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j SPOBf. j
__________ v*
T2tn Orcanibarg^WhMUaf Foot Halt
tiimi Promlifli ? Ezcillo{ Contest* and
ft will !? WilliomoiI by an lumuuu
Crowd?How th? Tmiwi will Dp.
Th* blur foot ball game between the
Greensburg At We tic Association and
the heeling Athletic CTub occurs this
afternoon, at the Island ball park, at
the upper end of the 1*2*44, and the
pood weather promised bjr.tjK> weather
man meet# with the approval of a large
proportion of the population. . Ideal foot
bail weatfcer wHl be the ordar of the
day, and there'? nothing lijf for the
enjoy mvnt of the occasion' tb be supplied,
unJ?ss It be a victory for Wheeling.
There It considerable speculation as
to the score to be run up. General A.
H. Beftcb stated last night that Qreensburs
would have to bo contented with
12 to 0, while otber admirers of the
local team were afraid of a higher score,
yet there is Quite a number of tihe opinion
that Greensburg will have it? bands
full from start to llnlsh. But that the
game vrftl be exciting at aH stages is
conceded,,and the locals need all the
encouragement possible, for they have a
biff comract on their hands. They tviis
r train ovary nerve to beat the lamous
Grcensburg9. and will stand nil the
rooting their admirers can give. There
promises to be rooting ga'ore for Che
home tcum. and a stock of mesuphones,
: -reived- by Ja?on C. Stamp, the sporting
goods dealer, yesterday, was almost
exhausted last night.
The baM paTk gates will be evened
ns J::tO o'clock; the same betfra* half an
Imur luteT. The gridiron has been, put
In- f>erfect shape. Carriage Kpacc has
Ic-n reserved near th\? hlcachyvs, and
\V. A.'C. OFF.
four bZuecoat* will keep tb<f teld clear,
v.. A. C. practiced hard yesterday, and
Mil be at 11 again tills morning. Curtly,
??r Bethuny, suyv crowds are coming
from W? homo.ami We-'Atfburg, and St.
:ia)rsvl11f tflt: send a big de'.gatSor* to
see Mo Fa i-land, v th the visitor*, and
Barrett, of W. s\. C.. disport themSl'IVea.
Th'- Y. M. C. A. ha* generously placed
's baths a>.d swimming pool at the
Obipowil of Clroonrtnirg, and the visiting
players an well as- \V. A. C. will vote
So. rotary Lyreh nr.d Director E. J.
St. ? '?" 'hnnk* Greene-burg ar
1 \
vV.\i'/ IM.I Full ? .... ...all.
rivt-n ihlfl nioroiiHT at 11 'Zti o'clock. ov*r
*>) I'arr-IJandV. returning at 7 p. m.
A'fitr the game ihejr will bo driven to
the V. JL C. A. A* the team If made
ui? of crjr>|p>,?e mer. WlK?UDg "'rat" men
Hill b<> Interested to lf?arn that the fol'.mvinir
(Jreek .?>"ter M>cietliK arc re^reien;i>d
.?r? the t?*.iin: Slstr.a Chi. Barclay
"r.d Carr; in'ia \>p*ilon. Ill ne hart; Phi
Kapfta PhI. IN>bL??n?a? though ?iot on
\r ;tne-ut?; Th"'.a Nu Rp*fldn-, Flower*;
Worthlnvtnn, Delta, Kappa Kpsi<!.m;
an<t Atherton, i-?wl Ktxjipa Rlsmn.
Th Indian. Jfml*on. naturally- belongs
!n the "lied Mvn."
c?r*-en*horK'* eleven repr^Hfnt? mini'
cniV.ifj o?vJ towns, and consequently!*
n*-.\ .,:rictly a Greenshijrjr tonm. rrnlilcc
^Vhrellng't It Isn't an amateur
learn, hut t* tho outcome of a lavish expenditure
to nlvr* the town n chnmplon';lp
winner,and for tho most part to defeat
Oreonsbur?>. bluer rival, Lairnne.
Captain Josepfi I?n?ho?> was tnught
tlie same at Hf, John's oolle??.\ Fordham,
N. y. The other end, Worthing
ton, Is a product o." the champion l&
fayettgo o? UM. Two OS the best m?
on tie teat:.. Charles Elnehart ant
George Barclay vrm members of La
Jayette's team in Cbat memorable yea
for the Baa ton. pa., aehool. At guard
Rlnehart. ami at halt. Barclay, bava ni
JlmlaoJ). of tbe Carlisle Indiana, li
another hlgh-salarlsd player. Ho plafi
half. The other backs are Mar Andrews
of Dartmouth collet*, at fall, and a
quarter, Capt "Jack" Flowers, of TV. t
J.'a jrroat 1887 team.
Dr. Carr, left guard, ia a riant trad
uate of the University of Xlcblgan, an(
the College of Physicians and Surgeons
of Chicago. He Is said to be the beat I.
the Welt.
I 1M1,lit. MfVlTnrlaiid. of SL ClalTSTUl*
with the Wheeling Ttgors part of Jas
year, Is now completion two eeasom
with Greensburg. He It counted thi
beet tackle in Western Pennsylvania
and Ic all hla grimes he has opened gapi
Id Ma opponent's line bis enough tt
pass a iryK jn through. "Jfac" as he li
known In Wheeling, is a favorite alx
la flreer.sburg, where ha Is known a:
"Tiger." The rootera won't- forget hla
The other tackle Is HcDermott, scrnt
on Princeton's team last year, andthi
"Big Four" boasts of none better.
The Wheeling players are too we!
known to require much Individual notice.
New players this year are Thorn
as, Smith and the Mathls boys. Curtis
the Bethany full back, has a fame extending
over three states. The Edward)
boys, the pioneers In football, have m
superiors In the game, a fact that wil'
be demonstrated to-day. Football It
Wheeling owes them a. lasting debt, especially
the modest, gentlemanly Capt
' Bob."
Others to whom a local uniform U pol
I a stranger are Specht, a diamond o
th* first wat*r, Gray, McAnincb, an<
I little Clynk, all being In the game at al
stage?. Wheeling's center Is Dolln Bar
rett, like JMcFarland, a product of SI
| ClalrsvUle, which If it keeps on will b
{ famous os a birthplace of grldlro
1 greats. At center the genial St Clalrs
J vllle boy win show "Bo" Thorna'
1 Greensburg'a crack, how bard it is t
I move a rock, t
In football the victory Is too oftei
. credited to -the man who makes the cov
I ??tcd touch-down, but the glory Is Jul
j A* much the part of the men In th
(line, who like the eight of the base bal
nine, support the pitcher. Therefor*
the plaudits of to-day's multitud
should not all be poured Into the eat
of Barclay, Jlmison, or the Wheelin
backs who cross the enemy's line. Th
same Is one for eleven men, and wit
few exceptions the better team alway
win*. That It will be Wheeling is tn
wish of many and many a one.
To-day's line-up of tooth teams w!
be as follows:
Wheeling. Positions. Greenaburg.
160, R. Edwards,.!. e.?r. ?....Donahue. II
170. Thomas L t-?r. t.McDermott. 1
or McAnlnch or HassotL
170. Mathls I. g.?r. g....Klnchart. 2
215. Barrett c Thomas. 1
ISO. Smith r. p.?I. k Carr. 2
182. Specht r. t.?L L..McFarIand. I
ICO. S. Edwards..r. e.?L e.-W'thlnRtop. t
1S1 Clynk q Flowers. 1
190. Gray r. h.?l. h Jlmlson. 1
Iffl. J. Edwards..1. h.?r. h Barclay. 1
ITS. Curtis t..,.. McAndrews I
or AtJierton.
Average?173. Average?If
Wheeling subs?Klnrh*lo<;. Carrlgni
Ma this, O'Connor, Krcgel, J. Thoma
Brennan. Grcenaburg sabs ? Slgmai
Won. Lost Pe
Wheeling S I .*
All Alike s 1 .8
Bowlers 7 2 .7
Puritans 7 2 .7
Golden Rods r, 3 .fi
Kum Dum 5 4 ,S
Old Cronies S <"> .3
Aber Nit I S .1
Iwi Belle 0 9 .0
Frog Horns 0 0 .0
Last night's games In the Whcelln
league resuked In three victories for th
Bowlers, who slide Into third placi
HOWLBRS. int. W- M. Toll
Rfcbftrdn 151 |? ? <
Radtr iw 1'^ ^
Barr 1C Its 11# J
limning 1JW 121 ... 2
Emblem 132 ].? 1*2 a
Faleko 1? 1M ?
Harkman 1? 1
Totals W 27
RUM DUMB. 1ft. ?d. 3d. ToU
Kaulken3teln M 114 g 3
Schafer *77 *2 105 S
Htetn Ill }? }1* J
r.on?r *5 Iff 177 .1
Patterson *1 W , )! ~
Miller 1W W 130 _3
Total* filO IS
Scorrrs?U'ilnon and Kromrlrk. Umpli
?Dinner. To-night?Alley* open.
Won. T/ont. To
Jack Tars :? I .*
jjowith 1 ; '<
Takeyourtlm? 4 i
Fa Hollo 4 2 .?
N. 10. L. A. A 3 3 .5
Oro#ccnts 2 < 3
Shanl**/ Co. 21 1 .1
Off Again I 5 .1
Tlio Jnrlc Tar* took thro? st might I
th* tfusee Italic tnurnam^ni ln?t over
Ing, by tho following nco??:
CHK8CBNTB. l?t. 5d. 3d. Tot
II. Jtoarley in lia i:? 2
Miller i?a? 1M nw 4
K. Ilrtrloy ir.7 1T7 I OK <
McI>ona!?i ?1? 117 lis 2
Btrnhart uz rx !:? \
Col? mftn l.'i 'J7 100 4
Totals 5 751 'm U
JACK TAIifl. 111. M. Id. Tot.
Brown 17o mo 1B1 4
Iloflry ITS 19 l-M 4
I land Ian l? it<; t-t 4
Urn ml 1KT li) 139 4
Turner l?2 l?> 1<-I n
Stcvoniton yio i..r? Ki 5
Total ms w?5 2;
Umpire?Beut#?r. Scorora?lllsnonr ur
Tin* Carroll dub bowling tnurnarcen
ccvOTlny a period of fourteen week
will be opened on- Monday even In* with
J game* between the Lafayette* and Atl
Jantlca. The league Is com pored of eight
dubs, each to meet twiceduring the seap
son. The clubs are made trp of former
leaguers, and> ar^ very evenly divided,
1 and there promiees to l>e quite a rivalry
between them. A number ot prist*
1 have been offered,
s m _
t How the Wilson-Gorman and Dlnsley
Tariff Acts Affected the Sheep and
j Wool Interests of this Section? Flg,
urea Given for Eastern Ohio.
1 Hon. J. C. Glover, of Harrhon county,
O., has been delving Into official
figures as to the wool industry in the
1 over-the-river congressional district apd
1 In a splendid article in this week's
1 Cadis Republican he gives these figures
? for the various counties of this district,
1 showing what the enuctment of the
> Wilson-Oorraan law brought about, also
1 what the Dingley tariff act did:
v>r Vot TvMM fn
* Sheep and Bheep and
I Wool. wool.
1891. 1S96. 18S1-9G.
, Belmont $ 789,623 1147,466 3 <22.117
: Carroll 656,500 1&M6 SS8.1SI
9 Harrison 2.947,(80 215,60ft M2.012
Jefferson 5S7.S48 84,517 5?U3l
I Monroe 202.011 25,bt2 176. |?j
Totals ....$2,263,532 98M.419 KOMli
Total Value Total Gain In
Sheep und Shrep ami
^ ool Wool-Value.
1 1S03 isyC-l'b
? Belmont $ 840.762
1 Carroll 298,505 1M.713
. Harrison 650,27a 234,668
Jefferson 801 .Mu 21S.457
' Monroe 77,151 50,&?
Totals ...*1,568,645 SS
The loss to the farmers of this district
on wool and sheep alone was over
In his own county of Harrison he figures
that the loss was more than |4l
for each man, woman and child in that
o^nhty. Then he proceeds to show that
the recovery and improvement in two
fears lvunparaielled and adds:
By making: an examination of the table
of the Sixteenth congressional district
you will see thai there was a net
toss to the wool growers from 1891 to
1896 of the enormous sum of S2.6S0.U2,
and that there was a net grain in value
from 1896 to 1898 of $975,226. Such a recovery
of wealth scattered among so
many people is but one instance. The
evidences are seen in every Industry
throughout the Ohio valley.
Pittsburgh...VIRGINIA. 3 a. m.
Parkeraburg.BBN HUR, 11 a. m.
81stersvllle...RUTH, 3:30 p. m.
CIarington....LEROY, 3:30 p. m.
8taubenville..T. M. BAYNE. 2:30 p. m.
Charleston...GREEN WOOD. 6:30 a. m.
Parkeriiburg.H. K. BEDFORD, U a. m.
MatamoraB...LEXINGTON, 11 a. ra.
SistcrsvlHe...RUTH. 3:30 p. m.
Clarlngtcn.. ..UEROY, 8:30 p. m.
8teubenvilie..T. M. BAYNE. 2:30 p. m.
Cincinnati....W. J. CUMMINS, 8 a. m.
Pittsburgh...BEN HUR, 4 a. m.
Pittsburgh...KANAWHA, 5 u. m.
Pittsburgh...KEYSTONE STATE, C a. m.
Zanesville....LORKNA. 2 a. m.
Cincinnati....VIRGINLA, 8 a. m.
Along the I.nu<llnr?
The Pacific passed down with coal at
4 p. m. yesterday.
{Business was good on the public
landing yesterday.
To-morrow's Cincinnati packet is the
Virginia at 8 a. en.
The marks at 6 p. m. showed 9 feet 3
inches and falling. Weather, clear and
- warmer.
f The W. J. Cummins departs for Cini
cinnat! and way landings this morning
11 at 8 o'clock.
The new City of Pittsburgh, belnfl
~ built at Marietta by Captaln.s John M.
* Phillips, late Inspector at Pittsburgh,
n and Dana Scott, of Zanesvlllc, will not
- be completed before February, and her
first trip will be to New Orleans, she
0 having been engaged to take an excur?i.-m
*r\ Mard! <"Jrna from the upper
b Ohio river. She will then likely be
- placed in the Pittsburgh and Louisville
t trade. She is a large side-wheeler, the
? first of that type of steamboat to ply on
II the upper Ohic since the withdrawal of
the Diurnal from the Wheeling and
e Parkersburg trade about eleven fears
9 ago.
^ Iltvar Trlngtnm*.
h LOUISVILLE?Rlver rising; 9 feet 5
s incheo in canal; 7 feet 4 Inches on falls;
e 21 fet 4 inches below the locks. Weather
clear and cold.
II BVA1N8VILLB ? River 11.4 feet and
rising. Weather dear and* cold*
POINT PLEASANT?River lf> feet
S and f&Ming. Weather, partly cloudy.
ra CINCINNA/TI?Mw W.C feet and
14 falling. Weather, partly cloudy.
76 WAlRREN?River 3 feet. Weather
CS clear and cool.
* PARKBRSBURO?Ohio river 10 feet
^ ,6 Inches and fatting. Weather cloudy;
73 mwcury 63.
5k OIL OITY?River 3 feet and station?4
ary. Weather clear and cool.
fl PITTSBURGH?River 7.9 feet and
stationary at the dam. Weather clear
b' and pleasant.
n. 9TBIJBEJNVILLE?River 9 feet 2
inches and falling. Weather clear and
oorwT^V'?VTtiT.V ? nivop A frW fi
Inch*** and stationary.
KOB&ANTOWN ? River 8 feet 2
r. Inches* and stationary. Weather clear
J2 and warmer.
S GREENSBORO?River 8 feet 7 Inches
7s and falling. Weather clear and cool.
W was stoned
j6 man is stoned
52 j-. 1'" ' *1 s- r men who
Ll \l jjwwy have no j>lace and no
07 WkfiE/k tw for him. A man
M oA who has bilious turns
-- I) if/ IwO and tirr-ci feelings and
? II ft' 'jBBBb frequent "off-days"
h.i )) v T^JI wight as well go out
-- II J& ll ?' b"s*nrwW
il mf$L ffr> These things
re S\ arc bad enough
\ ^2 *lV. ,n *elf-d?*gust
]j pfti nnc* wretchedness
r II Is jP l',cy Evolve M
33 II A Ssp ?* they do not go
17 c^m 73 _ any further. But
\\ 4myou never know
'f " urfcat in aninrr trt
M develop in a half ?
flourished, bile-poisoned conntitution. If
a uma as soon as he feels that he is not gel*
ling the forceful strength ami energy out
n of his food that he ought to. will l^?in takl"
ing Dr. Pierce's (Golden Mcdical Discovery,
he will ?oon put himself in the positiou
al where he can do a man's work easily and
His appetite will be sharpened: his liver
,;i invigorated; his digestion strengthened - an
w edge put ott his whole nutritive organism,
riji Those subtle poisons which debilitate the
? entire organism and invite consumption
99 and a host of other diseases, will be driven
al out of the system: and he will pain plenty
70 of pure nouri*hing red blood, musclepower
and oen-r.force. In short he will
be a man among men.
s<] There are hundred* of dehtalve temporary
29 athmilanK "inr?U extracts," wirsi.parUtns and
_ compound*, which nrr more or Irs* "boomed"
JO f,y merely profit-seeking druggist*: hut an honl(i
e?t druRgiit will give you the ('.olden Medical
Diacovrrv" when yon ask for It. If well-informed.
he kn<?\v* "that it* ante* have Meadi'.y
increa*ed lor thirty year* and that it thr in.
vrntioii of an cdur.i.'rd, niithotin ?l phv*iciun
' who has devote a life time of active praclicc
aud pio/uuud study to clirouic diacaaca.
ZEHffOSa ]
llrtrtjr Xctrm K:?tu? Ualbiml In Ch? Umtr I
tlnotmlI <*9QMir Town*. *
Many Moundsvllle people will take In J
the Republican rally here to-night. The 1
committee in making -arrangement* for J
music, and a rousing meeting is cer- tain
to result with such speakers as
Captain Dovener and Governor Atkin* t
son. The list of vice presidents was
published in yesterday's Intelligencer.
The <lme is auspicious for Republican ,
success Jn Benwood, end the steady run
of the mills will form an argument
louder than words. The meeting place ?
this evening, Dolan's hall, will accom- d
modate a large crowd, and the opportu- a
nlty should be taken advantage of for '
election day is not far distant. In addl- 1
tlon to those from MoundsviJIe. a large 3
loiocruti/in <h cnmlnff from Wheelinir.and ?
from out In the county, for prosperity J
has struck the cattle raiser, wool-seller,
and wheat producer, hence while several
meetings have been held at different :
parts of the county, many farmers will *
attend to-night's rally.
Jackson V. Blair, who speaks at the ?
Democratic meeting this evening,Is bill- fl
ed aa "the people's champion," a title j,
which puts cold chilis down the spine of
even the Democratic brethren In view
of his rank backdown from the ch?l- ?
lenge Issued to him, to meet Captain J
Dovencr. 'Maybe Mr. Blair will explain J
to a Ben wood audience to-night why he J1
was afraid. If not. his audience can J
easily see why after they hear his pain- 1
ful and labored effort.
The board of directors of tlie electric ^
light company met Thursday night,with J
the new president. J. L.-McMechen, In "
the chair. Heretofore there were no t
special prices for consumers, and the *
board decided to make the lights twen- *
ty-flvc cents each for private consum
ers. This move is likely to prove pop- a
ular. v to
The election of president of the school e
board will be Interesting. The Repub- v
llcan candidate Is the present official, 1
Robert Newton. H1b opponent Is Wal- t
ter Greenwood, formerly a Republican,
but running on the Democratic ticket, p
and billed tor slaughter on tae eignin t
of next month. a
The Vance building Isn't ready for tf
school purposes yet, owing -to the failure
of the Irons for the seats to arrive, i
The school board will hustle the fur- 0
nishing?, or make another contract. n
To-morrow evening at the M. E. parsonage
will occur {he marriage of Mr. j,
Peter Pyle, of the Riverside, to Miss a
Annie Cook. g
The Republican advisory committee
met iaat night and made arrangements p
for getting out the vote. a
Miss Hattle Satterfleld and Miss Al- n
He Medley leave to-morrow on a Steubenville
visit. t
The Doverner-Atkinson meeting at I
Dolan's hall to-night. Bring your tuslgh- n
bore with you.
About one hundred Benwood people ?>
will take In the excursion to Canal Do- e
ver to-morrow.
The water Is expccted to course 0
through Kenwood's mains about No- c
vember 15.
The North End Literary Society will g
give an entertainment next Thursday 6
Hear the real "people's champion" at i
Dolan's hall to-night. j
Oft?n Caniai no Euri of Snfferinf.
Probably half the people who ?cc this y
article suffer from Piles. It Is on? of =
tha commonest of diseases and one of I
the most obstinate. People havedt for I
years, and Just because It is not immediately
fatal they negl-ect it. Careless- I
ness causes no era* of suffering. Care- I
lessnew* about so simple a thing as 1
piles has often caused death. Hemorrhages
occur during surgical treatment.
often causing death.
Piles are Pimple in the beginning, and e
easily cured. They can be cured even c
In the worst stages, without pain or ^
loss of blood, quickly, surely and com- a
pleteiy. There is only one remedy that
wi!l do it?Pyramid Pile Cure. {
It allays the inflammation Immediate- *
ly, heals t.he irritated surface and with
continuous treatment reduces the swelling
and puts the membranes Into good,
sound, healthy condition. The cure is
thorough ami permanent. Druggists
sell the Pyramid Pile Cure at 50 cents.
Sendi for free ln>ok on cause and cure
of Piles hy addressing Pyramid Co.,
Marshall, Mich. p
BELLA I ft f,
__________ 0
AII Soils of Local Nemmitl Qonlp From d
(he (1I*m Citr. t
Congressman Danford Is home from
Carroll county, where all the Republicans
are working together earnestly for
success and the lowest estimate placed
on the majority there is 700. In Har- E
rI?on county the same result is confidently
counted upon by those who are
making a conservative estimate. The
lowest estimate made upon the result of S
.1.11 ?In (ho rllaf Hpf
Wiu i\<rjjuuiivui> kuwutiw iu >uv ?.
Is 4,800, ami only Monroe to cut that ^
down. In .Monroe county the highest
Democratic majority predicted is 1,600.
Ther* was a flro In the First ward
yesterday morning and the house of
Albei t Long, now occupied by the family
of Alfred Dean, was badly scorched.
The fire started from a defective
Hue and resulted in considerable dam- .
ajre to <he roof. The First ward hose
company had the misfortune to get a
stone in the nozzle of their hose Just after
starting 10 throw water, which delayed
effective work for a time and
bursted a section of hose. ,
Deputy Auditor Ueatty and Recorder
Bud. Beatty mingled with Bellalre people
Thursday night and yesterday, and
then paued up along the river to see
others. The tlrst named was doing service
for the ?>!Dclent auditor. Mat. Aid- ?
redge, while Hud. Taylor, who has made
a friend of every man who has had
business In his office, was seeing the
people about his re-election.
A large number of the Catholics of
this city. Ben wood and McMechen will
Ko to Canal Dover to-morrow, to assist
in the laying of the corner stono of a
new church there.
The old folks concert in the First c
Presbyterinn church last night, attracted
a splendid audience and the singing
and music was heartily appreciated.
Mrs. Caroline HacKett, inoiner ot me
leader of the bunil of that name, died .
?t her home Thursday night, and will ]
be burled this morning at 9 o'clock. J
John Krebs. the Baltimore & Ohio engineer
who has been off duty for about ?
thirty day*, took charge of his engine "
again this *veck.
City Clerk Jackson was serving no- C
tlces for re-setting curbing and laying 4
sidewalks on Twenty-first street. C
James T. Keliy resumed his place In j
the First National bank yesterday, af- J
ter an Ulnens of about a week.
Txr Inllor In fh?* TVlllAr *,
bank. spent yesterday visiting In the J
vicinity of WarnocJcs.
Part of the Jury In common pica* J
court was dismissed yesterday until 2
next week. 2
, One plain drunk answered to the roll 2
call In Mayor Freeze'a court yesterday. #
l?. 8. Hopkins, the well known horse f
man, Is seriously Ml. C
The Turner hull is belnff handsomely J
fixed uj?. _
NO matter how long you have hud C
the "ough; If It hom/t already dvvel- j
oped into consumption. Ur. Wood's Nor- *
way lMnc Syrup will cure you. 3 f
Brtn th? ,4 lit Kind to Hj* Mnjs BoatM {
lujoo's Beadack aid ladijestion Cm
I the only remedy on the market thai
rill cure erery form of Headache In S to
0 minute*, correct Indigestion. *tlmn to
the neive* and build uo th* system,
t should be in fvery horn* and ?vecaravel
sr's KripKaek. At all Drujjalsts.
1 cures, Sc.
flip*att'l 31Uh?p? In th? Tlirlrhn City
Acroaa 111* Ulvcr.
Mrs. Hannah Gray, n;red seventy
ream, died at her home on Wes: H.in?ver
street yesterday moraine shortly
ifter o'clock. The direct cause of
l?ath was paralysis. Deceased leaves
L husband and several children. The
Uneral services will & ? held from St.
lary'a church to-morrow afternoon at 2
'clock, and (he Interment will be made
t Uawood cemetery.
Timothy O'Connelt and "Toby" Vlek
I- .V,/.
re, wnw emwicu hi wc di???um
JnUed State? regulars several months
go. hare been released from duty and
ame In from Columbus yerfterday
uornlng. Both ?Mm very much fascJn,ted
with camp life and are sorry that
t Is ended with them for the present.
Steve Dennlng.a rougher at the Aetnaitandard,
died suddenly lar: night about
o'clock. Heart failure was the cause.
Phe deceased, who leave* a wife and
Ive children, was just preparing to go
o work, wheh the illness overtook him.
lis death Is generally regretted.
The Rock Band Till Family Concert
lompany will be at the Methodist Bplsopal
church next Wednesday evening,
'he entertainment Is to be given under
he auspices of rhe Epworth league of
hat church and should and no doubt
rill be largely attended.
The Thobtorn Poat G. A. R., la making
rrangements for an entertainment to
e giveh in Maennerchor hall Saturday
venlng, November 12. the proceeds of
rhich will go toward* placing a cannon
r> tfie soldiers' lot at Rlvcrvlow cemeery.
The MUler-Blumenberg Stock Comiany
which has just been organised In
his city will give their first performnce
At the opera house lo-nlght, and
hould* be well attended.
Spence, Baggs & Company's stove
Quudry is being compelled to ivork
vertlme, owing to the Increased dc-.
iana in uie nnirjcec xur wicir ptuuutno.
The Orbls Club wan entertained at the
ome of Charlee Hoyle on South Fourth
treet last night ancj an interesting proram
me was rendered.
The Aetna Junior football team la
ractlclng daily for their game with the
fuskingum College team on the 12th of
ext month.
A. number from this place will attend
he funeral of Smith Hurnt at the
Yien&s meeting house at Colerain this
Miss Iva Miekell will entertain friends
londay evening at an old time hallow'en
party at her home on Third street
The Republican mass meting In the
pera house last night was a success in
very sense of the word.
M1s6 Ella Campbell was hostess to the
hakespeare Club at her home on Third
treet last evening.
Howard Montgomery is down from
'Ittsburgh to spend Sunday with his
>a rents.
David Cots and T. Huskins have reurned
from a successful hunt.
A roll on sheet mill No. 4 was broken
egterday morning.
C" * /
Lvcry ^
louse ^
sbonld have a pare stimulant,
specially at this season of the year. We
iffor to the public our whiskies. which
iave stood the test of over a quarter of
iilver Age $1.50
Bear Creek $1.09
These whiskies arc unsurpassed for age,
urlty and Rcneral excellence. Guaraneed
to bo perfectly free from fusil oil
r other deleterious substances. Ask your
ealer for th?n, and If they do not have
hem on hand send direct to
82 federal Street, Allegheny, Pa.
Catalogue mailed freo on application.
Think of Every
Good point a perfect cooking appliance
snould have?then examine tho
GndereUa Ranges.
flakes kitchen work a pleasure.
Sold with that understanding.
TV? have them in several styles. Call
,nd see them.
1312 Market S'.
P**Our* Nation |
( In War.tje^ |
The Intelligencer in Issuing In X
r weekly part* an InvaluaMo fllus- x
f trntiKl history of the Spanlsh-Amer- T
) Iran war on sea and land, the pic- O
i lure* being reproduced from photo- A
\ graphs nnd original drawings ox- 5
II>ri*KMly lor tniH worn, inn neri?>n,
which Is a continuation of Undo J
Pain's Navy Portfolio, a I ho In- 0
eludes photographic reproductions A
of pictures oriukJ by the Kovorn- q
mcnt and states, allowing the hem- a
l?m of tho natloh during tho pant X
century. 5
They are issued In 16 weekly parts #
of JG page* each, and arc noid at g
th?? nominal price of l'? cent* ?*aoh 2
and one coupon cut from the Intel- Y
llRenc?r. Tney can purchased V
nt th?? Intelligencer ofhee on and $
after Monday, August I, or will h# Q
Kent by mall; add 2 ??nts each fof 2
postage. No*. 1 to 16 now ready. X
5 cur wis our...... J
{ J
bp08 and drcjoet3-oeo.
do ?0c contebputb:tqv
the purchase of l|
Or are you in anVj vyay interesl
ask a few moment '? attention,
not show you des gri or qual
quote you sizes arid prices of a
instrumental in showing why
the business it does.
An ISxSfi-lnoli Monnfi or fcajrrna | NUB
Door Kuk, elegant gtylcf, aubatun- QQ-, Loo
tlal colorings O/c; -wea
0 Kach. ti*t
An Imperial Smyrna Itue) earnest fr JK
lie us above .7 ,*??
A 30x3fl-inch Rujr. This ls? aquara ?/_,
nnd cpeclally fltted for In front f"
of hat rack*, etc. Made from Xm- i QQ in?
perlal Smyrna, at ? 3x3 y
"'? lng
*&?&!?!?. $2.75
rnra 'moqum rui*. ! ?.fooi
Ilnf h*ralj neid?mcntioij. We've . Blnl
sold hundreds of them tblt frear * 1 2Q
at * ** S-foot
S! $2751-a
y?s?. THE UP-1
of these cor
wM f' ijj^ We are sol
Geo. Eo Sti1
? ? ? , L.
(HjNE CBNma ~
*1/-- ? A WORD M
ket a
??- All solid advertIsemeata under ??
the following heodln**? : : :
will bo inserted at the raw of ?? A^rt
.... -?~ had 8
iU IJW.'VU. * woiw
Money to loan on reat. es
TATE. Six per conl Intsrwt and one
per cent premium, tola! *?" .P" r
loan co.. a:a si., UcUilre. Ohio, oc7 IV,
~ the C
real ESTATB. J^0'
For Sale and For Rent.
FOR SALE-A chenp home, two-story ?
brick (lwolllnir, * room* awl kitchen, on
East McCoiloch street. Uot 20 by 120.
Only fl.TOfr Term* ojisy.
A very nne building lot on north oldo
of Fourteenth street. . .
Two desirable buildlmr lota on A\ootf
street, KlRhth ward-on very easy terms. ro???
A two-siory fr^me dwelling, 5 rooms. Store
with stable on lot. Lot 2S by 100. South
Chapltne street, Kl?hth ward. Only
easy terms. * Real
FOR RENT?An elejfant modern resi- .
denevj. 10 rooms and lath, hot an-I <;a'.d
water, bolh cawes, west side of Clmpllne.
between Twenty-second and Twenty-third
ctrects. Possession Riven October l. "1710]
A county rasldcnce vrtth grounds. In- ^
quire at once., care
C. A. SCHAEFER S CO., t"Sr?&r>T
^ lot!
i> U. JU OIAH VIHII on tn, tnni.M.n vv. ___
Ur 1* 00 .I.
No. 32 Sixteenth street, office room... 10 ro AU
No. Zi Sixteenth street. flrst floor.... 17 00
No. 1605 Wetxcl street f> 00 Surct
No. 2103 Main street, second floor li 00 r
8 rooms Second street. Martin's Perry,
Ohio, natural gas fixtures for
heat and light 7 00
Desirable bfarket street property.
Reul Estate Agent. Collector, Notary Q
Public and Pension Attorney, No. ICS Q
Main street. oel? O
Main strict business property, No. 100, r
a-Htorv hrlck. Possession November 1.
This bulldlnK ha* been occupied tor years
as a agricultural Implement store. Part
each; balance low? time If desired. l,r<8*roomcd
(lvflllmr. Z? South Penn, for JL
S2.M0. PoBwenalon November l.
, Modern ll-roomed brick welling, Flf- i UD
tcenth rtreet.
Modern S-roomcd homo, 1J. tourteenth ^
WmmI Valley building lot*. the only
, real desirable left. fronting on Pike. Sell
you any number of feel you want
8-roomcd home. 158 North FYoitl. Lot Cltj
50x400 <h young farm): cheap.
Money to loan. 8 per cent.
C3-. O. SMITE. ft*
ileal Kntate Tire Insurance, floretr Uunds. Mftt,
Exchanjjo Bank DulWlnf. A t
. . . ?- ? city.
yzx Market utreet. .'-room brick liou.'c, w
?J N. ttroadway. flno hctck !aquh*. ch??np. f,'.
!?22-!?L'I Murkot ulrcef. doublo houn\ at ? nl, 1
hatualn. - "" "
!C Krle utropt. 4-room frarai-. r>w
41 N?w Jrrney mre*?t. &-ro0lu ffltme. 'rt
*42 Main rtwt M ? I onratn. jSgS
J! Indiana Htrc?t. rhrtp. "*u
Mllllncry *tock nn<l lcii?? onl Mafn sin?ct
lhilldlim lot* on the Inland and at Vurk
View. 1*feasant Vaileyi Mc Upch?'<>. J**lf- ___,
tenth Htroot, Sixteenth strw . Pouttootith
Tiieo. W. Fink c Co.,
I 'elepliMO bH7. 131 > tlarhol St ""i
' Jl
*. BTiraii A 00.
:ed in them? If so we
and although we canity
in this ad., we. can
few things that will be
our department does
IA liUO?
kn like moquet, splendid
rine quamiojj, decant do- 11 OC
is. varloty of colorings
genuine, in plain or broche
cla, all tiro tone. W? hav?
n in all Rises, from lSxSO t") LQ
a to 36x72 Huffs
rain Drugget ?p.3?70
arts 00
raJn Drugget..... $y?70
rain Drugget $5.00
rain Drugget fMBudgB
: 6-lnchxM-foot 6-lucb UOCrt
ma Uruegec _.<)> > O.JU
: S-lnchxlO-foot (-Inch (on /v?
iuet Drujxsi
*ma Dni((.t?
IRS. A. RUTH, an ex:tiere,"
to do the fitting
sets this week. Majesty
iRE NOT canvassed.
p aapnts. and have all
^ A v t
tollers. Males 52.00, Females 00c, at
RY HEI^TBRlaHT'fl; dorn^T Ma*-'
nd Sixth afreets. " " im
house. a Hrst-class notion salesman
he Ohio river and adjacent points.
!83 "NOTIONS," care Intelligencer
by a younff man. Having
everal years' experience, I can Rive
references. Address BOOKKEEPER,
ftlco Box Hi, Wheeling, W. Va.
n the City Bank Building, Inquire at
ItyRank of Whoaling. mrM
*st location In city. Possession at
NICOLL'S ART STORE, 1331 Martreet.
The large Store Room
No. 1065 Main Street
salon April 1st* posalblr sooner. Also
tloocns At Teutti end Main streets*
Eatate. 2d Floor, No. 1005 Mala St.
at a bargain. Address J. M..
Intelligencer office. aoH
eating and cooking stoves cheap.
1** sold. Call at Barrett's store. No.
renty-flr?t street. oc28
>t In Qreenwood cemetery; toe Iocscorner
let; adjoining beat Improvei
In cemetery. Address CEMETERY
care Intelligencer office. apl?
y for Costs, Assignees,
lerks, Receivers,
Cashiers, Contractof*.
nnriirv inn nrpnsrr rn
:ppauu .... 6??w?) Mmot.
lire# (3) 60 horse Power Tubal*
:heap and on kast tehsu.
' Hank ltnlldlnt l3oO XarM> it
nn-Ptandnrd Mill Bonds.
Itaktr Iron Co. Bond*.
id* Guaranteed by Ohio River R. R
arm of 13) acres. 5 mile* cast of the
riling No. ft Vermont street. 6 rooms,
bath, collar and laundry, at a barIness
property "Son. 2110. 2111 and 2114
street, sold as n whole or wparate.
riling No. id Main street, ? rooms,
lodern improvement* and convenient*
No. 1122 Charllne street. 1J
!*, 2 bath rooms, wash house. Lot
UK*I CMctetvt M* IWroysl Mi

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