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. , ;>y -tr". ..
Her Engagement to the Earl
4 if.
The frienda of Mrs. Samuel ColgaJ
were not at all eurprleetF&'^eiv days ag
when- It was reported oii'ftfmUy author
ty that she la soon to become the Cuun
Strafford, for many limed durlu
thff past year has dame'rumor prate
fhe existence of more than friendly set
.iS?rhn frinlthv widow an
Uiucino ...
bcr titled admirer.
Mrs. Colgate Is young,' handsome, an
a shining light In London's high circle
Though an American t>he has 6pei
much time in England, and the account
of her entertainments during both tli
political and social seasons have fill*
wore than one column of space in th
leading periodicals of the British capita
6he is compelled -to struggle through 111
on a fortune of something like *10,000
000. exclusive of real estate.
The Earl of fftrafford has passed tl:
Inability of Ihnt Country lo meet Di
niauda of the Peopln?Kffecti of Agrar
ii Aiiltatlou-DliiRiliftiotlou WltliGo'
?rume?L'i Policy.
A Berlin correspondent of the Xe
York Journal of Commerce writes as ro
lows: From all parts of the empii
there come dally reports as to the grov
ing scarcity of meat. Trices have ri:
en and there la abundant evidence I
show that the poorer classes of the pe<
pie have put themselves upon short n
lowances. Reports which have recent
been collected from many of the munlc
pal slaughter houses of the empire sho
a marked falling off in the number <
animals, particularly hogs, brought I
to bo butchered. Thus, at the Berl!
stock yards in the month of Septembe
the deliveries of cattle, sheep and hof
were 3D.114 head behind those of tw
years ago. although the city with its si
burbs has increased by over 100,000 sou
during that time. Of hogs alone the d<
liveries were over 21,000 fewer than tw
years ago. aond nearly 14,000 behlr
those of 1807. The figures for Septen
ber. 181)6, were 83,456; for last mom
they were 6:'.fl07?the falling off beta
thus over 34 per cent
From other parts of Germany the r
ports are of the same character. J
Nuremberg the falling off amounts
over 1.100 head of hogs a month, and i
Oarlsruhe the number of hogs killed \
the city slaughter house during: the fir
six months of the year was only 13.6
head against 16,809 during the first ha
of 1897. At Hamburg the decline is st
more striking, amounting to 2.000 to J
<*w) r*?r week. -At Spanau the falling c
reaches .10 per <*ent In a population
which nine-tenths are working peopl
As cattle may still be imported withoi
hindrance from Austria the falling off
the number brought to market has n
been so great as that of hogs. StettJ
however, reports 20 per cent loss th?
last year. Besldos the falling off
numbers here shown, it Is claimed th;
the animals of all kinds brought
market ai? lighter and of Inferior qual
ty as compared with previous years.
Prices for pork havo Increased IT)
35 per cent since two years/hgo. Pen
is cold now at retail at from 17c tp 1
a pound, ami even at these price? it
cHld that the butchers are making i
money, as they must buy at prices th,
nre correspondingly higher, so there
but alight margin for profit. Tim hi#
prices are causing no Utile diseonM
among the working people, and they a
making use of the deamess of. rnnat i
an argument to strengthen their d
mands for higher waget#, - They a
able to point out that hogs cost in He
land only about 6c a pound *Sve weigfr
and In France 10c to 12c. There
thH-eforo a strong and growing denial
that the existing decree excluding fo
eljrn hogs from Germany he abolish'1
Many chambers of commerce have ta!
en up the subject, and some have a
pealed to the government to raise tl
prohibition. The government, howev*
has thus far refused to act, ond It
considered certain that it \yiU do not
Itjst. On the contrary, seml-ofllcl
newspapers arc trying to deny Hi
' ? # 1 mi,...,
uirre i."? any mi'ai. kuiuiic. mi/ ?sivi
the action of the Kovernment, by poln
Sntr out that the Import of mfeat In Ju
a* little obstructed now oh It was up
1*35. Rut this Is only like glvln/?
for bread, nine? the dnty ?>n ptti
\fi $100 per 100 pound?, whereas the II
hot? could have been brought In for fi
per 100 pounds.
The situation la cnllln/r forth In tl
opposition pp-fs much sharp and frnr
rltlcjsin of the Rovernment; the so
jcctlon of the government to asrar^
liit.*rf?Hts Is pointed out very plain)
and the popycock nb?i:t the sanlta
purpose of the prohibition of Impor
finds little credence outside sovernnn
?Ircles and the beneficiaries of Its pol
clea The opposition papers show wl
jrreat effect the folly of glvln/? tl
a?rrHiUms full posh.'Hslon c?f the lion
nmrket when they nresJiowlnp: their I
ahll'.ly to supply Its demands. Tl
ntimb?*r of cattle, sheep and hopi h
not ?<ept pnee with the growth of pop
Mtlon. Tiio number or cattle ana no
ha* Increased xlnce 1S7.1; but the mu
her of sheep htus fallen oj'f so heavl
that the total number of animate 1? m
actually less than It was fh tlial yet
whereas'the population has Inereasfrom
41*2 to 6,1^ mllllonH since that tlir
The rise In the price of pork Is direct
attributable to the prohibition of ii
portn of live animals and thp dlfllcultl
placed In the way of imports of mea
from the United States. The year
imports of live ho#fs at the heitljittll
of thlu deende ran al>ove 800.000 hen
and In 1804 nmounted fltlll to 710.fi
hi.mi- hut liiut vMir lrmmits mink tn 8!
Import* of young pIkm foil fro
329.4*0 hMul In 1*02 to 2.060 limt yn
<'nttl?? Imports lt? 1894 amounts I in :mj
127 h'-ad; hint year to only I9M&! l??>n
Of tho hopr* Imported lant yrfar 70.?;
wunt dlrorfly Into tho (daughter bona
of Uppor Blloala. iIiIm apodal locmptlf
being made by luw in fuvur of that cci
of Strafford Haa Been Announced.
:e | alxty-ycar mark. and. though rather
;o pray. Is not wholly an unfit match for
1- I his bride-to-be tviien good looks are the
I- Paint OL COI1BIUU1 ?iiuui ???. to
g er of a vact rent roll, and in his stables
d are the finest breeds of Europe, some o(
i- which have held the blue ribbon for
d many seasons.
Just the opposite to Mrs. Colgate, the
d Earl dislikes society, and is very fond of
s. the quiet of country life. He devotes
:t much if not most of his time to looking
s after his large estates, and the remainie
der he spends in hunting, when the
d game season Is on. The Earl of Stafford
id ranks among the first on the list of
1. wealthy English land owners. He is it tore
eral and donates generous sums to different
charities, and it is said that his
philanthropy has made him little less
ic than an idol in the eyes of his tenantry.
ncr of the empire wedged in between
*? A Motrin
nunom ????\* ?
In the midst of the controversy has
?* come the discovery of the government
l" that great quantities of American hogs'
r- meat have been coming uninspected into
Germany by way of Holland. Belgium,
w and England. The paternal alarm
. caused by this discovery can only cause
amusement in view of the fact that nc
re authenticated case of trlchiniasis hae
t- ever been proved here against American
a_ hogs' meat.
t0 It Didn't Work.
"Weekly Telegraph: * A well-known
jy professor sometimes became so much
I- interested in his lecture -that when the
w noon bell rang he kept the class five or
fjJ ten minutes over the hour. Certain restIn
less spirits among the students thought
r, ?they would give him a gentle hint, so
f? they bought an alarm clock, set it to go
" it Oil
j_ OIL pructseift ui iiuuu, n?u ?< <>?> ... ...
la the professor's desk when they came In?
to the next lecture. They knew that he
<o was a little absent minded, ond expectid
ed that he u-ould not notice It.
11- As the noon hour struck the alarm
h went off with a crash, and those of the
class not in the secret started and took
in the Joke at once. There was a round
f" of applause. The professor waited unu
til the alarm and the applause wore
over, and then said: "Young gentleJ1:
men, I thank you for this little Rift. I
,lf had forgotten If was my birthday. An
J olarin clock Is something mv wife hna
vl needed for our servant for some time. It
|,7 Is a very kind remembrance on your
. part."
The professor then went on to finish
a demonstration Interrupted by the
e alarm. _
^ %orll? Amrrlenn Review.
Archibald R. Colquhoun, author of the
n. recently published work on "China In
in Transformation," contributes to the
"North American Review" for Novem-j
to brr a most Important article entltlod,
II- "The Fiir Eastern Crisis," in which he
deals with the sequestration of the ChlJP
nese Empire at the hands of the des*
potlc and military states of Europe.
,c China, however, Mr. Colquhoun points
19 out, is a world necessity, and the status
V1 of the United States as mistress of the
Philippines and of the Sandwich Islands
Imposes on her the dutyof taking a hand
'? in the game that Is to be played in the
re Western Pacific.
^ lleprutnl Too l.nfr.
re PITTSBURGH, Pa., Oct. 30.?Because
Philip Casslday was late. In keeping an
Is aPP0,ntmenl with wife, Mary Ann,
?] to take her to the exposition during its
r. closing days, n quarrel started between
,]. them. It was ended last night by Mrs.
k- CaSSlday pouting on on ner ciouuo, anil
ting fire to them with a match and hehe
ing burned to badl^ that she died toi.
day. While the flames were burning
Is her body she cried 4o her husband to
h- save her, byt it was too late. Though
al she hnd talked of taking her life, it Is
;it not thought that she Intended to go to
id the extreme which marked her strange
t- act.
st l
t? I'llr* t Pile* ! llohlliu I'ilra.
a I SYMPTOMS?Moiature; intenso Itchrk
! Ing a**d slinging; most at night; worse
io I by scratching. If allowed 10 contlniie
&c tumors form, which often bleed nnd ulcerate.
becoming very sore. SWAYNE'S
lie OINTMENT stops the Itching and
ilc bleeding, Ke;ils ulceration, and in most
b- cases redfffives the tumors. AI drugin
gists, or by mail, for 50 cents. Dr.
iy, Swayne & Son, Philadelphia. Refuse
ry all substitutes. tths&w
ne , For Infant! and Children.
K i The Kind You Have Always Bought
i y
m ?
ig If you purctioNc or make m loan on real
,j, i-xtatv liave the title Insured by the
v Wheeling Title and Trust Co.
m u
itO. m i JIAltKKr HTIU.IM'.
Vl" H. M. IHT8K..LL Preelftcnt
K? I*. K. BTiFJJL Secretary
C. J. IIAWLINO Vlc?i rrcildrnl
"* WM. Jl. TIlACT AM't. HocrcUry
u. 1L L UlLCliRIBT..Examlncr of Tit lei
r- | de!7
Kmjob's Headache aid ladijestioa Core
ft the only remedy 'on the market tha vill
cure every form of Headache in 3 tc
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'ate the neivea and build uo the syatem
It iihould be In every home and ever}
'ravlrr's frrtpwiek. At all DruscistsJS
ouraa. 25c.
Th# Feature* of the Moucjr mid KtorU
NEW YORK, Oct. 51.?Money on call
e&ay at 1%$? per cent; laat loan IK
per cent. Prime mercantile paper 3%f?
4hi per cent. Sterling: exchange Arm.
tvltb-actual btifllneas In bankera' bills
' Oi ?f., * A and at
*> -vr "LiiiBi.1., ?.? ?
J4 8314C4 h*% for alxty days; posted
rate* H SJtrt MVS and U 86^4 87. Commercial
bills $4 81. Silver certificates
61CMc. Bar silver ?lttc; Mexican dollars
Some obvloua effort was required to
sustain prices to-day above the level ot
Saturday and the mid-day rise was not
maintained to the close, prices In some
caJM declining below Saturday's level.
An Inspection of the list will reveal that
outside ot a very few cases net changes
are unimportant. Some observers believe
that auch strength as the market
has. 1? due to the support ot very powerful
aggregations of capital which
are Interested lo seeing higher
prices for net* securities. Quite
a large proportion ot the total business
to-day was In Tobacco, the price of
which was rushed up seven points to
143K. Quite a lot of Federal Steel securities
was dealt In, the preferred stock
rising nearly two points to 75*c. The
I -*??i iinobi a.n it in "when Issued."
which Is the stock exchange phrase for
buying what has not yet come Into existence.
There are to be (200.000,000 of
the Federal Steel itocks. There are to
be 160,000,000 of securities of the new
Continental plug tobacco annex of the
American Tobacco Co. As .these securities
ere In process of flotation the Importance
of sustaining vnlues in the
general market for their benefit is undeniable.
The task of doing this to-day
was not an easy one, and in the late
dealings, with selling of Northern Pacific
on a large scale and talk of fresh
complications in connection with that
road's relations with other roads, the
burden apparently became too heavy
and pretty much nil the earlier gains
were wiped out. Tobacco and Federal
Steel were conspicuous exceptions.
There were other points of strength in
the market during the day, particularly
among the western and southern railroads.
St. Paul's September statement,
showing an increase in net earnings of
$253,331 in spite of large additional outlay
for operating expenses, served to
counteract the effect of Burlington's
poor statement, published Saturday.
There were strong statements also from
Denver & Rio Grande and Chesapeake
& Ohio, while in the Erie statement the
decline in gross earnings was offset by
economics in the operating department,
leaving an increase in the net earnings
of nearly $50,000. But there was no general
public Interest In the market and
some attention was paid to large naval
i and military preparations making in
Great Britain. The weakness in the
wheat market early in the day on the
* big Russian shipments was also an Influence
in the market. The small demand
for money la not regarded as a
' favorable Indication now that there are
1 abundant funds in the market.
1 There was continued activity In the j
1 bond market, the speculative and roor- I
ganlgntlon bonds being the favorites, j
The Union Pacific 4h Bold inost of the
rfnv at dot. which price they touched j
for the first time on Saturday. Total
sales, 3.09(^000.
Government bonds were unchanged, j
The total sales of stocks t?-day, were
U. S. new 3s 106 jOrp. R. & Nav.. 53
U. S. new -Is reg.l2frft (Pittsburgh 170
do coupon la&i Reading 16
U. 8. 4h : Ill41 do first pru.... 39
do Coupon U2-?i;Rock Island 102T?
do seconds .... ?%|8t. Paul 109?4
U. S. 5s reg llii'i! do preferred...lGOVfc
do 5s coupon... US',* St. P. & Omaha. SI
Pacific f?s of '95..1(^3 do preferred...J(JI
Atchison 12% Southern Pac... 22XA
do preferred... 35% Texas & Pac.... 134i
Hal. & Ohio....? 44Vj Union Pacific... 32?4
Can. Pacific 817* do preferred... G3?4
Can. Southern... 53'* Wabash 7*4
Ches. & Ohio.... 21J? ?lo preferred... 20U
Central Pacific.. 25% tWheel. & L. K. 3
Chi. & Alton.... 152ia tdo preferred.. 16%
Chi., Bur. & Q..u.~r% Adams Ex 110
Chi. & N. W....13IV4 American Ex...135
do preierrcu...m? i?.>. u.
C. C. C. A St. L. 39>4 Well* Fargo....120
do preferred... SI !Am. Spirits ll?i
Del. ft Hudson..101% do preferred... 34
Del., Lack. ft W.1W* Am. Tobacco....142
Den. & RIoG.... 12% do preferred...126
do preferred... 5f?4* Col. F. ft Iron.. 22
Erie (now) 12'i do preferred... SO
do first pre.... 32% Gen. Electric... 81%
Fort Wayne ....172 Illinois Steel
Hocking Valley. 2^ Lend 33
Illinois* Central..lOPt do pt^ferrdS...10914
Lake Erio ft W. J3H Pacific Mall Z2\
do preferred... 61 People's Gas....103%
Lake Shore 190 Pullman Pal....199
Lou. ft Nash.... 57 Silver Cer 61
Mich. Central....1??T Supar 113*4
Mo. Pacific...'.... SSlfi do preferred...los>4
N. J. Central.... WWfciTenn. Coal ft I.. J9
X. V. Central....ll4Va]U. S. Leather.'. 6?4
Northern Pao,.. .'^ Hi do preferred... $5
do preferred... 7&J4 iWestern Union.
"All assessments paid.
{Fourth assessment paid.
Orfailalnffi ami Pro* talona.
CHICAGO?Dealers !n provisions to;
day had a sensation In n squeeze of
shorts In October ribs. Though few in
number the shorts were crowded badly
as eyldenced by an advance of $1 45
above Saturday's closing price. The
llnal figures showed a net advance of
9.1o, January pork, lard and ribs each
advanced 2*?c.
Wheat also closed %c higher on a renewal
of the recent war scare. Corn
advanced Oats left off a shade
1 The early information about wheat
from foreign sources was quite bearish
and domestic receipts so fur as known
up to tho time of the opening: of the
market here were sufficiently liberal to
be a pood second to the foreign lead. As
u result, the trading In December commenced
very weak and nt figures con- i
slderably below the put price. The i
' market became exceedingly dull after 1
' the preliminary drop, and kept sluggishly
around the opening price for .
over an hour. '
At the end of that time a report was |
circulated that English consuls had de,
cllned ** per cent, and that net the war
j fever raging again. For about twenty |
minutes trade became active and even
; somewhat excited, and the price forge 1
ahead until December showed a ?aln of
l%U\%c over the opening decline. The
advance did not hold, however, ns the
amount of the deellne In Oonsolr. was
somi discovered to have been exaggerated.
The day's statistical Information
i\'a* fairly well divided between bullish
and bearish. Chicago received 329 cars,
compared with 1SI the corresponding
day of last year, while Minneapolis and
Duluth receipts were 1,871 carloads
against 1,451 a week ago and 1.8'?fl cars
n year ago. World's shipments were
8.457.000 and the quantity on ocean passage
Increased L'.SSO.OOO agaln.it l.UOO.flOO
bushels Increase the year before. The
receipts at primary western ports were
heavy. 2.273,000 bush'Is, compared Willi
1.801,000 Inst year. Clearancea from At:
lantlc swabouvd were equal In whe.it ami
Hour to 1,000,000 biiMhels. Liverpool rc
covered nearly all of its early decline
and New York reported fifty boat loads
taken for export, while 00.000 bushels
were "old hore for all rail shipment to
the aeaboard. Thla resulted in renewed
huyliur by HhorlK and the market
wound up within a fraction of the hlffh
point for the day. December opened
Tic lower at fi.'UftfUHc; roae to r.RV-,
reacted to then recovered to GO^c
sellers, the closing flguro.
A decline at Liverpool and Bond
weather, together with the weakness in
wheat, Htartcd eorn under put prle\
There wan considerable buying against
prlvllepei, which pave the market a
i firmer tendency. The Mrcnprth became
moro pronounced as the scatdon nd*
vanced. good purchases hy shippers and
ictlvr speculative buying bfing awaki.pJ
bf a shr.vp drop in hath Eaitllih
and French securities Receipts were
3*5 can. December opened He down at
Kc, ?>?< rapidly to 53SC32%c and dosed
at buyers.
Oata stal led out rattier easy with the
other grains. Out a few outstanding
porta were disposed to cover and as no
lffering* were forthcoming they were
-onrpelled to build up the price In order
to accomplish their ends. Receipts
were 90S cars. May started Uc lower at
24*c. advanced to !4*<?24%c. then reacted
to 24%034Mc, the closing price.
But for a squeeze In October ribs
provisions tvould have been lifeless and
as It was the flght over the termination
of the rib deal affected so few people
that it did not produce the usual excitement
that attends a corner on the
day of its climax. The longs In the
rib deal were houses with English connection*.
while the shorts were said tin
be a couple of Chicago's most prominent
packers. The result of the matter was
that October ribs that closed Saturday
'at IS SO. made a very- substantial rise of
tl 45 per 100 tbs. and closed with a net
gala of nlnety-flve cents. Private set?MUilnn
I iietnenis on iw uc?i uu>u% .... _?...
vere said to have bsen made on about
5,000.000 tbs. The rest of (he market
ruled dull throughout. January pork
opened 2ttc higher at 19 OS, declined to
<9 03!i. advanced to SO 0T?4?9 10. then
reacted to 19 OS aellera at the close.
The fluctuatlona in lard and January
rlba were of the narrowest kind.
There la said to be a corner In October
rlba with English houses In control.
The price at the cloae Saturday was
S5 20 and to-day the price reached
S5 t7H before a single trade could be
made. After that the price Jumped upI
ward lOOlEc on every transaction until
i It finally reached >8 75 bid, with not I
over 100,000 lbs. traded In between tt
and the top prices. The Anglo-Amerl:
can company bid the price up and U la
claimed that Armour and Cudahy have
been caught short
| Estimated receipts for Tuesday: I
Wheat, 450 care> corn. 460 cars; cats.
[ 350 cars: hogs, 25,000 !t?a.a.
| The leading futurea ranged as follows:
Articles, jopen. i High. Low. Close.
Wtw^CN'orYi r~ I
Oct MNi
" - I (WTi 60*i
May S? 67-41 66'i ?!S
Oats. No. 2.
Oct ?% SHU 31H 82^4
Dec 32 32=U 32 S2%
May 33% 34% 33% 84%
Corn, No. 2.
, D*c 23% 23% 23% 23%
' May 24% 24??- 24% 24%
i M?s Pork.
Dec 7 00 7 92',i 7 90 7 90
Jan 9 OS 9 10 9 0^ 9 05
Lard. I
Doc. 4 S7H> 4 PO I 4 $5 4 87%
Jan 4 93 4 97W 4 92% 4 93
Short Bibs
I Doc 4 65 4 65 I 4 60 4 62%
' .Jan. .......... 4 62% 4 67%) 4 62% 4 65
! "~Ca*h quotations"were as follows:
Flour steady.
1 Wheat?No. 2 spring 63066c; No. 3
I spring [email protected]>66c; No. 2 red 68c.
Corn?No. 2. 32%c; No. 2 yellow 33c.
Oats-No. 2. 25c; No. 2 white 26%?
2?%c; No. 3 white 25?26%c.
Rye-No. 2, 50%?5l%c.
Barley?No. 2. 33048c.
Flaxseed?No. 1. |1 01%?1 02.
Tlmothyseed?Prime $2.35.
Mess Pork?Per barrel 37 S5?7 90.
Lard-Per 100 lbs., 54 92%?4 95. I
Short Ribs-Sides (loose) *5 0005 30.
Dry salted shoulders (boxed) 4%4$4%c.
Short clear sides (boxed) 15 [email protected] 20.
Whiskey?Distillers' finished goods,
per gallon, $1 25.
On the produce exchange to-day. the
I butter market was steady; creameries i
14?21%c; dairies 12?19c.
Eggs?iSteady and firm; fresh 17%?
Cheese?Quiet; creams 7%?9Vic.
NEW YORK ? Flour, receipts 25.353
barrel?; exports 21,818 bbls; dull and
nominally steadier.
Wheat, receipts 4H.75Q bushels; exports
416,538 bushels: spot setady; No.
2 red 76fcc f.o.b. afloat; options opened
weak, rallied on excited covering and
closed %@%c net higher; sales No. 2 red
Mlay 71tt?72fce?72%c.
Corn, receipts 155,025 bushels; exports
206.544 bushels; spot firm; No. 2 39Tf?c
f.o.b. afloat; options opened easier and
closed %@%c higher; May closed at
39% c.
Oats, receipts 212.900 bushels; spot
firmer; No. 2 29%c; options dull and
Hops strong. Cheese steady. Tallow
dull. Cottonseed oil quiet. Rice firm.
Molasses firm.
Coffee, options opened steady at 5
points advance and closed firm and [email protected]>
15 points net higher; sales 13.000 bags.
Sugar, raw strong ana nigner; reunea
Arm but quiet.
B.VLTIMORE-Flour dull; receipts
2.1.909 barrels; exports 314 barrels.
Wheat firmer; spot 70%?70?f,c; receipts
181,856 bushels: exports 16,000 bushels.
Corn firmer; spot 3?%@37Hc; receipts
147.172 bushels; exports 66,608 bushels.Oats
quiet; No. 2 western 29?29ftc; receipts
7.907 bushels; exports 120.225
bushels. Rye firm; No. 2 western 56%c;
receipts 11,065 bushels. Kggs firm. Butter
steady. Cheese steady.
CINCINNATI ? Flour quiet. Wheat
quiet; No. 2 red 68c. Corn firmer; No.
2 mixed 35c. Oats quiet; No. 2 mixed I
26c. Itye firm; No. 2 55c. Lard firmer
at 54 77l~. Bulkmeata steady at <5 35.
Bacon steady at *6 45. Whisky firm at
*1 25. Butter quiet. Sugar active;
hard refined 4.22tf5.72c. Kggs steady
at 14c. Cheese active and firm; good to
prime Ohio flat 90*9^30.
Live Slock. I
CHICAGO ? A small run of cattle to- j
dny caused a strong feeling, and as buy-1
ers were anxious to procure good beeves, I
Drices were anywhere from [email protected] high- |
er. Choice steers $5 2505 75; medium j
$4 6504 85; beef steers 34 00(84 65; calves
$3 2507 25. There was an excellent demand
for hogs and prices averaged a !
nickel higher; fair to cholcc 13 62%# 1
80; pac king lota $3 25Q3 60; butchers;
13 4003 SO; mixed $3 8503 "5; light *3 30#
3 70; plgn 7503 60. Buyers of sheep |
were disposed to wait on account of the i
enormous arrivals add the larger part
of the offerings .remained unsold. Prices I
were weak and mostly lower, lambs sell- I
Ing off about 15c and sheep about 10c.
Western range sheep $3 50{?4 50; feeders
$l 00; common to good muttons J2 50
(fr4 65; common to choice lambs $3 750
5 60. Receipts?Cattle 10.000 head; hogs,
'.10,000 head; sheep. 27.000 head.
EAST LIBERTY?Cattle lower; extra
$5 0005 20; prime $4 9005 00; common
$3 25(|3 60. Hogs ruled fairly active;
prime mediums $3 7003 75; prime
heavy $3 7503-80; bent heavy Yorkers
$3 6003 65; pigs $3 400 3 50; common
I JJ 2503 2."?; roughs I-' 50f?3 1a Sheep
i slow and lower; choice wethers $4 350
I A it. ".immnii t'? C'ffiltMS* l.imh.S
$: 2r?{j5 50; common to pood $:? [email protected] 10.
Veal calve* 55 5O<07 00.
CINCINNATI ? Hops active and
higher at $3 100"3 75.
f>rv GoorU.
NJSW YORK?Improved conditions In
several branches of the market for cotton
goods wad'* <he openinp of the day's
tlrv goods market of considerable Interost.
Th? re Is an element of strength
in cottons which has been lacking for
many weeks. The moTe settled conditions
in print cloths and the steady
Kiln in the detfiand for export Roods
have tended to add strength to the
market. both Iocp.Mf ""d In other first
hand centres. There wns n fair showing
I of buyers In the market nnd they were
Inclined to- lie slightly freer In <helr
trading to-day. The print cloth situation
Is a quiet one. Buyers are not
clamorous for goods nt the prices flxetl
by the trustees. Staple cottons showed
I feme what more activity to-day than
I has been the case heretofore. There
! was n more pronounced demand for
brown goods of all kinds.
. Iriiti*.
NEW YORK ? Market continues to
| exhibit gratifying stability with prices
steadily tending upward 'op bullish
newt, growing demand, and reluctance
of holder* to aell. He Iron warrant!
quiet and steady at 17 00 bid and 17 15 ,
asked: lake copper very firm, bnyen ,
and roller* at $12 GO; tin firm at tlx 25 <
bid and tin 46 asked: lead quiet at K Si ;
hid and U 70 asked: spelter very firm at
IS IS bid and IS ss asked.
OIL CITY?Credit balances II 111: cer
tlflcates opened at It 19; cloned offered '
at 11 l?*4c; pales 6.000 barrels cash at
tl >?; 2,000 barrels cash at II 1SV. ship- '
inents. Including New York Transit,
Southern and Crescent, 27th. not re- ,
ported on that date, 23J.2S5 barrels;
runs 109,371 barrels. '
NEW YORK?Wool quiet
"t*t 4 umt*
ftWAwmam . .
O. LAMB. Pres. JOS. SKTDOLD, Cuhler.
j. a. jjifFiiRsoN. Aire cuhiu.
CAP1TAI. 100.00), PAID IX.
Allen Block, josepb F. Paull.
J a me* Cummin?, Henry Biebersai^
A. Reymann, Joseph Seybold,
Gibson Lamb,
Interest paid on special deposits. <
Issues drafmon England. Ireland and
. Scotland. JOSEPH 8EYB0LD.
myll Cashlsr.
CAPITAL. ....*300,000.
J. N. VANCE 77^... Prasldsnt
JOHN FREW Vice President 1
L. E. 8AND8 .Cashier
WM. B. IRVINE Ass t Cashier 1
J. N. Vance, George E. Stlfel,
J. H. Brown, William Elllnghaxn,
John Frew, Jobn L. Dickey,
John Waterhouse^ W. R Stone.
Drafts Issued on England, Ireland, Scofe '
land and all points In Europe.
CA flTAX __..,?17S,000.
WILLIAM A. I8BTT.... President
MORTIMER POLLOCK....Vloa President Drafts
on England, Ireland, Franoa and
William A. Iaett. Mortimer Pollock,
J. A. Miller, Hobert Simpson,
E. M. Atkinson, C. M. Krlaaell,
Julius Pollock.
jail J. A. MILLER. Cashier.
Motfs Nerverine Pills
remedy''far ,
V yl Km nervous pratVkm
tration and 1
all nervous
diseajes of the
generative otBtJOKFiXD
AFTER tjsiifo. pns of cithet
lex, such as Nervous Prostration, Failing or ,
lost Manhood, Ira potency, Nightly Emissions,
Youthful Erton, Mental Worry, excessive
use of Tobacco or Opium, which
lead to Consumption and Insanity* $1*00 11
per box by mailt 6 boxes for $5*00*
ROTTS CHEMICAL CO., Prop's, Glnslud, Ohio.
For sale by C. H. GRIEST & CO., 1139
Market street d&w
i/lS ALLHirtous lM*?tae+-F*illn* Mta
?] ocy, Im potency, 81?P>?M?i *e- MMd
Sumluifo^ttndy, bojingBo/miiS^u (
ltlf? wrltun imntN to cffsot? oor? CA ATO to
McbetMor refund ths money. Prto?WUIO??r
rnrkaf?; or.au PW* mm iwpnaii iur uu, aj
For said In Wheeling, W. Va., by Logan
Drug Co. fe*3?tthi
leaving whuriuoat, foot of Twelfth street,
as follows: _ . ' ' .
8temer QUEEN CITY-Robert It. Agnew.
Master. Daniel M. Lacey. Purser.
Every Thursday at 8 a. m. I
Steamer KEYSTONE STATE-Charlea
W. Knox. Master; Will P. Kimble, Purser.
Every Sunriav M 8 a. ttx. _ ..
Steamer VIRGINIA-T. J. Calhoon. Mas. ;
ter: H. H. Kerr, Purser. Every Tuesday
oct 24 Agents.
Arrive COLUMUUS 2:10 p. m.
Arrive CINCINNATI 5:45 p. m.
Arrive INDIANAPOLIS 10:00 p. m.
Arrive ET. LOUIS 7;00 a. m.
For Stcubcnvillo and Pittsburgh 7:25 a.
m. week days; for Pittsburgh and tho
Eaxt and for Columbus and Chicago at
1:25 p. in. week days: for Pittsburgh, Har. 1
risburg, Baltimore, Washington. Philadelphia
and New York at 3:55 p. m. dally; for
Bteubcnvlllo and Dennlnon at 3:56 p. tn.
dally: for Pittsburgh at 7:00 p. m. woek ,
, days: for Columbus, Dayton. Cincinnati,
' Indianapolis and St. Louis at 5:30 p. m.
} wc*k days. City tim*. 1
Parlor Car to Pittsburgh on 3:55 p. m. and J
7 p. m. Train*.
| Persons coniumiuaimg a trip will find j
it proiltubto In pkasuro and convonienci i
I to coinmunicatc with the undersigned, who i
will make ull necessary arrangements for
a delightful Journey. Tickets will lie pro- ,
vldcd und baggage checked through to des? <
tlnatlon. i ;
I'lisscnh'nr anu AICKUW AKVIIW ?T iictmiu,
\V. Vn. oet _
On and after Saturday. February 2, las,
trains will run as follows, city time:
Leave WFeclYngTH Leave Elm <;rov. "
Tr'n T'me Tr'n T'mo Tr'n T'me Tr'n Tmo '
No. a. m. No. p. m. No. a. m. No. p. ni.
I.... 16:00 20 3:0', 1.... f :U019 |;?0
7:0?? 22.... 4:H 3.... 7:00?1 <;.?
I.... 1:0014.... r.:00 .V... 1:00 a 8:<? 1
?.... 1:00^;.... C:00 :.... t?:00? 1:0!) <
10.... 10:00 :s? 7:oo 0.... 10:00 27 7:00
11.... 11:00 SO.... 8:00 tl.,,. 11100 2#.,.,. l:0f) I I
ft. m. TO.... 9:00 p. m. 31 1:00 !
12:0034.... 10:00 11.... l2:co.T3 l?:iO 1
21.... l:0OM.... 11.*00 lft.... 1:0036 11 .-00
II.... 2:00 17.... 1:00 j
tDally, except Sunday. i j
Sunday church trains will isave Elm
Drove at 9:41 a. m. and Wheelln* at 13:17 I
p. m. II. lH WfilSOEHnER,
Oeneral Manager.
iVnUhi MONONQAii nCtuiiu ?b THE I
X Short Lino between Fairmont and
Clarksburg. Quick Tlmo? Fast-Tra111a?
buro connection*, vvncn iiuxciihk ?<
from ClurkMlMuti or Writ Virginia & Pitts- ;
burgh railroad point*. f?'e thai your tick* I
cti read \la tho Mononirahrla Itlvor llall- ,
rond Clo?o connection* at balrmcmt with
B. & O. trains and at Clarkubmc with B. ;
& O. and W., V. 1*. train*. I ickota via
thli route on wal? at all B. St O. and W., 1
v' * HUOH o.'ijo'SfLKS, Qcn'L Sunt. |
t J
Arrival and departure of trelna ?.an*' #
ift?r May 15, iw. Kxpjktuittoa of H*?rsnre
ilark>: 'Daily, tfially. **?* *??
Jay. iDally. except Saturday.
w?pt Monday. {Sunday* only. Saturday* i
only.. Ea?t*rn Standard Time. _ va
Denn'rt. iB.&O^Maln-ttSTKuLl V'
an: Wash., Sal., Phil., N Y a?
4:45 pm Waah., Bal.. PblL, NX -? ? /
</:00 am ...Cumberland Aocom... tJtOJ pi*
*.?* pm Grafton Accom..... *5*2Sf^J
10:65 am ..Waahlngton City Ex.. *11 * pia -J
'Depart. B>.0.-C.0. ftOKtet Arrive. ^ ^
*7:35 am For Columbua and Chi. 52J '~t
10^5 ara ..Columbua and Clncln.. aai-Pw ?
ll:40 pm ..Columbua and Clncln.. JS.jO a? m
3:25 pm Columbua and Chi- Ex. *11 j? W? i
10:25 am ..8t. Clatravllle Accom.. M*? *2 \
tl? pm ..St. ClairavlIU Accom.. P?
10:3 am 8anduaVjr Mall...,.
DepiTTBTA O -WTpTR~Dlr. Arrlt*.
5:25 am For Plttrburtfh *10:10 *?? 1
7:15 am PI ttabu nth ? ??2%
5:20 pm ..Plttaburgh and Kaft,. ni P?. i?
tins pm ..Jir. Plttaburgh ^ tl?j?J?5F
DeparL P., C.. C. 8t"L. By.
t7:?am Plttaburgh tj;lf ?* -?
t9:45 cm 8teubenvule and W?t
]S:4S am ..StaulienvlUe Accom... j
tl:25 pm ..Pittsburgh and N. Y.. #.? PJJ ?
3:55 pm ..Plttaburgh and N. Y.. *" *(
17:00 pm ...Pltuburgh^Accom... H*? *" ..r'|
f>:45 am Ex., Cin. and 8L Lonla !#*
15:30 pm Ex., Cln. and St Lout" tj ? gg :$
tl:2S pm ..Ex.. 8teub. and.CM.. J}? g?- ?
t-K* nm "Pitta nnrt Donnllion... *11 .W ?? V
Depart. C. A P.-Bridgeport. . jjSj
5:H am .Fort Wayne and Chi.. tt? ?S -M
6:U am ...Canton and Toledo... PjJ
??:? am AlJlance nnd Cleveland r*M pm .. jflj
f?:6S am Steubenvllle and P tta. JfjjJ'.PJLi0:09
am Steubenvllle and WtU. fU 06 ag iUfl
t2:l0 pro ..Fort Wayne and Chi., gjjjgg -aa
1:10 pn ...Canton and Toledo... " {
1:10 pm AllUnce and Cleveland u.g P*? ?3
1:68 pm Steub'e and Wrtlavllla 12iS '
t5:54 pm Philadelphia and N. Y. tJ;}J PJJ
"is IP: 1
Cleve.^and^hU Fhrer nodi Pjg M
v$ ^ S?K| ,111 I
11:00 am Steub. and Brilliant Ac. ftj.? Jjg ,
t4:40 pm Steub. and Brilliant Ac.) t* JO Pg /:||
ttXLm cieve., jj&gg 9
t2:2S pm Clove.: Toledo and'cKl Pg 3
t?:00 pm ....MaMlllon Accom.... tJJ-J} ?j? 'm
t8:01 mm ..St. Clalravllle Accom.. tl.H iun ?
10:08 am ..St. Clalravllle Accom.. Jl.M ptn ; j?
? ? pm ..St. ciairavllle Accom.. tJ-.B pm ;S
t6:30 pm ..St Clllravllle Accom.. P? . ?
fi:40 pm . ?-Local Freight tlljMP?
Depart. Ohio River R. R. S
6:5) am Park, and 'Way Po|"J? ^2:55 *"* a
17M0 am Charleston anil Clncto. *J;? Pg ,|I
SJ:S P'S ?$J2 M
K^FF?: trail anil PlU 3:10 DM '3
5:00 pmlKxprens and Pas*enRerJ Owiffl
2:30 pmjMlxcd Freight and Pas. I lflOjHg
railroad a. ;f
. Departure and ar- ^
f1!lil'li|ilM31WmW!T?l rival ?* train* at ^
Wheeling. Bastarn
time. Sohadtfla "la ?
\j^g?8g5^ ^cfTectjMay
For Baltimore, Philadelphia and New
Fork, 12:25 add 10:66 a.-m. sad 4:48 p. m. :,i
flally. . 3
Cumberland Accommodation* 1:00 a. m. -.jva
Sally, except Sunday. JS
Grafton Accommodation* *<:48 p. ra. dally. .*?
From New York, Philadelphia and Bat* ""V
llmore, 8:20 a. m. dally, 1
Washington Express, 11:00 p. m. dally. ' ?
Cumberland Accommodation, 4:00 p. m* '.*i;
except Sunday.
Grafton Accommodation. 10:10 a. m. dally* v.
For Columbus and Chicago, 7:36 a. m. and "
3:25 n. m. daily.
Columbu* and Cincinnati Express, 10:* '
a. m. and 11:40 p. m. dally.
St. Clalrsvillo Accommodation, 10:26 a. m. ?
and 3:25 p. m. daily, except Sunday.
Chicago Express, 1:15 a. m. and 21:60 a. jj
m. dally. ;S
Cincinnati Express* 6:20 a. m. and 6:18 9- ' ?
m. daily. .. V ',
Sandusky Mall, 5:15 p. in. dally. ' ,
8t. Clairsvllle Accommodation, 21:60 ft* :ii
m. and 6:15 p. m. daily, except Sundays {
For Pittsburgh, 5:26 and 7:16 a. m. and M
5:20 p. m. dally, and 1:16 p. m. dally, ex- 3
cept Sunday.
For Pittaburgh and the East, SiS a, ?.
and 6:20 p, m. dally.
From Flttiburiili, * ni., "!
and 11:30 p. m. daily. 10:00 a. n>? e*r?pt ?a
T. C. BURKE. ? , I
8W8 k^EENE.m^tbAffMABW.,n*, i
General Manager. Manager Pawea* s
. ger Traffic. . si
Baltimore. ' _ to
Time Table In Effect ifs
June 26, 1898. Eaaf
Dally. tDally Except Sunday. J
South Bound. | 1 | tl | *8 ) ?g >jj
Via P.,C.,C.&StL.R. | a. m.|p. m. 3
Pittsburgh, Pa...Lv ICln. 9:10111:41 v*
(Paat $?B
Whaling Arj pinel 11:H| ISt sa|
I/oave. |a. m.la. m.la. m.jp. m, ^
Wheeling C:30 7:40 11:45 4:15
Moundsville 6:67 8:03 12:17 4:47
New Martinsville.... 7:51 8:44 1:13 5:31
Blstersvllla 8:1; l:g g:lj ?
Wllilnmslown 9:33 ?:56 8:00 7:U
ParkershurK 10:00 10:15 8:25 SJ9
Ravenswood 11:10 4:io
Mason City 12:00 1:30
p.m. .!
Point Pleasant 12:? <J1 __
Via K. A M. Ry.
Point Pleasant... Lv tt:06 t7U0 I
Charleston Ar 6:07 9:36
Gollipolis Ar| "12:38 8:33 , 8
Huntington 1:351 7:431
Via C. & O. Ry. a. m.
Lv. Huntington . tl.15 *1:30 I
Ar. Charleston ? 4:17 3:45
p. m. p. m.
Kpnova. ...........Ar I 1:60
Via C. S O. Ry. * . !
Lv. Kenova 1:55 S
Cincinnati. O Ar 5:15 x
Lexington, Ky....Ar 5JO -t
Louisville. Ky Art 8:15|
Cleveland, Lorain & Wheeling
Schedule In Effect Mar IS, ISttL
Central Standard Time.
AiUUVB. ' ;
a. m. p. m. p. m. a. rn?
I/oraln Branch. 11 18 __15 -8
Lorain "6:27 2:20 4M 9M Klyrlu
0:44 - 2:39 4:40 10H* 1
U raft on 7:oi 2:65 4:56 10:11 "J
Lester 7:23 3:12 5:lSj 10:40
Main Line. 1 2 6 T" * ''
a m. p. is. p. ra. a. m.
Cleveland" 7:20 2;?p6l5 'j
Brooklyn 7:36 2:41 6;47 : i
Lp.ntor K:22 3:26 6:42 '<?
Mevilntv R.S0 3;35 6:53
'hlnt?ewa I^ko S:ll 3:46 7:05
St-vilie S:V> 3:?5 7:14
Sterling ?:5<i 4:01 7:2*
IVarwIrk 9:18 4:22 7:42 \w
. uiimi r 'iiiuii 1..0 1.10 .mi
Mamdllon 9:45 4:4r; 8:00 6:39
I tint u* 10:03 5:rc 8:26 6:40 $
.'anal Dover 10:34 5:31 8:6? 7;1?
Sew Philadelphia... 10:41 6:3K 9:03 7:13 -A
L'hr.chevllle 11:25 <:r? 9:31 7:44 |
Hrtdjr-port 1:30 8:10 10:00
Hcllalre ... 8:23 .
Main Unci \~2 *| 4 i jf
_ i>- tn>ja. m.jp. rn. p. m.
Be M&lre ** 9:60 j
llrlilffcport . $: '.? 1:46 5:00
PhrlchsvllU) . : fjjg 8:10 3:46 7:19 %
Now Philadelphia... 6'.04 8:ln 4:03 7.:i .V
Canal Dover 6:11 8:M 4:10 7:W ;<J
lurttui* 9-41 4;S9 gjtff
MartUlon ?>:? S::3 4:54 I:II j
L'anal Fulton 6 !> 9:40 n
Warwick 3:19
3t?*rlln8 jj:|| 8:40
a....ill<i to:.k? 10. S .t4*
Chippewa iJiko...... 7:04 10;2? 5;5j
Medina ?|1J |g;37 t.:07,
Lester ?.29 10.49 t?;]j
Brooklyn ?il4 U:i4 7:01
LMoveland 1:30) 11:S0 7:lj
' Lorain llranch. 12 14 it \fT
a. m. a. m. p. m. p. m.
l.cntnr W-,50 3-.;8 :J!
lira ft on S MS 11:07 f:tt 3:4)
Klyrta ?:W) 11:21 ?7:lt 1:57 ")
L.unln 0::.s: 7:n 4:10
Trains Noa. 1. 2. 5 and (* dally hot ween ?u
Cleveland and rhrlchsvillo. All other
iriitin* daily, except Sunday*.
Nlcoiilc cara between llrldueport and
\\ I'lim: and Bridgeport and Martin's ",tl
Perry and llellalre. ,
Consult sfcunts for general information .'
ns to host routes ard passenger rates t? :
"?"n*' M. a. CAIIBBU a. P. A.

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