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1 SPORT. |
Yesterday bv t'liuliureli AlhlVtfa Club, IS
fu 0-1 hi 'Var*lfy Roy Put Up
boru KriUianoo.
PITTSBURGH, Oct. 27.'-T?tie P. A. C.
football team defeated West-tVirginia
University without extraordinary effort
at P. A. C. Park this afternoon, by the
score of 18 to 0. The weather was Ideal
for football and 1.000 spectators witnessed
the contest between th$ rival gladiators.
It, took the red and white eleven
minute* to land the oval over the West
Virginia goal In the Am: half, which
shows that the visitor* ottered stubborn
resistance before the feat was accomplished
by Eoyle's team. For the balance
of the first half West Virginia had
the ball the greater part of the time and
rude numerous gains through P. A. C.'a
line nnd around the end;*. While the P.
A. C. goal was not In danger at any
tune, the visitors kept their rivals busy
in protecting it. In defensive play In the
firs: half P. A. C. showed up rather
weak, while in offensive work the extendern
had llttl* trouble In tearing up
.?.? IW..I n?A
UK- nvoi viiHiuin tiiivi
After the intermission between halves
P. A. C. came on the field and immediately
began active operations. The
play wan fast and the West Virginians
were never in H. The red and white
boys were running things as they
pleased, the visitor* being entirely outclassed.
Then, to make matter? worse
for. West Virginia, JCro-bbs Injured his
hand and was forced to retire. The
vLiItors had no substitute to take his
place and P. A. C. loaned them Weest.
Holler, Van Dooter and Morgan were
the bright shining stars for P. A. C. For
the visitors Smith and Yeagcr played a
star game, although the former marred
his splendid work somewhat by not getting
Into the game and tackling his
mun. Krebbs also put up a strong
same for the visitors bpt was forced to
retire about five minutes before the end
of the first half. Line-up:
P. A. C.-1S. position.. W. V. U.-O.
Boyle i^eri tsnu...v. xacuyer
) Uivnit <1 Left Tackle.. Darnell
Roller Left Guard... Krebbs
Hosklns Center Donley
Matx!) Right Guard Larden
Scott Right Tackle: White
Hey Right End Welsh
Bralllor Quarter Hack..McWhorter
Van Doozer Right Half Noble
Morgan Lett Half.'. 8outh
Cartwright Full Back Yeager
Substitutes? Brownlee for BraUler; Gilchrist
for Boyle; West for Krebbs.
Touch-downs?Roller 3.
Goals from touih-downB? Cartwrlglit 3.'
FWcrer and Umpire?Bull and Aull, aJternatlng.
TJme-keeper?Dr. Frelzell.
Linesmen?William. Frelzell and C. Nuzcn.
Time?28 and* 20-lnmute halves.
between file tirtdlrou (JtocUi Kxclttiig
Woudnr/ni iutrreit?fV. A, C. wiU line
up n Sir ing Team?Preparation* for the
t>?5 Main*.
The tug of fhe foot ball Greeks tomorrow
wlH be the greatest event In
athletic circles Wheeling has known:
for many a day, and the management Is
preparing to take care of a, crowd' of
between >,000 and 1,500 people. The
pame has attracted Attention' In all the
nearby towns, and many visitors will
be f0ur.1l In the Island bail-park grand
stand and'bleachers, the '.'dyed-ln-thewool"
fans, of court*?, locating themKc?lve!ft
?long the side-lines.
A detachment of Captain Bennett's
n in will keep the spectators back of
the gridiron, and the ropes and
s:ake^ to be put up to-morrow i
nvuiilng win afford additional !
protection. A stubborn struggle Ih j
certain between the visitors and local
gladiators, and spectators want to feast
their eyes on every play In. the arena.
A big irregaphane, operated "fry a deepJunged
announcer. wWl tell, the people
the progress of the game. It will be
"First down; Ave yards to gain!"
"Wheeling's ball on Greensburg's tenyard
line!" or whatever the case may
be. Another teatuxe wKI be Che disrrlb
uttnjt or free score caraa
and blue" will mittgle
with "maroon and white," and while
the patriotic tints will be In the majority,
Greer.rburg'a colors will be in evidence.
< So doubt, tlie St. ClaiipvlNe
delegation: wiH root for Afthur McFarland,
Greensburg's peerless tackle,
and thero may bo others'. Wheeling
ought, to be well represented. fbr & Marvin's
Ferry citizen said last night that
the OMo-sdde town? would proctlcaMy
have all their population at the ball
parte to-morrow afternoon.
W. A. C.'s team will be about the
j-ame as which defeated Washington
last Saturday, when it ran up a score of.
35 to 0, the highest In the history of a
local team. Two weeks previous the
boys defeated Franklin College, 36 to 0,
which is an evidence of tne fast article
?f hall they are pu^-.ng up this season.
The team will average 173 pounds, ten
pounds less than: the mighty Greensburg
mnrre*wJon. The "subs" include Frank
Kincholoe, of the University of Virginia,
ami Prof. C. E. Carrigan, of W.
V. U. Other subs will be Miathis, Krege?,
O'Connor, Br en nan and Thoma?.
Sol Edwards' ankle is a boat repaired,
and he will be in- the game.
Th?v Ii nn.im |s> n u. fnilr?tvw Cfl.T>lAln, 11
Edwards, left end: Thomas or McAtvInch,
left tackle; ifathis, left guard;
Barrett, center; Smith, right guard;
Specht, right cackle; 8. Edward*, right
end; Clynk, quarter-bark; Gray, left
ha.'f; John Edwards, right half; Curtis,
full hack.
They will practice this afternoon, and.
familiarize themselves with the signals
again to-morrow morning. Greensburg
arrives to-morrow morning, over the
The following letter from Oscar Gardner
to the sporting editor of the Intelligencer,
will be read with Interest, for
the clever little boxer still officiates as
the Bridgeport club's matchmaker:
BROOKLYN. N. Y., Oct. 2*. ISM.
8portlng Editor Intelligencer.
I have matchcd Harry Fischer and Jack
Colyer to light boforn the liriUKcpori a.
C. on November 7, and Am nuro tin? people
of Wheeling and around theft) will *eo tho
belt uttractlon there has been around
there for ?ome time.
Flulirr Ik tho man who knocked out Jim
Vrunty In four round*, nnd han ?Iho
beaten Tom William*, four rounds; Dan
.Murphy, fifteen round*; Con Doyle twice,
once In nineteen round* and in twenty
round*: draw with Charley McKeever, tlftn-ri
round*; beat Charley Johnson, fifteen
round*; Hilly Holdeu, one round: Jimmy
Handler, ten round*; Vomit; Hhurkey, ten
round*; lost to Harry I'enpirfl, eighteen
ronudv; lo*t to Tommy Tracy, fourteen
round*; draw with Harry pepper*, twenty
round;*; draw with Tommy Tracy, eighteen
round*, and han bra ten feverril other good
ni'Ti nrre m ins
KHher Ih not rominic there to make this
fight only, but I:Ih lnt<an;ium* arc to may
th'Tf unci make several light.'*, and Ih open
to IlKlit anyone from )&0 t<? !W pound*.
1 urn In good Mliapo for my light with
Kelly, ami am pretty coniubiit of wluHln?.
Aft'T it I will In* l)iii ll 10 NVhrt'lintr
for my content with I will
train In Wheeling Tor Dixon. Your* *ln.
i. I-,. OflCAK OAHDNBrt
BIRMINGHAM. Enghnd, Oct. 27 !n
the feather weight content arranged for
twenty round* here thin evening, he- J
ttvcftn While, of Birmingham, and
Mllte Heara, of Hon ton, Mann., the Kng?
llnhman beat tlie American In twelve
?? w AiJUUAA
jctcrrg Pectoral
1 fJvxrwr than anv (
v,;-rv' ?v
i experiment, no mat*
i ter what the price.
Won. Lo?t. Per.
Wheeling ? 1 .SB
All Alike 8 1 ..8W
Rum Duma 5 1 *?8
Puritans , 1 2 .778
Golden RoUs C .8 .867
Bowlers ...4 2 .M7
Old Cronies * G &?
Aber Nit I ? .1U
i>a jbciio ? .vuv
Frog Horns 0 !' .000
Puritans didn't roll phenomenal scores
last night, but they played fast enough
to defeat Old Cronies three straight
Jones, of Puritan, rolled a fine three-game
PURITANS. Int. 2d. 3d. Total
Wilhelm 1W 147 117 416
Jones 171 144 179 4M
Henry IB 1M 142 427
Falcke 188 128 ISO 414
Smith 197 110 114 >71
Oaughan .. 122 109 130 Ml
Totals .. S41 S10 832 2483
OLD CRONIES. 1st. 2d. Sd. Total
Roes IN, 116 113 SS5
Helensteln 19) 144 118 392
Auber j36 86 119 840
Speldel 144 122 123 389
Frans 147 1C3 122 424
Schcehle 130 176 120 426
Totals 803 796 718 517
8corer?-Dinger and Berrehsem. Umpire
?Modar. To-night?Rum Dum and Bowlers.
r. //
' VmuseeTeague.
Fishers team, Sbanlcy Company No. 21,
went do^ra before La Cello last night, the
latter rolling three 900-scoreS. and aro now
being touted as likely to contest with the
Jack Tart for the Musee league championship.
8HAN&EY CO. 21. 1ft. 2d. 3d. Total
Finher 116 125 108 *49
Schwartz. ! 83 m 124 385
Hell . 12!) 135 149 413
Shipley XD 89 103 281
Ooo. Butts 134 144 155 433
Blind li: 1SS 117 369
Total# 674 746 756 ..i.
LA BELLE. 1st. 2d. 3d. Total
Proper .* 145 145 168 458
n l KM 1M 1CA MK
Handy 143 JOT 163 4*0
Blckmeyer 154 123 177 4S4
King 137 168 121 48
Blind lit ITS 144 470
Totals !'... ft49 964 919 TTT7
Umpire?Armstrong. Scorers?Worls and
Rader. To-night?Jack Tars vs. Crescents.
Hrtfiy Nam Item* UMhariil In Ih. Bmr
ffunlMll rdnnlf Town. t
The clear case of back-down on the
part ofMr>Blali> manager* la the talk
of the town. There are, of course, good
reasons, for after the lamentable.fallure
made by the Doddridge county man at
the Wheeling Opera 'House Wednesday
night, no Democrat* who heard him
would like to see him ilaughtered In a
joint debate, ten daya before the election;
but your true old rock-ribbed
Democrat Isn't built that way, he likes
courage in a candidate, hencp the ?unterrlflcd"
In Benwood are hanging their
head3 In ehame over the sorry spectacle
their nominee presents. These Democrats
were building on a joint debate,
If for no other reason than to enliven
politics a little, but now they see that
Blair's managers have to drag him bv
me coal tana trom <ne mage, ana omy
let him appear as the star attraction,
supported by a cast of "enthusers" to
make up'tor the chills Jack Blalrfrost
creates. In shining contrast Congressman
Downer, always a fighter, stands
out bright anjS clear, and his challenge
having been declined, will result In giving
him many Democratic votes. A
banner meetlnjr la booked for to-morrow
evening at Dolan's hall, Water
street, where the doughty captain ami
Governor Atkinson will address the voters
of Benwood and vicinity.
There la no fear of the result of the
election felt In Marshall county. All
necessary for the Republicans to do is
to net out tha vote. It seems difficult to
understand why a man carea so llttla
for the Interests of hli country that ho
should stay at home on election day.
A New Obstacle.
The old obstacles that used to prevent
the marriage of loving couple* are out of
Hat* Th#? hlnrwl.and.thunder villinn ii a
myth nowaday*. The cruel father ia only
a tradition. Distance, absence and shipwreck
in these days of cheap, safe and
swift transportation do not connt. The
new obstacle it a common tense one. It
is ill-health on one aide or the other, and
sometimes on both.
Men nowaday* hesitate to marry a woman,
no matter how beautiful, no matter how
attractive or interestintr, or witty, if she ia
a Huflfercr from ill-health. All men worth
having desire haptfy, healthy children.
Any woman who will, may fit hcr*elf for
the duties of wifehood and the eanlted function
of motherhood. Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription banishes all hindrance in the
nature of local ill-health. It Rives health,
power and capacity to the delicate and important
arrant concerned in wifehood and
It ....mtmrtim nil <1Unltii'?iliJ>nfii
allayn inflammation, heals ulceration, stops
exhausting drains and sootbrn pnin. It
prepared for nutural, hralthy motherhood.
It makr* maternity easy and safe and almost
nainlesr It insures a new comer
constitutionally ??ronK and able to with'
ifland the iiitial ills of babyhood. It in the
.greatest of nerve tonics and restorative*.
Mediritic dealers sell it and an honest
dealer will not nrfe a substitute upon you.
" Aftrr HiiffrrJug untold torture*," writes Mr?.
J. FerKUHou. of Ilox r>. DoorIm-i station, Selkirk
Co., * t.i!iitobu, " l thntik <iml I foil ml relief and
cure In I>r Pierce's Favorite Prescription."
Thr profit side of life in health. The bal.
a nee is written in the rich, red, pure blood of
health. Dr. Pierce'a Pleasant Pellets cure
.constipation and make the blood rich and
' pure. They never gripe. By drugtfita.
Such a man ought to be debarred from
voting evermore.
there irii a fire at Burkhart's bakery
about midnight Wednesday night,
and It na> extinguished ivlth difficulty
! b) fh? hrlirade. The fire, by Its
proximity tu Main street luialnuu
' houses. emphasised the need of u ftp.:
. department or some sort of belter Are
Hev. Paul MeUenthln and wife, and
his father, returned yesterday from
Reynoldsville. Pa. Next Sunday I?
"Mlaalon Sunday" at St. Matthew's
Lutheran church, and ministers from
Wheeling, Parkertburg, -Martin's Ferry
and Bridgeport will partMpate In the
The Daughters of Rebckah will hold
an Important meeting at their hall this
Attend the Republican meeting at
Dolan'a hall to-morrotv evening.
md ?- ? lltRf
U >~uu HOIU l" Mail' -
mention "joint debate."
AllliiwIliiiMni JteUnrr# or 111 tifir *1*1 tar
ft-j.ii Hxnllill'i M?trr?ijnU?.
A detachment of the Solvation Army
In conducting revival services In the
M". B. church here. Large audiences attend.
and- much interest seems to be taken
In the meetings. Thoy will conduct
service* each nlcht*Mil* week.
Hon. H. W. Harmer,.of Clarkrbnrg,
and 8. B. Blair WW address the cltlsens
of Graj-svflle on the Issues of the campalgim
to-night. Hon-. M. H. Willis, of
West Union, will speak to the people of
Shorrard to-night
The Boys' Bran Band will give a supper
at the Opera House Saturday nlffht.
A musical and literary programme win
be given free of charge-, and a ?ood time
Is promised.
Mm C. B. Lemmon, of Wheeling, la
the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
W. W. Echols, of Jefferson avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas MteBrown, of
Jerusalem, Ohio, are the guests of their
son. J. M. McBrown, of tUs city.
WHIlam Rogers, brother of T. Ri Rogers,.of
this city, died, at- his home, In
Wayneiftpurg, Wednesday night.
J, 13. iVCIlUIS, Wi uuiig uvuuiin ???
moved Into the Dresseii property, on
Seventh street.
Mr?. W". H. Emli haa returned from
vltitln* friends and relatives at Fairbury,
This wilt probably tbe the lart day the
county court will be in session this
The TV. C. T. U wiH meet in regular
session In their hail to-night, at 7:30.
ITIra Mary Baldwin, ot the Orchard,
It sick, with sore throat.
William N. Dovener was in the city
Now Recognized ? a Came of Scrlona
Acid . dyspepsia, commonly called
heart-burn or sour stomach, la a form
of Indigestion resulting1 from fermentation
of the food. The stomacta being
too "weak to promptly digest it, the
rmri?Jn? until fermentation begins.
ftHlng tfre stomach with gas and a Utter,
sour, burning taste in the mouth
.!? often present. Thds condition aoon
becomes chronic, and being an every
d-ay occurrence is given but little attention.
Because dyspepsia Is not immediately
fatal, many people do nothing
for the trouble.
Within a recent period' a remedy has
been discovered prepared soJely to cure
dyspepsia and stomach troubles. It is
known as Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets,
and Is now becoming rapidly used
and prescribed as a radical cure for
.every form of dyspefrfai
Btuart's Dyspepsia Sublets have been
placed1 before thf public and are sold
by druggists everywhere at CO oents per
package. It Is prepared by the Stuart
Chemical Company, Marshall, Mich.,
awl while it promptly and effeotually
restores a vigorous digestion, at the
same Mm* K is perfectly harmless, and
will not Injure tihe most delicate stomach,
but, on the contrary, by giving
perfect digestion strengthens the stomach,
improves the a/ppetite and makes
life worth living.
gem! for free book on. Stomach Diseases.
Pittsburgh... GREEN WOOD, 9 a. m.
Cincinnati....QUEEN CITY, 8 a. m.
Parkeraburg.H. K. BEDFORD, 11 a. m.
Matamoras...LEXINGTON, 11 a. m.
Blstereville.. .RUTH, 3:30 p. m.
Clarlngton....LEROY, 8:3u p. m.
Steub<mvllle..T. M. BAYNE, 2:30 p. m.
Pitt?burgh...LORENA. R a. m.
Pittsburgh... W. J. CUMMINS, 6 p. m.
Pittsburgh...VIRGIN!A. 2 a. m.
Parkersburg.BEN HUB. 11 a. m.
SlHtcrMvlIIe...RUTH, 3:80 p. ra.
Clarington....LEROY, 3:30 p. m.
8teubenviIle..T. M. BAYNE, 2:30 p. m.
Charleston...GREENWOOD. 8:30 a. m.
Parkersburg.H. K. BEDFORD, 11 a. m.
Matamoras.,.LEXINGTON, 11 a. m.
8iflterflviliQ...RT7TH. 3:20 p. m.
ClariDgton....LE)ROy, 3:30 p. m.
8teubcnvl!le..T. M. BAYNE, 2:? p. m.
Cincinnati....W. J. CUMMINS, 8 a. m.
A Ions: tit* I.nnriln?.
The Queen City had a good trip out of
the upper river for Cincinnati yesterday.
The Virginia Is making a fast trip up
the river. She arrived here at 2 o'clock
this morning- and got away early for
The marks at C p. m. showed 10 fet 9
Inches and stationary, and It Is not likely
there will be a further immediate fall.
Weather clear and cool.
The W. J. Cummins arrived from Cincinnati
at 6:90 p. m?? on her first trip up
the river since the low water. She is
toeing run Independently in Oie Pittsburgh
and Cincinnati trade by her owner,
Captain Mack Gamble.
In backing out from the public landing
yesterday morning the H. K. Bedford
struck the Marti v'r Ferry ferry boat
Ct'max, which Wis tied up at the lower
end of the landing undergoing repairs.
The packet lewrt several uprights and the
ferry boat escaped Injury.
The new Pittsburgh and Charleston
packet Greenwood, which succeeds the
H. K. Bedford'In that trade, made her
Initial appearance at this port yesterday
morning, and the 'boat was Inspected by
a num"ber of Wheeling people. 8he if a
Inml mnr?? o\'nen*lveiv conStfUtod
buat than the Bedford, and rank* with
her opposition- packet the Kanawha," ot
the Hay line. Captain Cordon Gr?"en"is
In command.
Itlvrr Trlrarittun.
OIL CITY? River 3 feet 2 Inches and
stationary. Cloudy and cold.
OHRRNSBOKO?Rlvrr 8 feet 3 Incheti
mii'I falling. Fair and cool.
WARREN?River 3 fret 3 IncheB.
LlKht miow and cold.
RR0WN8V1I4.B?River 6 feet 6
|l chflt> and falling.
MOROANTOWN?RlVer * R *ffiM 2
Inched ami falling- Clear and cooler.
PITTSBURGH?RlVvr 8.2 fe.t anil
fallings the dam. Clear and cool.
STEUBENVILLiB?River 11 feet 8
inched and falling. Clear and cool. ,
PARKKR0BURCKOhlo river 14 feet 1
and falling. Cloudy, with mercury at 48
CINCINNATI?River 24.8 fret and rlaIng.
Fair and cold.
IT. PLEASANT?River 17.* fret and
falling. Parti* cloudy.
CAIRO?River 14.8 feet and riilnjr.
Clear and cold. . <
LoriKVlL/LE?Rl\er rflelttjr. II f?et 5
Inchen below lodu. Clear and oold. (
By Using Stomach Medicines,
Sprays, Douches and Atomizers
to Cure Catarrh, Coughs, Colds,
Bronchitis and Consumption.
The Medical Prt?f?Mlon notr admit there l? nc
other of rrachlnic thtM dUdMet, esceptlni
through toe air we breath*..
M Hyomol" U thi only ?!?r-?!r r?rmleld?
known which nature permit* to ontor tht
bronchial tube* and luags.
Is GnarantMd Bambm If Don Onro.
11yomel outfiu, complete, arc 10M by all dnifzfftt,
or Mat by mall. Price $i.00. Bstra.books. DOctft
UoomM 20-21 Aw^ltgrlaM BaMlH. ttlCM*. 1
AIISoilBif lx>onl N.maixl Saulp Pr.m
1)1. film curFrank
Johnson, who *o? Indicted foi
robbing Llchllg's store In this city, w?i
yesterday sentenced to three and one.
half years In the penitentiary. Betweer
Prosecuting Attorney WeemB and Judge
Kcllinfrsworth convicted criminals lmvt
little show these days. Where the evidence
Is doubltul the county is saved
from the costs as much as possible, but
when the cases are reasonably sure thi
culprit gets Justice frocp these capable
William Caafleld, better known ?t
"pistol," was taken to St. Clalnvllls
yesterday afternoon by Marshal Johnston
on a charge of vagrancy, to which
he pleaded guilty. The fellow appear!
helpless and Is really glad to be sent to
Jail. Ho has no home and has made II
'clear to the officers that he will do
something to be sent up, unless the*
send him because he has no visible
means of support?a deplorable condition.
There will be Ave state tickets on the
I blanket ballot this fall, but In this
county there are but two county tickets.
An effort was made to set a Union
Reform local ticket by petition, but
they failed to secure signature!
enough. In this section the township
Republican committeemen and three 01
four of the city precinct committeemen
have polled their precincts so that they
will be able to set the vote out on election
The Bellalre lodge o? Kits have decided
to hold a social session at Odd Fellows
hall on the third Wednesday
night of November. The families ol
members, the Wheeling lodge and Invited
guests only will be present. Jamea
C. Tallman, the well known attorney,
will be toastmaster, assisted by Bon.
John A. Howard and Captain B. B.
Dovener, of Wheeling.
In this year's tax rato In the various
corporations Bellalre stands fourth
among the larger ones, and vet thli
city Is the largest town In tlie county
by fully one-third. The rate on each
JlOO valuation runs as follows: Martin's
Ferry, 12 SO; Bridgeport, >2 68;
Barnesvllle, >2 00; Bellalrc, S2 40; 6L
Clalrsvllle, J2 83.
" * - MnvrAaalnnol
l-armi 1-uumv, ill UK.
district, has the gold fever bad, becaust
of tho discovery of a rock In n quarry
In that county that yields gold, coppei
and silver In paying quantl* let The
samples assayed havt yielded from 11!
to 172 per ton. Tils la occupying the
attention of about everybody In that
Rev. Father Wehrle has been giving a
series of lectures, designed especially
for non-Catholics, In which be gives In
a clear and well deflnod manner the position
of the Ctothollochurch and the relation
or members to the powers that
be In spiritual matters.
It Is cheerful to note that nobody
wants the present good times marred
by any political changes (hat even
might produce distrust and disturb the
excellent business now In hand throughoat
this valley.
All the Republican meetings that have
been held In B'Imont county this fall
have been enthuslaitlc and earnest,
though In most places the people ar?
too busy at work to attend meetings
this year.
The mayor's ofllcc has been doing considerable
quiet business lately. Plain
drunks, violation of the liquor laws and
occasional slot machine case* make up
the record.
Mrs. Hannah Gray, aged seventy-six,
dleil nt her home here yesterday morning
and will bo burled to-morrow after n
nt 2 o'clock. In Rose Hill cemetery.
Three Doctors In Coninltntlon.
(Prom Benjamin Franklin.)
"When you are sick, what you like
boat Is to be chosen for a medicine In
the first place; what experience tells
you is beat, to be chosen in the second
place: what reason (I. e., Theory) says
Is best fs to be chosen in the last placo.
But if you can get Dr. Inclination, Dr.
Experience and Dr. Reason to hold a
consultation together, they will fllve
you the best advice that can be taken."
When you have a bad cold Dr. Inclination
would recommend Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy because it Is
pleasant and safe to take. Dr. Experience
would recommend it because it
never falls <o effect a-speedy and permanent
cure. Dr. Reason would recommend
it because it Is prepared on scientific
principles, and acta on nature's
plan in relieving the lungs, opening the
secretions and restoring the system to a
natural and healthy condition. For sale
by druggists.
Druersriat "CATARRH
for a Kcncrous
Ely's Cream BairnKwr^is^jji
contain* no co-He*
caine, mercury norM7 / MM
any othor injurious >Q|
driiR. BE
It Ih quickly Abnorbod.
Gives re-I^^P^Vs-^YWinM
lief at one*. I
Allays Inflammation. Hoala and Prolocla
tho Membrane. ItoMoroa tho Hon?r* of
Tasto and Smell. Kull Site SOc; Trial Size
,0c at Dru?l,u o^^otobbs.
mwf&wy M Warren 8trcct. New York.
? Our Nation 2
| , In War.^t^ t
% The intelligencer I? <Mulnr in A
X weekly part* an invaluable fllus- X
V trnied history of thn Suaninii-Amer- T
O ioan wur on soa ami land, tho pic- O
4 tures l?? lnjx reproduced from photo- 4
A. graphs and urlgliwl drawings ex- q
T iirenHly lor this work. The series. X
1 which I* a continuation or uncle T
p Bam'* Navy Portfolio. alio, In- O
! i rhnlfH photographic reproduction* A
I X of picture* owned by the govern- A
Y nient ntxl Htat?-n. allowing tho hero- X
! 9 imn of tho nation during tho pant Y
' 4 ' 'rhey^uro Iwued In Ifi weekly parts I
C% of 10 page* each. and an- *old at q
a tln? nominal prion of 10 o#rttn each A
X and Olio coupon cut from I he Intel- T
O llltcncer. They can be purchased V
4 lit tlnv IntclllKonrer ofllre on ami
A after: Monday. Auguat 1, or will bo O
X went by mall: add 2 cent* each for f
J pontage. Now. 1 to 1* now ready. X
.'m .
i. '. '
> i ' ?
Or are you in any way inten
ask a few moments' attentioi
not show you design or qu
quote you sizes and prices of
instrumental io showing wl
the business it does.
An llxJe-lnch Moquet or Smyrna N'
Door Rug, elegant atyles, substan- OQ- I
tial colorings.... ?7C 1
Each. <
An Imperial Smyrna Ru*, same tf '
Mlseaa above ^*#13 j
i *3
a duxwincn nui. ??. *
' and specially fitted for in front y1
of hat rack*, etc. Made from Ira- qo ! *
perial Smyrna, at $> 70 ^
MxSC-lnch ilse, *jr I 8*
of same 3
i 27xtt Monuet Ruff. This ipeolal !
, lino hardly neoda montlon. we've 7"2
jold hundreda of them this year J j j *
Larger alio O *7C 9*
to match ?
% <
. V '
: WFRk $?"
QeOo E. Sti
? All solid advertisements under ? ~~
? the following headings: i': : t?
?? will be Inserted at the rate of ??
= off
TO LOAN. -"y
Monet to loan on real esTATE.
8ix per cont Interest and on* f,
per cent premium, total seven per cent. x
LOAN CO.. gd St. Belialre, Ohio. oo7 a
Tor Sale and Tor Rent.
FOR SALE)?A cheap home, two-story evi
brick .dwelling 4 rooms and kitchen, on Wi
East Aicuoiiocn sireei. uuc zv uy j?/. xc
Only (1,7ft Terms easy. eri
A very line building lot on north side foi
of Fourteenth streot. SZ
Two dcsirablo building lots on Wood
street. Eighth ward-on very easy terms.
A two-story frame dwelling, 5 rooms, -r
with stablo on lot. Lot 25 by 100. South
Chapllne street. Eighth ward. Only $1,660;
easy terra*. Hi!
FOR RENT?An elegant modern realdence,
10 rooms snd bath, hot and cold rl
water, both gases, west Bide of Chapllno. j?,
between Twenty-second and Twenty-third wh
streets. Possession given October t
A county residence with grounds. In- "C
qufre at once. Jj
Telophone C17. -ir
No. 12 Indiana street $15 00 ?!
No. 206 North York street 10 00
No. 30 Sixteenth street, bottling cellar
.. 12 00
No. 52 Sixteenth street, office room... 10 00
No. 84 Sixteenth street, first floor.... 17 00
No. 1605 Wetiol streot 6 00
No. 2103 Main street, second floor 11 00 v.
3 rooms Becond street, Martin's Fer
ry. Ohio, natural gas fixtures for *"
heat and light ...... 7 00
Desirable Market street property. =
Estate Agent, Collector, Notary
Public and Pension Attorney, No. 161J ?,
Main street. ocl7
- _ :? u
Main street business property. No. 1520, 9JJ
3-story brick. Possession November 1. zZ.
Thin bulldlnp '??? V**n, for y^ar* A
ns a agricultural implement store. Port a
cash; balance long time If desired.
8-roomed dwelling. 27 South Penn, for Sui
S2.MMI. Possesion November 1.
.Modern U-roomed brick dwelling. Fifteenth
Modern 8-roomed home, 123 fourteenth
"'pleasant Vsllev bulldlnnr lota. the only
real desirable left, fronting on Pike. Hell
you any number of feet you want.
R-rootncd home. l.?8 North Front. Lot
Wx4oo (a young farm): cheap. qC
Money to loan, 6 per cent. i
Q-. O. SMITH. !
(leal Estate Flro Insurance. Surety Bonds,
Exchange Bank Building.
j?j?k*FOR SALE.J?j?J? ' c
6:2 Market street, 5-room brick house,
ch**ap. ?2?
N. Broadway, flne brick house, cheap. U
9S2424 Market street, double house, at a i
.U Hrle mreet. 4-room Wmt. .
41 New Jitniey street, 5-ronm frame. n
;? Slnln Htreet at ? lmr*oln.
72 I milium utreet. rhe?|i.
Millinery Block anil leafo on Main Mrnnt.
Hullillnc loin on the Inlnnit and ?t Park
View, IMeaaant Valley, McMerhen. Kittnmlh
Mreet. Sixteenth ureet. Fourteenth '
treat. S:
Then. V. Fill S Co., ?
telephone 687. IS20 Market St j0i
to. *. 8TIPHL A OCX
? *? - ..,
. j,
j <r\
\ "V-|
:st?d in them? If so we
n, and although we canality
in this ad., We can
a few things that will be
ly our department does
ubta' nuoLooki
Uk* moqutt iplendlf
??ario* quallliM, oie?*nt Je-?J It
ilriu, varioty oI colorin*i...;..
JDOH RU08rhs
eenulne. In plain or troche
> rrecu, all two tone, w? mv?
hom In all vises, from llxN tl ZQ
Hats to 38x73 Ruga. $4*07
>z3 yards as
ngraln Xlrunst .pv.70
BrSn*Drucnt $3.98
ngraln Drucget ..$5.00
nsiSSn Drugget Md $8.75
oot e-lnchxlO-foot 6-inch CIA CA
Jmyrna Drugget ?F ? Otwv
oot S-lnehxlO-foot S-lnch Ofi fW1
doquet Drugget ?PAU?W
(my rim Drugget $37.00
MRS. A. RUTH, an ex
- .<
setiere, to do tne nrang
srsets this week. Majesty . :
are NOT canvassed,
ole agents, and have all
? f
if el Co.
1 :
Rollers, Males *2.00, Femaloe 60c, at
and 8lxth itreets. ? *
' ??i??
V Wheeling Hinge Co., corner Nineinth
and Jacob streets. oca
house, a ilrst-class notion salesman
r th? Ohio river and adjacent * points,
dress ' NOTIONS," caro Intelligence* ^
Ice. ocT
KEEPER by a young: man. Having
d several years* experience. I can ftva {,
od references. Address BOOKKEEPER,
stofflco Box 141, Wheeling, W. Va.
L Ofllclal "History of Our War with
ain, Its Causes, Incidents and Results," 5
*11, Military and Naval. 8teel plates,
ips and engravings. By Hon. Henry B.
iiraell. Senator Proctor (Vt) and Senar
Thurston (Neb.). The greatest seller
er known. 1,000 more agents wanted,
a pay freight and Rive credit. Write for
rtns and Territory to the sole publlsbi,
A. D. WORTHINQTON & CO., Hart d,
Conn. sel2-mwAffteow
ior rent?several good rooms
in the City Bank BuUdln*. inQulrejat
? City Bank of Wheeling. null S
ior rent-the" ware-room no.
1510 Main street. Possession at once.
lUlre or R. J. McCULLAGH, No. 82
'teenth street. *02 1
ior rent-fine office rooms.
best location in eity. Possession at ,
:e. NICOLL'S ART 8TORE, Utt Mar- .?
t street. oc20 ?
rooms; 23 South Huron street 4
>ms; 1200 Baltimore street, 4 rooms; 1001
iln street, store room; 4 Tenth street,
ira room. GEO. J. MATHI80N. Real
tate Agent, 1808 Market street. Tel 117.
The larjc? Store Room
No. 1065 Main Street
ssesslon April 1st, possibly sooner. Aleo
>r* Rooms at Tenth and Main streets*
al Estate, 3d Floor, No. 1065 Main St*
at a bargain. Address J. M.,
re Intelligencer offlce. ao21
ioi in urecnweoa cem?i?ry; dot .
a; eorntr let: adjoining beat Improvnti
In cemetery. Addrena CBMJS?BRT
>T. cat* IntwllUcancar offlca. m>
rely lor Costs, Assignees,
Clerks, Receiver*
Cashiers, Contractors..
FRED PAULL .... 6eneral Agent
Three (3) 60 horse Power Total*
lljr flunk llnlldtng, lJiuO Mtrktt ft
i. Printing. An entlra now llna of aaraa
of Ball ProRranimna. Tlckctt and Inttlona
at all prlcas at Uia lnttUlftnoM:
> Printing Offlca.

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