dear?" asked her mother. "I nevi
heard of Mr. Prodigal." "Oh. yes, yc
did, mamma." was the reply. "Don
of Attending tbe Marriage of Her Great
grand-daughters settled In lite. Tl:
Princess Fedora L? the (laughter of tl
Princes* Churl >tte, who married In IK"
George. Hereditary ITlnee of 8ax<
Meinlngon. Th?? Princess Charlotte
the oldest daughter of the Emprei
Frederick, the lSmpres* Frederick
the oldest daughter of Queen Vlctnjl
Queen Victoria rejoiced at the ag.? ?
twenty In a daughter, Victoria. Vl<
torla married Frederick of Germany r
the age of seventeen, and had a daugl
ter of her own, named Charlotte. Choi
lotto married In 1878 the Prince of Snx<
Mclnlngerx and now she has n dnugh:e
Fedora, aged seventeen, Who will shori
ly wed.
This brief chain of quick genera t lor
leads Queen Victoria from the eirlln
Victorian age Into u generation whlc
will extend a century beyond. She wl
triumph which is accorded to no otiu
iiovurclgti and to few persona.
? ' - . - "V .
> MimoAy. wgjtm a oo.
| Stuttz & Bauer
I Piano.
'n* for purity of tone
delicacy of touch, durability
,e and beauty.
re Possessing every requisite
n pertaining to the ideality of
IS artistic musical instruments.
Standards of Peers
* Excellence -Of Art.
MHligan, Wilkin & Co.
you know the Blblo tcllf about what a
ie fuss he made when his son came f>ack?"
?Chicago Dally News.
it. "I just think our mamma is an awful
gossip," said six-year-old Walter to his
little sister. "Oh, how can you say
r" such a thing?" she exclaimed. "Well,
in that's just what she is," replied the lit10
tie fellow. "Everything I do she run?
and tells papa. A gossiping woman
makes me tired."
15 "Mamma," asked little Willie, "did
s< Daniel Webster build the dictionary?"
"So, dear; it was Noah; but why do
you ask?" said his mother. "Why," re Q
plied the youngster, "our teacher said
that Noah built the ark, and I thought
he might havo got Daniel to build the
Xm dictionary for him If he was busy
t. Tommy, aged five, and his cousin WI1
~ ii- --" ? tiari cnvoml llttlA alterea
IS lit:, Ufccs. a??,
ie Hons. In which Tommy invariably got
the worst of It. One day his mamma
ie wild to him: "Tommy, to-morrow la
?- Willie's birthday: wouldn't you like to
p. give him something?" "You JUBt believe
I would." was the reply; "but, you see,
r- he's bigger than I am and I can't."
"My whole family was lrf the country
a month, and the house was closed up.
ly yet the gas bill was aa large as ever."
"Of course. Gas meters never take a
r_ vacation."?-Brooklyn Life.
ik "Why," asked the youngest boarder,
;h "do they measure the speed of a ship
Ik in knots?" "I think," said the Cheerful
>(] Idiot, "that It has something to do with
|n the tied."?Indianapolis Journal,
ig A Comforting Thought.?She?I hope
w we will always be able to keep the wolf
ss from the dopr. He?Well, If he ever
m comes to this flat, he'll be pretty sure
If to find the door bells out of order.?
Suspicious.?Nephew (to rich uncle,
who has fallen down stairs)?I hope you
are not hurt. Uncle?Oh, you do, do
to you? You know very well that I must
re be either hurt or dead.?Cincinnati EnIH
,u Mil. Short?Here's an Invitation to
l" Mr. Long's wedding. What on earth
1,1 can we send them ? Mr. Short?He lost
a ten-dollar umbrella of mine a year
>h ago. I'll make him a present of It?
is Brooklyn Life.
Mrs. Chugwater?Joslah, I see a good
't deal In the papers about Infernal machines.
"What Is on Infernal machine?
tn Mr. Chugwater?Well, sometimes I
think it's a lawn mower, and sometimes
xj I think It's a piano.?Chicago Tribune,
s Disclaiming the Responsibility.?
rs "Eve." said Adam, as they sat down to
l- talk It over, after their expulsion from
?r the garden. "I can't support you now in
1: the style to which you have been acts
customed. But it's your fault I "?Chili,
cago Tribune.
!r Little Eddie?Your nose looks Just the
,u same as It always did. Mr. Sparklelgh?
'? Of course. Why shouldn't It? Little
Eddie?I heard mamma say, when Mr.
Willlkins came to see sister May, night
beforo last, that your nose wafl out of
Joint.?Chicago News.
"Do you think ho loves you, my
child?" "Not passionately, mamma.
When I told him I was to be Uncle Abner's
heiress, he said he guessed we'd
better wait about getting mnrrled until
uncle died. He said he didn't want to
prejudice the case."?Cleveland Plain
"Dere's always bound to be kickers,"
exclaimed Meandering Mike. "Did you
ever know a time when de people agreed
unanimously dat dey had de right man
In de right place?" "On'y once." replied
Plodding Pete. "I was beln' put
into Jail on de occasion."?Washington
Abrimtlnti'a I,riion.
ntauA nhavo all mankind.
Who dwelt In Mecca, morning, noon and
His voice to Allah raised In prayer contrite,
Was ho and humble, pure In mind.
Inspired of heaven he?not bo his wife.
She dally stood the market place within
And bought and sold, nor deemed It any
To mingle there In scenes of toll and
While thus he prayed she earned the food
he ate. ;
But oft he reprimanded her. Sold he:
Thou shouldst devote thy life to prayer,
like m?'.
Servo not thyself. Allah alone is great!"
At Inst his words sank deep into her
Said she: "While Allah shall my poor
life spare
My voice to him I'll ralso In holy prayer.
Henceforth of righteousness 1 uni a part."
Ahdnllah's heart was glad, and, side by
They prayed until the nun in henven
van hlph.
Then hiin?er lo the pious man drew nlRh
And loudly clamored to bo Nutlstkd.
Abdullah's wife still prayed. No food was
The pood man'? soul wag vexed, " 'TIs
plain," he wild.
"That ev?n piety must needs ho fed,
And man cannot exist alone by prayer."
And thus he learned "Faith, without
work*, is dead,"
And. |>rofltlnp by what he learned,
He went to work and prospered from
that day \..
And thanks to Allah pave for dally brend.
ie ?Arthur J. Burdick In Oodey's Magazine.
1(1 State of Ohio, City of Toledo, Lucas
County, as.
FFtANK J. CHRXEY mnkea oath that
. he ia the senior partner of the firm of P.
J. Cheney A Co.. doing business in the
*" Cltfpf Toledo, County nnd fltnte aforcIh
mid, nnd that said linn will pay the
r nvi.- TiiTvnwp.ri not.r lusfor
rich and fvery ^ase of CATARRH that
>f cannot be cured by the u*e of HALL'S
Sworn to before m?? anil iuib*?ribed In
my pre*ence, this Cth day of December,
r- .A. t>., 1S88. A. W. 0LEA80N.
(Seal.) Notary Public.
Hall'* Catarrh Cum l? taken Intornalr>
?||r. ami arts directly on the blood and
t- nvucoui surfaces of tho system. Send
for tMtlmonlata, frea
F. J. CHENEY, Toledo, O.
's Sold by Druggists, 7r?c.
u Hall's Family Pills arc the best
'' Uetttuptl (Intra tU Ohio Itlvcr Ilnllrnml.
" Wheeling to Cincinnati, 0.,...r?..|5 60
a \Vhe4Ilng to Lexington, Ky 7 60
IV'hoAlIni' in IstlllaiHtl* K* v 0 An
W heeling to Louisville. Ky.. second |
1. class 8 OC
You will find the most satisfactory place
to purchase It Is at this Jewelry Store, <
No matter how much money or how little
money you want to spend, you will find a
suitable present here,
John Becker & Co.,
>AS7 Jacob str*?u
TiMinrmv Crnr tr%
nunoviM *9*
Smyth & Rico Present the Quaint Ameri- '
can Comedian, J
(Rear Admiral of American Jollity) in Du
Souchet's Screamingly Funny Force, ]
A Company of Surpassing Merit. ,
Over Two Hours of Solid Fun. 1
Prices $1.00, 75c and 50c. Seats on Rale
at C. A. House's Music Store Tuesday, *
September 27. se23
Engagement Extraordinary! America's i
Great Soprano,
and her Excellent Company, including:
C. Herbert Kerr Piano i
Dairy Kera King Contralto i
Chas. Higglnn..., Violin i
Ines Do Costa Accompanist
The Society and Musical Event
of the Season
Prices?fl.GO, $1.00, 75c and 50c. Seats on ,
sale at C. A. House's Muslo Store Wednesday,
September 28. se24 4
^ n ? ?ty? nnt'n a UAttop
IX w
Friday and Saturday Night* and Saturday
Matinee, Sept. 30 and Oct. 1.
Leon B. Washburn's
CO?People?60. The finest equipped mln- j
strcl company at popular prices.
Night?15, 25, 35 and 50c. Matlneo?15, 25
and 35c. se20
Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday Nights
and Wednesday Matinee, Oct. 3, 4, 5. (
The Knoll A McNeil Musical Novelty Co.
Headed by A. H. Knoll and Mario McNeil,
World-Famous Cornet Duettlsts and Solo- |
lsts, and Ten Others.
Night?15, 25, 85 and 50c. Matlneo-15.
25 and 35c. sc29
Think of Every ^ j
Good point a perfect cooking appll- |
anco should have?thon examlno the '
Gnderella Ranges. ,
Makes kltchcn work a pleasuro. I
Sold with that understanding. <
We have them In several styles. Call 1
and seo them.
1317 lWarfcpf St.
WM. F. C. SCHNELE. ]?!"? '
Dealer In all goods pertaining to tho trade. }
2012 Main Street,
Telephone 17. Wheeling, W. Va. ,
Practical Plumber, Gas and Steam fitter, j
No. 1165 Market street 1
Gaii and Electric Chandeliers. Filter*,
and Taylor (.inn Humors a specialty. mr3
Practical Plumbers, Gas and Steam Fitters
Ka U Twelfth Street
Work done promptly at reasonable prlcea.
K ftttt linn of the r?M>rnt??d
I Our Nation |
I InWar.^Svje I '
A Tho Intelligencer is Isxulng in X X
weekly part* an invaluable illun* X
tratcd hhtory of the S|mul?h-Ann r
4 tures bclnjj ropfoduccd from photo* 2 v
rt Rraphn and original drawinK* ex- rt
X prenaly tor thl* work. Tht> Kerlr*. X
which If a continuation of Uncle Y
O Bnm'n Navy Portfolio, ulito in* Q
4 cluilo?? photographic reproductions 4
<s of picture* owned by the govern* o
X ment find Hate*. xhowlng I he horo- X
X l*?n of the nation during tho punt Y
P century. V
4 They are Indued In K> weekly nartii 4
I of 16 pairow each, And are cold at Q
tho nominal price of 10 cent* each A
and one counon cut from ihe Intel- X
1 They etui he purehui.nl V
nt th?' In!?Ulg*neer offlco on and
i nfter Monday, August 1. or will he Q
aent hy innII: n?lii L? conta each fur
pontage. Nos. 1 lo 13 now ready, a
cur tins our 5
o<> <* $
Fnugedo Irie,
Neafctofel and
Philadelphia Cream Q#se
Josl recoiled at
n. r. BOW ENS CO.'S.
Amateur Photographers.
Mall Orders Solicited.
W. C. BROWN. 1222 MarkatSt
I -Will off*T:tot sale that very dtalrabl#
niece of ground situated on the corners of
Fifteenth anil McColloch streets. Known
as Shriver's addition, which will he of.
rered as a~wtoli^oMnJlots, Saturday, Oo
iA?wm *, fci *1 ?. ??,, vnv Iiurvn *1 oil* floor
of the court house, on term* to ault thl
purchaser.", fj
'J1L H- 2. 8H RIVER.
J. C. HERVEY. Auctioneer. ,>m
Tor Sale and Tor Rent.
FOR SALE?A cheap home, two-ttor?
brick dwelling, 4 rooms and kitchen, oa
East MrColloeh street. Lot 20 by I3t
Only 11,700-.- -Terms easy.
A very fine building lot on north slda
t>f Fourteenth street.
Two de?lf4ble building lots on Wood
street. EUttth ward-on very easy term*.
A two-story frame dwelling. r? n>oroi.
Kith Ntabfytpn lot. Ia>1 :o by 10i>. South
Chnpline street, Eighth ward. Only tooeasy
FOR RfiNT?An elegant modern reil.
flence, ]0 rooms and bath, hot anil
water, both Bases, west side of Chavlloe,
betwwn Tyenty-srcond nnd Twenty-third
itreets. P*se*slon given October 1.
A count# residence with grounds. Inlulro
at once.
Telephone 517.
Main st-fleeB business property, from 0.
?T. Mr I-KIIJ-M uurniiTa iiuun- norm 10
ilJey. WqJ sell any number of feet you
want at a low figure, on long time If dtilred.
An R-roomed house In flryt-Hasj condition,
33 South Front, for |2.m*>.
Pleasant Valley building lots, the only
real desirable left, fronting on Pike. Ml
pou any number of font you want.
Good 6-roomed house noar Forty-eighth
jtrcet for J1.3T0-J3C0 cash. balance in
monthly payments. You won't miss the
soney, and noon own your own home.
Money to loan, 6 per cent.
Fteal Estate'Fire Insurance. Surety Bonds,
Exchange Bank Building.
\s the season will soon be on us, we are
showing this year's patterns of
rou will need something In this line, and
>ur prices will catch you.
1210 Main Street
Larqson & Hubbard
Fall Style, 1898.
IVe are sole agents for tho BEST mail
if self-con forming stiff hat The m?t
jcrfect shape Introduced thli aeason.
Children's Home Building.
The commlttpn on a new building for
he Children's Home have received proportions
for the purchase of bulldlnjr ?lte?
n the city, and are open for other offer*.
rney rurtner request proposition* iw
sliding sites In the suburbs and In tha
rountry, snme to bo submitted by Friday,
;hu 30th instant.
gc24 CommlttM.
Underwear Bargains!
;hildren'S natural
ft'ool underwear?
it 25c a garment?Shirts and
Pants. All sizes at the same
jen's, women's and
children's underwear
n eycry grade. Forty-eight H
jualitieS to select from, at last
fear's prices. H
iliiRT WAISTS-. .
n Alpaca, Cloth ana S:rje H
ust opened. H
;anton .flannels
iow and you can save twe
:ents a yard b/ looking ovt' H
)ur remnants.
J. SJiiodesHo. I
Hie Intelligciicor..
lob Pr'm Ling Office
Tho Inrjrcst and most coropW9 I
** Job Printing Entabllahmtfnt in I
*" tho city and ?no of the most I
extonilvo fn the Ohio Volley* *
PoMe#j?eM every facility far '& I
prompt cxooutlon of all klndx of
** work, from a Xoat ?.'nni ,,r t?lr* I
*'* <Mdur to n Monitor Poster. I" '?n>'
** variety of color*. /it th?
notleo and on (ho most rvavanaMo I
*' ; :<orrnM. Country m*r<'haiiti?. f irm**
*cri? and oihom tequlrtalf ?Iora *1
#M Hill*. Public- Sale Ktlte. etc.. will -M
find It to their advantage to '"all
at or (iddiW

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