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IPromlic of Chairman of Demo,
cratlc Congressional Committee
?' New York Press: June's thistles of
' treason will not bear figs of loyalty In
November. The time Is too short to
grift a grape upon a thorn. The chalr?r
man of the Democrat^ congressional
committee finds It advisable to pledgo
I hit party to we support ox tile MCKiniey
. administration In the conclusion of a
peace with Spain. But bis party's records
apeak louder' titan liis words.
If Mr. Xerr, aa reported In a Washington
dispatch to a New York paper,
means anything when he applies the
term , "silly pretense" lo the averment
that "Spanish Interest* will be enhanced
; . by the success of the Democratic party
in Conaress." he means that a Demo
I era tic majority In Congress* would sup-1
V port the administration In Its policy
tqward Spain. For any other cour??
would undoubtedly "enhance Spanish I
Interests" This 1b as self-evident a? :
the proposition that a house divided i
cannot stand. There 1s only one way ,
for so executive to carry out a policy J
; Inimical to the legislative branch of gov -1
V eminent. That Is by Ignoring the legislative
body?ruling without it, as Bis- 1
marck did from 18C to 1866. But Bismarck
baa left It of record that he would ,
have blown out his brains had his Doll- i
I cy foiled. J?ls king: dreaded the scuf*
fold both for himselfvand his minister as
the consequence of Bismarck's course.
Such a course is impossible for an
American President. He must command
a majority in Congress or remain
throughout his terra an administrative
nullity save as to the mere routine of
r government It is certain, therefore,
that a Democratic house would "enhance"
"the interests of Spain" unless
It'supported the administration1 as loy.
ally as would a Republican house.
Would It do so? Mr. Kerr says it
would, though Messrs. Bryan. Bailey
and Cleveland have all said by implication
that it would not We know not
which of these soothsayers is the in<
spired Interpreter of the intentions of
the Democratic party in Congress,
though there are three either noted or
notorious Democrats on one side to one
Tfot equally pre-eminent on the other.
Tint *ha rtworrl drowns nil tht?sr? war
!ring voices with its mute eloquence. At
the first moment and on the only occasion
that the McKlnley administration
needed the support of Democrats In Congress
It was withheld In practical unanimity,
seriously broken only by the
5* action of a half dozen outgoing senators
who, their political careers being closed,
could afford to break with their party
and stand by the country.
From the .day, April 2C. when the war
I revenue bill was .reported to the house
to the day, June 10, when the confecft&r;
ence report passed the senate, the JDempr'V
ocratic party In Congress gave abso'
lutely no support to the conduct of the
. war. Nay, It resisted Its maintenance
far more stubbornly than did any Span^
lards of that time In which th^ victory
of Manila waa won. It fought dally,
Bfe hourly, instantly, hammer and tongs.
tooth and nail, to compel the admlnis5
/ tatlon to abandon the war. For only
thus can we interpret this six weeks' re&'
aistancc to a measure whleh In the
& : drafting had carefully avoided every
? ?w*iiMfl flf nnntantlnn Katu-unn thn nar.
tie*, and should have pfljwed both
? houses In one day. That was the logle
cal object of Deraooratlc contention?the
3 abandonment of the war. Wars cannot
go on without revenue, and for six
i weeks this party obstructed the govI
ernraent's sources of revenue. But the
t\* actual political object was no better; in
I its craxed partisan rancor it was posJi
sibly worse. From the moment the bill
t was Introduced the Democratic party
V " forgot all about the war save as a means
> to enact its peculiar financial theories In
j to laws. In these long weeks Dewey's
triumphant gttns thundered from Mali
nlla; Sampson "bottled up" Cervera;
v Hobson's heroism first puzzled, then
amazed the world: Shafter sailed for
' Santiago, his transports freighted with
fthe prayers of a nation. But the Drmocratlc
eye was glazed and the Democratic
ear was deaf in Congress to nil
? tl^ese stirring happenings. All that the
chance to coin m^re silver and to Issue
v $160,000,000 more hopelessly Irredeemable
s, greenbacks. That Is all It voted for and
f'- all It spoke for. The record stands.
h And while the record standi* It may
be sa4d, with all due respect to the hon;Y
orable chairman of th?? Democratic parV
ty, that the man who says that the sue.
cess of that party In the coming eleejl
tlons to Congress would not "enhance
Spanish interests* 'la one of three things
?an abandoned liar, a congenital Idiot,
or a Democratic campaign manager
? terribly embarrassed, as ?*very Democratic
campaign manager has T>c/n for
the last thlrty-sevrn years, by thn Inherently
treasonable tendencies of his
^ . party.
Cspt. C*rt?r'a Cm*.
WASHINGTON. Oct. 31.?It is ex?
peoted that the case of Captain Carter.
| . of the Engineer Corps, will be disposed
of this week. The papers In the case are
nmu iiri.li fha PrncliUmf n rwl hnva r?.
ceJved his careful consideration. The
f friends of Captain Carter hnve petitionf
ed the President for a hearing to present
L:. soma statements a* to fuefs and law in
jp the case. This request has been granted
| by the President and he will hear the
cast; during the week.
Tied Tlirniaelvti Together,
. CLEVELAND, O., Oct. 31.?A deeperb
?te attempt to commit suicide was made
early to-day by Hobo Lauror, aged
I twenty-two, of No. 840 Lake street, and
| J. K. Cleckner, aged thirty-two, of No.
2*4 Caae avenue. The couple walked
A hacking cough I* a grnvo-yard
cough; the sooner you Ret rid of It tho
bettor. Don't wait until it develops
Into consumption, hut uro the celebrated
Drt John W. Bull'? Cough
Syrup at once. It is n wonderful
remedy for all throat and lung affec- |
tlonn, nnd will cure a deep-Boated
cough or cold in u few days.
| Cough Syrup
Will ours a Hioking Cough.
Dotea are amall and pleanani to lake. Doctora I
r recotumtod it. Price a) cu. At all dtugsUta. |
| out to the end of the dock of the Cleveland
T?cht Club ?t the end of Eric
treet, and tied tbemselves (rom (trine*
torn trpm a bed rteet; They then jumped
Into the lake. Two Lake Shore railroad
detectives were In the vicinity and
witnessed the act. They at once ran
dtiwn and dived Into (he ley water, after
the couple. The man and woman had
already sunk several times, but were
Anally rescued after a long struggle on
the part of Jhe detective*. Both were
taken to the hospital. Cleckner U a
conductor on the Cleveland & Pitta
UU'B" iBiuvuu, wjviiu diav
they were tired of life, the couple would
give no reason tor their attempted suicide.
HtoueWmrr ComIi!iinilut>.
AKRON, 0? Oct. 31.?Success haS at
last crowned the effons of the pronator* I
of the combination which has f ir'its purpose
the control of the production of
white, black and salt glazed stoneware
In the United States and the fixing and
maintaining of prJcea.Tliree meetings recently
held In.Chicago, Cleveland and
Akron resulted In a trust being formed
along the lines of the nail trust. Twenty-six
concern* are interested in the
combine. The combination it is stated
was planned by the -best legal talent In
the country, and it is claimed the trust
laws will not be violated. The combination
represents abopt 65 per cent of the
entire production of common stoneware
in the United States. The trust has already
advanced the market a half a cent
a gallon, in some instances a cent. It.
F. Kent, of Akron, is president; T. C.
Robinson, of Akron, treasurer, and H.
M. Linn, of Zanesvllle, Is secretary.
?j II
Kvmta Tliat illil not CAm* Off.
NEW YORK, Oct. 31.?A dispatch to
the Herald from Havana says: oi
Rear Admiral Sampson did not attend ^
the services In the Independent church
as he was advertised to do. This fact hi
has given a great deal of satisfaction to tt
Americans here who feared that his w
presence might be used to give a semiofficial
endorsement to an antl-C?athollc fr
meeting:. The 'bull fight and base ball at
game advertised for Sunday were vetoed ha
by the civil governor, ihe former owing e?
to the alleged fraudulent means used In Jj1,
advertising it and the latter because the H
license to play was not obtained. These co
are the official reasons given, but the
real rea.son wasr probably to. prevent
trouble with the soldiers and the fear of
a riot.
Dcntli of Corporal Xugrlilc*.
YORK, Pa.,Oct. 31.?Cdrporal William
n rnnmhoi* flf the Sm?onr! reifl
racnt, "Wc-st Virginia Volunteers, died: at
the city hospital last night Death was
caused by lockjaw. Corporal Mugridge
was admitted to the hospital on the 6th
of October. The remains were forwarded
to the parents of the deceased at New
Haven, Mason county, W. Va., to-day.
Writ Virginia PcttiloiiN.
Special Dispatch to the Intelligehcer.
WASHINGTON, Oct 31.?Pensions
have been granted to West Virginia applicant^
as follows:
Original?George Worls, Wheeling, $8;
Jfarshall Wise, Paw Paw, $10; Hiram P.
Farrow, Parkersburg, 512; George W.
Daniels, Gerrardseown, 5C; Noah Keesy,
Cherry Camp, $12.
Renewal?Alpheue Pew, Gladesville,
$8; William K. .LonK." Hickory. $30.
Additional?John H. Silckel. Avon, 56.
Supplemental?Alexander Hendrrssn,
Mount Clare, $2.
Increase?Pranclc . Robinson, Sycamore,
$fi to $72; George M. Shaffer. In.
dependence, 56 to $12; C. J. Taylor, Dean,
$6 to $12; Helnrlch Hundt Wheeling, $8
to $10.
Reissue?George Hatfield, Matewan,
Widow?Sarah E. Barker, Goose
creek, $8; Rena Smith, Jerry's Run, 58;
Minerva Carraco, Morgan town, $12.
Dependents?Minors of James Shields, j
Brown, 516.
George Cain, of "WashJngion, Pa., has
been granted an increase of pension
from $6 to $8.
Peculiar Inntrnetioiia of it .TmlsrloSnmmar*
County Jury.
West Virginia Bar: A school of theology
seems to have been opened by one
of the circuit courts of the state. The
Intimate relation between the law and
the Gospel has now been recognised and
the court has therefore proceeded to instruct
the jury In the theology of the
case as well as the law oi the case. Tiie
Jury seems to have accepted the court's
theology, adopted Its creed, and pronounced
the accused n heretic and a
homicide. . If the case gets to the supreme
courts we will be curious to discover
what religious belief obtains in
our higher court and to have the adopted
theology of the bar established, so ?
ItlUl Wf: may irxin our nuun munuuihU'
At any rate we have u hew chapter In
law uud new sample instructions which
instruct*. A correspondent of the Uar
sends us a copy of these Instructions, .
with a letter explaining them, which we
append below for the benefit of the
Dear Sir:?I enclose lo you herewith
copy of the first four instructlona asked
for by the defense' and given by the
court In th<- case of the state vs. I<ee
Young, tried at the Inst term of the
circuit court of Summers county.
The jury "were governed" as set
forth in the third in si mot Ion and very
promptly brought in a verdict of guilty
of murder In the second degree. Young
whs Indicted for the murder of his
I believe that these instructions are
unique and that they will hi? of interest
to the profession. If you care to use
them, do bo. very iruiy yours,
JiJnton, W. Va., Oct. 4, 1898.
1. Tin- court Instructs the jury that
"s?;lf-pri nervation la the llrst law of niltun
/ 'and that whatever a man may do
to preserve lilnis*-lf from danger, ho
may do for another, enpeclally for a near
relative; that the "law of nature" Ib of
Divine origin, that upon the strict obedience
to thf samo depends all human
happlnesp; that the lnwH of nature arc
so Inseparably Int? rwoven with the happiness
of each Individual that the latter
cannot be attained but by observing the
former; thai If the former bepunelunlly
obeyed It eannot but Induce the latter;
that the lav. j- of natur?* ore coeval with
mankind, dictated by Clod hlrnni'If. and
aiv Huperlor in obligation t" all oilier.*;
that it 1h binding over nil the globe, in
all countries* and at all tlinen, that no
tmm/df Jaw la of any validity If contrary
to "th?* law of nature;' 'that all human
law* thnt rue valid derive their force
| and authority from thin original.
'J. Th'-court furthn ln*tructn tIf Jttry
that th" "will of Clod" in the inu* or naj
turp, and tho bfliU evidence of Jlln will
}.? foilml In hi# revealed word called the
Holy tferlpturtf*.
3. The court further Instructs the Jury
I that tlx* Holy Scripture* and Christianity
UK- it ptirt of di" common hnv, and
that they whnuld In* govot-ned by the
I name In r?-turning their verdlol,
4 Tb" court flirther Inmructi* the jury
ion! Jt 1st taught In the "law of nature"
that Dm duticH mid oblljmtlonH due from
tii" htiKhAiifl to tho wife iux* much more
pacrfrd nnd binding than thof due frotn
I tin? son to the father.
JM # i
U Cautloucil not to Rctnru llome at
the Ptcarut Uuiirauii
Waahington Post: We are rather ffJad,
i Dewey's account, tfiat -the rumor of
? home-coming1 lacks official conflrrnajnt
It \b not that we object to seeing
m again. Quite the contrary. He Is
le one prominent leader In the war
Ith Spain as to whose conduct there
us been no cavil or complaint, and
om whose command there has eroaned
no protest or denunciation-. He
i? achieved more, been- longer on duty,
ihlblted a greater military prowess,
vd- a more diplomatic tact than any
ileftaln who has figured" Srv the episode,
e la the one actor at the front of there
'.ossal events touching whose wisdom.
It Id very seldom that soldiers In
refused to obey orders ivorc spread uj
This Is one of the greatest dishonors
breaking out of the Spanish war.
/ \?B w ?
, SiiijfcrlyStirUoan
i t
i -.
) '.N "C* !TV
nn rrur pdati ?vn TUP T3TTT .T. TTO.T
v/l' ino X- HVAJ AiW 111U uuuu, VJ*
| courage, declrlon and shrewdness there inj
has been no ?>rt of qliertion. And yet bei
I prefer that Dewey shouMi remain tril
I on the other eide of the globe for some ha
I little time to come. We tWn4c it better Uo
for his peace or minds vet
This is an emotional' people. The titi
&pairfard.s were wont to speak or us con- yoi
tenvptuoubiJ'y as a nation of sordid- shop- a??]
kcoprs, holding tradfc above glory and u!a
opulence above hooor. They know bet- els
ter now. but that Is neither here nor ma
there. Events have shown that we are Ma
emotional to the verge of hysteria; int
that we are easily fanned inrlo enthusl- dioi
asm. anti that our excitement lends it- cox
self with rudden fury to tempestuous cor
demonstrations* Dewey will not be safe h?
at tbl9 crisis of our feelings. Now York Ms
screamed, ftseif biack in the face over Re
the Seventy-first reg1rr.on>t. Villages all acl
through t?H* country are still paipitat- iati
~~ ~ \
the United States Army have been *prcad-ei
port the wound and pinnacled by wrists and
that can be placed upon a soldiqr. There ha\
# .
- . y
?This is miserable colTcc.
d?On the contrary 1 think it is fine
?I don't sec how yon can say that.
J?Well, I believe in standing up (or the v
r because of the return of their Iooj
oes. The whole nation Is In the trll
lie about one thing or another. W
rett'fc settled (lowifc The least add
n to the prevailing tremor will coi
t utf into a iiraudvin. screaming' mu
id*?. We shudder?for his sake, xndn
j?-to think of the effect that Dewey
mrJtJon- would produce at thlsparti<
r time. If he lands at San Prar
ct> that community will go star]
.rinfir mad'. If he flanks by way <
?e!-lan Btralt? and attempts to anca
o New Yorlc, the metropolis will 1<
viv lt? bade hair and fall Into \ioler
evulsions. There 1? no place on thi
A-lnent he can.lay hi? wear
idv BattaMons of babies named aft(
ti* witf people Ms disordered ?lee;
plment* of friend? Who predicted hi
ilwemnts Jrcmv the first will asphya
6 him with clamorous protestation
irKiI. Three soldiers who positivelj
ankles until they vowed obedience
e been only three eases since th
wmQAif, wilkim ?oo.
Our Policy
'a'wra. """S* W?S
AW ALWAYS ....and...
*IJ fjoesj pianos.
The artistic ctaotf ard of the world.
Tba marvel'3S?inii?;c?l ukccm.
?uery sty Is a gem of perfection.
* Noted for i|tnnty ami beauty.
Coll and see then and get our prices
and terms.
Milligan, Wilkin & Co.
The rah hie will tear him limb from
limb. Procession# wii) trample him uader
foot. The nation wll* contrive 4
Fter belter tyrvtivrey that he remain
at M'anlla, or at learn Hon* Kong.
Speaking 1 iv all honor und affection, we
__ b!d him ket?p the world between his
person and the fury of bis feifow-citi*1
zens for awhile.
r- It is the one Reason, She Thinks, Why she
^ Has Never Married*
>B It was unfortunate that she# was es:
thetic in her ta?te.
'<r "I f?3r," she said, "that I shall never
Jjf narry."
k "But surety you have enough opportuit
riltlea," ?aid her dearest girl friend,
it "Beautiful and talented as you are,there
Is must be many seeking your hand."
y "Alas, yes," she replied, languidly,
sr "Then what stands In the way?"
7. "My estheflclym," was the reply. "My;
Is nature la such that the inappropriateness
is strongly impressed upon me. The
s. first who came I could have loved, but
She sadly sighed and shook her head
"What was the matter with him?" inquired
her dearest friend.
"His name wae Need-ham." answered
the esthetic one. "Think of it! Needham.'
Could I bear to have It said that
I Needham; no matter whether is were
pronounced 'ham* or 'him?' Ah, it wae
awful! I had to let him go."
"But there were others?"
"Assuredly. . But the name of the next
one was Huggins! Just think of that!
Huggins! How could anyone bear to
give such prominence to. the business of
love-making? He wae a nice man, too."
"How about the next?"
"His name was Kissam," she answered
with a shudder. "Think of going
through life with a name that gave such
extraordinary advice every time it was
used. With even a slight drop between
my first and hist names It would be
most embarrassing. 'O, Mabel/ somo
one would call, 'Klssam.' I couldn't
stand It."
"Was that the last?"
"O, no. The next one to propose was
Mr. Leggett. Actually. I almost blush
ed It vrtui so inaeucaie. j\b sura, lkkgett
I would-die of mortification. And
the last was even worse."
"What was Iris itame?"
"Triplet," 6he replied, regretfully,
"and you can readily see that that ia
three times as bad as Chllds. O, if I
could only lose my estheticism or And
?i.t_ .1.1.1 1.|n^ A# a n.m.
Home one wiui me riHiu m**u ui ? >? ?
how happy I might lie!"
Even culture has its drawbacks.?Chicago
Evening Post.
AS an extra dry wine there Is no superior
to Cook's Imperial Chanrpagne.
It's a very dry wine with a high flavor.
IK its advanced and chronic form a
cold in the lvead is known as Nasal Catarrh,
and is the recognized source of
other diseases. Having stood the tesc
of continued successful use, Ely's
Cream Balm is recognized as a specific
for membranol diseases in the nasal
passages, and you make a great mistake
in not resorting to this treatment in
yoUr own ease. To test it a trial size f/
for 10 cents or the large for 50 cents la,
mailed* by Ely's Brothers, 56 Warren
Stret-t. New York. Druggists keep 1*-. _
Every ^
House ^
should have a pure stimalaat,
e especially at this season of the year. Wo
offer to tho public our whiskies, which
- have stood the test of over a quarter of
a century.
Silver Age $1.50
Bear Creek $1.00
These whiskies are unsurpassed for age,
purity and general excellence. Guaranteed
to !>e 'perfectly free from fusil oil
or other deleterious substances. Ask your
dealer for them, and Jf they do not have
them cn liand send direct to *
02 Federal Street. Allegheny, Pa.
Catalogue mailed free on application.
Dealer in all Koods pertaining to the trad*
;x)12 Main Street,
Telephone 37. Wheeling. W.
^yiLLlAM 11AHI-: & SON,"
Practical Plumbers, Gas and Steam fltte/*
No. IS Twelfth Street.
Work done promptly at reasonable prleta.
Practical Plumber, Gas and Steam Fitter.
No. 1155 Market streot.
Ami Electric Chandeliers. Filter*
and Ta -Nit Can Iturnvni n *pcclalty.__rer> a
A full lino of thn r?lebr?ted

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