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The Near Approach bf'Electlona
In tbl* Country,
THREAT. ', .
PARIS. Oct 27.?After^noting that
yesterday's session ot 111* peace commissions
did not arrive ar'anr solution
regarding the Cuban debt, the Gauiois
wyi to-day:
"The situation la extremely strained,
owing to the Increasingly aggressive attitude
ot the Americans and It Is even
feared that 11 the Spaniards should not
decide to give way on all points the negotiations
will be broken off In the
course of the next meeting. u seems unquestionable
that the near approach oC
the American election* plays a considerable
role In the attitude or the Spanish
delegates who have supposed that
Raining time would obtain better terms
from their conquerera. while just the
opposite Is happening."
Continuing, the Qaulols Intimates that
If the Americans continue to ahow
themselves Intractable toward* the
Spaniards a renewal of hostilities mar
result, especially If the Spaniards declare
that they have arrived at the extreme
limits of honorable concessions.
The Gaulols thin adds: "No hope,
however, that matters will arrange
themselves, as we know sufficiently well
the sentiments of the American nation
to be able to affirm that a new war
would be received with disfavor by all
men of common sense and the peacc
commission would. In bringing It about,
assume heavy responsibilities for tbe
future." '
~ ? ft:
An EfTtctiva Hcmcdy OlMpvirad by the
Afrlenllnre Department.
WASHINGTON, D. C? Odt. 27.?During
the past two years the department
of agriculture has conducted a series of
experiments in the use of a serum as
remedy for tiogs affected by cholera. *or
etvine plague. The experiments t#re
conducted by Dr. D. E. Salmon, cWojf o*
the bureau of animal industry anMhe
results were eminently satIsfa<M*y,
proving that the dreaded disease canape
successfully treated easily and inexpensively.
The losses suffered by the farnfts of
the United States annually froA hog
cholera aggregate an enormous Mfm. In
Iowa alone during 1896, U la estimated
that the hog raisers lost throucn me
ravages of the disease flS.OOOipO). %ores
of remedies have been tried, but noOiJnK
even, approximating a specific for
the disease has ever been'-discojtewjd
until the department of agriculture began
its experiment*. Summarizing the
results of the experiments, Dr. Salmon
said that eighty per centrttfc the hog*,
treated In droves have Tftn saved,
while in the droves affected with cholera
and not given the serum-treatment
quite 80 per cent were lo?C"^
Last year the experiments were conducted
In Page county, Iowa, the remits
showing a loss of only twenty per
cent of the affected droves. This year
the experiments have been extensive
and far-reaching. The bureau treated
922 hogs. Of these 170 died, the number
saved being eighty-one out of every
hundred. The loss was only nineteen
nnimals treated comprls
ed seventeen drove*, and of these six
droves lost only one hog eacfc. On the
other hand 1.107 hogs In 6thf?r droves
were observed and not subjected to the
serum treatment. Of these 879 died,
showing a loss of 79.8 hogs out of ever#r
Speaking of the treatment. Dr. Salmon
said: "There 1s no question of the
effectiveness of the serum treatment.
Our operations have been viewed with
fkoptlclsm. but the serum treatment fop
hoc: cholera is no longer an experiment.
It is a proved success and undoubtedly
will save to the farmers ot
th<> United States millions of dollars
every year.
Cholera scrum is procured by keeping
apart for treatment an animal?a horse
or a cow?and injecting into its blood a
small amount or the blood of a choleradi?eased
hog. This will sicken the subject.
but he will recover, when another
dose will be administered and so on?
time after time, until finally his blood
become* w> Impregnated as to render
him practically cholera proof. Then his
Mood is let and the clot drawn off leaving
the thin yellowish portion, which Is
the serum. This 1s used to inject into
the diseased hogs and operates to render
them likewise cholera proof, or even
cures them of the disease After It ha?
Oh, i* l?avli?c C'oniUln>"7
COLUMBUS. Ohio. Oct. 27.?A special
to the Dispatch from Massillon, O..
says: William G-. Hipp, n prime mover
Iri the organization of the so-called
paving brick trust states thut the conccrn
Is not to be a Arc brick trust. but
u paving combine. It is not the intention
to Increase prices, but to prevent
their being out. Thoso particularly Interested
are the manufacturers of the
Hocking valley, the Canton district, the
unst thr? flnloshiirp Ills .
district Mr. "Hipp hat Just returned
from New York where lie arranged for
the 515,000,000 that will be needed <o
complete organization.
Propoaori Tin I'lnte Combine.
CLEVELAND. Ohio. Oct. 27.-Conearning:
the proposed tin plate combine.
Annual 8al?s over0,000 000 Boxo*
nueh n? Wind and rain in the Storniu-h,
fllddinejw. Pulitepa after meals. Headachy
I)Iz7.ineiui. Drowsiness. Plush irws
of Heat, Lorf* of Appall to. CostltflO'""*.
Hlotehes on the 8|cln. Cold Chilli DIjiturbod
Kloep. Frialitful Dreams and ail
Norvous and Trotnbllng 8oni?ntfonfl.
IN TWENTY MINUTES. Erory sufferer
will acknowledge thorn to bo
BEECH**'* PIMA, taken iu> directed.
will quickly rwtoro Foroalon to complete
honlth. They promptly ronjovo
obstructions or irreiraloriUoft of tba byb*
tem and euro Nick llrudnrhe. For a
Weak Stomach
Impaired Digestion
Disordered Liver
Beecham's Pills are
Without a Rival
And h??? tb?
of any Patent Mcdlrlnn In the VoiUa
, 36o. it til UrUK Bturoa,
_ ? ? ?I
Miraculous Benefit
Dr. Miles' New Hart Cure.
* V
U'V'y^S||r ^K*U 4
voteran of the art N. Y. Artillery ml
for thirty jetn at fbe Bsbcock h
Hansel (ferriage Co, of Auburn, says: "I
write to UCIM my gratitude for the mlrtcloui
benefit received from Di. Miles' Heart
Core. IsuMred for yean, asrcsolt of army
life, from sciatica which affected my heart
In the won* form, my llmbsswelled from'
tie ankles up. I bloated until Iwu unable
to button my clothing; had iharp pain*
about the heart, mothering spells and
shortness of breath. For three months I
was unable to lie down, and all the sleep I
got waa in smarm chair. 1 wsa treated by
tha beet doctors but gradually grew worse.
About a year ago. I commenced taking Dr.
Miles' New Heart Cure and It eared my Ufa
sa If by a miracle." HRHBI
Dr. Miles' line-die*
are so)d by all dnn-^RX_?S!ry^M
glsta under a po?ltlr? ZM
runntee, first tottl.EHlKtGBOS
benefit. or money refunded.
Book on
oaaee of the heart and
nervos free. Address, BBnImI
DB. MILES M EPICAL 00.. Elkhart. Ind
the Iron Trade Review this week^afcrs:
"Buyers of tin plate are evidently proceeding
on the assumption that combination
efforts cannot be brought to a
successful Issue. Yet every week
brings more positive assurances from
those who are close to the promoting
sydieate, that arrangements nave progressed
so far that the consolidation Is
assure as anything not positively closed
can be.
"It is said In answer to the doubts expressed
as to the ability of those In
charge of the deal to finance it that
capital is assured in amount ample for
the taking up of the options that have
been secured even though the present
tHi plate companies elect to take all
cash and no stock as they may be expected
to do."
Th? FcatWrcs of the Jtfancjr mid Stock
v .Uarkclit
,KBW YORK, Oct 27.?Money on call
steady at [email protected] per cent; last loan 1%
per cent. Prime mercantile paper 314?
4% per Mitt. Sterling exchange heavy,
with acqjig business in bankers' bills at
S4 S5Uff_C85'/4 for demand and at M 8214
04 S2Vt-OT 60 days; posted rates t4 83?
4 82<4 an<Ti4 S6%0< 87; commercial bills
$4 81?4 8154. Stiver certificates 6014?
mi/. Tl.. ?ni'? Mavlnon il.il.
UA7JW. i?<U Oil V t* UU741*? UW4lars
The stock market showed a continuation
of yesterday's strength to-day and
the speculative .activity broadened:
out considerably in addition. There
was not quite ?uch a congestion of trading
in Tobacco and Sugar, although
those stocks continued to be the leaders
in point of activity. They were traded
in nearly all day at a level below festerday's
close, though each stock advanced
slightly above yesterday's price for a
brief Interval. The covering of shorts
which caused yesterday's rise in Sugar
left that stock weak again and the extreme
decline from the high point was
314 per cent. A rally at the close leaves
the net loss 3*4 per cent. Tobacco was
under pressure on the supposition that
the recently Incorporated company is
destined' to be a powerful competitor
and on denials of accessions to the
amoripon unmnanv of outside olug to
bacco companies. The stock was at one
time off 2% per cent but closed with a
small net gain. In railroad securities,
the continued dullness and hesitation ou
foreign exchanges was without effect.
There was a large demand for quite an
extensive. Ust of railroad stxtcks, the
granger# leading with pretty much all
the western and southwestern roads
showing a good tone. The Eastern
trunk lines continued to lag on account
of the admittedly bad rate situation in
that territory which nullifies the belief
of the'exceptionally large tonnage which
is being moved. St. Paul wad the leader
in the railroad list and the movement of
the stock was supposed to foreshadow a
good September statement due to-morrow.
The gross increase of that period
in earnings is known to be well on towards
JuOC.OOO and It is surmised that
the statement will ehofcr a reduction in
the recent heavy rates of expenditures
for improvements charged to operating
expenses. The September statement of
Union Pacific, while showing a. aecranse
of over $44,000 In gross earnings, showed
operating: expenses so largely reduced
ae (o leave an increase in surplus earnings
of $112,054. The delayed movement
of cotton now coming forward and the
decrcaoe of yellow fever foreshadows
good earnings for southern and southwestern
railroads. The easier tone today
of sterling exchange was the direct
result of the calmer feeling In Paris.
There was a heavy demand for sterling
exchange here yesterday for Paris account,
which sprang from the same
cause as that which lifted exchange on
London in Paris above the gold export
point, namely the pressure to transfer
funds from Paris to London. It Is now
known also that the violent, recovery in
British consols was party due to buying
for account of timid Paris capital because
of the domestic disquiet, but not
" * ? " ? "nil"' nf tViik A ri flu
w wre ?vn?? ? "
French tension over Fushoda.
There was a pood absorption of railroad
bonds to-day and prices aro generally
higher. Total saloa $3,480,000.
TJ. K. now 4o coupon declined K; do
registered %, the 3? registered advanced
% per cent In the bid price.
The total ?nlr?? of Mtocks to-day were i
357.200 pharf*.
U. 8. 3* now in:,-* Ore. It. * Nav.. 33
U. H. new 4k rcg.ltttt Pittsburgh
<lo coupon KTU IPudlllK W."*i
V. 8. in llMfc ilo IIrut pre 39
do coupon liwj Hock Inland 103*4
do H<von<Jn M Ht. Paul l'W\
U. K. .* ? ron lll'i <lo pr?-forrefl...IfiJ
do coupon...il.i fit. P. A Omaha. M
Pucltlc (l? of 'U5..10JI4 do preforrr<l..,l(V)
At^hlHon 12% Southern Pad... 2516
do preformed... M Tcxaa &. Pac.... J3V4
* . '
Bat k Ohio ? Union Pacific... US
Can. Padilc 8ts preferred... u
Can. Southern... 51 ttabaah ......... iji
Contra! Pacini.'., S do preferred...
C1.M Ohio.... as 'Wheel * UJB. f
ChL A Alton....13* Mo preferred.. If*
Chi., Bur. & Q.lini Adama Ex.. 110
ChL * N. W....111H American EX...1M.
do pref?rr*d 17* Tf. R. Bxpreee... 41
C. C.SaBI L. ?* Well. Far*?.... 1?
do preferred... 85 Am. Spirit*...... UVi
Del. & Hudson..1C2 do preferred... JB
Del.. Lock, * W.140 Am. Tobecco....l?%
Den. A Rio O.... 12S? do prof erred...lt?
do preferred... 5K4 Col. f. & Iron.. att
rwa <n*?i ... I'jfi do nreferrod... 80
ItSsSs^Cra tri?.'IMS do preferred." Joe
Lake Shore IBM Pullman Pal....196
Lou. A Naah.... Wi Silver Cer ?(4
Mleb. Central....10n4 Suffer
Mo. Pacific ?{ do preferred.. .10844
N. J. Central.... 88 Tenn. Coal & I. 27*
N. Y. Central...U4*U. 8. Leather... ?g
Northern J>ac... <0* do preferred... tPi
do preferred... 75% Weetern Union. 92H
Fourth assessment paid.
Brtultlin iwlPmtotoii.
CHICAGO?Disappointingly small export
trade to-day dlfalpated an early
show of strength In wheat- December
left off at S?%c decline. Corn advajioed
hie. Oats are unchanged. York cloeed
7Mo lower; lard 5c, and ribs KMfSc.
Wheat atarted tame and daring the
early part of the day had nothing to
stir into more than moderate activity.
However, the firmness of the cash markets
in the northwest and a recovery at
Uverpool resulting In %d advance for
the day Imbued the crowd here with a
ucnire lur ine vuyina muc. *ukt bvwiw
ingly pursued a bull policy during the
forenoon, but In a consertatjvo way
taking1 moderate quantities on the soft
pott. English consols opened'5-16 per
cent higher and made a further H per
cent advance, retaining all o? It at the
close. This peaceful indication was the
balance in the smaller domestio receipts
and the closing firmness of the
Liverpool market. It was rumored that
fifty loads of wheat had been taken at
New York for Europe. Broomhall cabled
that the Danubian countries had
not secured the good wheat crop credited
to them earlier lo the season, saying
it was now 20 per cent below the average
crop. Minneapolis and Duluth reported
receipts 760 cars, compared wllh
837 the same day last week and 939 a
fear ago. Primary western receipts
were 1,288.000 bushels, against 1.151,000
bushels the corresponding day of last
year. Clearances from the principal Atlantic
ports were equal in wheat and
flour to 665,000 bushels. Paris reported
a decline In flour of from 10 to 30 centimes.
The bulls weakened near the end
and bears persisted in felling on all
hard spots. New York telegram* did
not come In near the close as they hav?
been doing of late with claims of nn
Immense export business, but reported
only the lifts' loads rumored early la
the day. All that was capable of being
confirmed was 22 boat loads. 17 of
which were for Spain. December opened
Uc lower at 6676067c sellers, declined to
66Hc, rallied to 67V4?67Hc. then dropped
back near the end to 66&C, the
closing price bid.
Light receipts and continued complaints
of the poor condition resulting
from the recent damp weather
strengthened corn. Strong Liverpool
cables were also a consideration and
the foreign demand for corn as reported
from the seaborfrd was urgent. The
large interests favored the buying side
and prices showed a pood advance the
greater part of the day. The weak closing
to the wheat market, however.caused
a weakness to cam and the advance
was nearly lost. Receipts were
294 cars. December opened ftc higher
at 32%<&32%c. declined to 32tfc. rose to
3296032% 2. then weakened to 32%@32Hc
buyers, the closing figure.
Oats were quiet, prices being sustain
ed oy ine strengtn in corn anu a goou
cash demand. Receipts were 18.1 cars.
May began a shade lower at 24%c. declined
to 24MC24HC, sold up to 24%^
24 %o, then reacted to 24%@24%c at the
The heavy run of hogs was a depressing
feature In provisions and more than
balanced the excellence of the demand
for meats. The market was dull
throughout and the tendency of prices
wns slightly downward. January pork
opened 5c lower at *9 07%, advanced to
$9 10. then declined to J9 03 sellers, the
closing figure. The fluctuations In lard
and ribs were narrow.
Estimated receipts for Friday:
Wheat, 300 cars; corn, 240 cars; oats,
156 cars; hogs. 20.000 head.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Cash quotations were as follows:
Flour steady.
Wheat?No. 2 spring 6G^06flc: No. 3
spring 64067c; No. 2 red 6?!?{?70c.
> ? ^ ' L> ?
I ^ _3Eg ^
i?1 lie eltect would liavo be
2?But liis opponent knockc
Corn-No. J!Kc; No. ] yellow USc.
- Oati?No. S, a*?K?<ic: So. : white
2*tt?J7ttc: No. * white uwt?%e.
Rye-No. 2, SlMc.
Barley?No. 2. JJc to ?c.
Flaxseed?No. 1 inc. ?
Tlmotbyseed?Prime It *74.
Me? Pork -Per barrel 17 *??7 M.
Lard?Per 100 Iba., M Wft?4 >714.
Short Ribs?Sides (loose) $4 ?6?5 JO.
Drjrsalted shoulder* (boxed) 446441c.
Short clear sides (boxed) K >095 JO.
Whiskey?Distillers' finished Roods,
per gallon, SI 26.
On the produce exchange to-day, the
butter market was easy; creamerleltO
21c; dairies 12019c.
Eggs?Firm: fresh 17018c.
Cheese-."iu'dy; creams 7%C?4c.
?- I'm.t, I tM I maMM
AlUWn. wfw? ...
Wheat. No. I ~
WM- as ai $ I
Cnm. No. 1
Oct a%i ssu si%| . J2H
251 iS 5* *SS
Oats, No. 2. i
X?i Pork. |
See. ........ 7 90 7 90 7 S3 7 53
Jin. SOTiJ 8 10 9 06 9 06
LSk ...' 4 90 I 4 9SJS 4?S 4*7M
Jan 4 97141 '00 4 91* ?9SBhort
Rlba 1
Deo. 4 65 4 6714 4 CTV4 4 ?5
Jan. - 4 67%] 4 70 4 81 4 BPj
NSW YORK ? Flour, recess, 31,860
barrels; export*. 24,000 barrels; market
barely steady and quiet
"Wheat, reoelpts, 60,100 bushels, experts,
296,000 bushels; spot market easy;
No. 2 red 77%c 1. o. b. afloat: options declined
In sympathy with early cables at
arst; oloied unsettled under a final reaction
at [email protected] decline. No. 2 red May
closed a* 6794c.
Corn, receipts, (1,700 bushels; exports^
42,500 bushels; No. 2 39}fcc L 0. n. aao&t;
options opened strong and closed K0
%c net higher. May closed at 39V4c.
Oats, receipts, 226,300 bushels; exports
22,246 bushels; spot market strong; No.
2, 29*4c; options dull and nominal.
Hops Arm. Cheese quiet. Cottonseed
oil steady. TaHow quiet. Bice
(Irtru Molases Arm
Coffee, options opened barely steady
at unchanged prices to 15 points decline,
and closed steady and unchanged
to 15 points lower. Sales, 37,250 bags.
Sugar, raw strong; refined firm.
BALTIMORE?Flour quiet and lower;
receipts 6,300 barrels; exports 3,750
barrels. Wheat dull and lower; spot
72%c; receipts 169.200 bushels; exports
80.000 bushels. Corn firm; spot and
mdnth 37*??37?Sc; receipts 140,800 bushels;
exports 9,400 bushels. Oats, quiet;
No. 2 white western [email protected]%c; receipts
31,000 bushels; exports oO.OOO bushels.
Rye steady; No. 2 western 56%c; receipts
12,000 bushels; exports 109,000
bushels. Butter steady and unchanged.
Eggs firm and unchanged. Cheese
steady and unchanged.v
' CINCINNATI?Flour steady. Wheat
quiet; No. 2 red [email protected] Corn firm; No.
2 mixed 34%c. Oats strong; No. 2 mixed
20c. Rye firm at 65c. Lard easy at
$4 77%. Bulkmeats steady at $5 45. Bacan
easy at $6 50. Whiskey firm at $1 25.
Butter quiet. Sugar steady. Eggs
firm, at l^c. Cheese tlrm.
Live Stock.
CHICAGO?Too many cattle are com*
u ? ?>w1i nflnon nm Alid
lilt; UIV IIIC llia.ii.vk, ? ?-?r ?
in? downward at a rapid rate, the genero.1
demand beins unusually poor. Today
trade was extremely dull at an average
decline of 10c. Choice steers S3 25
((f5 66; medhim U [email protected] ?6; beet steers
?:t 9004 60; stockers and feeders, J3 75?
4 50; bulls J3 6504 40; cows and1 heifers,
J3 00?4 26; calves, J3 2SO" 00.
There was a greatly diminished demand
for hogs from eastern shippers
and un .outside competition was thereto}*
reduced to a minimum; the local packers
were thus in a position to dictate
terms. Sales were rather slow at a deollra
of 5c. Fair to choice', $3 6063 76;
Hacking lots. ?3 [email protected] 3 57%; butchers ?3 40
?J 75; mixed *135?3 70; light *3 3663 75;
pig*, J2 [email protected] 60.
There was a good demand for sheep
nt steady prices, both killers and feed
era ta&tng noia. imcrior 10 vuuivo
sh??p. 12 25^4 70; rangers,' $3 650* CO;
lambs-. $4 [email protected]~> 65.
Receipts: Cattle, 12.000 head; hogs,
38,000 head; sheep, 14,000 bead.
EAST LIBERTY?Cattle steady; extra
J"? 20?5 40; prime $5 00&5 20; common
$.1 90. Hogs fairly active and
a shade Htronger; prime assorted mediums
and heavy hogs $3 70fi3 75; heavy
Yorkers $3 60frt 65; fair Yorkers and
pips |3 50tf 3 60; roughs $2 25Q3 40.
on, stunning-?
d down a (cw of the letters.
V '".--t -1 Sheep.
market -lull and lower; prime I I
M 4S?4 60: common SI 0041 ?; choice J
lambs tstoosu; common to good \
, t> M0? K Veal calve* M M?7 00. ! ?
CINClNNA-TI-Uoga active it t! 00 a
n-mU. ' if 1
NEW TORK ? Pig Iron <juie< ant) <
steady; southern. 19 <*011 00; northern
110 OOOll SO. Copper firm; brokers' '
112 26; exchange, tU 50. Lead steady; '
domestlo brokers. 13 6Q; exchange. S3 66 J
OS S7H. Tin firmer; straits; <12 859 ..
It 00. Plates steady. Speller Arm; do- )
nestle IS 00O6 11'Vi. The market show
ed a hardening tendency to-day, with *]
business decidedly better all around. Tin ,1
In particular was much firmer and howers
were restrictive offcrlno to small >
amounts^ pending further developments.
I ** fhA ninM 4K* mutal ?x<*hAtnre called *
pier Iron warrants quiet and steady at J
17 00 bld> and $7 X asked; take copper J
unchanged but Arm, buyers and sellers I
at lit 60; tin firmer at 117 86 bid and J
118 00 asked; lead steady for spot, weak t
for futures at 13 6G bid'and IJ 67*4 asked; *
spelter unchanged and firm at IS 00 bid '
and IS 12H askedi
The firm naming the settling price for
leading miners and smelters la the west
quotes lead at 13 60. DTV
NEW YCRK?Remits In dry (rood*
have known no change of moment today.
There has been a fair showing of- 1
buyers In town, and re-orders by mall
have been fairly heavy. Print and similar
lines have suffered' considerably
from yellow tever conditions In Louisiana,
Mississippi and other gulf states
were ordered (freely to-day, the com
weather of that section havlnc relieved j
merchants at all anxiety on the fever fi
score. Print ciotus nave aitauiea gnnu j
fliumew, and this, too, helped the situ- t]
atloD Is cotton goods of ail descriptions. '
Still the weak spots la the genera* nmr- *
ket are many. The print doth market 1
mt reported) qniet to-day. 8 tapis cot- j
tons were quiet In nearly all lines, but j
the market showed considerable Ij
strength. Prints showed generally lm- !
proved conditions )
, Wool. j
NW YORK?Wool quleti J
WE F. C. SCflNELE !| ^snSurtTm^ 1
Dealer In all goods pertaining to the trade.
2012 Main Street, Telephone
87. Wheeling. W. Va. ~
-yyilliau hare & son,
Practical Ptambers, Gas and Steam Fltte/s
No. a Twelfth Street
Work done promptly at reasonable prices.
Robert w. kxlb.
Practical Plumber, Gas and Steam. Fitter.
?? d;
No. 1155 Market street
Gas snd Electrl6 Chandeliers, Filters,
and Taylor Gas Burners a specialty, mril tJ
A full lino of the celebrated n
Motf s Nerverine Pills s
71 Kffl nervous pratjUffai
JKT?9flto. tration lad g
diLaja of?tie F
generative or- v
BaronEAKDArriEOTiKO. pa, of other
ex, inch as Nervous Prostration, Failing or _
lost Manhood, Impotency, Nightly Emfosions,
Youthful Erroo, Mental worry, ex- j
cesuve use of Tobacco or CWum, which I
lad to Consumption and Insanity. $1*00 I \
per box by mail: 6 boxes for $5X0.
MOTTS CHEMICAL CO., Prop's, CMud. Ohio.
For sale by C. H. GRIE8T & CO., 1139 _
Market street 6&vr
tvui!b LOWER j
PHU!3, m ?i
pHL-EANS.^ and p
burph &^C^cln- ^
of Twelfth .treat,' ?
as follows: t ' _ . G
Sterner QUEEN CITY-Robcrt R. Ar- ?
new. Master. Uunlel M. iJicey, Purser. Every
Thursday at 8 a. ra._ , _ l
W. Knox. Muster: Will D. Kimble, Purser.
Ev.ry Snnitny nt s o. m. K
Steamer VIftQIN!A-T. J. Calhoon. Master:
R. H. Kerr. Purser. Every Tuesday L
,v'r^ih.corP.^Te.^?.MO. g
oct24 Agents. t
fkst time c
Pennsylvania short lines
COLUaiUUS 2:10 p. m. L
Arrive CINCINNATI 6:45 p. m. E
Arrlvo INDIANAPOLIS 10.00 p. in. Ci
Arrive f T. LOUIS 7:00 *. m. L
For Steubonvillo and ^Pittsburgh 7jU a. si
III. WVVIV UI1J a, twi ? ll|BUUI|l I BIIU inn n
East and for Columbus and Chicago at Ci
1:25 p. m. week days; for Pittsburgh. Har- M
rlsburR, Baltimore. Washington, Phlladol- Ji
Ehla and Now York at 3:55 p. m. dally; for c
tcubcnvllle and Dcnnlson at 8:55 p. m. K
dally: for Pittsburgh at 7.-00 p. ni. week U
days: for Columbus, Dayton. Cincinnati, u
IndlitnnpolU and St. Louis at 9:30 p. m. u
week days. City tlm*
Parlor Car to Pittsburgh on S:K p. m. and
7 p. m. Train#. ?
Persons contemplating a trip will find
It profitable In pleasure and convenience
to communicate with the undersigned, who li
will make all necessary arrangements for H
a delightful Journey. Tickets will be pro- I
vlded and baggage checked through to des- N
tlnatlon. Ci
Pnssergar and Ticket Agent, Wheeling, M
W. Va. . oci C
On and after Saturday. February 2, 1SS5. g
trains will run as follows, city time: ?
Leave Wheeling. I I/rave~EJrn~Qrcve. B
Tr*n T'melTr'n t'mojTr'n TmejTr'n Tine 9.
No. a. m. No. p. m. No. a. m. No. p. in.
1*. t?:00?.... 3:00 1.... f6:0M19 1:00
A... 7:0022 ... 4:00 3.... 7:00* 4:00 V
i... 1:0024.... A:00 5.... 1:00 a 6:CO ?
I.... 1:0021.... 6.u? 7.... t#:00? :<v> j K
10.... 10:003.... 7:00 0.... lOrOO 17 T:00 i?
U.... 11:00 30.... 8:00 11.... U^oa 0:00 ! ?
?i. m. J2.... 9-.00 p. ro. si ?:vx) ) .
12:00 M.... 10:00 1J.... 12.-00U 11:00 C
18.... 1:0011.... 11 .*00 IB.... 1:00 U U.HO t(
2t...._JiOO 17.... i-M
ffially, ?*cfpt Sunday. v
Hunday church train* will leav? Elm
oro? .t...?
Oaneral Manager.
Arrival and departure of '.ralna on and
fter May IS, lfit. Kzplknatlon of Referi?
w. life* :.i
?pt Monde y. (Sundays only. ^Saturday* f
aiy? Eastern Standard Tune. f.
4MS pm Wash., Bal., PhiL. NY.
7.*00 am ...Cumberland Accom... HMpn ?.?
pm Grafton Accom n?0? Am.v.'U
oa am ..wajhlscton City Kx.. nij?pi? V
Jepart. fiT*o3=e.orblv.. Waat Antw7 ;
For Columbui and Chi. ! Ill am
0 J5 mji ..Columbua and Clncln.. *fi:ll pm J
1:? pm ..Columbui and Clncln.. ?:? am
;a pa Columbui and ChL Ex. H*?m
53 am ..81. clalravllla Acoom.. rod) *? \
Mpn.A Clalravtlla Aoeom_ ttsJSpm A
Sandmk* Mall ??:U ptt v;
>?pao. B. k O.-W.. P. bTETC AtrWa. ain
For Plttrburfb ?1?:? am 1
am PltUbunh *13? WSS&3H
Pm ..PltUburgh and Kaat_ nlJO pm . jt
liUpm Pituburfh ??& 3
>Wt C~cr#- 8tTT RyTArSW?; <fl
'3am PltUbunh .. tfiltpai ;?S
?:? am Steuben*,.;. aSd Waat j<:Upa 1
*:4}am ..SteubenvlUa Accom... H'Jf pa
J:g pm ..Plttaburrb and N. T.. JJ:g P" i\
i:Bpm ..Plttiburch and JI. T.. ni:J5? ' *'
TflOnm ? Pi?.hnr.K I?mi It* am
WfiST -' 'riS
fig am Ex., dn. and St Louli tTsllam rtj
* *> pm Ex.. Cin. and St Louis M:1I pm ;
1:3 pm -?* Steub. ?nd Chi.. tlJS pm J3
<.66 pm ...Pitts, and Dennlson... *11110 amC.
& PT^BrtdjccportTTIrrtrf. . vAS
I B am .Fort Wayne and Chi., tf M pa ; *1
IS ?"* -.Cannon and Toledo... tt JS pm J
I S Cleveland pM pm Ja
liS un Stetibenvllle and Pitta, til* pm ; ttfi
.J:09 am Bteubenvllle and Pitta. fll:05 am . jfi
1: 0 pm ..Fort Wayne and ChL. t :10 pm
I!? Pt-i ...Canton and Toledo... HOO pm
rf: 10 pm Alliance and Cleveland tl:? pm :;%!
|:0 pm Steub'o and Wellsvilie. tfl:5tam 3
|:Sf pm Philadelphia and N. Y. 41:10 pm yi
|:M pm...Baltimore and Wash.., f?:10 pm ; - <3!
pmj.eteub'e and Wellavllle. tClO pm v-v'S
depart. I W. aTTe. "XrrJve.
f:K am Cl^ve. and Chi. Flyer *10:15 pm
1:00 am Toledo and Detroit Spe. t4J0 pm ?g|
1:40 pm Clave, and M'alllon Ex. U JO pm ?
1:00 am Steub. and Brilliant Aa til JO am ,
4:J0 pm]8teub. and Brilliant Ao. JjJO pm V- fif
*part~|C., L. A W.-Brldgep'tl Arrive.
iJto am Cleve., Toledo and ChL 11:10 pm ,Vi
2:25 pmlCleve.? Toledo and ChL t9:10 pm !;>f
:00 pmj.... Masai lion Accom.... fllKIO am .^2
:0l am ..8t. Clalrsvllle Accom.. 19J8 am, ; ;'jg
0:08 am|..8t Clalrsvllle Accom.. t1'.44 pm %
2:25 pm ..St, Clalrsvllle Accom.. tfJSpni
5:30 pml..8t Clalrsvllle Accom..I+?:4I pm '35
1:40 pmf Local Freight......ltil?.pm ,
Pepart I Ohio River It R. I Arrive. 'M
6:30 amJPark. and Way Points *10 JO am
7M0 oiniCharleston and Cincln. *8:45 pm . '
1:45 amjCindn. and Lexington! 6.60 pm M
4:15 pmfPark. and Way Polntt.ltll:4S y >
J?plrri bTzTScTr^L?nsifnr 4
elialre. I J Bellalre. < ' V
0:10 am (Mall, Express and Pass.( 3:10 pm
6:00 pm]Express and Passenger) 8:40 am.*' v ;
2:30 pmlMlxed Freight and Pas.| JU2LX2 A
- Dop*rturs tnd irT.iiii'iiiijaDSnSmMffl
rival of trains at
^Ull^rTaVllll'lil-8 Wheeling. Eastern
TOmBSfljJ time. Schedule la
For Baltimore. PhlladdDhi* and N?W i
ork, 12:25 and 10(65 a. m. mad 4:46 p. m. 2
Cumberland Accommodation, TrOO a. m, '
ally, except Sunday.
Grafton Accommodation, 4:45 p. m. daily. '
From New York, Philadelphia and Bal*
more, 8:20 a. m. dally.
Washington Express. 11:00 p. m. daily. J
Cumberland Accommodation, 4.*00 p. m* '
ifcept Sunday. ' ;t
Grafton Accommodation, 10:10 a. m. daily.
For Columbua and Chicago, 7:35 a. m. and ]
:I5 p. m. daily.
Columbus and Clnolnnatl Express, 10:29 .
, m. and 11:40 p. m: dally. *
St Clalrsvllle Accommodation, 10:25 a. m. 1
nd 3:25 p. m. dally, except 8unday.
ARRIVE. --'.g
Chicago Express, 1:15 a. m. and 11:60 a. , y-3
>. dally.
Cincinnati Express, 5:20 a. m. and 5:15 %
i. daily.
Sandusky Mall, 505 p. m. dally.
St Clalrsrllle Accommodation. 11:50 a.
t. and 6:15 p. m. dally, except Sunday. . ?
For Pittsburgh, 5:25 and 7:15 a. m. and * ?y?
20 p. m. dally, and 1:15 p. m. daily, ex* A
ypt Sunday. .
For Pittsburgh and the East. 5:25 a. m.
nd 5:20 p. m. dally.
From Pittsburgh, 10*:20 a. m., 6:20 p. m.
nd 11:30 p. m. daily. 10:00 a. m., except
UndSy" T. C. BUBKB.
General Manager. Manager Passes*
ger Traffic. . ^
Baltimore. * . ,;J
Time Table in ESeot
iradSe 1898* Eaat*
Daily. fDally Except Sunday.
' 8outh Bound. *7 I tl I 1 I *T*
la P.,C.,C.&StL.R. i a. m. p. a.'
ittaburgh, Pa...Lv jcin. 9:10 12:41 %
(Faat a
rhfelimr Ar lLitifi 11 1:3?
Leave. a. m, a. m. a. m. p. m.
Reeling 8:80 1:40 11:4* 4:18
toundsvllle 6:57 8:03 11:17 4:47 : . 'A
ew Martinsville.... 7:51 8:44 1:13 8:58 ;
tersvllle 8:12 9:02 1:63 8:18
riUtarastown 9:33 9:55 3:00 1:53
arkorsbui* .... 10:00 10:16 8:26 8:20
avenswood 11:10 4:30
aaon City -> 12:00 S:I0 mi
p. ra.
ofnt Pleasant 12:28 8:21 _
Via K. ft M. By. rJ
olnt Pleasant...Lv t2:06 fMO. ,
harleston Ar 8:07 9:26
alllpolk Ar iSM 6:3SI
unttngton 1:36 7:43
Via C. ft O. Ry. la. m. I ySSz ?
v. Huntington A f2:35 *2:30 f -A
r. Charleston jf 4:27 8:45 ?
K p. m. p. m.
onova Ar 1:50 t ^
Via C. ft O. Ry. * ? ? ff ,
v. jienova -i:a& <x *;
inclnnatl, O Ar . > 5:16 # '
sxlngton, Kjr....Ar 1 6:20
oulMvUle. Ky Art 8:15
loTeland, Lorain & Wheeling
7 \
Schedule tn Effect Hay 15, 18SL >
Central Standard Time.
? ^
Ja. m. p. m. p. m.|a. m. \
LorainBranch. |J1 13 JIB | 9 .
braln"..V.V.~......... <5:27 2:20 4361 9:11
lyria 6:? 2:39 4:40) 10:01
rafton 7:04 2:65 4:5* 10:11 -A
eaicr 7:23 3:12 6:16j 10:40
Main Line. 1 3 6~1 7~"
a. m. p. c. p. aula. m.
Icveland I 7:20 2361 6:W
rooiuyn <:;? r:4i 5:471
enter 8:21 3:2* 6:43 . U
cdlna 8:30 3:35 6:51
hlnpcwR Luke Ml 3:46 7:06 v
svilio 8:50 3:65 7:14 it
Lcrllne *:5C 4:01 7:t0
Warwick 9:18 4:23 7:41
anal Fulton i?:24 4:29 7:49
Liitslilon 9:45 4:4ft S.flg ?:39
jitus 10:03 5:M 8:15 ' 9:4% 3
anal Dover 10:34 5:31 8:55 7:11 r,
(iff Philadelphia... 10:41 6:3S 9:02 7:33
hrlchsvillo 11:25 6:05 9:20 7:44 '3
rtdg?port 1:30 X0:0l
elluire SJSS
Main Line. t 4 I p j
a- m-?- m. p. m. p. m.
ollnlro 5;M
rldK^port 8:1)6 1 ;4C |;M
hrich?vlllo <:<s SMO 3:41 7:3
o** Philadelphia. 6:W S:2S 4.(j 7}?
KTinl Dover 8:11 S:36 4:10 ?:J5 ;
i?iu? ? 11 S:lls
[?Mlllon |:00 0:3 4:54
nnl Pu'lon ?:1* 0.4; f n
Jarwlck ?:? ?:49 >;u
lerlins }0:1*. 6:40 ffl
villa J 5:65 10:1S 5.-41 9
hliippw* Lake 7:04 lo.asl S:?
"edlna ' ?? ?:07!
CBler ' ? ? 10:4* C;U
rooklyn 1:14 UtiM 7:oi
levclatld 8:3oj U:g>_7:ll
"LoralnBranclu 12 "14 16 11a*"
5-J" a- m P- ?n. p. m.
entftr 10:6r> fi:40 j.-jj
rafton 8:41 11:07 f?i i?{ J
lyrta :? 11:21 7:14 137
oraln >:1S ll:tf 7:10 lafl
Trnln* No?. 1, 2, 5 and r. dally between
leveland und uhrlchsvlllo, All other
Ainu dally, except Sundays.
Electric caw between Urldceport and
Wheeling und Bridgeport and ^Martin's
erry and Pellalra.
Consult sgrcnt* for general Information
k tu best routes and passenger rates ts
II polniH. M Q CARRElk o. P, A.

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