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fj SPORT. |
" furfl-M iahUvHll by
OWtr .'ICrKOn-B lima. r
W. A? C.?A Font nail lulrrctatliitf (.attic j
In Wlilch Ilia I?oeaU Mhoweit n|> Walt,
Oil-jr Camn<
The scalps of McKce's Rocks Indians
dangle at the belts of Captain Edwards'
lu*t> uarrfors.fthe Visitor#-}?avlng been
taken into camp to the tuna of 17 to 0.
m a fast and cleanly played euno, at
:he Island ball park Saturday afternoon;
The result was not unexpected
by these who have followed the form of
both teams, yet the \Y. A. C.'s fine
showing was ijiuch in the nature of a<
pleasir-j,- aui<prlse. Latrobe defeated McKee'a
Hocks by thv same score, and
?:nce Gret-nsburg on Saturday tied the
famous Duquesne Country and Athletla
u nonnln
([club, at 1'iusDurgii, ? uccw?.t, !>?(< >
an bcKJnnlgr to realize that the town Is
represented on the gridiron by a team
which is "some shucks."
Hut that Wheeling: is proud of its fast
eleven hasn't been attested- by the gato
receJpts. In order to satisfy the pursestrings
of those who thought the ad
inlsaion charged to tbenGreensburg
game was too high, Saturday's admis*
siotv was cut In half, and as the attendance
wits' also cut In* half, Ofo'managemenl
naturally asked, "Where are we
ut?" The s!lm crowd was discouraging,
to say the least, and when It is considered
that the player* knew they must
go down In their pockets Immediately
after the gome to pay the expenses of
the visiting team, their brilliant work is
an me more pruinvnui mj, season
Wheeling people have been treated
lu the best the house affords in the
sport. and the experiment has shown
that tweiity-flve cent foot ball doesn't
<pay. Next year, Wheeling' will fail in
line with all other towns supporting- first
class aggregations and charge fifty
cents straight.
The story of Saturday's game is easily
told. W. A. C. averaged ten? pounds
more than the Indians, and' brilliant
work by the runners, aided by excellent
Interference, pushed the pigsldn over
the "red skins' " line twice In the first
half and once la the second. The touchdown?
were made by It. Edwards and
J. Edwards. Others distinguishing
themselves were Barrett, Mathis,
Kincheloe, Curtis. S.. Edwards, Specht
and Gray. "Joe" Hudson, of the Rltchles,
took Specht's place in the second
half. McKee's Hocks put up an elegant
game and gave Wheeling a good scare
in the latter part of the second half.
Their fumbles were costly and they
fnllori tn mint. ?ntotiffh. Ronch was the
Mar of the visiting team.
W. A. C. lias no game scheduled for
next Saturday, and it would like to geU
Stcubenvllle here, but so far nothing
has been heard from the Jefferson county
crowd in answer to W. A. C.'s challenge.
W. A. C. is very anxious for revenge
Is sweei. On Saturday, SteubenvJlle,
loaded up as usual with Pittsburgh
College players, defeated the Pan
Handle A. C. of Uhrichsvlffe, a very
preen Uam, the acore being 43,to 0.
There was Joy among W. A/C.'s admirers
Saturday night when\V31l Handlan
agreed to In the game for the rest
o/ 'he season. With Curtis, John EldjeSL
wards and Handlan, ns backs; W. A. O.
won't fear Pittsburgh cbUcgc on
Thanksgiving day. The students this
year have been termed the "surprise of
the season," on account of their great
record. They average 185 pounds.
"How many Edward ses are there In
thin g.vmo?" was the query of a McKWx
Hocks Indian. "Just three," reIiiiofl
a man lm the crowd. "Hut a little
foot ball player arrived at the home of
Captain 'Bob* a few weeks ago, ho I exI
'.be little fellow may be In It
shortly "
Thr? Wheeling high flchool found the
St. Clairsvlllc boy* too heavy for them
I Saturday, and wero defeated, 15 to o.
W. A. C. will practice this week at 10
a. III. iinrt ?. r. f?i U'llh th# rt/l/llllfin i\f
Hindi an, and Klnchcdoe a* sub^qu&rter
and Hudson'as nub-half, and lt? stoncwall
line, the local team has few superiors.
The* MrKee's Rocks people wer?
mightily pleased over their treatment,
and Wheeling has only good word* to
nay In return. Manager Burkhart has
gotten together ft fn?t team of gentlemanly
Th?- game at Cambridge. between
<he Aetnavlll#.' Juniors nnd Musklmrum
College, en?]pd In u dispute. J . fore the
ilui" iv.m up. The Junior* claim the
I Kit mo, C to 0.
Spoclnl Dispatch to the IntulllKcncor.
CHARLESTON, W. Vu? Nov. 13.?
The Wwt Virginia Unlverrity foot ball
u-?rn arrived here i-urt nl#ht. They Will
Play the* University of Virginia team tomorrow.
The latter team arrived to
, It
/ One thing is certain t
| Hair Vigor!
^ makes hair grow, j
day from Louisville, where they played
The VanderWlt Unlverelty team yeiterday,
winning easily.
Individual averages It* the Wheeling*
league at the end of lost week's play
were as follows: -jn
Reed, Prog Horns, 158; Stevenson,
Wheeling, 157; Emblen, Bowlers, 155;
Badfer, Bowlers, 154; Brown. Wheeling,
164; King, Golden Rods. 152; 9chults,
Afoer Nit, 152; Handlan, Wheeling, 151;
Nolte, All Alike, 151; WHngerter, Ail
Alike, 151; Jones, Puritans, 151; Richards,
Bowlers, 150; Wagner, Wheeling,
150; Yanke, Old Cronies, 160; Rahr, All
Alike, 149; Kromrick, Rum Dum, 149;
Campbell, Wheeling, 148; Falck, Bowlers,
145; Knoke, Wheeling, 145; P.
Brasch, All Alike, 145; MfcDonnell, Golden
Rods, 145; Hackman, Bowlers, 144;
Sehophte. Old Cronies. 144: D. West, La
Belle, 144; W. Fette, Old Cronies. 145;
Wllhelra, Puritan#, 143; Hennlng, Bowlera,
142; Cochran, All Alike, 142; Beiswlnger,
Goldefl Hods, 140; Baker, La
Belle, 140; Bosiey, Wheeling, 139; Berriaon,
Old Cronies, 139; Frana, Old Cronies,
139; Sarver, Golden Rods, 198; Balzer,
All Alike, 137; Falcke, Puritans,
137; Henry, Puritans, 137; Kemple,
Golden Rods, 136; Zimmerson, All Alike,
136; Arndt, All Alike, 136; Gaugham,
Puritans, 135; Hastings, LaBelle 134;
Brahler, Aber Nit, 134; Alexander,
Bowlers. 132; W. Brasch, AJ1 Alike, 131;
Beltz, All Alike, 131; Helenstem, Old
Cronies, 131; Hobstetter, Aber Nit, 131;
Modar. Puritans, 131; Vogler, Golden
Rods, 130; Gordon, Golden Rods, 130;
Smith, Puritans, 130; Weitxel, Wheeling,
128; Sonnefeld, Golden Rods, 128; Speldel,
Old Cronies. 128; B. Schroeder, Aber
Nit. 128; Clark. Golden Rods. 127;
Marschner, Wheeling, 126; Rader, Aber
Nit, 126; McAndrews, Frog Horns, 126;
Clark, Bowlers. 125; Springer, Rum
Dum, 125; J. Schroeder, Aber Nit, 123;
Schafer, Aber Nit, 123; Ross, Old Cronrfrto
191 Hrtrrlton Alhpr Wit-. 121;
Fro tome, Rum Dum, 120; Jobnaon, Rum
Dum. 119; Hungerman, Old Cronies, 118;
Plankey, Aber Nit, 118; Plankey, Prog
Home, 118; Steurnagel. Sr., La Belle,
117; W. Hall, Rum Dum. 117; Rolf. Frog
Horns, 117; Druacbel, Rum Dum, 118;
Earj?. Rum Dum, 116; Bauraan* Aber
Nit, 116; Delbrugge. Frog Horns, 115;
Bachmann, La Belle, 113; Stuernagle,
jr., La Belle, 118;. AUber, Old Cronies,
113; H. Yahnke, Frog Horns, 113; Robrig,
La Belle, 111; Costello, Frog Horns,
111; Roberts, La Belle, 109; F* Hall,
Frog Horns, 100; A. Stein, Rum Dum,
108; Miller, Rum Dum, 108; A. West, La
Belle, 105; J. Stein, Rum Dum, 105;
Kain, Frog Horn?, 104; Dell, Le. Belle,
103; Moore* Frog Horns, 103.
Individual averages in the Carroll
Club league are as follows:
Clark 165, Gu? Weltsel 164, Handlan
163, Handy 161, Ml J. O'Neill 156, Rotb
166. J. Bosley 153, Evans 148, Alexander
147, B. WJngerter 144, Hores 142, Sauers
141, Vogler 141, Sonnefeld 140. Joe O'Brien
139, Klein 139, Balzer 138. Dick 138,
Brady 136, Keller 136, Dr. Carroll 136,
McMahon 136. J. Gaus 135, Scalley 135,
Kase 134, Cochran 132, Halllsy 132, Dr.
Wingerter 131, McDonald 126, HofTman
125, Gundllngl24. Kirchnerl23, Leo Carney
122. J. Farrell 122, McCune 121. Blum
120. Zlerowick 119. Mutblson 117. J. Wei
ty 116.
Now that the ctoainless type of bicycle
has come down to a reasonable rate,
(75, It In likely It will be used by road
riders in Wheeling. Says A. G. Spalding:
of the chainless:
"Experience has proved that tin
cfaalnleew wheel has come to stay. It
was a difficult matter to perfect this
style of wheel, and many discouragements
were met with at first. Tlu
chain leas vrtiee! is certainly destined tc
become more and more popular. B>
' that I do not mean to pny that It will
.--uperoede the chain wheel. The thing
will resolve itself into two claswes ,for
the new style Ik bound to be more expensive
than the present chain machine.
nmanvraM The Amen!
M P T? without
u "few.
was a husband
worthy of the name, who did not aspire
to be the father and the grandfather of
healthy, capable children to hand down
his name and the fortune accumulated by
the sweat of his brow, from generation to
veneration. There never was a wife fit to
bear that noble title, who did not wish to
wear womanhood's most glorious crown,
the sceptre of motherhood. Thousands
of wedded couples, otherwise happy, fall
. -< ? i?- -Vu-_
soon ui wruium ^ ? cause
they are childless. In the majoritr
of canes, this In because the wife, through
ignorance or neglect, suffers from weakness
anil disease of the organs distinctly
feminine. l?'or women who suffer in this
way there is one great medicine that does
not fail to accomplish its purpose. It it
I)r. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. It acts
directly on the delicate organs concerned
and makes them strong, healthy. vigorous,
virile and elastic. It allays inflammation,
heals ulceration, soothes pain and tonetj
the shattered nerves. It fita for wifehood
and motherhood. It quickens and vitalizes
the distinctly feminine organism. It bnni.i
ii.. ??.1:_^ ,.f < l._ . miMiint ttimitli*
inucn uin iii?imuic? "i mis ............
und makrn baby's introduction to the world
easy ami almost painless. It insure* the
little new-comer's health and nourishment
in plenty It in the best tupportive tonic
for nur?inR mother*.
Mm. Jponlr 1'ark*. of Marfthall, Spokane Co..
Wash., writpn: "1 am k'**I '? n' K??"
result* of your Krrat nteakine>- Dr. Merre't
Favorite Prescription. I waa l*?nefitcd by your
wedidnc in confinement. it give* me tfrenflth.
I have no tlreil feeling andT my baby in the
picture ol health. I feel better than I hare io
(en year*."
In casea of ennatipation Dr. Pierce'a
Pltasaot Pclleta nltould l>e ttaed aa nn
adjunct to the "Favorite Prescription"
thr v ate eatteraely simple, perfectly natural
and iuurc prompt and permanent relisC
3. ' iff O .1^-*
'ST- - ft V '
The very heat H'orlcmar.ihlp.'ia r?hirt?dtt>
turn out a (cod chainlet* wheel. and
for thla reason the latter can never hope,
to altogether supply the demand.
' Pcnr.?uli>. I din pleaaM
with the ch?lnle/w. fca\1tn?-rlddt-n. oaei
myself all aewon In the m-iftiboho d of]
1,000, tnllee Now, I would no: care to |
ride anything < !? . There are many,
r~ ?*-- ? ?'?. JuwiM inrroiL?- I
ICUBUIIR **? / H?1D m/iw --?
In popularity, but th? moit patent lie*
In the reduction of price. Frnm 1125 it
will go down next eeatian to 175., Even
Ihis will be considerably In exees^of
the beat chain wheels, but then tftere
will be a clam of wheelmen who eventually
will wish to ride noting" but the
ohainleM. The alight difference in
{weight nas ceaacd to be a factor, aa
has "been the caae in year* past. The
weight In fcoth styles of bicycles will remain
practicably the same, and the oply
change wjll be in minor details.'
The appearance of the Andrews Opera
Company at the Opera House this
evening will prove on event of the season
in *he way of a musical treat, aa
this aggregation is unexcelled in
various productions of grand and comic
opera in English. Foremen In their
repertoire this season ara Flotow's sublime
"MlarthV Mascagni's prize compositlon,
"Cavalleria Rustlcana." and
Balfe's beautiful "Bohemian Girl," in
the way of grand opera, wun x*s uocqa
opera-comlque, "Girofle-Olrofla," and
Gilbert & Sullivan's "Pirates of Penzance"
representing the lighter order of
The leading roles of thess respective
productions are Interpreted by artlsta of
unquestioned) ability. Mis s Myrta
Frenoh, prima donna soprano, possesses
a voice of striking range, purity and
flexibility, and withal a eweetneaa that
lends exquisite sympathy to her work in
fhe chiseio productions, while her
charming personality, prepossessing
grace and dash make her extremely.
popular in the lighter roles. Frank W.
Walters, leading tenor, has a manly, robust
voice, and many of his numbere
are renderd with amazing execution* and
volume. He Is acknowledged as one of
the most gifted tenors of the day. The
leading contralto are Miss Pearl Nlghtzer
and MIhs Carrie Godfrey, both art- I
Ists of rare repute. George Andrews and
W. C. Howard ore thoroughly at home
in the baritone roles.The comedians
of the organization are u. a. *-anter hjki
F. J. McCarthy, both well known for
their wholesome humor anil line vocal I
attribute*. Mr. Tom Johnson, a basso
of rare excelelnce, complete# tho list of
To-night's bill Is "Martha."
Manager C. A. Felnler takci pleasure
In announcing-co his patrons that he ha9
succeeded in engaging for this week
the Wilbur Opera Company. The Wilbur
company has been ir* existence for i
eighteen yeare, during which it has not 1
lost a dozen performances, summer or
winter. There is no opera company la
America which can duplicate this rec-.
ord, which substantially shows the es-'
teeem in which the Wilburs are held by
the American theatre-going public. The
Wilbur company will present 'the following
repertoire of operas during the
week: "Maecntte," "Fra Diavola," "Circus
Clown," "Bohemian' Girl," "Grand
Duchess," 'Beggar Student." "Olivette,"
"Maritana," "Falka," "Martha," and
"Two Vagabonds."
Some In Kr?ry Homehofd In Wheeling.
isui rn?yni ??rownn
Ctrronic kickers the kidneys are?when
they're sick.
What makes the kidneys sick? A
simple thins-.
They have too much to do.
Must keep up their work, they never
Can't blame them for kicking.
Ever have ytuir kidneys kick?
Ever have a had "back, a lame, weak
or aching one?
Know it's the same thing?
The hack aches because the kidneys I
are blocked.
Help the kidneys with their work.
The back will ache no more.
Lot* of proof for It comes from
t Citizens read 'this case In point:
Mr. Walter McLachlln, of No. 3022
Jacob street, a machine hand, working
at J. A. HolHday & Sons' planing mill,
says: "I firmly believe had I not used
Doan's Kidney Pills when I did I would
not be alive now.l was in a terrible condition,
and although I took quarts of
medicine, and was attended- by doctors,
I got no better, but worse. Friends
t spoke of my bad appearance, and thousands
knew about it. I could hardly
get around, and felt and looked like a
dead man more than a living one.
Doan's Kidney Pills were a blessing to
me; half a box relieved me. tnree ooxea
entirely cured me, and I feel as though
my back was as strong as that of any
horse in Wheeling:. I would- rather hive
( a box of Doan's Kidneys Pills than the
sen-Ices of all the doctors In the staite.
I was afraid to ask physician* the name
of my trouble, dreading to hear them
? say Bright'* Disease, which I had always
thought Incurable. My relatives
did not expect that I would1 get over
It, and the doctors were not very encour[
nglng. I had about given up all hope
myself, when X read of the wonderful
J cures performed by Doan's Kidney PlIIs.
. As a last resource I gent to the Logan
! Drug Company for a box. I felt relieved
; by the time I had taken half a box, and
I repeat three boxes cured me. Send any
dtlzpn to me who has kidney trouble,
. end I will tell him to use Doan's Kidney
' Pills. They cure you."
Doan's Kidney Pills for sale by nil
1 dealors. Price 50 cents. Mailed toy Foster-Milburn
Co.. Buffalo, X. Y., sole
agents for the United States. Remem- I
ber the name, Doan's, and take no sub- |
; gfitute. |
"1 seem to have lost all my frieii
can't get one of tliem to com
'"Did you design and furnish the I:
-Hy.-nwl" will do >11 that too lor It It
MnaSer fro? Brookjyiv
? " ^ 5iSST.iiI5a.c3!5iSS2?~,to-- {
1 believe " Hromei" t o be one of the moet wonderful
curee for Catarrh and Throat trouble thai has
rver been discovered. In my case the effect ha* been
discovered. ^ roy qKY YAKDl^SSr*1"
It lath* only remedy which nature allows I
t? >*?? *K? hMBithlil tnKaa ?B(I Innn.
eSefwhere iKl null ContainJ^ol> ? ???* i
Hyomel Out At, cotnpl**, $1.00
Extra Bottle. - AO
loon 2Q-2n?<ltOft?M MMhs.Qlcie.
i(,|u?uil siiii?i? lu tin ThriTini oil/
Arrou Ilia Klrlv.
John Grlbble was arrested Saturday
morning on the charge of assault preferred
against him by Mrs. Emma Irwin.
The charge was made over a
month ago. but owing to Qrtbble'e disappearance
from the city, he wa? not
arrested until his return Saturday; Ha
was fined J2v and costs, which was paid.
At a meeting of the pastors Saturday
morning It was decided to hold /the Union
Thanksgiving services In the Ml El
church, which will be conducted by Rev.
Oehlschlaeger, of the English Lutheran
| A committee of the ladles of the Presbyterian
church will meet at the parsonage
this afternoon to devise means towards
raising money to furnish the new
I church when completed.
! The Woman's Club will meet at the
home of Mr*. William Lupton on Hickory
street. Wednesday afternoon at,
which an Interesting programme will
be rendered.
The four-months-old child of Mr. and
Mrs. William Morgan, ot West Walnut
street, died Friday night and wis burled
at Rlvervlew cemetery yesterday afternoon.
A general rally of the Home Missionary
Society of the Presbyterian church
will be held at the parsonage Thursday
afternoon at 3:80 o'clock.
Itev. Charles M\ilbearnt the new rector
of St. Mary's church, conducted his
first services at that chrurch yesterday
The men's league of the Presbyterian
church Js called to meet at W. L. Noble's
store this evening at 7:30 o'clock.
J. K. Henry and C. W. Griffin, two
well known West Virginians, spent yesterday
with frienda in this city.
Fred Barber returned to his home at
Siatersville after a week's visit with relatives
here and at Smlthfleld.
Mrs. W. L. Noble goes to Harrisburg,
Pa., to-day to vlsic friends for two
Carl Anthony spent Sunday the guest
of his sister at Flushing.
Lena Barber has returned from a two
weeks' visit at Sisterevllle.
J. A. Klrtz has returned from a business
trip in the east.
AllSoitior l<oeiil Namaud Goulp From
(lie (ilmi Oltr*
I This city has been a veritable Monte
Carlo for some time past, but notice was
given that faereafter everything- in the
shape of a gambling device will be taken !
charge of by an officer, and Saturday
night was the last night for ?lot machines,
chuck-a-luck, crap, etc., that
have run rife for several months. The
thing started modestly, but like some
infectious disease, it spread rapidly, and
the town was as wide-open as it was
possible for a town to be. The good
people became incensed1, and even some
of those who participate in games became
disgusted with the looseness with
which, it was carried on. The revolt in
pubHc sentiment brought about the end,
and there are not many who will regret
the passing of such days as those of the
very recent past.
The grocery store of Louis Grella, in I
the Fifth ward, was broken Into some
time Saturday night, or Sunday morning,
and about 1200 worth of good* and
a gold watch taken. An entrance was |
gained to the store from the cellar, the
thief or thieves entering the cellar In i
the rear of the store and then coming up
dnto the store on the inside. There Is
no clue to the parties. !
The social session to be held' by the |
Elks next Wednesday evening will be
one of the most enjoyable entertain- |
ment!? of the season. About one (hundred |
invitations have been sent out, and- no |
doubt all will attend. This is the first
open session the Elks have held since
they have been organised. Dancing: |
will be Indulged In after the banquet.
Richard Johnson, the man recently
appointed policeman- in the Fifth ward,
has resigned, and a new one will be appointed
in a few days.
Fred Wasriman, the Third ward merchant,
has been confined to his home
for the past week with rheumatism In
his hand.
George Scott has accepted the place
made vacant by Jesse Landkrohn with
the Central Association, In Wheeling.
H. 8. Bowman, of Mount Pleasant,
was spending yesterday with friends in
the Fourth ward.
Frank Mooney. of Woodsfleld, was
spending yesterday with friends in this
Fred bydecker spent yesterday with
I friends in llarnesvllle.
7 mw\
ids sincc I built my new house. I
c to sec me."
louse yourself?"
wmAPB.nta-qao. i
Seem* to b? on* of the specla
think wc'vo over offered sucl
know we never cold so many I
secret lie* in the tact ot F
QUALITIES, and on* hundrc
To Those Who VisJtf
It'* a revelation?rack afterrac!
Ladle.', Ulwi' and Children',
novel In stylet Wonder what w?
lnjr make* a gap that we must i
that every ezpres brines new irai
ever lower than ours, as a call
1 '
evening costumes. A moat dee
DIA SILKS at Mo. which are a 'i
Plain-Taffetas \l
In light evening shades, Including M
Coral, Cerise, Pale Blue, Orange, etc, P<
S9c to $1.35 a yard.
Theso Silks are specially favored for i
Silk Linings and Silk Petticoats.1 IM
Remarkable for their elepanco t
Is of Changeable or Plain Cole
1 \ no/1.
| UIIUCU uuu uuw.....
Others with Double or
Triple Flounce at
Geo. E. St;
FOR SALE ?. (j
Dwelling at 5729 Jacob street, on
easy terms ...$2,000 CO
132 Twelfth street at a bargain 2,100 00
7-roomed dwelling: 158 North Front _
street at a bargain. Lot 60x400,
on highest part of Island. # ?
Business and dwelling property at
northwest corner of Thlrty-seventh
and Jacob streets. _
5 South P?nn street 2,500 00
11 South Penn street 3,250 00 ?
Building lots at Twenty-ninth and Jacob
streets, above high water mark.
Money to Loan on City Real Estate.
G. O. SMITH, c
Bank Building.
Tor Sale, Rent and Exchange, z
FOR SALE-'Buildlng 8ite, 116 by 240, J*
East McCollooh street. Dirt cheap. ?
Small farm, improved. 41 acres. Three ~~
miles from city and river road.
A flne country residence. Pleasant Val- _
ley. ~
A choap home, two-story brick dwelling, 1
4 rooms and kltchon, on East McColloch
street. Lot 20 by 120. Only $1,700. Terms 5*
easy. j
A very line building lot on north side '=!
of Fourteenth street. ?
Two desirable building lots on Wood
street, Eigntn w?ru?uu to/ v-,.. .....
A two-story frame dwelling, o rooms, x
with stable on lot. Lot 2& by 100. South I
Chapllnc street. Eighth ward. Only $1,650;
M?y terras. -FOR
RENT?An elegnnt modern real- T
dence, 10 roomH and bath, hot and cold X
water, both gases, west side of ChapIIoo, or
between Twenty-second and Twonty-thIM kc
treots. Possession Riven now. ~
A county resldenco with grounds. In- |
quire at once. .... A
I For exohange for city property, a well
1 Improved farm at Slstersvllle. 60 acres. " B0
Telephone 817. a
32 Eric street. 4 rooms. to
49 and SI South York street, 7 rooms and -r
bath each. r
g! South Broadway, store room, dwelling jjv
and bakery. kj
U South Broadway, 7 rooms and bath ro
room. Rr
| 158 South Broadway, 3 rooms, bath and gj
laundry. ?
K7 South Front Btreot, 7 rooms and bath
Theo. W. Fink & Co.,
Telephone 687. H20 Marfcct St. ii
No. 13 Indiana street |15 00
No. 200 North York street 10 00 ~
No. 30 Sixteenth street, bottling eel- T
lar J 00 X
No. 32 Sixteenth street. office room... 10 00 cji
No. 34 Sixteenth street, tirst lioor.... 17 00 ^
No. 1005 Wetxel Htreet 6 00 F
No. 2103 Main street. second floor U 00 ^
% rooms Second street, Martin's Forry,
Ohio, natural gas fixtures for y1.
heat and light 7 00 ii
Desirable Market street property. #
j/aivicq n, nunii i,
Real Estate Agent, Collector, Notary
Public and Pension Attorney, No. 1612
Main trret. oc!7 <
Beautiful Forms
and composition
Arc not mado by chance, nor can 5"
tncy ever in any material be mado hu
at small expense. A competition
for cheapness. and not for excel- Jjj
lence of workmanship, Is the most do
frequent and rortaln cause of tho bu
rapid decay and entlro destruc- J),,
...... tlon of arte and manufactures, tn
For bent (which Is tho cheapest) Ka
work, the Intelligencer Job Printj?
Ing Ofllce U the place to go. i
t BTITHIj * OO. ^
I pastimes *t our store?for we don't, ,\
i vaiuM we now offer, sod wt do
ooda es we are now ??JUnr?The '2
d centa or snore value for a dollar.
: Our
NT . |
t?pile upon pUo-row after row ot
Cloth or Fur Garment* New and
do with them all, bat a> dart nil- <
ret filled up at once. Hence, It la
menta. How about prloeaf Nob*
or lnveitlfatlon will convince too.
LVETS for fancy work, u wan u
I ruble Upe of Plain COLORED IN*gul?x
fifty-cent value.
"ancy Taffetas'.
atcbleaa assortment at matchJeat 'A
ices. Ombre. Jaquarda. Bayadsra
ripen, Satin Strips Plaids, New. Faar '!
r Stripes.
98c, SI. 15, SL35 to Si30 yard.
alee the rlchcat Silk Waists.
ind very low price. One llna
ir Taffeta, 12-lnch flounce, J^.98
).50, $8-50 to $12.00each
Ifd ^ Co.
0~ - WORD j
? All solid advertisements under ?
? the following headings: : : : ?
? will be Inserted at the rat* of < ft
'Rollers, Males 12.00, Females 50c, at
feNRY HELMBRIOHT'S. corner Mar- 31
?t and Sixth streets. ?f ..MB
fX TATE. Six per cent Interest and one ^
>r cent premium, total seven por cent. .A
opiy io Tin: buckeye savings & -38
DAN CO., rd 8t? Bcllaire, Ohio. oc7
3 In the City Bank Building. Inquire at |
ie City Bank of Wheeling. Mftl -gl
beit location in city. Possession ah 3sb
ice. N'ICOLL'8 ART STORE, 131 Mar* M
it stroct. odO | |
' rooms at 1606 Market street. Water and < j
?lh kojch' in oach room. Rent very *ea- .??
nabTe. Apply to 150i Market street.
) three-story brick building, suitable for
manufacturing establishment, located at
uthfHst corner of KlKhtornth and Chap- ;<:1]
je streets. More ground If needed. T*r?
Inal switch besido tho property. Apply il
JOHN BECKETT. noil -as
* rooms. 1200 Baltimore St, 4 rooms. :,vi
L South Penn St.. 3 rooms. 116 South ".vj
Im St., 2 rooms. 23 South Huron St, 4 &
oms. II Thirty-fifth St.. 5-roomed house rv,
xi stable. 1003 Main St.. store room. :S
EO. J. MAT11ISON, 13M Market 8t. Peg ^
large Store Hoom
No. 1065 Main Street
>h?uIob April lit,ponlblriooner. Also
ore Room* nt Tenth and Main streets. f;
,U?RS L. HA.VTt.FA',
al Kit ate. atl Floor, No. 10A5 Mala Bfe.
! NE8S at a bargain. Addross J. M.,
,re InteHigoneer offlce. auU C;?5
' lot In Greenwood cemetery: line loot*
M?: corner 1 rt; adjoining beet ImpwTej 3
cnta In cemetery. Addrejs CEMETERT
OT. care Inflllgencer offlon. epll
City Dank Ilulldlnt 13U0 JIarkft St
Of the Wheeling Oriig Company at
No. 1409 Main St.. Whcelina. W. V?. D
rho receiver* will sell at private sale,
d on reasonable terms, the entire stock, -f
its receivable, good will and tease on the -W:
lldlng of the Wheeling Drug Company.
10 house hus a largo trade and the bualn*
la In first-class condition In every reret.
It Is a rare opportunity for anyone ' *}
siring to engoge In the wholeealo drug
slness. Until sale Is mado tho rocelvers
11 continue to conduct the business as .J
rotofore. and ar.- ready to supply the v "J
ide with everything In the line of whole* <?
lo drugs.
tolO Rooolvera.

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