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Br B?I?0 f. tiara iter.
1 I.
Young Mr. and Mrs. Seveetser ha*
been married but seven dipnths; tl
first six months of their wedded li
were spent in a boarding house, but 01
month ego faey set up housekeeping
as cozy a nest as one could find in
month's tramp through Boston's su!
When Mr. Sweetser mentioned hirii
fc girl his wife shook her little brow
head with a decisiveness 01 manner m
really caused Mr. Sweetser to wonde
'No, Ned." she aaid, "we will n
Deed a girl."
The flrat few days everything seemi
to glide along In & smooth fashion, at
Mr. Sweetser came from the city eai
night to a bright, homelike flat, with
tialnty supper spread on the dinlr
voom table and a smiling. wife In
white dress.
One evening last week, however, !
noticed that his wife looked rath
weary, and there was a slight Irrltabl
lty In her manner; he did not rema:
upon the fact, but the next evening 1
found the supper only half prepared.ai
little Mrs. Sweetser In her glngha
gown of the morning.
"What's the matter. Millie?" he asl
ed tenderly. "Has the housework bei
very hard and tiresome, dear?"
"So, Ned, it Isn't the work," she r
plied, "but some way I have so mai
Interruptions. Twice this afternoo
when I started to dress, the bell ran
and I had to put on a wrapper and ru
to the front door. I attempted to ta!
a nap, and was awakened three tlm
by that same bell."
"Callers?" asked her husband. "T<
must be getting1 very popular, dear."
"No, there were no callers. They we
pedlers, canvassers, book agents; t
house has been overrun with them t
last three days." _
"Don't go to the door. Let them rii
the bell and stay till they get tire
then they can go away. There's no sen
In you wearing yourself out for peop
of that sort."
Mrs. Sweetser shook her head.
"v* rltrh* nnil I'm ?(i
ry for them. Besides, we will begin
have callers soon, and as I want to g
acquainted I can't afford to miss e
"I know people in the suburbs a
troubled that wap. but I guess it is:
quite as-bad as-you think;-dear."
Mrs. Sweetser opened her lips
though to speak, then closed the
again and only sighed.
Three days later Mr. Sweetser had
severe headache, and came homo frc
his business at noon, declaring his 1
tentlon of spending the afternoon
their cool, pleasant parlor, where
.J V- .... A hv hl? uril
CVU1U UU UUIOCU ttllu fVkk<.u -V
Mr?. Sweetser closed the blinds ai
tiptoed out of the room, bo Mr. Swei
#er knew that he was expected to take
n. . He
had Just fallen into pjpoze, wh
there was a faint tinkle at the fro
door bell. H? heard his wlfafaro throuj
the hall, and as she openr-dfjhe outsi
door the parlor door unlatched;
heard a. shrill, childish voice inquire:
"Would you like to buy u pound
"No, I think not," replied Mrs. Swe<
"I'm trying to get a t*a set for v
sister." cohtlnued the Infantile voi<
"She's been married about six mont
and "
"I'll get one pound of Oolong," sa
Mrs. Sweetser. sympathetically.
Tfte transaction compiuieu, one ??i
Into the parlor softly.
"Did that wake you, dear?" she as
ed. "It's ton had."
"What made you buy?" asked -M
Siveetser, petulantly. "You're too eas)
"I didn't mean to," replied his wl
"but when she said that her sister h
been married about six months It 1
torofited me, and If. must be hard not
have pretty dishes whqn ppe la new
"Well. I'm going to sleep ngaln. ant
?*ope nobodf'll come and disturb i
this time."
Mrs. Sweetser rearranged his pllloc
and he dropped into another doze,
seemed to him that he had scarcely h
consciousness when there was a Jc
at the bell that set every nerve in ]
body tingling; and brought him to
upright posture with a suddenness tl<
made his head reel. His wife, was scat
by the window reading.
"Callers, Millie?" he asked. "I oug
to be out of this room."
"It's all right, dear. Perhaps it Is
callers: If It Is, I'll apologize for you.'
She closed the parlor door before s
opened -the outside one, but the his
n Hnformlnpil fnmi
voice reached his cars with rasping d
"Good afternoon, lad.v. This is a boa
tffulday. I want to take just a morm
Of your time to show **ou an olntmen
am selling. You have surely heard
Oigood'n ointment. I have been throu
this street twice every year for the li
thirteen years. After you have once trl
It you eould never live without havi
It in the house."
Mr. Sweetser burled his head deep
the pillows, and pulled the ruffle of c
over his ears; In this way he drowr
out the remainder of the harang
which lasted nearly half an hour.
After this his head was throbbing
painfully that he could not sleep, a
his wife had Just seated herself bes
him preparatory to bathing his I
forehead, when there were steps on 1
walk outside.
"Don't answer the bell," groaned !
"Very well, dear." replied his wife.
Presently there was another ring.
"I can't stand that Jangling." si
Mr. Sweetser. hopelessly, and M
ewccmer numeu iw me u????i.
An amiable looking boy of about s<
enteen years gazed at her smlllnj
through his spectacles; he looked p
voklngly bland and Kood-natured, c
Mrs. Sweetser's usually nentle vo
hnd a tone of smothered wrath as i
"Why did you ring so many tlnv
What right have you to disturb poo
In this fashion?"
"If you'd come whon I first runf
wouldn't have bothered you."
"How did you know there was ai
body at home?"
" 'Cause there was a bysuolo un?
tho front steps. Folks don't go far aw
nowadays and leave their bysucles t!
"Well, what do you want?"
"I've got perfumes and extracts
I'll. I'm trying to earn enough to ti
m?' to college. Thi-se are purer si
cheaper rxtrarts than any on the m
k?*i. i uneu in?* unir whim; i
<n' for you to come to the door
spread my aamplea here on the plai
rail. I have every perfume |rou ro
pojalbly desire, and If you buy over t
ounce* I Rive this cut-glass atoml
free. My extracts are unequalcd
flavor and strength."
"I don't care fur anything." broke
Mrs. Sweetser decidedly. And the n
moment the mild blue eyes of the for
p'-rfume nalesman were gaxlnff at
oak panel* of the front door Instead
her stern countenance.
Thrn followf-d two hours of tllllnt
rupted quiet, durlntr which time
Hweetser slept and hla wife rend. J
A* *he wan thinking that tho ruah v
entirely over for <l?*? afternoon, Hi
was a modest, npolopretlc tinkle nt
door bell. Mr. Bweetser a wok* wltl
That's nn unobtrusive. Inslnunt
tltUa Jingle," he sold with a yawn.
J founds a* though it might be the roll
(iter come to call, or the milk man l
.* collect hh bill."
Mrs. Sweetser opened the door.
A young woman wearing a whW
muslin dress aqd a gentle smile stood c
the top step.
,c "I thought you might be interested 1
ie the work I'm trying to do," she bega
fe sweetly. "I have met with sucfi a get
lf4 crous response from everyone. I'm co
, lectlng money to send the poor chl
ln dren of the city on a vacation. I'j
a sure we all appreciate these little one
1). and "
"Here's some money. Millie," brok
In Mr. Sweetser from the parlor.
The next time Mrs. Sweetser cor
rn fronted a tall dark man, with aa enoi
mous nose, and a distinct accent.
"Good afternoon, madam," he bega;
* "I am taking ordersvfor portraits, an
ofc tvAttr to Khnw \v>u a samDle of ot
work. Any one of these plcturei "wl
prove to you far better than anp wori
" of tnlne can how superior our system
ia to all other methods. For the prlv
-h lege of having our work In your parlo
a and having yoA tell your friend* w*
lK made the portrait, we will Rive you
crayon copy of any photograph yo
a provide."
"Madam, of what use Is a plctui
ae without a frame? You need to buy 01
?r for your picture, of course, and *
merely request you to get It of us. Bi
even on the frames the prices we gh
you would insure you a bargain, not 1
ld mention the picture, which Is absoluti
m ly free."
"Now. madam, 1 suppose you have
J" husband?"
Jn "Yes," answered Mrs. Bweetser.
"Now, If you care for him,, which. <
f" course you do, you want a large plctui
of him."
"No, I don't care enough for It to pe
X for the frame," said Mrs. Sweetse
that is "
"I understand: but perhaps there a]
^ little ones In the family. We majce
specialty of children's pictures, na'
?u you a family, madam? 'A babe In tl
house Is a well-spr/ng of pleaanre,' i
Fe one of the poets say?5
|)e Suddenly the bland picture dealer wi
ne confronted by a man with a dpspera
look In his eyes, without collar <
necktie, and grasping a sofa pillow
a: each hand. This apparition had appea
** ed 1n the parlor doorway, and thei
,Ie was no doubt of his meaning. when 1
said In tones not very Rentier
"Now you fret out: what do you met
by staying here with all your cheap ta
and annoying my wife? Gather up yoi
e.1 pictures and get out, or I'll have y<
v" arrested."
"We must certainly move Into a fli
r? building, where there is a hallboy," sa
11 Mr. Siveetser.
"We can't afford'It. dear."
as There was sllencs for some moment
m when Mr. Sweetser's face sudden1
a "I have thought of a scheme, dca
,m Are you sure you would think no met!
J" od too barbarou" that would "keep awf
'n these nuisances?"
J16 "I will try anything," said Mr
'e- Sweetser, desperately,
nd v
;l" IV.
1" The next forenoon the expressman d
uverea a pacKage nuu .ms. oitkm-u
hands, which she proceeded to open wll
en considerable eagerness, for she recoi
JjJ nlzed her husband's handwriting: on tl
,je outside. She gave a little gasp of ho
?je Iror, as she drew out a long piece
black crepe, tied with a white rlbbo
0f A note fell from the dismal folds. Wll
trembling eagerness that was half te
,? ror she read:
Dearest Millie:?Tie this on the do<
ny handle, and I think you will not be ai
pg noyed with so many pedlers and agen
j,j of all sorts. If you don't like the ren
edy, dear, be ready when I come hon
,1.1 to-night, and we will go house huntlr
after tea. Lovingly. XFJD.
ne Mrs. Sweetser gazed at the ffrewson
thing for a few moments.as though fa
cinated by Its horrid doom: then si
started resolutely for the front door.
[r "I promised T would try any ren
r ! edy," she said to herself, "and I'll ke<
fc my word."
a(j It was the work of only a moment
n. slip It on the bell handle; then she hu
t0 rled In and closed the door.
Iv "I'll be ready to go out and hu:
flats to-night," she thought; "but I
.3 J have peace and quiet for one afterno<
ne before leaving."
She slipped on a loose wrapper at
began picking up her bric-a-brac at
if parking It In boxes.
>sl Silence reigned supreme.
^ "This quiet seems delicious," s!
3|9 thought. "It's like a benediction follo\
an Ing a fiery, sensational discourse."
,at The thought had hardly passed fro
her mind when there was a subdui
ring at the door boll.
-ht She went to the door, but as she wi
about to turn the handle a terrlh
n't thought occurred tb her. Perhaps it wi
the minister called to offer consolatlo
h,? But she resolutely opened the door ai
fli. found herself confrontlna a man 8)
lie had never seen before; he was n ta
jgJ dark, cadaverous individual, with a
tenuated features and wild]/ protru
tu- Ing but melancholy eyes. His black si
;nt hung loosely about his lank figure. ai
t j everything considered he present
of about as cheerful an appearance as
jH? "Good afternoon." he said. In sept
led chral tones. "This, madam." polntii
ng to the crepe, "bears its own sad me
saffe to the passerby. I don't wish to I
in trude now in the freshness of yo
,'np nrlef, but r want to leave my card ai
led later, perhaps "
ue, "I can't listen to you now." said Mi
Swoetser 1n a choking voice,
so "I understand," replied the funer
nd voice, "and I respect your grief."
Ide He placed a card in her hand ai
lot bowing profoundly walked slowly dos
me ? ?.?
Mrs. Sweetser glanccd at the card ai
tlr. read:
ra. Monuments and Headstones.
?ly Keneath the name the card bore
ro- picture of a broken column, surmour
ind ed by a smiling angel.
Ice Mr. and Mrs. Sweetser are huntl
ihe for arfother flat.
ps? Piles t Pile*! IIoIiIiir Plica.
Pie S7MPTOMS?Moisture; Intense Itc
Ing and stinging; most nt night; wo:
f I by scratching. If allowed to contln
tumors form, which often bleed and \
ly- crate, becoming very sore. 3WAYNE
OINTMENT stops the itching a;
fler bleeding, heals ulceration, and In trv
ray casos removes the tumors. At dru
hat gists, or by mall, for 50 cents. I
Sway no & Son, Philadelphia. Ttefti
all substitutes. tths&n
ike A woman writer says that mlsch!
md causes dimples. Pomo^oople are unci
ar- the Impression that dimples cause m
lit- chief.
to m
rrix lUllrMii Mis llonra.
uld Distressing Kidney and Madder d
ivo ens' relieved In six houra by "New Ore
zot South American Kidney Cure." It If
for great surprise on account of Its oxcec
Ing promptness In relieving pain in bla
? - -?,i t,.n|i In mnln nr
iacr, KiuiH-fit
', mnlf. Relieve* retention of wuter i
I,' most Immediately. If W" ?""" qui
r, ? relief and euro thl? I* the remedy. S<
, l>y It. II. l.lat. drugglnt. Wheeling. '
Vn. tf&i
u,j For Infants and Children.
j. The Kind You Have Always Bougl
' 11 Boars tho Slj?, S/5/>+-#lnl5
Blguaturo of
. T -, /
Wool bengallne, a material which falls
r In graceful folds, forms' an- attractive
jj* circular skirt, with no fulness- about
the hips, and- an especially pretty Hare
around- the bottom, where It measures
,s about four yards, and spreads out behind
ire fare-like pleats. A pladn but
t i? tflmmlnir f'onsLqls
urwuuiiirit viivw w? w.......?0
of double folded1 bands of the name material,
two or three in a duster, which
e" outline an. apron In front, and, reaching
's higher towards the back, produce a
th yoke effect behind, where It is fastened
T_ by several buttons. Below this openinff
the material is extende<l for the adlc
justment of the ploatv. In- order that
r- the skirt may bo adaptable- 4o alt Arof
ures the pattern Is Riven' with directions
n. for cutting; a little fulness" at' the waistth
line in the back.
r- The blouse of chenille-dotted silk has
ai> adjustable chemisette that forms a
Jr vest in- front, thus permitting: many
?- pretty touches of color. The model i9
?e The (oternalional Sunday School Lesson
" October 30, 1808. Ifla'afi XI, 1-10.
I'lculkli'i Kingdom Korrtold.
jg The Bible is a microcosm. A little
world is crowded between its lids. As
*- in a camera, one sees In It all familiar
objects-of nature. This paragraph is
(0 an example. . . . The arbitrary dir
vision between the tenth and eleventh
chapters is to be regretted. It breaks
the continuity of illustration. The llg>n
ure is from forestry. The Assyrian' enemies
are for number like the thickets
of the forest, and" for strength like the
,d cedars of Lebanon. But the angel of
Jehovah lops tHe Dougns ana *?hiw uatrunks.
Ftom the prostrate state of
*e t'he invader the prophet passes naturally
v" to the humbled condition of Israel. He,
too, is like a tre cut off at the root. Yet
"! there is this contrast: Asshur's state is
5(1 remediless; but Israel'^ is improvable.
The kingly house of David ha? been cut
I? down- close to the earth. The royal deJ"?
scendant has sunk into nothingness. A
J* stinvp of Jesse- only remained. But from
"j thip improbable source God would yet
ue bring tl?e promised branch. The par..
entage place of nativity and residence of
Jesus were niont unlikely?by-words, in
fact. Yet tills was a -little matter to
Omnipotence. . . . The figure of the
. tre is perhaps yet In the prophet's
mind, ami he see9 the shoot sj>rin?lng
front such an unlikely source attaining
a noble stature nnd radiating
i six branches. The spirit of Jehovah,
" ever with hlnr, forms the central shaft.
g_ Tho first pair of brani'hes- are Snjtellectn~
ual endowments, understanding and
UJ! wisdom; the second., practical countel
-j to form right conclusions and might,
to carry them out; the third, fellowship
rs with Jehovah; knowledge, acqualnt
*? * v.im. f I'm-omnpc tnwaril
iwive mm iiiii?, UW,
.a] him. Thus ho rose like the resplendent
ornament, of the temple. t?he guidon tree
shedding Its lovely radiance. Only ho
k.n rises higher, casts his beams wider, and
cries, "1 am/ the light of the world."
Mosaic From t'omiueiiinrlcB.
Bod?stem: Beautifully applied to an
ancient family fallen Into decay, yet
where there may be a descendant that
shall rise and flourish.?Barnes. . . .
Counsel and' night: David and Solomon
in one, equally great In knowledge and
n lu practice.?Chcyne. . . . All t'hesc
qualities existed In the greatest perfection
of our Lord.?Pulpit Commentary.
Quick understanding: "Of quick scent."
? The fear of the Lord) shall be fragrance
to him.?Delltzsch. . . With righteousness:
An JnVended contrast between
v Messiah's rule and that of the princes of
Judah. . . . Slay wicked: A strong
l|0 hand on the wrong-doer Is an essential
;j. of good government.-?Pulpit] Comment's
>St 'Mi** 'I'mr (Quiver*
K- (l.j The "Branch" continuously exeriso
C,WCB 1>Is ro>*aI prerogative of Judge,
r Ills decrecs are In* marked' contrast to
those of the averago oriental court .IIo
lef does not Judge superficially or with
!er prejudice. Even the poor and meek
lu. U'tl k 1)1 <11 Hilt his
breath 1p a typhoon to the wickcd. (2).
Such a llraneh bears glorious fruit.
There l? t'ho gradual spread- oif his
in- knowledge and dominion over men* by
at the ro-ojH-ration of the Holy Spirit with
a zealous effort <>f th*' whole body of be!(1
Uevfcrs, until there in a substantial a?cendawcy
of rlR-htepuwness and its conconstant*,
pence and Joy. (.">). An ideal
miMtoniuni would eail for peace between
yj beaftti and beam, and man and beast,
''i1 as well between man and man; an end
:v* or hurtlnK and destroying. (4). JSvery
rationad mul la In or out ??f the kingdom
of the Hraneh. The menns of entranco
(5). Spread thin kingdom! Do you see
k | t hi- llli* of life-? Would' you reform
thf>m? This Ik tho reform within all re,.
UllNDtliSDS of live* rnived every year
? l*y having Dr. Tltoinn*' Kolortrlc Oil In
the hoitao Juki when It 1? needed. Cures
6 t roup, hernia burns cut*#, wound# of
every sort. 2
Ik f
tucked- and finished with a high, collar, p
ornamented with- a cravat, tied In a p,
square bow at the Bide. Over the c
shoulders Is a deep collar bordered n
similarly to the opening of the fronts, 9,
that have clusters of ornament) buttons, $
which, large ami smel'l, are a distinctive r,
feature of simple as well as elegant jx
gowns. The corsage, back and front,
may be snugly fitted, or made with a [r
slight fulness* at- me waisi-nm.*, me ui- C)
rections for each mode being: furnished d
in the pattern. The sleeve, which is tl
the latest mode? for winter shirt-vaists, jc
has an easy fulness at the top, and is ij
fitted- at the wrist to a circular cuff. C(
The proper cut of this gown, taken u
from Harper's Bazar, can be obtained ?
only by the use of Harper's Bazar cut- yt
paper pattern. ei
Quantity of material?For skJrt,? 3*1 ei
yards; 48 inches wide; for blouse.^ 2
yards, 48 inches wide, or 4% yards of a
silk I:
Fcatnres of Ute Motley nnd Stock ft
llarkcti* e
NEW YORK, Oct 28.-Monejr on call P
steady at 1%@2 per cent; Jast loan 2 per c
cent Prime mercantile paper 304 per |[
cent. Sterling: exchange Arm, with ac- c
tuat business in bankers' bills at $4 85% rl
(ffA 85% for demand and at *4 [email protected] 82%
for sixty days; posted rates $4 [email protected] 83% y
and }4 8504 85%. Commercial blUs
*4 81. Silver certificates [email protected]>62c. Bar
silver 607/?c; Mexicam dt>llars 47%c.
The stock market took on to-day many
of the characteristics of a bull v
1 '- ?? Dmrinnai ivoa
campiugi* u? iuu iviw. ??
large and exceedingly well distributed,
many cf the usually inactive stocks be- C
Ing brought into the movement while tho
market was much less dominated by
the specialties, which, however, con- o
tinued very active, principally Sugar
and Tobacco. The former was less violent
in Us fluctuations than on yester- a'
day, ami although it advanced several
times It met more stock ,than it could l
carry. It ended the day unchanged.
Tobacco, on the other hand, after a
fractional decline, surged strongly upward,
the extreme rise "being nearly
five points. The rise was coupled with
rumors of the flotation of the new plug
tobacco company, and' in the taking in
of many large competitors In that field. j
Anoi'hcr conspicuous movement was
I that in the iron- and steel stocks, which $
was lead/ by the dealings in securities
of the new Federal Sice* Company r.
when issued These stocks were at one
time H4 to 1% per cent above last night.
I Tkft AarflflcntAa rvf tho Minnesota Jron
I AliV
Company, with the cash payment added,
giving the right to entry Into the
Federal company, sold at 131, an advance
of four points, and the Illinois
Steel certificates closed at 95 bid-, a gain E
of two points. Securities of otlher iron s
and steel companies showed strength
to a less degree. Brooklyn Transit was _
notably strong on talk of the absorption
of the Nassau Electric, rising over d
G7. and Metropolitan: Street Railway
also advanced 3 points. Manhattan
was in strong contrast with an extreme
decline of 2 points, ceiling down to 95.
The Edison Illuminating Company, of "
New York, gained VA points, with no ^
news to explain, the rise. The Rubber *
stocks were rather heavy or> talk of ^
an opposition- company. People's Gas ?'
rose a point in connection- with the tak- ?
ing over of the .Manhattan' Oil Company.
Speculation ln? the railroad p
stocks was active and varied^ the Gran- r'
gers leading In- point of activity. Re- v
ports of one or two southwestern roads c
showing the increased earnings mor6 1i
than eateq up by enlarged operating ex- *'
peiwes, were a drag on that group, am) ,
there was sonw slight heaviness
amongs-t the trunk Mnos. Prices, asa 1
rule, are higher, however. There was 9
a marked diminution lrv activity In the latter
part of t*ho day, and" the room
traders took profits, reducing the day's
net gains* below che figure of the extreme
advances *
There was very notable activity and A
strength In the bond' market and evident
pressure of large rams of money ?,
seeking investment. Honda of Western c
and Southwestern roods, ospfcclaJly reorganization
roads, seem to be In special
favor, and there was a strong recovery &
lir the Heading and Erie general 4's, 1
which have recently been under pros- "
sure. Iron Mountain &'s were also con- *
splcuoua. Pittsburgh and Gulf First e
dropped to 67, a fall of 2% per cent, but ?
fully recovered In the tote dealings, totat
rate*. 15,316,000. 2
United 3>. old registered and the 1
f?> caption advanced % per cent In the *
bid price. The new 3'? wore very ac- r
tlve, the coupon selling nt 106 nearly all c
day, which ls> the record price. There
were $685,600 of this- Issue changed hand a c
during the day. t>
rue txuai nura 01 muciw iu-u?j ??.-?? ?
379,800 shared. r
I'. 8. now 3n 106 IQre. R. & Nav.. &3 J
U. 8. now 4m rc$.127}4)Plttfttnirffh icit s
do coupon IW^fnoadlnK" !( ' j a
U. 8. In ,,lS do ,,n" l,r0? 314 ?
ilo coupon HUWRook Inland 102M?
do itrcondM w :8t. Paul 1W7*
U. 8 f>? roir 112141 do preferred...160
do 5k eoupon ..1I3\ 81. P. * Omaha. M v
Poclltc tta ot do preferred...ICO c
tchlson ......... 1? Southern Pac... 3
do prcferrtd... SS* Texaa t Pae ? IJJi
lal. A Ohio ?'.* Union Pacltle... ?,
*w. Pacific 81S do preferred...
an. Southern... J, Wabaah
fcntral Pai-ifl<-.. X do preferred... Sr?
'hea. ft Ohio.... Wheel. A L K. I
hi. ft Alton....Va do preferred... I?
hi.. Bur. ft <3.11?i Adam* Ex.. 110
hi. ft N. W....1B1* American Ex...116
do r-?falTed...tnH t>. 8. Expreaa... tWi
'. aV ft St. L. 33VJ Welia harxo....Ua
do preferred... IS Am. Bplrlu...... 11%
)el. & Hud?on..nu do preferred... M
el.. Lack, * W.1OT4 Am. Tobacco.... lffl?
(en. ft Bso J.... ? do preferred...13
do preferred... Col. F. ft Iron.. 20S4
'rla fnewl 12S do preferred... SO
do llrStpre.... J2 Oe n. Electric... 8IH
'ort Wayne ....in Illinois Steel.... Sj
locking Valley. 3 Lead ............. W
illnola Central.. 10t& do preferred .1 4
?ke Erie ft W. 14 Pacllic Mall OV
do preferred... SI People a Oaa....lM?
*ke Shore... .IBS Pullman Pal....1ST
ou. & xvasn.... Oliver
llch. Central....108 Burst lllii :
lo. Pacific 3M4 do preferred..,io? i
r. J. Central.... 8^ Tenn. Coal ft I. 2SH t
r. Y. Central....Ill U. 8. Leather... 6* J
lorthrrn Pao... MM do preferred... ?S *
do preferred... it Western Union. 91ft I
Bmdalab and Proilatoia
CHICAGO?Weaker cables to-day and ,
ack export demand caused a decline
i wheat December closed lowr.
Corn and oats lost %c each. Pork
ecllned ?Vic and lard and ribs fic each. .
iwlng to a considerable drop In the ,
ilverpool prices and a prevailing Im- '
resslon that the difficulty between '
ngland and France would be amicably '
fttled, December wheat here started ;
eak at from He to He below yesteray's
close. That much having been '
ipped off at one swoop the market '
>r two. hours thereafter made deeper- !
te but on the whole unsuccessful ef- :
* ' v-_ ...44?n Iaoi i
jris 10 recover buiuc ui iuc auuuti.
he buying during that time was eufflent
to prevent any further decline, alaough
those who took the wheat were
liefly induced thereto by the possession
I puts, either good for the day or the
eek. For an hour during the middle
f the session the range of fluctuations
i the December wheat waa from
llers to 66V&C bid, the best illustration 1
tiat could be presented of the rut into 1
hich speculation had dropped. The c
ay's news was In the main bearish, but '
'as not entirely without crumbs of J
Dmfort for the bulls. The clearances '
f wheat and flour from the Atlantic j
nd gulf ports were very heavy.amount- J
1 g to an aggregate of 940,000 bushels J
nd New York reported 250,000 bushels J
heat sold for export to Brazil. Chica- 1
a received 238 carloads against 140 for x
le same day last year. Northwestern^ J
>celpts were 1,083 carloads as compar-* *
3 with 873 for the corresponding day a *
ear ago and advices from that quar- t
?r were to the effect that the movelent
would continue to be liberal with
ivorable weather. Primary western
larket receipts were 1.433.000 bushels, J
ffalnst 1.069,000 bushels the corres- J
ondlng day last year. New Tork re- 1
orted no acceptances of yesterday's J
abled offers and no bids to-day at a J
workable limit. December opened 1
ic lower at [email protected]%4c. declined to <
i%066c; advances to 66%@66tfc; then *
;acted to 66%@66%c sellers, the closlg
An Improvement in the weather and _
creased offerings from the interior aused
an easy feeling in corn. The '
pfHnc -in wheat was also a consldera
on. There was considerable selling or
tng pfoperty and prices suffered siightr
In consequence. Shipping- brokers
omplalned of the market being out of
ne with bids for the seaboard. Sales
ere 237 carloads. December opened
ic lower at 3214c. rose to 32%c, declin- <
J to 32c, then rallied to 32%^32%c sell- I
rs, the closing figure.
Small receipts 146 cars, and a good ?
ish demand on account of the demoral- i
sed rates held oats firm. May began 1
[email protected]%c down at 24%c, advanced to 24%@
l%c and closed at 34%c.
Liberal receipts of hogs and a slight I
illing off in the cash demand, togeth- ,
r with the decline in grain weakened J
orvlsions. Packers sold quite freely auslng
a small concession in prices i
eneraily. Pork opened 5c lower at *9, !
dvanced to $9 02V6, sold off to 38 95 and
losed at }8 97%. The range In lard and
bs were very small. 1
Estimated receipts for to-morrow: i
Wheat, 318 cars: corn. 305 cars; oats, |
TO cars: hogs, 20,000 head.
The leading futures ranged as follows:
Articles. Open. | High. Low. Close.
,Tht*t, No. 1 I ,
Dtc Kin! WVi 6S% 6STi
May Wi 67H f! I
orn, No. 2. i
Oct Ji'i a SIS 1$ ;
Dee 82*4 32** 32 32% J
May 34? 34 U\k
ats. No. 2. I
Doc 23V; 2SN. 23Vi 23^
54>il :?m 24ui a* ]
[ers'Pork. " :
Doc.' 7 82%| 7 83% 7 77% 7 80
Jan 9 00 9 021,- 8 95 8 97%
Dcc. 4S5 4 85 4 90 4 82%
Jan 4 90 4 92% 4 90 4 90
hort Ribs
Dec. % 4 60 460 4 60 460
Jan 4 65 4 65 4 60 4 62%
Cash quotations yere as follows:
Flour steady. I
Wheat-No. 2 spring 65?67%c; No. 3
prlnpr 63?65%c; No. 2 red 67?68c.
Corn?No. 2. 32%032%c; No. 2 yellow
Oats?No. 2, 24%?25c; No. 2 white 26%
i>27%c; No. 3 white 25%?26%. ,
Rj'e?No. 2. 50%??51c. ,
Barley?No. 2, 33gz'48c.
Flaxseed?No. 1, 99c. j
Tlmothy*eed?Prime J2 37%.
Pork?Mess, per barrel $7 SO?" 85. 1
1*1 rd?Per 100 lbs $4 R5<fl>4 87%. 1
Short ribs?Sides (loose) J4 95^5 20. .
>ry salted shoulders (boxed) 4 *4C?4%c. ,
hort clear sides (boxed) 35 1005 20.
Whisky?Distillers* finished goods, per
allon $1 25.
Butter? Kasy; Creameries [email protected]; "
alrles 12019c.
Firm; fresh 17# 17%,
Cheese?Steady .it firmer prices.
NEW YORK?Flour, receipts 35.729
arrela; exports 35,372 barrel*; market I
reaker and Inactive; Minnesota patent 1
J 95ft4 10; Minnesota bakers S3 [email protected] 30;
. Inter patents $3 75?4 00; winter
tral?htsf3 55{/3 65; winter extras $2 SO ,
H?> OA '
Wheat, receipts 324.600 barrels: ex- >
orts 31*6.680 barrels; spot easy; No. 2 A
ed 76:60 f. o. to. afloat; options opened \
eak; closed unsettled at de- j
line; No. 2 red May closed at 72V6c. <
Corn, receipts 72.400 bushels; exports
13,000 bushels; spot steady; No. 2, 3fi%c 1
, o. b. afloat; options opened easier,
losed %@>%c lower; December closed at
Stye; (May closed at 39*?c. (
Oats, receipts 120,300 bushels; exports
"0 bushels: spot easier; No. 2 mixed j
3c; options dull and nominal. 1
Hops firm. r
Cheese dull. Eggs firmer; western C
resh 20tyc. TaJlow quiet. Rice firm, j
lolassos firm. ,<
Coffee, options opened steady at un- i
hanged prices; closed steady at net un- J
hanged prices. Sales 14,750 bags. 1
Sugar, raw firm: refined Arm.
BALTIMORE?Flour dull and un- 1
hanged; receipts 12,400 barrels; exports" J
9,800 barrels. Wheat dull and lower; ?
pot 71?71%c; receipts 133,600 bushels; v
xports 56,000 bushels. Corn dull and t
asy; spot and month 37%(i>37^c; re- ,
eipts 139,300 bushels; exports 68,600.
)at? dull; No. 2 white western 29fi [?'/4c;
<?celpts 19,000 bushels; exports T
00,000 bushels. Rye steady; No. 2
restern 56**c; receipts 16.000 bushels;ex- .
orts 8,500 bushels, nutter, eggs and ]
heese unchanged.
CINCINNATI?Flour quiet. Wheat .
asy; No. 2 red 68c. Corn firm; No. 2
nixed "4Vic. Oats Arm; No. 2 mixed
5tt?26c, Rye firm; No. 2, 55c. Lard
asler and lower at $4 72^. Bulkmeats ,
itilet nt $5 35. Bacon easy at $? 45.
Vhlsky quiet nt $1 25. Mutter dull,
iugar steady. Eggs Arm nt 14c. Cheese
ctlvo and llrrn.
I.lvr Slock.
CHICAGO?'Trade In cattle to-day ,
ran dull nnd price* were wholly In favor |
if buyers. Choice frteor* $5 05CS5 60;
nedium U 60?4 73; beef ?uer> M 7SO
I 46: sMcktr* and feederi 13 76(14 SO;
>tslls I! S56 < M; cons and belter* 63 JO?
30: calve* S3 25?7 00. A good demand
Vom picker* enabled teller* of hog* to
TUke good bargain* Md price* ruled
arltely 6c better: (air tolehok-e (3 SO/B
I 76: packing loWM IS#J 67'i; butchera
13 <063 76; mlxeiJW S?l 70; light IS 35
i? i 71; pigi I: 70#3 X. ' Basir.e*s in
iheep wa? active and teller* were able
0 procure good price* tor dealrable
slaughtering lota; feeding aheep ?3 80?
1 IS; yearling* >4 Hft N:(ood to choice
a rat. $? 0006 10. ReoetpU: cattle 4.000
ie?d; bog* 27,00# teal; j aheep 13,000
EAST LIBERTY?CatU* steady; exra
S5 20?5 40; prim* K 00?3 20; common
13 60Q3 90. Hog* tlow: heavy host
a 7&B3 80: medium! tt IN/3 75: good
forkers <3 6o<?3 70: consign to fair
forkers *3 60C3 ?5; pip S3 6<XM 60;
'ought S3 2S(T3 Ml Sheep (low; prime
4 4504 60: common 13 OK3 60; choice
ambs J5 3065 SO; common to godd
3 50? 5 25. Veal calves M SO?7 00.
CINCINNATI?Hog* acllveandsteady
it W 0063 70.
NEW YORK?Thar* WM a very ensouraglng
Improvement In the general
:emjfcr of the matal market to-day.
rin, copper, lead and spelter exhibited
>ronounced strength "With- prices decidedly
higher in moat Instances. Incrcastji
lemand, favorable foreign news and
withdrawal of eeUti* were responsible
'or the better feeling. At the close the
netal exchange called pig Iran warrants
inchmnged, fl 00 bid and 57 25 asked.
Lake copper Brm; buyers mud sellers at
>12 CO. Tin firmer at $11 00 bid and 118 S3
tsked. Lead firmer at ? *714 bid And
(3 70 asked. SpeK*r firmer at ?5 1214
kiA onA tR ik aair?9. Th* firm n&mlnis
lie settling price for western miner* and
iraoltera quotes lead $3 60.
Dry Gostta,
NEW YORK?The dry foods market
us shown better conditio*** under the
nfluence of cooler weather tlian wo* the 1
:ase earlier. Then Jna been a marked
rain la -the number and extent of mall
e-orders, and buyer* In the local martet
have been more numerous. The
>penlns up of certain DeM* In tlie south
>y the freezing out of tie yelioiv fever
ias helped the aggregate Co a considerslie
extent In somo quarters, and there
iaa been a freer Inquiry for llcht-welght
roolen goods and drew foods. Staple
ottons are quiet, audi generally without
eature, though the coidor breather and1
he print cloth market's firmness tends
o beuer the attitude of sellers.
OIL CITT?Credit balance? }11S. cerIflcates
opened at 11 SO bid for cash;
ilghest SI 21; cloned at SI *> bid; sales.
4 barrels coch at tl 20; 3 barrels cuah
it II 2014: 1 barrel cub at SI 20fc; 1?
larrels cash at SI 2L Shipments. Octo>er
26 and 27. 138,021 barrels; runs, same
latee, 173,080 barrola; total, 34,000 barels.
NEW YORK?Wool quiet
r?? Dr. WlUliDH' Indian Pile
I I L Xointmentwill cure Ulind.
P**Blsedls? and Itching
HL^B I I IwPlles. U absorbs the tumors,
sIIbts tbs Itching at oucc. acts
rl SB as a poultice, gives instant re
lief. Dr. WIlliMM'lidiaQPileOiDt
mentis prepared for Piles and Itching
of the private parte. Every bo* la
warranted. By dnx?1*U, by mail on retelpt
of price. 60 cents and $1.00. WILLIAMS
NANUFACTURIN6 CO.. Prop*. Cleveland, Ohio.
For aale by C. II. GRIEST & CO.. 1139
Harket atreet. d&w
MZEL SALVE. p*flrr A Wp jj
10LD 111 THE HEAD l.fllflKKH
ia? per box (/ UwffMlOlm AGENT.
nriliiBBi Mfg. Co., riipa. Cleveland* O.
For sale by C. H. GRIEST & CO., U5?
Jarket street. - d&w
SfE^ ajax tablets positively curb
ALZ&ervoua Di?asm-Falling Mem>
JHd ereUtmi, Z*^fwfi*W antt surety
1 w-y restore Lcwt Vluultjr in old or yonn*. and
?t man for atady, borinon or merrily,
pi IjlBS> pnrrjat Io unity and Congamntiorr if
tea In Una., Tbnirowi?#iiJamedlato Improw82
SSSii'ESSS'il'Ji xXilS-eitkSi T
JS SSS^.VSS.^SS, 60 CTS.pl;
*<* ? ? ?r ?U pkr* (fotltwaffnli for flffl. By
For sale in Wheeling, W. Va., by Logan
Jrug Co. fc23-ttba
jf natiPpncWt Line,
saving whariooat, foot ot Twolfth atreet,
i? follows: _ t ,
Sterner QUEEN CITY-Rob?rt R. AsI.
W. JI?|.T. Daniel M l*cey, Purser.
!very Thursday at * a. m.
Steamer KEYSTONE BTATE-Charlea
V. Knox, Slaster; Will D. Kimble, Purser.
Svery Sun.Inv ?t ? a. m.
Steamer VIRGINIA?T. J. Calhoon, Mas.
er: R. H. Kerr, l'urrtr. Every Tuesday
it 8 a. m.
For Freight or Pn*sare Telephone 9Z0.
oct24 j AKcnt*.
Lrrive COLUMBUS 2:10 p. m.
Li-rive CINCINNATI p. m.
krrlvo INDIANAPOLIS 10;W p. m.
trrive HT. LOU IS..... uu 7:00 a- ra'BNN8YLVANIA
For 8teubenvUla and Pittsburgh 1:35 a.
n. week day*; for Pittsburgh and the
Cant and for Columbus and Chicago at
:25 p. m. week days: for Pittsburgh. Har.
IsburK. Baltlmoro. Washington, Phlladel.
ihln and New York at 1:56 p. m. dally; for
IteubenvlUe anil Donnlsob at S:65 p. tn.
laily; for Pittsburgh at T.*00 p. ra. week
lays; for Columbus. Dayton. Cincinnati,
ndlanapolls and St. Lou s at 9:S0 p. m.
peek days. City tlm*.
'arlor Car to Pittsburgh c n 1:56 p. m. and
7 p. m. Trains.
Persons conu-inpiaung i trip will find
t prolltat>;e in pleasure i j?o convening**
0 communicate with th?-u adcraho'ed. who
pill niako ali necessary m Tangtmonta for
1 delightful Journey. Tlcl aw will be proided
and baggage checked through to dos?
Inutlon. JonN Q ^ 51|1jNRON_
'assenirer and Ticket A (cnt Wheeling,
W. Va. oc3_
On ana after Saturday, February 1S93,
train, will run a? follow, city nine:
"Leave Wheelln*. fL?a?eT?lm Orovr
IVn Tme|Tr;ii T'me Tr'n Tme Tt'n Tnif
No. a. m.|No. p. m No. a. m. No. p-"
I.... tt:00|M.... J:l# 1.... Krttilt S-1"
?:::: 7:00a.... ^?... im* ??<>
J.?. 1:00 !?.... *:?? I... ?:W2? 5:l?
I.". ?:00 M.... 6:<v| 7... tf.-OO 3 ?:0l
10.... 10:003.... 7:00 ?... 10.-00J7
S 11:00*).... 1:00 11... usoa ?:?'
p. m. ?.... ?:0? p,m. a
14.,,. 112.00 34 10:00 11... 11:00 23 1I.V0
16.... 1:003#.... u:uu ?...f imnw a*.w
*?! IIT...I I.-OOj
& iffik^KiSLn '..v. {Jm
Qrov. .t .:U
*' Qmtfnl Xlaca?er.
Arrival ana departure of train en and
attar Mur 15. l?s? Explanation ot Refer oca
Marki: 'Dally. tDaily, except Bon-'
day. (Dally, except Saturday. 1 Dally, ax- .
cTt Monday. (Sundays only. 'SaturoaM
only. Baatern Standard Tina.
Jjepart. B.&o.-Maln Una Eaat Arrlra.
U:t5 am Waah., Bal. Phil., N.V. fM am
4:46 pm Waali., Bat., Phil.. N.T
' M am ...Cun-.UrUcJ Accom... pm
NH* pm Grafton Accom *10:10 am
10:66 am ..Waahlnaton city Ex.. *11:00 pm
Srpvt. a&o -c.o. div.. west aitim.
7m am For Columbus and Chi. *1:15 am
1036 am ..Columbus and Clncln.. 8:1S pm
11:40 pm ..Columbua and Clncln.. *5:30 am
JdS pm Columbua and Chi. Ex. "II:? am
tl03S am ..St. Clalrsvlile Accom.. til^0 am
tISS pm ..8L ClalravJUa Accom.. ?i:l> pm
10:? am Sandurty Mall *8:11 pm
Depart. B. A O.-W., P. B. Dlv.l Arrive.
S;SS am For PlttrSunh " 10-20 am
>:li am Pittsburgh "?:*> pm
530 pm ..Pittsburgh and Eaat. *}1-JJ pm
tyt^pmL. Pittsburgh ^ JlO^Oja*
Depart p.. cTC. + BLU Ry. Arrlra
f:S am Plttaburith Wil' P*
t*:46 am 8leubenvtiie and Weat t$:l? pm
t9:45 am ..Strubenvllle Accom... T?:1S p2
tl:26 pm ..rittuburgh and N. Y.. j*:J? pm
1:66 pm ..Pittsburgh and N. T.. 11:10 am
17.110 pm ...PltUbm^h^Accom... 1?ao am
t?:46 am Ex., Cln. and St louU |7:11 am
J?:M pro Ex.. Cln. and St. Louis t{:l| pm
n:JS pm ..Ex.. gteub. and Chi.. Jj;# pm
?:66 pm ...Pitta, and Dennlaon... 11:80 am
Depart C. ft P.-Brldieport. Arrive.
5:53 am .Fort Wayne and Chi., tj* P"
6:5Jaro ...Canlon and Toledo... t?:la pm
6-.5J am Alliance and Cleveland 1J:? pm
6:63 am Steubenvllla and Pitta. J?:* pm
t 0:09 am steubenvllle and Pitta til:0? am
tS:lt pin ..Fort Wayne and Cnl.. t?:10 pm
?:10 pa ...Canton and Toledo... H:10 pm
2:10 pm Alliance and Cleveland ?:? pm
1:68 pm Sieub'e and Wcllsyille. ?:B am
6:64 pm Philadelphia and N. Y. t*:10 pm
6:64 pm...Italtlraore and Waah... ?:10 pm ,
8:64 pml.Stoub'a and Wellivllle. tg:10 pm
"Depart: W. * I* & Arrive.
6:30 am Clave, and Chi. Flyer "10:15 pnt
tll:00 am Toledo and Detroit Boo. }4:J0 pm
t4:40 pro Clave, and M'illl&n Ex. }4:10 pm
111:00 am Steub. and Brilliant Ac. tllsjg am
t4:40 pro SCeub. ar.d Brilliant Ac. 1430 pm
Depart. C.. L. ? w.-Brio*ep;t.
7:05 am Clove., Toledo and Ch . tJ:?? pm
tt:25 inn Clove., Toledo and Chi. }?:? pm
?:00 pm .... Maul lion Accom.... (11:00 am
t?.-0l om ..St. clalravllle Accom.. W:? J
fl0:08 am ,.8t. Clairavllle Accom.. ) :? Pm
pm ..St. Clairavllle Accom.. ?:? pm
ti:J0 pm ..St. Clalravllle Accom.. t?:? pm
tl:40 pm Local Freight tll:? pm
"Depart. Ohio River R. B. Arrive.
6:5) am Park, and Way Polnta ?10:D am
t7:W am Charleston and Clnctn. n:? pm
11:45 am Clncln. and Laxlniton MO pm
4:18 pm Park, and W?y_Polnt?. 111:48 am
DepartT B7Z. A C. R. R.
Delta! re. B' jj*
10:10 am Mall. Expreaa and Pan. |M pm
5:00 pm Express and Passenger 9:40 am
t:30 pm Mixed Freight and Pa*. I 1:10pm
__ Departure and ar*
i ?!l IfT.fU l!L i l l rival of trains at
rTiiiiimviiiinir ?? uutim
time. Schedule la
effect Mm/ If. UM.
For Baltimore. Philadelphia and New
York. 12:25 and 10:65 a. m. aad 4:45 p. m.
Cumberland Accommodation* 1:00 a. m.
dally, cxcept Sunday.
Grafton Accommodation, 4:45 p. m. dally.
From New York, Philadelphia and Bal*
tlmore. 8:20 a. m. dally.
Washington Express, 11:00 p. m. dally.
Cumberland Accommodation, 4:00 p. m?
except Sunday.
Grafton Accommodation, 10:10 a. m. dally.
For Columbus and Chicago, 7:25 a. m. and
3:25 p. m. daily.
Columbus and Cincinnati Express, 10;*
a. m. and 11:40 p. m. daily.
St. Clnlrsvillo Accommodation, 10:35 a. nv
and 8:25 p. m. dally, except Sunday.
Chicago Express, 1:15 a. m. and 11:50 a. '
m, dally.
Cincinnati Express, 6:20 a. m. and 50* 9.
m. dally. . ... \
Sandusky Mall; 5:15 p. m. dally.
8t Clalrsville Accommodation, 11:50 a.
m. and 5:15 p. m. daily, except Sunday.
For Pittsburgh, 6:25 and 7:15 a. m. and
6:20 p. zn. dally, and 105 p. m. dally, except
For Pittsburgh and the East. 5:25 a, vp.
and 5:20 p. m. dally.
From Pittsburgh, 10:20 a. m., 6:20 p. m.
1 rn Hall v. 10:00 a. m.. flXTJHt
Sunday. ? T c BURKE, "
General Manager. Manager Passenger
?Baltimore. /
Time Table In Effect
era time U88' EMt"
Dally. fDaily Except'Sunday.
South Bound. I *7 | fl l f | g"'
Via P.,C.,C.&St.L.R. a. m. p. ro.
Pittsburgh, Pa...Lv Cln. 8:10 12:45
Wheeling Art Line 1138 2J?
Leave. a. m. a. m. a. m. p. m.
Wheeling 6:90 7:40 11:46 4:15
Moundsvillo 6:57 8:08 12:17 4:47
NeW Martinsville.... 7:51 8:44 1:12 5:58
Sistorsvllle 8:12 9:02 1:52 6:lS
WilliamHtown 9:22 9:55 2:00 7:52
Parkersburg 10:00 10:15 3:3 8JO
Ravenswood 11:10 4:20
Mason City 12:00 SJ0
p. m.
Point, Pleasant. 12:ffl 6:a
ViiTK. ? M. J
Point Pleasant...Lv tJ:MH t7:10
Charleston Ar| 8:W| ?J8|
Galllpolla Art fll:8l ??
Huntington 1:881 7:46|
"Via C. & O. Ry.
Lv. Huntington
Ar. Charleston 4:271 8:45
p. m.lpi m. ?
Ken ova ...Ar S 1:601
Via C. ft O. Ry. *; ^ I
Lv. Kenova ' *1:561
Cincinnati, O Ar 6:15l
Lexington, Ky....Ar 6 JO
Louisville. Ky Art <:16|
CloYelaml, Lorain & Wheeling
6chedule In Effect May 16, 189C. ^T
Central Standard Time. ?VS
a. m. p. m. p. m. a. 10.
Lorain^Branch. 11 _12 15 _ 9
Lorain .6:27 2:201 4:281 9:06
Elyria 6:44 2:39 4:40 10:0?
Grafton 7:W 2:65 4:56 10:21
Lcaicr 7:23 3:12 6:16| 10:40
Main lllno. 1 2 5" T~
a. m. p. R. p. m. a. gfa
Cleveland 7:20 2:25 5:801
Brooklyn 7-06 2:41 6:47
:::::::::::::: jis m gig 1
?!8 ill! ?I8
merlins ?:{?
Warwick j}:l$ 4:? 7:4J
Caml Fulton ? <:? :?
Masilllon ?:<; {:? ?:3J
juolus 10:u* 5:02 8:25 5:45
Canal Dover >?:? 5:31 5:55 J:l?
Nw PMtaartphla... 10:41 5:? 9.M 1,?
uhrlchavlll. 1 ?:M ?:2? 7:44
Hrldlf-port 1:? *:I? 10:0?
litllalr. ?3
Main Line- i ' 4~i ? i""
)a. m.la. m.|p. m. p. mifesl?*113
New Philadelphia... 5:04 8:3 4.03 7-i?
Canal Dover 6:11 8:M 4:10 7:|?
.fuvtutf 6:41 9:iW 4:39
MaMlllon :? 9:23 4:54 |;ll
Canal Milton 6:1S 9:40 F 1|
Warwick |j;25 9:49 3:11
Sterling J:g 10:1* 5:40
Seville ... S-j? 10:18 5:45
Chippewa i^ake...... ?.04 10:58 6:65
Medina ?-lJj ]0:37 6:07
I.esier l:& 10:49 6:19
Brooklyn |:M 11 :M 7:01
pUvpland 8.30 11:60 7:16
Lorain Branch. 12 I 14 l? | l*
a. m.)a. m. p. m.ip. m.
1 ester- 10:50" ?:40l S:*S
Orifton .. *:? U:t>7 :M 1.41
SBrK J:$ g? Zllfl J:f2
I 1 >151 11 .SSI ?:?H 4:10
^Trains Nop. 1. 2. 5 and 6 daily between
Cleveland ar.d Uhrichnvllle. All othar
irnln* dally, cxccpt Sunday*.
Electric cars Itatween Bridgeport and
Wheeling and Hrldgeport and Martina
Ferry and Bollalre.
Consult agent* for general Information
as to bc?t route* ard passenger rate* ta
.11 polnis. ^ Q CARRSU O. R A. .

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