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t SPORT, j
' &+B MR \>:
'itr>.11 - M' ' v.w^CaBwitaSiaSaiSiMamim
A large crowd saw the.: football Katr
at the sutr fair ground* restcrday a
tcrr.opn between the: team*'of the Lit
sly Institute and the Vhecllnij hip
school. ..The Llnsly's colors were lowe
; ed in the dust aftev a, stubborn and ej
citing smuggle. . The acor?j,was.'12 to
Bebout made a. touchdown'th theflri
halt and Baer did likewise lh the secon
In Vddltlon to. thls, Llnslrw^is feire'edi,:
niake a safety, and as bo -goals, we:
kicked, the score netted I2'(j)olnts.
number of girl puplls'of :tfic'hlgh -scho.
rooted Inns and hard for the boy.-!.
The Wheeling high schooijand Civth
dral school teams will'clash-ion theMi
land ball park gridiron thl? afternoo
, Thoi'game,' which1,ls/.cerlitln ;to be,
warm pebble, begins at 2:50 s o'cloc
Hooters for/both elevens will be out
force. .. ,
There promises to be Wheeling rootc
with W. A..C. nt Stetibeayll[e, and^tl
i^insiy a nrsi team ret Bethany this a
,Icrnoon. Stcubcnville expects a. lart
attendance at the, game with W. A. <
The local aggregation leave* ;the Ma
tin's Ferrr ^cpotV of the ;Cle\eland"Pittsburgh,
at 2 p. m. A. C. ousl
to win.
The Wheeling high school-hoys worl
; ed 'the famous "guards back"; formi
tion, introduced by the-Ifoj<5$ P., wll
success in f/esterday's pame..
Wrat Virginia W?V/
Special Dispatch to tho Intelligencer.-'FA
IRMONT, W. VaV; 5JoV;':;, 4.?T1
West Virginia Unlversltyt.!and "Westej
University of Pennsylvania {played
scrappy game of football, here: to-da
before a fair sized crowd.''-"The fornv
won. In the last half/Yeager made
' touch-down. Twenty minute- hal'v<
f&: were: played. The scoro was five ; .1
Jf nothing.
r / Team. Won. Lost. P
Bowlers ..v.:. .V'10.-2 1 .?
All Aliko i" 2 :*
Puritans 10 ? 2 .1
Wheeling Z .1
Old; Cronies H 3- y.
Bum Dams 5' : 7 - '
Aber Nits l VII- r .<
I .a Belli* A 12 .(
f. -Frog.'Horns -0 . .>12 ,<
$ The" Bowlers won .thre* straight fro
I*.; Aber Nits last night. Score:
BOWLlvUS. 1st. 2d 3rd. Tot
Blchards ............... Mtf 172 -127 . -1
C. Bader ..V. -.171 i:>; - lis 4
* Beckett V 147 . ?11 }. Ifti? H
Earl Barr .. 12C -m 132 i
: /:-Emblem 12? i.V) KM ,l
Falck 1'J)' 110
Total S ST"' m &'
AUKB NITS. 1*1 2d.t3rd Tot
B. Bcnrooder .......... 1S? 101 >
Badcr 137* 131* 111 ' I
'/Amjnermkn l?l, 131 va133 .. -i
ii. PiaiiKey;.;. w Jul or i
Garden i?J US liD ;
Unbatoitcr '. 138 in V9 U
.Total . 733 SOI 732 Z
Scorers?Hannen nr.d Dauman.
Team. '." Wcm.'. X,ost. P
Jack Tars 8 1
Howlers .'. ({ 3 .f
N. E. I* A- A. A ..A. '5 3 .(
l*i Belle tJ .3 .(
Takeyourtlme ? 5 . i
... .Crescents. v...'..:.::.-:. .;
Qrr A/j-Jn .................... -. ? ~
; Bhanle^'s 1 s .1
The Jack Tavs broke the record for
three-pa me-scoro las: ni?ht by rollli
3,IBS. Shanleyo were simply not-in It for
minute.; Scorc:.
JACK TARS. 1st 2d 3rd To!
Brown 272 173 ISO
Campbell. .- 1?3 U7 m I
llandlan 172 , l'ii, - l? ;
Brand 200 1.% 1S1 I
BOsley 1W 186 '135 I
^y : V .Turner id , sjy - j
Totals 3100 JOCO 1032 3;
81IANLEY CO NO. 2L 1st 2d 3rd Tot
Fisher ....321 110 -107 .'
. ' turns .......... ... 301 nr? - in :
"Worls 1!C Sfi 317 I
Shanley 117 313 . HO
:,Knnia. 3-m; 12.1 344
Hell 3.1C 330 Wj
J Totals ... 737 707" . SIS ?
' ' 1'mplrc?Fujcato.
Scorers?Blssong and Friend.
...\:-a Maltenor Minor Uoincul in nmi Al>oii
f -V -VtllO Cllr*
Matinee nt the Grand to-dayy^y-.:
^Grand to-night ? "Remember - t
? Maine.". * , : ? i?,( i. /{ ,r?/ /
- , ' Turn out to-night and give Congres
man Dovener a hearty send-off.
Opera House to-night ? Dovenc
Campbell-Dravo Republican^ ma
meeting.-1 - v" ^ -v,
. Central Castle No. 1, Knights ot t
{V . cGolden Eagle, gave a successful supp
ana concert at uuu reiiuws nun iu
Miiss Susie Eloise, aged thirteen, yea)
the.youngest daughter of Mr. and Ms
A. D. Fortney, of West Wheeling, dft
atmtdnigtot last night, of typhoid fcv<
Miss Jessie Long was fined.$5 a
costs by Squire Haberfleld yesterdc
for striking Willie Och, an elght-yeo
old boy. The case was the oufgrow
of a neighbor's quarrel in NortJi;Whei
Clerk Moffat, of,the board of coun
commissioners, yesterday comp^d t
work of filling the'ballot boxeTfdr t
eixty precincts of the county, and
Monday they will be turned over tcf4
election officials of the several pi
.^clncte;?';&'? y;&->.'.vV ' r, '
City Receiver A. II. Forgey has 1
.ceived a consignment of HOO 0.^?L.Lo
memorial buttons, which will form so
venira of -tjie .approaching annual ses
ions or tne Masonic grana longe a
Royal Archrand chapter of We at V
glnla. The portrait on the buttpns It
splendid likeness of the deceased;/
f ??.?
iu tlioCltf nnil Whcellng-Pr
r ' !?'? Ahionil.
MIps Zona Ulltira,- of the Island,'7Is
* of typhoid foyer. #
Captain Pipes, of Washington, JX 1
Is visiting South Side relatives.
A. L. Sawtelle came home from t
state university last night, to spend
. few days In the city.
Charles J". ShocK. of the in tern aire
cnuo doportment, Is home from Wag
Ington, and will return next Wo"dn<
'It will be good news to Dr. W. W. 13
kor'K many frlonds In the lower Dart
the state to learn that he ta recoverl
from his slekneRH and the amputation
a limb. Mr. Baker Is postmaKter
Hamlin, and a merchant. Mtb. Bal<
accompanied her husband to the city
Easy Foo
/Jjiwvnl. Easy to Bu}
TO T-\W Easy to Cool
Easy to Eai
ImS?? Easyto oigcs
VI W^Atallgrocc;
g ?in 2-lb. pkgs. on]
U a* \VI (l;om Intrrot'ln Altirncr ci
r?ht?* Irfnrmnttan.
WASHINGTON, .Nov. 4.?The cabint
' session: to-tfajf was, without: develop
mentsand, in the absence ofany.'tabl
Information'on the; peace negotiation!
lacked Interest. The meeting was o
v: some;, length, but'the proceedings wer
, of a routine nature, The forthcomln,
ie; elections gained ppfasideraMe;ittentioi
t-f and the pro?pectKaC Republican succee
were discussed, the members of the cab
.. . met generally expressing sanguine view
ft aa.to the election of a Republican house
r- Some of the 'Republican Issues wer
c- commented upon. The forthcoming an
0 nual message of the President to'.Gon
gr&tt was' considered and some fedtfire
5C of the reports? of Vthe various depart
ft. merits outlined lit a general way.
to > The President, however, ;haa not yo
re made much progress in/the actual fram
A lngof the message. There was some at
01 tention .likewis'e paid to-military mat
ters, particularly some references t
, conditions .In Cuba, though -the discus
2_ slon along this line was unlmportanl
j. It was significant, however, that th
n> matter of the peace negotiations "I
a Parte was not taken up.
in MARTitt'8 FERRY.
ilapuntl MUhnptfii'the Thriving Clt,
rg Aetata -the lllvrr.
,c Through the cunning of Constabl
f- Stanton, D. Coeh was brought befor
2*, the authorities yesterday evening, o
? the the charge of fraud. CoenVwtis'can
r~ vasslng' the town as an optician,1 lit tin
ng and selling-solid gold glasses at the un
" precedented low price of 5C. butr.iipo
examination of the fllasses by a JC\yele
It was found that thc'-gold was only a
l" outsldt dress covering a brass , bodf
x~ and that -they belonged to the clns
111 which retail'at twenty-five cents. . II
was;.arraigned before Squire Kellei
where he plead guilty- to the charge c
Iiuot i-lJicai-iiwiiiiMi . O?J?I nuo ii.icu ytu.ii
costs, amounting ta'$6. After.the sijuir
le had flnlsHed his ^Tjusinesrt ' Uith. th
n swindler? Marsha^-Llndcmuth'brough
a a chflrgjv against hTm for.selllhg with
out a licence, and lie was''given $l-;an
costs, amounting to $5. It is though
2r that he is probably the party who ha
a been working the same ^racket!"xln th
55 people of Wheeling,- Bridgeport an
t0 Bellairp.
The funeral services, over .the. re
mnlns of Robert Gnlbralth, who die
Wednesday morning, will be-conducte
by-Rev; J. W. .Williams, at'St.iPaul'
er Episcopal church, at 1:30 o'clock thl
133 afternoon, and the remains will be lal
!33 to rest In Week's cemetery. ; v! ?? aa
. ..? v.. .
The case Of Samuel Oschenhel
MO against Frank Snodgrass, sr..and Fran
117 Snodgrass, jr., for assault and for usln
j?3 uneentlemctnlv language' to plalntlfl
JJj was continued until Tuesday., .The par
m ties live on Glenn's Run, above this cits
rftwral young ladles* from here at
al tended a fancy work and euchre part
139 given by illss Bessie Fogle at her hom
!4S In i><ietarH9v o^Brnnnn I
[J1) honor of her guest, Miss Elizabeth Va
HI Busklrk, of Aurora, N. Yy , '' -v
120. Marshal Llndemuth escorted Luthe
jjr. Gibson to St. Clalrsylllc yestertihy af
ternoon. Luther's chancel for servln
jjl another term at the reform school seer
179 very bright. :
lis There Is a'large sale oi seats for tli
i!jj entertainment to be given by the M-r
125 section o? the Presbyterian church, a
? the Opera House to-night.
!31 Madison Aldredge, the.deserving Re
publlcari candidate for re-election a
auditor In this.county, was calling o
friends in town yesterday. ..
er Mrs. Laban WJifon came down fror
SSS Pittsburgh last night, and Is the gue?
of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Wilson, on Peai
*7 street.
lit Miss Kttio Sapp was taken to-Has
gjl kin's hospital yesterday - aftemoor
?rT where she will undergo an operation.
a The district meeting of the home'an
i). foreign missionary societies at Scotc
a Ridge yesterday. was well attended.
'Rev. Robert Calvin Douds w$l preac
.^]i at the United Presbyterian church tc
Ujj' morroiv, at the usual hour?.
iio, .Miss Ella Anthony entertnlned
[JJ- number of friends at her home o
I^roadway last night.
? Mr. and Mrs. W..L. Noble went t
CJaj'Si'IIle, Pa.* yesterday, to visit re)
al atlves and friends.
?q Miss Cleod Anthony came' In fror
i!|?i Flushing la?t night, to spend Sunda
1(H) with her parents.
!l|j George Inglebrlght hns returned fror
_ a buslness'trlp to East Liverpool.
?z The colorcd Odd Fellows will dare
at Scheehle's hall to-night.
Miss Emma Groves, of Adena, Is vis
Itlng her sister la this city.
51. C. Mitchell was in St. fclalrsvJU
' yesterday on business.
hp, ???
Ilniiptiiliig* of lutcrcat in the Murahnl
Coimly Ton'ti.
The-King's Daughters met at th
,r_ home of Mrs. C. D." Lewis and elccte
ss the following ofllcers: -President, Mr
W. Kettleweli; vice president, Mrs. I
ho BaJtz; secretary, Mrs. C_ D. Lewis
er treasurer, Mrs. Jesse Clayton,
st w. J. Duffy has returned from.Bait
more, Md., where.he has beea the pa:
:s, two weeks on business .for the Brotl
:s. erhood of Locomotive Engineers,
ed An interesting* society event will t
-r. the wedding of Mr. W. E. Thomas an
nd Miss Delia 13yard. which is announce
iy, to take place in a few days,
ir- Mrs. Fred. Shafer, of New Martini
th ville, and Mrs. Lou Mayhill, of Whee
il-i ing. were the guests of friends hei
ty Earl Dojie, son of Sheriff Doyle, wl
?'i watt Bunuusi) aiv.?v me jiuat luw ween
he |a better and will recover.
Rev. V. S. G. Carroll leaves Mondu
'le to visit'-hid mother, In Lincoln count
"c" who ia very sick.
Mrs. Taylor Keller, of Elm Grov
"e^ visited her mother, Mrs. G. JefCers, he:
ns yesterday. '
is- Jcrry-vL. Hanen, of Washington, 1
nJ C., Is the guest of his-brolhor, Hon. ;
ir_ R. Hanen. ....
ia Mrs. Hannah 'Manila Is visiting In
daughter, Mrs. IT. 9. Brush, nt MeKee
port, Pa. ;,5
Mrs. William Sliafer leaves th
morning to visit friends at New Ma
" tinsvlllc.
Mrs. S. R. Hanen is the guCBt of hi
11 daughter, Mrs. S. H. Riggs, of Whee
r ,n* ;..v
7 R. L. Illbbs is visiting .his paronts i
Mannington. He.will return next wee!
Prof. Schoflold, of Martin's Ferryiw
a a business caller in town yesterday.
William Lorentz, of Jewett, O., wi
the guest of friends hero this week.
>'s~ Friend Hugglns left yesterday oa
business trip to~ Grafton. i- ";
a" Valley <lrovn
n? On Tuesday next the battle of the ba
A lots will take place. The Republicans i
. Liberty district will do their duty t
vnilne 1ft ulnro I^lbertv district-lrt
*; Republican column, where she rlgh
z- fully belongs. I;v*?M;
dMvh. 8. It. JSwing has returned nfh
a six weeks' visit" to the Rev. Mr. 01
mdre and Mrs. Gil more, of New Yorl
'> They reside In a chnrmlns villa on tl
. Hudson, twenty miles from the city.
9 Section Superintendent Charles 111
f of the Railway Workmen here, wl
* leave the latter part of next week f<
t, Beverly, W. Va., on a visit to his ag<
mother, who, resides there. ^ !S
Mr. Milton Gibson will return In
few days to Denver, Col.,' his iutui
rs Iiome. In Arkansas he saya the flowe
.. arc In bloom and the people pluntln
J " garden In, December.
' ' 4 * i "v / ,-;> ? V<:,"
/t<s w wwtf'S T?
' If ' Erery ccogh makes your throat jS ?*?
' g# more raw and irritable. Every cough n ' fel
c- w' congests tho lining membraneof;w$ Ue
ff" ;?B'your lungs." Ceaae tearing your K1
ti | throat and Inn^ in thiaway. Take J ^
O _ Vfn?i III* fir?k i3as? ?. "' ? nni'nt' KTi/t -
g rest bogie; tie tickling in tho throat 9
K? coaceg; the coagh disappears. m
n H Tffosirea: $1.00; 50c.7 H ,v.
| Dr. Ayer'fl Clierry Pectoral Plaster R ?
B should bo over the lunar* of every n '
person troubled with a cough. cj
B J. C. AYES CO., Lowell, Mass. B'/ A?
' pr
o. ======= <;
\ HI?cHlaneon? Melange or .llUtnir ?Iu'? ^
ter from flliinlml- Melronn1l?. i
. The funeral of William Rlggs, who ^
n died at the residence of his mother on 9?<
r Tomlinson avenue. "Wednesday niflht, loi
" was conducted yesterday, from the res- i
s ldencc at 2'o'clock p. m. -The Christian
e Endeavor Society of the Presbyterian lw
- church; of which he was a member, at- J
if tended the fancral In a body. Interment
^ \{ ! T>naa Cumnfn r\r W
e The funeral services over the remains e
of Mrs. R. W. Hall were conducted at m<
it the residence on Court avenue, yester- th
- day, at 10:30 a. m.* The'body was taken :
d to Mannlngton on the 11:44 Baltimore St
it & Ohio train, Cor burial. S.'y.1'' #
3 Miss Olive Hltc, of Morgantown, will
? arrive in the city to-day to spend a few
a days as the guest of Miss Bess Ewing,
of Third street.
The Phoebe Roive Missionary Society
q of the Methodist Episcopal church, met
d last evening'with the Misses Johnson, of
3 Grant .avenue. j!;,v ,}' >' <
s M. S. McAfee, secretary of tlie Repubd
lican central committee, will visit his i
old home at Dallas to-duy, spending j
n- Sunday there.?-'J/:' ^ f
k The Salvation Army will give a ster- \
g' eoptlcon lectuiv and musical entertain- ,
f, ment at the school.hall to-night: ' i':j
The county Republican executive
r? committee'will meet at 10;o'clock this ; I
- inorning, at the court house.
? William Catiett, of Washington, D.
o C., is in the city and will remain over wl
n Tuesday, to vote. T '
n Circuit court adjourned yesterday at , ??
Z o'clock p. ni:, until Wednesday morn*
Ing at fl o'clock. gc
" The Republican central committee se
? was in session yesterday afternoon. pc
Charles Parriott, of Cameron, was a gj
^ caller in the city yesterday. _ Ji
{ - Thomas Scott was at Round Bottom f0
? yesterday. re
ii ... ct.
Wtllubttrg No j?
5 Bertha Miller,'aged fourteen years, sii
n daughted of Logan Miller, of Beach jjj
. Bottom,'Brooke county, died Thursday
J1 ntght, at 0 o'clock, from injuries re- (y
celved by being thrown from a borse pi,
while riding to church on Sunday
morning last. She^iad lain in a state of JJJ;
j" complete un-consclousness from Sunday . n?
morning until Thursday night, when mi
^ death came. . \h
h . Marshall Orer, aged .fifty, yeara; car- c?
penter, a native o? this pluce, died here no
. yesterday, from pneumonia, superin- J*
duced by lying all night.in a barn at 0u
.Beech, Bottom.
? Till: HIVlfR 5
. I . . ; I.
I- Pittsburgh...VIRGINIA, 5 n. m. I"
Parkeraburg.ilEN HUH, 11 a. in.
PtttuSiirrh . AVAT.OV nnnn
n Gdlllpollfl. ..'..URANIA, 11 it. m.
V ,SlstersvillQ..VRUTH, 3:30 p. in.
Clarlngtou...JVSROY,' 3:3a p. m.
Steuben vllle..T. M. BAYNK, 2:<50 p. in. ai
.Charleston...GREENWOOD, C:30 a. m. ]
c Parlccrsburg.il. K. BEDFORD. J1 a. in. ?<?
Matamoras... LEXINGTON, 11 a. m.
i 8lntersvllle.,:RUTH. 3:30 p. m. '
!" Clarlngton....LEROY, 3:30. p. m. m<
Cincinnati....W. .T. CUMMIN'S. S a. m. wl
!c SteubonvilJe..T. M. BAYNE, 2:30 p.. m. be
Pittsburgh..-BEN. IIUR, 2 n.'m. H<
Pittsburgh...KANAWHA,/!? a. m. as
Pittsburgh...KEYSTONE STATE, 6 ft. m. Wf
ll, ZancsvIllo....LORENA, 2 a. m. .
Cincinnati....VIRGINIA, 8 ft. m. 5a
Parkers burg". AVALON, . 5 o. "m. KE
io' - - nil
d 'Along tho
s. The marks at C p. m. showed 5 feet 8
?j inches ancl falling. Weather, clear aiid
3 warmer. ^
The Virginia Is to-morrow's Clncln- tn
l_ natl packet. ^
it " The W. J. Cummins arrived from ar
i- Pittsburgh early this* morning, and Rj
leaves at 8 a. m. for Cincinnati. D(
>e The name of the packet W. A. Hilton
id has been -changed to Katliryn. She is a G(
d little packet of 67.54 tons, and plys on qu
the Little Kanawha. The change In ev
5. name was entered in the office of Sur- in
j. veyor of the Port Senseny here, yester- gi
:e day. w?
Discussion engendered by the recent
l0 visit to this country of Messrs. White
S( and Bates, English underwriters, has
brought out the fact that about ilfteen ot
year* agx) -the total of marine insurance ef
; In the Untied; States was about 42,000,- Ri
v 000,000. For this the companies received re
in premiums about $17,500,000, the aver- cc
?? age rate being ninety cents. Last year te
t*0 the sum insured was about $4,000,000,000,
\ the companies receiving about $10,000,000
3. in premiums, at an average rato of ar
S, about forty-five cents. Since 1862, eleven nc
New York companies have, retired, six
i>r going out of business since 1S76, the year tv
s- when the first foreign company started h(
in that territory. ,or
is 1
r_ River Telocramii. .
MORGANTOWN?River 7 feet 7 inpr
che? and stationary. Clear and warm. ??
GRISENSBORO-Rlvcr 7 feet r? Inches
and falling. Fair and slightly warmer. ,
OIL CPTY?-River 2 feet 6 Inches and1 L
, stationary. Clear and warm.
K- W.NRIUSN?River 1 foot 3 inches.
"bROWNSvIiTle?River 4 feet 11 in\s
ches and CalllnK". m
PITTSBURGH?River 5.4 feet and
a 'stationary at the dam. Clear and pleas- th
ant. : r v" v^'Vi . '
STEUBDNyiLLE?River r. feet and
falling. Clear nnd cool.
PAUKERSBURG?River C feet and !n
falling. Cloudy, mcrcury r?9. * bj
?t; POINT PLEASANT?River C.G feet tu
* and falling. Fair. ce
!c CINCINNATI?River 12.7 feet nnd O!
falling. Clenr and pleasant.; v bl
, LOUISVILLE?Rlvcr falling; 0 feet 8 cn
*r Inches In canal; 4 feet fi Inches on falls; g?
I- 11 foot 8 Inches below locks. Clear and bx
k- pleasant.' al
*? CAIROr-Rlver 17.8 feet and falling.
Clear and pleasant.
II. EVANSVILLE?Rlvnr. 12.9 feet and
!H falling. Clear and pleus-nt.
jr MEMPHIS?River 11.0 feet and,rising.
:u v^ivur uuu JIKMIKIIK.
? OASTOniA. ^
Bnin tin Han feys Botlfiht
n^r~ =
rtzr .Vem lUnuGmhtrfii Ih th? Bn?y
JSnnimll CaMnlr Tanrtt. '
Che 'double-'rteddlng;'"af':' Mr. James :
inter to Miss .Vita Vance, and Mr.
Uvard Vance to MIsk Sophia Nleber- 1
11 was quite o surprise to their Ben- -t
icd friends. The ceremony was per- f
ined Sunday afterocoa'by-Rev. Sam- ?
I Schwann, aY the English Lutheran ;T
rioniwe,':yfhe?Uag.y 'ICr. and ; : Mrs.; i
inter.have gone to. their, new home in
umlhgton;' - nad Mr. and Mrs. Vance t
II live, temporarily, nt i he home of e;
s. .Vance's sister,In SoutfcWheellng:; C|
C'newjloiigt of the :Crpitton society n
11 be org&tlaed r.oxtT(itws;l ay .even- A
jj There are several dlssatlslled tl
;mbers of: the old lodge who are led- d
i: fit the: movement Som Muria?;b
ited for president The. national sec- b
:ary, Michael-Wunlck; will come to $
riwood to organize the lodgs. ti
\mong realty transfers effected by 11
siah Sinclair were the sale of a lot
the Fourth ward, owned by A. Ci n
a M. If. McMechen to J, W; Weakly; r
d the M. A; Jeffera p roper fy.Sn Mc- 8
echtn, to Rev. H. P. 3IcSfenatflh>4 ?
ie" consideration In the latter transfer f
is F
rhe .reception to the Sunday school ?
is? of the M. E. church next Thurs-. .Jr
V evenlng,wlll be an enjoyable affair.t
cholcc musical programme Is being
spared. a
Wealth Officer X N, Alloy's quarterly C(
:ort shows a total number of eighteen; w
aths In Benwood during that period,'
o of which were from accidents, and t
e sunstroke. c<
Benwood lodge," I. 0. O. F., and the ii
gree of Rebekah will qttehd a social . 'j>
jslon of the Bellalre lodge this even- &
Sam Munas will spent Sunday In P
ttsburgh. The wedding will occur In t
enear future.
number of loci Republicans nttend- /
r thet Smith-Dayton meeting In v
heeling'last night.
Mr. John 0. Pendleton will,address a
jetlng of Democrats this-evening, at
e city hall. v
Vllss Hattle Satterfleld returned from >
eubenvllle yesterdar. - "
A wreck at sea^is not the only place C'
iiere a life line is of importance. ?
There is a life line for the sick, as well as &
r the drowning man. -It is Dr. Pierce's T
slden Medical Discovery. It is not a
ire-all, but it is a scientific medicine that
)cs to the fountain head of a number of [L1
Hons and fatal diseases. .When a man ^
ts seriously sick, he can generally be a
ired by the right course of treatment t<
le treatment that cures many obstinate- o:
ironic diseases consists of pure air, good 1od,
rational exercise, and the use of a d
medy that will strengthen the .weak J
amach, correct the impaired digestion, j(
vigorate the liyer and promote the as- g
milation of the live-giving elements of s<
e-food. The "Golden Medical Discov- a
y" accomplished all these things. o
A young man lay pale and motionless upon *
'hat neighbors caileo) his dying bed. Disease c.
thclungs, livcrcomplaint. kidney trouble, and
eurisy were fast hastening him to the grave, ? j
le doctors hnd given him up to die. The J,'
ighbors said.4he cannot live.1 'Oh, I would
t care todie,' he aaid, * were it not for leaving ?
y dear wife and little child/but I know that I 5
list die.' A brother had presented him with ?
atcnt medicines'; but. after the doctors had P
ien him up to die nnd he had banished every 3.1
ipe of recovery, he said to his wife, * dear wife, "
im going* to die, there can be no hnrm now in P1
ting that medicine. I will begin its use at R
ce.' lie did begin to -use it and at first he 11
ew worse, but soon there came n change. Cl
Dwly but surely he got better. To-day that ni
tin is strong and healthy and he owes h'is life o:
that medicine. "What-was the medicine? It K
is I)r. Tierce's Golden Medical Discovery, and A.
I,utlicr Martin, am the cured man. Dr. tl
crce, I thank you from the very depth of my S
art, for rescuing me from the grave." The 81
regoingisfrom Luther Martin, Esq.. a promi- tl
:nt citizen of Lubec. Wood Co., W. Va. ui
I Soils of I.ociiINchmiuiiI Gonlp From
the Gtn** City* o:
Policemen Seabroolo and Mason have J
ndercd their resignations, to take 0,
nee next Tuesday, the close of the
imth. There Is some speculation as to
io will succeed them, and It seems to ai
understood that William Ernest, a t(
rmer policeman. Is likely to be one. a
iward Heatherlngton was mentioned J]
the probable successor In .the First ^
ird, but Howard, we learn, does -not ?
re to take the place, and it is not di
io;vn yet. who will get the opportu- tj
The following arc the officers ot the
lrlstlan Sunday Bchool, elected on ednesda^
evening:: Superintendent,
. J. Morrison; assistants,George Hop- _
ns and C. M, Watson: secretary- #
usurer, George MerU; chorister, G. J
Hopkins; organists, Bessie Drlggs
id Flora Blckel; librarians, "Wlllatn
II, Thomas Humes, Alex. Wasser and o
>ra Ogle. 0
Frflllk DUCn. nf fhlq Pll? and mi?1 ^
ly Barnes. of Bnrnesvllle, were
tletly mnrrled nt Cambridge Tuesday
ening, Rev. W. L. Mllligan perform- J
g the eeremonF. The parents of the cl
oom were very much put out and
3Uld have stopped the proceedings If c;
ey had caught on In time, but they ?;
dn't. 0
The AV. C. T. If. elected the following
fleers at a" meeting held at Mrs. Rod- R
er's yesterday afternoon: Mrs. T. A. n
odefer, president; Mrs. John MeNeese, l>
cording: secretnry; Ms. ,T. H. Helnleln, .
rresponding secretary; Mrs. Long,
osurer. V
The Knights of Pythias will hold a 0
strict meeting in this city next monfli f(
id the local order is maklnpi all the o
icessary arrangements for it.
There was an enjoyable meeting of
le Literary tind Social Club at the 81
)me>of Mr. ntid Mrs. J. A. Gallaher, i,
v Gravel Hill, last night.
The Odd Fellows' fair this week has
>en well attended every night. Arllng- t,
n Division, Uniformed Rank, went
a body Inst evening.
The Republican city committee met 11
st night tid completed arrangements b
r next Tuesdfty.
Dr. D. W. Boone and D. H. Darrnh 8l
turned yesterday from a hunting trip. The
County Teachers' Association will
eet at' Barnesvllle to-day,
Fusuer Bros, circus Is recuperating in 1
Is city.. J
rittlJPIUi! Itching Pllra.
SYMPTOMS?Moisture; Intense itchg
and stinging; most nt night; worse
r scratcning. It allowed to con tinea
mors form, which often bleed and ulnitc,
becbmlng very aoro. SWAYNK'S "
[NTMKNT stops tho Itching and
coding, heals ulceration, nnd In most
sob removes the tumors. At drugsts,
or by mail, for GO ccnts. Dr.
vavno & Son, Philadelphia. Refuse c
1 substitutes. tthi&w
For Infanta and Children. \
he Kind You Have Always Bought
Bora tho *
ilgnaturo of
wSS&BE&F' j
h;atii ryi.i.ows Tin:
KmiKK ? JIOT ; TlFE / SUKGl^.v V J
paitlt. or cntmiK iibcaxm- ukm*
. ? y^P^l =
'jrniuli! PIT*- Core Carrn IM*i QaleUl/t
Pnhileuly, Without Dnn;rr.
People RO 'alons lor -years suffering
1th piles. They, try this, and that and '
le other thins; from carrying a .bucltre
to' grftlny ireatnient frcp) a physl- ,
an. They ijb'tnrn- temporary'telle?' !
inyhe, but they are never quite cliired:
. little strain in UMn*. exeesilve fague.-a
little constipation or o little
larrhooa and the piles come back.
They, don't seem to amount fo much,
ut they banish - sleep and appetite.
'? position Is comrortable.'TheroJ?iin>n3e
local pain and.that dreadful feel-.
IB of weight In the perineum. f
May je in the early stages s?ne of the
uuiy salves on tale will afford temp*
landing there fs only one speedy and
ire remedy. It is Pyramid PUe Cure.
Iven la light cases It Is the safest thing
>'use. . Other -applications may cure
nd may not. Pyramid. Cure Is always
artaln, always reliable,' always brings
omfort at once.- Its prompt use,saves
lontha of severe suffering. In extreme
aaes It will save surgical operations
nd their attendant dangers and dlsomforts.
It is better than a knife. Will
ure easier, quicker and safer. Thouands
have used it. Thousands have
een cured by it. The cost Is trifling
omparod with what It does. The price
i DO cents. Most anybody would gladly
ay ten dollars to be rid of piles.
Dru&glata sell Pyramid Pile , Cure,*
end ta Pyramid Drug Co., Marshall, s
lies. fWE
??AH solid advertisements under
? the following headings: : : :
Will bo Inserted at th? rato of ?
rustee's Sale of Ohio County Real
By virtuo of a deed of trust made by
Lobert 11. Lazcar and Jullot Laa?ar, his
rife, to mc, as trustee, bearing data on
10 twenty-fourth day of April, 1895, and
ow of record in the clerk's ofllco of the
ounty court of Ohio county. West VlrInia,
In Deed of Trust Book No. 42, pago
13, 1 will on
;11 at public auction at the north front
oor of tho court houso of Ohio county,
feat Virginia, commencing at ten o'clock
. m., the following described property,
>wlt: All tho right, title and interest
f tho said Robert M. Lazear and Juliet
azcar, his wife, in and to the following
escnooa iract ol iana suuaiea on mo
raters of Short croek, In Richland dls1ct,
Ohio county, West Virginia, and ad)lnlng
tho lands of H? C. Smith, John
mith and others, and bounded and dejrlbed
as follows, to-wlt: Beginning at
stake in. the lino of' lands formerly
wned by Anderson, now Alexander and
unnlo Edwards, and running thence north :
i? west 23 poles to a stone; thence north
%? west 8l% poles to a stake;, thence
juth 17? east 34.4 poles to a beech stump;
lence south west 125 poles to a stone
arner to Smith; thence south 1*4? west
I.3 poles to a stake In place of a dog ood;
thence south 18? east 191 poles to a
tono corner to lands formerly owned by
Dhn Caldwell; thence north 80%?.cast 25.2
oles to a stako in tho original line of
ild tract; thence north 16? west 65.2 poles
> a stake; thence north 22)4? weBt. 132
oles to a stake; thenco north *76" east 104
oles to a stake; thence north 15^.? west
II.5 poles to the place of beginning, and
sntalnlng one hundred and eleven (111)
:res, two roods and sixteen poles, more
r less, as surveyed for Joseph S. Moran
by James McElroy. In March. ISiG.
nd the property lioreinbefore described Is
ic same land of which the said Joseph
\lnrr>n r> *lln/l nnU?,l ..-.1 ?Uit
. wv.nuu u.fcu .iremw, ?IIU WUICII UC
:ended to'his Ave children equally; and
te said'Juliet Lazear is the owner-of an
ndlvided one-fifth of said land, as one of
ic children of the said Joseph S. Mor-;
in; and the said Robert M. Lazear is the
ivner of the undivided three-fifths of said
ind bv purchase from Joseph, Edward '
nd Albert Morgan, three of tho children
f'tho said Joseph S. Morgan, deceased,
lie amount of land conveyed by said deed 1
C trust being equal to eighty-eight and
ne-half acres.
One-third of the purchaso money,'and
5 much more as the purchaser may elect
> pay, In cash on day of sale; the balnco
in two equal payments at one and
vo years, with Intorest from day of sale,
10 purchaser giving his notes with ap- |
roved security for the deferred lnstalllents,
with tne Interest on tho second
sfcrred Installment payablo annually, tho
tie to be retained by tho trustee until
le property Is paid for.
nol Trustee.
:c i i cn nnAnAC no'
jLrtLLi; ri\uruoALC?.
Sealed proposals will be received at the
lUce of the Board of Commissioners of
ihlo County until Monday, November 7,
\9S, nt 10 o'clock a. m., for the following:
First?For furnishing nut nnd mixed
oal, as may Iks ordered by the overseers
[ the poor, for city districts soi^th of tho
Second?For furnishing nut nnd mixed
Dai, as may be ordered by the overseem
C tho poor, for.city districts north of tho
reck, including Island and Fulton.
For- furnishing cotllns (common or
talned), hearses, hacks and buggies, as
my be ordered by tho overseers of tho
First?For districts In tho city of Wheelig
(Including Fulton).
Second?For districts without tfis city of
Wheeling (Including county Infirmary, on
rder of superintendent).
Bidders must specify tho prices of cofllns
jr persons over and under fourteen years
t aue.
For famishing medicines upon tho prccrlptlonjaf
the county physician. j
r wot?r or vvasmngion district (InclUdlg
Second?For Madison district
Third?For Clay and Union districts.
Fourth?For Contro and Webster dlsrlotB.
".-v >
Fifth?For Ritchlo district.
Druggists must do business ln.thc.dl8rlct
ior which they bid.
All bids to bo for one year from Novemer
15. 1SDS.
The right to reJcct any or all bids Is roerved.
nol! Clerk Board of Commissioners.
the Early Use
or ?'
Violet Cream
whi insure sort anil healthy skin.
It In a healing,. noothlng preparation,
adopted i" iho most delicate
ill by R. H. LIST, 1010 Main St,
and by dealers generally. Trice 10e.
Jul] WilMiifyf. xfi Y?s
- *
H>) T, . , ,
W The arrivals for ou:
? and Suit departme
f ing the past 48 houi
| ber up'into tlie hu
COMER the very lat
W greatest assorted s
(gjjj) -
jPjJ to be seen in this c
. buyer right in the
when manufacture
^ wanting to close 01
S< makes it possible
W several; per cent
iv/ t?no 1 nnm
5< prices, mia auulu
Have Your Wrap or Suit fo
We Will Fit You in Eitf
ments Entirely New.
(Hr in
of all sizes
and..,.., FOR
amid PLATES.
?- ,"V wV?V?V*i>?\y. */" \y V-'O' r'**' . HX \
, Kow is the time
^ Cents a Coi
during 1899- will contain complete
mm curate accounts of all noteworth;
mm occurrences as they transpire in
foreign lands. Eminent men of I
uL' guished artists will contribute to it:
X' readers will have the most imDai
ijjjjl During 1899 HARPER'S WEEKLY
Ijjjji ly rich in fiction, containing seria
hw pen of H. 0. Wells, author of "
Worlds "; " The Conspirators,"
JL Chambers; a romance'of De S<
SJ by E. S. Van,Zlle,land short ficti
international ; fame. ' Articles by s
dents in our new possessions ?
w . Cuba, and Puerto Rico, with other i
will fill the spacc left by conteni]
S Trial Subscription, I
$ ;
WB Franklin Square, New'
7 /) i) J7 """
\ J xxtmti
M^W' PRY.Marl
~ _stoc
- - - ^ I
I b? hftldt'"It
from 7 to I
ment r~
1YJL tati
per oeiitip
(@) ?&:
r Cloak ^ ??'
<1- ft. $'
s num- ^ A
ndreds. ^
est and ?
. . . fcK IHlms
1 ' fw.
1 I thrCW ?
1 \V?&X
I AND 1 UTrtSff
SUITS 1 ; f??
l jy;\ rootn?*sJ\;
I and ttabH
I/CO) 1 1 rcfiO.
W A \ Sl ' 1 :PC
market I ? 1 N?-rs
^re 1^1 I^V^oo",
ut Unes i ? 1 L^u
tosave \?\ ?=
on the 1 @\ " 1I,0N4;
jsttUr iff
l jSXv I 1 "in; corn1
1 ?) 1 ' m,nl"
LOT, c&re
r To-morrow. All Klf
ler with Garc<
"r _ 1 BO
? !r:
^ef'Wo X
? oooocxx
DEL & CO. ?
, .v" ?' ' _A.ctna-St
FRIDAY alfve^lde
"... "Whoellng
\,. '!' ' r . "Wheeling
.-Bloch Bi
^Tl "(Ri K
SJl <0? WD)o 3.rv
City Bunk,
tffiSLfffffff p^jj-(
~ _ j&b ffifll FOR SA]
1 to iW Baflt McCo
fe? aggfff ?BjW Small fat
W miles from
H!9 1 ^ ^n? C?
WW 4 rooms an
)V X street. Lo!
_! WJ easy.
~ W A very t
nw of Fourtee
W Two deal
BM street, Eig
JjL donee, 10 i
w vater, botl
, ??_, between Ti
, concise, and ac- W streets. p(
y and interesting MM <jairac?t on
, . iW For esch
our own and in mm improved fi
etters and distin- mb C. A. SCH;
5 columns, and its X
"tial and'the best 5. FG
' ?n Business
rpAn, T mm and Jacob
)TORY JiL Btana- Vo
' 1 Wn 7-roomed
W Modern 8'
AR ^ Btf?'omod
fm ft*00w
f will be especial- 'm ?&?$ SfJ
I stories from the m toSshlnn
'The War of the ?, "Mon'cy tc
by Robert W. X C3-.
Dto's last voyage, ?!, 'B<!a, E??'
ion by authors of Si TZT
;pecial correspon- 'J?L v~>
Manila, Honolulu, .W n0. ? ina
interesting matter, no', s?su
sorary events. W No^V'sixi
wn N?-34 six
W No. 1005 1
- T*T-_1__ ran No." JIM M
I, MaW 12.00, FemalM Mc. at .
IRLaiBJUOHTS. corntr Mar- '
ith ' %tf. .
and unlit with waaMw In tarnCall
nt offlco ot STAB FOUNItut
and Bgvontwmth utrtata.
ouDBita' M>:B5SO7
ml rr.frtlnp of tlio itoikholdem
Hllnr Building Awoctat.'on will
thefr office Saturday tvenln*, .
12; UW. Election ot dlrcctorx
J. C. BRADT. Secretary. ;i;
' TO LOAN ! ON- REAL ES- iff
2. Sir p?r cint Intertat and one
romtum, total a*v?n per-cult:
, 32d 8t., Belial rc, OMo. oo7
To Loan on
mproved City
^eal Estate.
yard IHlazleti
i Excbasgo Clan!;
City Bank Building. Inquire at
mk ot Whcallng. mrtP
>catlon In city. Po&scsHlon at
IOLLT8 ART 8TOR13, 1201 M*r'
"' ' ' oc20
1200. Baltimore; 8t.?-4 rooms.
Ponn St, 3 rooms. 118 South
rooms. 23 South Huron St., 4
Thlrty-lUth St: 5-rooowd hous?
u 1003 Main St,, atoro room.
AT11ISON. 1308 Marltftt 8t osg
rholacce Store Room
1065 Main Street
Aprilt?t,poniblr cfloncr. Alio
lit at TflttUt and Main Blrcota.
tr, Sd Floor, No. 10(15 lfnlii SU
a bargain. Address,- J. M.,
Itgcncer office. auM
Greenwood cemetery; fln? locaor
lot: adjoining beat Improve*
emetery. Addrew CEMETEKTC
Intclllgencer ofllcc. ap?
Costs* Assignees,
ishiers, Contractors.
ULL . . . ,v. General Agent
(3) J50 fiorso Power Tubular Q
Boilers. ;S
r AND ON' KAsrTKitiiS.
; W. V. HOGE,
It Building. ISuO Market St.
andard Mill Bonds.
Iron Co. Bonds.
jnrantocd by Ohio R. R. R.
i Iron & Steel Works Stock,
indard Mill Preferred Stock,
indard Common Stock.
: Steol & Iron Co. Stock.
' Electrical Co. Stock.
Pottery Co. Stock.
fflnia Glass Co. Stock.
Blnla Exposition and StatoFalc
i Stock.
os. Tobacco Co. Stock.
Wheeling Stock.
s Bank Stock.
Room No. 4. Telephono 664.
Rent and Exchange.
t.B-BulldlnK S1II>, 115 by MO. '
Uoch street. Dirt cheap.
m, Improved, 41 acres. Three
city and river read. . . , - 'V
untry residence, Pleasant Vallorae,
two-story brick dwelling,
id kitchen, on East McColloch .. "
: 20'by 120. Only JlJOO. Terms
ine building lot on north side
irable building:, lots on "Wood .:
hth ward?on very easy terms,
ory frame dwelling:, 5 rooms,
i on lot. Lot 25 by 100., South >
:root, Eighth ward. Only $1,650;
)NT?An elegant modem reai ooms
and baUi. hot and cold
li Rases, west side of Chapllne,
iventy-second and Twenty-third
)sse88lon given now.
resldonco with grounds. . Ince.
nnge for city property, a woll
irm at Slstersvllle. CO acres.
Telephono 517. "
property corncr Thirty-seventh
streets. This is a gooil retail
ry,cheap. Possession at once.
brick house 373 EofT for $2,000.
.rnnmA/l 1? f Ai..lnnn?K
dwelling 27 South Penn street,
at 01 Virginia for *2,000.
ne at 15S North Front street, 8
dcrn conveniences, very cheap.
Castlo Building . Lots, easy
> Loan at 6 per ccnt,
o Firo Insurance, Surety Bonds,
[change Bank Building.
iana street... 515 00
arth York street.10 00
teenth street, bottling eel........
12 00
teenth street, oilice room... 10 00
teenth street, Urst floor.... 17 00. V
SVetxel street ......... 6 00
aln.street, socond floor 11 00
nennrt slront Mnrtln'n Phi>.
>; natural gas fixtures for
I light TOO
o Market street property. .
ato Agent, Collector, Notary
ind Pension Attorney, No. 1G12
eft. ociT
r ' ChWwcter'i Engfiih flcmyroyal Pife
W. uMa^AOt fi?. F-avX*#

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