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History of ?*? fro?
Wblefa Cml. Koo~T.It Dr?w Ummf H'
cralU-Ou* JtootW* Acllvfijr ll? Ifc
New Tork Post: Tlic Mprcsito
i'ccwDoy* an<l clubmen," M often *p
piled to Colonel Koaievell-? regiment o
cavalry. U iDMt misleading at reRuti
the Tmi contingent of that famoaa oi
ganlxatlon. It la undeniable that w
are directly affect*! orlofluenced b
exiatlng aoclal condltlona/and U 1* all
undoubtedly true that clu<?. In t-1
conventional acceptation pi the
to not flouriah od the froMiera of Tel
as, the prevailing type Cpund there l>i
Ins of the- genua to which Powhatan In
troduced Captain John 8ml; li when th
litter made hla entry liilo tie uj>p?
circlea of the beat American aodety 1
the year of grace, 1W7. The Texa
ouma ot the Rough Rldera baa bee
Ti-Tiiiimi from the Ranger aet
vice of che slate, and when the ardu
ous and exacting duties of a member c
thi? famous troop permit him to enjoy
brief season of rest and relaxation, th
contrast between his surrounding* an
chose of his eastern brother in arms J
very great. The lonely ranch-house c
che Isolated camp is the "rendexvou
where, under the soothing influences c
My Lady Nicotine, the lwues of the da
are discussed with a frankness distinct
{?- American. Drinking there is little a
rone; the regulations of the servicc foi
bid it. and when a man realizes that hi
life may depend en the quickness of hi
eye or che steadiness of his hand, h
will not needlessly trespass upon hJ
tervous forces.
The history of the Ranger service !
one long record of unwavering fidelit
to duty during all the sixty an
more In which Its mem ben have guard
ed the lives. liberties. and property c
their fellow-cltixens. No gaudy trap
plns? cor fay equipment have an
Slice In their outfit: no bugle call
them and no flag floats above them 1
their swift and silent ride*: yet non
the less surely has this remarkable or
ganizatlon ever shown Itself adrairabl
adopted to the times and conditions un
der which it has developed. In all th
#!*ments of true courage and earnest
c*sf. in ready obedience, efficiency an
patriotic devotion. Its record has bee
curra?ed by that of no body of con
etabuiary ever mustered.
In the equipment of its officers an
men but scant regard is paid to mill
_ ... ..... tTo<*VI PifPf
fair imw auu *?* ? - - J" dresses
as he pleases, experience havln
uu?ht him the best outfit for utlllt
and comfort on his unending round c
duty. He usually wears a corduro
coat with a reversible waterproof lining
heavy ridinfr-trouaers. and boots we
ipurred. a flannel shirt, buckskin glove!
?nd a big hat. For arms he carries
*hor: carbine, a bowie-knife, and
Colt's aix-shcoter. wliich Is not strappe
close to his body, but hangs almost I
his knee, it having been found tha
ihu.? ?u?pended there Is less rl*k of th
weapon's catchmp when drawn in
fcurry: in his. belt are Ills cartridges
and. so accout*. id, he is always ready t
mount and ride.
The border troubles of the Rio Grand
have ever been the natural outcome c
the racial antagonisms which only It
narrosv stream divides. The pioneei
o.' Texas hav* had to deal with thrc
distinct types of enemies ar.d criminal!
having to face not alone their Implac
able Indian foe?, but the outlaws ?:
Mexico on the south and of the Unite
States on the north as well. To all <
these every la-w-a'oiuing citlxen was 1?
p.ti.T.ate prey :?nd every thriving ranc
an oojeet marked for ruthless destruc
tion. The character of the service ren
dcrc-d hi.- the trccp has naturally bee
modified since Its earliest member:
booted and spurred, hurried forth 1
pursuit of the murderous Comanche c
lawless Mexican; bu: the line of retree
is still the same?the river which di
vides the two republic* offering an as)
lum upon it* further bank.
in inc aujui.aui
it Austin may be round reports, da tin
tack nearly fifty yean, of the outrage
committed in the border counties an
of th?- services rendered during tha
by the frontier soldier>. The fol
lowing is a summary of their work, a
reported by the different captains fo
fn? month alone, that of July. 1898: At
rests?For murder, one; swindling, one
a>*.iuit to murder, four; attempt t
hold up a train, two; theft of horsei
live; theft of cattle, three; thefts. thre<
burgiary. three; theft? of wagon:
teams, tents, pistols, three; minor of
fences. seventeen. The rangers assist
ra me sncnua oi uiunrii. <??"'??
enforcing the law seventy times dtxrin
the month. They recovered fifty-on
b?au of stock, ar.d returned them t
their owners; made 81 scoots, and rod
4.473 milts. Surely a remarkable rec
The border trooper carries no warrar
save his certificate of enlistment, bi
*o? to the criminal who defies the at
thority vested in hi9 captor. No bett?
marksman and horsemen shoot an
ride, arid In such a crisis It is simply
Question of who gets the "drop." Mai
t!a! tew and a drumhead court have 1
the past often been the rules of the ?-i
vice, the necessities of the rttuatio
competing the adoption of summar
measures. But for this. Texas woul
be to-day the happy hunting grounds <
all the bandits and professional lav
VpAll/Ar. r f t V*a ./.nfWu'^*t Vjirh rani
er I." qualified to Act Individually as
shcrlfT in any county of Texa?? indeed
his official prerogative? exceed those <
the latter, fir.ee any arrest he ma
mcke Is valid, while the Fhcriff ma
exercise authority only within his ow
As early as 1R3I the republic of Tex:
set apart 400 leagues of land for U
nalr.-.onance of the ranger service, bi
a fraudulent alteration in the act res
dered it Ineffective, and the sutlers we
left to m?-et alone tlfe dangers and difl
cultles of the situation. The first orgai
izatlon which was authorized by form
enactment was the troop of Capta
Robert Coleman. Under pressure >
!helr gr.ai necessities, the people 1
Texas selected delegates to a convent!
or "general consultation." as It was cal
< 1. which met a: San Felipe Novembe
1*35. Anv-ng other measures of *afe:
I bey adopted a plan for a provision
government, a regular army, an J ?i
f rganixe d force of ISO ra tigers. to 1
I>!j 'd in detachment* on the horde
Uuer a regiment of these troops. u:
d-r Col. Hays, rendered distinguish*
during the Mexican wsr. I
ct..pany emimanders being Capta
TAoo. flrecn, afterward* majdr-s<-,
*r-i. Confederate forces; B. in I H. i
3!'"Cullo h. eadi of trhom was a brl*:
dier in the armirt of the eoirth. and o::
em of <vjual reputation. During refie:
years thin frontier force has ?.^n pc
niiy <lecreax,d. until to-day but
ha.idful of ;b?* old guard 1j in active ?e
vj But irh? n th?? adju:an:-K<*nar
ivi a ran, ou v. #1. nwsc?xn 9 uc??
t v.iiunteern, the old members. r
rt<"?nd<rd Almost to *i roan- F^rmT
ttary nniFtered nix companies o! 100 m>
? ! ;>. and naturally In *uch a ffaihe
inc th<-n; were nil sorts :?nd kind*
individuals. Its master rolls ?rc?fntli
th ram?* social contrast* a?< thusc ??f t!
French Naitall -n* in th?* Arab count;
or Canada's mounted police. In i
? JhpT ?rrf!on of the United fltates hi
th?-r?? ever hn-n mccwtully orican1x<
and maintained any officially r-co*niZ'
lo<ly of desperado hunters that evi
SM'roschfd the {'fficiency and darlnff
th*?e border riders.
The year 1871 Is memorable in frontl
history from an expedition made by
troop of the ranger* under Lieut. Arc
5 AT T|?K DOG s
1. i * M
I?First Judpe?I don't think much
r 2?ne s entirely 100 ugiy aoout uic ac
$?The ears are a bad color, and the n
e ^ ^ ^
u t ' *'" ^ ^ '
j. 4?Dog?What is that you said abou
^ 5?wroncr month?
| ^ ^
V 6?What do you mean, anyway?
" strong. It Is remembered as one or ,
" the most effecti\*e and salutary cam- man
* paigns ever under taken by the organl- nie J
0 ration. At that time amateur photJgra- turo
ie phy was still in its infancy, but it played the
a leading part Jn the drama then enact- the
ed. The complications which followed agai;
In ths train of the civil war were of a en.
nature to throat aside all minor issues, she
it The frontier force was depleted, and the duce
i- lawless element made haste to take ad- test!
>r vantage of this propitious cireum- ereiu
d stance. The border, from Brownsville "Fig
a to El Paso, wait the rendezvous, and ft* **
- road-agents, thieved and the like gath- l!on
n ered there from every side. Prompt ceBSr
and unequivocal measures were nwsn
aary. and LteuL Armstrong Instituted
y these at once.
4 In his troop was a bright young ser- '
. geant. Parrot by name, who left Browns- 10
vllle with orders to inspect personally l?*u<
' **??? ff/intlar nnrttiivani tn V*W Or!
, and to carry out certain other verbal j . j
ji Instruction* as well. During ih* Journey '
.. hiJP name was not Parrot, and his oa- in<
.. tenslble business was that of a mining W t<
n Inspector for an eastern syndicate. His W to
equipment consisted of the necessary I to
3a outftt for his work, but Included also a J
le photographer's outfit, then an unusual $14't
j: addition to the naggaBo of the traveller to $
,2 In th?o wild*. Svrg^ant Parrot had no ! t0 $$
r>, difficulty in obtaining negatives for fu- j He
IIJ ture development, for not only did the j shav
wild and rugped scenery abound In op- W;
j portunltles. hut the wild and ruggul 1 js Si
la denizens of the region as well made Shie
haste to present themselves bolore him. ' Me
. cheerfully contributing their auto- j Wall
graphs In return for their portraits. ! der?
? Parrot, with unflagging courte.?y. pho- j A
topraphed them all, presenting earh : lam
sitter with a copy, and it Is needless to : lngti
, iidd. retaining another for hlmfelt It is
*l j doubtful if any rogue's gallery on thU |
ln I A/<n?inp(ii aum9??od this one In the I es
number and variety of Its portraits. 1
' ! When his work was thoroughly ac- i 1'
} complished. Parrot mode his way i com
I southward again. an ! handed over to 1 wee)
ts his chief the results of his efforts. Th^n r.e?*
n | the Inner'* share in the campaign be* **>cu
j gan in earnest. Orders to prepare ra- l^an
fc*- j tions ond strike camp were given, nnd ,,on'
?" 1 the troops *et o-tt over the rout* recent- **PJ|
"" j !y travelled by the sergeant.. Whenever rour
nI i the original of one of the photographs 001 1
r" 1 was found he was given short shrift. a 8X1
* | Naturally the** gentry did not readily of lf
r" | present themselves. nor willingly reveal <aJ)1
*1 their Identity when captured, but sucii *alil
subterfuges* availed nothing before the l,e a
evidence of the camera, and when Lieu- j "***[
y tenant Armstrong returned to Browns- Jani
en | villi' he hud accomplished h work unr"
1 equalled even In the record* of his reof
rnarkable organisation, nod his pre*- *>1
ig ence thereafter was always the hIrou! 1
io j for the dispersal and retreat or the '
- tunii
ry cutthroat element or ttio wo uranae re- rcrfl|
iq glon. OIN
" 1 * biee.
" Clwnliila rM'a Cranmartliif. emit
* DENVER, CoL. Sept. S7.-The rourt- c?ti
o" martial of Rev. Joseph P. Mclntyrc,
chaplain of the battienhip Oregon on 11
tr the charge of scandalising th?* navy in Soi
a a lecture delivered In Denver, August K, Ion*
a- uav resumed to-day. As on the open- band
? ? **
JCJ^l^U l/Ailil IUXJC
of this doj;.?
u- "
lotith is a21 wrong.
t had color and?
lay. the court room was crowdod,
y beinp turned away. HIM Xlin
i. MynoiQB, wno report me tccfor
the News. was called to verify
report published and from which
extracts contained In the charges
nst Chaplain Mclatyre were takShe
tuliy corroborated the report
had written and which was Introd
as testimony. Miss Reynolds
fled that Chaplain Mclntvre's refce
to Captain Robley D. Evans as
htlnsr Hob" was contemptuous In
tanner. Before the cross-examlnawu
finished the court took a reWfit
VlrglBU P?wl?n?.
lal Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
AJJHIXGTON, S*pt. 2S.? Tensions
rest Virginia applicant a have been
?d as follows:
Iglnal ? Louis Miller. Huntington,
atnes K. Music. Dunlow, JC.
rrcase ? Joseph Moriey. Canton,
? 112; Walker Simmon*. Iledmond.
110; John L. Sweeney. Friendly, h
[0; Bdgar Dennis, Wheeling-. 16 to
Janvy M. Thompson. Buckhannon,
o $34; Hiram Adkins, Hamlin, $H
17; Robert John&on, Whiteday, So
r.ewal ? Abner H. Lester, BradJ1-.
dows?Hannah L. Bowman, Rohr.
itao MelvIn. FaJrvh w, $8; Margaret
:<w (reissue; scnooinous*. *i-; at;Won
hen. Parken-burg. JS; Nancy
ker < restoration and TvigMio), lienan.
pension ha* been granted to Will\Y.
Leathern, BursetUtowfl, Waahsa
county. i'a., |ti.
Pollerr Option* r.i'rmlMl>
1ST LIVERPOOL, O., SepL 28. ?
resectatlvoi of the proposed pottery
Dine, who have been here for two
if. critically examining the busi,
have Juki left for the eatf. having
red options on the big Liverpool
is until Deetmb?T XI. The opi
previously obtained w ?uld have
red :o-d?y. nnd It ha.i been ?niced
*enr.-officiary that they wculd
?e extended. Th?'ir renewal now is
rfcrl*c here, and the representatives
je syndicate expru? bcii*f thai tno
talts'.B Interested *IU be t*? well
fled with the nhowing tney will now
b.e to make that thf d?al will al
; cirtminljr be consummated by
iary L
h'Ml Iirhiiic I?llr?.
MPTO.MS?Moisture; intense Itch?nJ
stinging; most at r.:#ht; worj?
icratching. if allows,i to coniima
jrs form, which often bl<*o<l and ul[e.
l??cominn very sore. SWAYNE'B
rMi:.VT Ktops the Itching and
ling. heals ulceration, and In n??i
* removes th- tumors. At dru^
t. or l>>' mail, fi/r cents. Dr,
yn? A Son, Philadelphia. Itefus*
ubstltutcs. tthc&w
me hats make a woman** face l.-w)*
. but not half ait Ion? as her hus?
I's w hen he sets <be bill
iiliiu iai.1 V/JJU, mu v mwm m
Xmjw's iksds^ aad U%estM Cm
f* the- onlr remedy on tbe market thai
will ear* every form of Headache la 3 tc
It) minings. correct UuISi^tieSr ??!? ?late
tbe nnvet and build uo th* system
It Should be Jr. every home and every i
travel-r a srlj)*ack. At all Prusftata,
a curt*. Sc. j
njTAjcE Ajrp aunt
Thm Kratnra af Um Bmct mwI M*ek
NEW YORK. Sept. 28.?Hooey on caH
eaaier at 3$4 Per cent; last loan 1H
per cent. Prime mercantile paper 405
per cenL Sterling exchange Arm. with
actual business In bankers' bills at
14 84H64 8444 'or demand, and at
84 S1HG4 81% ftir sixty daya Posted j
rates 84 8304 82H and 84 85. Commercial
bills 84 80HQ4 81. SUrer certificates
6W&C2c. Bar diver 82'^c. Mexican
dollars 47$4c.
Influences affecting Individual properties
furnished the motive for to-day's ,
irregular price movement. The bears, <
flushed with (heir recent success, at
tempted to make It Interesting for their !
opponents at the outset, and effected a ,
break in- Tobacco and Sugar. The latter
went dnwn on the announcement of a reduction
In grades of the product, but ,
heavy supporting orders turned the 1
current, and forced heavy coverings. 1
Subsequent fluctuations were very er- ,
rattc, in sympathy with the changes I
elsewhere, but the stock rebounded
strongly, and ended at the top. The ]
futile efforts of the shorts tc* inflict dam- j
age on the railway list caused the traders
to range on the long side for a turn, ,
and bullish sentiment became more
marked. Absorption of the standard
dividend stocks has been in progress
lately by Interests capable of holding
them until the general situation becomes
clearer, and outride confidence regarding
the tendency of the money market <
Is restored. Consequently the apparent
diminution In the floating supply of
stock caused a momentary scramble, *
and values improved sharply In many
directions. Later developments seemed j
to favor a belief that the bears were
playing 'possum, and content to
... i?. - v.-v? 1
WAIL oaui toe maraec reacnru ? u<??c? level.
In order to make the losses more
acute. Dullness followed the rise, and j
little of Interest vaj developed until the
late session, when Tobaccu was savage- .
ly attacked, and extensive short lines
were put out elsewhere. Tobacco, which
reached a level fractionally above last J
night's slumped seven points to 1 27%. }
and the market for rubber and some
other atoclce was cut away. The demor- 1
alizatlon In Tobacco forced holders to
sacrifice their Interests elsewhere to
meet the urgent demanda of commission 2
houses for additional margins. Reports
regarding the nature of the forthcoming
Burlington statement added to the i
break, and large blocks were let go,
with resultant severe liwses. The success
of the bear party in causing the
current demoralization In Sugar and 1
Tobacco caused considerable nervousness
and uncertainty among security
hodlers. The steadiness o^ the money '
market during the flurry, and the report
that the government would dis- \
burse on Ocu>bcr 10, anticipated Xovem- j
ber interest amounung to on
the 3*0, 4's-and 5*s failed to check the !
selling movement.
Final dealings were very feverish. ,
bu: last prices ruled above the lowest,
with the declines exceeding a point <
mainly in the Industrials. Speculation '
in railway mortgages was attended with j
increased animation and lower prices. '
Atchison adjustments were thrown ?>n f
the market la large volume, and closed ,
with a net loss of 1% per cent. Total i
m!^. c.s?o.ooo. 1
Government bonds moved Independent ;
of the other markets, and showed considerable
firmness, the old 4's rtalng Vi
per cent ]
The total sales of stocks to-day were
417.400 shares. I
r. S. new 3s 30R? Ore. R. & Nav.. 51 <
U. S. n?vr 4b reg.l2s Pittsburgh 1?
do coupon l-> Itt-adlnj; 17 i
U. S. 4* 11Mi do flrst pro? 424 ,
do coupon 112S Rock Island IMHi ,
do seconds .... W St. Paul V* [
U. S. 5* rec US ? d? preferred..l*l'i >
do 5s coupon... 113 ;St. P. * Omaha. ]
Pacific Is of *&..lC2'.i| do preferred. .ISTVfr
Atchison 12N Southern Pac... 23
do preferred... 314 Texa* A Pac? 11 (
Ral. A- Ohio 43 t'nlon Pac.. pre. ?S ;
Can. Pacific SaMWabash 1
Can. Southern... M do preferred.. ?*-, '
Central Pacific.. 2T. ItWheel. ALE. 1\
Che*. A Ohio.... 22 tdo preferred.. 16\* .
Chi. A Alton?IK Adam* Ex 113
Chi.. Bur A Q..113\ American Ex...120
C C. C. A fit. L. 3? P. S. Expre**... 41 ;
do preferred... M Well* Fargo....120
Pel. ft Hudson..104 Am. Spirit* 12% 1
T?el., Lack. A W.14I do preferred.. ? |
Den. & Rio G ... 1?H Am. Tohacco....irS
dn nrefurred... 54*-. do preferred..12
Erie (new) ^People's Gas....1*1* '
do flr?t pre.... IfftjCoI. F. & Iron.. 2n
Fort Wayne.. ..ITS ' do preferred.. M
Illinois Central..U0*iG?n. Electric... 47
Lake Erie & W. 15S UJinolB 8tee!.... ?
do preferred... 7JV, L*ad
I?ake S.. orrd...?i? t do prrf^rred..l*^*4 ,
Lou. & Nash ... Paciflr Mall C\ i
Mich Central?l'X Pullman Pal.. .!?
Mo. Pacific ?2 Silver Cer 61H 1
N'. J. Central.... f**i!Sugar 11>S
X. Y. Central....ll5*tj <Jo prcffrred..l?^4 i
Northwestern ...IZJMTenn. Coal Sc I. 27\ !
do preferred...ITS'ijU. 8. leather... fti* ,
Northern Pae... 40*, do pref?rred..
do preferred... 75 [Western t*nlon. 91
S'fond assessment paid.
tThlrd assessment paid. <
Brrsdatiiffa anil Froi lalnna.
CHICAGO?A flurry In Septetnb#r
wheat was the feature on 'Change to- ;
day. The rrlce of the September option
ranged all the way from Sc to 70c,
but uour.d up In the end nt SSVic, a loss
of V?c as compared with yest-rday. The
closing price of December wheat wag ,
63\c, precisely the same a? the Anal flg- ,
ur^?s yesterday. Corn lost ^c and oat* I
'*c Pork dccIlncd 12\?c; lard "ftc, and
rib* 5c. j
Wh?at opened at decline from (
yesterday's closing price. Influenced to ,
som^ extent by the unfavorable weather.
liberal northwest movement and the .
fact that cables did not show as murh
strength as expected In view of the
sharp rally here Into yesterday. It sonn '
developed, however, that September was ,
In Rood request and a very moderate
supply, selling up H?c to 7oc. The ad
" ? ?> ?ho r?at nf th? 11* f trhlch
, s?ild up In sympathy. Cash values In ,
I the northwest ruled Arm nnd this was j
al??o a factor. Tetterdar'i coast busl- '
tiess ;vas immense, 1^40.000 bush?ds and
. export also made rt frond showing, auJ
grejtatlnic 917.000 bushels. New York 1
wired that the united kinqdoni and continent
were buyers to-day and that acceptances
were acnln fairly liberal, J
KorHcners were also credits! with pur- ]
| ch??es In thin market. Primary re- ,
> celpts w*rc 124.000 ltush^1? smaller than
. a year aro. notwithstanding liberal arI
rivals In th?- northwest. The bearish
I ihowlnc of tho Liverpool closing cables
created n chancre In sentiment and
[ rices here receded, although Paris clo?.
e?l 5f?10 centimes feigner. sepiemoer m
i New York turned w^jik late In the day,
?elilnfj off l7*c. Duluth alK> ruled easier.
declining nearly lc. t.ocal longs 11;
rjuldated and final quotation! here w*re
around the bottom price. Xorthwe't
rccelptf were W7 cars, ajralmt 1.716 cars 1
yesterday. and 912 a week ajro. Local re- at '
celpts were 2<1 cart. Including Itt, an a: 3
Increase of ftprlng wheat, of which 17 ape
were of contract jrrade. Receipts at
we* urn points wer- 13*0216 bushels,
sjialnst 1.6M.M2 bushels last rear ami Jj
at eastern points (71.640 hosheln. Sep
t ember opened unchanged at 6814c; sold m
up to 70c scd cloned at 6JUc. December
opened He lower at 6**c. sold up to J
H?ic and closed at 6J*$?Hc. i
Corn lost all the Improvement of yesterday
and He besides. It waa chiefly (I
affected by the course of the wheat i \
market. The receipts were S49 cars. J
against ?30 estimated yesterday and 422 '
received the corresponding day a year .r
ago. Estimated receipts for to-morrow | >
7S0 cars. A fair inquiry for shipment 4
was reported, but buyers and sellers , |
were apart in their views of prices early . 1
In the day.
Business was fairly active, but I' '
throughout there appeared & general
disposition to drop long corn. Decernber
opened %c higher at SO He. sold up t \
to 30Hc and closed at 2Hi*2IHc.
Oats were traded In moderately and r
the market showed strength early. V >
?' n?r r*ator. m
>TKT? T|?J?? f -?
iiy'i close. Weakness developed later. 1
however. and prices closed with a loss J
of tt&Kc on the day. May opened He 1 [
lower at 22%c. sold up to 23Kc. and de- r
siloed to 22%{?22%c at the close. <
Provisions bad against them very p
heavy receipts of hojrs and that together
with the yellow fever report* v I
and one shilling decline in the price of ? |
bacon at Liverpool caused a heavy ('
market January pork opened about (I
unchanged at $9 073669 20. aold up to .}
19 20, and closed at S9 07H. January :k
lard opened 2Hc higher at <4 90. sold at '.
M Wl 9214 and closed st U 8tt?. Jan- ([
nary ribs opened unchanged at $4 72H0 w I
f 75. sold tip to 14 75 and closed at 0
14 73%. | I
Estimated receipts to-morrow: x
Wheat. 245 cars; corn. 730 cars; oats, W
ISO car*: hoiti. 31,000 head. f I
The leading futures ranged as follows: 0
Artlelea Open, j High. j Low. | Close, i '
RThmt. No. 2.1 j j j ~
Bcpu ??; TO a ?
rwT ?
STr ; ?3 65S
383k*?*.. ^ ?> ?d ?$ ?
5?c ?S y!4 ?5? s& Mflf
May siVv ISH 31 * a%
5at?. No. 2. , mv mv
8*vt. 21% ?> 2*
n#5c. u !4 2o\ a May
2T? SHI 223*1 22% .J1
Uui Pork sic,
Oct. .... ?1W, sir-i Its 7 97). Jtn.
TW. ft 17U S 8 PS 8 or1/? frOI
jST......... ?i*l ?s> ?KH >c7* and
LoS. 4 77^, 4T7H 4 7JH JTS Dec
4 s:v? 4 SJ* 4 77S 4 SO C.
Jan 4 ? 4 90 4 S7h 4 S?ft
3oIL ? ... 5=S SKH 5 EH tan Iff
jS,? 4 raj 4 75 4:0 4 7B> nc
~cub quotation* were as folio**:
Flour steady.
Wheat?No. 3 rprlnc 636<3!nc; No. 2
*Coro^Xo. 2 No. 2 yenow Pl
"oais^No. 2 22e22*c; No. S white 23%
?24%c. icm
Rye-Xo. 2 48c.
Barley-No. 2 34044c.
Flax seed?No. 1 92993c; new 91 wjp
I 30.
Mess Pork^-Per bbl. *8 00^8 VL Drr,
Lard?Per 100 lbs. 14 83*404 S5.
Short Ribs?Sides (loose) *5 15ff5 35;
short clear sides (boxed) 15 40# 5 50. ?
Whicky?Distillers' finished goods per
SaJloo $1 25.
Sugars?Unchanged. r"
Butter?Steady; creameries [email protected]; I *
Jalrles 12ffl7c. ?
Cheese?Steady at 7?S^c, ^1
Eggs?Firm?Fresh 14c. ?
NEW YORK ? Flour, recetpta 19.500 [if
barrels; exports 6.900 barrels; quiet. ? '
Wheat. receipts 318,200 bushels; ex- /
ports 105,600 bushels; spot steady; No. 2 Iff
red 76c ?.o.b. afloat; options opened easy W
- . ... - ?. '?? *? >
ana cioiro ?74c u? wnn *mfv...- ,
ber against ?(?1^4c decline in other
months; sale* included No. 2 red May
closed a? 69c; September closed at sew
;? *? 65,
Corn; receipts 23.400 bushels; exports
103.400 bushels; spot easy: No. 2 35*[email protected] "g
S6i4c f.o.b. afloat: options steady and ?5;
closed at %@%c decline; May closed at ' *?
J6Hc; September dosed at 35c. ?
Oats, receipts 133.200 bushels; exports D?L!
&55 bushels; spot quiet; No. 2 26c; op- ?
Lions dull. B j
Hops strong:. Cheese duH. Eggs Ml
steady; western fresh l"Hc. Tatfow mi
steady. Cottonseed oil quiet. Rosin B
steady. Turpentine steady. Rice B
steady. Molasses steady.
Coffee, options closed steady; sa!es
!1,000 bags. Sujrax, raw dull and nom- "]
Inal and lower to seli; fair reflni#ff
S&o; centrifugal 96 test 4 5-16c; mould VIL
\ 3%c; standard A 5\ic; confectioners' P
A. 5Vic; cutloaf 5 13-16c; crushed 513-16c; 31^
powered &Sc. granulated 5He; cubes -?
iHc- Ml
BALTIMORE ? Flour dull and un- "?<
changed; receipts 26,000 barrels; exports
? /wwv Wh mf o.urv: stmt and I
month 72?72Hc; October "1^4? 71 %c; receipts
51,700 bushels; export* 31.900 J
bushels. Corn easy: spot and month jM
33?*?34c; receipts 174,200 bushels; ex- M
ports 123.S50 bushels. Oats firmer: No. ???
2 white western 2Sc bid; receipts 14.700
bushels. Rye easier; No. 2 western
sS^c; receipts 4.600 bushels; exports 12.
F00 bushels. Butter steady. Cheese
iteady. Eggs Arm*
CINCINNATI - FSour duH. Wheat _
asler; No. 2 red 6S??70c. Com steady; tSo.
2 mixed 31c. Oats Ann; No. 2 mix- ^
?1 24*4<f24Vjc. Hye quiet; No. 1 4Sc. x
Lard easier a* (4 60. Buikmeats firm at _
15 T7%. Bacon steady at 16 55. Whls- Dp
Icy steady at |1 25. Butter quiet Su- * Ju
par steady. Eggs weaker at 13c.
Cheese firm.
Slock. kE
CHICAGO ? There tras an active 1
ireneral demand for cattle to-day and Arr
prices were mostly steady, good fat Arr
cattle showing decided strength. The
best beeves were 5010c higher and soid i pe;
ks high as at any time this year. Na- j CO.
live berf steers were in Rood demand I
it S3 WM&5 SO for the commonest to the j
be?t Afferices. thr greater part of the I
sales being at 14 9005 50. There was a
[very fair stocker and feeder trade at OT
13 4504 60. Canning and butchering '
cattle were active at steady prices while {?
ralves and milch cows w ere lower. The | ^
market 'or hog* was In a bad cor.di- , rt>b
tton with a oiovr trade at declining pbli
prices. The day's sa'es were at an extremo
range of $3 40{j4 00 for common j
to prime drov?n. the bulk of the sales j jnj
being at 13 70^3 90. Prices for sheep
a.nd lambs were well maintained, trade Par
being an!mat?*d. Sheep sold ail the j
way from 12 50*13 50 for the commoner '
lots up to S4 0fc4 90 for feeders and at : :i ?
14 50fx3 73 for native slaugtxerlng lots. wljV|
lim-ited numbers of choice to prime a <1?
lam** fetching 13 90f?6 35. Receipts? vide
Cattle. 16.000 head; hogs. 36.000 head;
sheep, 16.000 head. pAJI
EAST LI HKRTY?Cattle steadr; **'- JW
tra |3 35? 5 50; prime $3 10? 5 25; common
S3 65CT3 90. Hogs lower; prime a?
ported medium* *4 rotf4 20; rw*?i jompr*
|4 10?4 15; common to fair Yorker* j
M OOfM OS; heavy hofr? J? 10? 4 is; h?*t |
pljf.i 13 7003 S3; common plin* and ?klpa } E
5093 50; roughs *2 75tfl 75. Sh^p
(lead?: choice $4 50#4 SO; common
13 2.*>fj3 76; choice spring lamb* $5 5Aff
5 65; common to *ood (3 50^5 30. Veal
:alve? |7 00<j7 50. ?.'!
CINCINNATI ? Hop. ?tc?dy *t ? 00 :
eti An
OIL C1TT ? Certificate o\\ ctoMd at 1?'.!
U 07\g bid for cash; wile* 2.000 barrels "Vj
rash at tl 07; credit balance* unchang- P'
cd; runs 96,227 barrels; shipments 71.705 Git
barrels; Bur key e runs 67,732 barrels; P* '
Buckcye shipments C9,:?9 barreis. ?
I>rr Um4i. ' T1
NEW YORK?The week In dry goods c**i
shows little gain from day to day. The ?4?r
buying continent Is stnail and mall or- J '
der* are not above a normal amount. ! |U 1
Print cloths are very quiet. j rout
n. i
Jlrlnl*. j & I
NTnr TORK - PI* iron exchange U111
toady at 16 >0; lake copper unchanged j
I ,
Hi ?: tin qul?t ?t IW
H K*i for *xc!uuce; broto? P B?4.
Iter M bid.
TTX tork?wool <ml
. i,1 .
Optts Sept TJHmkM tl
Walter Damrosct) ?
tad Hla W.w,Yi>Ht1|j'>'>1i l?
IIiaIaw llnJk?ki4 !!
isSswesnia.- 5
jeep sea DIVIHE EXHIimON *
jlwl limnUmu ? <11 KMs ?l mMmh- 3
admission. as eim f
Lnmt Excursion Rates, totaling #
Admission. on All BiltnUl. if
jlaad Cellep and ScM of Musi;
(Near BalUflMflJ- '
ire? college courses
art and elocution specwuvs. i*
ictors and officers, a boardinjr pupils <
a 13 state:* last year. Cultured homo I
home comforts. Rmonthte rates.
3 for catalogue.
REV. J H. TURNER, Prudent
V. TON'^E. Secretary.
LutherrUle. Md. JeS
mt de Chantal Academy,
Irst-class tuition In all branches. Exent
accommodations; homo comforts;
3 table; large and healthy rooms; exUve
grounds; pure air.
For terms and other Information,
address J
stress of Moat di CkMUI Academy,
wiwaog. w. v*.
die*: I CKctatart EjmMi Nmrml ?m
ctk ajax tablets poerrnny cues
xir.>n~ -'Ti tir ] U.Osj\
T>/y iMtolW. nm*t *urrlv
sj^L Itamaaforrtcdr, btffsaper
fc&flferwwu lanaity ?||T CIBwui>ii1iiii if
n 13 UCML TbelrJM> ahoes ISMM) uaprvr*.
1 CCBE -*-m fH Jthir ZaU Irvepoa;
karlaf th? ftoafoe Aj?x T^iti, Tbej
i cund ibMMsii tad vtiicveynb Wiflveape* ?
? ? ?i* tte* (foil intaatltBFllfil Br
or rai? In WH?Iln*. W. V?_, by Ix.ran
is Co. ' . te3-?h?
rouble* peculiar to b?r sex. HF"S?nd by
1 or Irom our Ageat. *1.00 per box.
(JAMS m. CO., Props* OEVEUffD, OHIO.
ir tale by C. H. GEZE8T * CO.. 1139
ket street. d&w^
Tbcr overe?M W?rta*w. IrrrruDSAlx
lorlir *nd *i|Br
barn.* "h>M ?f iswirw8HI
Uon - Tk^m-Uft Utrrr."
KZy **lopfwn't?>'" ?Vi So
SSb ^"c'^nK&'&fr^S
>r Mir by C. H. ORIBT * CO.. 113
ket street. J&w
hst time
nnsylvtnia short lings
1v? COLUMBUS Z:\i* p. a.
lv? CINCINNATI .. L.ii p. m.
lr? INDIANAPOLIS........ 10:00 p. m.
:v? ET. LOUIS 7:<W *- m.
or steuuemiile ana hiutHirg; *.:S a.
week days; for Pittsburgh and 1*9
it and for Columbus and Chicago at
p. m. *eek days; for PltMwgh. Harur*.
Baltimore. XV :ishtnf\otv Ph'.ladtl1
and New Tork at 2i5 p. m. dally: for
ubenvll'.e and I'* nnlson at S:& p. m.
y: for P!tt*bur*h at !: * p. m week
: for Columbus, Dayton. Cincinnati,
lanapoli* and St. Louis at 9:20 p. m.
k day*. City tlm*.
lor Car to Pittsburgh on VM p. m. anil
7 p. tn. Trains.
prson* contemplating a trip will And
rontuble in pleasure and convenience
omrounicaie with the undcrsUrn&d. ? ho
make a!, necessary ftmagwnents for
lightful journey- rickets will b? prou
und bzgii*#* checks* through to des"?n"
*er.rer and Tlckct Agent. Wheeling
. Va. oci
a and after Saturday. February 2, li>5.
n? wilt run a* follows* tity time:
MTI \Vheelir.*. lUngJS' "Crovt
B~Tnw,TrnT m? Tr'nTmiJTt'n T'mo
a. m No. p m Na. a. m. No. p. m.
.. I.... fCM 1^0
.. 7;vWil?.... 4:W|.... 7:01? iM
.. SiO, S |?l (.10
.. iiOOlJ*.... ?7.... It* S ?:0)
.. 10:?'a.... 7:ff- 7*1
.. 11.-00SO ? V1U.UMS I:('>
p. m K .. 9:0 , pi m. A ?: o
.. lutf 13....II3NB 1I.T0
.. 140K.... U:0vj]&.... IM * U*i
.. i<ol in Hi
>ally. eieept 8unday. flfe&a. ~~
unoajr church traiao will Htr? Elm
vo at :?! a. m. and Wbocltar ?t 1IU7
Short Lan? b?i?oaa raincwat and
rk?burf. wuick lft ftn Train*?
e Connection*. N\ b*n Iravtlu . 10 or
n Clarksburg or WMt Virginia &
Kh railroad pointi. too that lour tickread
via the MonoOfabota iGwr Halli.
CTo*? connrrtton* at Fairmont with
k O. trains and at Clattobant with U.
). and W.. V. I*. traina Ticket* via
> route on Mil* *t ill B. A O. and W,
i P It H. wtatlopa
ArrlTml aad departure of tnlH on aM
ftff liar U. iw. Explanation of Batar?im
lUrtri: Dally. 'Dally. e*e?pt Sunday.
tDally. Wcopt Saturday. IDallr.MI
?Pt Monday. (Sundays only. -SaCurdaJfa
ealy Fl?'*ra Standard Tlwa.
J**part. IR.AO.-Main Ijna Eaat. Ami*.
11-JS am Waah.. Hal.. Phil, N.Y. 1*M
'<:** pmlWaab.. Bal.. Phil.. N.T. 2*
aa> ...Curabarland Aeeon... t(?P?
J.g pa Grafton Areon ncd? aa
1?Jt aml..Waahln<toa City Ex.. 11** tm
iB *0 -C.0."DlT_ Wou"Arrli?.
?? am For Ccluwbua and Chi. *1:11 an
*! J6 asaLColumhut and Clocta.. 1JI pm
JI:? pmLCohiinbus and Clod*.. 1:? aa
J? pm Coturnhoa and Chi- Ex. 11* am
? am ..St. Clalrarllle Accoia.. til* aa
I * nn .SL Clalrarino Accom.. tS:U pa
1?J amf.....aamlu?>r Mail..... JfiS pa
Orpan. ja. * O -W.. p. fe'Dlr. aitTm.
3^* araT....For pittrfeurfh ?:? aa
5:t? Plilaburrt ...... pa
"?3? pna ..mitsnurgn jtai.
tlOl pm Pitt*burgh !***?
T>S5rjKrK~C"V St L. Ry
t7jsam ...... Pittsburgh - JJ;H Jg
8:IS am fU?benvu?? and W**1 2-iw Sm
:4S am ..Bteubenville Acoom.. Jj JJ JJJ
U JI pm ..Pittsburgh and K. T.. tj* J
!? pm ..PUtsburgh airf It T.. ?.* ^
|7? pm ...PllUbunrh Accom...
ft:45 am Ex.. CIn? and 8t- ?>?}; JJ:g "J
ft JO pm Ex.. On. and 8L Lou?? j?
3S g ife."SSW5!flt ??3
it;s:s siii
tlil am Steuben vl I* and g|{J* **5 jX
tM? am Steuben vllle and Pttt*. am
?:! pm ,JF*ort W.jme and CoL. ? JO P?
tJ:W pes ...Canton and Toledo^ ?;g P?
t1:10 pm Alliance and C*evela*^ 11.* ?m
tJ:* pm Steub'e nod Well?vl"*- JJ *J JJJ
t5:54 pm Philadelphia ?nd N.T. ??.? pm
WH pm...Baltimore and Wash... ttJJ pm
tS;S4 pmj Steub e and \N ellrrlllt. tyy.Pm
"Depart. W*. i I* E. I mtr^Knrtl
1 J?\ni CUr??. ?nd CM. .fg" ?lja6 P?
tllrOO am Toledo and Detroit Spe W.W PJ?
<4:40 pm Cleve. and M"slllon ex. ** ?} J?
'}?! JS SSfciSS SSnftK ac.
51:5 s? c!?S^o?jS&?. <Sg 3
HSU ?m ..St. Cl?lr?vlU? Acoum '? ? ?
*10M am ..St. Clslrsvflls Accom.. ti.m p??
asS-ftftHEfflsaS: '4:2 SS
lo:*' pro\^??i. .?
Jlaftpn>1 Loca 1 Frtlfht |tll:S0 ag
"Depart | Ohio River R. R. I Arrlw.
<:? am! Park. and Way Points] *li:M ant
t":40 am'Charleston and Cincln.) *1:45 pm
J!:<5 am/Clnein. and Lexinrtonf %M pa
M05 Pro (Park._nnd Way Point*.} til .Ham
"Depart. I Z.1CR.R. lArri*a.
Belial re. | iBellalra.
10:10 an [Mall, Express and Pasa.( 1:10 pa
l:VQ pmI Express and Passenger) 9:40 aa
S-M pmiUixed Freight and Paa.| 1:9 pa
_ Departure and arfMllllJwIBBlhnxCI
r'vai of traine at
Wheeling. East ana
time. Scbedute la
?? <* ^
wain uns east
For Baltimore, Philadelphia and New
Sly' *0d 10:56 ** "* *** 4:46 * "
looAmmMatiaiL i*00 a. a.
daily, exceptSunday.
Grafton Accommodation. 4:45 p. m. daily.
From New Tork, Philadelphia and Baltimore.
5:20 a. ra. daily.
Washington Express, 11:00 p. ra. daUy.
Cumberland Accommodation, 4:00 p, n,
except Sunday.
Grafton Accommodation. 10:10 a. o. dally.
For Columbus and Chicago, 7:15 a. m. and
125 p. m. daily.
Columbus and Cincinnati Express, 103T
a. m. and 11:40 p. tn. dally.
St. Clnlrsville Accommodation. 1035 a. Ok
and 338 p. m. daily, except 8unday.
Chicago Express, 135 a. zn. and 11:60 a.
m. daily.
Cincinnati Express. 5:20 a. m. an-3 5;1S %
x?. dally.
Sanduslcy Mall. 5:15 p. m. dally.
St. Clalrsville Accommodation. 11:50 a.
m. and 5:15 p. m. dally, except 8unday.
For Pittsburgh. 5:25 and 705 a. m. and
5 JO p. m. dally, and 105 p. m. dally, except
For Pittsburgh and the East, 131 a. m.
and 530 p. m. dally.
From Pittsburgh. 10:20 a. m., 630 p. m.
- "* *' ** ?- m- dailv. 10:00 a. m.. except
General Jrfana*er. Uanu? Pmm*
ier Traffic. '
WSXr Timm TMh)m '?* Krr?ct
?r%\ Jun? * ^ut^S3
ern time.
Daily, tDally Except Sunday.
South Bound. ! *7 tl 1 1
Via P..C..C.&SLL-R. a. m. p. ra.
Plttabur^h, Pa...Lr Cln. 8:10 12:<S
Wheeling An ILtoe nag U
Leave. la. m. a. m.|a. m.jp. m.
Wheeling :*> 7:40 11:41 4:)S
Moundrville ?:S7 SrCJ 2*UT ?:?T
New Martinsville.... 7:51 1:44 l:U 541
8t?t#r*vtlle tdl 9M I'M
Wllllamstown 9:? t:S5 1.00 7:3
P?TKer?DUrK w.w
Ravenewood 11-10 4.?
Mason City 1**0 -*
p. ro.
Point Pleasant 1*3*1
pint Plpt**nt.R>Lv tljg VM
Charleston An Swl >JS1
GilUpoUa Art ~U:ai ?:?
Huntington 13M 7:0
"Via C. ft O. Rj. I fa. mA
Lv. Huntington J \l'M *JJB
Ar. Charleston ? * JB S:4i
* p. m. p. a.
Kenova Ar ,i I'M
Via a A O. Ry. ? '
Lv. Kenova ;? *1M r
Cincinnati. O.....Ar ? I:1S \
Lexington. Ky....Ar 5 JO
Lonlsvllls. Ky All tiUj
ram 9
Cleveland, Lorain & Wheeling
Schedule In Effect Mar U. UK. :r
Central 8t*adard Time. '??
Lorain Branch. Jll^ ^lS*"}*" 9**
Loraln t-J7 2:201 4SB 9:0
Elyrta t:H 2*9 4.15 18:01
i Grafton 7.iM 2:55 4M J0:21
Letter 7J> I41| 50l}J0:4fl
Maln'Une. (1 j' f~ 7~
la. rn. p. m. p. m-la. ?.
Cleveland 7;J>| 2:25j Sjtt
Brooklyn 2:41 5:47l
Loiter 8:21 J:2? 6:4*
Mrdlna ** ; I:? C.Stf
1 CblPP^wa Lake S:4I, 3:44 7:06!
Seville :%? J:? 7;14|
St^rllns >:56 4:01 7JO
Warwick 4^2 7:41)
Car.il Fulton 9.21 4:29 7:43:
Mars 11 Ion 9:45 4:44 l:C9| 4:?
Juttua 125. C:?
Canal Dover 10:31 5:11 SJ5I 7;lf
New Philadelphia... 10.41 l.Zf 9:02 7:U
I rhrlchJiville U:!5 9A 7:44
. UriJp-porl IM i:l? 19:09
Hfllalre S.2S
, Main Line! F~: j 41 t . , "
. ia. m a. m.)p. m.'p. n.
ncliairc | } 5:50: 1
OThEmf::::::::: isa i;:ja 53
1 Now Philadelphia.... 5:04 iM 7JJ
Canal Dover 5:11 f .K 4:10 7-S
i Ju'tux *>"<1 9** 4:0 i-m
Ma**41lon 6:<A 4^ 4:M
Canal Fulton ?.!* 9M f u
Wartrlek *:2S 1:49 C:ll
1 fltertln* ?:? 1?:ll, 5:* .
Sevillo f:SW 10:tf S:?|
Chippewa La*? 10:* ( js
M?W 7:l? 10 H ?*?
Lifter 10:4$ ?;it?
Brooklyn 8:14 11:S4 7?l|
Cleveland .... ... _?afl II:S| 7:ljj
Lorain 1?ranch. 12 | ff if" 1 ||"
* W-'am. P _m . p. m.
!>*t*r *:2S{ 10:50; f:?Ol S:2f
Grafton S:4* 11:07 ?:S8 S 41
ES&::::::::::::::::. ESSillli
Train* No*. 1. 2. i and ? dally between
rifvelind ?nd Vhrlch?vlll*. All othar
train* dally, ?xc*pl Sundays.
Electric cam l?otwe*n llridroport and
Whf.nnK and Hrldfeport and Martina
Kerry and Hcllalr*.
Consult actnts for general information
I ?s to t*?t routes ard pasaonrer ratea ta
I *" u. a cariuu. a r. a.

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