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HOI the Penitentiary Management
; Under two AdmiaUt ration*
compared with republican
f economy prom the state
e;- pribon records, showing op
P la Uio publication of the table pur$
porting to be a comparative statement
. showing excesacs of appropriations by
^.tbt legislature of lttl (Republican) over
s 'those o{ the legislature of 1893 (the last
rDemocratic legislature), the idea being
to ibotr Republican extravagance, the
^Register presumed on the Ignorance of
Ifrlts readers. The table, which is <na'
clpulated far that purpose, appears to
E?how what the Register says It does,
Stat the Intelligencer has already shown
that a great deal of the supposed excess
femras due to making up Democratic deflcl
, encles which were Inherited from the
lsat Democratic state administration. It '
. has shown what every posted person 1
knows to be true, that many thousand* .
of dollsrs of Democratic deficiencies had
f'to be paid, and that Instead of Repub- :
llcan extravagance being a tact, there j
Els now, all told, more <han a million 1
dollars In the treasury: that deducting
1-these Inherited deficiencies, the state .
fe administration has been conducted more
fgaconomically than Its predecessor. j
I. One point In the Register's table aftects
the management ot the Atate penis'
tentlary. and the Register shows that
& the excess of appropriations by the Re
nubllcan lexlslature of lift, (or that In- *
hltltotlon, over the Democratic leglsla- '
r. tlve appropriation 6f lis J, tor dedclen.'.cles,
was 132,700. Below la published
!rom the records of the penitentiary .
nine figures showing a Contrast beMen
aeventeen months' management of 1
: (he prison, under the present admlnlsi<
tration, ending October 1. 1898, and the
prcvioat seventeen months' manage- <
roant by the Democratic administration,
S tndlng Mar 1. 1897. It shows that tilt !
teficlt of the present administration of
tarnlngs under expenditures waa Just
salt of that under the Democratic sev.
snteen months, and that the earnings
were 113,000 greater.
f As to the excess of appropriations for
: deficits. It may be well to call attention
' to a fact that the Register does not
B Mate that the Democratic directors of .
V the penitentiary went before the last
I legislature and said (hey did not need ,
a deficiency appropriation, as there was
an unexpended balance In the state
4 treasury of JIT.COO to the credit of the
g penitentiary, widen would meet me ae,
flciency for 1897 and 1898.
b Alter the election In November they
T made fcut one or two drafts on this balance,
but on March 3. 1897, the day ber;
fore the Inauguration of the Republl:
can administration, they drew one draft
[ of $6,000. making $14,000 in all of this
b 117,000 they drew in the last seven
k months, leaving but $3,000 for the Re5
publican directors to start with on May
; 3. 1897, and to run them for the seventeen
months -which they have Just com;
pletcd, with the splendid showing
' which will be found In the following
comparative statements:
v Statement showing monthly expenses,
I earnings and deficits for the last seventeen
months of the old administration,
i dating from December 1, 1895, to May
1. 1897:
i Deo.?Ordinary expense $5,243 93
Earnings 2.920 96
Deficit 12.322 95
Jan.?Ordinary exponse... 14,508 96
(! Earnings 3,053 99
Deficit 41.449 ST
Feb.?Ordinary expense >4,406 97
Earnings 2.&31 2S
Deficit .11.675 72
March?Ordinary expense 14.074 37
Earnings 2.732 5$
Deficit 11.341 :o
April?Ordinary expense 14.000 as
Earnings 2,1X2 ?
Deficit .51.328 10
May?Ordinary expenso si 91
Earnings 2.527 00
Deficit \....81.554 31 :
Jure?Ordlnnary expense 14,571 72 i
Earnings 2.814 78
Deficit SI .756 94
i July?Ordinary expense HMO 70
Earnings 2.826 5S <
Deficit 81.214 12
Aug.-Ordlnary expanse 14.004 57 ,
Earnings ; 2.870 W '
Deficit SMC ffi I
\ Sept?Ordlnnry expense H,M4 fi3 \
Earning?* 2.71S 33 (
Deficit SUM 90
Oct?Ordinary rxpense 15.979 r,; i
Earnings 'J.IM S7 <
Deficit .13.012 70 !
Nor.?Ordinary expense 82.G78 K>
Earnings 2.31C 91
Deficit S3.2fil 98 .
Dec.?Ordinary expense $'?,361 46 ,
Earnings 3.0G5 15 '
Deficit 31 I
1WT. ]
Jan.?Ordinary expense 15.438 87 ,
Earnings 3.048 7S
Deficit sSmTw ;
Feb.?Ordinary expense U.M *?
Earnings 2.0?? 72 i
Deficit Sl.3?i W ,
Ifch.?Ordinary expense 12.171 09
Earnings 4.894 7J 1
Deficit J 77*31
April-Ordinary expense SI.6E1 21 ,
Earnlngn 3,427 9J |
** " " ?? ->"1 *. f
jLwncu ...? ?
Total DeflcK ft*.*! 21
Statement showing monthly expenses,
earnings and deficits for Che first seventeen
months of the "new admlnlstra- i
tlon." dating from May 1, 1897, to Oetober
1. 1898:
1?7. 1
May?Ordinary expense KSM ?J
Earnings 3,773 37
I>flelt ~7a K7
June?Ordinary expanse S?
Earnings 4,069 67
Deficit I ?3 31
July?Ordinary rxpense 14,655 17
Earnings 4,04$
S ,js [ 1
Aug.?Ordinary expensa W.MS IS
Earning* S.94S 31
Dfcftclt 11.002 M
Sept?Ordinary ?xr*n?e I5.2S2 r*
Earning! 4.091 00
Deficit SI.IM ?
Oct.?Ordinary *xpen 14.W2 7*
Earnlnga S3.1M5^7
^ D?nHt I 4tn si
Nov.?Ordinary wxpcnuc ir?,341 26
Earn Inkn 4.200 71
TV licit 11,140 M
Etc.?Ordinary *xp?n*e U.bl.1 41
Earnlnga 1,53 42
Daflclt .9 990 99
Jan.- Ordinary axocnaa H.1C3 ST
?*n?l up *4
Deficit .71
Feb.-Ordinary expense ,*4.4
Ssrnlngs u
Deficit .........1........ .fU
Mch.?Ordinary expense K?
Earnings j,<
April-Ordinary expense $4J
,W Earnings .. a.a
Earnings 3.2
' Mldt ,tU
June?Ordinary expense .14.3
Earnings 3.4
Deficit S S
July?Ordinary expense $3.8
Earnings 3.4
Deficit ........71
Auc.?Ordinary expense H.2
Earnings 3.7
Deficit iJTi
Sept.?Ordinary expense V.Z
Earnings J... 3.4
Deficit 7~T
Total Deficit *HJ
Amount drawn from state trAa
In lajtt seventeen months by old adn
st rat ion for deficiency in ordinary
Tan. 8.?Draft on Treasury J
Feb. 5?Draft on Treasury.....
Mch. i?Drnft on Treasury
\prll S?Draft on Treasury (for chaplains)
\pril 8?Draft on Treasury
May 6?Draft on Treasury
June 10?Draft on Treasury
JepL fr-Draft on Treasury,....,..;....
>ct. 7?Draft on Treasury
S'ov. 10?Draft on Treasury*
Dec. 18-Draft on Treasury
Mcb. J-tDraft on Treasury
Total VC
Amount drawn for same purpose in
seventeen (17) months by new adroinifl
1887. .
\pril 28?Draft on Treasury J
Kug. IS?Draft on Treasury (for Chaplains)
!>c. 14?Draft on Treasury
Feb. 18?Draft on Treasury
Total ?
Provisions purchased by old administration
Provisions purchased by new administration
The difference 8 1.2c
rotal expense old administration..$79.21
rotal expense new administration. 77,1'
Difference In favor n*?w administration
8 1.8
rotal earnings new administration
Shoe shop earnings new ndminstration
Total earnlnffs old admlnlstration
Shoe shop, old administration 11
Difference favor new admlnls-^,
roWclVs old administration . .>28.*
rotal deficits now administration.. II...
Difference favor new administration
- *"-21
Amounts drawn from Stan- Treasure'
for deficits in ordinary expens*
by old administration S2S.3T
3y new administration
Excess In drafts by old admlnls- ^
Provisions purchased by oid administration
r?r?vi?inn* nurchawni by new an
Tfils picture (shows where th
famous Pekln Palace, which U n
being carried on as though noth
cade is imprisoned in the palace.
Emperor, to have him restored to
minintrstion 22,61
Difference favor new ndmlnlstration
I 1.36
I certify that the foreKolnjc statemc
ire true transcript!* from the books of
(Vest Virginia Penitentiary.
Moundsvllie. W Va., Oct. 1SW.
It should he stated that the ds
average of cost per capita under
Democratic administration for the s
mteen months, was eight and one hi
Jred and forty-two one-thousa:
rents, nnd under the Republican a*lm
istratlon for the snme it was seven ?
leven hundred nnd sixti'-four <
thousandths cents.
It should be stated also that when
lew administration under Superint
ent Hawk took charge,of the jirl*
matters were found in n, bad condit
.vhich necessitated many repairs, wh
were in some cases expcn?(ve; Thi>
had been allowed to run down conurably.
One Item of repairs, such
replacing tools, paint Ins wood we
and placing warden's office In a ha I
able condition cost IS.SCS. Four boll
had to be removed nnd replae?>d ^
new one* at an expense of $1,413; a r
well had to be drilled, and .? pump i
receiver to return condensed steam
boilers, cost 54K: a pipe fur steam II
lo the main building nnd return, to h
pltnl and return uud to shops and
cost SIS.'.. All these thlr
inJ several other repair Items "f P"
Inu need, raused an expenditure
M.W4. which must be cr.-dlted to ?
new administration becaure of the n
lected condition In which the old
"'l"urther than thlr there were *
found dated a* far ha'kii- April, J
August an l September. 1SN. amount
to 11,261 W left unpaid. They jho
have been paid before Octo.ier. Iff.,
a* to appear In the biennial stntem
of the Democratic admlnUtratlon.
u they wrre not paid until the follow
November they will appear In th"
innlal statement of the present Rep
llcnn administration where they do
b'linmny attain be slated that de.'l
the decreased expenses nnd Mie lie
showing o( the present edmlnlstrnt
It ha? fx'"*! comprii'-u ?<? k?/
prSc** for provision*. from ttvntirlo
fifty per rent more In cm**. i
In the case of potatora thr now n?l?r
(utrutlon hn? hod to p.iy as hjKh.
from fifty cmt* to 51 10 per iiuriiet.
aftalnr! from <trenty-flve r*nt* to II
cents under th* old odmlnlstrotlon.
flow rn Prevent l'rnM|>.
Wt ll?v? morhlMren ivhrt nrr> ?Hli
to nttnrK* of rrnup. Wh'-nrvr on
lnrlc i.? iximln* on my ?If- civ* ft
ChnmlicrinIn K Counh Runxdjr onil
alivn|-n prevMits t.'ic att'ick. It l?
houiehold n?co?lty In thin county
nc. m.nltT ivhnt ?-I?b < ton
would not do to III- Without Ch\mt
lain'* CoU*h Rwnfdy. Mori of II
fold her.' thnn of nil olJ-er euuitli nv
rln*a n>tnl>lncd.?J. M. Nlckl*\ ??f Nlr
Hrna? m'TPhnnlii, Nlclilevlll'', I'n.
jjlo by druKclntn.
W44 . ? \ . .71 - ~"
an .
^HHHl ad
InlWllffr Miff I TT^f Ti
fri rijlMmlrO iiiiWT \
f.ooo ||BS|0VKv9^VjJ&MKm. \
tooo MHBBMeE^Tyurt i wa*&*&< \
(i-A- MM|
1000 Bak^
5 43 I More Respect Must Be Paid England, o r
n ,? ! periled. ?o Say.
833 Ever since Lord Roeebery, leader of <
the Liberal party, gave defiance to the 1
iff} whole world, aiming particularly at (
France, and warned nations that Eng- ,
$133 land's day of moderation and concilia's
03 titin to Insults "had passed, Great Britain i
lg u has been ringing with warlike spirit, and
Us citizens are more determined than
ever that no compromise shall toe made <
j! to France in Egypt.
In his discourse Lord Rosebery refer- 1
3 red to the Fashoda situation as being i
both critical and vital to British inter- .
g ests. Going further, he said:
'C 43 "in recent years there hus been a dis- I
position t?? encroach and Infringe on the i
10 ST rights of England In various parts of the 1
world in a way which Is not gratifying 1
jj [jj to Englishmen, and which Is not calcu
I la ted to oromotc cordial relations with
w gg ] other powers. If the nations of the J
J world are under the Impression that the <
ancient spirit of Great Britain is dead, j
e young Emperor of China is imprisoned; he is
oiv being used, by the Dowager Empress. The
Ing had happened, still it Is known in official cl
It Is said that efforts are being made by Kant
power again.
??????? r,
" 10 IIU TAij3Ci JUiiuana, . ?
H?ro lire Plnln Fueta limloranl bj Jlri. '
' 33 John I?aur?ll Who Realties nt 1*4 High"he
***?*<?? WmI.
Few people will admit failure while
k* there is a chance for argument. Many J
tjjv people claim success where no one rises j
thJ to diftpute It. What we want to do is ,
ev. to place our claims where doubt Is out .
an- of the question. We are doing thiH ev- 1
nJj* ery day and Wheeling people are be- 1
jn. ginning lo appreciate it. Now, to get '
in,l right down to the point, everybody 1
DIJf, knows that there Is many an aching <
back, many o lame and painful one. the '
suffering from which makes life a bur- '
nj. d?*n, but having tried so many remedies. <
on" the sufferer not finding fucresx. lookfj i
lori "l*011 nl1 those who profess to have n I
,jc}l cure with all the skepticism of a skep- <
nga t,c And yet one more struggle with the 2
lid- r'K'lt a11*' ft,,d t',e hack Is free. Others I
a?. have done it right here In Wheeling, t
)rj." why not you? Head what Mrs. I^aurell, \
Lu; says:
ier8 "Doan'a Kidney Pills were of the
1th Sr?*test service to me. 1 was troubled
l0p? on and off for the past twenty years, j
ind w'th my kidneys and back, the com- .
plain' gradually growing worse. Some
m.? days I hod such a terr 101 o sorenesg
jOS. through my back -tliat It was impossible
rr. for mo to straighten up. and T had
frequent attacks of dizziness; sinking
>s,.' feelings that I could hardly endure;
,,f could not rost well nights; and flutterj|]f.
Ing around <he heart. I fell down stairs
otr. many years ago and alighted on my
loft !i;,c*c across a step and T think probably
that may have been the origin of the
trouble, but whatever the cause, nothj|V
InH did me anv good until I got Doan'*
jn,j Kidney rills at the Logan Drug Co.'s
uld I had not takeji them long before <
*0 I felt their beneficial effects. This eonoiit
tlnued until T felt better and stronger '
but than I had for years." ]
|nj? Doan's Kidney Pills for sale by all
h|. dealers. Price r,0 cents Mailed by Fos- <
nb- ter-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.. sole
fnr ?hrt T'tilted Stnfes. Tlemetn- t
n,U ber '.ho name? Doan's?and take no \
j|l#> substitute.
j^*r \ S?ir Toburco Trtinr.
j NEW YORK, Oct. 2S.?A news bureau
Hvo says: A syndicate ha* been organised
an<1 for financing the proposed organization
' of a company to be called th? "Contln'?
nental Tobacco Company." which coml?tv
pnny will acquire the* following concm
John Pinner & Bro., Louisville, Ky.;
IV II. Mayo Hz Urn., (Incorporated),
Richmond, Va.; Daniel Bcotten & Co..
Mich.; The I*. J. Sofjt Co..
at. Mlddletown. O.,; Hardy-WMflRlnger To- j
i.m baceo Co. LouJsvJIIp. Ky.; The P. L.
Jt I/orlllard Ox, J*mr City. N .T : The 1
;i Drummond ToJucco Cr\. Si. I.onl*, Mo.,
tnd and the plug tobacco business >>( the ,
, it American Tobacco <?f Now Jr" n\
icr- The? nntv company will Issue $.:o.?HX).000 i
: is of preferred 7 ;>>t ccnt non-cumulatlvc j
II- utook und ino.OOO.OOO common stock.
>kto The manufacturers accept in pnpni-nt jj
b'or for their properties common and pre- I
ferred stock to the amount of about 146,- I [
the Peace of Humanity WiU Be ImHer
or that her resources are weakened, or
der population lees determined than ever
to maintain the rights and honor of its
flag- they- make a mistake which can only
end in a disastrous conflagration."
Lord Rosebery Is one of England's
most eminent statesmen. He was bom
May 7, 1847, in London, but of Scottish
parents. After 1871 he began to attain
prominence in me nousc ui ? Radical
member, and to gain a reputation
as a public speaker. In 1871 he was
made Lord Rector of the University of
Aberdeen, and he was rapidly promoted
from one position to another until he
became a member of Gladstone's cabinet,
a position held by him in 1881. In
LS86 and again In J802 he was made secretary
of state for foreign affairs; in
1894 he succeeded Gladstone as prime
minister of Great Britain. On the defeat
of the Radical party In the election
5f 1895 Lord Rosebery retired from office
inA was succeedcd toy Lord Salisbury.
confined in the left hand win? of the
festivities of the Chinese Court are still
rcles that China's ruler for the last de?
Yu Wei, messenger of the unfortunate
>00.000. leaving >6,020,000 to be raised for
nnking certain cash payments ami providing
additional working capacity.
To *fnr< an Opposition Compiny.
NEW" YORK, Oct. 2S.-A dlapatch
from Watcrbury, Conn., says: George
Lewis, of Naugatuck, president of
ho Goodyear Kubber Co., has tendered
lis resignation. This Is the consumma:lon
of the biggest deal In the history of
:ho rubber business in this country.
>vl T. Warner, general superintendent
>f the company, has 3l*o resigned and
le tukcs with him his brother, Abner,
pho was the shipping agent of the
oinpany, and John D. Roderbach. who
vas general manager. The avowed Inention
of all concerned in this deal 1??
o organize an opposition to iho United
States Rubber Co., and with the tnllli\nu
t\f mnnor hnliiml T,#-wIh fflmllv.
h- Wliittemores and the Warner*, there
vill be an Interesting contest.
^luanlnr I it fat nut Inn.
LENORA. Kas.. Oct. 28.?William Ellott
followed Miss Fannl?? Lashidl and
fier sister home from a dance and
shooting over the head of the sister
ivho tried to save her, killed the first
tamed In <he street. He then flrcd
hree shot* into his own body and may
lie. Elliott came here from Chicago
hH*e tvroks ago. Notwithstanding ho
s the girl's uncle, he had persiHted In
jayinj: her attentions. The shooting
nras the result of her refusal to marry
1 iiamif Parmtr'aD'nl.
ATLANTA. Ga.. Oct. 28.?W. G.
9iiurt.li'>, no insane larmcr 01 s\uuurn
counts*. Gn.. cut the throat of J. D.
Bishop and wounded Policc Captain
rohn Thompson on a Htreet car here tolay.
Robert McCoy wn ex?poHcoman,
whiskey is the product of the fnmou
this offer is genuine, the editor of th
r^?5 di
I Harmless, wA?hIn<
J yet efficient wa,niBi
ft ?costs so little the r
J never missed. ^^rJSS!
rfciffg St. Loots. NvwTork. Baton. I
In effecting the capture of the dement- ?
ed murderer was seriously, but not fa- j
tally stabbed. Bishop died instantly. 2
Shockler called at the police station
during* the morning: and asked to be
locked up as he was going insane, but
was thrown out of the station. Shock- ,
ley then called on Governor Atkinson,
and asked for protection, and while the *
governor waa telephoning the police, the c
Insane man departed. Shodcley was t
sitting next to Mr. Bishop In the car. t
and without a word drew a rnxor.reach- .
ed around and nearly severed the head f
from the body. Shockley is under arrest
Trout#r? and Abort Skirts.
OMAHA, Neb., Oct. 28.?Dress, par- j
tlcularly the short skirted kind, was g
the main topic of the Women's Nation- c
al Council to-day. Rev. Anna Shaw, *
who presided, Susan B. Anthony, Mrs..
Louise Barnum Bobbins, of Adrian,
Mich.; Mrs. Clara Bewick Colby, of
Washington, D. C., the former president
of the Nebraska State W. C. T. U.. all J
took part in the discussion of dress re- J
form and some interesting points were J
brought out, such as man's uppropria- r
tlon of -trousers, which had been the invention
of woman when the man was a
the warrior and did not have time to at- c
- " ? *?-_ a# ahnrt V
lend to bh^ uusinns, me ru?i v?.
skirts upon the morals of young men r
and the need of 4hc latter to be disci- e
plined by the constant object leaaon of
the former. t
Amcrleait InlfrMU In China Vnffe. j
WASHINGTON; D. C., Oct 28.?Ad- t
mlral Dewey has cabled the navy de
partment 4hat everything is quiet at
Pekln, and that r.o further troubles nre .
anticipated and that American Interests c
in ChlnA are In no danger. The Petrel la at
Taku. the seaport of Tien Tsin and ?
as navigation of the Pol Ho J
liver, upon which . Tien Tsin is
sUuated closes In November, no attempt
will be made to send the vessel ?
up that etream. The Boston has sailed t
from Taku for Chefoo. The auxiliary
cruiser Nero,whose coal recently caught I
fire, when she went into Chinese wat- ?
ers, is of no use or. the Asiatic statian *
and will be sent to San Francisco. C
Wnnt to Kalis the .Haiti*.
WASHINGTON", D. C.f Oct. 28.?The
Acme Wrecking Company, of San Fran- J
clsco, has made a request upon the navy J
department for authority to raise the t
battleship Maine. The company has t
had experience In raising vessels on the j
Pacific coast and representations have c
been made to the department as to its f
ability to accomplish the task In Hava- f
na harbor. It proposes to blow the mud ?
from under the wreck by means of /
streams of water and then to pass un- .1
der chains and attach them to frame 1
work connected with a system of steel p,
barrels. The barrels will also be placed f
In the wreck and utilised wherever they c
The Kind Ton Havo Always Bo
In itso for over 30 years, lia
? and lias
All Counterfeits, Imitations an
pcriments that trifle witli an
IntUnts and Children?Kxperi<
* What is CI
Castoria Is n substitute for Cas
and Soothing Syrups. It is II
contains neither Opium, Mori
substance. Its ago is its guar
1 T? 1.1 - Ti.
UUU UUIt^B A'UVCTlSUUl^n* X l> vl
Colic. It relieves Teething- Tr
anil Flntnlency. It assimilate
stomach and Bowels, g-lviiifj ]
The Children's Panacea?Tho
yy Bears the Sij
mmmm TT 1 TT
rue Kind you nan
In Use For Ove
is a more than liberal offer,
tliat the whiskey given is y<
of these famous brands: Gib:
uucKcnneiiuer,?every ootti
of absolutely pure rye wlii
This offer good only 'till stock of 50(]
ber that the whiskey is just as we re
money. We ship in plain packages
s distilleries mentioned and is sold by ti
is paper can substantiate. Send order
i? .
TOT. .
1 - , ' * 1 ?
oman who has a heavy
before her?dishes to
.sh or a floor to scrub
V in this
Vju f
.| r'l cleaner
an be mnde available. The company
ilmply ?.', ! authority to ralae the
ilalne and brine her to this country.
Ukr Huamrr VjOft.
CHICAGO. Oct. M.?The loss of the
iteamer T-. R. Doty, with her entire
rew. during the gale of Tuesday,!* now
wnceded. Wreckage brought here hai
>een fully Identified by Capt. Ellison, of
he steamer George Wllllaroa. which beonus
to the lame line. as having cone
rom the Doty. The Olive Jeanaette,
vhlch the Doty had In tow, waa towed
nto Chicago to-day. Her crew conIrmed
the loss of the steamer.
The steamer L. R. Doty, whkh it la
telleved was lost during the recent
[rent storm on Lake Michigan, waa
nvned by thu Cuyahoga Transit Co.,
if this city. She carried a crew of >ixeen
A Task.?"What a thoughtful look
hat Spaniard hast." "Yes; he Is trying
o remember (he Vlicaya. the Colon,
he Maria Teresa, the Crlstlaa, and tha
est of them."?Philadelphia American.
Non-Committal.?Alderman's Wife?1
lee that the members of the Spanish
jortcH don't pet any salary at all. I
ronder how they live? Alderman?Mala.
I never divulge professional secrota,
specially to tyomen.?Chicago News.
"Old Miss Sere saw a man under her
led at last." "Good gracious! What did
he say?" "She told him to look out
or the plastering. He was carrying
lie bed down stairs on hi* head. Toil
ec. she moved yesterday."?Cleveland
'lain Dealer.
Placed no Great Value on the Victims.
-Philanthropist?Do you bplleve In
apltal punishment, may I ask? Cynlo
-I rertalnly don't. "Why. bow's
hat?" "Because I never yet met a
nan that I thought It worth while
anglng another for."?Brooklyn Life.
"nM?? Hnlnt* llOfrt with VAUP
dvertislng wagon?" sternly demanded
ho chief marshal "This Isn't a parade
it green grocers. This Is a patriotic
>rocesslon." "I know It," hotly answerid
the man oft the driver's seat, "And
rade follows the flag, doesn't It?"?
Jhlcago Tribune.
An Enterprising Druggist.
There are few men more wide awake
nd enterprising than the Logan Drug
:o., who spare no pains lo secure the
iest of everything In their line for
heir many customers. They now have
he valuable agency for Dr. KIng'a
few Discovery for Consumption*
roughs and Colds. This is the wonderul
remedy that Is producing such a
urore all over* the country by Its many
tartling cures. It absolutely cures
LSthma. Bronchitis, Hoarseness and
11 affections of the Throat, Chest and
..ungs. Call at above drug store and
:et a trial bottle free, or a regular size
or GO cents and $1 00. Guaranteed ta
' O ?? rafitnri*/) 5
'uglit, and which has been
s borne the signature of
been made under his per- I
pcrvislon since its infancy.
one to deceive you iu this,
id Substitutes are but Exd
endanger the health of
euco against Experiment.
;tor Oil, Paregoric, Drops'
armless and Pleasant. It
[ihlne nor other Narcotic
ntitec. It destroys Worms
ires Dlarrhflca and Wind
oublcs, cures Constipation
s the Food, regulates the
leaitny and natural sicep.
Mother's Friend.
^nature of
i Always Bought
ir 30 Years.
TtrwttT. mwrowncmr.
?r?nr? nun nir I TP <
LUtfc rAIU di ua ;
when you stop to think
Mir choicc of any or all j
son, Finch, Overholt or ,
le holding a full quart j
sl:ey, seven years old. |
i ban-els is exhausted. Remempresent
it, or back comes your :
to save you annoyance. The ;
is withont adulteration. That j
with P. O. money order at once.
e and Retail l)rug{lsta.
Market St., Plttaburs. j

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