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' And Know that the DtmocrnU
have no Faith Intho
^:' Tne Democrat* of Benwood \fito hops'
ed their congressional chalrautu and
candidal* would accept the challenge
fired at then for a Joint debate on the
R Issues of the campaign, between Captain
I Oovener n<t Mr. Blair, on Saturday
, nl(ht, are doomed to disappointment
Their congressional chairman and ranR
' dldate ace afraid of the result of snch
j- c met tine- Their fears find expremloa
K la a dec! nation of the formal challenge
Usued yesterday by Chairmen Smith, of
the EepubMwn congressional committM
Ami Mr Pratb deplln?n in the face
(: of the evident fact that his action wlU
ji place the Democratic party of Bemvood
nod Xanha.ll county?end. In foot, the
a party throughout the district?in a d?;
teativ* attitude which Is particularly
Fv not comXortable to Democrats of the
kind nurtured In Benwocd. But It was
; a cboioe between two evHs; either a
L<" slaughter In & Joint debate or the plocfc:.
Ins or his candidate and party at a disadmntage
by deollnlng the Republican
j proposition (or a (air and open Joint
' It will be remembered the Intelligencer
flrst suggested the joint diicuwiqp
early in the week. This resulted In a
challenge being sent by the chairman of
'the Bnwood Republican committee to '
j. the Democratic chairman, Joe Uahood.
% The latter, H is said, wanted to accept,
but of course had to turn the mutter
over to Congressional Chairman Post,
win took the position that he had not
been challenged regularly, entirely Ignoring
the challenge sent to Mahood.
Learning of this, Chairman 9. O. Smith,
of the Republican committee, yesterday
sent the (ollowlng challenge to Mr.
X. D. Post. Esq.. Chairman Democratic
^ ? 1 ???? l'l t Hlilrlot
.""|r^ wwimUlkKiK) i 1181
west Virginia.
DEAR SIR:-Ah your candidate. Mr. J.
V. Blair, and Captain Dovener are billed
lo speak at Benwood" Saturday evening,
-the J9th Jnst., we have had many requests
from the workers In the mills and the
citirens of Benwood to extend to Mr. Blair
through you an Invitation to jointly dlscuss
with Cr plain Dovener the issues of '
fhls campa.nn at that titne. We have soI
cured Dplan's Hall for that evening, and I
If you havo not succeeded in engaging a
largor hall we will be glad to have you ,
meet there with us. As it has been alleged
that we were not sincere in our
former invitation to you to arrange for )
Joint discussions. we wiah to extend the ]
present one, which we consider is made j
18 under such clrcumstancc* as will preclude
the possibility of such a construction in
Will you kindly- favor us with an early
i reply, that we may complete our arrangements.
Tours truly.
Wheeling, Oct 27 8. O. SMITH.
The challenge we? sent to WeHaburg,
where M*. Post bad accompanied Mjr.
Blair. At 7 o'clock no answer had been
received, and the Intelligencer sent the
! fottowlntr telegram to Mf. Post:
Hon. M. D. Post. Wellaburg. W. Va.,
r Will you kindly wire quick your action
on ohallengc sent by Mr. Smith for Blalr
Dcvener debate at Benwood Saturday?
At 8 o'clock the following: reply was
& - . WKLLSBURG, Oct. 27.
' Intelligencer, Wheeling.
As old John Randolph used to reply.
. This-is a Question, and I never, answer
questions." ATELVILLE D. POST.
This was a notable Instance when It
was Inconvenient to answer a question.
. as will be seen from a perusal o the
following' rep}?, received by Chairman
Smith from Chairman Post last night:
WHEELING, W. Vs.. Oct 27. 15*1.
Hon. C. O. Smith, Chtlrm&n.
81R:?Your note of this date received.
.Ths motives that prompt you In suggest?
iftint discussion at Benwood are well
understood. All arrangements (or the
Democratic meeting at the Benwood City
Hall have been perfected, and will not
be chanted, yours truly,
M. D. POST, Chairman.
Speaking of the matter, Chairman
Smith laid last night
"One ot my motive* which Mr. Po?t
desires to learnt wu i? hear Mir. Blair
explain how it Is thai the mill men of
Benwood worked ono day a week and
loafed Ave while the Wlsuir-dorman
tariff act waa in operation; a Ho to explain
to the satisfaction of the Democrats
of Ben?ootf how it 1? that under
the Dingier tariff act there are not
enough men In Benwood to work, the
mil la to the extent of keeplmr up with
the demand for their product; alto, to
have a fpil, fair and free discussion ot
tile issues of the present campaign;
4*0, to *bow the enure faint}* or me
Democratic organ'* claim that Captain
Dovener <Hd not desire to meet Mt.
Blair In Joint debate. I* It not in order
IUJTT, to Inquire of MT. Poet hie real reaton
for declining our offer?"
lit It ?urprl?lnir that Beuwooii Democrat*
in particular, and Finn district
Democrat*) In general, are dUgusted?
Mal4 t?r TrUdvlphla Dlilrlet ftf pHbllc?n
?t JMlbert'* Garden Utt Bight?Mr. Cartli
Arousrrl Kiitha?ta*m,
One of the but meeting* ever held In
the pavilion at Briber:'* Carder,
held by Triadoiphia district Republican*
last night. There was enthusiasm
to burn, though the Register, a* usual,
will have "frost" In title morning's account
of the rally. Speeches were made
by Hon. H. W. Harmcr, of Clarksburg;
Mr. M. H. Willi*, of Olenvllle; Hon. W.
H. C. Curt If, ef West Liberty; Messrs.
Harry W. McLure and C. II. Haonlng,
of this city, and Mr. John Arbons, Jr.,
of Pleasant Valle?-.
Selbert'a pavilion Is an Ideal place for
meetings, and It wn3 decorated In great
shape last night by Colonel "Charley"
Selbcrt. The roaring lire In a large
atnve was quite Inviting on a chilly
night, and the n^ellng wan a nnc one
in all respects. It wr.a called to order by
Mr. Fred C. Bade, Republican committeeman
for TrJadelphla district, and
County Clerk RIchut-d Robertson was
voted to the chair.
The conduct of the war which appcnr*
Co furnish a straw for tho drowning
Democrats to grasp at. was fflven due
attention by all the speakers, and Re.
publicans are only too willing to discuss
it, tcr e? Mr, Willis Inquired, If the
Democrat intend to chiir*c the Republicans
with miseries of the war they
should also give the Republicans the
glories as well. But. thf; speakers Ifii
silted, the war was American, not Re?
publican or liemocratlc.
The prlnclpnl speakers scheduled
were Messrs. Arben*. Willis and Harfntr,
but none spoke st length, und
whc-o the? roncjuaud mere wore cries
for Harrv McLtjrc, who was In the audience.
Mr. McLuro opened by telling
a Hood story on Homer Smith, and the
elm tree near th?? lialtlmore /t Ohio
crossing In lilm Orow a/tcr wlilch he
poke with much force ntiij e'oquonce In
iC&ort of Captain Dovtner. Senator
Whltaker, and Ihe entire Republican
ticket, patting In uat good licks (or
John C. McCurdy, candidate for commissioner
for Trladelphla district.
The speech of the evening was made
l>y Mr. Curtla, of Liberty dlatrlct. and
It nraa well received Indeed. Mr. Curtla
(aid that the Democratic speaker* at
Wedneaday sight's meeting at the
Opera Hooae claimed there was but one
Issue?the war. They asld It had been
mismanaged and that tbe war might
make America cut loose from paat traditions.
Mr. Curtis said that farmers
and men of all vocations found a time
when to work with Implements or tools
of a former period left them In tbe
rtc? and Amprlra.'* tlrrw? tn (len&rt
?omc from old moorings bad come end
it was imperative, in view or the war.
that the should.
But at to mismanagement ot the
war, Mr. Curtis sold such a question
hould never have been rslsed (or political
capital, and speaking along this
line he became particularly eloquent
Bis hearers were thrilled at his wordpalntlng*
of the glorious achievements
at Manila and Santiago, and the pavilion
rafters rang at Intervals with enthusiastic
applause. Those who howl
that the war was mismanaged, said the
West Liberty orator, were not those
who answered the call In the "sixties"
or In the spring of '98. The howlers
were not the soldlera who wore the blue
or gray, nor were they the aona of the
civil war veterans, who stood shoulder
to shoulder In '98 cementing the ties
broken by their sires when titer left
homes to march beneath the 3tars and
stripes dr follow the fortunes of the
Confederacy. Grand old "Joe" Wheeler?
No! Fltzhugh Lee? No! Nor
any other soldier is It who blames the
government for the hardships of the
Spanish war?hardships less than were
Incurred in any struggle In, the world's
hlstorv when the glories were so great.
Mr. Curtlh was tendered an ovation
when lie concluded his magnificent addresK.
He was followed "by Circuit
Court Clerk Hennlng, who urged the
Setting out of every vote In TrladelPhla
district on November 8. He made
* good argument for the election of
John C. McCurdy. Last night's meeting
was productive of good for Republican
success in the districts
rite Senator to Address the Big Moating
of (ho Campaign To. night at Pytlifan
Castle?Mr. Joseph C. Brady has Boon
Chosen (o Preside.
What will possibly be the banner Republican
meeting of 4he campaign In
this county Is to I e held thla evening in
Pythian castle, South Side, and the
principal speakers will be "West Virginla's
Republican United States senator,
Hon. Stephen B. Elklns, and Hon. C. L.
Weems, of Belmont county, Ohio. It
was desired to hold this meeting up
town, but as attractions were booked
for?both theatres, the county committee
did the best thing possible by securing
Pythian castle, a large and well
heated hall, that will hold as large an
audience as either of the theatres. Benwood
cars place' up town poople right
In front of the liall in Ave minutes.
The meeting will be called to
order by County Chairman Will H.
Horn Is h, who will introduce as chairman,
Hon. Joseph C. Brady, of TrJadelphla
district. The following vice presidents
will occupy seats on the stage:
Vice Presidents:?
Wm. P. Hubbard. 8. O. Boyce,
Louis Horkhelmer, Dr. John L. Dickey,
Prank Bowers. Conrad Bremer.
Chas. J. Bawllngs, Wm. Hlgglns,
Job. Freeze, Chris. Kuibitrer,
James H. Lancaster, B. 8. McLure,
Pred Williams. A. 8. Bell.
Dr. D. B. Best, Paris Whitam,
C. W. Fransheim. Wm. Lewis, sr.,
Heury Honneborn, David Evans,
Frank G. Caldwell, Ceo. McMechen,
Chas. M. Oliver, Elzie Bowman,
Albert Bed man, Wm. B. Moore,
Frank Stanton, J. Elehenbroad, sr.,
Chas. Dannenberg, Fred Schwalf,
Job. Speidel, John Frew,
C. E. Vankeuren, Geo. Hlbberd.
Jos. C. Brady. Geo. Humphry,
Dr. S. L. Jepson, Geo. Parks,
B. F. Caldwell, Alex. I-alng,
Cupt. W. II. Travis, Carl Hamilton,
Clias. Danncr, A. I>. White.
Wm. Stifcl. IV. P. McKelvey,
H. W. Srhrebo, C. II. Watkln*.
Henry Schmulbach, H. M. Muxwell.
Dr. C. AvWlngerter, J. W. Schultze.
Dr. B. H. StlilyarJ, J. R. Rosenborg,
Dr. H. H. Harrison, Win. Ashworth,
Wm. Balrd. Q. 1* Cranmer,
Fred Meyers, Jr., F. C. Beatty,
John K. List. Thos. Murrln,
Wm. McK. Day. John P. Roth,
John Bodley, Wm. Dlebold,
Wm. Knoke. Jas. K. Hall.
Frank Wright. G. R. 15. Gilchrist.
Henry F. Jones, C. K. Smith,
James Dickey. 11. W. Hornbrook,
Wm. Jones, John WfIn,
Robt J. McCulley, W. J. Lukens,
C. F. Ulrlch, Alex. Turner,
James H. Ulildle, H. P. McGregor.
George Bell, II. C. Richards,
C. A. Robinson, Aug. Pollock.
C. A. Reed, John Wright, sr..
I,. O. Httllock, Wm. Llndsey,
Jos. C. Dmllev, Wm. Dudley,
Rev. Waters. Oliver Belleville.
Dr. Wm. Etiler, Nicholas Schulz.
Capt Wm. Otto. Wm. J. Lisle.
David Outman. Dr. J. W. McCoy.
Wm. Sehwerlfeger, Robert Erb,
Wm. Graham, sr., W. V. McConnell.
A. T. Hupp, Frank Hhlrk,
Jacob Snyder. Geo. Adams,
John E. Clator. W. J. Cook.
Prof. H. Schockey,
Senator Elklns' speech will bo largely
devoted to a review of what has been
accomplished by the administration of
President McKlnfey, Including tariff
legislation, the conduct of the war, tins
Improvement in the condition of Indus*
tries and farmers, etc.', and should not
be missed.
Will b? itdrirmad by Congressman Do*.
enrranri flovrnor Atkinson.
Indications point to a rousing: meeting
of Ben wood Republicans, at the Marshall
county mill town to-morrow night.
The Democrats hold a meeting also,having
flunked out of the joint debate proposition.
The speakers at the Republican meeting
will be Congressman Dovener and
Governor Atkinson, and the meeting will
be held at Dolan's hall. The Republican
committee will probahly engage a
brass band for the occasion, and the hall
will seat a large crowd. The back down
"Jack" Blair made through his managers,
and the lame excuses offered for
It, have conspired to ir.fuse added Interfntj
in the meeting. The meeting Is call
cd for 7:30.
The lltit of vloe presidents selected yesterday
13 a* follow:
Joslah Sinclair. ' Louis Murray,
August Schad, John W. Johns,
John P. James, Robert Shoup.
Wm. Schad, John '1'. Manlf*y,
Paul Rledel. Wra. WhUeman,
Hairy Stewart, Robert Coaie.H,
John W. Le*ach, J. I,. McMwhen,
John Newton, Install Htcvons,
Kdw. Newton, sr., Squire O. A. L?ce>\
J am cm aera?hty, Wm. Hnll.
Thos. P. (Jarrrtt, John Luhic,
Mayor Tlios. Shep-O. P. Taroy,
ard, Hqulrc Henry Riddle,
Albert Serlg, Dr. M. A Dowler,
J. T. Roaobt'rry, Jameti Gl!>b,
C. H. Seabrlght. Paul Rledel.
Samuel Welch.
Mi. Halrd'a Itrply. '
James Ealrd, one of the Democratic
candidate# for house of delegates, was
the only legislative candidate* In the
county who <n?i not reply to me ques- i
Hons aent out recently by the Ohio Vnl- I
loy Trader & Labor Assembly, as to
their position on labor matter*. The replies
of the cthera were punllahed Monday
mornlnff. X,r. Halrd's reply waa
printed In Tueaday'n Register. A copy
was sent to this paper by 'Mr. Balrd, but
vvaa no: received until after its appearance
11. the Democratic organ, ? ? It Is
not r.ec dry to print it this morning.
Take Laxatlvo Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All DruffRi.ua refund tho money
If I', falls to cure. 2iic. The genuine
hA3 L. U. Q. on cacb tablet. miv&f
Mrs. Plnkhaxn'a Advice Inspires
Confidence and Hope.
Examination by a male physician la
a bard trial to a delicately organized
She pnta it off a* long as she dare,
and is only driven to it by fear of can- ,
eer, polypus, or some dreadful ill.
Moat frequently inch a woman leares <
fgv a physician's office ]
where Bhe has unig
tjf dergone a critical t
r~yj examination with i'
*77 an impression, more
fit* lmH. of (lihCOtir- I 1
This condi- J
tlon of the <
F mind destroys
i the effect of 1
I adrice; and J
I she grows j
1 worse rather' (
than better. In consulting Mrs. Pink- j
ham to hesitation need he felt, ihe 1
story is tdld to a woman and is wholly '
confidential. Mrs. Pinkham's address
is Lynn, Mass., she offers sick women i
her advice without charge. ]
Her intimate knowledge of women's t
troubles makes her letter of adrice a c
wellspring of hope, and her wide experience
and akill point the way to health, j
" I suffered with ovarian trouble tor, ;
seven years, and no doctor knew what 1
was the matter wifch me. I had spells <
which would last for two days or more.
I thought I would try Lydla E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound. I have. e
taken seven bottles of it, and am en- c
tirely cured."?Mm. Jobs Torimax, si o
W W?A/lh?mr Am.. KaHiniorf>. MfL
The above letter from Mrs. Foremas
U only one of thousands. ?
I = r
M.'. SfcLaugbllu Kntera Suit Aff*ln*t a E
Fellow Democratic Worker who A tela- *
ted tu ZVominatiug 31 r. Jflaftom for tho J}
Id Wednesday's IniteHigencer appear- h
ed & story giving am account of the ex- fi
cited conversation! held on Chapllr.e
street by J. R. Hfcsom, one of jthe Dem- ^
ocratio candidates for the house of dele- R
gate?, and M. L. McLaughlin, a lawyer, a
who had interested himself in securing *
Hissoxn's nomination at tho hands of tfoe J
county Democratic convention. In r
Thursday's paper Mr. McLaughlin's de- tl
nlal of the truth of the story \yas given *
Developments that came out yester- &
day show that the story a? published 7
In this paper was substantially correct. i<
It Is learned that Attorney J. E. W. Mc- a
Oulley, on behalf of M. I* McLaughlin, t!
has Instituted a civtt suit in rhe court T
of Justice of the Peace Dunning, by "V
which he seeks to recover from another n
Democratic worker the sum of $33, 1
This is President McKinley ss he look*
which Mr. MteCu&ley nays McLaughlin b
alleges was loaned to the worker as an a
inducement for the latter to lend his e
support to tho movement to nominate rj
Mt. Hissom for the legislature.
This suit was instituted after the ex- {
cited conversation held by Hissom and ?
McLanghlin on Monday aifternoom. In- ! n
stead t?f threatening tt> sue Hissom, it c
is now learned that McLaughlin told i <;
friends atfter the Intelligencer publica- , j,
lion of Wedinesday that he had said to i c<
Hissom that he would sue this other j ^
worker for the money loaned unless His- . ^
~it tr<Kxl. This. Hissom re- |
fused to consdlcr ? consequently the I ^
suit. In the face of this statement to j <j
friends. McLaughlin had the nerve to ; f
call at the Intelligence? ofllce anil allege Cl
that the conversation, reported in thi9
paper wtus im relation to certain oil liti- |
KAtion that he waa handling for His- r
boot. In. fact, he told these friends that j ^
he would invpose such a story upon the |
Mr. McLaughlin furnished the Regis- E
ter with a copy of his statement, and it 0
appeared lir that sheet yesterday morn- c
ing, under the headline, "A Typical
Falsehood*" the headllr.e. of course, re- w
ferrlng to the Intelligencer's* story, ?'?d j,
not to Mr. McLaughlin's statement.
Will the Register. In t'he light of yester- V
day's developments, reiterate that the J
story was fafisc? J!
I?n?i ri ll O'llol'rimprtttrt. (
Hon. Lorenzo Dan-ford passed through V
Bridgeport yesterday, on his way home y
to St. ClalrsvHlc*. from a campaign trip
In Carrolli county. The captain Is-noted u
as a shrew political prognostloator, and 5
he hIzed up the present situution. us air w
right for the Republican ticket. Tho t(
Kreat majority o( tho Republican vols
made up of men who aro Rei>uJbUc_an?
from principle and not from per- <n
s. .ost/mUg3
tonal Interests. It la, of course. lmpo?
libit (or a man in pabMc offloe to ple&n
very one In the faithful, consdeotiom
llacbarirc of his public duties. **On<
je* wttl not HI a dosen hole?." Belmont
:oumjr Is safely Republican by a norma.
iS-yeor majority of 800 to 1,000.
The leading society event of the seajon
in St. Clairsville, was the marriage
yesterday of Dr. John W. Shaffer, ol
Sandueky, Ohio, and Mine Bertha E
Hunt, only daughter of Colonel and Mrs,
PIT. A. Hunt. The wedding: was a horn*
ittalr and was wjtieieed 4>y ahout 10C
nvited guests. Exactly at noon the
ttralns of the wedding march announced
he approach of the bridal party, and as
.he clock ceased striking the hour the
reremony was pronounced by Rev. Dr,
Jecust, of the M. E. church.
The attendants were Misses Lillian
Lewis and Edna Judkins, of Barnes*
rille, Ohio; Miss Ida Updegraff, of
iVhoolintr: Misses Nellie Jeptwn. Bess
lewetson and Ina Tollman, of St.
Jlairsviile, and Messrs. Harrison Troll,
tobn P. Frasier, Clyde Darrah, Albert
tennon and W. T, Hewecson, of St
?lairavllle, and Van Dorn Sutton, of
After the ceremony tho guests sat
town to an elegant wedding: breakfast.
>r. and Mrs. Shaffer left on the 2:40
rain for their future home In Sandusky,
Dr. and Mrs. Shaffer are both graduates
of the Ohio Medical University, and
t was there the attachment was formed
hat terminated to-day in faarriage.
'he bride is widely known as one of St.
;iajrsvllld'fl fairest daughters.
The King's Daughters of the Second
'resbyterian church will give a Hallowen
parly, Monday evening, at the
hurch. and ft will prove enjoyable for
11 who attend.. .
Yesterday evening, at the home of
he groom, on Front street. Island, ocurred
the wedding in which Mr. Heny
M1. Russell and Mrs. Anoie Helskell
lurks were the principals. The cerelony,
which was performed by Rev.
). A. Cunnlngfcanv D. D., pastor of rhe
Irst Presbyterian church, was wit
.essed by a small number or me
rienda of Mr. and Mra RuseeM. Both
re well known people, and have the
earty congratulations of their many
The Arlon's opening of the season of
?9S-'99 last night was exceptionally
ood from every view-point, and was
ttended by'oearly the entire memberhip
of the society and their family
riends. The society's hall, at the corer
of Twentieth and Main streets, has
ecently been painted and decorated
throughout, and the effect was enhancil
by profuse displays of flowers and
rilliant illuminations.
The opening was marked by an exellent
concert, followed by danclnjr.
he concert programme contained sections
by the Opera House orchestra
ud the Arion's singing section, under
fie direction of Prof. H. M. Schockey.
he soloists were: Vocal,% Mrs. Flora
Williams and Mr. S. Emerson: lnstrulental,
Misses Amanda and Ida Spell.
he duet for soprano and tenor, "Em
9 to-day at the head of the great peace
lem of Constancy," by Mr?. Williams
nd Mr. Emerson, was the gem of the
veiling. The Misses Spell displayed
are proficiency on the piano.
Supper was served di midnight by
!?e Arlon's caterer, after which the hoi!
an cleared for dancing. The Newport
larch, a new feature, was nicely exeuted.
It was led by Messrs. Aug. C.
chneider and Ed. H. Vaas, of fhe danclg
committee. Other members of the
ommlttec were: Messrs. Jacques nvm,
'arl Lang, Harry Ritter, Louis Laue,
'Ictor Weiss and "Will Loefiier.
Throughout the evening there* were
atnes of chess, dominoes, ctc., all prouctlve
of keen enjoyment, and the
unotlon In all details was very succwful.
if the Fourth Street Church Will Give
d Social This Evening.
This evening at the Fourth Street M.
church, the King's Daughters circle
f this church, will give a social and
oncert, between the hour* of 7:30 and
). The following musical programme
ill be given, beginning at 8 o'clock:
latmruontal Duel
..Miss Hessle Kyle, Mrs. S. Whiteside
ocal Solo Mrs. Jesse Morris
'oral Solo Miss Harriet Daizell
eel tat ion Miss Sue Jonos
ocal Solo Mrs. Martha Whltaker
istrumontal Solo
Mrs. Anna Lang Bohlen
ocal Solo Miss Margaret Hurvey
ocal Solo Mrs. Leon Kino
ocal Solo Mrs. Martha Whltaker
The accompanists will be Mrs. Ricrdo
Rlccl, Mrs. Anna Lang Oehlen,
[iss Lulu Hleks and Miss Sue Cald cli.
Mrs. Rlccl has kindly consented
) accompany her pupils who take port.
DOLLAR Foster Patent Kid Glove.4 59
mu at THE HON TOX.
/ It is a medicine! It Is
1 Take it according; to directio
YV.Mll M.a'j ?!.50 ilu
10c for
Coal Miners'
Ml nyiU'if I'l ? i Boys' 21
HP Boy*' 50
II Men's
Ra Men's 71
Men's 6(
1& 0^ for....
ll/Miton's Hat flftlM
I J11U1 UUUVU u 11U> ??f.
The NaUohal Croitflon Society to Bfcet in I
Thie Clljr.
The Wheeling and Benwood delegates
to the meeting of the National Croatian
society, which met In Chicago from October
17th to the 25th, have returned
home and are loud In their praises of the
treatment they received. The delegates
were: John Lublc, Joseph Lubio and
Joseph Bair}k, *of Benwood, and Michael
Agnic, of .Wheeling.
A very successful meeting was held,
and Wheeling was chosen as the meeting
place In October, 11*00. Mr. John Lublc
was re-elected president for the fifth
successive term, which is a tribute to his
abilities. His son, Joseph Lublc, formerly
financial secretary, was elected to
serve on the finance committee. The
.society numbers 5,000 members, many of
whom Uve in Pennsylvania, that state
sending fifty of the 153 delegates.
Among the business transacted was the
. c^.Z/S- 1
jubilee celebration at Philadelphia.
raising of the death benefit from $500 to
5600. The Benwoojl and Wheeling lodges
will attempt to raise enough funds to
build a hall In Benwood. before the 1900
meeting. _
Last Night and Thi? Morning That ,
Amused Many People;
There was a caJce walk of iho.genuine
character at the Democratic hall. South j
Main street, met nigni. n waw u -warm
baby." Eight couples entered the contest
"fo* dat cake," and they really grave
a splendid exhibition, and put In the
nhade many cake walkers In colored |
minstrel companies. There were many
white people In the large audience and
they enjoyed the affair hugely.
The cake walk was late in starting, it
being after midnight when the master
of ceremonies cried out: "Lead on Macduff."
Then it wad that the crowd on
'tl\e benches, lining the four walls, held
their breath. Out stepped the leader,
cane In hand, and his first evolution
proved him a "peach." The leader was
Sam Ramsey, who hustles unwashed
linen for the WheeWng Laundry. Sam
was t'he star attraction. He was graceful
as a fawn, and tie "cut the coiffers"
in great style.
He led the couples out from the bunch
one at a time, arid when they had circled
the room they were led to ih(.Jr
original station, while the next in line j
proceeded to do the grand. After all had
been given a whirl, the judges cut vhe
number down to three couples, as fol- i
low*: Frank Shank and Mrs. Roy; Sam 1
Lansy and Miss Terry: Mr. Jackson and ,
Ml 8# Lucy Brown.
The trio were put through a difficult
te.*t, and the contest narrowed down to
two coupIea?Mr. Shank: and lady, and .
5SSET ?"29508^ !
is the ONLY whiskey on S
the market that is required f
'by the jorcriraeat to affix t'
the proprietary (medicinal) /
stamp. In other words 1
?TMnnrv?c mTT? \
i 1 w MUM A |
This only confirms what the f
proprietors have always \
rUlnvit?what all the doctors f
know and what millions of /
people have learned from its )
use. -r??- C
atonic! It will do you good. /
ns. ,)
t Gam C'oaU tor 11.08.
Dntrvnt Pane
J aidlb
Ic Fine Bchool Cap? 12?C
e Beat Plcali Caps 25c
)o Astrakhan Winter Capn 25c
ki Plu?h Winter Caps 25f
to Beaver Cloth Caps
irfmpnt an<' '322
11 liliPili, Market Street.
Mr. Lansy and lady. The excitement
then rose to fever heat and Officers
Schrader and Zimmerman were kepi
busy. Fortunately no razors were
drawn. Colonel Shank had lots of friends
In the house, but after an hour's walk,
he had to surrender the laurels to Col.
Lansy and partner. The cake was presented
by the colonel to his dusky partner
amid great applause. The victory
was deserved.
This evening, at the' Opera House.Mr.
Creston Clarke and Miss Adelaide
Prince, supported by an excellent com
puny, Will Wi'CU a ir?u uu/o ?u&a0<.ment,
and the advance sale Indicates
that they will be greeted by large audlences.
That the engagement will be
the occasion of three dramatic treats
goes without saying. Mr. Clarke apptfarfc'd
here last season and made a decided
hit. To-night's bill is "The Marble
Heart," Saturday afternoon "Rur
Bias" will be given, and on Saturday
evening, "The Last of His Race.'"THE
Large and well pleased audiences continue
to be'the rule at the Grand, during
the engagement of the Irene Myers
Comedy Company. Last night and at today's
matinee, the bill will be tile
thrilling melodrama, "American Born."
Those who- admire the personality and
action of little Irene, will gladly avail
themselves of the opportunity to see her
in me B^icaiLBi uuutat-ici c?si ??>vk?
for a child, that of "Edith" In "Tho
Burglar," ibis evening.
Hadrian'* Arnica Sal vr.
The best salve, in the world for Cuts,
Bruises. Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chlllblolns, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions.
and positively cures Piles, or no
pa/ required. It Is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction or money refunded.
Price 25 cents per box. For sale by Lo*
gan Drug Co.
By virtue of a deed of trust made by the
American Fire Clay Company (a corporation
under the laws of west Virginia) to
the undersigned, as trustee, bearing date
the 2Nth day of July, A. D. 1890. and of
record 111 me cierK's oiuce 01 uio mum/
court of Hancock county. West Virginia,
In Deed of Trust Book "C," folios 377, 37S,
379 and 3S0, 1 will on
commencing at 10 a. rn.. proceed to sell
ir public auction at the front door of the
court house of Hancock county. West
Virginia, in New Cumberland, all that certain
tract of land lying upon the Ohio
river In Butler district. In Hancock county,
In the state of West Virginia, bounded
and described as follows: Beginning at
a stake on the Ohio river corner to lands
of Freeman brothers, near .the mouth of
Holdbert's run; thence down -said river
south eight degrees west (s. s? w.) thirty
nine (39) poles: thence south sixteen decrees
west (s. 16* w.) fifty (50) poles: thence
south eight degrees west (s. s* w.) fiftyAve
(Ki) poles to a stake, comer to lot of
Freeman nnd Anderson: theneo leaving
the river south eighty-one and one-halt
degrees ciist (?. 8life* e.) forty-seven (<")
poles: thence north fifteen degrees oast
m. 15* e.) fourteen (14) poles: thence with
lino of Brown brothers north 811V
(n. 84%? e.) 126 poles to a stono pile on
the line of Swearlngen's lands: thence
north 12' west (n. 12? w.) one hundred and
twenty-nine (129) poles to a sugar, and
hickory: thence south eighty-six degrees
west (s. SC? W.) one hundred and twentytwo
poles 022 p.) to the place of beginning,
containing one hundred and twentythree
and one-half acres, more or loS3
(123'i acrca), saving nnd reserving, however,
the right of the Pittsburgh. Cincinnati
& St. Louis-Hallway Company to a
strip of land conveyed out of said tract
to it by rrlscllla J. Freeman sixty iwi
feet wide, being ton (Id ft.) fret on at of
when* the contre line of the railroad tract
r?f said company and fifty feet (50 ft.) west
from naid contre line of said tract, ana
oxtending along the whole river front of
said tract: also granting to the said party
of the second part all their buildings ana
Improvements, machinery and fixtures
situated and being on said above described
tract of land.
oe.:i-f Trusts _
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned.
a stockholder in the North Wheel*
ng Glass Company, a corj>oration formed
inder chapter w of the Code of West \ iririnla.
at a special meeting of the stockholders
of said company, to be held on
he Mh day of November, A. D. U?9S, commencing
at 7 o'clock p. in., at the principal
otllce and place of business of saw
company, at the foot of Thin! street, :n
he city of Wheeling, West Virginia, wl.I
3fT? r and move tha adoption of the folowing
Resolved. That the number of shares or
he capital stock of this corporation, t!i?
Sfortft Wheeling Glae?* Company, i*?
the same Is hereby increased from ?ve
mndred shares, of the pur vmluo of one
nindred dollars each, to s:ix hundred and
levonty-four shores, of the like par value,
uaklng an IncrcuNo of raid capital stock
*t frnm llftv f hnoa?im1 ?l nil urn to sixty
levcn thousand rour hundred dollars.
oc2\-( K. J. l'AHK _
Hammock*. Croquet, W'nr Mnpa and
loveltlM. PlttiliUi*h Dispatch. Comnjerlal
OJaxette, Pout, Timos. Cincinnati Eninlrcr.
Commercial Tribune. New j??*
,nd othor loading dallies. Alairaxlncs. Staloncry,
Uvspcl Hymn*.
C. H. QtTIMin.
1414 M.rLnt rfLruOU

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