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raMMni OH*. tutt Mar, k i
Intelligencer Publishing Co.,
as am ? lounrcum sTtut
ITeraui P<r Tw, tor Mall, la Ainw,
PMtap PrtjwliL I
Dallj (fix I>?y? it* Um 1 T*r.?.1.M
DaUri Tfcm Moutlui 140
n.ll_ /Tk^. n>u. a.. <h. IVxLt 1 Ail
Dally (Two Day* m tlx* W??k) 2.00
i Dally (Out MoutL) 45
[V Weekly (Om Tear 111 AaruiM)...HMM 1.00
> WtcUr (Klx Mouth ..._ 00
by curlers In Wheeling end adjacent
town* it 10 centt per week.
E Persona wishing to subscribe to THE
by sending In their orders to the Intelligencer
ofllce on postal cards /or
otherwise They will be punctually
jj?jx served by carriers.
fr:. Tributes of'Respect and Obituary Notices
Y GO cents per inch. *
^ Correspondence containing Important
news solicited from every part of the
surrounding country.
( Rejected communications will not be returned
unless accompanied by sufflolent
t P?*^
J [The INTELLIGENCER, embracing Its
several editions, is entered In the Postoffice
at Wheeling, W. Va., at second-class
flBtorfsl Ro? -*211 Co??ti?g
Fjrst District,
f! of Ohio County.
L .v . ' Second District, i
m of Barbour County.
'U Third District,
of Kanawha County.
V Fourth District,
V: ' of Ritchie County.
ff* For State Senator,
* of Ohio County.
K For House of Delegate#,
' ? ' H. F. BEHREN8,
fei County Superintendent of Free School* .
The following appointments will be filled
t " by*Representatlve B. B. Dovener on the
dates mentioned:
| At Wheeling, Saturday, November 5, at
k 7:30 p. m.
6-. At Wealt Liberty, Saturday, November
I 6. it 1:30 p._m. k__|
At wew uumuermnu, x i turnj. iwuuimi
E 4, at 7:30 p. m.
> At Alvy (Strlngtown), Tyler county,
November 5, at 1:30 p. m.
Clou of the Locil Campaign.
The campaign will be brought to a
1 close tbl? week, and on next Tuesday
the election will occur. In thIA city the
Republicans will hold several meeting*,
the two most Important of which will fee
held In the Opera House on Friday and
Saturday nights, and they give promise
ot being big ones. The party li fortunate
In having secured for Friday
night's Opera House meeting, besides
/1??" A let/in n Ttflv^nn e\t th#
Second district, one of the roost distinguished
diplomats in America, p. Journalist
oC international reputation, and a
member of the President's cabinet, in
the person of Charles Emory Smith, who
also enjoys the distinction of being one
jg of the best platform speakers In the
Mr. Smith Is cot only a popular speakr
er, but is one of our best authorities on
[ ' economic subjects. Those who fall to
hear him will be deprived of hearing a
| ^discussion of the Issues of the day by
one whose attainments entitle him to be
Classed among the eminent leaders of
thought in the country on political queslions,
and a Republican leader whole
. hlgfa character and great ability have
won him a place among thereat of our
The Opera House should be crowded
toy voters Friday night. Congressman
Dayton, who is making such a splendid j
campaign in his own district, and whoae
eloquent voice for Republicanism has
been heard before In Wheeling, will be
one of tbe speakers of the evening. Mr.
i. Dayton has a way of holding the attention
of bis hearers from start to finish,
and Those who attend will hear the great
questions of the day discussed by one of
the most forceful, aggressive and logical
champions of Republicanism In the
On Saturday night Captain Dovcner
.will wind up his campaign tour at the
Opera House, together with other speakr
er?, and thia will probably be the Iisf
; meeting of consequence that will bp h*1d
' In the city before the election of the
following Tuesday. Th* captain has
been making a ?p If ml id campaign
( throughout the district. and has met
with encouragement that warants that
he nrlll be in good enough form to close
it with a speech which will be a fitting
climax to the many excellent ones he
9im delivered in the past few weeks.
and which have aroused the voteri in
t every county. "
Let the Republicans of Wheeling: resolve
to make :hff?e meetings the best
of the campaign. and turn out to give n
rousing greeting to the distinguished
Pennsylvanian, Mr. Smith, to Mr. Dayton,
and to the representative of thin
district in Congress, who ha* rendered
bo g??od an account of himself In hi* public
services, the result of which means
i bo much of material iHjnoni to m?r gran,
commorcln) find Industrial Interest* of
the Ohio valley, Jn which Wheeling and
Ohio county have no small share.
Mr. Bliir Should Tell it AIL
Mr. Blair went down to Hen wood 8a tllt
oitnvlnco tho
uraay ihk<" ?uu ?>... ...
busy mill workers c?ai timem are worao
thsn they were under the Democratic
administration, that the present conditions
are not ah Improvement over those
- ?Jvf?am of Cieve
tftey enjuyeu uuuus .w?
landlum, and during (he agitation of
Bryanfjm. Mr. Blair may flutter himaelf
that he made a deep Jmprcswlun on
theno mfn who have learned the IcflHon
{ of experience. Tluu exfivnciu-v
foeen coo recent f??r It to bo forgotten ho
woofj and warn t!ic reverse of wlut Mr.
j UJalr rhou/rht it ?'??.
Another thJn? which 'Mr. Blair dlil w??
to Attack Captain Dovencr'a vote ?n the
Paolflo railroad bill TMa I* a. matt*
which has not been made a procaines
Imuc Is the campaign, and perhaps fei
voter* are familiar with the queatloc
Mr. Blair took especlsl pains doc to glv
the history of the natter, or to cuntrai
the action of the Republican admlnli
tratlon with that of the last Democrat!
administration. Had he made a com
parison of the two methods of handlini
the Pacific matter his hearers wuuli
have seen It In a much clearer light. Th
debt against the Pacific railroad had ex
Isted for a great many years, a mort
gage being held by the government. Th
status of the matter now li that a mn(
better arrangement was made for secur
lty, and the government will not los
the amount of Indebtedness, but on th
contrary, receive It all.
To undertake here to contrast tlie poll
des of (he Republican and the Demo
cratio administrations regarding th
sale of the Pacific railroads would re
quire a review of a great deal of Metorj
which was thoroughly discussed whei
the matter was before the publjc. Th
financial Interest of the government li
the Union Pacific ended just a year ag
to-morrow (on November 1, 1897), whei
the main line was sold to the trustee
of the roganlsatlon committee under i
decree of the United States court for th
( strict of Nebraska.
The bid by the committee which wa.
AAunncxt ?ha nnl\rcf inrtahted
ness to the United Slates. The amoun
due was 158.448,223. During the Demo
cratlo administration an attempt TV a
made to sell the Union Pacific and Kan
as Pacific lines, and the governmen
creed with the reorganization commit
tee that the whole debt on both llne<
amounting to 170,000,000, should be set
tied by a sale that would realize to thi
government only 142,000,000. This agree
ment was not sustained by Presides
McKlnley and the department of jut
tioe, and, through the management o
the President and the attorney general
this some reorganization committee wai
compelled to bid a sum which coveret
the entire amount of the governmen'
debt, which was, as staled above, 158,
This was on the main line, and on thi
Kansas Paclflo line the demands o:
President McKlnley's administration re
IUIUQ in Xfle reauzftuuu uj
moot of ths total amount of Its clilm
10.903,000. when tbe reorganization com
mlttee bad previously declared that 1
would not bid mure than J2.C09.000. Thi:
presents a contrast strikingly, (avorabli
to tbe pretext Republican admlnletra
t Ion's business way of treating then
matters and that of the Democratic ad'
ministration, which would have reeultoi
In loss to the government?a contrai
which Mr. 131alr did not dare refer to.
^The bill which Mr. Blolr doubtless re
fers to In his criticism of Captain Dov
ener Is the amendment to tbe genera
deaclency bill, fixing a basis ot settle
ment with the Central and Weftera Paolfio
railways, adopted Julr 0, last. Thh
amendment appointed the secretary o
ths treasury, the secretary of the Inter
lor and the attorney general a commieelon
to settle the Indebtedness of thi
government growing out of the Issue o,
bonds to old In the constructUa of thi
roaJj. provided the settlement! aro sub
siltted to the President for his approval
This courae mot tho approval of ever;
fair-minded person except the popullstli
element that would have a policy pur
mioil which would compcl the govern
nent to enter on the policy of the own
erahlp of railroads. Congrew actei
mora wisely than that. It created thli
commission of cabinet officers to maki
an agreement on a BASIS OF FL'LI
NESS, with Interest at 3 per cent, thi
whole to be paid within ten years, li
semi-annual payments. A default of i
! single payment makes the entire omoun'
due. AJ1 this Is to be done In the ful
public knowledge.
The Intelligencer has taken mucl
| space to explain this situation, becaui
Mr. Blair, presuming upon me lac* o
knowledge of tbe situation by many o
his hearers, is using Captain Dovener'i
attitude on the question against him
Captain Dovener stood by the wiser en<
better policy pursued by the present ad
ministration, as against that of thi
VleveJjnd administration. The presen
situation is eminently satisfactory to al
save the populistlc element that want!
government ownership of railways.
Another Comparative Statement
The biennial report of the manage
ment or the state penitentiary will shon
that there tin* been greater economy
and better bu&lncsa management by thi
present administration, under Superin
tendent Hawk and the board of direc
tors than under their predecessors. Thi
Intelligencer this morning publisher
elsewhere a comparative statement o
the past seventeen months, ending witl
September 30, the end of the fiscal year
in which the new administration has ha<
control, and of the seventeen precedinj
months, be/ore the .retirement of thi
Democratic management.
The statement explains Itself, and li
view of the Democratic claims concern
Ing the Republican "extravagance" it
running our utate lMtitutic*n?? unci riv
crlilclsnw of the management of thi
state prison, It will be read with Inter
est. It Clin a iitory of greater economy
of ? lesser deficit monthly. of a savlni
to the state, of the payment of Demo
erotic bills left nver, and of a Krca
many other things favorable to th
present administration.
The statement carries with It Its owl
r.inimrni. I.ike nil other comparatlvi
reports of the new nnd the old admlnls
tratlons in the manaprrment of state nf
fairs. It gives the falsehood to th<
manipulated figures promulgated b;
Democratic organs, and their mlsrepre
sentatlons of the record*.
The death of Colonel George E. War
lng, of yellow fever, at his home In New
York, will be generally regrettet
throughout the country. Colonel War
lng was a victim- of a dread disease con
traded while performing a punuc ?or
vice to which he hnrt been called by tti'
President, and for this reason hi* rfrntl
if the more tragic. He had gone to 11a
vana at the request of the President t<
devlae mean* for the improvement o
the aunitary condition* of that city ii
vtew of the coming occupation of th<
Cuban capital by American troop*. Hi
worked faithfully and wan to make at
r important report to the authorities,
t which would have been of great value, .
r but till very faithfulness kad exposed I
l him to the conditions, the removal of
e which was to be fill mission, and his
t plans and suggestions may never be
- known. Few other men were si fltt?d
0 a* he fur this service. It wu In line
- with fal* life-work, and the public baa
S sustained a great lota in the untimely
1 death of a man of .such dlstlnguUhed
e ability.
The Register hasn't yet Included In Its
e showing of how the Democratic cute
h administration left a -big deficiency for
the Republican legislature* to pay, the
e statement of how under the Democratic
regime paper was purchased by carload
lots at lour cents per pound and charged
*- 1U" - ?'? ?? " lunts onH hftttf
iv iuc uuxic ai tncui; wvuwi -M? ??
_ lead pencils worth a cent apiece were
' charged to the state at a dollar a dozen.
One may also look In vain for the Chilton
shortage, and a iew other things, be3'
sides this public printing scandal.
8 Matters are expected to reach a crisis
3 this week in the negotiations for a peace
0 treaty. The American stand on the
1 Philippine question will be taken and
8 the Spanish will ha^e to face the inevi1
table. This is the gravest phase of the I
e entire peace settlement. It is not be- '
yond the hounds of possibility that a =
s withdrawal of the Spanish commiseion"
ers may be the result. This might mean
1 a renewal of hostilities?but If such ii
" should be the case, what has Spain to
9 renew the fight on? It is not likely that
there will be a renewal of active war. 6|
Ex-President Harrison's letter to the ii
i, Republicans of Indiana on the duty of tl
- sionuing Dy hib umiunui ttuaiiiiwu'unu, ?
J published in this morning** dispatches, n
. applies to tbe Republicans of every U
t state. West Virginia Republicans will b
find la It something worth considering, d
' Governor Atkinson and Captain Dov- n
' ener spoke at Benwood Saturday night t,,
! to enthusiastic hearers who knew" that t(
( ,all they said regarding comparative p
conditions of now and two years ago was p
true. ^ o.
1 It doesn't look so warlike between
c England and Franco. The latter has u
* taken a backward step which Indicates si
a peaceful settlement. a
m w
Experience frequently has some alow _
* pupils. ?
* Love is the flavoring extract in the e
- ice cream of life. w
s Some men are so busy that they have 1c
no time to enjoy prosperity.
Ignorance hurts less -than the knowledpe
of things we don't know.
The poor ere always with us?and :
some wealthy people are pretty close.
When Satan needs a good man In his tl
business he always picks out a loafer. o*
Th? evil that men do ofttlmes lives tl
after they have been defeated for office.
Women, as a rule,are better than men a
and some of them seem to regret the ?
fact. J
A man's idea of chivalry is to protect e
a woman against every man except n
himself. .. t {l
5 You can't Judge books by the cover* h
t ?especially after the sboitage has been p
j discovered. ?
Some men have such a hatred for v
Creed that it worries them If others u
make more money than they do.
r "New occasions bring new duties,"
3 cars the poet. Our little spat with Spain ?
. must have been one of the occasions re- JJ
ferred to.?Chicago Dally News. JJ
1 6
i Bunko?One of our many national 0
8 games. i}
Vanity?The greatest handicap to r
J greatness. tl
Bhylock?The ono that dodges your c!
* latchkey about 2 a.m.
1 Ice?The only thing that Is really F
i what it Is cracked up to be.
t Agnostic?A man who doesn't believe s
i fn doctors until hs.frets sick.
Fame?Something that enables a j
^ man's creditors to keep on his trail. Q
Awe?The thing: that keeps some men ,
8 at a respectful distance from labor. "
1 Congressman?A contributor who gets c
C all the space he wants In the Congres- 0
s atonal Record. a
Optimist?A man who Insists upon p
. believing that everybody Is comfort- d
able because he Is.
Enthusiasm?Something that often
5 carries people away and leaves them to *
t return Id disgust. r
1 Diplomat?A person who can success- ?
i fully substitute a lot of misfit Informa- ?
lion for the real facts.?Chicago Daily ?
News. I
* c
r Every man knows he can always get 11
f a woman's sympathy if he can only c
i get up a good hard-luck story. *
A ?*( >! mav think T>n?A fnlft irrflX r
* sounds nicer, tut she can catch a lot c
- more men with raspberry turn-over. r
5 Wheo the average woman tries to t<
% get sarcastic, she reminds you of a bay *
r mare trying to kick tbe eye out of a
1 It doesn't take a man very loner after
he gets married to get over being proud
1 of the way his dog will do what he tells V
? him. u
s The average parson's beliefs in the ?
hereafter are bnsed on the Idea that 2]
people are divided Into good and bad,
t with no middling.?Now York Press. v
m W
, Shall vr? Keep the Philippine* 1 ^
c Public opinion Is divided, as to the v
wfodom of keeping Uio Philippines. Wise r
statesmen are found on both sides of e
" the question^ Public opinion, however, <i
, 1s aU one way In regard to the wisdom c
7 of everybody keeping their health. For A
this pUTposo Hosteller's Stomach Blf.- c
ters Is widely used. This medicine is c<
t both preventive nnd cure for malarial jj
b fevers, stomach disorders, torpid liver n
and impure blood. It Is agreeable to e
weak stomachs and eoothinir to th? t
1 Imrvrp. | ]]
iPLUQAir. wnjcm ? bo. ,
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tlilligan, Wilkin & Co.
a the Fourth District Fight-Soma Warm
Work Doue?Frcar'i Election U Predicted
by 8,000 Majority.
pec la) Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
HUNTINGTON, W. Va., Oct 30.?It
i now "Just before the battle." Aa
*e lines are now drawn and the forces
lsplaped, so will the final assault be
lade on rhe eighth of November. But
?w changes of votes from now on may
b expected in the Fourth congressional
Freer and Neal have each, thus far,
iade? gallant fights. Huntington has
een me ranging jwuii?me
?rs for both parties during the camnlgn.
Chairman Campbell lor the Roubllcans
and Mr. Scanlon for the Dem:rats,
never made more determined efirts
in thfir lines. They are both
irewd politicians, while they march
nder the banner of men who are unjrpassed
for political cunning. They
re each surrounded by lieutenants
ho know, likewise; all the highways
nd byways?(especially the latter)?-in
le political woods.
The headquarters or both parlies are
ipldly becoming places of constant and
sergetlc work. AH night Jong the *vork
oes on at Democratic headquarters,
hile the Republicans are also sleepss.
Both are claiming <he victory. The
'eal forccs say they will swallow up
fie majority against them, but Where
ley expect to get the votes with which
> do it <hey cannot or will not ?ay.
That the counties In the lower end of
lie district, principally agricultural
ties, will give Freer a magnificent vote
,ie Republicans have no doubt.
Neal men here claim that he will gel
large vote In the extreme upper end
f the district But the reasons upon
hlch they found these assertions have
een proven to be Incorrect and it la
vldent that if Mr. Neal Is elected he
lust depend upon the territory west of
tie Kanawha river for his votes. Here
e will fall. Lincoln, Putnam and the
ortlon of Mason In this territory will
Um nhannmannllv lafffP Renilblican
otes. Cabell and Wayne will each roll
p magnificent votes for Judge Freer.
Both candidates have fired their guns
1 this city. Freer on ThursdaF and
Jeal on Friday night. Freer's speech
as a matchless piece of oratory, dlgnled,
argumentative and convincing,
real dealt extensively In personalties,
thing which Is not much of a vote
etting nature In this section.
Republicans claim to be in possession
t knowledge that a gigantic scheme
i being IncubAted to be hatched by the
>emocrats on the eve of election, but
le former have the material ready to
hange it into a genuine boomerang.
Conservative men Insist that Judge
wrr tvmi i><% niprtpA bv 2.000 majority.
Hon. J. \V. Stuck'* ?ood Work,
peclol Dispatch to the Intelligencer.
CHARLESTON, W. Va.. Oct. 20.?
luring the past "week Hon. J. W. Stuck,
f Doddridge county addressed a ser>s
of Republican meetings In Putnam
ounty and judging from the large size
f the crowds who came to hear this
loquent speaker and the great Interest
nd enthusiasm manifested by the peole,
Putnam county will give a splenid
account of herself on November 8.
Catarrh Cannot be Cnrad.
rlth local applications, as they cannot
each the seat of the disease. Catarrh is
blood or constitutional disease, and In
i ? ... ^ i? vnn mil erf tnkn inlornnJ
ruer 10 vuic ?> ? *-- *~z, : : .
emediesv Hall's Catarrh Cure Is takn
internally, and acts directly on the
rlood and mucoui surfaces. Hairs
atarrh Cure Is not a quack medicine,
t was prescribed by one of the best
hyslclans In this country for years, and
t a regular prescription. It is composd
of the best tonics known, combined
ith the best blood purifiers, acting dlectly
on the mucous surfaces. The
erfect combination of the two ingredlnts
Is what produces such wonderful
esuMs In curing Catarrh. Send for
estlmonlals, free.
'. J. CH ENEY & CO.. Props., Toledo, O.
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pi.#. lUiflnhlii WlMomln.
nil be launched In San Francisco, Satrday,
November 2C. The ofliclal train
arrylng state ofllclals and the christenig
party will start from Marinette,
lllwaukee and Chicago, Saturday, Nocmber
19, going via the Chicago, Milwaukee
& St. Paul Railway. Stops will
c made at St. Paul, Tacoma, Portland,
an Francisco, Los Angfles and Doner.
Pullman Talace Sleeping Cars,
Hnlng Cars, Observation Cars for the
xcluslve use of the party for the entire
rip, under the direction of Mr. Heaii
ampbell, general manager of The
mcrican Tourist Association. A llmltd
number of tickets at reduced rates
overing all expenses will be sold: they
icludo railway And sleop car fares,
joals In dining cars, hotels, carriages,
tc. For details address The American
ourlst Association, 1124 Marquette
iulldlng, Chicago. tn&w
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OPERA HOUSE. II nrTnRra'^i 1
Under Sealed Orders,
A Story of the Secret Service.
; A Romantic Drama in Plve Acts by
James W. Harkins. Jr.. Presenting
Maurice freeman
, and a Speclaily Selected Company
[ The Attack in the Foot-Fills. Secret Service
Headquarters. The Duel in the
Night Delivery of the SeAled Orders, c.
The Algerian Sahara. Alone on the &
Desert. Charge of the Secret Service.
, The Great Scientific Experiment ?
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% Our Nation 2
? In War.^vjc
A The Intelligencer Is issuing in A
j weekly,parts nn^invnluublc JI1uh? j *
$ loan war on sea and land, this pic- 6
4 tares being reproduced from photo- A *
A graphs and original drawing ox- A
x pressly for tills work. Tho series, X
T which I* a continuation of Unclo
Q Pain's Navy Portfolio, also in- O
4 eludes photographic reproductions 4
0 of picture* owned by tho govern- rt
1 ment and states, showing the hero- X (',<
9 ism of tho nation during tho past J.
O century. V
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4 at the Intelligencer office on and 4 1>
q after Monday, August I. or will ho O I
X sent by mull; add - cents ouch for a
X postage. Nos. 1 to lti now ready. X
O : - CUT IMS ODI O rj
.r * *? 1 1 "? ?
IT situation os-eook or housa girt. Ap.
ly at Na.liy Eoff street. oca*
TLEMAN'S dressing cas*. container
tt, nip and regalia. Inquire at Inu'lf.
encer office. qcm
J represent our good*. Good pay. Lsdy
referred. Call from 1 to * p. m. at Summ
ouse, November I. R. VAUGHAN. oca
[J on the streets between House & Hwrlann's
and Btone & Thomas', a ladles'
joney and a letter. Finder will be rorarded
by leaving same at the lntelltincer
office. oc3
j rooms. 1200 Baltimore St., 4 roorai.
iL South Penn St.. 3 rooms. 116 South
lm St., 2 room*. 23 South Huron 8t.. 4
>omi. 11 Thlrty-flfth 8t, 6-roomcd houne
nd stable. 10U3 Main St.. store room.
EO. J. MATH1SON, 1S0B Market SU oca
' NO
j. c. Mckinley.
8ole AKcnt.
Office and yard Twenty-seventh and
aln. Telephone 204. . oc31
want a few men and women In every
>wn to make novelties for un at their
omes; can work day or evening, and
lake K to 115 weekly, according to the
mo aevotea to tne worn; experience unscessary:
no canvassing; steady employtent
to earnest workers the year round;
ill particulars and work mailed to your
jrao on application. BRAZILIAN MFC*.
P., New York City. oc31'
Small Sifted Peas.
H. F. Behrens Co.
2117 Mirlat StfwL
XXXX Confectioners' Sugar, Dark
Brown Sugar. Shelled Almonds,
Grenoble Walnuts, Brazil Nuts.
Tarragona Almonds, Popcorn, Now
Orleans Molasses, a lino lino of
Tablo Delicacies, ctc.
kusoKi oi vyui-D oc v^vy.
ioetze's "klubu
Full 14 pint bottles 25 cents. Guaranteed
to euro or your money back.
Opposite McLuro House.
Of ti>e Wheeling Drug Company, at
No. 1409 Main St., Wheeling, W.Va.
Tho receivers will sell at private sal#,
id on reasonable terms. the cntlro stock,
lis receivable, cood will and lease on the
illdlng of tho Wheeling Drug Company,
ho house hun a large trade and the busies
is in first-class condition in every rcicct.
It is. a rare opportunity for anyone
wiring to engage in the wholesale drug
isiness. Until sale Is mado the receivers
ill continue to conduct the business as
iretoforo, and aro ready to supply the
ado with everything in tho line of whokilo
oc28 . Receivers.
he Early Use
OF^ ?*
Violet Cream
will lnsuro soft and healthy skin.
It Is a healing, soothing preparation,
adapted to the most delicate
skins. .
>M hv P. H. 11ST. . 1010 Main St.
and 6y dealers generally. Price 10c.
i^o Loan on
Improved City
Real Estate.
Howard Hazlett,
ocks, Bonds Encbaige Beak
id Investments. Building.
or This Week.
You will be surprised to
see the Gas Heating Stoves
we are offering for $1.25
this week. Come and see
them. + + + + +
I2IO Main Street.
Mil/ II
J AXC For Wedding Parties.
Also have the best style Silk Hats
for Opera and Parties. Suitable
for stylish young men's wear.
r niMf,FR rn...
idt-f ?yi 1/iiivc.ai w????
38 Twelfth Street*
a^rr? ^
rhink of Every
Good point a prrfoot cooklnn appliance
should have?then cxamino ths
Cinderella Ranges. I
Makes kitchen work n pleasure.
Bold with that understanding.
We lmvo them in aoveral stylos. Call I
1312 Market St. I
Neat, Accuratv. Prompt.

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