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01 the Brilliant Throng Attending
the bgfaycttc Ball
| . OF 1825 ? THB SURVIVOR 18 ICR.
Below is given a specially prepared
article on "La Fayette In Wheeling,"
from the pen of Judge G. L. Cranmer,
i which gives details of the great patriot's
| visit as they hare not been brought out
before.. In this connection, tbe Intelligencer
would suggest to the principal*
mad teacbers of the schools of Wheeling,
in which "LaFayette Day" Is to be
observed this month, that this story of
the hero's sojourn here be given a place
f on the "LaFayetto Day" programme in
every, school in tbe cliy.
Lndiritu lu
n. v>i?4nt. Moti Oi 1MK an (irnmiii
uu luiauBji >1| iUM| ?? vof>w> I
arrived from Crave Creek at about hairpast
11 a. m., announcing to the cltlxens
of Wheeling that the-steamboat Herald
luvlng on board Oeneral Lafayette and
V others had passed the flats Just as he
tarted and that ho might be expected
in the course of halt an honr.
Immediately the bells commenced
rinsing (that being the signal agreed
upon to announce the approach of the
seneral and his company) and all was
bustle and preparation.
The members of the Independent company
of volunteers, who were to receive
Iilm at his landing, hastily moved towards
the place ot rendexvous, while al
Intervals the sound of martial rnqslc
swelled upon the ?ar. It was a typical
day. with a cloudless sky canopying the
earth, while the sun clothed hiU and
v&iiey in tne largeness or ich giory ana
i beauty and all nature seemed to be In
unison with the Interesting occasion. It
was a day fraught with joy and gladness
lllllng every patriotic heart with
emotion of gratitude.
r Groups of anxious end expectant cklJsens
had collected on the banks of the
river and with straining sight were endeavoring
to catch some signs of the
near approach of their long expected
Not long did they have 4o wait, as the
; report of a distant gun and the cloud of
blue smoke which lifted above, gave the
g certain intimation that the nation's
guest was near at hand. In a few minutes
the boat moved majestically up to
the landing.
The scene now presented was one of
unusual Interest. In front of the landing
-place was drawn up in order the
"Independent Blues." under the command
of Captain William McConnell.
Arranged upon the right ana lert were a
[ .. crowd of citizens In flies awaiting in
breathless anxiety the appearance of the
hero. In the space between were the
committee of arrangements, consisting
of the foltowlng named individuals: A.
Woods, S. Sprigg. G. Dulty, M. W.
Chapline, E. B. Swearingen and Z.
Jacob, the members of the corporation,
end a few of the most prominent cltlxens.
All the beauty, fashion and Intellect
of Wheeling had assembled to witness
the imposing scene.
Upon the arrival of the boat at Beymer's
landing, which at that da? was
the public landing, the general descended
from the boat, followed by his son,
CJeorge Washington Lafayette, M. Le
Vasseur, his secretary, and the governor
of Ohio,, who had accompanied him
from Cincinnati. Upon landing he was
Introduced to the authorities by Andrew
Stewart, of Pennsylvania, after which
he was addreracd as follows by Judge
Alexander Caldwell, of the district
1 "General T^afayette:?The citizens: of
Wheeling welcome you to Western Virginia
After the lanse of forty-three
rear*, you returned to the Atlantic
states. the scene of your former usefulness,
the theatre of your former glory.
TVe of the west scarcely permitted ourselves
to hope that we should have the
happiness of seeing you among us. Tour
arrival revives In our recollection the
debt.?f gratitude we owe to the patriot
who Mcr.'flced so much In the cause of
"Although In a political point of view,
l It Is Impossible to foresee to the fullest
extent, the oetienciai cnnn^ueiitco
which may result to mankind from the
establishment of this republic, yet as
the tree of liberty which frour valor
contributed to plant In these state*, ha?
taken so firm a root, may we not Indulge
the hope that It will In future
times, extend Its branches throughout
the world and render the object for
> which fought universal. Upon the
seaboard since your first departure.neu
, cities have arisen, and other indications
: of the nation's march*to greatness, are
visible. But in the west populous towns
and new states have sprung Into exlstr
ence. Liberty and the blessings pertaining
to free government have
triumphed?civilization hns prevailed
ever savage life, and a new generation
of people, taught by their fathers to
venerate the name of Lafayette, welcome
the arrival of their second parent
fleneral. we receive you with the most
lively sensibility and shall p?rt from
I'ou with the deepest regret." |
I.afayettc replied as follows:
"It affords me great pleasure, after
the Interesting tour I have ma do. once
more to arrive on the territory of
Virginia. It recalls to memory the
many Interesting occurrencen which
befell me In this state, and the firm and
endearing friendships I formed with ko
many of her citizens, some of whom
have gone down to the tomb, yet enough
remain to remind me of former days
During my long absence the people of
4he United States have established a
government, founded on liberal and Just
?u.uu?_.u,.,.inni liHnrtir fnr it* hnsls.
nm! the happiness of tho community
for Iih Aim. Htich n government deserves
to be perpetuated to all future
time. May all nations proQt by It;
may It* example have no other limit
than the globe Itself.
"Upon ?ho aeaboard new cftfes have
indued arisen?population trebled, and
commerco greatly extended. This was
to hav?? hnen expected. But In the went
within.the rame period, cities and populous
towns almost without number hnve
been erected upon a/tea covered with i
foreats and inhabited by beasta of prey. !
New states have llkwlsc been formed
of territories then only known to the |
native Indian. Huch are the effects of a
paternal nnd wise government.
"The affectionate reception with 1
which the citizens of this town favor j
me, Alls mo with sensibility, and the I
manifestations nf regard ?o generally i
bestowed, affect tny heart. I bog them I
to accept of my best wishes for their
health and happiness."
At the conclusion of the address he
entored a barouche In waiting, which
was drawn by a span of dun-colored 1
jjorses, the establlnhment being the
I property of John McLurc, Br., which
-? ?... i.lm ?v>.
it-a A R*ncr?iu*i> i".i u<-'i uy jinn IUI
occanlon. Noah Zane, eia . took .1 *e*t
beeld* him. While this wan trtnuplrlnu
the most profound Alienee reigned
' throughout the awembled multitude1.
Amldft the iwlemn nnd ItnpoHlnK Mlll'
jie?? of the scene, every heart bent at
hJjrb ?pnnl with expectation. nnd over)*
^countenance told bow Inteiiie ara* the |
feeling that the prcscncc of the nallon'*
benefactor excited. But no vooner wit
he Mated than the air was rent with ,
the acclamation! of admiring trtousanda.
The procession tb?n moved In
the following order: The "Independent
Blues," cltlsen* on horseback. the baroucht
with General Lafayette and Mr.
Zaoe. a carriage with George Washlngton
Lafayette and M. he Vaiseur, the
governor of Ohio and aulte in two carriage!,
and procession of citizens.
The procession paaaed up to Main
street, to Mr. 8taim's hotel, where accommodatlons
had been provided for
the guests. Here great numbers of every
age and condition were presented to
him aad hit patience and condescension
as well as urbanity were truly admirable.
After a short time he retired to
hla chamber, where he engaged 1n writing
letter* until about 2 o'clock, when
he again presented himself to the people.
Numbers pressed round him, and
many a hoary veteran who had fought
under hltn, and by his side, the battle*
of the Revolution, eagerly grasped I
the hand of bl* loved, but long-absent 1
commander. ]
"Wept o'er his wounds gfld tales of sor
row uouci
Shouldered his crutch, and showed how
fields were won."
To these he was particularly kind and
attentive. While recounting their common
sufferings and triumphs, he frequently
grasped their hands with emotion,
and expressed the happiness he
felt in again meeting his old comrades.
At 4 o'clock a company of thirty sat
down to dinner prepared by Mr. Simma
at which Colonel Moses W. Chapllne
presided. No toasts had been prepared
i but the following sentiments were proposed:
By the President?"The health of our
distinguished guest"
By Lafayette?"Wheeling?The centre
of communication between <he east and
west?may It be more frequent and
more beneficial."
At 7 o'clock the general visited hia
Masonic brethren of Ohio lodge No. 1,
of which order he was a worthy and
honorable member. He was welcomed
to the lodge room by the late Morgan
Nelson, E?. D. O. Master, and conducted
to the east where an address of welcome
was delivered by the grand master. <
which was appropriately responded to
by their guest. At the conclusion of i
these proceedings, the lodge was called :
from labor to refreshment and the
brethren were severally presented to
their distinguished guest. .
On the same evening a publlb ball
was given at the Virginia Hotel, the
proprietor of which was Mr. Edward
Graham, and the ladles were favored
with an Introduction to the general. He
sat upon a dlas or raised platform. (
which had been erected at one end of
the dancing hall from which he wit- 3
nessed the festivities, from a particlpa- f
tlon In which he was prevented from ac- /
tlvely engaging by reason of his wound (
and the gout from which he was a great .
sufferer at times. The display of female 1
beauty and elegance on the occasion i
was astonishing for a place no larger In f
size than Wheeling then was. The
tickets to the ball were readily disposed
of at the price of $10 each and not *
less than one hundred couples were in 1
attendance. I
The rooms were handsomely decorated
and no pains nor expense were spared
by Mr. Graham to provide an elegant 1
entertainment, and he merited and re- l
ceived the thanks of the citizens for t
successful exertions on that interesting
occurrence. 1
The company were gratified by the 1
presence of Andrew Stewart, of Union- c
town. Pa., and the members of the com- .
mktee from Washington. Pa., consisting
01 Juaae uaira, j. .>icv?iiiiji. ?. aeukcii* ?
nan, T. Morgan and D. Moore, who
came here to meet the general and Invite
him to their respective towns.
On the 25th Inst at 8 o'clock In the
morning, the general, accompanied by
the governor of Ohio, and th* other
gentlemen, who had escorted him hither.
proceeded on his way to Washington,
Pa., being escorted out of town by
the military, the committee of arrangements,
and other citizens, the latter of
whom continued with the general to
the boundary line separating this state
from Pennsylvania, when the Washington
committee took charge of him
and he was conducted on his Journey.
A few more than three score years
and trn have passed since the happening
of the local event herpln recorded
and the nation's guest of that day has
long since departed to that bourrn*
from which no traveller e'er returns and
as yet no fitting monument has been
oMomH hv hl? muntrvmpn to eommem
morate hl3 knightly qualities and chiv- C
alrous rharacier. but it is the privilege
of the rising generation to recall His no- j
ble disinterestedness and illustrious
: deeds in the dark hour of their country's
peril, and by their contributions
aid In erecting a suitable monument to o
perpetuate his fame and memory.
A few year? since, when In Paris, the
writer visited Pere la Chase, a Necropolis
where repose so many of France's
distinguished dead, expecting to find t
i there the tomb of Lafayette, but turned
away disappointed on learning that his f
remains reposed In another cemetery. (
Lafayette died In Paris, May 20. 1834,
at the ape of seventy-seven. His funer- (
al was grand and Impressive, conducted \
i with the greatest order, the demeanor
| of the great multitude which attended
' Jt being solemn and deeply reverent. 1
At the time of Lafayette's visit to '
j the United States Charles theTenth was 1
the King of Prance?a person of weak
character, Jealous disposition and biased (
Judgment. The enthusiasm which char* i
i acterized t he reception of Lafayette in the t
history of this country aroused the prejudices
of this suspicious monarch, and ,
he at once imposed the most severe re- .
j strict Ions on the French press, lest the
I expressions of respect and gratitude
! upon the part of the people of the United
States towards their visitor should t
awaken within the bronst? of his sub- I
Jetcs sympathetle feelings In behalf of <
republicanism and sow the seeds of 1
j unrest and disquietude.
| Of the gay crowd of ladies and gontle- i
men who were In attendance at the ball j
I above referred to. all have passer! awav 3
I n'lin ine exuepiiun m ?ur nuu dm<>
I survives in our midst. a landmark of
former days who lingers In his golden
age with health and mind unimpaired,
notwithstanding- the accumulated
weight of ninety odd year*, our worthy
and honored fellow eltlien. John K.
Botsford. G. L. CRANMER.
Until This Afternoon?Effort to Lighten
the Charge Falls.
The hearing of James Wata^n, charged
with criminal assault upon a young
married woman, In an alloy-way nt one
idde of the St. Charles hotel, which was
to have come off before Justice Rogers
yesterday afternoon, has boen postponed
until to?day at 2 p. m.
Attorney John B. Wilson has be<?n retained
for Watson. Yesterday he made
an effort to have the Justice lighten the
charge against Watson, but this the
squire declined to consider. The lawyer
wanted the charge olmnged from criminal
assault to assault and battery.
Watson Is yet In Jail, not having secured
a bondsman.
OORDON-K EIJLEY heavy weight
preliminary to W?itko-Stel*er to-night, 1
at M. A. C.'h Fulton rlnh house. I
II < fl
/ MUtUai
| V Struggling throngl
l?e, curscd with ca
tarrh, is ? commoi
I cxPer^cnce* How
\ erer heroic tfai
JL fight catarrh gen
ittlilK Under somi
of other
lire been permanentlycured of catarri
by Dr. Hartman's successful remed;
Pe-ru-na. Here is Ur. Ingalls' letter:
Dr. S. B. Hart man, Columbus, 0.
Dim 8m:?" Pe-ru-n? mod Man-a-lti
bare cured rae of one of the worst case,
jf catarrh any one erer had. My cu
iraa so KTere that I compelled U
Jisconthwe my business, that of con
factor on a railroad; but I am nor
entirely well."
Ordinary treatment of catarrh it foi
local reliel Cares are not expected
Dr. Hartman's method eradicates ca
tarrh abaolutely. Get his latest boo]
ind learn how to combat this insidiou
disease. The Fe-ru-na Medicine Co.
Columbus, 0., will mail Dr. Hartmin*
H. A. Scott, Burt, Tenn., writes:
44I feel very thankful to my Make
and vour great medicine that I an
cured. I would not be without Pc
ru-na in the house."
Pe-ru-na has been curing catarrh fo
forty years. It plucks out the root
of catarrh and builds people up. AJ
druggists sell it
Ask your druggist for a free Pe-ru-n
Umanac for the year 1899.
Mmlcal YVhcullna la the Uloomflelil
Zelalrr Cotiocrt Nrxt Thnrailay Evtulni
A Very Large Scat Sale-Tho Pro
Warranted enthusiasm In Thursday'
)pera House attraction was evidence
yesterday morning, when the reserve
ieat sale openod for tho Fannie Bloom
leld-Zeisler engagement, and a fine an
llence Is assured. Mrs. Bloomfleld Zele
er is slfender In flffure and below mc
Hum height. The character of her pro
He and the somewhat languid droopln
?f the eyes, her quick, sudden but eve
graceful movements, and artistic pecu
larltles constantly suggest the grea
;ragedlenne, Duse.
"Such divine Chopin-playing from th
jands of a woman we have neve
leard," says a critic. "There are n
erms eulogistic enough for her Inter
iretatlon of Schubert-Liszt's "Erl
Clng." It la impossible to concelv
my thing more overwhelming; the er
ire drama passed before the eyes c
he audience which was entirely carrie
iway by the mightiness of the ton
The whole evening will be of incom
mrable musical beauty and the indebt
fdness of oil music lovers Is acknow!
fdged to Mrs. Nellie Warren Hollowaj
inder whose auspices Mrs. Bloomfleld
Jeisler comes to Wheeling as performe
?f the following compositions:
Coccato and Fugue. D Minor (Transcribed
by Tauslg) Bac
Solfeggio, C Minor Ph. Em. Bac
lonato. Opus Ifl (By request)..Beethove
Maestoso?Allegro con brio appassionato!
Arietta (Con Variasslonl).
lark! Hark! the I.?ark
Sri Kinir
(Transcribed by Liszt Schubei
mpromptu, Opus 36.
Stude, Opus 10, No. 4.
Ctude, Opus 10, No. 7. Chop!
false. Opus W, No. 1.
tallade Opus 23 (by request)!
>unst? Fantastluuc.
Opus 54 (dedicated to Fannie BloomHeld
Zelsler) Mosrkowsk
thapsodle HongrolHe No. 12 Lisj
fntteriof .Minor Moment In an 1 ,\bonl
lli? Cltjr.
Grand to-night?"Darkest Russia."
Elbert Mitchell, of the Island, has bee
ipolnted a notary public.
Yesterday was the monthly pay da
'or police officers, firemen and city oil!
Squire Fit spa trick last night fined F
Gardner $5 and coat* for aesaultin
lames Beck, of the East End.
Dr. Eugene L. Warren Is expecte
lome to-day, after spending the yen
vith his borther, Mr. Allan Warren, I
Denver, Colo.
The case of Harry Johnson again*
)sborne Gray, a damage suit, was cor
:1nued yesterday before Squire Greei
in til November 7.
Samuel Oibbons. plpeman at th
3ighth ward engine house, will resum
lis duties this evening, after being I
>f rheumatism for over a week.
Rev. V. A. Hanna is assisting the pa.?
:or of the North street church In a spec
al meting. Services are held at 2o'cloe
?ach afternoon and 7::i0 p. m. The put
Ic is Invited.
Samuel Jaquay, an employe of th
EVhltaker mill, was struck In the stom
ich by a pair of tong*. while at ivor
yesterday morning. The city ambu
ance conveyed him to his home, o
Jouth Wood street, and he will be lal
ip for some time.
The court house and-Jail committee c
he county board of commissioners mc
yesterday and audited bills which ar
ecornmended for payment. The poo
louse and farm committee meets thl
iffernonn. and on Wednesday the boar
nects in auditing scsion.
Wednesday evening at the Salvatio
\rmy hall In -the Hub building, Majo
Bell, the social secretary for the Allan
ic coast division, will lecture upon th
loclal work of the Salvation Army an
sill illustrate with stereoptlcon vlewi
3esld<es being ft fluent sneaker, the mo
|or Is an expert concertina player an
vlll render a number of selections.
Yesterday was the last day of dLs
jount at the city collector's office, an
:he tax receipts amounted to over $41
K)0. On uccount of a general m(sunder
landing of the advertisement rIvIiik th
Imlt of discount. Collector Hall state
ast night that the discount would b
riven to all taxpayers paying durln
:he present we<?k. After this week a
iddltfonal ten percent will be oouectec
he Interest dating from November 1.
FRESH Meat nt Welch's Grocery.
A1 RATTLING good boxing contes!
K'nnko and Kt<-I*c?r twenty roumlff <>
norc at Metropolitan A. C. lo-nlifht.
j MAKKII STRtll. ^
than any
!*? <? ttf Building
or Loan
j op 4*ii*. ?*. m. m Association.
I p. ?. Mondav and
I baturd?y Ivpiinqv.. ?
I Engaged la a Personal Encountc
Which has Resulted Jn
Very unfortunate was the pemnnal er
1 counter that occurred last evening ?boi
' 7 o'clock, (n the alley- *bove Ninth stree
? between Market and Main, between P<
. lice Officers William Trautweln ar
r Charles Landmeycr, night officers c
beats In the upper part of the city: Tt
r men are said to have bad an old grudj
which was the cause of their coming t<
gether at the place mentioned. Ti
' fight atracted a large crowd, curious 1
' see two blue coated guardians of tl
' peace giving the public an example <
" what they oughtn't to do.
Someone telephoned to police heai
quarters, and Officer Walker was sei
r up on the run to quell the dlsturbanc
i When he amved.Landmeyer was on til
- ground andTrautweln holding him dow
and counseling htm to fee quiet and cor
sent that their differences be adjust*
r amicably. To this, however, Labi
9 meyer would not consent, and said I
1 wanted to lick his man or get licked. A
this stage, Officer Walker lnlerfered an
separated the combatants. After It wa
a over the two officers realised for tl
_ first time how serious was the little ai
- fair that had Juat closed. Both went 1
their homes and took off their uniform
Kjniei Ol Z'OIK-'tr dcilllck.1. t?ob uuv>>mv
- of the affair and lost no time in makin
5. a thorough and impartial investlgatioi
The twd offending: officers were called i
and told "their storiea. The chief did n(
, hesitate in giving his verdict?dlemiaai
? from the force. This action was take
d in the face of the fact that both Traul
i weln and Londmeyer had excellent n
im cords on the force, but the chief felt tha
the offense was one of such seriouanes
that it would be Inadvisable to JnduJg
In any clemency.
>- Now that the affair has ended, both <
the ex-officer3 are sorry that they allow
ed their tempers to overbalance thel
s Judgment of the fitness of things. Traui
'r we/n went on the force when Chief Ber
- nett assumed office nearly four years agi
t and Landmeyer became a regular aboi
a year ago.
It was learned last night that Traui
c wein and Landmeyer would appear I
r police court this morning to answer U?
0 charge of disorderly conduct
Tha Well Known 9larahall County Con
?nUslon?rs 01a Trial at JHonnili
vllle?The Defense JMaklug a Slrooi
'' <!atc,
d The trial of S. R Davis, president c
e the county court of Marshall count]
upon charges made against him by som
* citizens of the county with the lntentlo
[2 of having him removed from olflce. com
r, menced yesterday morning In the clx
I- cult court of the county. Out of fort
:r or fifty charges preferred, only fourtee
were sustained upon demurrer, anc
Judging from the statements made t
? the Jury by the attorney for the defend
U ant. Judge Mvivln, these cannot be pro
All forenoon was taken up in selectln
a Jury to try the case. In the afternoo
the attorneys made their statements t
?... T 1-1 n I? fur rh
plaint ifld. and Judge Mel Yin, of Wheel
Ins, for the plaintiff. The charges s?
11 out and name quite a number of order
which were drawn without any author
ity from the court and without a con
tract for the work done. In denial c
this, certified copies of contracts and c
the records of the court "wer shown an
;t it will be clearly proven that evcrythin
was done according to law. The com
liiittee appointed at- a meeting of th
citizens to make an investigation an
prefer the chaises, did not ask the aa
distance of the county clerk or th
commissioners, and the result was tha
they overlooked many things and mad
n w hat now seem to be false accusations
Some clerical errors have been made b
y the clerk, for example*, in drawing a
i- order for $1,01)7, the clerk made it $1,07!
reversing the last two figures. Thl
5 misled the committee and is the basi
^ of one of the charges.
When the cerunea copies 01 me ct>?
tracts and copies of court records wer
produced by Judge Melvin. in his ad
ir dress to the jury, there was considers
n ble consternation: among1 the attorney
and their clients at the other table.
?t Twenty-nine witnesses for the plain
i- tiff and seventy-five for the defendan
r, have b?-en summoned, and were nearl
all in the court room yesterday. Th
e examination of witnesses will cotamenc
this morning.
I- Ami Hevnral Oilier Am?rlcaiin by Adof
tion Fljjnr* In n Scrap.
k Three Chinese, an Italian or two, aev
eral Hebrews of foreign birth and othe
e Americans by adoption figured in
i. scrap at IL'36 Market street yesterda
k morning that did not end seriously, bu
might have but for interference,
j There is a partition ini the storeroom
one sldo is occupied by Yee Wah, Jin
Yic and Charley Yoo, who run a Chi
>1 ? ,... ti,0 olhnr |u Inciitiv
I1USU lilU liu> J i uu ?.?,? -v.
1 Sam Gold, an Italian fruiter. tfoli
e found some laundry left at his place b;
ir mistake yesterday morning, and as
? personal favor ho took It into the Chi
d nese establishment next door. The Ce
lestials, however, failed to understan
n that the son of Italy wne doing them a:
* act of kindness. As they looked at it
i" It was a ease of Kuropean intervention
c which no true Ron of Confucius wouli
d utand Idly "by ana allow.
At any rate, China and Italy cas
- aside the arts of diplomacy and wen
d at It hammer and tongs?hammer an<
tongs in this story moan lists, finger
i- nails and a dirk. Italy was soon worst
d od. It was another Atoyalnnia enter
prise. China, had more men and heavie
- armament?the dirk, you know. On ih
e Chinese side. Ye? Wall and Jim Ye
d were engaged, and the Italian claim
e Charley Too wo* In it, too, but othe
K testimony was to the effect that Charle;
n had Just wound up a seance with a pip
I, ot opium when the scrap began, so j
must have been a-physical Imposslblllt
for^hlm to he In It.
Finally, nngnuors ana inier pone
I officer*. Michaels and IWeutonant In
I. j gram, Interfered, and the engagemen
camo to a close, without the Chines
I fh-ct potting- a chance to u*e the <]lrk
J The whole outfit was taken to Squir
1 Uogers* office, and In tho afternoon i
' j hearing" wu had. In which able Icga
? counsel sputtered and bickered fo
three hours, nfter which ench of th
c'hlnene wuh flncd $5 and cohih, whlcl
\v,i? paid.
Brut tb, /?llw Kind Vm H?w >lwr? Baugi
1 '"r&ytfZza&
^ Not 'for several years past has there
been aa much Interest centered In the
r old oil AeCd* aa a: the prf??nt time, amya
rD. 8. W." in his weekly review. The
situation differs somewhat from that of
, th? put 'when the consumption waa In
p excess of the production. Usually there
were odds and ends,.so to speak. 111 the
old fields that could be drilled for small
_ wells. Work of that character had Its
influence by increasing the' production
El and the old producing wells by moro
careful attention usua4)y responded in a
u like manner. Two or more months
r have now elapsed sinoo the old methods
| were revived, but the?have not brouslu
A | former results. Thore.ecems to bo litX
tie or no reserve territory in the old
I fields. With the old fields divested of
*- (billable territory, the only remody to
E maintain the production will be tni development
of the new territory, and
after-all the effort* in that direction
during: tbe present year, It is clearly
a much easier matter to suggest tho
i- remedy than accomplish the ends. In
it the erplred ten months there has not
? been a new pool discovered this side ot
West Virginia, and with one* exception
)m the M/ountaln Slate has done-little In
id supplying new territory or n&w pools,
m Extensions to discoveries of Tast year
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J have beeit made in; numerous localities,
J but new pools such as Elk Fork of last
year, imv*.* noi uvni n? cxucuv.^. hui- ?
s withstanding: there has been an untiring '
effort to accomplish that purpose. '
? In the face of countless failures, It I
1 will Rot do to take the position that no
more rich pools will be discovered in the
e lower southwest. Each month- for a
1 year past has reduced the chances, for
e many test wells have been drilled durJ*.
ing that period. The fact still remains i
y that many thousands or acres in large
blocks have not been tested. With no
' other invitlr.gr territory in sight openis
tors are bending their energies and exs
pending much capital In that direction.
It is understood that some of the larger >
" companies will make another and more
e determined effort to open up something
" new In the extreme lower southwest
" counties. Calhoun, Gilmer and Roane
3 counties first claim attention; in the j
first and last named counties there was
? - '!* !? nitavlo alt ilia
PUIIIU imre ??!? r> nw
1 year, but nothing: in the way of new tery
rltory has yet been discovered. It is
e claimed by those who have operated, in
e the counties named that the rock for- 1
mat!ons ore badly demoralized and is '
some localities a total absence of ail of
the oil bearing sands. If there is one J
i. thing more than another that disgusts
the experienced operator, it is to find the
rock formation" broken and irregular;
nothing will cause him to throw up a
r block of territory and make the land i
a owner a tender of his leases so willingly 1
y as a failure to find the sands in regular '
, ordfcr. 1
The Berca territory In Wood county 1
has been the source of a good dr*al of
; new production, and has been quite ac- '
ii live during the summer months. This
- territory has been fully defined and has
d less work doing now than at any time
'l noct ul*? mAmtlia TIi.? tlan_
y dershot and Murphytown districts have
a very little new work starting.
The lor.fr list of dry holes la Ritchie
- county has caused a cessation of operatl
tions In the gait rand districts. To the
n southwest of the Whisky run pool a Uttie
new work 1* starting, ljttt that pool
i. no longer attracts attention.
J Ttye Jai-k?on Ridge territory In Monroe
county, Ohio, is certain to show in-'
t creased operations In the near future;
t its defined area is such as to make room
1 for a large number of wells. The In
crea?Q in production from that quarter
- will be slow, owing to the n* mil sl*e of
- the wells. The local field holds out few
r Inducements In any quarter. ;rhe much
e talked or fifth sand saiul dpvlopmrnt on
p Little Deer creek. Allegheny county, has
s proved a disappointment. A very small
r producer and a rank duster was all that
y the Economy tract could do for the past .
e I month.
t m
.. For Ohio M litem |*re?l?trtil. <
OOLUM'BITS, O., Oct. 31.?Secretary- j '
p Treasurer T. L. Lewis of the Ohio mln- ,
J era, Is here making: arrangements for
tho stata convention which moots in
January. He is being1 pushed for iuip
tional prescient of the United Mine \
Workers by his friends. lie is making" i
. no light personally, saying that the man i
r for the position win be dictated by tho f t
n national administration of the miner's \ \
^ organisation. _
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IMacontcntr* Troop*. S
DENVER, Colo., Oct. M.?The 'following
cablegram was received to-day from
the regiment of Colorado volunteers in H
service at Manila:
"To Governor Adams, congressional
delegates and the press of Colorado:?
Providing peace is declared, regiment
?:irncstly desires recall. Rations insufficient;
15 per cent sick. Cheerfully remain
for lighting; reluctant to serve
garrison. Answer.
"One Thousand Colorado Volunteers.
Governor Adams Immediately telegraphed
the cablegram to the war department,
but from previous communications
upon the same subject, docs not
expect any action will be taken, lie
"1 do not think the situation is quite
us bad as the cablegram would Indicate.
Fifteen percent of the regiment sick is
not a very large number."
N'nvnl I'miii Wrecked*
ST. PAUL, Allnn., UCl. A >V III1Uwg,
Man., special to the Dispatch says:
The special naval train was derailed
?rcst of flat Portage at 1:30 o'clock this
morning by a broken rail. The tender,
two baggage cars and throe colonist
?ats went over the embankment ten ft ct
ilgh. Frank Flekncy and William Miller,
boys from the training ship Agint-ourt,
of Chatham, Kngland, were kill:d.
Samuel Harrison, stoker; of Edinburgh,
and Thomas Burns, seaman,
were injured; also a nmn named Smith,
from PaplricauvilJe, Que., who was
stealing a ride.
l*ow?lrr IIoimc Ks|tlo.loa,
SOUTH ACTON. Mass., Ocl. 3t.-Tlw
powder house of the New York and
Mew Kngland Titanic Smokeless Pooler
Company was demolished by an explosion
<o-daf. There were twenty m> n
^unloved in the building, nil of whom
scaped with tho exception of two wtm m
vere slightly Injured in the rush to got j
jut. The cause is not known.
!npnii*a 1'iiiiiiiPi Resign*.
VOKOltAMA; Oct. 31.?The whole cabnet
has resigned, tho ministers belli*
inable to agreo upon the question ot
llllng tho portfolio of education. Thus
he flrst attempt at party government
n Japan hw? proved a failure.
Wilt not I'll I Vacancy.
NKW YORK, Oct. 31.?Tho eJtecutlre
rotfimltleo of the Oltixcn*' State Party
j;is dclilcd not to till the vacancy on I
lie Mate ticket caused by the death of
'olonel Goorgo L\ Waring, catidlduofor
itatu engineer.

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